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My Voting Strategy – Just Say No To Derangement

A Rabid Obama Supporter

A Rabid Obama Supporter

Riverdaughter asked us to all to come up with a single word to describe why we are voting the way we are on Tuesday.  That’s really a tough assignment because there are lots of words to choose from.  I considered “principles,” “honesty,” “integrity,” “ethics,” “experience” and “shame” because those are all things Barack Obama lacks.

I thought about using “liar,” “fake,” “phony,” or “unscrupulous” because those are all things that Obama is.  I was going to use “hubris” because that is Obama’s favorite sin, but then I saw this and realized that my word had to be “derangement.”

Obama’s strategy in the primary campaign against Hillary was to take advantage of and fan the flames of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.  Unhinged misogyny was the major component of CDS, but it went beyond that into other areas as well.  From the obsession with Hillary’s voice, ankles and cleavage to her alleged tears (or lack thereof) the media and Obama supporters became the He Man Woman Haters Club.

But they also bought into and pimped every noxious rumor and allegation that came along.  Racism, Tuzla, kneecapping and RFK were only the more prominent fables being spread by Obamanation.  They also recycled old right-wing memes from the nineties.  Even worse, they launched unhinged attacks on Hillary’s supporters too.

But the derangement didn’t end with Hillary’s candidacy, it metastisized and mutated into Palin Derangement Syndrome.  While there are reasons to oppose Sarah Palin, the attacks on her have been truly bizarre.  Sadly, many of these attacks have come from alleged feminists.

Now some people might say that it is unfair to blame Obama for what his supporters say and do.  I disagree.  First of all, Obama has never done more than tepidly denounce the attacks on Hillary and Sarah.  Secondly, while publically pretending to oppose or be unaware of the attacks, the Obama campaign has pushed them in the media and through the blogosphere.  Lastly, even if Obama were wholly innocent his supporters scare the bejeezus out of me.

It’s not enough to say I cannot support Obama, I believe he must be defeated.  I cannot in good faith advocate the defeat of Obama and then expect someone else to do the dirty work.  Voting for a third-party or NOT (nothing on top) voting would be a cop-out.  When I was young and dumb and full of shit I voted for Ronald Reagan, but for over two decades I have been a yellow-dog Democrat.  I thought I would never vote for a Republican again.

This year I will just say no to derangement and cast my vote for McCain/Palin.

202 Responses

  1. OK, you took the plunge! Good post BTW.

  2. I promise I am good at reading people. You are doing the right thing. John McCain and Sarah Palin will be great for this country and like I said, Hill and Bill will be with them all the way! (They are still in deep do do with me though at this time. They will be required to repent! And, I know how to hold a grudge for a long time!)

    44 hours and hopefully we will know and celebrate!


  3. It sure is a sorry state of affairs. I have been planning to vote Green because my vote won’t make a difference. McCain is up by >10% in my state. You are right…a weasel vote is not the way to go…I will suck it up and vote for McCain; hopefully the less dangerous of the two.

  4. I agree. I can’t just sit out the election. Either McCain or Obama will be the next president. You have to choose or you’re just wasting your vote. I knew that I could never give my vote to Obama. I figured that out a long time around the time of the South Carolina primary. My vote against Obama is a vote against sexism, racebaiting, the media, the DNC, and Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

  5. To paraphrase Mama Gump, “Evil is as evil does.”

  6. Here’s my one word: choice.

    As in, I have a choice in an election. I get to decide. The media does not decide for me. The DNC elites do not decide for me. R@ce-baiters and riot threats do not decide for me. Saudi slush funds and illegal campaign contributions do not decide for me.

    No one owns my vote. It is my own choice.

  7. myiq2xu, can you check The Confluence email? I sent a message about 20 minutes ago.

  8. My chihuahuas are NOT Obama supporters! Thank Goodness!!

    I voted for McCain on Friday. Had no problem doing it, either. Obama is over the top, unctious, arrogant…it’s surreal. He doesn’t even seem like a real person to me anymore…

    I have a post going up in about an hour (MT) on Obama’s handwriting…took me ages to do it, but it’s darned good…IMOP!!

    I wish my blogroll would go back to where it belongs…I don’t know why it suddenly shifted!!

  9. Good post My IQ and preach it battlecat.

    After this cycle we all need to sit down and brainstorm how we can get past voting for just bad or worse. The two party system is not working for the majority of us. The Dems and the GOP play us off and continue to collect our tax dollars for naming post offices.

  10. SHV, the only votes that don’t make a difference are the ones that are not cast. Your vote always matters!

  11. DV:

    No, I’m just a (im)poster here, I don’t have the keys to the executive washroom.

  12. Glad you joined the club, myiq. That red shoes post was truly sick. I don’t know how Lambert can stand it over there these days.

    Meanwhile, I just heard Ann Coulter say that she would have preferred Hillary to John McCain. Did the world shift on it’s axis or something?

  13. Carol,

    What were the polls you were asking about on the other thread? I’m glad you’re still up.

  14. All calls to the Campaign Headquarters were unreturned. Hopefully, this is the lump that sinks his ship!


    “The senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association called Obama’s comments “unbelievable.”

    “His comments are unfortunate,” Chris Hamilton said Sunday, “and really reflect a very uninformed voice and perspective to coal specifically and energy generally.”

    Hamilton noted other times Obama and vice presidential candidate Joe Biden have made seemingly anti-coal statements.

    “In Ohio recently, when Joe Biden said ‘not here’ about building coal-fired power plants — this is exactly what will happen,” Hamilton said. “Financing won’t be directed here. It will all go aboard for plants elsewhere in the world. The United Sates is importing more coal today from Indonesia, South Africa and Colombia than we ever have.

    “If we’re going to create a situation where coal-fired power plants are at that much of a disadvantage, there will be new ones built. But as Biden said, just not here.”

  15. Murphy’s post “Holy Smokes”

  16. BB:

    That one was mild compared to some. It was just that post that crystalized it for me.

  17. Ann Coulter has been saying that since at least January or February.

  18. My handwriting piece suddenly appeared an hour early…forgot to reset the time!! Anyway, since it’s up…here it is…

    Obama–A Look at the Personality Behind the Handwriting


  19. Ann Coulter is still a dolt even if she does prefer Hillary. Even a broke clock yada yada yada……..

  20. Philip Berg is on Coast to Coast AM right now.

  21. “Holy Smokes”

    Does it concern the sacred ganja?

