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Late Night: Don’t go to bed angry

Just wake up ready to take down and eat a gazelle.

206 Responses

  1. How could I go to bed angry?
    I listened to you on the radio and enjoyed the show.



  2. Riverdaughter,

    Your discussion with Sherri and Darragh at the end of the radio show was really fun. I can totally understand where Sherri is coming from. I really do see Obama as a fascist at heart, although I don’t see him as a socialist.

    Listening to the three of you talk was interesting because the whole conversation reflected the basic fact that nobody really knows who Obama is. And as you said, he’s just a flim flam man–a complete and utter narcissist. He’s actually a boring person. He has no passion, no real understanding of the world. There is really nothing there. After all these months of trying to figure him out, the truth is, he is really and empty suit.

    But at the same time, he’s dangerous because of the extreme passions he seems to around in his followers and because of his inability to deal with even the mildest criticism. If he is elected he will be a greater danger to the Constitution than George W. Bush ever was.

  3. (waving)

    Sigh. I guess that means I’ll be up all night. I was at my parents house earlier and they had Chris Matthews on — The instant rage almost gave me a heart attack and I’ve been recovering all night.

    Seeing Will earlier on Greta calmed me down a little but, I’m still feeling woobly.

    (oo. Alec Baldwin just came on Letterman, I’m guessing I’ll be hearing some Palin Jokes any second)

  4. Back scratchers are the greatest inventions since safer sex.

  5. Is it just me or does anyone see that backtrack really knows very little about Americans.
    He makes so many mistakes that if this was the 2nd world war he would be identified as a fifth columnist in a New York minute.



  6. gqmartinez,

    I read your blog at Corrente and liked it. At the time it wasn’t getting a very friendly response. Have things improved? I don’t want to look at that place again tonight.

  7. Katiebird,

    I don’t want to make you stay up all night. The thing is, I don’t think Obama is going to be elected. There are just too many undecided voters. Those people are not going to vote for Barack at the last minute. I didn’t watch his infomercial, but I heard there was nothing new or exciting.

  8. On and on about tax cuts. When did the Democratic Party platform shrivel down to trying to bribe voters? The motto might as well be “Vote Democratic. We’ll take other people’s money and give it to you.”

  9. Bb, I’ll deal with the babble tomorrow. I didn’t expect it to be warmly received, but I’m sure that at least a few get what I’m trying to say.

  10. I pity the gazelle. I’m hungry and I’m ready to pounce.

  11. I’m a vegetarian.

  12. No gazelles for me.

  13. Some more friends of mine have “outed” themselves to me as crossing over to vote McCain. I think we are greater in numbers than the media will allow.

  14. BB — I just don’t know what to think. I’m starting to think that I actually AM grieving for Hillary’s loss. Or rather, MY loss of Hillary.

    I think I assumed that by this time, I’d be for someone. But I’m not. I just don’t care who wins this thing.

    Then as soon as I think that, I think that I just can’t stand it if Obama wins.

    (sigh) I just don’t know what to think.

  15. *points quietly*

    Don’t scare it!

  16. Tr0ll at 12:24 – needs a clean up

  17. I’m for women in government. Right now, it doesn’t matter what they’re for. It’s what I’m for.

  18. I squashed the sucker. It may return though. Might have to use the industrial strength pesticide.

  19. gqm:

    I’m a meatatarian.

    Captain Spaulding is a humanitarian.

  20. No. I don’t think he is. (going to win this thing,) funny at 12:24.

    Because the most amazing thing has happened. the partisan ice has been broken, and the people are working together – the democrats and the republicans, as people, for the country, not the party. WORKING TOGETHER.

    For the candidate who has a history of reaching across the aisle, and bucking his own party, for his running mate who has bucked her party, my party, and who has a record of appointing across the political spectrum.

    I LOVE that! I respect that. And I LOVE and respect you guys who are doing so much.

  21. Oooops! sorry!

  22. I think Obama has bought off the media with Saudi slush funds. I just can’t see any other reason whey they are so fervently extolling him while trashing his opponents (B. Clinton, H. Clinton, McCain, Palin, Joe the Plumber, etc.).

    What if, on election day, McCain is leading in key battleground states, but the media call them for Obama? Is there any verification process for this? Fox News will be telling the truth (this time), but everyone will think they’re trying to pull another 2000, when it’s actually the other networks pulling a 2000.

  23. Thanks RD.

    Also voting for women pretty well across the board. We had a woman state Senator here in TN get slimed by the good ole boys who run our state Dem Party a couple months ago – she’s fighting the decision to throw out her election and running as a write-in. I hear the news is folks are cautiously optimistic.

    I’m really feeling like anything pro-woman we’ve heard out of Dems over the past dozen years is just…bullshit.

  24. I think what is happening now tells me that maybe the best of the previous “dominant parties” can put extreme positions aside and focus on what’s best for the country. Hopefully we can kkeep doing that after Nov 4th as we have been far too divided too long… It’s time for some respectful discussion and willingness to put our heads together to solve the problems facing this country.

