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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
    connelly567 on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
    Beata on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
    riverdaughter on Walk home: the world’s most ex…
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Conflucian Cocktail Party: A little help for my friends

Question:What’s the best way to get a kid to clean the house?  Answer: Promise her a Halloween Party/sleepover.  I’ve been busy all week trying to organize this little soiree.  But now the snacks are bought, the costume made, the hair highlighted and the house is – clean!


In the meantime, we have a little unfinished business before next Tuesday, like helping our friend Heidi Li at Democrats for Principle before Party raise some money to run ads in the Michigan and Miami area.  And let’s not forget Murphy and her batallions of flyer PUMAs, busily blamketing their neighborhoods with messages of Resistance.  Tonight’s fundraising Cocktail Party is dedicated to all of our friends who hung in there with us to the bitter end and now need a few more bucks to make it over the goal line.

Welcome to the Conflucian Cocktail Party.  This is the time of the week when PUMAs come together to mix, mix their drinks and throw a little cash in the kitty for the cause du jour.  To the left of the door is Rico, our ever faithful PUMA bartender with flair.  His special drink for this evening is a Four Fine Friends (looks like it will knock you on your @SS).  We are also offering Causmos for $10.00.  You can choose from a donation to Democrats for Principle before Party or PUMAPac.  I’m sure the proprietresses would be very grateful.

Our entertainment tonight is something *completely* different, and not necessarily in a good way.  This is a cover of Mr. Tambourine Man from the Golden Throat of William Shatner:

Ok, I have a twisted sense of humor.  If you don’t and you think your trigger words might get the best of you, leave them off with Florence the lovely checkroom attendant.  The waiters will be circulating shortly with some toasted pumpkin seeds, donuts and mugs of warm spicy cider.  Please drink responsibly and  tip your wait staff generously.

And Join me at 10PM EST for Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio, PURrrr

346 Responses

  1. DC Attorney had a contest on her blog – Guess the Puzzler and I won it!!!

    $250 going to Heidi Li on behalf of DCAttorney!

  2. I will take a triple of anything tonight. The edge needs to come off and quickly!!

  3. SM: Congratulations for winning the contest!

  4. Rico, I’ll have what they’re having…strong one please.

  5. SM: Awesome!

  6. Hey! Here is the DCAttorney posting for Heidi Li:

    UPDATE #2: We have a terrific winner – sm77, who answered correctly – Mt. Tabor, the purported site of the Transfiguration of Jesus (Jesus, recognized as divine, appears to Peter and I don’t remember who else, with the prophets Elijah and Moses). Mt. Tabor overlooks the Plains of Armageddon. What better backdrop for BO’s proposed inauguration? No tacky Hollywood props necessary!

    The id for the painting is Raphael, The Transfiguration (detail), tempera on wood, 1520 (Raphael’s last painting). For more information and to view the full panel, see the Vatican Museum’s website.

    Donation Details
    Confirmation number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx161F
    Donation amount: $250.00 USD
    Total: $250.00 USD
    Purpose: In honor of sm77 for The Final Puzzler
    Donations coordinator: The Denver Group

  7. Oh God, my life is over—I’m agreeing with Karl Rove. (Obama’s tax plan is bogus.)

  8. SM – ¡Felicidades! 🙂

  9. I have no cash to donate – so I gladly worked for it!

  10. Cheers!!!! SM77!!! Cheers!!!!

  11. Just said Denver Group money for my 53rd birthday on november 4th!!!

    it’s my birthday present for democracy!

  12. Just when you think an election is as fixed as could be, it gets even more fixed: http://rabblerouserruminations.blogspot.com/2008/10/friends-in-high-places.html

    He must really, really suck if this thing is fixed at so many levels and he has ginormous sums of money, and the media pumping for him around the clock. If We the People manage pull this off, I will be elated.

  13. sm77 — that was a great job — that was a very difficult puzzler (but a totally perfect one)!

  14. SOD: To answer your question, it may indeed be the moment for all who’ve resisted to finally don their tin foil hats. I do believe there is a big power behind him and he is just the front piece.

  15. sod: donna brazille and howard dean held a meeting

  16. OMeffingG — Greta is showing a clip of BO in Missuri & he pronounced it “Missourah” as if to show he is from there.

  17. Sarah has 5 events on Saturday, McCain 3 events.

    gary are you and Mawm going to Raleigh to see Sarah???

    OMG – BO is on live at University of Missouri – my Jewish ex-brother-in-law graduated from there.


  18. 16 year old is going to try to combine stencils and have a pumpkin that says “Beware Obama” He already was disappointed because hubby didn’t do as he threatened and bring home an Obama Biden sign to counter the McCain Palin we have hanging in our front window. He was going to use the fake blood Beware on it.

  19. “I get high with a little help from my friends . . .”

  20. sod: i think it’s going to be the same swell of the silent majority as we saw in the mcgovern nixon election

  21. You know what I find really, really amusing? The Obots are actually “staying awake at night” worried that Republicans will “steal this election with their dirty tricks.” Now, I’m not saying there isn’t prescedent, but come ON with all the ACORN bs & what we SAW in the primary, we are supposed to be worried about the Republican’s “dirty tricks!” Irony free election indeed!

  22. “Waah-silly”


  23. hi, myiq2xu: playing with the web cam again?

  24. Hey! I’m in moderation! What did I say wrong — I didn’t use any banned words, I don’t think.

    btw — Greta is talking about the Obot in Ohio who used state computers to dig into Joe the Plumber’s background.

  25. Um, you can see me?

    I better put some clothes on

  26. myiq — did you read my post this a.m. about the email I got that reminded me of you?

    “I read an article about the effects of heavy drinking that scared the sh!t out of me. That’s it. Starting tomorrow, no reading.”

  27. Phew! that’s the myiq I know and heart.

  28. I resemble that remark!

  29. SOD: Don’t be too sure that the Oceans 13 gang didn’t pull this off. Aren’t all those celebs Obama supporters: Clooney, Damon, Roberts,…………there’s more, I’ve never seen the movie but I know that the whole gang fervently supports him.

  30. This time next week we will all be very very very very happy!

  31. Carol, I pray daily for your prophecy to come true.

  32. Good lord, BO’s friends are down right classless — why act like that? Joe the Plumber handled the cameras a lot better (and there was a lot more of them).

  33. Jeez this bowtied geek is preaching about what “Mr. & Mrs. Middle America” care about — like that knob has a clue!

  34. angie: Yesterday that Hughes-Kelley said she checked his records because they do that for people who come into money, like lottery winners, to see if they owe child support.

    Um, Joe didn’t win any money, all he said was he’d like to someday buy his own business. If thinking about money makes you rich, I should be in Tuscany right this minute!

  35. i hate sinus infections … throat lozenges interfere with my wino life

  36. Ha ha I am watching Greta. There is a Bow tie Bot on it

  37. POE — that Hughes-Kelley is lying through her teeth about that — the lottery is set up in each state to contact the Fed. central data bank to search via the winner’s SSN if any child support is owed. If the answer is yet, then a notice is sent to the applicable state’s dept. No state just randomly “runs names” like this Obot is claiming.

  38. SOD – they look angry and petulant because their whole campaign is based on fear… vote for us or the black ppls will riot, vote for us or we’ll have a great depression, vote for us or the whole world will think we’re r@cist. The message is absolutely uninspiring.

  39. Why is none of this being reported on the news? Oh yeah I forgot!


  40. i frankly think civil rights for black americans and any real discussion of r@cism has been set back for at least 5 years … it’s a damn shame

  41. My favorite line:

    “Is there anyone who seeks the destruction of Israel not supporting Obama?”

  42. carol, I’m going to go, can you send me a link with the detail?. I’m also working on a video reply to obama’s disgusting “his choice” ad. I hope to debut it tomorrow…

  43. although I have to say, the dialogue coming from PUMAs is refreshing … we’re a diverse group but we all share the values of one man, one vote, getting places on hard work and merit, and NOT cheating or gaming things … perhaps our diversity and shared values can start conversations on why we have more values in common and that is what defines us as Americans rather than the politics of identity

    it’s really truth, justice, and opportunity that defines the american dream … that should be above identity politics and should be inclusive.

  44. elderj — I also think the whole riot meme is so r@cist — playing on white ppls fear that the “big black scary ppls” will kill you!!! peshaw! You know who really had a good answer to whether people who didn’t vote for BO were r@cist? McCain on Larry King last night — he said “Yes, there is r@cism in this country because we know we must continue to fight it. However, 99 and 44/100s of the people will vote for who the judge is best to lead this country. I believe people will make this decision for the best of reasons, not the worst of reasons.” (paraphrase). Have you heard that in the msm today? Nope. But believe me, if BO could string together such a great thought without a teleprompter we would have seen it 100x today.

  45. elderj-What was your name on TL? I’m interested in who left and who has turned up elsewhere. So far, I haven’t seen very many. Nothing nefarious, I promise!

