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If Obama can’t even take care of his own neighborhood, how can he take care of our country?

‘If you can’t run your own house, then you can’t run the White House.’

-Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, I wondered the same thing too especially when your neighborhood, not too far from your million dollar Rezko mansion, looks like this:

American Girl in Italy at No Quarter posted a compelling argument into Barack Obama’s character by showing his paternal grandmother and Barack’s half brother – it’s heartbreaking – in her post “if you are not caring for your family…” It inspired me to do the same here at the Confluence.  American Girl in Italy reminded us of when Obama was a state senator for Illinois, Obama pushed for privately owned and managed low-income housing that is subsidized with state and federal funds.  In other words, the government gives the property owner money if they promise to provide housing for needy families and to maintain it under US housing code. And this tragic incident is the result of Obama’s corruption:

The great PUMA videomaker, Flineo, had this to say about Obama’s district in Chicago:

And this is how the Obama campaign & 2008 DNC sell him as:

Uhhhh, I don’t see rainbows and unity ponies floating in the sky over Grove Park or Cabrini Housing Projects. I don’t see Curtis Cooper’s family “getting over” his death due to Obama & Chicago Thug Crew’s quest for power & cash.  We’re supposed to let this guy waltz into the Oval Office just because it’s a “historical candidacy” when he treats the very people he represented like animals to benefit his rich friends?   The 2008 Chicago Machine  DNC stole votes to put a corrupt slumlord appeaser into office?   Voter fraud is little compared to what Obama let happen under his watch in the only piece of land Obama represented before his US seante run.

Right now, people are living in dangerous inhabitable buildings because of Obama and his Chicago cronies.   And cold weather is already here and I wonder about the people in Grove Park, whether they are stuffing plastic bags between the door cracks just to keep warm.  I wonder if Curtis Cooper’s family has filed a lawsuit against Obama’s friends who manage Cabrini, who opted to solve the problem by putting a chain around a fence so iron fences won’t kill another child.

The people of Chicago voted for Barack Obama and this is what they got. What will we get if he becomes president?  More than ever, we have to really think about our voting strategy this November 4th.  We’ve got to keep this criminal out of the Oval Office.  Think out your voting strategy wisely.

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

137 Responses

  1. THANK YOU SM77!!!!!!






  2. I live in Chicago and Barack Obama was shoved down our throats and no one here knew him. There were so many conflicting stories out there about him, no one knew the truth. When he ran for the U.S. Senate, I was told he was endorsed by our beloved Senator, Paul Simon and his family. That turned out to be not true. Obama’s entire Illinois career has been based on Chicago style thug and mobster tactics. He first got Alice Palmer off the ballot by challenging ALL THE SIGNATURES (she was a friend and mentor and he kicked her under the bus) and took her spot. Then when he ran for the U.S. Senate, he and David Axelrod broke the story about his Republican opponent who had to step down due to various questionable activiites. The GOP brought in Alan Keyes who was a joke and even Republicans couldn’t vote for him, so Obama ran virtually unopposed. He was in the Senate for probably a week when Dick Durbin, our long time popular senator announced that he had encouraged Obama to run for President. I thought it strange at the time that someone with no experience and no one here in Illinois even anything about him was running for president, but that is how it went. Obama did not even apologize to the people of Illinois who had voted him in (supposedly) as to why he took the job as Senator if he planned to run for President right away, unlike Hillary Clinton who told the people of NY that she would finish her first term before running for president. Obama has done literally nothing for the people of Illinois since becoming our senator except collect his paycheck and run for President. When he was in the Illinois junior Senate, he sat with those who provided favors to Tony Rezko (now found guilty of corruption and if he doesn’t get a pardon will go to jail) even though Obama pretends not to know him very well (Obama got a sweet deal on his mansion in Hyde Park through his friendship with Rezko). Obama and Rezko did nothing for the people in Obama’s district except defraud them with sub-standard housing, all the monies going into Rezko’s pocket. Obama has been in the thick of corruption his entire campaign and used the same style tactics to steal the primary and steal this election, while pretending to be a “different kind of politician”. Perhaps I am too close to it all, being an Illinois resident, but I cannot in good conscience inflict Obama on the American people by voting for him for president.

  3. […] If Obama can’t even take care of his own neighborhood, how can he … American Girl in Italy at No Quarter posted a compelling argument into Barack Obama’s character by showing his paternal grandmother and Barack’s half brother – it’s heartbreaking – in her post “if you are not caring for your family… … […]

  4. sm77 thanks for a great post.

    afrocity and susan h… it is appalling what has happened, your entire city is under the bus.

