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Monday: Makeover Madness still bugging Maureen Le Fey

The jig is up, media.  The voters are are on to you.  It’s because you’ve gotten lazy.  You don’t even try anymore to mix it up.  It’s the same patterns.  Does Maureen Dowd just phone it in these days?  In 2004, she wrote that John Kerry was the elitist snowboarding, boy toy to a rich heiress.  This year it’s John McCain.  And I can’t believe she is suggesting that Sarah Palin go to Penney’s to buy her campaign wardrobe.

By the way, Maureen, I LOVE your Georgetown home. That custom colored Benjamin-Moore pink paint is gorgeous.   Maureen, you are an inspiration to bloggers everywhere.  Maybe if I cut back on my snarky posts to twice a week, I too can live in such swank surroundings.

$150,000 on clothes is a drop in the bucket compared to the obscene amounts of money that the Obama campaign has been spending on advertisment.  The Obama campaign raked in $150 million in campaign contributions in September and *still* I get half a dozen requests for money in my email box every single day.  Obama bought his own channel on DiSH.  Yep, if I go to channel 73, I can see non-stop Obama 24/7.

The funny thing is, I don’t think it’s working.  If you want to avoid Obama ads, you use your DVR and never go near channel 73.  Just fast forward through all of the hopey changey stuff. Ad time is expensive but I think it’s getting to be less and less effective.  Republicans, on the other hand, have taken a decidedly low tech, inexpensive approach that’s pretty hard to miss.  They have plastered McCain/Palin signs all over my route to work in the morning.  The sheer number is breathtaking.  They must be very busy at night.  I don’t see as many Obama signs.  Or should I say “OBAMA biden” signs.

Well, I guess that’s what you’re stuck with when you opt for public financing.  That lousy $84 billion doesn’t go as far as the $500 million and counting that Obama has spent.  (By the way, where is all that money coming from???)  You’d think you could get more impact with that much filthy lucre.  Like, in a year when the Democrat could. not. possibly. lose. $500 million should put Obama so far out in front that McCain/Palin *could* have just shopped at Penney’s for all the good it would have done them.  But this race is still well within their reach.

Well, you know what they say:


195 Responses

  1. How much did Obama pay just to rent and decorate a place to make one speech?

    $3 million?

  2. One reason you don’t see many 0bama signs is that the 0 campaign has been charging people for them. Folks may lurvs them some Mess-iah, but in this economy people just aren’t going to pay for signs they ought to be getting for free.

  3. I can’t see the image or the link RD.

    Good post, and yes the double standards of these creeps just never stops astounding me.

    When the MSM did report on how much the Mile High Stadium cost, they said it as if it was a good thing! They make no investigation into his birth certificate, his college records, his shady past, his associations, ACORN voter fraud, campaigning for Raila Odinga on taxpayers money and yet somehow Palins wardrobe is news!!?!?

  4. Xeno: McPalin is also charging for signs. My mom bought one. I’m betting that local Republican orgs are snapping them up and going on midnight runs. It seems to be working. I haven’t seen an Obama ad for days, by choice, of course. But I have no choice as to what I see at the side of the road.

  5. So, lemme see: the candidate who squandered so far about 600 million – first 2 to get less votes than the opponent in the primary, the other 4 to be tied in the GE wants us to be outraged about 150,000? That’s like W’s oilmen cabinet trying to get outrage at Bill Clinton speaking fees in 2001. Speaking of which, the slippery standards of the progressives with Obama get the one over:

  6. riverdaughter—I didn’t know everyone ran upstairs–but if u don’t mind go down stairs,, I left a thank you down stair for u and your puma warriors..back to lurking

  7. RD: “And I can’t believe she is suggesting that Sarah Palin go to Penney’s to buy her campaign wardrobe.”

    Question to the all-knowing: Gee Maureen, I didn’t realize that you were such a populist. Do you lead by example or just lip service?

  8. Damn that man and his ubiquitous ads! The other night I saw one at 3:30 AM. It’s not clear whether he bought time on TBS or on the local cable provider (Verizon). However he’s doing it, it’s simply overkill. Even if I liked BZero, the sheer volume of his ads would be pissing me off.

    And just how effective can those late night/early morning ads be, anyway? How many people are they reaching, other than lifelong insomniacs like me? 0bama is wasting quite a bit of those millions he’s raised illegally by buying ad time indiscriminately. That’s stupid, but it’s alright by me.

  9. In all the state roads here in central & Western FL, there are huge McCain/Palin road signs, think of it like a yard sign on steroids – about 5 by 4 feet or so tall & wide. EVERYWHERE.

    Haven’t seen 1 sign sign yet.

    Also – heard on Matt’s My 2 cents last night that a baraage of Republican 527s are launching ad campaigns today till election day.

    Sean Hannity last night had top 10 reasons why not to vote for Obama – I saw parts of it and even I winced at times (ouch!)

    The final fireworks have started.

    (And Maureen Dowd can KISS MY ASS!)

  10. SHOULD’VE SAID:Haven’t seen 1 sign sign yet for Obama/Biden other than the occasional yard sign near my daughter’s school.

    Only 1 Obama Biden sign at a Caucasian man’s house a couple of blocks up from me in the large Latino neighborhood which has ZERO signs for anybody.

  11. You wrote 84 billion in the post!

  12. Guys, there is a bomb shell tape on Drudge, from 2001, in which Obama says some interesting things about the Constitution and the redistribution of wealth. While the tape is pure Obamaese and couches it all he does clearly say that the Warren Court was not radical because ‘it didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution , at least as it ‘s been interpreted and the Warren Court interpreted it the same way’ that the Constitution defines what the Federal and state governments can not do and does not define what the government must do on individuals behalf. He then goes on to fault the Civil Rights movement for focusing on legal rights while ignoring community organizers who would better lead to the redistribution of wealth. He continues on to sound very socialistic . If Joe the Plumber sounded alarms ringing this is a three alarm fire. I personally am surprised about the verbiage about the Supreme Courts role to alter the ‘essential constraints
    ‘ that were placed by the founding fathers. I tried to do this verbatim, but listening to Obama is scary and I may have messed some of it up. I want to relisten, but I do think that this is big or maybe it is just the inner lawyer coming out.

  13. peop[le r afraid to put mccain signs out where I live,,,my neigborhood is right outside of obamaville..people don’t want there home’s or there person targeted…and this is the america he wants to bring us!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Honara

    here it is

  15. The atmosphere is generated with fear in proclaiming one’s choice this election. We ourselves have been threatened by the tr0lls in cyberspace so why would anyone want to put a sign on their lawns which only invites an attack? Simofish being a prime example of harassment and threats.

    Should he lose those who are identified as the opposition are placing themselves in harms way as I see it. Signs of thuggery and intimidation have been visible for weeks so it is no wonder people refuse to plant signs on their lawns. Much too risky.

