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Friday: Happy Halloween!


Lot’s of scaaaary things happening in the news today.  Here’s a quick round up from some of our friends:

  • edgeoforever posts that Obama’s informercial was dead on delivery.  The experts say it was too depressing.
  • Heidi Li says her Obot friends are pondering weak and weary while she is sharpening her reasoning skills over why the prospect of an Obama presidency is frightening.
  • Murphy is laughing maniacally over the protest at the LA Times over the Khalidi tape as well as the fact that after $600 million, a slavish media and the GOP 527’s that never showed up, Obama is still in a statistical tie with a guy who took public financing.  theremin music. OOooooooOOOOOOoooooo.
  • Check out this page of extreme pumpkin carvings if you’re looking for ideas.  The 2008 winners feature a nerd, a mummy and “squash on a spit”.

I don’t know if I can top myiq’s post but it would be hard to go any lower.  He really reached the bottom.

See if you can spot us in this video:

80 Responses

  1. “it would be hard to go any lower”

    That sounds like a challenge


  2. What’s the ravishing redhead doing this early?

    Anyhow, ACORN has lost the monopoly on vote stealing. Now they have machines that flip votes from D to R (and vice-versa in some cases). The Equalizer:


  3. I challenge you to go lower. (But make it work safe, m’kay?)

  4. It’s like 4:30 a.m. here. I think I may have met my match– in insomnia.

  5. John:

    “To sleep, perchance to dream”

  6. I figured I had one thing in common with you when you said, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

  7. If I’m lucky

  8. Happy Halloween! I love Young Frankenstein, thanks,RD

  9. good morning conflucians and happy halloween!

    from the trenches:

    Here in MA there are McCain signs everywhere.
    This Dem state might turn out to be a real embarrassment
    for Obama.

    There’s a house nearby with two sets of signs. One Obama/Biden, the other McCain/Palin.
    I’ve wondered what was up with that, and thought maybe a stealthy canvasser or neighbor had played a joke on the homeowner.
    Not the case.
    Yesterday, the signs were marked “his” and “hers”
    Good opportunity if there are any divorce lawyers here.

  10. Tale of two effigies: the guys who did the Obama one were arrested, according to CNN…

  11. Happy Halloween/Samhain all!

    (…for Wiccans and Pagans, October 31 is typically known as Samhain. It’s the old Celtic new year…and it’s a time for honoring those who have crossed over into the spirit world”).

    Just caught up on the posts – I’ve been working on our launch, which as all launches, has had it’s last minute problems so I’ll be catching up on sleep this weekend finally.


    Thanks for the laugh: your previous post!

  12. myiq what’s with the cute baby pic? Is that you?

  13. Someone posted on the prior post the link to Rush’s web-site.
    He has the HillBuzz Clinton supporters comment on the HomePage.
    Here’s his e-mail let him know “WE” agree with the writer.
    I happened to be listening @ the time he talked about this.
    There was that usual Republican tone of “DISBELIEF” when they mention “us”. They are so used to the partisan thing, it’s hard for them to get that we are for real!
    “cc” all e-mail’s to hannity@foxnews.com / greta@foxnews.com
    and any others you choose. Include if possible references to
    Dr. Lynnett Long’s cite & “We Will Not Be Silenced” video.

  14. catarina, that happened with a couple I know when he got a Kerry sign from me to put next to her Bush sign four years ago. I was going to put up McCain and Obama signs in my yard just to see which would be stolen first.

  15. Erica Jong missed her chance of becoming a PUMA and instead bought the koolaid complete with fear mongering from the B0bots

  16. I can’t read the Jong piece. Fear of crying.

  17. purple-have some fun and hook your Mac sign up to one of those electric deer fences.
    I heard a story about a guy who did just that after his Mac sign was stolen several times. hehe all in fun, isn’t that what halloween is all about? 😈

  18. zzzzzzttttttt!

  19. 😈

  20. catarina, someone suggested spreading Vaseline around the edges. I guess I’d prefer something that wouldn’t risk a lawsuit, but thanks for the suggestion. The image is a satisfying one.

  21. I want to share this (sorry for the length):
    I got the loveliest flyer from the “Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania-Victory 2008”
    It’s a two page, beautiful muted colors, with McCain & Hillary on the front (that picture where Hill is wearing a striped scarf and they are smiling at each other) and it says in big letters:

    With intensity and hard work, she left 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling

    When you open it, there is a picture of McCain & Palin standing together looking in the same direction and there is this on the left:

    Senator Hillary Clinton blazed a trail for future generations of women. She fought for working families, and she heard your voices.
    America needs a steady hand to guide our nation in a time of terrorist threats. Senator Clinton said “…we need a solid plan to restore our economy, to create jobs, and to provide health care.”
    Most importantly, Senator Clinton knows how to reach across the aisle to solve problems. Both she and John McCain have shown the American people proven results, not pretty words.

