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Is Sarah Palin smart enough to be a feminist?

I was born with a penis, which some people believe disqualifies me from expressing an opinion on feminism.  Now I’m not trying to define feminism, or to tell feminists how they should think, feel or act, but when I read this I had to say WTF?:

You might have noticed a recent media burp—gassy, though blissfully short—about a handful of faux “feminists” backing the John McCain-Sarah Palin ticket. I won’t name these women out of concern that feeding their misplaced sense of self-importance may risk them bursting into shriveled balloon ribbons of overextended ego.  If you’re addicted to surreal humor you can find such SP supporters (I call them Spalinists) via Google—if you lack an excuse to put off, say, cleaning the garbage pail, and if you can manage it without bladder-challenging fits of hilarity at the cognitive dissonance invoked by juxtaposing words like “feminism” and “Palin.”

But if any actual feminists are concerned about the effect on Women’s Movement institutions and energy of this clutch of “formers” (a former chapter official of a national feminist organization, a former editor of a feminist publication, former Democratic funders, former Hillary supporters, and so forth), let me reassure you. The “trust date” had already long expired on these women, who’d been voted off feminist leadership posts, or fired, or quietly asked to resign. Some are confessed consultants to the campaign whose candidates they now—surprise!—endorse. I never imagined I’d see a “feminist” mercenary. But then I never heard of rats climbing onto a sinking ship, either.

Spalinists traipse around with their candidate, grinning and applauding her, sometimes getting paraded out to take a bow at a rally. They sound off about how she’s the target of sexism. (She is. D’uh. But being a victim of misogyny does not necessarily a feminist make—or we’d never have had Liddy Dole. Or Britney Spears.)

Spalinists claim they support the GOP ticket (while conveniently ignoring McCain) because: A) Palin is secretly brilliant, B) she is a feminist who only differs with the Women’s Movement in opposing abortion; C) us “elitist” Women’s Movement types who supported HRC but disavow SP are “anti-working-class women,” and—here it comes—D) Spalinists want to “teach the Democratic Party not to take women for granted.”


A) Anyone who hazards arguing that Palin is brilliant is herselfmorethana few watts short of a bulb. Palin is calculating (you betcha’!), or McCain wouldn’t be hemorrhaging from her stab-him-when-he’s-down wounds as she hypes her 2012 campaign before his is formally pronounced dead. But any real intelligence remotely attached to Palin gleams in Tina Fey’s eye.

That’s where I stopped reading.  If I or some other man had written those first three paragraphs, I would expect to see some righteous indignation and allegations of misogyny.  But the part that disturbed me was the allegation that Sarah Palin lacks intelligence.

Even assuming that the allegation was true (it’s not) what the f*ck does that have to do with her credentials as a feminist?

125 Responses

  1. This is the part where I become verbally violent. How many “liberal woman” does it take to set feminism back to 1918?

    Suprisingly, it only takes one, but they were all too glad to pile on.

  2. That piece is insane. Regency says it all.

  3. Feminists who are voting for John McCain – take heart!

    John McCain and the Thirty Percent Solution

  4. Why does a feminist writer use sexism to attack a woman leader? Why why why?

  5. So what is the female equivalent to untermenschen because I guess I will join Palin and all those formerly acceptable women as one of those untouchables.

  6. It’s amazing to me how many LI/NY area openly have:
    “No Use for Sarah”.
    Ugh………….. I say I like her & they roll their eyes.
    Then I say my standard:
    You can disagree with her politics; but when her wardrobe is discuss then how is that different from:
    “I could vote for a woman for President / Just NOT THAT WOMAN”. How many times did you hear people say that about Hillary.
    At this point “they” usually change the subject.
    “Check Mate”!

  7. Thank God for the Pumas-a real feminist movement…

  8. darn tootin’ quietlaurieann.

    A really visionary movement is able to encompass a plurality of people from all walks. It would be inclusive and interdependent and would include respect and appreciation for different experiences and perspectives. The opinion piece myiq shares above, and so many recent articles of the same ilk from self-defined liberal feminsts make them, as a group, sound like nothing so much as a high school clique who all dress the same, say the same things and pick on the same outcasts. Phooey.

    That’s useless to me and it’s useless in general. They have nothing to say and they do nothing for anyone until it is time to ask for money, or time to destroy another woman. Eff that.

  9. madamab, loved your blog and the link to the McCain flyer. Ooohh pleasepleaseplease let it come to pass!

    Hey btw a while ago you were posting about considering going for parenthood. As usual I was reading the blog a day later and things had moved on a long way. I wanted to encourage you guys to go for it. As my best buddy said to me “You’ll never be ‘ready’ and it will never be the perfect time, so go for it now.” 😀

  10. heh – thanks, perries!

    unfortunately the economy seems to be making my decision for me.


  11. When I read something of this nature by an arrogant self-appointed so called “feminist” all I can think is –

    “It is so sad she didn’t get enough love as a child”.

  12. Dee – LOL! I think you’re right on. She has major mommy issues.

  13. She’s smart enough not to be.

    I mean really, what the hell does “feminist” mean anymore?

    Third wave? Raping women I don’t like is oh-so-cool, and I get to say that because I have a book contract and a pink sparkly vibrator collection.

