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Stealth PUMAs = Silent Majority

UPDATE:  Recommended by RD:

17 Posted on by riverdaughter

There is a post on alegre’s corner that every Democrat should read. It’s written by Pacific John who, along with Michelle Thomas and John West, was one of the forces behind the 300 Delegates petition to get Hillary’s name in nomination at the convention.

Stealth PUMAs are a significant number among undecided voters, as per the latest Associated Press-Yahoo News poll of likely voters released today:

One in seven, or 14 percent, can’t decide, or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll of likely voters released Friday.

Who are they? They look a lot like the voters who’ve already locked onto a candidate, though they’re more likely to be white and less likely to be liberal. And they disproportionately backed Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s failed run for the Democratic nomination.

For now, their indecision remains intact despite the fortunes that have been spent to tug people toward either McCain, the Republican, or the Democrat Obama. Fueling their uncertainty is a combination of disliking something about both candidates and frustration with this campaign and politics in general.

We’ve estimated that almost 30% of Hillary Clinton supporters (CNN says 4 in 10) will not vote for Obama.  Let’s do some math: 30% of 18 million are 5.4 million Democrats that are voting McCain, McKinney, Nader, etc., but not Obama.  That’s a lot more than “a shrieking band of paranoid holdouts.”

But the survey — which has repeatedly quizzed the same group of 2,000 adults since last November — shows considerable churning below the surface. Of those now changeable, nearly three-quarters said in June their minds were made up, and half said so just last month.

Can anyone guess what happened that month?

Almost four in 10 persuadables lean toward McCain, (there’s that 4 in 10 ratio again!) and about as many are considering backing Obama, while the rest are either undecided or lean toward other candidates. Viewed another way, about one in every 10 supporters of Obama or McCain says he could still change his mind. Even so, persuadable voters could be especially fertile hunting ground for McCain in the closing days of a contest in which most polls show him trailing.

These people trust Obama less than decided voters do to handle the economy, the Iraq war and terrorism. They are less accepting that the Illinois senator has enough experience to be president. And by a 17 percentage-point spread, more see Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin favorably than unfavorably, unlike the narrow majority of voters already backing a candidate who dislike her.

Not the color of Obama’s skin (which is my same cinnamon brown, BTW) – but Obama’s LACK of experience is turning off voters, as it did us waaaaaay back in the primaries.

Persuadable voters don’t differ noticeably from those who have made up their minds by gender, age or education, though more of them report feeling stress from personal debt, according to the poll.

Meaning, anyone in the middle & lower income groups, a.k.a. working class, blue & pink collar, labyrinth cube farm workers, retirees, – i.e. the invisible as Hillary Clinton said (and I’m one of them).

Half are independents, more than double their proportion among decided voters. But, as with decided voters, more persuadables are Democrats than Republicans. Four in 10 supported Clinton’s candidacy this spring.

“She got cheated, I thought,” said Chris Markle, 25, who’s from Schenectady, N.Y., and now leans toward McCain. “I’m kind of upset about that.”

BINGO!!!!!!!!  There’s the smoking gun!  Evidence of a mad-as-hell-and-ain’t-drinking-the-UnitySchmoonity-KoolAid Hillary Clinton supporter who will not support the Democratic ticket!!  We are not alone!  What do we call those people again?  Gee, they had that funny name like  some wild cat and another name for a donkey or something.  Why are they so pissed off again?  Oh yeah!  Caucus voter fraud.  Rampant sexism.  Biased media.  Clinton won the majority of the popular vote.  RBC meeting hijacked delegates and votes which Clinton won to cushion Obama’s delegate pile.  I can go on & on, but let’s get back to the story here.

Numbers like this SWING a state to etiher blue or red.  Why do you think Obama & McCain are in Florida, Ohio and Pensylvannia  almost everyday this week?

Fret not, my PUMA siblings.  Everything that we’ve inherently felt with determined conviction as lifelong Democrats, what brought us here to this blog, what we’ve witnessed fisrthand will come true.  The DNC, the media and incessant wailing of the Oborg Collective will not silence us on November 4th like they did on May 31st, 2008.  We are the silent majority and justice will prevail on election day – IF WE GET OUT AND VOTE.

On that note, I want to end it with Tito the Builder, who’s gave a very memorable interview last night on Hannity & Colmes.  What I love about Tito is that he is a Latino that echoes everything I’ve heard Latinos in Tampa, Orlando and Miami say about Obama’s charismatic yet oppressive tactics live Chavez in Venezuela or Fidel Castro in Cuba throughout the months of the primaries and during the GE (remember last SUSA poll said 52% of Floridian Latinos are voting for McCain).  So grab your tacita of Café Bustelo and enjoy (h/t HillBuzz)

Happy Halloween & ¡que viva los PUMAs!

205 Responses

  1. Have you heard the latest? The Obama Campaign has booted the “Washington Times” from his plane, and two other papers that, coincidentally…endorsed McCain.

    This guy is frightening.

  2. SM: I am convinced that those “undecideds” are really Dem voters like us who are still conflicted. Longtime Dems like myself had found it almost unimaginable to find ourselves actually voting for a Repub for the first time in our lives.

    I think these people are waiting, like most of us, for a smoking gun to emerge that will give them permission to go ahead and vote McCain as a result.

    These holdouts may be PUMAs at heart and will make their final decision come November 4th when there is little wiggle room left. Hopefully they will decide against Obama rather than for McCain. This is the only reason I have for pulling away from my Party affiliation.

