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Halloween Hangover Open Thread

Didja have too much fun last night?

43 Responses

  1. Not nearly that much fun.

  2. I didn’t have any fun at all. Who do I see about that?

  3. Apparently it isn’t legal to gave that much fun in one day.

  4. Whoops – have, not gave.

  5. Actually, Violet, look up Sen. Obama. After he’s through spreading the wealth around he might just begin spreading the fun around some so that the filthy fun rich aren’t having it all.

  6. A bombshell if true: internal polling said to have Mac ahead in some blue states, within a point in CA.


  7. Ha!Ha! Ha! That could have been me! I did have that much fun!
    From the internal polls revealed in the last B0 operative confession: PUMAs didn’t go home! There are lots of us – and just where it counts

  8. Ozymandian dreams:

    Squeezing the Republican Party into a marginalized position will, inevitably, mean that some “moderate” Conservative idiots will realign with the Democrats. The presence of those Conservatives creates both a challenge and an opportunity, where no opportunity previously existed. It is an emergent moment, a rebirth of the Political dialogue, and this is why people describe it in messianic terms – the secular world does not have the vocabulary to express what is being felt.

    Marginalizing the Right will inevitably – inevitably – shift the center of the public policy discussion to the Left. The argument about what to do and when will no longer be centered between Conservatives and Reactionaries, as it has been for 40 years. The center will shift to a discussion between Conservatives and Progressives, the Overton Window will move leftward, and that is entirely a good thing.

    Just a few years ago the right was talking about a permanent GOP majority.

    It’s like fleas arguing over who owns the dog.


  9. I’m going to have to demur about this notion that “moderate” Conservative idiots (sic) will be attracted to the Democratic Party if only they’re told in no uncertain terms how stupid they are, e.g.:

    “We’re progressives. You know– the good guys. We’re only trying to help you idiots. And if you don’t like it, go to hell.”

  10. oooh the MSM has just informed me that this will be called by 8 pm eastern time on Tuesday — no need for you other states to vote ya know! cuz when they call VA for Obama no matter how close or without really counting the vote its all over! good news – I can get more sleep than expected! you know this democracy thing is too much work and responsibility …. so glad all the decisions are being made for me.

  11. good news about CA… here’s another McCain – Palin vote already in from a Nader voter in ’04… Good luck and great success to us all…

  12. waaaay to much fun. ugh
    is it true about Obama’s aunt/deportation order?
    geez, yathink he could have helped her out…

  13. From NPR All Things Considered:

    Illegal Campaign Donations Spur Calls For Change
    by Peter Overby


    But when? Seems to be an argument for McCain, the reformer.

  14. johninca
    I think they are right – after all, Obama lost those states in the primary, non?

  15. Finally – a full nights sleep! For this first year in many we had very few trick or treaters. Last year the doorbell didn’t stop tinging, this year the rings were few and far between.


    I think Nader was on the right track this morning – we need thrid parties with some strength to hold the major parties feet to the fire towards reform. that goes even for reformists like McCain. PUMA has gathered a strong core due mostly to fraud in the primary voting process. I think we could do much to push for reform in the entire voting process.

  16. I just had to put this up, in updated form:

    The Queen of 2008’s Sell-Out Pundits…Meet the REAL Peggy Noonan, My High School Classmate (with HS Yearbook Pic)


    If you want to see what Peggy Noonan looked like in high school, her self-description, and 2 recollections of her and a meeting with her after she became famous…it’s here.

  17. insightanalytical, on November 1st, 2008 at 9:03 am Said:
    I just had to put this up, in updated form:
    The Queen of 2008’s Sell-Out Pundits…Meet the REAL Peggy Noonan, My High School Classmate (with HS Yearbook Pic)

    You are a MHS graduate too?

  18. from another thread: riverdaughter, on October 31st, 2008 at 8:44 pm Said:
    Just checked the blogstats and have to say that it is really strange to be linked to from little green footballs and freerepublic. Totally does not compute.

    Well, I think it does compute. The common thread is a desire to prevent an Obama presidency. Some of the reasons are the same, some are not because the political beliefs are so different. But in looking around at the various blogs I’ve noticed respect for the PUMA’s: for their courage and their willingness not to take things lying down. I’ve seen posts on the republican side calling for changes within the republican party and also with the voting process. PUMA’s have inspired a more critical look at one’s own party.

    I’m not so delusional as to think that we will all come together and think the same way politically, but I think that greater respect for each other’s willingness to take a look at what the other side is saying may prove fruitful ground for productive discourse that will result in positive changes for everyone.

  19. insightanalystical< just looked at your blog article. I thought Peggy Noonan was from Massapequa NY. Your article says she graduated from some NJ high school?

  20. looking for integrity, I found both of your comments hopeful and exciting. I do not doubt PUMA power for a minute. It would be nice to work with Nader as a third party ally.