  22. Holler, myiq!

    I remember you as a voice of reason on TalkLeft before Jeralyn drank the kool-aid.

    PUMA power. I can’t wait to see the O-bots cry Tues night and Weds morn!

  23. myiq: There are some strange things at work in the Corrente building these days. They mostly seem to be doing write-ins…

    I loved the shoes, myself, but I wasn’t wading in.

  24. Can anyone link me to Obama’s exact statement?

    My hubby works for NS. One of the largest things they ship is coal. The UTU has endorsed Obama. I want to ensure that as many of them know that they very well may be cutting their own throats.

  25. RE: COAL…

    What is this all about?

    “”The only thing I’ve said with respect to coal, I haven’t been some coal booster,” Obama said in the San Francisco Chronicle interview. “What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as an ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it.”

    So, his ideology is more into caving to the nuke industry on safety??? (Exelon)

  26. I was gonna try to summarize the CDS and PDS attacks I have seen, but I only had 8-10 hours free to work on this.

  27. myiq2xu, on November 3rd, 2008 at 1:19 am Said:
    I was gonna try to summarize the CDS and PDS attacks I have seen, but I only had 8-10 hours free to work on this.


    Right? Either way, you’ve always been a great commenter and a ferocious advocate against sexism. I remember fighting PDS, especially, all over left blogistan. Getting banned from TL was my coup de gras, I think. There was no room for us “Republican shills.”

  28. Heh

    Yeah because we’ve been doing a bang up job keeping track of the nuke facilities we already have. Didn’t they say earlier on that these facilities have been easily been breached and by the way where are we going to be putting the waste again?

  29. Coal story on front page http://www.foxnews.com

  30. I think Palin must have killed Jeralyn’s dog or sumpin’. She has had PDS bad.

  31. What’s really sickening is that it wasn’t just anonymous and pseudonymous stuff in unmoderated comment threads, it was front page stuff by “A” and “B” listers and prime time rants by network talking heads.

  32. CWaltz:

    Right? I kept arguing that “Troopergate” was the stupidest thing to follow. And it still was not the “October Surprise” people expected. Who the heck is talking about it nowadays?

    But Biden has a (D) after his name, and Palin has an (R) after hers. I guess that’s all she needed.

  33. New Mason-Dixon state polls:

    The final round of Mason-Dixon polls has Obama enjoying small leads in the red states that would deliver him the presidency, but he’s below 50 percent in each and there are enough white undecided voters to leave some too close to call.

    Colorado: Obama 49, McCain 44, Undecided 4
    Florida: Obama 47, McCain 45, Undecided 7
    Nevada: Obama 47, McCain 43, Undecided 8
    Pennsylvania: 47, McCain 43, Undecided 9
    Virginia: Obama 47, McCain 44, Undecided 9
    Ohio: McCain 47, Obama 45, Undecided 6
    Missouri: McCain 47, Obama 46, Undecided 5
    North Carolina: McCain 49, Obama 46, Undecided 5

    As Brad Coker, who runs the Mason-Dixon poll, notes, the vast majority of the undecided voters in these states are whites.


  34. I’m sure McCain will take my state, Texas, with or without my vote, but I felt I had to show my defiance to the DNC and all those who have tried pushing or strongh-arming me into supporting and voting for Obama. I’m ashamed of my ‘old’ party, and I have lost so much faith in so many people. It is truely unbelieveable to me how so many people can be so blind. It’s all really scary to me right now thinking this man may actually win. God…someone… anyone…help us!

  35. Every state is a swing state. Square your shoulders, hold your head up, and proudly vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    This is the United States of America. It is not a tyranny of large cities in states with many Electoral College votes. If you live in any state your vote counts.

    Please send a clear message. Do not trade your vote. Please do not devalue your fellow Americans’
    Constitutionally protected Right to a real vote. You either have integrity or you don’t.

    The idea that anyone should feel bad for voting Republican or Democrat or Independent or Green or whatever is as repugnant to me as it was to George Washington:

    “It serves to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration….agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one….against another….it opens the door to foreign influence and corruption…thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.”

    Besides, it is secret. Do the right thing. At least be proud of yourself if you don’t want anyone else to know.

  36. Pat – are ya gettin’ rested up? It’s gonna be a long trip even if you are speedin’ and not stoppin’ anywhere!

  37. I gladly filled in the oval for McCain given what has happened to the Democratic Party in this election. I had no regrets because this empty suit has to be stopped.

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  38. CWaltz:

    I had a lot of respect for Jeralyn and then her head exploded.

    It was like finding out your nice, quiet neighbor is a serial killer.

  39. IBD-TIPP -The most accurate pollster of the 2004 Campaign- shows that McCain has closed the gap on Barack Obama down to 2 points.
    8.7% are still undecided.

    The race tightened again Sunday as independents who’d been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

    With most undecideds swinging to McCain-Palin this is devastating news for the Obama Campaign.

    UPDATE: This is interesting– 395,617 PUMA’s are needed to tie and 32,065 more to win the election on Tuesday.


  40. Thanks Carol

    Just fired off a email to the UTU PAC. To be fair they endorsed Hillary during the primary. That said, they should have been aware of Obama’s position on coal considering many of their members owe their livelihood to it. I will show hubby when he gets home and hopefully he can get ahold of Jamie and some of the guys who are more active on the railroad to make sure THEY are aware before they vote.

  41. If I had to come up with a single word as to why I was voting the way I was (already voted by absentee ballot) I’d have to say Hubris. Obama is So full of himself he can’t see beyond his own narcissism. His ego, cockiness and arrogance grows by the day. He’s an empty suit, period with No executive experience. A second word would be Cheater. I don’t approve or condone of cheating and Obama and his DNC pals, along with his thug supporters Cheated Hillary Clinton out of the nomination.

    Voted for McCain/Palin; first Republican vote I’ve ever cast. Don’t agree with McCain’s take on most issues but am Firmly convinced he’s an honorable man with the experience to lead our Country; neither can be said about Sen. Obama.

  42. If you have posting privileges at Corrente go tell Vastleft that we didn’t start the fire:


    Re: Democrats for McCain

  43. If you go to the gateway pundit link in my previous comment and go down several posts there is audio and transcript of Obama’s remarks on bankrupting the coal industry. Let’s hope everyone in KY, OH, PA, VA, WV, and WY hears this news tomorrow.

  44. I still respect Jeralyn but I wouldn’t trust her opinion on Palin for spit. Intellectual honesty went out the window when it came to Palin, it was downright disturbing to see.