  16. The BO campaign has been not so much smart as smart-arse from the very beginning. Somebody decided it would be a good idea to shout things like “It’s not, it’s not!”, “No, YOU’RE wrong”, “You’re a r*cist!”, “I was just boneheaded”, “No, you’re old and bitter”, “You just don’t get it!”, and so one and so bloody forth, just as a bunch of school kids and puerile undergraduates would.

    The idea is to shout opposition down, to call white black and vice versa, to laugh and show scorn and pity to opposing points of view, and then to tell everyone how freaking inevitable it all is – it’s historic, it’s a world changer, America will finally grow up; Wow! an African American as President! From Africa, no less!

    And yet for all that shouting, derision, hatred of opposing view points, heaping scorn and vile s*xist remarks at women, it doesn’t seem to be working the way they imagined.

    The economy’s down the toilet, Bush is despised and mocked, and a Democratic President, especially one with bags of cash and charisma to fill a Berlin pop venue, should be a shoo-in. But it’s not quite working out that way.

    My take is that people – as in “We the People” – might be foolish, but they are not fools.

  17. Good Morning everyone.

    That Obama 2001 tape on You tube has gone viral. Michelle Malkin was talking about it on FOX news.

    What’s up with the AOL straw poll. It has McCain blowing Obama away. Every state is red except DC…what gives?

  18. Hola,

    I am trying to generate an article for my blog http://www.politicsandcriticalthinking.blogspot.com. It is concerning the PUMA. I know very little about your philosophy and why you do what you do. Most Conservatives just think you are a bunch of pissed off Hillary supporters, but I think there is something else going on. I have a few questions

    1) what do you plan to do if McCain wins or loses.

    2) Are you staying Dem, going Repub, or Indie.

    3) What was you reason for throwing you support to McCain/Palin.

    To me it is important that Conservatives understand you are not the enemy and in this one we are on the same side. Also I am intrigued by your movement. This was the best way I figured to get some input. Thank you for your time and allowing me to eat up your bandwidth.

    If you want to email comments to me my email address is criticalthinker133@yahoo.com or if you are not comfortable with that I am running a thread called PUMA:open thread at http://www.politicsandcriticalthinking.blogspot.com. Any information would be great. Thanks again.

  19. G’morning afrocity!

  20. MoDo’s caption should read: “I am Maureen Dowd and I am better than you”. As a member of the MSM and the Villagers as well, this woman has some serious issues that jump right off the page when she snarks her way through a column. It is one thing to see through the hypocrisy that dominates the political scene but quite another to parade your own neurosis for the world to digest. This woman is demented.

  21. Why does Obama always SHIT on the civil rights movement?????

  22. Honara, they played the tape on Fox and Friends. I didn’t see it, just found out in an email.

  23. CT: good for you. I posted something on “The Road Ahead” quite a few posts back. I am concerned as to where the Confluence will go post election. It’s RD’s baby and she takes it where she wants, but I think you are asking the right questions. I hope you get some good responses.

  24. sm77:

    Because Obama shits on everything.


  25. Reparations: The bloodiest and only Civil War this nation fought was fought in the name of slavery. Whatever else is said about that war, the truth of those times is that abolitionists pushed that moral cause and it became a white hot moment of truth. I know this country has a horrible debt to AAs and the cruel and ugly monsters of slavery and segregation. But we have also paid much on that debt in both blood and treasure whether the payment was made in the march through Georgia or the march to Selma or in the speeches of a Bill Clinton, a JFK and thousands more every day Americans. As for reparations in kind as well as spirit, count up the programs that have been implemented to address inner city and even rural poverty most often centered on the AA communities that dominate those areas. The War on Poverty was in its essentials a giant national program to relieve and address the economic wounds of that history. Think of the battles and the costs to desegregate schools north and south, east and west. Where is the liberal guilt of the Black Caucus leaders and AA leadership who shamelessly use the largesse of federal programs to promote self, family and friends while the rats are left to gnaw through the inner city neighborhoods that are never relieved by the millions sent to “redevelop” them?

    I know this is a rant and I am a little surprised at the depth of my angst. But I have worked in the trenches on these issues. I have seen many good AA leaders work to change the narrative and I have seen others who use those programs for personal gain—use it over and over again. Jesse Jackson Sr. is mostly a man of the first case; his son the second but they represent the point.

  26. CT: we are burning the 2008 Democratic Party’s house down to build a new one.

    Think scortched Earth – nuclear option.

    We will adhere to our LIBERAL and DEMOCRATIC principles no matter what happens.

  27. “What’s up with the AOL straw poll. It has McCain blowing Obama away. Every state is red except DC…what gives?”

    AOL demographics, I”m willing to bet, skew old and white (and thus bitter, in this new world.)

    As for the “viral video.” how many “undecideds” t do you thnk are tuned in to FOX or readign Drudge?

  28. Post-election The Confluence will go on an extended vacation to a place where there are warm, sunny beaches and cheap alcohol. Clothing optional.

  29. sm77: Currently, Obama is shitting pretty hard on the Democrats. He wants to shit on the nation. But this is only a prelude to shitting on the whole world. Then people will know who is alright! Historians will pick over the dried up turds that Obama leaves in his wake, while the rest of us have to clean up the mess.

  30. Afrocity: Do you have the link?

    myiq: Saw Sid Haig give an interview this weekend with Rob Z, thought of you.

  31. good morning, all.
    (no, not you, MAUREEN! Ugh!)

    Blissfull gardening was interrupted by a car pulling up and a smiling man with a great big round button on his shirt jumping out, fliers in hand.
    In no mood to argue with an Obot,
    I leaned on my big shovel and told him to get right back in his car and leave immediately.
    Then he said, “Hi, I’m Paul Avella-running for State Rep…”

  32. myiq: will you be providing clown paint and costumes?

  33. Obama is a person of privilege compared to the AAs who slobber over his candidacy. He does not identify with them under any circumstances outside the color of his skin. He has used them for his own political expediency and I firmly believe that it is Michelle who is the driving force behind this candidacy and his road to the White House. This is one angry woman who revels in victimization while he has had to be introduced to it so to speak.

    Her attitude is based more on “you owe me” while he displays little if any identification with that view. This is one reason why we still question his root principles. They are more hers than his. She was raised within the confines of the black community where his roots defy that upbringing. He is more middle class than he cares to admit.

    Watch and listen to Michelle. She is the hand that guides.

  34. Sid and Rob need to make more movies together

  35. Why does Obama always SHIT on the civil rights movement?????

    He slams everything that was not his idea. It’s the usual talk without action. Again, he’s the Professor (supposedly): all philosophy and intellect without any practical application. Why doesn’t he go out into the street and get his a*s kicked for something–as in a war too–and THEN he can speak with some authority. Such a smarmy brat.

  36. Pat Johnson, on October 27th, 2008 at 8:51 am Said:

    Watch and listen to Michelle. She is the hand that guides.

    She is the “cajones”. Which is why I think he harbors deep resentment toward women.