  3. That last couple of lines got me thinking about Cuban coffee, which I haven’t had in years.

  4. fif: If he is acting like a fascist now only imagine how this will translate if he should win. Not a good sign. All dissent and criticism will be depressed.

  5. Obama = Bush III

  6. I have a feeling that a lot of them may be Democrats that won’t admit they are voting for McCain for fear of looking racist – even to pollsters. Let’s hope.

    I keep ranting about it, but I am sick and tired of inexperienced, MALE, hot shot schmoozer being promoted ahead of serious, hard-working, knowledgeable people. I have watched this happen in the corporate world.
    I have posted this before, but it still shocks me on several levels. First, the media has ignored this. Second, the Democratic leaders who saw Obama pulls these stunts still preferred him to the incredibly prepared Hillary. Third, the McCain campaign has also let this kind of behavior slide. I have only heard McCain mention that Obama has not had any meetings of the important foreign relations subcommittee on European/NATO affairs one time.

  7. Thanks “britgirl” for the nod on on earlier post.
    I urge ALL to e-mail Rush in support of the commenter on “HillBuzz”.
    If he gets a FLOOD of e-mails might OPEN UP HIS SHOW talking about it.
    They ALL listen to the beginning of his show to see what he’ll say.
    I know I’m not a strong voice on this site; but PLEASE give this a SHOT!
    Keep the Faith
    Go PUMA!

  8. Oops:
    his e-mail is:
    Show-time 12noon EST

  9. fif, Obama is showing – now to one and all- what a petulant little prick we always knew he was. If, and I dearly want to say “when”, he loses this election his narcissistic ego will be utterly crushed.

  10. myiq: Is that your baby picture? Cute!

  11. That’s my Halloween costume. Pretty good, eh?

    BTW – we will pass 3,900,000 hits sometime today!

  12. Pat – come on! The Klown picture was the baby picture. The current picture is a ruse to convince us, as it clearly does you, that he was once cute. Raffiniert!!

  13. Pat: We are the majority! i know it’s hard to see in Springfield MA, but there is a resistance to the Oborg all around the country. 4 in 10 are Hillary supporters that are not happy with Obama. That means that they’ll go with McCain or another smaller party candidate.

  14. I don’t post my real picture because I want to be respected for my ideas and not treated like a piece of meat.


  15. Dear IQ – no problems from me – I’m a dedicated vegetarian.

  16. I think a lot of voters who still do not know what they will do when they go to vote may end up just not casting a vote for president – there is nothing that says we HAVE to vote it. So, in trying to assess how the undecideds will break, and which candidate has the advantage, I think it’s important to consider that some of those votes will not break for anyone, and historical models may be useless.

    In general, I’m not all that convinced that people are responding to polls with the truth of how they will vote.

  17. Evil Democrats or Obama-bots-are Barak’s personal hit squad soon neighbors will be spying on each other and look below are these guys Barak’s Friends or just his teachers?

    Castro-Friend of Obama?-Cuba

    Chavez-Friend of Obama?-Venesuela

    Morales-Frend of Obama?-Bolivia

    What is wrong with this PEOPLE?

    we are going from a “compassionate conservative” to a compassionless fasist?

  18. SM: how will it play out if the disaffected do not vote for Obama or McCain–either voting Third Party or NOT? Will it affect BO’s total enough?

  19. FIf – I don’t think the undecideds will add to Obama’s tally. Like the article states, they trust Obama less and are Hillary supporters.

  20. Oh, boy, I went to an awards dinner last night and ended up being invited to sit at the “reserved” table (head table) but when I sat I found that five out of the seven of us were Obots – who carefully assured us all that Obama will be elected next week so we had nothing to worry about. The other three of us just sat there and smiled – mainly because we knew they were wrong but didn’t want to ruin their meal. 👿

  21. urgetocompute: I think myiq is adorable and one of the smartest people posting even though he does have a screw loose with that “thing” that follows him around. His postings and comment display a keen sense of observation and an unmatched wit.

    Having said that, because it drives him nuts to think we see through his pose, just be sure that when you answer the door to the Trick or Treaters that you are cautious if a 6 foot grinning clown appears. Best to be cautious.

  22. SM: yea, but if they do not add to McCain’s tally, these non-votes will be irrelevant no?

  23. Joanelle – the same proportion is used in the article! Were they all Democrats?

  24. johninca: I am suspicious of these late confessional mea culpas supposedly coming from Obama defectors. Just do not pass the smell test for me.

  25. Fif – I don’t think any vote is irrelevant – that just means that they won’t add to Obama’s tally. I don’t though, that they’ll vote for a third party candidate at this point. People who vote third party most make their decision early on.

  26. Joanelle,

    I would have said during the soup course “ok , are you will to eat rat turd soup if you are wrong….or is that a caper in your bowl there?”

  27. Pat Johnson, on October 31st, 2008 at 10:43 am Said:

    Having said that, because it drives him nuts to think we see through his pose, just be sure that when you answer the door to the Trick or Treaters that you are cautious if a 6 foot grinning clown appears. Best to be cautious.

    You forgot the scruffy beard.

  28. yes, two were attorneys, two were in Education, two in state government and one owns a small business.

  29. SM: A beard? I usually bypass looking at that avatar as much as possible.

    Look, we are getting mighty close to the 4 million mark!

  30. Tito the builder is my new KRUSH

  31. I like Tito the construction worker blue collar and redneck guys are hot!

  32. Johninca:

    Here’s a link to Tampa coffee Cuban espresso style that you can order online:


  33. Right now on FOX, they doing a report on a NINE YEAR OLD boy got shocked trying to steal a McCain lawn sign. He is an engineer, and was fed up with his sign being stolen. He also set up a camera, so they have footage.