  45. myiq: I commented on the red shoes thing so may not have privileges anymore!!

  46. myiq2xu,

    Let them talk among themselves. At least we are giving them something to talk about. What are they doing?

  47. My word would be inconsistency.

    Obama is all over the map. I’m not going to pretend I have some great insight into his psyche but his desire to be all thing to all people rubs me the wrong way. You can’t please all the people all the time AND be truthful. It just doesn’t work that way.

  48. Meh

    Let em talk.

    Personally, I find their position sadder. They are voting for someone they don’t like or believe in simply because he has a D after his name.

  49. insightanalytical, on November 3rd, 2008 at 1:05 am Said:
    My chihuahuas are NOT Obama supporters! Thank Goodness!!

    You might want to make sure of this; it’s possible ACORN registered them. 🙂

    Sergei Rostov
    Internet Transformer

  50. CWaltz, on November 3rd, 2008 at 1:24 am Said:
    I think Palin must have killed Jeralyn’s dog or sumpin’. She has had PDS bad.

    Yeah, she’s gone way around the bend. Recent;y she claimed twice that the judge in Troopergate II declared her guilty, and when it was pointed out – by someone actually quoting the decision (what a concept!) – that just the opposite was true, she said, “You made your point, and we don’t agree. Move on.”


    Sergei Rostov
    Internet Fusebox

  51. Fredster, even Lambert didn’t like the red shoes thing… I already commented to VastLeft on another thread because he/she claimed McCain voted for FISA.

    Honestly, I’m not sure what the point was of this post. It looks to me like they are flogging themselves with wet noodles before leaving the top of the ballot blank or writing in. Seems to be painful for them.

  52. For the record, I would so wear those shoes. They are totally cute.

  53. myiq: in case my late night writing is getting cloudy…

    I meant that I wasn’t sure what the post at Corrente was about.

  54. I missed the “red shoes” bit. What is that?

  55. jjm

    That what it appears to me to. They have tepidly supported Obama, not because they believe he will be a great leader but because he has a D after his name. It doesn’t sound like they have made peace with their decision AT ALL.

    It seems funny that they think that they could somehow convince me when it looks like they are still working on convincing themselves.

  56. Well, CWaltz, there is that.

  57. CWaltz, on November 3rd, 2008 at 1:45 am Said:
    Let em talk.
    Personally, I find their position sadder. They are voting for someone they don’t like or believe in simply because he has a D after his name.

    A couple of times over the past 8 years, I’ve wondered if it might not be better if we had a system where we go into the voting booth and vote for positions asnd policies instead of candidates, and the one who matches the will of the people most closely wins. 🙂

    Sergei Rostov
    Internet Three-Prong Adapter

  58. It’s an adorable pair of red pumps that are open toe buckles. They are hard to describe. go to the site and scroll down. They probably cost a pretty penny which is the only reason they wouldn’t grace my closet floor. 😉

  59. poplicola:

    Re: Red shoes

    There is one link in my post – click on it.

  60. I think they can’t bring themselves to actually vote for obama, but they are afraid they won’t be good democrats anymore (or something) if they don’t vote all D’s.

    I like Corrente and read it most days. Some days are harder than others. Ohio needs to tell another story.

  61. Position wise on paper I would be an Obama supporter. Fortunately, I do not look just at what someone says but also what he does or does not do. Charecter is important.

  62. CWaltz:

    Making fun of Sarah’s shoes isn’t sexist or anything, is it?

  63. I think I would have agreed with obama (primary version) where not as much with obama (general release)

  64. A lot has been said about the Obama disrespect for women. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am just another Sweetie to be pushed aside, if indeed I am on the O-team’s radar at all.

    But nobody has said much about the way the O-team is using age against McCain. Aging scares the crap out of me, but even more with the way they are trying to put McCain out to pasture.

    They way things have been going with trigger happy Cheney and the way they keep him alive, I suspect a president McCain’s age would have a bigger chance of killing someone than dying himself.

  65. myiq: it seems more catty to me. Anytime I see women beating on other women for being women… always strikes me as catty.

    It probably is sexist and my interpretation of it being catty is probably sexist too. I never thought about it.

  66. any advice on cheering someone up? my mother is running around bummed out, feeling like onuts has this won, that mccain already lost, she’s been so negative lately and it’s unbearable, every time I try and say something positive I get squashed “all the polls are sayin this and…'” and so on.

  67. Give it two days randall.

  68. myiq2xu and CWaltz:

    I visited Talk Left a while ago from the blog Eschaton when it used to link to her a lot. Back when Kobe Bryant was being investigated for rape in CO, I believe, I read some of her posts and she seemed extremely empathetic to Kobe while completely unempathetic to the girl. I had a bad vibe about her after that and didn’t go there much.

  69. What IS a good Democrat? Let us count the ways.

    Let’s see a good Democrat doesn’t care about the fourth amendment. It is far more important that AT&T have immunity and that there is no arguing on the House floor.

    A good Democrat says elect us and we’ll get our troops out of Iraq and then finds it too much effort to fight to actually get those troops out of Iraq. But hey, they’re getting a GI Bill in 2011.

    A good Democrat does not believe in accountability particularly if it means there will be messy fighting on the House or Senate floor.

    A good Democrat doesn’t ask questions when the Bush administration says they MUST bail out AIG,Fannie, Freddie, Bear Stearns, and ALL of Wall Street. Hey, the guy has been doing such a bang up job why bother with petty things like finding out where they got their numbers from.

    A good Democrat doesn’t need to count the votes, rigging is how you WIN elections.

    Why would anyone want to be a good Democrat when these appear to be the standards? I’m running as far away from the term “good Democrat” as I can.

  70. If she weren’t wearing any they’d have something to say about that too. Personally I think the shoes are as cute as a button. Why where ugly when cute works is my motto.

  71. CWaltz: I’m right there with you.

  72. CWaltz,
    I saw a bit on Entertainment Tonight about those shoes (believe me, I never watch that show, it’s just that the TV was on). I think they are from Red Alligator?? They cost $89.

    The designer offered to give them to Sarah Palin, but she refused and bought them instead.

    It’s called Integrity.

  73. ugh wear, not where.

  74. JJ! How are ya?

    For the record, I have my absentee ballot still empty. Will figure out what I’m going to do in the next day or two. Planning to hand in my ballot when I drop the nephew off at school on Tues. Carol Gregory is the only candidate I’m happy to vote for.