  37. MYIQ: You coming to Tampa on Spring Break? LOL!

  38. Maureen Dowd (& Frank Rich & Bob Herbert), but especially Dowd was the reason I banned the NY Times. She is mean and poisonous, and oh so fond of herself.

    Hi CT: check out the tabs at the top of the page that describe the PUMA philosophy.

  39. you know this whole sharing the wealth thing really hurt me deep—first of all obama doesn’t know me or my family and how me share the bit of what we have…me and my sibling grew up in foster care all of us where separated,,,in our teens we looked for and found each other many of us grew up in abusive homes,,,abuse of all kinds,,,I grew up and opened a steakshop,,my sister a golf course,,we for years have done our communities christmas party for our salvation army,,,gave coats hats gloves and a nice party for these men,,things they won’t have had other wise,,my sister killed herself two years ago this nov…couldn’t get passed our childhood,,,in her will,,,she said no flowers all donation for the salvation army….now I do the party myself hurts more then anything I don’t need some idiot to tell me how to spread the wealth…I’m not wealthy but I do give what I can,,,if obama has his way I won’t be able to continue helping these men….most of them r vets

  40. Pat you are right. May I add that Michelle needs some serious therapy?
    My first hard dose of her was during the primaries. After an Obama win, he was trying to speak at a podium when she grabbed him by the arm, hoisted it into the air, and dragged him back and forth across the stage like a prizefighter to rile up the already screaming crowd. She was really dragging him-he looked so weird and submissive and helpless.
    It was most bizarre.
    I’d love a link to the Youtube if anyone has it.

    Remember Michelle said, “WE”RE going to be president” ???

  41. I listened to the tape of Obama’s interview regarding “redistribution” of wealth.

    The video itself is spoiled by printed criticism that mostly is off base. But what’s quite clear is that Obama is taking as a given that “redistribution” must be achieved, whether it be by the courts or by legislation, and that that “redistribution” is connected to civil rights. Now of course this dates to when Obama was State Senator, and those views would have been very popular with, say, the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and their crowd. And to bring up redistribution in the context of civil rights starts to suggest that Obama might have had in mind something like reparations. Once again, it would appear that Obama was saying something that would promote his political career at the time with his then constituents (just as was true for his 2002 anti-Iraq war speech).

    What’s certainly true is that Obama should be asked very pointed questions about what he meant.

    It’s a pity we don’t enjoy freedom of press in this country, because that’s exactly the sort of question a press unconstrained from pursuing the truth would pursue.

  42. CT: I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but the Comments link did not work.

  43. It is Michelle who has a history with the Daley Machine. It is Michelle who led him to Rev. Wright. It is Michelle who has worked with Bernadine Dohrn. It is Michelle all the way.

    What I have detected in listening to Obama in his “best speech Evah” approaches is that he is pliable. This is what makes it so easy for him to throw people under the bus. If someone was really doing their homework, I am pretty sure they would have found her fingerprints planted firmly against his spine, pushing, pushing, pushing the whole way.

    This election is as much about her as it is about him.

  44. “The video itself is spoiled by printed criticism that mostly is off base. ”

    I agree, and found it very irritating myself., I don’t like spin from either side.

  45. {{{puma in pa}}}}

  46. puma in pa: ironically, when they talk about “spreading the wealth,” that doesn’t necessarily mean THEIRS. Obama & Biden both gave minimal amounts to charity, despite their relative wealth. They just want to take OTHER people’s money and give that away according to how they deem fit. Again, McCain’s camp did not use this hypocrisy to their advantage. They do not walk the talk.

  47. To CT: I am a Republican. Since I’ve discovered the PUMA movement I have found a whole new respect for these Democrats. No a$$ kissing here but they have a lot of class and integrity.

    Now a general question – does anyone know how the Latino segment of the population will vote? I can’t find much regarding that. I’m probably not looking in the right places.

  48. Anyone else notivce that until BO went to Hawaii, they had Michelle ina lockbox somewhere?

    I cannot see this woman wearing well as First Lady, and I don’t see her doing a Laura Bush approach to the role, either.

    One thing I resent about both Obamas is that they seem to think everything began with them, and neither one is willign to ackknowledge that they only got where they were because of people AHEAD of them, both black and white, taking serious risks, and women also taking tough stands.

    The Obamas once again remind me of Bush Junrio who, in his heart of hearts, considers himself a “self made man.”

  49. Margo: sm77 will answer that for you. She is our Latino expert.

    I have to run early today. Dang it–I hate it when my Conflucian time is cut short. Great day friends.

  50. My post has a picture of a puma’s ass.

    RD put up a picture of a horse’s ass

  51. Marjo: I am self banning myself from turning on the tv for the next 8 days since I past the inundation of Obama 24/7. But one poll I saw over the weekend on C Span indicated that 70% of the Latino community is tipping toward Obama.

    Keeping in mind that this community is made up of Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Columbians, that is significant.

  52. My voter registration card finally came, by the way.

  53. joaniebone:

    I have good news – my son doesn’t attend Evergreen.

    Not yet anyway.

  54. urgetocompute, at 8:40 am Said:

    “The idea is to shout opposition down, to call white black and vice versa, to laugh and show scorn and pity to opposing points of view, and then to tell everyone how freaking inevitable it all is – it’s historic, it’s a world changer, America will finally grow up; Wow! an African American as President! From Africa, no less!”
    In a nutshell!

  55. afrocity, yea!

  56. Pat:

    There is more than one Latino community. You mentioned five of them, and they are all different.

  57. It is amazing what the country has yet to recognize in this man; that he is an empty shell. Most of us here are “junkies” to say the least but some people who I have spoken with do not have a clue to the information we soak up and dispense. They see him as a Dem first and foremost and an opportunity to turn ra*ce relations on its head.

    So naive. Following this election one comes away knowing that he has injected, and allowed the infection, of ra*ce baiting in order to get ahead. This man is no more a transformer than a David Duke.

    He has merely poisoned the waters yet again.

  58. myiq: Just reporting what C Span pointed out in their polling of the Latino vote. If true, 70% is pretty high in combining the different factions.

  59. For those that missed the breaking news on barack Obama last night…

    The Drudge Report this morning led off with a link to audio of Barack Obama on WBEZ, a Chicago public radio station. And this time, Barack Obama was not eight years old when the bomb went off.

    This article gives a vey detailed breakdown of what Obama said back in 2001.
    Link: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YmFhYzIzMGQ1Y2FlMTA4N2M1N2VmZWUzM2Y4ZmNmYmI=

    Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered

    This is now linked on FOX and going viral.

  60. Marjo: I put up a post on the latest SUSA Polls on Friday, at least in FL 52% will vote McCain.

  61. Iron Man: you’re a funny guy. You remind me of the Billy Mays of bloggers. But keep it up!!

  62. PAT: I don’t believe that poll.

    Almost every Latino person I know AND THEY ARE A LOT OF THEM – with an exception of about 7 people, are voting McCain from MA, NY and FL.

  63. sm 77 – that’s good to know. I was hoping/ thinking that might be the case. Thanks.

