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“You’ll be lucky to get Obama to work for YOU”

That’s what I am imagining Bill Clinton is thinking in this picture.  It’s like one of those references you don’t want to give but somehow can’t wiggle out of writing.

Lenard Hutchinson at Dissenting Justice has some other thoughts on the weird juxtaposition of the Clinton’s campaigning for (and sometimes harder than) the man who called them racist failures and used the most dirty primary election tactics ever to achieve the nomination:

Anyway (some delayed venting), it seems that Bill Clinton has jumped on board (joining wife Hillary) and is now campaigning for Obama. Also, Obama apparently has recently mentioned that the economy was doing fine when Clinton was president. During the Democratic primaries, however, Obama withheld any praise of Clinton. Instead, he lumped President Clinton with the “past,” which he derided as “more of the same” and “politics as usual.” He even associated Clinton with the most hated Republican on earth — George Bush, Jr. — when he said that people were “bitter” because of both Bush and Clinton.

Do you think it is odd that a black presidential candidate would allow people whom the media, his supporters and his surrogates portrayed as racists to campaign for him? Does this mean that racism does not bother Obama or that he will tolerate racists if they can help get him elected? Or does this mean that the charges of racism against the Clintons were bogus at most, or overstated at the least? I’m scratching my head on this one (not really). Why aren’t Huffington, Daily Kos, and Politico inflamed about two racists campaigning for Obama?

Good questions, Lenard.  I think we know the answer to some of them. I suspect that the Clintons are motivated by some strange mix of loyalty to the tattered remnants of the party and anticipatory schadenfreude (see?  I just made up a new emotional condition.  You can do it too!).  It’s quite possible that Obama will not be able to pull this off, in spite of the Clinton’s slavish devotion to his cause.  But no one can blame them for not taking off their white sheets and trying.

Of course, it would be really nice if they condemned the misogyny.  You gotta draw the line somewhere.

71 Responses

  1. Bill, we hardly knew ye.

  2. Sad to watch politics being practised in its most indigestible form.

    From the comments on the earlier piece by Hutchinson:
    Anonymous said…
    I have often wondered why the Clintons have been forced to campaign for Obama when they are supposedly the antithesis to all things Obama. I know that former primary contenders usually have a role in the general election campaign, but the interest in having Hillary and Bill campaign for Obama seems more than a little off to me. Almost like it is a public display of making them bow to Obama. (Adjusts tin foil hat) Great blog. I agree with the ideas you express. Thank you!

    October 19, 2008 9:58 PM
    Darren Lenard Hutchinson said…
    Thanks for the compliment. The Clintons are astute politicians and somewhat pragmatic. So, I imagine they are maximizing their “profit” as well. I do not see Obama as sinster in this, but I do think it teaches a lot of his younger supporters a lesson: politics is politics.

    October 19, 2008 10:54 PM

  3. The bamaNation is happy to have war-monging Repubs (Colin Powell and Snotty McClellen) endorse BammaMon, so what’s a little racism betwixt friends?

  4. LOL! Now Bill Clinton drank the koolaid too, right you fat assed paranoid horrific looking republican overweight p.o.s.?

    Your whole bullshit delusional “movement” to make Obama lose is falling falt on it’s GOP face. Your numbers are miniscule and don’t matter.
    You only get the extra hits from Dems like me because you’re belng laughed at all over the internets. Democratic progressive blogs link to your fucked up crazy ass site and rants for a good laugh.

    Quite frankly, everyone feels sorry for your bitter toxic fat ass. It sucks to be a republican piece of shit when Obama is winning, don’t it?

    Keep writing your crazy, strange, weird, fucked up ramblings. You entetrain us all Kim. You really do. TO watch your strange journey into the psychosis is a hoot. I think we’re all waiting for your ugly little head to explode. Your ugly fat soul already has.
    Man you’re the best piece of garbage around, I gotta tell you.

    P.S. – lose weight. for health reasons. you are seriously unattractive and your face is scarier than your fat.

  5. Dang, someone needs anger-management therapy on this fine Sunday morning.

  6. ooh, I’ve never been in moderation before, cuz I wrote the “r” word? Or was it C*lin P*well. He’s pretty dirty.

  7. Oh, it’s the w*r insult. That is the lowest of the low but I won’t apologize.

  8. You know what I hate?

    Both Mama and Papa Clinton have been eviscerated by this lying Machivellichal Neo-Con DINO, and now they’re expected to to clean up the damage he and Biden did against working-class voters.

