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Thursday: A Tale of Two Endorsements

Many of us have wondered what is really going on in this election.  Why was Hillary Clinton dumped overboard by her own party in favor of a less than one term senator with no experience, no qualifications and apparently no scruples? And where the heck is he getting all of that money? We have some clues.  Donna Brazile keeps making reference to the “old coalition” vs the “new coalition”.  The old coalition consists of the old, uneducated, working class sino-peruvian lesbians and the new coalition consists of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models with PhDs in Architecture.  The latter group is very anxious to chip the last bit of ice from the floe they have put the old coalition on.  We simply ask too much of government. We’re a burden.  We tie them down.  They want to be free to fulfill their destiny, FREE, I say!

But there’s something more unsettling lurking in the background.  Lambert identified it back in January.  It’s name is High Broderism.  It’s the belief that David Broder and his ilk in the Village are the ones who REALLY understand Main Street America.  And what you main streeters want is a kinder, gentler, more passive Democratic party.  Howard Fineman’s latest column in Newsweek is a warning to Obamaphiles who thought they were going to get real change in Washington.  It’s not going to happen, guys.  That’s not really what you want, say the Villagers.  You want a party that is less partisan and doesn’t upset the Republicans.  You want a party that is less confrontational, less wedded to its committment to the old, uneducated, working class sino-peruvian lesbians.  You want a president who is going to meet post-partisanly with Republicans in a civilized fashion, without raising his voice and put everything on the table to be negotiated away for the calm, reasoned, non-confrontational benefit of all. That is, to the benefit of all of the villagers.

Barack Obama is their man.  The media love him for many reasons.  He’s african-american.  He’s young.  Ok, he’s my age, but since I belong to the old coalition, I’m old; he’s young and full of possibilities.  He went to the right schools.  Ok, so did Hillary Clinton, but she married a Bubba.  And she doesn’t have a penis.  But mostly, Barack Obama is going to let the Broderites have their way.

How do we know this?  It’s been there all along but the recent non-endorsement of Linda Stender in the New York Times shows us exactly what the unholy Obama-Broderite alliance is really up to.  In 2006, the New York Times endorsed Stender over her opponent, Republican Mike Ferguson:

His Democratic opponent, Linda Stender, says she got into the race because she opposed the war in Iraq and says the United States looks like a “big bully” in world affairs. She says she would work to prevent further infringements on a woman’s right to get an abortion, to obtain federal funding for stem cell research, to force the administration to negotiate lower prices for the Medicare drug program with pharmaceutical companies and to get out of Iraq by the end of next year.

As to the tax cuts, she says she would support restoring the estate tax as long as some protection remained for family owners of small businesses, and would consider rolling back the reductions on the capital gains tax. On Social Security, she says the income ceiling on payroll taxes will probably have to be increased and the age of eligibility raised.

Mr. Ferguson, who is regarded as a backbencher in the House, has in the past opposed some of the administration’s efforts to backtrack on environmental protection, but he has shifted recently to a more compliant position. To his credit, he continues to support gun controls.

Over all, however, we consider Ms. Stender, a member of the New Jersey Assembly since 2002, as someone who would better stand up to the Bush administration for the district’s best interests. She wins our endorsement.

She lost NJ-07 by less than 4000 votes in 2006.  So, you’d think that with Ferguson retiring from the House that Stender should be a shoe in for 2008, right?  She’s in one of those coveted “Red to Blue” races.  But this year, she’s up against State Senator and Republican Lennard Lance and the race is uncomfortably tight.  Not to worry, you say.  The New York Times liked her in 2006.  Surely they will endorse her in 2008, right?  She’s a progressive Democrat and they liked her positions in 2006.  Not. So. Fast.:

7th District: In the race for the open seat in this central state region, Republican Leonard Lance and Democrat Linda Stender are both excellent candidates.

Mr. Lance has a fine record in the State Senate, where as Republican leader he won praise from both parties for his fiscal conservatism and his thoughtful views on social issues. Ms. Stender is a progressive Democrat who would make a worthy member of Congress. But Mr. Lance’s leadership qualities and his voice of moderation are needed now in Congress and in the Republican Party. We endorse Leonard Lance.

So, let me get this straight.  She’s an excellent candidate and you endorsed her in 2006 but now she’s not endorseable?  Well, now that Bush is gone, we don’t need anyone to stand up to him, do we?  There you have it, folks.  This, I suspect, is the real agenda behind the powerful elite support of Obama in the media.  The rank and file liberal journalists like Obama because his african-american, hopey-changeyness is kinda neat!  But the establishment want Obama because he will not rock the boat.  And to make sure he has a compliant Congress, the elite are not going to endorse a progressive candidate who is a little too strong in her convictions.  Or maybe they will if the candidate has a penis:

5th District: Residents in this stretch from northeast Bergen County to rural northwestern New Jersey are represented by Scott Garrett, one of the most conservative members of Congress. Mr. Garrett supports constitutional amendments to ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. He backs President Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and limited aid for the poor.

We endorse Dennis Shulman, a Democrat who is a rabbi and psychologist. Mr. Shulman says he would work to mitigate global warming. He would also take an interest in psychological counseling and educational opportunities for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Personally, I like Dennis Schulman.  He is socially progressive.  But his health care positions are closer to Obama’s than Clinton’s.  The Broderites will tell you that this is exactly what YOU want.  They just know that you don’t want any more messy food fights in Congress where one side accuses the other of being obstacles to progress.  No, no, no.  What YOU want is for the Democrats you send to Congress to be passive, high school student government types who will work in peace and harmony to undermine everything you believe in because there will still be a sufficient number of Republicans and Blue Dogs to prevent any real meaningful change.

