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The One Speaks To America: A Play in One Truthful Act.

Obama Goes A-Presidenting

Obama Goes A-Presidenting

H/T to my muse, Pat Johnson at The Confluence, for the inspiration for this one!

THE SCENE: A fake Oval Office in a television studio. BARACK OBAMA is on the set of his half-hour infomercial, which will shortly be broadcast on all the major networks (except ABC). He is in the midst of completing the final take.

OBAMA (to the crew): Are we ready?

DIRECTOR: Yes, Barack. We finally got the teleprompter back up. That new techie over there took care of it.

(A brown-haired figure in a denim jumpsuit, wearing a baseball cap, glasses and sporting a large mustache, waves from across the room.)

OBAMA (ignoring the techie, relieved): Thank God! Okay, let’s roll.

DIRECTOR: Five – four – three – two – one. Action!

OBAMA (calm and Presidential): My faithful Obamabots, I am sending you this personal message, because no one but you will be watching. You have done very well for me up until now. I especially appreciate all the violence and hatred you have spewed at people who do not want to “come to” me. Keep it up! But I have to ask that you please stop hanging Sarah Palin in effigy, since some folks are starting to do the same to me, those racist bastards!

DIRECTOR: Ummmm, Barack…

OBAMA (whispering): Shhhh, Fred, I’m nailing it! (clears throat) As for all those things my running mate, Joe Biden, said about how the international community will test me, they’re absolutely true. But don’t worry, when that red phone rings at three a.m., I’ll be forwarding the call to my team of 300 foreign policy advisors, who will tell me exactly what to do. So be prepared for another attack, kids – and oh by the way, I’ll have to draft you and your friends and family. No exceptions for girls, either. Sorry, sweeties – everyone must serve in Barack’s Army!

DIRECTOR (to the cameraman): Can’t you stop him? He’s totally off script!

CAMERAMAN (with horrified fascination): It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t even realize what he’s saying!

DIRECTOR (shouting): Barack! Barack! CUT!!!

OBAMA (oblivious and delirious with the relief of speaking the truth): Yes indeed, I hope you are all ready to sacrifice for Me. I told you I’d cut your taxes, but I keep adjusting that figure up and down and hoping you won’t notice! The fact is, I have no idea what to do about the economy. Like Bill Clinton said, I had to ask lots of people – including him and his wife – before I made a decision about the bailout package. Nothing like waiting till the last minute to demonstrate leadership! Aren’t you glad you picked young, handsome, intellectual, new-style me over that old witch Hillary, with her useless decades of experience and 30-point plans for every eventuality?

DIRECTOR (to CAMERAMAN): I changed my mind. This is ratings gold! Whatever happens, DON’T STOP ROLLING!

CAMERAMAN (grinning): You got it, chief!

OBAMA: In conclusion, my devoted fans, please do not worry about all my flip-flops on issues that matter to you, like taking public financing, warrantless wiretapping, a full withdrawal from Iraq, separation of church and state, respect for womens’ issues, or any of that crap. Just because I praise Reagan more than Clinton and have decided to put Republicans in my Cabinet, does not mean I am not a real progressive. I promise you that I will never throw you under the bus, like I did Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, my grandmother, ACORN, Wesley Clark or Max Cleland! Thank you, and see you at the polls on November 4th!

(OBAMA flashes his million-dollar smile and holds it for the camera.)

DIRECTOR: Annnnnd….that’s a wrap!

OBAMA (still smiling): Hey, how’d I do, guys?

(The DIRECTOR and the CAMERAMAN exchange glances.)

DIRECTOR: Great, great. Can’t wait to see the ratings. Something tells me it’s going to be the biggest hit of the campaign!

OBAMA (coming over to the DIRECTOR and shaking his hand): Fred, thanks so much for all your help. And thanks to all the rest of you too. Whew, that was hard work. I’m going back to the hotel for some waffles!

(OBAMA exits stage left. The TECHIE comes forward from the back of the studio. She takes off her baseball cap, wig, glasses and mustache, then unzips her jumpsuit and reveals that she is a stunning woman of indeterminate ethnicity, resplendent in a lovely orange pantsuit.)

DIRECTOR (shocked): What’s going on here? You’re not Mark. Who are you?

