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      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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Halloween Open Thread

“His hair was perfect” 

What are you doing tonight?

Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity”  (more cowbell!)

One-eyed one-horned flying . . . “

313 Responses

  1. Please see drudge everyone. Zogby has McCain in the lead. Lets keep fighting for McCain.

  2. Can this guy be any more greedy? Even after all these millions, he’s still begging and spending like a drunken sailor.

    Mike Parker
    CHICAGO (CBS) ― The Obama fundraising juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down. There may be only a few days left in the campaign, but the Democratic nominee continues ask his supporters for cash.

    As CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports, there’s a new wrinkle to the strategy: It involves what appears to be a raffle.

    Although Obama has already raised a record $640 million for his White House run, now he’s trying to raise more by dangling a real prize in front of previous contributors.

    In an e-mail to supporters, Obama says his campaign is saving some of the best seats for select donors at his election night rally in Grant Park Tuesday.

    “Show your support at this crucial time with a donation of $25 or more and you could join me on election night,” the message says. “If you’re selected, you can bring a guest and we’ll fly you in and put you up in a hotel. You’ll go backstage at the big event. You’ll have a front row seat to history.”

  3. I can’t believe he is still asking for money. I hope we can send him back to Chicago, where he belongs.

  4. For RealKim & Angie:

  5. For Johninca:

  6. Just in case you have not seen it Zogby has McCain ahead of Obama in the latest one day poll.


  7. This is from Gibson’s interview with McCain, tonight.

    GIBSON: One other thing I asked your opponent, finish this sentence for me.

    MCCAIN: Uh-huh.

    GIBSON: On Nov. 5, I’m so glad I won’t have to anymore…

    MCCAIN: I think that — I think, frankly, probably ask for money. That’s what I’m not very good at. I’m good the asking for votes, support, volunteers. I’ve just never been really good at asking for money. So I’ll ask people to serve, but I won’t have to say, hey, can you give me $2,800 or whatever the limit is.

    ….the contrast with Mr. Selfish is stark!

  8. I’m about to re-watch Pan’s Labyrinth, this time without the annoying subtitles.

    What a spectacular movie!

  9. Zogby has McCain up by 1????? wow. Maybe the tide is turning.

    Mountain Sage

  10. fif – a front row seat to the loser’s concession speech! I’ll pass!

  11. “Oh No! There goes Tokyo!”

  12. I just got back from seeing the latest Coen Brothers movie, and it put me in a good mood. It wasn’t Fargo, but it was pretty funny. Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, George Clooney were hilarious. John Malkovich was even more hiliarious.

  13. Werewolves of London is one of my all time favorites!

  14. From the previous thread:

    MyIQ2xu+6 — is that your relationship to MY IQ? I’ve got to tell you it’s not that much to brag about.

  15. BB:

    That movie with Pitt and Clooney got hammered soundly.

  16. myiq2xu + 6 beers

    7 now

  17. zogby has mccain up by 1 in 1 DAY POLLING…. which means the 3 day tracking poll will show obama up 4 or 5 tomorrow…. if this 1 day polling HOLDS, it will move to near breakeven by election day

  18. myiq2xu + 7 beers = myiq1/2u

  19. Oy. Everytime Zogby has someone in the lead the weekend before an election, the person loses. I hope his pattern doesn’t continue this year.

  20. Ahh — I missed the punch line. I have a feeling that even with 6 (now 7) beers, you’re more like MyIQ5xu (to me)

  21. gq:

    Zogby killed himself with his Obama +13 in CA where Obama took another shellacking (nothing new there). I don’t know how he gets outta that. Maybe by being right on that McCain +1.

  22. Nobody had trick or treaters? I got some for the first time in several years. Maybe the mall is closing down and I don’t know it yet?

  23. Raven hair and ruby lips (like Angie)

  24. I would think that the fact that zogby way overpolls for obama would be really bad news for him. He had Clinton up by 1-5 in the pa primary, and she won by 10. his last poll just before the primary was right on the money though….

  25. obambi,i thought i saw a putti cat,i did, i did and his name is mac.

  26. Happy Halloween everybody! I just got back in — what did I miss? LOL
    myiq — your grandson is so cute! I love the picture of the baby dressed as a clown — that isn’t the same one or is it him younger?
    Also, I can’t believe you picked Warren Zevon for me! I love him & I love “Lawyers, Guns & Money” Here is one for you:

  27. MABlue,

    I saw the reviews, but I still liked the movie. As I said, it wasn’t Fargo, but it was still very funny and had the Coen Brothers’ touch. I thought it was well worth the $9.25.

  28. Anyone else have a Halloween song?

  29. A dude with facial hair (that looked real) and a gal came trick or treating. I felt like I should probably give them a beer or something.

  30. Are ya going to take it…let them spoon feed you, cuz ya can’t think or know how to spend your money?
    We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore Obama and the Media!!

  31. I did not have a single trick or treater…well not yet. I guess it’s not too late for the tricks..

  32. The Monster Mash.

  33. It’s just a step to the left (and Magenta is HOT!)


  34. myiq — you have NO idea how perfect Witchy Woman is for me (in a good way).

    Here is the theme song from “Halloween” does that count as a Halloween song?

  35. How about Ghost Busters? Oh wait, I have a great one: I Put A Spell on You…Because You’re Mine, by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

  36. I love Black Magic Woman, by Santana!

  37. While I was waiting at the Doctor’s office today, I looked at the Time magazine article about McCain.

    McCain was smiling really big while he looked out of the window of a bus as he and others were being returned as Prisoner’s of War. I burst into tears. His teeth had all been broken, but he was smiling as big as he could.

    I love the flyer with him and Hillary. They will all work together greatly to save our country!

    President John S. McCain/Vice President Sarah Palin 2009

  38. Post the links!

  39. I think Boris the Spider by The Who qualifies as a Halloween song.

  40. Hello????


  41. bb — “I Put a Spell on You” is a great one!

  42. myiq2u: try this song.

  43. zogby might be wrong, but it will help the troops see that it isn’t over.

