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Late Night: Into the Woods

The musical, Into the Woods, is all about what happens to those fairy tale characters after the “And they lived happily ever after”

It turns out, the fairy tales don’t live up to the final paragraph.  Real life intrudes.

We are all living beyond the end of the fairy tale.  Democrats are coming to terms with their party.  Maybe Mommy and Daddy *do* have sex after all.  Republicans are letting down their guard.  Maybe those liberals aren’t so bad after all.  They might even be *human*.

But it’s all so confusing.  Why wouldn’t it be?  The powers that be have spun us comfortable fairy tales that hide the harsh realities of life.  And now we are forced to confront that rude awakening. We feel helpless and alone.

We all struggle.  We all have to throw away our preconceived notions of what it means to be Democrat or Republican.  We have to grow up and find what it is like to be responsible, grown up, Americans.

You are not alone.

101 Responses

  1. Am I the only one that can not log into PUMApac. I have registered, of course, they will not let me be Honora. But, even with my crazy password I can not get in. I have some wonderful things that I would rather do than watch the ONE, but I am styled. It is very sad. 😦

  2. I saw this play live in NYC courtesy of my Aunt Susie, who once worked for Bobby Kennedy and Bella Abzug. I adore this play !
    The one line by “Prince Charming” to Cinderella
    I was raised to be charming, not sincere!
    – after Cinderella finds out about his affair with Sleeping Beauty ,,, is spot on bo narcissism !

  3. I am stifled not styled.

  4. honora: send a message to murphy at pumapac dot org and tell her that you are having problems logging in. She is transitioning to a new theme and sometimes this can cause problems. Hang in there, I’m *sure* that whatever is happening is just a technical glitch.
    In the meantime, feel free to express yourself here.

  5. Mom and Dad have what?

  6. My head hurts.

  7. I hate it when the lawn sprinklers wake me up

  8. Honora,
    I have never been able to sign on to Puma pac. Have given up for now.

  9. carol director of whoopass…sent to clean out corruption on the hill starting with a junior senator from Illinois and then to a senator from Delaware….

    The democratic party could kill the caucuses by stripping the delegates from any state that did not switch to a primary system….

    The DNC then could have a RBC meeting on May 31st and award them to the highest primary vote getter…regardless of how those states caucused…they have a set a precident with this years nomination process!~

  10. Great song to end the evening and an appropriate one for Democrats in exile. Good night everyone.

  11. Into the woods was the last production my dougles was involved with before he died he and his good friends Vicki B and Ramona H they were so good to me after his death…I worked production my t-shirt for the crew is a cherished heirloom in my closet…

    Itno the Woods was the only production that my little prince did not finish….

    I am off to bed good night all!

  12. night DV!

  13. I just had lots of fun. I went to ABC. NBC, CBS, and CNN and told them that the LA Times had a tape of Obama and they were not releasing it. With CNN I was able to note that there current headline was “Dog Braves Fire, Saves Kittens’, and that I thought there was room for other news. I love kittens and dogs as much as the next guy, actually I like American Democracy more , but these are our ‘news’ sources. God help us.

  14. Night my sweet fuzzybear!

  15. I would argue Maybe Daddy is a Mommy afterall.

    The DNC has turned into those dysfunctional relatives that you put up with during the holidays. You’re related, so you must have loved them at some point during your life but now you find yourself wondering if you were switched at birth. However in the case of OBOTS, they are equivalent to the gold digging, opportunistic trash that married into the family. You know that the divorce is coming, but until then you stay far, far away.

  16. Since this is the industry I am in, I call total and complete lying ass bullshit on the Obama Campaign (Mastercard and Visa can’t check the names! Liars, they have the filters turned off for everything other than account number, expiration date and dollar amount. Most companies would not allow them to get away with it because of ChargeBacks! I wonder who is doing their processing???)


    Obama Accepting Prepaid Credit Cards
    Contributions Untraceable to Donors

    By Matthew Mosk
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, October 29, 2008; A02

    Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor’s identity, campaign officials confirmed.

    Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged. Instead, the campaign is scrutinizing its books for improper donations after the money has been deposited.

    The Obama organization said its extensive review has ensured that the campaign has refunded any improper contributions, and noted that Federal Election Commission rules do not require front-end screening of donations.

