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My Voting Strategy – Loyalty

I spit on this election.

We’re loyal Democrats through at least four generations of my family from my grandparents through nephews. My earliest election memory is leafleting for John F. Kennedy when I was 6 years old (and my cousin Johnny was born the day JFK won the election) and I’ve leafleted in just about every Presidential election since. I take my political commitments seriously.  I give the candidates I support both my time and money. For me, it’s more than a vote. And I’ve always supported the Democrat (well, except Carter. But that’s a totally separate story. And I did vote for him).

So, I didn’t plan on this . . . . confusion. In fact, until these last few months, I didn’t believe that undecided voters actually existed. That’s how stupid I am. Because an idiot could have seen this coming . . . .

My election journey began the morning after the 2004 election. After staying up (was it almost all night?) watching the long lines of Ohio voters standing in the rain waiting to vote, I was shocked — shocked — that John Kerry (up until then one of the worst candidates ever) conceded the election before their votes were even counted! Even now my fingers trembled as I typed those words.

(catching my breath)

At the moment Kerry conceded the election, I promised myself that I would never hold-my-nose for a candidate again. Honestly — what’s the point? We’re supposed to give these people EVERYTHING and they quit without warning, leaving us abandoned. And it’s not just that they quit their campaigns — they just as easily abandon the issues and policies that inspired our votes. Loyalty means nothing to a politician.

There’s nothing particularly interesting about my experiences through the Democratic primaries. I wasted too much time on an egomaniac who couldn’t/wouldn’t decide if he was going to run. I committed to a guy with a pretty good health care plan. But (after accepting a couple hundred dollars from me,) he abruptly dropped out of the race about 3 days before I got to caucus for him. And I’ve never been prouder of anything than my support of Hillary Clinton. So, blah, blah, blah. We’ve all been through something similar — in other elections if not this one.

The thing is these people are professionals at getting us on their side. Getting us whipped up is their job. Tossing us aside the day after the election is their pleasure. The fact that we actually care about their success is our problem.

We’re fools for thinking — year after year — that we’re going to get anything out of the process. Consider this: How many times have Democrats held either the Presidency or the two houses of Congress without bothering to do something to move us toward Universal Health Care? My own Democratic Congressman doesn’t even mention the concept of UHC on his healthcare page. And since at least February Barack Obama has run against the very idea.

It’s the same on issue after issue — I swear I would have voted for anyone who voted against the bail out. (giggling wildly at the very thought.) Cough. Sorry — I got a little carried away.

I’ve been spinning around for months – Vote for McCain Vote for NadarDon’t VoteWrite-in HillaryReally?  Could I really do it? — when at last the reviews started pouring in. Many of you know my sister Joaniebone’s passionate nature but, all of my siblings are just as deeply involved in this election. And I was thrilled when one of my brothers unexpectedly came to my assistance with a letter to the editor published in a local paper saying in part :

Barack Obama is little more than another Republican politician, with just a little more polish. With his support of immunity for the Bush administration and the telecom industry against prosecution for the illegal wiretapping of Americans, support of offshore drilling, the Bush Doctrine, the Wall Street bailout and his failure of support for a true national health insurance plan, I cannot see much difference between his policies and those of most Republicans running for office.

This was followed shortly after by my father expressing his serious doubts about Obama and his priorities. And another sister shared her thoughts about the election that echoed our brother’s letter. I was so relieved. Far from being nearly alone in my alienation from the Democratic Party — I’m joined by half my family.

So I’m standing with my family — loyally voting against Barack Obama.

393 Responses

  1. here it is and I like the middle the best….reposted from the last thread!

    Creator Father Mother god/des,

    Tonight the fates are suspended above us; our opponents have labored at their deceptions and frauds under the watchful and approving eyes of their leader. He has approved of every base act they have created. He has driven them to rage and mischief they have sown the confusion of Babel with their talking heads. People in terror and frustration have succumbed to his empty promises that are sweet on the tongue but are bitter in the belly.

    In disbelief we have watched as he has spun lie within lie corrupting youth and good people all over your land with his hate. His adversaries he has tried to bring to utter hopelessness. His crimes are multiplied with each rising sun and with each setting they bring a more complete darkness. The land of the golden light has been sown with the seeds despair.

    From this, a cry for justice a groaning for release for the yoke of fear and oppression rings forth.

    We have raised our voices as a testament against him. We have numbered his transgressions against liberty and the reach to your farthest firmament. We have battled his lies and brought to light the darkness of his soul. His hubris we have exposed. His lust for power and force we have exposed.

    We have done our best. We have fought the good fight we have seen the race to the finish we have remained strong and have kept our principles. We now turn to the creative universal force to for guidance and protection. It is in the people’s hands, guide them. We ask now for your intervention to bring justice. The time of judgment is at hands.

    Tonight I call down on the fraud all the judgments of the universe on his false prophets your condemnation. Strike down their lies and defeat them! Lay waste their dreams of glory. I call on you to crush them for their pride and arrogance leave them utterly desolate and give them hopeless despair so they reap what they have sown not seven fold but seventy times seven fold.

    Reign down fire and brimstone and raise on them boils for their deceit. Let the skies above them thunder and let lightning strike them down as a testament against them. Strike them blind for having blindly followed him. Set confusion among them who would trust such a false messiah.

    Let them cry to their leader for relief and let them see him for who he really is hardening his heart against his own teaming masses and leaving them completely abandoned. Take all hope from them as they see the emptiness of his heart. Let them know what it is to be lost without relief and alone.

    Let this retribution be total complete and without mercy. So that the will of the miss guided be totally destroyed.

    Oh, we the ones you have tasked to fight let the warm rays of your justice shine upon. Move our heats to the task of rebuilding this land. Help us to bring back trust, truth, and social goodwill. That we can once more remake America into that shining city on a hill, a brilliant light shining from the golden door. That Liberty will be more than a word that she, yes she; be again a virtue that all people aspire to. Where there has been division let us bring the true unity of respect. Let inclusion and honor be again the true virtues they are.

    We humbly ask this


  2. YAY KB!!!

    (clapping wildly)

    I think I just may have PUMAtized my friend. We had a nice, civil discussion about the issues. He may still vote Obama, but at least he has a lot of information he didn’t have before.

    Must go pay attention to hubby before he divorces me. Excellent job!!!


  3. I love it when you work up a giant sized spit! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

    He must not win. Period.

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay for KatieBrother & Katiebird!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s it – done deal – PUMAtize that vote!

  5. I am so with you in all your journey to this point! The Kerry story, how you felt about it…OK, maybe not the guy with the health care plan since I remember his 2004 other side…But all the rest.
    One difference though: today I achieved a moment of peace about it.
    Whatever the outcome, not my candidate. And I’ll have my work cut out for me regardless.

  6. katiebird-great post loyalty is a word and idea I can get behind! as alway you speak so well!

  7. “The fact that we actually care about their success is our problem.”

    I know how that feels… Dukkakis, Mondale, Kerry, Gore … you think they will fight and win and then poof … where did their spines go? wtf happened?

  8. PUMA’s We are on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

  9. Reverend FUZZYBEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Billy Graham & even Jeremiah Wright ain’t got NUTTIN on you!!!!!

    Good Lord almighty – I feel the Holy Spirit of Democracy flowing through this land – taking every undecided soul to make the right choice!

    Can I get an AMEN????

  10. […] I Guess I Just Wasn’t Looking: A Voting Strategy In Hindsight, by Regency Balance, by Mawm Loyalty, by […]

  11. Pat: He’s not going to win. The only way he could win is if he cheats. Oh.

  12. (((((hugs)))))) and ((((((smiles))))) to KatieB! 🙂

  13. Sarah’s on NBC!

  14. WOW – {{{{{fuzzy}}}}}

    WOO-HOO!!!! – {{{{{katiebird}}}}}

    AMEN!!!! {{{{{sm}}}}}

  15. btw — my mom just reminded me that she said at the time of BO’s trip to HI to “visit” his grandmother that “we are going to be hearing soon that the grandmother is dead.” My mother was right, again.
    And she still says BO will not win tomorrow (but if he does, have your passports ready! 🙂 )

  16. McCain and Obama are on ESPN at halftime right now……….actually they are interviews from earlier today

  17. Wonderful post, Katiebird. This line resonates with me:

    And it’s not just that they quit their campaigns — they just as easily abandon the issues and policies that inspired our votes.

    I hope we get the chance to hold McCain to his signed promise of a “dramatic increase in the presence of women in every area of government.”

    Cheers to that!

  18. don’t forget the PUMA party in Fiji

  19. Thanks fuzzy! I’m staying on your good side.

    For tomorrow please remember these 3 words and activate their meaning:



  20. The head of the Coal Industry in Ohio is on and people are pissed! Yeepeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  21. On Wednesday I want to see a


  22. Katiebird,

    What would we do without you? I spit on this election too. Tomorrow I will go to the polling place, march into the voting booth and metaphorically spit on Barack Obama and John Kerry!


  23. angie – I hate when my mom is right, but then her memory is getting fuzzier every day. she just wants someone to make the economy better and lectured me on how it was to have everything rationed – which I thought was due to WWII, not the depression – so I’m kind of happy that she chose not to get a state ID card since moving to IL last year and won’t be cancelling out my McPalin vote by voting for the lying, cheating, scum-of-the-earth BO.

  24. When Obama loses I want the pundits to lay the blame at his feet, specifically Bittergate and Coalgate!

  25. Carol -that sums up my prayer in three of the four words I had on my mind and after we get retribution we fFORGIVE(even if that dont ask for it) but never forget…Oh and never let the Son of a biskit eaters who got us in this mess ever get back in power!

  26. angie: I want to be on the trip to Greece. years ago, I worked with an airline. Made a trip to Greece once a year. Always went to Athens and a sidetrip to an island. I love Greece.

  27. This is Carol Happy tonight :green:

  28. y’all might have to take up a collection to bail me out – I’m afraid the poll worker is going to ask me for my ID like they did for the primary – which is illegal in the state of IL – so it won’t be pretty.

  29. angie,

    Explain to your mom about the PUMA vote. Maybe you can get her to revise her prediction.

  30. I can’t wait to vote tomorrow

  31. Woops – didn’t work!

  32. afrocity,

    I can’t wait either. I plan to go during the mid-morning lull.

  33. Carol,

    What was it supposed to be?