  44. RD:

    Do you know the original single had the song played backwards on the flipside?

  45. “It’s a Dead Man’s Party” Oingo Boingo

  46. I remember that. I remember driving in the car with my parents and it sounded crazy!

  47. Werewolves of London

  48. “Left-wing cartoonist and political prognosticator Gary Trudeau has already drawn his Obama victory strip and distributed it to hundreds of newspapers. A few editors are mulling over Trudeau’s premature celebration, but he’s not budging.”

  49. I can’t believe we forgot “This is Halloween” from “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” The original (with intro):

    And the Marilyn Manson re-mix:

  50. bb — here is a link to Black Magic Woman — I love Santana too — I’ve been lucky to see him lots of times because he usually comes to the NOLA Jazz Fest.

  51. I have a song for “dia de los muertos” over at my blog….La llorona…


  52. Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?


  53. I already posted Time Warp!

  54. Does Rob Zombie have love for the dead or the undead?

  55. myiq — the Rob Zombie video is no longer available.

  56. gqm:

    It’s not an either/or thing

  57. Rob Zombie:

  58. Thanks, Angie!!

  59. Btw my daughter’s friend from school went trick-or-treating as Sarah Palin whom she supports.

    MABlue fille (10 yrs old) is an Obama gal and has been since the primary, daring to oppose her dad who IS a big Hillary guy. There’s no more punishment for her since her inheritance just got shredded in the market.

  60. I wish I could send Riverdaughter 2 bags of candy….

    Well, 2 1/2 full bags of candy….

  61. The Monster Mash, by Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

  62. myiq2xu + 8 1/2

  63. + or 8 1/2?

  64. Well, here’s an interesting development.

    AP: Obama Aunt From Kenya Living in US Illegally

    Gotta create a few awkward moments in the Obama camp. Does Obama criticize her for breaking the law, seeming to lack compassion for his own family? Or does he embrace her with sympathy, incurring the wrath of American voters who have a big problem with illegal immigrants?

    And will he claim he had no idea of her immigration status?

  65. There’s always one kid at a sleepover who has to pout and insist on going home. Drives me nuts, Then there’s Brook dressed up as Glinda the good witch, explaining her choice of Psycho as the movie for the night and what Hitchcock intended when he chose black and white film for the medium (he thought the shower scene would be too gory but then he used chocolate syrup for the blood) The kid knows way more about Hitchcock than is normal for a 12 year old.

  66. Hey what about Psycho Killer?

  67. Psycho Killer, original version:

  68. Speaking of Alfred Hitchcock, what are his 2 greatest movies?

    No1 and no 2?

    I can take it easy on the ranking but there are only 2 movies that would be tolerated, anything else will be disqualified.

  69. RD:

    My kids watched all the sick & twisted movies of the 80’s and 90’s with nary a nightmare. My fundie-conservative sister barely let her sons watch televison.

    When my nephews were gonna spend the night, my kids would rent the most sacriligious perverted movies on the shelf. My daughter (the youngest and evilest) was the worst.

  70. Did everybody have fun tonight? Did you dress up? I was Bonnie & my gay husband was Clyde — and I have to say I did a great job; nobody recognized me — I wore a blonde Fay Dunway style wig, with beret (of course) & blue eye contacts. It was funny because people at the party who know me where asking who I was IRL! LOL So, although not a gory costume, mass murderers are still scary.
    What about everyone else?

  71. Lots of little cute trick or treaters came by, most with their parents, and some of the parents were in costume. Girls dressed like princesses and boys dressed in black robes with red LED eyes (two of them), some cowgirls, no political masks.

    It looked like it would rain so the kids came earlier than usual. There was one middle-age woman with a bag and a pre-teen girl with two bags sticking out. When I asked why she had two, she said
    one was for her baby brother in a stroller out in the front.

    Oh, I mailed in my absentee ballot this afternoon. Voted for my first Republican Presidential candidate and voted for others based on whether they were for or against Hillary (if they had indicated a preference). My woman Congressman who endorsed Obama before the state primary because he “was opposed to the war” and offered “hope and change” (she’s a friend of Pelosi) lost my vote to the Green Party candidate (a woman). This woman hasn’t had any real opposition in years so she’ll return to Washington, but not on my vote. I wrote her after her BO endorsement suggestion she turn over her seat to a newer face if she really wanted change.

    One local non-partisan candidate was eliminated this week when I received a mailer emphasizing how much he supported BO. His opponent called me this afternoon (robocall) to say that he was being subjected to a negative campaign while he had tried to keep it clean. He gave his personal number if I wanted to learn more, and has a nice voice. He has good endorsements. He got my vote in the end. NoBama!

  72. It would be very hard to pick only 2 Hitchcock movies.

  73. 1. Rear Window
    2. North by Northwest

  74. Hitchcock’s greatest: Psycho

  75. Has anyone mentioned “Devil Went Down to Georgia”


    Me and my hubby were cracking up the first time we heard this song on the radio.

    Chicken in the breadpan pickin’ out dough!
    Granny does yer dawg bite?
    No, child, no!

  76. 1. The Lady Vanishes
    2. North by Northwest

  77. rebecca and rear window….

  78. myiq:

    You’re out. Your answer is so wrong I’m thinking about banning from blogging altogether. Very wrong.

  79. North by Northwest
    The Birds

  80. OT but did you all see Arnold today?

    Damn… he’s pretty good

  81. BB:

    That’s very weak, come on. 1 & 2?

  82. If we’re talking movies I have to recommend Orson Welles’ “Touch of Evil.” Film noir at its best, and spookiest.

  83. My favorite Hitchcock movie would probably never make the “best of ” list, but I absolutely love “The Trouble with Harry”.

  84. I have to confess I love Hitchcock, so I have a hard time choosing — the two I picked were to answer MABlue, but North by Northwest has GOT to be one of them.

    btw — love, love Strangers on a Train — such a great idea to commit a murder!!!

