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I had an Obama supporter for lunch today

And it was yummy too!  Like my my previous post when an SEIU Canvasser dropped by, I’ll write out the exchange in a MadamaB style playlet post except that it’s actually happened to me.  It’s a phone rant, so please bear with me:

[The Scene:  I am in my humble bungalow abode in Tampa, FL, coming back from picking up Abuela from a medical lab test appointment.   While making a “greca de café“, the phone rings.  On the Caller ID I see “Democratic Party” with a local number.   Suddenly, I maliciously smiled as my inner PUMA growled and I answer the phone.  A polite caller introduces himself en español.  For the sake of this post, I will write out the exchange in English.]

ME:  Hello?

DNC Phone Guy:  Hi, my name is Mauricio and I am calling on behalf of the Democratic Party.  We would like to remind you that you can early vote today at the West Tampa Library located on Howard and Union streets.

ME:  Hello Mauricio, I plan to vote in my district, 205, at the West Tampa Convention Center on Election Day.  I want to vote where I always vote.

DNC Phone Guy: Well, that’s good then, ok, well we’d also like to remind you to please vote for Barack Obama as well as other Democratic ticket runners…

ME:  Hold up, stop right there.  Mauricio, with due and proper respect that you deserve, I know that you are only doing your job.  Whatever I have to say, please don’t take offense.  Get this straight, write this down and tell anybody and everybody in the FL Democratic office there.   There is no way I’m not voting for Barack Obama after he and the DNC stole my vote in the primaries and did not allow my vote to be cast the way I intended it at the convention.  I will be voting for McCain because he co-wrote the bill for Comprehensive Immigration Reform together with Ted Kennedy and endorsed by Hillary Clinton.  I marched in the LULAC protest and McCain stood by us Latinos – but what has Obama done?  His own aunt in Boston is an illegal immigrant and he hasn’t even had the nerve to help her, not even to help her get an immigration attorney to help her out.  If he ignored his own aunt, what makes you think he’s going to help pass this Reform we so desperately need, especially in the Latino community?  I was going to vote for McKinney but with the race so close as it is in Florida and in other states, I want him and the Democratic Party to lose so they know not to steal votes like they did on May 31st at the RBC meeting in Washington.

DNC Phone Guy: I, I, I understand and I’m happy to know that you are an informed voter and…

ME: And another thing – the Democratic Party I knew, the one defended Democracy, one person=one vote,  Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Women’s rights, is DEAD thanks to Obama, Pelosi, Dean and Harry Reid.  They trashed everything that I identified with as a Democrat.  If Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were alive today, he’d be hanging his head in shame at the fact that the first African-American presidential candidate stole votes in order to win.  This is a disgrace and a cancer to Democracy.   Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina’s votes counted, but not Florida and Michigan’s?  The only thing that makes everyone equal in this country is the right to vote.  And the Democratic Party did not count my vote because they felt like putting Obama as the leader and how are they going to do that when Hillary won the popular vote and she won the electoral map across the board?  He only won little pockets of the population but the DNC assigned more delegates to that particular population and ignored the rest.   Well guess what, my vote will count this November 4th and when Democracy comes back to the Democratic Party, so will, I.  Until then, I am a PUMA – have you heard of PUMAs before?

DNC Phone guy:  Well, I have heard yes, but I urge you to please at least vote downticket…

ME:  Oh I will, I don’t know about Kathy Castor though since she went against her district and endorsed Obama back in February, when Hillary Clinton clearly won our state, county & district hands down over Obama.  To me, Kathy Castor is part of the problem and I may vote against her.  She had the chance to speak up for us, to urge the DNC to count our votes but she did not.  I did like her foreclosure program she had for foreclosing families and was against the bailout since it did not protect homeowners.  I’m not sure yet.  Other than that, I will support every other Democrat on the ticket though.

DNC Phone Guy:  I hope that you have a good day and I understand that you feel this way, but I am happy to know that you are an informed voter and you’ll be voting this election.

ME:  Without a doubt I’ll be voting and yes, I do look forward to Hillary Clinton running for 2012 – but this time, let the process play out.  Tell them to send Obama back to Democracy School so he can learn what a Democracy is.  You can’t steal votes in the primary and expect the same people you stole from to support you in the general election. There is no Party Unity worth enough to trade the only thing that makes me a free person in this country, which is MY VOTE.  Remember that and have a good day.

DNC Phone Guy:  Thank (click)

And that was it – I leave you with Eddie Palmieri’s “Revolt/La Libertad Logico”  with the Fania All Stars sound that invokes the spirit of rebelión and demands freedom for all people.

