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I Guess I Just Wasn’t Looking: A Voting Strategy In Hindsight

Like many of the directives handed down this campaign age (because it’s been too damned long to be just a year), I missed that memo that we should take the time to write about our voting strategies. Yes, I thought it was interesting to see such a consistent thread of thoughts from several different people, but, then again, Barack Obama happened so maybe I’ve adapted and learned not to question-much of any aspect of human behavior, actually.


            That’s the last in a long line of me just not questioning anything anymore and accepting questionable things as truth.  Why? Not because it’s easy but because it’s easiest.  If I had to ask myself why any number of intelligent, noteworthy people have thrown themselves on the altar of His Holiness, I’d be very tempted to throw myself off the top of some altar since there is clearly no method to that madness.  I’m smarter than ACORN’s average voting nine-year old but this election wouldn’t be the first pseudo-intellectual “joke” that I just didn’t get. I thought it must have been me.


            Probably was.


            That’s pretty hilarious since in the realm of humor, I’m the type that if you stick me with a stickpin, I’ll come at you with a “steak knife.”  It’s all relative and it’s all personal to me.  And frankly, it’s all funny.


            Until isn’t.  Until it wasn’t.  This election got damned unfunny damned fast.


            In a space of time when there’s very little left to find humor in, I will not put aside my own personal litmus test to decide who I want to lead me and my country.


            “Can she admit she stumbles?”


            Can he?


            “Can she admit she is imperfect?”


            Can he?


            “Does she think that there is anything wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America?”  A heady question to be sure, but I reserve the right to ask.


            Does he?


            “Can she laugh at herself?”


            Does he even know what that means?


            As anyone can see, the questions are hardly equal in importance and some are definitely loaded; some are probably even tilted in the favor of one candidate over another-c’est la vie. I’ve already made my choice-one the media is certainly familiar with-that objectivity is for other people.  I don’t have to pretend that I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’ve already done it.  The truth is there was never much of a chance that I’d do anything different.


            On October 23rd, I walked into a voting booth and early voted for Sarah Palin and John McCain. I did not wait in line because there wasn’t one, I did not cry.  (This past Saturday I did, but that’s for other reasons and that’s grief for another post.)  I didn’t even hold my nose.  I breathed deeply after the realization that I would never have to smell this scent again.  And that scent was regret.


            With regret, I spun the dial; I chose the women, the minorities, the Republicans; and yes, even one lone Libertarian.  I gave many, many people the chance to serve and if they do to me as their predecessors already have, it’s the last chance I’ll give them.  I didn’t quite get to fulfill a dream with this vote-not quite, no, but I got to do something that felt right at its heart.


            I got to vote for a woman who had to apologize a dozen times for never being wrong-even though her name wasn’t there.


            I got to vote for a woman who admitted that she cared too much, and showed it in the hangdog tiredness in her eyes and the sometimes hoarse tenor of her voice.  Even though her name wasn’t there.


            I got to vote for a woman who believed to very roots of her being that this country is already great-but it can be better.  And, no, her name wasn’t there.


            I voted for Sarah Palin too, and her devotion, and her brilliance.  I got to vote for her humility and her humor and her laugh.  I got to vote for the great things she’s done-there are many-and that great things she will do-she’s never feared high expectations.  It was a good, earnest vote.


            (Not just for her, but for the “cackle” that became before.  And the pantsuit.  And the joke.  And the perseverance.  Although it stung to do it in absentia, it was certainly a vote for her.)

             Steak knife or stick pin, this year, they’re all protruding from my heart this time, but it just isn’t funny.  And you know I can always laugh.

             Someone must have already dropped the punch line, but I guess I just wasn’t looking.

247 Responses

  1. Obama will offer McCain ambassador to iraq.

  2. Oh, that post moved me to tears, regency. Thank you for another beautifully expressed opinion on what has been such a travesty and a tragedy of an election season – but McPalin are, thankfully, worth voting for for a number of good reasons. Go, McCain-Palin! Nobama forever!

  3. I didn’t quite get to fulfill a dream with this vote—not quite, no, but I got to do something that felt right at its heart.

    I got vote for a woman who had to apologize a dozen times for never being wrong—even though her name wasn’t there.

    I got to vote for a woman who admitted that she cared too much, and showed it in the hangdog tiredness in her eyes and the sometimes hoarse tenor of her voice. Even though her name wasn’t there.

    I got to vote for a woman who believed to very roots of her being that this country is already great—but it can be better. And, no, her name wasn’t there.

    (Not just for her, but for the “cackle” that became before. And the pantsuit. And the joke. And the perseverance. Although it stung to do it in absentia, it was certainly a vote for her.)

    Steak knife or stick pin, this year, they’re all protruding from my heart this time, but it just isn’t funny. And you know I can always laugh.

    Someone must have already dropped the punch line, but I guess I just wasn’t looking.

    KILL ME NOW PLEASE – this hurts too much!

    Love it Regency – THANK YOU!

  4. Argghhhhhhhhh! {{hiding face in shame}}. I am so sorry I didn’t send you the email. For some reason, your address doesn’t automatically come up in my contacts list. I kept meaning to look it up and send you one but I completely forgot. I am so, so sorry. Please forgive mr. It was just absentmindedness. Nothing more.

  5. I REALLY don’t want to do the housework today because I made the mistake of wandering over to Taylor Marsh. This is what she wrote about Obama not meeting with the PUMA groups:

    Obama didn’t meet with you because Hillary walked away from your asses. We don’t want
    anything to do with you because the ME-ME-ME notion of the unhinged fringe is what’s wrong with
    this country.

    TaylorMarsh | Homepage | 11.03.2008 – 1:50 pm | #’

    ———– PUMA’s – the Me Group and the unhinged fringe – the ones who actually thought a democratic process should select the nominee.

  6. Awwww, Regency – now you went ahead and did it. I’m snurfling!

    This is me hugging you!


  7. ok .. I am misting up on this one………

    and I can’t wait for my turn and see what it feels like this time !!!!

    Love you ….Regency woman

  8. Jmac – I see Taylor has gotten the “you’re all selfish if you don’t Obey The One Unquestioningly” memo. Yes, Taylor, there’s nothing wrong with Obama. It’s all our faults that we can’t accept His Greatness. Keep telling yourself that.