  25. Battlecat – I’m worried about what’s going to happen in any event. B0 loses, his batshit crazy supporters are going to run riot. He wins and it looks even slightly slimy, here come the lawsuits.

  26. B0 has shown, in my book, that he doesn’t care about what’s right for the country. It’s all about what’s right for him. Period, end of story.

    Which is partly why I loathe him so much.

  27. No one is really talking about the infomercial. I’ve been out all evening so I haven’t seen any clips of it or read any articles or reviews which is a good thing. I’m sure the Obamedia will be discussing it tomorrow morning.

  28. From the previous thread – I’m not sure that the upcoming generation of Republicans is so fixated on abortion and gay rights issues in a negative sense.

    A good part of our staff consists of republicans under 30. We’ve hadd some open discussions about abortion and gay rights. Almost all of them don’t like abortion per se but believe it should be pro choice. They do feel that birth control should be supported much more, and that real options should be available to mothers who want to keep the children. But they want to keep the pro-choice option in case of a “what if” situation.

    They also don’t think that providing gay persons with rights such as marriage is a problem. Many have gay friends with whom they are close and don’t reaaly care what their friends sexual preference is. They may themselves believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman but do not feel they have the right to take away someone else’s happiness and security. The younger they are, the less they seem to have an issue with gays raising children etc. Republican to them means the old pioneering model: work hard, reap success, keep your profits, share responsibly. It means fiscal responsibility in varying degrees towards conservatism.

  29. bb: did you read the article by the Times reporter published today? He has been covering BO since Iowa and says the exact things you say here:

    He’s actually a boring person. He has no passion, no real understanding of the world. There is really nothing there. After all these months of trying to figure him out, the truth is, he is really and empty suit.

    He refers to BO as the “robo-candidate” and having no empathy for those around him.

  30. All the evangelicals were at church. Middle-class joes were watching the world series and were pretty pissed to see it postponed. And everyone else is just not interested anymore.

  31. angie: like it was a big shock

  32. Sounds like Barry had to take up smoking just to get a personality.

  33. Joseph Cannon has quite the bombshell report….

  34. Angie: That description: “no empathy for those around him” describes a sociopath, which goes along with a narcissitic personality disorder.

  35. angienc,

    I saw your reference to the story and I just read it. It was very interesting. Thanks for calling attention to it. It’s really amazing how Obama can attract so many followers when he either lacks an essential self or successfully conceals it.

  36. According to one story, Uh-bama lied about doing “blow” cuz he wanted street cred

    I think that’s true

  37. angie – in the NY Times? I missed it.

  38. Ok, Katie – I’ll bite – be right back!

  39. Bostonboomer,

    I have been working the phones in MA for McCain. It has been interesting.

  40. Katiebird,

    That’s a bomshell story all right. Someone should alert George Noory at Coast to Coast AM.

  41. For those wondering about the infomercial (I did not watch it — I found a much better use for my time by watching America’s Next Top Model) AP did a report on it that wasn’t very flattering — actually pointed out all of BO’s half-truths. I swear, between John King, the Times report I mentioned before & the AP article I’m really, really confused. Is the msm now trying to “prove” they aren’t in the tank for BO? As if three articles will make up for 18 months of fluff?

  42. Katiebird:

    If you look at the picture in the story Joe linked to, somebody is checking out the booty

  43. Afrocity,

    Really? Do tell. I used to think Obama wouldn’t carry MA, but I was wrong. He is ahead by about 30 points supposedly.

  44. My daughter said during an off topic conversation while studying in a group for a polisci exam-she’d mentioned the 30% solution some time before:

    “I’m for a really radical solution: 52% of the population = 52% of women in govt. So let’s agree that the 30% solution is not the solution but a step towrads the solution”.

    And none of the guys in her study group said anything against it. Of course I was staring them down a bit. (had to wait for her since I was her ride).

  45. Wow, Katie – thanks for the heads up. It was just the kind of news I was hoping for.

  46. OT, but Empire Strikes Back is definitely better than A New Hope. Just saying

  47. DV,

    Apparently, Chris Matthews was orgasmic after watching the infomercial.

  48. Actually gqm, I’d say Return of the Jedi (with all the stuffed animals) was better.

  49. bb: with how easy it is for Chris Matthews to be orgasmic, I’d think therapy would be in order. That just can’t be safe.

  50. looks like the ‘Palin hanging’ has been taken down . . !


  51. Boston,

    They are very cynical. I cannot really tell who the Boston people are for. They do not like the wealth redistribution. I have lived in New England and they tend to be pragmatic. Today most of my call were in Salem.

    I also have had to call Maine a lot and it seem that they are tired of voting DEM and having the state slide into oblivion. they do not trust BO.

  52. gqm:

    Re comments on your new post – pearls before swine

  53. Hey myiq, I just found a video for you…

  54. I know we’ve had a reversal of polarity in American when I’m defending George Bush to someone else.

  55. what a minute — are we talking about cannonfire? because the story I see is about the alien endorsement. (which, don’t get me wrong, at this point, I’ll take).

