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My Voting Strategy – Balance

Never could I have imagined this year that I would be voting for a Republican let alone a straight Republican ticket. I have been a Democrat my entire life. One of my early memories of politics occured the night Reagan beat Carter in 1980. I was eleven then, but I’ll never forget my Dad punching a hole in the wall when it was clear Carter was going down. If nothing else, that made it clear to me that voting Republican just wasn’t done in our house. So, for good candidates and bad, I’ve voted in every Presidential election since 1988, and I have always gone with the Donkey. Well, this year I’m not going to vote for that Jackass.

When Riverdaughter asked us to explain our voting strategy, I thought about the one word that would sum up my reasoning. The first word I thought about was “pain”, as in “I want to inflict pain”. Pardon me, but I am still really pissed at the way Obama, the DNC, and the media behaved during the primary. When they, along with almost the entire congressional black caucus, decided to paint the Clintons and by extension their supporters as racists, I knew that Obama was evil and the DNC was carrying water for the devil. When they disenfranchised the voters of Florida and Michigan, I realized their many years of crying about voter suppression amounted to nothing more than political posturing. They didn’t ever care about voters. They only ever cared about getting their way. When they attacked Joe the Plumber for daring to question “that one”, more anger rose in me and it won’t be abated until Obama is defeated. So in Hammurabi fashion I want to see the Democrats hurt the way they have hurt and humiliated their good and loyal constituents.

However, as I delved deeper into introspection I realized that simple revenge, although sweet, was not the real reason I was voting McCain. I had always thought I was an issues voter, and maybe I still am, all other things being equal. Unfortunately, this year things aren’t equal by a long shot. Obama is untrustworthy. He has gone back on his word more times than I could mention in one post. He told everyone he supported the DC gun ban, yet mysteriously had always opposed it once the Supreme court ruled against it. He said he would fillibuster FISA if it contained telecom immunity. He not only didn’t fillibuster. He voted for the measure. He said he would take public financing for the election. Again, he lied. On and on flow the untruths, the half-truths, the obsfucations. Given Obama’s habit of lying, how can someone possibly vote on “the issues”? When you absolutely do not trust someone, where do you go from there? Not far, in my book.

So, really I could leave it at that. Many relationship experts say that once the trust goes, there is nothing left to salvage, but in my opinion there are two bigger reasons to vote for McCain/Palin and against Obamanation. The first is the future of women on the presidential ticket.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies growing up, 9-5, Obama is a “Sexist, Egotistical, Lying Hypocritical Bigot “. He used sexism to put down Hillary in the primaries, and he is currently using it against Palin. I’m sure everyone has seen the latest ad from the Dems. It offers no reason to disqualify Palin from service as VP except that she is a woman. Palin, who has more executive experience than any of the other candidates, has been the subject of some of the most vile displays from Obama and his supporters. Even some so-called “feminists” have joined in the attacks. Ladies, if McCain/Palin loses, you can kiss goodbye any chance of seeing another woman anywhere on the ticket for the next 12 years. Sexism as a weapon will have been proven very effective. It will have shown that the most qualified candidate, Hillary, could be flattened by it, and that the most popular Governor in the entire U.S. could likewise be pushed aside. These are high stakes. I, for one, do not want the ugliness of the Obama’s tactics to be repeated in every campaign for the next decade.

So far, I’m voting to inflict pain on the DNC, to block a serial liar from being in the white house, and to repudiate the sexism in this campaign. But the one word that I keep coming back to is Balance. I want balance in our government. Statistically, it looks like Dems will pick up seats in both the house and the senate. I want someone in the white house that will counter these Majorities, not give in to their every whim. I believe the most egregious of the excesses we witnessed in the last 8 years came from the Republicans controlling the congress and the executive branches, and no willingness from the congressional Republicans to put a check on Bush’s power. They simply gave him anything he asked for.

I had high hopes for the Dem congress in 2006. I thought they would begin to check Bush, and we would see a return to balance. However, quite to my dismay, the Dems continued to give Bush everything he wanted. Now, if the congressional Democrats can’t say no to a Republican, a Republican with a 30% approval rating, I might add, how in the hell do we suppose they would put a check on Obama? They won’t, and they won’t want to because it will be a quid pro-quo. The congress will vote for everything Obama wants, if he signs what they pass. That is a recipe for a repeat of the last 8 years.

Can you imagine any oversite of “the one”. Hell, he couldn’t even take a question from Joe the Plumber without ordering his goons in the federal and state bureaucracies to search out all the dirt on him. What Dem congress person would go up against that, especially now that the President can spy on you legally without a warrant? No, my friends, I do not want Obama and cronies to run our country into the ground the way George Bush has done.

So, to counter this, my strategy is to vote a straight Republican ticket. I want to inflict as much pain on the Dem party as I can, see the most trustworthy candidate in the oval office, elect a woman VP, and dampen the political pendulum’s oscillation. It’s only one vote in millions, but it’s mine. The media can call me racist. Clinton can “strongly urge me to reconsider”. My father can punch as many holes into walls as he wants, but I’m not going to be intimidated. The spirit of Democracy is with me, and she’s crying for balance.

278 Responses

  1. To quote Zoolander: “Taste my pain, bitch!”

  2. wow, very powerful… and i big statement to say you’re willing to go straight republica ticket …

  3. I really appreciate the idea of voting this year as a means of balancing. To me, it’s like putting my small weight on the side of the scale that’s measuring character. Voting Republican wasn’t on my radar during the primary, but not all Republicans are Dick Cheney, and not all Democrats are Hillary Clinton.

  4. so are you moving into the log cabin or just renting?

  5. I love this. It’s very powerful and moving.

  6. Mawm, I applaud the courage it took to shake off that predisposition to the Donkey and see that the Donkey could be just as much a kick in the chest as the Elephant could be a trunk whack in the face.

    Balanced government, something I didn’t even know I wanted before, is the only option.

  7. dakinikat, they’d have to start building the cabins in a warmer climate. For now, it’s just “home leaving” and independence.

  8. very good !!!

    I just finished up phone banking – called in Virginia. My last call – a lady who thinks Gov Palin isn’t ready. WTF. I calmly told her a couple stories — nope she was dead set. I asked her if she was treated fairly in the media — she said probably not but probably deserved some of it. WTF !!!! Then I asked if she had liked Hillary — NOPE – hates her. At that time I just said – have a nice day.

    WTF !!!!!!!

  9. mawm woohoo!!

    I am about to leave for the evening and by the time I return to this refuge, I will have voted. Mawm, your words will be coming with me as I’m likely to execute a straight ticket plan as well. But all the words of posters here will be in my heart.

    Thank you so much Confluence for being here on the whole road up until now, and thank the kosmos for it, tomorrow and the day after.

  10. Thank you for the thoughtful insight into the drama of deciding and voting this year.

    I am ‘vindicated’ by your conclusions and decision–I, as well voted Republican all the way, down to the school board. It was weird, but sweet. Inflict maximum pain and damage. It was good karma!

    BTW, I listen to your radio show every single time. It’s a bad time zone for me to listen live, that’s why I didn’t call in (besides not having much to say compared to you guys).

    GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE! This is for the country and for democracy.

    I just thought of something–speaking or ‘righteousness’: I believe the righteous winds are at OUR back. 🙂

    Zee PUMAs will roar! Mwahahaha.

  11. mawminc, George Washington agrees with you:

    The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.

    The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the Guardian of the Public Weal against invasions by the others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern; some of them in our country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them.

    If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way, which the constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for, though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit, which the use can at any time yield.

  12. Mawm – If nothin’ else, voting for 2 good, decent, hard-working people will suffice for a reason.

    I am taking my Hillary sign in the morning and standing with the McCain supporters at my poll tomorrow. I can hardly wait!
    (I already voted.)

    McCain/Palin will win! It will be a glorious victory!


  13. Balance. That is what I want. One sided government does not work, as the Bush administration showed us. The dims haven’t been much better. With a kowed congress, BO can do anything he wants, without much dissent. I am voting a straight Republican ticket. First time in my life.

  14. The word is suffice – please fix. Thanks.

  15. simo – you should have called her a “r*cist”!

