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My Voting Strategy: A Long and Winding Road

The only real valuable thing is intuition.
— Albert Einstein

I feel there are two people inside me–me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get a long quite nicely.

— Kim Basinger

If I had to summarize my voting strategy for Tuesday in one word, it would be “Intuition.” I’m going with my gut. And my gut tells me to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. I can hardly believe that I wrote that! For months, I’ve said that I would decide whom to vote for when I got into the voting booth. I could leave the top of the ticket blank or vote for Nader or McKinney. It has truly been a long and winding road that has led me to this decision.

I began to think of myself as a Democrat in 1960 when I was 12 years old. That year, I fell in love with politics while following the campaign between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. Everyone I knew at school and most of my relatives were supporting Nixon. I felt strongly attracted to Kennedy–his youth and vitality, his eloquent speeches, and the fact that, if elected, he would be the first Catholic President. I’ve always been a bit of an nonconformist, and this time I followed my intuition. Finally, I “came out” as a Kennedy supporter. There were only two of us in my entire junior high school! On election night, I stayed up with my parents to watch the returns. We didn’t know until very very late that Kennedy had won–probably with a little help from his friends in Chicago.

From 1960 onward, I remained fascinated by politics and continued to follow it closely. I turned 21 in 1968, but not until December, so wasn’t able vote against Nixon that year. I would have voted for Humphrey that year, despite the counterculture’s hatred of him. My first vote was for George McGovern in 1972. The networks called the election for Nixon that year right after the polls closed. McGovern had lost every state except the one I voted in–Massachusetts. That was the last time I was able to vote for a candidate I truly liked and supported until Bill Clinton. Every four years, I was disgusted with the choices, and I often voted for third party candidates.

Then came 1980 and Ronald Reagan. I loathed Jimmy Carter and I hadn’t voted for him the first time he ran. In 1980, I again voted third party–I regret to say that I voted for John Anderson. I was stunned when Reagan carried Massachusetts! After that I made a vow that I would vote the straight Democratic ticket in future elections. I have stuck with that vow. But it was an intellectual decision. It didn’t come from my gut. I voted for Walter Mondale, who, like McGovern, managed to carry only one state. I voted for Michael Dukakis, whom I strongly disliked. He carried ten states. I voted twice, happily, for Bill Clinton.

In 2000, I began to realize that there was something very wrong with the Democratic Party. It was no longer the party of FDR, JFK, and LBJ. The party had become cautious, elitist, afraid to get down in the mud and fight for Democratic principles. They were embarrassed by Bill and Hillary Clinton–not proud of all they had accomplished. I thought Gore ran a poor campaign, chose a terrible VP candidate, and was foolish not to ask Bill Clinton to campaign for him. In the end I was angry that the Democrats didn’t fight back against the media attacks on Gore or against the Republicans in Florida. But I had stuck to my vow. I voted a straight Democratic ticket.

Again in 2004, I voted for “the Democrat,” even though I thought Kerry was another poor candidate. I was so excited in the last couple of days before the election, thinking that Kerry was going to win and we would have a Democrat in the White House. We all know how that turned out. Ohio was a mess, and Kerry chose not to fight for fear of being called a “sore loser.” But again, I enthusiastically supported the Democrats in the 2006 midterms. I was elated when they won majorities in both Senate and House. But not for long: Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table, Harry Reid didn’t really try to end the War in Iraq and went along with torture and domestic spying. Why was I supporting Democrats again? Oh yes, because they are supposedly better than Republicans.

I still had high hopes for 2008. We had lots of candidates, although I wasn’t sure which one I would support in the primaries. I never really had a good feeling about Obama’s candidacy. Yes, I had liked his keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. But I certainly did not expect him to start running for President as soon as he as he was elected to the Senate. I thought he should have waited, and I had a really bad feeling about how it would all turn out. Still it would be exciting to elect the first Black President. And I thought maybe I could end up voting for him.

As I researched Obama’s record, my bad feelings about his candidacy began to grow. I learned about Rezko, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers. I learned that Obama had very little experience that would qualify him to run for President. Worst of all, I couldn’t figure out what Obama actually believed in. To me he seemed politically conservative, but he was impossible to pin down. He had almost no record or resume, and he was so vague in his public statements that I had to conclude he was either hiding his real views or that he had no core values at all. I repeatedly asked Obama supporters what issue he would stand and fight for, go to the mat for, and I never got an answer.

By sometime in January, I knew in my gut that I couldn’t support Barack Obama. He claimed to be a unifying, transformational candidate, but at the same time he encouraged hatred of baby boomers, he ignited fears about social security, and he allowed a blatant homophobe to represent him at campaign rallies. While campaigning in Iowa, Obama frequently used Republican talking points and made incredibly sexist comments about Hillary Clinton–saying that she was only running because of her husband and that all she did as First Lady was have teas with the wives of foreign leaders. Obama made no effort to discourage the misogyny that had been let loose in the media and on “liberal” blogs. Shockingly, he repeatedly implied and allowed his staff state outright that Hillary and Bill Clinton were racists.

Early on, when so many people around me were falling all over themselves to support Obama, I asked myself, “What am I missing?” I wondered if maybe I should just fall in line, get with the program. But something held me back. I just didn’t trust the man. To me Obama seemed arrogant and full of himself–almost like George W. Bush. And he had even less experience than Bush did when he ran in 2000.

As I watched the primary debates, I realized that Hillary Clinton was by far the best candidate. She was smart, articulate, and strong-willed–always prepared for any question. She handled the horrible attacks on her with grace and courage. I think the New Hampshire primary was what really did it for me. During the debate, Obama made his disgusting, arrogant remark, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.” Edwards and Obama ganged up on Hillary, and the media began their endless cries for her to quit the race. It was very clear which candidate the media preferred. I voted for Hillary on Feb. 5, and soon afterward, I found the new blog that Riverdaughter (Goldberry) had started.

Here at The Confluence, I have encountered kindred spirits who have helped me deal with the psychological turmoil I’ve been going through for the past year. We’ve discussed every aspect of the race and watched the Democratic Party being turned into a club for wealthy elitists who think they don’t really need government. We became pumas together here at The Confluence. And I am so grateful for all of you and especially to Riverdaughter for this wonderful, supportive blog! I have been influenced by the arguments of so many insightful Conflucians. But in the end it’s my own intuition that I’m following.

Over the past year, I have followed the campaign closely in company with other like-minded people here. I have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is a pathological narcissist who will use anyone, say anything, do anything to get what he wants. In my opinion, he is utterly corrupt, ruthless, and a compulsive liar. I believe he is even more of an authoritarian than Bush or Cheney. I can’t prove it, but my intuition tells me I’m right.

On Friday night, I went out to dinner and a movie with an old friend. I hadn’t talked to her for a few months, and I had no idea how she felt about the election. I knew she had voted for Hillary in the primary, but had no idea how she felt about Obama. At dinner, I finally asked her if she was supporting Obama. It turned out that she had thought I would be backing him, and was afraid to bring up the subject. We were both so relieved that the other hadn’t become an Obamabot!

During my conversation with this old friend, I made my decision. Somehow, I just knew that I had to stop hedging, stop being afraid to vote for a Republican. I had to go all the way, trust my intuition, and vote for McCain and Palin–well really for Palin. I don’t know if I could have voted for McCain with a different VP candidate on the ticket. But the sexist treatment that Sarah Palin has gotten from the Obama camapaign and from the media, has demonstrated to me that the sexism and misogyny I saw directed at Hillary Clinton is directed at all women. I will never validate that woman hatred with my vote.

Even though it’s been a long struggle, I’m completely comfortable with my decision now. I’ve been sold on the 30% solution ever since MadamaB first wrote about it. And I will not, cannot vote for Barack Obama. On Tuesday, I will go down to my polling place and cast my vote for Sarah Palin and her running mate. I have to vote Republican this time–no weaseling out of it. It’s my responsibility to show the Democratic Party they are on the wrong track. It has truly been a long and winding road that has led me to this point. But my intuition tells me that I’m doing the right thing.

286 Responses

  1. Time is officially changed. Now to read this wonderful post 🙂

  2. Thanks, Gary! I’m so happy to have that extra hour this weekend.

  3. Bostonbomber – I agree with your assessments of Obama: pathological Narcissist and Liar!

    Bulletin: Check out latest – Hannity & Colmes – January 2008 Interview with Obama by San Francisco Chronicle says his energy plan will necessarily bankrupt the coal industry.

    Pat Cadell says the interview should have come out a long time ago, but knocks him over like a feather.

    Hopefully, word will get him out and cost him votes in coal producing states.

  4. FYI off Gretas blog..what do you think?

    November 2nd, 2008 10:00 PM Eastern
    Wait until you hear this !!! Hillary Clinton talking about Senator McCain and Senator Obama!!

    by Greta Van Susteren
    The video/audio below is (I think) part of a robocall campaigning …I am not positive this is the right tape but based on what has been described to me and the contents, it sounds like it is the tape that is now part of robocalling…..listen to it and answer these questions:
    1/ what do you think Senator Clinton thinks about this tape?
    2/ If Senator Clinton was speaking HONESTLY at the time of the video, how does she defend TODAY her endorsement and campaigning for Senator Obama?
    3/ Why did the Republican ticket not do this earlier? Wait until now? Isn’t it too late to have any impact?
    4/ Do you think this tape has any impact on voters?



  5. I just tried to tell the gang down below there is a new post, but my comment disappeared. I wonder what will happen to their comments?

  6. My God. What a beautiful picture–now, back to your post.

  7. 1960 is the first election I remember as well. I went to a catholic school though, so Kennedy was more popular there. plus…..I’m a Kennedy, so not only did my brother and I feel a little more closely connected to the election, all the other kids thought we were too…..lol, go figure.

    anyway, I remember

    Kennedy’s in the white house, waiting to be elected…
    Nixon’s in the garbage can, waiting to be collected

    7 years old, and already practicing the poliitcs of personal destruction – geez

  8. love the post. this is so uplifiting. thanks for sharing your feeling bboomer. I feel like I found a kindred spirit when I came to this site. I’m so glad you’ve been here. .

