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Monday: My Voting Strategy- Honor

Wikipedia defines honor like this:

the evaluation of a person’s trustworthiness and social status based on that individual’s espousals and actions. Honour is deemed exactly what determines a person’s character: whether or not the person reflects honesty, respect, integrity, or fairness. Accordingly, individuals are assigned worth and stature based on the harmony of their actions, code of honour, and that of the society at large. Honour can be analysed as a relativistic concept, i.e., conflicts between individuals and even cultures arising as a consequence of material circumstance and ambition, rather than fundamental differences in principle. Alternatively, it can be viewed as nativist — that honour is as real to the human condition as love, and likewise derives from the formative personal bonds that establish one’s personal dignity and character.

If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be casting my vote based on character instead of issues, I would have thought they were crazy.  But then again, a year ago, I was still a respected member of the DailyKos community.  I got booted off that site right about the time that the first accusations of racism were hurled at the Clintons by the Obama campaign.

Character.  How very Republican.  This campaign season has left many of us scratching our heads and has challenged our self image and party identification.  In our confusion and consternation at the way the primary season has played out, we have struggled to explain to ourselves why it is we can not vote for Barack Obama.  Are we secret racists?  Is this a character flaw that we did not previously understand in ourselves?  Are we really Reagan conservatives and Republicans?  Are we stupid and reactionary?  Are we voting with our vaginas?

I have searched my conscience for an answer to these questions and found the accusations hurled at me to be untrue.  I have always been a Democrat who voted based on my principles and I am not ashamed to post those principles at the top of this webpage.  They’ve been there since the beginning of the primary season.  I haven’t changed.  I am no racist, Reagan Republican.  But I am deeply offended and hurt by the betrayal by my own party.  I have concluded that a candidate who attempts to crush the self esteem of his constituents is the one with the character flaw.

Barack Obama is a man who promises to uphold the privacy of individuals and their right to be left alone but then votes for a FISA bill that strips individuals of that right and exposes them to the intrusive eyes and ears of their government and corporations.  He says he wants to “spread the wealth” but then lobbies for the passage of a bailout bill that is little more than Robin Hood in reverse.  He claims to run a positive, post racial, transcendent campaign but then cynically uses the issue of racism as a weapon to silence his critics.  He suppresses the votes of 2.3 million voters in Florida and Michigan and accepts delegates he did not earn, including 4 that were his opponent’s.  He does not hold the media accountable for the misogynistic frenzy it has engaged in on his behalf.  He allows Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin to be defined by their vaginas and not their accomplishments or their minds.

Barack Obama has not demonstrated the type of character that our best presidents have possessed.  All presidents are human and subject to the impulses that come with human nature.  When the damage caused by a lapse in character is limited to a few individuals or “out of character” for the president himself or when the person appears to have learned from this lapse, the indiscretion can be forgiven.  But when the indiscretions are persistent, vindictive, opportunistic and systemic, they can not be overlooked but must be deeply ingrained features of the individual who practices them or allows them to practiced on his behalf.

Barack Obama has shown throughout this campaign season that he lacks honesty, respect, integrity and fairness.  He is a man without honor.  And a man without honor can not be trusted to uphold the principles he claims to espouse.  He can not be trusted to fulfill his promises, even if the conditions are favorable to him.  He can not be trusted to stick to the positions on the issues that he ran on.  His followers’ faith in him is seriously misplaced.  He is a dishonorable political opportunist.

Tomorrow, I go to the polls and for the first time in my life I will not vote for the Democrat at the top of the ticket.  I remain undecided as to whether I will vote for John McCain, a man who reminds me of my father, an honorable man.  He has earned honor the hard way and I admire him for this.  He is not a perfect human being.  He has a short temper and has been indiscreet in matters of the heart.  But he appears to be able to learn.  I disagree with him and Sarah Palin on many of the issues but I can not say that either of them lack honor or character.  I will make my decision in the voting booth as to whether this is enough.

I will gladly vote for Linda Stender for my congresswoman and for all women, regardless of party that I can find on the ticket.  Getting to the 30% Solution of women in public office will help to rub off the harsh edges of the human condition for all Americans.  And I will work for party and electoral reform starting November 5 to ensure that a person of honor represents my party in 2012.

Once the primaries were over and Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign, the issue was no longer about her.  It was about the dignity and self-determination of 18 million of her voters and reclaiming what was taken away from them.  Until we are heard and our intentions accorded the respect and authority that they deserve, the issues must take a secondary place.  We are fully enfranchised citizens or we are not.  And if we are not, nothing else matters.

234 Responses

  1. Your post made me a bit teary — I don’t know why. It’s a strange journey we pumas have walked. Tomorrow is the denouement. Today is the night at Gethsemane for many die-hard Dems turned pumas.

    I’ll paste my comment from the last thread:
    I decided before the primary was over that I could never vote for Obama. I think my final straw was the 3am text announcing Biden as VP. That was just so petty.
    But for a while I planned to vote Green party instead to tell the DNC I want them to move left, not right.

    But McCain has worked really hard to earn my vote, with his HOLC-talking, his populism, his selection of a woman VP, his promise to clean house (lobbying & corruption is a big concern of mine), and finally, by promising to dramatically increase the number of women in all sectors of government, he sealed the deal. He went from an unthinkable choice to a good, solid, choice.

    It’s like Bill Clinton said,
    “Candidate Y disagrees with you on half the issues, but you believe that, on the other half, the candidate will be able to deliver. ”
    McCain is Candidate Y.

  2. Wow Riverdaughter. Just wow. Thank you for this, you have said what I cannot express and your words will be in my head and heart all day through tomorow.

  3. (getting very emotional today)

    A man without honor. I wish I had left all arguments against him thorughout this season to just that eloquent phrase.

    Beautifully written post, RD. I am very proud to be part of this family you made for all of us. I just can’t thank you enough.

  4. Riverdaughter, this site has been a haven for so many of us…thank you. I also want to thank you for reminding me of my word…Respect. The person who can earn my respect will earn my vote, but the 0 gives no tangible reasons to have earned either. McCain has.

  5. Just in case you have not seen this. The Jewish vote might not go for the democrats this year.


  6. riverdaughter: “But when the indiscretions are persistent, vindictive, opportunistic and systemic, they can not be overlooked but must be deeply ingrained features of the individual who practices them or allows them to practiced on his behalf……….

    Until we are heard and our intentions accorded the respect and authority that they deserve, the issues must take a secondary place. We are fully enfranchised citizens or we are not. And if we are not, nothing else matters.”


  7. My slightly broken heart will take some time to mend but I will cast my vote in favor of integrity over party this year while reminding myself that regardless of the outcome, I can at least live with my decision in the end.

    Words are not enough to express my despair at what we have witnessed over the last 8 months, but all I have left is my precious vote. To give it to an undeserving candidate for the “sake of the party” would be to go against every ideal that has led me to this stage of my life.

    Honesty is always the best policy and I cannot reward the dishonesty that has emerged from this campaign any longer. If there is a spark of democracy left, my desire is to brighten that flame by voting McCain.

    Please God I am right. The alternative will be devastating.

  8. Beautifully written – Obama is a man without honor.

    And those last 2 sentences in the essay really sums it up for me – we are either fully enfranchised citizens or we are not. If we are not, nothing else matters.

    I am voting Republican tomorrow for the first time. The Democratic ticket does not deserve my vote, although I will vote for Linda Stender because of that 30% solution.

  9. I remember standing outside the RBC meeting on May 31st, soaked to the skin. I was with Democrats, yes we were still Democrats back then. I really believed that they would ultimately do the right thing. We chanted “Voting rights are human rights.” and “We will remember in November.” That night PUMA was born. I don’t know if we will be successful tomorrow, indeed, ‘success’ itself would be so bittersweet, but I do know that the PUMA movement has changed me for the better. I have ‘grown up’ and can now judge a party and a candidate by the content of their character and not merely by the label to which they cling.

    I will remember tomorrow. I will vote for McCain and do so proudly. After election day I am counting on PUMAs to finish the job that we have started. Love you all.

  10. I’ll second that!


  11. Like Joanie (waving) I seem to be starting the day overly emotional — oh, well. I guess it’s been that sort of year.

    Thank you for this post, Riverdaughter. This is the bit that’s ringing in my ears:

    In our confusion and consternation at the way the primary season has played out, we have struggled to explain to ourselves why it is we can not vote for Barack Obama. Are we secret racists? Is this a character flaw that we did not previously understand in ourselves? Are we really Reagan conservatives and Republicans? Are we stupid and reactionary? Are we voting with our vaginas?

    I have searched my conscience for an answer to these questions and found the accusations hurled at me to be untrue.

    As of today, I can’t go to my best friend’s blog. Her other commenters (also good friends of mine) have taken off their masks and are openly calling non-Obama supporters racists — the voters of whole states racists.

    These people have been blog-friends for years. But that’s over now and they’ll probably never know why. I’ve spoken up over the past months about why the whole “racist” argument is hateful and wrong. But, I’m not doing it again.


  12. RD, after reading your post, I feel empowered. Thank you.

  13. riverdaughter: To me, this piece reads like your closing argument against Obama. “Honor” ties everything together. A man without personal or political honor does not merit the most revered office in our country.

  14. Katie!

    What on earth are you doing up?? A good morning kiss to you.

    Pat–my bags are packed. What time do you want me at your house Wednesday am? Do you want me to pick up coffee first?

  15. Whew!!!!!!!!!

    I am loving this Voting Strategy Series – it really is a catharsis and reading through each of the posts is truly enlightening.

    We all have different reasons but they weave in together in a PUMA fabric that is going to blanket the election.

    Thank you RD for this precious intertubez space.

  16. Sister,

    I’m so sorry about your friends. What has been revealed this year is devastating.

    I think about Molly Ivens and am relieved that we can keep our memory of her. I will always believe she would be a PUMA. I’m grateful to be able to keep that.

  17. Katiebird – you have us, right?

    I can’t wait to read yours!

  18. Most of my stuff is still packed away, but I finally found my Hillary button. I plan on wearing it to the John McCain rally today.

  19. Hi SM!

    I have to get going soon, family.

    This week–office door SHUT. There will be tears either way, and I don’t want anyone to see.