    Second wave? Vote for Mr. Sir The Democrat or else he’ll be angwy wif us.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  14. Madamab: I just saw the other flyers. I hadn’t see the last ones. Um, Hillary might wanna hold on to those for her subsuquent campaigns. Seriously, even the Republicans think she’s awesome. Frame that, Bill!

  15. Didn’t and won’t read the link but I’m sure they included Lady Lynn de R. and I’m sure she’s laughing into her sleeve at their faux outrage.

    Lynn honey, keep that in mind when the calls and letters come in asking for the $$$s. 👿

    Let’s see; Obama has managed to set back race relations twenty years or more and now because of him we have a schism in the women’s movement and gee! he’s not even in office yet!

  16. OT:
    Great op-ed in Washington Times by ret. Admiral Lyons:
    Obama, the hoax
    (no wonder BO kicked ’em off his plane. They publish mean opinions. Waah. LOL.)

  17. Janis – I am a 2nd wave feminist and definitely did not vote for Mr. Sir.

    I could care less what anyone, and I mean anyone, thinks about anything. Gheez -after 60 we are absolutely fearless.

  18. Eh those Palin haters – bitter dead ender hold outs….

  19. I just wanted to try out how that phrase sounded.

  20. I guess I’m a fourth-waver. I certainly don’t believe all that third-wave nonsense about how dressing like a slut and giving all my power to men makes me a feminist. Too young to be second-waver….

  21. madamab

    I love that PA flyer and have been forwarding the link to Hillbuzz. It’s fantastic. He gave his word and signed it. I remember Dr. Lynette Long saying that he had promised that when she met with him.

  22. What better way for a so called feminist than to feel equal to men than agreeing with them? Palin bashing has become a fun sport as of late and if they want their creds they bend and blend with the masculine view that she is a ditz.

    To think this is what we fought to achieve all those many years ago.

  23. Good for you, britgirls!

    This is such an exciting development. McCain should be distributing that flyer EVERYWHERE, even New York. We are big HRC fans here…

  24. I especially like Ms Morgan’s smirk on her homepage. She is very smart and everyone needs to know it. She also is very interested in groups that have been mistreated so she can feel superior to them and write books that make her money so she can smirk. Instead of helping the Palestinians, Gov Palin has born and raised children, so she is dumb. Get it? I do.

  25. The new “progressivism” is about cliques. Didn’t you all get the memo? You can be a long time Republican (like Kos, Huffington, Aravosis, Chuck Hagel, Colin Powell, Scotty McClellan), but if you , say, supported Howard Dean or Barack Obama, you get instant access to the Kewl Dems Club. I’m pretty sure the same holds for feminists and civil rights folks as well. The defining characteristic of the new “progressives” is support for a certain candidate rather than actual policies or a history of activism. You can have that history and still be part of the club, but you have to be on board with the candidate of choice.

  26. britgirls, I think McCain definitely closed the deal with me with that flyer! He gave his word, and I’ll hold him to it!

  27. From the Wapo on Robin Morgan (Review of Saturday’s Child: a memoir)(on Morgan’s site)

    She’s had an amazing life. Morgan started working as a toddler, first as a model, then at age 4, with her own radio show, then as a child TV star in “Mama.” ….She fled from that life and from her mother to become a poet. She has written books of poetry, plus novels and nonfiction, and compiled and edited major anthologies. She has also been possibly the most important bridge between the US feminist movement and the international women’s movement, starting by going to conferences and then traveling to impoverished villages and refugee camps to learn how those women struggle.

    This is the woman who has the cheek to write in the above article:
    “C) Don’t you love it when wealthy nouveau-Republican women (confusing moose with mousse?) know best what working-class women need and want—better than working-class women who are actually feminist activists? Oh please.”

    Robin Morgan may be New Left but she certainly isn’t Working Class.

    And please RESPECT the courage of certain Dem women who stood up on that platform with Palin to protest fraud and misogyny.

  28. Mad: Every state that Hillary won by any considerable margin needs to see that flyer.

    The rest of them of are definitely awesome too but that first one is the kicker.

  29. OK, is it the f-word (f*minist) or the c-word (c*lin p*well) that got me into trouble. There should be some sort of list of words to avoid.

  30. madamab – I met several 3rd wavers supporting/ working for Hillary during the primary. We talked, argued and laughed a good bit. They came to realize that their 3rd wave was just a me-machine academic conversation instead of a “movement” like the prior waves.

    We all began to refer to ourselves as 4th wavers back in April. I hope it takes hold going forward.

  31. And even though Janis is going postal right now … I really missed her comments and am glad she’s back.

  32. Man, my earlier post on the guys in Kentucky who hung Obama in effigy sure brought out the trolls!

    I haven’t deleted that many comments in months, and somebody else has been cleaning them up too!

    We must have set off an alarm in the trollmaster’s cave.

    I picture Axelrod as Saruman, sending out his army of orcs.

  33. gq: I f**l you are r*ight! We definitely n**d a l*st of w*rds to av**d.