  9. WOW – THANK YOU BB!!!!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful image you picked out too.

  10. Gary,

    Thank you so much. I was afraid my post sounded angry. I was trying to explain how I finally found peace with a decision I never could have ever predicted or accepted a year ago.

    It’s been an amazing journey, hasn’t it? I’m just so glad we all found each other. I don’t know how we ever would have made it without your and Mawm and all your enthusiasm and energy.

  11. SM,

    I came out really big. I was going to make it smaller, but it just looked so beautiful and peaceful. I had to leave it alone.

  12. it’s gorgeous, BB, and it goes very well with your post.

  13. I am in South Jersey and we get NY and Philly TV..the Philly stations are shwoing the Reverend Wright ” G damned America ” commerical every other commerical almost..I have seen it 4 times in the past hour!!..So it is infiltrating Pa and Jersey!!

    I love it!!

    I have even donated!!..seriously!!

    It is nice to say..I see my money going to good use!!

    If you are so inclined..here is a link to donate..they are flooding the PA airwaves!! And South Jersey too!!

    **I am going to keep posting this admin in case others want to donate to keep these ads going!!


    PS anyone can copy my post and post it other places..I hope others donate and keep these ads going in Pa ..they are very effective!!

  14. Hannity hitting Obama gain on the coal comments.

    Gov. Pawlenty on now, “Obama left his heart in San Francisco.”


    Obama in his own words says that under his plan, energy prices will skyrocket.

    Colmes, STFU you dipshitter!!\

    Colmes is in total denial and stuck so far up Dear Leader’s arse, that if Obama made a turn, Colme’s head would pop right off.

    Pawlenty is not taking any of Colmes BS!!

  15. BB, what is that picture?

  16. BB,

    I love your post. You articulated the progression of thought beautifully. I couldn’t relate more.

    I too am going with gut. Since the get-go (for me it was reading the unbelievable Ronald Reagan worship stuff from “his” book.

    I have never been able to deny the deep dark feeling I get (from experience) that he is a clinical (I think, malignant) narcissist.

    No. Never, ever would I vote for such a man.
    Let’s make him go away. I have my bags backed to join Pat on the roadtrip back to Chicago..

  17. Oh and I am a former Elected dem delegate from Florida..I am a snow bird..
    and I do not work in any way with the PAC I posted..I am PUMA!!..But i want to see Oblah..lose PA!!..and Possibly Jersey!!

  18. BB — WOW — great post and congrats on coming to terms with the struggle. I am absolutely convinced that McCain is the right choice.

    I still shake my head that Hillary was “bamboozled”

  19. Thanks for the update, Queenie. I had heard that they were going to blanket the Midwest with Rev. Wright ads. I’m glad to hear they are doing it in NJ too.

  20. bb– I love this post and trusting one’s intuition is how I think that most of the voters on Tuesday will vote (that is, those who don’t know all about BO like we do because they are only tuned into the msm). And those votes will be for McCain/Palin. Women are taught in this society to ignore their intuition & doing so always leads to the wrong decision. There is a great book I read probably 20 years ago — Women Who Run With the Wolves — it talks about how women are taught early on, even in the fairy tales we are told as children, to ignore their intuition in favor of what “society” expects from them & the terrible consequences that befall women who do not listen to their intuitions. I’ve ignored my intuition in the past and suffered for it. Thanks for reminding me with this great post that when I follow my intuition things always work out for the best.
    So, now my reasons for voting for McCain/Palin — misogyny, democracy, change & intuition. I’m more confident then ever that I’m doing the right thing.

  21. That coal tape is amazing. Some people are bipolar and some people are bisexual, but I’m beginning to think Obama is bi-coastal. He is a different person on the West Coast than he is on the East Coast. I don’t trust him on either.

  22. BB –

    Excellent post!!

    Your strategy will join many other Americans to achieve VICTORY for America!

    Thank God we have a brain and know how to use it, especially on election day!!

    God speed!

  23. Joaniebone,

    You are one of the people who influenced me and helped me feel better about doing this. Carol too.

  24. BB: I loved your post. Your thoughts, feelings, and writing expressed the process that I have felt myself go through, these many months. Especially, the part since January. That was me. I discovered my regard for Senator Clinton during the debates, and it just kept growing, as the primary progressed. I never felt comfortable with Bo, for many of the reasons that you mentioned. I always felt that he was a narcissistic personality disorder, but I didn’t consider him a sociopath until later on.

    I became a PUMA early on. I would say, about April. At that time, I realized that Senator Clinton’s candidacy was most likely doomed, and I knew then, that I could never vote for BO. After the April debate, and the dusting off his shoulders and the finger episode, I had such disgust and ill regard for him, I told myself, that I would vote for McCain, if Senator Clinton did not become the nominee. I felt it was a matter of national security. I did not agree with McCain, but I knew he loved this country, and would not sell us down the river. I don’t trust BO, I hate his supporters, loathe the media, his bitter wife, and all misogyny that has occurred during this long campaign. I cannot vote for him, because that wouldbe giving license, to all the sexism, hatred, fraud, lies, corruption, and thuggery that went on during the primary season.

    Thank you for a wonderful posting that expressed so many of feelings exactly. I resigned from the dimocratic on 5/31/08, and am registered as “Decline to State.”

  25. I wish I was with you to hug you. I would be crying. It’s been quite a road. {{BB}}

  26. Joanie may have influenced me as well. I haven’t decided yet. Don’t tell her though, she might get a big head. :o)

  27. BostonBoomer, This is a great post! (and wonderful photograph)

    When you say,

    Early on, when so many people around me were falling all over themselves to support Obama, I asked myself, “What am I missing?” I wondered if maybe I should just fall in line, get with the program. But something held me back. I just didn’t trust the man. To me Obama seemed arrogant and full of himself–almost like George W. Bush.

    I could have said it too.

    Oh, and that reminds me. You always say that I was already commenting here when you arrived. But I think you were here when I arrived! Could we have gotten here at the same time?

  28. “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricty rates would skyrocket.”

    – Barack Obama

    Opening his yapper in San Fran in Jan. 2008!!!!!!

    The media in America is a total failure!

  29. LOL! I’m in bloody Upstate NY and the Jeremiah/Obama ad just played. ROTFL Second time, tooo… tres amusant!

  30. do y’all ever think about the fact that if that 5/31 meeting hadn’t happened….if BO had beaten HRC in actual primary voting states, fair and square……most of us would be supporting him? I originally thought JE, Hillary and Obama were all cool, and I was ready to support any of them.

    the sexism bothered me all last winter, but the RBC mtg hit me like a ton of bricks. it changed everything.

  31. Katiebird,

    Really? Maybe we did come around the same time. I heard about Riverdaughter from a link in a Lambert post. How did you get here? I thought I remembered seeing your comments on the post RD did about how to get over your addiction to DK.

  32. BB – you have a special place in my heart. You and KB are the ones who asked RD to bring me in to the Confluence family. I am so happy and forever grateful for that!

    Having said that, I absolutely love this thoughtful and inspiring post. I am so glad that you are following your intuition and choosing Candidate Y!

  33. IronMan,

    Do you have a link to those Obama remarks? I’d love to see the whole thing.

  34. gq, I had a big head, but I’m wearing my hair differently now. 🙂

  35. Thank you madamab. I couldn’t be happier that you agreed to join us. I used to love your comments at Talk Left and then we snagged you!!

  36. thanks BB, I love the pic and it’s perfect for your post!

  37. I know this election has turned everything upside down when Hannity is my fav. show on Sunday night!! 🙂

    Hannity hitting Obama again on Obama’s coal comments in San Fran…


    Praying this makes a difference in the coal states!!

  38. bostonboomer –

    Turn on FOX now.

    (I’ll get you a link, too)

  39. Joaniebone,

    That’s so funny. My Dad always used to tell me to say this to snooty people: “I see your point, but if you combed your hair differently no one else would.” Once I said that to an Obamabot at DK. There was no comeback, so I think he was utterly confused.

  40. BB-you are doing the right thing! So is Gary and so is SM and So are all the Puma’s…..

    We have to prevail and I believe we will…..

    Your strategy and garies moved me to tears!

  41. hee-hee.

  42. LOL! Bob Beckel looks like he’s going to vomit any second!!! Oh he is not a happy camper now!! HAHA!! 🙂

  43. Oh, you pointy-headed academic, BB!

    (Hunting my first comment)

  44. Ha ha On Hannity and Colmes someone just said pull the Kool Aid IV out of your arm.

  45. Bob Beckel just said that Obama’s first move as Prez. would be to the ban radio talk show industry in America.

    Censorship?!! WOW!


  46. sometimes these comments read poorly. I am NOT laughing over Fuzzy being moved to tears!

  47. afrocity LMAO!!

    That was Michael Steele that said that! Brilliant!!

  48. I wish they would leave poor Alaska alone. No one cared about that state until Sarah came on the scene now suddenly everyone gives a damn about it.

  49. Just as a side note. Biden went to Tallahassee to give a speech today (Sunday) at FSU. Now we all know that where ever McCain or Palin showed up they get 10K+ people at their rallies. Biden had 2000 people show up to his rally. Now you have to understand that Tallahassee is the only democratic city in north Florida. They have a black college (10,000+ students) there and FSU which has about 40,000+ students and faculty. I am speechless as to why only 2000 people showed up and they are trying to tell us that Sara is a drag on the McCain campaign.

  50. I’m sure this has been posted earlier but I wasn’t able to be here today & reading all the comments now is too daunting. But here are the numbers from the new Mason-Dixon poll:

    The final round of Mason-Dixon polls has Obama enjoying small leads in the red states that would deliver him the presidency, but he’s below 50 percent in each and there are enough. . . undecided voters to leave some too close to call.

