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125 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t buy a TOY car from that man. 🙂

  2. If you bought a used car from him, that’s exactly what you’d get, a matchbox, and a letter stating “I never said the actual car I showed you was what I was selling.”

  3. Or, “that was pretty boneheaded of you to buy that car”.

  4. myiq asked me to repost this from the previous thread. And, since Captain Spaulding scares me, I obey.

    Palin deserves our respect

    I cannot predict who will win the presidential campaign, but I already know who will lose big: all women.

    I realized this when I saw a 20-something male student who attends a class in the community college where I teach, wearing a T-shirt that read, “Sarah Palin is a C-.” He wore it in public, in broad daylight, and without shame or even consciousness of what he was doing.

    Instead of engaging Palin on the issues, critics attacked attributes that are specifically female. It is Hillary’s pantsuit drama to the power of 10. Palin’s hair, her voice, her motherhood, and her personal hygiene were substituted for substance. That’s when it was nice.

    The hatred escalated to performers advocating Palin be “gang raped,” to suggestions that her husband had had sex with their young daughters, and reports that her Down syndrome child really was that of her teenage daughter. One columnist even called for her to submit to DNA testing to prove her virtue. Smells a little like Salem to me. I was present at an Obama rally at which the mention of Palin’s name drew shouts of “stone her.”

    Agreement on issues is not required, but Palin merits respect.

    It is dismaying that misogyny and sexism are so excessively marbleized into our daily interactions that some of us cannot even recognize their existence when confronted with it or when staring at it directly in the mirror.

    The author provides a good summary of what has transpired.


  5. Seriously:

    I learned working retail security that some employees will steal if you make it too easy.

    Others will be looking for ways to rip you off during their hiring interview.

  6. An Obama supporter with principles and integrity….she better go ino the witness protection program to hide from crazed Obots now that she’s outed herself.

  7. I tried to update my avatar, but it still shows the old one

  8. Will we pass 4 million hits by election day?

  9. Ha ha, the ending was great. I’d probably run away from the car lot if I see him coming to try and make a sales pitch.

  10. This is really a great place to be putting any money you set aside for the General Election but never used. I have given them about 1/3 of what I was going to give to Hillary.

    (Damn, that made me sad all over again – thinking about what coulda been.)

    Brit – I’m scared of Spaulding, too, but don’t tell myiq or I’ll be sent off to the kitchen to peel potatoes (that used to be the worst job back when I was in the Air Force). In any event, that was well written regarding Sarah Palin.

  11. Don’t change your avatar, angie will be sad. Wait until she comes back.

  12. Looks like a new Clown to me, myiq. Wait, let me go and increase the percentage to 400%.

  13. SHIT! That was SCARY at 400%!

  14. LOL LOL LOL!

  15. I’d be scared of Captain Spaulding if he wasn’t my fairy godmother.

    BTW – always use the title, he’s touchy about respect

  16. How do you increase percentage?

  17. Uh, oh – have I offended Capt Spaulding?

    Now I REALLY need angie to get me out of this. Regency? LI? Seriously?

    Okay, Brit, you take care of it.

  18. scrubs, did you feel like you were at the drive-in?

  19. Maybe you can defeat the Capt with magic sparkle pixie dust.

  20. Scrubs:

    Don’t worry, the Captain is out right now, looking for organ donors

    He’s got a couple big orders to fill by Monday.

  21. Do you really think that people’s dislike of Palin is simply because she is a woman and not all of the issues that have come to head since her announcement as VP pick?

    Her lack of experience? Her flubbed interviews with Gibson and Couric? Her ‘maverick-ness’ in firing the old guard and putting her own inexperienced ‘friends’ from high school into public offices? Abusing her power for a personal vendetta?

    As a woman myself, she is an embarrassment to me.

  22. Don’t look at me, scrubs. I said Captain.

  23. Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

    If polls can be believed, a majority would evidently say yes– but it’s still a good ad.

    Whenever you can make your political opponent look Nixonian, do it.

  24. Aaaaaaaahh!

  25. katy:

    The people who dislike (hate) Governor Palin began doing so as soon as her nomination was announced.

    The stuff they use to justify their irrational hatred came later.

    But thanks for playing, please try again.

  26. See, this is why I hang out during the night – because every night someone comes along to try and upset our equilibrium.

    The governor of Alaska, an embarrassment to her. Let me guess, you are the Queen?

