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      Everyone remember the Panama papers? A leak of bank records showing that the ultra-rich are hiding massive wealth, tax-free and often breaking the law to do so? A rather weak set of laws designed to allow tax avoidance by rich people, at that. Found out the other day that the reporter who broke the Panama Papers story was killed by a car bomb. Coincidence, n […]
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Not-so scary Sarah

I’m sold.  From Hillbuzz:

Last night here in Chicago’s Boystown, we counted 22 separate Sarah Palin/John McCain costumes out – always generating strong crowd interest, cheering, and applause. One of the costume sets was a guy dressed as Alaska (outline of state) matched up with another guy dressed as a house (I can see Alaska from my house). There was one group of people who dressed as Palin and her secret service entourage. Another of Palin with her husband Todd, and plenty of Palin’s by themselves in bright red suits. The best of the night was a man dressed as McCain and another as Palin, complete with a Cindy and Todd and a Bullwinkle moose.

Not a single person dressed as Obama and Biden.

I’m a flaming heterosexual, but if I ever go to Chicago I want to party with those guys. 

Consider this an open thread (you will anyway)

83 Responses

  1. Woohoo! Am I first?

  2. britgirls:

    You betcha!

  3. That little girl is adorable.

  4. Oh that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. that prank call was terrible. typical obots.

  6. Ay, que linda!

    And the “Sarah,” complete with “baby” in-arm, is absolutely precious!

  7. Oh, Snap! I am watching the Huckabee show and this guy just said Obama was a charlatan. LOL

  8. sod — for some reason when I try to post the link to hot air of the prank call my comment gets lost.
    Go to hotair.com — they have the audio.

  9. never mind — afrocity got you the abc link t the prank.

  10. THAT is the absolute cutest ever !!!

    I hope all those fake feminists out there criticising Sarah choke on it !

  11. I’d love to see Sarah take on Barry in a debate – any topic, no time to prep.

    She would eat his lunch (and drink his milkshake too)

  12. hey when you look in recent comments, we look like some beautiful PUMAs

  13. From Last Thread:

    Little Isis, on November 1st, 2008 at 8:58 pm Said:
    fuzzybeargville, on November 1st, 2008 at 8:39 pm Said:
    Pat I agree to I was being snarky-sorry if I sounded like I was supporting it.
    Even the catholic church stopped burning witches…maybe the practicioners of Islam should enter the new century!
    Thanks Fuzzy!!!! I’m glad to be included in your 30% solution!!!
    Pat J: Actual Islam does not condone burning witches (The word “Witch” actually means “Wise Woman”. Which is why I never took offense to people calling Hillary a “Witch”. Because by those standards, it’s true!!! My hero is a witch!!!) Actual Islam follows both the Biblical New Testament, Old Testament, and the Koran. I own a Koran, and it is a lot like the Bible in that many of it’s passages are anti-woman, while others aren’t, and many of it’s passages are violent, while others are peaceful and beautiful. I always explain it to people by saying, “Al Queda is to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity. People like Osama Bin Laden pick and choose which passages in the Koran they want to to justify violence, and ‘jihad’ which is not actually ‘Holy War’, but many Westerners mistake it to mean that.” I own Benazir Bhutto’s Reconciliation, the book she finished right before she was assassinated, and she explained how radical Islamists actually pervert true Islam. She was a modern Islamic woman.
    Islam views Mohammed as the last in a long line of Prophets. A lot of Taliban men couldn’t even understand what the Koran actually said because it was written in Arabic. Ironic, I know. And the Prophet Mohommen was actually married to a succesful businesswoman that was seven years older than him. He was a lot like Jesus in that he loved Women.
    I would recommend one of my favorite books to you: A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Houssini, and also by him; The Kite Runner.

    BTW: That girl is ADORABLE!!! I want her!!! I’m going to kidnap her!!! And Cuddle her!!!

  14. Watching Hannity and Colmes and they hammering on the Aunt story

  15. Personally — I like her line that she was a better shot then Cheney! lol. I think she handled the whole thing fine & obviously couldn’t understand a lot of what the guy was saying (he speaks quickly & his “accent’ is over the top). Best thing about this is that she didn’t fall for the bait — she said “maybe in 8 years” re: her plans to be President.
    Don’t look for mention of the fact in the msm that Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkoz have both been pranked by these two — it will undercut the “Palin is as dumb as a box of rocks” meme.