    WTF is going on in this country, that people are sending out NINE YEAR OLDS to steal for Obama? What the hell does this kid know about Obama? This is sheer madness.

    Of course, the parents called the Sheriff. Have they taught their child anything about respect for private property? Oh I forgot: Obama trumps all principles and rights.

    The guy said: “The news is, there’s actually a conservative living in Chapel Hill North Carolina.”

  34. Love the hit o meter Obama for America doesnt have one wonder why?

  35. Fuzzy – you aren’t a babe, you are a sexy fuzzybear!

  36. I think I have a little crush on Tito the Builder!

  37. Sorry dakinikat-

    I will back off Tito….

    great minds think alot!

  38. I have recently transferred my affection over to Joe the Plumber. He is cute and is nice to his parents. And my “next husband” has to handy. The first time for love, the second for money, the third who can unclog the drains.

  39. I loved how Tito put Colmes in his place. These “average Joe’s” have more intelligence and common sense than Obama’s army of elitists. Of course, they see Tito as inferior. They know better how to run Tito’s life.

  40. Ach, dakinikat, looks like we’re going to have to share!!

    Cafe Bustelo – I used to drink that. Talk about “start your heart”

  41. McCain is distributing this flyer in PA. He clearly gets it.

  42. poor Tito de doesnt know he has a wide selection of dates lining up here in the puma sphere-

    Oh off today because had a teeth cleaning and so took off should have saved it for November 5th!

  43. There is a silent wave out there across the country that will not vote for backtrack.
    I saw that in the beginning of Oct and have seen nothing to change my mind.
    Still wish I could bring the Native American Thank You to Pumas to this site.
    It is awesome and beautiful and I cry when I watch it.



  44. fif-The kid’s dad said the kid just wanted to see how the sign was made. Right.

  45. SM77-

    so want to run to tampa and give you a hug and take you out to dinner maybe next saturday….we can toast the total repudiation of “O”bamaism!

  46. Regency! I e-mailed that flyer to all my Republican neighbors and they LOVE it!

  47. fif, on October 31st, 2008 at 10:50 am Said:

    WTF is going on in this country, that people are sending out NINE YEAR OLDS to steal for Obama?

    Fif, this is covered on day two of youth O’camp. Obviously this future delethug of the DNC wasn’t a fast learner since he is supposed to dance and sing on the way to and from the felony.

  48. PAT! Look at what you said unclog drains….I could take that in so many directions!

  49. McCain is distributing this flyer in PA. He clearly gets it.

    OMG Regency–I love that picture. The mutual intimacy and respect is undeniable.

  50. BTW

    Is it just me? There are so many great posts and comments that I’m feeling overwhelmed.

    Simma down now!

  51. Love Tito! I think in the longer version of that clip there was a Black woman giving them what for, too. The people are fighting back against the media. Hurrah!

  52. Prolix: right out of the Ayers’ play book–train ’em while they’re young.

  53. Michael: Go stand in the corner. The same one I sent Regency too on more than one occasion. She can point it out to you as she spent a lot of time over there.

  54. Any vote that does not add to Obama’s tally is a vote he lost. Any vote that goes to McCain is a double whammy. Personally I am very torn. In CT it does not seem possible that McCain can win and so I had planned to vote 3rd party. At first, I was going to skip POTUS and register as an undercount, period. The latter is the most visible protest vote, but it is also the one most open to voter fraud. So I have decided to mark a candidate other than Obama. If I do mark McCain it will hurt badly, but I do believe he will be a better president than Obama, and there is some good in seeing a large McCain tally in a state that is so strongly Democratic. There are more PUMAs in CT than I realized. The McCain signs are strong here, and I think that is the Lieberman effect in part.

  55. brigirls: lol. My sister and I say that to each other: Simma down nah!

  56. Fuzzy – let me know if you are in town! You have my email.

    What happened to Lou Dobbs???????

  57. BTW – Fuzzy, that’s close to my birthday too!!!

  58. Too bad the kid’s parents hadn’t taught him the lesson that if you want to “inspect” someone else’s property, it’s important to go to the owner’s door and ask permission first.

    I’m always stunned by this type of excuse. Not that a 9-year old thinks we’ll buy it, but that his parents think we will.

  59. Colmes … what a waste of space. If it was Hannity & Tito, then I’d watch.

  60. chimera: I am near northwestern CT, and I had to drive through their last week. I was amazed by all the McCain signs.

  61. SM: He let me down last night. These days it does not take much.

  62. Regency-

    Look at John and Hillary they have so much respect for each other in that gaze. See they are mature and experienced enough to KNOW you can disagree on so much but still show your opponent respect and alow them dignity…

    I surely hope this truimphs…in this election, I dont want this civilized way of politics to become a relic of the past!

  63. britgirls: LOLOL I miss Cheri Oteri. After she left SNL she went nowhere fast. Too bad, she was good.

  64. fif-The kid’s dad said the kid just wanted to see how the sign was made. Right.

    Did the kid’s dad happen to mention why the kid was holding an Obama sign when he approached the McCain sign?

  65. They are serving that “inspect” baloney. You can see in the tape that the kid had an Obama sign in his hand and was clearing intending to swap them out.

  66. The second Hillary-centered flyer McCain is sending out over PA.

    They are not playing. Yo, Joe “from Scranton,” what you got other than a restaurant that no longer exists?