  75. myiq: I love your post. Thanks for writing it.

    I will “see” you all tomorrow!

  76. gqm! I really was going to bed.

    I’m going to drop our ballots off tomorrow. We have a little voting stand that looks like one of those old Kodak film booths.

    How are you doing?

  77. G’nite jjm!

  78. Sorry, the kodak voting booth is down on lower Brown’s Point. It has always been open before elections for ballot drop-offs.

  79. In my BK(Before Kids) days, I’d have spent $80 on those shoes. Nowadays I’m wearing $20 flats I picked up at Target. That said, they are cute flats. My husband laughs at me. if there is something wrong with liking nice, cute or pretty things they can call me a sinner already and be done with it. i’m not a guy and I refuse to pretend I am one. I make no apologies for my gender and it seems like Sarah has that same position.

  80. Getting desparate. For a job that is.

    I want one of those stickers that said I voted. I always vote absentee and never get a sticker. Though my wonderful friend got me one on primary day. I miss her.

  81. I know it’s not much but I am sorry you are struggling gq.

    jjm have a good un’

  82. Why not go to the poll when they open and get that sticker. We always enjoy meeting our neighbors in line. The trick is to go before they open, so the maximum wait time is how long before that you get there.

  83. gqm: if you are still struggling, you can do what my son did – check the write in box and then write N/A.

    I think a better idea is to have a couple drinks, blindfold yourself and then mark something on each page of the voter pamphlet. Once you run out of pages, you can remove the blindfold and vote for whatever you ended up marking.

    Certainly you would be giving the potential elected officials all the serious consideration they are deserving at this point.

  84. Amen, well said, and I am in total agreement.

    Thanks, myiq2xu .

  85. I wish I knew smart people who were looking to hire a smart person gqm – but I only know programmers.

  86. gq

    From what I understand that sticker can score you some free food. Krispy Kreme and Starbucks are offering coffee and doughnuts and Chikfila and Ben and Jerry’s are offering chicken sandwich and ice cream.

  87. I’m off to bed for real.

    Goodnight and sweet dreams to you all!

  88. My biggest question is for Gov. I *really* don’t like Rossi. I’m ticked at Gregoire for the same reason I’m ticked at Dems in general. She wasn’t a real hater, but she could have called attention to discrepencies between caucus and primary and voiced opposition to the treatment of Hillary and her delegates.

  89. Which in your gut is the lesser of the two evils gq?

    Rossi’s positions or Gregoire’s blind eye…………

  90. firelight2012: What you said about Jeralyn doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t know about Talk Left back then but she has always been sympathetic to criminals but never sympathetic to the victims who are usually women. I felt the same way when I went back there to see what she had to say about OJ Simpson. She thinks he is innocent but that isn’t what bothers me. She basically attacked the Goldman family because God forbid a family who lost their son shouldn’t be angry. I think her world view is very distorted and she once said during the primaries that she doesn’t consider herself to be a feminist and was never interested very much in women’s rights. She says criminal justice is her thing. Some of the things she says gives me the creeps and I don’t plan on going back to TL.

  91. Re Rossi and Gregoire – I don’t like either. I am leaving the Washington Governor’s race blank unless I can write in someone better than both of them.

  92. I contemplated writing in Gary Locke…

    For state elections, there are only two options as decided in the primary, you could vote for two candidates and the two with the most votes end up on the final ballot.

  93. My Congressman is a blue dog and is running unopposed, so I’m down to the state assembly and ballot propositions.

  94. Excellent post, myiq2xu. From beginning to end, it’s as if you read my mind.

    For the past 20 years, I have been rabidly partisan in voting. Strictly Democratic. PERIOD. Every election. For every office from President to dog catcher. I harped on, cajoled and probably irritated the hell out of everyone I knew to do the same thing. Not voting – as a protest – was not an option. I wanted the bad people DEFEATED! And I was relentless.

    This year will be no different. Except this time, I am doing what I can to make sure the Party that deserted me pays the price. Obama, Pelosi, the DNC, etc simply can not get away with all they have done. Stealing votes? Fraud? Sexism and misogyny? Calling the Clintons racists? BILL & HILLARY CLINTON? Racists? Are you freaking kidding me?

    So, this year, the Dems must pay for their crimes against humanity. I will (gladly) vote for McCain/Palin. And, as of right now, so will 17 additional (lifelong Democratic) family members and close friends of mine. That’s 18 votes the media thinks are going to Obama, but are actually not. Let them stick that in their exit poll.

    I hope McCain wins in a landslide. And then I can help begin the process of helping Hillary reclaim the Party from the scum that has overtaken it.

  95. My one word: women.

    I’m thinking especially about:

    — the older women “feminists” who have once again been co-opted into supporting sexism — and men on top, always — and keep justifying this position for nonsensical reasons. Especially their utter refusal to look at Sarah Palin, or even Hillary, as a complete human being — rather than as someone defined by one or two specific characteristics — and judge her accordingly. Yes, both S & H have their faults, and each has made mistakes — who hasn’t? — but their full records of achievement would be the envy of ANY male politician — and still they are derided for not matching up to some illusory notion of perfection. These women, and all of us, need to get used to the idea of women in ultimate positions of power.

    — Hillary, Sarah Palin and their women supporters: I hope no woman candidate — or any supporter who identifies with her — EVER has to endure the non-stop, widely accepted media blasts of misogyny that Hillary and Sarah and all of us have been put through this year.

    — the young women taken in by BO who have taken up the sexist attacks on Hillary and Sarah without even understanding what they’re doing. They could certainly do with some exposure to a real woman in a position of real leadership.

    — and all women-to-be: young teenagers and girls who will, finally, truly KNOW that they can aspire to anything, and achieve it.

    So I voted Palin/McCain on Thursday — ecstatically.

    P.S. What WAS that, anyway, about the red shoes on Corrente? If you choose to wear heels, those are quite stylish, with a pronounced classic Italian cut to them, and look way more comfortable than most; and if you choose not to wear heels, that’s fine, too (and certainly better for your back, legs, & feet). What’s the big deal?

    P.P.S. What are “PDS” and “CDS”?