  16. Scarecrow is such an a$$! Why does he say that BO’s “barely knowing the woman” as if it is an excuse? I give $37 a month to a woman I have never met nor am I related to in Darfur through Women for Women International! Jesus H. Christ Alan!!!
    Thank god Morris said “what kind of person is he?”

  17. btw — what the h3ll is up with the lavender shirt & tie Colmes has on? He is such a freak show.

  18. Obots are so silly.
    Palin = PALIN POWER!!!!

  19. OMG, Did you see Biden on the trail today? They just showed a clip on H&C and he looked CRAZY!!!!!

  20. I just saw Biden – I swear I think he escaped from a lunatic asylum!

  21. afrocity – great minds …………..

  22. sorry I have drag queen and transexual friends and they would sing that song to me all the time and of course I provided the Jaggermiester and one of them would in a wild flurish hit the floor after ttaking the shot!

  23. afrocity — all the botox has effective his brain.

  24. sorry all speaking of alcohol….

  25. I’ve said it before — I just cannot get over what a loser Colmes is — his revisionist history that Wright didn’t hurt BO in the primary — does he not remember Hillary’s wins in OH, PA, KY, WV & SD in landslides after Wright and after the msm declared the contest “over.”

  26. I guess I am about to give up on Bob Somerby altogether over at Daily Howler. He is still comparing coverage of this year’s election by “The Village” to Gore’s loss in 2000. Fine, as they are close friends.

    However, he takes on The Village with 99% reference to their canonizing of McCain over the years, and today he is again attacking Sarah Palin because of a smarmy column put out by Eugene Robinson.

    What sticks out to me over the last few months is his reluctance to ever call out Obama and his statements, along with the worshipful coverage delivered on his behalf.
    He is either slapping down McCain and Palin and citing their coverage by the loons in the MSM which does deserve scrutiny, but the absence of Obama criticism is beginning to bother me. When did Bob sell out? You cannot tell me there is nothing there for him to criticize. The only time he took a stance against the Obama campaign and its coverage was when Hillary was being lambasted for the reference to Bobby Kennedy. Since then, nothing much.


  27. The little girl in the video is precious…

    Have the o-bots rooted through her trash and checked her tax records yet?

  28. Biden appears “waxy” to me.

  29. But wait isn’t this the aunt in BO’s book? So how can Obama not know her. Sean said that she was at BO’s swearing in as senator.

  30. hey all a hear that tomorrow Zogby will officially be thrown under the bus….An Obama press conference open only to “his most loyal followers” Koolaid and gino’s pizza rolls to be served!

  31. AniEm — LOL!! Just wait — tomorrows the msm will be abuzz that she doesn’t eat her vegetables!

  32. afrocity — yep she is the “beloved auntie” from his book.

  33. Obama does not really “know” those Kenyan relatives. They are just much needed window dressing for is book which portrayed him as a product of two different cultures. Once that book hit the market, it was adios amigos!

  34. I would just once like to find a sight calle Obamaisanidiot.com!

  35. SOD: I hope you are correct. Allowing either one of these fools near the Oval Office is unimaginable.


  37. So how can he not know her??? I don’t get this. Am I taking crazy pills? How can BO get away with this blatant lying and how can people defend him. This is scary, like OJ simpson scary. What is next? BO is accused of raping someone and the press just makes the victim go away.

  38. The girl in the video is the second-cutest little girl EVAH! (my baby girl (now aged 22) being the cutest EVAH!)

  39. SM: So is the little Puma Cub!

  40. just got back from the Palin rally in raleigh, after waiting in line for almost 3 hours, I was about 500 people too far back, and didn’t get in 😦 I had to go to the overflow and listen outside. She did come out and wave after though, and I got a brief video of her. I’ll post later. the crowd was HUGE!!! I”m guessing 20-30,000. no obama protesters.

  41. Thanks Gary. I can hardly wait!!!!!!!

  42. Pat: I forgot my Halloween Avatar Costume! Thank you for the PUMA Cub love. MYIQ & GXM had a cute baby avatar contest. It was a three way tie.

    I should keep her right? It looks like she’s saying “PUMA!”

