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Election Day: Remember, Remember on the 4th of November

Remember, Remember on the 4th of November
The DNC highjack and plot
I see no reason why the DNC treason
Should ever be forgot.

Lest we forget, here is a clip from the infamous roll call vote where in the name of Unity, the DNC felt it necessary to humiliate Senator Hillary Clinton and her voters. Pay particular attention to the roll call from Arkansas that starts at 4:00.  The state of Arkansas went for Clinton by 70%.  But she was not allowed to keep even one of these 47 votes.  Clinton told her delegates to vote their consciences, not capitulate completely.  But we’ll get to that in a minute.  For now, just watch.

And here’s the one that sticks in my craw.  My own Governor, a Hillary superdelegate, seems almost giddy to turn over MY vote, a vote for Hillary Clinton, and all of the other Hillary Clinton votes from NJ, *unanimously* to Barack Obama.  Hillary Clinton won the state of NJ and millions and millions of her voters by 10 points.  She didn’t get even one delegate.  It was beyond disgusting.  Unless this primary system is fixed, I will NEVER vote in another primary in NJ.  Why waste my time and money?

Let’s not forget that going  into the convention, she trailed Barack Obama by a mere 17 pledged delegates and *should* have been leading if the Rules and Bylaws committee hadn’t given over 50 uncommitted Michigan delegates to Obama on May 31, 2008.

Let’s not forget that he wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan and was not more entitled to those uncommitted delegates than Clinton.  Let’s not forget the Edwards delegates at the convention who expressed the desire to change their votes to Clinton and were told by party leaders that they couldn’t.  Let’s hear about some of the threats and intimidation in their own words.   delegate_accounts_compiled_by_rlieberman:

CONNECTICUT:  “I felt blindsided, bullied, mugged.  I saw delegates being verbaly arm twisted with threats of loss of positions.”  “One Obama delegate was bright red, yelling right up in my face”.

FLORIDA: Barbara Bassett to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Do not be party to the DNC and its efforts to further disenfranchise the voters of our state.  Had our votes counted on Jan 29, 2008, we would be looking at the nomination of Senator Clinton. Again if our votes counted on May 31, 2008 we would be looking at the nomination of Senator Clinton… Stand up and say, ‘We the People of the great state of Florida vote for Hillary Clinton’.  I want to be heard, once during this election.  I want to be heard. ONE person, ONE vote. I count, I matter.  We voted, we spoke and we look to you to honor the integrity of our vote”.

Ladyhawwke: To Former President Jimmy Carter  BY FAX: (404) 331-0283.  “I am one of the 18m who supported Senator Hillary Clinton in her quest to become the first female president in history.  I had hoped for a fair roll call in order that Sen. Clinton’s delegates would have the opportunity to vote for her as our Party’s nominee.  I am angry and disillusioned.  I have never seen such a farce that was perpetrated upon the American people by the sham roll call. Where were you when our voices were crying out to be heard?  Why is it important to have fair elections abroad and not in the U.S.?  Why were the delegates threatened by members of congress, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean?”

A delegate insisted that someone take notice that the state, which voted heavily for Hillary and was punished by having its delegates halved, somehow announced 136 votes for BO and 51 for Hillary.  At least 6 Clinton delegates had been replaced by Obama supporters before the Convention.  Others were intimidated and warned their jobs and positions would be pulled.”

GEORGIA: (text message) “This is insane.  They are yelling at the delegates to vote bo or their political careers are over”.

IDAHO:  A delegate: “the feel was of a Republican convention, totally controlled and scripted.  No humor or mistakes”.

The reason you are going to the polls today without the candidate of your choice on the ballot, the reason you are angry and confused is because the entire primary system was rigged by the DNC and the Obama campaign to make Barack Obama, the junior, less than one term senator from Illinois, the nominee over a more qualified, dedicated public servant who was also a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Not only was the rigging unfair to Hillary Clinton, it has the intended result of ruining this woman’s career.  Running for president is no easy feat.  It costs a lot of money and donors have a reasonable expectation that the candidate’s own party won’t knife her in the back.  As far as Hillary is concerned, we can no longer be sure of this, at least not until the Dean Democrats are sent packing.

But more than this, the primary was rigged against us.  It was rigged against us by a bunch of party leaders who substituted their “wisdom” for ours, the voter’s.  They know what’s good for us.  We are like children and simple minded sheep that need to be schooled in race relations.  We need to be taught proper values.  We need to suck it up when it comes to soaring electricity bills.  We need to realize that investment bankers need to be protected from risk but average Americans do not.

This election is about character.  It is about the character of the Democratic party and it’s nominee.  If these two entities can’t respect the will of the voter before the general election, it sure as Hell isn’t going to respect it afterwards.  You are stuck with the person you elect for four, long years.  He is going to use race as a bludgeon against anyone who dares to criticize him.  He is going to do it HIS way, against the advice of his advisors (who told him to pick Hillary as VP).  He is going to teach you stupid voters some valuable lessons on conservation even if it causes you and the economy severe pain, because it will be for your own good in the long run. He’s going to pretend to work for women while he expects them to get in line in a manner that differs little from that of some Saudi prince.   What other decisions is he going to make on your behalf that you, the stupid, uneducated, working class, asian, latino, gay, woman aren’t going to like?  You will be forced to suck it up by the “creative” class Whole Foods Nation and its media that installed him against your wishes.

I urge you to reject Barack Obama and the Dean Democrats who put him in office.  Reject the media haka that tells you that you have no other choice but to elect this man.  Reject misogyny and race baiting.  A person with great character wouldn’t have brought us to this point in such a manner (H/T Sugarn’Spice).

Go vote and choose someone who has one.

For another point of view, go read what Violet hath wrought in If You Vote for Obama, This is What You’re Voting For (Reminder #14).

One more thing: Brook’s 7th grade had a mock election with real voting machines the other day.  She said she doesn’t remember the exact tally but it was REALLY close.  Obama edged out McCain by just a tiny bit.  This is in a slightly red NJ suburb so it could be that the vote reflects the will of the parents but I thought it very interesting in that it shows that we may not be as reliably blue as people think.  If the number of signs are any indication, McCain will do better than expected in NJ.


180 Responses

  1. While I am much farther down the road to which the blogger just pointed, I’m pleased to see her taking those first halting, baby steps.

    Good morning, RD.

  2. Oh, great! You got me good and angry now! My guy will not vote for state senator Sheldon Silver because he was there at the stopping of the roll call (he’s not on MY ballot). Schumer is out with us too for the same reason. I guess now that I saw this, i am ready to go vote.
    Oh, and I am collecting voting stories here

  3. Returned home about 4 hours ago… been away to canvas/rally in VA, FL, and NV for the past (almost) 3 weeks. I’ve lost my voice – completely, ughhhhh. I honestly don’t know what to do with myself now :/

    Anyhow, I listened to the 11/02 PUMA blogradio show on the ride back and was so GRATEFUL for the raw tell-it-like-it-is discourse; knowing I could commiserate with some people, somewhere. So, I just want to say –> THANK YOU to all PUMAs. Without the touchstone of the Puma-sphere, I’d have lost my friggin mind by now.

