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How to launder money – Illegal Campaign Donation Edition


Lambert and me* speculated a while back about how to use online fundraising to launder illegal donations.  I even wrote a post about it at Corrente back in May before I got banned for mentioning Bill Ayers:

The internet provides an interesting opportunity with numerous small donations to election campaigns, using fake names and staying below the reporting thresholds.

With the collusion of a banking institution (offshore?) the money could be transferred from lots of accounts opened just for that purpose.

The real challenge would be the source of the funds, but an off-shore bank or credit card company would solve that. Because the people don’t exist, no one complains about bogus charges on their account. The safeguards are in place to catch theft, not money laundering.

I called my shot.  From Ace of Spades:

I have over 8 years experience working in the payment services industry. By
taking a closer look at Obama’s online donation site, I have noticed that
his team has left the door wide open for credit card fraud by not putting in
the security measures to ensure full visa/mastercard authorization
compliance. This is outright irresponsible behavior on the part of Obama’s
team and in direct violation of their agreement with Visa/Mastercard.

I did a test on his site. Acting as Joe Stalin, I went onto the Obama site
and donated $5.00. I used false information, address: 100 Red Square,
telephone number 323-666-1953, zip code 10001, Employer: Kremlin
Occupation: Dictator. I did use my valid credit card numbers and expiration
date. The typical security measures, Address Verification System and the
Card Validation Code are not present on the Obama site. So there is nothing
in place to verify who I am.


I clicked submit. The transaction went through.

Then I went to McCain’s site, and entered in the same information. Joe
Stalin. $5.00. As you can see, my donation was rejected for errors.

* What’s the big deal? Obama has left the door open for anyone to run prepaid cards and foreign credit cards without proper screening. In addition, it is easy to run multi-transactions on the same card but under different aliases.

In addition, Obama’s site violates his agreement with Visa/Mastercard. Visa Mastercard regulations require each credit card acceptor to “obtain the 3 digit Card Validation Code [CVV2 found on the back of your credit card. 4 digits for American Express Cards] and submit this code with all authorization requests with respect to transactions where the card is not present…” [cite:] Visa/Master Program Guide.


Many foreign credit cards do not have CVV2 codes. Requiring such codes would limit foreign donations.

There’s a bunch more, so go to Ace’s place and read it.  Yeah, I know, Ace of Spades is a right-wing blog.  But facts are facts, so if you want to argue about it bring better facts. 

I have long suspected that there was something wrong with Obama’s fundraising  Back in July I posted this:

But the part that’s relevant here is that Senator Obama raised $25 million in the first three months of 2007, second only to Hillary Clinton. A nobody, with no resume. Two books, Two speeches, and a few appearances on Oprah. $25 million!

Lets compare that to the fundraising of the other Democrats:

John Edwards          $52 million

Bill Richardson       $23 million

Chris Dodd            $18 million

Joe Biden               $12 million

Dennis Kucinich    $4.5 million

Now if you’re thinking that Obama’s fundraising doesn’t seem that exceptional compared to Edwards, Richardson and Dodd, that’s because you’re only looking at the first quarter of 2007 for Obama. The amounts for the other five ARE FOR THE WHOLE CAMPAIGN!

Obama raised more in the first quarter than everyone but Edwards and Hillary would raise during the whole year. According to Open Secrets, these are Senator Obama’s fundraising numbers through May 2008:


Q1 $25 million

Q2 $31 million

Q3 $19 million

Q4 $24 million


Jan $37 million

Feb $57 million

Mar $43 million

Apr $32 million

May $23 million

How does a candidate with Senator Obama’s resume raise $99 million dollars before a single vote is ever cast? Hillary Clinton raised a phenomenal $230 million through May 31, 2008, but Obama did far better, raising $287 million during the same period. What’s wrong with this picture?

How could a rookie Senator raise money like a popular incumbent President running for reelection? I watched him, I’ve listened to him, and I wouldn’t give him a nickel. I can understand the donations this year after he started winning primaries and caucuses, but he raised 1/3 of his money before he ever got a single vote. (Actually, I can’t understand the other 2/3 either, not the amount of it anyway.)

Did I ever mention I used to catch thieves for a living? 

*For Zee, who obsesses about “grammer”

242 Responses

  1. hello all got another schill from MO sent this reply its the truth so I dont feel bad….

    MS Obama,

    I have never lifted a finger for your husband the thief of the South Side. I shall not do it ever. You have reached another of what did your husband call me? Oh yes “those people”!

    I am actually “Another Democrat for McCain”. Praying nightly for you husbands safe return ot the senate chamber. I hope he spends the next three years learning his job.

    I was born on July 28th, same as Jackie Kennedy I know style and grace and character you lack all these qualities. Sorry honey but the I had to share with you the truth. I thing you should aim lower think mmmm Nancy Reagan.

    I know those psychophants you are surrounded by would thever tell you the truth. Please stop taking Makeup tips from Rachel Maddow and Donna Brazile. It isnt working.

    Michael P Varvel

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU miq2xu for writing this post.

    I’ve been saying this for a LONG time (not as long as you!)

    Obama is breaking every freaking law on the books.

    This is campaign finance fraud of EPIC proportions!

  3. He’s a cheater and a liar and now a proven criminal.

  4. again my constant fantasy is Obama and Axelfraud doing the perp walk…. and it won’t happen if they win.

  5. I have 22 years in the industry.

    You are not required at this time to have the CVV2 number for the transaction.

    Obama can run those transactions all day long without anything but the card number, expiration date, and dollar amount.

    Processing Companies, MC/Visa will only give him trouble if he exceeds a certain percentage of chargebacks to volume. I’m sure his donors are not requesting chargebacks for the most part.

    I will discuss the AMEX aspect with a friend of mine tomorrow.

  6. That was my first clue that the fix was in: that before the media had a chance to manufacture his celebrity he was raising money like Bush…from Bush pioneers. The same people who brought us W are trying to install B0. For a while, I thought it was to pick the loser on our ticket. I should have known that this kind of money is buying a candidate not an opponent.

  7. myiq — I read the post on AoSHQ (I have you to thank, btw, for leading me there when you mentioned him here about two weeks ago — I’m a daily visitor now — say what you want about Republicans — those guys are funny). Anyway, as he points out, he is able to get credit card fraud experts to explain what is going on with BO, but meanwhile the msm when forced to report on this with a gun to their heads gets it wrong. This story should be huge — you should send this post to Greta — she & Lou Dobbs are the only members of the msm who have any balls.
    btw — there is also a story on HillBuzz about a bribe BO took of $10,000 after he lost that US Rep. seat in ILL. Some say $10k is a paltry sum — true — but I find the “small time crooks’ are usually the most despicable — honest people can at least understand being tempted for millions, but anyone who can be bought for $10k would sell his own grandmother down the river for bus fare.

  8. myiq2xu-

    Thanks this proves my point we need to be ahead for Hillary from the get go we need her to start the campaign on Labor Day 2011 with $300- 500 million in the bank!