Of course, if this is the goal, one wonders what the Broderites in the Village will have to report on since nothing of interest will happen in the next two years.  But Congress will move along, working in sweet harmony, untroubled by the shrill, unpleasant voices of the liberals and progressives.  The old farty Broderites in Washington can finally have some low key, high class cocktail parties and the Village can finally have some peace and quiet.  And after all, isn’t that what you on Main Street want for them?  They know you do.

One more thing: Check out Heidi Li’s Potpourri for her latest post.  She is calling on both candidates to get their supporters in line.  The hung effigies are going too far, although, I think Obama’s got more to answer for, since he has benefitted mightily from the misogynism and race baiting.  If you have $5.44 to spare, help Heidi and The Denver Group run ads in Michigan and Miami to tell voters that Obama isn’t what he seems.

And if you have *another* $5.44, consider making a donation to PUMA Pac to help Darragh and her crew in their activities in these final days leading up to the election.

Here’s Heidi’s latest ad:

151 Responses

  1. No offense, but I find Stender’s parroting of Obama’s tax stuff pretty off-putting. What were her positions on this stuff in 2006? I don’t think the party was into rolling back cap gains or restoring the estate tax, at least not so openly.

    As for the estate tax…I for it for VERY wealthy people…but for some of us who will inherit more than 250,000 and are not in business…any protection for us? I don’t know as I haven’t studied this in detail…but when my grandfather died, his small estate of under $50,000 was eaten up alive. For people without pension plans, how much are we going to be left with???

    I’m glad the AP finally did some fact-checking on Obama…Frankly, the downticket Dems may suffer because of HIM and the policies that are finally being vetted…

    Shocking! AP Writer Does Fact Check on Obama’s TV Infomercial!


  2. Sorry, I meant “I’m for….”

  3. And the question is…would Stender really “rock the boat” under am Obama presidency? The guy who bends over every two seconds to Republicans (re: Exelon) and has parroted GOP posistions? And is palling around with anti-gay ministers?

  4. Okay, I get it. We should be looking at electing members of congress who will serve as Muppets who know how to properly prepare a pot of tea! Forget passion and commitment to something larger then themselves. We will be better served with a room full of people quietly nibbling on tablets of Nebutol.

    This should be a regular snoozefest to write home about. The only movement I see will be how fast they can get to their cellphones in another day of “dialing for dollars”.

    A “passive” candidate is not worth a bucket of spit.

  5. This year, I think the best M.O. is look at who the media endorses, then vote for the other guy/gal.

    Example: I work up to read this from Tweety re: BO’s informercial last night:

    I thought it was Hollywood. It was romance. It was realism. The technical quality of it, the production values were perfect, the way they timed going to live, the biographical material. But most important, the connection with the average person in the economic turmoil we face right now I thought was fabulous. Of course, there we see the setting, which is very much like an Oval Office setting, showing that he’s comfortable and we should be comfortable and will be with him in such a setting. I thought everything was just right.

    So, the media thinks I should vote for the guy because he looks good on tv in an “oval office like” setting & how his slick production mimicked “reality” so well? mmmkay — I’m voting for the other guy.

  6. Amen RD, I want fire and brimstone liberal Democrats who DEFEND and PROTECT Liberal tenets.

    I don’t want Democrats that are in fact wannabe Republicans.

  7. Please, angie. I am trying to have my coffee and reading that piece of tripe is making me lose my appetite. Could he get any more fawning than this? The “leg thrill” was bad enough but this tops all. Jeebus!

  8. SM: A roomful of fiery Latinos from Florida is what is needed to light a match under this crowd.

  9. Sorry Pat — should have put a “not safe for sane people” warning on it.
    I’m off to work — see y’all later!

  10. Pat: LOL! PI think PUMAs are definitely going to shake them up after this election.

  11. insightanalytical: As I understand it, you have to make more like $650,000 before you are subject to the estate tax.

    Most regualr Joe the Plumbers would not be subject to the estate tax and Stender was in the forfront on a bill that would help small businesses in NJ. There is a ballot initiative in NJ that would commit a lot of money to helping small businesses here. Something like $250 million,

  12. Pat: Another thing, you know what I’d like tyo see? I’d like to see us take back the name “liberal” – make a Heidi Li ad campaign and type thing and say and remind people that the word “liberal” is a good thing. we want everybody to have a good job & have good education & protect and defend the Constitution. We want equality for all people and we want government to be by the people for the people.

  13. oh yuck. seriously. how does anyone–even tweety–generate such feeling for BO?

    Oh wait, My feelings are at least as passionate in the opposite way.

    what is it about this guy?

  14. angienc, that is so pathetic.

    Wow, he looks good in a room!

  15. sm77,

    With you!!! We’ve got work to do after election day.

  16. Tweety and Barry sitting in a tree …

    …ugh, I can’t go on — too gross to contemplate.

    (goes for a coffee refill)

  17. I am wondering how I am going to get through election day and night. Katiebird said last night that she doesn’t care who wins, then corrected herself. I care to the point of making myself sick.

    I am also trying to prepare myself for either a staggering depression or manic glee. Neither will help me at work.

    And then there is the aftermath here. The emotions among our family of PUMAs, and how to channel that eneregy–whatever it is –into continued action.

    I’m trying to eek out a mental game plan now. No telling how its going to go for me.

  18. “Wow, he looks good in a room!”

    So does a rug, but they both just lie in there

  19. Only five more days until we are officially paroled from this two year election. The Bataan March was much more fun.

  20. joaniebone: I am resigned. Knowing I have no control either way has allowed me to at least contemplate what November 5th may bring. I harbor no illusions from either camp. We have been robbed, literally and figuratively. Time will tell.

  21. Barack Obama: “I am not the president but I play one on tv. And by the way, I slept in a Holiday Inn last night.”

  22. Pat, please tell me there was no mention of a Holiday Inn. Its actually believable that he would go that far to try to appear like his cartoon of normal people.

    Darling, when do you sleep?