  4. […] you need motivation, check Riverdaughters’s post this morning Click here to add text Click here to add […]

  5. G’morning RD!

    Principles before party!

  6. Great way to start the morning, RD. Thanks. I’ve emailed it to a bunch of people.
    Now off to work….

  7. RD–Today is the perfect day to say thank you . Thank you for giving us a safe haven from the Obots. Thank you for expressing so clearly and succinctly, each day, the thoughts and feelings of the last remaining true Democrats. Thank you for attracting such a talented and committed group of writers and bloggers here. We haven’t forgotten everything you wrote about this morning, and I, for one, have not forgiven. I’m going this morning to cast my vote against Obama and the DNC.

  8. Aw, Shucks, grayslady. I couldn’t have done it without everyone else. I mean that sincerely. It was a group effort that required very little supervision. Everyone knows what is at stake and everyone rise to the occasion.

  9. Quinn4Hillary, Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. PUMAs like you are an insppiration to all of us.

    As well, thank you, RD, for this inspiring post and blog. Today is the day we get to show the bullies who have been shouting at us and trying their best to discourage us, just how big a voice we have.

  10. Thanks for these reminders and all the work you have done! How I wish that everyone knew about all of this. I seem to get blank looks from people when I bring up the fraud in the Democratic primary (naturally because the mainstream media have not “validated” these facts).

  11. The juxtaposition of the last video clip with the last line of the post was compelling. A stunning piece of prose from the most brilliant redheaded blogger I know.

  12. I’ve already vote absentee — and it felt liberating to put a mark next to McCain & Palin!!

    My state was a caucus state and I will NEVER EVER go to another caucus — it was a waste of time.

    I’m hoping that the DNC is sued — for the cost of the states running primaries for the dem party. Because it didn’t matter what we the voter wanted — the DNC had made their selection.

    Punishment is in order for the DNC — and I’d like to see a whole lot of jobless people after today!!!

    PUMA — I’m done with political parties.

  13. I just proudly voted McCain Palin…..

    oh and again to paraphrase Milton on how he felt about writing “Paradise Lost”

    I have done(written) a completely base evile and wicked thing…

    I Feel Spotless As A Lamb!

  14. Yeah, I felt burned when Hillary handed over my (and her) state to Teh Precious on a silver platter. My primary vote went for nought so why should they expect my vote now?

    I have the day off so I will vote later this morning.

    I agree with you that McCain will do better than expected in NJ. Yesterday my Republican co-worker who lives in NJ was lamenting that her state was a lost cause. I said, don’t be too sure. Of course, NY is a lost cause, but that has never stopped me from voting and it won’t stop me from voting McCain/Palin today.

    I don’t post here often, but I read every day. Thanks to all of you for the great work you do.

  15. According to the anti-PUMA blogs we’re all gonna vanish by tommorrow morning.

    Na ga happen

  16. Voted McCain/Palin!!

    The lever machine was broken (NY), so we had to do emergency paper ballots. A little chaotic, a little dramatic, but done.

  17. Lucky you who get to vote on paper ballots. I get to vote on an electronic Sequoia voting machine and with Corzine as my governor, I have no idea if my vote will actually be counted or whether it will be handed over to Obama unanimously.
    Just no way of knowing without a paper trail.

  18. myiq, anti-Puma blogs thinking we will vanish tomorrow morning- wishful thinking on their part. Regardless the outcome, we aren’t going anywhere.

  19. I voted McCain/Palin here in WI last Friday. First time I ever voted for a Republican in a long life of voting. And it felt good!

    I’m with Northwest Rain, I’m done with political parties. Both corrupt and both in thrall to the money interests that own this country.

    However in my mind the biggest villain in this whole debacle of an election cycle was the media. They are an enemy of democracy and corrupt to their roots.

    A Dishonest/Biased Media Is A Crime Against Democracy!

  20. This post has gotten my blood boiling all over again. How dare they have done this to us! How dare they expect that we would just sit back and swallow the “unity” theme with this shameful candidate! How dare they assume that we are too stupid to not just take our place in line and go along! How dare they think for one minute that they know more then we! How dare they steal my vote and hand it off to that jerk without feeling the repercussion! How dare they marginalize and demonize those of us who see right through this charade! How dare they treat democracy in such an offhand manner! How dare they presume that these tactics are acceptable! How dare they call is ra*cists!

    How dare they not consider that we will not forget.

  21. I’m worried they won’t count the paper ballots, but I guess they have to if no one can use the machine. I was the first voter in my district at the poll at 6:00 am, and by the time I left 45 minutes later, the building was packed with voters. I’m glad I got that out of the way. It’s going to be crazy later in the day.

    I could not sleep much at all last night, and I think the anxiety will be even worse tonight.

  22. “the biggest villain in this whole debacle of an election cycle was the media.”

    Right on. I think there were some bribes behind the scenes.

  23. We won’t forget Pat.

    I’m the kind that holds a grudge. I’m still not over the Corrupt Supreme Court saddling us with George W. Bush.

    I still haven’t forgiven or forgotten the corrupt media that trashed Al Gore and made the election close enough for Bush to steal.

    I’m still pi$$ed off that John Kerry didn’t fight for an honest vote count in Ohio. In his hurry to show he was a “good” loser he disenfranchised every voter that voted for him. He wasn’t worthy of their vote and showed it by his unwillingness to fight not just for himself, but for them. Never regretted any vote I cast as much as I regret the one I cast for Gasbag Kerry.

    The list goes on, but you get the idea. I’m going to stay mad as hell until the corruption is cleaned from the media and the political parties. Well as much as possible. I’m not naive enough to think we can chase all the skunks back where they came from, just enough to make a difference.

  24. Here’s some cheery news:

    “A former Illinois real estate specialist says FBI agents have questioned him about a Chicago property that had been bought by convicted felon Tony Rezko’s wife and later sold to the couple’s next-door neighbor, Sen. Barack Obama.

    The real estate specialist, Kenneth J. Conner, said bank officials replaced an appraisal he prepared on the property and FBI agents were investigating in late 2007 whether the Rezko-Obama deal was proper.

    “Agents and I talked about payoff, bribe, kickback for a long time, though it took them only a short number of minutes of talking with me while looking at the appraisal to acknowledge what they already seemed to know: The Rezko lot was grossly overvalued,” Mr. Conner told The Washington Times Monday.

    “Rezko paid the asking price on the same day Obama paid $300,000 less than the asking price to the same seller for his adjacent mansion,” he said. “This begs the question of payoff, bribe, kickback.”

    In a wrongful-termination complaint filed last month in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Mr. Conner said his appraisal of the Rezko property, held in Rita Malki Rezko’s name, was replaced with a higher one and he was fired when he questioned the document.”


  25. G’Morning fellow PUMAs and Happy Election Day!

    Thank you RD for yet another great post. Thank you for this site–you have no idea how much this community has meant to me (actually, you probably do!).

