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Closing in on 4 million

If you look at the hit counter on the right side of your screen, you will see that The Confluence is just shy (as of this writing) of 3,800,000 hits and we could easily pass 4 million by election day.

Not too shabby for a paranoid band of shrieking holdouts, especially when you consider that there are only half a dozen of us and a bunch of sockpuppets.  I wish I could take the credit, but it belongs to Riverdaughter and the other fine writers that contribute here.

This death march campaign has gone on so long that the Iowa caucuses seem like ancient history, but we only have to hang it there for 8 more days and it will be over.  Yeah, it’s been tough, but if it was gonna be easy they would have found somebody else to do it.


52 Responses

  1. I chose that picture for our trollish visitors. That big kitty is positioned perfectly for them to plant a kiss on that furry posterior.

  2. Myiq2xu-thank you for my Monday morning smile…

    warmest regards

  3. “Kiss, kiss this, and I dont mean my ruby red lips!” from a current popular country western song!

  4. oh and the furry posterior of fuzzybear is availible for those Obots so inclined!

  5. G’morning Fuzzy!

    Hope you’re in a better mood today.

    Remember – “Illegitimati non carborundum”

    That means “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”

  6. I try not to I am in “bastard aviodance mode”

  7. Good Early Morning myiq2xu. I’m sure that you’ve attracted hits for The Confluence as well as the other posters. “Death march campaign” – sure feels that way.

  8. […] other news: big shout out for the Confluence,  who will have 4 million hits by Election […]

  9. While other sites have lost visitors, The Confluence has gained and maintained loyal visitors. I’ve been visiting since January and I plan to continue to visit daily after November 4th because goodness knows we’re going to have a lot to discuss, plan, and fight for regardless of who wins the election. The real work is yet to come. Congratulations to everyone here who hasn’t given in or tasted the kool-aid.

  10. Hi fuzzy, didn’t mean to ignore you.

  11. good morning all – heading off to work. please, please help to make sure that Bambi isn’t my new boss!
    (yes, I’m a fed and I’d have to look at his puss every day at work if he gets in….)

  12. credible journalist = in the tank for Obama

  13. DisenfranchisedVoter, Said:

    “I’ve been visiting since January and I plan to continue to visit daily after November 4th because goodness knows we’re going to have a lot to discuss, plan, and fight for regardless of who wins the election. The real work is yet to come.”

    The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The price of democracy is…………….. help me out here.

  14. 1 more hit and we pass 3,800,000

  15. Riverdaughter and friends! YOU ROCK!

  16. betuscha, yes the stakes are a bit higher for you. Bet you know how to avoid looking at pictures like I know how to avoid looking at dust in corners. 8 years of Bush on the wall? You’ve done your duty!

  17. I wanted to be the 3,800 000th hit. Oh well. 🙂

  18. purplefinn:

    We have the best system of government that money can buy.

  19. Obama shuns press conferences for a month; but sits with EXTRA’s Mario Lopez (aka A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell):


  20. myiq2xu, 🙂 I’d say someone’s definitely not spending their money wisely!

  21. I also read somewhere else that Palin is now more accessible to the media than Biden. And probably Obama too.

  22. DisenfranchisedVoter, I saw your comment on the last thread, and agree! I did think that the Bidens were more generous in their charitable contributions though.

  23. Bam!


  24. Wow, closing in on 4 million. The half-dozen holdouts that hang out here are sure clicking on a lot.

    Wait, are we holdouts, deadenders or sockpuppets? I get confused. I know we are r@cist holdouts, r@cist deadenders and r@cist sockpuppets I just can’t keep track of the latest insult that is going to get us to vote for them.

    Too late in my case anyway. I all ready voted for McCain/Palin here in Wisconsin.

    Oh and one of the ladies helping folks to register wore a bright red hooded sweatshirt with Obama’s smarmy face on the front. Isn’t that supposed to be a no-no?

  25. Wow! People waking up and stumbling to their coffee machines here in the east.

  26. Very impressive – 3.8 million – what percentage do you think will vote for McCain/Palin? 30% ? What percentage will speak out for Hillary in 4 years when she gets the same kind of treatment again? 40% ?

  27. DisenfranchisedVoter, I looked up some records on the Bidens. It’s guess it’s Joe’s honoraria donations that increases their charitable giving.

  28. KM:

    I think the lastest meme is that we are:

    1. Paranoid shrieking holdouts

    2. racist deadenders

    3. GOP sockpuppets

    I could be wrong though, it changes every day.

  29. goesh:

    PUMAs are 100% for Hillary in 2012

  30. goesh, Some will “conscientiously abstain.” Lifted from Heidi Li’s Potpourri – latest blog.

  31. goodmorning puma’s–the puma fight is going to go on way past nov.4th–I was watching a movie last night on HBO called iron jawed angels about women suffrages–how they fought to give us a voice—well it is sad to say are fight is not over yet,,,we all know that ,after watching how hillary was treated they so disrespected her through out the primary,,,sexism ran rampid and isn’t funny how the dnc needs her now out campaigning for there boy….now we are watching the same treatment with palin,,sexist bull–I know the puma’s r not about womens right’s but in a large way we r–you’s have picked up the mantle from those women who fought for women to have a voice and a vote..so thank you,,you’s are true american heros,,one day soon I hope because of the work that you’s all do,,,maybe women will not only have a voice maybe they also will be heard!!!!

