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What double standard?

When someone hung an effigy of Sarah Palin in Southern California it was a big joke.  Feminists weren’t laughing and asked what would happen if somebody hung up an effigy of Barack Obama.  Well guess what?  Somebody did:

(CNN) — Two men have been arrested in connection with an effigy of Sen. Barack Obama that was hung outside a building at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, police said Thursday.” 

“Authorities found a life-size effigy of the Democratic presidential candidate hanging from a tree outside the school’s Mines and Minerals building on Wednesday morning, police said.”

“Police said they arrested Joe Fischer, 22, a senior at the university, and Hunter Bush 21, a former student at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. “

“”This was a serious incident. It caused a lot of wounds to be opened from racial tension,” Monroe said.”

If you’re not angry you’re not paying attention.

64 Responses

  1. Yup, and cops took it down at once. Tells you sumpin or it should. Apologists are now saying the Palin hanging took place on personal property which makes it OK.

    Huh, wonder how long I’d last if I hung a similar Obama figure on my house. I know it wouldn’t just be the figure that would be taken down.

    How many damn examples of double standards do we need before we rebel?

  2. Send this to Bill O. He and Dennis Miller are going to the house of those who hung the Palin effigy on Halloween night in order to draw attention to it. Bill O. needs to know this new story.

    Friggin’ hypocrites.

  3. myiq, I hope you don’t mind me reposting the Hillbuzz link from downstairs. (Thanks kjmontana for pointing it out.)

    Everyone: read comment #20.


  4. Look when we (USA) werent outraged by the religious police (in Saudi Arabia) beating school girls back into a burning building for running out of their class rooms with out their burkas can this hardly suprise us?

    sorry morning rant…..

    Donna B says it best “R@ce trumps everything…Homophobia, sexism et al”

  5. I’m sorry if this isn’t “ladylike”…. but Donna B can FUC% @FF!

  6. good morning all — I’ve been up working since 4:30 am…. i need a blankie and a nap!

  7. indigo – no need to be ladylike when it comes to Donna B. It isn’t like SHE is very ladylike, herself.

  8. Indigo-

    and believe it or not she plays for our team-sad case Donna B!-

  9. Thank you! We need to recognize the sheer fact that as much as no one wants to admit it, race is probably one of the most influential aspects of this race. It’s causing complete double standards.

    (the remainder of this comment deleted)

  10. I am angry! We have strength in numbers, 52% of the population, 50% of the workforce=taxpayers. We need to leverage that strength to make some changes. One of my own goals after 11/4 is to see where I can contribute to make changes.

  11. BAR:

    Please leave Obama’s religious beliefs out of your comments.

  12. Is anyone really surprised? Reallly?

  13. U N B E L E I V A B L E this country is going toward DICTATORSHIP Have the ones who have mrs.Sarah Palin effigie hanging outside their own property being arrested. Nancy Pelosi, Howard Reid, THINK TWICE if you think you are going to enslave this country using your King Barack Hussein Obama the 1st, as a tool to sink this country’s freedom into the dark night of a Red society.

  14. myiq2xu, thanks for this post. It needed to be recorded as pointedly and succinctly as you have.

  15. Dave F, you seemed to have left out one of the charges yourself:

    “Fischer and Bush were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, burglary and theft by unlawful taking, police said. The burglary and theft charges involve allegedly removing items from a room in the fraternity house.”

  16. I read about this this morning and was “shocked!” Shocked for two reasons: I was surprised it took this long for someone to do it and I am surprised that it s not all over the Obamedia already as a KKK sponcered act of terror. Nobody got their skivies in a bunch when Sara Palin was disrepected in this way… Everybody laughed in the light of some “good holiday fun and cheer” (with the noted exception of a few people at FOX). The political incorrectness/correctness (who knows whats acceptable these days – can I say acceptable or does that offend and imply complacency in the light of “racism”) of this nation at its tendencies to far-left leaning social hypocracy. This country is becoming a joke…

  17. PL’oh, on October 31st, 2008 at 8:13 am Said:

    “….. We should all be outraged at the perpetrators of both incidents……………..”

    Your best point and I agree!

  18. It is the same argument I always make with friends if they keep on using the N word between themselves they can’t tell white folks not to use it against them. If you don’t respect yourself don’t expect others to respect you.

    I am tired of the double standards. As soon as the Palin effigy was put up I knew this was coming and knew both were going to be treated differently. It is really a sad reflection on the US culture and way of thinking.