WOMAN (smiling): You can call me…PUMA.

CAMERAMAN (excited): Oh my God! You’re real! I’ve heard rumors about you, but I keep being told you’re a mythical creature.

WOMAN (gesturing towards herself): As you can see, we are very real – and very powerful.


WOMAN (sharply): Ms.

DIRECTOR (sheepishly): Sorry. Uh, Ms. PUMA, how did you do that?

WOMAN: It was simple. Mark is also a PUMA, and he let me know that he was running the Teleprompter for Barack’s speech. We switched places after lunch. When the machine “broke,” I just loaded a slightly different file into the teleprompter. Contrary to popular belief, I DO know my way around a computer.

CAMERAMAN: But how did you know he’d just read whatever you wrote without thinking about it?

WOMAN (wickedly): Are you kidding? When does Senator Obama ever question what he reads on a teleprompter?


DIRECTOR: I can’t believe you pulled that off, Ms. PUMA. I – I – I’m speechless. You’ve just given me the story of the century!

WOMAN (smiling): You’re welcome. But I didn’t do it for you – I did it for the American people. I thought they deserved to hear the truth about Barack Obama, once and for all.

DIRECTOR (smiling): Well, hear it they will – in high-definition, on every channel!

WOMAN (proudly): Mission acomplished!

(ALL high-five each other.)


Happy Halloween, everyone!

88 Responses

  1. […] at The Confluence Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Barack Obama on…er..uh…well…Barack Obama […]

  2. madamab: Wow! I love it! Reminds me of “A Face in the Crowd” when Lonesome Rhodes had his mic kept on and the entire nation heard what an awesome asshole he was.

    This one is right up there! Thank you for the ability to put this crap into a skillful presentation. We owe you big time!

  3. right, ol’ lonesome Rhodes … isn’t that the prescient movie though?

  4. Pat Johnson, on October 31st, 2008 at 11:37 am Said:

    Does my pissed off, disgusted, ranting state of mind constitute paranoia?

    No, not unless you truly believe someone’s out to get you, and even then – because they may well be – it’s only paranoia if you overreact. Disgust, dismay, ranting, being pissed off – sounds pretty healthy to me (remember – it is your cleaning day!)

  5. madamab — great job! I honestly believe it is only the Obots that don’t see that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes — the rest of America just doesn’t want to argue about it — but they will vote.

  6. angie – That’s what I think, too.

    The Democratic primary votes told the story of Barack Obama, but no one wanted to listen. Hillary won every primary she needed to in order to win the GE. Obama could not even convince his OWN PARTY that he was ready to become President. How is he supposed to convince anyone else?

    The Clinton Democrats will not vote for this narcissist in Democratic clothing. He does not have the experience and the character to sway them to his side.

    And as for us women, well, remember that Hillary was poised to get a lot of Republican women to cross over. So, Obama’s supposed edge in women will be wiped away by the lost women R voters who will happily vote for Sarah Palin to crash through that glass ceiling.

  7. So much for Teleprompter Jesus!

    So long Barry, you and Michelle your trip back to Chi-town! Say Hi to Pat for me.

  8. This is from the last thread, but I had to repost:

    I scared myself last night with my thoughts of doom and gloom. Yesterday after reading some of the polls, and listening to Fox/XM yesterday, I just felt teh one was going to win and all our blogging and posts would have done no good at all. Still scares me, so I have to echo something myiq said the other day. Are we going to continue the good fight, even if Sir Whinesalot wins? And what are we going to do? What will our agenda be and how will we attain it?

  9. perfect – as usual! I wouldn’t expect anything less from our resident playmaster.

  10. AP Is Shocked: Undecided Voters Are PUMAs, And They Don’t Like Barry

    You guys will like this. Sounds like the MSM is looking for a way to explain a McCain victory on Tuesday.


  11. That’s what I get trying to eat and type!

    Add “enjoy” after “Michelle”

  12. Time to vacuum. I usually save this part of my cleaning when Obama or Biden come on tv. Fox is waiting for Obama to make an appearance at a rally. The best time to plug that sucker in and give it a go!