UPDATE: WordPress automatically generates related posts around the net (see blue links below) and this very powerful quote by our lovely Katiebird came up from May 2008:

A vote for Obama is a vote against the poor. A vote for Obama is a vote against workers. A vote for Obama is a vote against good government. A vote for Obama is a vote against the future of the Democratic Party.

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

121 Responses

  1. DAMN – Living in Texas I have not gotten to kick anybody’s butt since the Primary. You gals and guys get to have all the fun!

  2. votermom, on November 1st, 2008 at 2:39 pm Said:

    Thanks for the link, but too late for this subscriber. I cancelled the Inquirer two weeks ago, after a 30+ yr. subscription, given its anti-Clinton, anti-Palin, and even anti-Joe the Plumber bullsh*t.

  3. SOD: LOL! I’m immune to Obama kool-aid. It evaporates immediately.

  4. Wow, sm! You need to record some robo calls for McCain/Palin.

  5. Carol: LOL! Go to Dallas/Houston & walk around a bit to see if anyone approaches you. Or, head down to the nearest Obama for America and stand outside and wait.

  6. Great interaction, SM! And great sound to move the soul – love the music. 🙂

  7. ¡Le diste hasta dentro ‘el pelo! Bien…

  8. AniEm, I don’t sub to the Inky either, but it’s cool to see an honest op-ed in it.

  9. Wonderful job sm77!! That poor guy didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he called you!

  10. Go SM! You surely had you a tasty morsel, bless his heart. LOL!

    Carol, on November 1st, 2008 at 2:46 pm Said:
    DAMN – Living in Texas I have not gotten to kick anybody’s butt since the Primary. You gals and guys get to have all the fun!

    Carol, here in Houston, some guy called on behalf of the DNC trying to ensure that I’d be voting a “straight Dem” ticket. I calmly replied “Oh, I don’t think I’ll be doing that.”

    That pretty much stumped him and I didn’t give him much chance to go into some spiel on the “virtues” of voting full blue. If you wanted that, shoulda kept your best player in the game – Sen. Clinton.

  11. Beautiful, SM. You really got your point across.


  12. Seems like I manage to get myself banned everywhere I go this morning. All I said is nobody’s going to redistrubute my candy today. You’ll pry my chocolate out of my cold dead fingers!

    Oops, I guess people can’t take a joke, LOL. But I’m serious here, try to take my chocolate away and I’ll just consume the evidence. That’ll teach ya.

    Ahh, beware of Pumas high on chocolate. Cackle, cackle.

    If you do eat an Obot, be sure to brush your teeth. They leave a bad after taste.

  13. Have you all seen this? CUTE!

  14. Cachita – ¡Que se vayan pa’l cajaro!

    AngieNC: LOL That’s the Dominican + Feminist + Scorpion + PUMA combination. Wooooo, don’t get me started.

  15. May the “Unknown” displayed on my cell phone is the DNC. I will have to start answering it to see if I can “hurt” an Obot!

  16. Be sure to gargle after chewing on an obot.

  17. Wait, did Mauricio really say “as well as other Democratic ticket runners…”??

    Other ticket runners? The DNC and Obama can’t even be bothered to find out who else is running in the districts they’re calling? Talk about caring only for The One.

  18. Many of these people seem to believe what happened in the primaries is the way it’s done. The way it always goes, that it was “fair and square” and if it wasn’t, so what because everyone cheats to this extent.

    Many are “new” voters or people who have bought the talking points without vetting this candidate with a critical eye.

    What scares me is that so many are not understanding when you run a campaign like we’re in a third world country you will get exactly what you deserve afterwards for having conceded to those practices.

    Your call says exactly why I am not only voting against Obama but, why everyone else should too. He’s the dirtiest politician since Nixon.

  19. Sarah on Fox, sounding very very good.

  20. My house (in a red state) has been canvassed twice by Obama supporters. The first time they were looking for my sister and I let him know that she was an undecided voter (she was debating at the time). Today they stopped by and my sister was home and she informed them herself that she would not vote for Obama and also let them know that she appreciated their canvassing work because our whole family had been out knocking on doors for Hillary. He tried to get into it with her – if you supported hillary, you have to support Obama – and she wasn’t having any of it!

  21. BB: LOL – it was funny –

    Valhalla – in all honesty, I didn’t let him. I was on a roll.

    SOD: With all the shit (yeah I said it) that we’ve had to put up with, I’m immune.

  22. You forgot: His aunt is living in a slum while he bought a house with a slumlord.

    Obama is scum, plain and simple.