  34. Robin Morgan!!!???
    One of my heros? The brilliant Robin Morgan?
    Oh, Robin, I rent (is that spelled right?) my clothes, I gnash my teeth and I hang my head in sorrow.
    I love your work twenty years ago. I adored it. Lived it, breathed it. You spoke for me. You spoke things I did not even realize that I felt.
    Now Robin, I couldn’t even read that spit past the first paragraph– I who hung on ever word you wrote twenty years ago.
    Well, is Palin smart enough to be a feminist? Well, yes. But what comes as more startling to me is that I am now smarter than Robin Morgan.

  35. bottom, bum dick, poop – just t*sting.

  36. Janis, bingo. Welcome back.

    I’m being a No Wave Feminist: This is how I’m living–if you don’t like it, fuck off.

  37. Really britgirls? Since in the last post she dismissed all women and feminists then wished us “effen good luck”. Curious, but maybe I am missing something here.

  38. Women ARE women’s worst enemies.

    Palin IS a feminist — and if the rigid, tight arsed shrews who think they are the gate keeper on who is or is not a feminist don’t like it — they can STFU.

    We need feminists in both parties — plus Independent thinking feminists who aren’t dogmatically wedded to one party.

    Feminism is merely the belief that both males and females should be valued as human beings and should have equal HUMAN rights.

    I guess this is why I never could join one of these so called feminist organizations — I refused to conform to some set of unknown standards in order to be accepted as a feminist.

    And a lot of men are feminist — because they accept women as equal human beings. Some of the strongest supporters of feminism have been men — many men love strong women.

    Sexism degrades both men and women — and often women are the worst offenders.

    When I got married I retained my last name — and men could understand the logic of my choice. It has always been women who argued with me and tried to bully me into conforming to the “norm”.

    Tennessee Guerrilla Women had one of the best articles about the importance of having both Republican and Democrat feminist.

    The writer of that article is just plain ignorant and stupid. And she is wrong and mean spirited.

    My MA thesis was on Sex Role stereotyping — done in the 1970s — mostly about how sexism is learned and it can be unlearned. Back then the girls would argue that that gender discrimination was acceptable until they learned that there was a monetary value on discrimination — that is women earned LESS for the same job.

    The ONE pays his female employees LESS than his male staffers. He is a sexist pig is so many ways — but the proof is in the wage disparity between his male and female staffers.

  39. “By feminists, we mean each and every politically and socially conscious woman or man who works for equality within or outside the movement, writes about feminism, or calls her- or himself a feminist. In reality, there is no formal alliance of women we can call “the feminists.” Although there are institutions and other forums under which women and men organize and rally, feminism isn’t a bureaucratic monolith like Communism or. . . Scientology. It’s a loose collection of individuals.” from: Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future by Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2000).


    This is one of your best articles. Feminism cannot truly succeed without men buying into it. We are all in this together.

    Palin is an example of working for that equality and reaching it on many levels: her job, her marriage and the freedom to have an equal voice in her marriage with respect to her choices regarding her daughters pregnancy and having her son.

    She is breaking through many glass ceiling which many feminists have not yet broken through: equal pay for equal work, access to upper and C level management, a marriage which is a partnership with equal voice to name a few.

    We may not share all her viewpoints but we can admire her for what she has acheived and where she has been able to go as a woman. And it is because of women like her and Hillary that we will see our daughters acheive more than we have. Hillary and Palin have shown publicly that women have rights to everyhting men do including the right to make choices that we may not always agree with.

  40. the author of that piece is herself a few watts short of a bulb….the story about her stabbing McCain in the back and thinking about 2012 comes from a misleading headline from ABC news, who has since retracted it and apologized for it (amazing, I know!). Not only that, the fact that she uses that is sheer hypocrisy. she is claiming that Palin is not a feminist, and then attacks her with one of the oldest sexist weapons in the book. the stereotype of the ruthless ambitious woman who will do whatever it takes to get ahead…God, that goes all the way back to eve. She is an elitist hack, not a feminist. These women drive me insane.

  41. Feminism (roughly) concerns the treatment/opportunities/etc. of women.
    Palin is a woman.
    What policies and beliefs she holds is neither here nor there; she is still a woman.
    How Palin is treated, etc. is the issue.

    This isn’t difficult.

    After Obama loses, it should be made compulsory that his former minions spend two years writing geometry proofs.

  42. Male political figures are a dime a dozen. They come in all shapes and sizes, all all available flavors. It is anti-feminist to insist that women support only those women who advocate x, y, and z. It is anti-feminist to hold women pols to a different standard.

    There is something about Palin, a je-ne-sais-quoi when it comes to the “crowd” and that some compare to Reagan. She is a force to be reckoned with.

  43. Hey! jvsp – what’s wrong with writing geometry proofs? Abe Lincoln did it. You’re not being geometerist, are you?

  44. myiq, I tried to keep up with them this morning, but then I actually had to do some real life work here at….work. thank god it is friday….

  45. she is also hot.

  46. Pat, I understand why she’s so mad, though. And then myiq did this post … blimey, she’s having a “gun$ of friggen Navarone!” moment

  47. SOD-about BO and Harvard, I read somewhere that his studies there were paid for by someone with an unusual name and vaguely suspicious background.

    PS this is Laurie-I got myself an avatar for Halloween, but WP wouldn’t accept Laurie as a nick…

  48. britgirls: I posted part of my rebuttal on the last thread in response.