  13. ok left on last thread so here it is again:

    It is a fantasy of what happens at MSNBO after Obama loses:
    MSNBO News story November 5th, 2008

    Sitting in for the crushed KO and impotent Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow is our newest correspondent Fuzzybeargville

    The Historic Loss by Senator Barak Obama has lead to the consideration by Nancy Pelosi to remove the PUMA from the endangerd list and resuest a 11 month hunting season to cull their numbers before the 2012 election!

    When PUMA err MSNBC reporter questioned her on this she replied ” yes, its going to McCain for signature as soon as the new congress sits…”

    Some one had to remind Nanacy that a certian senator from New York and Dem front runner for 2012 was not behind such a move….Nancy Replied “she better come around or we will defeat her for her seat in 2010″

    The PUMA err MSNBC reporter replied….”Ms Pelosi do you know that is is Barak Obama tht has a seat up in 2010 and not Hillary”

    The interview had to be concluded….because Ms Pelosi’s visitors time at the Shady Pines Sanitarium was over.

    Now back to our regularly scheduoed program: Meet the Clinton to be followed by The Clinton report and finally to close tonight with a special program Hillary Clinton the road to 2012!

    fade out

  14. PJ – I’m so glad you like it and are back to your usual vacuuming self. My job here is done!

    (hi Bill!)

  15. myiq – did you pose for a pumpkin recently? Our building had a pumpkin carving contest and I swear one of them looks just like you

  16. Madamab
    That trick was the best treat of the day.
    Good work and Happy Holloween.



  17. Fuzzybear – I love it!

    Just saw a poll on CBSObama…50% of Americans think Obama will raise their taxes, while 46% think John McCain will.

    I wonder if that will have any effect in the voting booth?

  18. Thanks, phlamingo – and thanks for your idea. I am still mulling it over…:-)

  19. madamab — The Democratic primary votes told the story of Barack Obama, but no one wanted to listen.

    Exactly — BO has been dead in the water since March. The only way for him to win is depress voter turn-out & cheat (both of which the msm is helping him do), because the rest of us aren’t voting for him. I

  20. TheRealKim, on October 31st, 2008 at 11:59 am Said:

    This is from the last thread, but I had to repost:

    I scared myself last night with my thoughts of doom and gloom. Yesterday after reading some of the polls, and listening to Fox/XM yesterday, I just felt teh one was going to win and all our blogging and posts would have done no good at all. Still scares me, so I have to echo something myiq said the other day. Are we going to continue the good fight, even if Sir Whinesalot wins? And what are we going to do? What will our agenda be and how will we attain it?


    I asked that question at some length quite a few posts back in a comment entitled “the Road Ahead”. Two people scrubs – and right now I cannot recall who else (disenfranchised?) – responded. I think myiq did not get much of a response to his posting on this topic, either. I’m guessing that, right now, this is too hard for folks to think about. Nevertheless, I happen to think it is important, as does myiq, as do you. Myiq was focusing on PUMA, and I focused on he Confluence as a stunning example of social networking in the political domain. Both, IMO, need a strong future. Democracy is too important to be left to professional politicians.

  21. Pat, I’m glad to see you suck it up and not complain!

  22. urgetocompute: I always complain, you know that. If I could only rule the world…………….

  23. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. sorry all I just love how MSNBO wil have to become a mouth piece for the PUMA’s after this election!

  25. I look like a pumpkin?

    Flattery – ur doin’ it wrong

  26. Pat Johnson, on October 31st, 2008 at 12:11 pm Said:

    urgetocompute: I always complain, you know that. If I could only rule the world…………….


    If YOU ruled the world, Pat, I would be happy. Ever thought of running for President/ you don’t have any experience or anything, do you? So you’d be a prefect candidate.

  27. Pat, just vacuum on Tuesday. I’m planning on a massive house cleaning on Tuesday ’cause, no matter what happens, PUMA has work to do after Tuesday.

  28. Not only “prefect” but actually “perfect”!

  29. urgetocompute – I know we PUMAs will continue the fight no matter who wins next Tuesday. Our concerns with the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, corruption and feminism will not disappear just because we defeat Barack Obama at the polls.

  30. no, the pumpkin looks like you – like when someone poses for a portrait

  31. Bumping up from previous thread …

    Re: Halloween outfit. I’m dressing up as a PUMA, of course. Wearing the PUMA gear and a black kitty mask.