  20. Seth – are you in Tampa?

    McCain is going to be at Raymond James Stadium 5 blocks from my house.

  21. Being called a ra*cist means nothing to me any longer. It is the old adage of sticks and stones. We know who we are, we do not need someone to define us by calling us names that have no meaning beyond empty rhetoric.

    We have struggled with our decisions, some still remain conflicted with their choice. We have discussed and debated what we have been subjected to by our own party in the name of a candidate who does not deserve this adulation.

    I wish I could understand. I don’t. What he offers is based on such a slim resume, such sheer inexperience, that it defines logic that these pundits and supporters would go to the mat in his defense. The man is a sham, one who comes with such a ton of baggage that is so anti American in tone yet he is portrayed in such exquisite light that it goes beyond the pale. The why is the big question.

    But I have prepared myself for the outcome either way. It will either contain moments of absolute relief or absolute disappointment. At least I will be able to take some measure of belief that I did the right thing for myself and for my beloved country.


    You are up really early!

  23. votermom: I agree, McCain has made the effort to earn our votes. He does not expect them out of some sense of entitlement, and I believe he will be grateful to those who vote for him. Riverdaughter’s story of McCain running out of the car at the airport yesterday to greet Harriet and others is one more example of McCain’s sense of honor.

  24. Thank you Riverdaughter for this beautiful post. You have gone right to the heart of the matter. Thank you also for creating this community as well. I don’t what I would have done without you all.

    honora, I too have grown up this last year as a result of this election road. It is time too. Just always voting for the D on the ticket was like being a football fan or something. We were the team. In hindsight it was pretty silly. I just needed to really look. to actually see what was going on.

    Now I will vote for the team with honor, McCain/Palin. Never voted R before. But, I am happy too.

    And starting Nov 5 I am all issues from here on in. Enough assuming the Dems are taking care of “our needs and issues”. Because they haven’t for a long time.

    Term limits may be a good place to start.

  25. Last night on “No We Won’t” sm said that she and dakinicat were trading votes. That sm couldn’t bring herself to vote for McCain in Florida, but that she knew he needed her vote. She will be voting for McCain, and dakinicat will vote green party for her in dakinicat’s safe state. I live in MA, and I am currently planning to vote for McCain/Palin. It’s highly unlikely that my vote will turn MA red. 8^) If any of you are in a swing state and are having a hard time bringing yourself to vote (R), I am offering the same arrangement. Vote McPalin for me, and I will vote for the candidate of your choice here. Anyone but Obama. I am a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts and can be trusted.

  26. Hi SOD_ wow! We’re starting early today. I’ll see you all tonight. I have butterflies like the Sunday nights and First Day of School when I was a kid. I want a stronger plan to get through tomorrow and Wednesday.

    (straighten up, wipe tears, get dressed for day)

  27. Joanie, If I let myself think about it, I’d think that Molly would be an Obama supporter. So I’m not going to do that.

    I’m sorry about the friends too. But, SM is right — I’ve got The Confluence (and The Confluence has me)

    SM — I can’t wait too!

  28. Did you hear that a liberal talk-radio host made some really heinous statements about Joe the Plumber that amounted to a death threat? Guess we shouldn’t hold our breaths waiting for Obama’s denunciation.

  29. joaniebird: The car is gassed up and ready to go! Please wear your Hazmat suit as these two are toxic.

  30. John Smith, I never understood why anyone ever thought that a self-respecting Jew would vote for Obama. I have gotten a good chuckle out of the Florida polling data for several months now. If Fl goes to Obama it is because the Jewish voters, Seniors and Republicans all stayed home.

    On a personal note, I think my niece and I convinced my “Democrats can do no wrong” grandfather to go with his gut and vote Nader. He finally admitted that Obama is not his type of Democrat, but he cannot pull for McCain. If he wasn’t afraid that Obama would lose (we are in NYS!) he’d pull for Nader. Talking to him, we are fairly sure he’ll vote Nader.

    At this point, the only people I know that are definitely voting for Obama is my 20 year old son (and NOT as enthusiastically as he was pulling that lever a month ago), my father (he’s a single issue voter and McCain is not a friend to Amtrak according to my dad) annnnnnnd that’s about it.

    I wonder how Obama is going to win-in-a-landslide if no one knows anyone voting for him?

  31. ((((( Hugging Pat! ))))))))

    Hey – don’t make me go up there & give you tough love, ok?

  32. katiebird,

    I think Molly would be an Obama supporter, too. As much as I miss her, I’m glad she’s not writing for him.

  33. joanelle, I read that article too, and it really pissed me off. I’m writing a post about it right now. Don’t let it get to you, it is nothing more than pure propaganda. They make no mention of the real voter fraud that has been going on in the obama camp. nothing about acorn, or the ohio campaign volunteers who registered and voted in that state illegally. Instead it reports only allegations of nefarious activity by republicans, and it does so without any proof. where are the fliers? the people who made these accusations? that article is pure grade A BS and it is meant to have exactly the affect it had on you, to make dems who are voting republican think twice..RESIST!!!

  34. Hazmat. Diapers. Check.

  35. If not for the Confluence, I wonder how many of us would have been able to get through these past 9 months? Thank God we had this haven to discuss, discourse, dismiss what was going on. Just knowing that we had the truth on our side offers a bit of comfort in this cold world of Obama.

    A resounding thank you is just so inadequate to express my heartfelt thanks.

  36. Geez guys. Can’t I just have my memory of Molly?

    (not too serious…)

  37. Seth – that is so weird, I heard a live interview with John McCain on the MJ Morning show here in Tampa and he was on a plane heading to Tampa for a rally at Raymond James right now – I guess from here he flies to where you’re at.

    He sounded good and I liked what he had to say – I am really hopeful in his Comprehensive Immigration Reform program. It’s the same plan Hillary endorsed in the primaries (of course, McCain & Kennedy wrote the bill).

  38. Sorry to say, but I wish we had one more week. These last minute reports against Obama may not have time to resonate. Had the press been doing its job from the beginning, we would not be facing this now.

    Steal, grab, and manipulate is all these Obots know.

  39. How come no one ever comes to Maryland?? Samanthasmom, I admire your integrity. I could try to do a vote switch , like you, my vote for McCain will only be symbolic, but I really want to vote against Obama. I think that it will be cathartic for me.

  40. Oh, Fox said the a new last-minute Wright ad is running in PA.
    I haven’t seen it though — maybe it’s not in the Philly market.

    (The one I see a lot of is the one about Biden’s “Mark my words. Obama will be tested” remarks which make me laugh at the end– “It doesn’t HAVE to happen.” Good ad.)

  41. SOD: Well put!

  42. To me, the switch three months ago from life-long Democrat to Republican was a total no-brainer, no ambivalence, no second thoughts, just pure absolute knowing that my vote for McCain/Palin was the only choice. This is how it is done: they screw you, you retaliate or they screw you some more. Period, the end. Hillary Clinton won the primary and it was stolen. Then Sarah Palin, was trashed. The women and children of this world are suffering the most and only good women and men can save them. I define good as having core values of honesty, integrity, courage and an absence of misogeny. Only McCain and Palin have demonstrated that. PUMA is not spelled CODA. Stand up for what is most important…stop the abuse.

  43. “Barack Obama has shown throughout this campaign season that he lacks honesty, respect, integrity and fairness. He is a man without honor. And a man without honor can not be trusted to uphold the principle he claims to espouse. He can not be trusted to fulfill his promises, even if the circumstances are favorable to him. He can not be trusted to stick to the positions on the issues that he ran on.”

    The above eloquently articulates my view. This nation needed an election that was centered on the issues, a dialogue concerning the issues we face. Instead we have been given a mendacious, stammering idiot as a candidate. hooray.

    Thanks for providing a wonderful blog!

  44. Palin in jeans today as she does a 5 state sprint before she goes to Alaska to vote.
    She looks darn good.

  45. After 42 years of voting reliably democratic – more often than not against the Republican than for the Demicrat – I will take myself off to the polls tomorrow and vote for John McCain. For quite some time I thought that I would just skip the top race, but now I am voting for McCain. His diligence has impressed me. I agree with him on little, but I think that he will do as he promises.

  46. I voted for McCain…we cannot afford not to at this point. I held my fire til the bitter end, but on Friday, I did it. No hedging at all. Obama must lose and we can’t split up votes to allow it to happen…

    I finally got my piece on OBAMA finished. Just before election day, but it took ages to do it….This might help people to decide.

    Read it and weep/get nervous! What is up with the word “world”???

    Obama–A Look at the Personality Behind the Handwriting


  47. I am not one for conspiracy theories but if he should “win” this election nothing will convince me that the votes were not stolen. Ohio may as well concede his “victory” now with the manipulations and outright fraud that has been occurring there.

    ACORN will have done itself proud in that state alone. And we taxpayers have funded this syndicate. Disgusting.

  48. But when the indiscretions are persistent, vindictive, opportunistic and systemic, they can not be overlooked but must be deeply ingrained features of the individual who practices them or allows them to practiced on his behalf.

    Barack Obama has shown throughout this campaign season that he lacks honesty, respect, integrity and fairness…He is a dishonorable political opportunist.


    I can’t believe it’s the day before the election, after all this time. All these months of banging our heads and gnashing our teeth at the brazen injustice, disrespect, insensitivity and hubris. For me, it was decided a long time ago. It started with BO’s arrogance and inexperience, and his repeated unethical behavior, lack of courage and leadership, and HYPOCRISY only confirmed my first impressions. However, it was the blatant anti-democratic process that made it impossible for me to endorse the chosen nominee. The deliberate interference of the “leaders” like Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd, et. al. to select the nominee for us, treating HRC like a stepchild, after she served the party faithfully for almost 4 decades for some punk with no experience? The RBC meeting was the seminal moment. The thuggish, dismissive, and dishonest “resolution” was a farce, and I knew I could never give permission for that that fundamental violation of our most sacred democratic principles with my vote.

    At first, McCain was a protest vote for the above reasons. Then, I read his autobiography, learned more about his bipartisan history, and his record of proven reform. His clear attempts to reach out to Dem women reinforces his commitment to work across the aisle. It’s not just a “pander,” he puts his promises into ACTION. Finally, his core devotion to honor, embedded in him by his family legacy and his horrific imprisonment, give me trust that he will work hard on behalf of ALL Americans. He does not choose favorites, like Obama, Donna B. & this motley crew. Palin is icing on the cake. A strong woman, also with a documented record of reform and concern for her constituents. She has governed more as a libertarian–not imposing her religious beliefs on her policy decisions, and I can live with that for 4 years.