    We need to have a war chest that scares every one away. specially a certian senator from Illinois.

    I really hate Edwards now he really did hillary in in Iowa and New Hampshire…he sucks!

    Also we need to have a pro-hillary stacked primary system to winnow out the chaff….
    first tuesday -Iowa caucused
    second tuesday- New Hampshire

    last tuesday-(HRC Momentum tuesday) California, Florida, New York, and Michigan-as winner take all primaries

    Super tuesday- MA, NJ, IN, WV, SD, AR,OK, AZ, TN, KY,PA, winner take all primaries – NE, KS, AK, WA, ME, UT, NV as proportional caucuses.

    then let Hill seal the deal on 1st tuesday in march Texas Ohio RI and VT winner take all primaries….

    I want 2012 to be a stick it to Dean Donna David Barak and Pelosi campaign!

  9. OMG fuzzy!

    I was born on July 28th, same as Jackie Kennedy I know style and grace and character you lack all these qualities. Sorry honey but the I had to share with you the truth. I thing you should aim lower think mmmm Nancy Reagan.

    you know how to hit a girl where it hurts! LMAO

  10. Thank you so much for this posting. Today, I was thinking, what a huge money laundering scheme the BO campaign must have. It is the only explanation for the enormous sums of money that have been raised. Between Hollywood and foreign countries, the presidency is being stolen from the people of this country. He is only ahead, because of money laundering, party corruption, voter fraud, lying, bribing, dead people voting, and the a** kissing of the media.

  11. angie:

    Pass the word as you see fit

  12. I know the last post about packing the Hillary primaries at the beginning is harsh to any of her competiters but payback is gonna be sweet and Fuzzybear is gonna ensure that he is their to lean on any caucus cheaters!

  13. There is something called PCI compliance if you’re running credit cards. This whole thing is criminal !! WTF

  14. I wonder what amount of those campaign contributions originate from abroad? …and from where?

  15. hey–no one gave a New Post warning!

    Beware cf4 who has been popping up today.

  16. thanks angie –

    I coud not find any first lady I really didn’t like. loved them all from Eleanor to Hillary. Seems even bad presedents married wives that became wonderful first Ladies. I couldnt pick on Laura Bush(poor thing she married W hasnt she suffered enough) or Barbara (she is pro-choice)…so like Biden Nancy drew the short straw!

  17. jvsp — if you haven’t seen this drinking with bob video at sugar n spice, do yourself a favor and watch it now


  18. The Final Puzzler is up on my site now – to benefit a great cause:
    Democrats for Principle Before Party.
    Drop by and have a look – Thanks!

  19. Simofish:

    The credit card security systems are designed to prevent theft, not money laundering.

    If you turn them off and no one complains about unauthorized charges . . .

  20. come on now Nancy drawing the short straw like Joe Biden that is funny!~

  21. my-Did you see Lambert’s post about money laundering yesterday? Guess he’s still thinking about it, too. Some of the comments are ridiculous. There are some who will defend O no matter how foolish they make themselves look.
    Do you remember where the story was which showed some of the outrageous made-up donor names?
    His campaign says they review the donations later and kick out the questionable ones. Sure they do.
    If a Repub was rolling in this much dough, the media and Dems would be screaming morning, noon and night.

  22. angienc

    LOL! …vicarious catharsis… I’m exhausted!

  23. myiq2xu, on October 30th, 2008 at 8:11 pm Said:


    The credit card security systems are designed to prevent theft, not money laundering.

    If you turn them off and no one complains about unauthorized charges . . .

    Remember that couple in Indiana or Ohio that complained about multiple charges of $2300 to their card???

    Obama doesn’t belong in the Oval Office, he needs to be doing 20 to life like Rezko.

  24. I am so over the top disgusted I can barely type! There is a tape with some damaging information that may tip this whole circus on its head and the LA Times refuses to release it.

    An ACORN worker testifies that they were in possession of the Obama Donor list that they used to request more money from maxed out donors which we all know when right back into his coffers.

    His online donations are totally suspect and deserve an out and out investigation.

    Ohio is up to its ears in voting fraud.

    And what does Lou Dobbs lead with? The fact that Joe the Plumber failed to show up for a McCain appearance! It later came out that the communication between McCain’s camp and Joe’s was not completed and Joe managed to make an appearance at a second rally.

    What the hell is going on? Are we looking at shades of Pravda standing in as our newsource? I doubt I can take much more. The fix is in. This guy is going to manage a win no matter what we say, do or think.

  25. I want to share with sugar tonight on her show…and on conflusian say!

  26. This is criminal. And most likely nothing will be done about it. We no longer have a Constitution or any say in what our government does. I wonder if there is any way to turn it around?

  27. fuzzy — I laughed about your comment at Nancy I just forgot to tell you!

  28. Pat PUMA UP! read my letter to MO at the top of the thread….It is going to be alright….I have been praying nightly….I have a devine promise….and it is that we are right and we are going to win!

  29. I’ve seen the Drinking Bob rants before, but I just went to his site and watched “Barack Obama is a Disaster.” At the end he says, “If you’re voting for Barack Obama, I don’t know how you wake up in the morning and don’t throw up on your feet!”


  30. The whole thing is criminal. It has been since day one only we did not get the whole message until along about May or June.

    I want to throw something; scream from the rooftops; throw this right back in their hypocritical faces yes I feel impotent.

    The man has done nothing; has achieved less, and we are seriously considering electing him to run this rudderless country?

    If I could, I would work up a big spit and aim. At this point my anger is really at a level where I see red. Unfucking believable!

  31. What the hell is going on? Are we looking at shades of Pravda standing in as our newsource? I doubt I can take much more. The fix is in. This guy is going to manage a win no matter what we say, do or think.

    I feel that way today too Pat. It’s like an avalanche of corruption, denial, and propaganda.

  32. fuzzy-Momma E’s show starts at 8:30. You should check it out. Same folks as at My Two Cents. I wish Patsy and Sugar would move their time slot-the only network shows I watch are the Office and 30 Rock at the same time! 2 of only a few shows my daughter will watch with me.

  33. Pat, if you haven’t seen Drinking Bob, go to the link angie posted at 8:08. He has a tab called “rants.” He’s manic, but it really captures how infuriated and insane we all feel about this circus.

  34. Well if we can see it from 30,000 feet those closer to the action can see it up close and personal. I will never forgive those who backed this empty suit for any reason. He is breaking the law. He is lying through his teeth. He has zero credibility and his accomplishments are nil. Yet the drumbeat goes on in his favor.

    He will win, mark my words. By hook or by crook, they will drag him over the line if they have to and no amount of outcries from our circle is going to change that.

    Call me nuts, but the fix is in and it will stick.

  35. I guess poor Michelle will have to send back the drapes she ordered for the private residence and the special pedistal for the “pink princess phone” hotline to the speakers inner chambers mmmm!

    I heard that Michelle was going to do pink orange and yellow plaid on the furniture and the drapes would be aqua kelly green and mauve striped and the walls would all be in red floral velvet frocked wallpaper….