    BTW, I hear Obama’s going as DJ Lance. He has the figure for it.


    Sorry to foist “Yo Gabba Gabba” on the uninitiated. Whenever that sh!t comes on the TV I force my kids to watch good ol’ fashioned Tom & Jerry instead.

  32. urgetocompute: Sorry, like Obama, once I got the taste of the spotlight I would want to rule the world. I would turn pretty obnoxious after awhile (if I haven’t already) and you would all be screaming for me to seek refuge in the Spammy filter. It is mighty dank down there with those Obots.

  33. Myiq, urgetocompute and Kim….no matter the out come on tuesday….to paraphrase FDR…Clinton et all

    PUMA will endure as it has endured an umbrella organization commited to restoring America as tht shining city on a “Hill” ….ensuring every vote is counted and every voice is heard….Oh and like Alice Roosevelt generaly pissing of the likes of Nancy Pelosi Howard Dean and Donna Brazile!

  34. Pat – not so! YOU definitely have a sense of humor.

  35. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MadamaB: another brilliant, witty, motivating play!

    Gotta run out – be back.

  36. Thanks fuzzy. You’re a gem!

  37. No Pat we would just become Patbots….after drinking the beverage of choice you gave us~!

  38. Turning the vacuum on to drown out the drone of an Obama Best Speech Evah!!!!!

  39. No Pat we would just become Patbots….after drinking the beverage of choice you gave us~!

  40. According to CNN, the Obama campaign has confirmed that Obama is planning to have (or has extended an offer to — can’t remember which) Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff.

    I mean, they couldn’t wait 4 more days to make this announcement?

    Not only are the measuring the drapes for the WH, they are inviting the public in to watch them do it.

    Talk about stinking arrogance.

  41. We need to do a fundraiser to get Pat a Roomba so she’s not troubled with this bothersome housework any longer!

  42. He has managed to “transcend” arrogance and is now in a stratosphere all his own! Pretty soon he won’t need a plane.

  43. britgirls: I always wanted a Roomba but if you really “cared “you would provide me with someone to do this for me!

  44. frankly0 – You want to marvel at some press HAKA?

    New York Magazine’s latest cover.

    By the way – Obama wants to model himself on FDR, not Clinton. (He probably wants four terms in office.) Guess what, Barack – you have to be elected first!


  45. I hope we are all singing that old song
    “they are coming to take him away” on Wed morning.
    I can not carry a tune but I will sing loud and proud.



  46. I intend to consentrate on Pissing off donna Brazile and Howie Dean!

  47. Thanks, Madam – your stuff just keeps getting better and better 🙂

    Kim – I’m in it for the long haul and am not going to let them keep the booty from this campaign = our party.

    Just got an email that I am sharing with you from a colleague who traveled to his native Germany:


    Long ago (year 2000) and far away in a distant country called Germany, the people wanted change, so they gave power to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) because the SDP promised to take from the rich and give to the middle class and poor…

    True to their word, they raised taxes on the rich businesses and people and cut taxes on the middle class and the poor. They increased entitlements to the poor, and everybody was happy, right (WRONG).

    The first thing German citizens noticed was the price of basic commodities increased and contributions to their retirement plans decreased. The companies explained that they had to remain competitive in a world economy. The second thing that occurred was the unemployment rate increased, slowly at first, as companies explained their funds for expansion and research and development were gone.

    Millions of average people that had invested in German businesses saw the value of their investments decrease because company profits either diminished or disappeared.

    Billions of Euros (Dollars) that the rich had donated to various charities were no longer available and the Government had to make up the short fall.

    After 2 years, the prices on basic foodstuffs had risen by 25%, everything had a price increase. People began to realize that the tax breaks from the government did not cover the price increases. In an attempt to slow rising prices the German Chancellor (President) made a secret deal with Saddam Hussein to supply oil to Germany at a preferred price. (Remember the oil for food scandal). But even that could not slow the tide.. People on fixed incomes were especially hit hard. My mother-in-law had to receive financial help from her children just to survive.

    Germany, a country that had one of the strongest economies in the world, a country that imported workers from other countries, now had an internal
    unemployment rate of over 8%. Hundreds of thousand small businesses failed, including 2 of my wife’s cousins, one who employed 17 people and
    one who employed 10 people. And still the unemployment rate rose.