    It’s a sad day. Tomorrow I could have been casting my ballot for the first woman, and best candidate to be president of the U.S. I will clench my teeth and pull the lever for a Republican for the first time in my life. So be it.

    Thank you again, Riverdaughter, and all the wonderful souls here for forming this community so we could hold tight to what we know is true, regardless of the result. After all, isn’t that the very definition of principle?

  49. SOD, that ad reminds me of the funny RNC flyer about experience I got last week (did you get one too?).
    “If he was an athlete … you’d call him a rookie.
    If he was a soldier … you’d call him a private.
    If he was a plumber … you’d call him an apprentice.
    If he was a doctor, you’d call … another doctor.”

  50. Once again River Daughter you have spoken my mind and heart.
    I decided some time ago to vote for McCain and Palin , and I cannot wait to do so now.
    The disparities ( for me) between what bo says and what he does are so great as to question the perception of anyone who still believes anything he says or anything his surrogates say .
    What disturbs me equally is how predictable some of the media has become in his defense ; and in circumventing and now actually hiding any possibly derogatory information regarding him .
    One has to wonder what else is out there about bo that we do not and will never get to know ?
    and how many other stories have been buried because the media has a point of view abuot anything? what I once thought was the free press has now becomenothing more than a well oiled propaganda machine in my eyes. I am at least grateful the heads up .
    And I am grateful to you , for your perseverance and courage in the face of what we have witnessed in this election ,and I am determined to continue on this Proud Puma path , because , as you so eloquently stated, if we are not fully enfranchised ciizens nothing else matters !
    My world has already changed so dramatically and drastically . So many people I once respected are completely ridiculous now ,and that is a long list . but I have added so many new and high-principled, honest, truthful, insightful, courageous and ethical people , that I am grateful to have the old ignorant ones off my radar ! I am deeply joyful and contented to have found everyone here !! I cannot thank you enough !

  51. Votermom, I live in NYC and saw the Wright ad last night.
    Lots of “g**D** America” and “USA of the KKK.” I was very surprised to see it here! At 8:45 p.m. during the Amazing Race.

    RD, this is a beautiful post. Honor is what it all boils down to.
    If Obama had run this campaign with honor, we might all be in a different state of mind right now. However, you can’t run a campaign with honor if you don’t know what it is.

    His lack of honor was very clear during the debate where Hillary schooled him on the endorsement of Farakhan; he said “I can’t help it if the guy wants to support me,” and then sniggered at Hillary when she insisted he should renounce and reject Farakhan’s support. It was so childish as well!

    Today you might see me if you’re out and about in NYC. I’m wearing the pink PUMA t-shirt my mom gave me shortly after June 1. Not sure if I’ll wear this one or my Hillary t-shirt tomorrow when I cast my first-ever vote for a Republican Presidential candidate.

  52. Palin’s on fire today.
    “It is not negative to call someone out on his record.”
    “This tax plan of his, it’s so … phony … that more and more it’s beginning to unravel.”

  53. I harbor no illusions about a McCain presidency. I disagree with many of his positions. That being said, I trust him as a person at least because I feel as if I know him. Obama is an empty slate who fills an empty suit. We know little, if anything true about this man. And what little I know I acutely distrust.

  54. My last post is in moderation, I think because I mentioned a tv show: the Amazing R*ce! Please save me!

  55. I can’t vote for a lying liar that lies. PERIOD.

    lol!! That says it all.

  56. Very powerful post riverdughter, thank you . And thank you for this blog and the sharing of your thoughts day in and out .

  57. tpfka — that reminds me — gotta cehck if I have a clean orange shirt to wear for tormorrow!

    Laundry time!

  58. tpfka nycblue — I freed your comment and I saw that ad during Amazing Race too!!! I’ve also seen the Surgeon ad — which I really like (I’m sure that’s a shock to everyone here)

    Like Pat, I’m nervous that it’s a little too late. But aren’t Republican’s the Geniuses at this? What do they know about the timing of these ads that we don’t?

  59. Obama talks about honor, McCain has it.

    Excellent post, RD!!

    Palin LIVE in Ohio now, talking about Obama and his coal comments. She’s nailing it. Yes!!

    McCain LIVE in Florida .

  60. Brava, RD! Obama is indeed a man without honor.

    What his supporters refuse to understand is that he hates and fears them. Anything other than fanatical loyalty will cause him to throw them under that famous bus.

    But perhaps their self-esteem is so low that they groove on that type of conditional love from a figure of absolute authority.

  61. Loud chants of “We Will Win!” at the Palin rally in Ohio now.

  62. Dead Heat in Minnesota – Not A Good Sign For Obama


  63. Thanks KB! Boy did I feel for Ken and Tina at the end (I know, OT).

    The timing for these ads is pretty good, I think, with 7-8% undecideds.

    “It is not negative to call someone out on his record.” VM, this has always bothered me in our campaigns. Calling someone out on their record is totally appropriate! Even the 3 a.m. ad they said was so negative, I thought was about the issue of experience.

  64. Pat & Joaniebone:

    Could you both PLEASE stop it with the diaper talk?????

  65. Thank you for this, RD! I have been dubbing Obama Jr.jr myself for some time now. You just voiced my thoughts – only better! Obama is a far worse version of W!

  66. The word “honor” and Obama should never appear in the same sentence.

    What strikes me is that if he should win, the letdown that will be felt by his unwavering supporters from every quarter will far exceed what we have been through. There is nothing harder than a fall from grace to really bring home the impact of undisguised devotion. He will never live up to their expectations.

    Like finding out your spouse has been cheating on you.

  67. McCain’s on fire too in Tampa. Lots of energy. Lieberman behind him (for the Jewish vote?).

    I’m grateful to Fox covering the GOP rallies. I don’t think I could bear seeing an Obama rally today.

  68. SM: No pit stops on this trip back to Chicago!

  69. I really liked Lynette Long’s analysis last night of “Obama the brand” and “Obama the Man” (on JSND show).

    Contrasting the words with the actions, making clear his lack of honor and his “just words” approach. The McCain campaign should run a last minute ad like that.

  70. McCain: “Just the other day, Senator Joe the Biden, … the gift that just keeps on giving …”

  71. “Words” are all he has spouted. He may as well have read from a dictionary for all the solutions he has offered. Just yak, yak, yak, applause, applause, applause. Who needs solutions when you have a ready made Halleluia Chorus lined up for each event?

  72. WOW SOD…. perhaps you should be in the business of running political campaigns…. that would be a killer ad

  73. Well it looks like he will win, at this point. The question is, where do we PUMAs go from here?

    Part of the answer, I think, will be that his presidency will be self-correcting: He’s going to fail, and he’s going to let a lot of people down, and a lot of ugly truths he managed to keep hidden are going to resurface. Look for the campaign finance shenanigans to be the first shoe to drop. Then watch as the media turns its fangs on their former beloved. And see the more liberal members of Congress push him, hard, while Republicans yank hard from the other side (he won’t be able to tell what to do!)

    The sippy-kuppers and the bloggerz will be the last to fall, but they will too, and when they do, their blind rage will be equal to their current blind adoration.

    The Republicans and their MSM lapdogs will essentially make this a repeat of the Clinton Years, latching onto every and any slight misstep and turning it into Impeachment Festival 2.0; the difference this time will be that Obama’s missteps (i.e. crimes) will be real. They won’t have to manufacture anything. Too bad for him that he lied repeatedly throughout his campaign; like John Edwards, he probably thought he would never be caught. But I think he will be.

  74. We are no longer in a system based on 2 political parties. We have at least four major parties. The Bush GOP and the McCain, traditional GOP . Then there is the Obot Dem party and the traditional Dem party. There are great distinctions between these groups. IMO one can’t just say I voted Dem or GOP and be completely clear where you are coming from.

  75. The word that defines this election year for me is BETRAYAL. A close second is NAIVE.

    I can’t even write about it … it’s too much. I’m going to read up thread and find something positive.

    Hopefully Ironman has been rallying the troops!


  76. Wonderful post Riverdaughter. Tomorrow I’ll be voting in MN for McCain/Palin. But more importantly so will my 89 year mother. She cast her first vote ever for FDR and voted straight D forever, but not this time. At her age she’s getting a little fuzzy around the edges but she know a fraud when she sees one.

  77. DancingOpossum, I don’t think Obama will win. I knew Hillary was done months before the DNC did her in (only person I’ve ever donated cash to… and I did it AFTER I knew she was done), and my gut is telling me McCain is going to win tomorrow. I hope I am right. An Obama presidency scares the living daylights out of me.

  78. A man without honor–that describes Obama perfectly.

    It defies logic that all of the polls are wrong so tomorrow America will elect the first truly anti-American president. I didn’t realize until this year just how many anti-Americans make up our electorate.

    I cannot stem the tide in Obama’s favor but I can take pride in the fact that I am not responsible for putting him in office, nor was I responsible for Bush.

    It will be a very dark four years ahead (no pun intended) following 8 previously dark years. Tomorrow Osama Bin Ladin will celebrate his victory.

  79. Pat Johnson, on November 3rd, 2008 at 9:42 am Said:

    SM: No pit stops on this trip back to Chicago!


    Jeez, alright…. but get plenty of Febreze.

  80. I’m hoping to hear own “slender lady” sing tomorrow night. Do you have something planned, Madamab?

  81. The thing is that Obama is not a Muslim, not a Democrat, not a liberal, not a centrist, not a “transformer”, not a uniter, not a constitutionalist, not a feminist, hell, he may not even be a Christian! All the things he is not just bears the question of who he really is and what he really stands for.

    One day before the election, this man is still unvetted.

  82. DO – I don’t think he will win.

    But no matter who does, my short answer is that I think we PUMAs should either form a new Party, or all register as Independents. Then, we can use our votes and other activist tools we have discovered throughout this process to achieve our goals; goals that large swaths of Americans can agree on.