    They were going to be featured on the cover of Elle Decor’s winter issue! I subscribe and can hardly wait!

  36. Did anyone read Bob Kerrey’s op-ed piece from yesterday?


    Btw can someone imagine what would be happening if McCain had:

    1- Reneged on his pledge to accept public financing
    2- Raised more than $150 mio in one month
    3- Disclosed only 10% of his 2.5 mio (?)
    4- Allowed and even encouraged fraudulent donations on his website
    5- Had spent a total of $300 mio more than his opponent

    Wouldn’t he be barbecued by the entire press corpse?

    And what ever happened to “too much money in politics”. Wasn’t that the cry du jour when Republicans were raising too much money?

  37. If you are sane and look at the numbers — they are like red flags. SOMETHING is wrong-illegal.

    McCain can see it — hell anyone who follows politics absolutely knows that a no-body doesn’t get all that cash for NOTHING.

    There are so many red flags — and yet this steam roller keeps on coming.

    Obama also has a lot of help — the whole DNC are in on the game. The lot of them are greedy pigs.

    Great article — nice easy to understand summary of all the cash flowing into camp Obama.

  38. Pat — I second fif — the rant I linked to is about the credit card fraud. In the one fif refers to “BO is a Disaster” he says he feels like this election is taking place in China or some other communist country. The guy is insane, but he is smart & watching him, as jvsp noted, is like a vicarious catharsis.

  39. myiq: I remember well the post you wrote back in May. I found your theory very plausible then, so I was not surprised when info about O’s suspicious donors came dribbling out. This type of fraud should disqualify Obama automatically.

  40. Come on Pat Johnson snap out of it I cant have you this way…

  41. Pat J — all we can do now is vote, remind people who also don’t like BO to vote (I’m not reminding any Obama supporters to vote, but do what you want on that score). Don’t stress out on things you can’t control, but focus on what you can.

  42. Officials in North Carolina said roughly 30 percent of all registered voters had already cast ballots – about 1.7 million in all – and the Board of Elections ordered the state’s 100 counties to keep longer voting hours.

    Like the opinion polls, the early ballot count favored Obama. Officials in Iowa, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada as well as North Carolina said more Democrats that Republicans had cast ballots, in some cases by lopsided margins.

    This is AP. It sounds like they are just assuming the Dem ballots = Obama.

  43. How much more can the MSM ignore for Christ’s sake? It is all there waiting to be plucked. Yet a small minority, and I include us, know full well that there is something inherently wrong with a 150 million in donations within one month alone, the same month the economy was threatening total collapse.

    We need to get realistic here. Hoping and praying and wishing it were so is not going to change the outcome. He has it sewn up in so many ways. Check the LA Times as one example. A newspaper of record who refuses to report the news.

    Voter fraud is rampant and Ohio is already in his win column for all intents and purposes with several other states in close pursuit.

    We are watching not only the demise of a once powerful party but the total annhilation of democracy. It sends shivers down my spine.

  44. Michelle Obama is an interior design disaster…

    look at the plans above she has for the private residence….

    I as a gay man am insulted…

    at least Nancy Reagan had taste ok Michelle maybe you should aim even lower –

    MMMMM.. the former president from Iraq’s wife….

    I know if I say his name I will end up in moderation

  45. miq,

    Remember, they balked at raising money, or giving the list to DNC, and despite the said enthusiasm, the DNC (and down ticket candidates, even his staunchest supporters) have been anemic at raising money this cycle.

    What does that tell you??

  46. Go over to pumapac and see the demonstration at the LAT today. It will make you feel better.

    McCain/Palin will win. America will win. God will win.

  47. Pat we will continue the fight right? No matter what you ae in this with us to the bitter or sweet end…

    you have been my touchstone with Carol and SM RD and the many others here please stay strong for me…

  48. fif — they are assuming Dem ballots = Obama because those ballots cannot legally be counted until Nov. 4, and they need to STFU — reporting who is “favored” is voter supression, nothing more, nothing less.
    Stupid DNC — assuming that after everything they did this year all registered Dems would automatically vote for their selected nominee.

  49. Pat J
    “He will win, mark my words. By hook or by crook, they will drag him over the line if they have to and no amount of outcries from our circle is going to change that.”

    I’ve raised the issue of faithless electors and the possibility of intimidation/coercion or merely the influence of obot-ulism… Is this a possibility? I don’t think it is beyond O. …would go so far as to say he has the Clintons up against a wall.

    It will end poorly, very poorly regardless of what happens.

  50. northwest rain:

    The cops who work in Bunco (scams) tell people “If it sounds too good to be true, it is”

  51. Thank God/des carol the voice of reason!

    I cant believe those words left my mouth!

  52. RD SM77 where are you Pat J needs our support besides the polls show McCain is closing(means he is really ahead always has been)

    Carol tell Pat this is all part of the Big HAKA

  53. fuzzy — even if Nancy didn’t have taste at least she knew to listen to people who did! MO is like school in the summer time — no class.

  54. If he gets in he has the right to dismiss all US federal attorneys and appoint replacements. Bet on the fact that when that time comes there will be no pressure on them to investigate voter fraud and ACORN as a prime example disappears off the radar screen.

    We watched as Bush and Rove planted their selections with the resolve that the entire federal system was gamed with Repubs only. Now the tables are turned and this guy has so much to cover up and so many to “thank” for his win that we will never get to the bottom of this corruption.

    Does anyone think for a moment that Dodd or Frank will call for hearings? When pigs fly!

  55. Just coming by to give Pat a hug. We will survive no matter what, and I will have some laughs for you tomorrow.

  56. OMG myiq2xu – You are sooooo cute without the powder!

  57. The LA Times protest today is great. My favorite sign:

    JOURNALISM R.I.P. 2008

  58. PAT – snap out of it.

    McCain Palin are winning. BO and MO will be in the trunk of your Mazda soon enough. Just don’t forget the “Joe the Electrician’s tape” to keep them quiet.

    Start packing the treats for the trip!

  59. ‘cmon pat say it with me … like a hot tranny mess.

    damn thats still funny!

  60. I am off on a rant, I know that. But the bile is stuck in my throat at what I am witnessing. Never in a million years would I ever have thought something this dirty, this corrupt, this undermining of the constitution was not only happening but being encouraged!

    I refuse to believe that I am alone in this reflection, I just feel so helpless in the face of the power that has been exerted to get him this far. It is overwhelming and there is no one there to protect us from this disaster.

  61. Pat:

    “Loyal Bushie” moles have been burrowing into the federal bureaucracy. for the last couple years.

    They will dig and leak to the GOP.

    The Congressional GOP will demand a Special/Independent prosecutor. If Obama agrees, they will dig and leak just like Ken Starr did. If he refuses they will ask what he is hiding.

    The GOP will not play dead like Pelosi-Reid

  62. is getting a rusty trombone a dirty saying that I haven’t heard???