  67. Britgirls: YOU WON’T be disappointed – Tito puts Colmes in his place.

  68. This is what is so wrong with this country: people eager to “excuse” any kind of behavior and misbehavior. Taking responsibilities for your actions is so passe.

  69. The fact that immigrants know more about our constitution the native born Americans is sad.
    So many people know enough about our country to want to come here and so many people who live here know nothing about this country.
    Does no one teach civics any more?
    How can you love and protect your country if you don’t know it?
    The kids know all about American Idol but little about American People and their rights.



  70. Agreed, Fuzzy. I love that picture of them for that very reason.

  71. let me get this straight….

    CNN poll of polls shows obama +12 in Iowa
    the other polls range from 10-15 points in obama’s favor

    why is he campaigning there today?

  72. Hey Regency!

    I love those pictures – wow – those Democrats for McCain (lady Lynne De Rothschild & Just Say No Deal group) are not playing!

  73. This is how Obama-thugs are made–their parents are making excuses for this kid. In the past, that kid would have been disciplined by his parents for trespassing and disrespect. Now, they not only encourage him (as if this kid was doing it on his own!), and then lie and cover for him. Since when it is ok to walk onto someone else front lawn without permission, regardless of what he was doing there? He was not going to knock on the front door and speak to the owner. It’s obvious from the clip, he was going to change the sign.

  74. Lou Dobbs is under pressure to support the Oborg….but Pat Worry not He will be the happiest guy when Obama loses cant wait to see the Dobbs-Cafferty cat fight!

  75. BPD – exactly – it’s a POLL HAKA.

    Why is he campaigning in places that he has a comfortable lead???

  76. You ROAR sister SM!!! Amazing post!!!

    Morning everyone! Does my new avatar scare you? BOO!

  77. madamab: Get over into the same corner that I banished fuzzy too! Ugh to the avatar!!!!!!!!

  78. Why are they still asking for donations?

  79. Pat – give it up with the parsing or you will not get to take the Obama’s for the drop off.

    Also, the kids are really cute. I think you should let them have treats. Sorry they will have to grow up with the loser parents.

    Go vote and be happy!

  80. Immigrants are required to study the constitution and know a little something about it to gain citizenship. Meanwhile, Civics isn’t even taught in most high schools. They just expect us to know.

  81. Phew. Something stinks at 11:06 am.

  82. Hi, SM!

    Nope they’re pulling out all the stops and I’ve yet to actually hear Hillary say don’t do this. Not that I’m sure she could. She’s never denied that she’s friends with John–emphasizes that herself actually and this just makes it mutual.

  83. Madamab thank you! Is that avatar your Halloween costume?

  84. Wow! What a thrill. I just got a call from Big Dawg. Not shilling for Obama … he was asking me to vote for Sam Bennett for Congress.

    You betcha, SHE’s got my vote, Big Dawg!

  85. BPD because Obama is worried I let it slip yesterday that Fuzzybear’s Family (all 10,000 of them) living up in the north east are voting NObama in NOvember….in Iowa we are a lot of big mouths and we are talking!

    I am serious 10,000 is a resaonable number and there are only 2.5 million ith the state….I have a cusin up there who is mobliized and her mom is still mad about the caucuses….

  86. Hee! Don’t worry, Pat, I have something coming up around 12 pm that was inspired by you.It will make up for my avatar and my momentary geographical confusion.


  87. If you want to see some quality fake Obama campaign emails:


  88. Britgirls: Envy doesn’t’ even encompass my feelings right now. Aching need for that call to touch my phone.

  89. Have to shoot off to work. Great day everyone. I’ll check in later.

  90. Funny, Julie, he forgot to mention that! Was that on the video??

  91. TheRealKim – I took Government & Civics in my sophmore year. Whaddaya mean it’s not taught? Is that what No Child Left Behind act is doing to our HS kids???

  92. SM – yes it is! I am dressed as Narcissism, the reason I will not be voting Obama next Tuesday.

    It was difficult to fit it over my JewFro, but these sacrifices must be made for verisimilitude.

  93. Madamab: Is it a new play????

  94. madamab! Love the Halloween costume!

  95. Greta is looking for anyone in PA to go over and let her know where you are and what is going on in your territory!


  96. In fact its not enough that the obats in Iowa harrange my cuz and aunt they asked if they could drop in on our other relatives and say “Hey C and A sent us over to talk to you about voting Obama” My cuz response is “Only if you drop over to drop dead!”

  97. Thanks, BG! (primps a little)

    SM – Yes, it is! I thought I’d put it up in an hour or so if that’s okay with everyone…

  98. helen, on October 31st, 2008 at 11:04 am Said:

    The fact that immigrants know more about our constitution the native born Americans is sad.

    helen — immigrants to this country appreciate what they have here. Unfortunately many many native born Americans take what they have for granted.

  99. if Obama wins (and given the Acorn fraud and the very dangerous people who are forcing him as our new dictator this election cycle)… the Democratic Party as we knew it will end.

    It’s pretty simple. If you live in a swing state and don’t vote for McCain, it will be the last time you’ll pick a candidate for President in the Democratic party.

    I live in a red state. I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for McCain. But if I lived in a swing state, you can be guaranteed I would be voting against Obama

  100. fif, I may just vote McCain to see whether or not he can take the CT. I no longer believe the polls and the signs are amazing. I don’t even count the ones on intersections, only in front of houses and on my drive to work through central Ct it is 8 McCain, 3 Nader, 2 Obama.