  46. not supporting Obama shouldn’t define who i am and what I value … i can’t stand that that’s what Obamabots go for

  47. Joan — I was on TL as just “angie” when I registered with wordpress I had to add the “nc.”

  48. Jeez this bowtied geek is preaching about what “Mr. & Mrs. Middle America” care about — like that knob has a clue!

    LOL! He is such a dweeb.

    SOD: Rush L. analyzed the Infomercial today and said his whole word view is based on victimization and depression. There was not a single thing that was positive or uplifting about this country. I think that all ties into Michelle, and their deep-seated anger toward this country. And that all brings us back to Wright & Ayers. It’s all connected. To hear people like Colmes say that it is all irrelevant is just willful denial. It’s so obvious–the themes are all the same.

  49. hey people – call in! 347-539-5420

  50. fif — I’ll go a step further — BO married a person like MO because of his mother — who taught him that the American people “were not her” and ingrained in him a deep-seated hatred toward this country. BO met his soul mate with MO. And btw, “middle Americans” can sense that BO doesn’t really like America all that much, and that is why no matter what they are saying now and even if they truly intend to vote for him, when they get in that booth and have that moment of silence away from the hoopla, they will not be able to vote BO — they will pull that lever for McCain.

  51. Oh, did ya’ll see that Jeralyn said that she was tired of the electtion and she wants it to be January so she can start tracking the change he brings?

  52. sm: my voice went with my sinus infection!!! i’m on type only mode!

  53. carol, I’m going to go, can you send me a link with the detail?. I’m also working on a video reply to obama’s disgusting “his choice” ad. I hope to debut it tomorrow…

    gary: did you see the press release from the McCain campaign surrogates in different states–all women, some Dems–in response to that ad and it’s sexist message? It’s on the McCain web site; someone posted a link here earlier.

    Please take pix of the event tomorrow if you can, and give us a post when you return with details!

  54. I read that MO had to drop a house on him. He didn’t want to get married but she did.

  55. I love these two girls from Palestra — makes me want to have a little girl just so I can teach them to be like them when she grows up.

  56. good ad, i hope this hits the swing states

  57. angie: I agree. That’s why the fact that he has ANY support in states like OH & PA is a mystery to me.

  58. “this bowtied geek is preaching about what “Mr. & Mrs. Middle America” care about”

    They care about not being called ‘Mr and Mrs. Midle America’ by patronizing twits. lol

  59. Joan — Jeralyn is delusional. Come January she will be tracking BO’s federal criminal trial.

  60. gary – Take the PumaMobile and get famous. Make sure they know you are Democrats and Hillary supporters in love with Sarah and McCain. Make the National News. Of course, be prepared to have your personal file pulled so clean up your credit, child support, tax situations before you go.


  61. I love the little Foxetttes in training. They are so cute. I want to be a beautiful sexy FOX News Reporter with a hard edge.

  62. i was frenly on TL… I wasn’t there very long

  63. angie: aren’t they sweet? They’re so thrilled to be on Greta. Greta is genuine, and you can tell she is mentoring them in a way, by giving them the opportunity to be on a “real” TV show. Women helping women, instead of trashing them. Go figure.

  64. fif — that is why we have to let the votes be counted — I don’t think he can win.

  65. My paper frequently highlights a political cartoonist, I can’t read the name. The cartoons show a loud-mouthed fat slob wearing a t-shirt that says Kooks for McCain. Nice, huh? It gets better. That kook always spouts something such as Obama is a Muslim and the final frame shows what dumb hick rac*sts those kooks are. .

    The thing is, you don’t have to be a kook to wonder about Obama’s radical Islamic ties. I don’t care one whit about whether he is a practicing Muslim. I do care about his associations to Muslim extremists, or anti-Semitism, and if he plans to take this country in an international direction that he’s not being honest about. Same way with race, I don’t care that he’s black, but it is legitimate to question his radical Black Liberation Ties or ties to reparations.

    Colmes and his ilk pretend none of this matters, that any question of Obama along these lines is just, well, you know……

  66. afrocity: like Megyn Kelly. She proved her chops this week, giving it right back to smug Bill Burton. That was beautiful.

  67. afrocity: i’d like to see you beat Obama for Senator in IL. how about that?

  68. At No Quarter under the comments about the ohio mess, there is a comment by
    DEEGEE@ 19:12

    I t is a native american tribute to the PUMA PARTY
    It is beautiful. I watched it a cried.
    How can we make it part of our story?



  69. I still can’t understand how Barack Obama can talk about reparations when he comes from slavers and not slaves … i get cognitive dissonance every time i think about it

  70. afrocity — those FOX news reporters are some seriously beautiful women, aren’t they?

    fif — totally sweet! Greta is the only reporter on tv with any integrity (I don’t count Dobbs, because he is a “commentator” not a reporter).

    Jeez! Obama with all the skeletons in his closet has about 13 — 20% negative stories being reported about him while McCain has 60-73% negative stories about him!

  71. Ha ha Dakinikat,

    I am not corrupt enough and I would have to kiss so much ass that my lips would turn purple like Obamas

  72. I really liked Greta when she was on CNN, but wouldn’t follow her to Fox, because it was Fox. Jeez, what a doofus I was, I only went to Fox during the late primary days. Other than Dobbs, I won’t watch any other news show.

    [smack my head] I coulda hadda Greta all along.

  73. POF: and it’s also, as Hannity repeats endlessly, a matter of honesty and judgment. He has lied continuously about all of these things. After 8 years of liars, is that what people want–someone else who is secretive, controlling, inaccessible, and dishonest about his intent and actions?

    Re: judgment: I have always made the case that his inability to understand the power of his symbolic presence as a Senator (or God forbid, a president) in regard to foreign policy is naive and dangerous. If he doesn’t know, instinctively, when it is appropriate to remove himself from a negative associates, how will he read subtleties and delicate negotations in foreign policy?

  74. Oh, that was so fun. Talking to Confluencians is the best stress relief!

    Thank you Riverdaughter, Boston Boomer and SM, Thank You!


  75. SOD, Just add water and get 1 leader

  76. I am the only one noticing that Ted Strickland has disappeared to a deserted island? Remember he declared Obama’s tax policy would destroy everything the Ohio economy has been building to recover from over the years. Someone send the hounds to locate him for an interview!

  77. holy crap, that woman on O’Reilly is Herbert Hoover’s great-granddaughter

  78. The address I typed does not seem to work.
    Please go see this at No Quarter. and someone who knows how to transfer it here please do.
    It is so beautiful and should be seen by all on this blog.



  79. Pat,

    Take a look at this picture of Joe the Plumber. I might want to fight you for him.


  80. Katiebird,

    It was really fun. I’m so glad you called in!

  81. Oh, noooo! HELP! INPUT! INPUT!
    My head will explode like the assortments of computers/androids in Star Trek!
    Shatner – good. Obama – evil. Does not compute!
    Ha!ha! Great idea!

  82. Kiki, I know I was amazed that she was related to him. How cool

  83. thanks, elderj. I remember you though It seems so long ago to me now. I really liked that place until Palinpalooza.

  84. RD — does Rico have any grain alcohol behind the bar? If not, a triple shot of 151 Rum will do for starters.

  85. Helen,

    I tried to watch the video, but it says “the video you wanted is not available.”

  86. I took a little break because I was bringing the blog down with my anger. Just checked out the park benches as I am sure I will be consigned to one after this election owing to FISA and my hatred of all things Obama. Found a nice one. Not too may squirrels.

    Ordinarily I do not much care for the shaved head look but Joe is rather a nice looking guy. He was on the radio this morning and talked about how his parents are now living with him due to the economy and he had renovated his garage into a bedroom on their behalf. Seems like a nice guy. I may move to Ohio. But I will take along my new park bench as I am not a believer in “rushing things”.

  87. bb: Joe the Plumber has a really nice energy too. Seeing him interviewed, he is so calm, gentle and comfortable in his own skin. He knows who he is.

  88. [[[[[[ engaging in a round of raucous applause for ]]]]]]

  89. Well Pat, at least you’ll be able to vote from your bench in future elections 🙂

    You really should check out Drinking Bob and his rants–you will definitely be able to relate. It’s how we all feel really.

    WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!? It’s cathartic to hear someone else let it rip.

  90. Ah, Pat — ♥♥♥

    I’ve got a nice bench on my patio if you need a place to stay….


  91. It’s so puzzling.

  92. I’m going to check out my two cents. Ya’ll should come-it’s a fun show. Everyone gets pretty rowdy and it’s a good place to vent.

  93. I need to get Philip Rivers on my fantasy team…

  94. katiebird: Are your rowdy neighbors still next door? I am sensitive to noise.

  95. It was just put up today on you tube
    I saw it thru the comment section at no quarter.
    It was made by
    http://www.nativeamericansagainst obama.com
    I saved it to my favorites.
    I do not usually ask to bring a comment from one blog to another, but this was so awesome I want all to see it and it be part of the PUMA record.

    the commenter was
    DEEGEE@ 19:12
    under the section on the Ohio search of Joe the Plumbers records.



