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Poll Closings II -Ozark Mountain Time


A message for TweetyA message for Tweety:

276 Responses

  1. First?

  2. I’ll admit Tweety is an a**hole!

  3. Fox called Ohio?

  4. HI Guys,
    I’m here in Manhattan with Ladyboomer, madamab, Harriet Christian, Darragh Murphy, Sheri Tag and a whole buncha other PUMAs. We’re doing shots of Southern Comfort.
    Why not join us? Break out your favorite bottle of bourbon and get fine and mellow.

  5. getting depressed here…. still hopeful these exit polls are wrong

  6. I swear to God, do they have to be somewhere. Why can’t they just let the vote be counted.

  7. on non election news….did you see that ABC dropped Dr. Hahn from Grey’s anatomy because the lesbian story was too…explicit, open, real……and they didn’t even give her a story line out…she just disappears.

  8. McCain is currently leading in the popular vote. It’s super close. NO BLOWOUT.

  9. Bpd:

    Don’t you dare go Eeyore!

  10. At cnn.com, the precinct map for FL with 48% of precincts reporting: McCain 48%, Obama 52%.

  11. I hate whiner. They ain’t cool

  12. I’ve decided to think like that woman who thinks Obama will buy her gas and pay off her mortgage.

    I Just know that if Obama wins and we get a Democratic super Majority that we’ll get Universal Health Care for Everyone and it will only cost 4-5% of our income.

    So (as they say on deal or No Deal) — That’s OK!

  13. Okay, BO’s number in PA, is starting to go down, lets see what happens.

  14. just waiting for Mr. Obot to come back from walking the dog so I can go back to my place and follow election returns with my long-distance BF (um, complicated personal life).

    All anyone knows at this point is, some Senator dude gonna win.

  15. Katiebird: Not so far off from the real Kool-Aid line of thought. Mr. Obot said chirpily when I told him I was donating to D women, “Oh, if we get a Democratic supermajority we can pass healthcare.”

    That Kool-Aid is some strong shit.

  16. No way BO gets PA.

  17. Because (and I’m not whining here) after spending half-a-billion dollars (and all that Starbucks coffee), Obama will surely win. It shouldn’t be close.

  18. I forgot to get my free Starbucks!

  19. RD and gang: I envy you being in NY, my home state. Give it a kiss for me.

  20. I am concerned about Florida, Obama is leading there and almost 50% of the vote has been counted.

  21. Goodness – I hope those PA numbers are off. Kerry had 59% in 2004 and only ended up getting 51%. Also, BO overpolled against Hillary in the primary so I really hope there is an error here. I am shocked it was called so fast.

  22. No joke, if we don’t get UHC out of this (because even if McCain wins a Super Majority can do as they like) I’ll never vote for a Democrat again.

  23. Hi Sis!!! Hi family!

    RD! Glad to see you’re drinking! I just posted this below, just before you all came upstaris–so, re-post:

    “Just home–stopped for a bottle of scotch first.

    This am, some beautiful soul (will have to go back and see who…) posted a link for Sean Malstrom’s analysis of the electorate and the tactics of this election. It was pages long, and I printed it and read it quietly behind my closed door at work.

    It changed my brain chemistry. I went from dispair to calm–instantly. It started with a big piece of toast with BO’s face on it, and went happily from there. My favorite line:

    “Take it to the bank, folks- Pennsylvania is turning red this year.” He had plenty to say about the rust belt–and this post appeared to written before the “bankrupt the coal industry” audio came out.

    If you can spare 15 minutes for your heart and mind, please read. I will go back, find the link and post.”

  24. UHC is insufficiently hip and ironic for Whole Foods Nation. You have to, like, care about people and stuff.

  25. SOD, I went to get mine but, it was Obot central and I had to get out quick — the gag reflex almost got me.

  26. Ana: the panhandle is always late coming in and it’s really really conservative

  27. katiebird, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:09 pm Said:
    I’ve decided to think like that woman who thinks Obama will buy her gas and pay off her mortgage.

    I saw a site composed of a slideshow saying all Obama would do…it included things like “Obama will fix your computer” “Obama will drive your kids to soccer practice” etc….hilarious! 🙂

  28. lets hope mccain gets florida and that PA starts to get close. And that Obama is overpolling.