    Forget about hot-button issues like abortion and religion. We will never agree on those. Put them aside, and work towards goals like election reform (make Election Day a holiday, get rid of e-voting machines, have strict laws for voter registration), public financing for elections to minimize big-money influence on our politicos, gender equity, civil rights for the LGBT population, reproductive freedom and a strong social safety net (UHC, for example) and public sector (rebuild and expand energy grid, curb and reverse global warming, toss out NCLB to improve education, etc.).

    That’s speaking only for me.

  83. More bad news for the koolaid cult of Obamarama!

    Mason-Dixon polls (DEAD HEAT!!!)

    Colorado: Obama 49, McCain 44, Undecided 4
    Florida: Obama 47, McCain 45, Undecided 7
    Nevada: Obama 47, McCain 43, Undecided 8
    Pennsylvania: Obama 47, McCain 43, Undecided 9
    Virginia: Obama 47, McCain 44, Undecided 9
    Ohio: McCain 47, Obama 45, Undecided 6
    Missouri: McCain 47, Obama 46, Undecided 5
    North Carolina: McCain 49, Obama 46, Undecided 5

    As Brad Coker, who runs the Mason-Dixon poll, notes, the vast majority of the undecided voters in these states are whites.

    I believe the undecided voters will break 4 to 1 in favor of McCain.

    The internal polling numbers look real good for McCain-Palin.

    This is a turnout election. McCain-Palin will win if we can get the pople to the polls! PUMAs will lead the way!

    Quick update for Minnesota:
    Obama only plus 3 in MN according to SurveyUsa/KSTP poll. Within margin of error. http://kstp.com/article/stories/S643965.shtml?cat=1

    The song ‘Cleveland Rocks’ was pumping thru the speakers at the end of the Palin rally just now in Ohio!! Crowd was pumped and ready to win!

  84. madamab: You speak for me as well. And saved me time in typing.

  85. Madamab — speaking for me too. If they get a “veto-proof” congress, there’s no reason we can’t pass all this legislation. Including UHC!

  86. You should write their ads. Hell, we all could have written their ads.

  87. Samanthasmom – Hee! It hadn’t occurred to me. Honestly, I’ll be going on so little sleep by then that I don’t know how much voice I’ll have. (Got about three-four hours last night and don’t expect to get more tonight.)

    If McCain does win, I could sing The Star-Spangled Banner, though…because I think that the American people will have narrowly escaped a truly terrifying regime.

  88. I am collecting personal anecdotes that reveal the haka of the media, polsters – what is it looking like where you live?

  89. MadamaB: HIllbuzz has a great “what’s next” post precisely on what you just said:


  90. madamab,

    You and I are the the EXACT same wavelength

  91. MadamaB: Check out hillbuzz, they have a good “what’s next” post – I tried to post the link but Spammy ate it.

  92. I’m glad to hear that others are thinking the same way I am. We should have a very fertile ground for discussing our next moves once this election is finally decided!


  93. Riverdaughter:

    Barack Obama has shown throughout this campaign season that he lacks honesty, respect, integrity and fairness. He is a man without honor. And a man without honor can not be trusted to uphold the principle he claims to espouse. He can not be trusted to fulfill his promises, even if the circumstances are favorable to him. He can not be trusted to stick to the positions on the issues that he ran on. His follower’s faith in him is seriously misplaced. He is a dishonorable political opportunist.

    You have stated my misgivings in one short paragraph. Barack Obama is not a man of honor. He simply cannot be trusted. Thank you for this wonderful blog and for your leadership. You have worked so hard, gotten up every day to write something that inspires and motivates us. And thank you also for your humility and generosity of spirt. Despite the praise and admiration you have received, you have remained modest, always anxious to share the limelight and listen to our input.

    I am feeling emotional today, like so many others here. We have chosen the road less traveled. We listened to the inner voices telling us something was terribly wrong in the party we have been so loyal to. We have stood up for the principles we believe in, despite the abuse that has been hurled at us by the media and in the “liberal” blogosphere. It has been wonderful to read people’s voting decisions and strategies. I’m looking forward to reading more today.

    I love you all.

  94. I live in VA, which Karl Rove has said will go to Obama, but I find it interesting that, in the past week, I have received at least five robocalls for McCain and one mailing, but I have not gotten anything from Obama. Not one call, not one visit, not one mailing. I’m not registered as a member of any party, you can’t do that in VA, but yet I’m only hearing from Republicans. Kind of interesting.

  95. It’s really insulting that the “Democratic” Party has foisted this individual on the US public, and that the MSM has lost its way. I still feel like I am going through a twilight zone experience. Finally, recently someone dared say the untarnished truth about Obama. I may be spelling the name wrong, but a former Sec. of State, I believe….the name is Eagleberger told it like it is: Barack Obama is a charlatan, and con-man. It’s so very obvious…he has no core, no convictions, changes his stance according to the way the wind is blowing. I believe that the only thing he really believes in besides his own inflated ego is: ABORTION at all costs, and SOCIALISM. They are in capitals because I believe that he has EXTREME views on both.

  96. My anecdotal evidence is that CNN doesn’t have an Obama-is-the-winner poll as its lead story. The only top story about a poll is one claiming that Palin could hurt McCain because with the election so close a few points matters. LOL. Yep, that’s the best bias they could come up with the day before the election.

    I am so excited to be voting Republican for the first time in my life. Ain’t that some craziness!

  97. I have lurked here since late summer.
    From Northern VA-and feel confident that McCain will carry the state.
    Why? Well for 1 my newly registered son,18 yrs, has been contacted by phone 4 times, and visited at home, 5 times, yes this is so true-wanting him to vote for the one. Only one time has he actually talked to these zombies and told them he is voting for McCain. They somehow have this info and won’t give up. But why the determination if they believed they have this in the bag.
    One other thought-yes VA voted blue for Webb-but he is no lefty and it was close.
    So many here work in US security and defense-I believe it will be close-but how can someone who has to pass a security clearance vote for someone who couldn’t possibly pass one.
    Well this dem mom is voting for McCain-so 2 votes from my family.
    I hope the Obots stay away from my home.

  98. Did anyone hear what Rove said on Fox this morning? Does he hold out any hope for McCain?

  99. McCain: An honorable man for almost all seasons!

    Obama: A Nobody for any season!

  100. Um, why would anyone listen to Rove? He has his own agenda, and it’s not friendly to the American people.

  101. In my mind, an Obama win is another piece of the Bush legacy. His administration policies helped to create this mess by offering up a candidate that the DNC felt could be pushed down our throats because of the last 8 years.

    But Obama is just another Bush lite replacement. Anyone with half a brain would realize that experience counts going into this quagmire that will be left by Bush and that someone is not Obama. Trusting him is taking such a huge leap of faith that it defies logic. But that “logic” got us 8 years of the worst president in history so far and I am not counting on a wake up call anytime soon.

  102. I did, nobo48. Rove gave VA to Obama and said that McCain pretty much has to take all of the other states that are in play to win, otherwise, Obama will win.

  103. Rove, “the architect”, got us 8 years of Bush. Enough said.

  104. State

    Thanks for the resume comparison. I thought it was brilliant. However, he flew off the handle and said “stop forwarding me all these e-mails!”

    That was only the second one I’ve sent to him.

    However, bottom line is iit all comes down to taxes for my hubby. And, no doubt about it, Obama will raise our taxes. But at this point all election discussion is verboten. He thinks I’m biased. I just feel like I’ve done my research. I could give a list as long as my arm as to why I’m voting for McCain. I can’t come up with a single reason to vote for Obama.

  105. They’re running the Wright AD, LATE,

    it’s pretty harsh——–I think it’s s the little ones don’t get a hold of it.

    I saw it About midnight last night.

  106. “To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.”
    – Confucius

    “Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Obama is a coward with no honor.

  107. Pat Johnson, on November 3rd, 2008 at 9:56 am Said:

    One day before the election, this man is still unvetted.

    Just yesterday I was thinking the same thing. Think about never really talking about issues, just saying, “They are on my web site.” Think about a political climate where a narcissist can campaign about himself. Think about a time where hopey changiness is not only being sold, but being bought by voters. Think about all the hungry journalists in the world and not one will cast a serious dispersion.

    In 2000 the Supreme Court gave us W and the wherewithal for the right to crash in on its own hatefulness only to pave the way for an onslaught of hatefulness of the left. I’ve said it before, but unintended consequences suck.

  108. Rove is pretty savy of course. But it’s hard to know when he’s lying or just plain wrong. He said the GOP would keep congress in ’06. ….However looking at how the Dems acted once they got in , perhaps he was right there/ snark

  109. Our mission following the election is to educate “Democrats” to the fact that in the current system every vote is not equal. Hopefully this site will join other JSND sites to demand reform.

  110. madamab said:

    Forget about hot-button issues like abortion and religion. We will never agree on those. Put them aside, and work towards goals like election reform (make Election Day a holiday, get rid of e-voting machines, have strict laws for voter registration), public financing for elections to minimize big-money influence on our politicos, gender equity, civil rights for the LGBT population, reproductive freedom and a strong social safety net (UHC, for example) and public sector (rebuild and expand energy grid, curb and reverse global warming, toss out NCLB to improve education, etc.)

    That sounds like a very good platform for “our” new party. Only thing I would add is term limits.

  111. Rove may be “savvy” but up to a point. His fingerprints are all over the Plame case and many other nefarious doings coming out of the White House under President Dimwit.

    It would not surprise me to learn that they Repubs would only be too happy to see and Obama win. The guy is totally ineffective and they will be almost guaranteed that any investigations of the Bush administration will be permanently tabled because he will be struggling with just the day to issues of running a government he knows nothing about. He will certainly be “tested” from the get go.

    Should Obama win the Repubs will have 4 years to regroup and gear up for a winning run in 2012 with another guarantee that the congress will lose the Dem leadership because of Obama in 2010.

    Their motto will mirror ours: I told you so.

  112. janicen, on November 3rd, 2008 at 10:15 am Said:


  113. Oh, it turns out we don’t have to vote after all.

    I hear the NY Times, and other publications are declaring “It’s Obama!” today–he’s already won, so there’s no need to vote.

    *($)#**^@! Can they BE anymore DISRESPECTFUL to f*cking democracy and the voters of this country?!

  114. fif, I hope the obots believe that and don’t bother to vote!

