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In the meantime while we wait…

…for the “Voting Strategy Posts”

Nessum Dorma – No one is sleeping tonight.

49 Responses

  1. Wow…am I first? Cool!

  2. go redskins
    go mccain

  3. I’m crossing fingers and toes that all goes well tomorrow. I really think Mac will prevail!! I voted for him a couple of weeks ago (along with all downticket Republicans-wow, first time ever!) What’s funny is that I moved from liberal northern California to conservative Orange County 2 years ago, and my friends teased me that if I drank the water here, I’d become a Republican!
    :-)) Holy cow, they were right!

    Just wanted to thank all of you for letting me lurk and comment the past few months. I work at home and my husband travels (and he’s not voting Mac), so I feel like I’ve had no one to talk to the whole time. You’re like family!!

    Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow!

  4. this always sends chills up my spine …

  5. fif: And could I say that I now totally, passionately, absolutely despise Oprah?

  6. Is Katiebird the last one?

    Cuz I have a post waiting to go.

  7. Lady Boomer is after Katiebird.

  8. POF: Oprah who?

  9. k

  10. Thank you SOOOOO much for starting a new thread. That last one was being evil to me.

    I wanted to comment on Mawm’s “Balance” thread to say I am proud of him for taking such a stand. I, myself, did the 30% thing so my votes were a mixture but I understand his sheer frustration and desire to send a BIG message to the DNC.

    I grew up in Hawaii and there is a saying, “kulia i ke lokahi i ke ola” and it means “strive for harmony in life”. I thought aboout mawm’s balance – not exactly a true harmony but it appears to be the place that many of us have arrived at this year.

  11. SNL Election Day Bash 2008 is on NBC.

  12. Heh, watch it!

  13. Vincero!!!!!!!


    We will be victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bb: that doesn’t jive with Larry Johnson’s work at NQ …

  15. Irritating, pandering Colmes started the show reciting national polls that favor BO, and asked Morris “this is really hard for McCain to pull this out now, right?” As Dick clearly explained that “No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow,” Scarecrow kept trying to interrupt to keep making his same idiotic point. Is there a way to blot out one person on a TV screen?

    Morris mentioned the “sympathy vote” because BO’s grandmother died. Oh Gawwwwwwd. There needs to be a test to vote. Seriously, if people are voting based on things like that, the entire system needs to be purged.

  16. Amy Poehler is wonderful as Hillary.

  17. I’m hoping for the best… preparing for the worst. Well not really… I’m hoping for the not so bad and preparing for the terrible.

  18. Obama promised his girls a dog after the election. This is why I am voting for him. Those girls deserve a pet.

    Could we get any stupider than this?

  19. Are we really helping to deliver a plot for the next Oliver Stone movie?

  20. Showing BO as Morris talks on FOX: I really can’t stand the sight of him. His cocky gate, his self-satisfied attitude. If he does win, how am I going to live in this country and completely avoid any and all contact with his image? I did my best with Bush, but if it’s possible, I despise Obama more. It’s more personal somehow. The injustice of it, and what was stolen, is unforgivable–especially in light of the mass adoration of this fraud.

  21. myiq2xu,

    Maybe yours will put a capper on the night and carry us through till E-day.

  22. I will be catching up on a logjam of books that have been piling up if Obama wins. The thought of looking and listening to that fool for the next 4 years is unappetizing. No tv. Especially the fawning cable ones.

  23. Larry is ex CIA … why would he hate Obama so much …

  24. Hi Elder, welcome to the sending prayers to the greater ethos room …

  25. Pat Johnson, on November 3rd, 2008 at 9:09 pm Said:
    Are we really helping to deliver a plot for the next Oliver Stone movie?

    LMAO! Pat, keep ’em coming.

  26. I second that, his voice, and his “you’ll never know the truth about me” smile just hits me wrong every time I see him. I feel like I’m standing outside a convenience store watching something terrible about to happen and not being able to do anything about it. Ever have one of those dreams where you end up fighting someone but you can’t hit them? Or you’re trying to run and your legs will hardly move?

  27. edwardian: that’s what I was thinking …

  28. So I’m not alone in having stopped giving Madam O the time of day? She’s about as full of herself as her buddy.

  29. Dakinikat: Larry Johnson came out to protest the Valerie Plame case – they are friends & worked together.

  30. I read it BB

  31. Did y’all see this crazy video? This woman thinks Obama will pay her mortgage and her gas.

  32. bb: I think Ann was a bit off, from what I’ve read about her

  33. I would be less worried about Obama , if I thought that he was CIA. I think that he is so far from working for America’s interests and that is what scares me. I gave up on Cannon when he announced that he had solid evidence that Biden was having an affair and would not release it. If I could stop these two from becoming Pres and VP by outing their extra-marital life, I would be all over it.

  34. yes, but from what I can tell Larry johnson retired early because of the mess the bush folks made of the cia… so why would he not be part of obama’s fan club if that is so?

  35. I don’t think there was enough contact between Obama and his mother regarding secret coup tactics and the like. I think his anger is more directed at her inability or indifference to him as her child. She was far too young to be a mother and his birth interfered with her life plans.

    But to seriously consider a 30 year plan of hijacking the US government is pushing it. His radical roots sprung from his days at Columbia and his Chicago contacts. This man is only interested in hearing the strains of “Hail to the Chief” which is his way of earning validation as a child who was simply in the way. At least this is how I see it.

  36. bb: Markos is enjoying the power and the fame … he likes to feel like he’s a king maker … it’s an ego thing from what i can see

    and Dean took it over because Gore wanted out and there was really no one else to do it … Dean had a good mailing list and the grassroots that made him look like a new thing …

    i dunno, i like a good conspiracy theory, but the dominoes don’t line up at all to me … it just seems like a bunch of egoists lined up for some attention to me

  37. cia lol…. barry couldn’t even get a security clearance

  38. well bb: the offsetting rumor is that obama got some of his funds from his connection to Khalidi …

    i think Ann was a more of a romantic involved with idea of not being in kansas than anything else, I think she was a small town girl with this romantic nature of going native ….

    plus, all this assumes a lot of intelligence (iq) that i don’t see in any of these people

  39. bb: I read that article and was having difficulty following the dots to be honest. Too heavy. Like a case of Six Degrees of Separation.

  40. i’m just very skeptical … that’s all i can say

  41. bb: i read it earlier this evening

  42. Wherever he got the funds does not change the fact that he is a low down dirty crook. And that goes for his little dog Toto too.

  43. bb: dont’ delete your comments … you have a perfect right to make a case … i just don’t see it, but that doesn’t negate your view

  44. Speaking of Oprah, I heard she’s having a post-election show on Wed. They’re promoting it as “Oprah is finally unleashed to talk” about all that happened this political season. I wonder what she will say if Obama loses? Will she have a Keith Olbermann style meltdown on national TV?

  45. {{BB}} I love your dots.

    PS, check your email.

  46. CIA assets don’t need security clearances. LOL! They are “assets” not agents.

  47. anybody watching the SNL thing?

  48. I’m watching the SNL special too. I love Will Ferrell as George Bush. He’s so funny.

  49. OH, Pavarotti is dead a year now, right??

    Oh, I really can’t sleep now after hearing him sing that again!!!!

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