  43. Thanks Gary! Sorry you weren’t closer, but glad to hear you did manage to attend the rally. PUMA POWER!

  44. afrocity — BO said he didn’t know about her situation; not that he “didn’t know her” at all — the meme is he “barely knows her” and I still say, so effing what? She is a blood relative whom he knows (even if barely) and what — he can’t help her out a little bit, can’t get her an immigration attorney? Don’t forget his tax records show him as being extremely stingy re: charitable donations. Seems to me he is the one “making selfishness a virtue.”

  45. myiq — my daddy would fight you over who’s little girl was the cutest EVAH! 😉

  46. thanks, Fuzzy – I really didn’t know what you all were talking about.

    I really don’t think Biden wanted to be the VP -and is just running out of patients with all of this nonsense.

  47. YAY GARY!! sorry to hear you did not get closer…:(

    Did you see or talk to any PUMAs?

  48. sm77 — definitely keep her! She & gxm’s grandson make me smile ever time I see them.

  49. SOD, mawm was out of town, and i’m too scared to drive the pumamobile. I did wear by puma shirt though.

  50. let me clarify…i’m afraid to drive it because it is so enormous, not because of the puma stickers..lol

  51. Biden looks worse than Howard Dean’s career ending moment. Biden was like “YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH”

  52. good job gary — you & mawm should at least be invited to the WH for tea after McCain wins for all the work you’ve done to defeat BO!
    I bet we hear no mention in the msm about the size of the Palin crowd.

  53. Christine Pelosi on Hannity. She was a super delegate for Obama

  54. Adorable video.


  55. afrocity — I wonder what qualified her to be a super delegate? {rolls eyes}
    God, the whole “go to his website because I don’t know what I’m talking about” answer from a BO supporter. UGH!

  56. SM, no, but you know, I didn’t hear anyone say anything nasty, or violent, or racist about obama. they were mainly talking about the things we do…It was an eye-opening experience….plus the fact that they LOVE Sarah. there were also A LOT of young people there, which I didn’t expect.

  57. I hear Alan Colmes was upset because there were not enough Obots on the show

  58. angie, I”ve looked at local news stations and the news and observer, no mention of the huge crowd, but the line snaked back and forth across the entire fairgrounds.

  59. good lord — she comes on to talk about BO’s economic policy & she doesn’t know what % of taxes people pay. Colmes should be more careful what he wishes for.

  60. She doesn’t even understand the difference between FICA & income taxes.

  61. New thread up!

  62. Obots look so dumb

  63. Angie:

    Reasonable people can disagree and he does have an impressive body of evidence.

  64. afrocity — they don’t just look dumb — they are dumb. why else would they “worship” Obama like they do?

  65. myiq — {swoon} Compliments will get you everywhere!

  66. I’m going up to the new thread — dakinikat posted it, so I’m sure it is educational!

  67. gary-so sarah’s speech was good…and NC is still gonna be red? just like florida….O’biden in gainesville tomorrow canvassar asked me if I wanted to attend I told her no thank you Sunday was a family day for me…probably thought I was a redneck fundie…

    Was she wrong! of course my sorry boys I only date bears shirt was confusing!

  68. again…this is the CUTEST thing evvvaa!!

    You betcha!

  69. you should watch that

  70. what’s up with this prank call stuff?

  71. It’s pretty funny stuff.

  72. SoD here is my replay to ms crocker-

    for everyons enjoyment:

    this is so funny I cant help saying PUMA POWER…NObama NOway NOvember!

    99 trannies sittting on the wall if one of those trannies happen to fall -it was too much jaggermiester-

    Mccain Palin 2008
    Hillary Clinton 2012!

  73. that prank call was stupid.

  74. Oh dear!

  75. fuzzy…that Chris Crocker video is a hoot

  76. angie — my sides hurt!

  77. AniEm – ROFLMAO

  78. Tina Fay eat your heart out…she is cutest thing!

    Girl Power in the making…the girls are taking notice regardless of what SNL thinks. Wait until they find out that Sarah can fly a plane! WOO HOO! 🙂

  79. Last time around, I saw that a costume seller has predicted the winner of every Presidential election for quite some time based on which one sells more Hallowe’en masks…I wonder what his count is this year, and if his method would still be applicable with a minority (or female) candidate in the mix. Guess we’ll find out. 🙂

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