  16. {{Mawm}} Thank you. This is an inspiration:

    I had high hopes for the Dem congress in 2006. I thought they would begin to check Bush, and we would see a return to balance. However, quite to my dismay, the Dems continued to give Bush everything he wanted. Now, if the congressional Democrats can’t say no to a Republican, a Republican with a 30% approval rating, I might add, how in the hell do we suppose they would put a check on Obama?

    (slinking off to finish my story)

  17. poplicola – Shitster made fun of Sarah the other day because she mispronounced the name of a city. At least she knew what state she was in!

  18. Hillary sent another one and I sent a reply that theis pro-obama nonsense has to stop forth with!

    My reply provided for you comment and amusement:

    Senator Clinton (my Madam President)

    I am sure we will make history, in the last few weeks and tomorrow millions of Democrats have and will cast ballots saying Just Say No Deal! They may right your name in where it is not prohibited by law, they may leave the top of the ballot blank, vote third party, or they will do as I do vote for the Candidate of Honor and Character John McCain and the Lady that should have been you…Sarah Palin!

    In Numbers not seen in 20 plus years democrats will turn their backs to the Democratic Party Candidate, Barak Obama. By the Millions we will and have voted NObama! In Modern history this is truly historic, a total rejection by traditional Democrats of their Party’s candidate. Energized by their anger at the RBC ruling on May 31st, 2008, and by the phony roll call vote at the Democratic National Convention we will shout down Obama for America with a weapon more powerful and more humble than his Rhetoric…Our vote.

    We are tired of the sexist and racist taunts that Mr. Obama and his followers have thrown at us. It has not been about you for a long time it is about being right and doing what our conscience dictates. We are not willing to forgive him for referring to us as “those people”.

    Mr. and Ms. Clinton the time for schilling for this Democrat in Name Only, Barak Obama, ends when the last electoral vote is counted. We expect you to the right thing and assist us in cleaning up this mess. Don’t let PUMA down. Obama must be sent back to Chicago his campaign must be fully investigated for all the fraud and dirty dealings. Howard Dean must resign and Donna Brazile must be shown the door if necessary with a boot in her bum. We are more committed that Obama’s followers they will evaporate like ether after he loses.

    I am sorry it has come to this but Principle before Party and Reform the Party now. I look forward to the renewal of our association after this election. We in the PUMA/JSND alliance have a long list of demands if you are to get us back onboard. If the Democratic Party, that includes you, ever wants to see the inside of the oval office again then we expect them to be met.

    Very Respectfully,

    Michael P Varvel

  19. carol — yeah, I should have — jeez — I just could not believe my ears.

  20. I admire your decision. AFter much contemplation, I’m not voting straight ticket Republican since I want to make sure that the Dems get as many votes as possible except Obama. The polls will reflect that more Dems voted NObama in WI.

    And I agree completely, if Obama wins then every candidate from now on will legitimately be able to use “the woman gets emotional when she’s on her period” (paraphrased comment) as a form of legitimate political discourse.

    Moreover, McCain is NOT George W.

  21. great post mawm, we absolutely need balance … !!!

  22. I was reading somewhere else and posters claimed that Barky is already giving his acceptance speech and condolences to Mac, on the stump.

  23. Carol,
    He would put a fine point on the term “petty tyrant.”

    Just got this from a friend in Florida:

    “OMG——that is a joke like he is———–Go McCain!

    The FL streets are out in force witn McCain people on the corners and the horns are honking in support—-hope they are right and FL goes to McCain!

    Joni “

  24. I agree wholeheartedly, Mawm!

    I was going to re-register as an independent but decided to stay a registered Dem so the stats would show me as a Dem voting for Repubs.

    And I will not ever vote for a Dem politician who climbed/jumped on Senator O’s
    bandwagon. Take that you sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigots !

    And all those who called us sore losers, dead-enders, ra–ists etc. can kiss my purrrty puma posterior 😉

  25. gail, he not only gave the acceptance speech (of the office, he certainly demonstrates no acceptance of other people) but he flipped John and Sarah the bird when he did it.

  26. Mawm- great post but the ol’ fuzzybear is in Moderation @ 612pm for using the R word…please release…O I forgot I spell checked that is why the “R” word was not protected!

  27. Many people still wonder why a democrat would vote for republica…..The part would not suport and back, the qualified and and deserving (Hillary) And, instead backed and suported the Un-qualified and Un-deserving. (Obama). And, then told the women, thats the way it is…..get over it. Well, the women have and are saying…..enough is enough.. if it takes a vote for republican to change the party….so be it.

  28. poplicola, on November 3rd, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Those folks behind Barry thought it was adorable when he doesn’t know where the hell he was….


  29. Mawm: My sentiments EXACTLY!

  30. I could write an entire book on the reasons I’m voting against “that one”. I tried to keep it brief. One thing that really scares me, though, that I only glossed over is Obama’s willingness to sick the bureaucracy on its citizens. If he’ll do this as a candidate. What will he do with the full power of the Presidency?

  31. This campaign season has been such a roller coaster of emotions. I had truly thought I would be casting my vote for Hillary tomorrow. Alas, that is not to be. Instead I am voting against a candidate. My husband and I, life-long Dems, will be voting for McCain tomorrow.

    I had planned to vote Dem down ticket, but now am concerned that BO will win and will be unstoppable with large majorities in the House and Senate, so now, I am considering voting straight Repub down ticket for the first time in my life. This one is harder for me, since I had always thought I wanted to build up the Dems in the House and Senate to offset McCain’s win. I’m struggling with this one and won’t know until I actually vote, which way I go.

    Whatever happens, I am voting PUMA tomorrow, with the hope that Hillary will be back for 2012.

  32. I heard earlier that Barky spent millions of dollars every event to bring in the crowds.

    McCain and Palin just posted on their web site where they would be! No one got beer, sausages and Bands!

    I hate that creep!

  33. Mawm: You’re right; when trust is gone, the relationship is over. I have absolutely do not trust the DNC, party elders, and most elected Dem officials, so my relationship with the Democratic Party is over. I’ll probably go Indy, and vote for a person from now on.

    I just never saw the corruption coming, and couldn’t believe it when it came. I once said is was like a close sister or spouse dying suddendly, and you discover a secret life hidden among their belongings.

  34. Carol: Remember when everyday someone named Sarah would post here and say: I hate that friggin weasel!

    Very apt.

  35. My idiot sister is voting for Obama in Missouri. Her Jewish daughter is voting McCain. Checking with the other Jewish daughter!

  36. OT: An an anti-Obot haka open thread, please chime in if you’re so inclined.


    And…powerful and moving piece, mawminc. Thank you.

  37. poplicola I was wondering are you in florida and are you from pensacola?

  38. I don’t remember. Do you think it was our Sarah or do all Sarah’s hate that friggin’ weasel?????

  39. I had planned on voting for Hagan, but her last ad, in which she paints Dole as a “tax and spender” and calls herself a “friend of business” and “a moderate” really, really pisses me off. These obots come in here and scream at us that we are republican operatives and even people get chastised for “right wing” views on taxes and “redistribution of wealth” and then the DSCC turns around and runs her as republican light. I can’t vote for Dole, but I’m not voting for hagan either. hopefully there is a 3rd party candidate.

  40. carol…ha ha..i remember that…has sarah been around lately?

  41. we used to call pensacola pepsicola

  42. Mawm thanks for removing my letter from moderation!

  43. Hey gary how are things it was Obma schill all day I hope it is really over tomorrow!

  44. Barack left a message on my answering machine! ZOMG, I am so going to vote for him now!

    McCain/Palin 2008 –
    Hillary 2012!

  45. no Obama calls for me I gues some onis reading those letters I send back to to Hillary, DNC, Obama and company…..

  46. wonderful post mawm — and oh so true. I really can’t decide who’s “voting strategy” is the best one — I guess it’s a tie for me!
    btw — my mom, who has voted straight Dem for the entire 40 years of her voting life, just voted straight Republican and she has vowed that she will NEVER vote Dem again unless Dean, Donna B, Pelosi & Reid are out.

  47. 24 hours and 20 minutes before the first polls close.

    I can hardly wait!

    gary and Mawm are you bringing NC?