  85. I think I might pick one of the early ones, like The Lady Vanishes. But there are so many great ones. I love Rear Window. Then there are the romantic ones like Rebecca and Suspicion. And of course Strangers on a Train. I couldn’t pick just two.

  86. MABlue — what about my two choices — Rear Window & North by Northwest?

  87. Psycho was the original slasher movie, and Norman Bates is the best known Hitchcock character.

    The Birds was the template for Night of the Living Dead, Westworld, Jurassic Park and every other movie where suddenly things go wrong and nature/technology goes on a killing spree

  88. 1. The Birds
    2. Dial M for Murder

  89. I liked marnie a lot too…and notorious…that part where the camera comes down the staircase and zooms on to Ingrid bergman’s hand…I replace rear window with notorious 🙂

    1. rebecca
    2. notorious

  90. Jaws too

  91. The Man Who Knew Too Much is great.

  92. What is the most overrated horror movie?

  93. BB, which one?

  94. angie and everyone else who has North by Northwest is right.

    The other one among the 2 has got to be NOTORIOUS, helloooooo. What’s wrong with everybody?

  95. gary — I love Rebecca & Notorious, and Notorious would be on my top 10 Hitchcock movies, but not Rebecca.
    In fact, I’ll give you my top 10 (in no particular order);
    Rear Window
    North by Northwest
    The Lady Vanishes
    The Birds
    Dial M for Murder
    Strangers on a Train
    The 39 Steps

  96. myiq — The Amityville Horror — sorry, I know it is a “classic” but I think it is kind of boring.

  97. That’s definitely on the list.

  98. MyIQ, I think The Shining is the most overrated of The Best (of the ones I’ve seen)

  99. My hubby and I just finished watching 30 Days of Night. Very very scary. Good Halloween night movie.

    I agree with Angie. Rear Window #1.

  100. What infraction did I commit to be in moderation?

  101. Must say, I’m a real wimp when it comes to horror movies. I close my eyes at the scary parts and my imagination is far worse.

    I remember seeing “Evil Dead II” on a date and while everyone else in the theater was laughing I was trying to get my date to leave.

  102. MABlue, I’ll re-watch Notorious — I REALLY like The Birds though.

  103. Cujo was one of the worst horror movies ever made

    King’s best – Carrie

  104. I read the play Dial M for Murder and it scared me to death. I’d never watch it.

  105. And, I remember seeing a movie PREVIEW, just the damn preview, for “Dawn of the Dead” and totally freaked myself out.

    Mind you, I was 7 months preggers at the time and they had a horrible clip of a woman giving birth to god knows what. I’m scaring myself thinking about it.

  106. myiq — I also think “The Blair Witch Project” is totally overrated — I only saw it one time because it gave me motion sickness. Plus, I wasn’t scared at all. Everyone raved about it though; I think it is a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes — I just don’t get it (kind of like with BO) lol

  107. I don’t think Rebecca is one of his best, but I love it anyway.

  108. CB, on November 1st, 2008 at 12:38 am Said:
    What infraction did I commit to be in moderation?


    maybe your choices were totally unacceptable or you were thinking about some (for me) outrageous top 2.

  109. I love the movie The Shining. And I’m not much of a Stephen King fan but his stories seem to make good movies. I love the scene where Shelley Duval finds Jack’s “manuscript.”

  110. myiq — yeah, but Cujo isn’t overrated, everyone pretty much agrees it is cr@p. Just like Christine (but btw, the book was scary as all get out — most of King’s books, I find, don’t translate well onto the screen)

  111. Angie:

    BWP is not a “first-date” movie.

    I speak from experience

  112. angie:

    I’m absolutely with you on the “Blair Witch Project”. Only Obama is more overrated.

  113. CB, I think it was the length of the post — long posts often get caught in the trap — I’ve let you loose though.

  114. myiq — I don’t like going to movies on first dates — I think at the beginning couples should talk, laugh & get to know one other — leave going to the movies for when you start getting bored. 🙂

  115. I was in the Army working guard duty all by myself overnight in Germany when I read “Salem’s Lot.”

    That wasn’t a good idea.

  116. btw — Carrie is definitely the best of all King’s movies — mostly to do with the acting by Sissy Spacek — she’s great.

  117. Today I thought I would be flying on my broom to work, but instead I fell, twisted an ankle quite badly and can hardly walk. No health insurance–I live in BO’s state where I pay for everyone else’s children to have health care but can’t get it myself. So my students are going to fix me up with the local curandero who does sports massage-I hope it’s that deep tissue massage the brujas do in the Caribbean.

    Sure wish I had a nice shot of Jameson,but have to work again in the morning.

    Drink one for me.

  118. MyIQ, that’s the vampire one??

  119. LOL, Angie. We’re polar opposites when it comes to King. I can’t stand his writing. Of course, I’ve only read one book of his but I was so ticked off that I wasted my time reading it that I refuse to read anything else by him. But I loved The Shining and Carrie. Really, I pretty much like any scary movie even the really really bad ones. As a matter of fact, I LOVE the really really bad ones.

  120. The Birds and Psycho are at the top. I might also include Vertigo or North by Northwest

  121. “I don’t like going to movies on first dates”

    I don’t either anymore. I prefer to skip the formalities and go straight for the main course.

  122. myiq — the scariest one of King’s books imo is “It” — as I read it I was literally scared to turn the next page & more then once through the book across the room to stop myself from reading it because I was so scared! LOL I was also scared to death of the bathroom sink (spiders!) for about a month after I finished with it. But that movie they made of it? Laughably lame.

  123. Like Kathy Bates in Misery. She really rocked that role.

  124. “The Stand” was the best Stephen King book I ever read. Anyone else?

  125. myiq — I did say “getting to know one another”

  126. I dressed as a hula girl, complete with ukulele, for the office and won the costume contest! I think the entire A/R dept, who dressed as geishas, were robbed, though.

    I took my son and his friends, or rather they dragged me, around the neighborhood on their frenzied candy quest. Later he and one friend were making a list of scary Halloween words. He asked his dad, “Is John McCain a monster?” “Yes, he’s the original.” “Ok, I’ll add John McCain to the list.” (Need I say Dad is an Obot?)