  64. Pat:

    But where the 70% and 30% are is important.

    Cubans tend to vote GOP and they are concentrated in Florida

    PR’s vote Democratic but they are heavy in already blue states.

    Mexicans are swingers – in Texas they voted for Bush but in CA they have been Dems recently.

  65. PAT: Trust me on this, I think it’ll probably be closer to 55-60% but not 70% of Latinos will vote for Obama. Maybe I’m wrong, but FL is a bighome to a lot of immigrants who escaped totalitarian regimes.

    We can smell it from far away and all I hear is Obama = Castro, Obama = Chavez.

  66. Joaniebone & fif—thanks—-I know many people that give not only give money but them selves to all kinds of causes look only in the mirror you will see someone giving to a great cause…

  67. “joaniebone:
    I have good news – my son doesn’t attend Evergreen.
    Not yet anyway.”

    If he did, he would be one of the few wonderful, creative, brilliant and hilarious folks that do exist there. And who knows? it may have changed over the years. I haven’t been back to see. (all my old contacts are obots, though)

    I am really late for work–back tonight

    I love you all.

  68. Latinos are NOT going for obummer in those kinds of numbers (it will never happen)!

  69. Right on, Riverdaughter.

    Honora, Fox and Friends were discussing that tape this a.m. and playing the clip where BO discussed “redistribution of wealth.”

    I just got off the phone with the principal at my son’s school. He is in 2nd grade at a public school in a small, fairly diverse city. On Friday, a teacher’s aide told the students that today they would have to say for whom they would vote and why. This same aide has apparently talked to the students about Obama a few times already. I may be jumpy this year, but I can’t help being worried that children will go home and say “Johnny said he would vote for McCain. His family must be racists.” So I told the principal that in a year where supporters have been attacked and signs vandalized, I was worried about getting little children involved. She said she would talk to the aide to find out more and ask the teacher if she sanctioned the question. What a crazy year. Normally, a little civics lesson would be a good thing.

  70. Here in California on Super Tuesday they assumed the Mexican-Americans would vote heavily for Obama.

    That was why so many polls got it wrong – they voted for Hillary instead.

  71. That tape on redistributing wealth as a civil right is ore interesting in light of Obama having tried to flip-flop on what he told Joe the Plumber

  72. MYIQ: MANY PuertoRican NYers have switched to McCain. 2 big NY community leaders (1 PR and 1 DR) switched to McCain and they are heavy Hillary fundraisers in the state of NY.


    Also remember, John McCain has a very good history with Latinos with his support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. He co-wrote the bill.

  73. joaniebone:

    From what he tells me it hasn’t changed. DFH teachers and rich kid rebels without a clue.

  74. MYIQ: Mexican voters are the true swing voters of the SW.

    If there is a 30%-40% Latino vote going to McCain in NM, AZ, NV and CA – McCain wins.

  75. They found a body in a car in Chicago. It may be Jennifer Hudson’s nephew.

  76. They killed a 7 year old baby? Good God.

  77. This is one reason I have to ban tv. If C Span’s polls are in question than nothing is creditable any longer.

  78. Go to Fox news

  79. CT: our party left us when they discounted 18million of our votes for Hillary and “picked” Obama as the nominee.
    We therefore have determined that we do indeed need to rebuild the Democratic Party of FDR.

  80. sevding prays to jennifer & her family,,,god keep them and hold them in his arms—light candles puma’s

  81. If the McCain campaign doesn’t seize on that Obama interview from 2001, they’re idiots. It’s perfectly designed for their message on the Joe the Plumber question.

    And it’s only the McCain campaign that can inject that interview into the national conversation. Our “free” press, left to its own devices, will absolutely leave it untouched.

  82. California does not have an ethnic majority – we have a plurality with whites less than 50% and hispanics expected to move into first place soon. We also have a huge asian population.

    Hispanics swung to the Democratic party because of the anti-immigrant campaigns of former Gov. Pete Wilson, but they are social conservatives.

    I’m not sure what effect Prop-8 will have, because it will motivate conservatives.

    I’ve seen a few reports that absentee ballots are about 50/50 between the parties, which is a good sign for McCain.

    California is supposed to be a slam-dunk for Obama, but I think it will be closer than expected.

    McCain isn’t really campaigning here though.




  84. This has me totally bummed out. How could someone murder a child? I need to take a break from this. Poor little thing. How does this family survive news like this?

  85. frankly:

    It doesn’t matter what they seize on. McCain could have pictures of Obama helping Bill Ayers build bombs and the media would just ignore it.

  86. afrocity: That is more than one a day. My city is much smaller than Chicago but it is nothing to hear of drive by shootings happening almost every day here as well.

  87. This is the problem with this campaign. No other candidate to my knowledge has come so equipped with such heavy baggage that has been constantly ignored yet they go after the paternity of baby Trig and the cost of a wardrobe that has no bearing on anything.

  88. SOmeone killed a poor helpless little boy? I’m with Pat, I gotta go, I am sitting here crying over this child.

  89. I am with Kim. Need to clear my head. This is more disturbing than anything else right now. He was 7 years old for God’s sake. What has he ever done to deserve this? Words cannot describe the ache that mother must be going through right now.

  90. I apologize. I am just upset. I hope it is not him but they are saying that this does not look good.

  91. Afrocity: Do not apologize, this is like everything coming to the surface. We love you. There are campus shootings, little boys dying over what they are saying is a dispute over a car, an election being stolen and teh precious is buying channel 73 to promote hope and change. Bullshit.

  92. MoDo really is in need of intense therapy. She suffers from an enormous inferiority complex and couple that with her hate of all women (which really is just self-hate) will cause her to implode. Loving the kewl kidz won’t let her into their kewl club. Worshiping men won’t let her into the “boiz club.” Get help soon MoDo before its too late. And BTW isn’t MoDo a junvenile nickname for a woman that writes for the NYT? Show some self respect MoDo, find your ovaries and let go of the pen!s, besides you don’t wear it well anyway.

  93. Maureen Dowd is such an asshole! She has forgotten what goes on in the real world…esp. when it comes to women.

    kenosha Marge should be writing for the NY Times….

    Only People With a Penis Need Apply


  94. PS…the vote at PBS is now 50% – 48% …Palin qualified…

  95. The monster who did that to Jennifer Hudson’s family should rot in hell.

    He killed a mother, a brother and a 7 year old child.

    This guy was out on PAROLE for attempted murder and this is what he does.

    WHERE IS THE CHICAGO MACHINE NOW while parolees are killing 7 year old children & their family ??????

  96. I’m in Paris for a week. The assumption here is that it’s all over but for the voting. “McCain peut-il encore gagner? Obama peut-il encore perdre?”

    The Palin wardrobe brouhaha is more evidence that ya gotta think big. Obama is dealing with a stratospheric amount of money; most people can’t really grasp the amount of money flowing in and out of the his campaign. These same folks immediately grasp $150K for clothes as outlandish, never mind the context.

