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Sunday: Live from Scranton

In the Democrats for McCain Office in Scranton

In the Democrats for McCain Office in Scranton

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, let me just say that my navigator has 2 different addresses for N.Main Ave. in Scranton and neither one was the one I needed.

I am at Democrats for McCain Headquarters in downtown Scranton and this place is buzzing. There are a LOT of people in this little office. We are waiting for the canvassers to return. Harriet Christian is trying to catch McCain at the airport. She and her bus posse tried to get into his rally here in Scranton earlier this afternoon but were turned away by the fire marshall. The place was overflowing.

The canvassers tell me that direct contacts are going very well but that phone banking is more difficult. Well, phone banking always sucks. It’s hard to know what to say and it’s even harder to not take it personally when someone hangs up on you.

Harriet Christian takes a break

Harriet Christian takes a break

I recognize a lot of the volunteers here from Denver. They are the die hard PUMAs who were determined that the DNC were not going to get the best of them. But the manager of this office, Carol, made her decision when Hillary suspended her campaign. Carol realized that she had to make a decision between Obama and McCain so she took a good look at the resumes of both candidates and found Obama’s lacking. She was concerned that Obama had only 142 days on the job before he decided to run for president. Carol knows that country is going to go through a very rocky period of time in the next four years and she was very concerned that Obama’s lack of experience and thin knowledge base would make it difficult for him to know how to mobilize the mechanisms of government for the benefit of the country. As a Pennsylvanian from the Scranton area, she was offended by Obama’s remarks regarding bitter small towners who cling to God and guns. Obama hasn’t reached out to the working class and the sexism really got under Carol’s skin. She decided in McCain’s favor. Then, this former Hillary supporter approached the McCain campaign and convinced them to open an office for Democrats for McCain because she felt this area of Pennsylvania would be receptive to McCain’s message.

Carol, Hillary campaigner, feminist, McCain Supporter

Carol, Hillary campaigner, feminist, McCain Supporter

The message that appeals to Carol has a lot to do with the local economy. This is coal country and the past decade of outsourcing has devastated local industry. She likes McCain’s message on clean coal and believes that McCain will work across the aisle to help opportunity come back to the Scranton area. She’s also concerned that Obama is making promises regarding healthcare that he can not fulfill. She doesn’t know what Obama believes. She can’t pin him down and this worries her. Carol feels she knows McCain, his character and she has confidence and trust in his ability to lead. So, Carol is a believer. She’s probably a little more conservative than the typical PUMA but she believes that the loss of Hillary in this race is a tragic loss for the country.

Harriet and Betty Jean are back from the airport. They were turned down at the rally for McCain because there wasn’t room. So they high tailed it to the airport with their signs in the hope they could see him. They saw McCain’s car drive onto the tarmac and were despondent when the car headed away from them. Then, the car abruptly turned around and John McCain leapt out of the car and he ran over to the group with a huge smile on his face. Cindy and Joe Lieberman quickly followed. Betty Jean said McCain was quicker than the Secret Service who had to run to keep up with him. McCain thanked them enthusiastically and hugged Betty Jean. It made her day.

[UPDATE by Katiebird]

Riverdaughter sent me this link to an Australian publication that’s covering the election.  The 6th photo is from the Democrats for McCain office.

143 Responses

  1. RD – you left us hanging!

    The car turned around????

  2. I love the ending to your post!

  3. Oh, this is great! PUMAs just rock and McCain loves us!

    It is so ironic that we are getting such love from Republicans, and that our own Party hates us and/or pretends we don’t exist.


    (P.S. RD – can’t wait to meet you in person…)

  4. MadamaB — I just realized that I’ve never met Riverdaughter — how bizarre. It seems like we’re all so close but, we might not even recognize each other!

  5. Oh, gosh — 50,000 hits ‘tll we hit 4 million!

  6. Holy poop, KB! 50,000 hits!!!

    I’ll bet we get there by tomorrow evening.

  7. I second sm77 — you left us hanging here — I’m dying to know what comes next.

    I haven’t been here at all today until now & just read the other posts (no time to read all the comments) but I have to tell sm77, madamab & myiq2xu great jobs all. I’m voting for McCain for a combination of both democracy (sm77) & misogyny (madamab). The tactics used by BO & the DNC ensured I would not vote for Obama (or I would be rewarding same) & McCain’s statement regarding women in government — the man has a record that I can trust — as well as his choice of Palin ensured that voting for McCain was an “acceptable” (albeit not ideal) choice for me (instead of merely voting against Obama).