  96. I know it is early — have any of you seen this yet:

    Nadler candidly discusses Obama and Wright’s church

  97. PDS and CDS stand for Palin and Clintion Derangement Syndrome, respectively.

  98. JB –

    CDS = Clinton Derangement Syndrome
    PDS = Palin Derangement Syndrome

  99. back to the new YouTube about Obama (not trying to sidetrack the shoes discussion, its quite funny)

    From the description:

    “Obama’s surrogate high profile congressman Jerry Nadler would love to take back words uttered today at 4:45 in Boca Raton ( the mout of the rat)
    Nadler is asked how Obama could sit in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for 500 Sundays listing to the anti-semitic, anti-American diatribes.

    My guess is knowing how politics works
    This is not going to be complimentary to Senator Obama ….. he didn’t have the poltical courage to make a statement and walk out.”

  100. I can never limit myself when it comes to words, so I have two: my negative one is ‘disgust’. As in I’m so disgusted that a year ago when I was thrilled that a Democrat would be in the WH for the next 4 years. So much for that, not only is Obama not a Democrat, he’s not even a believer in small-d democracy.

    My positive word is ‘integrity’. Obama lacks it (in a sucking black hole sort of way), but so many people I’ve met online have it. I can’t say the same for most of the people around me, who’ve bought the fairly tale that Obama is not only a Democrat, but The One. Ptooie.

    The Great Red Shoes Controversy was Twilight Zone ridiculous. After putting up the pics of Palin’s shoes and dumping on them, the poster at Corrente got all huffy and put out when other commenters dinged her for writing an anti-Palin fashion post, and claimed it had nothing to do with Palin, just her shoes. Uh huh. Yeah.

    I’m almost afraid to say this aloud (well, ok, in writing), because of the whole careful what you wish for thing, but how delicious would it be if Obama won the popular vote but McCain won the electoral college???? Some people, after all, don’t learn a lesson until it goes against them. Ha! I would need to be hospitalized from laughing myself sick. (note to gods and goddesses — I’m not hoping Obama wins the popular vote!!! no! no! just speculating).

  101. Valhalla, lmao, but lets win both!

  102. Valhalla,
    Then the Obots would really go batsh*t. I would be afraid for McCain and Sarah’s lives.

  103. Valhalla:

    Sarah at Corrente (PDS Sarah) has said the Palin scares her more than Osama bin Laden.

    For her the red shoe diary was an almost lucid moment

  104. I know when I voted, I didn’t fully understand, but after I voted, I realized that I had made a decision that didn’t support a strong America. When I voted, I realized I voted for someone who would “do it for me” where I don’t have to be responsible for myself. After I made that decision, I now know that I didn’t make a decision based on creating a strong America.

    I want a candidate in office that will support me being an entrepreneur, which is what this country was founded on. This country is not about having the government being responsible for you, its about being an entrepreneur. And that was what this country was founded on. I don’t agree with everything McCain does, and how he campaigned, but he does know a little bit more about being an American and what it means to be an entrepreneur. And that is what this country needs right now, just a little bit more of that. So if you haven’t voted yet, vote for the candidate who will support us in being responsible for ourselves. This country does depend on it.

  105. I’m gonna do another post on derangement because I want to discuss which of the two possible explanations is worse:

    1. The people exhibiting CDS/PDS are conciously lying and are intentionally perpetrating fraud in order to help Obama win


    2. The people exhibiting CDS/PDS really believe what they say and are not guilty by reason of insanity.

  106. I think it is

    1. The people exhibiting CDS/PDS are conciously lying and are intentionally perpetrating fraud in order to help Obama win


    2. The people exhibiting CDS/PDS really believe what they say.

    Insanity is not a defense here.

  107. Myiq-I just wanted to thank you for all the party time at Halloween!!!
    I had so much fun just reading all the posts and clicking on all the videos on Saturday morning. (we’re six hours ahead here).

    That Sarah at corrente is a holy terror.

  108. poplicola – the question is, has FOX seen this youtube? that is so precious. it pisses me off that all this stuff has come out this weekend, after so many people have voted early (I hope somebody does a poll on early voters for BO who wish they’d waited).

    Thanks everyone for clearing up PDS & CDS — all I had to do was look at the thread tags — big duh on me.

    As for the shoes — big duh on all of THEM, who somehow think this matters.

    I like so many of the “one words” — especially integrity, character, and (BO’s) hubris. Good reasons all for voting McPalin.

  109. It could be simply Mass Hysteria.

  110. Or in the case of Sarah (of corrente) mental deficiency.

  111. Ooooo thanks for the handwriting post InsightAnalytical-GRL

    I wonder if there’s one for Mc/Palin?


    Until about a week ago, I was considering a Write-In vote. But given the crystal clear possibility that I’d be, in essence, handing BO my vote with that strategy, I’m choosing McCain/Palin.

  112. I absolutely LOVE this series.

    Great job, myiq!

    Now I’m going to go read the rest of the comments.

  113. JB in VA
    Send them a link to it. Send it to every news outlet you watch. I did. Lets get the word out; time is short.

  114. This was a great post!!!

    I believe #2 best captures what is going on (“2. The people exhibiting CDS/PDS really believe what they say and are not guilty by reason of insanity”)

    Obots really need Obama, really, REALLY NEED him, and more so than he needs him. If any of ya get a chance, check out Eric Hoffer’s True Believer.

    “Faith in a holy cause is to a considerable extent is a substitute for the lost faith in ourselves.” -Hoffer

    Any bets on how those with full blown CDS/PDS will react when Obama loses?

  115. I love this from NewOrleans:

    “Let them stick that in their exit poll.”

  116. jvsp:

    They will refuse to believe He lost. He’s already got his own seal and faux-Air Force One. They’ll just consider Him the President-in-exile. They’ll probably stage their own faux-inaugural too.

  117. I’m about 2/3 done with my follow-up post.

  118. jsvp,
    There will be crickets chirping for about an hour. Then the wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth will begin.

    Meanwhile, John and Sarah will get down to the business of reforming Washington.

  119. “Let them stick that in their exit poll.”


    …found Obama’s personal inspiration song, scrubs. Crank it up and enjoy! “Yes, we can!”

  120. myiq2xu,
    good. I’m watching Sarah’s Convention speech again.

  121. pop & myiq

    Can you even see Obama conceding? I just can’t see him conceding especially as myiq notes,

    “He’s already got his own seal and faux-Air Force One.”

    It’s going to be messy IMHO

  122. poplicola:

    That was the only speech I watched start to finish all year.

    Most speeches have null content and I prefer to read the transcripts for anything useful.

    That’s probably why I don’t “get” Obama.

