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Obama = Triangulator

Joe Lieberman ain’t got NUTTIN on Obama when it comes to DINO ism (Democrat In Name Only):

Obama says would include Republicans in cabinet

SUNRISE, Florida (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday he would include Republicans in his Cabinet if he wins the election.

Obama, a Democratic senator from Illinois, also said he had “some pretty good ideas” about people he might tap for senior government jobs, though he emphasized he is focused for now on the final days of the campaign and takes nothing for granted.

“There is a transition process — that I’m not paying attention to on a day-to-day basis — but that has been set up,” Obama told ABC News in an interview.

Obama said he “absolutely” considered it important to have Republicans in the Cabinet but he sidestepped a question on whether he would ask Defense Secretary Robert Gates to remain in his job. There has been speculation that either Obama or his Republican rival, John McCain, might ask Gates to stay on.

“I’m not going to get into details,” Obama said, but he added that national security policy, in particular, should be nonpartisan.

Other people mentioned as possible defense secretary picks in an Obama administration include former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig and Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican senator from Nebraska.

Some analysts have speculated that during the transition period between November 4 and January 20, when a successor to President George W. Bush will take office, the new president-elect would move quickly to fill key jobs such as Treasury Secretary, Defense Secretary and Secretary of State.

Some public policy experts see a need for early announcements on such appointments in light of the global financial crisis and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“I am not going to jump the gun on this,” Obama said but he gave credit to the Bush administration for its offer to make government resources available to both candidates to begin the vetting process early.

I knew it!!  This is the main reason why I never liked Obama.  Since his proclamation of his Reagan worship, I knew that Obama was a Blue Dog Democrat.  As RD explains here, Liberalism is DEAD in the Obamacrat party.  They want to be Republicans sooooo bad, but they don’t like the “Republican” name brand and this is is why so many of our current 2008 DNC leadership love him so.   They are all DINOs each and every one of them.  No wonder Colin Powell and other Neo-Cons are salivating at an Obama presidency, they gets to war-monger and skim the books all they want!  McCain/Palin won’t let them do that, look what happened to Ted Stevens in Alaska!

Question for the Obots getting paid $7 as hour by Axelfraud to troll our site, I have a question for you and I challenge you to answer it in the comments section:  When the Obama campaign hired you guys out on your “I hate Hillary” mission, your main excuse was that “Hillary is a triangulator.”  Well, isn’t what Obama doing called “triangulating?”  To help in your homework assignment, here’s a Wikipedia definition:

Triangulation is the name given to the act of a political
candidate presenting his or her ideology as being “above” and “between”
the “left” and “right” sides (or “wings”) of a traditional (e.g. UK or
US) democratic “political spectrum”. It involves adopting for oneself
some of the ideas of one’s political opponent (or apparent opponent).
The logic behind it is that it both takes credit for the opponent’s
ideas, and insulates the triangulator from attacks on that particular
issue. Opponents of triangulation[who?],
who believe in a fundamental “left” and “right”, consider the dynamic a
deviation from its “reality” and dismiss those that strive for it as

Obama started his career with people with far left leanings only because that was the way to get ahead in the Chicago Machine.  Personally, I don’t buy that Obama is a socialist, otherwise this wouldn’t be happening in his neighborhood.  Neo-Cons cook the books and make money off of war, while Obama’ and his cronies cook the books and make money off of low-income housing.  Different means but same intent.  Exploit the poor and bamboozle them into voting for you.

Voting for Obama is truly a vote for the Neo-Con Borg Collective.  So don’t feel bad when you vote against the DINO-crat, my loud and hellacious liberal principled PUMAs.  Remember this?

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

160 Responses

  1. Great post sm — don’t expect any answers from the tr0lls — they don’t even remember all the hatred they spewed about Hillary they have the attention spans of gnats.

    OT but had to share — (especially for those who are upset about Bill “shilling for BO”) — here is the backhanded compliment Bill gave to BO re: the economy:

    “You know what he did?” Clinton said, heralding Obama’s reaction to the financial crisis. “First he took a little heat for not saying much. I knew what he was doing. He talked to his advisers – he talked to my economic advisers, he called Hillary. He called me. He called Warren Buffet. He called all those people, you know why? Because he knew it was complicated and before he said anything he wanted to understand.”

    In other words: “Bless his heart, he’s too stupid to understand the complex economy.” BWAHAHA! Go Big Dawg! The only one who should worry about the effect Bill stumping for BO is BO.

  2. Love Big Dawg! He’s basically saying Obama is an apprentice.

  3. OT

    My gravatar is wearing its Halloween outfit … I’m representing an Obama slur. Can you guess where I’m from?

    C’mon everyone … dress up your gravatar for Halloween!

  4. SM – another ferocious post!!! ROOOOOAAARRRR!

    You and RD are in my head this morning. What ALWAYS bothered me about Obama was his High Broderism and his worship of Republicans.

    Why anyone thinks this man is a Democrat is simply beyond my power to understand.

  5. Britgirls – Your avatar is carrying a gun and a bible! I heart you!

    Angienc –

    In other words: “Bless his heart, he’s too stupid to understand the complex economy.” BWAHAHA! Go Big Dawg! The only one who should worry about the effect Bill stumping for BO is BO.

    I knew my Bill would not let me down. He’s saying Obama cannot answer that 3 am call by himself. He’s not ready to lead. PERIOD.