    I am off to go vote in the third smallest state in the union, Blue CT. Today I am doing my part to turn it red–I can’t believe I’m saying that, but there it is. What a strange fricken’ year.

    And to whoever that was that thinks PUMAs are history tomorrow, HAHAHAHAHAHA. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  26. Guiliani on Morning Joe reminding everyone that 4 years ago, all polls were wrong, all pundits calling Kerry next President at 7pm, by 10pm, his presidency was over.

  27. Pat speaks for me. My blood is boiling too. I didn’t need the extra motivation to vote against Obama, but I’m glad to have read this powerful post anyway. I never want to forget what was done to us, the base of the Democratic Party. They think they have a new coalition now–one that excludes us. I heard about it on Fox News this morning. Let’s show them we’re still here!

  28. If you want to be REALLY pissed, go check out what Violet hath wrought:


  29. And why is this story big news? We have suspected as much all along. The man is a shameless thief. It goes to the heart of his character. His willingness to steal and game caucuses, his willingness to acquire votes he did not earn, his willingness to strong arm dissenters, his willingness to lie and change positions, his willingness to toss under the bus anyone who stood in is way, his willingness to say and do anything that will award him in the end.

    The material is out there. No one bothered to look. The media make their sinister pact with this unqualified candidate and now we are all forced to live with the outcome.

    Do I see 4 years of charges and investigations into the background that was tenuous at best? Just what we need in this time of crisis. You get what you pay for in the end.

  30. Way to get my anger up, RD. I had another sobering thought this morning. Should Obama win this, no one will be able to criticize him. Briefly I thought that only African Americans would be able to criticize him. Then I remembered how the label of traitor has been bandied aboout. How can we survive four years of not being able to criticize our president? Maybe that’s the change we haven’t been waiting for.

    Placed 5 American flags in my front yard this morning. Just a gentle reminder to my largely Republican area of PA to VOTE!

  31. I’m praying that California will hand a crushing defeat to Sir Barks A Lot. Californians of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains. Throw off the yoke of the Barksist regime!

  32. Great post. Good morning all. I’m actually very sick today and am staying home from work (will go out to vote around 9:30 & go to the “doc in a box” to get some meds).
    I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the DNC/RBC videos though — they’re burned in my memory anyway. Couldn’t bring myself to watch the McCain one either as it makes me cry to think that a fraud like BO without an ounce of integrity can actually be competitive against a man with that kind of character. We truly are down the rabbit hole.

  33. angie: Take care of yourself.

  34. Angie:

    Save your sick days until you feel better.

  35. In May, I said that I would remember in November. I said it again in June, July, August, September and October. Well, now it’s November, and I still remember!! Today, I will be voting against BO and for McCain as a protest vote for Hillary.

    PUMA 08

  36. HEy Conflucians!!!!!

    Just got back from casting my vote here in Tampa FL!

    I was in line with this nice Cuban older couple, their son, a Caucasian “Joe the Tiler” and me. We all had a discussion about McCain/Palin, and Hillary.

    Now these are serious Republicans – and they all love Hillary. they said that had she been the one instead of Obama, they would’ve had a hard time choosing between the both of them.

    I asked them about Obama and they said that he is a Castro in the making, because in Cuba, that’s exactly how castro rose to power. Then the Bay of Pigs happened and all of that went out the window.

    I voted for McCain/Palin – Eddie Adams who’s a African-American Republican for US Congress State Rep. I made the decision NOT TO VOTE for Kathy Castor because she was a superdelegate that switched to Obama 3 days after our FL primary. I will not reward her with my vote.

    Also – optical scanning presented a problem for some. They were filling out more than one oval and the machine spit it out – so I saw it first hand and it WORKED. Then the voter had a second chance to fill out a new sheet.

    Anyway – IT FELT GREAT TO FINALLY PUMAtize the VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Thanks, RD, but when I read this, I feel so sick inside again. It continues to be like a nightmare that this could have happened in our country! Our eyes have been opened!

    Proudly cast my PUMA vote for McCain/Palin this morning in Atlanta, GA. About 100 people in line (unusual) at the small church where I vote at 6:30am. I may have been one of a few voting Republican. Atlanta is Whole Foods Nation and has a large black population. But, to me, my vote this year is more important than any vote I’ve ever cast!

    Thank you to everyone who’s gotten me through these last several, painful months!

  38. If Obama had something to offer, something we could hang an informed decision on, some valid reason to vote for this grotesque fraud I probably could be less paranoid over a win.

    But as it is, he is still an unknown in my estimation. And what I do know leaves me uneasy. He has managed to divide his own party and this is the post racial, transcendent candidate we have been told will bring “change” to the country?

    Unless I am missing a step here this guy is surely the least qualified, least prepared, least credible candidate to have ever made it this far. Had our “free press” been paying attention, he would have never made it out of Iowa. Instead, this mess. What a travesty this country is in for should he win.

  39. My wife and I just proudly voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin here in Columbus, Ohio.

    While we were in line I got a call from a relative in Florida: she did too.

  40. SM: I am about to do the same in about an hour. Fingers crossed.

  41. Good morning all.

    Great post RD. I couldn’t even watch the convention. It just depressed me too much. Besides I can’t stand looking at or listening to Obama for any length of time. (I think he grates on my nerves worse than Colmes does on Angie’s!) And it sounded like it was a complete Obamathon.

    No matter what the results are today. I hope we are all ready tomorrow to begin the work of cleaning up the mess the DNC has made. This voter theft, which goes against everything the Democratic Party was supposed to stand for, can not be allowed to go unaddressed.

    I’ll be heading out soon to cast my ballot for McCain/Palin. And hopefully I’ll be able to stomach voting the downticket Dems. I’ll just have to see how generous I’m feeling.

    We’re all in this together. It will be the first time I’m not alone in the voting booth because I’ll be thinking of every one of you. Have heart and stand strong!

  42. Thank you to all the contributors to this site. As I have stated before, I have learned more from all of you than any news media or other source. I am really looking forward to your work in the next few years, as you change the face of politics. Growl on !!!!

  43. PAT: My mom is going now – she didn’t want to wake up early to go. I was there at 6:45am and there was a line of about 50 people. Polls opened at 7am.

  44. I just got back from voting. In my polling place and on the way there, I saw a smattering of people wearing Obama buttons or carrying his campaign paraphernalia. They all had a smug, self-satisfied look on their faces which made me sick. I voted McCain/Palin, and Democratic downticket. I am praying for some scheudenfraude tonight, seriously.

  45. RD: “Clinton. Not only was the rigging unfair to Hillary Clinton, it has the intended result of ruining this woman’s career.”

    This is what frustrated me the most this year, watching was done to Hillary. I fear she will never run for POTUS again. I don’t know that she would want to do this again. And how would she, given the state of the DNC and the media. Dean, Pelosi, and Reid did lead this mess, but they had many willing participants in the Dem party. Even if BO loses, I just don’t see major change in the next 4 years.