  127. RD:

    Birds and Psycho? Top 2?

    Are you just trying to fing out if I can ban from blogging anywhere outright?

    What a terrible answer. Sheeesh!!!

  128. brit — I read “The Stand” & I liked it, but I rank King by “scariness” & The Stand isn’t that scary. Top honor for me goes to “It”

    gxm — I agree about Misery is a great one — and it is all because of Kathy Bates.

    kb — yes, Salem’s Lot is the vampire one.

  129. favorite horror movies — Hellraiser and Candyman

    most overrated– anything by m knight shamalamadingdong…

  130. I saw 5 Hitchcock movies in a row at an all-night Hitchcock festival 25 years ago. Oooog. That was tough.

  131. Some of my favorite horror movies:

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    The Wolfman
    Night of the Living Dead
    Dawn of the Dead
    The Changeling
    The Birds
    The Omen
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Silence of the Lambs
    What Lies Beneath
    Donnie Darko
    Shawn of the Dead

  132. I liked It and there was one where a girl I really liked dug up a space ship in her front yard — that one has elements I think of all the time. From seeing tiny pointed rocks in the yard to batteries….

  133. Anyone else indoors watching Hairspray clips on YouTube?

  134. Nijma — sorry about your ankle! That sucks — did the docs prescribe you some percocet? I broke my ankle once, no one was home to take me to the hospital so I had to drive myself in a standard transmission car! Good thing the hospital was close by (I managed to get the car in first & just prayed for no red lights). Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the percocet.

  135. the shining is the scariest book by king for me, and imo the only book by him that doesn’t have a really dopey ending.

  136. myiq2xu, on November 1st, 2008 at 12:47 am Said:
    “I don’t like going to movies on first dates”
    I don’t either anymore. I prefer to skip the formalities and go straight for the main course.

    How did I miss that comment? I really had to burst out laughing.

  137. I had to leave the theater during Hellraiser because my date was about to puke.

  138. Angie, yes, I agree. “It” nearly drove me crazy with fear. I read it on a cruise ship, in blazing sunshine, and still had to keep putting it down every couple of pages and collect myself. I would’ve died if I’d seen a balloon!

  139. what about They Live!! what a bad movie!

  140. My parent’s first date was to an Adeli Stevenson Rally — I think the curse of that decision haunts our family to this very day…

  141. The Shining scared me so much that I can’t watch it all the way through again. I’ve tried, but I can’t.

  142. The Staphen King book I never want to read again – Pet Semetary.

    It grossed me out.

    Most overrated King – Cujo

  143. Can’t believe how many of these scary movies I’ve seen. I hate ’em.

    Hellraiser’s the one with Pinhead, right? All I remember (watching) was something about a Pandora’s box and a thing re-animating from a pool of blood. Spent the rest of the movie with my hands over my face.

  144. gary:

    “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum”

  145. when I was in my 20’s and my sister was a teenager, we used to rent really bad horror movies. There was one called Hell Diner with the tag line “first they greet you, then they eat you” I think that was the best for camp value. I remember one scene where someone gets their head put in a deep fryer and she comes out looking like a big hush puppy on her head.

  146. bostonboomer … Shawn of the Dead is hilarious! Now, we’re talking.

  147. Oh, I LOVE most of They Live!

  148. No docs for me Angie. No insurance = no nice medicine. I was late for work but fortunately the car has power brakes or I would never have made it at all.

    Thanks for the sympathy though, pity is almost as good as drugs.

  149. bb: Totally agree on Jaws (I will not go further then I can stand in the water to this day), Night of the Living Dead, Rosemary’s Baby (which is actually one of the scariest movies ever imo), The Omen & What Lies Beneath (a very underrated horror movie). But, would also have to have The Excorcist & Psycho on the list. I consider Shawn of the Dead a comedy, and Silence of the Lambs a drama (not horror). I also kind of think Dawn of the Dead is overrated — nowhere near as good as Night of the Living Dead.
    gary — totally agree on Candyman. Was anyone else scared by The Ring? I was — I slept with my bathroom light for 7 days after I saw it (the time to run on when I was supposed to die after seeing the “video”) LOL I also like The Grudge.

  150. I remember when I was in undergrad in my semester abroad in Europe, I took a girl in one of our first dates to watch Sommersby. She cried throughout the movies and I didn’t see anything in the movie to make me cry (besides its averageness).

    To my surprise, the girl said I was a complete heartless douche and that was it.

  151. yeah, I forgot about pet semetary…that was creepy. the movie…meh…although the little kid does an awesome job playing evil…

  152. The two most chilling lines in a horror novel both come from King:

    “What followed was unspeakable” – ‘Salem’s Lot

    “He awoke again, briefly, when it began to feed” – It

  153. Worst horror movie has to be Wicker Man. Not that I didn’t like it because as I said I love bad horror movies.

    One of my favorite horror writers is Ramsey Campbell. I haven’t read him in a while. But I’m getting the urge to spend money at Amazon…

  154. heh heh…britgirls, yeah that’s the one. I liked Hellraiser II as well, almost better than the original

  155. Angie:

    After Jaws I got nervous swimming in a pool.

  156. Another really scary movie with a young Jodie Foster: The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. Not really horror, but I also like Panic Room.

    And of course my favorite movie of all time: Taxi Driver.

  157. angie, Iiked the ring too…

  158. The Ring really scared me!

  159. gxm, the only person I know who saw Wicker Man said it reminded him of my dad. I’ve always wondered what he meant.

  160. BB, I really like your list!

  161. Worst Horror movie EVER was Jeepers Creepers

    “Gee sis, it looked like that guy was shoving bodies into a pipe back there. Let’s go back and look.”

    I was rooting for the monster by the time that thing was over.

    “Kill them, don’t leave any survivors! NO SEQUELS!”

  162. Another movie that really really scared me was Session 9. It takes place in a abandoned mental hospital. That movie gave me nightmares–literally.

  163. I know it’s not horror but, In Cold Blood was the scariest book I ever read. I had to check every window and door in the house every night for months after I read that book.