  27. Ahhhh, my new avatar!

  28. I kid you not, myiq, that new avatar scares the crap out of me! I’m trying not to look at you. Ugh.

  29. Told you it was scary. How come I was able to see it so long ago?

  30. I only see it next to my comments, but not under “recent comments”

  31. To increase percentage: see down on the lower right hand corner of your screen? Click on the drop-down arrow and pick a size bigger than 100%. 400 is excellent for viewing the new Capt Spaulding.

  32. Oh yeah, now that you point that out myiq – they ARE two different pictures.

  33. See what?

  34. Yeah Katy, I’m embarassed by inexperience, politicians who appear to be stupid oafs when answering questions, abuse of power and corrupt cronyism–that’s why I’m voting for Obama.

    It makes perfect sense now that you’ve explained it. Join me for the “my experience consists of running for President, uhhh uhhh uhhh what she said, knowing stuff is hard and unnecessary, Tony Rezko’s buying me a house and we’ve got teh Secretary of State of OH to suspend voter monitors and pull up Joe the Plumber’s File” rally, where we’ll chant along to Jay-Z and discuss how it all has zero to do with gender.

  35. Katy:

    What have you accomplished in life that makes you feel embarrassed about Governor Palin?

  36. I don’t see it

  37. Seriously has mastered the art of satire.

  38. myiq – down by your status bar there should be a little magnifying glass thing with 100% and a drop down arrow next to it (at least it is there on XP and Vista). Just above the time. That’s what you click on to change your percentage.

    And that was my point about Katy also – is she the Queen or something?

  39. Oh, I thought you wer asking about the percentage thing?

    I missed the satire lecture when I went to University.

  40. I was reading an article called “how to troll” and it described the various types.

    “Katy” is what they call a “suicide bomber”

    This type of troll shows up, immediately says something stupid, and is incinerated by the blog regulars.

  41. Who wants to bet that katy was also embarassed by Senator Clinton? Oh, not because of her experience or teh fact that she’s a policy wonk but because–um, let me guess, she didn’t nake it on her own! She’d not self made because she’s the wife of another politician. Female politicians should not be wives, widows, sisters, daughters of other politicians–they should be like Palin,except not, because….she also just sucks!

  42. I doubt that “Katy” is a she.

    Many Obot trolls figure if they pretend to be women they will be received more readily by us old ladies

  43. Seriously:

    Don’t forget the cackle, the cankles, and the thick ankles

  44. Okay, I’m just gonna drop off this link so that fif and others who are having technical difficulties getting to No Quarter get a chance to know what’s going on if they read this thread. Kindly pass the word late owls. I posted the info at the “Saturday Night Open Thread” (Oct 26, 2:24 am):


    Don’t forget to clear your cache and cookies.

    Ehem, I suddenly have to go to bed earlier than usual. Goodnight everyone. Have fun!


  45. Watch out for Capt Spaulding nightmares, Brit.

  46. G’night Britannia!

  47. Scrubs:

    The Captain would never harm a friend of mine.

    Former friends OTOH, take their chances

  48. Thinking of her ankles is skeeving me out. I mean, there’s good inexperience and bad inexperience. if I had to describe the good kind, I’d say it was strong, and tall, and thin, and sort of pointy–when I think of teh good kind, I get a mental image of the Washington Monument. Sarah’s skeevy ankles tell me she doesn’t have that proper kind of inexperience.

  49. Okay, myiq, was that supposed to be funny (on cannonfire) or is it seriously a website? Now, shit, THAT is scarier than Spaulding. If they really believe this stuff, it’s worse than the original Kool-aid drinkers and every other cult combined.

    A few more minutes of strolling around the net for me.

    I forgot to say this earlier: “Happy Birthday, Hillary”

  50. It’s not the scary looking guys you should worry about.

    It’s the handsome and charming Ted Bundys of the world.

  51. Night Brit

  52. Hey, myiq, can you get my post out of moderation? What word did I use to trip the spam finder? (Maybe your Captain’s name?)

  53. you said troll – sTROLLing

  54. Wow, that’s amazing. We need to seriously fix that filter.

    Gonna go now, mates. Take care of the rest of the wee hours, please.

    Catch you on the other side of midnight, Captain Spaulding.

  55. LOL Captain Spaulding is now a ticket to moderation? RD is gearing up for myiq’s Halloween attack. Be afraid!

  56. I’ve been riling people up the last couple days haven’t I?

    The funny thing is I wasn’t trying to.