    I hope I am wrong, and if I am, I will be there for her in 2012.

  46. I checked the GA sos website this a.m. and it said that the busiest time is in the mornings from the time the polls open until 9:30 and between 4 and 7 in the afternoon so I’m going to vote around 9:30 or so this a.m.

  47. gxm: I was thinking the same thing. We are all in this together and we have stayed strong. No matter the outcome, we will continue to do so. Knowing we are not alone when we enter that voting booth, that PUMA has maintained its core beliefs all along, is a welcome solace isn’t it?

    I can live with my choice even though it may not have been there in the beginning. Country first!

  48. Four votes for McCain & Palin. We will now wait and watch.

    Afrocity – shout out to you. Hope all went well. This is one day I do not want to live in Chicago. I think it was reckless of the Obama campaign to plan a party in Grant Park. For people’s safety etc., it should have been in a regular venue as always, and then if they won they could have had the party on a weekend and not a workday.

  49. Lakota in GA, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:21 am Said:

    But, to me, my vote this year is more important than any vote I’ve ever cast!


    I never thought of it that way. Ouch, my lukewarm McCain/Palin vote this year is possibly my most important vote. That makes me mad too! Democratic (sic) Party joy robbers.

  50. Pat Johnson, it means that Fitzgerald has given the go ahead to talk. This story came from a press release from Conner and his lawyer. His lawyer went to Fitz first with material evidence of a crime. He is now asking for the appraisal from Obama like he would actually give it to him, and Fitz already has it and Conner’s emails. We may have an indicted president. I think Fitzgerald has allowed this out before the election so he cannot be accused of withholding information. But the press won’t print it so they can be blamed.

  51. Obama weeps for dead grandmother – just hours before he is set to be crowned America’s first black president

    Exactly what state allows the release of early voting prior to election day? The UK calling it for Obama: Barack Obama appears only hours away from being named America’s first black President.

    GO AND VOTE…VOTE, VOTE and don’t let the media keep you from VOTING! A woman not historic, the FIRST president who spent 5+ years as a prisoner of war NOT historic. I remember how he got the nomination and I know how he took out all his opponents, the media has helped him take out McCain… The DNC took out Hillary Clinton, THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN.

    WHO is going to report on his administration? NOT THE MEDIA, they fawn at every thing he does.

    Joe the plumber spoke out and got the GOVERNMENT ACTION to silence him, reporters went through his trash, he was nearly assaulted and a radio host wants him dead. Wow, is this America? Do we sit and let the media decide, along with a committee?



  52. I’m going to wait until midmorning. I don’t want to wait in line if I don’t have to. I’ll take a book with me just in case. It’s a sad day when voting for the “lesser of two evils” means voting Republican. At least I can feel good about voting for the the 30% solution, by marking my ballot for Sarah Palin. I’ve never used a voting machine–always paper ballots.

  53. […] vote from the Confluence fuzzybeargville, on November 4th, 2008 at 7:37 am Said:I just proudly voted McCain […]

  54. Something inspiring to listen to while I read:

    Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin (AK) Full Speech at the RNC

  55. taw46, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:26 am Said:

    RD: “Clinton. Not only was the rigging unfair to Hillary Clinton, it has the intended result of ruining this woman’s career.”
    I agree completely with you, the anger was visible during the debates…he had a short resume and she over shadowed him and he wanted to make sure she paid.

  56. Good morning, family. It’s raining steadily. I can see my polling place just below me–waiting for the lights to go on so I can trot down to vote before work.

    Last night, Afrocity summed it up by quoting Apollo 13:

    Pumas-It’s been an honor flying with you.

    Remeber what mission control created with duct tape and spare parts to save those poor bastards in space?

    We’ve creatined something much prettier, and it’s going to save our asses in the end.

    see you on the other side of how this turns out!

    And Pat?? Listen to Carol and Ironman today–it’ll be good for you.

    Angie darling-please sleep and wake up when we’ve won. Then it will have been just a bad dream.

  57. we have CREATED–not creatined!

  58. Isolde,

    Fitzgerald never leaks. This former bank employee is a free agent, and it isn’t the first time he has talked about this. Other attorneys have access to evidence and that’s how it leaks out. I don’t believe Fitzgerald would do it.

  59. Going for my morning walk, and will swing by and vote. It is a little sad, but I’m PUMA tough (thanks to you all.).

  60. myiq — that was a great post by violet socks. Thanks for the link. The most stunning line (re: the smear against Palin on the rape kits):

    Pause for a moment and think about that; think about the supreme irony of Obama using a lie about rape, of all things, to trick women voters into believing that he, not the feminist woman he’s slandering, is their champion.

    The only good thing about this election is finding this site, and through this site, sites like the reclusive leftist. Thank you all — it is just a pity that we needed these sites at all. Violet says BO’s next book should be titled “The Audacity of Ratf*cking” Damn straight.

  61. When I try to get to the bottom of what most bothers me about Obama – and the Democratic Party’s promotion of him, I think one of the things – in addition to his being willing to adopt Rovian tactics (smearing the Clintons as racists for example), the bottom line for me is that I am so sick of how superficial our culture has become. We have become so enamored of style over substance, and not just in politics. I have watched as solid corporations were run into the ground by hot shots who impressed people with their slick talk, even though they either had no experience or none that was relevant to that industry. My son is working in just such a situation now and the company is bleeding talent, leaving behind the inexperienced or incompetent to run the show. My son will be gone shortly, too, but he has really lost a lot of time with this supposedly top notch company.
    Others close to me have also suffered through this. One person I know just found out that a guy he once worked for who was fired from his last four jobs is being seriously considered for an upper level position with a national company! That guy actually fired my friend, and many others. Finally the company caught on to the fact that HE was the problem and axed him, but not until they had lost most of the talent in his department. (Customers in the industry still complain about it, which may torpedo this new job position.)The guy is a smooth talker who had no clue what he was doing.

    When I think back to my parents’ generation, it was not like this. People appreciated competence, knowledge, experience, quiet leadership and were very sceptical of smooth-talking hotshots. Yes they elected Kennedy, a young man, but he had been a three-term Congressman as well as a Senator AND was running against Nixon.

    I was just telling my son about how my mom’s close friend married a man who was a multi-millionaire. Most people who knew them would never have guessed because they lived in a nice, but not flashy home and drove a Ford Fairlane. The doctors in my home time lived a similar modest lifestyle, as did the one man who made millions in the restaurant industry (you would recognize the name).

    Today, I know a lot of people whose homes are much more grand than the ones these people lived in – and for those who are still alive, still do. Yet most of these people are not well off, just in debt over their heads. We have really lost our way. To me Obama symbolizes this dangerous trend.

  62. Hey, Obama trolls, why so glum? You should be popping corks and celebrating or at least getting the torches and pitchforks ready for later tonight. You should be too busy to be hanging out here. Go vote for the Lightbringer and then go play on Military Highway.

