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Conflucians Say: Katiebird takes the Wheel

Join Katiebird tonight on Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio.  Are you pondering what she’s pondering?  How does it feel to have to “decide” — is it hard?  Are you still thinking about the choices.  What is important to your decision?  Call in.  We don’t bite– hard.

That’s tonight at 10PM EST on PURrrr.

90 Responses

  1. SOD – Im gonna steal that chant!

  2. Yay KatieBird!!!

    RD – we’ll miss you tonight too!

  3. nitey – nite …dont let the clowns bite!

  4. night sod! xoxo



  6. Greta is my gal!

  7. John at liberalrapture.com has a new “Obama scripture” up. You gotta go read it!


  9. afrocity — are you talking about the “turn off your tvs” ad? But BO knows what is best for us — don’t question the ONE!!

  10. Newt said for someone to offer $50k for a copy of the LAT video and he bets it shows up on the Fox News Desk.

    When I win the Mega Millions tonight, I will offer $100k!

  11. any lawyers in the house? I watched a little bit of KO (and now I want to gag) and they are blatantly LYING now. No doubt about it.. LIES. Some woman was saying that Palin hasn’t asked for Stevens to step down (as a matter of fact, she did this morning). She also accused Palin of being part of the Oil group in Alaska that is corrupt (when in fact, she resigned from her oil post out of protest for the corruption, and as governor she went after them)..

    I am sick. How can they get away with this. Any lawyers here? Is outright lying on TV a criminal act, or can it only be addressed through civil court… or can it not be addressed at all? I can’t imagine that Freedom of Speech can be stretched this far.

  12. BPD — unfortunately outright lying is not a criminal act — especially about a politician — it isn’t even a civil action unless you can prove malice. The most the McCain/Palin can do is demand a retraction & hopefully get enough “traction” in the media with the demand to force CNN to act on it. Maybe you should email Greta about this — she has a whole “keeping CNN honest” about the big lie they pulled on Palin re: the quote from The National Review. She might be willing to call them out on it.

  13. Sarah told Stephens to step down yesterday.

    KO is a pig!

    Here is our braggart Obama – oh yeah, he is a blatant imbecile!


  14. ohhhh… and in case anyone out there still places credibility in the polls…. anyone see the WMUR/UNH poll for New Hampshire that was released today? It shows Obama +25 and that’s not a typo… TWENTY FIVE.

    I mean, when do we reach the limits of reality? Seriously… some person or persons looked over the poll results before they released them…. and that person(s) said yeah…. this looks credible…

  15. KO is on MSNBC

  16. BO is on FOX now — I loathe him. everytime I look at him all I see his his stealing the nomination with the help of Dean, Donna & the DNC.

  17. Apparently, BPD, the definitions of slander and libel are being rewritten in front of our eyes. Both will henceforth be a problem if, and only if, The One gets his his tender toes stepped on or his massive ego dented. It will be open season on anyone who gets in His way. What am I saying? It already is.

  18. Truth is such a pesky “distraction”


  19. Oh Goody – Kennedy is heading back to DC!

    I hope he shows up for the Concession Speech of BO.

  20. Ohio decides a “park bench” is now allowed as the residence of a homeless person.

    Ted Strickland needs to get a grip on this bullshit!

  21. Sorry if this has been discussed previously. Just checking in tonight.

    Is anyone else worried about the impact of NObama’s 30 minute infomercial? He’s supposed to lay out his economic plan. I worry that he’ll do his usual speechifying that some people seem to swoon over so much. It’s just too close to election day for me to feel comfortable with it.

  22. LOL

  23. I’ve gotta go.

  24. Miami Dolphins Owner says that Obama’s Capital Gains increase is really approximately 30%.

    Stop this Creep!

  25. Lakota — it might be worrisome if it wasn’t for the fact that no one, and I repeat, no one will be watching it except for the OFB.

  26. Increase is to 30% in Capital Gains!

  27. it would be great to have the pundits on after the infomercial to discuss if BO won or lost the infomercial.

    but that won’t happen. anyone wanna bet that the pundits do have time to comment on it, perhaps immediately after it?

  28. 30% capital gains tax increase? that is sure to encourage people to invest in the market! /s

  29. kitchen — of course the pundits are going to comment on it — they can’t help themselves, they are addicted to the O circle jerk. In fact, the “reviews” are already written: Best.Infomercial.EVAH!!!!

  30. I called the LA Times 10 times to express my opinion on the infamous video tape.

  31. That was a great show. Katiebird, RD, John, Dakinikat, SM, Boogieman, and Pat. Who could ask for anything more? You guys were excellent! I really enjoyed listening.

  32. Pat I so wanted to talk to you….fuzzy depressed!

  33. think of a happy place… think of a happy place… think of a happy place…

    the sign above the window says “Chelle & Barky’s”, and they have really good prices on hot dogs, soda, and popcorn. you guessed it. Chelle & Barky have gone into the concessions business…

  34. Obama’s maxed out on the tingle up the leg crew, I can’t see anyone else tuning in.

  35. Afrocity,

    Good for you! Did you talk to a real person? What did they say?