  34. i have a friend with an estate on mikonos … he grows olive oil … bet you know them angie … i’ve always wanted to go there, i’ve heard it’s gorgeous

  35. katiebird: weren’t you planning on spending x-mas alone because your family had turned against you? Is that right? If I’m remembering it correctly, I’m so relieved for you. It was painful to hear your story, and I was worried about you 🙂

    The truth will out.

  36. My fellow Conflucians –

    I have to go to bed early so I can vote here in FL.

    I love you ALL.

    Know that please.

  37. On Greta, coming up “hillary caught on tape”.


    See you on the other side of the voting booth.


  39. Afrocity you and I both!

  40. Love you, too, Sm!

  41. Yup, I’m off to bed too.

    Good night!

  42. Don’t go to bed yet. Turn to Greta. Coming up, “hillary caught on tape and she can’t be happy about this”, per Greta.

  43. Night, SM. Talk to you tomorrow. We want a full report on the Florida voting situation.

  44. Beautiful, Everyone!

    Now let’s take that spirit, that fire, and that brimstone into the voting booth tomorrow!

    Alleulia, fellow PUMAs. If we stand tall, proud, and strong tomorrow, we surely will “overcome” Obama, the DNC, and the MSM. What a victory for America that will be, my friends.

    Since we are in the Biblical mode, I can only quote “Oh you of little faith”, how can you doubt that we WILL overcome? Remember Hillary’s words: “…for everyone who has ever felt invisible.” That’s what the DNC did to 18 million voters in the Democratic Party…with Obama’s consent. Tomorrow is your chance to show them just how “visible” you are.

  45. I feel like this is an Apollo 13 moment.

    PUMAs It has been an honor flying with you.

  46. Carol: what are you watching–Greta?

  47. fif, that was Joaniebone — she’s in Seattle with the other half of the family….

  48. That quote from Hillary was made in public. I remember it. It was shortly before the 3AM ad. I think she said it in Ohio or PA. And she was right too.

  49. The polls are really tight!! Only two battleground states are outside the margin of error.

  50. According to Ras/Fox, the battlegrounds are close.

    I gotta say Hillary is like one of the prettiest cryers ever.

  51. I challenge anybody here to watch this video without puking.

    Btw how much cow droppings do we have to take from Oprah?

    – Dr Phil
    – A million little pieces
    – The Secret
    – and now this uberfraud?

  52. That HIllary tape is not new. They already used those words in a commercial.

    Still–robocall is very smart.

  53. It’s only the robocall, thought Greta had something else. Nevermind.

  54. Rothschild is on

  55. It’s my political mistress–Lady Lynn!

  56. Lynn de Rothschild is on, explaining HRC words.

    Ooohhh, pix of Hill. How the $*#&&^%@ did this happen?!

  57. Boy Regency–you really get around, you randy little thing.

  58. Lynn: we ALWAYS have to do the thing that puts the country first, and in this campaign, John McCain is the centrist, the reformer, and he has put this into ACTION, not just words.

    She predicts a big swing toward Mac tomorrow.

  59. Greta

  60. Carol, I’m with you. I guess after 6 months of punishment, tomorrow is time for retribution…then we can work on reform

    👿 GARY HAKA 👿

  61. kb: but don’t you have the same family members??

  62. Fif: I am the Bill of my age. Rowr!!!

    Shall I list them: Hillary, Bill, Lynn, Gerry, Terry, Harold….

  63. Wow Greta giving it Hillary!

  64. Greta says she is appalled at both Nadler & Clinton tonight for their contradictory words and actions.

    Lynn said HRC is going to have a lot of explaining to do for supporting Obama so much.

  65. Lynn “Hillary is going to have a lot of explaining to do for supporting Barack Obama.”

    I said it first. She went overboard.



  66. Regency: You’re the Little Dawg!

  67. I think it’s pretty clear that come day one of the McPalin win, Hillary will have to explain some things and I’m confident she will if asked. I’m starting to think that Lynn is actively giving her the cover she needs to do that.

  68. night all-and may the creator keep you in his sheltering hands-

    protect afrocity creator she is is the eye of the storm…

  69. Night, Fuzzy.

  70. angienc,
    And she still says BO will not win tomorrow (but if he does, have your passports ready! 🙂 )

    Gosh, I better start looking for mine just in case! Thanks for reminding me…

  71. –And Amen.

  72. My dearest sister. Loyalty–there is no one that I have ever known–no one–more loyal than you. Thank you this beautiful call to all of us to remain loyal to our principles.

    And thank you for honoring the PUMAs in our family. (My crankie Frankie, brilliant Bee, and razor-sharp Daddy) I am so proud to be your sister. You have no idea how proud.

    I’ll never forget when you invited me here in April, and I lurked for almost a month before gaining the courage to comment. You introduced me to your friends, and made me feel special when I got here. You taught me how to spit. I wish I could do it as good as you.

    I remember when you first raised the shocking idea of voting for McCain. It was so unthinkable, it scared me. And then it started making sense. And now hear I am, a mess-but determined. Making plans to go to a McAin/Palin party tomorrow.

    Thank you for letting me chew up your cel phone minutes. Thank you for helping me find this home. Thanks for looking out for me. Thank your loving loyalty.

  73. Thank you PUMA’s !!!

    Thank you all for helping me through this election.

    Thank you for giving me alliance so I didn’t feel I was alone.

    I have purposely stopped posting because I caught myself saying some God awful things and I hate that.

    With that said, Joe fucking Biden? Are you Goddamn KIDDING ME? I cannot believe that Obama/Biden is even a contender. This country deserves whatever government we elect.

    After the election – IT’s NOT OVER for PUMA, it’s another begining.

  74. Had to turn away. Can’t stomach Obama.

  75. sorry all — went out to walk the dogs

    bb — what is wrong with my mom’s prediction? she says BO will NOT win.

    taw — yep, Greece is the most beautiful place on earth (and I’m not being biased)

    dakinkat — oh yeah I know him — Costas — lol (not really, we don’t all know each other)

    afrocity – dang, I missed Greta! what did the Hillary tape say?

  76. night fuzzy!

  77. If Mccain Wins tomorrow…one news header you will not see:

    “Obama Dean DNC dismiss the PUMA effect”

  78. Night, fuzzy. Hope you can stay up late tomorrow night.

    Carol, I agree. She went way overboard, and I’m glad Lady Lynn said so. She looked super happy. She really thinks McCain will win, I think.

  79. Awwwwww @ Joanie’s “thank you” to Katie. (((((group hug)))))

  80. Relax!

    McCain and Palin will be the best we have ever had! I just know it!

    Remember, our main goal is to keep Piper and Trig from having to return to Alaska. It just wouldn’t be right!

    President John S. McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin 2009


  81. Thanks fuzzy. I live 6 blks from the park!

  82. plamingophred — oh, I hate when my mom is right too (and she ALWAYS is) — I’m admitting to y’all here, but I don’t admit it to her! LOL

  83. PUMAs It has been an honor flying with you.


    Exactly how I feel.

  84. Oops, Angie I misread your comment. Thank goodness your mom is predicting a BO loss! I was starting to get nervous there. The media people are claiming BO will win NC. I’ll believe that when I see it.

  85. carol, bb, afrocity — some please recap what happened on Greta — I was walking the dogs and missed it

  86. Hello fellow PUMAS!! By this time tomorrow night, John McCain will be the President-elect and Hillary Clinton 2012 will be a reality!! We will lead the way for Country First!!

    We will not give up!
    We will not be stopped!
    We will achieve VICTORY!!

    McCain-Palin ;08
    Hillary ‘12

    Now, for some updates and breaking news:

    afrocity –

    That’s Mike Carey on Greta tonight. He’s the president of the Ohio Coal Association.

    Obama’s attack on the coal industry is causing him to bleed votes in the coal states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, Wst Virginia and Virgnia, and Indiana.

    Check this out:

    Ohio Coal Association issues a scathing statement on Barack Obama’s statement. I quote:


    COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov 03, 2008 /PRNewswire–USNewswire via COMTEX/ — Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association (OCA), today issued the following statement in response to just-released remarks from Senator Barack Obama about the nation’s coal industry.

    “Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America’s coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

    “These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like ‘I haven’t been some coal booster’ and ‘if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them’ are extraordinarily misguided.
    “It’s evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state’s voters.

    “Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

    “In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation’s long-term energy security – a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

    “Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability.”

    The Ohio Coal Association (OCA) is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of Ohio’s underground and surface coal mining producers. The OCA represents nearly 40 coal producing companies and more than 50 Associate Members, which include suppliers and consultants to the mining industry, coal sales agents and brokers and allied industries. The Ohio Coal Association is committed to advancing the development and utilization of Ohio coal as an abundant, economic and environmentally sound energy source.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Representing 40 coal producing companies and more than 50 associate members in related industries, the OCA will deliver many Ohio votes to John McCain.

    Update and great read on the state of the race in Pennsylvania:

    McCain May Catch a Case of Pennsylvania

    Been making calls today and I am very encouraged about Pennsylvania tonight!! Also, in the suburbs in PA, especially around Philadelphia, lots and lots of McCain-Palin signs.

    The coal comments and Obama’s admission that his plan would send an entire industry into bankruptcy and cause electricity rates to skyrocket is spreading across the battleground states like a raging wildfire! People know about it and tomorrow, the good people in Ameica, especially in those coal producing states like PA and Ohio, are going to say NO to BO!!

    McCain is going to win!

    PUMAs will lead the way!!

    This is important: Don’t let Obama and his media cheerleaders suppress your vote for Country First!! How dare they even try to do so!! We own our votes and know how to make it count!

    PUMAs in PA and all across America will go to the polls and put a big case of whoop ass on Obama and the DNC elites that stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back!

    Obama and the DNC Elite will hear the mighty roar of millions of PUMAS!!

    God Bless America and God Bless all the PUMAS and fellow Americans that have the courage to stand up and fight for Country First!!



    Country Before Party!!

    McCain-Palin ‘08
    Hillary ‘12

    We are PUMAS!! Hear us ROAR!!!

  87. I am a complete idiot.

    [Edited by site monitor]

  88. Hi Joniebone! I hope you don’t have to go to bed early again tonight.

  89. {{Joanie}}

    Oh, Joanie (speechless)

  90. Carol –

    I LOVE your enthusiasm!!

    PUMAS are going to bring it tomorrow!!

    We’re going to knock Obama and the DNC Elite back to the stone age where they belong!!

  91. Ironman, I hope you are right

  92. I forgot to thank her for putting up with my (non)typing.

  93. Fuzzy – thank you and amen.

    Everyone: a huge thank you and a hug – think of this place when you vote tomorrow.