    Putting Bill next to Obama is like putting the Hope Diamond next to the Joan Rivers QVC Collection.

    Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!

  6. SM!!!!!!! I love you! Your post yesterday was excellent. This one surpasses it.

  7. HAHA, angienc

    That is beautiful! The Big Dawg slapped Ozero a good one! Love it!

    Quick repost from downstairs:

    Barry’s infomercial bombed.

    His multi-million dollar false advertising special got half as many viewers as the 2nd Presidential Debate!

    I know I didn’t watch the infomercial, and it looks like most of America had better things to do than watch Obama’s mug tell them lies last night!

    And the latest NBC/Mason Dixon poll has the race as a statistical tie in PA, within the margin of error of 4 percent:

    Obama 47
    McCain 43
    Undecided 9

    Mac is coming back in PA! PUMAs are making a difference!

  8. BB & MadamaB: I’m MAD AS HELL – that’s what it is.

    Obama is going DOWN! And the PUMA-HAKA is louder than ever. FUCK THEM.

    (yeah, I said Fuck – MYIQ gives me permission have a good one once in a while)

  9. FoxNews calls out more media distortion…. ABC strikes again!


  10. AngieNC: Big Dawg certainly did a “Bless Your Heart” southern Style beatdown!

    Bill’s response reads as” “The little baby had to ask all the grown-ups for permission.”

    LOVE IT!

  11. The AP this morning simply said Obama has won PA with a 4 point lead, no mention of MOE or # of undecideds.

    And when Obama praised RR this primary, I knew I wouldn’t vote for him. I remember those years very well, and hearing Obama praise him was like salt on a wound.

  12. sm77 – where is that photo from? Great article.

    Also, if you haven’t seen the great photos on edge’s Not Your Sweetie, they are great, especially the motorbike with the dead chickens BO is hauling around. Save that one for Wednesday. I hope MO is following up picking up the ones that have fallen off.

    Bill and Hill you have 5 Days to do the right thing!

    Missouri CNN Poll:

    McCain 50%
    Obama 48%


  13. No more warmongers! No more warmongers! No more… oh. Wait.

    Neo-progs are going to be far, far worse than neo-cons. Neo-progs employ the oily, smarmy pretense of caring as a way of co-oping liberal/progressive opposition, even as they use neo-con talking points. The “debate” on Afghanistan is going to be something to see.

    Fierce post, SM, love it.

  14. Ummm, we have no finished voting yet, including PA so how has he won? Have they already rigged the machines and let the media know the numbers?

  15. SM: You are a truly gifted writer: this piece is another example.

    Can’t wait to see Colin Powell and all the other idiots who sold us out for their “careers and roles in history” make another comeback once again. They accuse McCain of being Bush lite but Obama is the real thing.

    I just phoned my local neighborhood package store and asked to have a hose set up running from their back room to my arm. Like an IV drip. If he wins, the “state” I will be in may well be considered as #58. You will all love my incoherency going forward. Most of you will need a dictionary or a translator to figure out what the hell I am trying to say.

    What’s next? Tom Delay for Secretary of the Treasury? Al Sharpton? Donna Brazile? Oprah? Larry Craig? And my all time fave, Dick Cheney!

  16. Great post sm77, you keep getting better and better.
    Remember the reagan video, turned me completely off.

    Also LOVE Big Dawg..

    He is set to be in my little town at 3pm today, wasn’t gonna go (figured it would be too depressing) but after reading this quote in the comments, maybe I will. HA!

  17. I’ve said it before, Obama is not a Democrat, nor a Socialist, nor a Conservative. He has Narcissistic Personality Disorder which means he really has no core beliefs of his own. There truly is no “there” there.

    Pathological narcissism is a life-long pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one’s gratification, dominance and ambition.

    He didn’t realize it but he describes his pathological narcissism in the following quote from his book,

    “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

    – Barack Obama

    He appears to be everything to everyone so that they will all admire him.

  18. Just saw the AP/Yahoo headline:

    Analysis: Is the McCain campaign scapegoating Palin?

    Uh, oh. Analysis is a code word for smear McPalin.

    Have I mentioned within the past 5 minutes how much I truly despise the AP this year?

  19. I am down here in moderation for ABG. Somebody please release me from this nightmare.

  20. I don’t put much importance on InTrade… but Mccain’s “chances” have moved from 12% to 16.5% in the past 2 days…. which means, people are starting to place bets on a McCain win. At 16.5, a $100 wager would return about $600….


  21. Obama may be a socialist. But there is real world socialism, and ideological socialism. What I call real world is like the Scandanavians have, basically “hey, let’s have a strong social net for everyone.”

    Then there’s “socialists” like William Ayers, who use the ideology as an excuse for antisocial behavior and to scam money. You will note that Ayers – and Obama – never talk about redistributing their money. Instead we have a potential couple who called on later-convicted felon to help them buy a million dollar house, and a woman who dismisses a $600 check as something to buy earrings with.

    In other words, Obama is a socialist like Bush is a conservative. I remember a day when a conservative would have blanched and dropped dead at the thought of running up the kind of government deficits that Ronnie Raygun and Junior did.