    Anger is a strong emotion but somehow this goes over the line much too often. It is offensive to my sensibilities as a mother of 3 very decent young men to have them all lumped into the same generalized categories as she describes. If this passes for “brilliance” I will take my low information, uneducated class of women anytime. Just as Anglachel compared all men to rapists, this falls into the same mindset.

    I refuse to see all men in that portrayal.

  49. I am off to sing in temple. Oy! Have a great evening, everyone.


  50. A psuedo-feminist elitist is one who yells CHOICE and then mocks another woman for the choices she makes.
    Palin has made choices I wouldn’t have the courage to make. I respect her. I won’t belittle her or feel that her personal choices will have an impact on the personal choices I make . As far as I know she has not imposed her personal or religious values on the State of Alaska. In 2007 “Newsweek ” thought she was formidable: Now This Is Woman’s Work | Newsweek Women and Leadership | Newsweek.com http://www.newsweek.com/id/42534
    Now all of a sudden the MSM is more interested in her hairstyle and glasses than what she has really accomplished in one of our largest energy producing states. Now all of a sudden she is a light weight.

  51. urgetocompute, on October 31st, 2008 at 5:11 pm Said:
    Hey! jvsp – what’s wrong with writing geometry proofs? Abe Lincoln did it. You’re not being geometerist, are you?

    LOL! Lord no! Mathematics is good! 🙂

  52. I am listening to Sean Hannity on the radio and okay Ann Coulter just said that the DNC is not the same DNC. Someone name Pat Cadell, who is a hard core liberal would not say who he was voting for. It does not sound like BO

  53. Gary – one of my colleagues refers to Friday as POETS day – Piss On Everything, Tomorrow’s Saturday!

  54. Pat Cadell is or was a Democratic pollster.

  55. If you want to listen, they are on commercial but Sean also talked about a breakdown in teh Obama camp


  56. Palin is very smart. That scares a lot of people who then feel they must ridicule her in order to make themselves feel better.

  57. urge…POETS day, I like that…and I only have 9 minutes to go!

  58. Some women can and are more poisonous towards other women than men will ever be.
    What a viper this Robin Morgan is.

  59. Pat Cadell has been on Fox for years and is always referred to as a Democrat advisor/pollster. His career for the past 15 years has been dedicated to bashing B. Clinton. He was in the Carter W.H. and was been on the outs with the party for decades – until now. I am sure he is voting Obama – his kind of guy.

  60. Morgan is a campaign shill for BO. End of story.

  61. Palin is a woman. She is a Republican. She is a conservative. In the world of the MSM, this is fair game. We do not hold with those views even if we are polar opposites to her political stance.

    The viciousness that was heaped on both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin will not be forgotten. I do not wish to encourage my granddaughters to be everything they can as women and expect to have them face up to the level of vulgarity witnessed during this last campaign.

    Just as I know my sons to be honorable men and not potential rapists, I also do not wish to have my granddaughters referred to as c*unts or whores should they choose to run as political candidates.

  62. I’ve never considered myself a “feminist” ever. I’ve never had a “place” due to my ethical beliefs warring with the pro-choice/anti-abortion issue.

    I also prefer to live a “traditional role” as a stay at home mom.

    But I stand with women to make their own choices by what is right for them as they deem fit, no matter what that choice may be. I stand by women if they choose, or by need, work, to have equal pay and equal respect. I stand by women, as a woman and praise their accomplishments, even if I disagree with them.

    I’m glad I’m not one that needs labels, with those that claim to be feminists, who needs enemies when you are a woman that differs in their eyes of feminism.

    That article is repulsive and smacks of juvenile clique’s. Most people grow out of that behavior. What a sad life to go through it so filled with hate and anger.

  63. Pat Cadell is not voting for Obama

  64. I just read through the comments on gary’s post.

    It reminds me of what my grandma used to say:

    “Don’t go to thread angry”

  65. Is Obama a Harry Potter character who escaped into this world? Is he Voldemort? He’s definitely a snake.

    Has any noticed how much his intonation has been changing? How rapidly? Do you think he’s aware of it? I bet a lot of people are.

  66. Who wrote that piece of garbage. I don’t blame you for stopping there. The 2012 stuff is a complete lie and I cannot believe it is being perpetuated. Well, I guess I can believe it. What a bunch of bullshit.

  67. myiq – be very afraid: some kid has taken over your image.

  68. The McCain flyer and this post are just two more examples of how this election has turned my world upside down. During the heat of the primary battles I remember hearing Ann Coulter say it was time for a woman president in this country but it would be a Republican woman, not a Democrat. I remember thinking she was an arrogant snot for that remark. Now I think it would not surprise me at all. How many cabinet positions do we have these days? I would love to see 30% of them filled by women—and not just Education, HHS but Treasury, Defense, State.

  69. That’s my Halloween costume

  70. myiq – a trick and a treat all in one!

  71. myiq: Is that you or one of your kids?

  72. Pat:

    That’s my inner child. He’s a rotten little brat

  73. There is a huge difference between anger and rage. Anger can harnessed. Rage can be ignored.

  74. myiq: Hate to say it but you were a cute little kid.

  75. Pat Johnson, on October 31st, 2008 at 5:38 pm Said:

    myiq: Hate to say it but you were a cute little kid.

    On the inside.