    Colorado: Obama 49, McCain 44, Undecided 4
    Florida: Obama 47, McCain 45, Undecided 7
    Nevada: Obama 47, McCain 43, Undecided 8
    Pennsylvania: 47, McCain 43, Undecided 9
    Virginia: Obama 47, McCain 44, Undecided 9
    Ohio: McCain 47, Obama 45, Undecided 6
    Missouri: McCain 47, Obama 46, Undecided 5
    North Carolina: McCain 49, Obama 46, Undecided 5

    Remember — Obama consistently overpolled by about 7 points during the primary. Remember — that pollsters are getting an 80% hang-up rate as opposed to the usual 40%. Remember — almost all of those numbers are within the margin of error. Remember — undecideds should break heavily for McCain.
    This race is too close to call despite the msms haka& the obscene amount of money spent by BO.

    PS — no matter what the outcome: BTD @ TL has proven to be the biggest dumb@ss evah with his “BO is more electable then Hillary” and “BO is a shoo in” memes (both of which I took to be a little bit of “protesting too much” to hide his latent misogyny). I hope he chokes on them n Nov. 4.

  51. Hey these threads are what Hillary and Simofish called Catharsis….they are a physical representation of how we spiritually and intelectually got to where we are!

    Showing our emotional struggle to get where we need to be to make the correct desision for us on our vote I hope helps others make their own desision.

    I hope some folks ill go back to SM77’s thread and read my own conversion story and my dreams that my vote will really matter.

    Together we can carry ourselves through this together we will lean on each other since June 1st all we have is each other even if that each other is 7 million to 18 million strong and have never met each other.

  52. BB,
    I guess you’re right — I started commenting about a month before you. Looking through those early comments was fun. Remember LitigatorMom?

  53. afrocity — I heard Steele say that too about the kool aid iv — Steele has become my new hero — he has consistently exposed BO’s BS with clear & concise arguments.

  54. Yes, Colmes — BO is being smeared with the TRUTH.

  55. I love Michael Steel

  56. I believe that the Liberal MSM is so far up Obama’s Arse that poor Barak will have to prairedog it till polls close on November 4th!

  57. I think, all the early voting has me the most concerned. 35% of people have already voted, and the dims lead by quite a bit.

  58. The lead in picture looks like Scottland or Ireland! I am at peace with myself

  59. AngieNC did you read my comment/strategy under SM77’s thread?

  60. Rut Roh –

    Hannity exposing Obama campaigning with the ol’ radical Trinity Church again. Otis Moss and Obama, Part 2.

  61. Great post, bostonboomer. I’m just about 6 months older than you, so totally identify with all of it.

    Got to go to bed now so will have to catch myiq’s strategy tomorrow. Hope I can grab a few minutes at work to read.

    ‘nite, all.

  62. fuzzy — I’ll go read it now.

  63. BB – I’m almost in tears having read your post. This has been such an emotional journey for me.

    Birdgal – I agree.

    My Voting Stategy – Integrity. Don’t know if anyone else has said this. The last person I saw expressing this was Hillary back in the primary elections. Certainly, I have not seen any integrity in anything NObama has done, said, or been. I could go on. Thank you all, Confluence writers, for your amazing contributions. You have sustained me in this rocky journey toward the truth. We will prevail!

  64. Thanks for the link, Katiebird. That was pretty shocking. Obama has managed to keep all this stuff under wraps until the very end. He is an authoritarian. It’s incredible. Now I think back to that speech where Michelle talked about how Obama would make us work hard and change our behavior. I wonder how soon he’ll start building the work and reeducation camps if he’s elected?

  65. Check out homepage on Drudge!!!!

  66. bostonboomer – Thank you for spelling out your thought process and evolution, not just this year, but over the years.

  67. Birdgal – but how many of those were PUMAs? A lot of us are still registered Dems, you know. It would be a big mistake to assume they all voted for The One.

  68. bb: I am so proud to know you, even if it is only in a “virtual” way. Also I know your personal decision was not an easy one as I have come to deduce over the last few months. It has been a heart wrenching ride but we have stood strong and steadfast even though many tears have been shed in our mutual disappointment.

    You have articulated it perfectly. Thanks.

  69. fuzzy — I read it & you did great. I have to add “inclusion” on my list now too as why I am voting McCain! I especially love this part:

    I believe If I were to vote for Mr Obama I would be turning my back on my dream of a diverse and inclusive land….where everyone has a place at the big table.


  70. Drudge has new link to CBS News that is reporting the Obama coal comment story. Palin talked about it at her rally in Ohio today! You betcha!!

  71. Birdgal but most of those Obats were going to vote for him anyways….the 65% left are all undesided so it could be bad for Obama that 14% of the undesided ar now 20%+ of those left to vote…and thay will break to McCain…

    Where are the 527’s that were supposed to help us in this?

  72. Lakota in GA,

    I love your voting strategy – integrity.
    I have been crying on and off for days now – and trying to figure out where my sadness and sense of loss comes from. Your mention of integrity makes me realize that this is the quality that I think has been completely abandoned by the current Democratic Party leadership.

  73. Katiebird,

    I lurked for quite awhile before I got up the nerve to comment. I was so impressed with Riverdaughter’s writing and there were so few commenters. I didn’t think I would have anything useful to say.

  74. angienc: Your post speaks the truth. I haven’t been to TL in months and I’m not about to start anytime soon. I doubt I’ll go back to any of these Obot sites again regardless of whether the Messiah wins or loses.

    BTD is just a more intelligent form of the misogynistic blogger counterparts at TPM, HuffPo, and DKos. He knew how to kiss Hillary supporters’ ass in order to move some of them to vote for Obama. During the primaries, he chose Obama despite knowing that Hillary was the better candidate because of sexist reasons. Instead of calling liberals to stand up for Hillary, he was content with the MSM attacking her and using that as an excuse to say that Obama was more electable. We all know that obviously was not the case. If it wasn’t for the Wall Street meltdown, Obama would have absolutely lost this election – and he still can.

    Those poll numbers show a candidate who had all the money in the world and is still within the margin of error in a year when Democrats should be polling 30 points ahead, especially with a candidate outspending his opponent 5-1.

    The polls are skewed. There are so many undecideds and people who are not being polled. The only pollster who has been able to catch me at home was back during the summer and she was working for the DNC. I haven’t been polled since. There are millions out there who either have been skipped over or hung up without answering any questions. This race is currently at a dead heat.

  75. Well people, its almost here. Whatever, you do, please get people to the polls to vote for McCain/Palin. We need to defeat this man.

    birdgal, I am concerned about the early voting, but two things to remember, everyone that voted was probably not going to change their mind. They were pretty set on their choice. Also, we don’t know how people voted yet, so we will have to wait and see.

    Another thing to remember is that in some key states like PA, early voting didn’t occur.

    We should just hope for the best. Just help get people to the voting booth. I am more worried about fraud at this point. I think McCain can defenately pull this off, although the media is trying to get the other guy in.

  76. Madam: That is what I am hoping. I hope that there were many PUMAs among the early voters. I’m not assuming, but when I was channel surfing today, I listened to a bit of Chris Wallace, and that is what he mentioned. I quickly changed the station. LOL! I hope the media’s chickens come home to roost..

  77. LMAO!!! Mount Rushmore skit on Huckabee’s show now!!


    Clip is on

  78. I want all us commenters to tell our story so riverdaughter has a perminate record of how we got here it may make the threads long but we have 10’s or 100’s of lurkers out there that are sitting on the fence and they need to hear us speak!

  79. Fuzzy,

    You have inspired me so much over the past few months! I don’t know what we would have done without you. When you were in Iowa, we really missed you, you can’t imagine how much.

  80. This coal thing, could really hurt in blue state NJ, and in PA it could be the last straw.

    I hope NJ goes red. They wont know since there is no polling being done there.

    I wonder what the mood is there.

    Here in NY, they have a lot of McCain/Palin signs in Queens, a lot of Hillary people that have turned to McCain. I am curious to see, how my state votes.

  81. Hiedi Li-

    you can read myine under SM77’s if youthink it will bring some puma’s peace plese share it with your friends…..

  82. Another thing to remember about early voting is that all those Dems aren’t necessarily voting for Obama. The PUMA effect will be felt, whether people realize they are PUMAs or not.

  83. BostonBoomer,

    I remember — a really popular post might have 15 or 20 comments. So they really stood out. I remember when we’d panic (after we started writing posts) if something got over 50 — Yikes! that was too much. Now we’d have to post something new every half hour to keep comments at that level.

    I remember how I came. It was something Riverdaughter (Goldberry) said at TalkLeft — she was going back and forth with BigTentDemocrat about something and I looked at her profile and saw the link here.

    What if I hadn’t?

  84. I agree that most of the undecideds at this point will break for McCain. Obama supporters love to brag about their support to prove that they are not r@cist. They are the ones most likely to answer poll questions. I think the only undecideds that might go to Obama are the former Hillary supporters who are yellow dog Dems and still haven’t decided if they should vote for this fraud or stay home on election day.
    Most undecideds and late deciders broke for Hillary Clinton. The same will happen in the general election. People who have their doubts about Obama will be more likely to go with their gut and vote for the other candidate who is more experienced.

  85. angie,

    Thank you for your beautiful comment. I read Women Who Run with the Wolves too. I still have it around here somewhere. I think as we get older it’s easier to listen to your intuition, because you don’t care so much about impressing other people. At least that is how it has worked for me.

  86. Nodding rapidly


    You have inspired me so much over the past few months! I don’t know what we would have done without you. When you were in Iowa, we really missed you, you can’t imagine how much.

    I totally agree with BostonBoomer!

  87. angienc – Re: The poll numbers for the swing states you listed – it may be stating the obvious, but just think of how many of those are also coal producing states…

    I’ve heard CO, PA, VA and, NC. Throw in W VA and IL.