    I have to go again — busy day for me, but I’ll try to check in later.

  8. eek! I left the bold on! sorry!!

  9. All Carol’s are extremely intelligent!

    You Betcha!


  10. Thanks RD for the ending — loved it! Great post.
    See y’all later — keep up the good fight!

  11. RiverD – thank you so much for this post — please, please, tell Carol and Harriet the Warriors from the East Bay in California say THANK YOU !!!


  12. RiverD — oh, and Betty Jean too !!!

    Below — that’s EXACTLY what Hillary would have done !!!!! See, John McCain is a good man — he truly is. We may disagree on some issues, but I know he has a good heart.

    Harriet and Betty Jean are back from the airport. They were turned down at the rally for McCain because there wasn’t room. So they high tailed it to the airport with their signs in the hope they could see him. They saw McCain’s car drive onto the tarmac and were despondent when the car headed away from them. Then, the car abruptly turned around and John McCain leapt out of the car and he ran over to the group with a huge smile on his face. Cindy and Joe Lieberman quickly followed. Betty Jean said McCain was quicker than the Secret Service who had to run to keep up with him. McCain thanked them enthusiastically and hugged Betty Jean. It made her day.

  13. Good story! Did McCain, people canvassing Pennsylvania know about Obama’s plan to bankrupt the coal industry?

  14. Have you voted on these polls?
    How many pumas???

    People Want To Know About P.U.M.A. And Obama Associates-Polls

    Posted on October 31, 2008

    I keep seeing post about P.U.M.A. and the one question that everyone has is how many people are in the P.U.M.A. Party? Will was on Greta the other night and she even ask. Will told her that it could be as many as 4 million people because according to the polls 20% of Hillary voters are not voting Obama.
    I know not all P.U.M.A.’s will come here to vote but I thought I would put up a poll and see how many people we could find on line over the next few days.
    There is another thing I keep hearing on television that makes me a bit angry. I keep hearing that Obama’s associates don’t make any difference to the voters. Well is that right? They matter to me, how about you?

    Please pass the word around about these polls so we might get some Idea how many P.U.M.A. are on line and how people feel about Obama’s associates. Thanks for helping out


  15. Got the end of the story now! Thank you!

    Awwww! Now THAT is sweet. McCain swung the car around to acknowledge Harriet’s groups is AWESOME.

  16. This is a very good article about the PUMA factor and how it will give McCain the POTUS. It is short but very informative and deals with everything on number bases. After reading this I have no doubt we will win.


  17. Riverdaughter – this is a wonderful story! I’m so thrilled that you are there and sharing this experience with us.

    (I’m sorry about the earlier confusion and getting it posted too soon)

  18. What a great story! After seeing Mac on SNL last night, I felt soooo much better about voting for him. He really is a humble guy beneath his cranky exterior. He’s not above making fun of himself and your story shows him not to be above feeling genuine gratitude for the little people helping his candidacy. I feel all warm and fuzzy now!

  19. Simofish – got the file open thank you! Yes, and it was funny!

  20. Love you too AngieNC!

  21. McCain will remember us when he’s in office. We are fortunate to have such a compassionate, genuine, pro-American alternative to Obama. Just imagine if we had to choose between *Bush* and Obama!

  22. Battlecat – Now that would be the worst choice ever.

    I think I’d have to vote 3rd party. No way either one of those buffoons would get my vote.

  23. This entire post is wonderful. I feel such a kinship with all those people in the Scranton HQ there and manager Carol. HI, Carol in Scranton!

    Love the story of McCain turning the car around for our gals. Love it.

  24. I”m late and OT and this has probably already been hashed to death BUT..Parade Magazine a has a last-minute “Compare teh Candidates”…which you would think might be a public service sort of think, a neutral look at their stands and proposals and the effects thereof…but JONATHAN ALTER writes it?

    I almost threw up. If they wanted to jsut come out and endorese Obama, fine, but at least be honest about it.

  25. hold onto your butts everybody! its gonna be a wild ride!

  26. Battlecat — a reporter from Sweden asked me that very question when I was in Denver — Bush or Obama — I laughed and told her – I will go with the Devil I know – Bush.

  27. simofish, on November 2nd, 2008 at 7:23 pm Said:

    too funny – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnU78Z-01Wc

    Too funny Simofish… gonna watch my wallet!!!