  29. KB:

    I may vote for a Democrat again:

    a) If it’s Hillary


    b) If he/she outbids the others for my vote

  30. from Toast article:The state that will be erroneously called for Obama will be Pennslyvania. In Pennslyvania, all the Obama votes are mostly in the Philly and Pittsburg area and Obama will comfortably carry those areas. And those areas are the eastern part of Pennslyvania with the western part being more rural. With the ‘Obama leads’ that Philly and Pittsburg area comes in, and the myth that Obama is ahead 25 points (or whatever) in PA being believed by the anchors, they will call PA early. But once all the rest of the state votes, they will have to turn it into a toss-up. They will be EXTREMELY reluctant to call the state for McCain even when the votes clearly show he has won there (and he *will* win there.)

  31. Shaheen is giving her victory speech now.

  32. if Obama wins, I’m going to demand that he make my mortgage payment in February, and pay my utilities that month as well. are y’all with me? I’ll let him slide on my grocery bill until March.

  33. Any asshole can get elected, viz., Dubya. Now let’s see if this asshole can govern.

    I think we all know the answer to that one.

  34. McCain is protesting the PA call!

    OHio was a mistaken call. Good!

    Don’t believe the hype. Or if you do, don’t talk about it.

  35. Joaniebone: the Toast article is here: http://seanmalstrom.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/toast/

  36. It’s amazing how close the popular vote is. BO and JM within 1/2 a percent of one another all night.

  37. Thanks–I’d just gone back to get it! Thank you, LAmusing, for making my day this am. What a great and fair account. Heartening and I think, true!

  38. Even Hillary — if there’s really a super majority then She’d better get it done.

    I’d point out that it’s not gonna happen. But, that would be whining.

  39. Hi Joanie!!!

  40. the just called Ohio again

  41. DAMN IT. They just called Ohio for Obama.

  42. Fox calls OH for Obama. No mistake this time.

  43. Joanie, did you call Bev?

  44. Fox just called OH for Bambi. Sigh.

  45. it’s not looking good for mac at all, and I’m sorry

  46. SOD, yes cnn.com is including NY.

  47. Karl Rove and Fox News just called Ohio for Obie with only 9% of the vote in. WTF?

  48. myiq2xu, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:15 pm Said:

    I may vote for a Democrat again:

    a) If it’s Hillary


    b) If he/she outbids the others for my vote

    If Obama gave me half a billion dollars I would vote for him.

    (Well, actually, I would say I would , then change my mind and do the opposite, just so he knows how it feels when somebody does it to HIM 🙂 )

  49. Hi Joanie! I have to run off to a meeting for a couple hours – thank God!!

    I’ll be back after 9pm. I hope the actual counting is doing better by then. The estimates suck.

  50. RD et al – I wish I were there. I could use a drink – Bambi may be my new boss….

  51. I’m back!!

  52. CNN.com has not called OH.

  53. I cannot fathom how rust belters in OH & PA, who BO insulted and threatened to bankrupt the coal industry could in any way, shape or form vote for BO over the war hero. I-do-not-get-it.

  54. basically they look at the exit polls of a sample, and the vote as the population, if they have part of the vote, and they can estimate the margin of error between the sample and the population, they can see if it’s inside or outside that margin….

    if that makes any sense…

  55. I just want to see the *actual* votes. I hate the exit poll crap. I’m ok with going to sleep tonight and waking up tomorrow with the votes actually counted. I swear, the whole exit poll thing is just to boost the networks’ ratings.

  56. Call it the last bastion of a Democratic Voter, but I will not believe the numbers until they are all in.

  57. Shays is getting hi butt kicked here in CT.

    Shaheen just pissed me off, putting the BO cart before the horse.

  58. fif: i believe barnum said it best, no body ever got poor underestimating the intelligence of the american public

  59. 10% of OH has been counted and they’re calling it for Obama? That’s just crazy.

  60. What’s wrong with these people in OH?? and PA??

    Sean and Rush were telling people to IGNORE the exit polls and just vote…

  61. NYT hasn’t called a single state for McCain since KY. Not even TN, WV.

  62. Unitl they’ve counted 100% they haven’t called the state. Some of these reports are from states with 10 percent reporting. Chill out.

  63. American Journalism, R.I.P.

  64. fif: I don’t get it either. Can the fix be bigger than the Democratic Party?

  65. you don’t need the entire population, you need an estimate of the margin of error between the sample and the population .. which you can do if you a portion of the population to compare to the sample

  66. If I become incoherent or quit posting all together, don’t call 9-11, it’s just the tequila y cerveza

  67. In the popular vote, BO has 14.0M (50%), JM has 13.8M (49%), says cnn.com.

  68. NBC calls Ohio for Obama. If Obama wins Ohio and Pennsylvania its time to move to Canada.

  69. Just a friendly reminder, this is exactly what Marson said would happen:

    FROM marston chronicles:

    Expect states with large cities to go for Obama-Biden at first. Miami is driving Florida so far and Philadelphia will drive Pennsylvania at first so hang in there. Unless you see the votes counted percentage over 50%, you are looking at only part of a state.