  36. Ms. Magazine former Editor-in-Chief calls our Sarah a “brainiac”!


  37. Thanks BostonBoomer! I had so much fun. Fuzzy, did we miss the chance to talk to you? I couldn’t get into the switchboard so Riverdaughter managed it — I don’t have any idea how that end works at all.

  38. Has anyone here been the victim (I mean that!) of the new moveon video e-mail that names you – specifically, your real name – as THE culprit who causes BO to lose because they didn’t vote?

    I just got one and am horrified. It uses my real name in multiple ways – as the headline on a newspaper, as graffitti saying “My real name” = loser.

    I assumed it was meant to be funny, but in this rabidly vicious environment, I am not laughing.

  39. angie if it is “absent malice” it is not a punishable offence…I believe that the media should have to prove they are absent malice in this case…

    you are the lawyer

  40. That was fun just getting a chance to say hi to katiebird!

  41. Sorry – increase to approximately 30%. That is why the market is continuing to tank.

    When McCain wins, the Market will go back up. Thank God. My 401 has to roll over in about 2 weeks. I need it to make up 30% to be even.

  42. shashamae — I will be proud to be the one vote that causes BO to lose this election. however, what you describe is seriously, seriously creepy — is there a way to report it to your internet carrier?

  43. angie- dont give circle jerks a bad name what would all those str8 boy obamabots do in the woods of they knew your thoughts….

  44. Where can I go to sign up for the title of “Obama loses because of Carol” ?

  45. katie-
    yeah I really wanted to talk to pat its ok there will be another time….I am always on 38

  46. If an infomercial falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?

    And does anyone give a fuck?

  47. fuzzy – a case wouldn’t have to be won to be effective, in fact, it could get kicked out of court and still be effective where the MSM lives, public opinion and viewership.

  48. (snort)

    What’s the worst show on during that infomercial? We should make it’s numbers soar.

  49. I want to sign up to Its all Michaels fault he cost obama florida well hin and SM77 and Princess wears prada and piper in pucci and ……mickey mouse mr w disney …the list goes on!

  50. fuzzy — sorry, it is the other way around — the Plaintiff or offended party (here — Palin) would have to prove malice the msm doesn’t have to prove there was no malice. That is always the case — the Plaintiff has to prove all the elements of the charge against the Defendant — while the Defendant can put on a defense, s/he doesn’t have to. (same goes in criminal cases btw, the only difference is standard of proof — in civil case a preponderance of the evidence (ie, more then 50%); in criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt (99.9%).

  51. shashamae: from what I understand from folks that have done it to themselves, you just got to the site and type any name in and it does that … i don’t think it saves your name or anything … i think that 2 or 3 posts ago there were a few folks discussing that

  52. and I can’t stand to watch Obombbomb for a 15 second commercial let alone a 30 minute one … why on earth would I want to waste that kind of time?


    I routinely delete messages that are in all CAPS.

  54. Angie-

    well if i started lying obout KO and tweety and their love of frequenting a certian shop that sells adult toys and leather appartus and is a know cruizing spot for latent homo…..would they have to prove malice? mmmmjust wondering…

    pat carol dont lose you stomachs

  55. Please turn off your caps lock. Shouting is not necessary.

  56. katie-

    who is usaproud?

    oh and for all you republicans our alliance ends on november 5th after we have secured mccains place in the white house we start working on the 30% solution 2010 only then it will be the 50% +1 solution – angie NC your state needs you to run for congress!

  57. ABC is not showing the infomercial because they didn’t make the deal. So, what are we all watching on ABC????????

  58. Fuzzy,

    It’s someone who’s posted an incomprehensible message (twice) in all CAPS — I finally told him why I was deleting his messages. (I actually have no idea of the message was from a boy or girl)

  59. I really wonder who the hell KO is going to rant at and blame everything on if Obama wins and the Dems have a vast majority in Congress….. He’ll do a worst persons on Oreilly, Hannity, and Rush… and that’s about it…. a nice 2 minute show, crumple up some paper and call it quits.

  60. Thank you BB – missed you today!

    I got in trouble with Pat Johnson today – she’s coming with the Mazda to FL!

  61. Another one of us but she was a speech writer for Obama, Edwards (in this election), and Clinton(earlier in ’03), Wendy Button: So long Democrats..

    Wow, this is what reasonable people with any conscience will do in this election.

  62. look RD I know you say you dont want to rum for congress but I promise spontanious demonstrations accross america if you and murphy dont step up I am providing the same threat to the ladies at HireHeels to…

    At this blogg alone we have smart intellegent women who take no crap and would really represent the people!