  28. Rima,
    I read that article today. Frankly I didn’t think it was very flattering to Obama at all. The only thing that I thought would work for Obama is if you are a single issue Roe v. Wade voter.

  29. I was at the Cleveland McCain-Palin office today where Lady Rothschild came to give a little pep talk. She was great in laying out the rationale for switching to McCain after being a lifelong Democrat. Very encouraging.

    And she gave props to the PUMAs who will make the difference in electing John McCain for President and Sarah Palin for VP. She even gave out the phone # for the conference call with Larry Johnson this evening.

    Come on, PUMAs, let’s get out and vote to make SURE nobama doesn’t get elected!

  30. “Rima,
    I read that article today. Frankly I didn’t think it was very flattering to Obama at all. The only thing that I thought would work for Obama is if you are a single issue Roe v. Wade voter.”

    It was negative on health insurance as well..once I read that, I scanned the rest., or part of the rest, then thought “WTF is this anyway?”, loked to see who wrote it and..ALTER.

    I”m a realist and I dont’ expent McCain to win, but things like this are waht make me extremely resentful of how he wil loose.

    My best friend only found out today I won’t be voting for BO and she said “Well most peopel don’t think you are right.” I just said “Most peopel dind’t think I was right abotu Bush, either, how’s that one working out?”

    Course he and BO are, oddly enough, being brought to us by the same peopel…the media and it’s desire to hang with teh “kewl kids” not the nerdy k geeky grinds like CLinton, or God forbid, that OLD guy.

    BRAVO has been runnign West Wing marathons, i prefer life “over there.”

  31. What a great story. Love the ending. I’ve always liked McCain and I have no doubt he’ll make a good President. (Even if Hillary would have made a better one!)

  32. sm77 — cool not sure if you wanted to use it in anyway — indeed clever.

  33. Spread The Wealth Around

    “Gonna waste your hard earned money” 😮 Thanks Simofish for the Spread The Wealth Around video.

  34. Joe Lieberman?

  35. What a great post!! Thanks, gotta love that ending!! I can’t thank the Scranton PUMAS and democrats for McCain ENOUGH for all you are doing!

  36. McCain and Palin and all of US are going to win.

  37. John—Re: Marston Chronicles post. I would like so much to believe that logic but it does not make sense to me. I would expect that PUMAs are a part of the polling sample even though they may not be identified as PUMAs. Therefore, I would think that they are part of the current polling data. It seems to me that he is treating PUMAs as some add on separate from the general electorate. That just is not the case. If I am misunderstanding this, please set me straight because I WANT TO BELIEVE!

  38. Simo – I want to use it -but the thing is that I was working on a themed post for today. RD wanted all of us to do each a “My Voting Strategy Post” so I’ll hopefully use it sometime soon, maybe even a satire on a budget moment.

  39. Isn’t the Internet amazing? Without it, we would be at the mercy of the mainstream media, believing that we are alone and that Obama is inevitable. The only thing that is inevitable is that PUMAs are going to decide this election. Vote!!

  40. I think we are going to hit 4.000.000 either by tomorrow or on Nov. 4th—

    OOOOH, synchronicity…

    Nov. 4th

    4.000.000 hits

    44th presidency

    Palin is 44 yrs old

  41. I have my homework assignment done, is anyone else ready?

  42. Rima, I can relate! It’s so frustrating to see people who didn’t listen to me about Bush now supporting Obama. There are some folks who just never learn.

    And even though I realize that we have an uphill battle against voter fraud, I still believe that truth will win out.

  43. God I am hoping for the miracle of miracles come Tuesday.

  44. Remember that PUMA votes count *twice*: one less vote for Obama, and one more for McCain (or whomever else).

  45. What a wonderful story! As much as I hate to admit it, the more I learn about John McCain, the more I like him.

    Carol–I had the same thought when I heard Carol’s name. She sounds terrific, just like you!

  46. Wish I could be there with you. Thanks for all you are doing, and think it’s wonderful that the car turned to greet the group. Godspeed, PUMAs.

  47. Wow! what a stroy about Mac! I love cranks with a heart of gold!

    From Indigogrrl- “hold onto your butts everybody! its gonna be a wild ride!”

    Indogrrl, can I hold on to yours too?
    and a special note:
    To Ironman,

    (from thread below…)

    When I have felt down, you have brought me up. I can’t thank you enough for your tireless optimism and efforts to defeat this creep. And very importantly, you have kept many PUMA chins up.