  19. Spin this, you Obot fools.
    A hanging effigy of Palin is vile, offensive, disgusting, hateful,
    sexist, filthy-stop me any time.
    And what was done about it?
    Absolutely NOTHING.
    No-it is not a prank, or cute, or fun, or art, or any of that stuff.
    It’s indefensible.
    Some of you guys are just too stupid to see the point here.

  20. What a stark contrast. A double standard is a double standard. But there is a huge difference between what is legal free speech and expression (probably both events are covered by the first amendment) and what is an affront to both candidates and a reprehensible act that all of us can condemn. We can condemn someone’s speech and expression. That does not make it illegal. Clearly if one can be arrested for one of these acts then someone should be arrested for the other. Arguing about the grounds for the arrest is just ignoring the double standard underneath. The police in West Hollywood could have come up with an equivalent “disorderly conduct” if they had searched the city codes aggressively enough.

  21. What we really need to pay attention to is that this is a preview of what is to come. We will see that double standard played out in a million ways across the nation. I think Black Theology calls it, payback time. And Black Theology conveniently ignores the history of the blood and treasure this nations white folk have spent on righting the wrongs of slavery and segregation. What I see is that for this crowd whatever this nation spends on blood and treasure will never be enough. Permanent victimhood is their game and they are going to play it for everything they can get.

  22. Are you freaking kidding me!! For those of you who claim this is different because they “stole” the items to make the effigy – What a load of CRAP! They gave that as an excuse to arrest them!! It was their own fraternity! The asked their frat brothers for the items, they just didn’t tell them what it was for. If the fraternity had an issue with it, they should’ve asked! This is 100% HYPOCRISY and if you refuse to see or admit it, you’re in denial. So, Dave F. and purplefinn – no one here on this post has us enraged, the obvious double standard has us enraged! Of course, enough people knew this would happen. All you have to do is read the thousands of posts that were put up when the Palin effigy went up to see that we already knew this would happen – DISGUSTING!

  23. The United States of America, where it’s just “free speech” to hang a woman in effigy, but doing the same thing to a man gets people arrested.

  24. I cannot believe some of you are so surprised by this. There has been a double standard throughout the election. The double standard has been brewing for decades. This is not the end of it. Get ready America! Your rights are about to disappear all for the sake of political correctness.

    For me. I will be fasting and praying come Tuesday for a miracle!

  25. This makes me so mad my head is going to explode!

  26. I am so sick of the race card crap. Thanks to Obama I look at AA’s today in a very different light than I did just a few months ago. I look at them now with suspicion and fear—-wonder, what are they going to do if they elect The One? Well, I don’t like those feelings and thoughts and I am disgusted by The One because he is responsible for this conflict. He is not a unifier at all. He sows only the seeds of race and class warfare.

  27. Actually, if one reads the article they had asked for the materials which were, apparently, given to them. So they didn’t actually steal them, but received them under false pretenses. Although I’m not really buying that. Sounds more like they’ve been scapegoated.

    From the article: ‘”This was a serious incident. It caused a lot of wounds to be opened from racial tension,” Monroe said.’

    This comment is interesting to note. And it begs the question: Will public speech be censored with Obama as President because speaking out against him will cause racial tension?

    Now, this little prank could have actually hurt someone.


  28. To rgfmich:

    How could these two have been charged with theft if a thorough investigation had not been wrought against them? The question is this, if this had been a Palin effigy, would police have gotten together a task force and investigated this incident in a similar way in which a criminal investigation would have been investigated? I seriously doubt it. There is also the comment that the incident opened “serious racial wounds”. So what, hanging a black man opens wounds, but hanging a white woman is a joke? F you and all your Obama supporting stooges.

  29. Cheryl: I take from your name that you are female. You appear to be one of those females who is ok with the violence theme against women. There are a lot of women on this site who are here because they are offended and outraged by the violence against women that has streamed from the Obama camp toward HRC and now Palin. Both of these women have been defamed and demeaned—but the threat of violence against them takes it to a special level. You also do not seem to get that threats of violence against Obama seem to go to a level that is not achieved with the women. You are also ignoring that this is the candidate who covers himself with the mantle of “uniter” yet has divided this country is so many ways that it is just incredible.