  96. dakini…I’m sorry.

  97. No Pat — Their landlord found out about their wild ways (he came over and saw all the broken bottles on the front lawn) and kicked them out a couple of weeks ago.

    Things must have been even worse inside, they’ve practically gutted the place in the renovation.

    Hey! Maybe you could move in there??

  98. Ted Strickland went underground since he was basically jacked out of his VP nod. Had no use for Obie then and doesn’t now. He hasn’t even tried to give him OH.

  99. angie…he said Palin was mayor of “Waah-silly”

  100. Pat,

    I’m not crazy about the shaved head, but the rest of him is very attractive! Hope I don’t sound like a dirty old woman.

  101. Laura Ingraham and O’Reilly are really speaking truth now about the media and GE bias. Reilly has a good point….people are not going to know what they need to know!

  102. BB, I’m sure you’re a very clean old woman….


  103. Facial non-verbals tell the story.

  104. Yes, very clean–on the outside.

  105. I love how Obama mocked Joe for being greedy when Joe’s got his parents living with him. I bet Joe’s house is a lot smaller than Obama’s and let’s see, Obama’s family in Kenya doesn’t even have running water I believe and it doesn’t sound like his beloved aunt is exactly living in luxury either. At least Joe takes care of his own.

  106. Joe the Plumber’s Parents live with him? Funny that we don’t hear about that… I had no idea!

  107. Ahhh, A day in the life of Afrocity. Came home to read my email and got this little gem from an African American Obot

    no actually…………you are a stupid……….. i know that you are not black………………what black person in their right mind would vote for mccain after all those racial comments the mccains and limbaughs have made about our race. if your were black all your ancestors would be rolling in their gaves after all the rapings and beatings they endured for your stupid ass. . then you will see how they really feel about your ass! OBAMA will be the next president, something blacks have died for, beaten, raped, and dreamed of…………….. for more than 200 years, and idiots like you are not supporting him……………..no and i mean f@ck no………….f@ck you and your vote we don’t need it because whites are the ones that will win this election for him……………. remember blacks are only 15% of the population, if they got it right……………… why can’t you! i guess you are one of the uppity NI@@ERS they laugh and talk about! so goodye…………..remember you are a loser and will always be a loser.

  108. I TiVo’d PBS Frontline on Afghanistan (The War Briefing) and I just finished watching it. It’s sooo depressing that I’m going to bed.

    What a nightmare Afghanistan is, thank Goodness Obama has the solution.

  109. bb: We aren’t dead yet!!!!!!!! Joe is very attractive, inside as well as out. I’d fight you for him.

  110. POE — never thought of that…

  111. afrocity: I have noticed when people constantly use the F word throughout they really have nothing to say. Whoever sent that is stupid. No other explanation needed.

  112. Strickland hasn’t gone underground. He’s been all over the news defending the state employees who dug up the info illegally on Joe the Plumber.

  113. ABC is reporting that Obama has tapped Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff. Oh Lordy! The Chicago Machine has taken root for sure.

  114. New ad against the incumbant Democrat for Kansas 2nd District:

    The Obama-Boyda Ticket: Bad for Kansas. It’s pretty hard-hitting. Too bad. I was very happy when she won. But, she IS a total Obot from the beginning.

  115. Katiebird,

    You never hear about the fact that Joe the Plumber has custody of his son either.

  116. Afrocity: I’m sorry they keep saying things like that to you. You don’t deserve that and they clearly are all out of good sense.

  117. Thanks Pat. I get about 20 of those a day. Lately that have been nastier.

  118. Obama’s family in Kenya doesn’t even have running water I believe and it doesn’t sound like his beloved aunt is exactly living in luxury either. At least Joe takes care of his own.

    Today on the radio, they were talking about his Invesco Field speech in which he preached about “taking care of our brothers & sisters,” and he made the same comment in his Rick Warren interview, about “caring for the least of us” yet he doesn’t even take care of his own family. The commentor said, he wants everyone ELSE to pay to take care of HIS family. He lives in a mansion, and he promised funds for relatives and a school in Kenya, and has given them nada. More words. He’s gotten away with talking his whole life–he’s a con artist, and look how far it’s gotten him–to the door of the presidency.

  119. But…but…but.. Joe isn’t his first name….

  120. Obama campaign confirms his aunt lives in Boston


  121. Joe the Plumber fought for 9 years for his son, if I remember correctly.

  122. Obama is so confident of a win that he is already vetting cabinet choices according to the NY Daily News. Along with Rahm Emanuel his is considering Paul Volker or Larry Summers for Treasury. Chutzpah!

  123. ABC is reporting that Obama has tapped Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff.

    Did anyone bother to say that we haven’t actually VOTED yet?!

    I wish I’d never heard of Barack Obama.

  124. Did you see anything in that email that related to Obama’s policies or ability to lead???

  125. afrocity: how do all these people have your email? Maybe you should set up a new account on gmail or something–or flag them as junk mail. Don’t keep reading that poison, just delete it.

  126. Afrocity – I’m so sorry this is happening to you! You seem to be a very kind, loving person. It’s not about you! It’s about them! Be sad but be strong! Stand in your power!

  127. Poor Rahm – guess little Jess Jackson will get the vacated senate seat instead of Rahm. All that nasty race baiting against the Clintons that Rahm orchestrated and this is how he is treated. Tut tut

  128. Paul Volker for treasury? The man is 900 yrs old.

    Larry Summers was there in the Clinton administration.

    Among some Econ and Finance people, there’s a rumor that Jaimie Dimon maybe chosen for the treasury.

  129. I never bought the Kenyan connection. I think he dug those people up when he decided to run and the book was his launching pad. “Look at me, I am different, a product of both worlds”.

    After they served their purpose he put them out of his mind. His attachment to those relatives is nebulous. They probably all met for the first time when he contacted them about the book. And that “grandmother” in Kenya they keep referring to is his grandfather’s 3rd or 4th wife who has no blood tie to him in the first place.

    His entire background is made up of lies for his own self aggrandizement. If he shows as little affection to his blood grandmother in Hawaii it is doubtful these people have any real claim on him.

  130. I was just chatting for a dude from high school and he was spazzed out because according to some poll Obama was only up by %5.9. He asked what was wrong with this country. I said, “No comment.” We moved on.

    Just yesterday, another friend insulted her Iraqi friend for saying he’d rather vote himself for President. She said that because he was Iraqi he could never be President. Her reason: They already don’t wanna vote for Obama because of his race and his name so they’d never vote for him. That really pissed me of. She said that “people are racist” and they take that into account. I told her that people are NOT racist. That’s not why they dislike him, I told her.

    It makes no sense. Wake up!

  131. fif — I’m not surprised that BO’s relatives live in squalor — it just reinforces my belief that BO only cares about himself. Once again, like EVERYTHING else about this fraud, if this story was about any other candidate the msm would be all over it like white on rice. Really, it is pretty laughable all the skeletons in BO’s closet and the msm not only doesn’t care, they help him hide it! Ayers, Wright, illegal fund raising, Khalidi, poor relatives, bribes, Odinga! It is a farce. Like my new boy friend Drinking with Bob said:
    “How can people be this stupid? When is someone going to point out the Emperor is wearing no clothes? Barack Obama is standing in the middle of the street without a stitch of clothing on and the media can’t find a story!”

  132. An email about Obama’s ability to lead? It must have been a blank email.

    Why do you guys think Jesse Jackson gave up on trying to cut Obama’s buts off? He couldn’t find any.

  133. Rahm Emmanuel? Yeah, that will not make us a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Lets hope he has more tact with them then he displayed toward Hillary supporters, but I wouldn’t count on it. Thank goodness it’s not going to happen.

  134. Five more days until my head explodes. Not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing.

  135. I’m nodding at every comment.

  136. angie: Bob is really tapping into the rage and frustration of the disaffected in this election. I can relate.

  137. Hold on a minute. There are two prominent Jesse Jacksons, a junior and a senior. Its not always clear to whom folks are referring to.

  138. They get my email via You tube or other blogs, I am well known in my career and some of it is through that.

  139. Pat – I’m feeling a little like you are tonight! I don’t know how much more of this I can take!

  140. I’m so ready for this election to be over so that I can celebrate McPalin’s win over teleprompter Jesus or join the Resistance. Either way, not one step back!!!

  141. Jackson, Jr. is to be tapped to fill the Senate vacancy if Obama wins. Everyone is moving up in the food chain.

  142. “But…but…but.. Joe isn’t his first name….”

    LOL I saw someone who’s supposedly ‘radical’ using that talking point. Um, yeah, it’s super radical to give that as an excuse for government officials harassing this guy. It’s not that you have no principles, it’s that Obama is just awesome!

    Sorry afrocity. (:

  143. gq:

    Sr is he who wanted to cut O’s nuts off.