  9. There’s a rabid kitty who needs to be caged.

  10. Kbird: Let’s not delete HereKittyKitty’s comment. The country should know what we’re getting if Obama wins.

    Here it is again. Read it and weep:
    herekittykitty, on October 26th, 2008 at 11:11 am Said: Edit Comment

    LOL! Now Bill Clinton drank the koolaid too, right you fat assed paranoid horrific looking republican overweight p.o.s.?

    Your whole bullshit delusional “movement” to make Obama lose is falling falt on it’s GOP face. Your numbers are miniscule and don’t matter.
    You only get the extra hits from Dems like me because you’re belng laughed at all over the internets. Democratic progressive blogs link to your fucked up crazy ass site and rants for a good laugh.

    Quite frankly, everyone feels sorry for your bitter toxic fat ass. It sucks to be a republican piece of shit when Obama is winning, don’t it?

    Keep writing your crazy, strange, weird, fucked up ramblings. You entetrain us all Kim. You really do. TO watch your strange journey into the psychosis is a hoot. I think we’re all waiting for your ugly little head to explode. Your ugly fat soul already has.
    Man you’re the best piece of garbage around, I gotta tell you.

    P.S. – lose weight. for health reasons. you are seriously unattractive and your face is scarier than your fat.

  11. Another O-boy displays his fine powers of persuasion.

  12. Gee Whiz, we sure do scare herekittykitty.

    Maybe herekittykitty has something to worry about come NOvember 4th.

  13. The great part about O-bots is the way they shit out of their ass and mouth at the same time.

    It’s quite remarkable actually.

  14. Hey, on a happier note – today is Hillary’s birthday!

    SM, myiq, RD, Katiebird, BB or somebody else?

  15. yes, sm77. And her little picture DOES look a little like my kitty as he’s walking away from me with his tail in the air!

  16. Oh, yes RD, that is a fine example of obot intel.

  17. If we’re so miniscule and unimportant, why are you so frightened?

  18. Are some of our Obama supporter friends having “breakdowns”? Are we going to see a bunch of naked people standing in the middle of the street screaming? Sorry but that was my one experience of seeing a person actively having a mental breakdown. It was heartbreaking.

  19. RD– somehow the caption for this pic when I look at it?

    Lie. Lie. Lie.

  20. ps: after the last eight years — I no longer trust this government one iota.

    overseas? might be a plan.

  21. Wow! How rabid you must be to spew out the insanity as posted by kittykitty! Disagree with us? Fine, that is your right. But to take the time to sit in front of a computer and address a blog in this manner is kind of frightening since it shows the depth of Obama worship far beyond what we have witnessed.

    What happens should he win? Is this an example of shutting down dissent with such hatred and veiled threats that we are all to be placed on notice? This man is running for office, not canonization. He is mortal, not mythical. He eats and craps like the rest of us.

    Going to this extreme in defense of a personal choice for leadership is way over the line. And if we are to believe history, when the power of freedom of speech is threatened democracy is no longer.

    To all Obama supporters: stop taking yourselves so seriously. This man is a human being for God’s sake not some magical being who is above the rest. A vote in favor or against is not the end of the world. Chill out.

  22. comment towards an asinine cat — above
    believe your dream, but you best understand a Repub in Marxist clothes…

    you’d be dumb to actually believe any politician had your or this countriy’s best interests at heart! — the Clintons may have been the last of those that did — McC next best bet — he is more of a Dem than the Dems!

  23. Somebody needs to take kittykitty for it’s distemper shots.

  24. Ya know, I can always lose the fat but kitty is going to be stuck with stupid permanently.

    BTW, has anyone else taken a Zumba class? I LOVE it. I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon for the last year but in the last two weeks, I’ve been gradually working back into the fitness center obsession I used to have. Lucky for me, I work for a truly wonderful company and have three fitness centers to chose from within 5 miles of each other including the one that’s three buildings over from my office.

  25. Isn’t this what you get when a candidate changes positions faster than models change clothes during fashion week? The effect is the same — change until you get “oohs and ahs” from an other wise fawning sycophantic audience. Then you have someone like “Puss and Jack Boots” above who foregoes all which his/her candidate supposedly stands to spew a little hate.

    What these sychophants fail to appreciate is that “leaders get their ability to lead from those being led.” To try and lead based upon a mandate of these mercurial mercenaries is folly. To say that we will all suffer for this failing is nothing more than a prelude to the real disaster we face.

    BTW, if someone hasn’t said it this morning, thanks RD for giving us a place to be.

  26. I am not familiar with a Zumba class but after this election I seriously need to shed some of these extra pounds thanks to your creation of this site!

    Obama or McCain could write their respective acceptance speech on my ass which is looking at its own zip code since February.