  32. puma in pa. I keep hearing about that movie. Worth a watch then yeah?

  33. for sure–it is unreal what those women had to go through for us—that’s why we can not drop the ball

  34. Another outrage noted on The Reclusive Leftist: “If you vote for Obama, this is what you’re voting for (Reminder #5)”


    Or use the RD’s link on the left.

  35. I agree we owe them so much PUMA in PA. I’ll see if I can get a copy somehow I missed it when it came out! thanks!

  36. myiq:

    I have seen mountain lions on my farm that look like the one in your picture. Take it from me if you get close enough to kiss its’ a$$ you will lose yours.

    Love the Latin quotes. I took Latin in college and of course never used it for anything. Do you teach it or just enjoy it? keep up the great posts.


  37. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3.8 MILLION BABY!!!!!!!

    So much for 50 old Militant Che Guevaras with ADHD in Cross-Your-Heart Bras.

    PUMA is working for Democracy – and there is a large silent majority out there – the proof is in the blog hits.


  38. pumaalliance–it’s on hbo tomorrow night 5:00 maybe you have hbo or a friend could get it for you…make sure u r up for a cry…tears where rolling for me—exspecially when I realized we haven’t come that far from some of the thinking both some women and men have…about what r place is

  39. 3,800,00 + hits.

    That’s a bit over 13,300 hits a day (average) since RD posted “The Clinton Cocktail Hour” on January 19, 2008 – which had a magnificent 9 comments!

    The distribution of hits is likely very skewed in two dimensions. First, by time- there are many more hits per day now than in January. Second, by person: one of the commentators (aka “sock puppets’) mentioned that they had probably contributed over 200 hits. some people will have visited once and never again; others many more times than 200.

  40. sm77, 8:15 am Said:

    “So much for 50 old Militant Che Guevaras with ADHD in Cross-Your-Heart Bras.”

    🙂 Thanks. That gets copied into my favorite Confluence quotes file!

  41. native1:

    I already lost my ass at a casino in Vegas. Now I carry around a pillow to sit on.

  42. purplefinn – LOL! Yep that one was one of my RD favorites too!

  43. puma in pa I don’t have HBO but my friend does! 🙂 I will make sure she sets her DVR! It makes me so angry that some people think the battles are all won and sit back in complacency.

  44. pumaalliance good glad you’ll get to see it,the good news is we are puma’s we will never be complacent we r this generation of women suffrage the fight isn’t over and we can win..

  45. i don’t watch the pundits on any channel anymore. cnn, msnbc, cbs, nbc, abc are dead to me now. i’ll walk over hot coals before i ever buy another ny times.

    i do confess to watching fox and cnbc for information purposes. let’s not forget the weather channel either though i confess the night ike was coming in i just couldn’t make myself tune in to the strum and drang. i don’t mind serious news we need to know but they seem to almost have orgasims over it. i read a book and went to bed early praying for a better tomorrow. i woke up at 4:30 and the lights were still on. i though hot dog, we made it. naw, at 6:30 they were off. i went downt the hall in hotel i was in to get the last cup of hot coffee. even on our local channels i have just one guy i like to watch. he even dares to say that just maybe we won’t get hammered while the others are almost suggesting we buy our cemetery plots. no wonder there is doom and gloom.

    i refuse to give them my time.

  46. I just love you paranoid band of shrieking holdouts. Here’s to 4 million more.


  47. And here’s another great quote

    “If we become a people who are willing to give up our money and our freedom in exchange for rhetoric and promises, then nothing can save us.” — Thomas Sowell

  48. myiq2xu,

    Why can’t I post?

  49. I always wanted to be a sockpuppet … it says Blog Stats
    3,808,666 hits now 🙂

  50. Off topic, even for an open thread:
    I’ve never been able to get my comments to stick over at Lynette Long’s blog, so I would like to give it a shot here.

    Re: “Video of Governor Palin knocked unconscious and Reebok….”

    Selfishly, it’s a damned shame. About ten years ago I discovered that their shoe platform treated my long time, broken big toe better than a half-dozen others — I don’t bother trying on any other. Now, I must wait until I see how Reebok eventually handles this before I can buy another pair.

    Do they care about the issue? Will it matter to them what shoes I buy next?

    I still remember how much I liked Baby Ruth candy bars and Juicy-Juice. It’s been three of four decades since I have tasted either. It was a twice repeated, baby formula triple-fault by Nestles’ that lead to my boycott — missing trace elements, dumped on less prosperous nations, promoted in the same over breast feeding.

    Maybe it will matter. But, it must happen quickly, else bye-bye Reebok for me. I can hold a principled grudge forever.

    Thank you.

  51. LOL – This is great! Count me in as a sockpuppet!

  52. Way to go guys!

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