  21. last night I saw 2 negative Obama ads on the tv here in the Los Angeles market… up until now, there have only been the warm fuzzy Obama ads.

    does this mean that CA is now a battleground state?

    I don’t know but I was rather surprised last weekend, when I was visiting the eastern Sierra Nevada and was in the Nevada tv market how vicious the Obama ads were and now we are seeing them here?


  22. The Obama ads here are warm and fuzzy with promise after promise about “what I will do.” Of course there will be a chicken in every pot.

    I’m sure Illinois will go for BO, but northern Indiana can pull in some of these stations.

    He keeps talking about his medical plan. It’s for children. People like me aren’t even on his radar. Until it comes time to pay for it. But I can’t get medical care for myself.

  23. Oh, and “I will” have tax cuts. I suppose that’s how to pay for the medical insurance for the children.

  24. I like to read the comments in various newspapers across the country. Some are hilarious like the Houston Chronicle, and many are scary nasty like the Washington Post. It must be all hands on deck for Camp Obama because they are flooding all papers with a full haka. Why bother to vote, he is 90 points ahead in the polls, McCain is old and crazy, the one will restore our rightful place in the world as the biggest b%&*@#^t artist, and on and on.

    The best story this a.m. is in the WP about people flocking to Pa to work for McCain. It ends with people exiting a rally to be met by two hundred Obama supporters taunting them. They held signs with a supposed poll lead and were chanting “Scoreboard” like it was a football game. I am surprised that the WP described the juvenile nasty behavior of the little creeps. If Obama loses this will be the reason.

  25. SOD: That is the same man who did the “leave Britney alone!” video. A sad sicko.

  26. Help me! Hubby has just started spouting Obot talking points. “Obama will bring change and change (again?) America’s standing in the eyes of the world.”

    What do I do?

  27. britgirls: Put in a call to Dr. Phil. If that doesn’t work call Jo on Supernanny.

  28. It gets worse. He has real problems with Sarah being “a heartbeat away.” Total horsesh!t.

    This is really depressing.

  29. brit, ask him if he thinks a man with such radical associations should be leader of the free world?

    Why have we not been treated to an expose on Obama’s friends? His college friends? His childhood friends? His co-workers, beside US Senators and Representatives. Michelle’s friends? Michelle’s co workers.

    This is unprecedented in my view in American politics. We are always treated to opinions of life long friends of Presidential candidates. This year we get nada.

    Why? Keep asking that question. Why? The answer is pretty damn obvious if you ask me.

  30. WHO said the fun is over ???

    every Saturday 10 Am til 1 PM EST
    will lift anyones spirits
    go to
    http://www.cygnusradio.com and click the humongous listen button
    click here to listen http://audio.cygnusradio.com:8000/cyg1_hi.m3u
    or copy paste this link into your player where it says play url
    Don’t miss the Eva Cassidy set !

    Ps the Drudge report has McCain leading

  31. thanks state (I can’t call you sod … it’s a curse word in the uk)

    Anyone have a good link re: resume comparison? appreciate the help.

  32. brit you are typing with American pixels on the confluence so you should be ok? LOL

    I do wonder what sod means in the UK

  33. Sod off or bugger off

    Both short for sod*my and buggery

    Sorry if TMI

  34. sod in america in grass.

  35. Insight analytical , I have a song (possibly two titled media whore, I wil play them just for you, and Peggy Noonan LOL !!!!

  36. Britgirls – you might also ask him “haven’t we had enough change with Bush and Cheney?” We need someone who can put humpty dumpty back together again – someone with experience at the helm.

  37. myiq-

    You inspired my boyfriend to go out last night as a stealth-PUMA – he went as Captain Spaulding! He saw your avatar and thought it was a damned fine idea. And he was more than a little creepy…

  38. State

    please e-mail it to me at natashatodd@yahoo.com

    This is urgent

    Thank you so much for the help. Gotta run now.

  39. I had a blast !! Everyone loved my packets of kool-aid with the worst possible face we could find of Obama pasted on them. I was the designated driver – so that was cool — my frineds house was all decked out. Great food, good laughter – lots of fun.

    Next year we’re having the Halloween party at my house – you’re all invited – I live off the 13 in Oakland, CA — come on over !!

  40. simo
    I’ll be there!

  41. Ah, shit, I just BUSTED at that picture!

    Last count of mine, myiq was at 12 beers. Was I right?

  42. My fun came when two neighbors came by in costume holding a cup and asking for money to help buy clothes for Sarah. At first I thought it was a genuine charitable act, then I caught on. (I’m old, I’m slow, what can I tell you.) I asked them to wait a minute and ran into the bedroom, pushed the coins off the dresser into a plastic bag, stuck it on my neck chain, rushed back to the door and told them I wanted to show them my costume. They looked at me like???, and I smiled and said “It’s change I can believe in. ” Got ’em.

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