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The New Agenda vs the Pumacrats-Ready to Rummmble!

Chewing the Fat with Ophelia is on again tonight.  Here is the place to vent your feminist angst regardless of which party is pissing you off.  Amy and Violet extended an invitation to Sheri and Darragh to join them and talk about what’s going on in the election season as it affects women.  The Pumacrats are going to try not to be too mean to Obama, but, well, some things can’t be helped. That’s Chewing the Fat with Ophelia at 10PM EST from The New Agenda.

60 Responses

  1. Am I actually the first to leave a comment?

    Mountain Sage

  2. I’m in the Pittsburgh media market and I’m going insane from the Obama adds. Will. It. NEVER. end?

    G*d this sucks!

  3. I have been looking at Obama’s face for so long I feel I need to include him on my Christmas list!

  4. response to urgetocompute on gary’s earlier post:

    no i wasn’t talking about germaine greer, but a woman called kathy lette, who is regularly on BBC cos she lives in london.

    however, u may want to reconsider your opinion on germaine:

    March 2008: Germaine Greer sneers at Hillary Clinton
    “Sydney – Acid-tongued feminist academic Germaine Greer on Monday dismissed US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as a ‘bossy and cold and manipulative’ woman who is only on the hustings because she is former president Bill Clinton’s wife.
    In her homeland to attend a writers’ festival in Adelaide, the 69-year-old writer and academic said she liked Bill but loathed Hillary and said they had a business partnership rather than an emotional relationship.
    ‘They give me the creeps from that point of view,’ the author of 1970’s seminal The Female Eunuch told local television.
    ‘Everybody loves Bill. Bill is adorable and Bill is always flattering me and inviting me to stuff in Britain and we’re buddy-buddy, and I like him. I don’t like Hillary because she’s so bossy and cold and manipulative and stuff.’
    The famously acerbic Greer, who has lived in Britain for the past 40 years but has refused to take on British citizenship, didn’t rate Clinton’s pull with women.
    ‘I can’t see that Hillary would appeal to feminists because, why is she there? She is there because she is Bill’s wife, and it’s a bit useless to pretend, ‘Oh, it’s because of her wonderful job as a senator’, and all that,’ she said.”

    sometimes women are women’s own worst enemies, hey!

  5. I live in Florida. Ads on tv all the time, all over the radio stations, on the internet. Can’t even check the weather online without seeing him. Sick, sick, sick, of seeing and hearing him.

  6. Sounds like another great show. I’ll be listening. The discussion last night with Sherri, Darragh, and MadmaB was excellent.

  7. This site should not ignore the many PUMA men out there. We hate the sexism, too. But don’t reinforce the stereotype that we’re all a bunch of middle-aged women with a HIllary fixation.

  8. tamerlane,

    I haven’t seen you here before. We have plenty of male commenters and contributors. Maybe you should withhold judgement until you’ve been around awhile?

  9. noepip – thanks for taking the time to correct the record on Greer.

    Greer is just a sad old fossil.

  10. Hi just thought I’d let you know that Greta has a poll asking if Obama should publicly condemn the personal attacks on Governor Palin.


  11. 96% say he should disavow the attacks. Of course he won’t. In fact it is probably racist to even suggest he should do so. Thanks, debate.

  12. Here’s something to think about…an agenda that we haven’t really delved into?

    The Story Unfolds 2: Obama, Biden, Brzezinski, Carter…and the Trilateral Commission?


  13. Hi y’all! Just de-lurking to share an analysis of the PUMA factor I found in a Salon.com piece called “The punditocracy’s Seven Biggest Blunders of the 2008 election” at:


    Unfortunately, they’re no longer accepting letters in response. 😛

    7) The Hillary Holdouts Will Never Come Back

    During July and August, just about the easiest way to get on television was to announce that you were an angry Hillary voter who would never, ever support Obama. Of course, political science studies dating back three decades show that party loyalty invariably trumps hurt feelings by the time November rolls around. Guess what? For all the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) nonsense that filled the airwaves over the summer, the Pew Research Center poll this week shows that Obama is beating McCain by a 91-to-5-percent margin among self-identified Democrats. So while independent-minded blue-collar voters who may have opted for Clinton in the primary are still being wooed by the Obama campaign in states like Pennsylvania, virtually all the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats have (surprise!) returned to the fold.

  14. The world continues to turn upside down. I voted for McCain/Palin on Saturday and today Red State had this headline:

    RedState Endorses Mark Begich, Democrat For Senate, and Ethan Berkowitz, Democrat for House At Large in Alaska.”