    In recent weeks, questionable contributions have created headaches for Obama’s accounting team as it has tried to explain why campaign finance filings have included itemized donations from individuals using fake names, such as Es Esh or Doodad Pro. Those revelations prompted conservative bloggers to further test Obama’s finance vetting by giving money using the kind of prepaid cards that can be bought at a drugstore and cannot be traced to a donor.

    The problem with such cards, campaign finance lawyers said, is that they make it impossible to tell whether foreign nationals, donors who have exceeded the limits, government contractors or others who are barred from giving to a federal campaign are making contributions.

    “They have opened the floodgates to all this money coming in,” said Sean Cairncross, chief counsel to the Republican National Committee. “I think they’ve made the determination that whatever money they have to refund on the backend doesn’t outweigh the benefit of taking all this money up front.”


    The Obama team’s disclosures came in response to questions from The Washington Post about the case of Mary T. Biskup, a retired insurance manager from Manchester, Mo., who turned up on Obama’s FEC reports as having donated $174,800 to the campaign. Contributors are limited to giving $2,300 for the general election.

    Biskup, who had scores of Obama contributions attributed to her, said in an interview that she never donated to the candidate. “That’s an error,” she said. Moreover, she added, her credit card was never billed for the donations, meaning someone appropriated her name and made the contributions with another card.

    When asked whether the campaign takes steps to verify whether a donor’s name matches the name on the credit card used to make a payment, Obama’s campaign replied in an e-mail: “Name-matching is not a standard check conducted or made available in the credit card processing industry. We believe Visa and MasterCard do not even have the ability to do this.

    Read the rest


    (Edited by katiebird for length and copyright issues)

  17. Ms. Magazine former Editor-in-Chief calls our Sarah a “brainiac”!


    If anyone has a chance, go to this article, and leave a comment. A prominent feminist takes the time to acknowledge Palin’s worth as a woman, and the comments section is riddled with the usual recycled smears and insults. We need to support the author and all women. Represent!

  18. Maybe McCain has had a ‘few’ bad contributions slip through. Obama has made illegal contributions the mother’s milk of his campaign. PUMA

  19. OMH afrocity!
    However in the case of OBOTS, they are equivalent to the gold digging, opportunistic trash that married into the family. You know that the divorce is coming, but until then you stay far, far away.
    LMAO. So true, so true. Reminds me of the time after I saw that Jack Nicholson movie “About Schmidt” with my mom. I said to her “can you believe he had to swallow his disgust at that family his daughter was marrying into & pretend to be happy at her wedding?” and she replied “Can I believe it? I’ve had to do it twice — at your wedding & at your brother’s!” (and yes, my brother & I are both divorced!) LOL

  20. We don’t want to inconvenience people with ID to vote or having a residence other than a park bench or verifying Credit Card information for a transaction or a real Birth Certificate to run for office or ………………………….. , but try and get out of the Library with a book if you can’t prove who you are and where you live!


  21. angie: Everytime you talk of Greece, I think of one of my all-time favorite movies, Shirley Valentine. I own it on VHS, need to update to DVD while I can. That might be a good movie to watch during the He-Who-Will-Not-Shut-Up Speech tomorrow night.

  22. honora — send me an email so i can set you up!

    If you cant load the page you have to clear your browser history and cookies. murphy@pumapac.org

  23. RD — very true — was thinking the SAME thing earlier today. I told the hub, I have to throw away everything I thought I knew was true.

    I dont feel sad about it though. I feel relieved/released

  24. “Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged.”

    Oh, gosh, why employ basic security measures to uphold the law? That is so suspicious! Stop harshing our hopey Dieboldesque mellow.

  25. Carol — I’m no expert on this, but according to what I’ve been reading (granted, on the internet) this line is particularly misleading:

    Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged.

    According to what I’ve read, the Obama campaign would have to purposefully turn off the AVS to not use basic security measures — that is, they had to affirmatively take steps to ensure that basic security measures were not used by turning off the AVS, not the other way around.

  26. Carol, I liked your comment and the Washington Post story. But, I added a link and cut some of it out — we shouldn’t post entire articles.

  27. angienc — I read the same thing about the deliberate changes to regular security practices. Was it a story at No Quarter?

  28. honora — you have mail

    angienc — yes, yes! there’s documentation that the BO campaign did in fact do just this. they really did. and then they turned the security back on.

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist type of person but I truly, truly believe that Obama has a HUGE HUGE corrupt fundraising scheme going on. It is beyond belief.

    He raised almost 2x than Clinton and Mcain put TOGETHER.