    May the Force (and people affected by the coal industry) be with us.

  88. Not sure of just where I had read about Riverdaughter’s invitation to join her, but I followed immediately, just as I was about to give up in finding a safe place back in February.

    The tone was courteous and the dialogue civil which was a refreshing respite from the scurrilous rants that began appearing so frequently on the other blogs. What was astounding to me was the brilliance of the writers who began to be emerge, katiebird, bb, ronkseattle, riverdaughter herself. When gary joined followed by SM then madamab it was a profound revelation to discover the talent and imagination of people who just knew how to get their points across.

    It has been quite a ride, an experience that has shaped our thinking in so many different ways. Over the last 9 months I have come to form images in my mind of what you all look like and how you sound from your writings. It has been a tremendous measure of support that has also attracted so many others who have felt the sting of this election.

    No matter the end result come Wednesday morning, the fact that The Confluence was here each day has made it worthwhile. I know I speak for so many others who have found that this blog illustrates, if nothing else, the deep seated love of our country.

    It has been a pleasure!

  89. sorry hard to type through watery eyes….I cannot wait till this is over if Obama loses I get my friends back I hope….

    I know they will be angry but when obama is indicted and all the dirt comes out they will have to “get over it.”

    Maybe they will see now how I felt

  90. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2008/11/shocking-new-audio-obama-promises-to.html

    Obama explains in his own words the higher energy costs he will push on all Americans as well as how his cap and trade agenda will cause bankrukptcy to the coal industry. This will also cause a loss of a lot of jobs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

    I don’t know why this interview has just come to light.

  91. Katiebird,

    It was meant to be. Markos and all the other misogynist “liberal” bloggers didn’t know what they were unleashing when they drove us out. I only hope we can strike the final blow to their dream on Tuesday.

  92. I just met my first “undecided.” Actually I buy beer from him everyday, but I just assumed he was voting for Obama. I told him who I was voting for and why, and the last thing he said was, “well maybe I will vote for McCain.”

    TIPP has McCain down by 2 pts.
    I think McCain can win by 4-6 pts.

  93. Heidi Li – Thank you. I would love to see/hear someone, more eloquent than I, talk about integrity as it relates to all that has happened. I could write about it, but it takes me awhile and I am so in awe of you and the writers at the Confluence.

  94. Fuzzybear and BostonBoomer,

    If it doesn’t happen Wednesday morning it’s likely to happen sometime.

    I remember so clearly how shocked I was that Nixon was re-elected and sure enough he was gone in two years.


    I thought that would happen with Bush too.

    Oh well. We’ll always have each other….

  95. katiebird, the republicans will NEVER take impeachment off the table. fuzzy and pat, this place wouldn’t be the same without either of you. so glad you found your way here 🙂

  96. Wonderful post! A lot of my decisions are based on intuition.
    It was what informed me Bush was scary at a time the media didn’t give me the facts. (eventually I discovered the “Jesus Day” in Texas story and that confirmed my hunch)
    It was intuition that told me that this guy who for a moment looked on paper better than Hillary (the war thingy) – really wasn’t. The media giving him the Bush treatment confirmed it).
    As a Trekkie I was a fan of Kirk – not just because I found Shatner hot – but because I valued intuition more than logic – girl that I am.
    I learned to trust my hunches. I wish I had more of them.

  97. Just checked out the homepage for the Ohio Coal Association.

    The headlines are…

    Obama Promises to Bankrupt the Coal Industry …

    Obama to Coal Industry: Drop Dead …

    Obama will bankrupt the coal industry and then everyone else. …


  98. Libertty Belle-not just coal producing but Coal Consuming states….

    Obama plans to kill the coal industry by killing Coals bigest customer the electric utility industry….

    If you heard me on No We Wont you can tell I am passionate about this….

    Florida produces alot of its electricity from Coal and Natural Gas and Nuclear….all these are imported resources!

    Obama is saying sorry Florida no Air Conditioning in the summer…..

    A/C made life in florida possible from May to September….

    there will not be 12 people in this state with out electricity for airconditioning!

  99. I love this blog. I discovered The Confluence much later than most of the posters. After TM drank the kool-aid, I followed links to Riverdaughter, and I have been here ever since. I mostly lurk, because of the talented writers, who articulate so very well, some of my own feelings. I love all of the support, humor, and fantastic writing. Most of all, I appreciate the civil dialogue and elevated discourse that occurs on this blog.

    Thank you RD, and all the other wonderful posters for the support and camaraderie.

  100. Pat,

    You have been such an important member of our group. What would we do without your dry sense of humor and the mental images you paint in your comments. And your diatribes when you really get going are priceless. I feel I know you too and hope that those of us in the Boston area can get together when the dust settles.

  101. Excellent post BB. Every day I think about how lucky I was to find this site precisely when I did–I don’t know what I would have done without this community.
    Yes, it has been a journey getting my head around voting for the other ticket and I’m glad this community was here to think it through with. RD and the team of top notch front pagers have really made an exceptional place here–a community service, even.

  102. IronMan,

    He is going to lose a lot of votes from this. Ohio and PA will surely go to McCain now. He was always going to get W. VA. I don’t know about VA.

  103. “I see your point, but if you combed your hair differently no one else would.” Once I said that to an Obamabot at DK. There was no comeback, so I think he was utterly confused.”


  104. Florida will not stand for a forced Coal fast!

  105. Hillary’s energy plan $ 50 billion creat 4 million green jobs and wean us off fossil fuels and make the ones we use cleaner….

    Obama’s Plan TAX everybody into frostbite or heat exaustion!

  106. Ironman,

    Just looked at Drudge.


    I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!

  107. EOF and BB – I have said for so many years that I wished that people had done a gut check before voting for Bush in 2000. I saw the look in his eyes, that 1000-yard, lunatic stare, and I realized that there was something seriously wrong with him. But the media told us we wanted to have a beer with him, and the evangelicals came out in droves, and Al Gore ran a lousy campaign. So the history of our country was changed forever, for the much, much worse.

    This time, I think people are tired of the media telling them what to do. They will go with their guts and elect McCain/Palin.


  108. According to Gallup things don’t look good for McCain:

    Final Presidential Estimate: Obama 55%, McCain 44%

    They are predicting undecideds break for Obama…I strongly disagree with that prediction. I think it’s going to be just the opposite.

    Mountain Sage

  109. And Pat — someday. Someday we’ll get you to write a post!

  110. I wonder what Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia thinks about Obama after this latest revelation?

  111. Lakota in GA,

    You always write such thoughtful and interesting comments. It’s so funny how people who write really well are hesitant to put it all out there. I wish you would write more about integrity. I know that character has become a very important thing for me this year. I don’t want to vote for a corrupt and thuggish candidate.

  112. I remember Katie’s first post, and BB’s too. I remember when Gary was going to a rally and his after-report became the basis for his first post.

    I sooo remember Pat in the early days, just so happy to have found a safe place to speak her mind.

    And SM, who hated the “77” at first, and who invented PUMA.

    I don’t comment much – I’m usually catching up late at night – but y’all being here……well, it’s probably not possible to really express what it means, so I won’t make a lame attempt. I’ll just say “thanks!”

  113. DV & BB — thanks for the kind words.
    Joule — the interview is just now coming out because the SF Chronicle suppressed it — it new how it would play among the “bitter clingers.”
    People would be very surprised how much coal effects our ever day lives — my father is an electrical engineer — he works for a power company & the plant he works out is a “fossil fuel plant’ ie: a coal plant. That is how most the electricity is made in this country. Heck, car plants (including those making hybrid cars) run on coal. Yes, we need to keep moving forward toward alternative energy sources but it cannot happen overnight & it will do NO ONE any good if coal is eliminated outright as a source of energy. I hope this news will make a difference at the only poll that matter on Tuesday.

  114. Triple kudos for Pat – YOU and every Conflucian make this place special – how can we fight for our rights if we didn’t have you?

  115. Pat has written so many comments that could have been posted on the front page with no editing at all!

  116. Commandments from Dear Leader:

    ‘Thou Shall Not Cling To’ :


    What else shall we add to the growing list?

  117. My heart is heavy tonight as the end approaches. I am not sure if all the late breaking news surrounding Obama will elicit the desired effect as it is so late into the campaign. Many votes have been cast at this hour and it is too late to take them back.

    Obama could announce that he was the third Menendez brother and the press would gloss over on his behalf. I am at war with my own intuition at the moment. I want so much to be wrong.

  118. fuzzybeargville – Thanks for extending the coal connection (e.g., to anyone who gets electricity from coal). Sorry I missed you on the radio show. Busy trying to pick up the latest news on Fox shows, and cross-checking blogs, but appreciate you are passionate on the subject.

    I thought Hillary had the best energy plan, and recall as a volunteer caller, we were to remind people in Oregon (part of the region known as “Ecotopia”) that Obama voted for the Bush-Cheney Energy Bill; Hillary and McCain did not.

    Who knows, with Sarah as Veep, we might get something halfway decent for an energy policy after all. Fear Obama is in some oil producer(s) hip pocket.

    FYI – I studied alternative energy decades ago, and could tell folks some of the history on “What the hell happened?” The U.S. dropped the ball once gas prices went down, Reagan-Bush took away tax incentives, R & D $, etc. But we digress…

    PUMA Power!

  119. “elevated discourse”

    Birdgal, unless I’m here, of course 😉

  120. Obama to explain those R@cist’s who challange his bankrupt coal industry energy policy!

    1) it is better for miners and their families to die of starvation than to die of black lung….Obama is doing them a favor.

    2) it will be good for the coal industry itself to be bankrupted see then thay can do somethin else, like mining pet rocks…mmmm….maybe we can get that fad to come back!

    3) Poor people frezing to death in the winter is good for america it reduces the surplus population!