  63. And Pat – Obama cannot outsteal the Republicans. They are old hands at this game. Besides, the undecideds are going to break for McCain. They are not going to vote for the guy who will trigger an attack in six months, “mark my words.”

  64. jsvp

    Can you explain what you mean by faithless electors? I had a quick glance on Wikipedia and I think I know what you’re saying (don’t want to believe it, though). Do you think he’ll be paying off the electors … like the superdels?

    “The electors generally cast their votes according to the winner of the popular vote in their respective states, but are not required by law to do so.”

  65. well – it must be one of those kinky hetero thangs…

  66. Carol: I have said it one hundred times: no goddamn treats! No pittops, no smoking, no 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall games! I have already stated, and madamab will back me up, if the Obama’s show up at my door for Trick or Treating the kids get slices of processed cheese with perhaps a few dried crackers thrown in. That’s it.

    Right now I am so worked up I could drive to Chicago with the whole group with nothing but a Flint Mobile. My feet are that itching to go.

  67. britgirls:

    The electors can vote however they want. No state law can compel them otherwise because the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

  68. myiq: For now.

  69. Several breaking stories on Hannity: starting with Khalidi. They took their cameras to find him, and they did. They stalked him into an elevator, and he was hiding around the corner!

  70. “It isn’t polls or public opinion of the moment that counts. It is right and wrong leadership – men with fortitude, honesty, and a belief in the right – that makes epochs in the history of the world.”

    – Harry Truman

  71. Carol:

    That’s my scary Halloween costume

  72. Fox News Now Urgent!

  73. OMG myiq — is that you?

    Indigo — yes, it is, but I’m not going to tell you on this site — google “what is a rusty trombone” & the wiki definition will tell you more then you ever wanted to know.

  74. fif,

    Just caught that too. Khalidi did not want to talk at all. F’ing coward!


    Shocking details about Bil Ayres to be revealed in a few minutes on Hannity.

    It’s gettin’ juicy!

    The LA Times still refuses to release the tape at the Obama-Khalidi event.

  75. In a few minutes Hannity is going to release “exclusive and potentially shocking information on Ayers.”

    Sigh…people won’t care.

  76. IronMan: some of us are feeling discouraged here tonight. We need an IronMan pep talk. 🙂

  77. I am going as Michelle obama for holloween well it is actually Ursulla the seawitch but Im telling everyone it is Michelle

  78. Why are people not willing to pay attention to these radical associations?

    Pat Caddell: He says the tape might have been turned over by someone associated with the Clintons, and asks why they don’t at least release the transcript. Now the idiot Scarecrow has to butt in and make excuses.

  79. Who?

  80. Obama loses america is not shocked!

  81. Where is the F’in media in their reporting and tracking down of Khalidi?

    The mainstream media has become so preoccupied with cheering for Obama and covering his ass at all costs. They have totally neglected the virtues of old-fashioned legwork.


  82. Obama thinks Americans are STUPID! He really thought he could take in all that illegal campaign money and no one would be the wiser. It almost worked, except for the PUMA/JustSayNoDeal sleuths including our distinguished blog poster. Where did all the tainted money come from??? From his friends, of course! This 30-second video sums it up:

  83. Someone choke Col*es.

  84. From Tom Maguire at Just One MInute regarding Obama’s aunt in Boston:

    While Mr Obama was on his voyage of personal discovery in Africa, his aunt and uncle were engaged in their own journey in his homeland.

    The Times could not determine their immigration status and an official at Boston City Hall said that Ms Onyango was a resident of Flaherty Way but not registered to vote on the electoral roll. However, that Ms Onyango made a contribution to the Obama campaign would indicate that she is a US citizen. Records at the Boston City Hall confirmed Zeituni Onyango’s birthdate as May 29, 1952.

    It is not clear when Ms Onyango first came to the US. She said: “I have been coming to America ever since 1975. I always come and go.”

    The Obama campaign seems to have taken the position that donations are legal unless someone can prove they are not. I don’t suppose we can rely on Deval Patrick to clear up Ms Onyango’s immigration status, but if George and Condi get involved I can imagine the howls.

    That said, I can’t find a donor with a last name of “Onyango” from Masachusetts at Open Secrets or the FEC. Brit magic?

    Whatever – maybe she is here illegally, maybe she is contributing illegally; this will be looked into after Nov 4. It’s not as if this is important, like Joe the Plumber. What, you think Obama’s stance on illegal immigration would be affected by his relatives’ situation? That’s the old style politics of division – there is no evidence that Obama has any interest in this woman at all, other than as a useful prop in his own global biography.

  85. Anne Coulter is awful, but at least she steamrolls Colmes and that’s enjoyable. She doesn’t let him do his best weasel job. Colmes is saying McCain gave Khalidi $400K for his work on fair Palestinian elections.

  86. britgal
    Yes, electors that fail to cast their vote for the candidate for which they were elected to do so. I don’t know what is possible regarding coercion/intimidation/bribery. Perhaps it is ridiculous. OTOH, there is the possibility of obotulism infecting some. Many states have laws, but others do not, regarding how electors can vote IIRC.

  87. myiq — you! (on the front page, the picture by your name is not Capt. Spaulding — it is a really cute guy with a goatee)





  89. Alan Colmes is a fool. His arguments make absolutely no sense whatsoever. He is defending the indefensible.

  90. Wow! Poor Chris Mathews … all that ass kissing is going to end badly for him.

    Rusty Trombone Health Risks!!!

    There are numerous health risks involved in coming into oral contact with a person’s @nus.

  91. fif: Let’s face it, McCain could beat Obama by 10 million votes, and Wednesday the AP headline will be large font: ‘Obama Wins’ [underneath in small font ‘the hearts of young America’

  92. Pat J — in order to defend Obama one must check their logic, dignity and common sense at the door.

  93. Really?

    I wonder who that is?

  94. Hannity:

    Book written by Ayers & Dohrn in 1974. “Prairie Fire.”

    Dedicated to all political prisoners in US. 100 or so names, including Sirhan Sirhan.

  95. I wish Sean would point out the similarities between the WU symbol & that stupid Obot “O”

  96. Christ, Ayers dedicated his book to “US political prisoners”, among the names Sirhan Sirhan. Jeebus, Mary and Joseph!

  97. myiq — too bad you don’t know him — he’s a babe.

  98. How could he dedicate a book to Sirhan Sirhan in 1974?!!

  99. How in hell did Ayers get to be a college professor with those views?

  100. I will say it: Barack Obama is an Islamic sympathizer. He is much too comfortable with terrorist associates.

  101. I wish they would bring up the media hysteria when Hillary mentioned RFK’s campaigning in June & the Sirhan Sirhan dedication.

    Oh, great! Now the msm meme starts that the “economic crisis” (which began 1 month ago) prevented the vetting of BO (who has been running for 2 years).