    Afrocity – from one Chicagoan to another – a hug.

    Going to sleep – tomorrow’s an early start.

  94. bb — the latest polls (as bs as they are) have NC tied — the only way BO wins NC is by cheating (as I’ve said, is not outside the realm of possibility and is, frankly, likely) but there are lots of attorneys around during the GE (unlike the primary) so I”m hoping it is kept to a minimum.

  95. btw — KB — I forgot to tell you how great your post is! Love it.

  96. Barack Obama to Virginia: “Tomorrow you can turn the page…………..”

    Oh yeah Barack we will be turning the page and the only one looking back will be Pat when she tells your kids to shut up crying because mommy and daddy are L in TT.


  97. yeah, Costas … a friend of a friend … see him a more than I want, but not enough to forgo a possible stay in mikonos

  98. Another Shady connection….Obama thru Rezco to Saddam Hussein cousin & henchman Nadhmi Auchi…As young men Saddam &Nadmi carried out murders as part of a Baathist hit squad in Iraq….Now Nadmi Auchi is a rich busnessmen & very tight with Rezco….Back in 2004 Obama & Michelle attended parties honoring Auchi……go to http://www.danielpipes.org article 5996…..

  99. Thank God! Sarah just released a summary of her medical records! Andrew Sullivan should now release his???????

  100. I am soooo ready to turn the page on BO

  101. katiebird — I love this post. love love love it. The way you went from close to cynical and then pulled us all back in to a big family hug.

    That was just fabulous.

    RD — this series was a stroke of genius on your part. Every essay has been inspiring and moving, and each let us know and understand better the PEOPLE behind the Confluence, as well as the Puma Movmement.

    I keep coming back to find out if a new “My Strategy” has been posted.

    Tomorrow’s the big day!

    not sure i’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  102. joaniebone –

    Your courage and strength are uplifting and inspiring. You are standing up for what you know is the right thing to do. That takes guts and I think I can speak on behalf of many here, and tell you that you have our respect and admitation and our sincere thanks for being part of the PUMA team! It is people like you that make the PUMA movement what it is today and what it will be in the future!

    There is power in numbers! And the PUMAS have it!!


  103. Auchi probably gave Rezko’s wife the money to buy the land for Obama’s house! This connection has been out there, of course no one is reporting it.

  104. I’m beyond ready to burn the book on BO. Really, it’s the only exception I’ll make. All copies of “Dreams of my Audacity” can go up in narcissistic flames for all I care.

  105. Murphy – thanks so much for all of your great and hard work!

  106. So I’m standing with my family — loyally voting against Barack Obama.

    wow, you are so blessed. I really am envious as I now stand completely apart from my family (other than my husband and daughters). THey are “loyally” voting for the fraud even though most were Hillary supporters (with one or two mindless obamatrons thrown in the mix). I don’t think we will ever look at each other the same way again.

  107. Guys I love you all. Thanks for letting me share in this.

  108. Ironman,

    You have really helped me get through these last weeks.

    Thank you so much.

  109. afrocity – I hate to tell you but Pat will be on the road speeding the Obama’s back to their mansion early tomorrow night! Stay off of the streets!

  110. Photo Of The Day for Election Day

    You can’t make this stuff up.


  111. angie, I read today that in NC early voting 52% were dems, 30% repubs. they said they were expecting 76% turnout and that so far 26% of voters have been AA. I don’t believe the 76% turnout number. the record was for reagan in 1984 when it hit 69%. The only wys to account for those inflated number is voter fraud, so look out. I say if the turnout goes above 70 things are fishy/ otherwise, all of obies voters have already voted. tomorrow in NC belongs to mccain.

  112. aww afrocity!! We love you too! Thanks for sharing & bringing your unique humor to this site!!

    btw: McCain camp sent out a memo for “watching the exit polls.” The 5 main points:

    1. Historically, exit polls have tended to overstate the Democratic vote.

    2. The exit polls are likely to overstate the Obama vote because Obama voters are more likely to participate in the exit poll.

    3. The exit polls have tended to skew most Democratic in years where there is high turnout and high vote interest like in 1992 and 2004.

    4. It is not just the national exit poll that skews Democratic, but each of the state exit polls also suffers from the same Democratic leanings.

    5. The results of the exit polls are also influenced by the demographics of the voters who conduct the exit polls.

    So, don’t start freaking out when the networks start calling it for BO at 7:00 EST.

  113. Another great post! This series has been so emotional for me! You all speak my truth as well!

    Thank you all! It’s been quite a ride! Will be waiting in line before the polls open tomorrow to follow my heart and proudly cast my vote for McCain/Palin. Then, I’ll be back here after work to be with this wonderful family that has held me up during these last several, unbelievable months.

  114. Okay Carol, I have a craving for a snadwhich from my fav place but I am afraid to go out. I am afraid guys, this is hard for me.

  115. Murphy,

    We love love love you!

    I love the way the blog looks today with all the voting strategy posts lined up. Lady Boomer’s is still to come.

  116. This series has been a wonderful experience. We’ve all shared our strategies and WORDs — it’s been wonderful.


  117. bb- I have to get up early every day. The irony is that this week is STAGGERINGLY busy. Honestly. I have no plan to get through it.

    One good thing is that I am interviewing all week and get to hire 10 people that really need a decent job w/ bennies and a really nice boss–me!

  118. Afrocity,

    Stick with us. Like RD says, we’ll all hold hands and we’ll make it through whatever is to come. Tomorrow night you can give us a report on Obama’s loser party.

  119. gary — hopefully tomorrow is all McCain — and I don’t doubt that all the early voters have been BO’s — I’ve hear he has been holding rallies right across the street from early voting polls & tells the attendees to go out “right now” and vote — and they have been, ’cause you know, it will mean they don’t have to worry about paying their mortgages or getting gas in their cars! {rolls eyes}

  120. I’m just exhausted. I’m glad it’s going to be over. this has been a really painful election season.

    I appreciate y’all

  121. btw — not all of those 52% registered Dems voted for BO — I know a few myself who voted early and voted McCain.

  122. Yo, Dick Cheney, do NOT be campaigning for John. That is not good. Don’t do that. Stay away from Sarah and Johnny.

    Tomorrow is their day and you shall not cast a shadow over their victory.

    You got me, Mr. Vice President?

  123. Boston,

    I am am not going to the party. You need tickets and I don’t care to attend. I have a 1 in 4 chance of getting shot by going.
    I will most likely here it from my place. i am afraid for my dogs because I must walk them at some point. I found it funny how many AA celebs were here for the Hudson funerals and Fantasia from Amer. Idol. One of them said it was convenient b/c they can spend the night for the BO party. Black people…gotta luv em.

  124. Angie,

    Thanks for sharing that exit poll info. All I have to say is the networks had damn well better not be calling it for Obama early. I won’t be home tomorrow night until 8:30 or 9, so I hope someone watches Chris Matthews and Keith Obamaman long enough to see if they look really really sad like they did when Hillary won Ohio, PA, and TX. We could see a real meltdown on MSNBO if things go our way.

  125. afrocity: Do you live any where close to Loyolla? especially the med school?

  126. I spit on this election

    Best line of the campaign!

  127. Dakinikat,

    Oh no. That is way north. I am downtown

  128. I am afraid guys, this is hard for me.


    If I was in Chicago, I would walk with you–arms locked red-rover style. (and bring my two bad-ass German Shepards too)

    Stay strong PUMA sister. I think about you frequently during the day at work, with admiration for your courage. Your incredible courage.

  129. afrocity: I look forward to reading your comments every day. Wish I could be there and go out with you for a sandwich. I send a hug instead.

  130. I hope that silent majority exists

  131. Regency, lmao

  132. holy crud, I seriously believe Biden has lost quite a few spokes off his wheel, can you imagine the outcry if ANY republican (or any democrat during the primaries) had uttered these stupid comments?:


    “The latest was about his sister, Val, his wife Jill, and Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who introduced the Bidens at the rally of 1,100 people in the gym at Longview Community College.

    Biden called his sister a “girl-boy,” meaning a tomboy, and then explained that girl-boys are softer than “girl-girls.”

    “You know why I think Jill likes Claire McCaskill so well, Senator McCaskill? Jill is one of five sisters, Claire is one of three sisters. And I tell you what, you women raised with sisters are different than women raised with brothers,” Biden said as both women joined him on stage.

    “My sister is smart, runs every one of my campaigns; is beautiful; graduated with honors from college; is homecoming queen. But she’s a … she is what I call a ‘girl-boy’ growing up, you know what I mean?”

    “And I tell you what? Girl-girls are tougher than girl-boys,” he said. “But there’s one important thing I noticed.The great thing about marrying into a family with five sisters, there’s always one that loves you. ‘Cause you can count on splitting them a bit. You know what I mean?

    “I shouldn’t be going off like this, but — hey, folks, 37 more hours, 37 more hours,” he then said.”

  133. It has been 10 months tonight since we first realized that Hillary might not be the candidate or the President! But, I know we have a great man to fill the void!

    “I’m going to fight for my cause every day as your President. I’m going to fight to make sure every American has every reason to thank God, as I thank Him: that I’m an American, a proud citizen of the greatest country on earth, and with hard work, strong faith and a little courage, great things are always within our reach. Fight with me. Fight with me.” – John McCain


  134. ok afrocity: my daughter is doing a rotation at loyolla and i’m trying to convince here to stay home tomorrow … she’s got something about a party posted on her facebook …i thought about having your call her up and reading her the riot act for me … she is sooooo naive about things sometimes

  135. Thanks everyone. I would not have made it without you.
    I am a bit choked up now. The first AA running for office and I am not voting for him. I hope my parents forgive me.

  136. I have a 1 in 4 chance of getting shot by going.


    Stay safe those are not very good statistics and you are too young and too smart, beautiful lady too and many things to do. Always carry a small flashlight on your key chain and stay safe.

  137. I predict that they’ll call it based on exit polls and then when the numbers come in, Obama’s people will use that as a talking point. “Forget the actual tallies, CNN said we were in!”

  138. Dakinikat, is she going for McCain?

  139. Is there something wrong with Joe Biden? I mean that seriously.

  140. carol: I swear when they put those hair plugs in, a vast number of brain cells went out of that fat head

  141. Well the home stretch it is. Please everyone if you can, work hard for McCain tomorrow. Lets get the win for him.

    And if you are close to any voting facilities, please bring a camera and tape anything illegal that you see.