    Jr is just a rodent.

  144. Pat – so I take it things aren’t working out for you and Eddy since I returned him to you?????

  145. Pat — at least it will be over one way or the other & we can know how to move forward. Right now we are in a holding pattern which is frustrating — at this point, not much is going to change what is going to happen on Tuesday. We just have to wait for the only poll that counts.

  146. Even this one, Katie?

    Haven’t seen your sis (joanie) in a while. She OK?

  147. SOD

  148. Pat: who was it who posted earlier that she would either be in a state of manic ecstacy or severe depression on Tues/Wed. and didn’t know how she would manage either? The transition is going to be difficult either way. It’s been an adrenaline rush for months on end, even when bad.

  149. Thank goodness we’re all in it together. We are all equally invested.

  150. Get yer dancin’ feet on! 🙂

  151. Eddy has begged Obama to make return visits to PA to shore up the vote there. He has blasted McCain for ra*cism and does not think that Sarah is qualified. I am over Eddy. He is yours without a struggle. I switched to Lou but after tonight’s show I am having second thoughts. Right now I have a little crush on Joe the Plumber.

    I move around.

  152. Who’s next in the Obama Administration?

    Spike Lee?
    P. Diddy?
    George Clooney?

    You think I’m joking.

  153. What was wrong with Lou tonight Pat?

  154. “I am well known in my career and some of it is through that.”

    Damn, you’re brave. I know very few people who are brave enough to admit they don’t like O at work (unless they know for sure their boss feels the same way). Too much to have a bunch of glazed eyed co-workers in their face all the time/

  155. sod — gah! I can’t believe how many of the skeletons I forgot!!! That is how many there are — you just can’t keep track without making a list! But, I don’t know if it is teflon — if the stories had actually been reported fairly no way would they have not “stuck” — the stories the media can’t hid, they just ignore and/or justify & then just drops them. I agree with Tito, though — the American people are not stupid! I’m counting on them to see through this bs & elect McCain. The devil you know is always preferable to the one you don’t — especially when the media is the one making sure you don’t.

  156. I plan on doing a major rant come November 5th if this election goes the way they have it “planned”. Till them I am holding it in. Not pretty.

  157. {{{gqmartinez}}}

    Joanie’s usually here REALLY early in the morning — before I’m even up! So I read her comments in the morning thread but she’s usually already at work by then.

    She might be here sometimes late at night??

    This new job is keeping her very busy.

  158. Use protection.

    Besides, you will be very busy driving.

    Quick Question – are you going to rip the Electrician’s tape off of their mouths before you dump them or leave them gagged?

    I vote for gagged!

  159. “Boyda voted with Obama 80% of the time — Stop the waste!”

    Obama doesn’t seem to be an asset here in Kansas.

  160. How about DeNiro? He’d make a good secretary of defense, people are scared of him.

  161. Maybe we could sign up for an ALL DAY Confluencian’s Say for Wednesday….

  162. fif: With all the crap out there floating around Obama: ACORN, the LA Times tapes, Kalidi, illegal contributions, etc., Lou opens the show with a blockbuster! Joe the Plumber failed to show at one of McCain’s rallies!

    Seems Joe had been contacted but the McCain rep failed to get back to Joe with the logistics. Seems that Joe did show up at the second rally but the original slant was that he left McCain hanging as McCain called him out in the crowd and he was not there. In the scheme of things, this is not a lead in to a news report what with the other junk surrounding His Nibs.

    But this is just me. I find fault when I see stupidity take center stage and criminality is buried on Page 15.

  163. Actually, Eddy just wanted to shore up any possibility there might not be a complete and total over satuation of BO in PA.

  164. Afrocity,
    I have been thinking about you since last night. I was hoping today would be better for you. 🙂

    Do yourself a favor and set-up your e-mail so that any further messages from that souce are automatically deleted. You don’t need to subject yourself to cr@p like that in your in-box. Life is too short.

    {{{{Hugs to you!}}}}

  165. No matter what happens Wednesday, I will be depressed. There is little to like about John McCain and Sarah Palin’s policies. Just because I don’t like Obama doesn’t mean I like the other folks. I was excited about Dem prospects this year and liked most of the candidates. We ended up with one of the worst candidates in history when several good candidates were available instead. As little as I don’t want Obama to win, McCain is only a tad better than Obama and only because an Obama loss will make it possible to clean up the Dem party. But McCain is a conservative and conservativism has failed, none of Obama’s sins takes away McCain’s.

    Very depressing prospects. Very depressing.

  166. fif:

    I think they said Caroline Kennedy may be up for an ambassadorship and Davis from Alabama was up r AG (I know Jeralyn hates his views on crime but she sold out years ago to Hia Awesomeness).

  167. gqmartinez — still nodding.

  168. Oh god, too, the DSCC is running ads against Sununu because, get this, “he voted to give away $700 million in taxpayer money in the bailout.” I mean, how dishonest can you get? Oh yeah, that was the Republicans’ fault–just ask pelosi. I’d vote for Shaheen if I lived in NH, but that kind of contempt for the voters is really not sitting well with me.

  169. Somebody please point out to me any degree of honesty that was displayed throughout this election? Any! Didn’t think so.

  170. Caroline Kennedy was a big disappointment. HRC had a relationship with Jackie who gave her advice on raising Chelsea in the White House, and being an older Dem woman, it was a slap in the face. Her reason: “Her kids were excited about Obama.”

    I don’t know what was going on with the Ted Kennedy contingent, but it was personal. Caroline is aligned with Ted–he stepped in as surrogate father to those kids when JFK died. I’ve always been more of a Bobby fan anyway.

  171. Pat, I sincerely feel that Obama was being honest that time he said he wanted to finish his waffle. I think he really did want to finish it. other than that…………..

  172. afrocity—- and here I thought that was a grape juice stain.

  173. gqmartinez;

    I hear ya.

    I’m not voting for either one of these 2 bozos because we have 2 bad choices. I’m seriously thinking about moving oversees after the election. I’ve always had the opportunity to take an assignment in Europe where I worked before.

  174. “He’d make a good secretary of defense, people are scared of him.”

    If you want a scary SofD, who better than Captain Spaulding?

  175. Pat: Harriet Christian was honest. Hell yeah.

  176. gqmartine, we’re also screwed because Obama says he’s going to run again. I don’t think there’s anyway HRC will run again under those circumstances because the fix would be it. Why go through this nightmare again for a foregone conclusion. They control the party machinery and we’re doomed to the all the way with adlai cult for the next 40 years.

  177. Forget Tweety’s opinion on the infomercial – the experts in the field say: Too much before, not enough “after”

  178. The Kennedy’s see themselves as American Royalty. Teddy knows he is in the twilight of his life and career and what better legacy for him than to support a black candidate for president. This way the history books will add another diamond to their crown showing how “liberal” they have been all along.

    They are self serving if nothing else. Just picture them all on stage surrounding Obama on election night. I can’t because I will be too busy vomiting into the bucket to take notice.

  179. SOD, and this was the year that I learned that the issues are just a toy at the end of a string. Democratic candidates dangle pretty issues for me during the elections and then bam they’re off the table!

    So what are we to do? The issues matter to me as much as ever but I’m totally confused about how to judge which candidates are sincere about them.

  180. Maybe Caroline and Teddy will come out tomorrow and denounce Obama and Ayers for Ayers congratulating Sirhan Sirhan as a political prisoner and a murderer of their Uncle and Brother!

    Just saying …………

  181. gqmartinez

    Then shouldn’t you be happy on Wednesday because it will be over and you hate all of the candidates anyway?

  182. MABlue: where overseas? I would definitely go if I had an opportunity. I’ve been fantasizing about it. It would depend on where though, because so much of Europe is BO-besotted too. My sister is in Ireland right now visiting her in-laws, and she says they are all Bots. To them, McCain = Bush, and they want anyone but Bush. Of course, they know nothing about his shadow side–only the MSM image.

  183. I don’t know if I like having Michael Turner AND Roddy White on my fantasy team this week. But ATL *is* playing Oakland…

  184. afrocity,
    Nah, won’t be happy. One of those bozos will actually win. The plus side is not having to see campaign commercials for candidates who aren’t on my ballot (Darcy Burner and Riechert).

  185. We’ll save Spaulding for Homeland Security. Don’t forget, Obots mostlywant to terrorize the domestic population.

  186. “. . . we’re also screwed because Obama says he’s going to run again”

    I thought MEchelle said we were only going to have ‘one chance’ to vote for him. What? Now she’s a liar too??

  187. The Obots are Capt Spaulding!

  188. If Obama loses, the little experiment by Dean and Pelosi will have failed and the Dem party will need to be completely revamped. But parasites don’t go easily. I’m thinking of that line from The Matrix…

  189. Carol: none of the Kool Aid victims even see the connection with BO and Ayers. To them, it’s all an evil right wing contrivance, and BO is untouched. How can intelligent people be so deliberately blind? It’s not as if there is just one questionable association. There are so many, and they all have similar philosophies. I’ve told this before, but a well-educated, successful friend of mine and I were discussing BO, and she wanted to know my reasons for my severe aversion to him. I recited the facts, and when we got to Wright, she actually looked right at me and said, “But he wasn’t IN church THAT day.” What can you say to that–a 20 yr. close personal relationship with a man whose whole life is immersed in Black Liberation Theology? They don’t want to see or know.