    On the facing page is a text block with this message from McCain with his signature:

    As the father of three daughters, I owe Senator Clinton a debt for inspiring them and millions of other women to believe nothing in this great country is beyond their reach.
    Everywhere I go, I see that Senator Clinton inspired a whole generation of young Americans in this country. With my running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, I will make sure that Hillary’s efforts are not forgotten.
    I share Senator Clinton’s goal of promoting women to more important roles throughout our government. By the end of my first term, I promise you will see a dramatic increase in the presence of women in every part of government. You have my word on it.
    (sgd)John Mccain

    And on the back page is that quote from Biden where he says Hillary would have been a better VP pick than him

    Is that not the bestest, most pumatastic flyer ever?
    PA is Puma country! Woo hoo!!!!

  22. (toe in the water)

    McCain can win this thing. I am afraid to hope. And I’ll be bawling my eyes out with relief.

    I know. I know. Thanks to RD for the welcoming home and MYIQ for summing it up–otherwise, I wouldn’t begin to know how the hell I got to the place of wanting Johnny to win—so badly.

  23. Oh — messed up th eblockquotes. You guys get the idea, I hope.

  24. Gee, MYIQ, if your bottom looks anything like that baby, well, I just might take a trip down south–to the big smoggy, that is..

  25. I believe RD said something about challenging “to go lower”. Much obliged.

  26. joanie
    I’m bawling my eyes out now, every day.
    Never thought I’d be rooting for, and voting for McCain.
    Or encouraging others to vote for him.

    For me, not voting is not an option.
    Voting 3rd party is not an option.

    Obama cannot win, period.
    I’m out of patience with people hemming and hawing and saying “I can’t just can’t, blahblahblah”

    Time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and fight.
    The “I’m a lifelong dem” stuff is killing me.
    I’m a lifelong dem too, blahblahblah.
    Time to put aside the the party loyalty and send Obama
    back to hell.

  27. I DID IT!!
    I e-mailed Rush to support that HillBuzz Clinton/AntiObama

  28. did that make any sense at all?
    Probably not!
    What I meant was I’m out of patience with people agonizing over the possibility of an Obama world takeover but refusing to vote for McCain.
    I’m less than thrilled but this is a f***-ing emergency and I will suck it up.

  29. Was thinking of dressing up as Alice In Wonderland since I feel we all fell through the Looking Glass.

    And catarina: You always make sense!

  30. Aw, Fox said the Palins are dressing up for Halloween. This should be cute.

  31. Catarina, it makes perfect sense.

    I certainly do not want to judge any of my family members here–there are plenty of legit perspectives. I have at times felt like defending my own democratic integrity, though. I am the same liberal as most everyone here. The same lifelong democrat. I don’t like JohnnyMac anymore than anyone here. I am just trying to look on the brightside and at the way things seem right now–that BO is more of a republican.

    He can’t win. Thats the bottom line. I’m going to take it all the way to do all that I can to insure that.

    I am not less of a liberal. Not a Mac fan, per se. Just doing all that I can.

    (I’ve been bawling alot lately too) For the loss of family.My beloved bro called to dish about the election (pro BO), and I can’t talk about it anymore. He’s a bus driver, doesn’t make too much $$, and told me he donated to BO–last week.

    Now that made me cry.

  32. I visited my grandmother at her nursing home and she casually mentioned that one of the nurses aides was registering the residents to vote for Obama. Apparently she filled out absentee ballots for Obama and made all the senile old people sign them. My grandmother is not a US citizen and told her this but she registered her anyway. There are also a bunch of old Russian ladies as well who are not citizens and do not speak English and she made them sign as well.

  33. ARI,

    Where is this??????

    There are laws, I’m in the industry and don’t mind finding out where to report.

  34. Don’t be sad guys! I swear there are more pumas out here than we realize! He won’t win.
    Obama is campaigning hard in Ohio – here he’s supposedly far ahead. That means he’s worried about OH.

  35. Suppose, just suppose …..

    * That 43% McCain and 49% Obama from RCP is about right.
    * That 80% hang-up rate on pollsters is about right.
    * That the people who express a view will, more or less, vote.

    Now just suppose 5000 people are polled, and 80% hang-up, leaving 1000 whose opinion is obtained. Of those let’s say 43% go for McCain and 49% for BO, in line with the RCP figures.

    What % of the remaining 4000, whose opinion was not obtained, would one need to put McCain in front?

