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The Democrats gave away the Populist schtick to the Republicans (h/t Valhalla)

Remember this guy below?  His name is Tito Muñóz, a  small construction business owner who went ballistic at the press last week at a McCain/Palin rally for attacking Joe the Plumber from 1:21 to about 3:40 where he now famously said “I was born in Colombia but made in the USA” (the other guy after that is an anti-choice guy so skip to the end):

Now, Tito the Builder opened a rally for Sarah Palin in Virginia.

Not only is Tito another working class man looking to better his life, but…Latino vote?  CHECK.  Working Class vote?  CHECK.  Aren’t these the voters a part of the DEMOCRATIC base???  Oh, that’s right, we’re not part of the new 2008 Chicago Edition Democratic party anymore!   You have to be on the VIP guest list to belong to the new DNC.  Since there is no room for the working class voter in the Democratic Party – take a guess who they are going to vote for?

From Harriet Christian, a lifelong Democrat, diner waitress who famously denounced the Democrats for rigging the primaries at the RBC meeting on May 31st, 2008, to Joe the Plumber a guy who Obama came up to with a gazillion TV cameras while he was playing ball with his son, and now Tito the Builder are becoming the voices of Americans everywhere who dared ask the questions and confront the media about Barack Obama’s illegitimate selection as the Democratic Presidential Candidate.

Democrats had a candidate that won the majority of the votes, connected and resonated with working class voters which understood her talk about raising taxes without scaring the heck out of people, has a sparkling clean record and background, the gravitas, love and grasp of solving problems for our country.   She’s still working her heart out for Downticket Democrats since the “That One” is too busy to help the DSCC and DCCC as he is supposed to do as the Democratic Party “Leader.”

Speaking of working class voters and the economy, this guy thought the same thing we all did (h/t/ Hillbuzz):

¡Que viva Los PUMAs!

198 Responses

  1. Hey sm77!!
    From the last thread to Ana:

    Ana — Fox covered “The Tape” like you would not believe — that gorgeous reporter/lawyer they have — Megan something — was all over Burton from the BO camp on it. The video of the exchange is up on Ace of Spades HQ — it is so worth the trip there & the 6 minutes to watch it.

  2. Hey all — this is somewhat OT for this post but the votes at RCP for Heidi Li’s excellent post (and call to action for Obama) on the Palin-lynched picture is up to 83 votes! I’m reposting Heidi’s comment from the previous thread:

    With regard to awakening people to our ongoing distress about the misogyny and sexism all around this political season:
    Something amazing has happened with the RCP piece I posted – it now tops the most voted upon list at RCP. And hundreds of people have outclicked from RCP to the post at Heidi Li’s Potpourri. It seems like this post has helped break through to a new audience.

    A thought: if people like the post and keep voting for it – let’s say it receives over 100 votes (something I’ve not seen happen on RCP) – I think we can draw attention to that fact. So please take a look at http://readerarticles.realclearpolitics.com/?period=week

    You will see a post entitled “Senator Obama, your silence is dangerous and unforgivable”. If you like the article, which can read by clicking through RCP or going straight to http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/10/senator-obama-your-silence-is-dangerous-and-unforgivable.html
    please consider adding your vote. Thank you to those who have already helped by voting and publicizing. Thank you, thank you.


    Go vote for Heidi and some Democratic responsibility! Let’s make that 100 at least.

    on topic — SM — I have only one quibble with your excellent post. The Republicans didn’t take the populist shtick away, the Democrats gave it away, as if it were smelly garbage stinking up their McMansions.

  3. Way to go sm—-what a great diary !!! Don’t you just love Tito? Sarah is picking up these people, no McCain.

  4. Valhalla – one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

  5. SM…right on. He shoud have known when he threw working class people under the bus it would come back to bite his ass. When hillary warned everyone about it they called her a racist…remember the “white working class” brouhaha?

  6. hi angie… good to read you!

  7. HEY AngieNC!!!!!!!!!

    Good to see you back…. Pat was about to load you up in her Mazda and drive you back here!

  8. Truth be told McCain only has 30% of the Latino vote which is kinda sad for him because he was the first Senator along with another Democrat Senator (can’t remember his name), to propose a major piece of legislation to reform Immigration.