  5. Hmmmm, AfroCity and Susan H perhaps this would be a good link to send to all those Chicagoans you know who might be thinking of voting for O

  6. Thanks, sm77, great post – this is important information – we need to spread it around

  7. Chicagoan here-

    Obama got rid of his two subsequent opponents by having their closed records (divorce) opened. Particularly vile was the forced opening of Jack Ryan’s records which both he and his ex-wife had ordered closed to protect their son.

    Aside from the mob style actions and thuggery, and throwing long time public servants under the bus, Obama has done ZERO for Illinois. I drove through some of the poorest neighborhoods for almost five years and instead of improvinf they seemed to get worse.

    BUT, Obama HAS done something during those years in which he cashed his tax-payer funded paycheck. He wrote his books. Since he’s spreading the wealth, will the poor and working poor of Illinois get a share of the profits from the books he wrote on taxpayer time and dollar?

  8. Have you ever tried to tell someone this truth and they will not hear it?
    Maybe before the election, bus tours to Chicago to really see how little he has done would be in order.
    Maybe a film crew to Kenya to see how much his word is worth in upgrading the school in his Grandmother’s village.
    Any person with a conscience would at least build a better home for an ageing grandmother than a hut.
    Look at him really.
    He lives in a mansion. His grandmother lives in a hut.
    What do you think he will do for this country when he refuses to do for his grandmother.



  9. How can we trust this person to lead our country if he’s a cipher to his own constituents? It just makes NO sense at all to me. He doesn’t even have a record to run on. Just a bunch of speeches where he continually changes his positions.

  10. And maybe posting Fox News’ video of his friend, mentor, and pastor’s new mansion would show everyone just how interested they are in helping the poor. I wonder how many families could live in Obama’s or Wrights mansions?

  11. AfroCity & Susan H – we need to remind people what you see every day in your city. He never did anything for Chicago – and he wants to run this country?

    Is this what spreading the wealth really means?

  12. “If you can’t buy your own dream house, get a crook to subsidize it. Do the same to buy the White House.”
    – Michelle Obama’s example

  13. I have to say I don’t understand why the economic situation of Obama’s relatives in Kenya doesn’t get any play in this election.

    One of his half brothers (I presume he has a number of them) is living in a hovel in Kenya. So far as I know, there are no strained relations between Obama and this brother, nor has the brother done anything to be clearly undeserving of help.

    How can Obama, a multi-millionaire, excuse not extending any help to this brother, given how little money it would likely require to help his brother out of the most abject poverty?

    Maybe there’s a story there that Obama can give that would justify what appears to be the worst sort of neglect of a sibling. All I can say is that I have never heard that story.

    Really, if there’s just no account of this apparent neglect that would excuse it, how can one not say that this shows a very deep character defect in Obama? He is desperate to find and understand his roots — but then, when it comes to making even the smallest sacrifice of his own, he offers nothing? If that were true, how more narcissistic could the man be?

    I’m pretty astonished that more hasn’t been made of this story. If Obama has a good explanation, why don’t I know it?

  14. We see these videos and are appalled. The Upper Crust sees them and get a tingle up the leg . No wonder they love Bambie .

  15. This needs to be shown on every news station out there, not Obi telling us about hope and change. So many people, especially AA’s think he is the one who will bring about reform and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them. It is disgusting the way he panders to everyone and they are buying it hook, line and sinker. He is nothing but a con man. I know we have had posts about rioting if he loses, I worry more about what will happen when people discover that they have been conned.

  16. wow! thanks for the shout out! :O) I am a faithful reader and admirer of this blog, so it was quite a nice suprise to see my name. grazie!

    (and flineo is a video genious!)

  17. bumper sticker I saw on the way in to work today:

  18. The sad part is those very same people with the plastic bag insulation, if they vote, will vote for the Anointed One.

    Do you really think the above information will make a bit of difference to the Obotomized loons?

    Not even Patrick Fitzgerald leading Obama off in handcuffs will sway their vote.

  19. Perhaps I am too close to it all, being an Illinois resident, but I cannot in good conscience inflict Obama on the American people by voting for him for president.

    I don’t understand why he had such overwhelming support in the primary, and now in the GE in IL.

  20. Sarah – I LOVED YOUR POST at NoQuarter & thank you always for your insight. It really hit me hard and we need to be reminded that Obama has NO MORAL COMPASS.