  56. Dee — no, it was Time or the LA Times — give me a minute, I’ll go find it.

  57. Regency,

    I just realized last months that I did better under the bush tax cuts

  58. Saying goodnite and a special shout out to afro city –

    tonight, on the train home (from Chicago), a group of college kids was giving an older AA a hard time because he isn’t voting for Obama. He ried to reason with them at first and then just told them that he knew more about being an AA than they did and he was going to damm well vote for the person that would really work for him.

    They got off the train and he looked at me and I looked at him and he asked me if I thought he was wrong too. I told him I totally understood. He told me that BO hadn’t done anything for the South side where he used to live and that he didn’t even go to work but he was being paid. He felt BO wasn’t a good man. But his family and friends were giving him a really hard time about it.

  59. Afrocity: Talk about a paradigm shift.

  60. RD ROTFLMAO!! I was still down there on the last thread arguing!

    That’s why I love this place, passion, humor, grief, joy, music, history, art–it’s got it all!

  61. Jjm, ya know, I don’t mind Jedi even though many people don’t like it.

    IQ, I’ll wait until the morrow to check ye Ol Corrente. I’m watching star wars and blogging on the ol Blackberry.

  62. LOL integrity Thanks that made my night.

  63. Regency — lets not go crazy now — defending Bush on what? LOL The nicest thing I can say about him (besides his choice of wife, who I actually think is a nice woman who must have had to put up with A LOT & has done it with grace) is that: at least I know where Bush stands on issues. Not that i agree with him on those issues, but it is more then I can say for BO.

  64. Okay, so the roomie is bringing alcohol and I don’t drink. I am freaking out here. I really don’t want her to bring that crap into our room. That just doesn’t have the potential to go well

  65. He ried to reason with them at first and then just told them that he knew more about being an AA than they did and he was going to damm well vote for the person that would really work for him.

    Wow looking: that’s a poignant story. I hope you comforted him. He sounds like he needs to talk to afrocity. The bullying has got to stop. It never ceases to amaze me that they claim to support him because he is transformative and healing and they behave like animals.

  66. looks like the ‘Palin hanging’ has been taken down . . !

    It was probably getting hairy for the home owner.

  67. nite looking for integrity!

  68. angie: Only on that the state of the economy is ALL his fault. Oh he played a big part and continues to but he didn’t get there alone.

  69. Regency, just say no. Did roomie bring others with her?

  70. Regency — ok, I’m down with that — you are right.

  71. Obama is the biggest symbolism over substance candidate in the history of US presidential politics.

    His fake presidential seal only adds to that reality.

    Obama is so ZZZZZZZZZZZ to me now.

    He has oversaturated the electorate with his words and people are sick and tired of seeing his mug flash before thier eyes day in and day out. Obama’s act is getting old quick!

    PUMAS…keep fighting the fight…we will achieve VICTORY on election day!!

    Country Before Party and proud of it!!

  72. Gqm, Empire Strikes Back may be the best of the first three. I was looking for a comparison with the worst.

    I was a kid when Star Wars came out and it was truly incredible.

  73. angie – thanks for the link. The funny thing is how long it took that reporter to figure out that Obama is void of passion.

    I thought it was readily apparent to even the most casual observer.

  74. I went to see the Palin Rap on SNL.com for a pick me up. The one thing I will hate the most if BO wins is that Sarah will go away.

  75. Brit: She wasn’t bringing friends, just the stuff to store in the fridge. Look I’m all for fun but I’m not a drinker and I know there’s likely some kind of 0-tolerance policy here. I’m not losing my ability to live on campus (which I love) because of that. We’re loud sober and we have a good time. That’s enough for me.

    I told her to keep it in her boyfriend’s room. I prefer that.

  76. JJM, I’d say the worst by far is The Clone Wars. Worst story line and worst acting.

  77. Oh Regency, even though I am late 30’s and am getting old, your statements do not make me miss college. 🙂

  78. Yeah, but those movies were never about the story line. I wasn’t too discerning when the first two came out, so I didn’t notice.

  79. Reg, I can’t help thinking hat if there’s a worldwide economic crisis it can’t be ALL his fault.

  80. Seriously: Exactly.

    Afro: Thanks! *headdesk*

  81. Dee — I don’t think it took the reporter that long to figure it out — it just took him that long to actually report it — some in the msm see the writing on the wall — whether BO wins or loses, their reputation is tainted, so their doing a collective CYA.

  82. I’d bet anything that the articles coming out in the next few days will be months-old.

  83. I find it hard to believe that the Jedi did not know that Anakin and Padme were living together. He was shacked up there all the time.

  84. Be firm, Regency.

  85. Eyelids drooping.

    Good night everyone.

