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Whenever a PUMA votes, this is what happens…

2139633596UPDATE: Happy Birthday to our lovely N’awlins belle, DakiniKat!!!!!!!



This is an open thread.


226 Responses

  1. LOL! I needed that laugh!

  2. Is there a posting schedule today?

  3. Damn, I just caught up with the LAST thread!

    But thanks for making me smile, sm.

  4. No MYIQ, I put this up just for a laugh – to loosen up the mood.

  5. myiq2xu, on November 4th, 2008 at 3:10 pm Said:

    Is there a posting schedule today?

    You’re up next! Get those dancin’ shoes on!

  6. The most suprising thing about casting my vote for McPalin this morning was that I didn’t feel like I needed to take a shower afterwards.

  7. LOL-Good one sm77.

    I remember when that illustration of yours was considered simply disgusting by obamabots!!!!!!

  8. Man, love that movie!!!
    Remember, remember, the fourth of November…

  9. LOL. What a pic!

    I’ve been enjoying this blog article:
    which predicts a McCain win.

  10. I heard the Black Panther/Philly/nightstick tape on the way home….HORRIBLE! The same BP’s that were scrubbed from the Obama site…

    At one of the main intersections in town, there were college kids at each of the 4 corners with big McCain-Palin signs!!!

    Did you hear Schumer on FOX talking about talk radio?? ARROGANT BASTARD!

    I’m sick to my stomach…

  11. This is a really good article about the fake “inevitability” HAKA of Obama. It frequently mentions PUMA’s.


  12. OOOOH, that is a great post by Malstrom, Jean!! Thanks!

  13. votermom, I just finished it, too, but I can’t for the life of me remember how I got there.

  14. Jean, me either! It was on some comment somewhere.

  15. Never seen V for vendetta but that is a pretty intense scene, sm.

    Hopefully all the masks will come off today.

  16. Votermom:

    That is an excellent article. I think I’ll be smug tonight watching the results KNOWING that I know McCain is going to win no matter what those talking heads say.

  17. Great video!!!!!

    This is going to be a quiet revolution….happening right under the media’s complacent fat nose.

  18. I work at a law school in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the nasty misogynist anti-Palin emails my tenured overlords have been sending out over the WORK listserv for the last 2 months, today I received an email about one of our alums, who has been arrested in Minnesota for stealing McCain/Palin signs. (This yahoo, who was a classmate of mine in law school but who was not a particularly good student, is a visiting professor at a liberal arts college in Northfield. Talk about failing up!) Not all that notable (if you ignore the fact that public employees, which we all are, are not supposed to politick using the state owned computer equipment), until I got to the part where the email’s sender, a tenured professor at my institution, commented not on the fact that it is a f*cking DISGRACE that our alums are out breaking the law and ending up on Fox News for doing so. No, our law professor’s attitude was hey, you should have stayed in Portland — nobody has McCain signs up here!

    Well, I wonder why THAT is?

    I quietly voted for McCain/Palin two weeks ago. And I am not one bit sorry.

  19. ok — I am a nervous wreck right now. Can’t even work – but that’s been going on for the last year – ha, ha.

    Anyone on this blog — all PUMA’s I should say — if you’re ever in the San Francisco Bay Area — you have a place to stay. Or let me know your in town and the Warriors from the East Bay will take you out to dinner / drinks.

    Go Johnny Go !!!

  20. … two weeks ago because our state is 100% vote by mail. Wanted to get it over with!

  21. Local media on our sign-stealing Obamabot:


  22. simo
    you might be sorry when a few hundred hungry PUMAs descend upon you expecting to be fed and watered!

  23. Could not believe that someone who taught at St Olaf’s in Northfield would be so stupid and disgusting as to steal McCain signs. That is a good college, I remember the KId seriously considered it.

  24. And I’m GLAD neither McCain nor Palin went to an Ivy League University.

  25. ugh sm howard dean with no shirt that is just eewwww

  26. Bummer! I left for a few hours and we hit the 4 million mark! Have been here for every landmark and not this one.

    However,4 million, 44th president, 4th day of the month. Could this be Serendipity?

  27. Joan, on November 4th, 2008 at 3:24 pm Said:

    Just got back from voting-I’m drenched! Took a while even though I chose a lull time-expect a big turnout in VA. Even though there were improvements since the primary two-hour wait disaster, there is still only one optical scanner that everyone has to put their ballot in. Sheesh.

    I voted McP-Warner-Anita Hartke(running against Cantor-she’ll need a miracle). I didn’t feel sad-I felt triumphant! I own my vote! PUMA!

    (Reposted from last thread).

  28. simofish: My daughter was in San Fransisco for a 5 day vacation only 2 weeks ago. Had I known I would have had her look you up. She is a PUMA and saw your video go viral last summer. Missed opportunities.

  29. Jadzia: Thanks for the link re McCain sign stealing. Golly, that guy just looks like a zombie Obot, doesn’t he? Poster boy.