  29. Angie,

    LoL. Yes the DNC in its quest to be cool has taken up with the wrong crowd. Think of that member of the Beach Boys who came home, only to find it taken over by the Manson gang.

  30. parentoford — I love that Shirley Valentine, but the movie that I really love as far as scenery goes is “Summer Lovers” — yes, it is a trash movie & only one step above soft-core porn, but it really shows off the island of Santorini (one of the prettiest islands in Greece) very well.

  31. katie – thanks I don’t know how to link but you cut the most important part – that MC/Visa doesn’t have a way to check the names. Please re-edit.

    angienc – I am an expert. They purposefully used the minimum requirements for processing a transaction.

    For all of those that contributed to Hillary you know that she had all of the filters on her site. She was not trying to commit fraud.

    Where is BO sending all of his fraudulent transactions money back to? Who is he making the refunds to?

    Yeah right!

  32. yes Amazon and Ebay and Paypal turn off or do not use security measures because of their enormous volume on the internet !! NOT

    They have to deeply believe that the American people are stupid to think they can do this iwth impunity !!

    Ps Speaking of resistance 😉 even if no one was not 😉 if i lived with reach of that mannequin hanging from that jerks house , I promise you it would be coming down , and if i got arrested for it , so what, messing up a “halloween display “?? trick or treat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Carol,

    Ignorant question on my part, but trying to piece some of this together in my little pea brain.

    On the gift cards, on the companies that manufacture them, put the juice in them so to speak, would it be possible to just sell the juice if someone wanted to simplify the transfer of large sums? Or would it be necessary to actually have the plastic in hand and manually enter the data?

  34. Carol, I’ve added a little more.

  35. angienc: Did you see the Abba movie this summer? Wasn’t it filmed on a Greek island? Gorgeous scenery.

    Hubby & I went with my sister & BIL, my sister loved it, but I thought my hubby was going to lose his friggin mind! I said, ” Then why did you agree to go see ABBA if you don’t like their music?’ He says, “ABBA, is that what you said? Who the hell is ABBA anyway?” He is such a musical snob.

  36. Swanspirit, are you speaking of our “Queer Eye For The Obama Guy” friends in Hollywood? I was thinking of that as well. i would take it down. From the looks of the two guys who were defending it as “installation art” they probably have a chihuahua as a guard dog. It would be a piece of cake.

    As an AA, I don’t like lynching scenes period.

  37. murphy — that is exactly why all the justification & spin by the msm going on now about how they are not biased for BO is so incredible — even in the rare cases they are ‘forced” to report on his bad acts they shade it in such a way as to make it look not as bad as it is. Disgusting.

  38. Swanspirit: You could wear a footed pink bunny rabbit costume, and maybe get away with it. I made one for the Kid when she was 5, and it’s a hands-down winner.

  39. murphy

    They did. A few rpubs in our office tested it a few months ago. They’re programmers who do the pay-pal hook ups between the credit card platform and software/product. The controls have to consciously be turned off.

    The ends justify the means for them even if they are illegal, which brings us to the following:

    remember enron? how no one in charge had a sense of ethics? Studies were done at the time on MBA’s and their lack of ethics since this type of behavior was rampant. This led to ethics classes being taught in business schools.

    these people haven’t taken those classes – anything goes as long as they win. remember enron? if he wins the election our country will suffer a more terrible fate than enron and its employees.

  40. i can’t believe that Obama still has so many that support him after all that has been uncovered.

    If You want to put a smile on the face of Bill Ayers.

    Then vote for Obama

    If You want to put a smile on the face Of Tony Rezko

    Then vote for Obama.

    If You Want To Put A Smile On The Face of Reverend Wright.

    Then Vote for Obama.

  41. yup, yup. I pray BO loses for exactly this reason.

    I think the campaign finance corruption, on a truly epic scale, is the SWORD OF DAMOCLES over his head.

    angienc — have you seen this article written by an ex-Obama speechwriter? She’s a puma (from Boston even!) who doesnt know it yet.


  42. murphy — yes I did read that — pm317 linked it on the last thread — she captures exactly how I feel about this sham of an election perfectly. Anyone who hasn’t read it, please click on murphy’s link!

    parentofed — of course I’ve seen Mama Mia! (1) It was filmed in Greece where there are no “bad locations” (2) It stared Meryl Streep and (3) “Dancing Queen” is my theme song! LOL

    On that note, I’m off to bed. Good night my wonderful PUMAs!

    myiq — see you in my dreams, so bring a knife!