  121. BB, do you really think there’s time for that Coal tape to matter?

    If it’s not too late to make a difference, Maybe I should repost that “laughing at voters” tape — I always thought that hearing him laugh when He made that “Bitter/Gun” comment was a thousand times worse than reading it.

  122. “Elevated discourse” when joabiebone is online means standing on the table.

  123. fuzzybeargville, on November 2nd, 2008 at 11:24 pm Said:

    Hillary’s energy plan $ 50 billion creat 4 million green jobs and wean us off fossil fuels and make the ones we use cleaner….

    Obama’s Plan TAX everybody into frostbite or heat exaustion!

    LOL!!!!! But very true – I loved Hillary’splan, and it’s like you said tonight on the No We Won’t show – it’s a formula of different sources is how it’ll work.

    Jeesuz Cripes, summer barbecues will be a thing of luxury under an Obama admin.

  124. Mountain Sage,

    Gallup has been very suspect with their polling this season.

  125. I voted for a Republican for the first time on Friday.
    Believe it or not, it was not as easy as I thought it would be.
    I closed the curtain, and I cried.
    I cried when I look at the ballot.
    It should have been Hillary on the ballot.
    While I stood there sobbing, all of the emotions I had during the primaries resurfaced. I relived all of the pain. For what could have been, what should have been.

    But in the end I did what I had to do. I voted for McCain/Palin.
    I just wish I wasn’t so sad.

  126. Since when, have undecideds broken for BO? I think Gallup is taking a huge leap of faith with that prediction.

    BO’s comment on coal was made during an interview, in January, that he had at the SF Chronicle. Why did it, take so long to surface? And why now? From the clip, it sounds like he wants to make energy from coal so expensive, that people won’t be able to afford it. This is already happening. People cannot afford energy costs, thus they suffer heat stroke, or death from freezing. Way to go, BOZero.

  127. Are these people for real?

    Defeat fears put Hollywood on edge

    And I used to like a bunch of them too…

  128. I’ve said that if Obama wins, my only consolation will be watching his supporters WORM everything he says & does; I’m thinking that will get real tiresome in a short time. Looks as though some of them will have to WORM their way out of the coal comments. I haven’t heard anything from LtGov Mongiardo, that sonofabitch US Rep Ben Chandler [who coerced KY Hill delegates to vote Obama on first ballot], and US Sen Yarmuth, who is running for reelection. I hope all 3 of these a**holes get whiplash from this.

    C’mon, boys, tell KY again why you had to rush out for the hopey-changey thingy over sure-bet Hillary, and why it was okay for everyone to call your fellow Kentuckians rac*st and dumb. All for Obama.

  129. IronMan – Just thought to add to you list of things not to cling to after the Election, according to Dear Leader: We can kiss our “arse” good-bye, too.

  130. I think it’s about time for myiq2xu to tell us his voting strategy. Where is he anyway?

  131. Obama could be teh reincarnation of Thomas Malthus! Or scrooge or both….

    I dont want to go down a a Bob Cratchett!

  132. Oh, my God.

    I’m watching an ad with that nurse from Illinois who testified about the “Born Alive” bill and Leaving babies in hospital closets to die. And How Obama was unmoved. Obama voting against it.

    The ad is about a minute long — it feels like forever. And it’s pretty gut-wrenching. It ends with someone setting a baby down on a table in a storage room.

    It’s grim.

  133. Sadly, the arrogance of Donna Brazile with that anecdote about her mama’s lesson on cheating so frosted me that I could barely form a coherent word in light of what followed. They actually cut people off who had waited their turn to speak, assuring them that each would have their opportunity to do so when they returned from lunch. C-SPAN commented that when they hadn’t come back from lunch some two hours later, that something was going down. So all the phony ‘progressives’ who rejected back room deals and cigar smoking power brokers came back from lunch smelling of Panatellas. Ickes came off a little offended, but only Harriet Christianson was raised by the Holy Spirit to call out the Angels. The abuse of Palin, paralleled the opposition to Hillary: the advocacy of children, women and simple life values. I see, now, also, hat a female posessed of true leadership qualities is a phenomonon to fear, loathe and destroy before it multiplies. Each of us are called to this service. We are the Angels who will accompany Sarah Palin and her children through this hailstorm to shield her and those who will take up her mantle to become leaders by the example she acknowledges came from Hillary. We are a channel, we conduct power. We respect ourselves. When I googled Will Bower, I got Will Power. It kept me smiling the whole while I raked leaves yesterday.

  134. Obama’s bankrupt the coal industry is a way to push his Execelon Nuclear takeover sponsored by GE and George Soros.

  135. Pat Johnson –

    I hear ya’, but one good thing is that PA does NOT have early voting. So, there is a real good chance that the people in PA will hear about this before they vote on tuesday. I am sure that FOX will hit the ground running with the story in the morning.

    Also, the McCain campaign is using the audio of Obama making these comments in their calls to voters in the coal states today and tomorrow.

    I wish this story would have come out sooner, but better late than never. In a way, it could actually work for the best best to have it so late breaking.

  136. Palin is campaigning on the coal issue
    asking the same question we had here

    “Why is the audiotape just now surfacing?” Palin asked, leading someone in the crowd to shout, “Liberal media!”

    “This interview was given to San Francisco folks many, many months ago,” Palin said. “You should have known about this, so that you would have better decision-making information as you go into the voting booth.”

  137. Maybe the PUMAs should have threatened to “riot” as well. Just picture those little old grandmas out there breaking windows and smashing cars! I think Monty Python has a skit like that once where the old ladies terrorized the town and beat up anyone in their path.

  138. Bostonboomer – Going back to read your post more carefully, and realize you had me with the comment on HHH in ’68: felt the same way. To whit, in the mock election in school, I volunteered to be the campaign manager for the HHH candidate surrogate (who happened to be an AA). Wonder who he supports now…

    Anyway, you have my vote.

  139. well Biden was here I dont know how it went at all…but only 30% of Gvilles generating capasity is natural gas and nuclear…guess we will have to cut real far back….

  140. Pat
    RD had an entry featuring those gangs of little ol’ ladies – back in June I think.

  141. Obama is asked by MTV about gay marriage and Prop 8:


  142. edgeoforever: I think you are correct; it was hysterical!

  143. Katiebird,

    Do it. Will it fit into your post tomorrow? No I don’t think it’s too late. There are a lot of undecideds and a lot of people who have said they could still change their minds. There are a lot of people out there who don’t want to vote for Obama. They just need to get to the polls.

    It makes me sick that Obama said all this stuff and the SF Chronicle concealed it. I actually thought Obama supported clean coal and nuclear. After all Axelrod is a lobbyist for the nuke industry and there IL depends on coal. I wonder if some people in IL may be very shocked by this.

  144. Pat: It’s not too late–I have an umbrella and I bets lots of others do too. Now there’s an image: 4 million post-menopausal, bitter dead-enders with cats, clinging to our umbrellas.

  145. I don’t think it’s too late for this coal tape to make a difference because the vast majority of the people have not yet voted. Those who make up their minds between now and when they walk into the voting booth will make up their minds with every new revelation in mind. Some people who were on the fence might fall over on to McCain’s side with this new story. There’s still all of Monday for the story to seep in…we can only hope that McCain’s campaign makes that happen. We’ll see how much push-back they encounter from MSM.

  146. Pat J — PUMAs do riot — in the voting booth!

  147. I love you guys!

  148. Liberty Belle,

    My family comes from North Dakota and Minnesota. Humphrey was a good man–a real bleeding heart liberal. He had a lot to do with getting the Civil Rights Bill through Congress. It’s just too bad that LBJ had to get sucked into escalating that horrible war.

  149. Iron Man
    your vote for someone not me
    your account at Face Book
    your right as a newspaper to endorse someone else
    your right to speak up as a woman
    your right to have an abortion without approval from spiritual advisor
    your right of communicating without being wiretapped…

  150. birdgal, I heard today that some polling outfit is predicting the largest percentage of white voters since the 60’s will vote Democratic. As to what they’re basing these predictions on, I think they’re just making it up at this point. Unless Whole Foods Nation is a much larger demographic group than it would appear.

  151. We love you too, taggles!! Great show tonight. The Obama clips were super creepy–esp. hearing them all together like that.

  152. I don’t think I can take watching or listen to Obama. Nothing he says or does holds much interest to me. The man is corrupt and without a core. He embodies everything I detest in another human being: cold, arrogant, disinterested, uninformed, humorless, entitled, smug, and untrustworthy.

    The idolatry leaves me questioning why so many intelligent people, those we have come to look up to, would accept this man as a leader. Head scratching.

  153. Shophie
    I too have an umbrella and I am not afraid to use it!

  154. Sophie — I take those Hollywood loons have panic attacks at the idea of BO not winning as a good sign — even those in LaLa Land can see the momentum is with McCain!

  155. actually we had a starvation energy plan should our supplies be really reduced….called on each house to use 250 kwh enough for an average refrig 1 box window fan and 4 cfl light bulbs fro 12 hrs a day….that is it.

    Can you imagine what a Riot that would have caused if we shut each households power off it it exceded the subsistance amount of power! 250kwh?

  156. Pat: this one?

  157. BB, this was a wonderful, heartbreaking post, thank you for sharing your story.

  158. Pat,

    Gary posted that Monty Python video once. It was hysterical. Little old ladies beating up on passersby, running wild in the streets….

  159. From a fellow PUMA in PA:

    I got a robocall a few hours ago from the McCain campaign. It said how important the coal industry was to our community and then played Obama’s quote. I’m in Northeast PA.


  160. Gangs of old ladies – back by popular demand

  161. Hi all! Are Joanie and gqm still around? I’m still reading…

  162. What a week it was. I went to a KD Lang concert and there were lots of O buttons even KD did a quick endorsement. Over the weekend, I was at an organic farming event and everyone else had O shirts and other paraphernalia. It was depressing…any other candidate and I’d be right alongside my usual demographics.

    My demographic is PUMA.