  142. afrocity, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:10 pm Said:
    I hope that silent majority exists

    For what it’s worth, my husband firmly believes they do.

  143. afrocity, I know how you feel.

    I told my boyfriend that, partly that is what hurts. The first AA and I can’t support him.

  144. So mote it be fuzzy

  145. afrocity: no … she’s an ob/gyn and does terminations … McCain’s appointment of Sarah lost her –she saw what I went through when I ran for office–the anti choice people really play dirty… plus she’s engaged to a man of colour… she’s feeling some pressure there i’m sure

  146. Remember, EVERY state is a swing state. EVERY vote for John and Sarah counts more in EVERY state, not only the so-called “important” states. EVERY state is important to the United States.

  147. I love Lynne de Rothschild! She speaks for me. I turned on Fox to get a news update and there she was. What a classy lady! She has my vote anytime.

    afrocity: Stay indoors as I am putting my foot to the medal and delivering those two phonies back to Chicago limits pronto. I expect to be doing about 90 mph so look both ways when you step off the curb.

    After watching Lynne I feel upbeat for the first time in days!

  148. I sure hope that silent majority exist and they vote down this fraud. But seriously everyone, lets work hard for McCain tomorrow. Lets get people to the polls, lets make calls. Lets try to get rid of Obama now.

  149. Let me put it this way. Grant Park has fireworks for the 4th of July this year and while it is in a very nice tourist area, near museums, lake Michigan three kids got shot…Because it is BO there will be many AA’s there which means guns and gangs. Why he is doing this I don’t know. But you know how BO has to show off.

    Sorry I just had to dry heave when I thought about Donna Brazille being in the same city as myself.

  150. Regency, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:13 pm Said:
    Is there something wrong with Joe Biden? I mean that seriously.

    Oh, without a doubt!

  151. Afrocity,

    We exist. We’re not even silent. They ignore us at their peril. We are the people, the real Democratic party in exile.

  152. OMG Begala just told the biggest lie. He said a bunch of white people crashed a black polling site a few weeks ago and yelled “terrorists” and slashed tires on 30 cars. Did anyone else hear about this a couple of weeks ago?

    These are such r*ce baitors.

  153. Afrocity,

    I know how you feel! My eldest said they (complete family) would move to Canada because if they could get to me…all hope was lost. Next call I got, I asked, ‘Is this the Canadian citizen?’. I think my eldest is a bit over it ( I hope), but on that day, there were tears, recriminations and many hurt feelings.

    For a ‘UNITER’ he sure has caused more arguments than any other candidate in any election ever. One brother understands and he is mellow and he doesn’t bother me anymore.

    So, you are not alone, you have company in the isolation and but there is character building in standing your ground. Big hug to you dear.

  154. McCain rally now!

  155. Regency: Nothing a sponsor, a home group, and 90 meetings in 90 days couldn’t fix.

  156. Regency, Joe seems somewhat strange lately. Like a ticking time bomb. He has ZERO chemistry with Obama. they don’t seem like a team at all.

  157. Omg, is someone holding guns to the heads of litters of kittens off-camera? They cannot be THAT crazy.

    I think Lynn is very upbeat because she’s privy to the campaigns internal polling and it’s probably telling her some good things.

  158. Regency — Cheney publicly “endorsing” McCain shows me that the right wing nuts/Bush cabal in the GOP wants BO to win because they know if he does they will have the House & Senate back in 2010 & they will have the WH for the next 50 years — hopefully the American people will not let that happen (or that the cheating will not be enough)

  159. Carol:

    They are masters of race baiting

  160. afrocity – Sending you a hug! I always look forward to your comments and hearing what’s going on with you. Stay safe and stay strong! Stand in your power!

  161. The first AA and I can’t support him.

    Well, I hardly think that women who vehemently rejected Clinton, and now Palin, regretted not being able to support, even to the point of nastiness, the female candidate running for high office. In fact, everywhere I turn, those women are quite unapologetic.

  162. Afrocity — think how I feel — Donna B. is from NOLA — heck her niece goes to the university my mom teaches at & my mom saw her at the May graduation (btw, my mom says she is much more attractive in real life then she is on tv — I told her she only looked more attractive because her big mouth was shut).

  163. I cannot wait to get up and vote tomorrow. I’m going to single-handedly flip CT!!

  164. ainnj,

    OMG! Did Biden say that today? OMG, he is so embarrassing. Seriously, I think he has a major league drinking problem. Either that or brain damage from a head injury. He is wacked out! Why in the world is he the VP candidate. Why?

  165. Angie LOL!!!!

  166. Hillary is in the same boat McCain was in 8 years ago. In partisan politics, they have to be “team players” in order to maintain support within their respective parties. If we still have a country four years from now, Hillary may be put on the defensive in the same way that McCain has after cooperating with the Administration. A whole career’s worth of distinguished bipartisanship goes ignored.

  167. any time I start to feel sorry for myself for any reason, I’m going to remind myself it could be worse – I could be Jill Biden.

  168. Kiki: It coul be worse than that. You could be JOE Biden.

  169. Afrocity,

    I actually think Richardson would have been better than Biden. And Richardson is just about the worst candidate I’ve ever seen! It’s a good thing he didn’t pick Hillary, because he would be way ahead right now and McCain would have no chance.

  170. Afrocity —

    I think you live in my old neighborhood! I used to walk up Michigan Avenue to work with the StreetWise guys… my fellow “commuters.”

    Stay safe — I sure wouldn’t want to be walking the dogs through Grant Park tomorrow.

  171. bostonboomer, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:24 pm Said:

    OMG! Did Biden say that today? OMG, he is so embarrassing. Seriously, I think he has a major league drinking problem. Either that or brain damage from a head injury. He is wacked out! Why in the world is he the VP candidate. Why?

    Yeah, today. I don’t think it’s alcohol. I think the obama campaign probably wishes it WERE alcohol. It’s either brain damage from his strokes or he’s been eating too many wild squirrels.

    So if obama wins, biden strokes out, does that push nancy pants pelois up to vp? hmmmm….

  172. Is it too much to ask or expect some of these “leaders” to put country before party for once? If we can do it so can they. Once, just once, I would love to hear the truth instead of the old party line. What a disservice to the country as a whole to spout the “party”. What in hell has this party done for any of us lately except to divide and overwhelm us?

    The “party” is dead to me. May it rest in peace.

  173. I can’t see how BO can do it

    1. DNC Base is Cracked and he loses some PUMA votes
    2. He has more baggage then McCain w/ Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Joe the plumber, now coal statements.

    I hate it when Obots say the economy is the most important issue, and that Wright/Ayers does not bother anyone. It bothers me.

  174. Hi, I just have to tell you I am so proud to have “lurked” here. I am a semi-liberal Republican, , But I have to tell you how much I admire your dedication to a cause you feel is right. You truly do live the “country” before party.

  175. I wonder what Grant Park will be like if BO loses? Is it going to be a horror show with violence? That’s kind of scary to think about.

  176. ainnj,

    I don’t know. I’ve seen a few videos of Biden obviously drunk in public. I think he’s got a problem. (I speak from experience).

  177. fwiw I am taknig my cue from you …

    My Voting Strategy


    Even the great Jimi Hendrix asked

    But first, are you experienced?
    Uh-have you ever been experienced-uh?
    Well, I have

    I have read all of the posts under the heading of voting strategy , and while I agree with all of them deeply , wholeheartedly, and have been moved to tears by some, I have to say on introspection , and also what I find myself repeating to my friends, is that the candidate is not qualified because he does not have the experience to be the president of the greatest country in the world.

    I am a great fan of dictionaries thesaurus and other obscure reference books. Under experience in rogets we find

    Main Entry: experience
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: knowledge
    Synonyms: acquaintance, action, actuality, background, caution, combat, contact, doing, empiricism, evidence, exposure, familiarity, forebearance, intimacy, involvement, inwardness, judgment, know-how, maturity, observation, participation, patience, perspicacity, practicality, practice, proof, reality, savoir-faire, seasoning, sense, skill, sophistication, strife, struggle, training, trial, understanding, wisdom, worldliness

    He doesnt have any of those

    Antonyms: ignorance, immaturity, inexperience

    He has lots of those . He has more antonyms than synonyms. That is a bad sign.

    From the Columbia Encyclopedia comes this gem ………

    Experience, living through events and the impression on a person or animal of events.
    In epistemology, a distinction is made between things known inductively, from experience, and those known deductively or theoretically, from a priori principles.
    The ancients, under the influence of Plato and of Euclidean geometry, tended to prize deductive or theoretical knowledge above that gained through experience. Their influence was dominant through the Renaissance. With the rise of modern empirical science the preference was reversed.

    Immanuel Kant’s critical epistemology, however, emphasized the dependence of all experience on the mediation of the intelligence. Modern thought has tended to agree with Kant; accordingly, discussion has centered on what, if anything, can be said to be immediately experienced, and how this experience may be conditioned by social factors affecting the social milieu or by perceptual processes themselves.

    Leaving Immanuel aside for the moment, as POTUS is not a theoretical position ; modern society tends to agree more with modern empirical science , desires and usually requires some degree of expertise from executives in positions of great responsibility.

    We need executives who know what works in actuality; not in theory. We most assuredly do not need an inexperienced intern in the position of greatest responsibility .This is unheard of in any line of work requiring academic or practical preparation, business, career, occupation, office, or walk of life. But we are being asked by the “Democrats” , no we are being told ; to support this person because he is the “one” for the job, and we need look no further than his campaign for executive ability , and experience.

    From the campaign spin captains and the propaganda media who are all on deck with this campaign , we hear that this campaign, like a tight ship , has been run so wonderfully and remarkably, yet the ship has sprung numerous leaks, and there have been sudden reversals of course. Giant gaps in information and even bigger holes in the hull of the history of the candidates background have been found and hurriedly and poorly patched .
    When confronted with some extremely nasty shipmates ; those of his preacher and other former associations, he had no knowledge of these things or people , or they were not as he remembered them, um, at least before he came aboard .
    When confronted with a crisis , he either makes statements he has to adjust or retract altogether later ; or makes phone calls to those infinitely more experienced than he, to find his bearings . His “experience” as related to the campaign is as full of holes as the proverbial submarine with screen doors; and it would appear that the rats are piloting the ship and he is not the captain after all, but his job is to routinely throw people overboard to lighten the cargo. .Evidently his experience only qualitifes him to be the bilge pump operator on the barakatitanic campaign, yet we are told he is indeed the captain.
    This has resulted in much seasickness among the crew, but for some reason even as they turn sickly colors and hang thir heads over the side, they ignore their symptoms and go on as if nothing were wrong .