  164. oooh bb what about Alice sweet Alice with brooke shields…

  165. Nijma — but you broke your ankle? Don’t you need to put a cast on it?

    The only thing going for Hellraiser imo is s&m torture. But once the shock value & gore wears off, you never have to see it again

  166. Zogby Saturday: McCain Outpolls Obama on Friday, 48-47%


  167. clive barker is one twisted human being.

  168. gxm — Wicker Man — worst & best evah!! I laugh just thinking about that stupid thing — but I do like those so bad there good comedy horror movies.

    kb — I agree with you In Cold Blood is very scary mainly because it is true.

  169. These days, why bother with horror movies?

    Has anyone else seen the last PBS Frontline on Afghanistan? It’s so graphic and so horrible that I was emotionally burned out after watching it.

    You can still see it online. I think we’re about to get our asses kicked in Afghanistan soundly. It’s a lose lose situation.

  170. John Carpenter’s The Thing was terrifying.

  171. “Leprechaun” has to get a mention for worst horror movie EVAH.

    Don’t know how or why I end up seeing these movies.

  172. myiq: I agree about Pet Cemetary!

    I had nightmares from a Dean Koontz book, Midnight.

  173. poplicola … yes! “The Thing” and “Alien” are two of the scariest I’ve seen.

  174. Has anyone mentioned Dead Alive. That’s like Shawn of the Dead, horror-comedy.

    The BEST worst horror movie of all time has to be Jack Frost. (The first one, not the sequel)

    I love Jeepers Creepers. On one of our marathon trips drives to FL, we passed an old school bus in the middle of the night that was totally jeepers creepers. My hubby and I looked at each other and I said “just speed up and don’t look back.”

  175. Angie,

    I know Dawn of the Dead isn’t a great movie, but I really like ti for some reason. I even liked the remake. Silence of the Lambs is usually included on Best of Horror lists. I think it qualifies. Jaws is such a good movie that I can watch it again and again. It’s just really good. I never really liked the movie of The Exorcist. I read the book first–now that was scary!!

  176. poplicola…yes!!! the thing is awesome. the fog on the other hand really sucked big time..

  177. Another good zombie movie is 28 Days Later.

  178. The movie that scared me the most was one I saw as a kid – “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death”

  179. angie, a few years ago my brother in law edited Capote and I had to go see it — Even though it was years and years later, I was terrified to go.

  180. You know what is the most underrated horror movie? Dead Ringers — anyone see that one with Jeremy Irons? It is directed by David Cronenberg one of my favorite directors (he’s done The Fly — very scary too! as well as A History of Violence — one of my all time favorites, but not horror & Eastern Promises).

  181. Oh, I was completely terrified by the Exorcist when I was a kid – and I even saw the TV edited version!

  182. katiebird, Wicker Man is singular. So I think they were saying that your dad is one-of-a-kind.

  183. M’kay, I want to go to bed but now I’m too scared.

    Thanks everyone! I’ll just eat a little more candy to calm my nerves.

  184. Gary, I don’t think I’ve seen Alice Sweet Alice. I’ll have to look for it. I’m a huge horror fan.

  185. The original of The Fly with Vincent Price is really good. The remake was too gross for me. I’ve never been able to watch it a second time.

  186. I don’t know who wrote “The Cell” but even Captain Spaulding was impressed with the sick and twisted stuff in Carl Starger’s mind.

  187. “your dad is one-of-a-kind” — Oh, well — THAT is certainly true….

  188. Broken? At first I thought it was broken, but I’ve had broken toes before and the quality of the pain is different. Can’t bear weight yet, but I took the handle off an old mop to use as a walking stick. I should get a real walking stick– I must look funny in front of the class leaning on a long yellow mop handle.
    I can hardly wait to see the brujo tomorrow. They say you just give him what you can afford–ten or twenty bucks.

    My first dates are generally boring enough (and broke enough) to stay home and watch videos on the couch. If the movie is boring, well, then you’re on a couch already.

  189. Just thought of another scary movie that really bothered me … “The Hitcher” … the original one with Rutger Hauer. Eeeep!

  190. bboomer, its from the early 70’s, one of brooke shields first movies, she’s like 10 in it. It is a complete homage to hitchcock btw..there are even movie posters for one of his movies in it I think. good flick.

  191. Angie:

    David Cronenberg did Reanimator.

    Watching a decapitated head performing oral sex – priceless!

  192. bb — The Excorsit — I always find the books to be better then the movies so I agree on that. I guess you are right about “Silence of the Lambs’ but I think it is such a great movie I don’t consider it horror, as I (wrongly) always kind of think of horror movies to be kind of “B list” movies (if that make sense).

    kb — I loved Capote! They also had a movie about him that year called “Infamous” — I loved that one too.

    Another really, really good & underrated horror movie is The Devil’s Backbone directed by Guillermo Del Toro — if you haven’t seen it, rent it.

  193. night britgirl!

  194. I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Tall Man (Phantasm) series. Angus Scrim is one of the very best horror leads, right up there with Pinhead and Freddie.

  195. myiq — LOL! Reanimator is a classic but I have to confess I find it to be a little gory for the sake of being gory.

  196. Angie, I liked it too — It wasn’t nearly as scary as I feared and I could appreciate the story.

    Another weird thing is that up until a couple of months ago I worked across the street from one of the shops the Murderers went to on their Post-Murder-Shopping-Spree.

  197. Angie,

    The Devil’s Backbone was great! I don’t really think of Psycho as horror for some reason. It seems more like a psychological thriller to me. Jaws is a really well made movie too. Not all horror movies are “B” movies.

  198. G’night everyone!

  199. gxm — I haven’t seen any of the Phantasm series — I guess I should check them out.

  200. MaBlue, I have the same idea about Afghanistan. The Brits already found out what a mistake that country is. And we have no national interest there at all, outside of a pipeline that will never be built because of political instability.

    On the other hand, whoever holds Baghdad hold the entire Middle East. Strategically that has been true since antiquity.