  48. Carol, NC is a lock.

  49. Would you call and tell MSNBC or shall we just let it be a surprise and watch their heads explode?

    Oh Goody, Charlie is interviewing McCain, what an asshole Charlie is!

  50. great post.
    i love it-his “goons!”

    fuzzy i loved your letter too

  51. Carol, I have been on a TV news fast. I will be breaking it tomorrow, though.

  52. I have blogstalkers!

    “[…] putting together a strip featuring ‘myiq2xu’, one of the proud PUMA clownbloggers. He enjoys altering dissenting commentary. As it quickly became obvious that the PUMA’s were just a handful of irrelevant loudmouthed […]”

    He was referring to this modified comment:

    “I made a squishy poopie in my big boy panties!”


  53. You are way too disciplined!

  54. What is everyone doing tomorrow night? I am having sushi with 3 friends — keeping it very low key. I told my group — come hang out at Riverdaughter — I will be watching all the chatter here — lurking. I am not turning on the TV until after 5:00 PST.

    Will I be able to sleep tonight? Best get the tequila out to help me.

  55. Fuzzy and SM77 say Florida is Locked and Loaded and PUMAfied-we are ready to GO RED! The desperation in Obamabot voices is clearly dectectable!

  56. so, I’m driving home from work and I accidentally turned on NPR (I’ve been listening to the classical music channel lately). Know what the story was? BO’s wonderful grandmother & how she was the “cornerstone of the family” I immediately turned over to the classical music station so I don’t know if they mentioned that she was a ‘typical white person” who used r@cist terms that made him cringe.
    When I got home & flipped on FOX they were actually reporting on Nadler in FL telling some Jewish voters that BO didn’t leave Trinity because he was a chickensh!t. (in not so many words). I still can’t believe I’m saying it: thank god for FOX & thank god it has double the numbers of CNN or MSNBC.

  57. Simo I’m getting the Palin-haters on the phone.
    I have to stop making calls or I’m going to flip out and tell someone Sarah’s IQ is a good hundred points higher than theirs

  58. gary – there is a libertarian in the senate race. Some guy – I forget his name. Although I had planned to vote straight Repub ticket I did make one detour and vote for him in the U.S. Senate race.

    I know absolutely nothing about him but I don’t want either Hagan or Dole. The whole god and godless thing is truly bizarre. On the other hand, if Kay wins by one or two votes I will be sorry I didn’t vote for Dole.

  59. well, I’m planning an myiq striptease 😉

  60. Tomorrow night we will either watch a kids dvd or watch old House episodes.

  61. “24 hours and 20 minutes before the first polls close.”

    Carol, I’m an anxious wreck already. I want to vote early and timewarp to Wednesday. The anticipation will drive me crazy.

  62. Very compelling, mawm. As you say, a book could be written on all the reasons not to vote Obama, for certain, and many Dem incumbents, as well. Tough to just pick one reason.

    I took a trip down memory lane today, checking a few sites like Alegre’s Corner to see what points of view they were espousing now. It was too depressing to stay for very long. The Confluence has felt like home all along, and, happily, our little “family” is serving as a refuge for so many, even if some of us mostly lurk.

  63. I just saw my first McPalin advert on the telly!

    It was a 527 ad re: Rev Whackjob

  64. myiq2xu-tell them that we believe in an Obot free zone and send them to fuzzy my big bear bpaws have been so idle lately!

    they should be glad they did not get the:

    “mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy kid will eat ivey too wouldn’t you?”

    I take offence we do not alter dissenting comments, we just traslate them from OBOT-POOP Speak to Modern PUMAn

    …and besides we are very democratic about our “translating” of obot poop speak into Modern Puman….we at least allow them to make fools of themselves here with out their friends watching first!

  65. I am going out tomorrow for a long hike—seems like the perfect time for a backpack trip up in the mountains with my sleeping bag, my tent, camp stove and a good page turning book. Maybe when I return late Wed. or Thur. I will be grounded enough to face the news. I talked to my neighbor today (NM)—she too, and her hubby are really stressed about this election. They just can not believe That One can be a viable candidate. We are blown away by the few people in the area who joyfully proclaim their Obama affiliation when it seems like an announcement of stupidity and shame to us. We are just amazed. I can not tell you what this blog has meant to me since May 31. Where ever you are tomorrow and however you wait out the end of this election my thoughts are with you and my dream for all of us and this country is that we will find a happy ending.

  66. “well, I’m planning an myiq striptease”


  67. myiq: It appears that you have inspired “art”.

  68. Balance – my highest value. In everything.
    The one argument I sorta got reach my guy to vote McCain. I say ‘sorta” because he doesn’t trust Dems in congress to oppose McCain either – so,he’ll go 3rd party.
    But for me that is an argument why voting McCain is acceptable this time around.
    As far as down ticket, I am making a candidate by candidate choice.
    My rep is Carolyn Maloney who supported Hillary and wrote a terrific book about sexism and women. So, I’ll vote for her.
    But I can see your reasons very well.

  69. If you can, take your Hillary signs and go to work the polls as a Hillary supporter for McCain/Palin.

    You may get people to change their minds from voting for Obama as a Democrat!

  70. fuzzybeargville, on November 3rd, 2008 at 6:33 pm Said:
    poplicola I was wondering are you in florida and are you from pensacola?

    I’m in Columbus, Ohio, though I lived for years in South Florida. I still have a lot of family and friends there: my lifelong Dem in-laws who proudly voted for John and Sarah.

  71. Mawm – this is a wonderful, wonderful post. After the travesty that was the Dem Congress from 2006 – present, I have no faith that they will stand up to President Obama. I do feel that they would balance out McCain, though, and for that reason, I am voting a mix of Dem downticket and the 30% solution.

    I don’t know what my lifetime Dem hubby is going to do. He really can’t vote for McCain. He’s still thinking that Obama might get us out of Iraq faster. But, he thinks Obama is very insincere and he doesn’t like him. So he doesn’t want to vote Obama either.

    I told him to go topless or vote third-party. He will probably decide in the voting booth. Aaaack!

  72. Ok, my last comment looks really weird now… um, I was talking about your troll not Angie.

  73. Wasn’t it Don Henly who said “Women are the only works of art?”

  74. For voting tomorrow, I plan to wear my Hillary t-shirt and my Sarah button. Don’t want my friends & neighbors to think I’m voting for that buffoon of a fraud.

  75. Obamas lead has officiallly evaoprated in florida it is now 49% apiece here and if obama overpolls by 6-10% as gary says…..mmmm

    McCain 53%

    Obama 47%

    Yes and fuzzy called it a week ago……

  76. I said “tr0ll” and now I am in moderation with them! It wasn’t a *wish*…


  77. I’ll be here with my red wine and this stupid sinus infection … although not that simofish said the magic word tequila, i may review my options

  78. And yes, my anxiety is sky-high. I got three hours of sleep last night.

  79. some guy named tim dannunzio made a cheap ass commerical and I guess paid to put it on here in NC. If regular citizens are funding ads against obama here, I doubt he’s gonna win lol

  80. somebody at fox put the state of nebraska up with a NV label … ah, the horrid state of todays schools

  81. jjmtacoma oops I get into moderation trouble when I spell check and the trigger words are corrected!

    It is an awful world where freedom of speech is only allowed by poor spelling!

  82. I’m going to buy a bottle of scotch and a roll of tinfoil (to make party hats.)

    Landslide John and Sarah.

  83. NObama in Florida and I wonder how the Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry is playing in Ohio and Pennslyvania?

  84. dak…geography is no longer even taught in some elementary school…speaking of maps, I see that a lot of sites are putting montana into play WTF?????

  85. ooh, dobbs has a thing on Teflon Obama .. and press bias

  86. I have a lovely chocolat and rasberry port chilling in the frige….it is a wine that tastes like a choco-rasberry truffle…..I shall toast the new President John McCain.

    I wonder if Eddie Rendell appreciates Obama’s committment to the demise of the coal industry in his state?

  87. where is PJ
    does she know Lou is on?

  88. Will unemployed Pennsylvanians turn on their Pro-Obama Governor and pelt him with Coal?

  89. Bravo! Excellent Post. Punch some holes of your own- get mad!

  90. Dobbs is letting Obama have it.
    He could be a closet PUMA

  91. Obama to the United Mine Works…

    “Let them breathe Ash!”