  23. riverdaughter–thanks for the info on the estate tax…but $650,000 is still a far cry from the 1 million exemption in effect for the moment…

    The way around it is as A-B Trust…unless Obama screws with that, too!

    Having left Jersey because of the high costs, I wouldn’t want a huge bite coming out of half of the estate that is now protected up to $1 million!

    I still think if people think about this they will really get PO’s and the downtickets will be hurt…I’m still for some taxation on the VERY wealthy, but you don’t want people losing family businesses, either….

    Pat..as for trhe Bataan Memorial March..yeah, Obama thought he was suffering a lot this year with having to even go through primaries and all…asshole!

  24. I have exactly from 5:15am to 6am to be here with my PUMA family. Rats. Times up!

    See you tonight! (I mostly lurk and play catch-up reading the days comments–Pretty exhausted these days)

  25. I agree witth Insight. I said here yesterday that it bugged me that we were chastising commenters for calling Obama a socialist, and then I hear an ad for Dem Kay Hagan for senate here in NC, and she is basically saying the same thing. that she hates taxes and that she is pro-business. blah blah blah. I have decided that she does NOT deserve my vote. It looks like she needs it too…latest polls are out and it does not look good for Kay….

  26. Oh, fibber Kay.

  27. oh, and Kay’s campaign called mawm yesterday ( they tried to get him to come to a $1000 dollar fundraiser with hillary last weekend) again begging for money. he let them know that they will never get his support again for not speaking up against the Obama coronation. I wonder how many calls like that they’re getting.

  28. I envy NC for having a woman vs. woman race going on.
    I don’t have ANY woman in my downticket ballot. 😦

  29. Okay GCH, that just does not make sense. They are voting for Liddy and not McCain? All the polls are saying NC will go Obama, which I refuse to believe. So, if this is true, North Carolinians are going from one extreme to the other.

  30. yeah, I don’t believe it. That’s why i think the dole race is such a good indicator. they are both white women, so no external factors, just the dem v repub, and the repub is coming out on top….as is normal in NC. I don’t think Obama has a chance here.

  31. Does it really matter in the end who gets in? For all practical purposes, the same group of incompetents will be still guiding this sinking Ship of State into the shoals. Pelosi, Reid, and the Usual Suspects, heading committees accomplishing nothing.

    With McCain it will at least be perceived as divided government. With Obama, a guarantee of less rights and the full blown Chicago Machine out in full force. The future from any angle looks dismal.

    Partisanship and the setting of agendas will be on display and in the end, credibility overall will be buried along with any hopes that business as usual will fade. We are in for another 4 years of bad luck. Wish I could find the one responsible for shattering that mirror.

  32. Did anyone see the story they ran last night on Fox News about “get out the vote” efforts? John Stossel, who I normally can’t stand, was asking college kids about Roe v. Wade and, of course, none of them knew it was the landmark abortion case. His point was one I’ve been making for a while. If a person does not have the motivation, interest or desire to register to vote then is it really a good idea to foist this responsibility on them.

    I tend to agree with Stossel’s point that if someone isn’t interested in knowing the issues and making the little effort that registration requires then IMO all these “rock the vote” efforts are ultimately more destructive than constructive. If we’re going to force responsibility onto these folks make it something beneficial, like health screening.

  33. its the women stupid!


  34. oh, and just to be clear. I would never vote for elizabeth dole. I might leave it blank…

  35. Two words: Term Limits!!!

  36. gxm, they’ve pushed the “youth will make the difference” meme since 1992. I heard some kid whining on the radio yesterday that they wouldn’t take his college ID to register to vote because it doesn’t have an address on it, and that’s not fair because it is SOOOOO hard to fill out a provisional ballot and cast it at their LEGAL address that is on their drivers’ license. give me a break….

  37. One of the best things about here – I do not have to watch MSM – I do not have to deal with the parasitic mags having canceled them long ago because of the horse crap they extruded about Bu$h. The quote by Chris Matthews is disgusting regarding BZero’s infocommercial. His book was disgusting in that his shallowness was exposed. He actually thinks Americans are stupid – especially if he thinks he has a chance in hell of being an elected official in any capacity in any state.

    It all goes back to – if you don’t stand up for REAL issues – what do you stand for?? This passivity smacks of smarm, snake oil fantasy. This is real life – not a movie. We don’t want tunas that “look good” – we want tunas that are good.

    Scrubs – thanks for your generous donation to Heidi Li and our cause!

    Off to work for the 14th straight day. I am voting this afternoon here in Appalachia(WNC) – I’m not from here. Nor are half the people here now. I really resent being labeled without regard to whole self. Most people do – that’s what is going to take this “campaign ” down. Neither threats nor insults motivate me. This has been the most crude, bizarre campaign in history. Arrrrruggghh, I can’t wait for this to be over – either way, there is a lot of work to be done.

  38. Pat, yes it does. I firmly believe that we wouldn’t have seen the level of excesses we saw from 2001-2006 if there had been some balance to the government. With the Rs running the exec and the legis branches there was no accountability. There still really isn’t because Pelosi and Reid are so ineffective and corrupt, but imagine what it would be like with an Obama presidency and the congressional Dems signing anything he wanted.

  39. I mean Obama signing

  40. Pat, I agree about th edo-nothing incompetents but I do like that Palin is such an outsider.

    Listening to her outline their energy policy yesterday actually made me hopeful that McCain-Palin will be able to do CPR on the economy.

  41. Why are Democrats stealing all the Republican ideas? Tara Wall’s editorial on CNN on 10/13 comparing Obama to Bush was so spot on. And it’s taking the whole party rightward. Scares the sh*t out of me. And BO is also taking the next “logical” step. We all figured Bush/Cheney for having “fascist” tendencies by listening in on people, doing away with habeas corpus in the MCA, etc.; BO is taking his playbook from Goebbels. Dazzle ’em with rallies and your own flag, and seal, and pretend oval office. AAHHH!