    What has Obama ever done for the Latino’s? Hillary has a record to stand on with the Latino community as well.

    Even though Palin is a conservative I would agree she has, not so much of a populist message but a populist appeal. Let’s hope it works with just day’s to go and so far behind in the polls.

  9. Gary – now the Latino Vote is going bye bye too. Tito the Builder is THE MAN right now.

  10. ANGIE!!!!!

    Captain Spaulding was about to load up the clown car and go look for you!


    52% of Latinos in FL are going McCain – they highest it’s been for a Republican and it’s not just Cubans down here anymore. There is a gamma of Latin Americans from Miami-Orlando-Tampa which is the FL Latino Triangle.

    If it’s like that here, I can safely say that California it’ll be at least 40-45% Latino vote for McCain.

  12. Ok — I’ve only gotten up to the Mother Jones “reporter” (and I use the term loosely) saying, dismissively, that those kooky McCain supporters “seem to believe the media is rigging the election for Obama” after just watching him report that 1. McCain visited in VA, which as a Republican he shouldn’t even have to “try to win” (no mention of VA’s recent election of a D Gov. & Senator nor BO’s spending in VA) 2. where only about 3000-5000 people came out to see McCain and 3. BO got crowd of 100,000 in MO (which has nothing whatsoever to do with the story — other then to tell everyone ITS OVER — BO won). Yeppers, those McCain supporters are crazy I tell ya.

  13. myiq2xu, on October 27th, 2008 at 8:55 pm Said:


    Captain Spaulding was about to load up the clown car and go look for you!

    myiq — Damn! If I had known that, I wouldn’t have come back. 😉

  14. AngieNC, just go up to the 1:10 minute mark where Tito GOES OFF. Then the black Caribbean woman jumps in too – she was AWESOME as well.

  15. Carolyn:

    Teh latino vote is not monolithic. Latinos are comprised of several different groups that are clumped in various parts of the country.

    We discussed it this morning so i’m not gonna rehash it, but don’t believe everything you hear.

  16. AngieNC: Spaulding’s clown car ain’t got nuttin on Pat Johnson’s Mazda. Have YOU seen Jimmy Hoofa lately? No? Thank you.

  17. Aw, Sarah Palin is on Hannity and Scarecrow with Piper.

    Piper says she wants to be president someday.

  18. Piper is on FOX with her mom!

  19. Check out my latest post (exclusive to Klownhaus):


    Updated too!

  20. sm77, excellent post. Some of the momentum John McCain has been feeling!

  21. Obama is turning the Democratic brand into a caricature.

    Bill Clinton successfully turned the old image of Democrats as tax and spend liberals into one of Democrats as responsible economic stewards who would make sure that average Americans who work hard will have the opportunity to get ahead. To use a cliche from the time, he understand that people wanted a hand up, not a handout.

    Now Obama is turning the image back into one of class warfare, of taking from the rich to give to everyone else, for no real reason other than apparently the rich make too much money, and we want some of it for ourselves.

    To Obama, this is populism and fairness. But to a lot of people, including Joe the Pumber and Tito the Builder, it’s unwanted charity. They don’t want someone else’s money. What they want is the chance to make it on their own. They can get that from a good education, a small business loan, a good economy, safe streets, etc.

    The Democrats are regaining the image of the party that dislikes the rich, who don’t want to level the playing field so much as level the final score. We’ll be seen as the party that looks down on the middle class with condescending pity (the poor, religion-clinging gun nuts who need donations from the rich folks). And lots of people who don’t see themselves this way will resent it.

  22. I am so prescient. I told you she would be back.

  23. OMG: Piper is so precious. Twirling around while Palin is being interviewed. That little face is irresistable!

  24. I think the momentum is definitely with McPalin, but don’t expect the media and the pollsters to admit it.

  25. Pat Johnson, soothsayer, oracle, wise woman, …………..

  26. myiq: I wish I could fully accept that statement as fact. I am still very nervous about this ra*ce being completely stolen. These people will stop at nothing.

  27. Valhalla – I changed the title & gave you an h/t – you’re right, the Dems gave it away.

  28. purplefinn: If only that were so. I could then proclaim the outcome next week with much more confidence than I have at the moment.

  29. angie thank goodness you’re back
    a certain clow no i mean person here has been like a lost kitten..