  57. Aaaah! Now the new avatar is showing up under “recent comments” too

  58. How many of them are even in education let alone being alive? The Bill Ayers petition…


    A prof. from my university popped up…

    ..checked out the cannonfire article and ended up reading Michelle’s thesis. I got farther this time. Ever given it a read?

  59. jsvp:

    I gave it a glance

  60. I’ll support him with soothing cups of tea, but I draw the line at pipebombs. But I’ll discuss it with them when they show up at the “Defeat Misogyny” rally.

    Oh, yeah.

  61. “I gave it a glance”

    It’s underwhelming. I would have never gotten away with writing something like that.

    “..’Defeat Misogyny’ rally.”


    Ayer’s writing is something else… No wonder edu. is dead.

  62. Funny how none of Barack’s academic writings have been released, ain’t it?

    Just his two ghost-written books and one really bad poem

  63. jvsp, what we should do is, we should call CNN and tell them we have a scoop, a friend of HRC’s wrote an appalling entry on his blog for September 11th. They’d go full throttle on outrage without even checking it out, and by the time they realized their mistake and starting talking about how brilliant and uplifting it is, at least it’d be out there.lol

  64. After all that time in academia and to have failed to publish… Didn’t he study sociology at Columbia? I would LOVE to see the courses for which he enrolled!

    Ever try reading those books of his… I just do not see what all the fuss is about.

    Seriously, I think they probably have a whole dept. of employees devoted to writing an planting stories about HRC and anyone else who gets in the way of Leader. We would probably be asked to apply for a position at CNN

  65. Wow! I have my own haters now:

    Would it surprise you to learn that one of riverdaughter’s recent recruits, the emotionally unstable and vaguely racist “myiq2xu,” has a checkered personal history, and a childish way of dealing with it?

    Someone called “palomino” called me “the petulent clown”

  66. He probably didn’t write the books, anyway. Ted Kennedy went to Harvard and I’m sure he writes his own articles. LOL

    One of the funniest things about dkos was how incensed they’d get when a Congressman or Senator would “post” something and somebody would be rude to him or her. They’d freak out and worry that the person would never return. Yes, that’s right, Nancy Pelosi actually wrote that and now she’s checking back breathlessly, refreshing for insights from fratzrulllle92. lol


  68. Palomino seems to be a pal of Anglachel:

    As well as a regular at “yestodemocracy” which is an anti-PUMA , pro-Obama site:

    “I would have left my comment at The Confluence, but I’m blocked from there. Thought about leaving it at the petulant clown’s own blog, but didn’t have time to take a shower afterward.

    Millions of women–no exaggeration–have been burned at the stake as witches, and he comes up with this post. And all the “ladies” over at The Confluence indulge his sickness, not just in this case but day after day and especially night after night. Must be gratifying–probably leaves this clown typing with one hand.

  69. “They’d freak out and worry that the person would never return. Yes, that’s right, Nancy Pelosi actually wrote that and now she’s checking back breathlessly, refreshing for insights from fratzrulllle92. lol”

    ROTFLMFAO! “fratzrulllle92”

  70. Didn’t that guy Charles(?) refer to you as a “petulant clown?” Ok, gonna check the links. Personally I think they ought to wipe the foam from their mouths. Maybe Captain Spaulding should write a post, eh?

  71. Should read candidate



  72. LOL That was awesome. Their chastisement came between an article on “Sarah palin spent more on makeup than my salary!” and in the midst of a lament on how it’s racist to think that it’s possible that a b—– could get beat up (cuz the b—- they lie and scheme and cry sexism, it’s what they do) and if so, it’s a bad thing.

    Wow, duly chastened.

  73. Hello Myiq, I remember palomino and charles l. “talking about” how Hillary supporters were so deluded that they couldn’t accept the reality that ob was going to win. That’s when I took down lemo’s blog from my list of must reads. MassBlue was with them. So, I guess you have some well qualified haters. I don’t know how you guys take the slings and arrows. I just have to avert my eyes or I would be in a fetal position all the time. That was a couple of weeks ago I think, when McCain was doing so poorly. Stay away from those nasty places!

  74. Myiq2xu
    Would you take some advise from and old lady?
    Don’t let the overreacting humorless people rent space in your head.
    You are among friends and laughing at yourself is a great way to go thru life.
    No one is perfect. The last one who walked on water got nailed.