  76. Did I miss something on the last thread, or was something deleted?

    Cuz that seemed kinda outta nowhere

  77. urgetocompute: He could look like George Clooney for all we know. That “thing” at the end of his comments is another matter. Nothing, not even an expensive makeover, will make a difference. Ugly and scary.

  78. You may want to go back and review.

  79. What Robin Morgan and her ilk don’t get is a very basic point: feminism won’t succeed until women from both the left and the right are allowed by our culture to be regarded as competent and effective leaders.

    People on the left need to be able to look up to their women leaders with respect, and people on the right need to be able to look up to their leaders with respect. Both sides need to come to the point where it is considered unremarkable that a woman should be in a leadership role.

    Only then will society’s attitudes have changed enough that we can say feminism has taken hold.

    But so long as so-called liberal so-called feminists insist that any right wing female leader must be an incompetent, and use standard anti-female smears to “prove” it, society’s attitudes will never reach that goal.

  80. Robin Morgan is icky. I don’t like her.

  81. It used to be that people did not get really into the election until the World Series was over. Now the WS appears to be running parallel with the election in time. Wonder if that will have any impact. Thank god we have sports—at least part of the time they play by rules, talent, ability and even real achievement. What a concept.

  82. I meant,

    people on the right need to be able to look up to their women leaders with respect

  83. New thread up – HUMOROUS STUFF ONLY!

    If you want to be all serious stay here

  84. Feminism as we once knew it died a slow death during this campaign. But there are enough of us still alive and kicking to recognize that there is a need for a resurgence once again. Until this happens, no woman will be safe from the hatred and outright misogyny this campaign unearthed.

    We have identified the mistreatment and we must once again protect our daughters and granddaughters from having to face this as they go forward in life.

    No more excuses!

  85. myiq – why you even bother to read some of the crap out there is beyond me. You stomached a whole lot more than I could have.

    Regarding the McCain flyer that madamab links to on her blog: I absolutely love it. Nice have my vote personally asked for, unlike Precious.

  86. Feminist revision of an anti-Nazi poem by Martin Niemöller
    The History of Feminism and Exclusion,
    or “Who is a ‘Real Woman’”?

    First they kicked out the lesbians, and I did not speak out – because I was not a lesbian;

    Then they kicked out the black women, and I did not speak out – because I was not a black woman;

    Then they kicked out the Hispanic women, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Hispanic woman;

    Then they kicked out the Republican women, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Republican;

    Then they kicked me out – and there was no one left to speak out for me.
    We’ll never form a voting bloc if we buy into the “divide and conquer” tactic. Men, the minority in the world, are the vast majority in government. We NEED to gain HUGE numbers of women in politics.

    So why are traditional feminists insisting that only the “right kind” of woman can be a feminist or be in government? Why is it okay that males line the continuum from far left to far right, but women have to be the “right kind”?

    Whose side are they on? Who gave THEM the right to determine what a feminist is, or who can represent us in government? Don’t let them confuse you – if Sarah Palin is elected V.P., it will be HISTORIC and worthy of great celebration!

  87. Let me try to understand this. The “smart” women are all voting for Obama. The candidate who has condoned and exploited sexism and misogyny for the past year. And they are not voting for the candidate who has given his word that he’ll add more women to important roles in every part of the government? I think Ms. Morgan needs a dictionary. She’s confused the word “smart” with the word “stupid.”

    And Ms. Morgan, I know you’re “smarter” than me but let me answer a simple question for you. The reason I’m no longer voting for Cynthia McKinney is because I realized that a protest vote wasn’t enough. The Dems deserve more than a quiet FU. They need a big kick in the a$$. And I’m gonna help give it to them.

    I guess simple concepts are sometimes hard for these super geniuses to understand. (And, yes, that’s snark.)

  88. OT — there were 2 million people in Philadelphia today to cheer on the Phillies in the victory parade.

  89. If Republican women are taking up feminist causes like pay discrimination, the sexist treatment of women candidates like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin — and the horrendous treatment women and children receive in many countries — that is FANTASTIC!! The more voice raised in protest of the lack of basic human rights being denied women — based on their gender and for no other reason — the more women of the world speak with on voice — the better it is for ALL women and men.

    Even stay at home moms are feminists — because that is their CHOICE — and they are still humans and still need to be recognized as full human beings.

    I didn’t understand the women who say — well “I’m not a feminist and I don’t believe in that stuff…” Well if there is this secret “gate keeper” — no wonder so many traditional women feel put off and consider that they don’t have full human right and therefore don’t consider themselves as being feminists.

    The democratic party is the anti-feminist party — any group that accepts the degrading of women (c**t word on t-shirts worn by supports of Obama) — and Obama flipping the bird at Hillary Clinton — is NOT a woman friendly party. Obama also refused to consider anything like 50% of cabinet positions going to women.

    It is pure dogmatism that makes women cling to a party that clearly has no respect for women.

    PUMA — is really the best alternative. Parties must earn loyalty by changing their behavior — and hell — make a damned attempt at wooing voters — rather than expecting party voter to “just get over it”. Abusers should NEVER be rewarded — because that merely gives them permission to continue abusing their victims.

    Obama is an abuser.