  30. Pat, OK, don’t push it. We don’t want to wear out your powers. Remember to breathe. We all need to be here for each other after the 4th whatever the outcome.

  31. SOD: lolol

  32. Angie:

    We need to keep the curtains closed at night, we apparently have peeping toms. The can’t comment here anymore but over at Christina’s Cesspool these ex-freeper fratboy types make skeezy comments about the “Midnight Dating Club at The Confluence”

  33. The LA Times needs to release that tape. In the interest of national security at least if this moron is singing the praises of a known terrorist supporter. Or at least to showcase his naivety if nothing else.

  34. SOD I can give you last weeks numbers for cheap 🙂

  35. Damn gary, you’re goooodd!

  36. Pat:

    I’m talking about how the voters feel, not what the voting machines will show.

    If this election is stolen, it won’t be by McPalin

  37. myiq, I never pass up the opportunity to mention that christina is a stalker and deranged. thanks for giving me another one.

  38. lol kitchen..its a gift!

  39. That video is great sm77 — I love the Caribbean woman too! “How come you can find out all about Joe the Plumber but you can’t tell us when Obama met Ayers!” I read the story of this on National Review (I know, I know) and I notice that the Mother Jones reporter left out Tito’s response to his statement that they were better then Joe the Plumber because they pay their taxes. Tito responded “Let me tell you something, I’m better then Obama because I don’t associate with terrorists.” Snap!
    It really, really bothers me that the Mother Jones reporter was explaining to them that Obama’s tax plan was better — why is it his job to convince them that Obama was better for them? Is that really his role as a “journalist”? Why did the reporter feel the need to speak so slowly to them? That ticked me off. Yes, Tito & the Caribbean woman spoke with accents but they were obviously fluent — there was no indication that they couldn’t understand English. Condescending shmuck.

  40. myiq: I was referring to that marvelous organization known to one and all as ACORN and it’s bevy of supporters. God knows what chicanery they are capable of as I am pretty certain they helped manufacture those caucus wins on his behalf.

    I never underestimate the damage they can do. Ever.

  41. OK, greeting angie! Missed you (french song 4 u). 🙂 Oh, as to the dating club, too old…and didn’t know there was one. I thought it was just the kids making jokes! Who’d a thunk! 😮

  42. ok, I have liked Megyn Kelly before, but I just officially fell in love. Hot damn–I just loooved watching her stick it to that smarmy Bill Burton. She really held the line. “You know I don’t appreciate the sarcasm–you can do that on the other stations, but we don’t put up with that here.”

    Sistahs are doing it for themselves!

  43. Okay I loved the comment that Dick Morris made just now on Hannity

    “the Obama campaign is hemorrhaging votes”

  44. Hannity is announcing a “big surprise” at the end of his show. Hope it is not something stupid like an announcement that Glenn Beck has been hired by Fox. That would be a big ho hum to me.

  45. myiq2xu, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:16 pm Said:


    We need to keep the curtains closed at night, we apparently have peeping toms. The can’t comment here anymore but over at Christina’s Cesspool these ex-freeper fratboy types make skeezy comments about the “Midnight Dating Club at The Confluence

    I’m a believer in Oscar Wilde’s adage: the only thing worse then being talked about is not being talked about.

    Who is Christina anyway? Nah, I don’t care.

  46. fif: Is there a link to that video? I missed it.

  47. I just read about GOPTrust.com that just bought $2.5 million in ads in swing states.

  48. christina calm down!

  49. Megyn rocks!!!!! Bill Burton is smug.

  50. herekittykitty: Are you doing anything for New Year’s Eve? You sound like such a fun guy. I could make an exception because I find you so articulate and well informed. Call me.

  51. kitty — we don’t talk like that here — go back to kos where you belong.
    HA — me taking the high road!

  52. Dickie Morris just made a plug. He said Joe the Plumber just hit Obama with the left, and now it’s time for the right–Rev. Wright. McCain won’t do it, and the RNC won’t do it, but there’s a “courageous” (Dick’s word) group out there, GOP Trust.com who are raising money to push out $2-3 million worth of Wright ads, and that could seal the election.

    I need a shower now. Has it come to this–I’m shilling for Dick Morris? That’s how badly I want to see Obama lose. Yuck–can we have Hillary back now?