  190. To run again he’d only have to be a Senator for 2 years before starting the next campaign. Even he might have the attention span to do that.

  191. MABlue……can we go with you???

  192. Obama won’t run again in 2012 since the MSM will have turned loose all the stuff they have been sitting on for the past 2 years and his “transcendency” will have flown out the window.

    Look for someone like Mark Warner to make a bid at that time. But none of the featured players will be making a comeback.

  193. Jake Tapper runs the list of the goodies Obama promised just to people in Tampa today:

    “give a tax break to 95 percent of Americans who work every day and get taxes taken out of their paycheck every week”;

    “eliminate income taxes on Social Security for seniors making under $50,000”;

    “give homeowners and working parents additional tax breaks”;

    not increase taxes on anyone if they “make under $250,000; you will not see your taxes increase by a single dime –- not your income taxes, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains tax”;

    “end those breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas”;

    “give tax breaks to companies that invest right here in the United States”;

    “eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses and start-up companies that are the engine of job creation in this country”;

    “create two million new jobs by rebuilding our crumbling roads, and bridges, and schools — by laying broadband lines to reach every corner of the country”;

    “invest $15 billion a year in renewable sources of energy to create five million new energy jobs over the next decade”;

    “reopen old factories, old plants, to build solar panels, and wind turbines”;
    build “a new electricity grid”;

    “build the fuel efficient cars of tomorrow”;

    “eliminate the oil we import from the Middle East in 10 years”;

    “lower premiums” for those who already have health insurance;

    “if you don’t have health insurance, you’ll be able to get the same kind of health insurance that members of Congress give themselves”;

    “end discrimination by insurance companies to the sick and those who need care the most”;

    “invest in early childhood education”;

    “recruit an army of new teachers”;

    “pay our teachers higher salaries, give them more support. But … also demand higher standards and more accountability”;

    “make a deal with every young person who’s here and every young person in America: If you are willing to commit yourself to national service, whether it’s serving in our military or in the Peace Corps, working in a veterans home or a homeless shelter, then we will guarantee that you can afford to go to college no ifs ands or buts”;

    “stop spending $10 billion a month in Iraq whole the Iraqis have a huge surplus”;

    “end this war in Iraq”;

    “finish the fight and snuff out al Qaeda and bin Laden”;

    “increase our ground troops and our investments in the finest fighting force in the world”;

    “invest in 21st century technologies so that our men and women have the best training and equipment when they deploy into combat and the care and benefits they have earned when they come home”;

    “No more homeless veterans”; and

    “no more fighting for disability payments.”

    I can’t believe people are actually buying this fraud.

  194. Katiebird: LOL!!!

  195. gq: you said:
    As little as I don’t want Obama to win, McCain is only a tad better than Obama and only because an Obama loss will make it possible to clean up the Dem party.
    I’m under no illusion that McCain is going to be a wonderful president with whom I agree on most things. However, the cleaning up of the Dem. party is a very, very big deal to me & makes me extremely happy — nay, overjoyed. If Obama gets in the Dem party is DEAD. The “Clinton wing” of the Dem party will be driven out of power & DC will be run by the Daley machine. point.blank.period. I am more then happy at the prospect of a McCain WH as opposed to that. Yep, we could have and should have had a better nominee — but there is no point looking back. The only path forward is an Obama loss.
    And, not to be nitpicky — but do you see a lot of conservative Republicans overjoyed with McCain? — that is because he isn’t really one of them and they know it. (I’m not arguing McCain isn’t a Republican, but he is no Bush & 4 years of McCain isn’t going to be Bush 3rd term).

  196. Carol,
    I don’t know if Teddy and Caroline will denounce Ayers or Obama, but Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., children of Robert Kennedy, and both Clinton supporters, just might if asked.

  197. afrocity — don’t let the bastards drag you down!!

  198. So what are we to do? The issues matter to me as much as ever but I’m totally confused about how to judge which candidates are sincere about them.

    katie: that’s why records are important. Talk is cheap.

  199. If Obama loses, he’d have to win his seat in 2010. I have a haunch that if he loses this time, he will be out of the media graces and may not win reelection. Especially if the Chicago controversies come more to light.

  200. I invite ALL Conflucians to come with me.

    It’ll be either Paris or Berlin.

    Live there is now much more fun than here, especially considering that either one of these 2 clowns will end up in the White house.

  201. The loss of healthcare for everyone is the greatest defeat of this year.

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe it was the purpose of the whole Obama thing from the beginning.

  202. Pat J — he was honestly mad that Wright had the audacity to point out that he was a politician.

  203. Thanks angie. But honestly it is disconcertimg to come in here and hear people say they are not voting or doing write ins when this race is so close.

  204. angie: ditto. And with their records of reform, maybe McCain and Palin will actually clean up some of the corruption–the money–in DC. Also, there’s the historical breakthrough of a woman VP. What we have to choose now is not on the top of our wish list, obviously. We have to look at what is salvageable.

  205. katie:

    John Kerry: UHC is a non-starter in the Senate.

    Way to fight the good fight there John.

  206. In lieu of fulfilling those promises–free psychadelic mushrooms for everybody! That way we won’t care!

    Pat, I’m not so sure. As we saw with the RBC “we can’t do that–we’ll never get away with it” is not in these people’s vocabulary, never mind “we can’t do that–it’s not right.” The normal rules do not apply to the shameless.

  207. fif — my mom is with you 100% re: Caroline Kennedy — she repeatedly mocks her line “a President like my father” when she endorsed BO. My mom said that Caroline was going to get a plum role due to her “selling her soul” to BO — with this news about the Ambassadorship, it looks like my mom was, once again!, right.

  208. Oh MABlue–I would definitely go. Paris is so beautiful, and Berlin is so creative. You’re certainly not going to miss anything but recession here.

  209. angie,
    I said as much regarding an Obama loss, but there is still nothing for me to get excited about with McCain. I hold McCain at his word more than Obama, and what McCain is saying he’s for doesn’t leave me with any joy. I have been railing against liberal fascination with McCain when it was hip and trendy so my opposition to McCain extends most of my active political life. That I find him *less offensive* than Obama only makes me angrier at the DNC. Grrrrrr.

  210. angie: your mom is an oracle!

  211. Whoever gets in will have to deal with more than the promise of UHC and tax proposals.

    1. Iraq
    2. Iran
    3. The entire mideast, I fear, is going to go up in flames. The terrorists groups over there are just waiting this election out.
    4. North Korea. The lid has not officially closed on that powderkeg.
    5. South America This is another hotbed that has been under the radar.
    6. Africa Another country being overrun by Islamic extremists.
    7. How to beef up and repair the military.
    8. A possible longterm recession which brings the loss of jobs.
    9. OPEC Our oil dependency will not disappear overnight.
    10. And the big gorilla in the room: CHINA They have been building up their military right under our noses while we argue the length of Palin’s skirts.

    The bueracracy under Bush needs attention and congress has not acted up until now. If Obama wins, this will continue.

    These are some of the problems the next president will face. Lots of luck.

  212. You gals and guys are losing it.

    Focus – McCain and Palin will actually be good for this country if they truly get in there and slash the BS spending. Then there will be enough money for Hillary’s HC Plan.

    Get out there and vote and you will feel better.

    I have to go to sleep. Ya are making me tired.

    Bill and Hill have 4 days to do the right thing!


  213. Does anyone really know if the election will be decided on Nov. 5th? Who’s to say we might not have a re-run of 2000, yet with multiple states in contention, given the level of voter fraud. In this case, if I was McCain, the hell with being magnanimous a bowing to the pressure to give it to Barry for the sake of unity.

    BTW – the McCain-Palin campaign can complain about the LA Times withholding the Khalidi video, but I want to know why they haven’t shown the Michelle Obama “Whitey” video, or the other one I’ve heard from Republicans that they definitely have on Obama praying (you all know the rest). It’s the last day of October, so pretty darned late in the game for an “October surprise”, unless they think putting it on Halloween is somehow cute.


    I know some of you have heard about the videos from PUMA PAC meeting this summer; I heard from my neighbor who staffs the local McCain-Palin office as a volunteer.

    FYI – Perhaps same-said neighbor is the reason there are five yards adjacent to each other with McCain-Palin signs in front. (Technically, mine is in the public right of way so I can tell some erstwhile friends it’s not really my yard – plausible deniability.)

  214. But most of Obamamania is a product of Clinton hysteria, in my view. As long as there’s a possibility that she’ll run again, they’ll do whatever they feel they have to to stop her.