  97. 150k for clothes, do people realize that this is for her family as well. Hell that is not even a year of lunches for Michelle.

  98. It is almost over.

    Then in November 2010 we start the next Presidential campaign.

  99. myiq2xu, on October 27th, 2008 at 9:57 am Said:
    It is almost over.

    Then in November 2010 we start the next Presidential campaign.


    You’re effing kiliing me here.

  100. insightanalytical – what do you think they will do with this poll? Probably make it disappear or something.

  101. Kim:

    She never wore all the clothes. Apparently they hired consultants to meet them on the campaign trail and the consultants brought lots of different outfits, most of which were never expected to be used.

    The media make it sound like she went on a shopping spree. It was more like they brought a whole store to her, from which a few outfits were selected.

  102. myiq, this campaign seems like it has lasted a lifetime. If BO wins, the next four years will seem like a hundred and there will no hope for a Hillary run.

  103. I know myiq it is absolutely ridiculous. Obama runs around spouting socialism and the MSM is worried about Palin’s wardrobe.

  104. Anyone wanna go sailing for the next four years?

  105. My fear is that OB will try to cram a whole lot of stuff through the first two years because he will anticipate that a lot of ’em will be thrown out in 2010. Which they will. Once this marxist sh*t is going to hit the fan, people are going to come back to their senses in a hurry. I guess I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

  106. For better or worse, I am anxious for this election to be over after an almost 2 year run. I feel like I have been living in the Twilight Zone and need a shower after this one.

  107. After the nomination was stolen from Hillary, I began to donate money to McCain. I think I’ve contributed about $500 to his campaign, so I should have a say in how that donation is spent. I’m happy that the RNC is spending money to see that Sarah Palin is well-dressed. I look at it as an investment in her getting the job she’s seeking. Really, who in their right minds would expect someone to go to a job interview without dressing as well as possible?

    But we all know it’s a lose-lose situation anyway. Had she dressed in consignment shop duds, she would’ve been excoriated a channelling a bag lady. Had she shopped at J.C. Penney, Sarah would have been criticized for being “common”. So it isn’t too surprising that dressing nicely is going to be spun as a fiscal liability.

    I guess she should’ve just come out naked with her hair on fire.

  108. When I hear or read Maureen all I can think about is that horrible Michael Douglas dumping the MoDo for that ugly, stupid, nubile Catherine Zeta Jones. How stupid was that? Huh.

    Seriously I feel kind of sorry for her because she is ill.

  109. Marjo I pray you are right. If not, we have a rocky road ahead of us.

  110. Pat — you just reminded me that BO was here in Portsmouth, NH, making his presence known in December of 2006. Let’s see… how long had he been a senator? 45 minutes?

  111. I would never have thought in a million years that I would ever be supporting a Repub candidate against a Dem. But I want it clearly understood that my vote for McCain is actually a vote against Obama. McCain would never have been my original choice until they forced thisdangerous nobody down my throat.

  112. I was visiting my son for the weekend for Family Weekend at his college in PA. It is in Murtha country. Getting there, after 5 hours of interstate, had to drive local roads for over 50 miles. I was pleasantly suprised to see McCain signs outnumbering O signs. Of the @ 25-30 signs in yards, only 3 for Obama.

    I particulary enjoyed one home made sign reading ” I am bitter, I own guns, and I vote”.

    There is hope for PA!

  113. Portia Elizabeth: We have more or less come to the conclusion that his candidacy has been in the works since he made that speech at the Dem Convention in 2004. Hell, at that time he had yet to “defeat” Alan Keyes which I am pretty sure I could have done!

  114. rasmussen obama +5
    zogby obama +5
    battleground obama +3

    some tightening here….

  115. Obama lies! Now backing away from the “distribution of wealth” tape. Misunderstood. Once again.

  116. BPD: If only we could believe all the trash they throw at us. I am a true cynic. Until November 5th I will not take into account any of these polls. I swear they are trying to manipulate us once again.

  117. If you listen to B0’s interview on wealth redistribution, you see that he shares Donna Brazile idea that civil rights are limited to a certain limited group of people

  118. In Radio Interview, Obama Laments Failure of Civil Rights Movement to Redistribute Wealth
    A taped radio interview from 2001 that has re-emerged has Barack Obama saying the civil rights movement failed when it became so dependent on the Supreme Court that it never got around to working toward redistributing income.


    The Obama campaign is trying to WORM there way out of this this morning. It won’t work. Obama is caught with his own words and the clarifications he made int he interview put it in perfect context. Bill Burton and the other thugs in the Obama campaign are crapping backwards this morning on this breaking news. There falling right into their own trap. Love it!

    Adios, Senator Government!

  119. Obama has been so “misunderstood” in his words and associations that it would not surprise me to see his even disavow himself. “I am not the person I thought I knew!”

  120. PJ:

    His candidacy was in the works BEFORE the Dem convention speech. How else does a lowly state senator get prime air time. And why?

  121. Tito the Construction Worker (remember him, the Colombian small business owner who took it to the press) opened up a rally for Sarah Palin.

    “I/m born in Colombian but made in the USA” – I love that LINE!!!!!!

  122. Pat – I am not the person I thought I knew!

    OMG LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Funniest thing I have heard in quite awhile! Thanks for the laugh

  123. ACK – shoulda read “I’m born in Colombia but made in the USA”

  124. Pat — LOL!

    mlhath — that is such a good point! I keep asking myself how in the world he was chosen to give that keynote speech. So the follow-up question for me is: how far back does the trail go?

  125. Sarah Palin on Fox Now

  126. Sarah said yesterday that she was wearing her usual “consignment” clothes and beaded earrings, a gift from her native American mother in law.

    But why should she have to worry about the clothes she wears while campaigning? There is no time to think about those when she has to devote all her energy to talks, preparation for talks, and more talks and interviews?

    Any woman who has had to travel and participate in work conventions knows that good clothes are a requisite expected by the management and that there is zilch time to worry about one’s attire. It’s so ultimately silly that this kind of
    topic has become an issue instead of really substantive matters. That’s, of course, what the media seem to prefer (fluff) and what the opposition uses to cover its own lack of substance. Obviously, they are once again being hypocritical and, moreover, projecting their own actions onto Sarah.

  127. Sarah firing up the crowd! I released my own self imposed ban on tv hear her. New crowd roar: “Use your brain, vote McCain!”

  128. Talk about makeovers – wonder what Mo would have to say about this.

    You need to see this from CBS – hanging Palin in effigy all in the name of Halloween fun.

  129. USE YOUR BRAIN, Vote McCain! lol

  130. Wow! I like Tito!

  131. Sarah is a natural. If McCain wins he can thank her for energizing this campaign. Hopefully he wins based on the fact that Obama is not worthy. I can live with 4 years of him easier than 5 minutes of Sen Drone.

  132. “Barack the Wealth Spreader”. Another Sarah bash!

  133. Use your brain – vote McCain – VERY GOOD!

  134. Tito better be careful…. MSM going to be holding a stake-out at his house within a few hours…

    How long before we find out Tito is not his first name?