  201. kb — night!

  202. Maybe it’s cuz it’s halloween (it still is, here) but I ahven’t seen that many trolls in weeks

  203. Does “Deliverance” count as a horror movie?

    I remember when we first moved here to PA. Our house is on a 2-acre wooded lot, and we were on the back patio toasting our new home with some wine. Out of the woods we hear someone plucking away on a BANJO. There’s nothing scarier than a freakin’ banjo when you’re in the middle of the woods.

    Yeah, we scarpered indoors pronto!

  204. Angie,

    I don’t really like gore that much. My favorites are the spooky, eerie movies or thrillers. But sometimes I’ll put up with some gore–like in the zombie movies.

  205. Does “Deliverance” count as a horror movie?

    It does for straight guys

  206. Goodnight, Katiebird! I haven’t seen the original of The Man Who Knew Too Much. Which do you like better?

  207. Love the original The Fly with Vincent Price. When I was a kid I loved all his movies, but my favorite was The Oblong Box.

  208. Good night (morning) all!

    See you tomorrow.

  209. bb — I know, I know — I don’t really think of Jaws as horror either, or Aliens or Psycho or Silence of the Lambs. You are right, they are horror movies, but my first instinct when I think “horror” is slasher and/or B movie. With Jaws, Alien, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs my first instinct is to put them on ‘favorite movie” list (regardless of genre). Its not until I start really considering what kind of movies they actually are (like we are doing now) that I put them into the “horror” category

  210. myiq2xu + 10 is going streaking

    Or is gonna take a little nap.

    Maybe both


  211. myiq2xu,

    I think the trolls are all canvassing in PA, OH, FL, and now IA. Did you know that John Murtha is actually in danger of losing his seat after calling his constituents racist rednecks? I think Obama’s “lead” is very soft.

  212. Vincent Price as Dr. Phibes – The original “Saw”

  213. myiq –I think the tr0ll invasion was a combo of Halloween & the new poll showing McCain with a 1 point lead. And, of course, my charm. 🙂

  214. BB: Viagra and Cialis won’t cure the softness

  215. did anyone here know that Ned Beatty was actually traumatized by “THAT SCENE” in Deliverence? That is what I read — he will not even discuss it.

  216. myiq — I love you naked . . .;-)

    See you in your dreams.

  217. coming in late….best horror film ever: The Haunting (original)
    Great interactions between the two women.

    The Shining and The Exorcist are personal favorites.
    In the Exorcist the build up is exceptional – the first hour has no gross stuff – all drama.

    And one of my favorite shots ever, yes, shots, I keep a list, is the two nuns walking down the street. The scene is in the first hour and Ellen Burstyn is walking through Georgetown in the fall leaves. She’s smiling. She sees two nuns across the street.

    The cut is perfect, exceptional. The music is amazing.

    Watch it, you will be pleased.

  218. I wish I had a joke.. but THIS made me smile 🙂



  219. Goodnight all. Sleep well! 😉

  220. bb — I feel sorry for Murtha in a way because of his age & I actually don’t think he meant it the way it came out (why is BO the only one allowed to WORM), but he kind of does deserve to lose his seat for that one (actually two — r@cist & redneck).

  221. night gxm!!!

  222. ooh abigaladams — the original The Haunting is a good one! I prefer the ones with “stories” more then gory ones (for example HellRaiser) myself too.

  223. The movie “I Am Legend” was pretty creepy.

  224. didn’t go through all these posts, but did anyone post a youtube of monster mash?

  225. Nightmares!!! I have a friend from middle school who was a horror movie nut. Fangoria mags, and what not… I saw enough horror films against my will… I can’t stand ’em *ducks*…the worst I can remember was Basket Case I & II.. To this day he watches them non-stop. Have any of you seen any of the Japanese variety?

  226. Okay it looks like my version is different from BBs.

  227. jj — I didn’t see I Am Legend — that is the Will Smith end-of-the-world one, right/

  228. Quinn — I thought that was cute too — teaches about the 2 party system & not some propaganda. Very cute.

  229. Yeah, Angie, it is interesting, but a little on the creepy side.

    I love Shawn of the Dead.

  230. jjmtacoma,

    I saw I Am Legend. It was pretty good. I like end of the world stories, but they seem to work better as books. Did you ever read A Canticle for Liebowitz?

  231. The original The Haunting is a good movie, but the story was depressing to me. A really good recent ghost story was A Stir of Echoes.

  232. On Murtha .. .. If I remember right .. he is also running against an Iraq vet …. And .. a lot of people were not in the least bit happy with him for calling the military guys murderers .. and that was proven wrong .

    So .. I think … the r a * ci * st /redneck – was just, ‘perhaps’ the final straw … .. ‘If” he loses ..

  233. bb — I like the book & movie for Stir of Echoes. I also really liked The Others with Nicole Kidman & Jacob’s Ladder with Tim Robinson (is Jacob’s Ladder a horror movie?)

  234. I like the end of the world stories too, but I haven’t read that one. Since you are asking… must be one I should look for.

    I don’t read as much as I used to, I become completely irresponsible and don’t do anything until the book is done.

  235. Oh my, my, my…here’s one for myiq and Angie.

    Angie, you look so cute on the vid! 😈

  236. Briana — Murtha called the soldiers murders? I didn’t know that — I think he may just be getting too old for the job. He isn’t like McCain who seems very energetic.
    btw — did anyone read about Ah-nold stumping with McCain in OH today? He mocked Obama’s twizzle stick body saying:

    “That’s why I want to invite Senator Obama because he needs to do something about those skinny legs. I’m going to make him do some squats.

    “And then we’re going to make him do some biceps curls to beef up those scrawny little arms. But if he could only do something about putting some meat on his ideas.

    “Senator McCain on the other hand is built like a rock. His character and his views are solid.”

    Here’s the link to the full story if you are interested:


  237. Creepiest flick ever? That’s an easy one. The (endless) Barky Horror Picture Show, produced by the MSM, financed in part somewhere overseas, modeled on the Chicago mob, and starring The Fraud. It’s a complete work of fiction, and does include violence to women. (rated X)

  238. Here’s a vid I found for myiq an angie.

    Angie you bad!