    You are the best!

  48. Fredster,

    McCain will win. I just have a feeling. I really do. I think he will carry PA, FL, and OH. I’m a little worried about IN though, because of the Cook County factor.

  49. myiq2xu, on November 2nd, 2008 at 7:55 pm Said:

    I have my homework assignment done, is anyone else ready?

    Then you can go out and play now. Just remember to put the tombstones back when you’re done.

  50. Thanks, Simofish, Video’s going up on LBNYC.

  51. That Spread the Wealth Video is like the best! I wish we could see that played on all the msm channels Mon and Tu till the polls close.

  52. sure JB mine’s big enough to accommodate passengers!!

  53. bostonboomer, on November 2nd, 2008 at 7:57 pm Said:


    McCain will win. I just have a feeling. I really do. I think he will carry PA, FL, and OH. I’m a little worried about IN though, because of the Cook County factor.

    bb: from your fingers and mouth to God’s ear!!

  54. It’s irresistable, Indigogrrl 🙂

  55. now there sistah — we’re related now — no flirting allowed!

  56. welcome for the video —

    Here’s what I just wrote my group –
    Here’s my thoughts — the last few days the news seems to be swinging or should I say the momentum towards McCain. This AM the “coal bankruptcy” is getting picked up. Friday the story was the media getting kicked off the plane to be replaced by Ebony and Jett (monthly mags) – Rev Wright ad is running in PA — RNC / McCain is outspending on ads these last few days by $10 Million – and the FBI is investigating Wexler and others. I do believe the undecided voters will walk into the voting both and think — John McCain is a stand up guy – I know him. Plus he was great on SNL. If you can spare an hour tomorrow — go to John McCains website and make calls.

  57. Jangles – The undecided number is as high as 14% nationally. Check out this story on who these voters are.


  58. gotta run for now; dinnertime. I hate the change back to standard time!! 😡

  59. Well, it’s a longstanding family tradition to compliment the fine parts of my sisters. Right, katiebird??

    I’ll tell you what is also irresistable–that pic of you and your sweetie-boy!

  60. he IS totally perfect…

    he asked me who I was voting for… I told him I wanted to vote for Hillary but couldn’t so I guess nobody… and then he said that mommy was voting for the “democrap” Obama …and I said thats because she agrees with him but since I did NOT agree with him I won’t be voting for him…. he thought about it a minute then said “then I want to vote for Hillary too!” ….. maybe next time baby!

  61. Riverdaughter,
    you are a really good writer. I’ve never seen you write a post in this style before… I really liked it.
    You write like water here… impeccable flow. You live up to your name.
    I know you aren’t looking for comments on your prose, but it struck me… and there you have it.

  62. Yes, Joanie (blushing)

  63. my friends call him my mini-me because we look exactly alike and he has shero worship going on…. acts just like me too….oh the karma!

  64. simofish,

    It has always been the practice to try to make the election an interesting horserace–until this year. But now, they seem to be more interested. Ass-covering. Definately.

  65. simofish> I think I missed the story of the FBI investigating Wexler and others. What happened?

  66. when is some agency going to investigate the millions of dollars poured into Oblowme’s campaign without proper documentation???

  67. democrap!


    I’ll use and credit the source……

  68. democrap – I know cracks me up every time! haven’t gotten around to correcting him!

  69. re: $$$ investigation:

    It won’t happen if he wins, but if he doesn’t, I give it a month.

  70. sm77: it’s also my birthday 🙂 i’d like a nice puma birthday!

  71. can’t wait to watch BO and Axelfraud doing the perp walk…. visualizing that every day! along with the praying……

  72. Well, I’m feeling literary tonight. So here’s my ode to Obama in the e.e. cummings tradition:

    Obama a
    lying sack
    of putresence. I think
    I will
    the lever
    very hard on
    to make

  73. That’s one reason I hope Obama loses. The illegal donations and voter fraud need to be addressed and if he wins I don’t see that happening. Maybe that could be something PUMAs fight for if the worst happens.

  74. another reason not to vote obama: No pardon for REZKO

  75. The small amount of investigating that’s been done into Obama’s fundraising raised a lot of red flags: everything from two Palestinians from Gaza donating thousands of dollars (where did they get that kind of money in Gaza anyway?) to people named Dkhasd Lkwek from Qasdsdsa. A serious investigation (who will conduct one, especially if Obama wins) will put some people behind bars for sure. I’m certain there was fraud on a massive scale.