  23. Brilliant! Simply brilliant. You are sharp on your feet.

    My last call from the Democratic Party was right after
    Obama’s boring speech (attempting to channel Bill Clinton’s State of the Union addresses without any conviction or background). I was thrilled at how bad it was! Then the phone rang. A woman said that I as a dedicated Dem needed to get behind the party, or some other such cr*p. I told her I was no longer a Dem, had switched to “Decline to State,” thank you, and hung up! No more interaction to Bots at all, other than the gratuitous “Palin is so dumb” comments that are tossed off with the assumption that everyone is in agreement. When I point out why she isn’t, people look astounded.

    After Hillary was forced to “suspend,” I don’t bother to post on hostile sites any more.

    Of course, I’m waiting until after Nov. 4 to officially re-register. Want my vote as a Dem NOT voting for Bama and the Congresswoman who endorsed him BEFORE the state primary (because he represents “hope and change” and she idolizes Nancy Pelosi’) to be noted–if anyone is keeping track. I voted Repub at the top and Green (a woman) for Congress. The Dem incumbent Congresswoman has NO competition. She’ll be in office until she feels it is time to retire.

  24. sm, sic ’em!

    BPD, Wow! A little girl dressing up as the potential Veep of the USA instead of as Bratz doll is the best thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. Thanks!

  25. I keep hearing about “straight ticket” voting.

    Is there a “gay and lesbian ticket” too?

  26. Good job! All of the calls I get are robocalls so there’s nobody to give hell.

    Mountain Sage

  27. myiq, what happened to the cute kid?
    never mind, I think I know..

  28. One point about national polls.

    I don’t have the breakdown, but it may be that Obama is doing better in national polls than he might on a swing state by swing state basis because he has so much money he can sink it into uncompetitive states, whereas McCain, who has had to conserve and target his funds, has not. This would have the effect of building up big leads in states that won’t figure into the electoral vote.

    Why should McCain spend money on Minn, Mich, Wisc, or, in the other direction, Georgia, if he sees no chance of the election swinging on those states. My general impression of Obama’s “50-state” policy is that it has involved him in spending money in non-competitive states. If McCain has NO presence in those states, that will have the effect of hiking up Obama’s numbers in those states — which in the national poll would hike up his numbers.

    Likely, the overall differential would be only a few percentage points, but those few points could swing the election if it’s a close one.

  29. Axelfraud is claiming auntie story is from Bush. It came from a reporter from the London Times.

    Obots are also invading Mcain chatrooms. Worried much?l lolol

  30. The AP has a story that BO “didn’t know” his aunt was here illegally. Good God — isn’t this his self-described (from his book) “beloved” aunt? What kind of person is he that he didn’t know? He knew she was here because his campaign told her not to tall to the press but he didn’t even have the curiosity to ask her anything? My eye! But of course the Obots will give him another pass: “He didn’t know! He didn’t know! Nothing to see here.” Never mind that he should know, never mind that he seems to know NOTHING! Just like with his 1/2 brother living in Kenya on $1 a month — Colmes said last night “He’s only met him once.” What is that supposed to even mean? Because he only met him once he can’t spare $20 a month to help him out? I send $37 a month to a woman I never met in Darfur via Women for Women International — he can’t help out a man who is his 1/2 brother whom he actually met? I’m so over the Obots and their justification of BO’s terrible actions.

  31. Well I did it! Voted Repub for the first time ever (55 years old);never thought I would ever have any reason to do that! I pray that in 2012 I will be able to vote for Hillary and vote D again then. Meanwhile, one more vote for McCain/Palin in Battleground Virginia.

  32. GCH: Sarah Palin is going to be in Raleigh at 7:30 at the NC State Fairground….are you going?

    I have great memories of a Hillary Rally in that location on the Friday before the NC election!

  33. AngieNC: EXACTLY!!!!!!!!

    I can’t understand how there wasn’t a clean-up team to tie up all of Obama’s loose ends. Get an immigration lawyer for auntie. Make sure brother George & Granny aren’t living in poverty the way they do. He is truly evil.

  34. myiq2xu – In sales, always be prepared to walk away, draw the line in the sand. That is the only way you maintain the power. Never sell on price, always value. Once you agree on value, you will always be able to agree on price.

    This works in all aspects of life.

    Most of my team members have never figured that out. That is why I go to President’s Club and PaceSetter’s Club while they are always staying at home.


  35. Sofia- He certainly is going! He left already to wait in line I think.

  36. Good going Anita!

    sm77 – evil is right & I will not vote for a man like that under any circumstances.

    Did anyone see the video over at HillBuzz that had a BO supporter saying that BO “would take care of her mortgage and gas for her car. I take care of him and he will take care of me.” Poor woman — the man doesn’t even take care of his own family & you think he care about you?

  37. Bravo!

    I do think McC will have a HUGE understanding of immigration and Latinos — coming from Arizona as he does. You are correct, the O has done nothing except target-market to try and get the votes by using that community — wrong — that was one of the first red flags for me — he was dividing by race?