  30. catrina — I have a 4 ft Wolf Stove — double oven — come on over. I love to cook, love to bake — we had so many phone banking, letter writing parties at my house we lost count !!

  31. sm-Carthago needs to be deleted from the last thread.

  32. PAT – you are not late!

    The party just started!

  33. Joan – I can’t moderate on threads other than my own.

  34. scrubs-Ya gotta watch V for Vendetta. It’s a great flick! Very PUMA inspirational, as well.

  35. Some people have become just stupid when it comes to this election. Though I think most of them are Obots.

    We had two commentaries in the college paper about who they were voting for. One a PhD prof for McCain, who clearly laid out why he was voting for McCain. The other was a staff person who had clearly swallowed the kool-aid. Gushy vs Knowledge. I doubt her argument will sway anyone.

    Boy is she going to be disappointed.

  36. Pat — I am so bummed !! Would love to have met her and Puma SF and others would most certainly taking her to the top of the Hilton — all glass — gorgeous views of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, downtown, etc. I take everyone there.

    OK – gotta get in the shower before my call with my boss — be back soon.

    sd1939@gmailcom — I am not great at checking this e-mail but if you e-mail me I will e-mail you back from my personal account. Then anyone who comes out please let us know.

  37. parentofed: I actually thought he was a cutie back in law school. But he was an ass even back then! So… color me not surprised in the least. Also not surprised that he gets to be a professor, but I get told not to bother even applying because I didn’t go to an Ivy League law school (I have every other qualification — published law review articles, high level practice experience, high level judicial clerkship, graduated top of the class, blah blah blah)… Ugh ugh ugh.

  38. PAT – how was lunch with the girls???????

  39. Simofish:

    We have friends in SF and want to come visit sometime. I’ll be sure to let you know, so we can meet up. I’ve already offered to buy Lady Boomer lunch the next time we’re in NYC. We now have friends all over. Isn’t that cool!!

  40. Jadzia! Love the name. Star Trek Deep Space Nice fan?

  41. SM: Wonderful as usual. This is a group of us who have known one another for years. Neighbors and friends whose kids grew up together as well. They are funny and generous and I alway have a wonderful time. We all loathe You Know Who so that helps.

    Tonight I am off to the movies to see The Changeling with Angelina with a couple of other friends. Getting out of the house tonight is a must. I am hoping for good news when I return later this evening.

  42. Pat – I think that’s a great idea! Go have a night on the town & when you come back – you will have great news awaiting!

  43. electionjournal.org

    has up to the minute stories and videos of the fraud that is going on today especially in the swing states. From intimidation to electioneering, yes you read right, electioneering as in big, glossy, brochures at the voting booth telling one how to pull the lever for Obama.

    I just realized that this party has no shame and feels entitled to gleefuly violate the law.

  44. We are PUMAs, we have friends everywhere. And they all vote.

  45. Election coverage by the networks here in Oz is starting at 1100 our time which is in a bit over 4 hours. Is that about right for when results will start coming in over there or do I need to keep checking in with you guys before that?


  46. SM: Hold my place for me. XX00

  47. looking – I saw in my voting poll an Obama surrogate talk to voters & take pictures, offering coffee & water and snacks – I just turned the other way.

  48. The polls in CA close at 11pm ECT. Not much will be given out before then since they got in so much trouble by announcing winners before all states had a chance to vote.

  49. Voted McCain/Palin.

  50. scrubs57 – at 7pm EST, the polls close in many states – 8pm is the first roll call.

  51. I just voted for McCain in a swing state. Where are my high-fives?

  52. PAT: What??? You have a reserved VIP seat!

  53. Joan,

  54. HIGH FIVE to Joan!

    (sorry, dont know how to make the high five symbols-anyway they look like boobs)

  55. YAY JOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Joan: Every time a PUMA votes for McCain, a Democracy angel gets her wings.

  57. SM: I love you and I just got back from voting Republican for the first time in my life and it was excellent. I also voted No on Hate. I mean 8 and that was amazing as well.

  58. *high-five* to all the McPalin-voting Pumas!

  59. When this is over I have a lot of reading to finish. I received my copy of The Farthing, votermom. It is sitting here waiting to be devoured but try as I might, I am having difficulty concentrating.

    If Obama wins, there is no way in hell I am about to watch that face on tv. Starvation diet all the way.

  60. *high-five*

  61. Pat: Do you need someone to ride shotgun tomorrow? I’d be delighted to alternate throwing STFU’s in the direction of the back seat!!!

  62. Fidel Castro praised Obama!!!!


  63. Sophie:

    A democracy angel gets her wings.

    Awww, I love that!

  64. High fives for Joan: hi5! hi5! hi5! hi5! hi5!

  65. Pat, I brought a book to the polling place so I had something to do while waiting in line (2 hours!) but I only managed a few pages too.
    But I think you’ll like Farthing when you get around to it.