  90. {{{{{ would love to hear madamab sing }}}}}}

  91. I smell fear.

    The old feminist know no other way than being an appendage of the DNC. They recognize now, that whoever wins the presidential election, the third wave of feminism is officially over. The old power structure is gone. Robin Morgan is done. Going down ain’t easy – I’m sure. To know that the country is moving in a direction and you’re left behind.

    Join us for the fourth wave of feminism at The New Agenda. We plan to accomplish many things – oh, and to be inclusive. Last I checked women who vote for parties other than the DNC are still women!

  92. I went to PUMApac and was amazed at this article of ‘To Attack From The Inside’…was shockingly similar to…see if you can guess.

  93. This isn’t the first or the last time that feminists will be called on their feminism for not blindly following a self – appointed representative. Feminism needs no representative and is bigger than any author, organization or political party. It is only when those who want to control who belongs in the club feel threatened that these embarrassing missives see the light of day.

    Robin Morgan is trying to control a movement that is so much bigger than she could ever imagine by using the same methods the sexists and misogynists have used, with even less success. She, like so many others, has only succeeded in damaging her credibilty for a seat at the (kiddie) table.

  94. Sorta off topic– one of the finest young ladies I know is both a feminist and mentally challenged and she struggles daily with people telling her she can’t. She, and others like her, do not need another voice telling them they can’t think, they can’t do, and they can’t be pro-woman.

  95. Those so-called feminists haven’t spoken for me in decades, since my choice of career (raising my children) didn’t suit them. Well, bully for them. I haven’t ever needed them. Nor did my mother, who was taking pilot’s training back in the 40s. Nor did my grandmother, who fought off the stinking coal mine bosses while raising 12 kids on beans and biscuits.

    Equal pay is a no-brainer. Apparently Teh Peerless thinks that some animals are more equal than others.

  96. Robin Morgan’s “now-classic anthologies Sisterhood Is Powerful, Sisterhood Is Global, and Sisterhood Is Forever.”

    EXCEPT if it’s a woman she doesn’t approve of. These people disgust me. More hubris, she assumes she is an authority on the definition and authenticity of feminist. You do NOT speak for me you uptight, self-satisfied snob.

  97. Something is up…Barry is pulling out all the stops and his campaign is got a new ad that is over the top anti woman/anti-Palin..his campaign’s bias has come out of the closet http://www.newsmax.com/timmerman/obama_voter_fraud/2008/10/27/144303.html?promo_code=2A89-1

  98. Now I am starting to think, “f’k the down ticket!”

  99. I agree 100% with miq2xu and pretty much every comment posted — The Real Sharon @6:59pm !! yup!

    rather than blame other women though, I’m gonna do like my hero Twisty Faster–

    I blame the patriarchy.

  100. Amy I agree with you, it would be sad if it weren’t kind of funny. How nice to be acknowledged at this level of vehemence! Power structures shift all right.

  101. “The reason I’m no longer voting for Cynthia McKinney is because I realized that a protest vote wasn’t enough. The Dems deserve more than a quiet FU. They need a big kick in the a$$. And I’m gonna help give it to them.”

    lol And right on sista!

  102. Obama camp will attack women but will embrace unrepentant terrorist (wife too) Bill Ayers (calling him a ‘respected professor’) who dedicated his book to Bobby Kennedy’s killer Sirhan Sirhan and whom he calls a prisoner of war. John Kennedy’s killer has has never been caught and I guess the Ayers where trying to find clues to bring the Killer to justice in Cuba this past September (do you remember the movie that hinted at a connection).

  103. So, is it safe to say that the “mainstream” non-PUMA feminist movement IS in fact a one-issue cause? (Need I say, that cause being abortion?) Is Sarah Palin the catalyst for exposing it for what it is.

  104. indie in CA, on October 31st, 2008 at 7:28 pm Said:

    “The reason I’m no longer voting for Cynthia McKinney is because I realized that a protest vote wasn’t enough. The Dems deserve more than a quiet FU. They need a big kick in the a$$. And I’m gonna help give it to them.”
    I am beginning to agree with you here…I had planned on voting for Nader, but this Ayers book dedication to Sirhan Sirhan and calling him a prisoner of war?????????? EEEEK! WAS OVER THE TOP FOR ME!

    John McCain was a prisoner of war and the Ayers book dedication is an insult to AMERICA and to the political process (to hold those dear that kill those willing to run for office is SHAMEFUL!). HOW LOW CAN WE GO…I think we have hit bottom.

    ANYONE SEEN THE MISSING PRESS? Gee you think Hillary could have been the nominee if they weren’t complicit in covering up all of this.

  105. Greetings PUMAs and thank you all for your wonderful websites. One of the things they never ever tell you about Sara Palin is the several years she spent as the head of the Alaska Oil & Gas commission. The state agency that oversees all aspects of energy production in the state. This is a serious executive job that couldnt be handled by some lightweight. they never tell you about Point Thompson either. Point Thompson is a big gas field up near Prudhoe Bay. It happens to be on state of Alsaka lands and therefore is owned by all citizens of Alaska. for 30+ years the leases there have been held by several of the large majors, Exxon and Conoco ect. Many mineral leases have provisions that certain levels of development be done by the lease holders to provide a fair return for the owners. If you dont drill you loose your lease. keeps producers from withholding supplies from the market. Sara thought the majors with those leases were not developing the field like they were obliged to and she took the leases back. from Exxon and Conoco. of course it is now in litigation, but the majors are drilling there and developing the field instead of sitting on it and bringing you LNG from Africa. This is the gas that is going to come here via that pipeline thru Canada. Sara knows energy. This is one of the places where she started to clean house. Why is the MSM so much more interested in where she bought clothes last week than what she did in Alaska for the last 4 years. I guess her 80% approval rating up there isnt something they want you to think about either.