  53. Orange, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:05 pm Said: But to a lot of people, including Joe the Pumber and Tito the Builder, it’s unwanted charity. They don’t want someone else’s money. What they want is the chance to make it on their own. They can get that from a good education, a small business loan, a good economy, safe streets, etc.


    Make it illegal for CEOS to have golden parachutes while the company is going down the TUBES. No layoffs – just cut a million off the CEOs bonus will do the trick. The USA is the land of opportunity and we all want to be a part of it.

  54. afrocity — you know that bill burton wants Megyn so bad but knows he can never have a women 1/2 as good looking or 1/2 as smart as her, so he has to be rude to her. BO camp — a place for nerds who couldn’t get a woman a place to vent their frustration.

  55. Oh, Geeze who let the Kool Aid Kid Out?

    Whats wrong Kitty, not enough of Obama’s dung left for you BOT maggots to feed on?

  56. Megyn Kelly is a lawyer and would know how to really “stick it” to Burton.

  57. fif: And we even referred to Michelle Malkin a good light yesterday. Oh how far the Conflucians have sunk!

  58. I am in love with Sean Hannity!

  59. afrocity: OMG!!

  60. Christina is the Ashley Todd of blogging

  61. Has the tr0ll left us? And we were just getting into such an informed discussion.

  62. myiq: lol

  63. Dick Morris is like Karl Rove without the charm and ethical standards.

  64. Christina = kitty

  65. Afrocity: There is not 1 attractive Republican except Erik Estrada (I was a big CHiPS fan, I Know) and Andy Garcia.

  66. Pat, just remember what she did to that poor kid from the schip ads and you’ll snap back to reality…

  67. SOD — so sorry — I missed your post before! Here is the link to watch that great interview:


  68. God spare us from Kool Aid Mountain Kids out on parole.

  69. Can some one tell me how to format the link? I thought I read that you place the link in between these two?

  70. No Way SM77, is Andy Garcia a republican???? I LOVE HIM. I had his picture on my wall in college. I love Andy, but I love Sean too.

  71. Hi Pat J & dakinikat!!

  72. “OBAMA, NO MERCI BEAUCOUP” They disappeared? >

  73. SOD — Tom Selleck — that is what a man looks like — sorry guys, the rest of you are just variations.

  74. afrocity, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:36 pm Said:
    No Way SM77, is Andy Garcia a republican???? I LOVE HIM. I had his picture on my wall in college.


    Andy Garcia and Kevin Costner in “The Untouchables”. YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

  75. Some one sent that via an e-mail. Thought you might find it funny since you lived in the area before.

  76. Tom Selleck and the NRA stuff is scary.

  77. Andy Garcia in Black Moon (except the part where he gets decapitated)

  78. I meant Black Rain

  79. Afrocity – Yep, Andy is a Cuban Republican from Miami.

  80. woman voter, I think katie had a page on her blog telling how to do it. it is impossible to “show” you because the tags disappear. her blog is on the blogroll, eat4today.

  81. Night, good to see you back angie. I will come back when I learn formatting. 😦

  82. SOD: WOW….Magnum PI – yes, forgot about Tom and the yummy booty shorts.

  83. Pat J — you don’t have to be the Oracle of Delphi to know that I would miss the heck out of you!

  84. garychapelhill,

    Thanks I will go take a look, again.

  85. hi catarina! Gosh, I’ve been gone so long I’ve gotten rusty at keeping up with comments.

  86. God Alan Colmes is so insignificant.

  87. angie: {{{{{waving}}}}}

  88. Hi Woman Voter — missed you all!
    As for the “dating club” thing I find it highly amusing — those ex-freeper frat boys can’t get a woman without the help of rohipinol.

  89. We are getting closer to the 4 million mark! Wow!

  90. Angie — what’s the AoS link?

  91. Hi Pat J — I was thinking about you!!

  92. afrocity, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said:

    God Alan Colmes is so insignificant.

    LMAO — yup, that about sums it up.

  93. angie: I knew we would see you again. You carved out a niche and I knew you loved us too much to be gone long. I have taken a few days of sabbatical at times but the siren song of the Confluence draws me back.