  42. Civics needs to be brought back into the classroom. Many people have no idea of what is contained in the US Constitution, have no idea of the role played by the three branches of government, could not explain the responsibility of a Cabinet appointment, know nothing about the difference between a congressman and a senator, have no clue other than the importance of the top of the ticket and could no more explain what being a member of either party means.

    This is why it is so easy to bamboozle the public when even the hijacking of the votes on May 31st had little or no impact on what is actually at stake. They are simply dazzled buy the effects of an oversold and money grubbing campaign that features light shows. Says little for us as a nation when only a handful really know what is going on.

  43. Matthews is the epitome of the village broderites. long ago when I was in college I spent a year abroad with UNC in Sevilla, Spain. David Brinkley’s daughter was in the program too. She was the biggest snob I’ve ever met. It was one complaint after another, she was really awful. that doesn’t necessarily mean Brinkley was bad, but I thought it was a good indicator of the world those people live in. His sons have turned out to be typical villagers too….

  44. If anyone told me two years ago that the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the USA would create his own flag, seal and do infomercials with himself in an oval office setting, I would say that they were insane. What person in their right mind would base a campaign on this type of stuff. It sounds just so out there. Has the average American lost their ability of distinguishing real from fake? Is this the culmination of too much “reality tv”?

  45. Mawm, I suppose on some level it does matter. I just don’t see any change forthcoming from either side to be honest. McCain will at least guarantee a divided congress which is a good thing but beyond that I am not confident. But, yes I do agree, Obama will be worse all around. The man is simply untrustworthy.

    Any hopes I had were dashed long ago.

  46. You know who no one is talking about now? Bush.
    The Dem candidate was supposed to be a shoo-in this year because everyone hates Bush. Strangely enough, Bush is now out of the picture. Everyone hates Congress. Everyone either loves or hates Obama or Palin. McCain is running against an inevitable Obama. Voters will be going to the voting booth deciding whether they like/trust Obama enough to vote for him; I don’t think they will be thinking about Bush at all.
    This is one reason I think McCain might still swing this.

  47. If he can’t keep his own house in order, how’s he gonna keep the white house in order?

    Barack Obama has lived one version of the American dream that has taken him to the steps of the White House. But a few miles from where the Democratic presidential candidate studied at Harvard, his Kenyan aunt and uncle, immigrants living in modest circumstances in Boston, have a contrasting American story.

    Zeituni Onyango, the aunt so affectionately described in Obama’s best-selling memoir “Dreams fFrom My Father,” lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.

  48. Methinks Chris Matthews is susceptible to infomercials! I can just see him in front of the TV late at night, dialing furiously, ordering anything that comes up. That chill which started on his leg has finally went all the way up to his brain.

  49. anyone see that a poll came out showing obama up only 4 in penn?

  50. Bush has joined the others on the ash heap of irrelevancy. Not that he always wasn’t but it was not too long ago when he still had his hardcore supporters in his Booster Club. They worked overtime to prop of his D minus performance and have now turned their lenses onto another candidate with the same rating.

  51. They worked overtime to prop of his D minus performance and have now turned their lenses onto another candidate with the same rating.

    LOL. It’s true; some of the most high-profile obots (coughkoscoughhuffington) are self-admitted Bush voters.

  52. I have said it before, those relatives on Obama’s father side are people he does not know. There was never any connection between father and son in all those years. Those relatives were only marched out to serve a purpose when writing that make believe autobiography.

    He would not know those people if he fell over them. He owes them nothing. They were mere props in his rise.

  53. he probably later realized that the tingle going up his leg was actually restless leg syndrome. Or maybe, just maybe, restless leg syndrome is actually caused by kool aid dementia after repeated exposure to obamaspeak.

  54. I am getting the feeling that the koolaid high is wearing off for a lot of people. Quite a few of the more hardcore bots I have spoken to, just aren’t as excited as they were a few months ago. Suddenly it seems like the glaze is off the donut with Obama, but they are democrats so they are falling in line. What’s going to happen in a few months when they realize the emporer really was naked?

  55. angienc: LOL! “the oval office setting”. Too funny. Go back and look at my post from yesterday. I think I got everything but the color of his tie.

  56. The one thing I will be grateful for this Thanksgiving is that I won’t have to spend it with Chris Matthews. Can only imagine what that family must think of him.

  57. The Sun Sentinel here in Fort Lauderdale published an AP article today on Obama’s spin vs. facts called FACT CHECK: OBAMA STILL VAGUE ON COSTS. It starts with:

    “Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was less than upfront in his half-hour commercial Wednesday night about the costs of his programs and the crushing budget pressures he would fact in office”

    Many examples were laid out including this one:

    “THE SPIN: “I’ve offered spending cuts above and beyond their cost.”

    THE FACTS: Independent analysts say both Obama and Republican John McCain would deepen the deficit. The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimates Obama’s policy proposals would add a net $428 billion to the deficit over four years – and that analysis accepts the savings he claims from spending cuts.”

    Why does the AP at this late date decide to act like journalists?

  58. With a wholesale Democratic Congress along with a Dem president does anyone seriously believe there will be a full and impartial look at the actions of ACORN or the Fannie/Freddie scandal? Kiss that thought goodbye.

    Unless a Repub appoints an independent council, these infractions will be buried.

  59. oh, I just rememebred, got a GOP flyer a few days yesterday that made me laugh.
    It had a pic of Obama and said something like:

    If he were an athlete … you’d call him a rookie.
    If he were a soldier … you’d call him a private.
    If he were a plumber … you’d call him an apprentice.
    If he were a doctor you’d call … another doctor.


  60. votermom – LOL!!!

  61. Fox is reporting that half of the 163 billion in bailout money is actually going to their shareholders! Unbelievable!