    This is not my fault but the blame can be squarely placed at the site of the Confluence!

  27. We are surviving George Bush (barely) and we will survive a Barack Obama if Patrick Fitzgerald doesn’t lead him off in handcuffs.
    The sleaze, smears and anger from the Obama camp, I don’t know.
    The Clintons are doing as they feel they must and come November 4, so will I. For the first time in my life I’ll be voting for a republican candidate for president.
    So, Kos, kitty, Josh, Chris, and you too Keith rant away and a few more thinking Americans will vote with me.

  28. But no one can blame them for not taking off their white sheets and trying.


    RD – You just gave me a fit of the giggles. And you darn well I shouldn’t be even enjoying myself here — I’m Black, darnit! Somehow I’ve taken a wrong turn — as I’ve run out of dimocratic kool aid. Get me outta here and set me on to the righteous road that is Messiah Blvd. Gotta get there in time to wave my palm leaves and bow before His Worthlessness. 😉

  29. Well I think the fact that Bill Clinton is helping, means that Obama doesn’t have this in the bag.

  30. Here, kittykitty. My cat is better than you.

  31. I refuse to turn on the tv, except for local news just to keep track of the drive by shootings which are becoming commonplace in my city these days, for the rest of this week. To have to sit and watch the tsunumi of reports of an Obama landslide is more than enough to drive me over the edge. Back to reading and raking leaves.

    Just finished a really terrific book this weekend: The Testimony by Anita Shreve who lives about 5 miles from me. Excellent! Having the ability to lose oneself in a good book takes the edge off. Not having to look or listen to Obama drone: Priceless!

  32. If you can’t find a zumba class try Jazzercise. You get to dance as well as do some body work/hand weights in a non-competitive environment.

    Does anyone know what happened to the NoQuarter site? It has been down since yesterday.

  33. I just logged into No Quarter.


  35. ok RD. I just saw your choice to leave crazy kitty comments. She’s vile.

  36. I hope that kitty had its rabies shot.

    I think Bill Clinton is helping Obama more than Donna Brazile allowed him to do for Gore in 2000!

    The funny thing about PUMA is that it has been laughed at from day one. I was part of the Hillary for President group on Facebook where it, I guess, originated. As more and more Obots got in (and the main moderator turned Obot himself), from day one they bashed and laughed at PUMA. They’ve dismissed the movement as irrelevant and few in numbers. But they can’t really explain why Obama has had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get himself noticed. They can’t explain why he’s not winning in a landslide like he should. They can laugh at PUMA all they want, but so far it’s been quite effective in putting Obama on the defensive, forcing him to raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars, and keeping his numbers more or less on the same level as a Republican who is spending a fraction of what Obama is spending.

    And yes, some of us could lose some weight. But then so can Donna Brazile, and all her fat isn’t even in her head.

  37. I’m getting my ballot info together, and was trying to verify a few downticket candidates before I finalize my decisions. Does anyone know where I can find the list of superdelegates that supported Clinton, or the reverse list of those who abdicated their duties by voting against their constituents? I can’t locate it. I’m in CA.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. edwardian: I feel like I’ve corrupted you.

    Did you enjoy it?

  39. (giggling) RD — I was just about to blast that herekittykitty when I saw your note. I

  40. whew.. Rabidkitty … and bo fell in the polls , isn’t that when they lose it? when it becomes obvious he will lose??

  41. The general election is a mirror of the primaries, Obama can’t seem to close the deal.

    I tried Noquarter with no luck.

  42. Hey can anyone get into NoQuarter, I am having no such luck.

  43. DYB: Correction. PUMA did not originate on Facebook. It originated here at The Confluence on June 1, 2008 when SM wrote Party Unity My Ass and the next post I wrote was the PUMA Un-Party Is Born.
    Will Bower claims that he heard it from some DJ somewhere and then sent a link to a post by this DJ that makes it appear that it predated SM’s comment. I don’t believe it because the first time I saw Will Bower on TV, I did a search of the web and found nothing that predated our reference to it here.
    I can’t IMAGINE how it happens that there is now another blog with a post that mentions PUMA before us. Why, it would have to almost be magic or clairvoyant or something.

  44. I want Obama to lose for so many obvious reasons but primarily the MSM. I want everyone of those shills to lose their jobs starting with the a**holes on MSNBC. To see KO doing the perp walk would be worth money to witness. Then over to CNN and those fools like Borger and Roland Martin. Then on to Letterman who lost me with the Old Man McCain jokes and Bill Mahar who I used to like. The list is endless but I would volunteer to create one on behalf of the public who want nothing more than a return to real reporting and objectivity.