    Gawd, Obots are so boring and unoriginal. And forgive me, but doesn’t she sound a trifle desperate? Maybe she is realizing that she is losing relevance by the day?

  9. RD, that wasn’t a ping on you. With how busy I’ve been lately, it’s any wonder I asnwer my mother’s emails much less anyone else’s.

    Thank you for letting me post here, RD.

    And thanks, everyone, for the kind words.

  10. Beautiful post.

  11. Oh, reposting my question from the last thread:
    If you are voting tomorrow, what will you bring with you in case the line is long? Knitting?

    (Me, probably a book. Should it be “The Case Against Obama”?)

  12. “And her name wasn’t there”

    That’s what F__KING killed me.

    Regency – gawd. woman can you tell it like it is and make it HURT.

    (((((((( a big Scorpion sister hug to Reg )))))))))

  13. MadamaB & Jmac:

    WTF is TM worried about? The Obama campaign hasn’t called her either!

  14. To quote Molly Kagan of The Starter Wife“I live in a crazy world.”

    [Edited to match the author’s level of tolerance for stupid.]

  15. I haven’t been to TM since I don’t know when. It’s been that long. But I think she has a personal vendetta against PUMAs because so many of us abandoned her website after the primaries. She sounds worse than the original Obama supporters now. I don’t know why she does this to herself because no one visits her site and Obama doesn’t even know who she is. The Obama faction has used her to bring any Clinton supporters she could convert but they haven’t flocked to her site in droves. Taylor’s career is pretty much over. She’s burned too many bridges at this point and most of us won’t go back.

  16. Wonderful, Regency!
    The prediction of a McCain lansslide just got updated based on today’s data: to bigger landslide

  17. Is it still ok for fuzzy to get perverse pleasure from all the Obats crying in grant park tommorrow when they listen to Obama’s concession speech?

    It is really all I have left…..

    Oh and today, “a vote against Obama is a vote against Hillary”

    where is Pat J with my vomit bucket!

  18. Regency:

    Muy excelente!

  19. Regency – Pantsuit Wifey owes us a 2012 run – and November 5th 2008 we are starting that quest.

  20. Regency -I am sorry but…all I can say about your post is

    ***silence is so eloquent***

  21. “A vote against Obama is a vote against Hillary.” Too funny. Wonder if Bill knows that.

  22. Jmac, on November 3rd, 2008 at 2:55 pm Said:

    1) That bitch!

    2)What a joke.

  23. Hillary isn’t on the ballot anymore (at least not this year) so it’s impossible to vote against her.

  24. myiq – Sure it is. If you vote for Obama, you are voting for the end of Hillary’s political career.


  25. You put it in a way I hadn’t thought about before Regency: my vote for Palin was my vote for Hillary – even though she wasn’t on the ballot, I was voting for a woman who had put up with the absolute same bs as my hero in pantsuits.

  26. I remember how wonderful it was to vote for Hillary in the primary. I kept thinking how when my mom was born, women had JUST gotten the vote, and we could VOTE for a woman that really could be president.

    I was too young to vote for Shirley Chisolm, but i sure wish I could have done that too….

  27. DV:

    I hope that TM’s decision to drink the Kool-aid was a principled one because if it was a cynical attempt to maintain and/or increase her readership it backfired big time.

    When you sell your soul to the Devil he will cheat you every time.

  28. Does anyone know where I can get an article explaining to a clueless Obot, what the Dems did at the RBC and at the convention w/the roll call vote? Thanks

  29. madamab:

    I stand corrected

  30. SM: You’d better believe she does. Catch me Nov. 5th. My sign is already in my window.

  31. griffithinc: Look back through our Archives – last week of May through first week of June should be good.

  32. Fluffy: I hope that’s happy silence and not the disapproving sort.

  33. Thanks sm77.

  34. GriffithInc: Also, go to youtube, google Harold Ickes and you’ll find videos of him denouncing the hijacked delegates & votes.

  35. griff:

    Try a Louisville Slugger or a 2×4

    Obots are teachable, you just need to get their attention first.

  36. GriffithInc: Ack!!! that was GO to youtube and SEARCH for Harold Ickes.


  37. I will vote for McCain, because under the circumstances, it is just the right thing to do.

  38. Regency, on November 3rd, 2008 at 3:18 pm Said:

    SM: You’d better believe she does. Catch me Nov. 5th. My sign is already in my window.

    THAT’S RIGHT – 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Thanks, Reg – this was quite moving – and on the money!

  40. FLV: I agree wholeheartedly. McCain is the right choice for ths election.

  41. Okay, my last comment disappeared like a fart in a hurricane.

    Go to Hillbuzz and see Obama give McCain the finger just like he did to Hillary.

  42. Regency,

    Funny how crystal clear it is this time. It would have been just a crystal clear had it been Hillary, but for very different reasons.

  43. myiq2xu, on November 3rd, 2008 at 3:27 pm Said:

    Okay, my last comment disappeared like a fart in a hurricane.


  44. myiq2xu, I think TM’s decision was a bit of both. I think she wanted to remain in good standing with MSNBC and HuffPo which links to her site. She was probably thinking long-term because it would’ve taken courage for her to stand up and join the newly formed PUMA movement at the time. Now she is still on good terms with the media whores who give her a limited forum to write posts and if Obama is elected she can kiss ass and remain with the liberal blogosphere.

    However, the way she totally turned on the rest of us and dissed us on her on the site almost immediately after the primaries was wrong and a huge mistake. In order to please the media Obots, she lost thousands of loyal visitors who would’ve provided her with a lot more revenue for the last six months than what she is currently making on her site.

    I don’t know what her future plans are but playing nice with the Village doesn’t always work out well. The Obots will never treat those who supported Clinton in the primaries as one of their own. TM will always be a second class citizen to those who worship asshats like Keith Olbermann.

    A smarter move would’ve been to support BO as a Democrat but still allow the rest of us to have a space at her site and not be a total cheerleader for the Messiah. It would’ve been difficult to do but I would’ve respected her for trying.

  45. My guess is that Obama will be back if he loses this election. He is young and ambitious (opportunist). The feeling of omnipotence is hard to forget. It would all depend on what he did over the next four years.