  21. Must read So Long, Democrats by former Edwards, Clinton, Obama speechwriter that is voting for McCain.

  22. OK, speaking of NoQuarter, can I just say that that is rapidly becoming another site that I have to cross off my list…?? I was just over there trying to keep my cool during a discussion of the supposed Obama-Khalidi tape and I am just appalled at the rampant anti-Muslim bigotry and hatred that they allow (and encourage) posters to spew there. It’s really gotten disgusting. And if you dare contradict them, you get slammed and ridiculed and called an Obot. Jeebus, it’s like the Orange Cheeto at this point!! And there are way too many rightwing nutjobs posting over there, and too many posters (and even front-pagers) screaming SOCIALIST SOCIALIST until I am forced to agree with Mawm who told Republicans that he would vote BO if they kept calling Obama a socialist…except in my case I feel like saying “Call Rashid Khalidi a terrorist one more time and I will vote for AND donate money to BO…” So I better just stay off of there for a while.

  23. Great post sm77 Why this doesn’t get national media attention only emphasizes that the msm is in the tank for BO.
    The saddest part of the whole thing was the video of Curtis – when that lady said “his little head was massed in” it brought tears to my eyes, but my tears soon turned to rage at that lame statement from the Chicago Housing Department. How anyone who lives in Chicago can vote for Obama is beyond me.
    afrocity — you are not the freak — you are the sane one!!!

  24. Uhhhh,I don’t see rainbows and unity ponies floating in the sky over Grove Park or Cabrini Housing Projects.


    In all seriousness, though… The One [and the BOTS] have a nasty case of Confirmation Bias.

  25. The irony is that whatever “socialism” Sir barks-a-lot may shower upon us will likely involve this grafty privatization variety, where any potential “services” alloted to the populace will be another boondoggle for his thugs, just as the mafioso once took over trash, sewer, and other municipal infrastructure.

  26. Did you hear in that one video: “The Obama campaign will not comment on the condition of the Grove Parc Plaza?” That’s where the problem begins–with the press–because Obama can just say, “No comment,” and the subject is dropped. I have thought all along that this was a huge story. The candidate with little experience, who promises to change the world, either doesn’t know what is going on in his district, doesn’t care, or is outright lying. This is a visual testament of his “experience” thus far. The images speak for themselves, and his financial relationship with Rezko completely destroys his reformer marketing campaign. As RealKim said, “He’s a con man.” I’m frustrated that his opponents did not know how to make the case more clearly. It’s obvious to all of us. They should have hired Flineo to do their ads.

  27. I just wonder: has the Obama statue (a la Sadam) gone up in Hyde Park yet?

  28. Obama in raleigh right now. ughh…..

  29. This is an OT report from the field.

    I probably thought too much about yesterday’s post on the topic of being afraid to discuss our voting choices this election cycle. I’ve been especially aware of this at home, where I’ve forbidden my new husband, an Opod person, to bring up the topic of the election.

    During the hideous Reagan/Carter election cycle, I lived in Berzerkley and had way too much contact with political science students and associated pretenders; and I learned that, by and large, political arguments among friends and family simply are not worth the sturm and drang.

    I brought this lesson to my recent marriage. Though and co-domiciled just this past August, my husband and I have been together for two and a half years. We’ve never had an argument–just relatively minor disagreements. But he’s recently come to know what a harridan I am about powdered coffee creamer. Consequently, he hasn’t been able to resist letting off little bursts of steam about Barky. (Another thing I learned in Berkeley is that household arguments about politics often are really about other matters.) I’ve always either ignored his comments, or have headed off debate with a comment about how I’m voting McKinney. Always, that is, until I read yesterday’s post about so many of use being afraid to discuss this year’s electoral choices. Here’s how it went.


    Me: I bought some bandanas for our biker gang costumes.

    Him: Oh, I’ve changed my mind. I head Sarah Palin costumes are selling like hotcakes. I think you should go as Sarah Palin.

    Me: I voted for McKinney.

    Him: Don’t give me that. You voted for McCain. [He’s corrrect.]

    Me: I’ll go as Sarah Palin, but with a noose around my neck.

    Him: OK.

    Me: And you can go as Obama, with a noose around your neck.

    Him: You can’t do that.

    Me: Why not?

    Him: The lynching thing.

    Me: But it’s fine to do that to a woman.

    Him: I see where you’re going with this, but you can’t. You know what I mean.

    Me: Yes, I’m afraid I do know what you mean. Tell you what. I’ll go as Sarah, and you can go as Joe Biden, with credit cards stapled to your suit.

    Him: What? Why credit cards?