  239. Late to HItchcock game but my two favorites are:

    Marnie (can’t get enough of young Sean Connery) and
    Spellbound (can’t get enough of Gregory Peck)

  240. never saw Hellraiser, will watch! Stir of Echoes is VERY scary….

    There is a new one our called “Let the Right One In.” You can watch trailer online. It has gotten great reviews….

  241. I hate anchor tags and it won’t take the direct link!!!!!!

    another try

  242. That one worked but I think myiq and angie are gone for the night!

  243. shit! It previews it okay but then doesn’t go to the link.

    Oh well, eff it and good nite all.

  244. Angie,

    I liked The Others too. Another good spooky movie is The Gift. I don’t know if I’d call Jacob’s Ladder horror or not. Maybe. I’d like to see that one again.

  245. Bostonboomer, A Canticle for Liebowitz was good if a bit long. But these Taken Up series–did you ever try to read one? I couldn’t get past 100 pages–boring, and no character development. As an anti-utopia it just doesn’t work. And they are up to what the 12th in the series?

    Just found half a shot of vanilla Stoli in the fridge. I think I will relax now.

  246. Fredster, why don’t you get a free wordpress blog and use their HTML editor thing to do your links?Write it in “visual”, use the link icon to make your link, then click the HTML tab and there it is all written for you.

  247. Fredster — I just left for a second — catching up on some of the links. Myiq went to get some sleep — he said for a few hours, don’t know if we should expect him back though.

  248. Oh, then of course you highlight, copy and paste it to the comments

  249. Fredster — LOL!! You hit the nail on the head with Bad Things by Jace Everett! I LOVE that song — I had never heard it though until this year when True Blood on HBO started — it plays on the opening credits. Here is a link:

  250. Fredster — are you still here?

  251. Nijma,

    I’ve never heard of the “Taken Up” series. I just started reading Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series though, and I’m really enjoying it. Katiebird recommended those.

    I guess I’d better hit the sack. Nice talking to all of you. Only Three more days till Obama loses the election!

  252. Kat5, on November 1st, 2008 at 2:06 am Said:

    Creepiest flick ever? That’s an easy one. The (endless) Barky Horror Picture Show, produced by the MSM, financed in part somewhere overseas, modeled on the Chicago mob, and starring The Fraud. It’s a complete work of fiction, and does include violence to women. (rated X)

    LOL — when you are right, you’re right. Scariest show hands down!

  253. night bb!!

  254. Angie .. here is a part of it ..

    PITTSBURGH — A former Marine lance corporal sued Rep. John Murtha for slander Thursday, saying the Pennsylvania Democrat damaged his reputation by saying Marines killed women and children “in cold blood” in Hadithah, Iraq, in November 2005.


    I am pretty sure they were all found ‘not guilty’ . One just recently ..

  255. I just read that at some rally somewhere, after telling people about how his daughters have a hard time deciding on their Halloween costume, O said that McCain has no problems with choosing a costume–he goes as Bush. (Sorry for repeating the tired joke, but I had to put it in context…)

    So, what did O go as for Halloween? Lenin or Fidel? Stalin or Hugo? Mao or Ceausescu? I guess he had a hard time deciding.

  256. finally! Now what did YOU do to get it to load? I tried a copy and paste, then the infamous anchor tag which I can’t do even when pulling it from notepad and pasting in what I need! Sheesh! One time wp lets me do tinyurls and full ones and then later not! Wondering if it’s the length of the thread being so long now?

    njima: I had this in notepad and usually paste it in and add the urls as needed:

    a href=”url”>Text to be displayed

    I took the first caret out above.

  257. Briana — I didn’t mean I didn’t believe you I meant I couldn’t believe he actually said that. Poor man, a loss is probably what he needs.

  258. Easterner — I would say BO went as a flaming douche, but really, that isn’t a costume.

  259. yeah I’m here. It seems the thread is taking forever to load when I submit a comment.

  260. Frester — I just cut and paste directly from the top — I don’t mess with those url’s etc.

  261. angienc–flaming douche? LOL! Wow, never heard that one before; appropriate, of course. Ah, the things I learn these days. :))

  262. Fredster — it is taking me forever too — I think this thread is too long & there are too many links on it. We need a new thread, but I don’t think anyone is here to do one — myiq is asleep.
    btw — perfect song — I’ll consider it my “theme song” re: myiq. 😉

  263. Easterner — sorry for being the one to corrupt you! LOL

  264. Yeah but the problem Angie was when I pasted it in, in the comment box, when submitting it didn’t take. ???

    Somebody one time said to use anchor tags.

    Anyway, I got it to post over on myiq’s spot so it’s there from me even though you got it here.

  265. OOH! Fredster — I’m going to run over to myiq’s place to see it — brb!

  266. Before I hit submit, I started to write that the singer sure does make it sound dirty about those bad things!! 8)

  267. As for Ah-nold… I guess this is the closest he got to calling O a girly man. Got to love that Governator!

  268. Fredster — It is dirty — he’s got the perfect voice for it.

    Easterner — yep, girly man is right!

  269. angie, it’s like Jeff Foxworthy says

    When you’re without clothes you are na kid. but if you’re gonna do something bad, your nekid

  270. LOL!

  271. oh no Angie .. I didn’t think that .. not at all ..

    I think we all know the good that Murtha has done in his life as a rep. etc…. but .. that incident, from what I hear is what turned many off …

    It’s late , but I think ‘He’ was the one who stood up and said publicly we are losing Iraq & our military is suffering .. ‘ not exactly that but close… AND – it was a Huge Deal … He was the first . of the congress/senate critters to make that stand .. that anyone really listened to . .. sadly , the people won’t listen to the Great Dennis Kucinich….

    he has always been considered a huge friend of the military .. he gets them their funding etc.. plus handsome stuff to defense firms etc… but .. it seems it only takes a couple of remarks like the one he made to begin a downward spiral. Honestly , now that I am thinking about it … his words lately etc… really just do not sound like him at all. Maybe he is ill .. or too much pressure or something … He has always been known for ‘frank talk’ .. but this stuff was ‘over the top’ .. imo.