    Hillary, on the other hand…I’m not certain she will be back. I thought Gore would come back for sure, but look what happened to him. A lot can happen in four years no matter who is elected.

  46. is anyone else filled with dread? I’m sorry to be a downer, but I am very depressed today…. I feel like all I have left is hope… blind faith against evidence to the contrary…. I’m so glad that I have taken Wednesday off from work…. I’ll be a wreck….

  47. BPD – I’m stressed out but not filled with dread. There is still hope!

    Latest Polls

    Remember that PUMAs are not being polled. They are assuming that we’re all voting for Obama.

  48. here’s an interesting forecast with a guy that’s factored the PUMA vote in:


  49. cate
    you can’t seriously compare HRC to Al Snore.

  50. If Obama loses, he wont run again. The dem party doesn’t run losers (at least twice, that is). And, Hillary will run again if dear Leader is defeated. End.

  51. Regency, this is incredibly touching. Please consider posting it on Clinton_2008 on LJ. I miss you back there.


  52. I look forward to tomorrow. Obama is going to lose big.

    And then we will get back to work fixing the mess he made.

    Love to all!

  53. Never, never, never, never, never GIVE UP!

    –Winston Churchill

  54. Pixxel! Hey. I’ll totally post it there.

    Obie loses and that’s the ballgame. He doesn’t get another shot. McGovern got one. Mondale got one. Dukakis got one. Obie has already gotten one too many.

  55. Cate, on November 3rd, 2008 at 3:29 pm Said:

    My guess is that Obama will be back if he loses this election. He is young and ambitious (opportunist). The feeling of omnipotence is hard to forget. It would all depend on what he did over the next four years.

    I can certainly see Obama starting a 3rd party, with no doubt in my mind.

  56. delurking momentarily…

    just received a *sweet* mailer from the Ohio GOP.
    Hillary and McCain on the cover.
    “With intensity and hard work, she left 18 Million cracks in the glass ceiling”
    WOW! just noticed something! This is just a thank you note! nowhere on the piece does it say to vote for anyone in particular…
    inside excerpt “I share Senator Clinton’s goal of promoting women to more important roles throughout our government. By the end of my first term, I promise you will see a dramatic increase in the presence of women in every part of the government. You have my word on it.” with John McCain signature.

    RD, I’ll save it for you, if you want it. It is truly eloquent.

  57. Regency , I am so excited now I had to go find my ballot online and look at it LOL

    I dont know if you can open this but here it is

  58. Hi ARABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Oh Regency, I’m going to pass on the words of Elizabeth Cady Stanton that were whispered in my ear by her great, great grand daughter this summer “Carry The Cause”

    Stanton used to write that on her papers..her g.g. grand daughter still believes and still passes those stunning words along to those who are so lucky as to speak with this incredible woman in Seneca Falls.

    Your post reminded me of her, of that moment.

    Voting as you did, I thought of those words when I did. What was done here was wrong…we know what we saw happen. As far as I can tell and the way I feel is there was no other right choice. I wouldn’t have fathomed any of this a year ago…none of it. But here we are.

    As strong as Hillary is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her run again at all. It’s my hope she does. I don’t want anyone else taking that first for the fact that she was the most capable, the best to represent us as much as she did in Beijing.

    Wonderful, wonderful post Regency. You all make me SO damned proud.

  60. “Obie loses and that’s the ballgame. He doesn’t get another shot. McGovern got one. Mondale got one. Dukakis got one. Obie has already gotten one too many.”

    Agreed. I’ve got my fingers crossed hard. Tomorrow night I’ll be having champagne (to celebrate) and Schadenfreude pie (for obvious reasons).

  61. Over the weekend I saw the movie “The Crucible” on HBO(I think). I hadn’t seen it or read the play in a long time. This one statement by the character John Proctor continues to haunt me:

    “Hell and Heaven grapple on our backs, and all our old pretenses ripped away. God’s icy wind will blow.”

    Yes, all of my old pretenses have been ripped away. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, in the end I will be able to keep my good name, because I did what was right, not what was popular. (Maybe too deep, my undergrad degree was in English Literature)

  62. I already bought my Inglebrook 6.99 wine jug at CVS for a little bit for tonight and tomorrow.

  63. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful posts!!!! I voted early and this Florida Democrat had no problem voting for Gov. Palin and her friend John!

    SM- I agree that Obama will start a third party, no doubt about it!

  64. FLVoter: I saw it too!!!!!!!! I loved that movie & the book. It really rings true today with all the mass hysteria going on.

  65. 1/2 voter – Something in my gut tells me he’ll have the cojones to do it.

    So let him and take his frat boiz with him.

  66. Sandra: Have a glass for me.

    Alice P: I’m touched that I could remind you of that moment.

    Kitchen: That flyer is my new desktop wallpaper image. I love it.

    Swannie: You can do it! Fill out that ballot. I believe in you.

  67. MadamaB: I was polled by Rasmussen last night. After indicating that I am a Democrat and voting for McCain, I was asked for whom I had voted in the primary. This may be some attempt to capture the PUMA statistics.

  68. sm77,

    I do not think Obama will run for Prez again or start his own party. His ego is too fragile to survive a defeat. He will be an emotional cripple if he loses. He needs the adoration to validate his existence.

  69. why would Obama need to start a thrid party?
    He took OURS!!!!

  70. Hi y’all — Im here and still standing strong after a full on “vote-obama-or-die” assault from my dem parents…. they don’t want to see or hear the facts…think I’m crazy for getting my news from the internetz… my blood pressure has gone sky high and I’m on the verge of tears…but my resolve has hardened to steel.

    where can you see the flier about HRC from Mac?? I need to be cheered up….

  71. why does rasmussen need to be polling the day before the election for anyway?????

  72. This is a beautiful and painful post Regency. Really moving. Thank yo 🙂

  73. Um, I mean “you.”

  74. dakinikat: I went and looked at that fellow’s figures. God, I hope he’s right. Wouldn’t a McPalin landslide shut up all those gasbags?

  75. IndigoGrrl:


    Cheer up. These will do it if nothing does.