    Me: Um. Joe Biden. A senator located in the state of Delaware. The senator from MBNA.

    Him: What?

    Me: He’s largely responsible for the most recent backruptcy bill.

    Him: Oh. I didn’t know that.

    Me: This is why we shouldn’t be talking about this. If you don’t know who Joe Biden is and where he and his pal Obama are getting their millions and millions, you really do NOT want to get into this discussion with me.

    Him: Right. So, what color are the bandanas?


    I was remarkably restrained, see? I didn’t even mention FISA, which, I am sorry to say, would have drawn much the same response as my reference to Credit Card Joe. I love my husband dearly, but I hatehatehate talking to low information voters.

    And I hate powdered coffee creamer.

  30. looking for integrity, on October 29th, 2008 at 11:20 am Said:
    And maybe posting Fox News’ video of his friend, mentor, and pastor’s new mansion would show everyone just how interested they are in helping the poor. I wonder how many families could live in Obama’s or Wrights mansions?

    I vote that we should try and find out, just like in Dr. Zhivago when they move all those families into the mansion.

  31. There has to be justice. Obama can’t win. I have faith in the American People not to elect Obama

  32. Fitz,
    interesting blog post. Did you read any of the comments?

    The obamabots are well trained. Whenever a female comes out against Obama, the sexism weapon is deployed.

    One commenter remarked that the blog post is an example of why women are not taken seriously.

    Please God, rebuke these vile animals!

  33. hi y’all just stopping by…. I am very worried about this victory party being planned by Teh One… I was listening to a caller to a radio show (a cop) describe how there aren’t even porta potties planned — it is definitely setting up a riot scenario…this cop said that riots occur in Chicago when the basketball team wins….he said he had no doubt there would be rioting regardless of the outcome of the election….that is SCARY. innocent people are going to get hurt….someone should be stepping in and stopping this.

  34. Afrocity, you have more faith than I do. I am worried sick.

  35. oh please please please let Chris Matthews have to eat crow this time next week….


  36. Someone needs to do a post about the speechwriter defection. As another site pointed out, if it had been a McCain speechwriter it would be all over the Corp Media, but this? crickets.

    Is this general knowledge?

    …most people don’t understand the details about Senator Obama’s plan with Iraq. When he says, “all combat troops,” he’s not talking about all troops—it leaves a residual force of as large as 55,000 indefinitely. That’s not ending the war; that’s half a war.

  37. I kept saying no, that can’t be right but after going back to the unexplainable cult like behavior of his followers and re-reading 1984 a month or so ago – I think insightanalytical may indeed be right

    – after seeing what lays in O’s wake – insightanalytic makes more and more sense.

    from insightanalytical:


  38. lililam — I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Obama is a fake socialist just like he is a fake Democrat. The one and only “change” this guy wants is job title.

  39. OT: About Obama’s infomercial tonight I just want to ask — have any of you ever bought something from an infomercial that lived up to its claims and was worth the price?

  40. Does anyone have that link to the Obama campaign speech writer defector that is now for McCain?

    Where is Corsi?

  41. Did someone call Obama a socialist????

  42. afrocity, Fitz, on October 29th, 2008 at 11:45 am Said:

    for the link

  43. Ann On, Too funny. You have script writing potential!

  44. Mawm,
    Also, regarding women not being taken seriously, I’ve seen some previews for the movie being released this weekend “Changeling”.

    The film is set in late 1920s Los Angeles and is based on the true story of a woman who recognizes that the boy returned to her after a kidnapping is not her son. After confronting the city authorities, she is vilified as an unfit mother and branded delusional.

    I looked up the story and it is true. I don’t know if I can bear to see it after what has happened in this election.

  45. I guess we should be glad he was at least there to vote “present” those 130 + times.



  46. Fitx @ 11:45 Afrocity

  47. votermom

    Sorry to say … yes! Well, I didn’t buy it myself, but my best friend bought me one of those Swivel Sweepers. If you have small children, it’s a must have as it’s easy enough for the kids to use.

    And, for the blog addicted, you can even use it whilst sitting in front of the computer (just lean over from your chair swing the thing around you in a circle). Heh, bet I could sell one to Pat this Friday.

  48. Speechwriter defection So Long, Democrats

  49. FItz, the movie is based on the Wineville Chicken Murders. It is a true story and a very sad one.

  50. Ann On, great post — still laughing and I know what you mean about powdered creamer.

  51. Forget “nuclear”, where I come from in the midwest, everyone pronounces it with the Fargo nu-cu-lar pronunciation.

    What I want is a candidate that can pronounce “to”. “Tuh” just doesn’t make it.