  62. TRK — I agree — the worm has turned & Obama fatigue is setting in. Too little too late? God, I hope not.

  63. angiec
    I always looked to the media for advice as to how not to vote. It’s how I became a Hillary supporter this year in the first place. It’s how I knew in 2000 that W was bad news and decided to hold my nose and vote Kerry after all. Having lived for years under state sponsored propaganda created this instant reflex since childhood.

  64. OMG — RD — you nailed everything but the tie! LOL

    He’s probably going to be decked out in a blue tie and will sit in a vaguely Oval Office-esque setting – with flags and pictures of the fam on the desk. It’s hard to fake sincerity but he’s going to try. He’ll talk to you earnestly, in a measured, conversational cadence.

    The LA Times article about the $5 more donation (thanks for the link TRK) said he “talked at us slickly” — that was a good summation, and more truthful then Tweety’s.

  65. Okay okay, let me get this straight. For the past 2 years the democrats have said ‘Elect us because the GOP is bereft of ideas, they do not know how to lead.” So today I wake up and what do I see? I see an article saying that Barack Obama says his freakin cabinet will be full of these clueless GOP folk. Swell.

  66. One reason early voting is not such a great thing–if the Obama fatigue is setting in now, early voters may already be regretting their choice.

  67. pat: *very* believable.
    NPR’s Planet Money podcast covered this a very topic. Paulsen fought very hard for minimal government interference. It’s a miracle that taxpayers even own a share in the banks. That option wasn’t in the first bailout plan that Obama was going to vote for. Hillary fought hard for almost two weeks to get some meaningful changes to the bill but the bill eventually ended up with stock injection possibiliies and silent partnership actualities. The banks have to pay us dividends, eventually, but first they have to pay their stockholders and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
    Obama was determined to ignore all dissenting voices and ram this baby through. He got his wish. Why don’t you like it? Are you a racist? Bigoted about bankers? They’re people too you know.

  68. votermom

    Don’t feel bad, MOST of us are in the same boat(No female candidates to support).

  69. Mawm, on October 30th, 2008 at 9:15 am Said:

    Mawm I agree 100% — the unchecked greed and excess of power is why we are where we are (and I hold the Dems in there responsible for it too — isn’t it the job of the minority to stand up & bring attention to what was going on with filibusters, etc? instead they choose for the most part to “go along to get along”).

  70. Angie-Obama fatigue? I am just plain worn out from all of this. I went to myiq’s page and his newest post reminded me that it has only been 5 months since the DNC-RBC decision. If feels like 5 years, add eight years of Bush to that and its no damn wonder I am exhausted. But I will take my vitamins and continue to fight the good fight.

  71. Pat Johnson, on October 30th, 2008 at 9:25 am Said:

    Mawm, I suppose on some level it does matter. I just don’t see any change forthcoming from either side to be honest.

    Pat — I can’t say I disagree with you totally. However, you are forgetting that regardless of what happens, the biggest change to be accomplished must come from US. I’m not voting for McCain because I think he will be a supercalafragilistic great President — I’m voting for him so the Dem. party can wake up to the fake that they can no longer take my vote for granted, to oust leaders like Dean & Brazile from the DNC, etc. The fastest way, with the biggest impact will be for BO to lose this thing — after all the money spent, the media in the tank for him, the chicanary by the DNC — if he loses? Good God! That will be the ultimate b!tch slap to wake these people up to the reality that WE the people are the party, not THEM. I’m excited about the prospects.

  72. uh, “fake” should be “fact” sorry!

  73. The Real Kim

    I hear you. God, it feels like a lifetime ago that I had faith in the government and its abiity to act om my behalf.

  74. I want to wake up from this nightmare on Nov. 5 with McPalin the victors. (Although if Obama is elected, I hope Palin is his Veep.) Spare us from more of this Obotulism!

  75. Angie,

    We put Miss Manners in charge of the House. Expect 2 more years of public post office naming and PRIVATE discussions on how to divvy up the spoils and sell it to the American people as “necessary.”

  76. myiq — are you still here? I got an email this morning that made me think of you:

    I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking…

    Scared the sh#t out of me.

    So that’s it!

    After today, no more reading.

  77. CWaltz — no kidding. I am so disappointed in Nancy.

  78. Ok, I’m going to try and get some work done. Check in later.

  79. I don’t want corporate candidates using product marketing to advance themselves instead of their accomplishments. Obama has no record of accomplishment, so all that is left is to hype him up. When he loses, we may have hope to reform the election process, because people will realize you can’t buy an election. Obama has spent msasive amounts of money. If he wins, the pressure will be on to spend even more next time. This has been a billion dollar election. It is truly disgusting.

  80. Obama’s candidacy destroyed what was left of any campaign finance reform and the progressive blogs. Heckuvajob, Barack!

  81. Mawm, on October 30th, 2008 at 10:37 am Said:
    I don’t want corporate candidates using product marketing to advance themselves instead of their accomplishments. Obama has no record of accomplishment, so all that is left is to hype him up. When he loses, we may have hope to reform the election process, because people will realize you can’t buy an election. Obama has spent msasive amounts of money. If he wins, the pressure will be on to spend even more next time. This has been a billion dollar election. It is truly disgusting.


    Couldn’t have said it better.

  82. This has been a billion dollar election. It is truly disgusting.


    Couldn’t have said it better.


    I third the motion. Repugnant and sets a dangerous precedent.

    BO is trying to purchase the highest public office in the country, with the full support of the press. That ought to be unacceptable. Hype and money, that’s where we’re headed — going forward, this kind of celebrity will become the norm, I’m guessing. Thanks, neo-progs.

  83. Wouldn’t this make a nice message inside a fortune cookie?

    “A vote for Obama is like playing poker and not looking at your cards.”

  84. Tweety re: the infomercial: I thought it was Hollywood. It was romance. It was realism.

    angie: How can it be both romantic Hollywood AND realism? What a dope.