  163. Thank you so much nv swing voter. I can’t wait to read the next one, by myiq2xu. Something tells me it will be a funny one. I hope anyway….

  164. Pat J re: early voting — the only people who voted early were the ones who were going to vote for that person no matter what — and the fact is, FL early voting shows many, many of them were McCain voters. Second, as DYB pointed out most people still haven’t voted yet. Finally, not every state has early voting — PA doesn’t, for one. The tape could be the thing that pushes voters away from Obama — coming out “at the last minute” may actually help as it may show those “soft BO supporters” that they really don’t know enough about him or his positions to vote for him.

  165. birdgal: That’s the one! Loved it!

  166. I have a 6 month supply of MREs at the ready.

    You just pop ’em and eat ’em. No electricty needed. 😉

  167. My wish is for Obama to get a “load of coal” in his stocking for Christmas if you follow my drift.

  168. Ironman said:
    Commandments from Dear Leader:

    ‘Thou Shall Not Cling To’ :


    What else shall we add to the growing list?

    Hmmm… the principle of one person one vote, the Constitution, equal rights, ….

  169. LOL Pat

  170. Pat,

    If he wins, I’ll cancel my cable TV. I can’t stand to look at him or hear his voice. I’d rather listen to Bush than Obama. And that’s really saying something.

  171. BostonBoomer,

    Exquisite eloquence in writing and logic, this is a beautiful rendition of self-awareness and a true “frisk” of the soul. Although my empathetic muscles were surgically removed at birth, some remnants must remain since this truly impacted me. Thank you for sharing it and most of all, I admire you for living it.

  172. Pat and Edge: I also have a Hillary nutcracker (it was a “gift”). I am sure that it also qualifies as riot gear.

  173. And Obama is such a friend to the gay community that k.d. lang comes out for him? Am I missing something here? And I love her music but come on!!!

  174. ok, what’s the coal thing? I keep seeing references to it

  175. Obama will get two big lumps of coal this year for christmas from Santa…

    1) one big lump in his stocking

    2)a second lump of coal upside Obama’s head

  176. Pat: Exactly!

  177. I am trying to read all the comments but the dumb computer keeps kicking me out.
    To all who have worked and communicated the facts about this farce of an election, I thank you.
    I have never seen anything like this election in my lifetime.
    I can not understand how anyone would disrespect this country by voting for backtrack.
    You have given me hope for the future and I have such respect for all the writers and commenters here.
    We will continue after Nov 4 to work for the best for this country.



  178. bb: I am with you. If he wins my mute button will be working overtime. He could be announcing the “secret to life” and I will unfortunately be missing it since I won’t be listening.

  179. Prolix,

    LOL! You are a riot all by yourself. Your empathetic muscles were surgically removed at birth?? Well they didn’t manage to take your sense of humor, that’s for sure.

  180. Bostonboomer – I appreciate your heritage, and assessment of what the Vietnam War did to his candidacy.

    Don’t forget that Humphrey also was the originator or things JFK later implemented (and at least the JFK School of Government has acknowledged his role): a) The Peace Corps, and b) the first above-ground Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (’63). He had a hand, along with LBJ, in crafting the Voting Rights, Medicare-Medicaid, in addition to the ’64 Civil Rights Act. Later, things like the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act, initiatives that later became ADA, and the list goes on.

    Note: I picked up a graduate degree in MN some years ago, so learned to speak Minnesotan, too.

  181. angie, we should do a “Please don’t leave, Susan sarandon” vigil. lol I mean, move where you want, but why say things like that publicly? Like we’re going to base our votes on trying to get her to stay–who cares.

  182. angie: Not sure whether those Hollywood types see momentum; they have those attacks because they’re part of the ‘creative class,’ remember? They’re just so very, very sensitive. Just ask them.

  183. kiki-Obama was recorded in a SF Chronicle interview saying he would bankrupt the Coal industry with his energy policies….

    the states of PA and KY and Ohio are not amused!

  184. HI JJM!

    Darm, just as I was leaving

    I have to go to bed now. 😦

    Pat, Angie, SissieKB, BB, Fuzzy, Ironman –all,

    I am thinking we really are going to win this thing. I’m going to see what the dreams look like tonight.

    Truly, I love you all.

  185. elderj –

    Indeed, equal rights.

    Check it out; remember the Obama’s Greek columns in Denver?

    Does Dear Leader have a Greek obsession or what?

    ‘Thou Shall Not Cling To’ :

    G uns
    R eligion
    E arnings
    E lectricity
    C oal
    E qual rights

    Interesting indeed when you put it all together.

  186. Prolix, a special goodnight kiss for you!!!

  187. BB: I love your story! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  188. FYI – Discovered from this map that coal producing regions, and affected states, are even more widespread than I thought (click link, scroll down to 2006 map):


    That means Obam’s comments about bankrupting the coal industry might tick off voters in even more swing states, like IN, MO, and ones where he’s supposed to be a shoe-in like IL and IA. Wouldn’t that be sweet!

  189. Joaniebone, what’s up with me showing up and you leaving the party?

  190. I have to admit I am a nervous wreck. Tomorrow is my monthly “Girls Lunch” which is usually a hoot and I know will elevate my mood. Tuesday night I am going to see “The Changeling” with a few friends which will hopefully be a distraction.

    We probably won’t know the official outcome until Wednesday anyway but I need these diversions now as I am getting antsy. Like being in the waiting room of a maternity ward.

  191. thanks Fuzzy, figured it was something like that

  192. Susan Sarandon isnt her hubby a wingnut Tom Robbins or something?

    Heck Madonna wont be able to move back to the USA under Obama no electricity to run the light show for he Blonde Boomer Social Security Tour!

  193. Hi Joanie! I’m sorry you have to go to bed already. I have to go to a meeting on Tuesday evening, so I will be here late for election night.

    I seem to be around a little after you in the morning and evening. I think about you and I am truly hoping we are not the only ones (PUMAs) who see what is going on.

  194. Pat Johnson, on November 2nd, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:
    I don’t think I can take watching or listen to Obama. Nothing he says or does holds much interest to me. The man is corrupt and without a core. He embodies everything I detest in another human being: cold, arrogant, disinterested, uninformed, humorless, entitled, smug, and untrustworthy.
    The idolatry leaves me questioning why so many intelligent people, those we have come to look up to, would accept this man as a leader. Head scratching.


    Every single word Pat used to describe Obama I agree with. I’m also puzzled at how many smart people could fall for such a fraud. But now the rise of Hitler to power sort of makes sense. Not that I’m suggesting Obama will be a despot, but the very act of coming to power with the approval of so many people embracing him without a question and without a doubt. Didn’t the Germans see any warning signs? Apparently not. And so nobody sees the warning signs in Obama.

    As far as the celebrities – I can’t think of a single celebrity I’d miss if they left the country. I enjoy seeing some of them on the movie or TV screen and I like some of their music. But not a single one of them has done anything for me lately, so why does it matter what any of them think? I think Rush’s answer to Jane Fonda is great.

    As far as kd lang – she’s by no means the only gay person who embraces Obama. Why – I don’t know. I challenge any one of them to show something Obama has done for the gay community. Sarah Palin, on the hand, made sure partners of gay employees in her state have health insurance. I doubt many in the gay community who gash her and worship Obama know this. No doubt Palin doesn’t want to emphasize it because it’s not something the evangelicals approve of. But that’s something pretty significant she did for the gay community. Name one thing, just one thing, Obama has done for the gay community.

    At least kd lang didn’t call Palin a c*nt and ask her audience to kick Palin’s ass the way Madonna did, right?

  195. Oh Pat J I wonder how your x-boyfriend is spinning the Obama coal story….?

  196. I only hope that Obama’s comments on bankrupting the coal industry really reach all of these voters in swing states, not just the ones on the internet. I’ll leave it to FOX news to get this story out but doubt the rest of the media outlets will. Maybe the local news will mention it. They are much more fair and balanced than the big networks these days.

  197. Michael: I hope to God he keeps his mouth shut since I am close to deleting him from my Christmas list. How he can shill for that nobody is beyond me.

  198. Pat,

    Feel like doing some shopping?

    May I suggest…



    Country First!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  199. I will never look at Susan Sarandon the same way again. Being an Obamabot is one thing. But for her to diss Hillary Clinton even after the primary is just wrong. I don’t know what her deal is with Hillary Clinton but I am determined not to spend a penny on her movies ever again. I need to tell my mom to do the same.

  200. night Joanie — big hug to you.
    I’m turning in myself guys — early (and big) day at work tomorrow. God, I’ll be glad when this election is over just so I can start devoting the time I should be devoting to work again!
    Good night & may your dreams be full of PUMAs!!!

  201. Barry will be bankrupting everything, not just coal, that’s one of his jobs…..IMO the same folks behind Bush want Barry installed to continue the work of reaming the US out like a stolen car. If that wasn’t true Chris Matthews leg would not have tingled.

  202. HHH got screwed by a lot of people. LBJ didn’t cut him any slack early on, he had to contend with the RFK charisma, Eugene McCarthy was an a**hole to him, the media didn’t find him interesting, and the radicals protested him everywhere, showing up at campaign stops all over the country and blaming him as a Vietnam War stoodge. You’d think the radicals would have protested Nixon, but huh-uh. There are parallels between Hillary and Hubert today, imo.

  203. kiki, on November 2nd, 2008 at 11:52 pm Said:
    ok, what’s the coal thing? I keep seeing references to it


    “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them …”

    I’ve noticed that the Obama internet trolls have been awfully quiet. I think that is a good sign. Every time I hear crickets, the real message is getting through.

  204. Remember Eddie Rendell the Govenor of PA. I will bet he speed dialed Obama for America and gave them a piece of his mind.

    Actually he probably speed dialed Hillary and said Please come back! We need you to run this chicken $hit Party before the One destroys it!