  123. jvsp! Fantastic choice, mate. I’m listening to it and grinning from ear to ear. “Sell, sell”

  124. The only speech I ever liked of Barack’s was the “purple America” one. Haven’t cared much for them since.

  125. Hey, which way did your time change, guys?

    It is 8:30 p.m. here in Cairns. What is it there – on the East and West Coasts?

  126. jvsp:

    The next four years will be ugly no matter who wins.

    But I would greatly prefer seeing ugly Obots complaining they were “robbed” than seeing them gloat.

    They will never believe The Lightbringer lost fair and square no matter what the final tally is.

  127. I’m gonna try to catch some sleep – wish me luck!

  128. Argh — my last post is in moderation

    Looks like the Nadler comments are spreading.

  129. Good luck!

  130. scrubs57 it is 5:37 am here in Ohio (Eastern Standard Time)

  131. scrubs,

    LOL! 🙂 ssssssnake oil!

    Wow! you are way over thar, far from the demagogue. Do you see any Obama adverts over there. I mean they are voting over there, right? ’tis 5:35 here in NY and all is well in Hillary land.

    Do you all think it is going to be get violent?

  132. g’night!

  133. Shit, my computer went a little batty there. Goodnight, myiq.

    Not many adverts down here jvsp but lots of relatives and friends from overseas telling me I’m crazy for not supporting BO. One is visiting right now and I had to set him straight quickly – too bad he already cast his vote.

    My ex-girlfriend knows me very well and was originally a BO supporter. We visited with each other and she listened very closely to me (as those who know you well tend to do). When we left each other again 3 days later, she had turned away from Barack and has never looked back. She voted in Oregon and I dearly hope she was able to convince her family to do the same.

    Many of my workmates (Australian) get shocked when they hear that I voted McCain. When I sit them down and explain why, they are doubly shocked because they just don’t hear about Precious’s badness down here.

    My world turned upside down this year – and it wasn’t because I live way down here.

  134. If true this is encouraging in terms of electing McCain and at the same time disturbing how little regard this supposed Obama staffer has for other Americans.


    “Bad News from the Keystone State

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is something that I want all of my blue state friends to know before it’s too late, and I’m not sure who else is going to tell you.

    …Out there, you aren’t hearing from PA Dems like Murtha and Casey, but I am. They know now they can’t deliver their base. They may never get their base back again. While I was in Uniontown last week, Murtha came right out and called his own constituents racist, hoping perhaps that a little straight talk might get people back to just being shamed into not voting. But it’s too late – these folks are now fully committed to saving the country from a terrorist loving, Muslim communist. And they will be voting, in enough numbers to outweigh the urban centers. ”

    much more at the link

  135. argh moderation again…

    If true this is encouraging in terms of electing McCain and at the same time disturbing how little regard this supposed Obama staffer has for other Americans.

    (remove spaces to link)

    http ://www. americanthinker.com/blog/2008/10/notes_from_a_battleground_stat. html

    “Bad News from the Keystone State

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is something that I want all of my blue state friends to know before it’s too late, and I’m not sure who else is going to tell you.

    …Out there, you aren’t hearing from PA Dems like Murtha and Casey, but I am. They know now they can’t deliver their base. They may never get their base back again. While I was in Uniontown last week, Murtha came right out and called his own constituents racist, hoping perhaps that a little straight talk might get people back to just being shamed into not voting. But it’s too late – these folks are now fully committed to saving the country from a terrorist loving, Muslim communist. And they will be voting, in enough numbers to outweigh the urban centers. ”

    much more at the link

  136. check the blog of Thomas Lifson at American Thinker — supposedly someone found a despondent Obama staffer’s cry for help. thinks PA is lost and VA in trouble.

    (admins can you please get one of the previous posts out of moderation and delete the others – thank you.)

  137. msut have been one of the words in the quote.

  138. I confess , I want to see Donna Brazile and Rachel Maddow and Keith Olberman cry when bo is defeated. The reasons I have are too long to list ,but they include everything that has been said in these blogs ,and said so much more pointedly and eloquently than I could have hope to do myself .
    All the rest of the people with generalised Clinton/ Palin Derangement Syndrome , also known as Misogynistic Syndrome NOS ; for them I wish all the antipsychotics and antidepressants their doctors can prescribe.

  139. We keep reading what Sarah wears.

    What will the Obama people wear on Wednesday?
    Sackcloth and ashes.

    They have deliberately and systematically insulted every group that makes this country great.

  140. Wow that Nadler video had 5000 views when I posted the link. Now its above 8000. I see that I’m not the only one swilling coffee and typing maniacally all night.

  141. “My world turned upside down this year – and it wasn’t because I live way down here.”

    LOL! hee hee

    At least you have been successful in convincing people!!!

    “We visited with each other and she listened very closely to me (as those who know you well tend to do).”

    At least you have been successful in convincing people!!!

    It’s just so amazing how little people know about this guy. And where to begin… my gosh! Have you lost friends over this whole fiasco of an “election”?

    Two of my friends are pretty apolitical (hence I can bear to be around them). I discussed Rev. Wright with them and they were horrified that Obama was even a candidate. One has voted and the other will soon. After that, they just don’t want to hear anymore. They’re traumatized.

    Another friend of mine, educated and the rest only accepts what the NYT reports. And, he just “feels” that Obama is right. I admire people such as yourself who can sit down and carefully listen and take the time. I am no longer able to do so. It’s very difficult to read philosophy (painstakingly thought out arguments) for uni, and then listen to the tortured “logic” that Obama apologists “weild” arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

    Too bad you aren’t here in the swing states! 🙂

  142. “I see that I’m not the only one swilling coffee and typing maniacally all night.”

    That sounds rather familiar…

  143. lol

    This time around, EVERY state is a swing state. Every vote for John and Sarah counts more than usual.

  144. jvsp – I may have given up if she wasn’t an ex-girlfriend who I still think very highly of.

    Generally, when I can get people to listen (and not stare off into space with that recently-drank-koolaid look), I can put enough doubt into them that they go off and think for a while and then change their minds.

    It is amazing how many siblings and dear friends I have told not to send me the Obama propaganda. I think they are so shocked because I have been such a strong Dem for so many years. They forget that I have always been a WELL-INFORMED Dem – so I haven’t changed whatsoever ——-THEY have.

  145. poplicola
    I would be so very pleased to see NY go red just once. Highly dubious though.. The Parties will take notice of the margin by which they won or lost, though. …sends a message.