  70. i am floored ……. 8 years of bush and now this. i am a fairly smart woman and i just cant comprehend this. this to me is worse than bush winning his second term.

  71. ok sorry on last thread

  72. One thing Sean said was that if Penn goes red and Ohio blue, then there is pretty obvious fraud, since Ohio is vert raditionally five points to the right of PA-long-term historically.

    He predicted all of the BS we are hearing now.

  73. OH & PA can’t go for BO. WTF is wrong with people–you insult the crap out of them and they reward you?

  74. That Marston Chronicles site has crashed or something. I can’t access it. They must have been overwhelmed with hits.

  75. no I wont hear of it! NO BO

  76. Until they’ve counted 100% they haven’t called the state.

    It sounds like they are “calling” the states, rather than “projecting” the winner–is that true? I’m not watching any of them. I can’t take any more MSM. It’s just garbage.

  77. So how many minutes until The One makes a victory speech? I really hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid he’s going to pull the same crap he did in June and people are going to buy it.

  78. at least i suppose, scotus is safe, but i frankly worry about the economy

  79. jules: i’d say the 10 o’clock news at this rate

  80. bb: funny you should mention that site, because I bookmarked it today thinking, if this guy is wrong, I want to see what the hell he has to say for himself, because he was sooooo certain.

  81. I can’t say it enough–the votes are not all counted. Stop giving yourself an aneurysm ntil you know the final outcome.

  82. angienc and joaniebone: you both are the voices of reason right now. Okay…I’ll pour some scotch, breath, and wait.

  83. CNN.com says the Dems will have the Senate majority: 52 seats and counting.

  84. Nicole Wallace giving “near” concession speech to Fox…

  85. State of disbelief,

    I agree with you. I’m not accepting the results based on exit polls–not when I know how Obama underperformed the exit polls during the primaries. If he wins, life will go on and we will figure out a strategy.

  86. bb — try again — I just got on it.


  87. Shaheen first female senator in NH, at least we weny for the 30%. She is fighting for the same things as Hillary. Pumas this is part of our victory.

  88. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:21 pm Said:
    I’m back!!

    I missed you. [blush]

  89. Scotch does NOT help my disabled typing.

  90. I’m on the West Coast, and already through half a bottle of wine. Meanwhile, the Obot (why did I marry this guy??) whoops it up in the next room. R.L. Burnside and John Lee Hooker will get me through, as always.

  91. jules: deja vu all over again! Y’know, i saw an Army Times artical about a month ago saying that troops were being deployed IN America (http://www.armytimes.com/news/2008/09/army_homeland_090708w/), I thought it was because riots were threatened if Obama lost. Now I think it’s to keep US in line because we know these are bogus results.

  92. i am floored ……. 8 years of bush and now this. i am a fairly smart woman and i just cant comprehend this. this to me is worse than bush winning his second term.

    ditto. Either everyone else is nuts or I am, because we definitely do not see the same world.

  93. Polls in Indiana have been closed for 3 1/2 hours and Lake County ( Gary ) is still showing 0% reporting. Maybe there are still a lot of stiffs waiting in line to vote.

  94. If they’re saying Georgia is heavily favoring McCain, but they haven’t counted Atlanta, is that a good representation? Nope. The news shows all have one job tonight: keeping viewers. It is in their interest to report something regardless of its accuracy. they know that we know the number will change. Everyone chill, and while we wait, help us figure out how to save our country and protect our Constitution.

  95. Dakinikat,

    Are you serious? SCOTUS is not safe with Obama in the WH. Cass Sunstein? Hello?

  96. Polls in Indiana have been closed for 3 1/2 hours and Lake County ( Gary ) is still showing 0% reporting.

    Gee…that sounds familiar.

  97. McCain projected to win West Virginia. That’s Hillary country.

  98. Sophie: I have the same fear.

    Gary, IN, is waiting to figure out how many votes are needed to put BO over the top.

  99. yeah fif: It’s the same movie we saw in May.

  100. Sophie – you may want to check out the town-by-town results – you’re seeing the big cities. Hang in there, fellow nutmegger.

  101. @Sophie, 9:26 PM

    “OH & PA can’t go for BO. WTF is wrong with people–you insult the crap out of them and they reward you?”

    Remember–this is really a referendum on Dubya. The problem is that people are too fucking stupid to have distinguished between him and McCain.