  86. Seriously,

    What makes me mad is that people do not realize that Obama is Bush III

  87. myiq: TX chainsaw massacre-beginning is on HBO…

    just sayin…

  88. Goodnight Fif

  89. I already told her. She said it was cool. Whether she follows through will be the determining factor in what comes next. I am by no means a puritan–you guys know me–but I have a generally well-rounded respect for the rules, even if others don’t. I will not risk my scholarships for someone else, even if I like her.

  90. Oh, I always found the best part of undergrad was making a fool out of myself or watching my friends make fools of themselves. I guess when you are taking more than a full time course load, working 30 hours a week and doing two independent research projects, you learn to enjoy the hell out of the down time.

  91. Night, Fif

  92. Angie: That is what they are doing – or the shit-pile just got too high and Drudge was becomming a credible newssource.

    I’m kind of hoping for the latter – otherwise they will do the Jekyl / Hyde thing some more and love him again in a day or two.

  93. Luckily for me, when I was in college the drinking age was still 18 so we didn’t have to worry about the “zero tolerance” thing. (Also, I drank when I was in college — h3ll, I grew up in NOLA, I’ve been drinking since I was 13 — I used to be able to go out all night, drink until 4 and get up for my 8 a.m. classes as fresh as a daisy — now I’m so old that more then one glass of wine with dinner & I need a full 24 hours to recover, so I’m pretty much a teatoddler now).

  94. night fif!

  95. gqmartinez,

    I was the one staying up until 3 am talking to people in the dorm lobby. Now look at me blogging at 12AM

  96. Ha ha I can’t get over Bill Burton saying that Fox is in the tank for McCain with the Drudge Report. Where does Obama find these milquetoast rags that work for him?

  97. The best part of grad school was that work was school and even working 60+ hours a week, compared to undergrad I had a ton of free time for hobbies and more “making a fool of myself”. It was also a trip to party with faculty. The best was the faculty member that went to the party with the goat and the people spitting fire. Sure beats being unemployed.

  98. Afrocity: The same place he finds his voters. In the park, on the bench, under newspaper.

  99. Oh Regency, that isn’t where he finds his voters, those are his campaign workers and signature collectors!

  100. Regency – in 1962 I was kicked out of college within the first six weeks of my freshman year for drinking in the dorm. My parents had to come pick me up, move me out of the dorm, and meet with the President of the university while listening to his condemnation of their parenting skills and to watch as I received a lecture on what a sorry ass person I was.

    At that time I had yet to consume my first alcoholic beverage. It did not matter – I was in the room. I was punished the same as my roomies because I did not turn them in.

    My sister, a sophomore, and my brother, a junior, at the same university were really pissed. They did not want me to return there after my semester of forced lay out because I had embarassed them by getting “caught”. My parents did not want me to return there either but for different reasons. Naturally, I did what I always do – I went against the family and returned and graduated with my class.

  101. JJM: You’ve got a point there. Sometimes I get my fraudulent parties mixed up.

  102. “What makes me mad is that people do not realize that Obama is Bush III”

    It’s crazy! They’re the *exact same guy* Ugh

  103. Did you guys see this?:

    Zeituni Onyango, the aunt so affectionately described in Mr Obama’s best-selling memoir Dreams from My Father, lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston.

  104. Gqm: if you are missing the goats, Ohio has a lunch offer for you and I bet she would throw in a goat tour for free. She is out in the tooleys.

  105. Wow, gq, just read your post over at Corrente and the comments that followed. Looks like you got flamed, something which really pisses me off since I thought your point was a good one presented very reasonably and cogently. Looks even Damon piled on, which surprised me. Sorry about that. Here’s hoping Barry gets hosed and your Corrente, uh, pals end up crying buckets of tears. Before the riots, of course.

  106. I saw that. Obama should get Rezko to buy houses for his relatives while he buys his own.

  107. On Barry’s 30 minute snow job tonight…

    Tucker Bounds with the McCain campaign said, “As anyone who has bought anything from an infomercial knows, the sales-job is always better than the product. Buyer beware.”


    HAHA!! LOL!!! Brilliant!!

  108. Ah Angie, I remember the days of staying up late and waking up early. The summer of 2000 was my peak for that. Remember not going to bed before 2 am except Sundays and waking up at 630 to go for a run and get to lab at 8. I swear I aged five years in those 10 weeks. Now? I’m talking about the good ol’ days like one of those people you didn’t want to be when you got older.

  109. Bill Burton is a spoiled brat. He got PWNED by Megyn Kelley this week when he acted like a total jerk and is still crying about it. The dude is a scumbag and has no respect for women.

  110. We all end up talking about the old days. You just didn’t have any to talk about before.

  111. I am turning in. Goodnight all.

    Pray that the Rasmussen fairy is good to us

  112. Even I talk about the good old days and I’m 18.

  113. I’m going to bed too.

    Nite gqm – good to see you!

  114. Night, Afrocity.

  115. Iron Man Megyn kicking his ass was a highlight 4 me.

  116. All my days are the old days now, heh. Just wish all of them were good. Great would be even better.

  117. Nite afrocity!!!

  118. Night folks. I’m so tired.

  119. Yep, afrocity, I read about that. Sad. Sounds like MO should be giving Barry some advice about keeping his own house (family) in order.