  135. sorry if someone has already poste this, but have you all seen the post about obots vandalizing hoses in florida?


    fuzzy I hope they didn’t get your house! This is beyond disgusting. what they are trying to do is scare people into not voting. this is just more of Brazile’s promise of riots. they should be ashamed. Same as the poster I put up on my blog. absolutely disgusting. If these guys win we are descending into a nightmare that will make bush look like santa claus.

  136. BPD: Don’t know about you but I am most interested in Tito’s choice in the World Series . Very important to the issues at hand. It is up to the MSM to ferret this out and I am waiting.

  137. whoops, that wasn’t gainesville, fl, it was prince william co. va. sorry bout that….

  138. Portia at 10:22 said:
    “that is such a good point! I keep asking myself how in the world he was chosen to give that keynote speech. So the follow-up question for me is: how far back does the trail go?”

    If only we had real journalists in this country, we would all know the answer to that question. And Bo would not be the Dem candidate.


    Tito wants to know: “Why the heck are you going after Joe the Plumber?”.

    An immigrant from Columbia, says he made it: “I was born in Columbia, but I was made in the USA!”.

    I don’t believe Latinos will vote 70% for Obama. I have seen that they are playing the race card, but the interviews with Chicago Latinos hasn’t encouraged them to go Obama. Obama doesn’t have a record that they can look at and like the early criticism about Jena, Obama never spoke out about 187.

    The Asian community isn’t going to go to Obama in large numbers. Strangely enough some of the volunteers traveling to other states to get the vote out for McCain are coming from California (Southern and Northern).

  140. Those pictures are frightening for they may foretell. Dissent is not tolerated by this group. It sends a chill up my spine.

  141. On the polls:

    Strategic Visions LLC received death threats for posting poll numbers favorable to mccain.

  142. Some of these Obamabots are turning into animals.

  143. garychapelhill

    what is your blog URL – can’t get in and may have it wrong.

  144. The tape is going to be a real problem for Obama.

    His campaign could explain away and mitigate his comment about “spreading the wealth” to Joe the Plumber in a variety of ways: Obama “misspoke”. Obama really meant something innocuous. Obama this and Obama that.

    But he can’t get around the fact that he explicitly used the terms “redistribution of wealth” and “redistributive” justice (and in the context of civil rights, no less) several times in his 2001 interview — in all cases in a way that takes it as given that that was an important goal. The only real issue that he felt needed to be addressed was whether it was the courts or legislation that dealt with it — and he was clearly suggesting that it would have to be legislative (the whole point of gathering ‘political” power along these issues).

    As I said before, I’m sure that this would have been popular with his socialist friends and allies back in the day of 2001 when he was State Senator for one of the most radical left wing constituencies in the nation.

    But let him explain NOW, to the American people, what he had in mind back then, in such a way that it could possibly be consistent with what he actually said back then.

    It is pretty amusing to see how inept and irrelevant the Obama campaign’s responses have been so far.

  145. I had no problem accessing No Quarter. They explained that they were down due to server migration.

  146. Fox just had a fellow say that now its about having a respectable showing, meaning that McCain/Palin have lost? What do you guys think, have Obama Camp ordered the moving van yet and gone beyond measuring the drapes?

    If he wins, only bought and paid for (people having made private deals with people or organizations) will run for the presidency because of how costly this one has been. McCain will be called ‘David’ if he wins!

  147. Here’s an interesting link:


    Lengthy but interesting.

  148. Morning people!! Looks like things are hotting up.

    Just heard part of a Palin rally on FOX and the crowds are chanting ‘use your brain, vote McCain’. Yeah!!

    Everything is manufactured with the Obama campaign, from it’s ‘grassroots’ origin, to ‘it’s a done deal’…just like in the primaries. We’ve heard this song before.

  149. OH MY… I live in Gainesville, VA… this is the first i have heard of it…

    I’ll do some investigation and report back….

  150. What Obama said in the tape I listened to is “redistribution of change”. I think the tape was doctored from “wealth’ to ‘change’.

  151. saw the pictures…. that community is about 3 miles down the road from me


  152. Portia said: I guess she should’ve just come out naked with her hair on fire.

    ROTFLOL :0)

  153. The Obama ‘its a done deal’ and ‘he already has his inagural speech’ is supposed to reduce voter turnout against him. We saw this in the primary against Hillary. I think it worked even though she still got the popular vote.

  154. Why is it important that Obama brought up the issue of “redistributing the wealth” in the context of civil rights?

    Because it takes him back to the extremely unpopular view that he wants to take money from all people who are not “oppressed minorities”, and give it to those “oppressed minorities”. On its face, it is as much about making the ordinary white middle class worker hand over some of their unfairly gotten “wealth” as it is about doing so for the truly rich. Simply from the pure moral logic of his position, the white middle class is as much an undeserving beneficiary of the oppression of minorities as are the truly rich; it’s only a difference in degree.

    And believe me, this is exactly what his friends Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers believes. That is what the radical left has always believed. Obama, then seeking their approval for his own political purposes, was gladly repeating their rhetoric.

  155. frankly0, on October 27th, 2008 at 10:43 am Said:

    The tape is going to be a real problem for Obama.

    I agree, the idea of Joe the Plumber got it wrong is out the window and the attacks on Joe will only serve to point out that Obama has been thinking on this level for quite some time. But of course they will tell you ‘DON’T BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES AND EARS’.

  156. These acts of vandalism are just going to get people more angry. These people are so stupid-the more you try to force crap down people’s throats, the stiffer their backs get. Gonna actually turn off all media and clean house—–purge day!

  157. http://www.gretawire.com

    Greta has the photo up of Sarah Palin “lynched”.

    Where is the fucking rage out of the media?

    I am sick of these fuck heads. I will be glad when they go down in a firey blaze.


  158. willow,

    That Halloween display in CA is sick. The violence that has been displayed in this election season against women has been over the top. Hanging Palin as Halloween prop is distasteful to say the least and only encourages more violence against women.

  159. Puma in Pa
    I can understand what you and your siblings feel.
    I was a foster child in the 1950’s.
    Several girls that were in homes with me killed them selves .
    I do think we grow up faster and with a bs detector that it takes others many years to learn.
    The only good thing is that we know what inner strenghths we have and can whether bad times.
    I wish you and your family well.
    By the way I am also originally from PA. Born and raised in the Phila area.



  160. frankly0: the thing that caught my attention about the wealth redistribution: it wasn’t obama’s support for it but the IDEA of using the black “COMMUNITY LEADERS” to handle the actual investment and redistribution.

    Look how large sums of money for supposed benefit to minorities has worked out so far with obama.

    I don’t believe his support is for actual redistribution, it is using public money to pay off his buddies. They *might* give some to help the black community – but I’d think it would be used to incite more anger against those outside the community and also to make his buddies very rich.

  161. frankly0, at 10:53 am Said:

    “And believe me, this is exactly what his friends Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers believes. That is what the radical left has always believed. Obama, then seeking their approval for his own political purposes, was gladly repeating their rhetoric.”