  76. I will be thrilled if we PUMAs are the reason Mac goes over the top and not some off the wall tape of Mechelle ranting or some other damaging exposure of the real Barack Obama….. maybe after all these months of hoping for that miracle that would end the reign of the media’s teflon prince …WE ARE THE NOVEMBER SURPRISE!!!

  77. D*mn it, Regency, I’m trying really hard to stay tough until tomorrow night. Your post about did me in. Now, I have to go back and restart being really, really angry to make it through the next 36 hours.

    Tomorrow I’ll vote with my hubby, my sister, and my disabled sister. Four [4] life-long Democrats will walk into that voting booth, and none will vote Obama. Three of us positively will vote McPalin, hubby still may go Nader.

  78. JUST SAW THIS VIDEO on Sugar & Spice – PLEASE WATCH:

  79. I”ve got a bottle of Veuve Clicquot icing up for tomorrow night — I’m either celebrating or getting drunk. 🙂

  80. IndigoGrrl illegitimis non carborundum, even if they are your folks.

    Hillbuzz posted the fliers.

    griffithinc, lynette long’s site has lots on the caucuses and here is her post from just after the RBC:

  81. Indigo: That’s funny. What if WE are the November surprise!! Wouldn’t that be great? Millions and Millions of dollars and poor Barky still couldn’t pull it out. Boo Hoo. But us PUMAS, Hillary lovers knocked him out of it. Sweet revenge.

  82. I don’t see Obama running again, think he’ll spend more time overseas. I don’t think this country will tolerate him running such an intense and divisive campaign. Mechelle, OTOH….

  83. Thanks perries.

  84. griffithinnc: mcCain’s a notorious closer, and obama’s got that history of not being able to close the deal …

    i’m hoping that guy’s analysis is correct

  85. ty perries … great link!

  86. POE — if you want to get angry just flip on MSNBC for a few minutes tonight.

  87. griffithinc: If McCain pulls this off, I’ll be phoning you so we can get together and let off some steam. Promise.

  88. angie: Unable to tolerate that level of distress w/o tossing tv. I’m watching old movies, that will work nicely. Maybe Barbara Stanwyck.

  89. SM: That video is fantastic.

  90. Yeah, WE are the NOVEMBER surprise!

    I love that.

    And I’m holding you all to staying up all night with me.

  91. I have read all of these posts – but this one – Regency, it breaks my heart.

  92. THE ONLY job Obama is qualified to do is becoming a glorified AMWAY motivational speaker, making millions off of expensive crap people don’t need.

  93. Reg – wasn’t it great???? I love it.

  94. JJMtacoma: Regency is a GIFTED writer. She put that hurt all over me when I read her post.

  95. Barbara Stanwyck – I’m sure she would be PUMA.

  96. Regency, thank you for this post. This NV Puma went back and forth, McCain, NOT, McCain, NOT.

    I finally went into the voting booth, realized I could not leave the top of the ticket blank, and cast my vote for Sarah and her running mate. Attention must be paid.

  97. POE: Absof**kinglutely!! We’re going to a friend’s tomorrow night for post election stuff, they are Oblahblah supporters. We won’t stay all evening, but it will be interesting when the returns start coming in and the One can’t close the deal. Please Goddess let it be.

  98. Bluelyon: You did the right thing. A vote NOT for Obama is a right vote. Many of us did the same thing. I never in my life thought I’d vote for a Republican. Gee, that is what DNC corruption will do to you. I’m a gay, pro-choice atheist, but I didn’t have a problem voting for McPalin.

  99. regency: beautiful post!

    I’m SOOOO hoping BO maintains his tradition of under-performing! (maybe THAT’s why MO is so snarky?!?) BO was on radio a few minutes “concerned” about damage to his daughters that could occur by growing up in the WH… HUH? Now he’s concerned about a female? what damage?

  100. Way to go, Blue Lyon. You did the right thing. I believe that sincerely.

  101. Saw where Obama tossed his Auntie under the bus, and says send her back to Kenya, anywhere outta my face. Now, I come from a big family that often embarrasses me, and I’ve been known to toss a few members hither & yon, but then, I never wrote books praising that same family. As a matter of fact, I write [so far unpublished] short stories blaming my family for my warped-ness. They, in turn, blame me for theirs.

    I might have to go back & change my voting strategy to Hypocrisy, because this latest from Obama is just another in a long line.

  102. I was figgering that if Obama loses then Illinois will secede from the Union and call itself “Whole Foods Nation”

    I say let ’em go!

  103. I was figgering that if Obama loses then Illinois will secede from the Union and call itself “Whole Foods Nation”

    I say let ’em go!

  104. reaganchick: I’m trying my best to prevent any psychological damage to the offspring of the One. Maybe he could just concede today, and spare everyone?

  105. reaganchick: don’t be fooled, that is probably preparation to move the capitol to Chicago.

  106. myiq: I’m thinking we should try to redraw the US map, and simply give Chicago to Canada. Might work.

  107. POE: Can you believe him? Yeah if Auntie broke the law send her butt back to Kenya. I’m a US Senator, but I’m not gonna help her. No sir. Not if it hurts my skinny ass. No sir. Break the law, you go. What a creep. I’m glad I’m not related to him. My family is bad enough, but at least they leave me alone.

  108. Just got in an argument with a friend of mine who is wet for Obama. I told him I am voting for McCain – my first R vote ever – and he went ballistic. I asked him one simple question: “What has Obama done for this country?” He could not answer, but started frothing about McCain. I asked again. And again. And again. Then he attacked Palin!

    The answer was clear: Obama has done nothing for this country.

    He also said my vote does not count because I live in New York. I told him my vote counts double because it’s one less vote for the D and one more for the R. Hilarity ensued!

    PUMA power!!

  109. SM: well said. Regency is truly talented and I’m glad she shares her thoughts with all of us.

  110. myiq — it was funny the first time! 😉

  111. just received word that a long lost young female cousin of mine living in San Diego is voting for Mac because “Obama is a terrorist”
    Her parents and brother will also vote McCain.
    These are DEMS

  112. BO was on radio a few minutes “concerned” about damage to his daughters that could occur by growing up in the WH… HUH?

    Oh Jeebus on a Triscuit. He’s worried about damage NOW? Why the eff did he run then?

  113. right on battlecat!