    “Hey UMW kiss my Ash!”

    or still even better

    “Obama makes an Ash of himself over Coal”

  92. fuzzy: probably will get coal in his stocking for Xmas

  93. lol fuzzy…good question!! Santa will bring obama nothing but a lump of coal this year. Maybe he can burn it to keep warm back in Chicago…

  94. garychapelhill — Montana? That’s good. Hank has a house there, and I’m sure Obama couldn’t find it on a map.

    “Well, muzzleloader season going to start tomorrow mornin’, and I ain’t going to be there: I’m going to be on the campaign trail. I do twenty shows a year, for money. I’m doing more than that for McCain and Palin.”

  95. I am constantly amazed by how indifferent many ppl became when Hillary got out of the race. I know I say it often but it’s a phenomenon. Even people who didn’t want to vote for her feel dispirited.

  96. True Carol why no comment about Eddie he is about to be made as unemployed as a Coal Mine Worker?

  97. any commentator letting BO have it NOW…too little, too late.
    bunch of frakkin’ jack@sses

  98. From the ashes of disaste come the roses of success!

  99. So far, I’m voting to inflict pain on the DNC, to block a serial liar from being in the white house, and to repudiate the sexism in this campaign.

    Hear hear! And don’t forget the race-baiting & corrupt, hypocritical Chicago thug tactics as he preaches “new politics.” My sister just called me from Boston: she is very torn between voting Nader, or going nuclear for McCain. Nader’s emphasis on corporate corruption of the system, and it’s stranglehold on a free press has certainly been proven tenfold. I, however, am with you Mawm. I am very clear that I want to cast the most powerful protest vote against Obama and the DNC–and everything they represent–that I can. The fact that I trust McCain’s integrity, and Palin is part of the 30% solution, makes it that much easier. I know exactly what I am doing, and why, and I have absolutely no doubts. It’s the biggest f-u I can give to Brazile, Pelosi, Obama, Kerry, and the whole lot of them.

  100. indigogirl that is so true!

    but 14% of the folks have still have not picked a candidate

  101. catarina — I missed the first 15 minutes of Dobbs — what did he say?

  102. I am still confused: does the national polling include the PUMA factor (the HRC Nobama votes they have calculated) into their methodology or not?

  103. I had my monthly luncheon with “the girls” today. At least they make me laugh. Tomorrow I vote early then go to the movies in the evening with a couple of friends. Like mawm, I am on a semi blackout of news as well. The thought of him winning has me all tied up in the proverbial knot.

    I cannot imagine what Wed. will bring. Having to watch the smug bastards who pushed this moron onto us without ever having criticized or questioned his capabilities is more than I can stomach. It may take awhile to return to normal since as much as I try not to, the devastation of his winning will be longer lasting than what I experienced in 2000.

    I want to be upbeat and I applaud those who have been steadfast in their refusal to consider a win for Obama, but I am not so sure. The fraud has been unchecked and unquestioned so it will not be a complete surprise if we hear the word “landslide” and Obama in the same sentence.

    I am rather depressed tonight.

  104. fuzzybeargville, on November 3rd, 2008 at 7:04 pm Said:
    NObama in Florida and I wonder how the Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry is playing in Ohio and Pennslyvania?

    Here’s one perspective:

    COLUMBUS, November 3, 2008: Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association (OCA) today issued the following statement in response to just-released remarks from Senator Barack Obama about the nation’s coal industry.

    “Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America’s coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

    “These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like ‘I haven’t been some coal booster’ and ‘if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them’ are extraordinarily misguided.

    “It’s evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state’s voters.

    “Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short-sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

    “In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation’s long-term energy security – a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

    “Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability.”

  105. Why would Eddy care about his state losing the Coal Industry? Hell, Carolyn Kennedy went there today to shill for the assw*pe that pals around with someone who loves her Uncles KILLER!

  106. The PUMA vote is hard to quantify so I’d be very surprised if they had a set methodology for polling them.

  107. it could be worse….we could have A Brazile-Dean ticket!

  108. fuzzy — I don’t believe 14% haven’t decided — they don’t want to tell the polsters because they are afraid of being called r@cist — yep, I think all 14% are voting for MccCain.

  109. Tomorrow night I’ll be bringing a pitcher of sangria up to my bedroom and following the election here at the Confluence and on the TV (C-SPAN on mute). Husband will probably be watching CNN (???)

    If McCain pulls it off then I’m running down the street to get my neighbors over and we’ll celebrate in bar in my basement. Woo-hoo!

    If Obie wins … then I guess I’ll just have a pounding hangover on Wednesday.

  110. mawminc – Well spoken, and I share your sentiments. The points about kissing prospects for a woman on a ticket good-bye if Barry prevails, and seeking balance, are well taken. I’m still P.O’d, too, yet believe “it’s a good thing”, as Martha would say.

    I’m also voting to keep the state and local government bi-partisan, and will thus vote for more Republicans than ever before (and I’ve been voting a bit longer than you have).

    Thanks for firing me up, and affirming my resolve when I venture out to vote, and deal with the aftermath that’s bound to impact everyone’s daily life.

    Best to you and yours.

  111. Pat J — don’t be depressed — if BO cheats his way into the WH (which is the only way he wins, imo), just get your passport ready — my mom actually said to me Saturday night to have my passport ready & if “we see the signs that things aren’t right” then we are going to Greece — we have room for you — but you must like cats & dogs.

  112. Pat, don’t be depressed. The media have been trying to demoralize you for a year. Just get out there, vote, and hope for the best. The PUMAs are with you.

  113. PUMA – UP folks! Tomorrow the ROAR heard round the World!!!!!

  114. fuzzybeargville, on November 3rd, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said:
    indigogirl that is so true!

    but 14% of the folks have still have not picked a candidate

    Where is that 14% posted? I want to forward the link to a doubting thomas!

  115. angie
    Lou called Barky “teflon”, and said that he’s been able to deflect all concerns, which he listed.
    he talked about Ayers and Wright.. I missed a few mins too.

    Lou has been rough on Obama all along-too bad he’s the only one on CNN…the rest of them suck!

  116. he doesn’t need to be teflon … the press is fluffing him for the big show … they don’t even bring up any questionable things about him

  117. Angie I agree with you if they went BO it would be the first time in this campaign thet the undecided broke his way right Gary? that would be highly unlikely…

    …besides you are always right!

  118. Hey does anyone know how the race is in Virginia?

  119. they just cleared Sarah Palin in the trooper probe … no ethical wrong doing on her part

  120. Palin cleared of any ethical wrong doing in troopergate. Wonder if Jeralyn will cover that on TL? BWAHAHA

  121. Ana they are within one point of each other

  122. dakinikat — so true …thats why I get so infuriated when I read about his “superior” campaign …without the media he’d be toast.

  123. “they just cleared Sarah Palin in the trooper probe”

    I had no doubt this accusation was without merit.

  124. fuzzybeargville, on November 3rd, 2008 at 7:25 pm Said:

    …besides you are always right

    Oh, fuzzy! I love it when people learn that! 🙂

  125. Thank dakinikat, but I wonder if anyone knows the mood on the ground in some of the swing states.

    A guy at my job today, who lives in PA, says he doesn’t think Obama is going to carry the state of PA. He says it is very unlikely. He doesn’t see it.

  126. Somewhere today I read that Obama may become a “good” president. How? When you game the system, lie and cheat to your way into office without feeling the shame of this achievement, how does this lead to the conclusion that he would be a “good” president?

    Actions speak louder than words. His actions so far have guaranteed that running for office and governing are one in the same. You are judged by prior acts and at this juncture he has already projected that he is not to be trusted. His word means nothing.

    Buying and lying your way into a job is the surest sign of future failure. Aspiring to be merely a “good” president is far beyond this man’s reach.

    He will be no better than Barry Bonds. Achieving the goal at the cost of your integrity. If this makes any sense.

  127. catarina — thanks!

  128. Brilliant, Pat.

  129. Pat yahoo had 155 electoral votes for mccain and 355 for obama just days ago tonight the number for mccain has risen to 196 and Obama has shrunk to 318 it will be 271 to 267 by tommorrow gor mccain at least but I am betting mccain pulls off a 312 to 226!