  115. I have to say it: I hate them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. PAT, my motto after McCain wins will be:

    Thank GOD & Thank the PUMA spirit that guided us to do the right thing.

  117. fif,
    They are just taking my recent letter to them (NYT) to heart.

    Suggestion: declare Obama to have won. In doing so you will save all those undecideds the trouble of deciding and the rest of us the bother of voting.

  118. Pat,

    I have been thinking too that strategicly the Republicans want to lose so that they can regain seats in Congress/Senate. McCain/Palin had every opportunity to take Obama out in October and they chose not to. Defeating Obama should have been a cakewalk for them but McCain always held back. Why?

    The problem with Obama is that he will sell America out to other countries and who knows what danger he will put us in for generations to come. Something is not adding up that our country “leaders” would allow such a travesty.

  119. Actually, if the NYT et. al. declare that the election is over, which group of voters is more likely to stay home? The ones who already think they’ve won, or the ones who have been told they’ve lost? When I was doing GOTV for Hillary the day of the SD primary, I had someone I had called use their caller ID to call me back to ask me if they should still vote. I said, “H3ll, yes!” Might this work in McCain’s favor?

  120. Most of the news has Obama as the winner. I just tripped over to a few sites and the theme is the same. I am hoping for a different outcome but the mantra has already been created.

    The voters again are being screwed.

  121. Pat, You make a good point. I’m hoping that American voters have the smarts to realize that now is not the time to throw a newbie do-nothing into the presidency.

  122. There is no question the Bush wing of the GOP want Barry installed. That has been plain for some time . The Dem brand will go the way of the Wig party within two years or less if Barry “wins” . That’s what makes Chris’s leg tingle with excitement .

  123. fif, on November 3rd, 2008 at 10:29 am Said:

    Oh, it turns out we don’t have to vote after all.

    I hear the NY Times, and other publications are declaring “It’s Obama!” today–he’s already won, so there’s no need to vote.


    That’s a call to arms. I can’t wait to vote here in PA!

  124. I will be wearing my Hillary buttons to the polls tomorrow. As a registered Independent, I will take campaign literature from both sides, or neither side.

    Who will I vote for? I’m not sure, but I do know who I will not vote for.

  125. I’m planning on voting (write-in) for Nader in NC. I will vote McCain in NC if a McCain voter will vote Nader in MA or another Obama (high polling) state.

  126. Yesterday my sister-in-law advised me that her daughter, my 21 year old niece voted for Obama. This was very surprising because up until last Monday, she was strongly and vocally supporting McCain. It seems that her foreign national obot boyfriend told her that if she really loved him, she would vote for him since he is not allowed to vote. He told her that since he is a foreigner he knows more about the world and being more worldly, If he could vote he would vote for Obama. I am so disappointed in my niece. She was raised better than to fall for this emotional blackmail. This was ridiculous, especially since here “worldly” boyfriend is only 20 years old. If this is the future generation that will eventually lead us, I am very scared for the future.

  127. I think this election is going to be entirely decided on turnout.

  128. FYI – Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in PA

    I’m planning on getting there for 9:30 a.m. with the three kiddies in tow (the perfect Civics 101 field trip!).

  129. Thank you, RD, for this wonderful post and everything you’ve done this year.

    My single word is GAG because BO has been shoved down my throat by the DNC, the media, and–worst of all–by my so-called friends.

    The other shovers are the pollsters themselves who are just part of the machine. This gives me hope because I think there’s a good chance the polls are dead wrong.

    This thing is not over, folks. If you haven’t already, VOTE!

  130. It won’t be just the Dem Party that will forever be changed but the nation we all know and love will be forever damaged by this man and his cohorts. They have an agenda and it does not include the likes of us.

    Bias, bigoted,narrow minded, however you wish to paint me, this is an election being held, stolen, and hijacked on behalf of a particular group of people. It has nothing to do with the majority, that much is clear to me.

  131. KH – It’s a deal! One vote for Nader in MA coming up!

  132. FLVoter, on November 3rd, 2008 at 10:39 am:

    I’m really sorry. It’s disappointing when young people knuckle under such emotional blackmail …..perhaps only time can teach us

  133. “Are we voting with our vaginas?”

    I’m not voting with mine.

    I’m not voting with my penis either – he’s a moron.

  134. For EV map fans, here’s some projections on how McCain could win.

  135. RD – Thank you again for an incredible post! Thank all of you for being here. I, too, am emotional today.

    I mentioned Integrity last night as many of you have.

    Integrity….Dictionary definitions – “The state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness; entireness;
    incorruptibility; soundness; honesty.”

    Can I say Obama has Integrity? Laughing and trying not to cry, I remember my Native American teacher speaking about Integrity. She said, “Follow your heart! Stand in your Power. Stand in your Truth. Your word is your Intent. Speak your Power!”

    All I’ve heard from Obama has been the opposite of my definition of integrity. All I’ve witnessed from the Democratic Party in 2008, has been the opposite of my definition. All I’ve been taught by my ancestors, has been in contradiction to what I’ve heard my party telling me in 2008.

    I’ve struggled, as all of you have, wanting to support our party, wanting to find a way to stand up for our beliefs, our values, in the face of people like Dean, Reid, Pelosi, even Kennedy, who told us those were the old principles that weren’t valued anymore. They told us the Clintons were rac*sts. They told us that we were not important. My heart turned. Now, I’ve become a rac*st in my party’s eyes. My interests are no longer considered and my vote isn’t needed.

    Where’s the integrity in this? I struggled throughout the primaries. When does someone speak the truth? When does someone stand up? I saw Hillary, speaking, standing. She was battered, but still standing, leading until the end.

    We were all battered. I don’t have to repeat the assaults to our Integrity, to our “knowing,” to our truth.
    I say, one last time, Senator Obama….where is your Integrity? Where do you stand? Do you stand for honor, for truth? Do you stand in your power as a man? Words? Just words?

    Some days I feel lost. And then, I see a man who suffered, who stood up in his power as a man, in the face of torture….John McCain. I see a woman, Sarah Palin, standing in her power as a woman, standing in her truth, and I wonder….how can this be wrong? How can anyone fault her?

    I now stand up for Sarah….for her power, for her truth, for her Integrity. Hillary is not here. I vote McCain/Palin. I vote Integrity.

  136. madamab,

    I am right there with you, I like that platform and I love that idea!


    Thanks for posting those poll numbers!! I’ve said all along that Obama never gets VA or NC, and those other numbers are lookin’ good!! (BTW “Iron Man” was one of my favorite movies of the past year, much better IMO than “Dark Knight”…Uh-Oh now we’re all gonna fight about that!!)

  137. Damn! I’m being moderated!!!!

  138. Recently in our local nursery parking lot, a man saw my Hillary bumper sticker on my car and asked me if I was one those meaning not voting for Obama. I was at first curt thinking he may be an Obama kool-aid person but he was not and I offered him my views. I told him Obama was not an honorable man and does not deserve the presidency (especially considering how he tried to attain it.) Of course, the person I was talking to needed more than that and we had a 15 minute conversation at the end of which he was undecided and I asked him to check a few of these blogs.

    About McCain’s first marriage, I am not going to hold it against him. His ex-wife bears no grudges, he himself seems to have remorse and calls it a moral failing. He seems to have provided well for his children (two of whom he adopted in his first marriage) and what made me even more impressed with was learning that his daughter Sidney from his first marriage has been given a share in Cindy’s beer empire like all her own children.

  139. Twenty somethings have all the enlightenment and staying power of a fruitfly. They have yet to meet the actual world. They have yet to pay taxes, meet a mortgage payment, worry over healthcare, know next to nothing about foreign affairs, are protected from the draft, have yet to fear losing a job, and have been more or less cosseted this far in life.

    To put the future of this country into the hands of college kids who have difficulty identifying other countries on a map of the world is beyond foolish. Outside of the black community, Obama appeals to undeveloped and uninformed minds. To them he is another rock star on the cover of Rolling Stone.

  140. Pat Johnson,


  141. Pat, listening to young Obot girls this year bash Palin I’ve wished the voting age were raised to at least 30.

  142. The t-r-o-l-l-s are out in force and have been all weekend.

    I’m guessing that’s cuz Obamanation is worried

  143. Women bashing women, for no other reason than the laughs it engenders, is a column for another day. There are so many issues that surfaced this year that one hardly knows where to begin. Awesome and astonishing that those of us who fought for equality have seen a setback so severe that one wonders how it got to this point. Awful.

  144. How the hell many images do you have of Capt Spaulding? I doubt I have as many of my own grandchildren than you do of this horror!

  145. The reason there is soooooooo much voter fraud this year is that there is a fraud running. Barak Obama is a fraud. I honestly believe that many are just voting democrat regardless of who the candidate is. No thought, no research, just let’s put the dems in and see what they can do. Well, the dems are in, in congress…this country needs a man of honor now more than ever…John McCain.

  146. Yeah, there’s a persistant tro!! over at Hillbuzz. But, then again, this is his last day of getting a paycheck for doing his tro!!y best.

  147. Pat:

    He likes having his picture taken.

    And I like whatever keeps Captain Spaulding happy.

  148. McCain needs to win those suburbs in PA to overcome the votes coming out of the black communities within the city proper. Without them he can kiss that state good bye.

  149. “Are we voting with our v*gin*s?”

    I am. My v*gin* is a lot smarter than an Obot’s brain, which is swimming in Kool-Aid and high on misogyny and unearned superiority.

  150. lakota in ga – that was beautiful! Your post gave me the shivers, in a great way.

  151. To all the folks who have to make a hard choice in the voting booth, good luck. I know it’s been a tough time and some of you may feel boxed in. Obivoulsy I hope you pull the lever for McCain, but if you can’t bring yourself to do that, then at least vote for Nader or someone like that. 😀

  152. madamab: I will take your word for it.

  153. Talk about chutzpah!

    Lambert bans me from his site and then thinks he can come over here and leave comments on my threads!

    If he does it again he will find out how creative I can be with the “edit” function.

  154. Thank you, RD, for putting my thoughts and feelings about this election into words.

    My voting strategy: Integrity.

    I believe that to trust a person’s position on any issue they must first demonstrate personal integrity.