  102. Let’s not forget his ties to Louis Farrakhan.

  103. DCAttorney, if you are here, your Puzzler challenge is solved:

    Mount Tabor – Church of the Transfiguration

  104. About that infomercial:

    So, Obama spent millions of dollars last night on a TV Variety Special no one is talking about today.
    The mainstream media is so in the tank for Obama, it’s actually hillariously funny to us — because you know something was a disaster for Obama when the media just pretends it never happened.


  105. fif
    don”t be discouraged.
    a lot of people will not vote for an
    arrogant, ignorant, impudent, and insolent ridiculous specimen of humanity as my old nuns used to say.

    maybe i have too much faith in the American people but I hope not.



  106. Sure you would Alan — ’cause your a douche bag.

  107. I just switched to Fox and I heard Ann Coulter say she “had a big one”.

    I’m gone.

  108. fif – just gonna report the same thing, while listening to both Hannity and Patsy & Sugar on Blog Talk Radio. Can’t just listen to one and not the other.

    Patsy & Sugar want to send Barry back on the bus to Chicago. They thought former Pres. Clinton was really campaigning for McCain – God bless our Big Dawg PUMA.

    After the Khalidi video, I ask: Are there more videos coming? Please, Lord, please…

  109. Pat J — Ayers daddy is filthy rich — in Chicago money talks, everyone else can suck it.

  110. myiq — that is exactly what I was thinking about the informercial all day — the astounding silence. It must have been even worse then I thought.

  111. Wright>Farrakhan>Pflager>Ayers>Kalidi>Hamas. Not saying he is an outright radical, but with friends like these he is pliable to listening and taking directions for mid East policies. I think that narrows down the point of all these associations. Barack can be moved in their direction quite easily.

    The mid East is going to blow up under his leadership.

  112. As I’ve been saying for months, Obama will do anything to gain power. I’m disgusted but not at all surprised by financial shenanigans.

    OT, I voted for McCain/Palin today and I wasn’t struck by lightening or haunted by the ghosts of my FDR/JFK-loving ancestors, either. (It’s early yet.)
    Any last minute second thoughts were kept at bay by the Obot who stood in line behind me for almost three hours. After some general “Aren’t we glad the Bush years will be behind us” sharing, he described his orgasmic experience with the O’s infomercial and sequed into insulting Palin. We had talked for over an hour by then. He was a really nice guy who has been socialized into thinking that racism is horrific and sexism is a joke. He honestly didn’t get that the “Sarah Palin is a c***” t-shirts were as bad as the Curious George t-shirts.
    I voted for every woman on the ballot, no matter what her party. I did my bit for the 30% solution today and I felt a tremendous amount of satisfaction as I dropped my paper ballot into the slot.

  113. I am expecting Ann to just stand up and slap the shit out of Colmes if that is at all possible.

    I need xanax!

  114. klingons? theyare in the tank for Obama…

  115. Someone at Reclusve Leftists said that Obama announced he’s going to run again in 4 years if he loses, is that true?

  116. Hi folks…

    Pat J: I don’t know whether to admonish you, comfort you, or join you. This is not the America I knew. (Nor is it the one I served in the armed forces for.)

  117. thanks helen. Some days are harder than others. I’m just worried. Nothing seems to phase people. I can’t comprehend it.

    IronMan: you say this is shocking. People who have dismissed all these “associations” as irrelevant will not care WHAT Ayers or any of the rest of them do, because they have already convinced themselves that is has nothing to do with BO. See Alan Colmes for a perfect example.

    I’ve said before, I think he could molest children and they would spin it in his favor.

    Dickie Morris coming up.

  118. Hi folks…

    Pat J: I don’t know whether to admonish you, comfort you, or join you. This is not the America I knew. (Nor is it the one I served in the armed forces for.)

  119. SOD: You are now officially off my Christmas list!!! Knowing full well the shitty mood I am in you went ahead and linked the Chris Matthews oil gushing tape on me? That’s it. Consider yourself a former BFF!

  120. Angie:

    Bill Ayers daddy WAS filthy rich. He’s dead now.

    Bill and his brother are filthy rich.

  121. Good going Jean!

    sm77 — I can’t believe you figured that puzzler out! I didn’t even try because I had no clue where to start.

    Seriously — some said that here too on an earlier thread.

  122. Pass that Xanax bottle over here!

  123. DMorris: goptrust.com has raised $4 million in the past few days, and are trying to raise another $2 million in the next 2 days to saturate swing state markets.

    Senior citizens have gone from 3 pts. to 15!! for Obama because of Obama’s ads criticizing McCain’s supposed position on Social Security. However, he is losing younger voters because of tax issues.

  124. Hey MYIQ – is that the real you, because I know for damn sure that’s not a Capt. Spaulding icon/avatar.

  125. There’s a new Wright ad….the RNC is saturating the swing states with it.

    Mountain Sage

  126. “Was she talking about her adam’s apple?

    Let’s hope so!

  127. Sophie: If you join me please be aware: I am not in a good mood tonight as you can probably figure out on your own. I could find bin Laden on my own right now I am so mad.

  128. myiq — you lawyers & your technicalities! But daddy is the one who helped him beat the rap with the criminal charges, which was the start of his “respectable’ life. blech.

  129. Seriously – Obama will be doing 20 to life for money landering, misappropriation of federal find, wire transfer fraud, accepting illegal contributions….

  130. sm77 — I already asked myiq that, he is playing coy. lol

  131. SOD: I will put it into consideration.

  132. SOD:

    I really hoped she was talking about her adam’s apple. Anything else would be even scarier.

  133. Someone at Reclusve Leftists said that Obama announced he’s going to run again in 4 years if he loses, is that true?

    Seriously: apparently, he said that last night in his Infomercial. Another fat lie, after Michelle whined during the primaries: “You won’t get another chance. WE are only going to do this once.” They said that because people knew HRC was the more experienced and qualified candidate, and if they thought he could run again in 8 years, they would have been more inclined to vote for her. WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS. Nothing they say means anything more than what they need to say to get something in the moment.

  134. The hardest part is in trying to figure out who gets the Biggest Tool on Earth Award this year. So, so many to choose from one does not know where to start.

    Someone mentioned that Al Gore is being brought out during the last days of the campaign to once again shill for this imposter. Is there one person out there with any integrity left?

  135. Angie:

    He beat the federal rap.

    There is no statute of limitations on murder, and that’s a state crime.

  136. Pat – go for it. Tell everyone McCain sent you and told you where he was at! If you stop in Texas, I will have a goody bag for you to take on the trip.

  137. Pat J — I think the Biggest Tool on Earth Award goes, hands down, to KO.

    And yes, Gore is stomping through FL tomorrow for BO. You know what? Fuck him too –yeah, I’m saying it. The 2000 race wouldn’t have come down to FL if he hadn’t listened to Donna B. & “distanced himself” from Bill Clinton.

  138. There is Bzero doubt in my mind that Obama will absolutely run again if he loses. His ego is too big to quietly go back to the senate and do his job.

    Pat J. – We need you strong and healthy and funny. Inquiring minds need to know who’s alive and kicking at your polling place on Tuesday.