  101. About learning civics – it literally is not a part of high school curriculum any more. It’s truly shocking that our educational system is now set up to engender ignorance. But somehow, I can’t help thinking that the Powers That Be want us to be clueless and easily manipulated.

  102. The Jewfro! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Jewfros are sexy as hell – so don’t suppress it, let it hang!

  103. O/T but it is Friday and I am “cleaning” today. How can one person create the mess? I was a much better housekeeper when the four kids, my ex, and my mother were here. Super neat? Now? Not so much.

    I am pathetic.

  104. SM – No can do! Today, I am remaining in character!

    Tomorrow, it will be JewFro as usual.


  105. Linda – I have to vote for McCain – I made a deal with Dakinikat and I’m sticking by it!

  106. This is when insomniacs like me retire for the night, but not before I give the best costume award peremptorily to madamab…

  107. Angie:

    How do you live my All Hallows Eve costume?

  108. Civics is still a part of the curriculum. It’ called Government now.

  109. madamab,

    I can see what your seal says! 😦

  110. awwww, thanks johninca…


  111. that was CAN’T.

  112. re: the kid and the sign theft.
    the little bastard’s dad should get a nice shock for sending his kid out to trespass and steal.
    What a f-ing asshole.

    I see I’m too late to call dibs on Tito. The guy is sure something.

  113. Oh, Obama is kicking some reporters off the Obama plain, with his seal, his Obama flag and his seat that says ‘PRESIDENT’!

    Any thought as to why?

  114. Really, Regency? I saw a whole special recently on how it needed to be brought back into the curriculum. That’s where I got that idea.

    Maybe requirements for it vary from state to state?

  115. I love my liberal demorcatic family…

  116. I’ve never told anyone how to vote ever but Jeez-Louise, just vote for Mac already! You can’t rely on others to defeat Obummer for you! Man up, PUMAs. It doesn’t matter how you’ve voted your whole life-the party can’t be rewarded for shitting all over Hillary and us and democracy. We would be as bad as them if we let it go. There has to be some justice.

  117. Please stop with the “hold my nose and vote for McCain”.

    If nothing else, McCain spent 5.5 years in a POW camp for this country. He has earned and deserves everyone’s respect. It was an honor to chose him over Obama. (On the other hand, if you are someone who has given as much as he has, then I respect your right to insult him.)

    Remember what Bill Clinton said, “Vote Candidate Y”.


    ARMY OF HAKA’S 👿 👿 👿

  118. Woman Voter: Those three newspapers endorsed McCain. Coincidence huh?

  119. Woman Voter – It’s the Obama Possum Seal. Can you think of anything more narcissistic?


  120. I really do love John. and Sarah. There was no nose-holding.

  121. I need coffee…bye…when I can type fully awake. Stayed up late, woke up early troubled about waking up in O land and taxed to the hilt. I would care if it did some good, but we know they are like drunken sailors…DON’T KNOW THE WORD budget!

  122. myiq — I think it is very scary!!! 😉

  123. Joan – here’s the video:

    you can see the obama sign in the kid’s hands

  124. Those papers endorsed Mac. Oh, noes!

  125. Some Obama tool is on Fox right now insisting that Obama wants “fairness for all”. A perfect example of someone who has drunk the Kool Aid by the gallon! She is talking a mile a minute and you can barely understand her but she is a true believer. Ugh!

  126. Pat Johnson, on October 31st, 2008 at 11:25 am Said:

    Woman Voter: Those three newspapers endorsed McCain. Coincidence huh?

    OOOOOH, they are already letting them know, play or no access. WoW Wee, if he wins we are all going to have to worship or else!

  127. I am losing sleep as well. Only wish I could shed these extra 10 lbs to go along with it. Of course if I kept my hands out of the Halloween candy bowl…………….

  128. CYA allert the media is backing off the Obama Bus stocks in major news media tumble…..Ask your self…

    Have you sold your GE TimeWarner Tribune CBS or Vivendi stock today….do it for your country!

  129. Hillbuzz had one and they changed the words and it was too funny. It said some thing like : I AM

  130. A friend of mine has a line on his e-mails
    I was thinking how long has Ayers been teaching the teachers of our schools today?
    Is that why so many don’t know about America?



  131. Certainly when given the alternative, voting for McCain isn’t exactly a “stinker” choice. The fact that I reside in the Lone Star State didn’t dissaude me from participating in this election. Had to lift my voice and sing, in protest.

  132. pj don’t forget to replenish before tonight.
    I’ve been very bad so I’ll be heading to the store soon.

  133. Thanks, Julie. That was hysterical! Ouch!

  134. helen — one of my favorite lines is: “Paranoia is having all the facts” by William S. Burroughs.
    This election has certainly proved the truth of that line.

  135. just shorted 1000 shares of GE

  136. Ayers idea of an education contains nothing more that radical resistance and how to carry it out. His ideas of governing is to have the power in one person who will be looking out for our better interests. No bother, go back to sleep America. We know what you need. Flawed but effective if he gets his way.

  137. edge is that bob barrs head exploding at the end of your fun fest?

  138. My state will more than likely remain blue but I have to vote for McCain so that I can at least assure myself that I did the right thing. Not voting, or voting a third party, IMHO is no longer an option. This will be a close race in many states and sitting back, no matter for what reason, is not going to help.

    I know we are encouraged to vote our consciences but this vote is a matter of life or the loss of democracy.