    “What will the Obama people wear on Wednesday?
    Sackcloth and ashes.”

    One can reasonably assume that as we speak they are furiously sewing their arm bands for the coming “revolution”

  146. Ugh, I just got an e-mail from my older sister. Her husband, a lawyer in New Mexico, is one of the legal team that is “watching” the voting to make sure all goes well. They are utterly convinced that McCain is going to try to steal the election. They are also convinced of the riots that will happen if BO loses.

    Damn, I’m sick of this bs koolaid crap. My own friggin’ sister.

  147. scrubs,
    “…I can put enough doubt into them that they go off and think for a while and then change their minds.”

    “Think” would be the key word there. LOL!

    “They forget that I have always been a WELL-INFORMED Dem – so I haven’t changed whatsoever ——-THEY have.”

    Has the election given you reason to re-evaluate your relationships?

    In the case of the friend I mentioned (NYT) it struck me how willfully ignorant and intellectually lazy he was, and furthermore that he was fully cognizant of it (though said friend didn’t like that being pointed out).

    My mother once asked, “can you be friends with someone you do not respect?” That seems to be the question de jour for me…

  148. […] my MVS post I said that the use of Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) and Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) […]

  149. morning sll we are closer than ever i am going to try a prayer, meditation and afirmation tonight stand by for my last appeal for help from the universe…as it seems the 527’s are not doing there job at this time.

  150. Blah blah blah blabbity-blah.

  151. Ceecee
    Really, I am being sincere, why do you feel the need to post here? What are you accomplishing? Isn’t it in your best interest to avoid divisive discourse so that if your candidate should win, that win will be more palatable? As the Obama would have it, as with the media, he has already won, so why bother posting?

    “..and you can’t stand to admit it.”

    One has nothing to admit if they are merely correct.

  152. Ahh, the trolls are awake.

  153. Heh, heh – we play with people like Ceecee around here! Have at him/her mods.

    Question, though. If a tr0ll posts here and then we get rid of that post, does the original post show up in our total?

    If not, then now I really understand how come some of the other sites have big numbers – because they let the tr0lls stay and we don’t.

  154. Ahh, the tr0lls are awake.

  155. jvsp, you are so much stronger than me. After “you people” I just read blah, blah, blah, blah, blah – sort of like Charlie Brown’s parents!

  156. Dear Ceecee, I’ll be back when the democratic Party becomes democratic again. Whether you’re there to welcome me or not is immaterial,.

  157. how to spot a tro*l?

    they start off with “you people…”

    such dolts.

  158. scrubs:

    That’s what I read too

  159. As myiq says, “another suicide tr0ll”. Poop then run away as we tear it to shreds.

  160. Not at all surprising that the first argument from the tr0ll is the one I used when I was five years old: (it didnt work on my mom then either): “but so and so did it too…”

    When John and Sarah are in the White House we can sleep soundly knowing that grown-ups are in charge.

  161. or sometimes they just say blabbity-blah instead 😉

  162. In moderation here is the cleand up quote:

    that clip from american thinker is sickening I am sure the media present may have stirred up those people thay are angry at not getting hillary….and again hillary supporters are painted as r@cists…..thay love beating the dead horse in Obamaland!

  163. “how to spot a tro*l?”

    Their breath is a dead-giveaway.

  164. lol I missed the “you people” part in my haste to swat it. Should’ve busted out “What do you mean, YOU PEOPLE?”

  165. Okay, gang, I stayed up a bit later than usual getting myself ready for election night. See you in about 8 hours.

    When fuzzy shows up I know I’m safe to go to sleep. Happy thoughts, fuzzy.

  166. moderator please remove my comment @ 655 made a real bad typo….corrected and reposted it thank you

    CeeCee needs to have her comments scrubbeshe meant to say …

    I am hateful and bitter and you guys are ruining my party for Obama stop it!

  167. fuzzy, if your still there, pray for the bots. We have to live with them…

    scrubs, mods?

  168. Good morning everyone.

    By the way, we’re winning. Pass it on.

  169. g’night, scrubs!

  170. I will but first I must call down punishment on them…welloff to work…someone has to change out the hampsters turning the wheels at the power plant….dont laff when we cant use coal anymore we shall be reduced to hampsters and lemmings at the plant!

  171. tell me somethin’ good, pop!

    myiq, if the Captain is voting for Mac, he can’t lose-right?

  172. Heh, heh. Before going to bed I decided to type in “Where do I go if I don’t want Obama?” into Google. Look what I got:


    Feel good stuff. Toodles.

  173. The Captain is a convicted felon and a fugitive from justice so he can’t vote.

    It’s totally unfair!

  174. My follow-up to this post:


    See it first at Klownhaus

  175. popliccola-are you in pensacola i am from there?

  176. will be back after my shower pop

  177. I think the coal story will keep obama from taking PA.
    It’s going to take a miracle though for McCain to keep all the other states needs. 2 or 3 states going against the polls, big time.
    I think I go into radio silence after 6 pm this evening.
    Wake up, vote and take a long longggggggggggg run tomorrow.

  178. The Jewish vote will be a lot different then the polls suggest. Listen to this exchange.


  179. Good morning. I’m going to gather all of my American flags and put them in the yard tomorrow morning. Our patriotic duty, right and privilege to vote needs to be championed. Lets hope our votes count this time.

    Excellent post, myiq2xu

    DisenfranchisedVoter, 1:03 am Said:

    “…….. My vote against Obama is a vote against sexism, racebaiting, the media, the DNC, and Clinton Derangement Syndrome.”

    Great summary.

  180. urgetocompute, where are you?

    I miss your
    voice of reason
    and, well, your urge to compute

  181. Damn, I’m still wavering, about 90% for McCain; the only reason I’m holding out for McKinney is because I’m so in line with the Green Party’s foreign policy stances, esp. w/respect to the Middle East, and they’re the only ones who take what I consider the ONLY principled stand on Israel/Palestine. And that’s a big deal to me. It’d be a pure vote of conscience.

    But I know the argument about a weasel vote. One of my more agitated Obama-supporting friends, when I told her I was voting Green, snapped at me, “You mean you’re voting McCain!” I was about to say, “um, no, I’m voting McKinney,” but I realized that she was right so I said, “Yeah, I guess I am.”

    I think I can convince myself to vote McCain this time and work for the Green Party on a local level.