  215. The other thing about a McCain win is that it will prove, just as the primaries proved, that the media can’t control the people. Unfortunately, the Dem leadership only emboldened the media by anointing Obama. Seeing the media lose will bring some solace, but that’s still a long way from joy.

  216. Paris or Berlin? I’ll start packing!

  217. well, afrocity — this place has only ever said “no vote for Obama” other than that it is up to each individual to do what he/she thinks is best. I’m voting McCain — I live in NC & I do believe it is too close to vote 3rd party, not vote or do a write in so at least, no matter what, I know I did all I could to defeat Obama. But, others here live in states that are securely “blue” — like MD or CA, etc — so, a 3rd party vote, etc. doesn’t help Obama (as it *might* in NC or VA, for example). Also, some others are in securely red states (like Alabama) so voting 3rd party doesn’t help BO either. It is important to remember that those stupid polls that show “national average” are meaningless — what is important are the individual states. I think McCain will pull some surprise wins — PA for one — and, when it is all said and done, he will have the # of EVs necessary to win. Remember, even the state polls are slanted for BO & he ALWAYS overpolls. When the media says BO is up by 6 in VA, I’m confident VA is going in McCain’s column by at least 4.

  218. Seriously, the “cleaning up” of the Democratic is not going to be easy if Obama loses. It will be quite a bit harder to clean house if he wins.

  219. trust me the hard core conservative branch of the Repub Party HATES McCain, but they will NOT vote for Obama — they’re what you might call yellow dog Republicans. But their hatred of McCain is because many of them consider him RINO. I believe thats why the polls are lagging (other than the normal shenanigans) because the Repubs are unenthused about McCain. But he’s done a good job of scaring them that Obama would be far worse.

  220. I get it….they’re just ‘messin wit cha’

  221. gq:

    Au contraire. I think the “clean up” will be easy if Obama loses. ALL the people who jumped on the O’wagon just for the sake of party unity will be more vocal.

  222. I hope you are right, MAB. But there have been some significant “Party purges” already. The Dean/Obama folks have taken over more and more Party apparatuses on the local scale. I would like to see a return to pre-Dean days. You know, when it was less cult of personality stuff.

  223. Thanks for your positive words Angie. I am just trying to get through the next 4 days. You know. I have enough to deal with out worrying how I am going to save the DNC or get HRC elected in 2012. One step at a time and we need to win this battle against BO.

  224. SOD – you better, I am holding you to it.

    I just read 23% of Texans think BO is a Muslim. If Texans think that, what the hell does everyone else think?

  225. Open Question:

    Why would any Hillary Clinton supporter that desires to see Hillary Clinton as POTUS, vote for Barack Obama to be POTUS?

    Do you think that message has been driven home enough to the Hillary Clinton supporters out there?

    Hillary as our President in 2012 will not have a chance if Obama hoodwinks his way in to the white House next week.

    Also, young, single women tend to vote more Democratic. I am hopeful that demographic, especially in the key states of PA, VA, FL, and Ohio, will not be swayed by Obama’s charm and rhetoric and will vote Country First for McCain-Palin.

  226. Sleepy. Good night all.

    Tick tick tick…at least this purgatory will be over.

  227. Obama and the DNC Elites stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back.

    On election day, payback will be sweet in the form of a defeat for Obama and a victory for Country First!

    John & Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

    PUMAs will help make it happen!

    B E L I E V E

  228. gq — I understood that you admitted as much in your post re: an Obama loss — I just don’t believe that a McCain WH with a Dem Congress will bring about the tragic consequences you foresee. Lets face the facts here: no health care plan was going to happen with this economy, even if Hillary was the Dem nominee as she should have been. That’s the reality imo. None of the programs BO is promising that sound good and “Democratic” will be enacted in this economy. I don’t see any point of wishing about “what could have been” as it leads to a defeatist mindset. We have to play the hand we are dealt. Strategically, the best move is an Obama loss — sure,that’s not my “perfect ending” but I have patience. I’m taking it one day at a time & I intend to keep moving forward.

  229. I wouldn’t go that far, sod. There has been a change in the local party apparatus starting with Dean. It didn’t really rear its ugly head until Obama came along, though. I remember trying to get a couple Dem groups I was active with to do things to lower the animosity coming from Obama supporters. Unfortunately, the leaders of these groups were Obama supporters and didn’t see anything wrong with what was happening.

  230. Let’s start our Poll as to who will get the first interview with BO and MO after they lose?

    I know Pat will be in physically in charge of them immediately after the loser rally, but will she allow them any Press Conferences?

    Will they just shoot us all the finger from their Rezko Mansion and retreat into obscurity or will their be a series of “ummm, ahhhhhhhhsss, aaaahhhhhhhhsssss ………….. ” that will go down in history as the greatest concession speech in the world to all of us R*cists?????


  231. fif, on October 31st, 2008 at 12:27 am Said:

    angie: your mom is an oracle!

    tell me about it! Do you know how annoying its going to be when I tell her about the Caroline Ambassadorship tomorrow and she crows with her “I told you! Didn’t I tell you?!” Heck, maybe I just will not tell her — he isn’t going to win anyway so she will not be getting any Ambassadorships — and I haven’t filled her in on Soros (she KNEW there was a big money guy behind Obama since he popped up on the scene — she thinks it is only Oprah though). 🙂
    BTW — just for the record, my mom thinks Obama is going to lose.

  232. Angie, All I am saying is that a McCain win will not bring me any joy. Period. It may leave me less frustrated than an Obama win, but that is still not joy.

  233. …and?????

  234. Where are all of the women’s rights proponents?

  235. carol –
    BO if has to hide MO from any microphone now, just think what it will be like when he loses. BO most likely would say something statesmanlike, but MO will come unglued!

  236. Obama says if he loses he want to try again in 4 years?

    Does this nitwit wants to put us trough this fratricide again? Why? We didn’t do anything to him.

  237. GQ! (blowing kisses)

    Hi Everyone!

    GQ, I know you are not enthused either way. But I’m with Angie and elderj. I am not convinced that McCain is anywhere near as frightening as BO.

    And yes. Parasites are hard to lose. They lay eggs. We’ll have to get creative on ways to cook them.

  238. sorry! if BO has to hide MO…

  239. Obama is a novelty. In four years he will be a passe. Run in 4 years? No!

  240. gqmartinz point taken, you are miserable no matter what happens on Tuesday ( harp and violins playing in the background)

  241. In 4 yrs if I can’t have a Clinton, I want a Kennedy. Bobby Jr, air out your closet, because I’m coming for you.

  242. got any creative ways in mind? Besides “I-told-you-sos”?

  243. MABlue –

    I think Obama will be facing a multiple count federal indictment within 30 days.

  244. sod — I’m holding you to that PA win too. I also think the other 270,000,000 people in this country (you know the ones who were NOT part of the 35,000,000 who watched the BO infomercial last night) are saying “are you effing kidding me” as well.

  245. Pat….Drink lots and join me in the happy dance .

  246. the beginnings of reclaiming your party have already been laid by Peloosi. remember the refusal to vote on the enery bill and just adjourning the session instead, when most of america wanted action?

    when JM has a Rep congressman want to offer up a health care plan, and Peloosi STIFLES it, it is time to go to the american people and say, “It’s a START, why is she not working on it?” That’s when less partisan Dems can begin to root out the parasites.

    Does that make any sense?

  247. gq — that is fine! I’m not trying to convince you — maybe I’m just not as good as a person as you, because getting revenge on the DNC actually will bring me joy! 🙂

  248. The absence of joy is not misery per se. As long as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “How I met your mother” is on, I won’t be too miserable.

  249. 😯

  250. Regency:

    I like Bobby but nobody can be elected POTUS with that voice. I don’t know if it’s even enough for the Senate. The voice is way to whiny.

    Btw did you guys hear Matt Lauer asking him how HIS DAD was? That was scarily funny.

  251. I am soooo sleepy and tired. I miss my friends and just can’t stay up to play. I don’t know how you guys do it, especially those working in the early am. (looking at you, angie!)

    I want to have a thread (one that I am participating in)
    where we all lay out our survival plans for election day and the day after.

    I have an office door, and it will be SHUT–I know that much. I’m worrying about crying at work–out of exhaustion, overwhelmed feelings, sadness, anger, fear—everything. I’ll might even cry at BOs defeat. Just becuase–we would have all worked so hard for it.

    I actually dreamed about Iron Man last night. Don’t laugh, Ironman. I pictured you running around in an Adidas warm-up suit with a megaphone going “John and Sarah 08!!!” I was sad and worried about the election and you were essentially leading cheers.

    Thinking about that makes me smile now.

  252. This may be premature, but have you heard about Florida? Dem voter turnout trumps Rep turnout 2 to 1, but McCain is ahead by 4 points! PUMA power!!

    By the way, why are some of my posts in other threads disappearing? Does this happen to anyone else?