  205. Prolix, If I didn’t have to get up at 4:45am, I’d stick around to have fun with you, JJM and the gang.

    Goodnight-this time for real.

  206. IronMan: You just made me cry when I clinked onto that link and saw her. This was the year that was supposed to be. It has been snatched from the jaws of victory by the DNC. May they all rot in hell.

  207. The first moment I realized that Obama was over rated and his followers were not interested in what I was is when I asked his supporter how Obama’s plan got us to national health care and they told me it was unimportant. 47 million people are without health care and this person felt how we got these people health care was unimportant? I don’t think so.

    I started paying attention from that moment on and I didn’t like what I saw AT ALL.

  208. Night, Joaniebone!

  209. Oh, and HHH got shafted by black civil rights leaders, who refused to endorse him, even though he had a stellar history of supporting them. One more parallel.

  210. Also about the coal thing: once again, these comments were made in San Francisco, far far away from coal country.

  211. Not Tom robbins, Fuzzy, Tim Robbins the Mystic River guy. He’s not a wingnut.

    DV, what did Sarandon say about HRC?

  212. nite joanie and angie

  213. Angie me to monday comes early! nite nite all…

    Remember the hopes and dreams of millions are riding on what the PUMA’s do in the next 48 hours!

  214. nite Michael

  215. Rev. Wright is reappearing frequently on the tube tonight. What a potent ad not shown enough before now.

    Although I have not checked in here often, I know it’s a refuge for PUMAs and I appreciate that. BB, I too will have to vote strategically this year – and against my former party.

    I will actually be using my 2008 vote to advance Hillary’s campaign for 2012. Count it as my first contribution to that effort.

  216. Huge work weekend – but I cannot not check in on the threads. RD is my blog home.

    Thank you everyone for making this a home for us.

    Tuesday will not be an end – no matter what happens. It is the beginning of the restoration of our party to its soul or the creation of a new party with the true sould of the democratic party as its foundation.

  217. “Goddamn America!” Can’t get enough of that quote.

  218. Goodnight, Joanie! Sweet dreams.

  219. Goodnight, Joanie and Angie!

  220. From the article I linked above, why it matters. He plans not just to bankrupt coal plants, but the states that depend on them for revenue. This math is frightening.

    “West Virginia is the second largest coal-producing state in the country behind Wyoming and accounts for about 15 percent of all coal production in the United States. The Mountain State leads the nation in underground coal production and leads the nation in coal exports with over 50 million tons shipped to 23 countries. West Virginia accounts for about half of U.S. coal exports.

    In addition, the coal industry pays about $70 million in property taxes in the state annually, and the Coal Severance Tax adds about $214 million into West Virginia’s economy. The coal industry payroll in the state is nearly $2 billion per year, and coal is responsible for more than $3.5 billion annually in the gross state product.”

  221. parentofed, on November 3rd, 2008 at 12:07 am

    HHH made a speech about civil rights at the 1948 convention….way before anyone else at that level and it hurt him politically. But he did it anyway….As my Irish ancestors said, ” No good deed goes unpunished”

  222. Pat, when you go see “Changling” might we convince you to shout at the end, “I want my money back, I thought this was the BZero story!”

  223. Who cares what Sarandon says? Hollywood needs to get over themselves. Just because the media waits with bated breath to hear what these bozos have to say doesn’t mean it really is more important than anyone elses’ opinion

  224. Prolix: I am laughing out loud once again after midnight!!!!! Too funny!

  225. I used to read some of the blogs on Hillary’s website after doing my phone calling. That was my first experience with blogs. I started donating to Hillary in Feb. of 2007. I watched the debates and thought she was the best and I thought she would be the candidate. I was totally outraged with the media and the Obama campaign. I mentally left the Democratic Party after that farce of a meeting. I am still registered Dem. though. I saw some women on Fox, with a poster about Hillary’s voters count , too. I found their website which quickly disappeared. I found Pumapac and then, I found the Confluence. I was impressed with the depth of thought here and lurked for a long time. I’ve posted some. Thnaks to all of you for helping me keep my sanity. I voted for McCain/Palin.
    I just heard that for the counties around Tampa, only 18- 25% of the registered voters, voted early. That means the vast majority are voting on Tuesday.

  226. I wonder if dumbass Byrd was aware of Obama’s position on coal when he endorsed him.

  227. I wonder if dumbass Byrd was aware of Obama’s position on coal when he endorsed him. Rockefeller too. All against their constituents interest.

  228. I also have a good feeling that tomorrow’s lunch with “the girls” is going to be another few bottles of wine affair. Last month we did ourselves proud!!

  229. Maybe Susan Sarandon can take Madonna, kd lang, Matt Damon, Scarlett Johanson, Oprah, and the rest of the Obamabots from Hollywood, and establish their own Green Zone. A haven in the middle of…Vermont. Obama will make weekly visits and put their minds at east about the state of the world. Ben and Jerry will open a brand new ice-cream factory inside. KO and Tweety will start their own private news network. “One Day In the Life of Our Dear Leader” will be the nightly news program hosted by Andrea Mitchell. Rolling Stone will rename itself Rolling Barack and will feature Obama with a celebrity on every single cover. Oprah won’t have to rename her magazine, but she’ll also start featuring Obama on the cover exclusively.

  230. I know Obama can get experience governing in California. Since Hollywood wants him so bad THEY can have him.

  231. I doubt Byrd has any idea of what year it is these days. I once grimaced when they rolled Thurmond onto the floor but I see we are doing the same with Bobby B. His state when for Hillary big time and he came out the next day in support of The One. Hard to tell just what his thought process is anymore.

  232. DYB: what do you think Ben & Jerry would name the ice cream? Totally Nuts Banana-a-a-a-Bama?

  233. Yeah but won’t they only get like 50-60% turnout? If 25% voted already, that’s almost half.

  234. You know, it’s strange. I was all for JM in 2000 against GWB. I was luke warm this election cycle for JM (until Sarah Palin). Many of you are voting JM/SP this election, and I was planning on voting HRC (as you were). I’m just wondering if there would be this much of a huge Republican women turnout for HRC against JM had she been nominated. I doubt it, but I don’t think it would have mattered as much as your vote for JM/SP. That is why Republicans cheer you and honor you. Some believe you have “adopted” the party line, I know better. You have adopted some of the party line that is, I’ve realized, in line with the Democrats party line. So is it adoption, or is it just common sense? I don’t know. I’ll opt for common sense.

    This is a very strange election season.

  235. Athena, thanks for stopping by. I always love to hear from lurkers. Rev. Wright is showing up a lot this weekend. I am thinking that because McCain doesn’t have as much money to work with that he has waited the last weekend to mobilize the Republican base and remind them of all the dirt we learned about Obama in the primaries.

    The latest ad released by Obama should also remind women about the sexism used against Hillary Clinton. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s over at No Quarter: http://www.noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/11/02/open-thread-democratic-women-respond-to-obamas-latest-sexist-gambit/

  236. I know Obama can get experience governing in California. Since Hollywood wants him so bad THEY can have him.

  237. Vermont would be the perfect haven for these shills. Home of Howard Dean and Pat Leahy. They will fit right in up there.

  238. Pat, nothing helps clear the mind of the vagaries of an election season as a nice, tall pyramid of corks growing ever so large on a nice fall afternoon. And if that isn’t true, drink another couple of six bottles.

  239. What’s Rockefeller or should I say Senator AT&T’s excuse?

    No don’t tell me, let me guess?


  240. And those corks would make some lovely tree ornaments. This is all the excuse I need. Bring them on!!

  241. I still say Hollywood is a better fit. That way they can have their little social experiment in their own backyard.

  242. CWaltz: You mean their gated communities.

  243. Did we find out how Murphy got her polling info on the other site? I have had to take computer online courses for work all day. I need to know before I try to sleep!

    46 hours we hopefully will know!

  244. nv swing voter> No, PUMAs haven’t adopted the Republican party line. And I think most PUMAs are under no illusion that the Republican party has embraced Hillary and Bill Clinton just because they’re saying nice things about them now. It’s just that in this particular election, after the Democratic party adopted every smear and tactic Republicans had perfected against the Clintons, PUMAs find ourselves seeing the Democratic party in a whole new light. This is not about embracing the Republican party, this is about taking the Democratic party back.

  245. Even better. I like the idea of them being seperated from the rest of us “low information, racist Appalachian” folk by fences. We can even throw in Matthews and Olbermann TV for them. Chris can tingle 24/7

  246. I just read that many black churches “prayed” today for an Obama win. They say it is a “miracle”. Isn’t their a law against promoting political candidates when you are tax exempt? We must just be ignoring any and all laws these days.

    The “aunt” is planted in Boston receiving state benefits and social security. How do you get social security when you need a number to apply and she was told to leave four years ago by the Immigration Services? Doesn’t pass the smell test.

  247. Katiebird, are you still here? We need another post, and I don’t know what happened to myiq.

  248. DYB, I agree. This is about holding the Democratic Party accountable so that it doesn’t become the Republican Party. In fact, the Democratic Party has acted worse than the Republican Party this year. Just because Bush got away with 8 years of corruption doesn’t mean we need to start acting like him in order to win elections. Especially when it involves destroying people in our own party to do it.

  249. I haven’t adopted any party line. I am unfettered by party ideology. I will do what I believe is in the best interest of our country and vote for who I believe will act in IT’S interest. Until the GOP and Dem party clean house and get rid of the corruption I will remain independant.

  250. Pat – I also heard some white conservative churches, prayed for a McCain win. Is God now confused? How does He decide?

  251. fuzzybeargville, on November 2nd, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:

    I want all us commenters to tell our story so riverdaughter has a perminate record of how we got here it may make the threads long but we have 10’s or 100’s of lurkers out there that are sitting on the fence and they need to hear us speak!

    Because I’m an active Republican, I’ll wait until after this election to tell my story. Because, while I’m very active in my party, I don’t support all my R candidates. I’m the one with the angry scowl on my face when I go to meetings and they tell me I MUST vote a straight R ticket. Not going to happen and I’m pretty vocal about it.