  22. Local news showed BO with the Big Dawg down in FL last night… Could not believe the body language and facial expression of Big Dawg as BO rattled on… It seemed to me Big Dawg was ‘saying’ ‘why am I here? And who is this Bozo trying to play president?’…

    Big Dawg certainly DID NOT look like a happy camper… couldn’t believe it… if facial expressions and body language don’t speak legions!!!…

    Go Big Dawg…

  23. What’s really funny is the right’s firm belief that Barry is a confirmed socialist/Marxist Leninist/communist who wants to seize their funds and shower them on the little people. You know, those undesirables who aren’t worthy to walk within ten paces of the Great Obama? I spend time over at the green footballs place reading what the Repubs are thinking (or, often, feeling). The non-lib hills are alive with the sound of panic at the thought of an O presidency (gah). I voted for McPalin, but with a very different point of view and agenda. Different from both the LGFers, and also the The One. Strange bedfellows this year, indeed.

  24. Hello everyone, the ratings are in. Only 21% of households watched the Obamamercial last night. Gee I dont see that being worth 5Million dollars. I thought that more would watch.

  25. And my all time fave, Dick Cheney!

    Well, they are cousins, ya know. Let’s keep that graft and corruption in the family.

  26. The typical Obama slogan: Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Get ready for that to take effect.

  27. PofE, AP stands for Another Pravda. What a ratf*cker operation it’s turned into.

  28. It’s a sad day when the only fair and balanced news source is Fox News. Who woulda thunk it?

  29. “Can’t wait to see Colin Powell and all the other idiots who sold us out for their “careers and roles in history” make another comeback once again. They accuse McCain of being Bush lite but Obama is the real thing.”

    I know, Pat. It’s astounding. Can’t you just smell the change?

  30. Alice –

    Neo-progs employ the oily, smarmy pretense of caring as a way of co-oping liberal/progressive opposition, even as they use neo-con talking points. The “debate” on Afghanistan is going to be something to see.

    There will be no debate on Afghanistan if Obama wins. They will simply follow Dear Leader through all the twists, turns and WORMS, supporting him all the way.

    However, if McCain wins, I’ll bet at least half of them will re-discover how mavericky and awesome he is.


  31. And while we are at it, can we please have Rumsfeld back? Hasn’t he served enough time in Purgatory? What a crock of crapola this guy serves up.

    Obama will do and say anything to gain a vote. He is probably going to announce his intention to have Warren Jeffs appointed as Secy of Human Services just to get on the good side of the FDLS. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  32. Sam Zell (owner of LA Times):

    (312) 466-4090

    Just called

    Obots MEGA defensive, shout you down, hang ups, but try anyway. They probably disconnected their phones by now.

  33. Oh yeah, the WORMs will be twisting, turning and crawling, no doubt about it.

    We’re talking premium WORM farm, with extra-rich dirt.

  34. Gail – They can hang up all the phones they want – there’s going to be a protest outside the LA Times building today at 10am.

  35. Holding back the tape makes it more explosive than what it actually is since most of us can only put our own imaginations to work as to what it contains.

    Unless of course it is that explosive. Then I say produce it now.

  36. SM: Where did you hear this? 10am is 1pm our time.

  37. Is it true that backtrack was born under a one-way sign?
    He has no beliefs or principals or understanding of the American people.



  38. alice – Extra-rich dirt! Priceless!

  39. Pat – just like the Whitey tape.

    This is the thing with Obama – he doesn’t believe in any of this, but he TRULY is at home with the Neo-Cons. That’s his alma mater. Greed and right-wing fascism.

  40. RE: O’s admiration for RReagan. I thought it was his explanation that he admired RR for getting people to vote AGAINST their personal interests. I also took it to mean that he was trying to channel RR mannerisms on the populace, in order to “charm” us for all of his new agenda, not the agenda of RR if this makes any sense.

  41. Does that mean that Obama doesn’t trust his advisors or that he couldn’t understand what they were telling him

  42. (Lurking and eating M & M’s)

  43. Saw at Michelle Malkin that Gap stores were selling a cute ol’ button that displays ‘Vote Twice.’ Malkin wrote a complaint letter and pretty much got a snotty FU reply.

    On a cheerier note, Boson Herald says Joe Perry is McCain supporter and worries about Obama on security issues. Of course, I say there’s so many worries, it’s hard to pick one.

  44. Pat – last night on Lion’s Share, a PUMA called in, ShampooVTA, saying that they’re organizing a protest in front of the LA times today at 10am PST.

  45. Gail: No self-respecting Democrat would come off and give Ray-gun that much love in an interview AND in his 2 books.

  46. SM77

    I respectfully disagree.

    Obama is neither republican nor democrat, nor any left to right degree of these including extreme variations of the two. He is several levels worse than MYIQ’s “is an opportunist” label.

    Obama is an egocentric, narcissist, power-hungry, self-serving being, with a deep disrespect for women, who will co-opt any platform, idea, position even when they contradict each other, use any means legal or illegal, hide any personal information/friend/relative if possible, destroy and/or manipulate any person, change/edit any statement or promise, in order to secure the most powerful position on this earth.

    The question is, why does he want this position that badly and once in it what will he really do? Do we really know?

  47. I don’t understand why the LA Times would get the tape, say they have it and then say they told the source they wouldn’t release it. Why in hell did the source give it to them in the first place if they didn’t want it to come to light? Jeez these are screwy times.