  139. Why is O using those tacky plastic signs anyway? They look awful and they’re not recycleable. Way to destroy the environment, dude.

  140. Does my pissed off, disgusted, ranting state of mind constitute paranoia?

  141. BPD good for you and I bet you will max out you Hillary Clinton 2012 contribution with the profits from that one!

    Hey angie -(waves frantically) Happy Haunts!

  142. I have lost 43% of my 401k in the last 12 months.

    McCain get in here quick with your 10% capital gains tax.

  143. Obama has as much interest in the environment as I have in exploring quantum theory. Neither one of us has a clue.

  144. PJ – Good for you! That’s what I’m doing in my blue state too. The 30% Solution IS my conscience!

  145. Pat
    If it does than you are paying attention and have all the fact.
    That is a good place to be.



  146. OMG Carol!!! That’s horrible!


  147. Carol dont worry Obama and company have a post retirement carreer for you….it involves a tin cup and a bunch of pencils….

    dont like that one Carol he has another one

    this one involves a crate and a stack of Apples

  148. Besides the Wash Times, does anyone remember the other 2 papers by name?

  149. kewl sm … i take it I’m voting for Cynthia? right? Not Nader?

  150. hi fuzzy!!!

  151. sorry carol watched an old marilyn monroe pic and thought of you last night

  152. gail — Dallas Morning News (super big paper in TX & a respected one) & NY Post

  153. Dakini: Whoever you want, as long as it’s a NOBAMA.

    New update above:

    UPDATE: Recommended by RD:

    17 Posted on October 31, 2008 by riverdaughter

    There is a post on alegre’s corner that every Democrat should read. It’s written by Pacific John who, along with Michelle Thomas and John West, was one of the forces behind the 300 Delegates petition to get Hillary’s name in nomination at the convention.

  154. and sm, my dad got a good laugh out of that one … my family in washington state… all of them are voting McCain but think they’ll be drowned out, my kids and i live in a definitely red state, so no difference here too … he’s happy one of our votes is going to actually do something

    I seem to come from a family of pumas right now!

  155. If I were younger I would be more actively involved in establishing a true women’s movement from the grassroots on up. The female candidates must meet a certain litmus test before we rush out in support of gender. Integrity, honesty, and commitment to the issues along with the desire to serve the public, would be my topmost priorities.

    The current slate of women serving in congress have been a huge disappointment in their collective silence with regard to the sexism which was allowed to run rampant during this election cycle. Women who refuse to defend women would be disqualified from my “Pat’s List” of donations.

  156. Angie NC is shaping up to be red on tuesday…I would not want Pat Johnson paying a visit using map quest

  157. Angie- thanks! 🙂

  158. dakinikat: I am in Washington and so is a few others on this site. I know about an even number of McCain and obama voters. I am hoping that we end up being close – even if we land in obama’s column.

    I still think there *could* be a surprise once the ballots are actually counted, even though we show dark blue on all the MSNBC maps.

  159. NEW POST UP!

  160. Pat – then Sarah is your GAL!

  161. It is immaterial what color you think your state will be. O will be pulling some shenanigans. Every Mac vote is a little bit of insurance against fraud.

  162. I scared myself last night with my thoughts of doom and gloom. Yesterday after reading some of the polls, and listening to Fox/XM yesterday, I just felt teh one was going to win and all our blogging and posts would have done no good at all. Still scares me, so I have to echo something myiq said the other day. Are we going to continue the good fight, even if Sir Whinesalot wins? And what are we going to do? What will our agenda be and how will we attain it?

  163. MSNBO News story November 5th, 2008

    Sitting in for the crushed KO and impotent Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow is our newest correspondent Fuzzybeargville

    The Historic Loss by Senator Barak Obama has lead to the consideration by Nancy Pelosi to remove the PUMA from the endangerd list and resuest a 11 month hunting season to cull their numbers before the 2012 election!

    When PUMA err MSNBC reporter questioned her on this she replied ” yes, its going to McCain for signature as soon as the new congress sits…”

    Some one had to remind Nanacy that a certian senator from New York and Dem front runner for 2012 was not behind such a move….Nancy Replied “she better come around or we will defeat her for her seat in 2010″

    The PUMA err MSNBC reporter replied….”Ms Pelosi do you know that is is Barak Obama tht has a seat up in 2010 and not Hillary”

    The interview had to be concluded….because Ms Pelosi’s visitors time at the Shady Pines Sanitarium was over.

    Now back to our regularly scheduoed program: Meet the Clinton to be followed by The Clinton report and finally to close tonight with a special program Hillary Clinton the road to 2012!

    fade out

  164. Carol: You know it. She is us. Well at least a nicer version.

  165. For the past 20 years I’ve voted straight Democrat. That all changed on Wednesday night when I cast my first ever vote for a Republican when I voted for John McCain.

    I didn’t do it for McCain. I did it for all the people here in Texas who didn’t have their voices heard at the caucuses or were intimidated into staying away from the polls. What happened in this election was criminal. The best way I could protest that was to not only withhold my vote from O, but give it to the candidate where it will do the most harm.

    I know at some point in my life I’ve made some comment in the nature of voting for a Republican over my dead body. Well, not only did I not fall out in a coma as I cast my vote, but I actually felt pretty damn good.

  166. CindyTX: You are my heroine today!

  167. Thanks Pat! I’m mostly a lurker here, and your comments always hit home for me.

  168. Did everyone see that Peter Frampton is upset that people keep stealing his BO signs?

  169. The AZ Republic has been fawning over Teleprompter Jesus. **but yet gave the endorsement to McCain.**

    My guess is that it will remain with O as long as the articles of him are praiseworthy.