    Congresswoman Katiebird….I like the sound of that !~

  63. I am bored guys are there any Obama October Surprise tape links you can send me? I can’t wait to see whats coming out next. Although at this point Obama could murder Santa Claus and these jello brained OBOTS would still vote for him.

  64. fuzzy – I believe you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Johnny and Sarah are going to fix the government with a sledge hammer.

  65. yes fuzzy — they would have to prove malice, which, btw only applies to public figures — now, I don’t know if Tweety & KO’s actually qualify as “public figures” because they’re ratings are so low. hee, hee.

  66. fuzzy — I can’t run for congress — I spend too much money on shoes! 🙂

  67. shashamae, on October 28th, 2008 at 11:04 pm Said:

    Has anyone here been the victim (I mean that!) of the new moveon video e-mail that names you – specifically, your real name – as THE culprit who causes BO to lose because they didn’t vote?

    Yes, unfortunately I got it. I did what I do with all Obot-related materials. Hit the delete button immediately. The friend who sent it is fighting cancer, so I didn’t respond by telling her how much I loathe him. Good people have been bamboozled.

  68. angienc,
    dean, donna and the dnc sounds like a love story gone bad. they should have used protection!

    anyway, i don’t need to choose…i get to pick who i’m for. this year, unlike with kerry and gore, i don’t need to hold my nose and vote for the dem, because, afterall, that’s what all good unthinking dems do.

  69. afrocity — at the Ace of Spades HQ “Ace” had a post up today which he took down & said he was told not to talk about it yet because there was still some verifying to be done, but whatever it was would be coming out soon. I, unfortunately, don’t go there enough to know what that post was about, but I’m optomistic as others there who had seen it (but who were not giving details per Ace) said it was good.

  70. pm317: this has me smiling, thx

    But that faith was dashed when I saw that someone had raided the Caligula set and planted the old columns at Invesco Field.

    wow, i think the only reference that might actually be worse than Hitler for one’s political identity, could be Caligula

  71. regency and little Isis-

    I remember I told you the same thing last night I could then tell all my little nieces that I actually talked thes smart women into public service!

    My head would so swell but then I could say to my 8 neices hey you have an obligation to follow in the footsteps of these great women!

    I would say see women can do anything look at President Hillary Clinton….Speaker Darrgh Murphy and Majority leader RD and Majority whip Katie bird and Chairman of the finance committe Dakinikat….I knew them when!


  72. Angie-

    look if you run for congress you could get shoes for free and give them to poor fashionistas all over the country!

    look in the mirror you are the 30% solution!

    Afrocity dont think you are flying under the radar either….I expect to see your face on a billboard running for congress too…and soon!

  73. What is ACE????

    Great, Angie. I saw the new Ayers call in tape and I was not that impressed. I hope LA times releases this tape.

  74. Fuzzy,

    I am not corrupt enough to run for political office in Chicago. Unlike my senator, I would actually give a damn that my city boasted 432 murder for the year.

  75. Fuzzybear is impatient I do not under estimate you ladies you brought down the democratic party and made it take notice of you…..

    you are powerful and even when you dont claim it you are women….

    I am so proud to know you….and call you my friends!

  76. fuzzy – what about my title under the McCain administration???????????

  77. afrocity I know but if not in chicago then how about moving to some place else if not you are a woman of great conviction…I bet you could bring that corrupt machine and sell it to china as union made!

    I see you witha big baseball bat walling into the aldeman chamber and swinging to clear the creeps out

  78. rd lol.
    I was thinking that we cannot disengage ourselves from repubs after the election. Voter reform would have to be bipartisan. Especially in the effort to kill caucuses, I think both sides would have to work together. There are probably other issues in which PUMAs would need help in a bipartisan fashion.

  79. afrocity — Ace of Spades HQ is a right wing blog run by a guy who calls himself ‘Ace’ — I never heard of it before now, but it has been around for a while (shows you how far I’ve gone to get away from the Obama haka!)

  80. Director of Whipass Carol…you are the dust buster sent to clean out the corruption on the hill starting with….a certian senator from Illinois then moving to Delaware…

  81. pm317 — I agree with dakinikat — thanks for the link!

  82. new thread

    What day is it?

  83. I understand Angie, I am wearing Sean Hannity underoos right now and I have Rush Limbaugh coasters on my coffee table.

  84. the democratic party could kill the caucuses by stripping the delegates from any state that did not switch to a primary system….

    The DNC then could have a RBC meeting on May 31st and award them to the highest primary vote getter…regardless of how those states caucused…they have a set a precident with this years nomination process!~

  85. afrocity you can always make me laugh!

  86. with the DNC platform already set for a rerun of caucuses in 2012, it seems like outside influence might be helpful. Especially if it could be shown there is something fundamentally wrong. If dems have house, senate and president, how will change occur?

  87. “Petition L.A. Times to Release Alleged Khalidi Tape” petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/americans-want-the-truth.

  88. Ohhhh, my head

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