  48. First thing when McPalin take office:

    Constitutional Amendments to remove the following words from the English Language:

    Chucky T

    etc., etc., ………………………..

    You get my point!

  49. The Repubs worship the ground Reagan walks on to the point of obsession. It makes me ill to hear them speak of him in such a gooey manner. Obama wants their votes.

    He is neither Repub or Dem, liberal or conservative, black or white. He is just for Obama and nothing else. But he is absolutely correct is telling us he is a blank canvas. His supporters are drawing their own conclusions without any facts to support their beliefs. We have seen that over and over when asking them to name at least one accomplishment. The silence is deafening.

  50. angie: basically that says to me when the red phone rings at 3 am, he’ll forward the call to the appropriate advisor

  51. I don’t understand why the LA Times would get the tape, say they have it and then say they told the source they wouldn’t release it. Why in hell did the source give it to them in the first place if they didn’t want it to come to light? Jeez these are screwy times.

  52. Obama is an egocentric, narcissist, power-hungry, self-serving being, with a deep disrespect for women, who will co-opt any platform, idea, position even when they contradict each other, use any means legal or illegal, hide any personal information/friend/relative if possible, destroy and/or manipulate any person, change/edit any statement or promise, in order to secure the most powerful position on this earth.

    Looking, I accept your arguement wholeheartedly, but what you described sounds like a Neo-Con to me.

  53. afrocity: did the catch the demographics on that 21 percent? was it folks already likely to vote obama, like college students or something else?

  54. gail: He also praised the prosperity of those years, and pointedly didn’t include the Clinton era. He did this during the primary, when he was trying to deflect from any bounce Hillary might have from Bill. That’s why it was so painful since he was talking to Democrats, it would be more understandable during the GE when he’s appealing to R’s and Indys.

  55. Carol: Point well taken. Just add “career” onto the list and it is fairly complete.

  56. If you’re looking for the most up-to-date info on the LAT story, Gateway Pundit is pretty much leading the pack.

  57. afrocity — 21% hmmm — that’s the same percentage as W’s “approval rating” — I knew only the truly indoctrinated Obots would be watching.

  58. That Dawg! I’ve always marvelled at people who can deliver a withering smackdown while the clueless victim remains grinning and grateful.

    Bill remains the consummate politician. Whatever happens on Tuesday, watch for rolling heads and flying fur. The Dawg’s not defanged by any means.

  59. Pat – Fox just said people eat 26 lbs of candy a year. I think you are raising the average on everyone.

  60. I certainly agree that by far the most likely outcome of an Obama Presidency is that he simply sells out the progressives, and does all the triangulating his protractor can calculate for him.

    But what this makes absurd is the idea that he was ever a “transformative” candidate. How do you simultaneously “transform” and triangulate? Obviously, Obama has some vision of himself as another King Solomon, who rules simply by a transcendent wisdom other mortals can only admire from a vast distance, and whose greatness of judgment cannot be captured by any policy or ideology.

    In short, Obama is “transformative” only insofar as he is, personally, an embodiment of unbounded wisdom and insight not vouchsafed to other folk. He alone can see “the right way” when it comes to the most basic issues of our times, whether it be war, or abortion, or economic justice, or anything you might name.

    Because, failing that, what could possibly be claimed to be the basis of his being “transformative”? Basically, Obama’s claim to being “transformative” amounts to nothing more than his own narcissism writ large.

  61. They are so fearful of losing the Jewish vote, particularly the Jewish supporters in the Hollywood community who have held fundraisers (do you hear this Barbra?) that this exposure is sure to alienate most rational people.

    Fox said that it contains a lot of applause and praise and even a poem that was composed which exhorts Israel. Not only did he sit there, he also praised this terrorist sympathizer in full view of the audience.

    The tape needs to come out now so we can tie up the loose ends. Wright, Ayers, Khalidi, and the guy in Chicago who held fundraisers on behalf of Obama but is himself a fugitive from Iraq who stole a fortune. Something tells me that Obama is a big time Islamic supporter.

  62. I called Sam’s office yesterday. I spoke to his secretary. She put me through to a man who was a little shocked about receiving a call.

    He told me it wasn’t up to them to disclose the tape. I asked him if Sam owned the company. He said yes. I asked him if Sam had control over his company. He said yes. I told him if Sam owned the company and had control over his company then he should take responsibility for releasing the tape and report the news as that is what their organization was listed as “a news organization”. I told him to expect many more calls. He said he understood and would pass it on.

  63. I eat more candy than that. I thank God for having a high metabolism.

  64. @ looking for integrity, 12:38 PM

    “The question is, why does he want this position that badly and once in it what will he really do? Do we really know?”

    He wants the position to feed his grandiosity. If (please no) he gets in, he will immediately become bored and restless, and will begin looking for something more. Nothing ever is enough for his type of narcissist. This is what frightens me–the prospect of Barky seeking moremoremore.

  65. Carol: I just came in from food shopping and replenished what I have already ingested. You know how I get when I am nervous. And yes, I probably have beaten the 26 lbs a year.

    Just consider me as the Michael Phelps of Hershey’s.