  114. Yeah, the Clintons passed the torch —- to Palin.
    It’s called service. Obama thinks service is a sweety who serves you lunch. Ooooh, Taylor March, may just be your peoples turn to cry.

  115. Barky’s kids go to Trinity Church for years and he’s worried about the fucking White House??

    OK, he has a point, maybe he should just concede now..

  116. catarina — when ever I hear stories like that I don’t agree, but I don’t bother to correct either — any vote NOT for Obama needs to stay that way. Hey, I don’t fee bad about it either there are people voting FOR Obama because they “won’t have to worry about paying [their] mortgage or putting gas in [their] car.” So, they’ll wash each other out.

  117. Caterina, Bluelyon…

    I think BO is preparing to keep his butt in Chicago as much as posible if he wins to prevent the “damage” to his girls.

    It’s a load of crap, but it is where all his fiends are.

    Yes, I meant to spell it that way.

  118. griffithinc: Well, Obama certainly left that Auntie alone, says he didn’t know she’s been in our fair country for 4 [illegal] years.

    Geez, you’d have thought someone would have told him, since he so cherishes all those Kenyan relatives. You know……. say Barack, did I mention that Auntie followed you back to Boston and we can’t get her to come home? Won’t even listen to the judge that told her to get the hell outta Dodge.


    From http://www.marstonchronicles.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=118

    “Your first thought is that I am drunk on Kool-Aid when you see this title. I am going to show you why I am so sure about this prediction. Your next question is why should anyone pay any attention to me about such a ridiculous prediction. The answer is that in 45 years in politics, I have never been wrong about an election call even when I was called crazy. That includes get elected to office to prove I was right about winning an election. See my biography for details. I have to be very sure to risk a 45 year reputation so remember that you read it here first.

    The next question is how could I possibly be so sure when the polls are predicting the exact opposite? Because I know the polls are wrong since they are not properly taking into account the P.U.M.A. Factor. I have explained previously that the mere fact that the polls violently disagree with each other is proof of something seriously amiss with the polling models. See my article on The P.U.M.A. Factor. On November 1st, I posted an article entitled How Big is the P.U.M.A. Factor?

    That article pointed out that, at the time I wrote it, it required only a total of 493,636 PUMA voters in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado to produce a tie in the electoral votes. Add a mere 35,935 more in Nevada and McCain-Palin wins. At the time, I was almost ready to bet the ranch that there were 529,571 PUMA voters in those six states, but I waited another 24 hours to make sure. Now the trend is so clear that it is obvious to me that a McCain-Palin landslide is in the works. It is amazing how few people in politics never apply some fairly simple mathematics to see what is going to happen in the next election.”

  120. “BO was on radio a few minutes “concerned” about damage to his daughters that could occur by growing up in the WH… HUH?”

    He doesn’t want them around all that “white forefather’s” history before he has “fixed” it.

    And, even if Obama loses, he is so arrogant he will not concede.

  121. ABC news is reporting the Barack’s grandmother has just passed away

  122. Just got an e-mail from Hil and Bill asking me to vote for Obiden, here is my reply:

    Hillary I love you! I donated money to you and YOU should be the Democratic candidate. I will never forgive the DNC, the RBC, Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Reid etc for what they did. The Democratic Party needs to be dismantled and begun anew w/you as it’s leader.

    I will not vote for Obama. In Tennesse it will not matter, McCain will win. But I still would not give him my vote, no matter where I lived. Principles before party this time, country first and Hillary in 2012. Thanks for all you and Bill have done for our country.


  123. Obamas grandmother has passed away. I am a major critic of him, but at this time, my prayers and thoughts are for him and his family at this difficult time.

  124. I’m sorry about the grandmother. My condolences.

    I also wonder what secrets passed with her.

  125. Regency your post has me in tears.

    I don’t hold out much hope for tomorrow’s election nor the future of the democratic party. I don’t hold out much hope of fixing the broken friendships and relationships with family and friends who cannot understand what is wrong with me that I would not vote for the one. I don’t hold out much hope of seeing a woman in the white house before my life ends.
    But when I read a post like yours I can hold onto the hope that someday, maybe not tomorrow or next year or even in the next decade, but someday, young women will stand up for what is right, like you are doing. That is the hope I have for my daughters’ lives. Thanks for that.

  126. indigo…no way! that’s strange. I was just going to comment that it is really strange that we are going to hit 4 million hits on election day, now this. lots of strange coincidences….

  127. How did that happen?

  128. That’s a strange coincidence…..hmmmmm. I could be snarky, but I won’t.

  129. Obama has pulled that concern over his daughters before, and it usually precedes a media blitz featuring them. I wonder if we’ll see The One with Michelle and the girls spread everywhere tonight or tomorrow morning. Probably an exclusive on MSNBO, Kate, Charlie Gibson, CNN, Brian Williams, and the NYT.

  130. condolences to her family.

  131. yup, I’d say that’s right gary … 4 million on the 4th …

  132. griffithinc: I think I had exactly the same… um, nevermind.

  133. griffithinc – it’s so sad when someone is so manipulative that I, who am normally soft hearted, would think the worst. Makes me sad for me and him…

  134. POE: Do you think he could blitz more than he already has? Jeez. The guy is running commercials every two minutes, I’ve never been so sick of seeing someone’s mug in my life. If he was so concerned about his daughters he should’ve stayed in Chicago. Oh I forgot, it isn’t safe there either. Maybe he should move back to Hawaii.

  135. POE I saw on ESPN that they are interviewing both candidates at halftime on Monday night football tonight.

  136. either that or I need to borrow SOD’s tinfoil hat…

  137. Oh god, do they have to ruin Monday night football too!! Jeez. I’ll be so glad when this is over…….

  138. Wow, I’m really sorry for his family at this time. I hope she didn’t suffer too much.

  139. this has been the most bizarre election and collective american experience I have ever witnessed… it wouldn’t be believable as fiction

  140. gotta run — I hope I get to catch you all tonight!

    hang in there — tomorrow we ROAR!

  141. Oh Regency,

    I knew you’d make me cry. You brought back all my pain over Hillary–the way she was treated by the media and the “Democrats,” the way she was cheated out of the nomination she deserved, and worst of all, how smart, and funny, and compassionate, and caring she is, and how much we have lost by not having her as President.