  85. My newspaper had AP feed on how Obama has it won by eleventy-seven different ways, and McCain has virtually no chance in hell. Says Barry already has more EV’s than he needs. Also has cartoon on dumb Palin. An AP feed on Obama talking about something, can’t remember what. Not a word on the 30 min gabfest. BTW, I read yesterday that ABC tried to buy into this at the last minute, but couldn’t work it out. Maybe it was being punished.

    Me, I’m hitting chocolate in the AM. If the little darling trick or treaters don’t get here soon, I’ll have to give them cans of pineapple.

  86. Ummmh PofE, I have some chocolate here. My hips thank you for reminding me.

  87. Speaking of Tweety, the rumor is that he plans to run for Senate in PA in 2 years. How delusional.
    Must find a PA PUMA to run for Senate.

  88. This is from a Republican friend in Eastern NC

    There was almost a riot at the voting location in Lenior county, Kinston.
    With all the discussion about voting fraud and acorn I thought you might want to know what was going on in my home town today. I live in the town of Kinston in eastern North Carolina. I am an insurance agent with Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of N.C. I received a phone call from one of my three sons this morning. He had been talking to a republican that was a member of the local board of elections. The board member had just left the Kinston early voting location with some very disturbing information. He was involved with an attempt to stop the ‘circus’ that was going there. He had stated that bus loads of mentally retarded and severely handicapped patients from a state funded facility called The Caswell Center were being transported to the voting location and that their black democratic state employee aids were voting for them. They claimed they were assisting; but, how can institutionalized mentally retarded patients know how to vote much less make a reasonable logical decision? Most of them cannot read or write and many of them are also blind. This must be illegal!! He also reported that democratic supporters were passing out shot bottles of alcoholic drinks to other voters before and after they had voted. The parking lot looked more like the back alley of a local tavern on a Saturday night than a voting location. This news was verified by my 60 yr old sister this afternoon. I stopped by her home after work and was sharing the info when she advised me that she had personally witnessed what was going on because she had voted today at the same facility. She said that many voters
    Black/white/democratic/republicans were questioning what was going on there. I am 55 yrs old and for the first time in my adult life I don’t have much faith in our democratic system and the way it operates. I hope this info will somehow help correct our countries direction and help make other Americans more aware of our serious voting flaws and expose the Democratic Party for trying to steal our Presidential Election.

  89. BTW, it’s too late for the media to try and grow a spine now. I hope the AP goes bankrupt, I really do. I hope MSNBO closes down, and tosses eveyone on their a**es; not worried about Joe and Pat, they can find jobs elsewhere. Ditto everyone at CNN except Dobbs. The rest of them can start reading the classified ads and try working for a living.

  90. Mawm,

    Just to clarify:
    Is that letter relating a personal experience of an actual friend of yours?

    Because it reads like an Internet Myth — the circumstances are so extreme!

    Maybe the “lawyers” we’ve been hearing about should be at those early voting places now??

  91. Mawm – post that at http://www.gretawire.com

  92. Mawm, that is scary. Lots of Marines in eastern NC, they’ll vote McCain.

  93. Mawm: Are you kidding? Is this for real?

  94. It looks like the LA Times’ Khaladi tape issue is heating up.

    Yesterday, the LA Times claimed they couldn’t release the tape because it was given to them on the condition it not be released.

    On the face of it, that claim at this stage of the game is pretty incredible. The first real call for them to release the tape was last Friday. Until yesterday, they have, in answer to the many emails they have been receiving and to the inquiries even from other reporters, simply been saying that news organizations have no obligation to release such primary sources. Yet if the issue were “confidentiality” and protecting sources, why didn’t they offer up this excuse right off the bat? Why the days of hemming and hawing over the issue, without, apparently, even a hint that confidentiality was the basic issue? If you have a genuinely good excuse, why spend days offering up bad ones?

    Everything about how the LA Times has handled this smacks of the classic stonewalling of a politician — like Nixon, Bush, and Obama.

    And why can’t they release at least a full transcript?

    My guess is that sooner or later the content of that tape will come out. If, in fact, it turns out that there was some very damaging material on Obama in it, and the LA Times had refused to mention it in their original reporting on it, it’s going to be devastating for the credibility of the LA Times. I have a suspicion that this may be why the LA Times is so intent on suppressing the content of the tape.

    But let them release the transcript, and let us judge for ourselves.

  95. katiebird, no the friend did not witness it, but I trust her, and the man wrote his name to the message. I just didn’t want to put his name on the net.

  96. I knew that most of the bots had to be suffering from overdoses of koolaid and were therefore, somewhat mentally handicapped, but this is just too much.

  97. parentofed
    Are there enough steno jobs open for them?

    I got an e-mail that may explain young obots.
    I don’t know how to link it here.
    it is on Dailymotion
    popcorn telepone portable micro-ondes.
    It explained a lot



  98. Mawm: why didn’t someone call a local TV crew or the GOP HQ to get down there and document that event? This is out of control. Were there GOP monitors at the polling place? I don’t understand why there is no oversight.

  99. Mawm,

    Don’t do anything to expose the guy but, could you do a SEARCH to see if his name shows up anywhere? Something to validate who he is and how credible his story is?

    It would sure be interesting if someone could INTERVIEW him — Hannity or Greta?

    But, if he’s a goofball it would be a mistake….

  100. Sarah’s effigy doll is being removed. Well, isn’t that “special”?

  101. It looks like the LA Times’ Khaladi tape issue is heating up.

    I think it’s Khalidi (Palin said Khaladi yesterday in her stump speech). I think it is already harming the credibility of the LA Times. How can they possibly justify suppressing this during a critical presidential election? Journalism is dead.

  102. I am skeptical of that email Mawm.

  103. I agree with most of you with the adulation of brown noser Chris Matthews. He actually motivated me to do this graphics – check it out


  104. Go to this link, they are saying it is not true:


  105. As Joe said this morning, the LA Times have released “high security” documents that they got their greedy little hands on. So, there is no conflict of interest or moral high ground for them to stand on.