    When I find myself looking to Fox and listening to right wing radio as an alternative we know we can’t sink any lower.

  45. I’m really thinking about dressing up as an Obot for Halloween and handing out packets of Koolaid. Anyone know how I can come up with a way to make my mouth reliably foam for three or four hours? Shaving cream dries out.

    From another thread: Some folks were talking about larger avatars…FYI? On a Mac and using Safari, there’s no pull-down menu, so no larger avatars. Just something to keep in mind, I guess.

    10 to 1 we will see zero mentions of HRC’s birthday in the MSM.

    Oh, and having seen RD in real life at the PUMA rally in Denver? She’s neither fat nor unattractive.

  46. Ana: I couldn’t get on at all yesterday, but finally did. They changed servers. Did you clear your cache and cookies? Do that, restart your computer, and try again. I also used a different browser, Safari instead of Firefox, and that got me on sooner. Now, Firefox is working for me too though.

  47. RD: I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but irregardless, your intelligence, insight, and compassion are beautiful. F*ck kitty. She wouldn’t know beauty if it landed on her.

  48. BernieO: I don’t like Jazzercise because it leaves the music selection to the discretion of the instructor an it is invariably something I can’t stand that works against my heartbeat. Same with step and kickboxing.
    Zumba is perfect because it’s got that whole brazillian, carribean, gypsy kings thing going for it. Lots of strong rhythm, hip movements, sinuous arms, bumping and grinding and tricky dance steps along with the squats and right hooks.

  49. kittykitty is some 19 year old underachiever who has yet to have a date, hold a job, manage a budget. He/she hates his parents because they “just don’t understand” and refuse to up his/her allowance. The rantings are what he/she would love to say to those “sucky” parents but the thought of having their internet access and cellphone expenses cut off hold them back.

  50. Has 0bama worked for anyone other than himself? I guess anyone who ‘could’ get him to work would be lucky…somehow, I don’t believe that work would be for the greater good of the American people.

    As for out visitor, herekittykitty, that type of only vile attack only makes me want to further remove myself from the D behind down ticket candidates. Especially those I know are drinkers of the kool-aide.

  51. “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama’s lead over Republican rival John McCain has dropped to 5 points, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Sunday.

    Obama leads McCain by 49 percent to 44 percent among likely U.S. voters in the daily tracking poll, which has a margin of error of 2.9 points. Obama’s lead has dropped over the last three days after hitting a high of 12 points on Thursday.

    “Things are trending back for McCain. His numbers are rising and Obama’s are dropping on a daily basis. There seems to be a direct correlation between this and McCain talking about the economy,” pollster John Zogby said.”


    Good Morning all ! .. thank YOU RD & thank YOU all for being here … I would turn off computer completely if you were not here … LoL ….

  52. To me, that kind of spew above represents everything I associate with the BO cult of personality. Ugly, bitter bullies who will brownshirt anyone who disagrees. Reading our friend above is like a snapshot of the future, if that flim-flam artist is crowned as king. OTOH, I’d rather know what these neo-progs are, exposed to the light.

  53. Hey everyone, please see this article

    Associate with men of good quailty if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. -George Washington

  54. Thanks for the heads up fif

  55. alice,
    I agree with your view of the spew. It’s almost frightening to know that Obama is stimulating that kind of rage in his supporters and frustrating that his supporters maintain the fantasy that he’s appealing to the “best” in us.
    Obots like the mad kitty are either terrified of losing or they’re vicious even when they’re winning. Either scenario makes it clear that Obama is not leading with Democratic principles. Any politician can be expected to draw a few unbalanced supporters but Obama seems to be Ground Zero for the vicious. Truly, Obot anger resembles what I’ve seen in cultists who lose it when the holiness of their leader or doctrine are challenged.

    Thanks for straightening out the PUMA history . I visited a number of “PUMA” sites and this was the one that most represented my convictions as a Democrat who supported Hillary and was horrified by the misogyny, race-baiting and primary election corruption that I witnessed this past year.

  56. So, the rabid skunk returned, eh?

    Ever wonder why that particular tr0ll chooses names like kitty and herekittykitty? kitty is no female. Kitty definitely carries the y chromosome (I won’t say kitty is a man, because no man I know would ever write something like that). The name is a subtle put-down to all of us here, a reference to our “girl parts”. The closest kitty’s ever been to girl parts is downloading porn. And it just makes him want sex so bad! He knows there isn’t a female anywhere that will put out for him even out of pity.

  57. You know how much time I spent on Obama boards. NONE. The fact that they feel the need to come to our space and cr@p in it says a lot about them and what ugly, unhappy people they are.