  102. they just called lousiana for mac

  103. McCain is ahead in GA by 30 points. Why aren’t they calling it?

  104. “at least i suppose, scotus is safe”

    Depends on how you define safe. Word on the street is Bo plans to nominate Samantha Power’s husband, Cass Sunstein, defender of torture. Speaking of monsters…

  105. Hello all. I rarely log on at night, but tonight is special.

  106. BB: because certain key precincts haven’t weighed in yet that would make the race line up within the margin of error

  107. Well, I am in Ohio and I am not too fucking stupid. Personally, I don’t believe it. There seemed to be so little support here. I smell a rat.

  108. Beata,

    Where are you getting your IN numbers?

  109. Sergei:

    This is my thread and yer flirting with my girl!

    Don’t make me go neaderthal on yer ass

  110. BB, CNN.com called GA for McCain.

  111. Someone had better be doing something! WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  112. My mom and dad are brother and sister!

  113. bostonboomer
    If they’re saying Georgia is heavily favoring McCain, but they haven’t counted Atlanta, is that a good representation? Nope. The news shows all have one job tonight: keeping viewers. It is in their interest to report something regardless of its accuracy. they know that we know the number will change. Everyone chill, and while we wait, help us figure out how to save our country and protect our Constitution.

    Same for Ohio and every other state.

  114. Hi Kim! What are you hearing in NC? Gary and Mawm disappeared.

  115. McCain is challenging votes in OH. They’ve got their lawyers on the ground.

  116. I was thinking the same thing about Gary, IN

  117. I’m on the right side of History. I voted for Hillary!

  118. I’m from Ohio and I can’t believe Obama is taking this state!!!! WTF is going on!!

  119. thanks betuscha!

  120. If McCain-Palin win. America is safe.
    If not, what do we do to preserve our Republic?

  121. Jeff Get out u are an a$$hole

  122. OH is funky. Even the McCain ppl think so.

  123. clean up at 9:34.

  124. CNN.com projects BO wins Ohio.

  125. Jeff – who let you out of the asylum tonight?! Go crawl back under your rock.

  126. I am in SC but I haven’t turned the news on and my mom won’t watch it. She has totally had it and says she has lost faith in the wisdom of the American people.

  127. who’s the nutjob on Fox calling the democratic congress liberal? oh yeah, they refused to fund the war and they impeached Bush……..yeah, they’re real liberal

  128. bostonboomer,
    From cnn.com’s state maps showing actual votes counted in each county.
    I’m going to start self-medicating soon. My typing may get pretty bad.

  129. I got on the Marston site. He says McCain can win without PA but has to have VA and FL.

  130. Yeah I saw CNN project BO wins Ohio, but on their map they have some kind of lines across it. Something is defenately off.

  131. I hate Obamabots

  132. Obot smell at 9:34 stat!

  133. Sapphire: He’s not! Don’t fall for it! It’s the HAKA. I keep getting pulled in and the folks here keep bringing me back!

  134. About GA, we are 61% McCain, 38% NObama according to the Secretary of State website with 57% reporting from all areas of the state including metro Atlanta counties which are almost 2 to 1 Zero. Thank God for south GA.

  135. Even Sherri and Darragh sound depressed. I’m going to shut off blog talk radio pretty soon….

  136. @Seriously, 9:33 PM

    Cass Sunstein is married to Samantha Powers? I thought he was married to Martha Nussbaum. If not, Martha probably kicked his funky ass to the curb.

  137. Something else Marston says (after saying this is the strangest election he’s ever seen):

    Election night will be very long because pundits will be stunned at what is going on. They think this is already over and election night is just a coronation. All these electoral map projections and polls, yet votes weren’t cast yet.

    lets hope this mofo is as smart as he thinks he is.

  138. Lakota,

    I know, so why are the networks calling GA. The fix is in, even at Fox.

  139. If truly he has won OH and PA and MI they can all go to hell!

  140. Cleanup at 9:34

    Linky for McCain contests in OH/PA?

    I think it’s gonna be 2000 redux…

  141. Good one revgrl!

  142. RD – I hope you guys are discussing restarting the National Woman’s Party.

  143. Johnny MAC ain’t going to take fraud lying down. Please folks. The media whores are getting paid ENORMOUSLY to shove this down our throats. All predicted.

    Who among us did not expect to hear this called for BO at 3pm?

    Straighten up!

    Dakinkat? Am I losing you???


  144. Sophie: I’m trying to stay calm, but I have feared the voter fraud in this state for some time now! I just hope there are enough people to pull this off for McCain! Thanks for bringing me back to reality!

  145. Have been on the CNN website, they are calling MI for Obama even though McCain has more of the vote at present count. WTF?