  182. Aaah, sanity! who wouldn’t value that? Wait, we know who! And yeah, a great reason to vote! And yes, Obama set the tone, personally attacked both Hillary and Sarah, then told the Bobots to “get in their faces”
    Also, Obama’s infomercial – the Brits view:

  183. Dancing, we need you to vote McCain!
    Help save America from evil!
    The you can work like hell for the Greenies 🙂

  184. DancingOpossum, I believe I’ve finally gone over as well. I don’t really know how I’ll vote until I’m in the booth, but McCain is looking increasingly trustworthy as opposed to Obama.

    In this election with the lesser candidates being nominated, I shudder to take responsibility for what’s offered by casting my vote. Holding my nose……..

  185. I decided before the primary was over that I could never vote for Obama. I think my final straw was the 3am text announcing Biden as VP. That was just so petty.
    But for a while I planned to vote Green party instead to tell the DNC I want them to move left, not right.

    But McCain has worked really hard to earn my vote, with his HOLC-talking, his populism, his selection of a woman VP, his promise to clean house (lobbying & corruption is a big concern of mine), and finally, by promising to dramatically increase the number of women in all sectors of government, he sealed the deal. He went from an unthinkable choice to a good, solid, choice.

    It’s like Bill Clinton said,
    “Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that, on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver. ”
    McCain is Candidate Y.

  186. “John”
    Thanks for the link.
    Check out on of the side stories about the “PUMA” Factor.

  187. Besides the million other reasons I won’t vote for OBAMA, here is my first one, in ONE WORD:


    here’s a litte memory: one of my favorites:

    You Don’t Know Hillary Clinton

  188. MYIQ,

    Getting sappy and soggy as we approach tomorrow. Thank you for the great writing and fearless articulation.

    I am really happy to hear your decision. And thank you for reminding us that we ALL have some dirty work to do sometimes. The decision to vote republican came easily for none of us. But I am with Carol–there is something in my gut that says this may turn out more than okay with Johnny Mac and Sarah.

    I’m proud to be doing the dirty work! Thanks for joining me and others.

  189. myiq: Your eloquence resonates throughout this piece. So well done and articulated. Bravo!

    My immediate and defining reason to vote McCain is the fraud that had been rampant throughout this election. Beginning with the caucuses and championed through the MSM, this election has defined what our system has now become. Along with the machinations of the DNC, the will of the voters was has been submerged by deceit and subtrafuge acted out upon us by a corrupt system.

    What has emerged is a total lack of credibility and trust in the workings of government. It will take years, if it all, to restore confidence in our elected officials, our media, and the spokespersons who have become the enablers.

    Idealism has been replaced by the cynicism demonstrated through these actions. To reward it would be the end of democracy as we know it.

  190. I was upset to see this on the net this AM – the Repubs don’t have to do anything but vote at this point -they shouldn’t screw it up.

    Complaints have surfaced in predominantly African-American neighborhoods of Philadelphia where fliers have circulated, warning voters they could be arrested at the polls if they had unpaid parking tickets or if they had criminal convictions.

    Over the weekend in Virginia, bogus fliers with an authentic-looking commonwealth seal said fears of high voter turnout had prompted election officials to hold two elections — one on Tuesday for Republicans and another on Wednesday for Democrats.

    In New Mexico, two Hispanic women filed a lawsuit last week claiming they were harassed by a private investigator working for a Republican lawyer who came to their homes and threatened to call immigration authorities, even though they are U.S. citizens.

    “He was questioning her status, saying that he needed to see her papers and documents to show that she was a U.S. citizen and was a legitimate voter,” said Guadalupe Bojorquez, speaking on behalf of her mother, Dora Escobedo, a 67-year-old Albuquerque resident who speaks only Spanish. “He totally, totally scared the heck out of her.”

    In Pennsylvania, e-mails appeared linking Democrat Barack Obama to the Holocaust. “Jewish Americans cannot afford to make the wrong decision on Tuesday, Nov. 4,” said the electronic message, paid for by an entity calling itself the Republican Federal Committee. “Many of our ancestors ignored the warning signs in the 1930s and 1940s and made a tragic mistake.”


  191. Of course I had the thought that in fact they could be O’s folks – gads, I’m starting to get squirelly about all of this. Thank God it’s almost over – then our new work begins.

  192. MYIQ – thank you for pointing this out – it truly is derangement.

    I love it how we all are coming up with varied reasons but they resonate.

    If the Democratic Party is smart, they’d read our posts.

  193. My word is “branding”. I can’t say that I came up with it on my own, but Dr. Lynette Long’s comments about the justsaynodeal coaltion program on blog talk radio yesterday afternoon rang so true for me: “Obama the brand is NOT the same as Obama the man.” Also, the Democratic “brand” which claimed to be supportive of women is just not at all. I can’t in all conscience vote for a man who is untrried, untested, a fraud and a cheat from the corrupt and stinking sludgehole of Chicago politics to be my President.

  194. Lambert:

    If I can’t comment over there, you don’t get to comment on my posts over here.

    Fair is fair.

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  197. The Obots are not really deranged, it’s not their fault.

    I spent some time in the capacity of a Psychiatric Intern at the California State Hospital for the criminally insane (Charlie Mansons home) at Vacaville, Ca some years back (More than I care to admit), at which time I had considerable contact with a number of paranoid schizophrenics. These people have an unfortunate aptitude for drawing normal folks into their delusions. The effect is almost hypnotic. While some folks can pull back out of it after breaking contact, others seem to be unable to easily shake the effect. Charlie is kept isolated from pretty much everyone mainly because he is incredibly adept at this, and I personally suspect that is because he is fundamentally a psychotic genius.

    Obama may or may not be a paranoid schizophrenic, but he is certainly a genius, and I am firmly convinced that he has one way or another developed this same ability, as I have experienced the same sensations when listening to his oratory as I experienced from some of the patients at Vacaville. Those sensations are absent when reading his statements, rather than listening to them.

    Observation of the Obots leads me to believe they are simply those same types of normal people who seem to be unable to easily shake the effect.

    Doesn’t make it OK, or suggest a way to get past it, but it does make it a bit more understandable, and them a bit less deranged.

  198. I suppose I should mention that I’ve been a registered Democrat for 38 years, and never voted a straight ticket even for my own party. That will change today, as Obama scares the bejesus out of me, and I will be voting straight Republican. That hurts, and I resent the Democratic leadership for forcing me into this obscenity, nevertheless, I remain a Democrat, and I am prepared to fight to return the party to the REAL Democrats.

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