  94. SOD – we are all thanking you in advance for your ONE vote!!! We have to thank you now, because when the obots go public, we won’t be able to get near you, what with the MSM all over the place…

  95. SM77 — too funny!

  96. Has anyone noticed that the Obama campaign spokespeople all look like recruits from the Klingon Language Institute? Bill Burton and then there is this redhead that is one step away from a panic attack, some crazy older woman that looks like she has 500 cats. That Zimmerman guy on Lou Dobbs. Donna Brazille, all from the Spaceship Enterprise Redistribution .

    They are like politics on Scientology.

  97. afrocity: lolol

  98. It’s nice to have the opposing camp reassure you that your vote DOES count… while the MSM is trying to convince everyone that it is hopeless. Guess the margin of error on those polls should be a little larger, don’t you think?

  99. Pat J — I had to tune out from the whole election for the weekend, get stuff done, etc. — I was getting way too caught up in every little thing that was going on it was becoming too consuming. So, took a little vacay. BTW, I wasn’t going to even start reading anything today, but The Tape was too much for me to resist, I posted something on Hillbuzz and urgetocompute posted to tell me to come back here! I really do love you guys!!

  100. Afrocity: LOLOLOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES, I thought the same thing like, Obots are Jehovah Witnesses or Scientologists on Kool-Aid.

    But you defined to perfection!

  101. kitchen: You would think. I watched a crawl earlier that showed them not more than 4 points apart to 1 point apart. Go figure. I am clinging to the others here who tell me the polls mean zilch. I am clinging like a barnicle.

  102. Oh you guys, you’ve GOT to see the front page of [Sl]udge Report. (giggles)

  103. afrocity — OMG — “pols on Scientology” you have nailed it like no one else — that is exactly what they are! LMAO & scared out of my mind at the same time!

  104. angie: We know you do. A little break now and then does the trick. We all sometimes find ourselves consumed with this nonsense and a few day away from all blogs and media has a restorative feel.

    But you are here, that is what counts. They really missed you. Me too.

  105. VERY SAD, our loss.
    Maybe we will get another chance, but I’m pretty much a firm believer in grabing opportunity as it does not usually knock twice.
    I was reading yesterday how Soros was a big investor in Lehman Brothers which was allowed to fall. I’m not sure if he got out but I hope not. A smack? Could be.

  106. Angienc was on “stay-cation” because of the economy we cannot afford vacations 😉

  107. stay-cation! LOL

  108. AngieNC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s great to see you! We missed you. I’m glad you’re back.

  109. bb — I missed you guys! But the weather was gorg. here this weekend & just had to get out of the house & tune out the whole election for a while.

  110. I’d make some half-witty double entendres to Angie but I’ve been getting flamed-broiled like a Whopper all weekend.

  111. Have it your way, myiq2xu

  112. myiq — flamed-broiled by whom? (and none of your double entrendres were half-witty — they were all-witty).

  113. All you Andy Garcia fans will be pleased to know that my sources tell me he’s also a super-duper guy. I used to work with someone who did a lot of “baby sitting” with celebrities when she worked for a PR firm in CA. When I say baby-sitting I mean she took care of celebrities when they were doing promotions in town. She took care of some of the biggest and the brightest. She didn’t have anything nice to say about any of them except two couples: Andy Garcia and his wife, and Jada Pinket Smith and her wife, Will Smith.

    I remember that Bruce Willis was a Republican a while back, but I don’t know if that’s true anymore. So was Michael J. Fox.

  114. LoL Rush Limbaugh:

    “Palin doesn’t have people in her past whose mouths she has to duct tape

  115. I don’t think a lot of the conservative celebrities are coming out.

  116. The worst comments didn’t survive but there were lots of concern and purity t-rolls with pitchforks and torches.

    I was getting chased by sockpuppets too!

  117. myiq — poor baby — I’ll ignore you from now on.

  118. They (MSM) only report that which sends tingles up their legs…

  119. afrocity — Jon Voight came out in support of McCain– his letter published in (I think) the NYT was a little kooky, though.

  120. Ignore me?!

  121. Pat….don’t worry about the election outcome. All I want are next week’s Powerball numbers…

    can you help me out? 🙂

  122. afrocity, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:

    Has anyone noticed that the Obama campaign spokespeople all look like recruits from the Klingon Language Institute?