  58. Riverdaughter,

    I love Dissenting Justice. I have been reading that blog daily since Heidi Recommended it last week.

    Great post! Yes, why aren’t the cheeto and all the other Obama blogs shocked that Obama is allowing racists to campaign for him? Very good question that deserves a serious answer.

  59. Obama is all about strategy. By agreeing with the death penalty, he stops McCain from criticizing him for being soft on crime, but “progressives’ don’t really believe he’s pro-death penalty. And down the line. He voted for FISA (conservatives can’t criticize) but he won’t use it (say progressives). He’s anti-war and now Colin Powell is too. Bill was a r@cist but now he’s OK because he is bowing to the One. He knows his place. Like the rant above, it’s all about knowing your place. We are just a bunch of pathetic crazies who can’t get with the program. Where is my black armband with the ObamaSun anyway? I may need to strap that on come Nov. 5 if McCain doesn’t “surge.”

  60. This photo is the way it should have been.

    After an honest fight.

  61. I now understand the disdain for the Clintons by the extreme left.
    Huffington also led a crusade against Bill Clinton.
    Now I get it.


  62. That photo makes my physically ill.

    It seems to me that the DNC and the media would have had a fit if Bill Clinton was on stage with Hillary when she was campaigning.

    Seeing that photo is really causing cognitive dissonance for me. It was the f****** Obama nuts (Mrs. Obama etc.) that called Clinton a racist.

  63. Kitty, you are exactly what Obama should see when he looks in the mirror. Instead, because he is a narcissist his supporters get smeared with his true identity and broadcast it across the web for all to see. You and others just like you are his true persona and reflection. It’s a reflection of who he truly is and it’s here for all to see by projection just how kind,honorable, and just this candidate is behind that mask.

    They lead the crusade because Move On and Soros decided who they wanted to use as their puppet to buy the White House after they bought the party. It’s very much like a mafia family, don’t go along and you disappear and everything is for sale.

    The supporters are nothing more than a means to an end. Dupes.

    Bill will get his say, you just wait and see if he doesn’t.

  64. If Obama does win, he won’t win a second term after four years of the herekittykittys of the world strutting around like little tin gods, especially since the Real Powers in this country won’t let Plastic Jesus redistribute more than a few crumbs and morsels downward–or end the wars, since too many of the RPs benefit from those wars–and so Obummer won’t be able to do the two things that would establish enduring popularity for him.

    Can you say “backlash”, boys ‘n’ girls? I knew ya could! 🙂

  65. What I have to laugh at the most are the folks like Colon Pow*ll who are touting Obama as a “transformational” politician.

    The only “transformation” I’ve seen is his supporters going from being normal people to some of the most vile, hate-filled, narrow-minded bigots (yes indeed – bigots!) ever to leave their slime trail on the world.

  66. I was on noquarter night and it worked fine. They said they were changing servers and to drop our cache and put the new web site in – except the site was what I already had. I haven’t been able to get on since. Maybe uppity woman knows something.

  67. when I look a this photo, I see the following:

    Obligate big grins characterisic of the Miss America pagent.
    Eyes, open and focused at the camera out of our sight.
    Hand visible to the camera, and about to grab at the highest level, the shoulder.

    The disconnect of lack of smile in the eyes and the actual baring of the fangs, tells me there is no warmth here, but instead team alignment. Something about pain in Clinton’s face as well.

    We still have the competitive behaviors of our workplace. A hand on a shoulder requires permission of a superior. As a wannabe president Obama would need this of Clinton, not the other way around. I don’t think he asked. Obama got away with putting his hands on HRC on the camera side. he hasn’t been so successful with McCain. McCain anticipated and put his hand on Obama’s arm, and on the camera side.

    In my world these actions have always been either a show of power or aggression. If “mancode” holds Clinton will submit only as long as required.

    I think the photo nicely exemplifies your comments!

  68. RD> Thanks for the clarification! You know what they say about a success having many parents.

  69. DYB: Yes I do know what they say. And at first, I was OK with that. But when Will Bower got all the credit and the publicity and decided that he was the spokesman of the official PUMA site, I decided that it was time for us to take the credit.
    We started it.
    We were first.
    It spread quickly.
    But we were the first.

  70. It is official. Jennifer’s nephew has been found dead shot to death.

    Where is the CHANGE you promised us in Illinois Barack Obama????

    If you have that 2 million dollar party next Tuesday, you are a disgrace.

  71. afrocity, that’s terrible news. It was reported this morning that they’d found the car with a body inside so I was expecting the worst. But it’s still heartbreaking to have it confirmed. There’s just no good reason to murder a little boy.

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