    I have a gut feeling that he is going to win.

  130. Breaking NEWS!

    Alaska’s Personnel Board just declared Sarah Palin broke no laws trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired!

    TAKE THAT YOU BUNCH OF ASSW*PE OBAMA SUPPORTERS! Hate to break your hearts! Oh, did I mention, GO TO HELL!


  131. Well, just remember Obama overpolled and underperformed in the primaries… he’s a horrid closer, almost all the undecideds went for Hillary …

    and we have no idea about the bradley effect or if obama’s newly registered folks actually show up …

    lots of big IFS

  132. angie
    light those candles!

  133. should I go put some X’s on Marie’s tomb?

  134. I have stayed up until 3AM for every presidential election that I can remember; even the disappointing ones; rooting for whatever Democratic cliffhanging wins in gubernatorial or senatorial races I could get. Now, I am not even planning to watch a minute of it. I scarcely have a candidate I am rooting for. After all, almost all of the Democratic candidates were in cahoots with Obama, knew that he stole the nomination, and never said a word. Who among them stood up for the right, for democracy (not to mention Hillary? Who said, “We are Democrats, this cannot happen in our Party.” They all went along with it; many reveled in it. I am not rooting for any of them, nor do I care what they have to say about anything. I will not suppport any of them for President eight years from now, twenty years from now. I will remember.

    More than anything else, what will infinitely depress me about this election, is seeing all the good and caring people here and at other likeminded sites, who went through such effort, such time, such expenditure of intelligent expression, financial hardship and emotional commitment, only to see our Party, the supposed last best hope of democracy in our country, laugh in our faces, and utterly cheat us and the nation out of the rightful nominee. Nothing that Obama can say or do from now on is going to make me like him or appreciate him any more; and all those who helped him, all those who had reason to know what was going on in the caucuses and the DNC, and who did and said nothing to stop it, are utterly guilty by association as well. As much as I hate the Republican agenda, and what they have done to the country since Reagan, I am very apt to vote for a whole bunch of them–for balance, for spite, for contempt. And because I honestly believe that the person on top of the Republican ticket would not cheat to win a nomination or a presidency; and that is a rare enough commodity in modern-day America. Actually, it is about all we have left.

  135. way to go Sarah

  136. Don’t know if anyone mentioned this yesterday, but here is a link to a politico article about Dem Secs of State in 5 states

    five key states — Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico and Ohio — where the difference between victory and defeat in the 2004 presidential election was no more than 120,000 votes in any one of them.

    With a Democrat now in charge of the offices, which oversee and administer their state’s elections, the party is better positioned than in the previous elections to advance traditional Democratic interests —such as increasing voter registration and boosting turnout — rather than Republican priorities such as stamping out voter fraud.

    Perhaps more important, in those five states Democrats are now in a more advantageous position when it comes to the interpretation and administration of election law — a development that could benefit Barack Obama if any of those states are closely contested on Election Day.

    The effort began in 2006 when a group of liberal California activists created an independent 527 group designed to elect secretaries of state.


  137. carol, where did you read that?

  138. They said she hadn’t broke any laws forever ago. The media simply refused to talk about it.

  139. Thanks Liberty Belle, you too.

  140. Prediction Time: It Will Be McCain

    Obama will lose for a combination of unique reasons in this most unique of election years.


  141. People, lets not get ahead of ourselves. lets go out there and help McCain bring this home. Please help get people to the polls. We need to carry McCain across the finish line.

  142. Simo at 5:58 p.m.:

    I have spoken to so many of those people, men and women. I’m still stunned every time it’s a woman.

  143. catarina — lol — I already have my candle lit!

  144. I just got an email from that William Arnone guy. he says obama will get 339 ev’s Iincluding one from nebraska!!!!!!!BWAHAHAHAH…if obama even wins 1 EV from nebraska, I’ll eat SOD’s tinfoil hat!

  145. Well said, William.

  146. Ready to Rock n’ Roll PUMAS

  147. Let’s show the world tomorrow that no amount of media bias, no amount of voter registration fraud, and no amount of Saudi slush funds can destroy American democracy.

  148. “WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO GIVE HER (Hillary), A CABINET SEAT IF WE PULL THIS OFF”….because “Hillary Clinton people are working harder then our people to win Pennsylvania”….http://trustbutverify.wordpress.com/

  149. Where’s the story about Sarah being cleared in the Troopergate investigation? I can’t find it.

    Anyone got a link?

  150. CNN announced there are only 5% undecided. I just saw a state list where the undecideds vary from state to state and by a large margin. So the CNN poll means nothing. It seems everywhere you click it is an O win – Yahoo has him winning with 318 electoral votes. It’s depressing as hell.

    They also keep showing long lines of AA’s at the polls. They did that in Texas during the primaries and he still lost by 100,000.

    So I’m not buying. I think McCain and Palin have a chance.

  151. Yup, yup, Barky jest ain’t “likeable enough” for me!

  152. Regency — yes, the investigator board (majority Dem) said she broke no laws BUT that she was guilty of ethical misconduct. The ethical misconduct finding is what went to the actual review board & it cleared her of any ethical wrongdoing as well.

  153. They had to tear her apart. They had to try to bring her down. They had to squeeze the last bit of misogyny out of the playbook in order to win. Nothing was too low for this crowd. Going after the average voter like Joe the Plumber is a ready made sign of things to come yet nothing coming out of the media would indicate as much.

    This man has designs and an agenda that occasionally surfaces yet it goes unexamined. If and when he becomes POTUS, the public at large will be viewing an administration that will make Bush pale by comparison. Paving the way for a mini fascist state, one where critical voices will be silenced, one where civil rights will be squelched, one where commonsense and the feeling of security will disappear, has been largely ignored.

    I hold the whole bunch accountable. They are privy to more than we will ever know yet they left that aside for the sake of what is to come.

    What is to come? I have no clear idea. But it has nothing to do with what they proclaim. And it will take some effort to push the dark clouds away when this government finds itself in the hands of people we don’t know.

  154. WorkinStiff, I think Clinton will get better treatment from a McCain administration than an Obama administration. McCain will not forget about us.

  155. gary: I think i know all the democrats in omaha nebraska (including my ex husband and my daughters that are registered there) and if Obama wins that one, I’ll eat every hat in my closet …. and I collect vintage hats … so i’ve got quite a few

  156. I met al gore who stopped by omaha a couple of times during the first clinton season — I was a candidate for the unicameral at the time, THEY thought they could take that one in omaha … NEVER happened … even in the second term

  157. If McCain wins I have promised that each and every one of you can kick my posterior as I will deserve it. So get your stiletto’s and workboots ready as I am prepared to take my licks.

  158. Good night everyone…

    Go PUMAs!!

    Rock and roar!!

  159. http://www.cnn.com had the announcement!

    NOW, all systems are go and nothing stands in the way of investigating Obama and Michelle!

    Oh yeah, I forgot, they have already been vetted by MSNBC!


  160. Pat you and every PUMA have my thanks, not kicks, and when John and Sarah win, we all have a better country.

  161. Pat – women don’t kick other women’s booties!

    And, besides STFU – McCain and Palin are winning!

  162. The pathetic thing is that with every single advantage imaginable, including an economic meltdown that just happened to come at the perfect time for him, Obama will be lucky to win 310 electoral votes. Hillary would have won 380, and would have won the popular vote by 10%, ushering in the second coming of the New Deal. Instead, an Obama win will likely doom Progressivism for the next half-century. The Republicans ran against Carter for almost twenty years. They can run against Obama for fifty.

  163. I hate this stupid pundits talking about McCain running a “bad” campaign — BO has outspent him by 4 or 5 to 1 and he is within striking distance in ALL the battleground states after 8 years of Bush! Plus, NO fair commenter can say McCain ran a r@cist campaign.
    And that Errol guy is a jacka$$ — keep talking about how people don’t care about Wright — whatever helps you sleep at night malaka.

  164. Carol, lmao

  165. night Battlecat.