  66. Sophie: You can be in charge of playing Sarah Palin’s biggest hits on the cd. This should drive those two mad in the backseat. They will be gagged so I doubt they will respond.

  67. I work at a law school in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the nasty misogynist anti-Palin emails my tenured overlords have been sending out over the WORK listserv for the last 2 months, today I received an email about one of our alums, who has been arrested in Minnesota for stealing McCain/Palin signs.


    Whoa, when this is all over, Jadzia, we need to compare our tenured overlords, LOL. It sounds like we have veeery similar lives.

    Heh, how can I feel alone today when I’m surrounded by such amazing people on a board like this?

  68. how much longer until alcohol is served? Isn’t there a bartender here?

  69. catarina; In honor of our MA roots, how about a Cape Codder?

  70. Sorry for re-post, I meant to post this here, not on last thread:

    I live on Tybee Island, a small barrier island outside of Savannah GA……there are only 3500 residents….it took me 5 minutes to vote!
    I wore orange to vote, in honor of YOU, the PUMAs on this site!

    My word for this election is R-E-S-P-E-C-T and y’all have mine! You are my heroes. You voted against Obama, you voted against the DNC, you voted against the cr@p that was served to Hillary, some of you voted against your families, spouses, peers….I know this was agonizing for some of you….I want you to know you are appreciated and respected for your altruistic decisions. You voted for McCain/Palin, but ultimately you voted for America! You are wonderful! I love you all and thank you for the amazing place you have created here! PUMAs rock!

    444 is my lucky number…….=0)

  71. pat
    its usually cran & vodka, right?
    my doctor told me yesterday i can drink vodka 🙂

  72. Just a quick note. Huge Republican turnout in my precinct, which is 3-1 Democratic. By noon, I’d guess 70% of the registered Republicans had voted but only 25% of the Democrats.

    More observations here:

    Hope you don’t mind the link, rd. I hated to take up a lot of space here.

  73. High Fives to all of us!

    Wonder who the Big Dawg voted for?

  74. HippieRepublican: Surprisingly enough it was not that difficult. Tearful, but it had to be done. Most of us got over the “might have beens” and stuck with principle over party. I do not for a moment regret it. Anything else would have been a validation of the dirtiest, sexist, ra*cist election based on fraud.

    When you reduce your choice to that level there is no other alternative.

  75. I’d be surprised if Biggie D didn’t just write-in Hillary.

    Most likely he voted Johnny though.

  76. catarina: Correct. Vodka it is.

  77. I hope Hillary got a lot of write-ins in NY.

  78. i just heard a rumor that obama, meechelle, farrakan, and ayers carpooled to the polls this morning.

    can anyone confirm?

  79. I love that clip from V. And yes I see the PUMAs at the end. But, instead of taking off masks we’ll all be purring and flexing our claws.

  80. 2 more hours to go…..I need alcohol.

  81. I hear that whenever a PUMA votes, an angel gets its wings. :o)

  82. Hillary Clinton would have been the first woman and one of our greatest presidents. That dream was stolen. The ones who stole it need to pay.

  83. PUMA-SF: Love back to you & Rose!

    I also voted against HATE – I voted NO on Prop 2 here in FL.

  84. Aw hell. I wrote in Hillary (I live in a red state) and now I’m sorry I didn’t vote McPalin.

    Joan: Every time a PUMA votes for McCain, a Democracy angel gets her wings.

    Jesus I love you ppl. GUFFAW!

    Are we hearing any gossip?

  85. creeper — where do you live ??

  86. griffith inc:

    Yep, I loved those Dax spots!


    I looked at the story as it was reported in a few other news outlets and it’s unclear whether he was arrested or whether the police are simply “pressing charges.” I am not a criminal lawyer, nor have I ever committed a crime, so I am unsure of the distinction (or whether it’s a distinction without a difference).

    Anyway, regarding our similar professional situations, I was actually thinking of changing my handle to: “Tired of the Tenured.” But then I’d have to specify that I am only talking about this particular school, etc., etc.

    My poor husband. This is the first election he’s really followed (he’s not a citizen yet, so no votey for him) and I had to explain to him that no matter how loud he turns up CNN today, nothing really happens until the polls start to close on the East Coast and he’s really just procrastinating.

  87. juelies9164 — lol I thought the same thing re: It’s a wonderful life — when I read the title!

  88. HippieRepublican:

    Thank you BUT JUST KNOW that tomorrow – all bets are off!

    Hillary 2012 – as much as I love Sarah, but we’ll send her back to Alaska to build that pipeline while Hillary’s in office as the first elected woman president!

  89. Who the hell do those two Black Panthers wearing uniforms, wraparound glasses and carrying a nightstick think they are? What stupid, stupid people!! Intimidation is the way to win an election?

    Those two bozos, and their counterparts who are also out there planting their fat asses in front of polling places, need to get a life. If you have nothing better to do than dress up and play bouncer something is seriously wrong.