    Not bueno…..especially to Californians…

    this one is for you PUMAsm77

    pass it on…


    “…His agenda is slanted. Even here, against Asians and Hispanics:

    When the 2000 census revealed dramatic growth in Chicago’s Hispanic and Asian populations alongside a decline in the number of African Americans, the Illinois black caucus was alarmed at the prospect that the number of blacks in the Illinois General Assembly might decline. At that point, Obama stepped to the forefront of the effort to preserve as many black seats as possible. The Defender quotes Obama as saying that, “while everyone agrees that the Hispanic population has grown, they cannot expand by taking African-American seats.” As in the casino dispute, Obama stressed black unity, pushing a plan that would modestly increase the white, Hispanic, and Asian population in what would continue to be the same number of safe black districts. As Obama put it: “An incumbent African-American legislator with a 90 percent district may feel good about his reelection chances, but we as a community would probably be better off if we had two African-American legislators with 60 percent each…”


    tu amiga de California…….

    vamanos martes…..

  38. sod — I want my PUMA shirt to say “You should have listened to me” that way in can wear it all the time. lol

  39. VBonnaire: THANK YOU! And yes, I knew about Obama’s plan to redistrict the Latino pockets of Chicago so that we wouldn’t have more Latino representation there. He’s a thug and a FRAUD.

  40. vbonnaire — I think you are right. Geraldo was on Bill O. last night (yes, I watched) and they were talking about that — Bill O actually said it was “not right” that the hispanic populaiton was supporting BO is such numbers because not only has he done nothing for them, but that McCain has been there for them in the past.

  41. LOL! That is so funny! I love the pic of the PUMA licking its lips!

  42. Ok gang — going out for a while — be good LOL

  43. Brava SM!!! You are so articulate. You just taught a graduate seminar on how to discourage a phone bank worker!!!

    I listened to Sarah on Fox also, Petal. She is so much fun to listen to. It struck me that one of the main reasons she has been criticized so harshly, besides misogyny, is that SHE IS NOT A CYNIC. Her lack of pessimism has to be just maddening to so many of the Obot persuasion, where a good dose of misanthropy is a requirement to graduate from Camp Obama.

    Hillary, of course, showed us the way with her always optimistic outlook, her never quit philosophy. Sarah has similar qualities. I may not agree with her on choice or some of the more arcane tenets of the Republican base, but I like her. She inspires me as an American. CYNICISM is missing from her bag of tricks, and the pols will not stand for that. They must have their requisite dose of caviler skepticism.

    Tina Fey is a cynic. Sarah Palin is a decent human being.

  44. I just sent in my vote for McC yesterday, it didn’t even sting, but felt quite sweet… I am surrounded at work (school) by Obots….

  45. …and as I sit here the phone just rang and I saw it was an 866 number on the caller ID. For once I answer: woman wants 75$ for the Dem senatorial campaign so they can support Obama’s quest for November. Can they count on me?
    Well, she knows that seventyfive dollars….
    Don’t waste your breath. I will not support the election fraud perpetrated by the DNC, Obama and Dem leaders in stealing the nomination from Hillary. As a Michigan voter, my vote was squished. They won’t get my vote and I certainly won’t be donating any money. She sounded deflated as she said Thank you.

    Wow, that felt kind of good.

    Funny, a friend (who thinks she’s libertarian but really she’s republican) visiting from Washington state came to lunch with me today. She wanted to get into it I think since I’ve always been a bleeding heart democrat, and she loves to debate, especially with me I think, since I hate it. Ha, we both just got down on the Obots and she mentioned the Nazi like worshiping children video. She talked about Obama as healer, which I’d never heard of. I looked it up and Snopes debunked that anyway so I emailed it on to her. I think she’s expecting rioting in the streets no matter who wins.

  46. At UGOTO there is a tape called
    telemarketer tape pranks cought on tape.
    The one I thought was funny was played on a radio station.



  47. SM: Thanks. Someone should email or text him. We need pictures. When MSM show Obama at rallies they show the crowd but the seldom show the crowd at Palin’s rally. I guess this is in keeping with the haka that Palin is a “drag” on the McCain ticket!

  48. is it sad that the only thing i really want out of life right now is to watch msnbc all day long on Nov 5 after a McCain/Palin victory?

  49. SOD — YOU!!!!

    oh dear mother of god —- that trombone thing!

    is that why you wear tinfoil on your head…for protection?

    scarred I am ….

  50. Has anyone kept count of how many here have stated they already voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin?
    Every day i have been reading and someone mentions that they voted republican for the first time.



  51. sofiaNY – Gary is excellent when it comes to that – I’m sure he’ll post videos & photos from the event.