    Regency you are a terrific writer. By the time you’re my age you will be a scary smart even more terrific writer. I wish I were going to be around to see it. But I’ll take reading you now. More Regency posts please!!

  142. Just saw this


    COLUMBUS, November 3, 2008: Mike Carey, president of the Ohio Coal Association (OCA) today issued the following statement in response to just-released remarks from Senator Barack Obama about the nation’s coal industry.

    “Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America’s coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

    “These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like ‘I haven’t been some coal booster’ and ‘if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them’ are extraordinarily misguided.

    “It’s evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state’s voters.

    “Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short-sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation’s coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to ‘bankrupt’ our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

    “In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation’s long-term energy security – a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

    “Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability.”

  143. McCain can do it, McCain can do it, McCain can do it. If you say it enough times, it can be true. I do believe, I do believe, I do believe.

  144. Thanks, BB. And don’t talk like that, I’ll be 36 in 17 more years, youcan hol dout that much longer. I’m ordering you to stick around that much longer. I won’t take no for an answer. Besides, you’d damned well better stick around long enough to see me meet Bill Clinton.

    Every Conflucians had better stick around at least that long.

  145. Regency, I especially appreciated this: ” It was a good, earnest vote.” Great post.

  146. Oh no.

    Obama’s grandmother just died. Saw it on Yahoo news.

  147. To those PUMAs who live with Obots: What are you doing tomorrow night? I haven’t decided whether to lock myself in the bedroom, or lock the Obot in there without me.

  148. Poplicola, thank you very much.

  149. The media has acted as though the PUMAS do not exist, but they could actually be the reason behind fluctuating poll results. We are the unknown factor; and now with BO’s “bankrupt coal” comments coming to light, I’m sure we all know the game is very much on!

    The PUMAS can undoubtedly make the difference – most notably those bitter, clinging folks in PA, OH, VA, and NC!!!

  150. Hey those coal miners are salt of the earth people. You don’t mess with them. But then Obama thinks they are the religion clinging, gun toting hillbillies who don’t have enough sense to understand the “One”. I am beginning this may be a landslide of epic proportions for McCain. That would be appropriate. The next thing would be for a formidable opponent to run against Oblahblah in IL and take away his senate seat. That would be just desserts for him as well.

  151. Beautiful post Regency-the truth of it made me weep….

  152. I have heard bits and pieces about Odinga before, but this brings it into forcus for me:


    “…Mwenda’s main concern: That Democratic presidential challenger Barack Obama has a cozy relationship with Raila Odinga, an avowed Marxist politician who now serves as Kenya’s prime minister. Obama, who made taxpayer-funded visits to Kenya in 2004, 2005 and 2006, campaigned for Odinga in 2006.”

    “…When Odinga ran for president of Kenya last year and lost by a slim margin, tribal violence erupted amid claims of voter fraud. About 150,000 people died (many were killed in machete attacks), hundreds of churches were burned and 600,000 villagers were displaced. The international community had to broker a peace deal, allowing Odinga to serve as prime minister while his opponent, Mwai Kibaki, was named president.”

  153. Regency:

    You’re only 19!!! You have a bright future!!!

  154. Griff: 19 as of Nov. 15th.

  155. Wow. I didn’t know crap when I was 19.

  156. Wow. I didn’t know crap when I was 19. It took me all these years to get smart.

  157. happy birthday Regency! My youngest daughter turns 19 on November 8!

  158. Griff: Crap I know about. The useful stuff I learn from smart folks like you and the rest of the Conflucians (and zeh Camillions, you know who you are).

  159. So Toot died huh?

    Oh well sorry, Barry. I am still voting for McCain.

  160. I know so many people saw/see Obama as quasi Republican or post partisan. I always saw him as a far left extremist mutation. Hillary to me was always the moderate left or the grown up and responsible liberal.
    What got me was his insistance in trying to sell himself as something he wasn’t to the electorate.

  161. I work in a college library. I know whereof I speak. But I am delighted to say I have some very smart, old souls in the students I’ve become close to. Thank the Goddess, you are our future.

  162. I am sorry to hear about Obama’s grandma. May she rest in peace.

    I was talking to an Obot about this and the person behaved like this was good news for the campaign. The person said that he will get a lot of sympathy vote. Go figure!

  163. Having a hard time believing Obama’s grandmother died on election eve.

  164. Wow. No wonder Taylor Marsh is angry. I just went to her blog. The top 6 posts have the following number of comments on them: 0, 34, 21, 29, 25, 40. That’s pathetic. She used to get 500 comments on a post sometimes. I never read the comments, because there were so many it was overwhelming. I wonder how many of those comments are from different people? That’s really sad, but I guess that’s what happens when you completely sell out the people who made you a popular blogger in the first place.

  165. Oh, I’m not 19 yet. That’s what I meant to say. I’m a 1989 baby. I turned 18 last November.

  166. Afrocity: EXACTLY! We are sorry but still voting McCain.


    DakiniKat’s birthday is TOMORROW.

    We have a plethora of Scorpion sisters on the Confluence – RD, Dakini, Regency, and yours truly.

  167. Sophia: That is what I was thinking, but didn’t want to say. It ain’t going to happen. Sympathy vote, what do they think people are that stupid?

  168. griffithinc:
    Right on. The coal bankrutcy plan is just the latest.

    It has seemed to me since the beginning of the campaign that Obama’s campaign has gone down a checklist of every group in this country and deliberately insulted them and planned how to ruin them economically and politically.

    My brother in law is a proud southern redneck. Check. He and his family are all Dems. He voted McCain-Palin.

    Too old to be President? Check. 72 is hardly old, according to my 91 year old grandmother. Of course she still says she’s 28, and acts like it. Women didn’t have the right to vote when she was born. Also, she and my grandfather started with nothing and built successful small businesses while raising family. Women can’t do it all? Wrong again. She and my grandfather are voting McCain-Palin.

    Sarah Palin “only” went to a state university. Check. I worked awfully hard for ten years to put myself through Ohio State. 100,000 in the stadium every Saturday.

    Who does the math on demographics for them!?

  169. I’m sorry to hear about Obama’s grandmother. I guess he’ll call off the celebration in the park then? Probably not.

  170. Regency, you are close in age to my son. He was 19 in July this year and this is his first election too.

    He voted for McCain/Palin and was a big fan of Hillary too.