  90. Pat – they thought it was still Halloween.

  91. PJ

    I agree.

  92. We are about to become a Third World country if this intimidation is sanctioned. God help us if he gets in. The Nation of Islam will become that private army he hints on establishing. We will all need passes to leave the house.

  93. Vodka sounds good. I heard something happened at a voting poll in Philadelphia. Anyone know what it was?

  94. Puma SF: Read my comment at 4:06. Fox is covering this too.

  95. Puma SF — I am getting you a bottle of vodka for tonight — putting it in the freezer !!

    Philadelphia – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neGbKHyGuHU

  96. Pat, thanks. I’m at work and sometimes I can’t read everything before I start writing. Wow, that sounds like a very scary situation. When I was voting a woman walked in with an Obama button and they made her take it off.

  97. If he wins watch carefully what he does in the next 2 weeks. Would not surprise me if he has Bush taken from the WH prior to January 20th.

    What he does and says within that timeframe will offer a huge hint on where he will heading and how he will be governing. I can feel the onset of chills starting now and it is not anywhere near a tingle going up my leg. Just a warning of things to come.

  98. Hell – my child support hasn’t come in yet and I just finished paying my rent.

    And I drank my 5.99 wine from CVS.


  99. OMG, trying to get out to vote, so just dropping in . . . but just on Cavuto:

    Cavuto to Bill Richardson, after having him account for his mistaken $120,000 low-ball figure in Obama’s tax plan: So, tell me, governor, have you talked to Bill Clinton lately?

    Richardson: (chuckling) No, no, haven’t talked to him lately. (still chuckling) I’ve talked to Hillary, though.

    Now that, boys and girls, made my afternoon. Now I’m chuckling.

  100. simofish: I may be in SF in Jan for the meetings … i’ll let you know

  101. SimoFish: I can’t wait to see you. What’s kicking chicken?

  102. President-elect McCain was just on Hannity’s radio show. McCain said that he needs everyone in swing states to vote!!! It is all about turnout. Pls. PUMAs vote and convince others to vote with you.

  103. haha ! That was almost the vision I had when I pushed the McCain/Palin button today..whispering sweetly FU DNC. This was my first time ever voting Republican. ~sigh ~

  104. sm
    I promised to campaign for Hillary a week or so ago, no matter what happens tonight, so you might be stuck with me! I made that promise because I was so impressed with all of you regulars on here. You are nothing but love and integrity. Wouldn’t it just be a hoot to have a Republican campaigning beside you for Hillary?! If you can watch Fox, I can support Hillary, so there-LOL! =)

  105. I voted McCain/Palin earlier today. It’s the first time in my life that I felt my vote really meant something. Every other time I felt as if I was just one of the sheeple doing my duty. This felt good, regardless of the outcome.

  106. Oh, by the way, I voted in VA.

  107. Jon Corzine made me vote for McCain-Palin today (I was leaning McKinney). When I got his email today telling me how important my vote was, I responded by asking him why my vote wasn’t important when he went to the convention. P*ssed me off, he did.

    My mother voted for McKinney, though.

  108. Lori: (((Hugs))) I know – we went through that – but FUCK IT. They stole my vote here in FL – ain’t gonna steal my vote NOW.

    HippieRepub: YOU BETTER. Don’t piss off a PUMA. Hillary 2012 – yeah. Remember, we scratched your back in ’08, you better be there in ’12.

  109. HippieRepub: We’ll take all the helpers we can get! Welcome aboard.

  110. YAY JANICEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. PJ: “Private Army” was my first thought too.

  112. ooooooooooohh


    FOX NEWS – No massive democrat turnout detected so far, Obama camp worried
    Fox News | 11/4/06 2:45pm est | Live BroadCast
    Posted on November 4, 2008 3:25:08 PM EST by apillar

    Fox news reporter with Obama campaign reporting at 2:45pm eastern that democrat voter turnout in NH is less than predicted so far. Obama campaign so worried about turnout in Virginia and Missouri that they are activating “backup” volunteers to make calls from home.

  113. dakinikat, come on out !!! Would love to host you.

    Puma SF — what’s kicking chicken? what’s the word bird? I am drinking lots of Tequila tonight !! Eating sushi !!!

    I am just so damn nervous —-

  114. UPDATE: 2 Obama canvassers knocked on my door here in Tampa FL – Abuela PUMA answered – I was here on the computer on the other side of the house. They wanted to know if we’ve voted yet. Abuela PUMA said YES, of course we did. They said “thank you” and left quickly.


  115. Told you so-all of the older Italo-Americans are sitting this one out.

  116. Pat J — they (the black panthers) are doing it because it is the only possible way for BO to win & they KNOW it. pathetic.

  117. Ilove the video, thanks sm77.
    Whatever happens we didn’t allow ourselves to get pulled down.

    Here is some music that sounds a little like my puma/our journey.