  30. I have to leave. I just can not deal with thinking that says threats of violence against Palin (or Obama for that matter) ought to be acceptable political discourse. I am not talking about the legality of either. I am talking about the fact that all of us should be speaking out against t-shirts that say c—-t or n——- or suggest hanging or burning. I do not even like hanging effigies of Bush 2—to me that is just stupid—it is like people who can’t say anything but curse and yell and scream. If you do not have anything halfway rational to say, then STFU.

  31. lvlgking

    I don’t understand what you find wrong with this statement by PL’oh:

    “We should all be outraged at the perpetrators of both incidents”

    I do get that the outrage that is the point of this post is the double standard.

  32. No penis, no outrage. (used to be – no cattle, no vote)

  33. Ronnie: So sorry that you do not get the point.

  34. I knew this was going to happen. Yes indeed, it is a double standard as I said it would be after the hanging on Palin.
    Oh it was just in fun. Oh, but it was a white woman. Oh, it was a political statement. Im so sick of all the racial double standards in America. Where is our liberal biased news media on this story? Palins hanging was all over the news and the net. I havent seen much on this one until this morning and only at one news station on the net. But its still early in the day. I suppose it will make national news and become a big stink.

  35. Jangles, obviously Ronnie doesn’t remember that we were told by Ms. Brazile herself, that if we don’t vote for Obama there will be rioting in the streets. He also doesn’t know that every time we say we aren’t voting for Obama, we get called racists and bigots. Nevermind that we have very good reasons for not voting Obama. We are expected to vote for him regardless of his previous alliances, regardless of his blank resume, regardless of his policies, we just supposed to do it and not ask questions or as Donna intimated, bad things will happen.

    It is total bullshit to claim that this was not a veiled threat.

  36. Jangles, obviously Ronnie doesn’t remember that we were told by Ms. Brazile herself, that if we don’t vote for Obama there will be rioting in the streets. He also doesn’t know that every time we say we aren’t voting for Obama, we get called r@cists and bigots. Nevermind that we have very good reasons for not voting Obama. We are expected to vote for him regardless of his previous alliances, regardless of his blank resume, regardless of his policies, we just supposed to do it and not ask questions or as Donna intimated, bad things will happen.

    It is total bullshit to claim that this was not a veiled threat.

  37. urge, how about some math on this article?


    Poll: One in seven voters still persuadable
    By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Patrick Campbell worries Barack Obama will raise his taxes but thinks John McCain will send people off to war. He says that leaves him leaning toward Obama … maybe.

    “I’m split right down the middle,” said the 50-year-old Air Force Reserve technician from Amherst, N.Y. “Each one has things that are good for me and things that are bad for me. And people like me.”

    ………… One in seven, or 14 percent, can’t decide or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll of likely voters released Friday.

    Who are they? They look a lot like the voters who’ve already locked onto a candidate, though they’re more likely to be white and less likely to be liberal. And they disproportionately backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed run for the Democratic nomination……….. “

  38. Oops, sorry wrong thread.

  39. Seriously, I couldn’t disagree more with either the Palin or Obama effigies, but this is kind of rediculous. It’s okay for one but not the other. I understand the “race” card that is played out here but it’s only played out even more so when such a deal is made. I would have to assume the only difference here is where the incidents happened (Hollywood vrs. Kentucky). I think the guy in Hollywood should put all the candidates up and see if he only gets in trouble for the Obama example. Again, I disagree with any of them but the point is the point. This IS a complete double standard.

  40. Well, Cheryl, that’s really the point. You can be just as hateful to women as you want but other groups have hate-crime laws. 2008 has been nothing if not a festival of misogyny all year long. If you’re a woman, that should make you angry. If anyone even boos at the mention of Obama’s name, it’s national news. Spare us the outrage.

  41. Jesus Cheryl, you really haven’t a clue do you. We call him Muslim, his father was muslim. WE at the Confluence know that Obama is not muslim, but how is calling him that a smear. It is not a dirty word. But C!nt is and Obama supporters wear t-shirts that say Palin is a C#nt. THERE NOT THE SAME.

    Terrorist, well the old adage is”If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” Anti-American? He did that to himself when he refused to do the flag pin.

    But none of these things are discussed here, NONE of them. It is beneath us. If you want to see people treated poorly, go to some of the other progressiv blog sites and we are called bigots, r@cists, b!tches, c&nts.

    You need to get real.