  52. Sofia-Sarah is scheduled to be in Richmond VA at 7. How will she be in Raleigh at 7:30?

  53. Sharon: GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t it feel good to say here’s a cup of STFU and I’m PUMAtizing my vote this Nov. 4th? Ahhhh, what a relief.

  54. SOD – love the rural PA voting guide! I just sent it to my step-daughter in Tampa, whose family originally came from Altoona. Her mom’s relocated to FL too – here’s hoping she’ll pass it on 🙂

  55. Sorry to be a language dork and go offtopic, but how neat that certain coffee pots are known elsewhere as “greca de cafes”! I grew up hearing coffee pots in general referred to as “gregues” in French Louisiana, and for “coffee’s ready” you might well hear “la gregue est chaude!” in an older person’s home. I already knew the etymology, but didn’t know others had “grecas”, too. Thanks for sharing this!!!!

    Back on topic for a sec, I’ll just say that I’m not entering into public disagreements over the top of the Dem ticket anymore. The closer we get to election day, the more discreet I’m going to be in my Obama dislike. I think the evidence so far strongly suggests revenge and retribution, petty and otherwise, whether Obama wins or loses. Stolen lawn signs, keyed cars, vandalism, directives from the top to “get in their faces”, Obama supporters hitting McCain supporters with placards, warnings of race riots and blood in the streets and civil war from Democratic voting pundits, authors and supporters. Think about it. And be careful. Sorry to sound negative. Ugh.

  56. BPD-No, it is not sad. It is a perfectly natural desire right now. It will be awesome and I can’t wait!

  57. SM, my kudos to you. I’m afraid my post praising you and discussing Sarah Palin about 20 minutes ago has gone into limbo.

  58. Joan,
    she is going to be in Glen Allen, VA at an event at
    6:30 – 10pm

    The event time in NC was to 7:30 I think. It is no longer available on the schedule on JMdotcom

  59. McCain is making gains in PA even in the biased Rasmussen poll. He is only down by 4 points. But the really interesting thing is that only 75% of Democrats are supporting Obama. That is very close to the 30% number we heard about in the internal polling.


  60. BPD and Joan, I LMAO on the Friday morning that McCain announced his pick of Palin. That news absolutely smothered the expected wall-to-wall media coverage of Obot adulation for his convention speech.
    Someone will need to remove all sharp objects from Tweety’s immediate area when the common sense of the American people kicks in on Tuesday.

  61. Biden is on. I can’t believe McCain continues to allow Obama and camp to blame the Financial Crisis on Bush and the Republicans. It doesn’t make since.

    I say stop it now!


  62. Great story, sm77!

    Sort of in keeping with the picture, I have to tell this story. A few months back I got a gift certificate from the law firm I work for as thanks for my work on a certain project. When I went on-line to redeem it, most of the minimum choices for gift cards started above the certificate value, so I ended up with a $10 card for a toy store.

    I finally went today to spend it. As I was browsing I saw a Flicka horse for $9.98. With the horse was the most magnificent cougar aka puma. I figured the price had to be a sign, and now I have my new snarling puma with its paw raised right next to my computer.

    Hopefully it’s a good omen for Tuesday, too.

  63. Biden is such a bafoon!

  64. I just tried to watch Biden. I got through two sentences
    “our parents told us to be honest and hardworking”… blah, blah… that’s plagaristic Joe Biden talking…
    off went the set.

    I’ve heard they’ve strapped Biden to the teleprompter, so I’m not gonna tough it out to see if he says something wonderfully stupid again…

  65. SM I was approached on my 5.5 mile walk by a canvasser to let me know that Mr Obined will be in Gville tommorrow and offered to give me time and directions ….I told her I was not interested that sunday was my day with my family ….I gave her a big grin a scary grin like wednesday gave at camp in Addams Fanily II….I could tell she was nervous I then kept walking.

    Oh, it is telling he is speaking here and not in tampa or orlando…because they can garanty a crowd in our small square tomorrow….not so much else where….