  43. Afrocity and Angienc ..you are giving me fantasies 💡 of dressing in dark sweat clothes and going out late at night halloweening 😛
    we would be armed with fresh cow or horse manure for his front porch 😯 , eggs and toilet paper for guerrilla performance art to make a statement 😎 , and something to get that damned mannequin down !! ! :mrgreen: 😈

  44. another media person speaking out…..finally…

    Boston Herald: Election 2008: Objective journalism the loser
    by Michael Graham
    Did you see that amazing video obtained by the Los Angeles Times of Sen. Barack Obama toasting a prominent former PLO member at an Arab American Action Network meeting in 2003? The video in which Obama gives Yasser Arafat’s frontman a warm embrace, as Bill Ayers look on?
    You haven’t seen it? Me, neither…..
    For the record (that’s J-school talk for “I actually know what I’m talking about for a change”), I am not a journalist. I’m an opinion writer and talk show host. But I admire reporters tremendously. I married one. My oldest son is named for the great H. L. Mencken.
    So it is particularly heartbreaking for me to see the death of objective journalism. And believe me – it is stone cold dead. Sacrificed on the altar of service to Barack Obama.
    Former New York Times [NYT] columnist and veteran newspaperman Michael Malone knows it….ETC

  45. Good night. Just think this very day next week. We will either be jumping for joy, or packing our belongings to move to Greece.

  46. MC/Visa and AMEX Gift cards that you purchase at the grocery store are not reloadable. You purchase for the amount that you want the card to be worth and then throw it away afterwards.

    Amex used to sell to their Card Holders Cards that were the equilvalent of Traveler’s Checks that could be reloaded by the Card Holder and used by a designated person. I used to load funds onto one for my neice and her family when they were in Germany in the Army. They stopped that in the last year. Their gift cards to Card Holders are not reloadable.

    Anyone could buy as many as they want and use anywhere they want online.

    Those cards could not be tied to a filtering process. So, you would have to ask yourself, who or why would someone buy a gift card and proceed to donate to a Presidential Candidate? Is that what a normal person would do with their Gift Card???????? I don’t think so.

    They are cheating. They are lying. They are scamming the system. They are committing campaign contribution fraud!


  47. or we could go with the pink footed bunny costume .. I like it … a lot

    I know this post was about growing up 😳

  48. Carol,

    Thanks for that info. I’m just trying to get my head around what that would look like in a practical sense.

    Is it boxes and boxes of pre-paids being taken into a room with people sitting around loading them up on a site? Or is it possible to take the numbers electronically and just load them up in one fell swoop everyday?

  49. I don’t know how they are doing it. They would have to be loaded somehow onto their site. Are you asking if they are importing the information from some kind of spread sheet? Most internet sites have a back door for the Merchant to enter their own information for telephone transactions, etc.

    Who knows? I think the FBI should be involved and figure it out!

  50. I’m back, I thinkl

  51. Carol, yes, that was what I was getting to, although inartfully. I just find it incomprehensible that his campaign has spent more than Geico and Diet Coke on advertising. It seems that their campaign plans have been carefully crafted and the amount of money needed just magically appears. I’ve budgeted enterprises with tight accounting forecasts and decades of historical data and never, ever, can you magically hit numbers like this especially on a “one-off” enterprise like a political campaign. Logically, if we are still able to use logic, it just doesn’t make sense.

  52. Prolix:

    Geico ads are more informative

  53. Question Carol, from what I’m reading, why would the cards have to even be legitimate? Seems to me, once you remove the checks and balances you’re free to make stuff up.

  54. I am positive that Oprah is behind the “brillance of this campaign”!

  55. Has it been confirmed that the LA Times has this video?

  56. The cards would have to have money attached to them. I suppose those 13 year olds supporting obama could also “borrow” a parent’s card this way.

  57. Great post Riverdaughter

  58. Republicans are letting down their guard. Maybe those liberals aren’t so bad after all. They might even be *human*.

    RD, you could not have said it better. I know I’ve learned a lot this election season. What I’ve learned most is that I am a woman (not a party symbot) who thought things were so much better for us than even 30 years ago when I was a kid, and I’ve discovered that may not be as true as I thought it was.

  59. Oh, the cards are registered for the dollar amounts by the account numbers and expiration dates (if they have them). They are Gift Cards provided by MC/Visa provided entities or Amex – not Credit Cards or Charge Cards.