    Mercedes-Benz for the first time in their history closed 2 plants in Germany and moved them to China, they said to take advantage of the Chinese market, but how many Communist countries do you know where the people can afford to buy a Mercedes. The German people knew better.

    I visited my in-laws in 2004 which is where quite a bit of this information comes from. The rest came from research and the internet. While I was visiting in Germany the unemployment rate was 10.7%. Their real spending money had decreased by 25 to 30 percent. Their economy which at one time was the envy of Europe, was in a shambles ALL THIS TIME THE GERMAN MEDIA KEPT APPROVING OF THE WAY THE ECONOMY WAS PERFORMING.

    In 2005, The Germans finally threw Gerhard Schroeder and his party out of office. It was estimated by some German economists that it will take 34 years to recover from the damage Schroeder’s policies had caused .

    Similar occurrences were taking place in France (under Chirac) where unemployment rose to 11.4% and there were riots in the streets. The French people finally threw him out of office too.

    A famous man once said “People that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    If you do not believe this do your own research.

    If you vote for Barack Obama and his economic policies, we are finished as an economic power, and your children and grandchildren will ask you why, what will you say?

    I am sure that the Obamaman can trot out 15 economists to prove his plan can work, but let me remind you of what President Harry Truman said ‘If you take 360 economists and place them in a room, they will all face in a different direction.

    I am not an economist and I am not a liar. OBAMA IS A LIAR I am a concerned citizen worried about this country and the direction it is taking toward s@ci*lism. S@ci*lism has failed in every democratic country that it was tried. It can only succeed in a dictatorship.
    Evidence: Venezuela and the erosion of freedoms in that country.

    I have counted 214 changes in Obama’s policies in the last 6 months as he changed them every time the American people did not favor his stand on an issue. No integrity, no morals, no honor, no ideas, PURE SOCIALIST.

    Remember the old saying “be careful of what you wish for, you may get it.’

  48. Pat
    do the chipendales do housework and can we hire them?
    That is where I want my wealth redistributed.



  49. so we’re going to see McCain as a redux of Truman holding the magazine with a big smile on his face next Wed?

  50. helen: You read my mind!

  51. Joanelle – That’s what I think!

  52. As an independent I get solicitations from everyone – I’ve received at least six emails this AM from the Repub party – where the heck were they when McCain needed their support?
    As my husband said the other day – “Where’s Karl Rove when they need him?”

  53. I looked at that Truman pic. Is the Dewey Beats Truman headline from the CHICAGO Daily Tribune? lolol

  54. I’ll post this here later but if you want to read it now:


  55. it would be funny if McCain held a Obma Beats McCain headline…..antd it be the tribune!

  56. It’s hard not to belong to the Democratic hive mind. But once you see, you can’t unsee.

  57. Joanelle wrote: ‘As my husband said the other day – “Where’s Karl Rove when they need him?”’

    Advising Donna Brazile, that’s where.

  58. myiq – nice post. how’s the last nerve holding out?

  59. why gail, yes it is!


  60. Once again, wonderfully done!

    testing my “halloween avatar costume”…

  61. At NOQUARTER on the article Conference call: Mccain to outspend Obama in Final Week, they have a video at the time of 11:33 that has Obama stating that the upper class is $97,000 a year on a youtube video during a debate with HRC. Watch at about 1:30.

  62. I don’t know how to copy and paste.

  63. well, my halloween avatar isn’t working…hmmm

  64. I think it would be good to send to Fox News.

  65. how about now?

  66. Rapp,

    that would be interesting to see. Yeah, the numbers keep diving lower,lol. 97,000.

    If you live in CA or NY, 2 income middle class family right there.

  67. I am PUMA!!! I will not go quietly into the darkness, I will not vote for the One. We are the force to be reckoned with.

    I was a Democrat but the Democrats can no longer count on my vote. I am independent now and forever after. This year I will support McCain/Palin against the anti-Democratic, nomination stealing Obama/Biden and I also want that glass ceiling shattered now!! I want a President who believes in the principles of the US Constitution and will take it out of cold storage.