  146. Well – I took some Prilosec over my sudden heartburn.

    Southeast FL numbers aren’t in yet –


    People haven’t stopped voting YET!

  147. Okay, well I am done for the night.

    I can’t stand the way they are covering this election. This is criminal.

  148. VA looks close with McCain still a bit ahead. Let’s hope it continues to go for McCain. I’m not giving up yet.

  149. Don’t blame Jeff just because his dad is also his favorite uncle.

  150. fif – I am the Obamanator! Ha

  151. I don’t think we’re gonna have a President-Elect till morning. If there’s fraud, Cindy and Mac will call every one of their lawyers and contest every single questionable balllot. Good. He should NOT conceded under any circumstances.

  152. Too many Eeyores tonight (and not enough angie 🙂 )

    Calling in to Puma Radio 🙂

    (Translated by myiq2xu)

    “Angie: myiq2xu is a far, far better man than me”

  153. I know I’m the Queen of Logicland – but how can they seriously call a state when the popular vote and percentage for McCain is higher than for BO? And with only a tiny percentage of precincts reporting?

  154. I can’t watch the news…I’m watching re-runs of House and reading here….

  155. Too close to call in Texas – BULL SHIT ! They are manipulating the calls!

  156. okay Nebraska is too close to call, unbelievable

  157. Please we cant have Pres Obama

  158. It’s all based on exit polls, phlamingophred. At least at CNN.com.

  159. $700 mio vs $150 mio.

    There was never a real race here. What happened to all the talking heads that were whining about “too much money spoiling politics”? Especially when one candidate has raised a lot of illegal contributions?

  160. bostonboomer said: The fix is in, even at Fox.

    I’m hoping the Toast Guy is right, but maybe Fox didn’t get his memo, so they’re posturing so they can get their media appearances with Teh One.

  161. For those of you who have blood pressure problems, maybe this would be a good evening to take off and listen to some music or relax with a book. It’s ok, really. we’ll still be here tomorrow.

  162. They’re fucking with you. Put it on Mute and let it go.

  163. According to the map I’m looking at on CNN, Lake County in IN is 73% counted.

  164. I’ve overdosed on koolaid. Help!

  165. In NC with 19% reporting it is BO 50%, JM 49%. Kay Hagan appears to have won NC, she is about 15% above Liddy Dole.

  166. I very much doubt the GOP will just roll over and concede without a fight; that’s not their style.

  167. I guess Murtha calling his own district a bunch of r@cists really turned things around in PA. I know there’s nothing like having someone call me r@cist that motivates me more to want to get out and support them.

  168. They don’t care, they want to suppress voter turnout in the West so McCain loses.

  169. fuzzy,

    Can you go look at the FL counties at CNN? Some of them are nearly all counted and some have barely started. I don’t know which ones are good for McCain. It would help if you or SM could look at them and give us your input.

  170. BO is winning Philly by 80% and 300,000+ votes and Pittsburgh by 60 % and 70,000+ votes. I think that Philly and the surrounding areas are going to win it for him. D*mn.

  171. NC is now 51 — 49 in favor of BO with 54% in but the heavy BO counties — Durham County is in 100% in, Wake is in 95% in and the “heavy BO districts” of Mecklenburg are in (only 65% of Meck as a whole are in). The counties/precincts left to turn in #s should all be McCain. The question is the # of people though.

  172. SOD – so true. That’s why I switched to HGTV for now. It took me an hour to catch up to all the threads and comments – so I’ll listen to y’all and look at the numbers before bed.

  173. I don’t think it will be over tonight or tomorrow; I agree with Joaniebone
    A man who spent years in a prison camp isn’t going to take things lying down if he thinks there has been fraid-and we all know about ACORN.
    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. :^)

  174. Ann On, yeah he’s definitely married to good old Sam but only recently, I don’t know about Nussbaum.

  175. Jeff I bet you have recently had an unnatural act with a cod fish? Am I right?

  176. Watching the returns is a lot less depressing when you’re accompanied by a bottle of Merlot

  177. Regency: Excellent advice…I just did that five minutes ago. Both TVs are now on mute!! (at least for a 15 minute time out!)

  178. FYI

    From the PA Dept of State website @ 9:44 p.m.

    Only 2,986 out of 9,293 Districts (32.13%) Reporting Statewide

    So it’s not over yet by a long shot. Stop braying, Eeyores!

  179. Sergei:

    I warned ya once!

  180. Thanks britgirls, I needed that!

  181. FOX is talking about the OBAMA administration…So Ruppert too made a deal? Who will monitor his administration OPRAH????????????? AND I bet you Rev. Wright is forgiven and the Ayers too.