    Yes. And, of course he was just looking ahead to his next step. He doesn’t have to believe what he says to say it. Even early this year he was saying things that he thought he could get away with because no one was listening, would record him, and remember. This part of him is not so smart as the theory wonk in him. Yes, Barack, as you have said – words matter.

  162. It is official. Jennifer’s nephew has been found dead shot to death.

    Where is the CHANGE you promised us in Illinois Barack Obama????

    If you have that 2 million dollar party next Tuesday, you are a disgrace.

  163. MoDo has done her fair share of “lynching” the female candidates in this election. If the MSM is had given its own stamp of approval to this type of misogyny being practiced by another female than it signals that it is okay to bash and vulgarize women.

    So far, not one of these bastards has stood up and cried “stop”. Even Gerry Ferraro has backed off her original take on the sexism that was rampant during Hillary’s run. She too has swallowed the Kool Aid and left her own integrity parked at the curb. Shameful.

  164. afrocity, that is horrible news. You always hope they will find them alive…..

    this weekend, two children came to my door to canvass for Obama. they looked about 13 or 14. no adults, no supervision. mawm asked their ages and they said 16. He asked first if they had a cell phone, when they said yes, he asked one to call his mother so that we could speak to her. he said his mother was dead (yeah right–trust me, as an old teacher, I know when kids are lying). He told them that we were not interested and they left.

    If I had kids I would not be sending them to strangers doors to shill for that fraud. they could get hurt. people have lost their minds.

  165. The Obama effigy on an Oregon campus made the front page of the NY Times. I’m waiting … .

  166. Carol, someone mentioned that article over at Reclusive Leftist.

    It’s absolutely disgusting – and what would the reaction be if it was Obama instead of Sarah Palin?

  167. afrocity, on October 27th, 2008 at 11:15 am Said:

    It is official.

    Another tragedy. So sorry.

  168. One can almost hear the heavy footsteps of that fool Al Sharpton making a beeline to the nearest mic to decry that Oregon effigy and once again get his lying face in front of the cameras.

    Yet, unless one tunes into Greta, you will not see one female come out to do the same with the Sarah lynching. This is important to both sides of the aisle yet it will be once again ignored since sexism is not as important as ra*cism to those who make their living pointing out victimization.

    What a disgusting world this has become.

  169. Dowd is just one more celebrity tabloid pundit — I put her in the same mental category as Rush Limbaugh. I’d expect nothing more from her. What puzzles me if this strategy of the wardrobe. Not only is it untrue, it seems like a bizarre tactic for a man who wears clearly very expensive designer suits, whose wife had the Jackie-O clone makeover, whose kids go to a 20k/yr tuition private school, who throws 2 million dollar parties, and speaks in front of enormous Greek columns.

    It’s just bizarre. I guess it only works because the press is his PR wing.

  170. Maureen Dowd acts like a groupie. Why does she feel the need to bend down in the picture to show us her cleavage? We’re really not interested!

  171. frankly0, on October 27th, 2008 at 10:53 am Said:

    Why is it important that Obama brought up the issue of “redistributing the wealth” in the context of civil rights?

    Because it takes him back to the extremely unpopular view that he wants to take money from all people who are not “oppressed minorities”, and give it to those “oppressed minorities”.

    The one thing that I don’t like about Obama’s theory of ‘redistributing of wealth’ is that it takes the motivation from those that create, those that work hard and those that develop (innovation). Tell me, where were those people, that should get some of my effort, when I was working 7 days a week, fourteen hour days and saving my money? I didn’t go to parties, I was busy working and working.

    I looked at my charity contributions and I hands down have given more in one year than Biden has in the last five. So, I am not an uncaring person, I give to my community, I have volunteered my free time and no one gave me the money to pay for my first child’s tuition to a private college (all four years).

    This Obama theory of ‘redistributing of wealth’ is a load of dust, because the man has never run a business nor produced any jobs. And I am not to impressed with the over 100 million spent from the Annenberg Foundation that was to improve education and five years later the test results were the same; ‘abysmal’. The proof is in the results and his only record on which he worked with Ayers on is not a good indicator of SUCCESS with his theory of ‘redistributing of wealth’ .

    If you don’t have an idea of what it takes to make the money you have no respect for it and you find it easy to take it from those that made the money and easier to waste it (typical of life long politicians).

  172. To mlhath at 10:12am

    You must have been in my town. I live two blocks from campus and there are a few bambi signs but, yes, not nearly as many as I had expected there would be. I am encouraged that, at least in this corner of PA, McCain will win.

  173. Oh Afrocity, what horrible news. Who can do such thing to an innocent child? Dear Lord, I’m beginning to think that we have all gone crazy…

    My prayers are with the family and friends of this little angel.

  174. I am not a Catholic but I am a great admirer of Mother Theresa and this prayer seems especially meaningful to me in this moment in time because it asks one to remember, value and act for the good.

    St. Theresa’s Prayer: May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

  175. Career politicians do nothing more than sit on their fat entitled asses and look for reasons to mess us up. This is what is so infuriating when they point at Sarah’s “inexperience”. For God’s sake, does anyone for a moment think that these “experienced” pols have done us any good? Look at where we are today?

    My feeling is that she could do no worse then what we already have. With a congress led by Nasty Nancy and Horrible Harry leading us down the road to perdition, what makes anyone think she could not do better? It fries my apples!

  176. By: Ronald Kessler

    Barack Obama’s trips to Hawaii on a chartered Boeing 757 each cost more than twice the price of Sarah Palin’s new clothes.
    Brad Blakeman, who was in charge of scheduling for President Bush, says a Boeing 757 costs about $20,000 an hour for fuel, crew, and maintenance. Since a trip to Hawaii entails 10 hours of flying time from Chicago, the total cost for each round-trip comes to about $400,000.
    Obama used the Boeing 757 for trips to Hawaii over the summer for a vacation and again last week to see his failing grandmother. Admirable though that visit was, “By Obama using a private jet to go on a purely personal visit to see his grandma, he’s wasting not only energy, but he’s using the money that his supporters have given him for campaign purposes,” Blakeman says. “It’s a purely personal visit paid for with campaign funds.”
    On the other hand, the media are highlighting the Republican National Committee’s purchase of $150,000 in clothes for Palin, even though the dresses will be donated to charities. The New York Times played the story on page one.
    “They’re picking on Palin, who was provided a wardrobe by the RNC strictly for political purposes, and it was always intended that these garments would be then given to charity,” Blakeman says. “So there’s a benefit that’s going to charity, not a benefit that Palin will have after the election. There was a need for it because she’s a modest person who didn’t have an extensive wardrobe to do 24/7 campaigning.”
    To pick on Palin without going after Obama’s plane trips is “an absolute journalistic abuse,” Blakeman says. “This is the same plane that he took to Hawaii when he went on vacation. In the summertime, when gas was soaring and Americans were having to pinch their pennies, this guy gets on his campaign plane and goes to Hawaii on vacation. He did a couple campaign stops in a state that is not a swing state and is a guaranteed win for Obama. That was clearly to cover the tracks of this vacation.”
    Blakeman notes that at the height of the gasoline price surge, Obama suggested that Americans check their vehicle’s tire pressure as a way of conserving fuel.
    “I wonder if he checked the tires on his jumbo jet before taking off for a purely personal visit?” Blakeman says. “The way he spends campaign money is a direct reflection of how he will spend ours. He could have easily flown commercial or taken a much smaller corporate aircraft that would cost a fraction of a 757.”
    Ironically, it was Palin as governor who saved money for Alaskans by selling the state’s jet and instead flying commercial.
    Kellyanne Conway, one of the most respected Republican pollsters, says the media’s attack on Palin’s clothes is an example of elitist snobbery or “classism.” Noting the media’s treatment of her, “I can’t believe her own family still approves of her, after the unprecedented, personal and relentless attacks that this woman has undergone,” Conway says.
    Besides attacks on Palin over her clothes, Conway cites snide remarks about “the way she speaks, her husband’s lack of a college degree, the barefoot and pregnant 17-year-old daughter, you know who hunts moose anyway? The classism is so raw and unapologetic, so unconsidered and so undisguised.”