  68. My last nerve is heavily medicated, and thankfully I seem to have got my point across.

  69. gail – You know, my hubby and I pay almost $50,000 a year in rent in Manhattan. It is a HUGE burden every month to cough up that rent money, especially since I haven’t had a job that generates significant income for four and a half months.

    Two people in Manhattan who earn $97,000 a year are barely making it. Things are crazy expensive here.

    Obama is a f*cking idiot.

  70. hmmm… i heard bill richardson just said Obama will give anyone under 120k a tax cut

    it just keeps getting lower and lower….

    time to cut a new ad, mcpalin

  71. Gary:

    New avatars take a while to appear.

    Do you have a post ready to go? If not, I do.

  72. I do have one, you mind? I have to get back to work, can i put mine up now?

  73. You’re first, I don’t wanna line jump

  74. ..oh, and are you going to be hosting a halloween party tonight??

  75. ok, I’ll put mine up now..

  76. oh yeah!! my evil avatar is showing up in “recent comments” 🙂

  77. Wicked, madamab! Makes me wish PUMA really had had its own tac team to send in.

  78. Hee! I wish the same thing, Jules! But in my mind, that is what we are doing – just not in such a direct way.

  79. yeah —- this says it all — On Hannity’s radio show something similar — I say – WTF are people thinking? I have never expected someone to pay my way – never.

  80. madamb – you need to move to Queens

  81. Julie – we’re definitely moving as soon as our lease is up!

    NEW POST UP!!!

  82. My Taurus nature is to fight for integrity and integer person. There has been too much in-your-face flagrant fraud from the beginning perpetrated by the Obama campaign and the Dem leaders. Even our opponents, who have been known for this, have never gone as far as to sign up old folks in a home who may not be qualified to vote, for absentee ballots and then have them vote Obama.

    We are the true bastion of free and fair elections. So- one of the most important objectives for me will be to get together with like-minded folk and review each and every such abuse of the elderly and handicapped and gather all cases together into one class action suit.

    Please let us know if PUMA would be involved in such an action (primary abuses would be included) and if anyone knows the process, what the steps would be. Perhaps there is such a movement already.

    I agree, if a person behaves like Genghis Khan in battle, he won’t govern like the Dalai Llama. And the fish sticks from the head. If a leader has acted without integrity (Alice Plamer and all the way down the line to today), and succeeded his followrrs will behave in a likewise manner.

  83. You’ve done it again, madamab. Fantastic!

  84. Hello!!!

    I can’t post on Gary’s thread, whats up?

  85. Hello

  86. I’ve been waiting all month for the “October Surprise,” and I’m thinking that maybe the PUMA’s are it!

    From what I can tell, outside of our blogosphere, there hasn’t been much awareness of the PUMAS among the general population. Even the R volunteer at my local McCain Victory Center was uninformed, until I showed up and filled him in.

    However, in October, Ace of Spades HQ had a piece about PUMAS, “Enter the PUMAS,” where we were introduced. Some of the comments showed that the R’s on that site were incredulous that we existed and they were truly surprised that we were joining them in helping to get McCain/Palin elected, or at least, to see to it that BO is defeated.

    Yesterday, Rush spent 20 minutes discussing HillBuzz. Rush has a conservative, primarily R audience. For the past 2 weeks, there has been an increase in the comments from R’s on that site, where there is a lot of appreciation for the efforts of the PUMAs. Lots of love over there between the R’s and D’s.

    Today, RCP has an article about how the AP just discovered PUMAS as a force against BO.

    When I think about it, I believe that we are going to the that “holy sh*t” factor in this election for a lot of people. Not to us, of course because we know about us, but I can see where we could be looking like the Calvary that has appeared on the horizon that will swoop in to save the day.

    And how appropriate and satisfying would that be? After all of the horrible hate and abuse that has been inflicted upon HRC and now Gov. Palin, the PUMA’s, made up primarily of women, would be the ones to sway the election, defeat BO, and save our country.

    Thank you, Riverdaughter, for helping to create and build the PUMA movement. I’m so proud of ALL of the PUMAs out there who are going to make history on November 4th!!

    To quote a wise person, “We are the ones no one was expecting.”

  87. Terrific comment, Read my Lipstick! The day of reckoning is at hand, and boy! do we have a “trick” for the bots!!

  88. Superb work of art. And right on the money.

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