    …for a person who wants to get elected anyway .. unless your name is Obama …. ..

  272. Angie, was checking out wwltv.com and they had the old political guy on there, Ed Renwick, who said the prez race in LA was close! Could not believe it. I know Obama will carry nola but can’t imagine what other parts of the state he would do well in. That’s bizarre!!

  273. Hi! Did I hear right, BO is still trying to raise money?

  274. Briana — we see eye-to-eye on this.

    Maybe he is ill .. or too much pressure or something … He has always been known for ‘frank talk’ .. but this stuff was ‘over the top’ .. imo.

    …for a person who wants to get elected anyway .. unless your name is Obama …. ..

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  275. Nite All .. see ya tomorrow … !

    sweet dreams ….

  276. angienc–flaming douche? LOL! Wow, never heard that one before; appropriate, of course. Ah, the things I learn these days. :))

    OMG! Sounds like it might be a drink! 😯

  277. Briana — night!!

    Fredster — I wouldn’t drink anything called a flaming douche!

  278. Angie, I did a reply over at Klownhaus

  279. Ok — I just made “Bad Things” the ring tone on my cell!

  280. going to check it out — brb

  281. Well I didn’t say it would be pleasant! Hmmm….what could it contain? alum?

  282. Ok — I just made “Bad Things” the ring tone on my cell!


  283. Fredster! you perv! LOL

  284. Good question — I don’t know what would be in a flaming douche — what is the most pretentious liquor around?
    Also, it would smell like BO’s “stinky socks”

  285. Are we the only two here? what is wrong with everybody?

  286. Hey! It’s lonely being the solitary care-giver!!

    I’m just grateful I’m going to get to go out to dinner tomorrow with 2 friends and will have a “watcher” for the Momster. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to get back in time for her bedtime meds and wish her nitey-nite. They’ve opened a Logan’s Roadhouse near here and I want to try their steaks. It’s not Ruth’s Chris but…

    And of course won’t be any hanky-panky or spanky-spanky or anything; just some free time.

  287. Fredster — I love how you take care of your mom!
    Good that you have some free time though.

  288. I think we are the only ones left. And I’ve taken my sleep md for the night.

    You know…that’s the one thing about B’ham is no nite life to speak of such as in the 1/4, with Lafitte’s, Bourbon Pub and all the other bars. I think they have 3 or 4 in B’ham and that’s it. 😦

  289. You two are still up?!?! LOL!

  290. Fredster — I love how you take care of your mom!

    Someone had to. I have two 1/2 brothers that aren’t worth a shit…her sons!

  291. Fredster — we should probably turn in.

    I wonder what myiq is going to think of the song!! hee hee!!

  292. Yes! But I told Angie I just took my sleep md and will probably be drifting off soon.

    Is this thread taking a long time for you all for it to load?
    (I guess that made sense)

  293. jvsp — you are up too!! glass houses!! I’m wound up because I went out tonight — see how it is? I come home at a reasonable time to get to bed, but I get wound up from going out & can’t sleep — I should have just stayed out! LOL

  294. Fredster — the thread is taking forever to load — I think it is too long & too many links in it.

  295. Yeah, guess so Angie. I’m on book 3 of the Sookie books so I might read a bit before the zzzs take over.

    Nitey-nite see yall tomorrow. Sorry jvsp, you should have come back a little earlier!

  296. “Is this thread taking a long time for you all for it to load?
    (I guess that made sense)”

    ..not for me, but I recently updated my turing machine.. Usually there are others up around now that come waltzing in from time to time…. MIA

  297. Night Fredster!
    Sorry too jvsp — I’m done for tonight. Good night!

  298. One last thing: where’s fuzzy been? haven’t seen him post lately?

  299. Fredster — he posted this a.m. — probably had plans tonight.

  300. okay..nite-nite…

  301. G’night you all! I never sleep, so back to reading… ciao

  302. night all!

  303. Night!

  304. Goodnight all.

    I’m watching the wee hours again. Anyone around?

    No Little Isis on the night shift lately. Bummer. She must be keeping Sarah busy.

    I thought it was my turn this week with Pantsuited Beauty but Regency wouldn’t give her up.

  305. What Arnie said today at a rally for McCain in Ohio:

    Schwarzenegger, known for dipping into his Hollywood past to fill his speeches with movie catchphrases, said voters “don’t have to wonder, is (McCain) ready to be president?”

    “John McCain served longer in a POW camp than his opponent has in the United States Senate,” he said. “Ladies and gentlemen, I only play an action hero in my movies, but John McCain is a real action hero.”

    This brought tears to my eyes because I met John McCain back when I was on active duty in the Air Force. I was in uniform and HE CALLED ME a hero for serving my country. Shit, my time in was nothing compared to his. HE is the hero, not me, but he was so damned classy that day. This is why, as a lifelong Dem, I always worried about McCain running for President. I knew it would be hard not to vote for him. Fortunately, Bambi made it so much easier this time.

  306. Check this out:

    “To: Interested Parties
    From: Rick Davis, Campaign Manager
    Date: October 31, 2008
    RE: The Final Push

    The State of the Campaign

    If your television is tuned to cable news as frequently as ours are here at campaign headquarters, you have seen the pundits say John McCain and his campaign are done. And, if you’ve followed this race since the beginning, this is clearly a song you’ve heard before. I wanted to take some time today to give you some insight on the state of the race as we see it.

    An AP poll released this morning revealed a very telling fact: ONE out of every SEVEN voters is undecided. That means, if 130 million voters turn out on Tuesday, 18.5 million of them have yet to make up their mind. With that many votes on the table and the tremendous movement we’ve seen in this race, I believe we are in a very competitive campaign.”

    Looks like Hillary’s 18 million, eh?

  307. Site claims internal polling has Mac ahead in some blue states, within a point in CA.


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