  76. praying for the perpwalk has a positive, profound and prophetic purpose.

  77. alluring alliteration, JB

  78. love the poem angelasmith!

  79. please pumas pounce on putrescent puss pot presidential poser

    put pelosi packing pie-eyed praying for pity

  80. sod–could it be?

  81. Dakini – we have to do a celebratory post in honor of your b-day!

  82. JB — sod has been teaching me disgusting things!

    where oh where is our sagacious Pat tonight???

  83. Did anyone else listen to the call with Larry Johnson and Lynette Long. I thought Lynette was amazing. One thing she said that was so true is that there are two Barack Obamas–Barack Obama, the brand; and Barack Obama, the person. The brand is for women’s equality and all that good stuff. But the man pays women in his office less than men and allows his campaign and the media to use misogyny to help him win. And so on. I would have like to listen to Charlie Crist, but he never called in. I was hoping he would have something useful to say about how Florida is going.

  84. RD, I can feel the energy of your post! Loved the story about Harriet and BJ. I sent it on to two of BJ’s friends and former HillRaisers in PA. When we traveled together, there were always some exciting and unexpected happenings. When we went to D.C. for Hillary’s suspension speech, three members of the group became camera magnets. BJ gave at least four interviews. I remember how disappointed we were that the news venues covering the event seemed mostly to be from other countries. At least they seemed fair!

  85. I haven’t listened to MSM for months…. once in a while I peek at a web newspaper. But then I see something like “Factcheck finds Obama’s infomercial less than accurate” when in fact they mean he LIES. So I go back to ignoring them.

    JoanieB — where’s the best Seattle PUMA election-night place to be?

  86. Happy Birthday, Dakinikat!

  87. Bravo is running West Wing marathons because the character of Matt Santos is based on Barack Obama, and (series originator and original writer) Aaron Sorkin has endorsed Obama.

    Breaks my heart to watch it now, since of course the series was based on the Clinton administration–you know, the people Obama, Dean etc. despise and want to drive out of the party?

    Are Sorkin and the rest of the celeb Dems that out of touch with what’s really been going on, and who Obama really is, or isn’t?

  88. Ahh. Wish I could be there. I want to meet Riverdaughter. Does Harriet Christian and other PUMAs have plans for Tuesday night? Where will everyone be?

    BB, I listened to part of the call with Larry Johnson. I don’t think I heard Lynette but I did hear Mayor Giuliani and de Rothschild. They both made a good case for McCain. Giuliani kept saying to ignore the polls and keep working. I think that’s all we can do right now. Hang in there for the next 48 hours and not give up.

    OT, I still go to Hillaryis44 site. Does anyone else still go there and has anyone figured out who runs that site?

  89. Here it is, ahead of time – my guide for Election Night watching – save this

  90. PumaInSeattle,

    Katiebird, earmuffs! (see “Old School”?)

    I’m going to Mac and Sarah’s big election night party. It will be a real coming-out. Wanna meet there? I still need to get the details from their campaign office.

  91. Lynette was amazing and made a great case for voting McCain.
    She also talked quite a bit about the caucus fraud.
    I think the show is available at NQ for anyone who missed.

  92. Great article in The Guardian Heidi Li just posted about on her blog:


  93. I wish I could be in seattle for the PumaParty .. 😦

    I plan on going to sleep at 7:55 pm eastern time and hope I awaken to good news!

  94. DYB — sorry – had to clean up — headed out to the grocery store – spouse is calling for me — will find Wexler article and send it out later.

  95. Thank you for that awesome report from the front lines, RD! VERY encouraging!!

    Obama has money on his side but McCain has integrity and the PUMA factor!! We will prevail!

    A good read here on the PUMA factor that will prevail on election day:



    You all remmeber Barry O pleading for “Democrats for a Day” to help him win early on? Many Republicans registered as Democrats and voted for Hillary Clinton in states like Ohio. Think those same Republicans will be voting for The One? Hell NO they won’t!! BWAHAHA!!


  96. catarina,

    I thought Lynette was amazing. I’m glad you heard her too. She has worked so hard. I can’t believe the resources she has on her website.

  97. I live in Royersford, PA about 25 miles west of Philly. There is no way that McCain can win this state without PUMA Power – and it’s here. I would be so thrilled to see my state turn red which it has not since Regan.