    They had to take the title down and just recommended not voting for the Republicans because too many readers complained the Dems were not pro-life, but still…. Red State endorsing Dems.

  15. If anyone is interested No Quarter is back.

  16. found this on the hillaryclinton forum posted by wv4hillary —

    I pulled up some old 2004 election night result coverage and watched it, so read this BEFORE Election Night 2008, it will help calm your nerves.

    Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, DC, New Jersey, Vermont, Delaware, Maine, Illinois, Rhode Island, California, Washington, ALL called with 0 percent in just from exit polls. So if that happens with Obama, don’t get discouraged. Kerry didn’t win remember.

    Virginia – was too close to call with Kerry vs. Bush. Bush ended up winning by 8%.
    South Carolina – too close to call. Bush ended up winning by quite a bit.
    Florida – too close to call (not projected for bush until 98% of the votes in)
    Ohio – too close to call. (called at 87% in)
    Missouri – too close to call (Kerry had early lead)
    Pennsylvania – too close to call
    New Hampshire – too close to call
    Missisippi – YES, too close to call from exit polling. Crazy, eh?
    North Carolina – too close to call.
    Colorado – too close to call.
    New Mexico – too close to call
    Michigan – too close to call (Bush had an early lead – didn’t win though)
    Minnesota – too close to call (Bush had an early lead)
    Wisconsin – too close to call (Bush had an early lead)
    Arizona – too close to call
    Lousiana – too close to call
    Arkansas – too close to call (Kerry had early lead)
    Iowa – too close to call
    Nevada – too close to call
    Montana – too close to call (yes, Montana)
    Oregon – too close to call
    Hawaii – too to call

    Basically I’m prepping you for election night so you don’t start going “OMG!? VIRGINIA AND SOUTH CAROLINA TOO CLOSE TO CALL!? NEW JERSEY CALLED RIGHT AWAY!? IT’S OVER FOR MCCAIN!!”


    “Pennsylvania and New Hampshire too close to call!? WOO! GO MCCAIN!”

  17. This is a test. It is only a test. Tried three times to post downstairs but my words disappeared into the ethosphere. Wha’ happened?

  18. debate – did you see the numbers of votes in that poll? 38,000+?

  19. NJ puma — thanks for sharing that little bit of (cough) wisdom (cough) from Salon — but I for one don’t identify myself as a Dem. anymore — I changed my registration to “I” after the May 31 debacle, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  20. Has anyone else seen the stories about an alleged secret affair between the O and one of his staffers on his 2004 senatorial campaign?

    I was following links from blog to blog and I came across it at several sites including Hillbuzz.

    Here’s a short snip from Bits and Pieces:

    “That staffer is Vera Baker, 33 years old, who in 2004 was hired to work on his team for his bid to become a senator. The rumor mill suggests that she may have been removed from her duties and sent away after Senator Obama’s wife, Michelle, became angry (and bitter?) that he had developed a “personal friendship” – code for affair – with her.”

    These allegations were initially circulated in August, just two weeks before the DNC convention but gained little traction. But now the story is reportedly under investigation by the Los Angeles Times, ABC News, and the National Enquirer. While the MSM may be inclined to protect Obama, the National Enquirer tends to push stories into the public with thinner sourcing. We’ll see what happens, and our guess is nothing.”

    If the MSM covers this like it did John Edwards affair we WON’T hear anything. What a weird electon year! Who’d a thunk any of us would be waiting for real investigative reporting by the National Enquirer…

  21. NJ puma, Salon long ago turned into a cyber sewer. There is no cleanser strong enough to combat its stench. Any time spent there is time spent in waste water.

  22. kjmontana — I’ve heard the National Enquirer is even sitting on the Vera Baker story.

  23. Heyyyyy angie – so good to see you again!

  24. Hi Kat5 — took a little “election free” vacay this weekend — I was going to extend it until election day, but couldn’t stay away.

  25. I totally agree about Salon being a sewer. They ran a web piece that claimed McCain only chose Sarah Palin cause he wanted to f*ck her. (Their words, not mine.)

  26. btw — Obama has a new ad saying anyone making less then $200k will get a tax cut — he’s already dropped it by $50k — wonder if the msm will catch that.

  27. Yah, angie, when I couldn’t post downstairs for some reason, I thought, “Self, this would be a good time to take a leave of absence.” I lasted all of, what, an hour? We’re gonna need a whole slew of 12-step programs when this one’s over. Except I’m wondering if it ever will really be over.

  28. So the National Enquirer is sitting on the Vera Baker story and the LA Times is sitting on the Khalidi tape. Boy, I’ll bet Joe the Plumber wishes he had friend in the media like that!