    The Beatles – Revolution

  118. We’ll keep care of each other! Don’t worry on my way to vote I heard an astrologist talking on the radio about how McCain is going to win. Apparently, Obama was nominated under a “bad moon” or something whatever it was it was bad and that no one has ever won while being nominated under this “bad moon”. It’s a piece of cake.

    I love eating sushi with you.

    Come on our dakinikat. We’ll take good care of you, too.

  119. Lines still long here in Philly burbs. My neighbor just got back from voting, took an hour and a half (I voted this morning, almost 2 hour wait).

  120. Pat Johnson, on November 4th, 2008 at 4:10 pm Said:

    We are about to become a Third World country if this intimidation is sanctioned. God help us if he gets in. The Nation of Islam will become that private army he hints on establishing. We will all need passes to leave the house.

    See, those are the kinds of “signs” my mom is talking about if BO gets in — keep your passport ready.

  121. Petal – you’re welcome! I love the Beatles’ Revolution – aw hell I like everything they do.

  122. BPD — OMG —— Thank you, Thank you —– This can only mean well for John McCain.

  123. nene — I love it!

    I responded by asking him why my vote wasn’t important when he went to the convention.

  124. I read on Hillbuzz that turnout in Chicago was less than expected and the city has lowered expectations for the crowd at tonights party to tens of thousands rather than a million.

    Also said people are saying Obama is going to lose. Is anyone here from Chicago area with a similar report.

    Obama’s team is sending out urgent e-mails all over because turnout is lower than expected. Not sure what to make of it.

  125. Getting nervous as the sun goes down here in NY/MA…tomorrow at this time we will have a new president. Agghhhhh….

  126. Love it! here’s McCain’s response to the age attacks – and what it reminded me of

  127. NOBO48 – I just posted this above:

    sm77, on November 4th, 2008 at 4:33 pm Said:

    UPDATE: 2 Obama canvassers knocked on my door here in Tampa FL – Abuela PUMA answered – I was here on the computer on the other side of the house. They wanted to know if we’ve voted yet. Abuela PUMA said YES, of course we did. They said “thank you” and left quickly.


  128. Sorry pressed enter by accident…..

    I love the video, thanks sm77.

    Whatever happens we didn’t allow ourselves to get pulled down.

    Here is some music that sounds a little like my puma journey.

    The Beatles – Revolution

    Tom Petty-I Won’t Back Down

    Color Me America

    Lets hope tonight we burn the prairie, and the healing can begin.
    If Obama does win, well just guess who could be dinning on Iranian caviar in the WH dinning room. (dramatized for emphasis). At least I will know I didn’t invite ‘him’.

  129. Lori, on November 4th, 2008 at 4:25 pm Said:

    haha ! That was almost the vision I had when I pushed the McCain/Palin button today..whispering sweetly FU DNC.

    Why Lori! Do you kiss your momma with that mouth? LOL — I said the exact same thing as I pushed McCain/Palin on my screen too!!! 🙂

  130. BTW I received an email from Obama HQ in Los Angeles a couple of hours ago asking me to phone bank today. According to the email, they are at the Century Plaza Hotel (swanky place in Century City) and have empty seats at the phone bank! Not sure if they are calling people in LA or nationwide.

    I RSVP’d “no,” thankyouverymuch. And “please take me off your list”!

  131. Obama was nominated under a “bad moon” alright, and her name is Nancy Pelosi.

  132. “democrat voter turnout in NH is less than predicted so far.”

    Lol… they think the anointed one’s ascendancy is inevitable. Well, they also think PUMAs are extinct because the media told them we are all backing Obama now. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Oh, and angienc, I see the signs, too. My passport is ready.

  133. Hmmm, I am beginning to believe that McCain/Palin might have a real shot at the WH. I had pretty much resigned myself to four more years of torture but now…..?

  134. Yeah, I saw hardly any younger voters when I was waiting to vote (in PA). And the polling place is less than a mile from a university.

    Mostly older folks and people with kids. Same as always!

  135. It looks like the Dem turnout is not what they expected. Oh, isn’t that too bad. Barky won’t get to have his big celebration in Chi Town. Boo Hoo. They are starting to panic. Gee, you mean the Precious……..HE’S NOT GOING TO WIN????!!!!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. Snark.

  136. Jadzia – when you have surrogates threaten with riots, people tend to stay home.

  137. My niece lives and teaches in a predominantly black neighborhood in Brooklyn. She is also a blond, blue-eyed, very obviously white girl. At her polling place this AM there were 3 AA men standing right at the entrance, basically staring down white voters. She said that she was so uncomfortable she decided to vote later when she can take her brother with her. And she is an Obama supporter.
    I am truly fearful that he is going to steal this election.

  138. That “oldest man” joke/story is brilliant!!

  139. Obama’s supporters have midterms and they’re sleeping off their hangovers, i.e. low turn out….

  140. loving you PUMA’s… Hill has my vote in 2012!