  177. I’m glad that FOX has linked to the youtube “redistribution of wealth” video. Interesting though, that the number of views hasn’t changed in an hour. Could some manipulating be going on?

  178. New post – AND IT’S good news!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. Having once been an employee of NYTville — little miss dowdyfest probably realizes her number is up soon as the whole biz has collapsed. And, it’s all that filthy, filthy lucre RD —-



    Remember the opening of the remake of the Stepford Wives? How her job was OVER because she was such a ? With all those TV shows and then the ratings fell, bammo.

    Sad days for the once proud industry —

    people with heart hang tough, we will prove them wrong quite soon, no?

    hugs & hugs!

  180. Let’s be honest: they could dip Michelle in gold and she would still be as unattractive. Sarah is a doll. A natural on the campaign trail. She is always upbeat and her delivery is spot on.

    Unlike the faux Jackie O they keep insisting on perpetrating upon us who pisses and moans while delivering her speech. I reach for the cheese when her whine gets going at full speed. No comparison between Michelle and Sarah and this is what gets their panties in a twist.

  181. The real trouble with Obama is that his thinking is so out of date. He listened to that Marxist crap from the 60’s and 70’s. Bill Ayers, Dorn, his mother, Franklin Davis, Rev Wright and Phleger and others. They have strange ideas and no answers to real problems. They run around with tee shirts with a BIG RED STAR on the front of it. Do they think the Soviet Union was a great society? This is the mind set of many of the weird left. I am a liberal but I do not go along with the Obama Left. It never worked and it never will.

  182. miq2xu!

    I think CA is gonna be surprise, surprise, surprise….

    there are many quiet puma types out here, very quiet who will all do the right thing in the booth after witnessing all of the things we have — & the Hillary people? They will be McC all the way! Absolutely.
    We all want to burn down the thuggy Democratic Party, and we will –won’t we?

    why, o is not very visible at all……
    CA way too smart for that nonsense he peddles——
    pretty hard to fool the CA set…..

  183. Can someone, anyone explain to me how a person can vote for Barack Obama??? I am a democrat and I can see that he is wrong for this country. I am black and I can see that his impending presidency is a disaster despite my ability to have bragging rights that we now have an AA president. It has gotten to the point that when the Obama camp goes on national TV they don’t answer the questions. Or they present arguments offering NO LOGIC behind them.

    Are the people voting for Obama brain dead?

  184. Re: Signs

    We’re seeing an interesting phenomenon here in our small river town…scores of yards plastered with signs for down-ticket Democrats, but no Obama/Biden signs. Driving around town you’d be hard-pressed to tell from the signs who the Democratic presidential nominee is.

    Maybe Iowans are beginning to awaken from the national nightmare we started in January.

  185. Thank you RD for calling Mooreen out. Indeed, she is just recycling old articles and she never got over her crush on Poppy Bush.

    No one can understand PUMA if they did not follow or do not learn , what happened in the Dem Primaries. It’s way past being ticked off that Hillary is not the nominee. It’s that at every turn, the lowest cheating and fear mongering was used to push though a criminal concern as the nominee. We are Dems that won’t stand for it .

  186. Carol, I’m just reading your post now. I already posted about this in the next thread. Yea, I was asking why more people were not outraged by a woman having a noose around her neck.

  187. LOL… saw this elsewhere:

    “A reliable source has discovered why the Obama campaign will not release detailed medical records. It would seem the Senator suffers from an embarrasing condition known as ‘Glutial Cheilitis’, or in layman’s terms, a chapped butt. The condition is said to have been brought on by prolonged exposure to the lips of the members of the MSM. At this time there seems to be no known cure.”

  188. I just read that Maureen Dowd column. I think this campaign has brought out THE WORST in women…we don’t need men to practice mysogeny, when we do such a fine job ourselves. Ms Dowd’s column reads like a highschool teardown of the prom queen. She is a disgrace to her gender and her trade. If this is what the NYTimes is now passing off as fine journalism, it deserves the loss of every dollar on it’s rapidly depreciating stock.

  189. Ah poor Mo-Do. She was even bitching about Cindy’s outfits. But Cindy can afford them on her own. She got her money the old fashioned way; she inherited it!

    I had written last week or so that Cindy McCain should have just bought the outfits for Sarah and they probably could have found a discreet way to reimburse her for it.

  190. afrocity-

    I’ve been trying to figure that one out for months, every single day produces another reason not to vote for him, what are we at now? like over 200 reasons? My best guess is blind hatred for the current pres. and/or party loyalty, both of which are really, really stupid reasons to vote for someone in my opinion.

  191. Pat:

    Obama has been so “misunderstood” in his words and associations that it would not surprise me to see his even disavow himself. “I am not the person I thought I knew!”

    That is hilarious – it would be a great SNL skit.

  192. afrocity: I am also black and have a hard time understanding why my wife and also most African friends of mine are voting for O without investigating what he stands for. I get hit by so many friends at family functions why I would be so against Omighty – the surprising part is that so many people already know I am against him – weird.

    I usually laugh about why I don’t care for his eloquence and say most African leaders are/were eloquent and populists to but their records are really bad. Few examples Mugabe, Gadaffi, Amin, Rowlings, Mangistu, Odinga, Essayas etc. – so beautiful speeches have no place for me.

  193. A woman told me that Sarah Palin looked like “trailor trash.” Imagine if Sarah
    was on the stump wearing her basic clothes. She always looks great because she is an attractive woman, but the “media” would have emphasized how low-class her clothes were. I’ve seen Obama advertised as having the right designer shades and the expensive suits, as if that could cover up for his lack of qualifications, no convictions, and no leadership abilities. He is truly Nancy P’s Manchurian candidate.

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