    Obama didn’t have to throw his Aunt that lives in thye slums under the bus, he just left her on the curb and never looked back. Much like he’s done with most of the people in Chicago and much like he’d do with most Americans if he had the chance.

    Obama is running for Obama. Period.

  120. Night afrocity

  121. Night reg

  122. Honestly, yeah. Obama’s making pretty good money now, it’s not like he gives much to charity, he could probably afford to help out his family a little.

  123. Indeed, I watched Megyn totally dismantle his mamby pambi answers. It was beautiful!

    Hey, has anyone heard about Obama’s typical white grandmother lately?

    It’s all crickets now about Granny.

    Before, the One was flying back to Hawaii to save the day…and now nothing.

  124. I like to let the flame throwers at Corrente wallow in their hate for a while before heading back. They aren’t all bad, though.

    My point was simple: there are very reasonable, even if unlikely, scenarios where McCain can win legitimately. Trying to paint the picture that the only way McCain can win is through fraud and then asking what ppl will do, implying violence, if McCain wins is irresponsible. Its not my problem if people find that offensive.

  125. angienc, on October 30th, 2008 at 1:18 am Said:

    Luckily for me, when I was in college the drinking age was still 18 so we didn’t have to worry about the “zero tolerance” thing. (Also, I drank when I was in college — h3ll, I grew up in NOLA, I’ve been drinking since I was 13 — I used to be able to go out all night, drink until 4 and get up for my 8 a.m. classes as fresh as a daisy — now I’m so old that more then one glass of wine with dinner & I need a full 24 hours to recover, so I’m pretty much a teatoddler now).

    Oooooo!!!! I remember the age 18 drinkin’ thang. It was just so bizarre when I would go back to KY for school and couldn’t drink there because of not being 21!

    One time when we were still teen-agers my cousin and a friend and I went to the Quarter for the day. I think we started with a movie on Canal St. Anyway, we ended up in the Quarter and were walking by the Jax Brewery when it was still a working brewery. We were able to cadge a couple of beers off a guy working the loading dock! LOL!

  126. zzzzzzzzzz Nite all.

  127. nite Kat!

  128. nite Regency

  129. Obama snubs Clinton again in his infomercial. Really classy act, that one:

    As befits a front-runner’s status, Obama saw no reason to spend any time during the half-hour directly attacking John McCain. Indeed, the Republican’s name was never uttered.

    We were struck by another omission. Several prominent Democrats had cameos in the ad — Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, among them. Conspicuously absent (at least to us) — Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York.

    The article also says that the infomercial will likely have little effect.


  130. Get some rest all. We’ve got 5 full days to go to election day!

    November 4, 2008 = VICTORY for the PUMAs and McCain-Palin ’08 and Hillary in 2012!!

    I didn’t watch barry’s infomercial tonight, but just read a lengthy AP article that ripped Obama a new one for not being honest in his infomercial.

    I had to read it twice because the AP has been in the tank for Barry for months!!

    Hmm…wonder if the AP sees things slipping out of reach for The One?

    Greta had the AP article up on her site tonight. It took Obama to school and then some!

    Obama = False Advertising

  131. nite jjmontana!

  132. night kat

  133. http://gretawire.foxnews.com/2008/10/29/associated-press-says-senator-obama-was-less-than-upfront-in-his-12-hour-commercial/

    Say it ain’t so, Barry O!!

    Dude lied!!

    And can you believe it?!! The AP is calling Obama out on his lies in his 30 minute false advertising commercial!! WOW!!

  134. “Gov. Bill Richardson and Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri”

    Who says BO has horrible political instincts?

  135. I was making pottery — so I missed it.
    Well, my husband just decided to have the cable back so looks like I will be attached to TV civilization again like all of you, RD & Co. Instead of just local news and PBS.

    not sure I want to be, but movies will be nice —
    I am angry but I took it out on the wedging table and then I threw 2 beautiful huge platters…

    I think I’ll make a big PUMA platter for you RD.
    Thank you for being who you are, since January, for everybody — you always know just what to say on these late nite deals —
    I suppose some blog someplace will have the details of whatever he did — in the meantime–
    my fingers are crossed & I spent a lot of time last night reading up on the astro transits of this deal —

    it’s not positive– in the way they want it to be, at all.
    not at all.

    hugs, always

    your west coast greendem newly repub pumapal…………

    Bill Clinton is WRONG, tonight.
    he isn’t the future….

    mush love to all

  136. Brit — imo that ad was a pretend State of the Union by the pretend president (no, I didn’t watch it, as I said in the last thread, I don’t watch the real State of the Union by the real president — its nothing but kabuki theater). Anyway, what does t me off about that article is the first sentence “as befits his front runner status” BO goes back and forth of what his ‘status” is as suits his needs — he is the front runner when he wants to pretend he is above it all (meanwhile having his henchmen attack left & right) but he is also the “underdog” as MO always reminds us, because he is the AA guy with the funny name. I’m so sick of his bs & the media playing along with it.