  166. If Obama increases taxes the way he plans and the DNC enables him, it’s hello great depression 2, and we’ll be calling him President Barrack Hoover …

  167. People like Errol are actually telling us: “look, butterflies!” It is a form of distraction. Personaly, “goddamn America” is offensive and another clarion call to what this church, KO, and MO actually believe.

    Pour a little more of Farrakhan, Kalidi, Ayers, into the recipe and the result is radicalism. My “selfish” antenna is at work.

  168. Mawm- IIRC, I remember seeing a guy with a sign that said ‘Voting rights are civil rights.” at the RBC meeting. That night you commented here that it you had such a sign. I have been a great admirer of you ever since. I too will vote straight party Republican for the first time. I call myself a ‘Republican-voting virgin’ now , but tomorrow I will be a veteran. The DNC and its candidates will have to win me back, never again will I be a slave to the DNC. PUMAcrat.

  169. sarah on http://www.cnn.com and john is on too

  170. edge — I hope that is true re: CO — I’m telling you any state where BO is leading by less then 10 is going to McCain — absent wholesale voter fraud (which is a very good possibility, granted). In other words if BO is “declared” the winner it will be just that DECLARED — no way can he actually win.

  171. Mawm,

    Wonderful post. I agree about the need for balance. I don’t trust the Democrats to handle controlling all three branches of government, especially when the “fourth estate” has refused to do their job and left Obama’s past almost completely uninvestigated.

  172. Why is Obama above reproach? Unbelievable!

  173. dakinikat, on November 3rd, 2008 at 7:43 pm Said:
    gary: I think i know all the democrats in omaha nebraska (including my ex husband and my daughters that are registered there) and if Obama wins that one, I’ll eat every hat in my closet …. and I collect vintage hats … so i’ve got quite a few
    I was only in Nebraska for two years. I joined the Hillary Rodham Fan Club there because of the Nebraska attitude I kept bumping into. There were about 20 of us. It was actually refreshing to move to Texas. Nebraska will not go blue.

  174. actually, i can tell the obama campaign is nervous JUST because all those democratic guys are spewing talking points rather than having normal conversations … they’re especially bad today

  175. Pat J — exactly — even people who aren’t “church goers” know that saying G.D. anything is the absolute worse thing you can say — much less saying “G.D. America!”

  176. I wish I had a crystal ball. Maybe I could sleep better at night.

  177. Pat J — BO is above reproach because he is so cool (rolls eyes). These geeks wouldn’t recognize “cool” if it bit them on the a$$.
    btw — I’ve seen the GOPTrust Wright ad 2 times during Dobbs.

  178. I really think that Pa. is the key. If McCain wins Pa., Florida , Ohio and NC, then he can lose Virginia. I don’t know why , but I do not feel good about Virginia. I think it could go Obama. I’m making call to Pa. tomorrow. If you can do so, please do. On election day, you simply try to see if the person voted and for whom. The campaigns want to know where to try to get out the vote. It is fun and pretty easy. It is better than worrying and eating chocolates. But maybe that is only the way I worry.

  179. angienc, — catching up on the post — tell you mom — I have my passport ready, I LOVE GREECE- – just help me get a room somewhere — I am ready !!! In fact – I should talk to your mom about Greece — I want to go for 2-3 weeks rent a villa – eat, cook and read !!!

  180. Jmac: I always refer to my childhood in Nebraska as pergatory … I cried when I moved from Iowa to there … it is the single most stifling place I’ve ever been …

    thankfully, we travelled a LOT when i was little

  181. SOD: So true. We have been suspended in disbelief since February at least. Everytime we thought the right thing would occur, wham bang, it went elsewhere.

    Withholding criticism, especially when warranted, is a sure sign that we will be held hostage to the whims of the people guiding this administration. The abortion issue that they have been pushing will disappear along with other rights if he gets in. Of this I am most assured.

  182. Angie:

    They said Hillary ran a bad campaign too.

  183. Pat J — I can’t remember the name of the psychic (little Isis knows it) — back in January she predicted that the ticket with the woman in the VP position would win. At the time she thought (and said) that it must be that BO wins the nomination & Hillary will be his VP. In September, she updated on her blog & said she made a mistake by allowing what she knew (ie Hillary being in the race) to influence her prediction that Hillary would be BO’s VP. But she rre-confirmed that the ticket with the woman as VP would win — Yes, she stated, McCain/Palin would win.
    Not a crystal ball, but that should help! 🙂 Hope Little Isis is around and can name the psychic.


  185. I just got back from my PUMA cub’s cheerleading district competition – 4 time champions in a row lost today, but that’s ok – she’s upbeat & ready for soccer which starts next week.

    Now back to business: Infantry Co-Cmmander of the Rebel Alliance, MAWM- BALANCE, INDEED!

    I feel very, very blessed to be among such wonderful people as I am here on this blog & in the PUMA family. Thank you, everyone.

  186. SOD:

    I’ll have to give you a “stern” look for that Titanic comment

  187. McCain is going to win NC but he still needs PA, FL, OH and VA. I’m not at all optimistic about it. Fortunately for me I believe for the first time in my life (adult or otherwise 😉 ) I have the flu. I now understand that “run over by a bus” feeling. Of course me and the girls were going to get our flu shots on Thurs. ah well, will keep my mind off the election returns.

  188. myiq — exactly — they can’t even come up with new talking points — the msm also forgets to note that Hillary actually won — even with the cheating & voter intimidation by the DNC & BO.

  189. Well, my husband and I just had a long talk. I told him I had swapped my Nader vote for Ann’s in NY (see dak’s post earlier) and that I was voting for McCain. He asked me if I would hate him if he voted for McCain, too. I told him this was probably the only time in his life I’d give him a pass to vote Republican. So, it looks like there will be two McCain votes in Philadelphia tomorrow.

  190. well, I’ve been trying to get New Orleans to declare itself part of france since Katrina … we can always move all the PUMAs down here and try again

  191. Micki — hugs to you and the hubby !!!

  192. whoa Micki!!! Pumas on the MOVE!

  193. DKat – We’d only been in Nebraska two weeks when I asked my husband why all the women seemed to have had a lobotomy. It truly was a strange place.

  194. Yay, Micki!!

    I can’t believe that O’Reilly just said that neither candidate did anything untoward during the campaign. I wonder if he has seen this?


    Obama giving McCain the finger. This guy is not even an adult.

  195. simofish — well, we have plenty of room — you can bunk with us “if we see signs things are going right” LOL But if you just want to spend 3 weeks are so, I’m sure my mom will let you use her house — the only thing about it though it is about 40 minutes outside of Athens in the mountains (near the beach though) so it is kind of isolated (people in Athens use the place for “weekend” getaways), so it is not like staying on an island. What you should do is go & stay with my mom (she goes every summer for the entire summer) for a bit & then rent a place on one of the islands for 2 weeks — the island are the true beauty of Greece — she, of course, will help you make arrangements (you get better prices if you speak Greek!).

  196. woo hoo Micki — Godspeed & God bless!

  197. Has anyone ever heard of this person?

    “Wayne Singleton, the founder of the widely publicized group People United Means Action (PUMA) — the people of color umbrella — helped organize the trip to Scranton.”


    Another person claims to be the founder of PUMA? I’m pretty sure People United Means Action was started by Darragh Murphy.

  198. BB: Wayne is POC PUMA. He’s good!

  199. Jmac: I swear they could use most of the women there for steppford wifes in a movie without ANY coaching

  200. ainnj

    I also seem to be suffering from Confluenza.

    Will crawl on my belly to polls tmrw if need be.
    Will vote Mac/Palin

    Jeff Beatty (Moderate Republican challenging John Kerry-most excellent people on his team)

    Susan Fargo Dem for state senate (her Republican challenger is a wacko pro-life righty abortion clinic bomber and member of CWA-can’t do it nope)
    Paul Avella (R) state rep.

    MA needs a little shakeup in the corrupt Dem roost. We sure have some slimeballs-Diane WIlkerson!!!

    My son is in Barney Frank’s district-he’ll vote against Barney, Kerry, AND Obama. Love that kid!

    Nite all!

  201. What is going on here!!! O’Reilly is beating the drum for Obama if you listen to his talking points. Jeebus, Mary, and Joseph! Has the whole world gone nuts?