  52. Damn, myiq, you jumped on that socialist thing in a second. Have you got a bell that rings everytime someone says the word?

  53. Okay I think Pat is babysitting today, but where is Madamab?

  54. Yeah Mawm -agree- I read the comments on the speechwriter piece as well and found them really repugnant.

  55. ‘I will never delay the start of the World Series for an infomercial!’ – John McCain, 10/29/08

    Okay, that does it!

    John McCain is my hero!

  56. So, Cialist isn’t something myiq would ever use?

    Sorry … just trying to get a rise outta ya! Ha!

  57. He can’t take care of his neighborhood, and if his punctuality is so appalling, how can we even take him seriously, never mind considering letting him run the country!?

    Obama – “sorry I’m late compilation”

    (is quite funny is a scary way!)

  58. Please don’t pick on me when I’m hungover.

  59. Dancing opossum

    Some of my old college friends from my time overseas who are from various arabic countries and muslim infer that Khalidi supports terrorists.

  60. britgirls, lol. I could certainly use more sweeping in my house.
    The last thing I bought because my kid saw it on an infomercial was those Aquadot toys two years ago — good thing she never swallowed any because it turns out they had GHB in it. Never again. Now we stick to Legos.

  61. myiq;

    Are you OK?

  62. Sigh, I just came out to my sister – as a McCain/Palin voter. She’s a science prof and Palin held a rally at her U in Ohio and my sis sent me an eye rolling scornful email about creationism and the evil that will be wrought upon research funding under a McCain/Palin administration.

    I told her Palin’s parents are science teachers and I am voting for the ticket.


  63. After reading the comments about the defecting speechwriter it’s pretty obvious that most of them only read as far as, “A speechwriter for Obama, Edwards, and Clinton on why she’s voting McCain.” then stopped and wrote their comment.

  64. MyIq,

    You should put a snooze button on your sprinklers.

  65. Here’s something refreshing from this article:

    Monitor shifts from print to Web-based strategy
    In 2009, the Monitor will become the first nationally circulated newspaper to replace its daily print edition with its website; the 100 year-old news organization will also offer subscribers weekly print and daily e-mail editions.
    By David Cook
    * * *
    ……………”In the Monitor’s first edition, Mrs. Eddy defined the scope and tone of the newspaper’s journalistic mission, writing that it should “injure no man, but bless all mankind.”……..
    * * *

  66. Are you OK?

    I’m never okay, but today is worse than usual. I drank too much and woke up naked in the backyard with the dog licking my face.

    Then I realized I don’t have a dog. There’s another neighbor I can never look in the eye again.

  67. LOL LOL

    Oct. 29, 2008

    (Washington, D.C.) Today, a unnamed source from the Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com) revealed that they were accidentally included in an e-mail by the Obama campaign that contained what appears to be an advance review copy of the script that Sen. Obama (D-IL) will be using for his 30-minute ad.

    The e-mail appears to have been intended for members of Obama’s inner circle, seeking feedback. The Obama campaign had no immediate comment.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Source was considering releasing the full script. However, they did reveal the following ten-minute excerpt:

    “Change. Change, change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change, baby. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change-change-change. Ch-change. Change. Change. I mean change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Changity change change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change-o-matic changing change. Change. Change. We need change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Spare me your change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Did I mention we need change? Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. When my tax plan goes into effect (change), all you’ll have is change. Change. Change. Change. Change we need. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change you need. Change. Change. Change. I hope you have change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. That’s my plan, change. Change. Change. Change. Change what? Change. We’re gonna change change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change the politics of change. Change. Change. Change my mind. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Any of this change I’m talking about change your mind? Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. After you see the change we’re gonna change, you’re gonna need to change your underwear. Change. Change. Change. Change. Changaroo. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Don’t change the channel. Change. Change. Gonna talk about more change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change, change, changing change-change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change changing change, changing the change, which changes the change. It’s Bush’s fault.”

    The Source said the rest goes on like that for another 10 minutes. The script allows for a minimum of 10 minutes of wild applause, and an occassional swoon, thus bringing the total to 30 minutes.


  68. If backtrack holds up the Phillies game and the Phillies god forbid lose, he just lost Philadelphia.
    We do not forgive when it comes to sports.
    We throw snowballs at Santa.
    If the Eagles lose to the Cowboys we make them walk home.




  69. I have serious mommy issues

  70. Myiq:

    Your escapades are actually great stories, not that you’re aiming for it.