  66. We are rolling out our final effort to defeat Barack Obama on national TV and major markets in swin

    Message: We neeed your help now

    Dear Newsmax Reader:
    It’s almost one minute to midnight.
    We are rolling out our final effort to defeat Barack Obama on national TV and major markets in swing states.
    The latest AP poll finds that 1 in 7 voters still hasn’t decided how they will really vote — that’s almost 15% of the electorate.
    Many voters simply don’t decide until the last minute. Our ads can have a powerful effect.
    This weekend we want to buy ads on both the NFL Football game on Sunday and “60 Minutes” — two CBS programs reaching tens of millions. We want to show on these shows our powerful ad reminding the American people of Obama’s close friendship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
    The cost for these two ads is about $400,000. That’s in addition to all the major TV ads buys we have already made for this weekend.
    I need to tell our ad buyer in just 2 hours that “it’s a go” and buy the ad. He is standing by.
    Can you help our effort today by donating for our last minute effort to stop Barack Obama?
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    Scott Wheeler
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    P.S. In addition to our TV ads we are planning a large scale internet marketing effort on Monday and Tuesday to inform voters and get out the vote. Your help today will make our efforts possible until the very last minute. You can Donate Here Now or call our donor hotline at 1-866-957-1467
    Paid for by The National Republican Trust PAC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
    2100 M St. NW Suite 170-340 Washington, DC 20037-1233
    Contributions to The National Republican Trust PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. No corporate funds are accepted.
    Tags: 60, minutes, nfl

  67. oh, and why hasnt the democratic party called me?

    I am so insulted….

  68. Sara….I am voting for McCain but the republicans nor the Democrats will get one penny from me until this right is wronged…..

    Advice to Barak Obama from Jimmy Carter…..provided in three envelopes….

    1st envelope…..when things start going wrong blame you predissessor

    2nd envelope…if things are still going wrong blame the economy

    3rd envelope….if they are still going wrong make 3 envelopes

    official PUMA chuckle for today!

  69. I am a registered Democrat….does that count?

  70. Damn, you rock sister! That conversation is a thing of beauty. In fact, I am going to send it to a couple of people I know who are still on the fence. I think it just may tilt them the “right” way.

    Thank you for your powerful voice.

  71. Modest expectations from an Obie supporter….

  72. the corpmedia all know about the large numbers of early dem voters voting for mccain in a couple of states, yet they use only the part of that story that furthers their agenda:

    BBC blog: gavin hewitt: Nervous final days
    Another reason for their confidence is early voting. They reckon that come 4th November, 40% of Americans will have voted early. What the Obama analysts are seeing is a high number of first-time voters and independents going to the polls and they are hopeful that they will back Obama. In the past the Republicans have done better at early voting. Not this time. In many states its registered Democrats who have voted early. That enthusiasm encourages the campaign.

    bbc has been in the tank from the start and it is truly sickening.

    all one asks is that they report the facts.

    please pumas, after your victory, demand the american people have a say about shortening the election campaign so the pundits do not have the ability to manipulate and distort every aspect of your election process.

  73. brother (registered republican/but he penned the city’s domestic partnership odinance so he gets a pass) received a door knock from an obot canvasser….he said went like this…

    Hello I am XXXXX from the Obma for America campaign and I want to remind you to early vote and am urging you to support Barak Obama.

    He said I am sorry but the registered Democrat (his Wife) is not home but the best you can hope for is a split vote in this house hold.

    XXXXX said we I guess I cannot change you mind here standing on your porch?

    He responded: That is Mighty astute of you have a good day.

    I want that moment too but my Hillary for President signs must scare them away!

  74. sod — I swear I am watching you!

  75. Fellow Confluence Members…I cannot bring myself to take those signs down does that make me crazy?

  76. I miss my old Hillary…..will I ever get her back? or the old Big Dawg?

  77. SOD — YOU!!!!

    oh dear mother of god —- that trombone thing!

    is that why you wear tinfoil on your head…for protection?

    scarred I am ….

  78. nah — haven’t been here and seen ya on since angie told me what it was (actually told me to wiki it!)

  79. OMG!

    Sarah has an event that starts after 8:30 pm Monday night in Nevada. Then they fly to Alaska to vote, and then they fly to meet McCain in Arizona for their Victory Speeches.

    Damn – I’m tired just sitting here!

  80. fuzzy — you cannot seriously be wondering why you haven’t received a call — don’t you remember all the emails you’ve sent them? LMAO!

  81. Hi sod! Just had to run some errands. Y’all been behavin’?

  82. fyi:

    Oh how the worm begins to turn the MSM HAKA continues to crack!

    from Newsmax….

    Breaking from Newsmax.com

    Zogby Shocker: McCain Leads Obama In Latest Poll

    Dick Morris tells Newsmax that Friday night’s polling for Zogby of 1000 likely voters shows a huge shift for John McCain. Zogby’s poll, conducted on Friday night only, has McCain at 48% and Obama at 47%.

    Zogby’s overall poll has Obama with a lead — but that’s based on a three-day average that includes Wednesday and Thursday polling data.

    “There is a seismic shift for McCain; it could turn into an earthquake this weekend,” Dick Morris told Newsmax.

    “I think a large of the credit goes to GOPTrust.com for it’s courageous use of the Rev. Wright ad and the many tens of thousands who have donated almost $9 million before election day,” Dick Morris added.