  66. New word for the Constitutional Amendment:

    Term Limits

  67. Carol- glad you got the calm version of Zell’s office. They are absolutely unhinged by now.

  68. Carol: Forgot to include “excuses”. Please add. tx

  69. Re: the LA Times tape — at this point, it is just as good if they don’t release the tape — people can imagine how bad it must be if the Times will not release it (especially given that they’ve released top secret sensitive stuff before with no qualms) & it emphasizes to people who have only more recently tuned into the election coverage how much the msm is shilling for BO. Of course, what is on the tape must be pretty bad since the Times is making such a big deal about it, so releasing it helps too. McCain really is in a win-win here.

  70. Carol: I just called that number, who the hell did I just talk to?

  71. obama infomercia=FAIL!!

    not even close to any of the debates, and he barely did better than the crap they normally show at that time. Huffpoop is trying to spin that as a positive. but the fact the Oblahma can attract all his kool aid zombies, and they barely beat the brain dead tv addicts who watch the new Knight Rider is not something to be proud of imo…

  72. TheRealKim, on October 30th, 2008 at 12:48 pm Said:
    I eat more candy than that. I thank God for having a high metabolism.

    Ha! You sound like me. If my physicality reflected all the goodies I consume Richard Simmons would be rolling up the street in a flatbed truck, crying “I believe in you!” Because I LOVES my sweets. lol!

  73. I am truly sad for people looking to have an AA role model in the White House. Sad that the Democrats chose sooooooo poorly with such an imperfect Manchurian/Trojan.

    Hopefully, someone real will be available for the great honor and responsibility soon …………….

  74. Does anyone know where we can find a link to the written article that was published about this meeting by the LA Times in April? Surprised that it was not picked up at this time.

    I know the primary was still in effect but no one seemed to consider the significance of the actual video. Seeing and reading can cast different lights.

    Show us the video!

  75. Angie-

    Yeah, this is what I have been telling them. Not releasing it makes it sound worse that it may actually be, and that I would assume the WORST until I am afforded the dignity of judging for myself. And I will be voting, as a Jewish person, accordingly.

    I furthermore accused them of being just a little bit r—ist by withholding info that could be of use to the Jewish community.

    I don’t think they were at all amused at being called r-ists. Well, we get called that every day so I don’t feel one bit sorry.

  76. gary: I give you credit for visiting that site. I just cannot do it anymore, not even for the laughs I once got out of the Obama comments.

  77. Kim – I don’t know. My guy sounded important and shocked that the call got routed to him.

  78. Okay, I called the number, it is a Chicago number and is for Globe Business Resources. They were very nice, but this did not sound like the LA Times.

  79. Gary – Everything Obama does is targeted ONLY towards the faithful. He has never ONCE reached across the aisle to anyone who disagrees with him.

    He gives us the finger instead.

    He is a piece of classless trash.

  80. Kim – Zell owns Chicago Trib and LA Times. You are calling the owners number. Interesting that he lives in Chicago. My My why would he be hiding BO’s tape………………….

  81. You have outdone yourselves today! This is the funniest blog ever – thank-you! Your mental gymnastics are astounding.

  82. You rock my world, PUMAs!

    Come what may
    Make Nov 4th Independents’ Day!

  83. He also owns the Chicago Tribune. There is something wacked about this call. They were very nice, and not at all shocked to get the call. However, they were not very professional. A woman answered and I didn’t get the name she used, but she yelled out, prior to transferring me “Chris, we another call.” I was then transferred and asked my name and if there was anything I wanted besides just releasing the tape. WEIRD.

  84. Real Kim- maybe they are using a new tack.

    The first lady answered “Sam Zell’s office,” then transferred me to another number which deals with this issue.

  85. madamab: Not to sound pushy, but you have to admit that there is plenty to be mined from that infomercial last night. With a little nudge, I am sure you can create another gem out of this.

  86. Ugh, I just watched the video of Obama praising Reagan again. I remember when I had a monumental freakout over it at Eschaton. They all said I was overreacting.

    Well, now that Colin Powell and Scott McLellan have endorsed Obama, I wonder if they are starting to doubt their Messiah just a little bit?

    Probably not.

  87. Thanks Pete. Glad to be of service!

  88. New Fox News poll has McCain behind by only 3 points. Last week he was 9 points behind.

  89. PJ – Hmmmmm….my muse speaketh!!! I would be foolish not to listen…


  90. They weren’t unhinged, I felt like I was talking to a small polling office.

  91. Did someone call me? I thought I heard my name called

  92. Someone at Gateway Pundit pointed out that if the tape is all that bad, it will make excellent blackmail fodder for a sitting President. Just another reason to release it NOW.

  93. Just for the record: If the Obama family comes to my door tomorrow night Trick or Treating, they get nothing. And if the kids start to whine the only thing they get will be slices of processed cheese. That’s it.

  94. Maybe that is how she answered, but what put me off, was the she just yelled out, “Chis, we got another call.” He picked up immediately. If I answered the phone like that here in our office, I would be unemployed.

  95. Pat be nice, those children don’t get birthday or Christmas gifts.

  96. Picture Obama sitting at a meeting in the future with the next female Israeli Prime Minister and trying his damndest not avoid eye contact because of that tape. I would pay to see that.

  97. PAt: The beautiful Obama kids don’t even get Christmas presents so they won’t feel that bad. They’ll only allowed to receive ballet lessons and arugula.

  98. LOL at Big Dawg. I’m reminded of a line from Steel Magnolias: “Spoken like a true smart ass”. Nobody delivers a backhanded insult quite like a southerner. Of course, that may just be my bias speaking.