    Cancel all your news subscriptions. I am canceling TIME!

  182. Wow, that Toast article is effin’ brilliant. It’s long but I urge everyone to read it! He hits almost every major point PUMAs have made about this election, and quite rationally and reasonably breaks down how the polls could be so off.

    He’s sure McCain will take PA (in part, and he gives them much credit) because of PUMAs manning the phones and canvassing for McCain there.


  183. Something just has to be done about the press. I just got back from having to listen to ABC at the cafe out with friends. This is all bullsh1t , right? Declaring Penn, etc.?


  185. elderj: and even better with Scotch! 🙂

  186. clean up — Reality Check @ 9:45 is a vile bigot

  187. elderj: I have a nice bordeaux here …

  188. I took care of him.

  189. DOle making concession speech in NC

  190. Can’t you just block Jeff permanently? I mean seriously–Obots are the nastiest people on earth. They take great pleasure in being mean and insulting.

  191. BTW — no wonder Obots love BO so much — they are all like school in the summer time — no class.

  192. RealClearPolitics called Texas for McCain!

  193. bostonboomer,
    Cnn updated Lake County results 7 minutes ago with 41% reporting. I bet most of that is the county area outside Gary ( which would include Hammond whose mayor McDermott made such a protest during the primary ).

  194. elderj, I don’t dare drink a thing. I’d say that I’d never forget the night that Jimmy Carter won in 1976 but, I’ve never been able to remember a thing about it. There’s something about watching a hated Democrat win that seems to exaggerate the effects of alcohol. It’s really sad.

    But that’s why I invented this UHC fantasy. It’s really mellowed me out.

  195. 1000 vote difference now in Virginia. Geez……

    We are at 78% reported.

  196. Wow Reality Check,

    You must be feeling pretty fucking smug right now. All it took was a frickin’ earth shattering economic crisis to put your guy over the top. My dog would win against McCain in these times.

    Maybe by 2012 we’ll be in a depression!! Woo hoo! Obama will sweep Georgia then!!

  197. SM,

    Will you please go to CNN and look at the county returns in FL? Are the ones that haven’t been counted good or bad for McCain?

  198. NY went for BO? I’m shocked. Shocked.

  199. U.S. Senate | All Senate results
    U.S. Senate
    Votes Percent of vote
    11 of 4130 precincts (0%)
    Norm Coleman, R* 1,730 56
    Al Franken, D 794 26
    Dean Barkley, I 546 18

    wow, norm has pulled it off … very very very strange

  200. “I guess Murtha calling his own district a bunch of r@cists really turned things around in PA. I know there’s nothing like having someone call me r@cist that motivates me more to want to get out and support them.”

    I can predict O’s victory speech, “Hey dumbf—-. You voted for me, huh? Wow, you’re even dumber than I thought. Thanks for confirming all my beliefs about y’all. Guess I can do anything I want to you now, but don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you real good. Or maybe not, since you don’t seem to care and I don’t really know how anyway.” I just hope the FCC is on call in case he starts waving his qualifications around. Keep them in your pants, Obama!

  201. “BO is winning Philly by 80% and 300,000+ votes and Pittsburgh by 60 % and 70,000+ votes. I think that Philly and the surrounding areas are going to win it for him. D*mn.”

    Here’s another piece:
    “Obama is relying on cities to swing entire states his way, but Kerry could barely hold the state even with the Philly machine and the Democratic base on his side. And Mac ands Sarah (my names) are far more popular, campaign wise, than Bush and Cheney were in 2004.”

  202. myiq2xu, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:47 pm Said:

    I warned ya once!

    Hmm, ok, you should have said something when I started doing it last week….

  203. I’m still optimistic and hanging in there.

    Just a story from today. I was getting physical therapy this afternoon, and my therapist (and other patients) were all talking about the election …and all of us voted for McCain except for the 19-year-old receptionist. My therapist made an interesting comment. He said he hoped that fraud Obama would lose, but if he somehow steals the election (his words) then he said let the media and Congress have their candidate for 4 years–they deserve each other, and the media should have no right to complain (or report on anything). Let them get it out of their system! And then when Barky messes up everything in 2 years, the American people will come to their senses, the Repubs will come roaring back in 2010 Congressional elections and the presidency back in 2012. Kind of like a “cleansing”! I just hope our country survives it, though…

  204. Dakinikat,

    That is interesting. I heard earlier that MN might go for McCain.

