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      Right, with the ban on Huawei using chips made with American manufacturing equipment (one of America’s last few places of absolute advantage); the bans of TikTok, Tencent and WeChat; the attempt to convince other countries to not use Huawei 5G; the arrest of the Huawei founder’s daughter for doing business with Iran along with the […]
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I see your Pavarotti and raise you one te Kanawa

Rough translation:
Oh daddy dear, if you don’t let me have the man I love, I’m going to throw myself into the river Arno and kill myself.

It’s a beautiful temper tantrum.

72 Responses


    Ok – can we call it a draw then???

  2. At least mine was a claiming victory aria … gimme credit here!

  3. bwahahahahahaaaaaaahhhh!
    Seriously, I *loved* the Pavarotti piece. I just thought we could have a night at the opera.
    Ooo! That reminds me to look for a Marx brothers video

  4. So, we are showing our arugula-loving, snobby ways tonight?

    Good music but I am very anxious about the election and it isn’t soothing me. Thank you for trying.

  5. The Marx Bros “Night at the Opera” is one of their best. That one scene where they were all crowding into the stateroom reminds me of those Obots so eager to get close to The One.

  6. OOOOOOOh, night at the opera!!!

    I looooooove you guys!


  7. My second favorite aria of all time. Who knew Puccini could be funny? A great choice at a time we can all use some cheering up.

  8. am working on a mighty prayer almost there….

    my inner pentecostal tent revival is comming out!

  9. I am really, really antsy. How about Cat On a Hot Tin Roof? I even have a lace slip I think still fits.

  10. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    RD, you killed me with Kiri Te Kanawa – I love her. And I’m not literate in opera-ology, I just love the music and appreciate the amazing voices & stories.

    I can say this – Turnadot is my favorite of all because Turandot was a feminist. She never gave up control until SHE wanted to.

    Of course, Calaf almost had to die – but hell, she’s worth it.

    And WE are worth it.

  11. I am in heaven…thank you SM77 and Riverdaughter. Hugs and kisses to you both.

  12. yeah, fuzzy – pleeeeeeeze go all Pentecostal revival on us! I love that stuff and it is very distracting.

  13. “Additionally, Mr. Petumenos determined that the Branchflower report’s
    findings that Governor Palin abused her power had no legal basis and
    that Governor Palin did not violate the Ethics Act as Mr. Branchflower
    incorrectly asserted.”

  14. BB & Gary, If you see this please check your email…..

    (I’m on a laptop without sound)

  15. They’re playing the Bill skit again.

  16. Are you talking about SNL, Regency?

  17. Yeah, Scrubs.

  18. OMG, I am on the phone with my conservative friend. He is voting Obama and I am voting McCain!

    However, he did not know anything about the caucus fraud and the painful primary process. Nor did he know about PUMA.

    He is persuadable. Wish me luck!

  19. I’m suddenly realizing where I’ve heard of Captain Spaulding

  20. Anybody watching the SNL thing?

  21. Why would Zogby ask offensive, racist questions now? OK, on November 1st

  22. I’m watching the SNL thing.

  23. madamab — you can do it — defeat him with the truth!

  24. kiki: Push that thought back into your subconscious where it is safe.

  25. MadamaB,

    Are you by chance writing an opera-related play?

  26. lol Pat – I’m talking about Groucho in Animal Crackers. wasn’t that his name?

  27. I hate Alan Colmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. love will’s dubya

  29. Hi Wig Wag! Where have you been?

  30. kiki: Yes. But I think he was also a character out of one of Steven King’s horror shows.

    Groucho used to sing: Hurray for Capt Spaulding.

  31. I’m watching the Redskins/Steelers game and they keep saying McCain and Obama will appear at halftime. it’s on ESPN, if anyone’s interested.

  32. RD and the gang,

    Thank you for all your hard work! Regardless of the election outcome (I think/hope McCain will win), reading your posts has given me a little more hope in the future of our country – maybe in 2012 there will be a choice other than the Republican and Democratic parties that we know today.

    Go PUMAs!

  33. BB – no…I think my next play will be post-election…

  34. KB,

    I just e-mailed you.

  35. I hate Alan Colmes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, someone has to say it each night 🙂

  36. kiki: I think I will pass. At this point I know just about word for word what their stump speeches consist of. Overload to say the least.

  37. Let’s all say it. That way, if anyone ever Googles it, there’ll be a bazillon hits.

    I hate Alan Colmes too.

  38. What’s pitiful is watching friends and family parrot those SILLY, INANE Obot talking points. So predictable and sad.

  39. kiki — yes, it was the name in Animal Crackers — but the homicidal clown on myiq’s avatar comes from the movie House of 1000 Corpses — the characters all have names from the Marx Brother’s movie (Animal Crackers’ “Captain Spaulding”, A Night at the Opera’s “Otis B. Driftwood”, Duck Soup’s “Rufus T. Firefly” and A Day at the Races’ “Hugo Z. Hackenbush”, and others)

  40. I’m looking forward to it madamab. I’m starting to get really nervous. I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight?