  72. that’s a good one BPD

  73. By the way have an infomerical that holds up a world series game just shows how little backtrack really knows about America.
    Baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie.




  74. The McCain camp should pose this question!!! How come?/

    Speaking of Michelle…

    Here’s more from API—let’s see if THIS is real…

    Has anyone seen this about API-FOX??

    From their site today 10/29—-


    A final�agreement has been�reached between African Press International�(API) and Fox News Network (USA) on the dates to air the Michelle Obama tape arising from a discussion Mrs Obama had with the API�two weeks ago. The show will take place any day/time from now, with a 15 minutes alert�on when it is to take place. Other programmes will be interrupted. This is a precaution taken to avoid interference from any quarter.

    In the agreement, Fox News Network will broadcast 39 minutes�of the �54 minutes long tape. The whole tape cannot be aired unedited due to security reasons and especially due to the explosive political temperature in the country because of the�Presidential elections that is just around the corner, November 4th.

    The tape will be aired in two portions by two�separate units in the Network. API’s representative will appear live in one of the shows.


  75. ABG is baaack…

    too bad he doesn’t understand that pointing out hypocrisy is not stupid.

  76. Oh, angie- I totally agree- he will be more regressive than McCain, I firmly believe. It is sad that this whole fiasco will give the “S” a bad name. This former liberal/radical is voting Republican, that is for sure, despite some of the unholy alliances I sense. McCain makes it easy, thank goodness. I wish other “progressives” could see how screwy this guy is. Anyone who thinks 10,000 people can die from a tornado in a town of 5,000 has an experience problem.

  77. NC VOTERS! — Get the word out — you can choose to vote a “straight Dem.” or “straight Republican” ticket — but if you do that, your vote for President will NOT count — you must vote for the President separately. Personally, I think it is stupid to allow a person to check a “straight” anything box, but people need to know that the selection for President must be done separately.
    Ok, I know most of us here aren’t voting “straight Republican” anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter — but make sure to tell other people you know — well, maybe not those planning to vote for BO. 🙂

  78. OT: Found the text of Palin’s energy policy speech this morning, for anyone interested:


  79. myiq2xu, on October 29th, 2008 at 12:28 pm Said:

    drank too much and woke up naked in the backyard with the dog licking my face.

    Then I realized I don’t have a dog. There’s another neighbor I can never look in the eye again.

    myiq — stop trying to distract me at work.

  80. ABG was at TGW the other day claiming that “anyone can be a governor”

    But he never answered me when I asked him which state he is/was governor of?

  81. Amen, SM. Great post and I really loved how you linked it to what MO said. I think that was the beginning of my absolute hatred of that woman.

    ¡Que viva los PUMAs!

  82. “myiq — stop trying to distract me at work.”

    Okay – I gotta drive around the neighborhood and look for my clothes anyway.

    man, twice in one week!

  83. Who’s for getting Angie and myiq a room or sending them to Match.com.

  84. Oh, Myiq – I was hoping you’d be feeling better today.

  85. Are the rumors true that Billie Mayes will be the host of Obama’s infomercial tonight?

  86. angelasmith – Not true. The crackhead ShamWOW! guy is doing it.

  87. In Texas, if you vote straight ticket and then punch the box for Obama, you void the Obama vote – just the opposite of NC.

  88. “ShamWOW!” heh heh.

  89. if we get MyIQ and Angie a room …
    the captain may find ’em…do we really want that responsibility????

  90. Jmac – explain that again – so you click the straight ticket but then click on the Obama box – what?

  91. To this day, his supporters still can’t point to anything that Obama has actually accomplished. It’s all about the hopey changey pie in the sky crap.

    Mountain Sage

  92. Great post, SM!!!!

    Hi Kim – here I am! I took a little mini-vacay with my hubby but am back now.

    I missed so many great posts and comments…skimmed everything last night. 🙂

  93. Oh man, I just got another Palin hate email. And it linked to Keith Slobberman. I thought I was going to puke!

  94. Jmac, on October 29th, 2008 at 12:50 pm Said:
    In Texas, if you vote straight ticket and then punch the box for Obama, you void the Obama vote – just the opposite of NC.


    How about just going through the task of selecting each and every “contest”, one by one. Then, review your choices/entries before officially clicking the “cast ballot” button. This way you’ll ensure the choices you want are accurately reflected. That is until BO’s camp dumps them into Miss. River. Lol!