  60. Imagince a foreign bank using their computer to generate bogus credit card accounts with fake names, then laundering millions of dollars in illegal donations to Obama via the internet

  61. Bottom Line – If the Washington Post was interested they would have consulted a Processing Company and called them on the lies. They as usual are probably providing a leading story with an excuse from the campaign to head off McCain camp questioning their illegal contributions.

    Dirty, Dirty, Dirty……….

  62. Seriously: LATimes has confirmed they made and own this video. Can’t recall the reporter’s name right off, but it’s easy to find.

  63. myiq – you are talking about the issuing side, I’m on the acceptance side. Those cards from a foreign entity would show as far as I know being Foreign transactions. I don’t know how that could work.

    But where there is a will, there is a way.

    I had a customer that actually sold the parts and plates for making credit cards. They called because they had an order from England, paid for with a card from some other country, and a shipping address to another country. Needless to say, they called and reported the attempted transaction.

    Nite, Nite…………

    Just 6.5 days left of this nightmare I pray……………

  64. As a kid born in 1964, my parents were hippies in good ole’ Los Angeles. I had a protest sign in my hands as young as 3 until it became too unsafe to do so.

    What I remember as a kid was my mom’s friends. Nancy Sinatra mini skirts and high boots, with signs in their hands. They not only protested the war, but businesses that were male dominated, and BOYFRIENDS that were jerks. They would picket their homes. I look back on it with humorously fond memories.

    BUT, if I lived in Los Angeles, I would find that house and I WOULD PROTEST!

    So, last night I met a Log Cabin Republican Woman from West Hollywood who hadn’t heard about this and I immediately said can you organize a group to protest in front of this house, if you can find it. She said “send me what you’ve got, I’ll see what I can do.” Let’s see if MSM covers it. She went back to LA this morning, I sent an email this morning. She has two days til’ Holloween. Crossing my fingers!

    I’m sick that if it had been an “Obama” impression, they could be charged with a hate crime, but because it’s ONLY a woman, they’re fine, good, no biggie, not protected. This is not happening in Afghanistan, it’s in the U.S.A.!

  65. The physical card is meaningless and unnecessary for online transaction.

    What’s indispensible is a bank that will transfer the funds without any questions and money to be transferred.

    They aren’t stealing money, they are laundering it.

  66. Boy, it sure helps to have friends in the banking business these days!



  68. nv swing voter, some woman’s group should set up a vigil in front of that guy’s house, with all the sstats aboyt violence againsr women–and also maybe some historical info about African American and other WOC who were lynched in America too, since no one remembers that (although that might draw fire from BO”s WOC supporters). But you’d have to find a woman’s organization who cares more about women than about being misogynist enablers.

  69. jjm:

    I helps even more if they own their own banks

  70. It looks like they are trying to figure out how they will protest the “stolen” election over at Corrente. It looks like I took Lambert’s comment about pitchforks as a joke, but maybe it only was a half truth. No pitchforks or torches, just maybe a few flashlights.

  71. Riverdaughter and others did you see this from Wendy Button?

    Amazing essay from a former Obama speechwriter-turned-PUMA


  72. Oh, maybe I should add one candidate needs to worry about ballot box stuffing – not obama.

  73. Fox News Exclusive video showing/describing the good ‘rev. wright’s’ (small letters INTENDED) house:
    The spokeman in the video is making fun of Wright…hilarious (but his words are very TRUE)

    I think you’ll enjoy this:


  74. jjm:

    That post at Corrente is based on the premise that if the election is stolen it will be stolen by the GOP.

    When my hangover wears off I’ll do a post (citing theirs) asking what if Obamanation steals it?

  75. I’d be interested to see how long after Halloween the owners keep the effigy up. I just watched a video report where a woman (an Obama supporter) being interviewed said that Sarah is a bad ass and has a good sense of humor, so she would probably find this funny. When asked by the reporter what she would think if it were an effigy of Obama, the kool-aid drinker said she’d burn the house down. I think it’s just another sign of how the LGBT community in general loathes Palin.

  76. Iq, if I weren’t sick today, I’d have written a post on the push to turn up the riot/violence threats.

  77. myiq: I’m glad you are going to do that.

    I’m off to bed! I’m sure I’ll “see” you and the clown you hang out with tomorrow.

  78. gqm! You would too and your personal stalkers would get in on the act. I just watch from a safe distance.

    I really am going to bed any minute.