    I think that this is the real present day accomplishment of feminism. not staring at your navel but getting out there and doing the job. We should look at anyone and rate them on how they are handling the job and that alone. not gender, or race, or orientation,party affiliation, ect

    I live in a college town full of young kids, some have had a lot of kool-aide to drink. most are willing to listen tho their minds are made up. If I talk politics with them I try to never say negative things about the Dems but I tell them about the O&G commission and Point Thompson and say ” I bet you never heard about that” most of them like to think for themselvs and I generally get good reactions.

    I would have to call my self a paleo-puma I always voted dem from the mid 70’s till sometime in the 90s. now I vote strictly for the person. There was too much of the toe the idelogical line or else Fostering the sense that we are all in this togather and growing out of the blinders of party identity politics is the good thing that is comming out of all of this. Both parties need serious reform. One can only see that once the blinders are off. If John and Sara pull it off next tuesday this will be good for all women. It will reset how people think about political races. I would love to see Hilliary vs Sara in 2012 and hope I am around in 30 – 40 more years to see Chelsea vs Piper

  106. Amy Siskind, on October 31st, 2008 at 6:22 pm Said:

    I smell fear.

    Amy, The New Agenda is great and you are awesome! Keep doing all that you do, it sure is nice to see strong women speak out and let them know misogyny/sexism is WRONG! You GO WOMAN!

  107. I’ve been saying for weeks, PUMA and like-minded voters are showing up in the internals. Both campaigns know we’re out here, even if one doesn’t acknowledge us. We are the ones they weren’t expecting. We are the ones who can balance the voter fraud. We are the ones who will make a difference in this election.

    ObamaNation is opting for the negative tactics it has used for the entire election: Hate and fear.

    The McCain campaign is offering inclusion by reaching out to us and asking for our vote.

    Gee, I wonder who’s going to get it…

  108. Obots constantly berate Sarah and call her a dumb *ss. She made it this far. They are just jealous –and come across as stupid schoolyard bullies.

    palin-mac 08

  109. In the 60s and 70s women who called themselves feminist took a lot of abuse. We were frigid, ugly, butch, bitches, men-haters and so on.

    As we work to teach the world (again) what femisism means, and that it includes both parties, we will agains suffer abuse. We must ignore it and move on. Maybe, just maybe, we can advance women without being hamstrung by the Dem women’s view of feminism. John McCain today promised that, if elected, he would ‘significantly’ advance the role women play in his administration. I think we should give him the chance to live up to his word.

  110. There is a very good essay at THE NEW AGENDA by Artemis March on this same subject.

    As a woman from Spain living in Montreal Canada, I follow this election year with more interest than ever.

    The reason? Mrs Clinton which I respect enormosusly and because a think it is time that a woman takes charge and then to have real change…

    But the political dirtiness, Mrs Clinton first and Mrs Palin now, it is breathtaking and worst of all, the most damaging came from women. I wonder why?.

  111. I have been told we can direct comments to Ms. Robin at: http://www.info@robinmorgan.us :- )

    If this weren’t so pathetic on her part it wouldn’t be so funny. Last gasp of the past. RIP Robin!

  112. Puma Power!
    Moving up on Zogby tonight
    Slow but sure
    Check out: http://drudgereport.com/

  113. I just sent this email to Women’s Media Center:

    Carol and Glennda,

    I am truly disappointed that you allowed that blog piece written by Robin Morgan onto your website. I thought your group had the focus of speaking out against sexism in the media in a non-partisan fashion?

    Glennda – The New Agenda was honored to have you on our initial call and we imagined there were many ways of working together in the future. The MSM is ripe with misogyny and sexism. Working together as partners would allow us to leverage our efforts into something powerful.

    Allowing Ms. Morgan to post that slur on other woman is a major step backwards for your efforts. The crime of the women she is attacking – they spoke out against sexism against Governor Palin.

    I demand that your organization disavow that article from Robin Morgan – else, I suspect you will lose a lot of support from the women of this country. Myself, being one.

    Amy Siskind
    The New Agenda

  114. Yes, Women’s Media Center jumped the shark quickly enough. Instead of an organization that means to expose misogyny in our society – which is what their original mission statement appears to have been – they’ve now taken it upon themselves to start campaigning against McCain/Palin. They’ve now become yet another organization of women who don’t accept Palin into their sisterhood. I suppose this is why they have been so silent on the misogyny against Palin in the general election. Shame, shame.

  115. DYB @ 10:31 “Shame, shame.” Boy, you can say that again.

  116. Amy, I love, love, love your letter to WMC. Let us know if you get a response. They have to distance themselves from Morgan’s piece if they want to retain any shred of credibility.

    You know, I thought I was disgusted at Steinem’s hit piece on Palin, but this is even worse.