    I jumped ship so long ago …. and came ashore to live in the wild with the untamed Pumas

    I know what it is like to have the degree and not the experience, to have read the book and then have to demonstrate the skill. Even that does not substitute for experience in any field. Even after demonstrating skills there is an internship for almost every profession , or a probation period, or some time spent with a mentor .
    In nursing the unwritten law is that you are still a rookie until you have practiced for 5 years. After I passed the five year mark I realised where that unwritten law came from . Realisation comes from experience .You cannot get there without it .
    Simple book knowledge , or what the practice is in theory; does not suffice or pass for expertise, or experience.

    Inexperience in a life and death situation can rapidly become a catastrophe. I do not want to see our country become a catastrophe .

    Of all of the candidates, the two with the most combined and relevant executive and legislative experience for POTUS AND VPOTUS are John Mccain and Sarah Palin. So I choose them.

    Jimi Hendrix knew the question to ask .

  178. How nuts is all this when Paul Begala can sit there and defend this? The same guy whose books I read who demanded reform within the Democratic Party if it were to be saved from itself. If this is what he had in mind I want my money back!

  179. Sarah’s and Todd’s parents on stage live now.


  180. Hi Donna!

  181. Thanks for those comments Donna

  182. Katie: Wonderful! Thank you so much for writing this and sharing the experience of your journey.

  183. bb: that’s why i’m trying to get my daughter to stay in the resident’s hall at the loyolla med center … i think she thinks i’m nuts

  184. very kewl Swan!!!!

  185. very kewl Swan!!!!

  186. Outstanding post, Swanspirit. I’m a huge Jimi fan too. Experience is Obama’s most basic problem, that’s for sure.

  187. dakinikat; I don’t think you are nuts at all to worry. Win or lose, some of those in the crowd will be determined to start a riot.

  188. afrocity — I’m catching up on posts. I am so stunningly appalled at this:

    I found it funny how many AA celebs were here for the Hudson funerals and Fantasia from Amer. Idol. One of them said it was convenient b/c they can spend the night for the BO party.

    If people who support BO think like this then he definitely needs to stay far, far away from the WH. We’d be doing him a favor anyway, since “growing up in the WH” will damage his little girls, as he said. Guess there is too much patriotism there.

  189. Poor Sarah and McCain, their voices are shot.

  190. Sarah Palin in Reno, Nevada tonight:

    Her dad just introduced her on stage:

    “Years ago, I taught Sarah how to field dress a moose. But tomorrow, I want you to see her field dress a donkey.”

    – Sarah’s Dad


    Sarah LIVE now in Reno, Nevada!!

  191. The thanks aren’t deserved. I never thought I would say this but if Hillary were the candidate I would probably be giving her a serious look. I’m not saying I agree with most of the things she does, but at least I knew who she was and what she believed in. I do like Palin and think she will be an excellent POTUS some day. I’m hoping she gets the chance to be VP.

  192. Sophie! That’s the spirit!

    Woman Voter:

    During the Civil War it was sometimes brother against brother, families split between North and South. Not until this campaign did I ever really understand that viscerally.

    My wife had to ask her father to stop emailing her anything remotely political. They barely communicate now (they’ll be fine on Thursday — its jsut too mcuh for her until the election.

    Her sister called her proudly yesterday to say that she had voted for McCain-Palin in central Florida.

    I think I’ve lost a friend of fifteen years: brilliant guy, but totally in the tank and bewildered why I will vote McCain-Palin. The last time we saw each other was at our favorite cafe, and during our debate another regular there practically shouted at me that “Sarah is a C!” The woman sitting across from him didn’t bat an eye.

    Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. This is a painful but valuable chance for all of us to see things as they are, not as we suppose them to be, and to do something about it.

  193. Well I don’t know if this is true, but I heard some positive news from a guy in my job about PA, he think McCain can pull that state off.

    To be honest, I am worried about Virginia. Unless McCain plans to steal NJ, he needs either VA or Colorado, assuming he takes PA.

  194. great post Swanie!!

    bb — what amazes me is that the Obots have Biden on their VP ticket and they have the nerve (or total lack of irony) to diss Palin as being “stupid.”

    And yes, afrocity — the silent majority does exist — lets just hope they go out and vote (the fact that the ratings for all the tv news shows are in the tank but ratings for conservative radio shows are way up gives me hope)

  195. Sarah is rockin’ the house in Reno tonight!

    Go Nevada!!
    Country First!!

  196. Begala should have said that Obama got choked up today for himself, and he’s a manipulator, he never cried over Katrina. 🙂

  197. Angie, Chicago has a talent for mixing murder and mayhem with political functions. It does not surprise me one bit. Obama was not at the funerals at all. Jesse Jackson was there.

    Knowing BO, he will keep Toot in the morgue on ice until he is done with his social calendar.

    Okay. I had to shut CNN off. Sarah Palin bashing and saying that she hurt John McCain with fat ass Rolin sitting there and the “light” republicans who don’t really help her case.

  198. Ana — no use fretting about VA — at this point, que sera, sera. I do have hope that the “bankrupting the coal industry’ will help there tomorrow though.

  199. Seriously: believe me, I know who showed up for us during katrina and who didn’t … Hillary Showed up for us

    Obama gave the graduation speech at Dillard

    NOT the same

  200. What makes me laugh is that the msm doesn’t think that their whole “its in the bag for Obama” can also be discouraging Obama’s young supporters from voting. I mean, if this is in the bag for them, why go and vote.

  201. angie: i think that could bring home a bunch of undecideds in some important swing states

  202. All this talk of riots tomorrow reminds me of a story a former friend once told me. Sadly it paints Spike Lee in a positive light, but I guess even he might have moments of lucidity. Anyway, my friend was a manager of a movie theater in Manhattan where Lee as premiering one of his movies. (“Jungle Fever.”) My friend, a very white red-head, got into some sort of scuffle with a group of very agressive African American young men. After the screening Spike Lee came up to him to apologize for what happened. My friend said to him that it was ok because he was expecting something like that to happen. To which Lee wisely replied: “It shouldn’t have happened. And you should not have been expecting it.”

  203. I am watching Nightline They are so full of shit about this medical record crap. BO has not opened his, yet the MSM is acting all cat and the canary about Sarah’s records.

  204. afrocity — I wouldn’t be surprised if she died 2 days ago & they saved the news so he could get the “eve of election day sympathy vote” Yeah, that’s right, I said it.
    Also, on Brit Hume’s show on FOX today one of those guys, not Mort, the chubby one — said that a poll of Republican’s only showed that 78% thought Palin was a good choice — which just goes to show you that only people who were voting BO anyway are the ones decrying what a terrible choice she is.

  205. Angie, I guess you are right, lets just hope people vote for McCain tomorrow. Lets hope they show up and defeat Obama.

    If you can tomorrow please get people to the polls for McCain or work the phones. We need all the help we can get.

  206. i only real republican CNN brings on is bennett, and even he acts like a POW in enemy territory when he is on…. completely different than the man i hear on the radio on my way into work every morning.

  207. John McCain just finished up a big rally in Henderson, Nevada and is heading now for a rally in Prescott, Arizona.

    Joe the Biden is back to Philadelphia tonight to try and rally votes in PA. I thought Obama had it all wrapped up in PA, eh Obama campaign? LOL! The Obama internals must be showing that McCain is a threat to win in PA!


  208. DYB: there are always some folks wanting to be angry looking for opportunity where it presents itself … that’s just life in a big city

  209. The only reason they wanted to look at her records was to determine if she had really given birth to Trig. That is the one and only reason. Ghouls! That is all they are.

  210. you guys are brave for watching shows like CNN and Nightline, or what not. I quit the media months ago. Can’t stomach their stupidity anymore.

  211. Thank you all so very much , I just have this voice in my brain screaming he is NOT qualified
    ..all campaigning experience does is give you experience at !!!campaigning !!!!

    You all have no idea how deeply grateful I am to have found you all 🙂 and how so many times when I am too exhausted or numb to post , just reading what you have written sustains me


  212. Angie I was thinking the same thing about the grandmother.

    I think Obama is a cold, uncaring man.

  213. Ana — oh, I agree, we need to try to make sure we GOTV I just meant it is no use playing “EV scenarios” or it will drive you crazy — we don’t know what could shake down — even CA (yes, I said it) — there will be a lot of ultra social conservatives who might not have voted otherwise coming out to vote for that terrible Prop. 8 — and those people aren’t voting for BO.

  214. Voters in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire getting ready to vote in a few minutes at 12:00 PM EST.

    Lots of media in the room now.

  215. If McCain wins it will be a blot on the DNC, the RNC, the MSM, the putrid talking heads, the suspect pollsters, the Obama campaign.

    It will however be a referendum on the American people who looked past this premature coronation, tuned out the din, and flipped the bird at those who said otherwise.

  216. Dixville Notch usually votes Repub.

  217. Reminds me ofe Hartsfield’s Landing on The West Wing.

  218. Yeah, I wonder how they are going to vote IronMan. Lets hope McCain get an edge or is close there.

  219. exactly dakinikat — even those who aren’t directly connected to the coal issue will see this as one more example of BO being one person in the mid-west & another in SF. It will make them ask — if I vote for him, which BO will be going to DC? and they will vote for McCain rather then finding out.

  220. SergeiRostov 11.03.08 at 11:39 pm

    [Oh, damn, I didn’t even manage to be 181st…:)]

    Learn your recent American history, because it has told us a few things about…

    Who Not To Vote For:
    A Guide for the Sensible

    1) Never vote for the candidate whom the media loves.
    2) Never vote for the candidate whose followers believe he is the Messiah.
    3) Never vote for a candidate who believes he was chosen by God.
    4) Never vote for the candidate who is connected to organized crime.
    5) Never vote for the candidate who is friends with people who want to overthrow the goverment by force.
    6) Never vote for the candidate who won’t let people he worked with, went to school with, or dated talk about him.

  221. Well in my neighborhood and around my job, people have gone from liking BO to terrified of a BO presidency. They don’t like McCain but they think he is way better than BO. Lets hope they go the polls.

    I live in NY, so it doesn’t matter much, but God how I wish NY went red. Then I could go to sleep early, because there is no way he would win without NY.