  42. Obviously some folks have never heard of the Salem Witch Trials. Un-freakin’-believable.

  43. Effigy definition: a crude figure representing a hated person. It doesn’t state the person has to be hanging. The crime here is not an issue of racial hatred – it is an issue of hatred, just as the image of Palin hanging and McCain being burned. Why wasn’t that treated in like manner? Neither case should be condoned or thought to be acceptable behavior – they are both acts of hatred. I pray our future generations will rise above this election circus and elect their leaders in a compelling, intellectual and respectful manner. VOTE YOUR CHOICE !! VOTE !!

  44. Deaths from violence in North Carolina, 2004.

    “Sharp instruments were used more often in female homicides (20%) than in male homicides (15%). More females (11%) than males (2%) were killed by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation.”


    It’s not limited to the US. The entire species of homo sapiens has a long history of violence against women. The “tradition” of misogyny spans thousands of years and thousands of cultures. It’s a shame that so many people are ignorant of, or choose to ignore, this sad fact.

  45. Obviously a double standard. There is an argument in the “personal property vs. private property” thing, but I agree that if the Barack effigy had been displayed on “private property”, the PC government would’ve violated free speech rights and made an arrest, anyway.

    Bottom line, if you are a white, Anglo-Saxon, straight male you are the cause of all that is wrong in the USA,, and you are basically fukked. That appears to be the way the mainstream plays it today, anyway.

    Personally, I can say that I am for the free speech the liberals USED to believe in, the economic freedom the conservatives USED to believe in, and in the personal freedom AMERICA USED to believe in.

    God help us all if Obama is elected. For the sake of America, I hope I am wrong and he does a bang-up job if elected.

  46. Well, this post sure brought out the trolls, didn’t it?

  47. This is beyond frustrating. A couple of people hang a dummy that was a faceless double of Sarah Palin, and it makes national news as free expression, but when its Obama it gets taken down. And not only taken down, the two responsible for it get arrested. Are you kidding me!? How is this not a double standard? Ok, I understand, it was on a university campus. Take it down. The double standard is that the guys got arrested. Anyone who says that this political isn’t about race is either dumb or lying. The racial lines are as obvious as they have been in a long time. It is just that no one is choosing to talk about them. Why can people not make a decision based on important things like character, judgment, and experience (Obama has none of these). We are about to let a charismatic man talk his way into the presidency. He is great with a script, but there is no script for running America.

  48. Well you know, myiq, those obots take their women-hatin’ seriously. It’s like a constitutional right to them. So don’t you go making sense and spoiling their god-given fun.

  49. The guys in kentucky were charged with “disorderly conduct” for hanging the effigy of Obama.

    But it’s always “different” when the victim is a woman, isn’t it?

  50. And Obama..someone with charisma but no character is a problem for President? If you love George W, you’ll be fine with Obama. George W clearly has some character issues. How many US Presidents have left office with one 1 (being his Labor Secretary) of his original cabinet members remaining?

  51. Scary. Last night on the news up at Cal Poly in San Luis there was a confederate flag hanging off a frat house. Be safe everyone, this weekend if you are going out.

    Yeah. No double standard for Palin. Seeing that was a red flag for all of us. On an important note — myiq2xu, there is something of late about O and changing the constitution? I’m not quite sure what that means but it has to do with permanently making a change?

    Here is an article I read about that — I know this site is conservative, but in terms of this election there are so many important things I don’t mind reading every angle. I think we all need to understand WHAT this means. Bigtime. We need to know.


    I was hoping you guys knew more about this than me — this is why I read NQ because they know this kind of stuff. It has something to do with having too many Democrats in Washington — so he would be able to just pass things? There would be no “filibuster” — something like that.

    What I remember of civics class, like a bazillion years ago was that our Gov functions on “checks and balances” — in the Senate and the House? Something going on right now has to do with the elimination of that? Maybe the best political brains around here can help us all understand before Tues.

    Rd said Ghenghis Khan someplace back a bit? Yeah, that is how it has felt — so what “change” is it…….

    thanks, all.


  52. GA,
    If the Bush comment was aimed in this direction, you have mistaken. Just like I am not for Obama now, neither am I for Bush. Obama is an out right liar (campaign $) who is only a self seeking, self serving narcissist. He is neither a public servant nor a moral man. His friendships and associations have more than brought his character into question, and electing him president would only bring more problems on this nation. Electing an experienced, successful war hero would be a much better choice than a deceitful liberal who is more worried about his celebrity than his countrymen.