  137. nite vbonnaire!

  138. myiq — where are you? this is two nights in a row — I’m beginning to think you and the capt. are lusting after someone else’s kidneys.

  139. I couldn’t care less what the press is reporting now. They don’t exist. The fourth estate is dead. They have jeopardized democracy, which is treasonous (no hyperbole). But you watch, they are going to weasel out of it.

    Obama’s pre-election”state of the union” merely consisted of him saying, “I understand and relate to you white middle class folk; I’m one of you.”

  140. Angie,

    I told him TX chainsaw massacre was on but I meant he could put it on the teevee and still type!

  141. I could hear some of it coming through my window when I was taking a bath, lol, and it sounded superschmaltzy. It wasn’t even Bo most of teh time, it was people saying stuff like “Something was their moment, this is our moment.” I cursed my small water heater. 😉

  142. angienc, oh come now! Obama is post-partisan, post-racial, post contemporary…

    “…cursed my small water heater.”


    His speaking cadence is unbearable. He needs amphetamines.

  143. I think Angie left too.

  144. I’m back now — sorry I did leave for a moment.

  145. Angie, I think myiq and the Cap’n went to dig up an old friend or two to watch the movie with them.

  146. Seriously — LOL! Juan Williams (who held out drinking the kool aid when Hillary was still in it, but who is now a bona fide kool aid drinker) admitted that the ratings “wouldn’t be great” for the infomercial (and, btw, I’m so happy to see everyone in the msm calling it that now) but that “by wrapping himself in the American flag’ BO was appealing to those who didn’t “know him yet” (yeah, right — only those in a coma for the last 9 months haven’t heard of him) . Ha! I couldn’t believe he said that with a straight face.

  147. OK — don’t tell him I got a little jealous there — I like to be crazy on my own time. LOL

  148. He might be watching Deal or No deal, the woman brought home the mil this time. lol

  149. LOL! HAHA! Found this comment over at NQ tonight and wanted to pass it along:

    Vote for Obama!! But WAIT there’s more!
    Vote today and we’ll include this set of FIVE, that’s right FIVE Ginsu steak knives for FREE.
    Vote in the next five minutes and shipping is FREE!
    Operators are standing by, don’t delay and remember vote early and vote often!


  150. Seriously — fiddle-dee-dee, I don’t care what he’s doing (said with nose in air, tossing hair — like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind).

  151. angie they think people are idiots, they realy do. That’s teh entire basis of this campaign. BO is a product they think they can sell like soap with astroturfing and marketing strategies.

  152. Aw, angie. The woman’s a vet….there was confetti…

  153. “yeah, right — only those in a coma for the last 9 months haven’t heard of him) .”

    Half of this country at the very least believe O is a viable candidate and he seems to enjoy the most support in the 30 and younger crowd. don’t you think that is a bit disturbing?

    I wish they were in comas.

  154. Iron Man — re: vote early & often — Rove quoted some guy tonight (Valenti, I think) who said “when I die, bury me in Texas so I can stay politically active.” That made me laugh.
    btw — anyone heard about yet another district in MS that officially has more people registered to vote then they have people eligible to vote living there? I swear, if anyone “steals” the election this time, it isn’t the GOP — just sayin’

  155. didn’t watch the infomercial…sounds like it bombed. I would rather watch a half hour Amway infomercial.
    I’d rather attend a Tupperware party.

    good night, all. Don’t forget my Puzzler tomorrow night at 8pm, to benefit Democrats for Principle Before Party.

  156. jvsp — I wish they were in comas. LMAO — from the voter registration shennanigan’s going on, I think the comatose will be voting in this election anyway.

    Seriously — you lost me on the “women is a vet” comment. help!

  157. good night dcattorney — and yep, it must have bombed if the msm can’t even spin it.

  158. Do you think Rove’s working on the campaign though he says he isn’t?

    Yeah I heard that, they’re worse than IN, they only have 105%, this district has 125% or so

  159. Either way, whoever loses is going to believe the “opponent” won by stealing the election. I’m more afraid of the right wing.

  160. Oh, I meant myiq isn’t diching you, but c’mon, confetti, vets on Deal or No Deal….he’s just peeking at it for a minute…

  161. Seriously — I get it now — the woman on Deal or No Deal is a vet — I didn’t connect it! D’oh!

  162. More afraid of the right wing rioting?

  163. but c’mon, confetti, vets

    Uh is that veterinarians or vets like ex-military folk?

  164. Noosed Palin mannequin removed from front yard
    Thursday, October 30, 2008


  165. Seriously — I wonder if Rove is working on the campaign or not. He hasn’t been all that kind to McCain on FOX, although he doesn’t stray too far from the party line (kind of like what Bill Clinton is doing for BO — just enough to not “betray” his party, but no more, imo). Let’s not forget — Bush (and by extension Rove) have a mutual hate-hate relationship with McCain. But, at the same time, Rove is such a lying weasel it could be a double bluff (ie a signal to the Bushies of the party that “yeah, we don’t like McCain, but we still got to vote for him — the other guy is not an option).