  202. […] Tomorrow, by Dakinikat I Guess I Just Wasn’t Looking: A Voting Strategy In Hindsight, by Regency Balance, by […]

  203. angienc — I have been to Greece – once – 8 years ago – it’s gorgeous – OK — here’s my g-mail acct — sd1939@gmail.com

  204. night catarina!

  205. I want to go to Greece too!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Pat J — I agree — WTF is wrong with O’Reilly — I was in a great mood until then. Jeez — I always thought he was sorta in the tank for the guy.

  207. OMG – NoQuarter has an article up about Andrew Sullivan and his rant about Sarah not producing her medical records!

    The woman is 44 and just had a baby. (Also, Andrew, she has a tiny ass for a woman who has had 5 children because she runs and works out everyday.)

    May I say that tomorrow I hope all of the creeps get doused with water and shrink into oblivion!


  208. Andrew Sullivan is a headcase. He would love to propose to Obama and have them run away together after the election is over. In fact, I am more than willing to drive them to wherever they wish to go. Chicago is just an point of return.

  209. MICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    PUMA buddy voting in the battleground states!!!!!!

  210. Puma SF just sent me an e-mail — here’s part of it –

    In 2000, Al Gore lost West Virginia and several other states because of his opposition to coal.

    Now, at this late date, Obama is running, legs akimbo, from his answers earlier this year on coal and energy policy. Obama threatened to bankrupt coal powered plants. More importantly, Obama predicted that in an Obama presidency energy prices would “skyrocket”.

    The issue, once again, is deception and trust. What are Barack Obama’s real intentions?

  211. o’reilly is pandering to murdoch to save his job if u recall the leaked story about the BO/Murdoch meeting. hilariously murdoch is now saying BO’s economic plan will worsen the current situation, but maybe bill hasn’t heard that.

    anyways, don’t worry about the republican turnout. while not a swing state, early voting in texas shows huge increase in republican voters in the exact counties where dubya won easily so they are energised over mcpalin. the massive increases can be found here, and the dem early voting figures are not that impressive.


    good luck to all of you tomorrow. only fraud can stop you, so keep your eyes open and report anything untoward u see. best wishes from a non-american liberal who sees mcpalin as the liberal choice this time around. here’s to REFORM.

  212. I’m pretty sure Hannity won’t be cheerleading for Obama. I plan to tune in at 9 to see.

    I think it’s very interesting that so many of the early votes are from Dems. But what if 30% of them are PUMA votes?


    I wish I knew how to make one of those frowny faces like Carol does.

  213. Greece?

    I loved that movie!

  214. Pat – you better rest up tonight! You got a long trip tomorrow night! I might even fly up to ride with you. BTW – if Andrew and Obama hooked up, wouldn’t that make all of the rest of his worshipers upset!

    Don’t forget the electrician’s tape!

    CAROL HAKA :Evil:

  215. That convenient gesture that Obama produces for the pleasure of the crowd is exactly what he thinks of all of us. It is strictly a fuck you attitude and he will govern no differently. I hate to say I hate him but I do.

  216. simo…Gore lost his home state of tennessee….I guess they take coal seirously!

  217. I will hit the voting booth during the slow period–mid morning. I can’t wait! My Republican friend who works the polls wanted to vote for Hillary. I told her when I voted in the state primary I might vote McCain. I will also vote against Kerry and Markey (voted for the bailout) and I will vote for any woman on my ballot. The DNC makes me sick!!

  218. bb – colon evil colon without the spaces

  219. I am all gassed up and ready to go! Just call me the Knightrider since we are traveling non stop to Chicago. And I will be only too happy to flip the bird from the rearview mirror so he understands my total contempt for his skinny, lying ass!

    My God, my language is horrible. The next 48 hours is going to bring out the worst in me.

  220. i’m so ANGRY right now… sure… clear Palin’s name now that it is basically too late…. her reputation is crap right now thanks to the haters and LIARS in the MSM…. EFF EVERY ONE OF THEM…..

    I’m PISSED and I want PAYBACK… a McCain/Palin win will work…. but if I don’t get it I’m going POSTAL….

    or maybe I’ll just move to Alaska and cash in on that oil dividend! 🙂

  221. myiq — I saw Grease at the drive in — I was just a little kid, but there was a drive in when I was little (closed when I was in about 8th grade) Anyway, for family night we often went there — my dad preferred the drive in to the regular movie theater. After that movie my brother & I begged my mom to buy us the album (which she did) and we wore the grooves out on it playing Greazed Lightning over & over, dancing, jumping on the sofa, etc. re-enacting the scene. It wasn’t until years later that we realized how “dirty” the songs were! (my mom is ESL — she had no idea how “dirty” the songs were either until we told her). LOL

  222. I think I just invented a title for a new song: “I Hate to Say I Hate Him But I Do”. Kind of like the sound of it.

  223. Pat J — look up thread — I already specifically invited you 100s of posts ago.

  224. Pat J: The sequel, “I Love to Say I Hate Him Because It’s True”

  225. angie: You did? How sweet. Wouldn’t I just love to though. Beautiful beaches, historical sites, great food, warm people. Love it.

  226. Carol — BO hasn’t produced his medical records either — and he is a smoker & has a history of drug use — but I bet Andrew doesn’t mention that.

  227. Angie –

    Olivia in skin-tight leather featured prominently in my dreams

  228. Regency: Sung by Martina McBride or one of my old faves, Lorrie Morgan.

  229. Here’s a song for everyone who is doing the right thing:

    Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On the shore dimly seen thro’ the mists of the deep,
    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
    In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
    ‘T is the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
    Between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation;
    Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
    Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
    Then conquer we must, when our cause. it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  230. Pat J — I told you not to be depressed if BO gets in (through cheating — the only way he can, imo) then my mom told me to keep my passport ready and if we “see signs that things aren’t going right” then we are off to Greece — you can come too, so get your passport ready.

  231. angienc – that is funny. We went to the drive-in all of the time when I was young. We stopped to get pressed ham or baloney and bread. If it was a bad movie or scary, we had to put out heads or go to sleep! I later told my mother that hearing the screaming or music from Bucket of Blood or any of the other movies she took us to was worse than seeing anything!

  232. angie: LOL

  233. myiq — alas, I was too young to have dreams about anyone back then.

  234. Poor Lorrie – our quarterback dissed her. She also just filed bankruptcy.

  235. Phila — did you read the post? Obviously not — inflict pain on stupid Obots like you who don’t know how to think for themselves (or that can READ).
    Clean up — 8:39

  236. Great post. I am also voting a straight GOP ticket for the same reasons. So as a virgin GOP voter I feel like I am existing in a sort of alternative universe.

  237. OMG I just saw a fabulous video from let freedom ring!

  238. Myiq: Yeah, I saw today where George Stephanopoulis justified media bias toward Obama by saying McCain had run a bad campaign, and it’s easy to say negative things about a bad campaign. That bastard. What explains the media bias toward Obama during the primary, George? Oh, that’s right, you said Hillary ran a bad campaign. You’d think the media bastards could come up with some original sh*t, instead of piling on the same old stinky stuff.

    BPD: That makes me friggin mad as h*ll, too. I guess now the bastards can say they cleared Sarah before the election. She’s been smeared on this from Day 1, and she gets cleared literally hours before election day, and too late for millions who have already voted. So many bastards around….

  239. Haha. This is the first headline I read when I went to NoQuarter and thought it was hilarious:

    SEX SLAVE, SEXOLOGIST, BEAN COUNTER, SLAVE, SLUMLORD, TROUBLE-MAKER, and WHIPPING BOY: Obama’s Contributors list their Occupations »

  240. Oh, Phila — yeah, how dare you imply that anyone here wants to inflict pain on women when it is YOUR LEADER who has ok’d all the vile misogynist attacks on Hillary & Sarah and when it is YOUR LEADER’s followers who wear “Sarah Palin is a C*NT” t-shirts & who hang Sarah Palin effigies & laugh about them.
    You are too stupid to be allowed to vote.

  241. O’Reilly has been like that for a while. First, he was courting a BO interview, and then he got it and was lame. Since then, he’s had a man crush. He’s thinking about his ratings in case BO wins–and the return of the Fairness Doctrine. One night he actually said to Laura Ingraham: “I don’t have a problem with Obama,” and she almost had a stroke.