    After what Obama and Murtha said about us I want them to get the message. Wish I had been there in Scranton.

    God Bless the PUMA’s!!!!!

  98. Bostonboomer
    You’re right about Cook County. However, NJ may make up for it, who knows? 15 EV instead of 11…

  99. Re: Barack’s Democrat for a Day:
    “Hope is not a strategy.”

  100. edge,

    That would be nice. I honestly would be shocked if Obama wins in Indiana–unless there is wholesale cheating. The last time IN went for a Dem was LBJ in 1964. Unfortunately my family members will be contributing at least six votes for Obama in IN. My mom might reconsider when she gets into the voting booth though.

  101. Carolynn,

    We need those PA pumas to come through, and I believe they will. I wonder if Murtha will lose his seat?

  102. Iron Man
    I ve been pouring over those numbers too…In PA we need 227,000 + PUMAs. According to Obama’s own internal polls we got way more

  103. Wow RD. You know what? I think I’ll go inside the McC place here tomorrow, myself.

    It’s a quiet thing out here. O people have signs –and how you tell is the absence of a sign — ! There are NOT THAT MANY SIGNS!


    California’s economy is so bad right now, the key word is going to be TAX out here. Who are you going to tax? The whole State is in a crisis including the gov, under the governor….

    It’s not only McC’s ideology that is okay — but, the REFORM that is the draw — you know what I think? He has ENEMIES on both sides, I swear, because he is going to REFORM Washington.

    I can’t wait. Ah well, you went inside, “the other side” —
    from here it didn’t look that bad & Carol, she thinks like a ton of PUMAS do!

    it’s almost dark out, yuck, It’s 4:30!
    when is summer what can I say?

    BRAVO RD, after all those years of helping Dems –that must have been so weird to go in that office…..

    ps: your neck of the woods! (all about PUMA in NJ)


    my neck of the woods…it’s all about the way things have been financed (very bad) — O cheated McC & in future limits need to be real for all candidates — McC was the reformer on this — a long time ago–what O did? Thumb his nose….just like giving the finger to Hillary, remember?


    the above edit is just ONE of my main reasons…..
    to prove elections can’t be bought in this country—because the day they are? We will be lost.

  104. I SO want John and Sarah to win. If only to see the look on Nancy Pelousy’s face when she realizes she is third in line of succession. . . to ANOTHER woman. That would be priceless!!

  105. Latest Mason-Dixon polls for NC and Ohio:

    North Carolina
    McCain 49%
    Obama 46%

    McCain 47%
    Obama 45%

    Someone mentioned a few threads ago that Obama had shifted resources form North Carolina to Pennsylvania this weekend. Interesting.

    It’s looking more and more like the key battleground state this year is going to be Pennsylvania, and PUMAS are going to make the difference!!

    I am encouraged by the energetic crowd at McCain town hall event in New Hampshire tonight! A McCain win in NH would really help! Lots of Independents up there. Let’s hope they break solidly for McCain on election day!


  106. RD, what a great story! Says it all, doesn’t it?

    BTW, I thought Cindy’s cameo at SNL was great. So funny.

  107. I SO want John and Sarah to win! If only to see the look on Nancy Pelousy’s face when she realizes she is third in line of succession – and another WOMAN is ahead of her! That would be priceless!!

  108. Carolynn –

    Indeed, the PUMA power is the key for Pennsylvania!

    And just think, on election night, when McCain is declared the winner, I know that Hillary will be smiling, the Big Dawg too!!

    We PUMAs know what to do and how to do it!

    We will make it happen!

    John & Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

    NOBAMA forever!!

  109. kjmontana: Tell me about it! It’s Pelosi’s worse nightmare. She was so jealous of Hillary but now she’s going to have to deal with worse – a younger, attractive, and Republican woman will be her boss. And then our next step is to unseat Pelosi so her career in Washington will end before Palin’s or Hillary’s. I’d love to see that.

  110. ty lakota –it’s on November 4 … so I’m hoping for a REALLY happy one

  111. if there’s a mod here I just made a terrible mess on a previous post-sorry

  112. Sorry for the double post. I didn’t realize the first had gone through.

    If anyone gets the details on the Seattle area McCain party be sure to post them. I’d love to be there too.

  113. catarina, I think I took care of it. Didn’t I?

  114. Hold The Line

    Best GOTV video ever.


  115. Don’t forget No We Won’t

    Tonight at 8pm Eastern — NOW!