    Mountain Sage

  99. Kim: There is nothing wrong with processed cheese.

  100. griffithinc, I’ve started watching FOX News in the morning because it’s the only station that doesn’t make me angry. And even my husband, the man who at one time put a parental block on FOX, complimented the newswoman today. She was conducting an interview and he said in amazement, “Wow. She’s asking some really good questions.” I said, yep, it’s a sad day when they only real journalism being done is on FOX and FOX alone.

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2008 AT 3:00 PM EST

    Everyone that can, grab your signs and please be at the steps of the Supreme Court at 3:00 PM this afternoon! The things to go on the signs will be listed below. We need as large a Crowd as we can get to be waiting at the steps of Supreme Court for Mr. Berg, the person meeting him at the Train Station as well as Will Bower who will be there to accompany him there. Fox News will also be at the Train Station and will follow them all the way to the Supreme Court, filming everything.

    Remember to be loud, but RESPECTFUL as this is about having the Supreme Court hear us and grant us what we are asking for, proof that Obama is eligible to run for the Office of President, our Commander In Chief. Chant Speech, Speech, Speech when you see Mr. Berg. He will either speak before he goes into the Court, unless he needs to go in immediately, if so he will speak when we comes out. He will stop and acknowledge everyone that is there and thank you for your support, if he doesn’t have time for a speech right then!!

    DO NOT yell anything negative about Obama. You can yell that “Obama needs to show he is eligible”, Why the Secrecy Surrounding Obama”, “Obama Release Certified Copies Of Your Records and Papers” and you can chant over and over “Uphold Our Constitution, Defend it, We The People Demand It”.


    1. McCain Supporter’s For The Constitution

    2. Obama Supporter’s For The Constitution

    3. Uphold And Defend Our Constitution

    4. American’s For The Constitution

  102. No Mountain Sage, we are good at it. It’s also the sweet southern twang behind it.

  103. SM77

    I don’t know – it seems neo-cons have loyalty to a set of ideas and principles and don’t equivocate. Obama has none but to himself and thus often holds simultaneous contradictory positions.

    This, from an articla by a journalist for the LA Times disturbs me:

    “I’ve watched Obama demonstrate a soccer kick to his daughter in Chicago; devour a cheesesteak in Philly; navigate a roller rink in Indiana; drive a bumper car; and catapult 125 feet in the air on an amusement-park ride called “Big Ben.” He’s done it all with dogged professionalism, but with little show of spontaneity. After all this time with him, I still can’t say with certainty who he is…

    …I told him our family has had medical issues with the sun. He quietly took that in. I wasn’t expecting any empathy — and didn’t need any — but I felt surprised nonetheless that he evinced little or no interest. It seemed like a chance to make a human connection, if he wanted one.”

  104. -but at least he would invade a nuclear armed Pakistan in hope of finding bin laden

  105. Lunch with obot wish me luck

  106. Goesh,

    But I don’t think he really would invade Pakistan for Bin Laden. Posturing. I’m not really sure he thinks Bin Laden is really that bad either.

  107. My last comment is in moderation.

    I have no idea why.

    Where does a guy or gal go to learn the secret handshake so this doesn’t happen?

  108. PJ – How could you punish those poor children like that! They already have to put up with self-obsessed, entitled narcissists for parents.

    If it would prevent Obama from ascending to the Presidency, I would happily adopt the Obama girls and give them all the love they never got from Barack and Mechelle. It would be a small sacrifice to make for my country!


  109. gail — good for you, as BO has demonstrated time & again the “r” word can be used with panache to “get the job done.”

  110. frankly0 – I went into moderation too, and I can’t understand why.

    Oh! Did you mention C*lin P*well? That will do it.

  111. hey, I got a new post up at my place about the obamamercial…plus I finally finished my “about” page if anyone wants to take a look 🙂 be back in a bit, I have a lunch date with mawm 🙂


  112. frankly – it’s an automatic moderation, even I’m subject to it.

  113. frankly0, don’t spell out r@cist, tr0ll or c0lin p0well. Those are the three words (well, 2 words and 1 name) that have put me in moderation in the past.

  114. madamb,

    Nope, only mentioned Ob*ma by name — and King Solom*n.

    Those can’t be the triggers, can they?

    We need a rulebook, I think.

  115. sm77,

    I certainly expect it’s automatic, but it would be a less frustrating if we knew the rules.

  116. Thanks sm77 for this. It’s not the first time either that he says that, Besides the Raygun love, he expresses admiration for Poppy’s foreign policy and his team.

  117. Thanks sm77 for this. It’s not the first time either that he says that, Besides the Raygun love, he expressed admiration for Poppy’s foreign policy and his team.

  118. SM77

    I don’t mean to in any way support the neo-cons. Far from it. But you can do something about a persons political position when they ascribe to it and don’t really move from it.

    Obama is the only candidate I know of who is being called a neo-con, DINO, socialist and communist all at the same time. That kind of moving from position to position is hard to fight against. Which leads me to believe Obama is only one party – the party of Obama. And it subscribes to no platform except getting the power associated with the oval office.

    We know what neo-cons would do if they get that kind of power so its easier to develop a strategy to prevent it.

    I don’t think we can truly predict what Obama will do. That in and of itself is a huge issue for me.