  166. yeah, the right wing…

  167. Military.

  168. GRB — I’m glad they took it down, but sorry that they only did it because of the “attention” and not because they actually realized how wrong & disrespectful it was. And, color me cynical, I am willing to bet it came down today in no small part because of the terrible obama effigy hung at Kentucky Univ. today. Tomorrow when the msm goes batsh!t crazy over it (which, btw they should — but they also should have over the Palin one) people will not be able to say “but the one in WeHo of Palin is up.”

  169. I wonder how many of these university students and the privileged who fantasize about “revolutionary change”, playing Che and “living” the 60s really understand what sort of violence can be wrought by just one determined individual with the right knowledge.

    Timothy McVeigh held the belief, whether erroneous or not, that the principles upon which the nation had been founded, the nation he loved (and he did love it), were at the very least being undermined. I wonder how many more people, given the MSM’s behavior and what Obama and his friends are seen to represent will share the aforementioned sentiments now.

    How much traction have these sentiments gained? To what extent? Consider how many on just this blog alone have come to believe more and more that America is in a precarious spot? Now consider the wingnuts…

    Take one person who is frustrated, outraged, and with precious little to lose…

    160+ people died in the Oklahoma bombing.

  170. They seem pretty apathetic. I know Republicans have a tendency to fight like hell on everything, but….

    Yeah, angie, I think the Repubs who are throwing McCain under the bus are idiots. They may not like him, but if Obama wins, who knows what can happen. they’re fools if they think they’ll just be able to cruise back with their right wing hero in 4 years. Anything can happen. And like the right wing Republicans are so oppressed. 🙂 Spoiled brats!

  171. jvsp — I heard that gun sales are way up — so, you might be right.
    as far as the Obots rioting — puh-lease — those Y generationers who’ve had everything handed to them actually riot? what are they going to do, text us to death?

  172. Seriously, on October 30th, 2008 at 2:30 am Said:


    I was joking.

  173. Egads! 2:36 my time — I have got to go to sleep! Good night all!!

  174. “…text us to death?”


    They have midterms around now I do believe. Can’t risk the GPA.


  175. Sorry Fredster. Half teh time people don’t know what I’m talking about. I do not express myself clearly. 🙂

  176. Hello Conflucians,
    I’ve been traveling to and from NYC and then racing around to hand Democrats for Principle Before Party business and then collapsed and then woke up with insomnia and now am going to go off to try to sleep again BUT:

    First a huge thank you to those who are helping raise the money for the final push for Democrats for Principle Before Party. We actually decided to hit Michigan again, because their are indicators that the race is tightening there and if any Dems/former Dems should be furious about what the Party has done this year it should be the voters of Michigan, eh?

    We ran in Tampa today. We run in Miami this coming weekend. Miami is a fortune and we have a limited amount of time to finalize some spots we have scheduled, so once again, even if you are tapped out and I am sure you are, please consider finding somebody who might have $5.44 to donate. Or better yet 500.44 (smile). The website is http://tdg.typepad.com/democrats_for_principle_b/

  177. A few other quick updates: on the issue of the sickness of the political discourse and how both candidates might address it jointly (wow, that would be refreshing – I could see Sen. Clinton joining with Sen. McCain but I doubt Senator Obama will, you may find this post of interest: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/10/effigies-of-barack-obama-were-hung-on-the-university-of-kentucky-campus-and-outside-a-home-in-indiana-after-authorities-said.html

  178. Finally I wanted you all to know that the blogger event at Baruch college yesterday, I highlighted this blog several times. Interestingly, the audience and even worse some of my fellow panelists had no idea that Kos started banning pro-clinton bloggers way back.

  179. Hello Heidi Li, I liked your Nixon ads. No politician wants to look Nixonian.

  180. LOL According to the article, the effigy came down after someone showed up at the guy’s house with an effigy with a noose and his name on it.

    Motto: Obots will listen only if you speak to them in their own thuggish language. Not that comforting.

  181. Okay, Heidi, I’ll toss in another few.

    I really hope this pays off.

  182. IIRC there was an incident where some kids were in the midst of stealing a fellow’s McCain sign. If I had money I would look into investing in kevlar…

  183. ^^and he shot the kid

  184. angienc – I agree.

  185. Nice piece, Heidi. I have to say I share your skepticism, but it would be nice if it happened.

  186. Was the kid okay? I don’t have money for kevlar, maybe I will invest in some Palin buttons and practice hitting the deck.