    In my opinion BO’s has not. He has made a mockery of democratic principles, has shifted on all important issue, and has on numerous occasions told world leaders not to take his stated public positions seriously. As result, I do not trust his position on any issues. I cannot and will not vote for a carefully packaged product who has demonstrated throughout this election that he cares for only one issue: getting himself elected. In my view, he is George W. Bush and Richard Nixon all rolled into one bad candidate.

    In addition, I firmly believe that the DNC has to be shown that they cannot take my vote for granted and that to get my vote they most stand up against misogyny.

  155. Talked to a Obama supporter at a party we had Sat night. He had been a Hillary supporter. Had no clue about the RBC fiasco and the no vote for Hillary delegates at the convention. He said he would really be interested in knowing about it. So I’m in the process of getting him to it. I told him I didn’t vote for Obama, but my reason was not because I think McCain is so great, it’s because of what the DNC did. The DNC needs to be democratic and they are not. So I don’t know if i can change his mind (doesn’t matter here in TN anyway) but at least maybe I can make him think. So many people who didn’t follow thing closely like we did, truly don’t know about the DNC corruption. Sad.

  156. PAT – Trade up with K H PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    K H is looking for a PUMA vote buddy in MA.

    We need that McCain vote in NC!!!

  157. Question:

    Is there any chance at all that the GOP has a shot at keeping some of you folks? I know there are some social issues which just don’t mix, but as a conservative Republican who casted protest votes for Kerry and Gore, I’m going to be more optimistic 😀

  158. I would like some clarification on this statement please:

    ” …… and has been indiscreet in matters of the heart.”


  159. Pat, I think PA will be really really close. I plan to vote in the morning and not think about it until Wed.

    But check out this article from the Londdon times:
    Fickle voters and other frights that pollsters dread

    Now British polls are properly and carefully weighted, taking account of what is known as the spiral of silence – the tendency of voters for the less fashionable party to keep their intentions to themselves. British pollsters weight their results to allow for these shy voters. US pollsters do not.

    It isn’t unreasonable to believe that there could be a Republican spiral of silence. And that US pollsters are all missing it.

    I think the pollsters will be embarassed again come Wed.

  160. PAT: Cancel that – SamanthasMom is doing it.


    Find a PUMA voting buddy and trade you vote in!

    I’m voting McCain in FL – DakiniKat will vote McKinney in LA for me.

    PLEASE find a Battleground Swing PUMA buddy!

  161. PJ – LOL!!!

    I had a tr0;ll leave a comment on my blog to the effect that I thought having a vajayjay was more important than having a brain.

    Well, if my brain would make me vote for a misogynist who surrounds himself with other misogynists, then it’s a good thing I’m voting with my scary ladyparts!


  162. Carol, I think it’s about when McCain came home from the prison camp his marriage fell apart.

  163. Sal: We are anti Obama on this site, not pro Repub. I want my party returned to the principles it once had that made me stand proud for my beliefs. At most, some of us here have reverted to being Independents but speaking for myself, I still believe in what this party of mine had represented. Until then, I will remain neutral but less biased with my vote.

    Candidates from each side will have to make a real effort to convince me to cast my vote their way. No more “party unity” crapola which is what PUMA represents. We are country over party here. To that I can attest.

  164. janicen-I’m only a mile from you and I only hear from Oblahblah. Weird!

  165. votermom,

    Just to followup on your article about US pollsters. I thought you’d like this article. The headline alone makes me hope 😛


  166. Times UK also debunks the angle being pushed by Axelfraud that Republicans leaked the Auntie story.


  167. madamab: LOLOLOLOL!!!

  168. Yes RD you really hit it out of the park with this post, as you so often do!

    Trecy, my thoughts exactly. My voting strategy is also Integrity. I will vote to honor the behaviors and characters that I know through personal experience, are better. Interpersonal respect and appreciation, humility, ability to introspect and self-correct (to learn), respect for the constitution, for the equality of our fellow citizens no matter how different from me they might be. I will vote for integrity and I will vote with integrity.

    Whatever the outcome of Virginia, I know what I will be doing, and there’s no way that I will miss going to the polls, no matter what anyone says about what is possible in my state, or what is impossible.

  169. Have to run out – be back!

  170. Most days I rant about media bias that surrounds me. Election eve is no different. Pls remember my area newspaper is a regional one in eastern KY. WTH do they shill so hard for Obama? They even ran stories that he’s competitive here. Here’s a summary of today’s paper, which is owned by CNHI:

    1. front page – everyone agreess Obama’s won, the numbers don’t add up for McCain
    2. page 2 – pic & story on JayZ, Diddy & Falco stumping for the One. Whole article is Obama celebs, in last line, story remembers McCain, and says GOP can’t bring celebs into fold, not it’s base.
    3. page 2 – big story on how much money Obama has, astonishingly quotes someone that all Obama’s small donors have cleansed any Net problems
    4. page 2 – GOP will commit fraud, running dirty campaign. No mention of dirty Dem tactics. My paper hasn’t said one friggin word about ACORN so far.
    5. page 2 – GOP tries balance of power tactic, but it’s not working. Listen to this sophmoric sentence “Of course, Republicans did not seem to mind when controlled the House and Senate during Bush’s first term. They conducted far less oversight of their own president….” Good grief, didn’t they just make the GOP’s argument? And why didn’t the Dems provide oversight of Bush?
    6. page 3 – pic & big story on Hillary stumping in L’ville. The damn CNHI gives more space for her shilling Obama in one visit than they did for all the visits she, Bill & Chelsea made added together.

    I hate the media. This is a big reason Obama has to lose, the MSM chose our nominees and are choosing our POTUS. We can’t let them get away with this.

  171. Pat,

    Excellent. As long as we have a chance at getting your vote, that’s the best I could wish for 😀

  172. Speaking of HONOR has anyone else gotten that “dance off Video that so many people think is funnny ??? the second time I got it in my email I had to reply

    PLEASE dont send me anymore of these … this is so degrading to SARAH its disgusting , perhaps you may think I have no sense of humor regarding this . That is not the case. I have seen this so many times before it is completely predictable .
    I have been a dancer, myself ; AND I have been supporting women artists for years , and this is demeaning to ANY woman depicted like this and demeaning to all women .women artists who have to fight the sexual stereotypes to be heard in this field and all this does is perpetuate that perception .
    I am sorry that anyone, especially a woman , so determined to to win an election, cannot see that .
    Once again a women is reduced to her sexual appeal and availabilty , and her actual HARD WORK ; intelligence and accomplishments are demeaned lied about and ignored , because she DARES run for a position previously only held by men .
    The next time ANY woman gets less pay than a man , treated badly or disrespected , or discriminated against in any way . I hope they remember that it was ok to do that to a woman to win an election.
    ALL women lose when this happens.

  173. Sal, it’s like McCain said at the dinner — If he pulls this out it will be a long night tomorrow at MSNBC.

  174. Perries,

    I just came back from Virginia. I stayed in North Virginia, where it’s supposed to be more Obama country and saw a pretty even distribution of Obama and McCain signs. So if south Virginia goes for McCain as expected, and the north is split (crude estimate based on my personal observations of signs), then VA should be safely in for McCain.

  175. in moderation……I swear I didn’t swear.

  176. Sal:

    Is the GOP planning on opening an activist liberal wing?

    I’m open to changing parties but I ain’t changing my politics.

    Right now I’m planning on being a mythical swing voter.

  177. swan,

    I saw it. The video was actually funny until that “I’d tap that” remark. I found it kinda creepy actually.

  178. Question: How does “auntie”, who is in this country illegally and was asked to leave 4 years ago by the INS which means her case file was active, how does she get to live in public housing and collect social security benefits?

    When applying for social security, you must produce documents: birth certificate, earning statements, social security number. What is going on here and how many more are here feeding off our taxes when they are not eligible? MA is suffering from a huge deficit and people are losing jobs and homes yet his “aunt” is sitting in Boston collecting monies and benefits she never earned. I expect my property taxes to take a leap once again this year.

    Some of the “bleeding hearts” were willing to feel sorry for this woman without taking into account she does not belong here in the first place. My taxes, state and federal, are paying for her upkeep. Send her back as first instructed 4 years ago.

  179. hey guys, I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the beautiful “my voting strategy” series here, so I posted the latest AP atrocities over on my blog.


    btw, I see that kat, mawm, and katie are waiting in the wings…this should be another great day of reading here at the confluence.

  180. Sal, I’m now an Indepedent and willing to entertain any reasonable offers that come my way from the GOP, on a case by case basis.


  181. votermom: So, you are telling me that 36 years after he came home from 5 and a half years of torture that would have killed most people and did some, people are judging him for ending his marriage ……………………………………… ?

    If this is true, color me very disappointed with what I think is totally unacceptable and a cheap shot!


  182. I hope MSNBO slinks back into it’s cave and they all have egg on their faces, esp. Tweety and Olbermann. I want to hear how they’re going to spin Obambi’s loss. But of course, they’ll blame it on the Clintons! It can’t be that Oblahblah spent upwards of $600 million dollars and still couldn’t win. It has nothing to do that he is unqualified, a liar and not ready to be dogcatcher (that’s an insult to dogs, sorry). I want them to grovel, big time. Maybe, finally they’ll stop w/all this predicting crap, I’m sick of them spinning everything. The votes haven’t even been cast yet. SHUT UP! It’s supposed to be reporting NOT predicting. Sorry for the rant. I’m sick of the MSM.

  183. myiq2xu,

    I’d be surprised. I think that if they do an outreach to disaffected HRC supporters and other Democrats, they will simply try to appeal to the things that everyone can agree on. The anti-Obama/Pelosi thing might work for a while, especially if Barry wins, but ultimately, it’s got to be about issues that people care about. If not social, then governmental and economic.

  184. votermom

    I remember watching the Superbowl during the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. My eyes hurt thinking of it. But that was the most DVR’d moment EVAH.

    Hopefully MSNBC will get the prize tomorrow night.


  185. Carol, yeah, (scratches head). Can’t figure it out either.

  186. My prediction:

    MSNBC calls the race for Obama at 10AM tomorrow based on exit polls from their “news” anchors.

  187. Carol:

    Lambert is judging him for something his finance co-chair watched happen back in college


    I got banned from Corrente by Lambert for mentioning what Obama’s 20-year pal Bill Ayers actually did (not just watched someone do) after college.