  205. there are more registered voters in Philadelphia right now than adults

  206. SergeiRostov, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said:

    I very much doubt the GOP will just roll over and concede without a fight; that’s not their style.
    They conceded when they let the GOP staff ‘attack’ Palin days before the election. Yes, GOP women staff too!

    Yes, I remember when the Democrats wanted control of congress and then did nothing. They used Cindy Sheehan then closed the door on her too. Barney Frank has not been removed and so look forward to having your pockets picked to pay for their millionaire friends.

    As far as women…the Democratic Party showed us what they think of women! To me the biggest insult was calling Dr. Martin Luther King the Preacher during his acceptance speech and the press goes along with it.

  207. Sergei: you don’t want to mess with a drunk psychotic clown…

  208. bb: what a long strange trip this has been

  209. Marston is still saying not to panic. He is updating everything on his site.

  210. There is something fucking rotten in the voting machines. Mac, get on it. Check those absentee ballots. Check the provisional ballots. I don’t buy it.

  211. Hey. Gayle-Thanks for the laugh. You got “Reality Check” all right. I’d vote for your dog over O’bummer anyday. ;^)

  212. sm – where the eff is Florida???????????//

  213. Wow! Franken pulled it off…

  214. McCain has really shown well given what an uphill road he’s had with the Bush record …

  215. My babysitter showed me her vajayjay and it scared me!

  216. the Fox News politics site is down

  217. bb: do you have a link to Marston? I checked before and it was still the Toast post.

  218. katiebird – whatever it takes to get through the night!

  219. 9:57–another idiot who hates democracy and free speech.

  220. Hey, everyone. Why don’t we all quickly look at the Dept of State election results in our own states and report back.

    Ignore the TEE-VEE! Google Dept of State Election results 2008 for your own state.

    And, “Simma dahn NAH!”

  221. MI is close – it would be hysterical if McCain could pull that!

  222. dakinkat, are you joining the nay-sayers? I can’t hold the chins up by myself.

  223. I keep watching Ohio…. I think the media may have jumped the gun.

  224. BB: Okaloosa is Military – Republican heavy.

    The Miami-Dade vote isn’t complete yet BTW.

  225. 82% and it just turned. virginia is going Obama by 9000.

  226. I think the BO whiner trolls have started to invade – can someone kindly show them the door?

  227. 9:58 too. If these Bots are going to descend and insult us, I’m going to have to leave.

  228. I’ve got green teeth! See?

  229. Why have they not called Kansas????


  231. Military vote is not counted in Virginia!

  232. BB – my county is only at 33% and the difference is by 1,000 only

    Miami-Dade is only 31% reporting

    These are all the early votes.

  233. This is the latest comment from Marston:

    Virginia is now a toss up. Remember that the big cities usually get counted first as the counting centers are nearby. The rural areas have farther to drive so they come in later. Expect states with large cities to go for Obama-Biden at first. Miami is driving Florida so far and Philadelphia will drive Pennsylvania at first so hang in there. Unless you see the votes counted percentage over 50%, you are looking at only part of a state. THESE PEOPLE ARE CALLING PENNSYLVANIA FOR OBAMA-BIDEN WITH 23% OF THE VOTES COUNTED AND NEW HAMPSHIRE WITH 10%? THEY ARE CALLING MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, WISCONSIN AND NEW MEXICO WITH NO VOTES COUNTED? PASS THE KOOL-AID. FLORIDA IS STILL TIGHT WITH 57% COUNTED BUT NOTICE IT HAS NOT BEEN CALLED YET SO EVEN EXIT POLLS ARE A TOSS UP.

  234. New thread — first post needs clean up (then I’ll be first!)
    clean up jeff at 9:59 — like his leader, no class.

  235. Can I just say…

    Thank you to whomever is taking care of the tr0lls? LOL!!!
    I need a laugh right now, and that is really doing it!

    PUMAs kicking ass!!!

  236. joanie: I’m unfortunately a number person .. and they just called Iowa …

    i’m afraid it’s just not enough … we’re just going to have to help he’s not as empty of a suit as he looks…

    however, i think we’re about to see the democratic equivalent of george bush as potus ….

    sorry to have to say that

  237. I thought Fox called Kansas for McCain about an hour ago?

  238. 2 counties left. Suffolk is one of them. Sigh.

  239. North Carolina-stil BO ahead by one point

  240. They won’t call these states for McCain because are wanting to suppress the vote!

  241. @Womanvoter, whenever PM–I’m drinking

    “FOX is talking about the OBAMA administration…So Ruppert too made a deal?”

    Are you kidding? Rupert–The William Randolph Hearst of the 21st Century–called this election months ago. When I heard that O’Reilly was fellating his boss on the air, I knew for sure that it was over.