  171. sm – me too, I share Hillary’s birthday.

  172. BTD says there will be a Democratic landslide tomorrow.

  173. Catarina: the thought crossed my mind. Obama does nothing unless it is planned and polled. Am I just totally crazy for thinking that?

  174. If sympathy vote was going to do it, shouldn’t Mac’s POW years trump anything?

  175. When I was 19 I knew all the answers.

    Now I can’t even remember the questions

  176. POP:

    That’s what I don’t get. Oblahma has insulted just about every demographic there is, and this is the way they expect to win? Doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me. But what do I know, I’m just a Democratic voter, who voted for McCain!!

  177. By the way, don’t listen to anyone who says your vote doesn’t count because you live in New York, California, Texas, etc. Don’t take your vote for granted. The election is not decided by projections; it is decided by voters. I have a hunch we may see some nice surprises on the electoral map tomorrow!

  178. boston boomer,
    I don’t know. Everytime either side predicts a landslide it never comes to pass. I remember nobody thinking that we were going to win in 2006 and look what happened. We’ve also never had a minority candidate running for national office so you can’t be so sure that the polls are right. In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  179. BTD knows nothing. Do not listen to that man behind the curtain.

  180. no, sophia, you’re not!
    it’s just too weird.

  181. BB:

    Somebody will win tommorrow, but I doubt there will be any landslides.

    McCain is surging, but will it be enough?

  182. Has anyone heard whether Barack Obama is planning to go to Hawaii to make arrangements for his grandmother’s funeral? Will he be attending the funeral? Has he changed his mind about helping his aunt with her legal difficulties? What a cold-hearted man he is.

  183. I got it straight from my neighbor, the goat farmer, Oblahma will win in a landslide. This from the man who starts drinking beer at 10:30 every morning, and probably hasn’t bathed in months, and lets his wife do all the work around the place. Yeah, I’m gonna believe HIM. He’s a freaking genius!

  184. “Has anyone heard whether Barack Obama is planning to go to Hawaii to make arrangements for his grandmother’s funeral?”

    How about Mechelle and the kids? What “excuse” do they have for giving gran’s funeral the slip?

  185. lol griffith

  186. CNN is reporting that grandma died about 5:00am EST and that Obama found out about it at about 8:00am. He did not look any bit sad while he was doing the event in Jacksonville this morning. Why wouldn’t he say something about then. Why annouce it now?

  187. Sophia: He is waiting for the most opportune moment to make the announcement. Might as well get some mileage out of it. I know, I’m awful. So shoot me.

  188. griffithinc — I posetd this elsewhere but it bears repeating:

    He plans not just to bankrupt coal plants, but the states that depend on them for revenue. This math is frightening.

    “West Virginia is the second largest coal-producing state in the country behind Wyoming and accounts for about 15 percent of all coal production in the United States. The Mountain State leads the nation in underground coal production and leads the nation in coal exports with over 50 million tons shipped to 23 countries. West Virginia accounts for about half of U.S. coal exports.

    In addition, the coal industry pays about $70 million in property taxes in the state annually, and the Coal Severance Tax adds about $214 million into West Virginia’s economy. The coal industry payroll in the state is nearly $2 billion per year, and coal is responsible for more than $3.5 billion annually in the gross state product.”

  189. From CNN article:

    Obama and Soetoro-Ng asked that donations be made for the search for a cure for cancer in lieu of \ flowers. A small private ceremony will be held “at a later date.”

  190. JJMtacoma: Happy belated Birthday!!!

    Phillip, the co-host of My Two Cents is also a Hillary B-sharer.

  191. The coal industry is the poor step-child of the energy industry. They get paid the least, get the least respect, and are most likely to get ill from the work they do. They have had to fight for everything they get, and I don’t think they appreciate Obiden denigrating them one bit.

  192. Bankrupting the coal industry will only make us that much more dependent on foreign oil. While coal is not the most environmentally-friendly energy source, clean technologies need to be phased in first (and quickly), in order to ensure an adequate energy base and source of new jobs for those in the coal industry.

  193. Truth ain’t always pretty.

    You’re right. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    [Edited to better spend the bandwidth of our beloved site–*wink*]

  194. Thanks SM!

  195. I think BTD is eating media memes for dinner again. Let’s be serious:Dems across the country have pissed off their constituents. I’m hearing any number of Dems voting downticket Republican. If that happens, the D side may indeed notfind themselves the Party of the Majority anymore.

  196. Ceecee is the tr0ll who dropped in this morning. banhammer please

  197. I have to leave – my PUMA cub has a cheerleading team competition.

    I’ll be back later – take care everyone!

  198. I got a robocall from bill clinton today in support of Linda Stender. He really did sound robotic. I must confess I am having a hard time wrapping my head around voting for ANY democrat tomorrow, even femalel ones, I am just so angry.

    I guess I will vote for Stender maybe a few of the other democratic women on the ticket, but then again it depends on just how angry I am tomorrow.

    God I remember going into the booth and looking for democratic women and that’s about all I cared about. Hey, if they were dems they had to be one of the good guys, right? What a maroon I was.

  199. Oh, but wouldn’t her comment make a cute open thread if they call the race for McCain?

  200. New video highlighting Obama’s legislative accomplishments:

  201. a little happy:
    I just got a hand-signed letter from Cindy Sheehan thanking
    me for the donation I sent her on behalf of Speaker Pelosi.

    a little more happy:
    Sarah Palin is letting Barney Frank have it.

  202. Ceecee dear – the cell phone chestnut has been tried in 2004.
    Ever since, all polling companies call cell phones too – some of them such as Rasmussen even state this fact in their methodology. So, if this is what you got to strut in here and insult everyone, it’s a flimsy excuse.
    No matter what happens tomorrow, you’ll be knocking your head against the walls soon enough.

  203. regency: Clean up at 5:27

  204. Ceecee:

    Maybe the reason your posts don’t stay up long, if that maybe you should go where you’re welcome. This is a PUMA site. Not an Oblama site. Go over there. They need you. We don’t.