    Yeah, I just watched Burton’s interview w. Megan Kelly and couldn’t help thinking, “Hey, he looks just like Lou Ferrigno!” He wasn’t about to morph into the Hulk, though. Megan had him whupped.

  123. Okay I can believe I am saying this but Rush is cracking me up. “Obama is better at saying nothing than anyone I know”

  124. myiq — so I will not tempt you into making double entendres — I know I’m hard to resist! LOL

  125. afrocity — I’m ashamed to admit that Rush is cracking me up too!

  126. SM — thanks for the h/t!

    Y’all, I can’t tell you how tickled I am that Obama’s getting slammed for is wealth distribution comment. Obama’s not a socialist, not even close, why do you think all the libertarian fan boys love him so? He’s Corporations’ BFF. He’s been so successful lying his butt off, it would be poetic revenge if he were sunk based on another lie.

  127. Hi Angie! Welcome back. We missed you.

  128. Valhalla — I’ve said it before — Obama was a fake Socialist then like he is a fake Socialist now. The problem with Obama is that no one knows what the heck he is — including those fan boys.

  129. gxm — missed y’all too — I needed a break & the weather was great this weekend.

  130. Wow!

    I just noticed the number of comments in the threads at TL – they are all single and double digits, the biggest one was 66

    Looks like selling her soul ain’t working out so well for JM

  131. Angie,

    I don’t blame you. I came down with the flu on Friday, and I’ve been pretty out of it. I haven’t been able to keep up with all the posts and comments. My brain isn’t working too well. Today I feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something.

  132. myiq — by the way, I wouldn’t ignore you if you paid me — and it may come to that. 😉

  133. Britgirls,

    No doubt LOL. The Hulk, my side is hurting.

    How can these idiots vote for Obama? I don’t get it. I get 100’s of emails a day saying something to the tune of:


    And I just laugh and think to myself these Obama supporters are some crazy desperate mutha f%ckers.

  134. I would love to see the Hannity and Ferraro Show.

    My spouse just made me a halloween outfit — I am going as a package of kool-aid and will hand out packages of kool-aid with barry’s photo on them.

  135. You know, I don’t buy this McCain is behind the polls BS. ObamaNation is running women-focused ads in Virginia to the point that it’s obvious his internals tell him that we’re not falling in line. We’ll see in a week but I think McPalin will pull this one out.

  136. bb — I took an election free weekend — no internet, no news — and it was great — I meant to go until the election, but The Tape today dragged me back in (plus, I really missed all of you).

  137. How obnoxious about whether she pays taxes. Doesn’t everybody pay sales tax, telecommunications taxes, property taxes, social security taxes and many paypay roll taxes ? That was way way over the line and downright rude. At least Joe the Plumber works hard making an honest living and takes good care of his family. Joe seemed pretty young so if he does climb the success ladder he could very well pay more taxes in the future. It also proves The FACT that our tax system is already progressive according to ones earnings. Obamacrat Elitest? Totally.

    CNN — Change Nonsense Network

  138. “Today I feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something.”

    Welcome to my world! Kinda cool, ain’t it?

  139. myiq2xu,

    It’s wierd, isn’t it? You’d think with Obama just about to win the election, those Obama blogs would be jumping. Maybe they are getting tired of the haka. On the other hand we, the paranoid, desperate holdouts, are getting thousands of hits and comments every day. Hmmmmm….how do you explain that?

  140. simofish! LMAO

  141. I love Jada Pinket Smith. And I just KNEW she was a sweetheart. 🙂

  142. gxm — the election is closer then the msm wants to admit — it isn’t “in the bag” for anyone (despite whatever BTD says on TL).

  143. Captain Spaulding says “Nothing says love like a restraining order”

  144. angie .. whooooHOOO .. so happy to see you !!! ..

  145. I like Mother Jones, despite the hyper partisan-ness. But I do not think that they get it.

    For some reason they, and others, enjoy casting those who like McCain off as simply “angry”. It’s driving me nuts, and making me- well, angry

    And as far as the twilight zone thing goes

    the colors man. the colors. i think i’m freaking out right now.