    Answer: just 51% of the 4000. That’s 2040 of those 4000, that would put McCain on 49.4% and BO on 49%.

    Suppose, just suppose that 55%, or 2200, of those 4000 would prefer McCain. How far ahead would McCain be then?

    Answer: 52.6% to BO’s 45.8%.

    I hate to make unwarranted assumptions (e.g. the 80% hang-up rate), but I couldn’t help smile at these figures. Isn’t arithmetic wonderful?

  36. urgetocompute Said: Isn’t arithmetic wonderful?


    Unbiased opinion, of course. You are a wonderful spokesperson for arithmetic!

  37. If anyone doubted that obama is a sexist ass, just check out the “his choice” ad. My response:


  38. There’s a house nearby with two sets of signs. One Obama/Biden, the other McCain/Palin.
    I’ve wondered what was up with that, and thought maybe a stealthy canvasser or neighbor had played a joke on the homeowner.
    Not the case.
    Yesterday, the signs were marked “his” and “hers”

    I considered doing something like this, but the hubs is less philosophical about my voting McCain than I am about him voting Bush.

  39. Sheesh! That’s supposed to say “…him voting Obama.”

  40. OT but interesting article about the MSM (or as the author refers to them as the “Marginal Media”)


  41. Bill Clinton is such a PUMA. LOL.

    “I haven’t cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers (during the crisis),” Clinton told the crowd at a Wednesday night rally with Obama in Florida. “He said, ‘Tell me what the right thing to do is. What’s the right thing for America? Don’t tell me what’s popular. You tell me what’s right — I’ll figure out how to sell it.'”

  42. garychapelhill, on October 31st, 2008 at 9:07 am Said:
    If anyone doubted that obama is a sexist ass, just check out the “his choice” ad. My response:

    Great post!

    Interestingly, Palin is actually the candidate who has executive and budget experience. She even managed to give Alaskans a rebate check this year. Wonder why they didn’t mention that?

  43. it’s drudge…. so grain of salt….

    but interesting


  44. reporters endorsing mccain kicked off obama’s plane

  45. Sarah’s kids are adorable! She herself has so much star quality it is hard to resist.

  46. So Sorry Obots…..No “O”merica my mom is just not so into him!

    I have contacted my large family and therough the miracle of “lip Radio” we have reach thousands…..tens of thousands in Florida,Iowa, Virgina, Pennsylvania and Illinois…..I have started a ” we can wait…for the real new deal” campaign!

    Your Mr Obama will not be eating Arugulla in the Oval sipping Starbucks Lattes and sending his spouse to whole foods with a Secret Service Contigent.

    I want you to know who you can blame littl’ ole Fuzzybear…I just cant keep quiet and I cant say anything positive about Obama….for the big train wreck comming your way!

    Hillary R Clinton
    “2012 for the real new deal”

  47. urge, how about some math on this article?


    Poll: One in seven voters still persuadable
    By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Patrick Campbell worries Barack Obama will raise his taxes but thinks John McCain will send people off to war. He says that leaves him leaning toward Obama … maybe.

    “I’m split right down the middle,” said the 50-year-old Air Force Reserve technician from Amherst, N.Y. “Each one has things that are good for me and things that are bad for me. And people like me.”

    ………… One in seven, or 14 percent, can’t decide or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll of likely voters released Friday.

    Who are they? They look a lot like the voters who’ve already locked onto a candidate, though they’re more likely to be white and less likely to be liberal. And they disproportionately backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed run for the Democratic nomination……….. “

  48. Obama just cannot win. That is the Halloween nightmare.

  49. johninca: They are determined to steal this election blind. If he wins, sorry to say, I will refuse to believe it is legitimate. Too many states are now investigating ACORN tactics and I fear it will be too late to stop this groundswell before election day.

  50. Sorry so Sorry:

    Hillary R Clinton
    “2012 for the Real New Deal!”

  51. Miuchael: Who has the vomit bucket? Going to need it on November 5th if Obama “steals” the win.

  52. Just saw McCain on CNBC this morning. He is going for a 10% Capital Gains Tax moving to 7% or 8% ultimately.

    This alone can save our economy. Why hasn’t he been out there with this?

    Obama is tanking the economy with his BS taxing crap out of his mouth!

  53. All of a sudden the media starts to do its job, too little too late and not very well, but there are articles on why Obama might not be such hot stuff. Well, duh! All this after Democrats rushed out for early voting, so their votes won’t be affected.

  54. Obama will not win! Stop saying that. Get out and vote for John and Sarah.

    It will be our best 4 years ever!

    Remember you heard it here first from me!

    Once again, STFU and go vote for McCain!