  242. 👿

  243. I just caught Uh-bama plagiarizing John Travolta from Primary Colors!

    He was being interviewed by Charlie Gibson (the national news came on after the local news and I was busy making dinner) and Teh Precious said:

    “I’ll wake up every day and fight for you”

  244. Carol — lol — once we went to a movie that turned out to be a little racier then my mom & dad had thought (not x rated or anything, but not PG either) and my mom kept making me and my brother put our hands over our eyes!!

  245. everybody’s cheering for the Redskins, right? If they win, so does McCain!!

  246. I have a funny feeling, a sneaking suspicion, that

    McCain/Palin will win this thing!


  247. I saw today where George Stephanopoulis justified media bias toward Obama by saying McCain had run a bad campaign, and it’s easy to say negative things about a bad campaign.

    What an idiot. He isn’t even original–that argument was made on Politico or something earlier this week. BTW: George’s wife was on Oprah this week, according to a source, (Oprah has been on my boycott list every since she broke her promise to support HRC if she was ever nominated and then ditched her for the candidate with a penis) and apparently, O was sooooo excited about the election, and G’s wife said coyly, “I KNOW who I am voting for.” Excuse me, but is our democracy now being decided by people who have the mentality of high schoolers preparing for the prom?

  248. angie: My hubby was musical director for Grease at his college. He hates popular musicals, and wasn’t sure he’d do it until he got the music. He said the music & lyrics for the movie are boring and tame, but the music & lyrics for the play are funny, clever, and pretty dirty. Said no way they could have done the original stage music in the movie back then.

  249. went for a 4.125 mile walk add that to the 11 done on sat and sunday that is over 15 miles this month!

  250. SOD: travel safely!

  251. safe trip SOD!


    👿 BB HAKA 👿

    👿 GARY HAKA 👿

  253. Micki is making me PUMA up. I am in Maryland and it is sure to go Obama. I will vote for any non-Obama candidate that you want here, if you will vote for me and McCain in a battleground state. I was a girl scout, I am a lawyer, and an Eucharistic Minister in the Catholic Church. I do not want to go to hell, so if we trade I will vote the way we agree. Pls let me know ASAP– tomorrow is Election Day if is practically here.

  254. hey bb, is katie going to put hers up?

  255. POE — the words to the play’s music is even dirtier then the movies? How much dirtier then “the chicks will cream’ and “we’ll be getting off our rocks” can it be? (which, btw, my brother & thought were: “the chicks will scream” and “we’ll be driving off the rocks’) LOL

  256. NEW POST TO await KatieBird’s post!

  257. fif: See me at 8:43, great minds think alike.

  258. ha ha gary! New post is up!

  259. angie: I didn’t go see it, and can’t remember what he said, but there’s something about p*ssywagon, for one thing. Pretty sure that’s right.

  260. I’m crossing fingers and toes that all goes well tomorrow. I really think Mac will prevail!! I voted for him a couple of weeks ago (along with all downticket Republicans-wow, first time ever!) What’s funny is that I moved from liberal northern California to conservative Orange County 2 years ago, and my friends teased me that if I drank the water here, I’d become a Republican!
    :-)) Holy cow, they were right!

    Just wanted to thank all of you for letting me lurk and comment the past few months. I work at home and my husband travels (and he’s not voting Mac), so I feel like I’ve had no one to talk to the whole time. You’re like family!!

    Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow!

  261. Mawm, I have always been a big fan of gridlock in government – good post!

  262. George Snuffalophagus isn’t fit to shine or lick Cronkite’s wingtips.

  263. Initially, I was only going to make the leap to vote Republican for the Presidential slot; but after months of what I have witnessed from the Democratic Party, they will get nothing from me. I will vote every R down the ballot. The party I loved, worked, and devoted myself to for years needs to hear the message loud and clear that they screwed the pooch.

    This is more than an election. It’s an opening salvo in a counter-revolution to take back the party.

  264. Many predict an Obama win, at the same time things do look hopeful, I will present a before the event epilogue.

    Here is Obama giving McCain the finger, to a mostly AA audience.

    I could say FU back, but that’s too easy.

    First of all , yes I feel bad, very. White guilt, of course.
    Although to tell the truth I or any of my family have never personally oppressed anyone, but I would love to see the black communities in our nation be free of any historical stigma and to feel that any oportunity I have they have. Truthfully, I thought they do, but I guess I may sound blaze.
    Will I vote for him, no.
    But if Obama does win,
    I wish that he will be a great president.
    I hope his unique predisposition will be of great benefit to our nation.
    I hope he will not be all that I fear.
    I hope he will respect the sanctity of the Whitehouse in respect for all those who have fought for freedom.
    I hope he will not cater to the whims of power like Bush did.
    I hope he will be there for Iraq if they need/want him to be.
    I hope he will not compromise our ecconomy for the sake of any extremists agenda.
    I hope he will think really carefully before giving in to ideology at the expence of our security.
    I hope he will successfully address the many challenges we face.
    I hope he will raise our nation.
    I hope he will be our great first black CIC.

    I am voting republican for the simple reason that I don’t know, and I don’t like to gamble when important things are at stake.
    Obama played dirty, but he obviously thinks we did. His backgound is pretty alarming but in all fairness has been exposed.
    The primary is long gone, the election is a chance for Americans to choose. I hope that our choice will give us a good next four years.

  265. NEW POST while Katiebird posts her STRATEGY…

  266. Just saw the video with Obama and the “finger” re: McCain. What a mature thing for an elected official to do.

    My town is practically shutting down at 3 p.m. because the one who thinks he is divine is celebtating his victory (or so he thinks). Universities are canceling classes after 3, building have been told to send their tenants home after 3, and police officers and firemen may not take the day off. I am considering working from home. I canceled being an election judge because my family does not want to be separated tomorrow.

    I don’t think anything will happen tomorrow. But I believe there could be some trouble depending on how each side reacts to a loss.

    I do believe that American is suffering an irrevocable rift. It would take someone very special, of the character of Mandela, Gandhi, or Landsbergis to heal the wounds and bring the nation back together.

  267. Met another two “low information, Appalachian racists” today at the Leatherhaus voting for McCain and Palin. We spent about a half an hour opining. One of them said her mother is a PUMA. I remain hopeful.

  268. Brilliant… you are very welcome to our party!

  269. I totally disagree with your thinking.

    Palin’s nomination alone was a huge insult to women. What part of that don’t you get?

  270. My voting strategy is pragmatic. I had every intention of voting Democratic until the party morphed into something that I no longer recognize, wiped out the candidate of my choice, and presented one that, upon closer examination, is so unacceptable that he MUST be defeated.

    Like it or not, Repubs and Dems are the only two parties large enough to have a serious shot at winning. Anything else, in my view, is just a protest vote that will have no weight in the final outcome. Under the usual circumstances, this would be fine. I’ve made a protest vote before–once I was sure that the better candidate of choice in the major party would win. I was able to do that because I lived on the west coast. I don’t have that luxury now.

    At this point, the race, for me, can’t be about issues anymore. It’s about character, experience and judgment or lack of. There is no perfect candidate, but nothing I read about Obama gives me confidence. It worries me greatly that people are so swept up by his speechifyiing and charisma. The question is, who can you live with for the next four years? Viewing things in this way, it’s clear to me what I need to do.

    Mr. Obama and the DNC that put him there need to be shown the door. Only then can we step back and regroup.

  271. Yes, we CAN bring balance to US politics… Yes, PUMAS, we can make a statement… I want to restore some balance by giving the two PROGRESSIVE women running on the Green Party ticket my vote – Please join me and other PUMAS in getting the Green Party to the 5% threshold this election – We CAN do it!!

    just go to our Green Party website at http://www.gp.org/index.php and find out who is really closest to your values. Vote your conscience… Vote Green!

  272. Sorry gang – a reflection of my state today: couldn’t spell “occasion”.

    We’re going to still need each other after the results are in, “win, lose or draw”.

  273. If you look at the large turnout this year and in 1992, it looks like people really vote in order to avoid loss or pain, i.e. if I don’t vote we could end up with another Bush for four years. Ironically, Bush IS spreading democracy–to his own country.

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