  119. sm77: Last night on Lou Dobbs they had Jon King on with the CNN magic board doing electoral things. He talked about how strong Obama was around Miami and up the Gold Coast and being popular with Hispanics ( Cubans?).

    How can that be? I know Obie has discussed talking with the Castros. I figured that would be the kiss of death in that part of FL.

    Any thoughts?

  120. Fredster: Pay little attention to the polls; they are all over the place.

  121. Obama only acts in his self interest. That’s the only core value I can find in him… other than that who knows what he might do .. he has no record of accomplishments what can you tell about him from a record of voting present?

  122. madamab: Okay, I will throw in some crackers. But this is as far as I go. They too will grow up to be the same pains in the ass as both parents.

  123. During Bill C’s intro of O, he referred to him as the
    “Chief Executor of Good Intentions”…

    LOL. Sounds about right.

  124. Rush Limbaugh is right now talking about HillBuzz.

  125. Looking – then I’m going to change my title to Obama = Triangulator.

  126. SM77


  127. What the hell is going on in Chicago? All our questions lead back there.

  128. Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town!

  129. Chicago, chicago, that murdering town

  130. Went over to Greta & saw clips from the Obama-mercial last night. hahaha, it reminds me of growing up in Eastern Kentucky. In the area where I grew up, even getting gravel spread on the dirt roads was a big thing. Whenever we’d see a gravel truck or a truck plow widening the little roads, my dad would always say, “Huh, it must be election time for the county judge.”

    I gather that was Obama last night, promising anything and trying to be a gravel truck.

  131. Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose your “shoes” in Chicago, Chicago, my hometown!

  132. good grief! what is Rush saying about Hillbuzz, and I wonder how he even knows about it!

  133. An Obama production starring Obama. What else is there to say? Glad I fell asleep during those uneventful 30 minutes.

  134. PJ – you are a saint!

    SM77 – LOL!

  135. aaargghghgh — I sure do spend alot of my time these days yelling at the computer or the radio or the TV….

    its almost over…its almost over…its almost over…

    my 2nd daily prayer (1st is that Teh One LOSES BIG TIME!) is that if IT does win that I won’t cry in front of my Obot spouse.

    these days I only smile or laugh when I come here to see you guys…and when I remember angienc saying BO “looks like a hot tranny mess” hahahah

  136. What is Rush saying????????

  137. madamab: Sometimes I underestimate myself.

  138. IndigoGrrl: I am taking Biden’s advice and girding my loins now.

  139. As always, a great post, sm77.

    O/T but I have to go teach. That Baruch bloggers panel I mentioned – when I wrote about it I followed my policy of not saying something if you don’t have something nice to say. One of the other panelists who during the panel burst out with “I’m going to have a heart attack” when I said that I thought ALL Democrats should conscientiously abstain from voting for Sen. Obama has not put up this – http://www.blogher.com/obama-prime-time-commercial-what-did-you-think-hillary-supporters-please-dont-abstain#comment-67061

    The post and the comments are not too impressive – the writer of the original post admits she does not know Democratic Party rules or procedures and all that matters to her is that Barack Obama win, but she does a disservice to all Democrats who disagree with her. Consider checking it out and leaving a comment.

  140. Okay, his voice puts me to sleep even when it is only 1:02 minutes long.

    I have 2 minutes to write before I have to do a group…
    He wasn’t good for Illinois. He won’t be good for America.

    And I voted against him (here in Chicago) yesterday.
    And it felt good. This was before this video put me to sleep.

  141. New post up

  142. Pat Johnson, on October 30th, 2008 at 1:50 pm Said:

    IndigoGrrl: I am taking Biden’s advice and girding my loins now.

    You have a girdle?

    I heard him say that and was wondering who still had girdles?

  143. “Can’t wait to see Colin Powell and all the other idiots who sold us out for their “careers and roles in history” make another comeback once again.”

    Right after the *big* endorsement I read an article that said that Colon P0well “would certainly have a position in the Obama administration”. (I’ll see if I can find a link for it.)

    Seems everyone who endorsed Teh Precious is getting a job in return. Maybe Edwards will be in charge of the “Abstinence Only” program. Or the “Compassion for the Terminally Ill” program. Or the Office for Deadbeat Dads.”

  144. love Hillbuzz. Daily.

  145. “During Bill C’s intro of O, he referred to him as the
    ‘Chief Executor of Good Intentions’ ”

    Ooooooo … it BURNS!!

  146. Well, FINALLY! What took you so long?? 😉

    Don’t wanna toot my horn too loudly, but I’ve been onto this faux “Democrat” for months now. It was finding out about the poor souls freezing in Rezko slums in BO’s own district that was the tipping point for me, that and the sudden –and obviously coordinated–pivot towards the Lightbringer by the “librul” media and the progblogs.

    Then I knew him for the neocon Trojan horse he is, and posted my suspicions on No Quarter (yeah, I know, but the commenters seemed much saner back then). To my great surprise and gratification, several people agreed with me.

    And just this morning I was lamenting to a friend of mine (who is, BTW, cousin to the last prominent Illini to run for the Top Job, back in the 50s) that even very smart, truly liberal Conflucians were wondering why Republican support for JMc is so tepid.