    Strange priorities

  188. If they start w/that calling it for Obama crap, I’m calling MSNBC and telling them to STOP IT! Let the votes be COUNTED. They are doing the country a disservice with that crap. They never learn.

  189. griffithinc: Why would this guy know about all that stuff? Virtually all the media want to elect this fraud, and will lie, smear, ridicule, repress, lecture, and obfuscate as needed to do so.

  190. I’m in NY and happy to vote Nader or McKinney if someone in a swing state wants to vote McCain for me. Just tell me your preferred choice and it is done. 🙂

  191. griff,

    I don’t think MSNBC is trying to service anyone but Obama

  192. McCain married young. Some of us here did as well. Being separated from his family for 5 1/2 years does a number on the marriage regardless of the circumstances. His first wife has been willing to speak on his behalf which says a lot. I know it would take an act of God for me to speak well of my ex should this be happening to me.

    He has managed to maintain a relationship with the children from that first marriage which we all know can be difficult. But having said that, a marriage that was dissolved over 30 years ago should not be a talking point and considered a detriment. McCain himself has admitted to his role in the matter and if all sides in that affair are satisfied why should it reflect on me? Obama has not shown any of his “friends” coming to his support so the McCain family at least has shown a united front. This speaks well of them.

  193. griffithinc, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:05 am Said:
    Talked to a Obama supporter at a party we had Sat night. He had been a Hillary supporter. Had no clue about the RBC fiasco and the no vote for Hillary delegates at the convention. He said he would really be interested in knowing about it.

    This is unfortunate because I think MOST Clinton supporters don’t follow politics enough that they know all of the details about the RBC. I think most can figure out that there was race-baiting and sexism in the media but it’s only those of us who visit political blogs or who were at the RBC meeting who know the real truth about the disenfranchisement. I think if more people understood that in fact Clinton and Obama were only a handful of delegates apart, more people would not vote for him. If people knew that this was not a fair process, more people would view him as an illegitimate candidate.

  194. Adding to the “spiral of silence” argument, there’s the issue I’ve been harping on of late: a potential discrepancy between the national polls and polls (and, more importantly, actual results) in swing states.

    Most models of the electoral vote vs the popular vote assume that the results in swing states vs. the rest of the nation are, in effect, independent phenomena, and linked only in the sense that if a candidate’s fortunes rise nationally, then they should rise pretty much equally across all states, swing and non-swing. Under this assumption, they project that it would be quite improbable that a candidate might, say, lose the popular vote by 4% and yet win the electoral vote.

    But this is an election in which that assumption might very much fail. Obama has had vastly more money than McCain, and has used that money to invest in many non-swing states, as well as making a number of national ad buys (e.g., his half hour infomercial). McCain has not — leaving Obama’s messages in those non-swing states essentially completely uncontested. Now campaigns pay for advertising and other kinds of presence in a region for a reason: to build up support. It’s highly likely that those uncontested states will show considerably more support for Obama than he would have in contested states — in essence, it’s really an artificially inflated support.

    How much might this effect be worth in the national polls? Since the seriously contested states might constitute, say, 20% of the nation, I’d guess that the effect of the other 80% would be substantial. If the effect of having an uncontested campaign is, say, 10%, then it would amount to 8%. If it were 5%, it would amount to 4%.

    We’ll see, of course, if any of this turns out, but I would hardly be surprised to see the results in the swing states to be much closer than the national popular vote might predict to be true.

  195. Sal: that would be really funny if it wasn’t so believable

  196. If Hillary’s 18 million strong voters stick together, the DNC and RBC and MSM, especially MSNBC, will hear us tomorrow!

  197. I think BPD mentioned yesterday that msnbc had a new tagline, “power of change” I can’t find mention of it anywhere…does anyone have a link to the promo, or a pic?

  198. I’ve tried to hold civil conservations with ex Hillary supporters that weren’t happy about obama but were resigned to voting for him . the shrieking of the opod was difficult to talk over …

  199. The so called “press” has gone so far into the tank they don’t even realize what they are doing. What happened to integrity? What happened to searching for and reporting the truth? What happened to impartiality?

    And you are right DIV, most people just don’t follow the particulars of this election, and they are doing themselves and injustice by not being informed. Ignorance is bliss, until you find out the truth, then it is crushing.

  200. So the Repubs didn’t link the news of the Cheatin Auntie? Who cares if they did, and why shouldn’t they? It’s true, isn’t it? It’s newsworthy, isn’t it? The shame is that McPalin have to do their jobs, and also do the full-time job of the media. WTH do we need the MSM if they won’t do their jobs? Do we need a bunch of a**holes sitting up there insulting Americans who don’t vote their way, and smear candidates running against their choice?

    Obama wants the coal companies to go bankrupt, I say most of the MSM-as-is can go bankrupt. Some of those [MSNBO] are beyond repair of the best handymen.

  201. Let’s face it: most of us here thirst for the knowledge denied us by the MSM. We read, we seek, we deem it our duty to educate ourselves and we can recognize bullshit from 30,000 feet.

    Newpapers, publishing houses, the MSM, are finding it difficult to stay in business because of technology. It takes a certain degree of effort to actually sit down and immerse oneself in a book or a well researched article. Nobody does that much these days. It is surprising to discover how uninformed the public actually is. The “instant gratification” derived through text messaging, e-mail, and internet access is overpowering.

    To be uninformed these days is almost a badge of honor. However, the dangers inherent allow the press to manipulate and bend the rules while the majority relies on cellphone connections to stay in touch. Not enough.

  202. I have been a lurker here for months and never posted, but today I want to send a message to all of you have not yet voted. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Obama, consider voting for the two-woman ticket of the Green Party. No one expects them to win, but a 5% vote in this election will open the doors to significant change in the two-party system. In many states the Green Party could become an official party and may be included in future presidential debates.

    I have voted Green in only our local elections and have been a Democrat since I could vote. Like many of you I am having a very difficult time endorsing/supporting Obama with my vote. I am gay and simply cannot vote for McCain/Palin.

    To learn more about the Green Party go here:

  203. Sal – yes I am in Northern VA and as a mom who works very close to home, my daily path only covers about 3 square miles. Those are 3 square miles of major Obot support unfortunately.

    Still, this weekend at the farmers market, I saw a dad with his little girl and the dad was wearing a “Nobama” t-shirt. I told him I loved his outfit. The McCain/Palin campaign table was busy with visitors and a mom at the local coffee shop was wearing a red McCain/Palin football jersey.

    Luckily I was able to break out of my rut and drive a little further afield recently here in Fairfax and I saw lots and lots more McCain signs outside of my immediate neighborhood.

  204. Sal, on November 3rd, 2008 at 11:17 am Said:

    I saw it. The video was actually funny until that “I’d tap that” remark. I found it kinda creepy actually.

    Yes that was creepy enough , but in the video “SARAH” didn’t actually dance , she just just
    ” shook her money maker ” while the guys got to show their ” moves ”
    As a former dancer , maybe I am over sensitive to that , but after 40 bazillion videos depicting women just that way , only that way, and always that way , its tiresome …. They would not have gotten away with it in rehearsal , 😉 , any woman dancer worth her salt would have had some respectable moves , and it would not have ended that way .

  205. And the AP has been the most corrupt factor in this election, other than the DNC and ObamaCo. They should just wholesale fire and close their doors.

    Say, why doesn’t Auntie go live with Obama in that big old rich house? He’s built his personna on his African heritage, why not help her? At the very least, how about Oprah in one of her many zallion-roomed homes? Or Wright? I’ll bet Oprah would forget she was even there, just like Obama forgot about her.

  206. Off to my monthly lunch with “the girls”. Got a feeling we will be ordering an extra bottle or two of wine.

  207. I’m in NYC and will trade my vote with anyone in a swing state also. Just let me know!

  208. parentofed: Maybe I am just being “selfish” in not wanting my taxes to go in support of “auntie” but enough is enough. I don’t care who she is or how old she is, she needs to go back. But I guess this is just another reason to “spread the wealth”. I will be thanking them in full when my next property tax comes due and my services are cut in order to maintain “auntie’s” illegal residence.

  209. parentofed, it might cheer you a bit to know that the NYT’s stock is on its way to being downgraded as junk 🙂

  210. jsvp: I’d like to add the AP to that status.

  211. somerset – much earlier this morning you said something great I want to repeat:

    somerset, on November 3rd, 2008 at 9:10 am Said:
    -snip- This is how it is done: they screw you, you retaliate or they screw you some more. Period, the end.

    I agree. You either fight the bully at first, when you are fresh, or you must fight the bully at last and finally when you are tired from being beaten on and dragged around. But the fight is on, either way.

  212. Pat: We’ve already spent some of our tax dollars on that fraudulent aunt. I say it’s Obama’s turn to help her out. I’m only suggesting this so that he can grow and fully develop into a selfless human being by sharing more of his ugly capitalist wealth.

  213. This life long Democrat is now an Independent and will remain an Independent.

    I don’t trust either party and so I will vote where I find a candidate worthy. Except where it’s a choice between genders; them I will follow the 30% solution and always vote for the female candidate.

    There will never be gender equality until there is more female representation IMHO. Some of these women may not be my cup of tea but I’ll vote for them anyway. No more patriarchal control of this country!

    There is honor in fighting for equality and against patriarchy!

  214. Whenever I hear that phrase “voting with my vagina:”i can’t help but think of the woman nutcase who originally came up with that slogan. I think it was a woman Obot slamming anyone who would vote for Palin. So, now when I hear it I think of crazed women Obots pulling down their knickers and hoisting their vaginas onto the buttons to vote for the faux Mesisah whose followers had tee shirts with Palin is a C—T. Since they are obessed with V’s I suppose they are voting with them. I also think of male Obots letting their penises do the walking as well. Sorry. if this is crude; I just need to have laugh right now, and it’s my antidote to the violent and creepy misogyny against Clinton and Palin. I was not even a Clinton voter and I was aware of it.

    McCain/Palin ’08.

  215. joaniebone: I think about Molly Ivins and am relieved that we can keep our memory of her. I will always believe she would be a PUMA.