  63. It didn’t start at the RBC meeting. Fraud is being alleged in Philadelphia as we write, and here’s a first hand account downthread of some horseplay from ’04:


  64. RD

    The videos had me in tears, again. I am still unable to fathom how people who know this can still vote for Obama.

    My word is still “integrity” because it applies to misogyny as well. There can be no integrity with misogyny.

  65. Formerly a democrat for 32 years, I cast my first republican vote for POTUS this morning.

    Unfortunately my 8th grader’s middle school voted in the NJ middle school elections held statewide. They voted by computers. obama won by a huge margin statewide. NJ will definitely be blue.

    Hey, biden is being televised voting right now, god only knows who he is going to vote for. wonder if he will be able to recognize his own name.

  66. Angry Black Guy — don’t lie — you know you can’t answer this post. It is always like that when BO is smeared with TRUTH.

  67. You’re in for a rude surprise, ABG. Why are you bothering to come here? Not feeling too secure?

  68. Late at night, I often listen to the Coast to Coast radio show. If you don’t know it, it’s a silly program where they talk about UFO’s, ghosts, and the paranormal, and sometimes conspiracy stuff. It starts at 1AM Eastern.

    Two nights ago Phil Berg was on for about an hour talking about his lawsuit. Last night the guy on that show said he was bombarded with attacks by Obamabots after Berg appeared. He sounded really intimidated. He was saying how he tries to be objective, etc. I mean he really sounded scared.

    This is how far it has gone. Obamabots are attacking people who have basically nonpolitical shows in the middle of the night! This is the kind of suppression of free speech we will face if BO is President.

  69. Keep the news flowing to those who haven’t voted. It ain’t over ’til its over.

  70. Angie,

    I’m sorry you’re sick. Rest and feel better. Take care.

  71. Need some inspiration? This is the most spot on analysis of why Obama is TOAST! I cannot recommend this highly enough! Read it PUMA”S – and rooooarrr!!!!!!!!


  72. Shouldn’t the tro!!s be unemployed now?

  73. Wake up Democrats! You Have Been Oppressed and Abused

    Boy this one got me all in tears. A must read, especially today.

  74. ABG must be our assigned troll. He’s been here forever. I wish I had that much spare time. But I wouldn’t spend it trolling Obama sites. I have a lot of good books I’d like to read.

  75. To any Obama tr0lls: Please post one legislative accomplishment of Sen. Obama.

  76. Good morning everyone!

    Did anyone get a look at Michelle Obama at the polls? Did she just roll out of bed with no make up whatsoever and hair in a nappy ponytail?

    Not 1st lady material.

  77. In answer to poplicola’s request: the sounds of silence.

  78. to the polls, gang!


  79. bostonboomer exactly. He does not but he does allow other parties to release their own information such as lawsuits. This guy has delayed filing for quite some time but has to file before the statute of limitations runs. This suite was filed while Rezko was negotiating his sentence and was not used in his trial. His attorney took his info to Fitz first because it involved a crime. Now Conner is getting his PR info out on right wing sites because the regular press will not report it. All I can think is Conner has some powerful proof to take on the this group in Chicago or he is an idiot.

  80. bostonboomer, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:48 am Said:

    ABG must be our assigned troll. He’s been here forever. I wish I had that much spare time. But I wouldn’t spend it trolling Obama sites. I have a lot of good books I’d like to read.
    What did he post?

  81. ainnj

    Unfortunately my 8th grader’s middle school voted in the NJ middle school elections held statewide. They voted by computers. obama won by a huge margin statewide. NJ will definitely be blue.

    computers were RIGGED

  82. news from the ground—- my best friend just called to tell me that she believed what I had to say and though she couldn’t go all the way to republican she did not vote for Obama and did vote Green party …simply because there are women on that ballot!

    I, however AM going to go all the way and even without dinner and drinks beforehand!~ 👿 PUMA HAKA

  83. We were expecting NJ to go blue anyway.

  84. MyIQ
    This story is SICKENING!
    After 09/11 we were all told to QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!
    And yet we as a nation (minus PUMA’s) are letting this FRAUD IN!

    I voted for McCain/Palin today on the Independence Ticket line in LI/NY!!!!!!
    I feel good about it!

  85. Pat — crickets… The people who support him are deluded.

    Here’s Chris Matthews asking the same question, getting the same answer:

    And here’s the Obot reply to the video

    “As long as he hates you Conservatives I’ll be happy to see Barack Obama seated as President of the United States of America! Together we will celebrate the New World Order. Unfortunately you republicans don’t fit in with the New World Order. Maybe you’ll be retained as toilet scrubbers or something else along those lines, you know service industry jobs. Your not suitable for anything more demanding, like decision making, ruling, clear thinking, stuff like that! “

  86. Myiq: You know, I think this one might be in the first stages of developing a conscience. Otherwise, he would stick around and try to defend the indefensible.
    I know, I know, such things are unlikely but it COULD happen.

  87. And this is why PUMA’s will not simply vanish “pouf”. We’ve fought a lot of battles and we have a lot of work to do.

    If we allow the intimidation to take hold we are on the road to a totalitarian state.

  88. What is a middle school election? Is ACORN registering teenagers now? I can live with Obama as head of the student government, as long as he isn’t president.

  89. LMAO afrocity! I can always count on you!

    Did anyone get a look at Michelle Obama at the polls? Did she just roll out of bed with no make up whatsoever and hair in a nappy ponytail?

    Not 1st lady material.

    And the Obots have the nerve to compare her to Jackie Kennedy — poor woman must be rolling in her grave.

    Thanks for the well wishes joanie, myiq & bb — I’ll live — I got my flu shot last week & I think it actually gave me a mild case of the flu — enough to be miserable but not the really miserable flu — you know, the kind that you actually think a bullet to the head would be a better alternative. I also think this has been coming on — the stress of the election has worn me down.

  90. After 9/11 our entire world changed. This is why it made it so easy to promote this fraud as a result of Bush’s impulsiveness.

    I am not looking for “greatness” in my national leader, only competence and trust. We are much too content to settle for celebrity and money as substitutes. As I have said before, we get what we pay for.

  91. Goodmorning all you bitter dead-enders!

  92. Johninca:

    If the dead can vote, why not teens too?

  93. myiq — nothing gives the tr0lls job security like their dear leader being “crowned” (btw, someone needs to inform he UK we don’t “crown” presidents) — think of all the WORMing a BO WH would entail!

  94. mawm: Back at ya you selfish, ra*cist, low information voter you!

  95. just sittin here clingin’ with PJ & mawm

  96. Pat are still clinging to things? Guns, Bibles, the TV remote?

  97. you betcha

  98. clinging…my bottle of tequila…..

  99. Voter turnout appears heavy. I hope many of these are McCain voters and not only those “newly registered” Obamabots.

  100. IndigoGrrl, howdy?

    myiq, how will the Captain react to an Obama loss?

  101. I’m completely depressed. This should have been a great day. My friend Meghan, who is a McCain supporter, brought me a PUMA orange scarf to make me feel better. I’m wearing it now.