  141. My dad just called me. I hadn’t talked to him since the RBC meeting when he told me that I was over reacting, and that no one stole anything from Hillary. He wanted to know if I was still against Obama, and asked if we could still be friends no matter what happened.
    It’s so funny, how people see everything through their own lens. I would never not be friends with someone just because they supported another candidate.
    My dad is so intense about his politics.

  142. I live in Central NC and it has been raining buckets all day. Here and in NE NC which are obama’s biggest stronghold It is also raining in eastern VA. Now I’m all for gettin everyone to vote, but that fact, along with the news that it is dry and mild in western NC and VA is not good news for the chosen one.

  143. “turnout is lower than expected. Not sure what to make of it.”

    nobo48, I believe it’s called hubris!

    PUMAs are wiser than Obots. We have not been led into an “inevitability” trance by the media.


  144. haha ! That was almost the vision I had when I pushed the McCain/Palin button today..whispering sweetly FU DNC.

    I said the same thing as I voted for every Republican running for office. It felt so good to tell the DNC in the most effective way that I could just exactly how I felt about them stealing the nomination from the person who would have made the most excellent Madame President.

  145. sm77: Agreed in theory, but Century City is one of the most genteel spots in Los Angeles. It’s all big office buildings, an upscale mall, and very very little foot traffic. I can’t imagine any unrest there. (In my old neighborhood, on the other hand? Different story.)

  146. griffithinc, on November 4th, 2008 at 4:46 pm Said:

    As much as I’d like to believe it’s widespread, I’m not counting my chickens before they come home to roost…so hold up on spreading that around, haha.

  147. still raining in NoVa…. ain’t that a crying shame?

    drill baby drill?

    how about RAIN BABY RAIN!!!

  148. Mawm:

    (((( HUGs)))))

  149. I’m waiting for the Obot supporters to finally find out all this crap about the anointed one and see what they have to say when this is all over. I hope they feel like shit, because they’ll know they could have had a winner in Hillary if they hadn’t listened to the DNC and all those other losers.

    We have a few here at the college, I’ll be waiting. “So how do you feel about your choice now? We could’ve had a great Dem president in Hillary, but no you all went for the hopey changey one who spent upwards of $200 million dollars and still couldn’t win. How do you feel now? Hmmmm?

    I’m not usually so snarky, but they deserve it.

  150. destardi, you are right to not start any chicken counting.

  151. Casting my first Republican vote was totally painless for me, but my sister is still shook up about it. I did it so quick I didn’t even see Precious and Gaffe Machine’s names, and then I kissed my ballot. lol

  152. Jadzia – that’s weird then.


    All up & down the east coast is raining.

  153. I cannot believe that Obama’s campaign office has not covered up the Instant Tax sign above their campaign HQ in Las Vegas. Just drove by it, sure enough – nothing. LOL

    Hope all is well with everyone.

  154. Seriously – I was afraid that if I kissed it the optical scanning would reject it because of my LIPSTICK on a PUMA.

  155. Mawm: that’s sweet. I’m glad your dad called.

  156. CNN is setting it up for Obama’s loss with the “over 70k” phone calls talking about not getting to vote. I call BS. It’s a trick so say the Republicans are cheating.

    Just had someone on that said her name wasn’t in the book? Did she have her postcard?

    I call BS.

  157. It’s been a BEEUTOFUL day here in east TN. Course this state is a given for McCain. Just hope VA and NC nearby go for him too. I don’t think Barky can win one southern state. Ain’t gonna happen.

  158. What happened to Ron Silver – he looks horrible? Has he been sick?????????

  159. britgirls — same at my polling place — older & people with kids — only two possible BO “youth voters” — it took me only 1/2 hour to vote (but I went at 10:15 — lady working there said earlier it was a 2 hour wait — this is a polling place with 9 machines). BTW — my polling place is in a totally Republican district –didn’t even have an Obama sign outside and 1/2 the cars had McCain stickers on them. SO, the heavy turnout seems to be both ways. (pray, pray, pray).

  160. SM, in NC it is ONLY raining in the triangle (raleigh-durham), and in the NE counties. Those are Obama’s two biggest strongholds in the state. It is not raining in western NC or SW VA….Those are mccain (and Hillary) strong zones.

  161. Where is Ron Silver? I met him once. He looks sick?

  162. An answer from the judge regarding the Military votes in Virginia!

  163. celeste — I hope that your sister does go back to vote & I hope she changes her vote.

  164. He was just on Fox. He look horrible and like a skeleton face. Has he been sick?

  165. angienc

    I’m actually feeling pretty jubilant right now (I know, mustn’t jinx it). Also, my buddy gave me another liter bottle of Sangria (he’s a pilot and brings it straight back from Spain).

    I’m sticking to Hillbuzz and The Confluence and it’s doing wonders for my mood.

    How are you feeling, BTW?