    Where is Pat Johnson when her Michael has strived to bring her good news!

  83. fuzzy — yes, you will get your Hillary back — as soon as BO loses this thing her inner PUMA will spring out & she will take control of the DNC. As for Big Dawg — hearing what he has said “in support” of BO — I don’t think he ever left.

  84. AngieNC-

    I did not think anyone read my letters to them….I guess they do if obama wins I am toast….

  85. fuzzy — GOPTrust has gotten $9 million? Last night on FOX Morris said they had $6 million — WOW — there are a lot of “silent” people who are afraid of a BO WH but they are talking with their $.
    BTW — I’m sick of the meme that McCain has run a “bad campaign” — they said the same thing about Hillary — but the fact is that McCain, like Hillary, was being outspent 3 or 4 to 1 by BO & BO still couldn’t close the deal. How in the world can either have been said to be running a “bad campaign” against that? Not to mention that Hillary was running against misogyny & “anti-Clinton” sentiment & McCain is running against Bush!

  86. OK — times up sod — you can come out and play nicely now cantcha?!?

  87. fuzzy — don’t worry if BO wins we can bunk together at Gitmo. 🙂

  88. Hello PUMA friends,

    Getting pumped? I can’t believe how easy it seems to turn Obama voters away from ‘the one’. Third time this week in speaking with someone who was entranced by the O-Man at the beginning and planning on voting for him, all three now are going McCain-Palin.

    In my PUMA-like stealthy way, I don’t say that I’m totally against the O-Man, just that I have reservations and ask whether they have looked deeply at him. All of them have told me that after watching him, listening to him and seeing him over the marathon, they have turned away and are now likely to vote for McCain-Palin…

    O Fatigue is setting in, PUMAS… and at precisely the right time…

    As I’m typing this, there’s an Obot vehicle with a p.a. system chanting: ‘obama…yes, we can…’ over and over…. can what?… enough already…

    keep smiling pumas… WE ARE THE ONES!!!… and by the way, we the people are the ones that the world has been waiting for….

  89. fuzzy: we can play Project runway with orange prison suits and sheets at Guantanmo… if teleprompter Jesus gets elected…

    just a suggestion

  90. Very satisfying reading – you rock, sm!
    Robin Morgan is attacking PUMAs – calling us “spalinistas” – my comment and answer:

  91. Brad — I’m with you on not being totally “against” BO to supporters — I find most people did not follow the primary at all & just assume he won fair & square and they are just voting “D” because they hate Bush. A great line of attack (since I do debtor bankruptcy) is that I tell them “I can’t vote for Joe Biden” and explain all the work he has done on behalf of the credit card industry, including the bankruptcy reform law, with a little Anita Hill thrown in. Even die-hard Obots aren’t prepared for that — obviously the daily BO “talking points memo” considers Biden as much of a non-entity as BO does.

  92. I still have my Hillary bumper sticker plastered to my front door. I have had more than one obama campaigner come to the door and start off by saying something to the effect that “Oh, glad to see you are an Obama supporter”. I just look at them blankly and say “what? oh you must have me confused with someone else as there is no way I support obama, I am voting McCain/Palin”. They point or say something about the Hillary sticker and I say “yes, I supported Hillary Clinton and we were robbed so now I support McCain”. They usually slink away. Sometimes I feel a bit bad as they are always these extremely young kids, I cannot believe they are even voting age, and it’s obvious they have no idea at the rage we feel against their little messiah and his obamacratic party.

  93. I am offering to by time warner shares at $ .50 apiece after this election….and I also offered to by GE at $ .75 apiece havent got any takers I offer more for GE because I has a good manufacture base behind its media group!

    I here MSNBO is costing GE $ 1 million a day to keep it going…..closing it down woould boost share earnings only about $ .06 or so.

  94. new thread up

  95. You know, there are so many issues where I disagree with sarah palin but when she talks about her being a voice in the white house for parents of special needs kids, well sorry to say I become a one issue voter. Bottom line is I vote for what I believe is in the best interest of my children. I have one with special needs and there is nothing, NOTHING more important to me than making sure she has a place in this world when I am not here.

  96. Great post sm77
    Today I spoke with a Hillary supporter I met campaigning that will vote for…………….Obama……………Ugh………..!!!!

  97. fuzzy — of course it is ok — I don’t think any of here are “happy” about a McCain victory other then what it will do in the long term — ie give the DNC the b!tch-slap it needs to snap them out of their kool-aid stupor.

  98. I get to be Tim Gunn I always wanted to say “Make it Work” and maybe Kathy griffin will come and preform for us….

    Oh I heard that who ever said Orange is the new Pink is seriously demented!