  41. I hate Alan Colmes and my mother hates Alan Colmes too. (she used to not care that much for Hannity either, but now he’s her favorite!)

  42. I can’t believe that Colmes defends Obama on the coal remarks.

  43. katie, you have mail…

  44. bb: I know what you mean. I keep trying to put it out of my head but it continues to intrude. Am having a difficult time concentrating enough to enjoy a book. But the tv is off and will be until around 11 tomorrow night.

    I expect to be either severely disappointed or wildly surprised.

  45. madamab good luck. If you need any ammunition say teh word, we’ll send the powder and shot.

  46. afrocity — Colmes will defend Obama if he skins live puppies on tv. You know Chicago is cold & MO needs a warm coat.

  47. ahh, thanks Angie! I’ve seen all the Marx Bros movies but never even heard of House of 1000 Corpses. probably just as well 🙂

    I just knew I’d heard that name before

  48. I don’t wanna read “regardless of election outcome”. I WANT A sweeping “McPalin” victory, PERIOD! Do you hear meeeeeeeeeeeee???!!!!!!!! Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what I want!

    (stumps off, upstairs, in a huff dragging teddy bear) LOL!

  49. I have to say, I am beyond impressed with the Voting Strategy Series in a Word here at The Confluence. One brilliant post after another.

  50. Colmes would defend Obama if he discovered that he was pen pals with Larry Craig.

  51. kiki — If you’ve never heard of House of 1000 Corpses, you are definitely better off not seeing it! LOL

  52. ok, well, I’ll take one for the team and watch this halftime thing, and report back to y’all

  53. Can we send Alan Colmes to Greece? Like right now?

  54. thanks kiki! I haven’t watched football (except the Superbowl but that is only because of parties & I only watch the commercials) since I left my parent’s home (my father is a football — college & professional — addict — my mother is a football widow every fall).

  55. Pat J — Alan Colmes is not allowed anywhere NEAR Greece — I’m banning him.

  56. BB – I am going to take three natural sleep aids tonight. I got three hours last night and I want to be fresh for the NYC PUMA gathering!

  57. katie’s post is up!!!!!!

  58. Pat: it’s always so obvious that he gets paid to just be a jerk , I have no idea how he can get up in the morning and look at himself … i wonder how much his self respect has been sold for… i hope it’s a lot… because he really seems to need to pay for companionship and respect

  59. here it is I like the middle part the best!

    Creator Father Mother god/des,

    Tonight the fates are suspended above us; our opponents have labored at their deceptions and frauds under the watchful and approving eyes of their leader. He has approved of every base act they have created. He has driven them to rage and mischief they have sown the confusion of Babel with their talking heads. People in terror and frustration have succumbed to his empty promises that are sweet on the tongue but are bitter in the belly.

    In disbelief we have watched as he has spun lie within lie corrupting youth and good people all over your land with his hate. His adversaries he has tried to bring to utter hopelessness. His crimes are multiplied with each rising sun and with each setting they bring a more complete darkness. The land of the golden light has been sown with the seeds despair.

    From this, a cry for justice a groaning for release for the yoke of fear and oppression rings forth.

    We have raised our voices as a testament against him. We have numbered his transgressions against liberty and the reach to your farthest firmament. We have battled his lies and brought to light the darkness of his soul. His hubris we have exposed. His lust for power and force we have exposed.

    We have done our best. We have fought the good fight we have seen the race to the finish we have remained strong and have kept our principles. We now turn to the creative universal force to for guidance and protection. It is in the people’s hands, guide them. We ask now for your intervention to bring justice. The time of judgment is at hands.

    Tonight I call down on the fraud all the judgments of the universe on his false prophets your condemnation. Strike down their lies and defeat them! Lay waste their dreams of glory. I call on you to crush them for their pride and arrogance leave them utterly desolate and give them hopeless despair so they reap what they have sown not seven fold but seventy times seven fold.

    Reign down fire and brimstone and raise on them boils for their deceit. Let the skies above them thunder and let lightning strike them down as a testament against them. Strike them blind for having blindly followed him. Set confusion among them who would trust such a false messiah.

    Let them cry to their leader for relief and let them see him for who he really is hardening his heart against his own teaming masses and leaving them completely abandoned. Take all hope from them as they see the emptiness of his heart. Let them know what it is to be lost without relief and alone.

    Let this retribution be total complete and without mercy. So that the will of the miss guided be totally destroyed.

    Oh, we the ones you have tasked to fight let the warm rays of your justice shine upon. Move our heats to the task of rebuilding this land. Help us to bring back trust, truth, and social goodwill. That we can once more remake America into that shining city on a hill, a brilliant light shining from the golden door. That Liberty will be more than a word that she, yes she; be again a virtue that all people aspire to. Where there has been division let us bring the true unity of respect. Let inclusion and honor be again the true virtues they are.

    We humbly ask this


  60. During election night 2004, I went happy to bed after hearing it was going to be a win for Kerry. It was a quite a shocker the next morning when it turned out it was Bush who had won. For me, that experience has served as proof that polls are wrong, exit polls are definitely wrong, and the media doesn’t know anymore than the average citizen until all the votes are counted.