  242. rbezold, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:
    It’s over. There is no chance CA-WA-OR will go red and that puts Obama over 270 right now.

    I hate to tell you this, but WA has been only razor-thin blue in recent times, and OR has been moving red.

    [And by the way, way to call it without counting the votes – just like an Obama supporter]

  243. @Carol, 10:04

    There’s no vote to suppress. It’s down to us blue states now.

  244. I could have ran McCain’s campaign a million times better. They never made their points with the Hispanics or who was to blame for the Economic Crisis and ………. sickening.

  245. McCain set to concede according to the talking heads. No path seen to victory. 4 more years of corruption evidently.

  246. Well, CNN is saying that he will govern like REAGAN not like CLINTON. THERE IS YOUR THANK YOU HILLARY AND BILL!

  247. TRK — yes, but in NC all heavy blue areas are in (Durham 100%, Wake 95) counties like Iredell & Union (heavy red) are only 2% reporting. So, Mac’s odds aren’t bad.

  248. All I can think of is this classic moment from “Monty Pythons’ Life of Brian.”

    Somebody should embed this!

  249. What’s Missouri doing? I can’t look.

  250. I think the night is young, but thank you for your honesty. Not going there yet myself.

    I always fight to the shrieking, bitter, hold-out end.

  251. “My babysitter showed me her vajayjay and it scared me!”

    Senator Obama, I wish I could say it’s an honor to talk to you, but really, I urge you to seek counseling…

  252. On Fox, Carl Cameron just said he had talked to McCain campaign staff, they acknowledged they no longer had a path to win. What???? Conceding already and the polls are still open?

  253. I’m so sad for our country.
    Gary In he won by “cheating again”!

  254. Well, we knew this was a possibility. The upside is that Pelosi and their crew will have no excuse for continuing to name post offices. I have no doubt that I will be vindicated for my position in 2010. It’s just sad for the country.

  255. angie? What’s going on here?

  256. Seriously, on November 4th, 2008 at 10:07 pm Said:

    Look for four years of this misogyny and many more songs of B, H, and Cs.

  257. The call states way to early for BO and hold onto them for McCain, just so it inflates his numbers on the bottom of the screen…long enough for it to sink in, long enough for it to become a foregone conclusion.

    Just like leaving FL and MI out of the numbers on the bottom of the screen….17 delegates. Sheesh.

    Fool me twice? I hope not.

  258. OOOp, Seriously, what I meant to put, is that poster is an example of what is to come around here.

  259. Virginia is now 50/49 for Obama. Only Charles is left but they’d meed to overcome a 20,000 plus deficit.

  260. Joaniebone said: I always fight to the shrieking, bitter, hold-out end.

    Me too. I’m hoping then they’ll tell me what simo-peruvian is.

  261. Well, next time they have an objection about a local Republican I will point out all the FLAWS he had and it didn’t matter.


  262. Over 20k military votes not counted in Virginia.

  263. Hillary was good enough!

    Sarah is not qualified!

    OBAMA is because he can take complete control, how doesn’t matter.

  264. Who cares? Seriously folks I know you all were fond of FOX News this cycle but last cycle they were the least informed. We need to realize these are talking heads. They have an agenda. Do NOT believe them or their agenda.

  265. AA and the youth vote with 4 million emails and text messages telling them to vote is what did this.

  266. Carol,

    In all liklihhod they have cheated their way to victory here in Virginia.

  267. 88% reporting in Va. 50/49 Obama favored by about 30,000.

  268. No results yet at NV SoS site.

  269. 90% in Virginia 51 to 49 obama by 49000.

  270. We have to somehow punish the media before we do anything else. And that includes Fox.

  271. There probably is lots of voter fraud around. Unfortunately, it will never be investigated.

  272. I think throughout this long battle against Obie and the corrupt Dems, I have finally found my political roots. I have been an Independent for years, but I really think (and please don’t yell at me for this) that I’m a Republican now. After really listening to the platform and the fact that I’m a small business owner and care about low taxes and less government regulation, that’s what I want. I voted for McCain and all downticket Republicans this year, and you know what? It not only felt good as a protest vote, but it felt right. Who knew?

  273. Fox just projected my f&@#***g state of California to put Obie over the top! I’m furious.

  274. I have come on this site many time, not believing the hateful and disgusting hypocritical rhetoric from you all. Well you were all WRONG..so I hope you all realize how pathetic you all are.You make women look very ugly.
    Obama our next President!!

  275. Obama rules allright. And we shall see how well he rules. We will follow his every word, remark and move.







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