    It’s BS.

    Release the tape!

  106. Helen: I doubt they’re qualified for steno jobs. Not sure what they are qualified to do. I hear jokes about ‘Would you like fries with that,’ but I know people who work hard at minimum wage jobs like this. You stand on your feet for hours, and they require an ability to stay calm under stress, and lots of people skills. So, I don’t think they can work at McDonald’s either.

    I’ve seen you describe your jobs. I worked my butt off through college and in the real world. These snobs sit up there and call us names, and they can’t do crap.

  107. Mawm,

    Can you have your friend contact him and see if he will share his story with Hannity and/or Greta to help get the word out of what is going on there in NC?Truly shocking stuff!!

    Obama is trying to steal the election. That man has a lot of courage in stepping forward and speaking out. Such a story, if true, would be a real eye opener to many Americans.

    I hope someone gets that guy to speak to the media so the story can go viral!

  108. Several of the links I read about this state that Great had it on and that the man has now recanted the story.

  109. Thanks Kim.

  110. If it is not true, we need to stop talking about it. It may backfire.

  111. Carol: Well, the WeHo Obots got their little chuckle out of it, so I guess it served its purpose. It’s all entertainment, you know?

  112. The crowd in Missouri at the rally with Sarah Palin was one of the most loudest crowds I can rememebr seeing in recent weeks. Everyoen was pumped up! The energy in the crowd was off the charts!!

    I do not believefor one second any poll showing Obama winning MO. People in Missouri will vote Country First!

  113. Mawm: It may not be true, but the thing is, it is still believable and that really sucks. We actually have so little faith in Obama and his followers that we put nothing past them.

  114. Hi everyone, just poking my head in, wanted to say hi and thanks for the inspiring posts.
    And, hi mom!

  115. I heard a report on FOX about BO’s infomercial last night. He said if he did not win on Tuesday, he would go back to the Senate and try again in four years.

    WTF?!! What happened to Michelle’s pronouncement during the primaries that voters would only have one chance to be favored with the One? Obviously, that was just another lie so people wouldn’t be tempted to choose Hillary, because Obama could run again when he grows up. Stupid me–I actually thought that might be true and we would be permanently done with this guy if he loses next week.

  116. Obama is pulling out the big guns, Hillary and the Big Dawg, for some events in Ohio. Me thinks it is slipping away from Obama in Ohio. Joe the Plumber is making the difference in Ohio.

    The 8-10% undecided voters out there. If they weren’t standing with Obama by now, I believe a majority of the undecideds will go for McCain-Palin. Obama can’t close the deal.

    During the primaries, time and time again, in the sattes like PA and Ohio, late deciders went away from BO in massive numbers.

    If the same happens next week, McCain has an excellent shot at winning the election.

  117. Why do people need to make up stories – on both sides. It is really irritating. Are people so vested on their side wining that truth does not matter anymore. I will never align myself to any party at all. Win me by your merit!

  118. BPD: There is a Mason-Dixon poll out with Obama up 4 points in PA. Andrea Mitchell was on Morning Joe talking about it. She does not believe this poll although Mason-Dixon is a NBC poll.

    The Mason-Dixon poll has McCain up in Florida 46 to Obama 45 & Virginia Obama 47 to McCain 45.

    Andrea Mitchell was not having any part of it on MJ.

  119. try what again? destroy our democracy? accuse his fellow deomcrats of racism? spend obscene amounts of money? gee…can’t wait.

  120. If Obama doesn’t win this election he’s badly burnt toast.

    He and his side can blame anyone they want, but, as epic losers, no one is going to credit them.

    This is his one shot.

  121. Morning all!

    Fif –

    WTF?!! What happened to Michelle’s pronouncement during the primaries that voters would only have one chance to be favored with the One? Obviously, that was just another lie so people wouldn’t be tempted to choose Hillary, because Obama could run again when he grows up. Stupid me–I actually thought that might be true and we would be permanently done with this guy if he loses next week.

    Oh, fif, there is NO WAY Obama will ever run again when he loses on November 4th. He will no doubt be indicted along with Blagojevich and Rezko for his dirty doings in Chicago. Patrick Fitzgerald will take him DOWN.

  122. Obama loss == EPIC FAIL.
    Can’t wait.

  123. madamab, I agree, hopefully he will be run out of the senate too. Mawm said he read somewhere that if Obama wins, they are going to appt Jesse Jackson Jr to his seat in the senate. what a nightmare.

  124. frankly0, you are right. After over half a billion being spent by “that one” and then crashing and burning, no one is going to want to give him the keys to the car again.

  125. gary – I saw that too. I think SM posted a list here of all the Chicago Combine politicians that would take power should Obama be elected. JJJ would be the choice to step into Obama’s shoes in the Senate.

    That r*ce-baiting *sshole? That “Hillary didn’t cry for Katrina” LIAR? No no no no no!!!!

  126. Sophia –

    Yep, McCain-Palin are closing in PA and according that NBC/Mason Dixon poll released today, McCain and Obama are now in a statistical dead heat in Pennsylvania.

    Obama 47
    McCain 43
    Undecided 9

    The margin of error for this poll is four percent.

    Mac is Back!!

    If the momentum continues, Obama’s coasting in PA may result in a win for Johnny Mac! It’s all abot turnout now. PA is in play big time! Obama’s own internal polling memo that was released last week showed Obama’s lead down to 2 points.

    Obama is bleeding out votes with each passing day in states like PA.

    McCain-Palin needs to keep doing what they are doing!

    There is going to be a huige bus tour of Democrats for McCain-Palin this weekend in Ohio and PA all the way thru election day!

  127. It’s going to look pretty bad for Obambi if after raising s**tloads of money, more than any candidate in HISTORY, and he still loses. That would be great, would show them that money can’t buy elections. The American people are smarter than that. Thank Zena.