  75. LOL That was awesome. Their chastisement came between an article on “Sarah palin spent more on makeup than my salary!” and in the midst of a lament on how it’s raci st to think that it’s possible that a b—– could get beat up (cuz the b—- they lie and scheme and cry sexism to ensnare and persecute the men, it’s what they do and we all know it) and if so, it’s a bad thing.

    Wow, duly chastened.

  76. helen:

    Don’t worry, this is the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while! It also explains a lot.

  77. “yes to democracy” doesn’t get the point. One can see it from the title of her blog. “yes to democracy” does not equal “yes to obama and no to mccain”. Is the blogger saying that unless one is for obama one is against democracy? That then means that 50% of the population is against democracy.

    She discusses Sarah Palin’s makeup and says it is equal to her salary in $. Yet she does not speak of Obama’s tailored suits and MO’s designer dresses. MO has had her own designer foryears: Maria Pinto and her dresses aren’t cheap.

    But let’s talk about items paid for by the campaigns. Did Obama really need to rent out Invesco Field so that the dems had two venues? and did he need that $6M movie set of columns? Did he need to remove the American flag and repaint the tail with his logo? Does he need all these “vacations” during the campaign, more than any other candidate? Just the movie set columns are many more multiples in cost than Palin’s borrowed wardrobe.

    But then, just like Obama doesn’t play by the rules when it comes to providing documentation, why should he play by the rules when spending campaign money. He is so good at deflecting from his own hypocrisy, and so are his disciples.

    But then what can one expect from an elitist of his sort. With his annual income and his cronies helping him he can afford a lifestyle the greater part of the US population can’t. Palin’s income level is closer to ours, and thus she never had the wardrobe MO has. I’ve seen the photos and videos and she doesn’t look like she spends a lot of money on clothes.

    I watched the RNC convention and not much money was spent there, certainly no additional venue was booked and no movie set was created just for the nominee – all that money could have been sent to a domestic charity.

    As long as those blogs retain their bias and hypocrisy I for one will not pay any attention to their comments about our bloggers who post here.

  78. Oh, and btw? If someone comes to you and tells you she’s been assaulted, and you DON’T jump up and down and start screaming that all wimmin are liars and scum out to bring down men with their manipulative schemes, then that makes you a decent human being and not crazy, no, no, sorry, that makes you a Republican and a ratf——-. And if you don’t understand the logic there, if it seems like maybe the polar opposite of true, well, then, Palomino can explain it to you ‘ladies.’ You might be too hormonal to understand it, but he’ll give it a go.

  79. myiq, wow! the haters are revolting (literally:-). This must mean that they envy you a whole bunch!

    Of course, you are in good company. Yep, when the haters are willing to spend time trying to do their thing (tear down anyone who’s better than them, such as with the Hill and the Pal) their envy is so intense for not even reaching and average rating that they turn into spewers. I call this type’o sh*ty crap on anyone’s parade folks, Etna’s.

    BTW, as with Pat (I think) your picture, truly, scares the living hells out of me, too!


  80. “Why is a Hillary supporter a regular at an anti-PUMA, pro-Obama site”

    Cuz he believes in democracy, and that means vote how we say or you won’t be allowed to vote at all?

    I saw some of his comments here and he made some good points about white privilege, but obviously doesn’t give a flying %$#@ about male privilege so …*shrugs* It’s hard to take you seriously when you’re posting about 17th century witchhunts in that particular venue. lol If we’re all to blame for everything that’s said here that we may not agree with or even know about….same goes for him, I must deduce.

  81. Short answer — HELL no!

    nuff said.

  82. “were a party-sanctioned route to the nomination this year”

    And next time, Donna and Howie have sanctioned a new plan, it’s called “beat people over the head, take their ballots and mark the for them in their own blood.” A specially configured subcommittee centered in Chi-town has given the okay, so–yes to democracy!!

    “Clinton’s supporters tended overall to find voting in caucuses more difficult”

    But that’s the price you pay when you absolutely can’t get around without your walker and you neglected to hire armed guards to protect it. And if you don’t take the precaution of breaking the law by signing in 500 times under fake names, you’re just asking somebody else to. It’s difficult to cheat and scm when you’re targically constrained by ethics and the laws of man over divine right.

  83. The attacks on liberal blogs by other “liberal” blogs is simply one more manifestation of the ever popular circular firing squad.