  139. myiq — I thought there was prosecutrial misconduct regarding wire taps — without the wire taps there probably isn’t enough for a state murder case.

    God, I wish Tito wasn’t wearing sun glasses.

  140. Tito the Builder: Alan colmes tries to say that people have heard about these issues, and Tito says:

    C’mon, c’mon, don’t treat the American people like we’re stupid.

    He’s wearing pitch black sunglasses for some reason.

  141. myiq

    nice photo.

    angienc: question

    read on another blog that the judge’s decision in the Berg case was faulty, that citizens have no standing when it comes to enforcing the constitution.

    In the old days when we were taught about the constitution and its’ amendments in school – and actually analyzed them (interesting side note about that: my teacher was a die hard communist who used to receive Soviet Life at school) our teacher provided documents which basically put the responsibility of defending and enforcing the Constitution in the hands of every citizen via the juducial system (for Congress the legislative and for the Pres the executive), because the Constution is effectively a contract to which the people are a party. Which is it in your opinion?

  142. Alan Colmes: I don’t know what you think is being hidden from you that would change the race.


  143. Oh, he has a problem with his eyes, so he has to wear the sunglasses. Then he jokes: “These are to intimidate Colmes.” LOL!

  144. How can intelligent people sit there and find excuses for this idiot?

    No more excuses!

  145. That comment about older voters switching to backtrack does not make sense.
    Most of us have seen con men before and are not fooled easily.



  146. Tito the Builder has a sense of humor.

  147. Tito is doing a great job. These regular “Joe’s” are so much smarter than any of the stupid pundits.

  148. Now Gore can forget his place in history. Gore, call in sick or suffer my rath!!!!!!!!

  149. helen: Morris said it is because of the way Obama is frightening seniors with McCain’s supposed Social Security position.

  150. fif: It’s not true that no one is listening. Any Democrat should be 20 points ahead, any Dem with 5 warehouses of money to spend should be 30 points ahead, any Dem with that much money and the MSM knocking each other down to fawn shoud be 40 points ahead.

    People are listening, it’s just that it has taken a long time to get this info out there, what with the Dems cheating, Obama hiding, and the media lying to prevent us from learning the truth. The American people are on their own this year, and they are learning about Obama in spite of everything.

  151. helen: My bullshit meter has not failed me. In fact, it is ticking off the charts now with the crap that is being dished out in favor of Sen. Has Done Nothing.

  152. Jmac, on October 30th, 2008 at 9:32 pm Said:
    There is Bzero doubt in my mind that Obama will absolutely run again if he loses. His ego is too big to quietly go back to the senate and do his job.


    While his ego may prompt him to consider running again, REALITY will quickly set in to help him understand that it will be MUCH tougher to galvanize the wave of support/interest he and his cronies cajoled this go round.

  153. So I guess that answers he question as to wther or not the Othugs are going to go quietly. Even if he’s gone to the federal pen by that time, the next choice of the DNC will be an actual remote controlled empty suit with a prosthetic penis. And I hear Dnna’s gt all the ’12 caucus results in a shoebox.

  154. Greta said that “we know where Sen. McCain is going to be on Saturday night.”

    Maybe he’s doing SNL??

  155. fif,

    Hang in there. The momentum is swining to McCain-Palin, especially in the key swing states where Hillary trounced Obama, PA and Ohio.

    The tax issue/redistribution issue is working against Obama. The unknown factor of Obama is a negative with the undecided voters. Obama is losing key support in the demographics he needs to win on election day.

    The polls are skewed to favor Obama, polling many more Democrats and AA’s in a much larger percentage than will vote on election day. The pro-Obama polls amount to quantified smoke to try and suppress voter turnout for McCain-Palin.

    Obama, time and time again, shows that he is not able to close it out and the undecided and late deciders move away from Obama.

    Remember New Hampshire!

    I look at the energy on the ground for McCain Palin in states like PA and Ohio and Missouri and I’m really liking what I see.

    I think the race in PA is tied right now. I believe come election night, McCain-Palin will carry PA. Obama is way too overconfident, as are his supporters. I think there are enough PUMAs in PA to turn the tide and offset Obama’s gains in the urban cities of Philly and Pittsburgh. It is all a matter of turnout and the Republicans have a reall y good ground game when it comes to turnout.

    I also do not see Obama carrying Virginia, despite what the polls say right now.

    II really think it comes down to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

    No way Obama wins Florida.

    Obama is hemorrhaging votes from a key demographic: Jewish voters. That may seal his fate in the key states of PA, Ohio, and FL.

    Obama’s Khalidi scandal is gaining traction with Jewish voters. They don’t like it all and I think many will move away from Obama and go with the safer choice.

  156. Tito just said BO’s $2000 tax break is $.96 per hour and he ain’t selling his vote for that!

    I’m in love with Tito the Builder!

  157. looking for integrity — standing is a very complex question & I haven’t read the opinion in the Berg case. But your teacher was right in general about citizen’s responsibility in upholding the Constitution but that is putting it very broadly. Standing in a particular case is much more narrowly drawn.

    OK — Tito explained he had a problem with his eye so that is why he had to wear the glasses. He made a good point (I thought) — “Say under the BO plan I would get $2000 more a year. That is 96 cents an hour. I’m not giving my vote to some one for 96 cents an hour.” LOL

  158. Fuzzy on Our View!!!!

  159. I received this e-mail from Joe Biden this afternoon. I am perplexed about the part where the McCain campaign and the RNC have an advantage money-wise. What is this about?

    As an aside, I voted early: McPalin at the top, Dems all the way down. I have to say, I feel free.

    Biden’s e-mail:

    “Last night, Barack took to the airwaves to make the case for real change. He used the time to tell the stories of ordinary people who need real solutions to their problems.

    The presentation reached its finale with Barack addressing the nation live from Florida — I’ve included the video of that moment below.

    But right now, I need to ask you for help.

    We just learned that the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had a $20 million cash advantage on October 15th. That means we can expect to see a fierce blitz of negativity in the final days — so-called “robocalls,” mail pieces, and TV ads filled with smears and false attacks.

    We can’t let our opponents’ low-road tactics prevail. To stand up to this last-minute spending spree, we need to step up our efforts.”

  160. I need to be talked off the ledge and scraped off the ceiling tonight. But I give you all permission come Wed morning to kick my ass if McCain pulls this off.

    If you can find me.

  161. And let’s no forget the GOP machine. I strongly suspect they will do their level best to neuter any real and/or imagined “BO” traction for a second bid.

  162. I’m not being a nay-sayer (nor do I want to encourage Pat J’s bad mood) but, lets just put Ohio in the BO column. The fraud there is going to go in BO’s favor. Nonetheless, McCain is still going to win — he is going to get FL, PA & VA.

  163. Sarah on Greta tomorrow night. McCain on SNL Saturday nite.

  164. Juan Williams is another asshole!

  165. dwwenz, — the RNC (not the McCain campaign) has a ton more money then the DNC (but not the Obama campaign). Nonetheless, if they were worried about the $ they shouldn’t have wasted $5 million last night to preach to the choir.