  95. Welcome back, madamab. Can’t wait for your next post.

  96. Thanks for the post!
    I saw something about Berg going on FOX tonight……….GREAT!
    Now we also need Corsi.
    Hopefully McCain has one more “sneak attack” on Obama.
    Remember Obama’s last big event then OUT COMES PALIN!
    Keep the Faith

  97. Interesting and funny article about politics in PA.

  98. The Real Kim

    Actually I think we should all take a short break and go to myiq’s town and help him find his clothes…then we can get angienc and myiq together. The room is probably a better bet – who knows if they will find each other on match.com.

    Of course there’s always Captain Spaulding to consider – but I have a feeling he won’t intrude.

  99. thanks, votermom!


  100. Madamab!!! missed you 🙂

  101. OT – I just received this email from a friend who is going to Paris for a festival:

    During this festival Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso will grant the empowerment of the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of the Wisdom Truth Body of all the Buddhas, who gives birth to all enlightened beings.

    Am I a bad person for not understanding 99% of this paragraph?


  102. {{{waving to Conflucians}}}

  103. myiq2xu, on October 29th, 2008 at 12:24 pm Said:

    Please don’t pick on me when I’m hungover.

    So we should never pick on you?

  104. MAblue,

    I really enjoyed the article So Long, Democrats by Wendy Button you linked to in your comment at 12:18pm. She seemed to do a lot of “soul searching.” Towards tge end she wrote the following:

    “I can no longer justify what this party has done and can’t dismiss the treatment of women and working people as just part of the new kind of politics. It’s wrong and someone has to say that. And also say that the Democratic Party’s talking points—that Senator John McCain is just four more years of the same and that he’s President Bush—are now just hooker lines that fit a very effective and perhaps wave-winning political argument…doesn’t mean they’re true. After all, he is the only one who’s worked in a bipartisan way on big challenges.”

    This part in particular spoke to me. The Dems have sure lost their way.

  105. On Fox news they were talking about the polls in Fla.
    A lot of women were going for backtrack.
    Can someone explain to me why any women would ever vote for backtrack.
    He shows such lack of respect and such contempt for women that I just do not understand it.



  106. madamab – not bad, just not a Buddhist!

  107. myiq2xu, on October 29th, 2008 at 12:42 pm Said:

    ABG was at TGW the other day claiming that “anyone can be a governor”

    Yeah, well, if Obama wins then it means anyone can be President, including my cat Monty who is certainly just as qualified as BO & better looking to boot. Actually, Monty is more qualified — he makes the place he lives safe from vermin.

  108. If you’re a “celebrity” and want to take a dig at Sarah Palin, the MSM are all ears:


    BERLIN (AFP) – Jamaican-born disco diva Grace Jones said she was sorry Hillary Clinton had failed to make the cut in the US election and that she “can’t stand” folksy vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    The 1980s style icon, now 60, told German magazine TV Spielfilm Wednesday that Palin stood for a backward vision of America laden with government restrictions of sexuality and social behaviour.

    “I would have loved it if Hillary Clinton had pulled it off,” Jones said, in an interview published in German marking the release of her new album.

    “I can’t stand Sarah Palin. I bet a woman like that has no sense of humour.”

  109. Helen – women are going for Obama because of Sarah Palin. They are afraid she is going to help overturn Roe v. Wade.



  110. helen, IMO, they are simply not paying attention.

    Anyone, male or female, who is aware of the sexism and misogyny perpetrated by Barack Obama and his minions would never vote for the man. And for those who are partaking in the ObamaNation hate orgy, well, they’re hopeless.

  111. Know someone with “Hussein” issues? Have them read:


    Enough is enough!!

  112. Hey MadamaB!! Glad you’re back!

    Edwardian: I worship Grace Jones. Glad to know she loved Hillary, but not glad that she’s bashing on Palin because of her folky-ness.

  113. great post, psigirl!

  114. Hey PUMA-SF & TPT-NY – thank you!

  115. SM – Her collaboration w/Jean-Paul Goude was brilliant. “A One Man Show” was def. a trailblazer.

    But, yeah, someone should tell Grace to back off the “Palin” hate.

  116. psigirl – Wow, that’s very well-done.

    I remember when all the Bots used his middle name online as a sign that it was “okay” with them. Now, it’s r*cist just like everything else that seems to reflect negatively on The One.

    Just a few more days, Lord…

  117. myiq
    You need to find an all-night Indian curry house and eat some greasy somasa takeout after you leave the bar. I learned this hangover cure in London.

    What about socialism??????

    Okay I get that there is no pure socialism/capitalism anymore, but why is BO not socialist? Those redistribution tapes gave me pause. The governor of Florida (Republican) even says he would consider slavery reparations for blacks. BO’s website has a tax plan calculator that says I will “save $1000”. If I pay no taxes now, what does that mean?