  222. Report just cleared Palin of any wrong doing in TrooperGate.

    Nice to know there hasn’t been any dirty politics in this campaign. AHHHHHHHH!

  223. Angie, LOL. You know when I heard the news about Toot . I thought “right on cue”. I totally agree and I have seen conflicting times for her death. Obama is a scumbag and I wouldn’t doubt if he did it for the sympathy vote.

  224. Swanspirit! Experience! Thank you!

  225. poplicola, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:40 pm Said:

    Woman Voter:

    During the Civil War it was sometimes brother against brother, families split between North and South. Not until this campaign did I ever really understand that viscerally.
    Well, I lost some friends and others are wondering where I am. I am in EXILE! My family will get over it, I hope! You should see the e-mails I get, race baiting beyond believe (from organizations).

  226. I am headed for bed beautiful people.. because i have to get up early and VOTE woohoooo

    love and hugs

  227. Why can’t I post?

  228. Cindy McCain to be on Larry King LIVE tonight at 12:00 PM EST

  229. Ana — don’t worry, us thinking that about the grandmother isn’t a bad reflection on us — it just goes to show that we have been paying attention to have the BO camp. operates.

  230. I mean 12:00 AM EST 🙂

  231. nite swanspirit

  232. angienc, on November 3rd, 2008 at 10:38 pm Said:
    carol, bb, afrocity — some please recap what happened on Greta — I was walking the dogs and missed it

    You have to do what I do, namely, strap a small TV to your dog’s back.

    (And if you have two, the other can carry the sat dish so you can get C-Span 🙂 )

  233. Well that one went through LOL. I was trying to post a link to the just released report that cleared Palin of any ethics violations. Convenient timing huh?

  234. night Swanie!

  235. Why wouldn’t BZero carry a place called Dicksville?

  236. Prolix: Right on time!

  237. I am to wake my wife in 5 1/2 hours so we can go early to vote. Counting down!

  238. I had such a terrible thought and I must confess about the grandmother. You always hear how people hang on until their loved one gets to their bedside, or their grandchild is born, or whatever event might keep them here a few hours longer. It’s interesting that she didn’t “stay” to see whether her grandson won the election. Maybe, she didn’t want to. Maybe she knew he should never be President.

    OK, I’m seriously revealing my “weird” thoughts, but there it is.

  239. It’s based on that. remember when Donna had to call those people and beg them for their votes?

  240. Prolix lmao

  241. Sergie — my dogs are more like squirrels (one is 5 lbs, one is 6 lbs) so any tv small enough for them to carry would be too small for me to watch.

  242. I should have been here an hour ago, but I set my clocks back again and again this morning, my snooze alarm was broken.

  243. It would make my day if McCain took the whole [formerly] blue northeast corridor! Take that media and DNC–WE decide!

  244. SergeiRostov, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:52 pm Said:

    SergeiRostov 11.03.08 at 11:39 pm

    AMEN…totally agree with your list!

  245. angienc, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:46 pm Said:
    afrocity — I wouldn’t be surprised if she died 2 days ago & they saved the news so he could get the “eve of election day sympathy vote” Yeah, that’s right, I said it.

    There’s a joke in there somewhere – maybe about Obama grandmother being found in a spider-hole in Tikrit – but I’m too busy to make it right now. 😉


    Let’s bring home the VICTORY for Country First!!

  247. I wonder what is up with the AOL poll.

    I know I keep asking that

  248. I just looked it up. Sarah has a 5 to 6 hour flight home to vote and then back to Arizona.

    She is still doing one more event tonight!

  249. lol — watching Hannity and Colmes rerun. Dick Morris just swatted Colmes: “Alan, don’t start your victory dance yet.”

  250. Nite all…I have to be nice and ready for the big day.

  251. Night, Swanspirit. Thanks for your voting “manifesto.”

  252. afrocity where is the AOL poll?

  253. Sergei — I second WV — totally agree with your list at 11:52

  254. angie – that was a joke – you were supposed to *laugh*….

    [Note to self: Tell funnier jokes]

  255. afrocity — what do you mean what is up the the aol poll? the one I’ve seen where you can vote (if you have an aol account) has everything read but DC.

  256. Lakota,

    I had the same thought. If she had anything good to say about him, he would have put her out on the stump. Instead, they have kept her completely under wraps.

  257. Sergei — I did laugh, just didn’t tell you.

  258. My husband is big on MSNBC still and they are going on and on about how suspicious a McCain victory would be.

    I’m sure they are trying to whip up some trouble, it would give them ratings.

  259. Pumas suck ass.

  260. Carol, on November 3rd, 2008 at 10:48 pm Said:

    Barack Obama to Virginia: “Tomorrow you can turn the page…………..”


    I’ve tried to let this go but… DAMN, this guy is a sack of hubristic pus. Demagogues R Us.

    Long live the Rebel Alliance!

  261. Goodnight and godspeed my dear PUMA’s. I’ll leave you with this, from Fred and Ginger. We are a courageous lot –

  262. Lakota — I thought the same thing! My mom, otoh, had much more nefarious thoughts — after reminding me that she said when he went to visit her in HI that “pretty soon we’ll be hearing that his grandmother died” she added “now the only person who knew the whole truth can’t talk.”

  263. Angie,

    aol now has DC, NY, HI, RI for Obama

    McCain has the rest

  264. bostonboomer, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:31 pm Said:

    I don’t know. I’ve seen a few videos of Biden obviously drunk in public. I think he’s got a problem. (I speak from experience).

    ah ha! another friend of bill w’s? I have that very same experience, although it’s been about 23 years since I imbibed. You are probably right about biden but I am sticking with the the wild squirrel eating story!

  265. After two years of non stop crap the day has finally arrived. My tummy is in knots.

    I present the slate of candidates who left the gate almost 2 freaken years ago:


    I feel as though someone is missing.

  266. poplicola, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:40 pm Said:

    Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it. This is a painful but valuable chance for all of us to see things as they are, not as we suppose them to be, and to do something about it.,

    This reminds me of something I said about Carlos Mencia. When he said,

    “Just because I’m honest, that makes me a bad guy?”

    so I replied:

    No, Carlos, your honesty just makes it obvious that you’re a bad guy.

  267. Moses — better then Obots who are so pathetic they can’t get a woman so they spend all their time jerking off. That causes blindness, so be careful.

  268. Angie, do more Republicans vote in AOL polls? McCain always seems to win in those. Or is it just that AOL has a better way of making sure that people don’t vote twice because they have to log in with their screenname and indicate which state they live in?

  269. afrocity — that aol poll shows the silent majority at work! Hopefully they go to the polls.

  270. I just turned over the teevee to Nightline and had a frightening thought — if Chuckie Todd and George Stephanopoulos had a child would the resulting elf, instead of baking cookies in a tree, make stuffed fig leaves instead?

  271. Angie – Your Mom is so wise! Grandmother can no longer tell us, but I can’t blame her for going on. It would have broken her heart, I’m sure, if she ever felt she had to speak against him.

  272. Prolix: Not one of your best I must say.

  273. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:05 am Said:
    Sergei — I did laugh, just didn’t tell you.

    Hey, if you’re not communicating, how is this marriage going to last? 😉

  274. Better late than never?


    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Catholics probe aid directed to ACORN
    Julia Duin (Contact)
    The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has hired forensic accounting specialists to investigate more than $1 million in church funding to voter-registration group ACORN, fearing the money may have been spent in partisan or fraudulent ways that could jeopardize the church’s tax-exempt status.

    The investigation is “thorough, serious and ongoing,” according to a July 11 letter to more than 200 bishops from New Orleans Bishop Robert Morin, chairman of the committee that oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

    The CCHD sent $1,037,000 to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in 2007, including a $40,000 grant to an ACORN affiliate in Las Vegas that was raided last month by the Nevada attorney general’s office in a voter-fraud probe.

    The Catholic aid agency has given more than $7.3 million to ACORN over the past decade for about 320 projects, according to the Catholic News Service.

    In June, the Catholic Church froze a $1.2 million grant for 38 ACORN chapters after the community-organizing group was accused of voter fraud in 15 states.

    State elections officials and the FBI are questioning ACORN workers who submitted voter registration forms signed by Mickey Mouse and members of the Dallas Cowboys football team in their efforts to register voters in low-income neighborhoods, many of whom tend to favor Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama.

    Mr. Obama once worked with ACORN as a community organizer and lawyer in Chicago.

    “While there is value in registering low-income voters, I am concerned that the whole ban on partisanship has been violated,” Ralph McCloud, the new executive director for the CCHD, said Monday.

    Mr. McCloud said he could not reassure Catholics that the funds donated before 2008 were not used in voter fraud.

    “There is no way we can tell,” he said. “All our applications go through a rigorous screening, and we ask each organization to commit to being nonpartisan. The overwhelming reality is most of the groups we fund do tremendous work.”

    The CCHD draws $9,439,000 a year in “second collections” from Catholic churches, the next one slated for Nov. 23. CCHD funds go to groups that fight poverty, interfaith associations, peace and justice groups, immigrant aid groups, environmental coalitions, cooperatives, housing coalitions and labor rights groups.

    Although Bishop Morin said USCCB money was not knowingly misused, the CCHD grants were doubled from $465,000 in 2006 to the $1 million in 2007, according to the National Catholic Register, paralleling ACORN’s dramatic rise in its efforts to register 1.3 million voters.

    The group ended up registering about 450,000 voters, mostly among poor and minority communities in battleground states.

    Charles Jackson, communications director for ACORN, said no one from the Catholic Church has contacted his group.

    “We’ve had no communication from Catholic investigators,” he said. “ACORN’s board has started its own forensic audit to look into all these matters.”

    In June, ACORN disclosed the embezzlement of $948,607 from the organization in 1999 and 2000 by Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke. The embezzlement was kept secret from most of ACORN’s board members until a whistleblower publicized the matter, and Dale Rathke subsequently was dismissed from the national board.

    He still organizes ACORN’s international nonprofit arm.

  275. Everyone, you are wonderful.

    Here in the upper left-hand corner I’ve already voted by mail for Sarah.

    Joanie — probably can’t catch you on the blog but I will plan to be at Mac and Sarah’s too. Proudly wearing my PUMA button.

    I have an international student this quarter who I’m precepting and she can see right thru BO’s posturing. She comes from a country with real health care. Oh, and where they do things by popular vote; imagine that. I’m this close to moving to Canada…..

  276. clean up Moses 12:07

    night WV & betsucha!