    However, back to the question at hand. How is it disorderly conduct to hang an effigy of Obama, but freedom of speech when it is Palin? Its either sexist, political discrimination, or reverse racism. Either way, what is okay for one should be okay for all and vise versa.

  53. Comment deleted – get your own soapbox if you want to exercise your freedom of speech

  54. The real difference in the hanging effigy cases is obvious elsewhere. A woman in SoCal, I believe, hung an effigy of Obama on her private property. She took it down when the McCain campaign ASKED her to do so.
    Obama’s campaign was indifferent to symbolic violence against a white woman. The McCain campaign actually responded to symbolic violence against a black man.
    Which candidate demonstrated leadership ability?

  55. “Obama has tried to represent everyone, and he has also embraced his bi-racial heritage. ”

    LOL! Obama has done NOTHING to reign in his proxies or condemn race baiting. He tacitly approves. After all, he does it himself.

    “Fears that whites have over a black president are completely self-produced.”

    That is projection.

    “There have been no instances of blacks hanging McCain effigies. And the people that hung the Palin effigy were white.”

    Who hangs the effigies has nothing to do with the fact that they were hung.

  56. Screw off Mississippi Mike

  57. Is this an indication of what will come in an Obama administration? Will “hate crime” be used to keep people in line if they question the Messiah? Look at what they did to “Joe the Plumber” and Obama is not even president yet. If this man is elected racial tensions will be like it was when MLK (Martin Luther King) was around. Perhaps reparations will be paid to all blacks in America. This has been tried before and was not pushed through . Look up reparations if you don’t know what it is. I tell you – you don’t want it.


  58. Mississippi M
    “RealKim that is real lady like of you. I am so impressed! You are at best laughable and taking your remark seriously would make me just as immature as you are. So my next question is ” What’s real about Kim?””

    Immature? Look at your aforementioned comment.

    You’re very needy. Take a breath. Go for a walk. I’m being sincere; find someone with whom you can talk.

  59. MississipiMike –

    You are the one who’s pathetic. This is Riverdaughter’s blog and the blog rules are clearly posted.

    No one is blocking your “free speech.” You are welcome to set up your own blog and leave your uninformed turd droppings all over it. I wonder, though, if you’ll get 4 million hits in nine months?


  60. Kiss10, we’ve been beat about the head and shoulders ad infinitum about black men and lynching. Clarence Thomas and Kwame Kilpatrick both described being held responsible for their outrageous behavior as akin to “lynching”. We get it.
    Most of the people who post on this site would have or have been first in line to object to any demonstration of violence, symbolic or otherwise, against any black person. What you are reading is the very real divide that Obama’s actions have widened in the liberal community by returning our decades of support for civil rights with a 1950’s attitude toward women.
    There are consequences to actions. I find I care less about the feelings of a person who has benefitted greatly from my sacrifices and yet feels it’s appropriate to flip off my candidate when she whupped his mediocre butt in the twentieth of twenty-two debates.

  61. I should’ve said “we’ve been beaten”.

  62. Although I dont agree with acts of hate in any form. These men were arrested because they did it in public! It’s amazing that no one seems to make that connection or understand the difference.

    In California it was displayed on private property. There was an outrage no doubt but it falls in the lines of freedom of speech. With the secret service investigating and determining that there was no physical harm intended.

    Now when you decide that instead of doing this on your own property and come to the bright idea that you will hang him on University of Kentucky property, then it is now public property, or property of the university and charges were filed for disorderly conduct.

    I think it was extreme that they were arrested but lesson learned do it on your own property if you want to make a statement.

  63. “Your candidate lost fair and square.”

    No. You are ignorant of what actually transpired (RBC) – see Dr. Lynette Long’s documentation for starters.

    “She may have had to endure some sexism during her campaign, but Obama has had to endure racism too, and he has never whined about the media…”

    We whined via his proxies. LOL! Moreover, the media has prostrated itself before Obama. There has been no reason to “whine.” However, when a media source does a piece that he does not like (see Biden’s interview -Florida -outlet ?), they “punish” the outlet/station. LOL!

    “How can you complain about media bias, when you do the same thing on this blog by not allowing those with differing opinions to voice them?”

    Disanalogous. Further, there are certain words that trigger the WORDPRESS’s “filter.” Your post is awaiting moderation because you used a trigger word.

    Really, why would you waste your time when it is obvious that no one here is going to be swayed by anything you have to say? Are you on some “mission?

  64. ^^ “He whined..”

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