  117. She is smart enough to not be a feminist of the old school. They are no longer viable as far as defending women, as was witness by their silence from the mysoynist attacks to our original true Democratic leade, Hillary R. Clinton. And they did not come out in defense for another female Governor Palin. She is a true feminist in which she has her family, has a career and has her belief regarding family and childbirth.

    Palin is certainly smarter than Teleprompter Girly Man Obama.

    Just listen to her speech which is always fluid ,comprehensive and knowledgeable.

    She understands why things are not working well in American today and she knows how to impliment policies to get America back on tract, which is to remain a powerful country.

    Palin understands that on economics Obama as president will erode work ethic of Americans with his spread the wealth philosophy.

  118. Thanks, Amy, for the information.

    Frankly, I’ve had it with the bunch that promises equality but delivers a plantation reality.

    Thanks to the level heads here, and to some wisdom from my husband, I’ve changed from my previous decision to vote third party and am proudly going to vote for McCain and SARAH PALIN!

  119. Why are many women the worst offenders of sexism? I am a Registered Nurse, and as part of my employment requirement, I am a member of the California Nurses Association (CNA). This is a very politically active labor organization for Registered Nurses. I owe my reasonable salary, great benefits, workplace protections, and many other rewards, that most people can only dream about. to the political action of very assertive and astute women. Why am I so angry with them? During the primary season, they did not endorse a democratic candidate, because they are advocates for a single payer health care system. So, after the primary, which candidate do they endorse? Mr. No Health Plan himself. Disgusting. What is worse, is what I received in an e-mail 2 days ago. I was so appalled and revulsed by this. Here is a link to the sexist attack towards Governor Palin and the amount that has supposedly been spent on her wardrobe. They also attack Cindy McCain. They don’t mention anything, about BO’s expensive suits, or the cost of Mo’s makeovers, designer clothes, stylists, etc.



  120. old91A10, on October 31st, 2008 at 7:17 pm Said:
    Now I am starting to think, “f’k the down ticket!”

    That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking for a few weeks! I think the only Dems I’ll vote for are those who supported Hillary during the primaries. The rest…I’m not so sure anymore.

    Also, why shouldn’t Republicans take on feminism as their cause? It’s interesting to note that Democrats, who talk a lot about equality and fairness, have delivered a lot less of it. Think about it: Republicans freed the slaves, the first female Senator was a Republican, the first female Supreme Court justice was nominated by a Republican, the first black Supreme Court justice was nominated by a Republican, the first black Secretary of State was in a Republican White House, the first black female Secretary of State was in a Republican White House. By my count Republicans reached a few milestones before Democrats. (Bill Clinton did give us the first female Secretary of State. And the first female spokeswoman.)

  121. Someone must be giving Morgan hardcore drugs to brainwash her to write that. In the primaries she spoke out strongly for Hillary and ripped into Obama for his misogyny.

    I’m voting Green party because they support my values, but it makes me ill to see feminist women doing exactly what Elizabeth Cady Stanton decried when the 19th century media trashed Victoria Woodhull- the first woman to run for president. Woodhull was a feminist- but many feminists rejected her because she wasn’t the “right” type feminist. She had exposed a sexist, self-righteous so called liberal who had said nasty things about her, and would who all kind of followers, including the elite feminists- but Mr. Pure had been having an illicit affair. Woodhull was economically destroyed by those who supossedly supported much of the same causes she did. Read about her here:


    Stanton was disliked too by many younger less willing to stand up to men feminists- just like Hillary. But to others she was someone they admired as a trail blazer.

  122. I don’t know where the Republican Party will go with McCain/Palin at the head,but I do know where the Democratic Party will go with Obama/Biden at the helm. They have already gone there.

    I watch Palin interviews and she always gives Hillary props, she stands up for women, and she talks about reaching out to those who have differing opinions to work on what common goals you do have.

    I listen to BO and Joe and cringe. I watch a Rep.rally and I see and hear them cheer when Sen. or Pres. Clinton are mentioned. I read the disgusting tripe that BO and Joe have illicited from their female backers, and I shudder to think what they have done to the cause of women’s rights for the next four years.

    The T-shirts,the hanging, the shot-gun display, it goes on and on. I am voting for my life this time,not just for my country, and I think that all women and the men who care for them had better do the same. If BO gets in, we may be back to meeting in closed rooms with a single dangling light bulb to discuss anything that hasn’t been government approved.

  123. I sent this to the Women’s Media Center :
    The mainstream media has lost a lot of credibility this year with its election bias, and, of course, I am preaching to the choir, since you know more about this than I, and about which media outlets are more biased than others.

    I am disappointed and baffled why the WMC would post the article by Robyn Morgan on faux feminists which strikes me as anti-feminist in its exclusivity and dogmatism on what constitutes a feminist perspective.

    Since when are respected and successful women who are backing a female V.P. candidate, herself a respected Governor, not true (vraie) feminists? Ms Morgan’s diatribe is very mean spirited and divisive, to be charitable. Meeeeeow.

    Reaction on a number of blogs is not winning the WMC friends and supporters either. Is the WMC trying now to step into the mainstream of feminism? If so, I do believe the WMC has to get in touch with who feminists are in America.

    And in the spirit of decent writing, Ms Morgan needs to take some writing Tums for her “gassy and burpy” hyperbole tummy.

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