  277. You cannot vote twice in aol poll. You have to register. I would think OBOTS would more likely do that if they could.

  278. Email from John mcCain this evening:

    My Friend,

    From the time I entered the Naval Academy at age seventeen I have been privileged and honored to serve my country.

    Throughout my years of service, I’ve been faced with challenges where I could have taken the easy way out and given up. But I’m an American and I never give up. Instead, I choose to show courage and stand up and fight for the country I love. Today, I am asking you to stand with me and to fight for our country’s future.

    Our country faces enormous challenges and our next president must be ready to lead on day one. My lifetime of experience has prepared me to lead our great nation. I’m prepared to bring solutions to our economic challenges, bring our troops home in victory and improve our nation’s healthcare system.

    Time and time again, my country has saved my life and I owe her more than she has ever owed me. I have chosen to show my gratitude through a life of service to our country and tomorrow, you will have a choice before you.

    I humbly ask you to make the choice that will allow me to serve my country a little while longer by casting your vote to elect me as your next President of the United States.

    Finally, I ask that you never forget that much has been sacrificed to protect our right to vote. We must never forget those Americans who, with their courage, with their sacrifice, and with their lives, have protected our freedom. It is my great hope that you will exercise your right to vote as an American tomorrow.

    I thank you for your kind support, your dedication to our cause, and most importantly I thank you for your vote.

    With sincere appreciation,

    John McCain

    A very humble and sincere request. Go Johnny Go!!

  279. If they can’t create an Obama victory, they’re not going to be able to creat an Obama coup. 🙂 Obama’s used to people like Alice Palmer than he can muscle aside, the Republicans are a little tougher.

  280. Sergei — every good women knows how to maintain a little mystery!

  281. PumaInSeattle: It is just a 3 hour drive – if needed.

  282. What a leap from John McCain’s heartfelt tribute to “goddamn America”.

  283. Lakota- that occurred to me as well, that she wasn’t able to hang on for a couple of more days, if it was important to her. I have witnessed that phenomenon as well- it is a powerful force. People can hang by a thread in many cases. I thought it was interesting when someone from the BO camp stated last week (or it could have been BO himself) that she would not last until election day.

  284. Pat — No kidding. But, there’s no accounting for taste.

  285. Clean up @12:07
    Moses is stuck in the bullrushes again and not happy!!

  286. OMG — Ace of Spades HQ is reporting that someone requested that Columbia release the Khaldi tape and this is the email response:

    Yeah, right…loser

    Sidney Jackson
    Director, Marketing and Admissions
    Columbia Business School
    Executive MBA Programs
    Sent via Blackberry wireless

    Another reason BO cannot win, because if he does so-called Dems will keep acting like this!

  287. Obama just won Dixhead, NH.

    Go to Greta – she wants to know how the Obama’s got away with their hateful and lying ass remarks and she is still out there shilling for them!

    Don’t ask me, but I haven’t see Chelsea for a while, may they have her held hostage!

    GOD please forgive Pat for speeding tomorrow night to deposit these creeps back to their Mansion!

  288. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:09 am Said:
    they spend all their time jerking off. That causes blindness, so be careful.

    I wanted to respond to this comment, but for some reason I’m having trouble reading it….

    [Note: Sometimes you have to go for the obvious joke]

  289. I just caught Palin in NV & part of McCain’s speech in NM. Both of their voices are shot. They have been going non-stop. Who thinks McCain is “too old?” Please. The man has been campaigning like a champion for a year.

    What is this Dixville crap? Is that the small area that is supposed to be some kind of a bellweather of the larger election that they talk about each cycle?

    Judas is on. Another face I can’t stand to look at.

  290. Obama just won Dixhead, NH.

    Oh oh.

  291. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:14 am Said:
    Sergei — every good women knows how to maintain a little mystery!

    Ok, now I want you even more. 😉

  292. carpetride — I hope you are right — from your lips to God’s ears — but no state is red until tomorrow.

  293. Obama has won NH already?

  294. What’s the population of Dixville–is it 21?!

    I just don’t understand how conservative NH voters could vote BO…

    what a snow job.

  295. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:20 am Said:
    OMG — Ace of Spades HQ is reporting that someone requested that Columbia release the Khaldi tape and this is the email response:

    Yeah, right…loser

    Sidney Jackson
    Director, Marketing and Admissions
    Columbia Business School
    Executive MBA Programs
    Sent via Blackberry wireless

    Another reason BO cannot win, because if he does so-called Dems will keep acting like this!

    What is it about Obama that he brings out the dick in people?

  296. angienc> Someone needs to forward that answer to Columbia U. president, dean, provost, etc.

  297. Afrocity, please be very, very careful. I have a feeling the Rodney King riots were nothing compared to what may happen in that park, win or lose. I have no idea what O was thinking, but I hope and pray all goes well and peace prevails.

  298. no afrocity: it’s just one small town, but is supposed to be indicative of the larger state/race.

  299. afrocity ~

    I was listening to WBBM news radio a while ago. They are reporting that Rush MEd Center has increased its ER staff for tomorrow by 10%. That CPD has had all time off cancelled for tomorrow. And that there are some “contamination” equipment that has been activated “in case” of any kind of biological or/and chemical attack tomorrow. I also read that the Loop office buildings have been “encouraged” to close their offices at 3:00 tomorrow – to avoid any congestion OR dangerous situation at the end of the day.

    You’d think all these Chicagoans would be happy that one of “their own” had made it to the “dance”.

    Hope your apt/house gives you a view without any of the risk involved in actually being there.

  300. just got a note from my sis who voted McCain today, that makes our whole family, hope it helps.

  301. I’ve been too focussed on the top of the ticket to find out: does anyone know offhand if the Blue Dog Dems held on in the primaries? (It should be obvious why I ask.)

  302. afrocity: Dixville, NH has a tradition of being the first place in the US to vote on election day. They all do so at midnight. The population is minimal, something like 50 people. They usually vote Repub. This time they went Obama. Not sure if it means anything in the long run but it is a first win in his column so far.

  303. Population of 19.

    I demand a recount!

    Someone check for voter fraud. Did they even check their ID’S?

  304. Well, if “Dicksville” goes for O, that ought to help the Obot complacency of the young. The rest of us, who have a lesson to teach, are very very motivated.

  305. fif — so he “won” it via polling, right?

  306. anyone here on facebook? I noticed one of their little poll type apps with a really discouraging lead for bo, thoughts?

  307. I think it’s DickHead, NH

  308. Pat J — what was the vote? nevermind, I’ll google.

  309. Pat: again, how the hell can Republicans for NH swing so far out to vote for Obama with his inexperience, tax policies (NHampsherites are very frugal), and nefarious associations? I just do not understand what people are thinking/seeing. It’s truly bizarre.

  310. If Dixville always votes Republican then there aren’t likely to be any PUMAs!

  311. fif: As small as they are, just a puddle really, they probably have an ACORN office right smack in the middle of town.

  312. No angie: they are the first voters on election day–it’s a tradition. Obama won 15 to McCain 6.

  313. Re: voter unrest, i.e., riots, Sugar had a video and post a while back about why it won’t happen. Can’t find the link now.

    If it does, I sure hope no one gets hurt, but what does it say about a candidate whose supporters are like that? Yeah, right, nothing we don’t already know.

  314. When Is Lady Boomer’s post going up?

  315. angienc, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:
    Ana — no use fretting about VA — at this point, que sera, sera. I do have hope that the “bankrupting the coal industry’ will help there tomorrow though.

    Angie, I like to be a bit more upbeat about Va.
    K, Sarah Sarah

  316. thanks fif!

  317. DYB: but that also means that hard-core Republicans voted for Obama. WTF?

    Ewwwwwww, Bill Burton on Larry King. I loathe that smarmy punk. What sort of credentials does that guy have–he looks like he just left a college football team.

  318. why would conservative republicans vote for Obama?

  319. The biggest surprise for Dickhead was when a bus with Illinois license plates pulled up, 129 AA unloaded, voted, answered the exit poll workers, loaded the bus and drove to the next polling location!


  320. well — Dixville went 15 to 6 for BO — we might as well all stay home tomorrow (I’m sure that will be the meme when we wake up).

  321. Headlines from The Future:

    Obama Finds Osama

    Washington, DC

    Just hours before the polls opened, it was announced that Obama personally found Osama Bin Laden hiding in plain sight driving a taxicab in our nation’s capital…

    [Cut to: 2011]

    Osama A Phony

    The Osama bin Laden found by Obama in late 2008 turns out to have actually been the great Indian spiritual leader Maharishi Guru, who was waiting in a taxi for a friend to accompany him to the airport….

  322. kitchen LOL

    afrocity — they’re willing to have a BO win so that they can take back the House & Senate in 2010, impeach BO for all the totally bs the msm have let him get away with, and then have control of the COngress & the WH for the next 50 years. Those rightwing nuts are smart.

  323. fif> It’s been a long time since I knew what anything meant! It’s a world through the looking glass…curiouser and curiouser.

  324. Starbucks is giving free coffee to anyone who comes in and just says they had voted. I will need one on my drive to Chicago.

  325. I guess I should just stay home.

  326. I just can’t imagine a Democrat winning when I hear so many yellow dog Democrats planning to make a protest vote for McCain. Democrats can’t even win in a year when we are united. And there are still so many undecideds. Are there really that many conservatives planning to vote for Obama? I think this race has to many people who are planning to not vote for their party’s candidate this year that it is hard to predict what will actually happen today.

  327. Isn’t NH a hottie tottie state with all of the “Professors”?

  328. Relax, Dixville Notch isn’t a bellwether, they just like to vote first.

  329. No one will stop me from going to the voting booth tomorrow–even if I have to crawl.

    Larry King is a doofus. I have never understood how he’s had such a long career. His questions are so simplistic and obvious.

    Well, I’m going to sleep and will vote mid-morning. It’s going to be a difficult day, and I am worried, to be honest. I just think there is some kind of inexplicable mass hypnosis going on that is a severe reaction to the Bush years, and it has been fueled and polluted by the profoundly irresponsible and egregious media bias. It’s out of our hands–we have to vote and move forward.

    Good night friends. I’ll be here tomorrow, with the only people who understand the world I see.

  330. DV — you are right — too much crap is going on in this election — Cheney “endorsing” McCain, imo, means the right wing nuts (and face it, those are the loyal Bushies) want BO to win so they can get total nuts like Huckabee (a warm & fuzzy nut, true, but a nut all the same) into the WH for the next 50 years without breaking a sweat.