  102. IndigoGrrl, that wasn’t supposed to be a question

  103. “This is a man who has authored two memoirs, but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state senate.”
    – Sarah Palin

  104. I am watching Fox news, I see the drug addicts and welfare moms of Philadelphia have risen and are now intimidating GOP poll watchers.

  105. I am “clinging” to the notion that this nation will do the right thing. There are already reports of voter intimidation in some cities. Scary.

  106. I was feeling steely resolve but somewhere along the drive to work my youngun said something that made me burst out crying…. he told me we weren’t watching the stupid news tonight and we would play..and the he said (god love him!)

    …”its OK we’ll for Miss Hillary next time!!!”

    outa the mouths of babes into God’s ears….

  107. It’s raining here. I voted this morning. Not a lot of people there. There were a total of 132 votes when I put in my ballot. We do optical scan.

  108. afrocity, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:49 am Said:

    Good morning everyone!

    Did anyone get a look at Michelle Obama at the polls? Did she just roll out of bed with no make up whatsoever and hair in a nappy ponytail?

    Not 1st lady material.


    My mother said the same thing! I saw her and I was like HUH????

    I mean, there is a line between going casual and looking like you just rolled outta bed. NOT THE MOVE MICHELLE.

  109. afrocity, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:49 am Said:

    Good morning everyone!

    Did anyone get a look at Michelle Obama at the polls? Did she just roll out of bed with no make up whatsoever and hair in a nappy ponytail?
    Now, now, as someone that has had days of ‘bad hair’ due to the rain, I am not going there.

  110. I meant to Type “we’ll VOTE for Ms. Hillary next time” but I’m still crying and its hard to see….

  111. I thought I would go topless, but last night I wrote McCain back (from his mysterious email) and told him I believed he had earned my vote. Polls open in an hour here…

    Going to be a long day…

  112. PJ – where are you seeing these reports?

  113. Remember the Panhandle.

    “In 2000, the press declared the Florida polling places closed an hour before the precincts in the Panhandle – which runs at Central, not Eastern time – had closed.”


  114. Interesting note from our polling place: we had one electronic voting machine. Almost no one wanted to use it. During our 1.5 hour wait exactly 5 people used it and all were Obama voters (yes, they did state who they were voting for).

  115. looking for integrity: Fox News is reporting.

  116. Today, A Stress-Free Post! What Could Be Better Than a TRUE Story About a November MIRACLE DOG!! (With Pics)


    Please fee free to take a break and get grounded with a WONDERFUL story….in a safe-haven….

    “Today, IA is a “safe-haven,” a place for heartwarming thoughts, inspiration, and love! We will NOT ALLOW any negative thoughts about the campaign or the election intrude on this shelter from the media hysteria that is being provided for all PUMAs today!”

  117. http://www.redstate.com is already posting one of “these reports.”
    I gave the link upthread. Here’s a first hand account of some extracurricular activity from ’04:

    I went to Philadelphia last week as part of the ‘Lawyers for Bush’ campaign. We went to the ‘battleground state’ of Pennsylvania and were caught in a battle of physical force. We had heard about the political ‘ground war,’ but instead found ourselves in the middle of an outright war. At the end of the day, I was cornered in a parking lot by roughly 10 large men, whom the police later identified as ‘union goons.’ After trying to tip over the minivan I was sharing with another attorney, punching it relentlessly, breaking parts off and failing to drag us out, they chased us in and out of the dense urban traffic in their high-powered SUVs. Only after a frantic 911 call and a police roadblock were our assailants apprehended. Even then, a growing mob surrounded us and we had to be secreted out of town to safety by a police escort. Our experience was not unique; several other ‘Lawyers for Bush’ teams in Philadelphia reported similar violence…

  118. IndigoGrrl, on November 4th, 2008 at 9:05 am Said:

    I meant to Type “we’ll VOTE for Ms. Hillary next time” but I’m still crying and its hard to see….
    Thanks, I thought I was crying all by myself this morning. Oh, Hill…WHA! She could give a speech with substance and her mind was just so brilliant. She had years of commitment to community…the role model of helping others and the global role model for women, that inspired so much hope for a change in the patriarchy that has held women down for thousands of years.

  119. Phew, I’m way behind in reading the comments. Thanks LAMusing for that link to Malstrom’s site. I bookmarked it.

    Gotta run now and get out and do my part to turn PA red.

    Hillary 2012

  120. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 8:56 am Said:

    — I’ll live — I got my flu shot last week & I think it actually gave me a mild case of the flu — enough to be miserable but not the really miserable flu —

    angienc, selfishly glad you’re “not that sick” so that you will be able to blog today. Rest and line up some comfort food, it’s going to be a long one.

  121. BTW

    Also, big thanks to all whoever is on troll clean up duty today.

    Thank you so much for giving us a safe haven!!!

  122. Hugs to IndigoGrrl.

  123. Ironically, my comment is in moderation. Silly me, I said the tr0ll word.

  124. angie: Contrary to public opinion, the flu shot does not give you the flu. You probably were just enough rundown and the symptoms were there at the time. I know, I worked in a hospital for almost 30 years. But it does not give you the flu. The shot is the safest thing for preventing full blown flu which can be a killer.

  125. mawm:

    The Captain celebrating is almost as scary as him really upset.

    Either way, I plan to have an air-tight alibi just in case.

  126. There were between 300 and 400 people at my polling place in Philadelphia. No McCain–just BO poll watchers that I identified and a BO table on the street. No obnoxious Obots or intimidation. Everything was running smoothly, no poll machine issues, either. I was in line at 6:30 and was voter number 80.

  127. OK – I usually listen to news here at my shop in the am…instead I’m listening to Harry Potter 7 — last chapters when the battle is won!

  128. thanks battlecat — lets all hold hands today!

  129. Thanks for the inspiration, RD. I’ve updated my own blog for the first time since… forever.


  130. a wv puma here…just voted for mccain!!!! i am mostly a lurker because most of you say how i feel – plus i failed typing back in the day. so my skills are not great but my passion for this cause is!!!!! rd you are an inspiration….. win or lose i will continue to be part of this great cause. thank you for giving us a voice!!!!

  131. reaching out to grab IndigoGrrl’s hand with one hand and Micki’s with the other.

  132. I plan on drinking liberally

    With any luck I’ll avoid the suspense and wake up to find out who won.

    Around Thanksgiving.

  133. Pat and Angie,
    From what I’ve read about “getting the flu from flu shots” is that the symptoms are from our immune system attacking the “dead flu cells from the shot”

    Our bodies don’t know those cells are dead so we attack them. And that’s what makes us feel sick.

  134. Micki, I’ll be off with my son in an hour to vote. Thanks for swapping with me.

  135. Be of good cheer!

    Need some inspiration? This is the most spot on analysis of why Obama is TOAST! I cannot recommend this highly enough! Read it PUMA”S – and rooooarrr!!!!!!!!


    PUMA! Grrrooooowwwl!! BO is toast!