  170. phlamingo- they are being “redistributed” to a needier Obama worshiping family,lolol 🙂

  171. speaking of stealth PUMA’s, I just got done IMing with a co-worker and she’s a PUMA too, even though she didn’t know it! I linked her here and she loved the site. WE were chatting and she said, “OMG….SOMEBODY THAT FINALLY GETS IT…JUST LIKE ME!!!!”

    I told her she needs to hang out here.

  172. We are close to the 4 million hits and it is not because most of us are “talkers”. People visit this site for a variety of reasons but I think the main one is that they identify with our points of view. Whatever, they at least recognize that we here at this site have not fallen for the propaganda that is perpetuated daily upon the nation. We are independent in our thinking which is the purpose of our sticking together.

  173. SM, please make sure the link to 17 actually points to Pacific John’s post and not just to Alegre’s Corner.

  174. thanks for writing this — at this point….

    sorry I can’t type the right accents & mi espagnol es broken up, but

    Quien es mas peligroso para la gente y la pais?
    Creo que McC no estan un diavolo……como el otro.

    gracias para sus palabras aqui.

    nosotros tenemos suerte…..

  175. Pat J said “My state will more than likely remain blue but I have to vote for McCain so that I can at least assure myself that I did the right thing.”

    My feelings exactly. I’m ready to PUMA up in 4 days.

    Regency: Thanks for linking that pic of Hillary and John. The respect in their eyes and smiles is genuine.

  176. That’s a great picture of Mac and Hill.

    That’s amazing about those three newspapers getting kicked off the plane. What was Obama’s official reason? I wonder if we’ll see much coverage of this in the press…but I won’t hold my breath.

    Today my Facebook profile pic is Halloween themed. Tomorrow and through the election it will be that “300” button some Hillary delegates wore in Denver.

  177. Thanks, SM!!

    I agree. McCain will win thanks to the disaffected Hillary voters.


  178. Poll being taken right now on Politico re PUMA voters – please vote:


  179. Andele Tito VIVA Tito!!!

    ¡Mi marido votó McCain ayer! ¡Él es hispánico!

    Gracias Tito por todos lo que usted está haciendo para la comunidad del Latino por la advertencia de Chavez en Venezuela.


  180. Saw JOE THE PLUMBER this past Tues in Milford OH in front of a florist shop. Hot-lookin’ dude! But hey, so is First Dude!

  181. Obama may be reformed and say that he doesn’t agree with the ideologies of his past associations, but it is my belief that he still harbors the same ideologies of these associations. Most of these ideologies are either radical or socialistic or communist. Many in the media try to excuse Obama’s past associations just as something of the past and should not have anything to do with the present. It scares me, however, but I do believe that once BO gets elected POTUS (hopefully he won’t) that he will start immediately setting forth an educational program to indoctrinate the youth of our country. We need to all get out and vote and “put our country first”.
    Vote McCain/Palin

  182. RD, I just got back & linked to 17 post.

  183. “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.” Occam’s razor

    The real reason Obama is worried about Tuesday is that in the 37 state Democratic Party Primary contests, he won 18 of 37 elections. He also won 13 of 14 caucuses. His losses included Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio; all battleground states. He has the MSM convincing voters that he can win a national 50 state election when he failed in doing so within his own party’s 37 multi-state contests.

    McCain, on the other hand, won Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio, during the Republican Primary season. And, the one caucus contest Obama lost; it was Nevada – another battleground state.

    Question: What if the NFL’s NFC or AFC sent to the Superbowl a team that went 4-0 pre-season but played 1 under .500 in the regular season? The bookmakers in Vegas would offer laughable odds and the television network carrying the broadcast could not sell a dime’s worth of ad time at real Superbowl rates. Fans would boycott the game and sportswriters would mock the event.

    Only the American voter will suspend disbelief and conclude a primary contest equals in value to a caucus contest. No, my friend, a caucus is a caucus and a primary is a primary. Obama is in a 50 state general election and he does poorly in those races. That’s why the campaign is worried and that’s why Obama will lose.

  184. my neighbor across the street has a mccain sign! frickin’ sweet! happy halloween all.

  185. I have heard other bloggers worry that if a person doesn’t vote for a presidential candidate, but does vote for democrats downticket, they might put you for Obama. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

    I have heard others worry the same thing about voting write in for Hillary. I don’t know if its true, but I have heard it as a worry mentioned by others on some PUMA sites.

  186. Message from The National Republican Trust PAC
    From Scott Wheeler

    Dear Supporter:

    It’s almost one minute to midnight.

    We are rolling out our final effort to defeat Barack Obama on national TV and major markets in swing states.

    The latest AP poll finds that 1 in 7 voters still hasn’t decided how they will really vote — that’s almost 15% of the electorate.

    Many voters simply don’t decide until the last minute. Our ads can have a powerful effect.

    This weekend we want to buy ads on both the NFL Football game on Sunday and “60 Minutes” — two CBS programs reaching tens of millions.

    We want to show on these shows our powerful ad reminding the American people of Obama’s close friendship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    The cost for these two ads is about $400,000. That’s in addition to all the major TV ads buys we have already made for this weekend.

    I need to tell our ad buyer in just 2 hours that “it’s a go” and buy the ad. He is standing by.

    Can you help our effort today by donating for our last minute effort to stop Barack Obama?

    Can you help us us raise $400,000 in 2 hours — to get our ad before tens of millions of Americans?