  252. Nobody follows that silly old law about churches not getting involved in politics! Certainly not where Obama is concerned. Rev. Wright did a whole lot of talking about politics at Trinity. So did Pfleger. They even had a video up on their web-site of an Obama speech delivered at Trinity – which touched on all the talking points of his campaign. Law, schmaw!

  253. If God were answering political prayers, HoDean would have a constant flatulence problem, the BrazilleNut would be bald and Nasty Nancy would be leaking botox from her ears. No luck for mine so far.

  254. The white churches praying….it was true, but also snark. Still, I wonder….how this God decides….McCain/Obama….Palin/Biden….hmmmm…….decision time.

  255. Prolix,

    I will be laughing myself to sleep tonight, thanks to you!

  256. Okay I guess no one wants to tell me!

    Nite Nite

  257. Bostonboomer – and the rest of you – your writing from the heart moved me to do likewise. I do not usually blog about my feelings at Potpourri. But now I have a written a post – just called “Sad” – and put it up. I will sleep better for having written it; I feel more peaceful already. A special thanks again to Lakota in GA for mentioning integrity – all my life, in matters public and private, I have fought for that and your mention of it helped me see why, just now, when I have not felt this way before during this election cycle, I feel sad now.

  258. I’m a longtime denizen of DU who has made herself scarce in order not to ruffle feathers, be branded a tr0ll and get tombstoned. I was appalled by the slanderous, misogynistic treatment of Hillary there. I have also seen how Obama appeals to sexism, arrogance and class prejudice in the attitudes of my worse half.

    I see Obama as the Invisible Man candidate–the latest example of how upper-class white liberals use African-Americans as pawns in a class war against other whites. Mike Nichols and Elaine May, who got their start in Hyde Park in the 50s, once said of Obama’s neighborhood, “Black and white, standing together shoulder to shoulder against the lower classes.” I have become deeply disturbed by the loathing and disdain heaped on working class people, particularly whites, who are presumed to be ignorant racist losers. This open, ugly, but unacknowledged class war makes me deeply suspicious of Obama and his supporters.

    The only Democrats in recent memory who successfully grappled with The Bubba Question are the Clintons. They remain the only experts in addressing the economic concerns of the vast middle class. Third-way politics answers the question of inequality by expanding opportunity rather than by forceful reapportionment. The emphasis on opportunity over outcome has its hazards but remains a more promising and resilient way to make the most of our nation’s potential. This, more than ever, is what we needed, but with Obama we will not get it.

  259. Heidi – Smile, a great and good Man and Woman are about to take over the most powerful positions in the world. Hillary and Bill will be on their side!

    It is a good day!

  260. BB, it’s nothing new for me to have women laughing at me in bed.

  261. Going to read it right now, Heidi. I’m sorry you’re sad, but we will all hang together and make things right.

  262. CWaltz, on November 3rd, 2008 at 12:16 am Said:

    THAT made me smile.

  263. bostonboomer — What a beautiful post and picture, and fantastic historical election journey. Thank you. How great that Conflucians have had each other for inspiration, collaboration, and PUMAfyin’.

  264. Oops, I said the R-word and landed in moderation! Hellllp!

  265. I’m so glad for this place. Prolix – you are hilarious!

  266. Heidi Li,

    Your post was sad, but beautiful too. Thank you.

  267. I went and did my early voting yesterday and went with McCain/Palin. I even donated to both the Pennsylvania GOP running Rev Wright ads in PA and GOP trust running Rev Wright all over! It felt great and I am not looking back. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever donate a dime to the GOP I would have said not a snowballs chance in hell.

  268. Thanks for the words of good cheer and fellowship. And I do have determination and confidence that all sorts of people will indeed hang together and make our country a better place. But integrity sometimes requires being honest with oneself about one’s feelings and why one is feeling them. That’s why I feel more peaceful for having written my piece. And then having written it, I am able to come here and rejoin the conversation in a more settled frame of mind.

  269. Prolix: LOL!!!!!

  270. Also, I just skimmed the avatars for the first time in a long time and to scroll by them quickly is good for a quick smile.

  271. I have been wanting to vote for Hillary Clinton since 1992. I’ve never actually been registered as a Democrat – or as any party member – but I have always voted for the Democrat (Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and all senators, sometimes Greens and other left-wing parties in local elections). This time, I will vote for the Republican. How’s that for change?

    But for me, change was gradual.

    After 9/11, I started reading the Koran. It wasn’t hard to connect the dots between Islamic fundamentalists blowing people up the whole world over and the text in the Koran commanding them to ‘kill the unbelievers’ and ‘smite them at their necks.’

    I was originally against the Iraq war and marched in the first major “peace rally” in New York in 2003. What I saw shocked me: swastikas superimposed on the Israeli flag, Palestinian flags shoved in my face, and Jewish conspiracy theories tangled into “no blood for oil” signs. Far from being an anti-war march, this was an anti-Israel march. The left had become the new far right.

    Unfortunately, the poison of anti-Semitism spread quickly throughout the left via the likes of Daily Kos and moveon.org. I began to watch Fox News, because it was the only network that still called terrorists “terrorists.” But I still felt safe voting Democrat. That is, until last year, when I saw Obama’s anti-Clinton “1984” video. Something sinister was amiss, and it reeked of Saudi slush funds. The anti-Clinton attacks were orchestrated, and dissent was rapidly purged from the (Un-)Democratic Party.

    Obama did not win the primaries, Clinton did. We all know that. And it’s curious timing that the financial markets suddenly collapsed just weeks before the election. There is more behind the scenes at work here, and it is being kept hidden from us. Trust your instincts.

    So for me, the choice is no longer between a Republican and a Democrat. The Democrat did not receive the nomination. The choice is between a Republican and a far-left demagogue.

    You have seen the Obama campaign thugs and kool-aid drinkers harass and intimidate people. You may have been harassed by them yourselves. The fact is, they are scared. They know the polls are skewed. They know the media is biased. They know they have spammed every website with lies in order to confuse voters. Don’t be fooled.

    This is OUR country and WE have the right to vote for whomever WE choose, not for whom the DNC anoints for us or for whom the media decide is best for us. For me, the journey is over and the choice is clear: McCain/Palin all the way. It’s a vote for Clinton in 2012. It’s a vote for the future of America. It’s a vote for freedom and democracy everywhere in the world.

    PUMA power!

  272. Folks, I know others have said this, but as my screen name implies, I’m not a stranger to overstating the obvious with too many words. For this community of right-minded, exceedingly bright, cordial, caring, and intellectually integrity filled folks, Tuesday is a beginning no matter what the outcome. Our commitment to bringing back integrity to the D party must burn as bright after Tuesday as it has in the last 10 months. Frankly, I can’t imagine a world without you folks. If home is where the heart is — the power source for my Jarvik 7 runs through this website.

  273. New thread up

  274. Yay, new post up by myiq2xu!

  275. Hey, anyone moving upstairs?

  276. so last election was super close, and there were no puma, most dems voted dem, most repubs voted repub right? So this time around, aren’t most of the repubs still voting repub, and now even some of the dems are also voting mccain due to puma right? Am I missing something, can someone enligten me as how barry can win if that is the case? am I to believe there are more dems this time around voting for him, and repubs as well? Is “that one” really that powerful? gaaaahhh…so confused.

  277. My goodness, where did you get that great picture? It looks just like one of my favourite footpaths, or part of it, over Winter Hill. I’m on it two or three times a week. I’ll be there more often, now I know how our society hates women and wishes we would just shut up and go away.

  278. Intuition. I was in NY, the belly of the beast, so to speak. (No disrepsect to NY people on here, but let’s be honest.) And they are all gung ho over the guy. I met some McCain people on the subway, of all places. So I felt pretty good.

    But intuition is the correct way to put it. I’m hoping that he can be a pragmatist, but I just don’t buy it. With a party majority, the country is going to the left, but too far to the left in my personal opinion.

  279. bostonboomer, this is a wondeful post and is my (and I suspect millions of voters as well) story.

    What a long strange journey. I started, like many of us, willing to support the dem candidate whoever it was. I turned to Hillary during the debates because, truly, noone could hold a candle to her. So prepared, thoughtful and brilliant.

    A few things really stand out in my mind…

    The BO and edwards pile-on during the debates.

    BO’s “embrace” of reagan.

    BO’s “not sure” of his voters going to Hillary.

    MO having to “think about” voting for Hillary.

    The caucus fraud.

    The long “lunch break” at the RBC meeting.

    The shameful, disgraceful roll call vote and the underhanded, sneaky way in which it was handled.

    I have been a dem for 25 years and have never seen anyone responsible for so much party division as BO.

    So, this morning as I got out my ballot, which has been completed, except for the top, for about a week, it was surprisingly easy to fill in that oval beside McCain/Palin.

  280. randall,

    This election there are many more registered Democrats than Republicans. That’s independent of The One, higher Dem registration was noted early on, even before the primaries began. It was always going to be easier for a Dem to win this than a Republican…which is why Obama’s massive outspending should have put him a lot further ahead than he is, and also why it was particularly egregious for Obama to jettison every Democratic (and democratic) principle we hold dear in order to “win.”

    Battlecat, your experience with the “peace rally” made me think of the first groups that organized the anti-war marches; well meaning and they were the only ones actually doing anything, but they also tended to be affiliated with a lot of really fringe groups. It was a real turnoff and a major obstacle to getting the antiwar view heard. Also, anti-Israel (that is, being opposed to some of Israel’s policies) does not equate with anti-semitic. There are legitimate reasons that some people believe our war in Iraq and our threatened wars in Iran and Syria are largely at Israel’s behest, and not everyone who believes that is a whacked-out conspiracy theorist. I think you just saw that position taken to an extreme, and extremes are never pretty.

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