  136. We will pass 4 million hits around lunchtime.

    I predict 1:20 pm eastern

  137. (((((indigogrll))) ((((angie)))))

    (I’m home too, had a one-day fever monday…..)

  138. RD, aside from Hillary, you are “THE ONE”! (and you are my “homey” from western PA – where the salt of the earth people continue to live every day) . I will continue to visit your site as long as it is in existence.

    Thank you, I will be forever thankful and indebted to you for what you have done for women this season.
    Now, today I hope my state of PA continues to kick ass.

  139. RD thanks for the reminder. It’s not possible to for one person to remember every horror done in the name of Barry….there are too many . The pretty level they and he go….and keep spiraling downward, is breath taking .

  140. Morning, Ann. Trying to stay cheery in my orange scarf.

    First story: I was in line waiting to vote and you can take dogs into the polling place, here. Someone in line asked if ACORN registered the dog to vote. So, that was a funny moment.

    Philly dot com is reporting that GOP people were ejected from six polling places in Philadelphia.

  141. Good Morning fellow Pumas- Today was a LONG time in coming-
    I have remembered in November- it’s No Way, No How, Nobama.

    I’m voting for the man with the stronger character AND the first
    Female Vice President.

    I’m feeling pumped!! Good wishes to you all.

  142. The reason you are going to the polls today without the candidate of your choice on the ballot, the reason you are angry and confused is because the entire primary system was rigged by the DNC and the Obama campaign to make Barack Obama, the junior, less than one term senator from Illinois, the nominee over a more qualified, dedicated public servant who was also a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    It’s 9:30 a.m. and reading that post, I am starting the day crying. I am heartbroken at the loss, and the strong possibility that the corruption, bullying and disenfranchisement will be rewarded. It’s a sad day for our democracy and my belief in justice.

  143. myiq2xu, first VOTE then talk to your liver before binging (hope its joke). It will be hard filling your shift! Oh, take a friend to vote too.

  144. My computer crashed yesterday, so I was AWOL all day long. I missed you guys.

  145. another Puma vote for McClain/Palin this am, win or lose I will still come here everyday can’t make it w/o/ all my Puma friends & family.

    Great Post RD>

  146. Hi everyone!

    Mawm, can I share Indigogrrl’s hand with you??

    Hi Sis–I’m off to do “the deed”.

    Indigogrrl, not only no dinner and drinks, but no breakfast or coffee either!

    See you this eve!

    If you haven’t already checked out the “Obama is toast” analysis above–please do! Highly encouraging!!

  147. LAMusing — that was a great article. I hope this guy is right. It is a long article but the author exposes all the BO ratf*cking that is going on. The main nuggets are that:

    I suspect we will have many states called for Obama before the voting is even done. The state that will be erroneously called for Obama will be Pennslyvania. In Pennslyvania, all the Obama votes are mostly in the Philly and Pittsburg area and Obama will comfortably carry those areas. And those areas are the eastern part of Pennslyvania with the western part being more rural. With the ‘Obama leads’ that Philly and Pittsburg area comes in, and the myth that Obama is ahead 25 points (or whatever) in PA being believed by the anchors, they will call PA early. But once all the rest of the state votes, they will have to turn it into a toss-up. They will be EXTREMELY reluctant to call the state for McCain even when the votes clearly show he has won there (and he *will* win there).
    Obama will take New Mexico. Iowa is a true toss-up. Nevada leans McCain. Colorado won’t be called until very late in the night because it will be close. Virginia will go to McCain but the networks won’t call it, because they won’t believe McCain has won it. NC, IN, GA will, of course, go McCain. NH will also go McCain. The Rust Belt will be full of surprises on election night. I expect the traditional blue states to be more competitive than we have seen them over a decade due to very soft Obama support. (I am curious how strong Obama’s vote will be in New York, the state where Clinton is senator).
    In the end, I expect McCain to win with around 300 + electoral votes and Republicans gaining seats in the House. To make this short, the reasons why is:

    -Republican base is energized.

    -Reagan Democrats are voting Republican which they haven’t really done since Reagan.

    -PUMAs are going for MCCain.

    -Many Democrats will refuse to vote for Obama. This ’soft’ blue support will appear throughout the country and will be the reason why Pennslyvania turns red.

    God, I hope this guy knows what he is talking about.

  148. Good morning RD!

    Thank you for a great election day post and all that came before.

    I am energized by the post and ready to vote NOabama


    P.S. Although the sun is shining here in AZ, I can smell the BO stink!

  149. I just got back from voting. I was in line at 7:00AM when the polls opened and I did not leave until 8:35AM. My precinct is usually really empty. This time it was packed with a bunch of faces that I have never seen before. So many first time voters that will never cast another vote again (will they be back next year when Fort Lauderdale will be electing a new mayor? Doubtful). In Florida you fill in the bubble with a pen and then take the ballot to be scanned. In Broward County we had a 4 page ballot. Every time a beep goes off when a ballot is being scanned, it means that the ballot was not filled out completely. What gets me angry is that so few voters actually bothered to fill out the entire ballot. Frankly, if you have not bothered to be informed, then why are you voting. We have some serious issues aside from the Presidency. These new voters only care about the top of the ticket and nothing else. BTW, I voted McCain/Palin and for every single woman on the ballot regardless of party affiliation with the exception of those women (and men in some cases) that betrayed my vote at the Dem convention. Sorry for rambling, but half-a$$ed democracy is something I truly hate. If you wait in line to vote, the least you could do is to fill out the ballot, not just the presidency. What a waste of democracy.

  150. LAMusing: interesting post, quite long. I am bookmarking that guy’s page, and if he’s wrong, I want to see what he has to say for himself, since he is completely certain.

  151. Pat J — thanks for telling me that about the flu shot — you are probably right — it was just a coincidence because the fact is I have been feeling run down lately & even though I am sick enough to go to the dr today what I have is NOT the flu — I’ve had the flu before & this is a cakewalk compared to that.

    purplefin — lol! Well, you will have to live without me for a while. I’m going to slash some water on my face, brush my teeth, pull on some sweats & go vote. (and I might add, I will look 10x better then MO doing it!)

  152. LAMusing – still reading, that is a great essay.

  153. like Mac said “stand up and fight!” … can;t wait to vote today and fight the good fight for democracy!

    PUMA! Oh yeah – PUMA!

  154. In my district in Philadelphia, I could only vote for one woman besides Palin. Betsy Summers wants to be Auditor General apparently. She’s a Libertarian. Fine by me.

  155. Popllcola

    brilliant, isn;t it! Well thought out, and it MAKES SENSE. Pass it on! Keep the PUMA spirits up!

    I rarely post here (I’m a regular at Bitterpoliticz where I used to do the Daily Action), but I lurk here almost every day – and I want to than you all. It;’s a privilege and a pleasure to read all the great posts here. Thank you all! PUMA PUMA PUMA!

  156. Just got back from voting McPalin….. took 2 hours (Northern VA)…. I have to admit,, I’m a little worried now…. LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of dead people were in line to vote.