  128. Hi, Kid.

    Since I’m hearing renewed hillbilly scorn at some spots this morning, I’ll play some class warfare of my own. Re the WeHo Palin effigy and all the celebrity hate on Palin, I’ll repeat the Tool quote the Kid’s boyfriend says:

    Let California fall into the sea. Learn to swim.

  129. Obama’s cash burn rate is staggering. Dude blew theu over $100 million in the first 2 weeks of OCtober.

    Obama is trying to buy his way into the White House.

    Obama’s got the millions of dollars, he’s got the media, he’s got the crooks and the felons, but the people of America have the votes and there are enough of us out here in the key states to vote Country First and send Obama back to Chicago where he belongs!

    Been chatting with folsk in PA today, and they are excited about voting for McCain-Palin on tuesday! Most all of them were Hillary supporters in the PA Primary!

    Democrats for McCain-Palin and the PUMAS in PA are rising up! PUMAs in PA can make the difference and I believe they will!

    Will (Just Say No Deal) did a great job on Greta’s show last night.

  130. joaniebone, on October 30th, 2008 at 8:50 am Said:
    I am wondering how I am going to get through election day and night. Katiebird said last night that she doesn’t care who wins, then corrected herself. I care to the point of making myself sick.

    I still feel sick every day thinking about the primary.
    I think I am resigned to an obama win, although I know I am holding on to a thread of hope in the back of my mind that will once again cause me great heartache on the night of 11/4.

    I am beginning to think the reason that mr. obama remains so calm and never flustered is because that is because he is incapable of emotions of any great magnitude, good or bad. I don’t imagine his eyes ever tearing up for anything, I don’t see him ever feeling anger, hate, remorse, empathy, sympathy, etc. Isn’t there a psych. name for that?

  131. Parentofed
    I agree the working skills of most so called journalist today is nil.
    They would screw up a one car funeral.
    They make light of the average working person but cannot do the job they are paid to do.
    With all the information in the internet they still do not check to find the truth. They do not go out and ask the questions.



  132. No, The One cannot deign to step among the filthy masses and political sausage-making again. This is your only chance, people. There will be big changes whether Obama wins or loses. To badly quote that BBC miniseries Reckless, Francesa Annis says ‘You wanted change, well, you got change, this is change’ and she has an affair on the cheating husband.

  133. Andrea Mitchell is a moron and that determination is not based on her gender. I live in FL, I know FL, FL is NOT going Obama. Support is too weak for him in the Democratic areas. I do believe that FL will be close. It usually is close. At most it will go McCain by 5% or under. But watch closely, if McCain wins FL by more than 5%, my guess is that he will also win OH and PA. I predict that if FL is called early for McCain, Obama might as well give it up and not prolong his agony. If FL is called early for Obama, stick around, because as the night wears on it will be pulled out of the Obama column and be given to McCain.

  134. Hey P of Ed, I still have friends in CA. And the ones I’ve talked to aren’t voting for the precious.

  135. Andrea Mitchell has been such a tool for Obama. And she despised Hillary when she was assigned to her. I can’t stand her, she needs to retire and go spend time with her clueless husband.

  136. Like Dick Morris said this morning:

    “Undecideds have determined they are not voting for Obama. It is the equivalent of asking someone that is married, ‘are you going to still be married next year’ and the respondant declaring ‘I haven’t thought that far out yet!’ “

  137. Barry’s infomercial bombed.

    His multi-million dollar false advertising special got half as many viewers as the 2nd Presidential Debate!

    I know I didn’t watch the infomercial, and it looks like most of America had better things to do than watch Obama’s mug tell them lies last night!

  138. I think most people are sick of seeing him on TV every five minutes, listening to that grating voice, “Look…..uh..uh we….blahblahblahblah…………….

  139. Fox News is going live to the Supreme Court this afternoon to file the suit. Will Bower will be with Berg.

    This will now be on the News.

  140. griffithinc: Well, that’s because friends of yours are just smart. LIke me!

  141. IronMan, Do you ever actually converse with the commenters here? Or are you just hear to send us Campaign Blasts?

  142. NEW POST UP!!!

  143. I have to admit I do have smart friends, mostly.

  144. parentofed, on October 30th, 2008 at 11:51 am Said:
    No, The One cannot deign to step among the filthy masses and political sausage-making again. This is your only chance, people. There will be big changes whether Obama wins or loses. To badly quote that BBC miniseries Reckless, Francesa Annis says ‘You wanted change, well, you got change, this is change’ and she has an affair on the cheating husband.


    POE – a “Reckless” fan, are you? Me too! Francesca and Michael (Kitchens) were brilliant. Not to mention a mouthwatering performance from Robson Green. (drooling)

  145. I figure Indiana is going to be the first bellwether. It always announces really early (unless Gary (the city not our good friend) plays fast and loose with the numbers like they did in the primary.). If Indiana goes for Obama, it could be a bad night. If Indiana goes McCain, I will rest easier.

  146. I didn’t watch the Obama Movie of the Week, either. But I saw a clip of it on Greta last night, and I was shocked to see that it actually was an infomercial. I thought you all were just being sarcastic and that it was supposed to be a speech. As Pat said yesterday, this man is a spectacle. People have got to be laughing at him. He has become a cartoon of a presidential candidate, produced by Disney/Pixar.

  147. edwardian: Please don’t mention Robson Green; I don’t have enough chocolate to drown myself in thinking of him.

  148. I really wish someone with the PUMA name adhered to them weren’t going on this birth certificate crap.

  149. Owner of La Tmes:

    Sam Zell

    (312) 466-4090

    Rudely hung up on by people in office. They try to shout you down. “

  150. RD & Co– I forgot to say that PUMAS were in the news yesterday a few places I saw — dropping this off in case you missed it — looks like it’s the Texas contingent


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