  146. myiq2xu, on October 27th, 2008 at 10:23 pm Said:

    Captain Spaulding says “Nothing says love like a restraining order”

    I always knew Captain Spaulding was my soul mate — now I have proof!

  147. Hi Briana!! I need to shut up & leave more often — I’m loving the welcome back!

  148. Aw, dang it Angie! See what you made me do?

    Now some purity t-roll will be saying how there ain’t nothing funny about DV and I’m just encouraging misogyny.

    Them PT’s aint got no sensayuma

  149. Gotta love Greta — the Obama campaign responded to The Tape by attacking FOX!!

  150. myiq — tell the purity trolls it ain’t misogyny when the woman wants it. (And, for the record purity trolls — I do).

  151. Kevin Costner, Don Johnson, Andrew McCarthy and Tom Selleck would never be turned away from my door. Lou Dobbs goes without saying, but I heard he was taken anyway by some crazy stalker fan.

    afrocity – WOO-HOO!!!! I’m doing the Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy dance that Cook County messed up and sent you your voter ID at long last.

    angie – about dang time! it was getting crazy listening to everyone whine about where yo–{sniff}{little sob} – {{{{{{{big hug}}}}}}} – please don’t do that to us anymore! it’s even worth the mess you and myiq make every night.

  152. opps — I used the tr0ll word & am in moderation.

  153. hello, angie
    yes hello, angie
    it’s so nice to have you back where you belong….

  154. hi plamingingophred!! I love you too!

  155. Here is a comment written to me by an Obot who was upset because I mentioned that the crime in Chicago has never been addressed by Obama:

    I can understand your frustration and feel very sorry for Jennifer (Hudson) But why do you think McCain would give a crap? He won’t deal with inner city problems, because that’s not who’ll vote for him. Please reconsider Obama. The real blame can be laid at the feet of the NRA and it’s battle to make sure everyone gets all the guns they want to. But it really should be the Mayor and Chief of Police’s job. Have you tried to contact them personally? You have the right. Ultimately though people no matter what color they are or where they come from have to take personal responsibility for their own actions.

  156. I get surreal days too. Most of the time I just can’t believe that no one cares about these things.
    Angienc welcome back.

  157. hi betuscha! Missed you.

  158. simofish:
    “My spouse just made me a halloween outfit — I am going as a package of kool-aid and will hand out packages of kool-aid with barry’s photo on them.”


    and by the way I would like to say


  159. hi Petal!

  160. Ha Ha that is funny and at least they can’t say it’s racist…..

  161. sod — great flashback!

  162. Angie’s back!

  163. ROTFL. Hannity and Scarecrow. Afrocity, you should send them an email and recommend the name change. Glad to hear your voter card finally showed up. That’s wonderful news.

  164. the NAACP sued VA for not anticipating the unprecendented turnout at the polls on Tuesday? What’s up with that?

  165. Angie’s front!

  166. SM — have you forgotten Tom Selleck??? Ahhh.. I love the opening of Magnum PI where he’s all wet holding a gun. YUM!

  167. At least in his previous avatar Captain Spaulding looked like he had some table manners.

  168. Thanks Angie

  169. afrocity — there is no arguing with Obama logic — who is the Senator from ILL (and before that, who was the ILL state senator from Chicago)? And what the heck does the NRA have to do with it? I’m willing to bet that whoever (I’m giving the husband the benefit of the doubt — innocent until proving guilty) committed these horrible murders did it with an illegal gun.

  170. Lynn Forester de Rothschild on Greta about the sexism against Palin

  171. Hi Angienc, always nice to see your smile!!

  172. hi Britannia — just a little vacay! I couldn’t stay away from you all for too long.

  173. What’s Rothschild saying?

  174. Lynn is talking about centrist Ds who support McCain because he will bring a centrist view to the WH & have Ds & Is in his cabinet (but you know she should kind of keep a lid on that — don’t want to remind the right wing nuts)

  175. brb guys (don’t miss me!)

  176. all the correct things and how the many democrats she meets are for McPalin because they’re from the centrist part of the party instead of the left wing that Dean and moveon.org are part of

  177. Angie, whew! If you want a great big dose of validation (not that you need it), read the previous threads all the way back to the first day you “disappeared” and search for your name. You’ll find your name in most of the threads, and many folks here “pining” for you to come back. A bunch of softies these. 🙂

  178. geez – I don’t always watch Greta but she’s on fire tonight! up next is the Biden v. Brenda West interview

  179. OMFG — that email is a hoot.

  180. Re: Tennessee skinhead morans:

    “We honestly don’t know if they had the capability or the wherewithal to carry out the kind of plan that they talked about,” Malcolm Wiley, a spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington, said in an interview.