  99. Angie – I get upset with the way people talk about the “bad campaign” that McPalin have run – when in fact it’s the RNC that has not shown up to support them and their “handlers” did a terrible job – particularly on the $150,000 clothes deal – they should have been all over that – and never should have allowed the Couric interview so early in the game for Sarah.
    But then, it is what it is.

  100. Angie….

    Joe is a loose cannon… but I have my suspicions that once on board, he too was thrown under the bus…

    I saw the Big Dawg’s expressions at an O Rally in Fl… and his body language was saying something akin to ‘I’m on this stage with this Bozo?’… Big Dawg was not a happy camper…

    Joe may be a loose cannon but it’s his remarks that have raised serious questions about the O-man…

    As George would say: ‘curioser and curioser’….

    Have a good evening PUMA pals

  101. Angie I got screwed by bankrupcy reform I have alot of old 10+ years old crdt card debt out there from my hurricane Opal and Erin years that I used to keep my business afloat and am afraid to look at my credit report! I have heard that I am stuck with it for life now!

    Thanks Joe!

  102. angienc – I try to play down my partisanship too, but I have a terrible poker face: they see right through me. However, I remain undaunted.

    My favorite NObama arguments are (1) the perils of one-party rule and (2) yes you hate Bush and want “change”, but are you willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater?

    Also, do you think that the Sirhan Sirhan dedication in Ayers book will have traction as an issue?

  103. I still have a job and I still have a roof over my head and 3 squares a day so I guess I have no complaints

  104. Congratulations and a “well done!” to my PUMA friends who’ve been telling the Obamabots what for! 🙂

    Personally, I haven’t answered my phone at all in the past month because of the Obama calls. When they started coming over my CELL phone– obviously via auto-dial systems, since only a few close friends even have that number– that’s when I stopped answering them altogether.

    I just check my voice mail and weed through the trash to the real calls. My friends know what I’m doing, so don’t get upset if they can’t reach me right away.

  105. fuzzy did walk 5.5 and as katiebird says it does wonders for the sould so I guess I am pretty happy today I got calls from the “great family saying they are applying maximum presure on friends in Iowa to vote NoBama!

    all is right with the universe! and things are undoubtably unfolding as they should.

    We will have our 30% solution!

  106. Angie….I want to bitchslap her to I have wanted it longer I posted on a very early thread pre RBC thread a letter to her and got the “stop the hating reply…”

  107. Fuzzy – members of the smaller subgroups have a higher chance of being called.

  108. indigogirl???

  109. {{Fuzzy}}

  110. Indigogirl — I had to find a way to top that.

  111. Welcome back angie!

  112. Indigogirl has sent me for a “time out.”

  113. Oh FYI Zogby is in the tank for Obama and even he is having a hard keeping up the Obama in the lead Ruse!

    A local news person says they have a Project WWW if McCain pulls off a victroy.

    WWW=We Were Wrong….they will at no time admit they engaged in skewed polling nor that they showed any favortism toward any candidate.

    They will put out a Haka that polling is an in exact science and that when a race is close like tis one thay can be flat out wrong!

    I asm sorry I cant be totally happy about a McCain victroy is that ok with you Angie?

    It truely is better than the alternative President Obama!

  114. Mark me in the column of totally ecstatic about a McPalin win!

    Government needs to be cleaned up and stripped of everything but vital functions. Hillary at this time would have only increased the debt. When government is gutted, and Hillary and Bill make personal self-sacrifices that include blood and fire and wind, etc., I will consider removing the voodoo doll pins that are currently stabbing through them for getting on board so completely for “Barky”!

    Until then, I’m toasting President John S. McCain and Vice President Sarah Palin with expensive alcohol on Tuesday night!


  115. Guess who got a certificate in the mail as a member of the Republican National Committee?


    It came just yesterday.

  116. OK — 10 of us Puma’s went over to McCain HQ today in CA and phone banked for 2 hours into Nevada – then went and had lunch — few Pumas went to Nevada

    I had 1 person tell me she voted for Obama because Sarah has a low IQ, well lady yours is obviously so much lower.
    Less than 5 wouldn’t tell me who they voted for.
    I had a ton of already voted for Johnny / Sarah

    I think I made a 120 calls.

  117. Regency, on November 1st, 2008 at 8:06 pm Said:
    Guess who got a certificate in the mail as a member of the Republican National Committee?
    It came just yesterday.

    Regency, there is a new post, did you know?

  118. I was approached by the Obama team to volunteer and had to decline because of time constraints. But I did end up writing a small check to them.

    If Hillary does get another shot at it, whether it is 2012 or 2016, I can not imagine her winning without the full support of the same people that made the Obama campaign so extraordinary. She would absolutely need Obama’s donor list, as well.

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