  166. Gary: So the Obots aren’t voting because it’s raining.


  167. God must really hate Obama look at this map


    It is raining hard wherever he has a stronghold…Raleigh, Richmond, Eastern VA, NOVA, Philly, all of maryland….

  168. Mawm – I just disowned my son today for voting for BO in CA. I will adopt you – but the 401k is down 44% today!

  169. sm77 people under 30 are lazy and self absorbed (well, most of them) they may write about obama on t heir myspace page, but they are not going to go stand out in the cold rain for him 🙂

  170. carol, what was the decision…please tell me it is good news.

  171. 3 hour wait at u of central florida

  172. oops — sorry celeste — meant your niece not your sister.

  173. gary; that was my birthday wish: heavy rain in important places.

  174. No decision yet! They better let the votes count!

  175. My rural PA polling place (mostly Republican precinct) was doing a steady business today – 25 minute wait when I went. At first I felt oddly neutral after voting, then slightly sick to my stomach. Someone said, “this too shall pass” on an earlier post.

    Going to break out some wine with dinner. It will soon be over.

  176. happy birthday, dakinikat

  177. MO has record turn out. It better be the Jews for McCain.

  178. GARY: Water, the feminine life-giving element, will save the day today.

    Water is also the most destructive force on earth.


  179. Hi guys! I’ve been scarce lately, due to some family issues, but am waiting with bated breath for the results.

    I voted for McCain/Palin today, some women, and Rick Noriega(D) for Senator, because he’s a good centrist Dem who never once mentioned the One in his emails or flyers. It felt good.

    I am hoping and praying sanity rules in the privacy of the voting booth, and Americans decide not to trust this sham empty suit after all.

  180. talk radio exit poll

    23% scared of Obama win
    is that for real?


    so sorry I forgot!

  182. Hi WM great to *see* you!

  183. griff — $200 million? that’s chump change — last I heard (second week of October) it was a $700 million.

  184. Judge declared the Ballots must be preserved for Virginia. Hearing on NOV. 10

  185. $700 Million?!!!! That is insane. And he still loses. Goes to show you, if you have no substance, money isn’t going to buy it for you, in most cases.

  186. angienc – my niece will vote – hasn’t missed an election since she became eligible. I wish that she would change her vote, but probably not. She was a Hillary supporter and says that she is doing what Hillary wants her to do.

  187. sm and fuzzy you better be bringing Florida!!!!!!!!!


  188. i put a new thread up for turn out tales and speculation … also, i need an excuse to listen to freddie mercury


  189. Anecdotal, but it made me smile. From a poster on Hillaryis44:

    Just got back from casting my vote for McCain/Palin here in DC. Knowing it would not make a difference here, but at least it was a Democrat for McCain vote. You all will find it amusing that as I was waiting in the hall of the school, two AA women were leaving and one said to the other, rather smugly, “I wrote in Hillary”. The other responded, “Good for you girl, I did too.”

    THAT made me feel even more satisfied.

  190. ah, and thank you for the birthday greetings, I’m afraid i’m down with a killer sinus infection still, but I’m hanging in here with red wine and yall tonight!

  191. CAROL:

    We are bringing it!!

    2 Obama canvassers came to my house asking if we remembered to vote.

    Abuela PUMA said “JES!!!”

  192. “Seriously – I was afraid that if I kissed it the optical scanning would reject it because of my LIPSTICK on a PUMA.”

    LOL I kissed my fingers, then touched Palin’s name.

  193. britgirl — well I already took the first dose of the Z-pack for the bronchitis plus 2 shots of the nose spray, 2 of the inhaler & 1200 mg of Advil for the confluence. I’m tired but ok — I made myself some homemade chicken soup & that made me feel better (although it would have been better if someone else had made it 😦 ) Still can only breath through my mouth though! Thanks for asking.

  194. WMCB, on November 4th, 2008 at 5:11 pm Said:
    Hi guys! I’ve been scarce lately, due to some family issues, but am waiting with bated breath for the results.

    I voted for McCain/Palin today, some women, and Rick Noriega(D) for Senator, because he’s a good centrist Dem who never once mentioned the One in his emails or flyers. It felt good.


    Another TX voter — cool! Think you’ll find most Texas Dems running for Congress aren’t willing to hitch their wagon to His Worthlessness’ star. Most of them tend be run as a conservative Dem. And they are SCURRRRRED of the “l” word — liberal.

  195. Does anyone know what time the first results are in? I could barely sleep last night, and I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight, either.

  196. My beautiful daughter is 29. She was an Independent Hillary supporter and she voted for McCain. She proudly wore to the (Florida) polls the Palin as Rosie the Riveter button I gave her: We Can Do It!

  197. Ooops. I can’t believe I forgot to say…

    Happy Birthday, dakinikat! And any other PUMA election day babies out there. 🙂

  198. WMCB — so glad to see you! Was scared something tragic had happened (like you drank the kool aid lol). Hope your family situation is ok.

    catarina — only 23% scared of a BO win? seems pretty low. btw — gun sales have rocketed in the weeks leading up today in the southern states & rural areas.