  205. Ain’t it ironic how they think of themselves as “savvy”? the humblest too.

  206. Cleanup on aisle 7, Ceecee at 5:27pm (what is it with the infantalized name? ceecee, peepee, poopoo…).

  207. bunny, kitty… they do seem to have some issues

  208. Afrocity — LMAO — you always put it perfectly!

    So Toot died huh?

    Oh well sorry, Barry. I am still voting for McCain.,/i>

    Myiq — fair warning — if McCain pulls it off, as soon as I lose the 10 “stress” lbs I’ve gained due to this damn election, I’m flying out to Big Smoggy & doing bad things with you. 😉

  209. Guess what yesterday had McCain at 155 el votes and Obama at 383 today Mccain 196 el votes and Obama is down to 318 the Haka is losing strength!

  210. angie
    be sure and report back
    we’ve all been waiting for this.

  211. No way in hell is it going to be a landslide. BTD also thought Obama would pick Hillary for VP. The guy is not a good prognosticator.

  212. Whatever the pundits say, think just the opposite. Works every time, because they’re always wrong.

  213. I just read that when Sarah slammed Barry on his bankrupt-coal remarks, she was at a scheduled stop in Marietta, Ohio. Hoo, boy. I’ve been to Marietta quite a few times. I usually go to the riverside parks and watch all the barges hauling coal on the Ohio River. Lost a few votes in Marietta, Barry, I’m betting.

  214. here it comes, get the violin:

    Obama: Financial Crisis May Slow Agenda


  215. Grandma’s death was announce just in time to be the lead story on all the network news shows.

  216. bb
    if i said what i thought about the grandmother’s death im sure I’d be banned and ostracized.
    there is just no way. I think she died last week.

  217. Axelrove would do such a thing.

  218. Anyone who lives in a state bordering the Ohio River knows that coal is big business. Guess Barry just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, since he knows sooooo much, he just has to share it with everyone.

  219. Well, everyone Dean is asking all PUMAs to choose a candidate right NOWhe needs all PUMAs to declare their support for Obama right NOW call your newspapers and call your TV and radio News channels he needs us to declare for Obama right NOW.

    He wants us to know we have had our fun but it is way past time to Declare and vote Obama. Dean needs all the Democrats to come home and vote Obama and declare for him NOW.

    Look Mr Dean says you saw the super-delegates do it so we know the ROOLZ and they are the ROOLZ so vote for Obama now.

  220. catarina,

    Do you really think so? Well, if he wants the pity pot vote, he’d better start looking sad and maybe shed a few tears. I honestly don’t think he’s capable of that kind of emotion.

  221. message to Howard
    kiss my ( I )
    PUMA means PUMA

  222. Dean can kiss my ass. I supported that loser four years ago, and this is how he repays me? He can suck eggs.

  223. “He wants us to know we have had our fun but it is way past time to Declare and vote Obama.”

    You’re kidding?

  224. Fuzzy: Where did you see this?

  225. Last desperate ditch effort by Dean. When Oblahma goes down, he goes down with him, alone w/the other ingrates.

  226. parentofed,

    Yup, Marietta is in the heart of coal country–the tri-state region. I used to live in Southern Ohio years ago. In Athens. Let’s hope they get the word out in Ohio, KY, WV, and PA.

  227. bb am I going to hell for this?

    I wondered when BO went to Hawaii if maybe he was up to something.
    His ambition knows no bounds and nothing would surprise me, nothing.
    Some day we might hear some interesting stories.

  228. Caterina: We’re all going to hell for not supporting the Precious.

  229. Dear wonderful Conflucian PUMAS, I am going home. Keep the good energy going for tomorrow. Somehow we will prevail. PUMAS ROCK. XOXOXOXOXO


  230. guess I’ll see you there, griff! no regrets here

  231. Catarina: No regrets. I’d rather spend time in hell w/the fun people, not the phonies.

  232. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christal-phillips/clinton-democrats-the-med_b_140493.html#postComment

    Ok, I couldn’t believe this would be something worth giving a the site time to at huffypoo but this article is a fair and unbiased and hopefully eye-opening to some account of clinton democrats who are NOT voting for the one. Talks about Heidi too!
    Of course the author is a U of M law school grad, how could she not be? 🙂

  233. When he went to Hawaii to visit his dying grandmother he spent what, an hour and a half with her? If she was dying, why oh why was Michelle not there? I can understand not bringing the kids in on it, but why not Michelle? If for nothing else, to provide support to Barack, right? Wouldn’t you want someone there in your time of grief?

  234. Maybe his sister was there. I would hope so.

  235. jjmtacoma, on November 3rd, 2008 at 6:06 pm Said:
    Maybe his sister was there. I would hope so.

    I am sure she was. Just like she was there when their mother was dying and he couldn’t make it. And when she was buried, and he couldn’t make it.

  236. Wonderful post, Regency! You truly have a gift.

    I won’t be voting until tomorrow, but I, too, will be voting for Hillary when I vote for McCain. Then I will be here, waiting for Hillary to start her campaign for 2012.

    PUMA 08

  237. Ohh Howard the Coward … yoohoo I told you would remember in November .. Guess what month it is Howard … and I remembered

  238. 2 Obama supporters in my office said that they believe grandma died last week and the campaign held the story.

  239. oh wow Sophia.

  240. sophia — I think she died 2 months ago — has anyone seen her ? Hell, she could have died 2 years ago. I want to see the body.

  241. Browser crashing in Mawm’s thread. Can admin people figure out why or start a new thread?

    Disappointing because I wanted to join the lively discussion there.

  242. I know I am very late. I just got through reading only half the comments, and couldn’t stand it any more.

    Regency, This was more than I could stand! It was beautiful and like so many others, I had to regroup even before I finished reading.

    I voted Wednesday. I voted Nobama. I hope he loses. I hope I never have to consider him again (I’m in Illinois) for anything. It will be Nobama for me – unless someone can prove me wrong. And I don’t see that happening.

    I plan to have some wine tomorrow (as I watch the Grant Park ego-fest). And celebrate my vote as the one that helped put him under.


  243. […] Just Say No To Derangement, by MyIQ2xu […]

  244. Too bad leslie. I guess there weren’t enough of you fags and dikes voting McCain-Palin to make a difference. Maybe next time. “God Bless America!!!” (and may He help us all)

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