  187. Okay, did a little bit to help the cause. Any other late-nighters up for donating?

    “Donation Details
    Donation amount: $500.44 USD
    Total: $500.44 USD
    Purpose: From The Confluence – for the ads in Michigan/Miami
    Contributor: Alice ———–

    Recipient information
    Donations coordinator: The Denver Group”

  188. Seriously, on October 30th, 2008 at 2:56 am Said:


    And I added a link to the story upthread about the action taken by ordinary citizens to get that vile display changed – if we the people can do it why can’t those who keep demanding our money and seeking our votes?

  189. scrubs57, on October 30th, 2008 at 3:01 am Said:

    WOW. Thank you. I was just over at Murphy’s sight and spread a little wealth there, but your generosity is simply amazing.

  190. Yeah, shot in the arm and windows oh his vehicle shot out. …think the kid is supposed to be ok.

    “…Palin buttons…” LOL! that is about what I can afford, but I will probably donate my last pennies instead. The urban centers must be tense… You can always go on holiday in your basement (or in lieu of one, dig a hole) …

  191. Hedi,
    Unfortunately, it’s all I can do from down here in Oz. I wish I were there with you guys right now.
    Anyway, go flood the markets – people may actually watch our ad since they are so fed up with Obama’s.

  192. To answer someone’s question, I have been reading that some Republicans want Mccain to lose. They also want the election to be close so that the Republicans can have filibuster ability. They don’t want to the Democrats to have a 60 seat majority. They figure that in 2010 and beyond, they will control the government.

  193. I live in a highly Democratic county in Ohio, Portage County. The only person to come to my house was one kid for Obama, and he was paid. Nobody else has called, mailed or anything. I’m not that good of a communicator, so I can’t promote Mccain. I get in my friends faces on Obama and his ideals. Not good.

    It just amazes me that no Republicans are going for my vote even though I am for him. Obama is too liberal for me. I like my guns and religion.

  194. PHILLIES!!!!!

    This must be the year of unlikely winners.

    PA will go as red as a Phillies baseball cap.

  195. edgeoforever, I’m puzzled by something on your site. There’s a post dated Spetember 20 2008 stating that either Rupert Murdoch supports BO or is non-partisan. Yet Murdoch stated in an interview with Neil Cavuto that he was supporting McCain, and that BO would be bad for the country (for which you can reasonably infer Rupert meant “bad for my way of doing business”). Murdoch is naturally conservative, from a conservative. family. But he has a history in Australia, the UK and the US of supporting who looks like a winner. Earlier this year he was taken with BO’s “charisma”. But as Murdoch got closer the stench became apparent and he came out strongly in favor of BO. IMO, Fox has too.

    This – not the polls or people’s gut reaction from their neighborhood signs – it what gives me most hope that McCain will defeat BO. Murdoch does not usually pick losers.

    Not that I am so optimistic about a McCain Presidency – just extremely pessimistic about a BO Presidency.

  196. i just voted by absentee ballot here in nyc yesterday for MCCAIN-PALIN!!!! It was exhilarating to be able to vote for a woman.

    i was struck by the fact that i never had to show any identification at all—-which meant that if i wanted to go in as my neighbor with her address, i could have voted more than once.

    i will go to PA again this weekend to hold up the sign Democrat for McCain…

  197. Good Morning! for anyone who missed this earlier link:


    Noosed Palin mannequin removed from front yard
    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    urge, Is this what you meant to say?
    “Earlier this year he was taken with BO’s “charisma”. But as Murdoch got closer the stench became apparent and he came out strongly in favor of BO. IMO, Fox has too.”

    Phillies and Murdoch as predictors of a McCain win, I’ll take that!

  198. carpetride, we have to sign in and they check our signatures against the one on file. I’m in PA.

  199. Whoops! puplefinn, what a fine editor you are! No, of course, I meant to write: ““Earlier this year he was taken with BO’s “charisma”. But as Murdoch got closer the stench became apparent and he came out strongly in favor of McCain. IMO, Fox has too.”

    Murdoch said he favored McCain.

    Haven’t had my morning strong black coffee yet.

    Thanks so much.

  200. I fell asleep with the television on last night, woke up in the middle of the night to what I guess was a repeat of the bff campaign speech with obama and Bill Clinton. It was Bill Clinton speaking with obama in the right corner of the screen. The sound was too low and I didn’t feel like welling with anger at 4am but I tell you, mr. obama looked like a puny skinny little kid up there playing candidate, chin jutted way up trying to make him look, I don’t know, bigger or or braver or older or more qualified or something? It was actually ridiculous to look at the two of them. The little empty suit looked like someone had cut and pasted his picture on a stage with a man who truly belonged there. obama is another alfred e. newman for president.

  201. “Haven’t had my morning strong black coffee yet.”

    urge, the other day I was tempted to ask what brand you drank. You “hit the nail” so often.

  202. purplefinn, mostly Peet’s.

    “You “hit the nail” so often.” – I wish!! There are so many gifted people writing here it’s fun, but hard, trying to even keep up.

  203. A brilliant analysis of the Obama phenomenon in today’s Wall Street Journal by Fouad Adjami: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122533157015082889.html

  204. LOL Thanks for sharing!

    Kindest regards,


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