  199. A very Happy B-Day, dakinikat! And many blessed returns. 🙂

  200. WMCB

    I bet a lot of AA women are pissed about Hillary. They know what it’s like to have the Men always get there ahead of them.

    Happy birthday Dakinikat

    Hope you feel better Angie

  201. griffithinc, on November 4th, 2008 at 5:14 pm Said:

    $700 Million?!!!! That is insane. And he still loses. Goes to show you, if you have no substance, money isn’t going to buy it for you, in most cases.

    griff — toth, toth,toth (that is me spitting to take the jinx off) — no counting your chickens all in one basket as my mom says (she is ESL and always gets those sayings mixed up). 🙂 But yep, $700 million so far. Win or lose it is disgraceful if you ask me.

  202. Battlecat, on November 4th, 2008 at 5:21 pm Said:

    Not sure what time results come in, but I see that Ohio’s polls close at 7:30 (unless uhbama whines)…PA polls close at 8:00 pm.

  203. Happy Birthday Dakinikat!!!!

    Hate to say this but maybe a lot of students have already cast (two) absentee ballots….

  204. Happy Birthday Dakinikat!

    Battlecat — I think the firs polls close at 7:00 EST.

  205. My partner Amy and I are going to a couple’s house tonight for chili who are Obama supporters. They are really sweet people, and some of the few Dems around here. They don’t know we didn’t vote for Precious. I don’t think they’ve raving lunatic Obots, just Dems who don’t really know what happened at the RBC and the DNC. We will be nice, Amy told me to keep it zipped. We’ll have our chili, and chat for while then leave, as Aim has to get up a 5am.

    Then tomorrow will be a new day, knowing Oblahma got his ass handed to him by the American people. How sweet it is.

  206. ((((WMCB)))))

  207. Isn’t there some kind of verification process for absentee ballots and such? Aren’t there any kind of controls in place to make sure no one votes twice?

  208. Happy Birthday dakinikat!!! Thank you for making me feel so much smarter than I actually am with your insightful posts.

    Many,many happy returns of the day!

  209. Lynne de Rothschild was on Fox. That lady oozes class!

  210. No Christmas Tree or presents for Carol’s Ryan this year.

  211. ty e1 for the birthday wishes ! and you can guess what i’m wish for!

  212. Happy Birthday, Dakinikat.
    The Confluence Ecconomic Guru.
    We all survived the housing crisis and bailout with a little help from Dakinikat & Cavuto.
    Lots of health, happiness, etc. etc.

  213. angie
    i highly recommend ice cream for dinner.
    no one will be the wiser..

  214. Angie, you’re superstitious, that’s cute!!!

  215. did pennsylvania have early voting?

  216. Happy birthday, Dakinikat. Eat lots of cake!

  217. Angie, I think I’m catching your cold. I haven’t been sick for well over two years! I guess I’ll have to drink lots of wine tonight, that’ll knock it right out!!

  218. No early voting in PA

  219. WMCB, on November 4th, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    I love that story!

  220. No early voting in PA.

  221. Well Peeps. Going to the neighbors for chili. Will see youse guys tomorrow. XOXOXOXOXO

    PUMAS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. you guys are cracking me up. BPD – I was lol at your crack about the Obamas, Farrakhan and Ayers carpooling to the polls. Isn’t that neighborly?

    And sm77 nice tie-in from the femine life giving, massively destructive rains to PUMA – rofl! Those panicked Obama canvassers at the door are the most exciting news I’ve heard today, since reading that seanmarston analysis of why PA is going red. To think I always prayed for my beloved home state to stay blue, up until now.

    WMCB – I am glad to see you check in and missed your voice in my readings.

    Yes it is a rainy yucky late afternoon and evening here in Northern Virginia. And when rain happens at rush hour in the DC suburbs, it isn’t pretty and it takes forever to get home, or to the polls. Too bad. Alas.

    Simo – sushi and tequila – you know how to do it up. We may go so far as to finish off the vintage bottle of 2 buck chuck we broached yesterday.

    I want to shout out to all AA PUMAs. Out of everyone I have met and read and talked with this year, your strength of character in following your inner convictions against all the external tides of hype and excitement and all the incentives to close your eyes against the red flags of character and corruption – your mettle has been tested and you are such inspiringly courageous people. You move to great appreciation and humility.

    Hang in there tonight peoples. I’m shutting down the electronics until tomorrow.

    PUMA Love!

  223. Happy B-Day dakinikat – may you get a really, really, really great present!

  224. My daughter wasn’t going to vote (sigh)

    so I went over to her house, walked her to her polling place, she wasn’t on the list (she was annoyed), got a provisional, voted for McCain and against prop 8 (what I affectionately call the ‘bigot bill’) here in CA. 🙂

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