  253. jvsp — in 4 years he’ll be passe? He is passe now. And you worry warts for his “run again in 2012” let it go! After his loss on Nov. 4 he will be so “over” we will need a new word for “over.” Really, a Dem running this year and spending almost a billion dollars who doesn’t win? If you think he will be able to be elected dog catcher after that, I’ve got a bridge I want to show you. LOL

  254. For some reason, that is a tamer dream than I expected out of you, joanie.

  255. Hi joanie!! We were just talking about you!! (all good) 🙂

  256. baby steps… 🙂

  257. can’t vouch for this, but someone posting as jules wrote this on NQ:

    “Today I went to early vote in North Carolina. I waited in line for an hour and a half. I voted for McCain and then I hit the button to vote a straight republican ticket. It registered as a straight democrat ticket. So I thought well, maybe I just made a mistake, so I cancelled it out and did it again. Hit the republican button, it registered a straight democrat ticket AGAIN. So I raised my hand to complain, and got into it with the staffers there. I overheard them talking to each other about the machine, saying it had been going on all day. But they did NOTHING about it, and had been letting it continue. What about the people that may not have noticed??? All day!!! I loudly informed the whole room what was happening and the officials asked me to leave! And they let people continue to vote on that machine. I warned everyone I could, and told the election judge that was there. Then we called the election commission, and some of the Republican candidates in our state, and I will continue to do so tomorrow. I couldn’t believe it!”

    does anyone know which machines are in NC? remember chuck hagel owns one of the companies involved and he is for BO. there is going to be so much fraud.

  258. I am going to bed. I can’t deal with the DNC downer. I really can’t. It is not productive and what is the use anyway?

  259. I left out the good parts, GQ. Figured you wouldn’t want to hear about them –or would you??? (wink)

    Hi Angie!

  260. I for one will be ecstatic.

  261. IronMan is the best cheerleader I’ve ever seen. So much energy!

  262. Dolt.

  263. MABlue- his voice is difficult to listen to, but i don’t believe it is whiny- I think he has some vocal chord damage.

  264. Regency,

    Speaking of Kennedy, did you hear that Ayres’ dedicated his book “Prarie Fires” to Sirhan Sirhan? Hannity broke the story tonight.

  265. night afrocity — and stop being worried about those ‘friends” of yours — you just be your badass self.

  266. Often times the biggest advances in American history have come at some of our low points. When people are too giddy, they tend to let bad sh*t happen because they aren’t paying enough attention.

  267. IM: Yeah I heard about that a while back actually. I never thought RFK Jr. was ahug fan anyway. Bet he just loves him now. He’s so writing in his father’s name right now.

  268. Those stains may be permanant.

  269. angienc
    Passe he is. It’s just that there are only four more days for the “hoodwinked” to start shaking off their stupor in time…

    The aspect about which we ought to be fretting is that half of this counntry believed he was a viable candidate and especially the “educated” and young.

  270. gqmartinez –

    Here’s one way to think about the elction this year:

    An Obama win and the chance of Hillary being President is greatly diminished.

    A McCain win will ensure that Hillary has a chance to be POTUS in 2012.

    Obama is now saying that if he loses, he will run again in 2012. If Obama loses, he’ll probably be indicted before 2009. 😉

  271. IM: Yeah I heard about that a while back actually. I never thought RFK Jr. was ahug fan anyway. Bet he just loves him now. He’s so writing in his father’s name right now.

  272. noephinany — if that is true, the presidential vote will still be cast as the person selected, just not the other races — I know, I know, I shouldn’t only care about the presidential race, but I do. I know a guy who is high up in the Pat McCrory operation (the republican candidate for governor) . I’ll pass this story on to him tomorrow.
    btw — I think the option to vote straight ticket is stupid anyway — go race by race & make your choice — is that so hard?

  273. joanie, I’m the classic coy type. I’ll leave it to you to interpret that. Haha.

  274. Ironman, thank you for keeping my chin up:)

    I have to go to bed now. Sigh. Tomorrow is a BIG day in my house. I have to escort two very scary masks paired with black robes through my neighborhood.

    I am hoping to someday be a good mother again. They have been poor little internet orphans.

  275. Therein lies the quandry.

  276. “I’m the classic coy type. I’ll leave it to you to interpret that. Haha.”

    I’ll sleep on that, GQ! Tell you about my dream tomorrow. Should be good.

    Goodnight loved ones.

  277. jsvp — the thing that has made me the most mad during the election (well, besides the blatant r@ce-baiting, sexism, vote stealing & fraud) is the constant harping on how “educated” the BO voters are. Having an “education” doesn’t make you smart (as the Obots have proven) and not having an education doesn’t make you “dumb” or “low information.” I know and have known plenty of educated idiots and plenty of very smart people without a formal education. A degree, like money, doesn’t give you class — and BO is proof positive of that.

  278. night joanie {{hugs}}

  279. angienc

    Agreed!!! Being wrong is equal opportunity. With the very, very bright they often get things very, very wrong.

    One of the people with whom I read a bit never received his masters let alone a phd. I met outside of the academic setting. He distinguished himself as a mathematician ending up at IAS. So much for credentials.

    The aspect I can’t get past is that people can explain away his twenty years at Trinity. Only the intellectually impoverished could believe such insanity IMHO

  280. “I like Bobby but nobody can be elected POTUS with that voice. I don’t know if it’s even enough for the Senate. The voice is way to whiny.”

    Oh my gosh MABlue, the poor guy, I can hardly believe he got hired for a radio show!

  281. angie- it seems like those with either a good heart and/or gut instinct with or without a great deal of laboriously obtained knowledge are the ones who have this campaign figured out.

  282. Have yourselves a wonderful day “tomorrow”! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  283. I think it’s kind of amazing how little inability highly educated people apparently have to perceive media bias. Education is supposed to create critical thinking skills, instead they seem highly susceptible to blantant propaganda.

  284. nite jsvp!

  285. Hey angie,
    I didn’t make it home in time to blow up myiq’s last gravatar. Did he ever fess up that the picture was of him?

  286. lililam — exactly right — it is like I always say — common sense isn’t that common.

  287. little ability, I mean

  288. On a local forum some guy posted vote yes on proposition 8. The obamanuts jumped on him and he responded with why support gay rights before women are treated equally. The obamanuts went on a rant about how they stand for equality of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality bla bla bla.

    Then as the thread got heated the same people started calling Palin a stupid c***, the pitbull b**** etc. These people are insane.

  289. scrubs — He never fessed up, but it had to be him, who else could it be? He seems to be giving me the cold shoulder anyway — I can’t believe he took our “flirting” seriously. I didn’t mean to offend him, but, nonetheless, I’m over it.

  290. That’s for sure, Typical Repub. btw, the only positive aspect of the yes on 8 campaign is the GOTV for McCain in Cali. It is an ethical dilemma.

  291. angie – I don’t think he took your flirting seriously but he felt your absence from the board those few days as seriously as the rest of us.

    Looking back over the past few days I would guess that myiq has GOT to be exhausted.

    So, is everyone heading to your house in Greece if Precious wins? I won’t have to as life is pretty good down here in Australia but some of the PUMAs may want to run away.

    Okay, I better stop talking like that or Carol will come after me with the Carol Haka.

  292. btw — Ace of Spades HQ has a new post that the LA Times has come up with a 3rd reason why they will not release The Tape (as a refresher for those following — first it was they had adequately covered the story in April, so no need to release it; second was confidentiality of the source) The third story is:

    “To break that agreement might put the source of the tape in jeopardy.”

    So, the plot thickens — something is on that tape that releasing it will actually put the source in jeopardy? (but the LA Times forgot to mention that fact the first two times). If the tape show what the LA Times says it does (in the April article) there is nothing in there that would “put the source in jeopardy.” So, I’m going with the assumption that there is something really, really bad on that tape — shots of Obama laughing or clapping as anti-Israeli statements are being spoken maybe? I don’t know for sure, but I don’t like the sound of that. Hey, LA Times, ever think that not releasing puts the rest of us in jeopardy?

  293. What was the pic? I was here at the time and all I saw was Capt. Spaulding

    Typical Republican, tell us about it! God!

  294. scrubs — you are safe from the Carol Haka — she went to bed! LOL
    thanks for reminding me how much I was missed here! 🙂

  295. Oh, yeah — Greece is still on the table!

  296. angie-

    “To break that agreement might put the source of the tape in jeopardy.”

    Yeah… they might put him/her on Barky’s “no interview” list…


  298. Seriously, it was a picture of a very handsome man with a goatee. myiq wouldn’t tell whether or not it was him.

    Yeah, angie, you WERE missed so don’t do it again (go off and enjoy a fine weekend without us, that is).


  299. angienc, on October 31st, 2008 at 1:45 am Said:
    Oh, yeah — Greece is still on the table!

    D@mn! I thought I cleaned that table…

    (note to self… turn OFF webcam…)

  300. I don’t really know much about 8 since I’m in Texas. I’m probably for it since I heard churches could lose their tax exempt status if they didn’t do same sex marriages. Don’t know if that’s really true, but forcing far right churches to marry same sex couples can only lead to violence IMO.