  116. Great news!

    Sarah just mentioned the Coal Bankruptcy Audio in Ohio.

    They know.

    Thank God.

    President John S. McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin 2009

  117. carol – any other candidate and that statement would have been the lead off on every major network news…. this totally sucks how he is being RAMMED down our throats

  118. it is my number one reason not to vote for him…. it’s completely sinister.

  119. Sarah Palin absolutley rocked the house in Ohio just now!

    Crowd was pumped up BIG TIME!! Wow, what a rally!!

    The Mac is back!

  120. Just saw this on No Quarter. UNBELIEVABLE. Obama had to reveal one last sexist ad to bring out his idiotic 18-30 male base who only see Palin as a piece of meat:

    Democratic Women Respond to Obama’s Latest Sexist Gambit


  121. They have to win! I am totally addicted to both of them!


  122. re: “democrap ” – Why correct him, Indigo? Seems he was right the first time. 😉

  123. Carol –

    Yep!!! 🙂

  124. Is anyone watching Huckabee? Richard Dreyfus sounds like a fruit cake.

  125. I’m reading some comments on another board, it’s really funny how the Obamacrats want the republicans money but call them ignorant. Talk about jokers.

  126. indigogrrl, on November 2nd, 2008 at 9:07 pm Said:
    carol – any other candidate and that statement would have been the lead off on every major network news…. this totally sucks how he is being RAMMED down our throats

    The uptick is the fact that Team McPalin are making darn sure the word gets out to the masses, esp. in those key battleground states — i.e. Ohio and PA. And as long as this story receives enough “local” coverage, that’ll suffice.

  127. edgeoforever –

    Here are some stats from the greenpapers.com site

    Over 1,275,000 people voted for Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania Primary. Hillary trounced Obama in PA!!

    Many of those voters are PUMAs!!

    I bet at least 33% are PUMAs that will vote Country First! That’s 425,000 votes right there!

    The PUMAs are ready to pounce in PA!!

  128. nite y’all – its been fun but I must read my lil independent voter to sleep… see you all tomorrow …. the day before THE DAY.

  129. I’m unable to post on the new thread.

  130. Joaniebone — {{waves}}

  131. I am in PA and I was thinking the same thing as ironman. Hillary won big here, and I would think many of her supporters in PA are PUMA, especially considering the way we have been treated here. (I still cannot get over the fact that Obama considers me, and others, to be ignorant bitter old racists!) ALSO, PA has a high population of older people (I think it is second after Florida). Another thing, I think, is union people who do not say anything because the leadership is with Obama, but they are not. I also think some people who were supporting Obama are losing the faith. They may not be enough for McCain to vote for him, and may just not vote. But, it’s a vote lost for Obama.

  132. RD- I met you in Denver… U R amazing! Thanks for everything. This PUMA has already cast the McCain/Palin ballot!!!

    PUMAs aren’t going anywhere! PUMAs will be here for every election until the Democratic party rids itself of the radicals and restores character !!!

  133. It is encouraging to read this post! I voted for Hilary in the primary, and am working hard to see McCain flip this state to the Red side.

    NoBama, No Way, No How…


  135. A manual trackback.

    Thanks for EVERYTHING you all are doing!

  136. Hillary and McCain are the only ones who would stop , turn around and leap out to greet supporters not on the schedule . These supporters deserve that respect . It’s wonderful when they get it

  137. I was becoming very depressed yesterday. I gave up on CNN and MSNBC a long time ago and never watch their programs or go to their web sites, but FOX, again almost all day, did nothing but spread gloom and doom. Today a few polls, not the majors, but respected polls for their accuracy restored my hope. The IBD/Tipp poll and the Mason Dixon poll. The Mason Dixon had McCain ahead in three of the battleground states and within the margin of error in all the rest. Obama “leaner’s” are leaving him and moving to McCain. He now leads with women and has gained a stronger number among men. If these signs are correct it could mean that McCain is peaking and the voters are breaking his way. The IBD poll had Obama up by 2 percent.

  138. Pray and vote, PUMAs, pray and vote.

    Will check in tomorrow.

  139. gxm17,

    Not too surprised that the people who supported Bush now support Obama — they are opposite sides on the same coin!

    PUMA women rock!

  140. […] Sunday: Live from Scranton If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, let me just say that my navigator has 2 different addresses for […] […]

  141. where the heck is the democrats for mccain office in scranton? I have tried twice to find it and could not.

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