  55. I wonder if the media is starting to play a little C.Y.A.

  56. Pat only in real close elections will cheating be able to be hidden I believe that stublrn 14% is really for McCaina and they dont want to be tagged as r@cist so they refuse to answer wouldnt a 52% McCain 48% Obama just frost there cookies?

    It would tell me that BO isnt even good at cheating on the final exam!

  57. purplefinn-I think the undecideds are voting Mac. If you’re not already on the O-train by now, you never will be. Anyone that can resist the mind-control this long is not going to now. Yeah!

  58. McCain on Taxes on CNBC now

  59. Carol you know I love you but a little less pressure please….

    I have treated voting like a sacred act and I will vote on November fourth at 7 am at the iglesia de Jesus evngelistia my polling place. I promise you I am not going to vote for BO and I promise Pat that I will deliver Florida and I am working on Iowa too….

    Soon Carol and Pat it will be in the hands of the Creator and we must trust that the universe is unfolding as it should!

  60. Joan, makes sense to me!

  61. Carol I believe that Hillary will truimph in 2012 and please tell me you still love and admire her I know you and Pat are Disappointed but on November fifth when McCain Wins I am sure Bill and Hill will be the first to call and conngradulate him….and Sarah Palin

  62. Remember anything woth believing in and fighting for has to be hard if not anyone could climb Mt Everest!

  63. I must say that I have been refreshed by the rectitude Carol has shown on this issue.

  64. votermom, I read about that flyer on Hillbuzz and e-mailed it to all my Republican neighbors to give them a lift.

    That picture of John & Hillary is my favorite.

  65. Michael: You are such a sweetheart! It is just that my heart is slightly broken right now.

  66. tpt/ny

    I had a quick look at Rush’s site … he seems to think Hillbuzz is written by “babes.”

    WTF??? Anyone who reads it knows those are Hillbuzzers are gay men.

    BTW, I love Hillbuzz and it’s the first thing I read every day. They are so positive and work so hard.

  67. Re: Halloween outfit. I’m dressing up as a PUMA, of course. Wearing the PUMA gear and a black kitty mask.

    BTW, I hear Obama’s going as DJ Lance. He has the figure for it.


    Sorry to foist “Yo Gabba Gabba” on the uninitiated. Whenever that sh!t comes on the TV I force my kids to watch good ol’ fashioned Tom & Jerry instead.


  69. Pat, I’m with ya. The voter fraud can not be overlooked. If Obama wins I’ll never believe that it wasn’t rigged.

    LMAO, britgirls. Oh man, but the truth hurts.

  70. thank you pat and joanieb
    truth is im blue in the face from talking and totally losing it lately-sorry if my rants above offended anyone.

    every day I talk to people who are happy to go and on about how evil Obama is. Then they tell me they’re not voting, or they can’t vote Republican!

    yesterday my sister announced she was voting for Obama.
    Because “he’s the Democrat”
    I said, STFU he is NOT a democrat!

    anyway, thanks for putting up with me. I’m about ready for the padded room.

  71. catarina: I let loose a rant last night on the blog so you are not alone. It gets to us at times when we least expect it. One minute optimistic, next the darkness descends. Obama is so bad for this country and it is hard to believe that people do not see this as we do.

  72. pj so it’s not just the all sugar I’ve eaten since I bought the Halloween candy-good to know 😉
    Maybe I’ll go find and read your rant. It will be therapeutic!

    I just can’t deal with people going on and on about what a lying crazy psycho O is, but they won’t support McCain because it goes against their *principles*.
    I have principles too-but I’m going to get over my darned self and do what I gotta do.

    ( ohshit I’m ranting again )

  73. britgirls, I should have checked hillbuzz before typing all that!
    It’s a great flyer!

  74. Joanie
    It’s the Hebrew SeniorLife in Roslindale Massachusetts.

  75. I have already done my duty and voted McCain/Palin. Pay little attention to the polls. There is no way to tell who is telling the truth . There is a solid AA vote, an anti AA vote, anti gender vote, a pro gender vote and a PUMA vote (male and female).The internal campaign polling is the best . They know who they are polling and therefore produce more accurate results. Ask yourself why Obama is in Iowa today? He lead was considered big and Iowa was safe. It means it is not so safe now! Now think about the other battleground states. It might mean more trouble for him there as well.Contact every one you know who is a McCain vote and remind them to get out and vote.

  76. Riverdaughter,

    Someone needs to publish a book about what happened this year. Maybe Pacific John will do it. Or maybe we could have a collaborative effort. But it needs to be done if we want it to end up in the history books. Because the powers that be are going to try their darndest to bury it.

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