    Personally I don’t care but I’m not sure the country is ready for same sex marriage, but forcing it down these peoples throats in their church can’t end up with a happy ending.

  301. My Barry Manilow concert will go down as a low point….but I had to do it for the cause. 🙂

  302. My ears are burning!

    Who is talking about me??

  303. kitchen — LMAO! “no interview list” indeed.

  304. Okay, off to pick up the kids. Half of you will probably be gone when I get back so sweet dreams to those of you.

    To the others: smut talk in about an hour, okay?

  305. scrubs — “very handsome man?” Lets not get carried away here! 🙂

  306. Ha! Just as I was about to leave you show up, myiq.

    Must of been the mention of smut talk…………..

    Pretty please, may I see the picture you had up earlier as your gravatar?

    (See, I asked nicely – now that I am home and can use my “magnifier”. )

  307. …and the Final Jeopardy answer is…America.

  308. Wait’ll you see my SCARY Halloween costumes!!!!

  309. night scrubs! maybe I should say “g’day” but I’m not on for much longer.

  310. Typical, I think you are right there (no pun intended). My son belongs to a fairly conservative church and he has been heartbroken, as his part Jewish/part Agnostic mommy raised him to be tolerant of the LGBT community, yet his church is pushing for the measure because they feel they will not only lose their tax exempt status, but also lose their religious autonomy. He says it is bringing out latent homophobia in the congregation.

  311. Something scarier than your current Spaulding picture? Day-um.

    Night angie – sweet dreams of that handsome fellow, not the current one.

  312. When I said “tell us about it,” that was an expression meaning “damn right they’re insane,” in case it’s unclear.

    Typical Republican, I don’t think there’s any legal way to force churches to perform gay marriages, nor is anybody asking for that. People don’t want to be married by anyone who doesn’ wnat to do it, they just want to be married at City Hall or by an accepting clergyperson. Churches are exempted even from things like minimum wage and discriminatory hiring laws, they’re not going to lose their tax exempt status, right angie?

  313. lililam — how does Prop. 8 effect the churches status? I don’t follow.

  314. *snicker*

  315. I mean, I’m straight, and I can’t just barge into some random church and demand they marry me, they can tell me they’re too busy, I don’t belong to their church, they won’t do it unless I go through their premarital counseling, whatever. Ministers can refuse to marry people and this won’t change that.

  316. liliam, I’ve actually never understood the gay community tactics on the issue. Seems to me it would be fairly easy to get a constitutional amendment protecting the right of a church to only perfom marriage between a man and a woman. From there, I think the path to legalizing same sex marraige would be easier.

  317. According to my son, angie, it will force churches to recognize same sex marriages if they are asked to perform them in their respective churches, as without prop 8, same sex marriage is now legal in Cali. I guess if they disobey, it may affect their tax status, but i don’t know- I need to read the actual proposition language. My son says they are pushing heavily for it. There is lots of money in the campaign. Like I said, the only positive aspect of this may be a larger turn out for Mccain than initially anticipated.

  318. Err, I mean marry me to someone else…I don’t want the church to marry me. 🙂

  319. Angie, i asked my son why that would be, as yes, the couples could get married at City Hall or another church, but he was under the belief that there will be some effort to force churches to do so. Like I said, I’ll need to look it up.

  320. Seriously:

    Doesn’t the Catholic church say that nuns are married to Christ?

  321. Same sex marriage is legal in MA, and no churches have to perform them, it’s still legal for churches to refuse jobs to gay clergy or gay secretaries, Catholics aren’t forced to ordain female priests, churches don’thave to pay minimum wage, nothing’s changed here.

  322. Yup, myiq, and they have a ring to prove it.

  323. what I’ve heard re: gay marriage and the church (in general) is not that the GLBT has anything against the church, but there is an anti-religion agenda out there that will most likely attack churches, based on a conflict between an individual’s rights (or a couple) against the religious freedoms of an organization (a church, in this instance.) There is no protection given the church to refuse to recognize this on religious grounds. If they do, the ACLU would probably be the first to bring suit. The gay marriage issue must also be written to protect the religious rights of the churches, while giving marriage / partner rights to the individuals.

  324. I want to marry an icon…but I can’t handle the splinters.

  325. Seriously — that is what I’m not following myself. There are two different kinds of marriage — religious (sometimes called monastic) (recognized by a church/religious organization) and civil (recognized by the state). Most people have both a religious & civil marriage, but to be married under the eyes of the state (and get the benefits thereof) does not require a religious marriage. People who get married at city hall or by a judge for example, only have civil marriage, not monastic ones. By the same token, people can just have a religious marriage without a civil one — in that case, they do not get the civil benefits of marriage, but they are married “in the eyes of God” according to there religious beliefs. An example of a monastic marriage without a civil one was Louis XIV of France — he had a monastic marriage (but not a civil one) with his last mistress (Françoise d’Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon) after the Queen Marie Terese died. Because it was a monastic marriage, Madame de Maintenon was not crowned “queen” — she had no civil rights from the marriage. So, all this is a long way of saying that the state’s allowance of gay marriage only applies to civil marriages not religious ones. I can’t see how the state would have any jurisdiction to force religious organizations to perform religious marriages to same-sex couples.

  326. liliam:

    There’s another pissed off jealous husband I gotta worry about.

  327. Well, angie, the argument may be a scare tactic then, used to fend off the dreaded “slippery slope”.

  328. …and the correct question is…

    If BO and JM are marooned on a deserted island, who wins the election?

  329. kitchen — I’m following a little better now on what these church’s positions are here but I think they are not understand how this works — there is, or at least there is supposed to be, separation of church in this country. The ACLU couldn’t touch a church that refused to perform a same-sex marriage — the church is NOT the government — civil rights only apply to government run institutions. A church is per se not a government run institution. Typical — that is why no constitutional amendment would be needed. If churches are making this argument to support Prop. 8 (and the churches, believe me have attorneys so they should know better) then I’m sorry to conclude based on what we are saying here, those churches are intentionally misleading their congregations out of homophobia.

  330. oops, obviously that should be “separation of church & state” in my post.

  331. kitchen, that’s exactly what I meant. My wife is catholic, has gay friends, and is against gay marriage becuase as she says “You know the ACLU is going to try and force it on us”.

    That’s why I think the c amendment would be good if the left supported it. You know the right would. Then it’s hard to make any real case against same sex marriage since it just wouldn’t affect religous people.

  332. angie- i just looked at the voter guide and there is nothing discussing the supposed fears of churches in this regard. I wonder if there is anything in the original statute that the proposition intends to refute? Who knows.

  333. lililam — honestly, I haven’t read what Prop. 8 actually says — I just know the gist of it.

  334. Ok guys — I’ve got to go to bed — I’ve been dragging at work lately! I hate to leave this interesting discussion & apologize if anyone comes up with another question for me. Promise to be here tomorrow though — so if you think of something, ask me then.
    Good night!!!

  335. angie – forgive me
    the ACLU sued the Boy Scouts of America over gay scoutmasters. I’don’t recall how it turned out, but it did affect the way the Boy Scouts operate today.
    I don’t know if they cited a use of government facilities or aything of that nature, might have ivolved meetings in schools, but most scout troops operate out of churches.
    If the churches are afraid because of this, let’s put language in there that protects the churches, then they no longer can use it as an arguement. Makes it easier to move forward.
    Does that one make any sense, or am I really goofy, now?

  336. Don’t you guys have anti-sex discrimination laws in CA? And the ACLU has never sued the Catholic Church into ordaining women. Nor has any Catholic Churc ever lost its tax exempt status for discrimination.

  337. New thread up

  338. kitchen — real quick — I remember that case, but not all the details. But, the Boy Scouts are not a religious organization like a church is (although they are often connected with churches etc & their creed does make reference to God the Scouts are not a religion) and the Scouts themselves receive funding from the federal government for different things they do. The receiving money from the government puts the organization into the “state” area.
    I can’t even tell if what I wrote makes sense — if it isn’t clear remind me tomorrow & I’ll answer better, promise
    Ok, good night for real.

  339. Hasta los huevos mi amor!

  340. goodnight angie

    kitchen- that makes sense to me

    seriously- yes, we do, and that would seem to follow- I will ask my son tomorrow what he has actually been told, cuz I can’t find anything here in black and white (or is that r@cist?)

  341. angie – I got it. Thanks. thought there was something that tied them to the govt that allowed the suit. That just means that a church better not accept any govt money for any form of “faith based initiative”
    everyone has to be so careful, nowadays…

    nite, angie
    nite, everyone

  342. Many thanks to Riverdaughter and to those who contributed, sponsored the puzzler and won puzzler – the contributions that reach us by tomorrow at 5 make possible one more buy in Miami.

  343. Didn’t I just see Rico the Bartender on Fox?

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