  166. Pat – you will be on the road back to MA after depositing Obama and family outside of their Rezko mansion.

  167. McCain was pretty good when he last appeared on SNL. Good move just three days ahead of the election.

  168. fif: It’s not true that no one is listening.

    That’s true POF, but I do not understand why it did not kill his candidacy a long time ago. Rev. Wright alone should have done that. His inexperience alone should have done that. The endless lies, scandals, etc. and he is still expected to win is horrific.

  169. Pat J — Juan was good before Hillary dropped out, but sadly he drank the kool aid.

  170. FL will be Crimson – Magenta – Candy Apple – Fire Engine RED!!!!!

  171. Pat
    If I send you some cheesecake filled chocolate dipped strawberries will you feel better?



  172. I made my daughter promise me to spend tuesday night in the hospital bunk beds for residences or in the apartment Loyalla in chicago has given her… she was confused but nows I don’t give her mom warnings or requests frivioulsy so she took me seriously, I think McCain may very well pull this off

  173. Agreed, angie. I just have a problem with anyone right now who publicly supports this sham candidate.

  174. Pat: Juan has completely sold out.

  175. The PUMA movement is Obama’s worst nightmare in key battleground states like PA.

  176. I love helen!!! She knows how to scrape me off the ceiling. I can always jump later.

  177. If you get it, it is fair to say that many other people get it too. The whole right wing will turn out just out of fear. All of this is just more confirmation of what we have known for some time: he is dangerous, has no judgement, is an a$$hole, etc.

    Now what should we do? IMHO, hold people accountable.

  178. OH Jesus — the finger pointing of the BO camp knows no bounds — this is just like sending the picture around of Bill Clinton shaking hands with Wright at a WH prayer breakfast.

  179. Alan Colmes is Jewish. You would think he would be a little more outraged. Obviously not.

  180. dakinikat: that is wise. Chicago may not be a safe place if Obama loses. 1 million p*ssed off people in town for a cancelled celebration with time on their hands.

  181. SOD: Was it you who said you bought 4 bottles of wine for Tuesday? That’s me. Tuesday night I’m finishing off my Duplin Co muscadine wine that I bought on my Emerald Isle, NC beach trip this summer. If McCain wins, I’m celebrating. If Obama wins [can’t stand to even type that], then my hangover will dull my pain.

    It’s a little like deep tissue massage, when you work on one painful part of your body and it feels better, only then do you notice the pain from another part.
    But I’m hoping not to use the deep tissue massage theory of politics Wed.

  182. “While his ego may prompt him to consider running again, REALITY will quickly set in to help him understand that it will be MUCH tougher to galvanize the wave of support/interest he and his cronies cajoled this go round.”

    He doesn’t need support, he’s got his hacks in control of the DNC. They can set the calendar, force states to switch to caucuses, strip 30 of their delegates this time around. If Hilary runs again, they’ll do whatever they have to do.

  183. Pat – maybe you could pick up Colmes on the way out and stuff him in the trunk also with the creeeps!!!!!!

  184. fif: Loyolla is in the heart of it all too …

  185. Carol: And while I am driving back to Chicago what will you be doing?

  186. Pat J — Scarecrow is bought and paid for — he sold out his soul & his religious beliefs.
    Good, that stupid BO commercial — always appealing to the sheeple — “1.5 million have tried it. So should you!” GOOD, the Obots would take “liquid kill yourself” is BO told them to (and everyone else did).

  187. Alan is a complete idiot. He asks a question, and then spends the entire time the person is talking, interrupting him with some inane tit-for-tat bit of crap he dug up. Tonight it is that McCain supposedly gave money to Khalidi’s organization to do election polling or something in Palestine to ensure fair elections. Each time anyone on the show brings up something about Obama, he sputters that out over and over again. I really wish they would ditch him. He’s like Mika–he ruins the whole show.

  188. Well… say it isn’t so!!!

  189. Sorry, Rick Santorum, I am a liberal. Obama is so far over to the left you need a spyglass to find him.

  190. colmes just said “so called” radicals … sheesh, how many buildings do you have to blow up to be considered a real radical?

  191. It will be a late night. They won’t make any announcements until the polls close in Calif after 11pm.

  192. That was a very nice smackdown of Colmes by Jeri Thompson last Friday when she was discussing Team Sarah.

    SOD: To quote Mehitabel the Cat: whatthehell, Archie, whatthehell.

  193. They lose me when they start outshouting each other.

  194. angienc


  195. angienc — Thank you.
    Sorry for not responding sooner.
    The comments to this thread are moving fast!

  196. indigogirl…..don’t ask… 😉

  197. I also got the email from Michelle that Fuzzy was talking about. here’s the part that was just bizarre to me, particularly in light of the oceans of $$ spent last night on infomercials. ok, here’s Michelle………..

    “Supporters like you have told me about loved ones who can’t afford health care, and relatives who’ve been laid off from jobs they’ve had for decades. About family members fighting bravely in Iraq, and worries about affording college in a struggling economy”

    (skip ahead a couple of sentences, and she says )

    “Make a donation of $5 or more and stand with Barack these last few days”

    is this crazy or what? we know you’re broke and suffering, so please give us some money. just freaking weird.

  198. I like how the media refer to Ayers as a radical. Hell’s Bells, people, he is a friggin terrorist, and a confessed one at that. Radical is having a makeover day at the spa, terrorist is blowing up buildings and trying to kill innocent people. Why is it so hard to understand the difference?

  199. SOD

    LOL, we’ll forgive you because most of us may be also be inebriated to various degrees except me. Election judge duty. Was going to back out as mom is ill but got a call today that many judges are backing out and they are having trouble finding replacements.

  200. We just learned that the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee had a $20 million cash advantage on October 15th. That means we can expect to see a fierce blitz of negativity in the final days — so-called “robocalls,” mail pieces, and TV ads filled with smears and false attacks.

    WTF?!! He raised $160 million in September alone and they NEED money? This is positively disgusting. If I already was not unaffiliated, I would kick the Dem Party so far to the curb. I am ashamed of them.

  201. Wow, who is the babe who took Spaulding’s spot?

    (And I don’t even have the latest IE here at work where I can increase the percentages to look closer at the gravatar. Please keep it there until I get home, myiq. Give me about 3 hours.)

  202. CAROL
    Is colmes safe in the car with Pat?
    I can see her dropping him off in a swamp and calling all the alligators.
    Just kidding.



  203. I don’t understand why Obama is still asking for donations at this point. My God.

  204. kiki: why don’t we just suggest to Michelle that they crank out some more bogus credit cards?

  205. RD has a new post up!

  206. I wonder if Colmes refers to the “Gang of 19 from Saudi Arabia” “alledged radicals” since they never stood trial and were convicted of any criminal act?