    To help just Go Here Now.

    If you have not seen our powerful TV ads — Go Here Now.

    Thank you and God bless you.

    Scott Wheeler
    Executive Director

  187. Broken link. The link to Pacific John’s diary at Alegre’s Corner is:


  188. Maybe it isn’t koo-aid after all.

    Is Barack Obama a brilliant orator, captivating millions through his eloquence? Or is he deliberately using the techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a covert form of hypnosis developed by Milton Erickson, M.D.?

    A fundamental tool of “conversational hypnosis” is pacing and leading—a way for the hypnotist to bypass the listener’s critical faculty by associating repeated statements that are unquestionably accurate with the message he wants to convey.

    In his Denver acceptance speech, Obama used the phrases “that’s why I stand here tonight,” “now is the time,” and “this moment” 14 times. Paces are connected to the lead by words such as “and,” “as,” “because,” or “that is why.” For example, “we need change” (who could disagree?)…and…that is why I will be your next President.”

    Techniques of trance induction include extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion. Hypnotists often have patients count. In a speech after the primaries closed, Obama said: “Sixteen months have passed (paused)…Thousands (pause) of miles…(pause)…Millions of voices….”

    Hypnotists call this a distraction technique: sending the dominant hemisphere on an assignment involving linguistic processes, thus opening the nondominant hemisphere to suggestion.

    Hypnotists call this a distraction technique: sending the dominant hemisphere on an assignment involving linguistic processes, thus opening the nondominant hemisphere to suggestion.

    Hand gestures can be used as hypnotic anchors, or to aid in hypnotic command implantation. They can be difficult to distinguish from innocent gestures used for emphasis. Obama, however, uses some gestures extraordinarily often and for very specific words such as “believe” and “chose.” His characteristic thumb-and-forefinger gesture looks like a hand holding a pencil—as if you were in a voting booth. The gesture of pointing sends the subconscious message that a person in authority is giving a command.

  189. I think someone needs to pass this on to TM. She seems to think we are down to *25 kitties*. She, and her 4 followers, were mocking us today. I got a special insulting shout out, so I guess i should feel honored! haahha

  190. Christine Helrigel, on October 31st, 2008 at 4:28 pm Said:

    Some states (i think WA is one) will transfer a write in vote to a specific candidate. So, if you write in Hillary, they give it to Obama.

    And I would not doubt the downticket story, if you leave it blank.

  191. I think Obama has wrapped this election up. I went over state by state polls painstakingly for a few days and tracked the change over time. Right now McCain is fighting to cut his losses. There does not seem to be a way for him to win – even if he won OH, PA and FL.

    I started of as a Hillary democrat – but I am okay with Obama’s win as he seems to have energized the democratic voters – something that no one had been able to do since Bill Clinton. Hillary may or may not ever have another shot at the White House, but we democrats so needed to win the election this year!

  192. IDG – was it grape or bubblegum?

  193. No, actually democrats DON’T need to win the White House this time. See, I have this funny little belief that the person who occupies the White House should not have close friends that include hate-mongering preachers (Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger), convicted felons (Anthony Rezko), domestic terrorists who try to overthrow the American government (William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn). I don’t think he should stand up at a dinner and make speeches in support of middle-eastern terrorist groups or change positions on FISA, NAFTA, off-shore drilling, the SCOTUS decision on guns, or public campaign financing.

    No, we Democrats don’t see anything in Obama that is remotely Democrat. So it’s really OK with us if there isn’t a “democrat” in the White House this time.

  194. Give me a break….don’t you dare vote for Obama you puma you! Your hand is not worthy of pulling the lever for him. And, guess what…he will win WITHOUT your PUMA SUPPORT!!
    Enjoy your crow on Wednesday you idiots.

  195. what a whack-job website. does bahdad bob write this crap ?

  196. […] in the Democratic primaries by outright intimidation and cheating. Many former Hillary supporters will not vote for Obama. Large numbers will vote the McCain/Palin ticket and many more will vote for Nader or just not […]

  197. […] Associated Press estimates that four in ten of what they call “persuadables” are voters who are counted as […]

  198. For those of you nauseated at the thought of voting for McCain I would like to note that the Senate appears to be a hammer lock for the Dems and Johnny Macs maneuvering room will be seriously constrained. NOBAMA.

  199. Every PUMA living in a swing state or a “blue” state who has not voted yet must put Country First and pull the lever for McCain/Palin this Tuesday. If we don’t and NObama wins, we can take a glance to Venezuela under Hugo Chavez for a preview of where our country would be headed after this Marxist is done in 2016, or later if he manages, with the helping hand of a far-left “blue” Congress, to get rid of the constitutional amendment limiting the POTUS to two terms.

    Remember how wrong were the polls during the primaries, not to talk about how hell-bent the big media (except FOX News) are in their quest to send NObama to the Oval Office. We don’t have the luxury of despair at the state of the polls.

    If we all vote the way we’re supposed to vote we can pull an upset for the ages, even bigger than Truman over Dewey, sending NObama back to the Senate to shrivel until 2010.

  200. Didn’t know where to post thisbut I just had a flash memory. My sister has always rented rooms to college students. Years ago, (this is in California) she rented a room to an Iranian student. This man brought his wife over and gave the excuse that this was normal in his country. My sister, being a redheaded Irishmen, told him this was not that way in this country. She called the police on him. What women have to look forward to if the Islamic flag flies over the White House.

  201. Sorry, missed a line—-He was always beating up on his wife.

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