  29. So let me get this straight: it was okay to question the father of Trig and Willow’s baby, it was okay to smear that family with every innuendo they could muster, they went after McCain and the lobbyist on the front page of the NYT, but they are reluctant to withhold the Vera affair though they have proof and are sitting on the tape of his kind remarks to a known terrorist supporter?

    What is wrong with this picture?

  30. Plhargored,

    You keep asking why I insert Obama’s name with the violence in Chicago. In my view if this man could not offer CHANGE to Chicago in his own neighborhood. How will he offer CHANGE in Washington?

    As our IL senator and earlier, a state lawmaker, Obama never did enough to make violent crime a priority.

    Obama’s stance on gun legislation and the death penalty for one. Obama either voted against or ” present “on issues related to stricter penalties on offenders of serious crimes or disallowing citizens to exercise their right to self-defense, Obama showed poor judgment on an important issue for Chicagoans.

    Voted AGAINST a bill letting people argue self-defense in court if charged with violating local weapons bans by using a gun in their home in self-defense.

    – Unsuccessfully sponsored measure to expunge some criminal records and create an employment grant program for ex-criminals.

    – Voted AGAINST making gang members eligible for the death penalty if they kill someone to help their gang.

    – Voted NO on a bill to give no offer of “good time” for sex offenders sentenced to the County Jail –
    Obama was the only vote against the bill.

    – Voted “Present”on a bill to restrict the location of buildings with adult uses (you know porn shop, strip clubs, etc…) within 1,000 feet of any public or private elementary or secondary school, public park, place of worship, preschool, day-car facility, or residential area.

    – Voted NO on a bill, requiring school boards to install software on public computers accessible to minors that blocked sexually explicit material.

    – Voted YES on a bill that allowed the purchase of 10 hypodermic needles from a pharmacy without a prescription.

  31. According to Hannity tonight, the new Gallup Poll to be released in the morning shows Senator Government’s lead down to 4 points.

    Independent voters are not stupid. I believe they will vote for McCain-Palin and tell Senator Government and Joe “Gaffey Duck” Biden to take a hike!

    Thank God America is standing up against Obama and his radical agenda. They want no part of it!

    Question: Why aren’t we seeing any of the Jeremiah Wright rants in the ads against Obama?

    I think this ad would be great to in the swing states:

    As DM said on Fox tonight, Obama is hemorrhaging votes. Now is the time to knock him out with the truth and what better way to do it than in his own words and in the words of his Uncle Jeremiah Wright!

    Joe “Gaffey Duck” Biden is a goo fit, yes?

    JB makes gaffes and ducks questions. 😉

    Hey, angieNC, welcome back! McCain is pulling ahead in NC! How are things on the ground where you are?

  32. I am stuck in moderation with kittykitty for God’s sake. Almost like being in here with Capt Spaulding!

  33. kjmontana — lol — no kidding — Joe the Plumber had at least 3 separate state agencies in Ohio (DMV, child welfare & AG) looking into him after he asked The Question.

  34. They think they have identified the guy in the DMV who released that information on Joe the Plumber. Want to bet he is an Obot?

  35. Hi Iron Man! I’m not a good person to ask — I live in a very Republican part of the city & everyone in my office is a Republican, so, literally, everybody I know is voting McCain!

  36. Sorry guys about the Chicago stuff. I really think people have dropped the ball and have a wealth of info they can use against Barry O right here in Chicago. Remember WBEZ is where the today’s bomb tape came from. Chicago is where the Anneberg stuff popped up.. My 432 murders spill has actually been very effective in my persuading people NOT to vote for Barry.

  37. Pat J — that’s a suckers bet — the odds are what a zillion to one that he’s an Obot? LOL

  38. afrocity — don’t apologize — I agree 100% — I’ve seen the pictures of the slums in his district were he was a “community organizer” before he was a state senator — it’s appalling that no one is talking about his lack of accomplishing anything else but fame for himself.

  39. afrocity – all good points and I agree. However, I don’t see how what he did/didn’t do as a state or federal senator relieves the mayor and police force from the responsibilities of their daily jobs. By definition, his “jobs” have not been to pass legislation for the city of Chicago but to help support all of the citizens in Illinois.

  40. Why I think of the PUMA movement, I think of this video:

    Mother Cougar vs Grizzly Bear

    It’s time for the showdown!!

    We will not back down from the fight!

    We will not give up!

    We will achieve VICTORY!


  41. Here’s your free invitation to view the Megyn Kelly smackdown of Bill “Smarmy” Burton on Fox today. This is priceless!