    Pat – while you are on the road back to MA, I will be starting to

    1. regrow my hair that has fallen out
    2. regrow my fingernails that I have bitten off to the quick
    3. start to lower my cholesterol and pulse and blood pressure
    4. start to lose the 20 + lbs. I have gained
    5. start working my job for real again
    6. start cleaning my house
    7. go to see my mother
    8. …………..

    Is it too early to decorate the Christmas Trees ………………..?

    Drop by on the way back if you would like!


  207. Thanks IronMan–you’re a rock. 🙂

  208. Carol: LOLOLOL You can always raise a belly laugh out of me now matter how low I go!

  209. oh! I just got your name! “Iron,” perfect.

  210. yikes angie….I don’t want these poor people having nightmares!

  211. 1. regrow my hair that has fallen out
    2. regrow my fingernails that I have bitten off to the quick
    3. start to lower my cholesterol and pulse and blood pressure
    4. start to lose the 20 + lbs. I have gained
    5. start working my job for real again
    6. start cleaning my house
    7. go to see my mother
    8. …………..

    LOL! Isn’t it so true? My health is shot, I’ve been phoning in my job, my friends are distant…this election is killin’ me.

  212. NEW POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. i just read that two people have been ARRESTED for hanging an obama effigy!!!! Yet no one arrested for the Palin effegy….. it’s a hate crime when it is a black effigy but not when it is a female effigy?


    sexist much?

  214. fuzzy — a Klingon costume will suffice

  215. Rove is saying Palin is a Rainmaker, and has catalyzed a huge increase in fundraising and GOP enthusiasm and activism.

  216. BPD: unbelievable. That says it all huh?

  217. The “you’re likeable enough Hillary” was like a punch in the gut for me.

  218. BPD: Is it because these this KY incident occurred on university campus, not private property?

  219. britgirls…how did you know?????

  220. Pat…this is the university that invited Ahmadinejad to speak.

  221. It is exactly because Barry is a criminal that the Upper Crust 1 % want him so bad. What to us would be disqualifiers, is to them, requirements. If Obama wasn’t a criminal, he wouldn’t be there or the press’s darling . IMO

  222. Anything goes as long as it moves him forward on the board a few spaces.

  223. MaBlue

    I just switched to Fox and I heard Ann Coulter say she “had a big one”.


  224. Pat: Is it just Obama or the chocolate? or the alcohol? or the chips? or the crackers and cheese? And we WILL find you. Those Mazdas are a dead giveaway.

    Go watch that great video tribute to the PUMAs from the Native Americans Against Obama. That will rev up your Puma powers.

  225. Sorry Pat….Will I at least get a card???? 😦

  226. fif — did he actually announce that?

  227. angie

    The 2000 race wouldn’t have come down to FL if he hadn’t listened to Donna B. & “distanced himself” from Bill Clinton.

    I’ve been saying that since 2000!

  228. And by the way…Gore’s movie was a snooze fest. I fell asleep after the first few minutes. Who does a movie full of power points???

  229. Ohferheaven’ssake…

  230. Pat — not to worry….Today I picked up 4 bottles of my favorite wine from a local winery.

  231. POE — we’ll raise a virtual glass together.

  232. Oh dear…

  233. I think they should at least limit registrations .

  234. Wow…I love Michael Nutter. He held a press conference regarding the Phillies win and said to the fans “You can be joyous but not a jacka$$”

  235. Just one clarification – in response to something a few comments above-

    Donations to presidential primaries are legal by US citizens and LEGAL resident aliens (i.e. green card holders) only

  236. “It sounds like they are just assuming the Dem ballots = Obama.”

    Not this NM Dem! After 33 yrs, I will change to Repub (okay, maybe Indie), if NObama steals this election. Never would have believed it. Anyway, I already cast my ballot and I am proud to say FU to NObama and the current (soon to be ousted) DNC.

  237. This speculation about VA sounds great!

    angienc, on October 30th, 2008 at 9:42 pm Said:

    I’m not being a nay-sayer (nor do I want to encourage Pat J’s bad mood) but, lets just put Ohio in the BO column. The fraud there is going to go in BO’s favor. Nonetheless, McCain is still going to win — he is going to get FL, PA & VA.

    My friend lives on an island in the Caribbean, she’s registered to vote absentee in VA — well she just spent $50 to FedEx her & her husband’s ballots to VA. Oh — for McCain-Palin — of course.

    Now that the absentee ballots from the military in VA will be counted — that should add up to a nice tally for McCain.

    Be aware that most people don’t even know the HALF of what we know about Obama. They don’t know about the questions about his citizenship — nor have they heard anything about the Illegal Campaign Donations — outlined in this thread. We are a highly political group and follow all the minute details. The polls just can’t be that accurate with up to 80% hang up rate — and perhaps people are just not telling who they are really voting for — who can blame them?? Keep beating the dog — and the dog isn’t going to come when called.

    My husband listens to the radio and I keep him informed on the major issues — like over sampling for polls (more Dems that Rep and Indep. for example — or more AA than other groups). He can go toe to toe with anyone who uses only information from the MSM. It helps like he likes McCain and respects strong women like Palin.

    Whenever I get discouraged or friends get discouraged I remember how Hillary won New Hampshire — contrary to the polls. Then she won Calif — when the “experts” were writing her political obit. We should have had McCain 8 years ago and I doubt we’d be in the mess we are today. (That is, if McCain had beat the media darling bush and then slammed Gore like they did 8 yrs ago.)

    Tuesday is going to be a long night — but in the end McCain and Palin will prevail. There will be a lot of heros — Joe the Plumber is but one.

    Once this election mess is over we cannot stop screaming about the f*&*&^% media bias — nor ACORN, nor the illegal contributions etc etc etc.

  238. […] And then there is the question of Barack Obama’s fundraising. Though he is not required to do so, McCain released the names of all his small donors. Obama will not. Why not? It’s a legitimate question. Especially in light of this Washington Post story.  Are we talking campaign finance fraud? Money laundering?  […]

  239. Can you all not see what is happening? John McCain is taking the high road by not calling Obama names and objecting to alot of this stuff – good cop, Sarah Palin is bringing up Joe and Lito and whoever else she can – bad cop. Those in the media who say she is trying to make a name for herself are either too stupid to understand good cop/bad cop or are lying trying to keep people from voting for Sarah Palin. It is very IMPORTANT that PUMA act Tuesday. Another 12 million votes will be delivered by the Builder and the Latinos in Florida who have seen this happen before. Joe the Plumber delivers alot of middle class votes. This is one smart LADY. And you better believe us seniors are NOT voting for BO. All those Mexicans are fraudulent voters cause most are Illegal. Surely they will be found out before BO takes office in Jan 09. At least we have some Republicans to call upon before they are out of office. And college students are not voting for Obama – he just wants you to think they are. OBAMA IS A LIAR!!! Call Hannity at Fox News and see if he can help. He will NOT be able to help after Obama takes office. Obama will get rid of him fast. And Obama will get rid of anyone who tries to stop him after Jan if he Obama is still around!!!

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