    Thanks Acorn!!!

  157. BPD lmao

  158. as for the appraisal? i think that the value was there for obama’s house. in fact he offered a little under the asking price. the problem lies with the land. i can’t be sure of the laws there for subdividing but i have understood it wasn’t to be done, and yet it was. the valuation of the land adjacent is a problem. the way it was handled screams special interest. the financing i think was the issue here with obama getting special treatment? if i am wrong please correct me. i am interested in hearing other views.

  159. FLvoter – AMEN!!!!!!! I spent about 5 minutes to vote – it took a while to make sure I put everything where it should go.

    I had the optical scanner too. It was a good system, better than the touch screen machines. I saw it when the machine spit it back out so the voter could fill out a new ballot. I saw the old ones put in a “bad ballot”

    ABUELA PUMA just got back from voting – she said she voted for all the women and the Republicans because of what they did to Hillary.

    Now you know where I get it from.

  160. RD: Thanks for energizing me before I walked over to the polls in my orange t-shirt.

    Mawm: Your post yesterday got me thinking, so on the Congressional level, I marked my ballot for the Rep. challengers. They won’t win, but it was just my small gesture in response to Reed’s and Kennedy’s taking money from Obama. At least Reed refrained from an early endorsement, but he had a hand in the bailout bill and I have to wonder about those wooden arrow, tuna, and rum clauses.

    Other than that, I voted for women wherever they appeared on the federal, state and local levels. And THAT felt good.

    I am so grateful for The Confluence and all the PUMAs here.

  161. I voted for McCain today in PA. And except for the little twit, Patrick Murphy, who stabbed Hillary in the back, I was going to vote Dem downticket. However, I felt so good pulling the level for McCain and Manion, that I voted all GOP. I refuse to reward ANYONE who was complicit in this travesty.

  162. jules, I voted all women on the non-partisan list.

  163. Back from casting my first vote in 42 years for a Republican. I suppose that I should feel liberated, but I just feel saddened. We waited a little over 2 hours, but Broward Co’s ballot a very long this year.

  164. A hero, a patriot, a bit of a rogue,
    A gal who could be on the cover of Vogue…

    That’s what I called them in a poem two months ago. I just voted for them.

    They keep changing the way we vote too. One year it’s punch cards, then touch screen, now filling in ovals like we’re taking the SAT…

  165. RD – thank you so much for this – I woke up with back spasms today – not stressed at all -NOT. This site has kept me sane through all of this and kept me informed about what is really going on. As I said once before I didn’t even know what a blog was before finding you here. I can’t wait to meet all (well some) of you.
    I’ll be off to vote shortly – yes, I’m voting for McCain because in NJ we need as many opposing votes as possible – third party votes won’t make it here.

    I was thinking last night that to some degree, this is what our founding fathers/mothers must have felt – going against the “controlling” group because tomorrow is when we start working on recapturing our party – or at the very least developing a strategy that will bring back real democracy to our country.

    I’m proud to be a PUMA!

    Country before Party!

  166. I was feeling soooo left out until today, when someone sent me the “kitchen didn’t vote – BO loses by one vote video”. I’m so happy now to be included! I did, however, have to e-mail those people to thank them for the reminder, and to point out an error in their video… since I have already voted, that should be “Obama loses by TWO votes.”


    Thanks, PUMAs!
    Looking for a mostly red map tonight, with definite shades of Orange!

  167. […] today is the day. After the most painful and abusive election season ever, the American people will finally decide between Barack Obama and John […]

  168. the Why Obama is toast is cracking me up:

    “Exit polls will be off as well. PUMAs have instructed their members to lie to them, to say they voted for Obama. Others, so pissed off with the media and pollsters, will lie and say Obama simply because they want to see anchors and ‘analysts’ make history by having the first strokes on live TV. The sheer anger at the legacy media cannot be underestimated. There is a reason why their ratings and subscribers are in free fall.”

  169. SM77,
    ABUELA PUMA just got back from voting – she said she voted for all the women and the Republicans because of what they did to Hillary.
    Every time you mention your ABUELA PUMA…you warm my heart. It is so nice to see that love, it really is. I think we need to teach that love of the little village that Hillary was writing about and that is within your heart. Your love cheers me up!

  170. We must remember to vote against down ticket where it applies. Here in KY our leaders supported Obama when we did not. The great double standard where elected officials in Obama supporting areas had to support Obama and elected officials in Hillary supporting areas had to support Obama as well… I am voting today FOR THE FIRST TIME STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN. I have never voted for a single republican in my life. I warned them that we would vote them out for not supporting the canidate KY Dems wanted. The convention made me want to PUKE and I wanted my money, time and vote back.
    I created Howard Dean, I supported that mad man in 2004, and now I am voting to fix what I did…

  171. Sarah is good, she does serve as a good example of what an American Woman is. She said she is thankful and that she is humbled. So, nice to see that, being thankful for the opportunity (of possibly breaking that glass ceiling) and humbled by the support shown to her and McCain.
    18 Million Cracks

    I remember the young man that had worked on Hillary’s campaign and spent some of his savings and he had big tears in his eyes when the decision by the RBC (DNC) came down, and then there was the young lady who went to a corner and cried (that one I had to hug). We have been through so much and I do hope that the CEILING FINALLY CRACKS!

  172. Well, keep in mind when voting down ticket…John Lewis and others had their will tested during the primaries. Some of the ladies had Obama wanna BEES trying to ace them out, and these were accomplished women. Some of these women held the front as long as they could, we should know how hard that is. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Remember: My One True Friend : Stephanie Tubbs Jones (1949 – 2008)

    Stephanie when the ceiling cracks I will toast you! You were the example of a modern day suffragette. We all miss you!

  173. Just pray…

  174. I heard on Rush that 2 black panther members are intimidating voter is Philadelphia. One has a nightstick and and saying “the black man is gong to win here.”

    Also, in Tampa, FL, some machines are not scanning the votes and the poll workers won’t give out a new ballot, but are insisting the ballot be placed in the “emergency box” and they will be counted. Intimidating and fraud are rampant in parts of the country.

  175. RD – I finally got the videos to work and I am enraged. I wish I could turn New York red. That would have been the ultimate smackdown to DNC.

  176. […] cries of how historic his candidacy is also irk me. The man and his backers cheated and lied and intimidated their way to the Democratic nomination. That is nothing to celebrate; it should be decried and punished! Black people of all people should […]

  177. so are all you sexist cry babies gone yet. I can’t believe you have the balls to say obama smeared the clintons. She used her whole freaking family. She used bill and chelsey to sling dirt so she didn’t get her hands dirty. Anybody who knows hillary said she is a horrible person. She was an inferior candidate from the start and had absolutely no chance of winning. if you were gonna vote for hillary and switched to mccain, YOU ARE NOT A DEMOCRAT. At least a couple of people on this post realized that and switched parties. Good riddance.

    Hope you enjoyed this historic election. I know I have.

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