    Molly wasn’t exactly fond of Hillary, but I’m sure she would have backed either Democratic candidate against McCain. I think she would have preferred someone like Wellstone or Feingold but what she really wanted was for the entire Democratic consultant class to be jettisoned into the soundless vacuum of deep space where their milquetoast “beltway wisdom” couldn’t do any harm. After that, who knows what might be possible?

    I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President
    by Molly Ivins


  216. Madameab I will not forget about abortion (look at what has happened as a result of our side ignoring it)or religion. That said I will reach out to people who think differently in hopes that they can better understand why I feel the way I do.

  217. Sal

    The GOP party has some of the same issues the Dems have. I don’t forsee me voting party line at this point for either party.

  218. Speaking as a Republican, I want to thank you ladies and gentlemen for the rays of hope you’ve given me as this election campaign has progressed (or, is that “regressed”?). I did not see much hope a couple of months ago with a candidate who wouldn’t fight to support his positions. McCain belongs to the “old” school where the presidential candidate is supposed to remain above the fray. That’s bad news when the opposition is running a dirty campaign.

    And the other thing that I’m hanging on to is the information that I first heard here– the polling companies have been reporting a 75-80% hang up rate– when I’ve checked into it, I‘ve seen both numbers from different sources.

    I, for one, haven’t directly answered my phone in two months. All my friends know that I’m going to let their calls go to voice mail and I’ll catch up with them later. When they even started calling my CELL phone, at my expense, I blew a gasket. I do NOT want to talk to pollsters or political flunkies. Like 75-80% of the rest of the country.

    And that’s bad for the pollsters’ “predictions“.

    I don’t know why so many people won’t talk to pollsters, but I CAN give you MY reasons. I don’t like the entire idea of polling. I don’t like being told who or what is “fashionable” to like. I don’t like the fact that the news media use polling data as an easy “story”– once upon a time the newsies discussed issues during a political season, not who was in favor and by how much. And I don’t like loaded questions, or questions with a selection of answers that I don’t agree with, or questions that presume a position I don’t believe in the first place.

    THAT’S why I don’t talk to them. I’m sure that others can come up with similar reasons.

    But now there’s at least a 75% hang-up rate. And that is vital information in its own right.

    That says that the people who they ARE polling are NOT typical Americans.

    They even have the data in their own hands to prove that point– that at least 75% of the people don’t talk to them, for whatever reasons . So in their search to find out what the typical American thinks, they are failing miserably.

    The TYPICAL American doesn’t talk to them at all. That’s a powerful 75% majority. That isn’t “suggestive” or “indicitive” or a “trend”. That is conclusive. They’re measuring fairy dust. How close that “fairy dust” gets to what the REAL typical American thinks, we’ll find out tomorrow.

    And that is what is soothing my nerves these days.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for keeping the concept of The Loyal Opposition alive.

  219. RD — all the essays are so fabulous, I’ve read them all. Yours of course means so much. All these hypographic streams you’ve done from DAY 1 of The Confluence — all your honesty all ver the pages of this blog.

    I’m really glad I met you, and all the writers here.

    He just gave McC the finger. Just like Hillary.
    Anyone who wants to see the video can go over to http://www.partriotroom.com — that is Bill Dupray. Somebody i met when he linked to something Uppity and I both wrote at the start of the whole PUMA thing.

    Okay. That finger does it for me. Twice.
    This is not the Democratic Party I know.

    I wrote (because of all of you) mine on courage.
    The courage to change one’s political party when necessary.
    I never thought I had to before.

    He makes of mockery of politicians who have served this country by giving them the finger.

    That’s that.

    That’s that.

    At this point? I don’t care if the Repubs pull a hanging chad thing right now. I really don’t. Who ever thought that I as a Democrat could say a thing like that. But, it’s how I feel in the mo.

    This is the biggest freakshow I have ever seen in 2008, passing itself off as an election.

    One PUMA to another?

    Could we do something to restore the dignity of the Presidency.
    Could we?


    Anybody who goes around flipping people off?

    That isn’t a President.

  220. Just to reiterate, we are not racists and are not crazy. Has everyone else gone mad? I was thinking over the weekend about the continual and degrading abuse Sarah Palin has taken since becoming VP nominee, with Obama not once denouncing any of it (if Michelle had a caricature up in a noose, what would he have done…). Sarah has handled herself with such grace and dignity, it makes me want to cry. I am ashamed that if it had been any other year than this one, I might have been one of the people trashing her and calling her a redneck (isn’t that what democrats do?) I now view her with respect and admiration. All that has gone on in the DNC has widened my viewpoint and I can see many honest Republicans who are people of integrity. John McCain is one of them. Then I thought back to Hillary Clinton and all she went through just to finish the primary. My 15 year old neice owes Hillary a debt of gratitude (although she doesn’t know it yet). Hillary did as much for us as did Susan B. Anthony and suffered almost as much but in a different way. RD, you are right, this election is about character and honesty, not issues, and there is no contest between the two candidates. John McCain deserves to be our next president.

  221. Will NJ-7 voters side with the 25% Bush/Cheney approvers?

    With the vast majority of Lance’s support coming from the 25% of voters that still approve of Bush/Cheney and supporters of Mike Ferguson, a Tom Delay clone, can undecided NJ-7 voters expect Lance to be a “stay-the-course” Congressmen? Supported by ads of Freedom Watch, financed with carpetbagger money from Las Vegas and personal fund raising by Bush, how can Lance be trusted to be any different than Ferguson? America’s other deficit: Leadership can only be addressed with common senses governing, the remedy to Bush’s absurdities.

  222. I’m in NJ – You’ve got me Hugh! 🙂

  223. It gets worse. The Soros/Pelosi/Obama connection, RD. I just read that florida registrations were found scattered all over the highways there over at Uppity’s.

    The Democracy Alliance was something Uppity wrote about not long
    ago — Soros is behind that — and they have done this:



    this vote is about stopping the fraud calling itself the Democratic party — this main guy is behind destroying (hedge funds) countries economies — he did it in London in the 90’s and now he is here — and he is one of O’s biggest backers, and he’s her friend.

    It’s rigged. It’s probably been rigged since the start.
    And, whoever is the big money in Washington that pulled off those chads is going to pull off these, as well.

    I hope the French Revolution happens, out of this.

    It may.

    The Democratic party is no longer a party we can trust.
    You can search for Pelosi and Soros to see.

  224. […] by GaryChapelHill A Long and Winding Road, by BostonBoomer Just Say No To Derangement, by MyIQ2xu Honor, by Riverdaughter A Better Tomorrow, by Dakinikat I Guess I Just Wasn’t Looking: A Voting […]

  225. rd, I think you made the right choice. Teh One reveals himself more each day, and it’s not pretty:

    The Democrat Kill
    First in an Infinite Series

    Chapter One: In Which Barry Tells Rachel:
    “I know you’ve been cruising for a bruising”

  226. I am taking a conscience presidential poll between now and election night. The poll asks two simple questions. 1) Who would you vote for, if you voted your conscience and 2) Who do you actually plan to vote for.

    This is for some research I am conducting. Please add your voice to the poll and pass it along to your friends, as I want to capture as many repsonses as possible.

    The results so far are surprising.


  227. Riverdaughter’s outstanding posting on the subject of Honor is inspiring and encouraging to us all. As a lifelong Republican, I enjoy reading about people who consistently put principle above party affiliation, regardless of which side of the aisle they call home. I am not by any means an SNL fan, but did enjoy seeing the very human side of John McCain this time around (with Cindy hawking the “McCain Fine Gold” jewelry). McCain-Feingold was very imperfect legislation that displeased many, but it was a small beginning towards the ideal of purging the corrupting influence of money in politics. I know that many of you PUMAs will continue to work towards a cleaner and fairer 2-party system whatever tomorrow’s outcome.

    Our nation’s founders had great foresight and vision; unfortunately, being also human, they lacked the political will to deal head-on with two matters: They didn’t banish slavery from the outset, and they didn’t trust the populace to directly elect the President. Were it not part of the Constitution, the Electoral College itself would have long ago been declared unconstitutional. If you don’t live in a “battleground” state, your presidential vote is taken for granted. Direct popular vote has the potential for other kinds of trouble and abuse also, but we still need to reform the system somehow, so that every popular vote nationwide carries more equal weight. If the electoral and popular votes go in opposite directions tomorrow, it is bound to cause far more divisiveness nationally than was the case in 2000. {It’s too bad that Al Gore just didn’t write off Florida and intensively concentrate his resources to carry home state Tennessee.}

    I would honestly like to be able to support a black candidate for national office at some point, just not That One. Despite his misguided endorsement, I still like Colin Powell. I think that Condoleeza Rice is also very capable and would have been considered by McCain had she not been so closely tied to the Bush Administration. {My mother would have readily supported Mike Huckabee, but just doesn’t take to the personalities of McCain/Palin. I’m trying hard to dissuade her from Obama and make her realize just what he really represents. I would so much love to see NY state go red this year!}

    As a fellow Central NJ resident, I see other top-notch professionals like Riverdaughter who are stretched too thin by family and career obligations to have much time and energy for her level of positive activism. {I feel a little guilty that I didn’t manage to volunteer for my excellent Representative, Christopher Smith. While you may not agree with him on some issues, he is the among the House’s finest in regard to both personal integrity and constituent service.} While there is a lot of mediocre stuff out there in cyberspace; I feel privileged to be able to enjoyt this relevant and uplifting website.

  228. If you are a person, trying not to be bias, choosing the right person to vote is the hardest part. Will you vote for someone many thinks he/she should win because he has the character or someone your heart wants to vote because you think that this candidate doesn’t only deserves to win but because more than any character’s involve he shows strong conviction that he should be voted as the President.

    Before casting off your vote, maybe you should think twice. It doesn’t matter whom you will vote, what matters most is you voted from the heart and not from what others think. Your vote could change America.

  229. Please, dear friends, don’t waste your vote on McCain/Palin. – please instead consider the Green Party — Vote for two PROGRESSIVE women and help the Green Party reach that all-important 5% threshold. Need more info? -just go to our Green Party website at http://www.gp.org/index.php

  230. Mountain Dreams, I voted McCain on the top of the ticket and green party women candidates all the way down the ballot since in my state that was an available option for me. I cannot vote Green top of the ticket as this gives Obama an advantage I’m not willing to risk.

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