  181. Angie,

    It got worse little did I know that my little statement who piss off OBOTS so much.

    Oh come one, crime in Chicago has nothing to do with Mr. Obama. I grew up in the city, north side, Elston and Western for you true Chicagoans and was involved with the Chicago Crime Commission so I know about Chicago Crime. If Mr. Obama had been involved in city politics I might agree but he had nothing to do in that regard.

    what have you done for chicago? Barack has worked tirelesly in the neighborhoods. He put his body where his heart is and now wants to put the same ethic in the white house. A calibre of compassion we have not seen since Carter Oh by the way as of 11:00 AM they have not confirmed that the child found in an SUV in Chicago is that of the missing boy. Get your facts straight. If you are using this as the only reason for not voting for Mr. Obama it is your choice..

    But my favorite was a McCain supporter who weighed in rebuttal to the one who mentioned the NRA:

    another mis informed NRA hater….city dweller that doesn’t know that Clintons judicial system hardly ever prosecuted people for gun crimes if the could prosecute them for something else. We have some pretty strict gun laws if they were just enforced. And no I am not an NRA member,although it was formed buy white Army officers in retaliation to the Southern Democrats trying to make it illegal for freed slaves to own guns during the reconstruction of the South.It was formed to teach marksmanship and gun saftety to People of Color in the South.If Bridget wants the first amendment we must have the second for the bill of rights work toghther or not at all.Sorry for my little rant.

  182. Where’s Angie?

    Get the clown car loaded!

  183. Myiq, get a grip! She said BRB! Heh.

  184. Get the clown car loaded!

    you sure know how to give a girl what she wants!

  185. myiq – love the wordplay – nice!

  186. I’m back — had to walk the dogs.

    Britannia — don’t give me any ideas or I’ll start going through those old threads LOL I said upthread I’m so overjoyed at the welcome, I might just have to “disappear” again.

  187. phamingophred — LOL!

  188. myiq – and the rest of her, too…

  189. I love these two girls in Ohio on Greta — palestra.net?

  190. Howard Dean
    Nancy Pelosi
    Harry Reid
    Barack Obama

    The Democratic Party Deserves Better.

    America Deserves Better.

    Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Obama…FOUR reasons why Democratcs will be voting Country First and saying adios to the DNC elites in 2008!

    Step 1. John & Sarah ’08

    Step 2. Take Back The Democratic Party and Clean House!

    Step 3. Hillary ’12

    Let’s make it happen! We can do it! We are strong when we stand together!

    On election day, especially in those swing states like PA and Ohio, the PUMAS roar will be deafening!

    The momentum is shifting to McCain-Palin.

    Now more than ever, with one week to go until election day, let us all pledge to each other that we will not give in or give up or go away! We own our votes! We are going to rock the DNC elite on election by evicting Obama and the DNC elite from our Democratic Party. I know Hillary and the Big Dawg want us to do just that.

    Country Before Party!


  191. afrocity — are you still here? Don’t watch Leno tonight, MO is on & is wearing a god-awful yellow number that she “bought at J. Crew on-line” HA!
    I’m going to the new thread — this one is taking too long to upload on my browser.

  192. afrocity
    “If you are using this as the only reason for not voting for Mr. Obama it is your choice..”

    Isn’t it nice that they they are so nice to give you permission.

  193. afrocity – I’ve seen you post several times about BO not doing anything about the Chicago murder rate or crime – but I’m not sure where you’re coming from with that thought. You know I live in the burbs and sympathize with your position, but can you say why you think he can or should do anything? And what he should do?

  194. Palestra is doing what the rest of the media and the Sec. of State of Ohio refused to do — their #%&@$%jobs!

  195. Palestra has some fine young women working for them. Maybe these women will be the answer in the future of wiping out sexism n the political arena. These girls are doing their homework.

  196. angie!

  197. Something to cheer the poll-watchers up is in order.

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