    Please explain why the socialism thing is farfetched.


  119. tpt/ny
    great point about Palin. I was kind of thinking the same thing… but you put it just right.

  120. Gary, Angie, and anyone else in NC

    Just got an email from the DSCC supposedly from John Kerry. He is saying the Republicans are smearing Hagan.

    He says:

    They’re in North Carolina attacking Democratic Senate candidate Kay Hagan’s faith and character.

    I think I have seen all the ads. I do not remember seeing one commercial that questions Hagan’s faith or character. Have you seen one?

    The Dems have all become the biggest liars. It is so pathetic.

  121. Nijma – because had he been a true socialist, people in Grove Park wouldn’t have to stuff their doors with plastic bags to keep warm. Obama wouldn’ve never pushed for privately owned yet publically funded low income housing. WOuld’ve never happened.

    Obama is a Neo-Con Fascist standing behind the Democratic Party name.

  122. too bed Kerry didn’t open his mouth when the Republicans were smearing HIM

  123. Helen — madadamab is right, but I would expand that to say: people who don’t understand the difference between the Executive, the Legislative & Judicial branches of government so they think Palin will help “overturn Roe v. Wade” so they aren’t voting for McCain. And to think, they call Palin dumb!

  124. Helen — madadamab is right, but I would expand that to say: people don’t understand the difference between the Executive, the Legislative & Judicial branches of government so they think Palin will help “overturn Roe v. Wade” so they aren’t voting for McCain. And to think, they call Palin dumb!

  125. EEK — double post! sorry!

  126. Mawm:
    I have seen some harsh ads about Hagan (and they use some awful pictures of her). But attacks on her faith? No.

    Listen to what happened at big O’s appearance in NC today:

    Before a largely African-American crowd in Raleigh, North Carolina, this afternoon, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said, “If Senator McCain is elected, we’ll have another President who wants to privatize part of your Social Security.”

    The crowd jeered.

    “That ain’t right,” Obama said. “Can you imagine? If Social Security funds had been invested in the stock market, Americans wouldn’t even need Social Security!

    “You would be having Sanford and Son,” the senator said, referring to the 70s sitcom featuring Redd Foxx as the proprietor of a junkyard.

    “I’m comin’, Weezie,” he said, laughing, botching one of the signature lines from the show, in which Foxx clutched his chest in a mock heart-attack and prepared to meet his late wife in heaven.

    The actual line is, “I’m coming, Elizabeth.”

    “Weezie” was the nickname George Jefferson called his wife Louise on “The Jeffersons,” an altogether different 70s sit-com with a largely African-American cast.

    Redd Foxx, Sherman Hemsley — guess they all look alike to Barack.

  127. angie, whenever he is with mostly AAs, he tries to do his best impression of Jeremiah Wright, and acts really folksy black.
    It makes me sick, because I know he doesn’t really give a damn about them.

  128. Mawm — makes me sick too — if he wins the AA community is going to be very disappointed.

  129. As soon as I saw “Weezie,” I thought, “Huh? Weezie was on the Jeffersons, you fool!” It’s obvious he has never watched either show–or did and dismissed them as trashy.

  130. sm77
    yes, he pays his campaign debts by carrying water for his slumlord contributors.

    But in the “redistribute” video he is talking about the Supreme Court and how “economic justice” can’t be achieved by the court system, but by the executive branch. I think it’s pretty clear a lone senator in the legislative branch can’t change the system in that way, but what about a Unitary Executive–with all those new FISA powers?

  131. […] If Obama can’t even take care of his own neighborhood, how can he take care of our country? Posted on October 29, 2008 by sm77 […]

  132. Thanks for this excellent post, SM. I had to work today, and I’m catching up on all this posts. This one was well worth reading.

  133. I just don’t understand how a person who claims to be for the “little” people……would not even spare a few bucks to his hurting family in Africa. It amazes me. That’s part of familia……to help your family when you are able to do so.

    Obama is a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. […] Posts PUMA – A Brief History (Part I)If Obama can’t even take care of his own neighborhood, how can he take care of our country?Insufferable candidate doesn’t get that we AREN’T voting for himWednesday: Compare and ContrastLate […]

  135. A guy on a blog (not sure which one) said that anybody he has to tip (waitress, haircut, etc.) he ask who they are voting for. If they say Obama then he says, I’m sure you won’t mind if I just take the tip I was going to give you and give it to someone I think needs it more!

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