  331. I am off to bed so I can vote early. My vote may not make a dent in his lead in MA but it will cure my soul at least.

  332. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:34 am Said:
    afrocity — they’re willing to have a BO win so that they can take back the House & Senate in 2010, impeach BO for all the totally bs the msm have let him get away with, and then have control of the COngress & the WH for the next 50 years. Those rightwing nuts are smart.

    Good point. I could certainly see them looking at a Fitzmas for 2011….

  333. Carol — NH is expected to go to BO — and Seriously is right, there is no link between how Dixville votes and who wins. Its 21 votes for crissake!

  334. Goodnight Pat

  335. good night Pat; good night fif!

  336. Nite Nite.

    It’s in the bag for McPalin as long as everyone gets to the polls.

    The Coal and Industrial people are really pissed. The story is being spread by all of the Leaders in these industries.

    Our work is done.

    Thanks everyone. I am signing off forever. It has been a pleasure knowing all of you!


  337. But angie that is dumb on their part because they should not underestimate BO, who is likely to do anyway with term limits.

  338. dixville may well be the only place that isn’t cheating….sigh.

  339. Happy election eve everyone!

  340. Nite Carol

  341. hello mawmic.

  342. Carol, not forever, please!

  343. afrocity — I agree it is dumb on their part, but a lot of them loathe McCain (they consider him a RINO — which is why I kind of like him) and they are playing with fire to allow BO anywhere close to that kind of power. They think they can reign him in (just like Nancy, Harry & Dean do) but they will all be in for a big surprise if he does get in. He will declare himself President for life, like his good buddy Chavez

    Night Carol

  344. angienc, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:40 am Said:
    Carol — NH is expected to go to BO — and Seriously is right, there is no link between how Dixville votes and who wins. Its 21 votes for crissake!

    It’s a good thing the DNC isn’t in charge of the GE; they would resolve to end the counting of the votes right there and declare Obama the winner by acclaimation….:)

  345. Hi mawm!!

  346. Thanks fuzzy for the curse/prayer.

    Goodnight all. Pleasant dreams. May all your electoral wishes come true.

    No matter what happens, we are all Americans and we will get through it together.

  347. I just realized it was very important to me to have one haka of my own before I voted tomorrow. I hope this works:

    Valhalla haka! 👿

  348. Sergei — don’t think they wouldn’t if they could. Thankfully the Constitution isn’t as easy to change as the DNC rules.

  349. night mawm!

    Valhalla — it is about time you had a haka with that handle!

  350. Nite Angie, Afrocity, and all the rest of you Vampires.

  351. Something tells me someone with money paid a little visit to Dixville.

  352. I lived in New England for awhile. NH is sort of weird. That state goes traditionally blue. Also you said that they are the pulse of the nation, so they may think BO will win and did not want to look silly.

    I don’t know if I buy the conservatives against Mccain. Rush L., Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Huckabee are all for McCain. Cheney is an a$$hole. Plus Sarah is conservative.

  353. And with that, my dear PUMAs I’m off to bed to dream of red states & a BO loss.
    Good night — see you tomorrow — go vote & make sure all your Republican friends & fellow PUMAs vote too — you can “lose” your BO supporting friends numbers though.

  354. Night. I will turn in too. Love you all. Pray. Pray. Pray

  355. Dixville’s become more Democratic in the past few years, but HRC got zero votes there! lol I’m shocked they weren’t made the superdelegates of superdelegates and the contest declared over right there before the pesky rest of the state. 😉

  356. My stomach just dropped. Dixville Knox went Obama? That is not good.

  357. Nite seriously,

    LOL, they did not vote for Hillary!!! They are just idiots then

  358. Dixville, NH election returns:

    McCain 21
    Obama: 999999999

    (Those overseas absentee ballots will get you every time) 🙂

  359. Nite

  360. angie- my brother the repub drank the Kool Aid this time around. he bought the “Bush’s third term” line, and thinks he voting for a Democrat. He’s too busy at his business to really check out what he’s voting for. I think those are the R that vote for BO. The conservative R all want McCain, because they know what BO wants to do to America in the name of change.

  361. OTOh, Bill Richardson got 1 vote there, I believe….so that represented 50% of his total national votes.

  362. Update on PA from


    I have been on the ground in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, PA the last 3 days making calls, canvassing, doing visibility…and it’s red, folks…it’s red…Democrats are p*ssed off with how Hillary had the nomination stolen from her, with all the question marks the democratic candidate has hovering around him like a dirty cloud, with the outrageous (but revealing) statements made by both he and his running mate, and so many other reasons.

    Harriet, Thelma & Louise, and the Voters Formerly Known as Hillary Supporters (PUMA’s) rallied our cause in this corridor and have clearly helped turn the color of the state.

    I was called racist, given the finger umpteen times, called stupid, pathetic, etc…all by those supporting Obama. I have never experienced this kind of meanness before in an election—even when Jesse Helms was running against Harvey Gantt—I never heard these things. One Obama supporter who held a poster near me kept yelling out “We don’t want an unqualified woman in the White House!”. There are many ways of demeaning women and this is one. I know he said it on purpose.

    Oh, and on the Dixville Notch results…Hubert Humphrey also won Dixville in 1968 😉

    Good night all!! Today is V-Day!! V for VICTORY!!!


  363. Night angie! :))

  364. …on the back stretch… I feel nauseated. dramamine… How can anyone sleep now? Perhaps Ambien is doing well these days… Hello fellow insomniacs!

  365. SergeiRostov, on November 4th, 2008 at 12:53 am Said:
    Dixville, NH election returns:

    McCain 21
    Obama: 999999999

    (Those overseas absentee ballots will get you every time)

    didn’t think the Iranian army got their absentee ballots in time. my mistake…

  366. Here’s some math for Obama’s coal bankrupcy threat happened: If you know anyone in a coal state especially, please send it to them.


  367. Night afrocity

  368. I spit on this election.

    Perfect, Katiebird.

  369. Sergei, this is NO LAUGHING MATTER.

    Obama got more votes than the total number of people who voted in the Dem primary–only 10 voted then….he got 15 VOTES.


  370. 2004 Dixville Notch – Bush 19, Kerry 7

  371. Thank you, Katiebird! Moving story!
    One of my sisters and I have voted differently for years, as she is a Republican, even though we are both pro-environment, pro-choice and fiscally conservative. She bought into a lot of the anti-Clinton stories, so we had some heated discussion over that for several years. But she was appalled at the misogyny this year, directed to both Senator Clinton and Gov. Palin, as was I. We both voted for McCain for President (voting the same way maybe first time ever) and she confessed to voting for one down-ticket Democrat! (I voted for all down-ticket Democrats, with a single exception, and then for Libertarians unless they were up against a woman Republican (30% solution).


  372. Jmac — get a grip. In 1996 Dixville voted
    Robert J. Dole – 18
    William J. Clinton – 8
    in 1992:
    George H. W. Bush – 15
    H. Ross Perot – 8
    Andre Marrou – 5
    William J. Clinton – 2

    Dixville doesn’t mean sh!t but if you think it does, by all means, don’t vote tomorrow.

  373. Is Lady Boomer posting tonight or not?

  374. 2004 Dixville Notch – Bush 19, Kerry 7 = 26 votes
    2008 Dixville Notch – Obama 15, McCain 6 = 21 votes

    it’s apparent that voter supression in rampant already!

  375. Good night for real this time, y’all. (I just knew people were going to get freaked out by Dixville — the headlines are already calling it “foreshadowing” despite the fact that BO has been polling well in NH this entire election).

  376. This site will hit 4 million visitors on Election Day!

  377. Buenos noches guapa!

  378. Angienc – already voted McCain. But if Dixville went for Bush over Kerry 19 to 7 and Obama takes it this year 15 to 6, that doesn’t start the day off well.

  379. Ah, the storied career of Andre Marrou…

  380. “But if Dixville went for Bush over Kerry 19 to 7 and Obama takes it this year 15 to 6, that doesn’t start the day off well.”

    Well, luckily McCain has 10 people in his immediate family, so we dodged a bullet but it’s okay now.

  381. poplicola, I have sent the coal issue to almost 400 people and begged them to forward it to anyone in coal producing states, or any state who relies on coal energy (Nevada is 1/3 coal energy).

  382. New thread up

  383. looks like today is the beginning of a new era a puma jsnd era or end of democracy as we know it.
    thomas jefferon once said a rebellion now & then is a good thing . i thinks it time again

  384. According to the CNN website, Dems now outnumber Republicans in Dixville Notch. I also saw the two photos posted, and it seems that those in the photos do fit a demographic of Obama supporters—white, young, male.

  385. I wish I had your balls!

  386. Seriously, on November 4th, 2008 at 1:02 am Said:
    Sergei, this is NO LAUGHING MATTER.

    Obama got more votes than the total number of people who voted in the Dem primary–only 10 voted then….he got 15 VOTES.


    Jeez, hehe, I was making a comment on Obama’s previous obvious voter fraud, (note Mccain got all the legit votes, but Obama got a suspicious 999,999,999 votes 🙂 )

    [Maybe I should have made it more obvious by ending:

    In terms of total eligible nationwide voters,
    this comes out to:

    Obama 417%
    McCain 0.000001%

    Therefore all of us in the media declare Obama the winner. 🙂 ]

    But really ,like angie says, “Dixville doesn’t mean sh!t but if you think it does, by all means, don’t vote tomorrow.”

    And I would add, you may as well jump into the proverbial live volcano. 🙂

  387. I never thought I would see the day when I would pray that they dem would lose an election. but that day has come. I can not bear the sense of betrayal and the feeling that if Obama wins we will forever be taken for granted as women (and other feminists).

  388. Thinking that women are taken for granted because Hillary lost is simple insanity. It’s only a matter of time before we have a great woman as President and Hillary did a lot to get us there. People lose, for a number of reasons and had it not been for 8 years of Bush and an overwhelming desire for someone completely new, I think that Hillary would have won the primary.

    If Obama wins this election, we will have broken a tradition of older white men who have ruled this country for over 200 years. It will be a great day for the country and we still must look forward to a time in the not too distant future when a woman will lead the country.

    This is only a step forward and not the end.

  389. If Obama wins this election, we will have broken a tradition of older white men who have ruled this country for over 200 years.

    And what would you have gained? An emperor with no clothes?

  390. […] My Voting Strategy – Loyalty I spit on this election. […] […]

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