  42. afrocity – thanks for bringing out some truth. no need to apologize here.

  43. Has falstaff been accidentally deleted from the blogroll? I think his analysis is great, he hasn’t bashed us (yet), and the Confluence is still on his blogroll.

  44. “Vote for Barack Obama. Let him do to the rest of the country what he has done for Chicago. Namely nothing!”

  45. Phred, it’s a good bet that afrocity’s anger stems from Obama’s history of simply using the South Side for his own ends. Back in the early 70s when I worked with a federal drug education program in Chicago, I saw the worst of that area up close and personal, and conditions were stunningly awful. I doubt they’ve changed much as a result of Barry’s ‘community organizer’ days, and I doubt Obama could give a rat’s azz that they haven’t.

  46. NEW POST

  47. Good deal angieNC 🙂


    I was sooo glad to see Megyn Kelly put that little turd in his place! It was Beeeeee-you—tea—-full. 🙂

    Bill Burton acted like a spoiled little brat.


  48. For all the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) nonsense that filled the airwaves over the summer, the Pew Research Center poll this week shows that Obama is beating McCain by a 91-to-5-percent margin among self-identified Democrats. So while independent-minded blue-collar voters who may have opted for Clinton in the primary are still being wooed by the Obama campaign in states like Pennsylvania, virtually all the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats have (surprise!) returned to the fold.

    WTF? I know Salon is the source, but it cites the Pew Research Center. That can’t be accurate.

  49. IronMan — that bear looks just like Donna Brazillenut !!!!

  50. So phlamingophred,, that does effect Chicago? the last time I checked Chicago was in Illinois. Don’t you think Obama would want a safe place for his daughters. My god1/2 of those murders took place less than 6 blocks from his Million dollar home that he bought from Rezko. But I guess Obama only hangs out with white collar and arugula criminals like Ayers. I bet they can’t wait to get that J Crew catalog in the mail at their $$$$$ home.

    I never said I let Daley off the hook about the crime or the Alderman’s. Obama seems to have such a winning way with everyone. He is supposedly this great leader, so why is Chicago- the place where his daughters live such a shithole? Why has he not addressed or done anything to make it a priority. According to Michelle Obama:

    “…(T)he realities are that, you know, as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station, you know.” — Michelle Obama

    Well I guess so Michelle Ma bell, but the reality is in Chicago you can get shot whether you are black, white, asian, latino, a ferret, or any other creature that undergoes cell division.

    It doesn’t stop with crime. Those workers in Galesburg, IL at Maytag said Obama did not do much for labor relations either.

  51. Hey angie!!!!!!

    Just noticed you were back.


  52. Sorry guys about the Chicago stuff. I really think people have dropped the ball and have a wealth of info they can use against Barry O right here in Chicago.

    But afrocity: you are suffering from the delusion that the media would actually be interested in investigating and communicating any of these facts. You must be thinking about a time when journalism actually meant something.

  53. Hi scrubs57!! The weather this weekend was great so i got a life for a while.

  54. Fif, I agree 100%. You would think that an Academy Award winning actress would not have to lose her family to get the attention.

    Our stars always meet tragedy. Chris Farley, John Belushi, Bernie Mac, . But we are natural comediennes. Which is why Obama is such a carpet bagger. He does not have the sense of humor or comic timing of a Chicagoan like Bill Murray or the Cusacks, Jeremy Piven, Jane Curtain

  55. afrocity — that’s because he isn’t a true Chicagoan — he only moved there to get himself a leg up in politics — like all things Obama, it is all about Obama.

  56. afrocity — d’oh — I just noticed you called him a carpet bagger in your post!

  57. afrocity, Obama has no sense of humor at all. He takes himself too seriously, he can’t laugh at himself. BTW, I read a couple of days ago that Obama is a good friend of Jennifer Hudson. I think Obama met with Hudson when he got back from Hawaii, but it was kept a little hush-hush.

  58. And you know Angie, they called Hillary that in NYC when she ran for senator and the Illinois people were upset with her for not running here. I was in NYC and she was my senator. She did a good job, unlike Obama-Wan Kenobi here that just coasts on the sweet smell of his own farts.

    I swear with all the murders, if he has that 2million dollar party on Tuesday, that Mayor Daley told him we cannot afford, he is such a dirt bag.

  59. And they called Robert Kennedy that when he ran in NY…Angie glad to have you back – missed you. Afrocity thanks for all of that information – just underscores what we all believed – he produced nothing there as well as DC

  60. Angelina is back!!! 🙂 🙂 😀

    Happy, happy, joy, joy ❗

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