  79. I am curious though, would anyone threatening to protest (violent or not) if McCain steals the election do the same if Obama steals it?

    If not, why not?

  80. Notice the two step effort going on at Corrente and the Obamasphere: declare the election over and Obama the winner. Then start talking about what “we” should do if Obama is not declared the winner.

  81. Iq, I stopped believing that the left cares about being consistent. “The age of Obama” means that elections, not issues matters most.

    Nite, Jen. Hope you are doing better than I am.

  82. Yes, I have noticed that. I think it is the same “threat” we saw in the primaries if the nomination was stolen from obama.

    myiq: I don’t think I’d “protest” in either case. I’m not into tear gas. But I’d speak out against obvious cheating, that is why I am voting against obama.

    I might not be as sympathetic to obama if McCain cheated and obama lost. I would believe it to be poetic justice – and highly suspicious of obama crying wolf. It would require a ton of proof before I’d believe it.

  83. Nite gqm, I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  84. I am curious though, would anyone threatening to protest (violent or not) if McCain steals the election do the same if Obama steals it?

    I am sure of one thing, that is, which demographic won’t be joining any protest: The college kids supporting Obama. In Asia or Latin America, the same demographic would be leading those protests.

  85. Brit, if anyone does show up to protest, it’s going to be all “free speech!”

    Well, yes, but every single person can acknowledge that if it were Obama, the entire counry would be up in arms.

  86. gqm:

    Get Well Soon!

  87. Here is the key question: If the election was stolen, would your reaction depend on which side stole it?

  88. Well, let’s just say they’d care about as much as they cared about caucus fraud and the stripping of Mi and Fl’s delegates (not to mention the number of caucuses in the first place).

    They’re more “goal oriented.”

  89. Here is the key question: If the election was stolen, would your reaction depend on which side stole it?

    Yes. This is what my strong resentment to everything I’ve learned and witnessed—the misogyny, the bashing of the Clintons and of Palin, the state of the media, the shallowness and callousness of kool-aid drinkers—has done to me. Whether I would feel ashamed of myself later for thinking this, I do not know.

    When O.J. Simpson was found not guilty, I expressed my disbelief to a friend of mine. What he said impressed me. He said that once in a while, something like this has to happen to shake up and improve the system; so that cops and detectives would not bungle up next time.

  90. Greta is asking what question you would ask BO.

    My favorite: “How many terrorists do you have on speed-dial?”

  91. Pat – your state knows how to pick ’em!


  92. myiq: you were talking about the Geico commercials…

    My favorite (and my late father chortled at this one) was the one with the squirrels that dart out in front of the car and you hear brakes squealing. 😉

    I know…sick isn’t it!

    OT: Brrrrrrr….! It cold in Alabama!! Weatherbug sez 35 F. First big cold snap of the fall here.

  93. Far as I’m concerned, Obama stole the nomination, so it’s sort of a moot point, myiq. If McCain were somehow able to steal the general (incredibly low odds of that happening), then I figure the two parties would be even.

    Now, if someone would figure out how to steal the keys to the MSM… Oh, the joy of locking up all the bastards and bastardettes and lobbing rotten fruit at them for all eternity.

  94. Once in a while I visit Meghan McCain’s blog, mainly because she posts many photos. In her “Colorado” post, if you scroll down to the last few pictures, you will find some photos of Cindy McCain in a bathrobe and barefoot. I don’t know, it just seemed so “unusual” to me that she would allow these photos. For some reason, I also found it reassuring, like she’s “normal.”

  95. “If the election was stolen, would your reaction depend on which side stole it?”

    Well, part of me would be amused that such hardcore thugs got out thugged (don’t try to out Rove Rove), but fundamentally, no, it’s not about the candidates, it’s about the voters who deserve to have their votes represented regardless.

    Cinie has a piece about this guy who a la Ann Coulter is half joking that people should have their votes taken away because he doesn’t who they’re voting for (yeah, he’s an Obot big shock), and yeah, no.

  96. Ah, Seriously, I always knew you were a better person than me. 😉

  97. No way, Brit. It’s a mo ot issue anyway, because you know Oba ma’s going to do whatever he needs to. I hope the Repub licans have law yers on stan dby for one of his favorite tri cks, trying to keep the po lls open later only in sele cted distr icts.

  98. New thread up

  99. myiq2xu, on October 29th, 2008 at 3:18 am Said:

    New thread up

    does it have the Geico squirrels?

  100. test

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