    It’s because he’s not their candidate, not this time out, despite the R after his and Sarah’s names.
    Say, while I’m thinking of it:

    Dakinikat, if you read this, can you comment on something I saw on a crawl on Fox back in September? Seems Jim Cramer of CNBC was alleging that Soros had deliberately caused the financial meltdown in order to aid Obama, who had been dropping in the polls up until then.

    This was fairly early in the day, IIRC, and I expected Cramer’s allegations to be all over at least the PUMA and PUMA-friendly blogs within a couple of hours, but NADA. Never read or heard another word about it.

    I Googled it a couple of days later, and came up empty. But I know what I saw.

    What do you think?

  147. Have a feeling those two little girls will become wild party girls once they hit their teens. Kids that come from emotionally repressive households usually do run wild in their teens and twenties.

  148. “Obama for President” infomercial starring Barack Obama. Written and researched by Barack Obama. Wardrobe provided by Barack Obama For President 2008. Make-up by Barack Obama. Lighting by Barack Obama. Production design by Barack Obama. Edited by Barack Obama. Graphics designed and rear projections conceived by Barack Obama. Musical supervisor Barack Obama. Paid for by Barack Obama for President 2008/2012/However-long-it-takes-to-win.

  149. Southerners are blessed with a special gift for backhanded compliments and insults that don’t sound like insults. Just add: “Bless her heart,” “God love ’em” or “poor thing” to any phrase as a way of practicing for yourself

  150. If you haven’t been to Hillbuzz lately you should go check it out. I think I know why Rush Limbaugh is talking about Hillbuzz.

    Many really interesting articles there, two in particular are “Gun Sales in PA” and “Team Hillary believes McCain will win New Hampshire, Iowa, and MAINE.”

    Just for the fun of it check the animated site http://www.palinaspresident.com. Supposed to be snarky but more fun than snark I think. Be sure to click on the picture of Colon P0well.

  151. BRILLIANT post, sm77! These are the dots that need to be connected! Thank you!

  152. DYB, on October 30th, 2008 at 2:09 pm Said:
    “Obama for President” infomercial starring Barack Obama. Written and researched by Barack Obama. Wardrobe provided by Barack Obama For President 2008. Make-up by Barack Obama. Lighting by Barack Obama. Production design by Barack Obama. Edited by Barack Obama. Graphics designed and rear projections conceived by Barack Obama. Musical supervisor Barack Obama. Paid for by Barack Obama for President 2008/2012/However-long-it-takes-to-win.


    Well, I guess we know he finally managed to do something.

  153. I heard Rush referencing a blog post comment on HillBuzz.
    He was shocked & somewhat questioning a report about Obama’s paying people to disrupt cites on the internet; as far back as the primary.
    I SCREAMED “It’s True”!

  154. Musical Supervisor Barack Obama?

    Does this qualify as executive experience?

    Palin still owns him

  155. I just returned from early voting down here in South Florida. It took 3 hours and it was an eye-opening experience. What I found not too surprising was listening to the talk among peoplein line. One thing did catch me off guard. We have an amendment on the ballot against gay marriage, Amendemnt 2 bans marriage except between 1 man-1woman. I has a young lesbian girl handing out Obama flyers stating Obama says vote NO on Amendment 2. Behind me were some other younger voters talking about their support of Obama and how important it was to pass Amendment 2. They were a little youth group from some church. They said their pastor told them to vote today to help pass the amendment and support Obama. So which is it? Does Obama support gay marriage or oppose gay marriage. I even confronted the lesbian with Biden’s words from the debate, “we believe marriage is between a man and a woman only”. She denied that he had said it. Then I get home and have a political mailer in my mailbox – on the front is McCain and Hillary. The title reads “with intensity and hard work, she left 18 million cracks i n the glass ceiling”. Inside is a message from McCain – “As a father of 3 daughters, I owe Senator Clinton a debt for inspiring them andmillions of other women to beleive nothing in this great country is beyond their reach.” The entire flyer is from McCain praising Hillary Clinton. I voted correctly today. I voted for John McCain.

  156. As far as his neighborhood goes, maybe he’s just a bad socialist

  157. GlennMcGahee, if I got that flyer I would choke up…!

    I am working late on deadline so just stopped in for a sec but you PUMAs are cracking my s*** up!!! Too much funny!!

    Big Dawg’s backhanded smackdown is a thing of beauty. My question: Do you think Obama knows it for what it is, or does his big ego just assume it’s a huuuuge compliment from Bill? Things that make you go hmmmmm….

    Also love Britgirl’s Halloween avatar! Brilliant!!

    Must also report: I got an e-mail from the Obama team begging for money. Normally I delete these as the worthless trash that they are but this time I decided to respond. The plea came with a list of people in Ohio who I’m supposed to phone and informed me that there is a volunteer list with my name on it! I was like, WTF I DON’T THINK SO. So I wrote back that they truly did not want me talking to Ohio voters because I would tell them what a corrupt wannabe-neocon he is and no, they couldn’t have any of my money either. It felt good.

  158. […] of church and state, respect for womens’ issues, or any of that crap. Just because I praise Reagan more than Clinton and have decided to put Republicans in my Cabinet, does not mean I am not a real progressive. I promise you that I will never throw you under the […]

  159. […] Campaign Donation EditionLate Night: Don’t go to bed angryThursday: A Tale of Two EndorsementsObama = TriangulatorThe Dole BarometerWhat double standard?Monday: PUMA […]

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