  61. Think I’ll turn into one of those self-important, snot-nosed celebs and vow to flee the country under an O presidency. Of course, no country is really far enough. How’s Mars looking this time of year?

  62. What’s pitiful is watching friends and family parrot those SILLY, INANE Obot talking points. So predictable and sad.

    It’s awful isn’t it? Then I become furious at the press all over again. So many good, caring people I know think they are doing the right thing by voting for the “Dem,” just like we have always dutifully done. When my brother blamed HRC for the war and said “Obama voted against the war,” and stubbornly refused to believe me when I explained the facts, I ended up walking out of the restaurant. To see propaganda staring back at you is too horrifying.

  63. not that I’m a fan or anything, but in Alan Colmes defense, if he didn ‘t defend Obama, Fox would lose their “fair and balanced” status and he’d be out of a job. his job is to push the *liberal* viewpoint and be obnoxious and annoying while doing it. his job is not to convince anyone or change minds.

  64. THey are doing the Palin/Biden/Gwen Ifill “debate on the SNL thing.
    I Loooved that one !

  65. fif, on November 3rd, 2008 at 9:59 pm Said:

    It’s awful isn’t it? Then I become furious at the press all over again. So many good, caring people I know think they are doing the right thing by voting for the “Dem,” just like we have always dutifully done. When my brother blamed HRC for the war and said “Obama voted against the war,” and stubbornly refused to believe me when I explained the facts, I ended up walking out of the restaurant. To see propaganda staring back at you is too horrifying.

    Ain’t that the truth. SMH.

  66. I like the actor who portrays Joe Biden on SNL. His ‘Biden smile’ is so great.

  67. “Hi Wig Wag! Where have you been?” Thanks for asking BostonBoomer. I decided that for my mental health I needed to take a sabbatical from talking about politics. But I still read the Confluence every day.

  68. Yea, are you listening to Greta. This Coal guy is really convincing.

  69. At last!! My Voting Strategy post is up

  70. Great music. I’m listening now Berlioz’s setting of “La Marseillaise.” If things go badly tomorrow, I’ll be humming that one a lot.

  71. Hello fellow PUMAS!! By this time tomorrow night, John McCain will be the President-elect and Hillary Clinton 2012 will be a reality!! We will lead the way for Country First!!

    We will not give up!
    We will not be stopped!
    We will achieve VICTORY!!

    McCain-Palin ;08
    Hillary ’12

    Now, for some updates and breaknig news:

    afrocity –

    That’s Mike Carey on Great tonight. He’s the president of the Ohio Coal Association.

    Obama’s attack on the coal industry is causing him to bleed votes in the coal states.

    Check this out:

    Ohio Coal Association issues a scathing statement on Barack Obama’s statement. I quote:


    COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov 03, 2008 /PRNewswire–USNewswire via COMTEX/ — Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association (OCA), today issued the following statement in response to just-released remarks from Senator Barack Obama about the nation’s coal industry.

    “Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America’s coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

    “These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like ‘I haven’t been some coal booster’ and ‘if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them’ are extraordinarily misguided.
    “It’s evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state’s voters.

    “Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

    “In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation’s long-term energy security – a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

    “Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability.”

    The Ohio Coal Association (OCA) is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of Ohio’s underground and surface coal mining producers. The OCA represents nearly 40 coal producing companies and more than 50 Associate Members, which include suppliers and consultants to the mining industry, coal sales agents and brokers and allied industries. The Ohio Coal Association is committed to advancing the development and utilization of Ohio coal as an abundant, economic and environmentally sound energy source.

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Representing 40 coal producing companies and more than 50 associate members in related industries, the OCA will deliver many Ohio votes to John McCain.

    Update and great read on the state of the race in Pennsylvania:

    McCain May Catch a Case of Pennsylvania

    Been maknig calls today and I am very encouraged about Pennsylvania tonight!! Alos, in the suburbs in PA, especially around Philadelphia, lots and lots of McCain-Palin signs.

    The coal comments and Obama’s admission that his plan would send an entire industry into bankjruptcy and cause electricity rates to skyrocket is spreading across the battleground states like a raging wildfire! People know about it and tomorrow, the good people in Ameica, especially in those coal producing states, are going to say NO to BO!!

    McCain is going to win!

    PUMAs will lead the way!!

    Don’t let Obama and his media cheerleaders suppress your vote for Country First!! How dare they even try to do so!!

    PUMAs in PA and all across America will go to the polls and put a big case of whoop ass on Obama and the DNC elites that stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back!

    Obama and the DNC Elite will hear our mighty roar!!

    God Bless America and God Bless all the PUMAs and fellow Americans that have the courage to stand up and fight for Country First!!



    Country Before Party!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

    We are PUMAS!! Hear us ROAR!!!

  72. Ahhh, Kiri singing “O mio babbino caro.” It was her singing of this aria on the soundtrack to “A Room with a View” that showed me that maybe opera wasn’t all about screaming fat women (not that there’s anything wrong with that – and some of my favorite operas now are about just that.) Thanks Dame Kiri!!

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