    Why not write about “their” point of view or their take on issues instead of attempting to smear others who agree with them on many, but not all, of them. I find it perplexing that people can’t simply allow others to have a voice. Must we all chant the same slogans or be vilified?

    Suggesting that democracy belongs to only one point of view or one candidate is childish, stupid and irrational. Neither party is immune to any of the 3.

  84. And in addition what rampant hypocrisy allows the left to be obsessed with Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup? Weren’t they incensed over the brouhaha about John Edwards haircut?

  85. Obama’s gang made sure that they overwhelmed the caucuses with their TRAINED gang of thugs.

    I’m a caucus veteran in WA state — I’ve been to many since the 1980s.

    There was NEVER a local precinct caucus like the one I observed last February — and yes the Obama thugs were “organized” — they brought in ringers from all over.

    Hillary Clinton’s side DID organize (last minute) — but they were planning on a normal caucus — where at least some of the rules were followed.

    The thing is that Obama bought the WA state democrat party and what I saw was the caucus run by Obamacrats. The ONLY way that Hillary could have “won” is by playing dirty and bringing in TWO bus loads to Obama’s one bus of ringers. Hillary was playing by the old rules — if Obama “wins” the white house — all bets are off and any thing goes — elections will be frontier style.

    I suspect that Obama bought all the local and state democrat parties in every caucus state. He spent an enormous amount of money at the very beginning — knowing that the only way he could win was to cheat and lie.

    So he is just exactly like a used car sales guy — Obama is a used up, crooked con man — who follows no rules, steals and plagiarized from anyone and everyone.

    Nice car he tell us — brand new, never been taken for a spin.

    Yet he is part of the very corrupt Chicago political machine and he HAS played the game to get to where he is. This car (Obama) has been used and it has been around the crooked block several million times.

  86. Wake up Pennsylvania and Virginia!!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientsit to see what the plans are for this country under obama. He didn’t associate with all those wonderful friends for nothing. He will become their hero and turn America into what they have wanted all along. The democratic congress under the direction of the weakling pelosi..will back him all the way. pelosi said he was given to us by god…and don’t you do what the messiah wants to do? obama has lots of people to repay…let’s not give him the opportunity…Pa. and Va.

  87. I am so happy to see that voting lines are so long. That means that obots will get tired of standing and waiting to vote twice (or more).

    Or so I hope.

  88. Sorry if this has been addressed but is NQ off line?

  89. myiq – “petulent clown and checkered past”?

    Who would have thunk it by looking at your photo?????

    Go ahead and let the girls and boys out of your basement!!!!!


  90. Bonita:

    NQ is undergoing a “server migration”

    Try googling “No Quarter” and clicking on the link

  91. Abraham Lincoln said:

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich”
    “You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong”
    “You can’t lift the wage earner by pulling the wage payer down”
    “You cannot further the brotherhood of many by inciting class hatred”
    “You cannot build character and courage by taking away mens initiative and independence”

    Barack Obama doesnt get it. ‘Joe the plumber’ and many of us do!

  92. I tried that but it still comes up page not found. I guess I’ll have to wait until the migration is complete:-)

    Thanks for the advice.

  93. What happened? I went to bed praising myiq for his obvious qualities, cause he needed some support, and I wake up to a new looking myiq?l

  94. Whatsamatta?

    U no like clowns?

  95. Careful myiq – they can probably get a laser print of your fingerprints from that photo!

    I love the way the BO camp didn’t like the real questions being asked them.

    Oh course they could be good for Sarah.

  96. Hello all. I recieved my absentee ballot yesterday (ohio) and it is bugging me.

    After you are done completing it, you put it in this envelope that has a sticker with my name, address and I guess what are identifing numbers of some kind.
    There are other things to complete, driver lic. number and signature. (All of which i provided when I applied for the ballot) There is also a section that you have to check off which ballot is in this envelope (primary, general etc)

    I want to know if this is standard with other states and how the heck is my ballot a “secret” ballot when my name is on the front of the envelope?

    In their explanation of how it is processed they say they “turn the envelope over” to ensure the secrecy of my vote.

    I don’t know, am I being paranoid or what??

  97. soupcity
    I guess absentee ballots are not secret, Just a guess, as I never used one.

  98. I found myself being bashed next to Violet Socks in the same Obamalamading-dong post.

    I keep good company.

  99. I am late checking in, but I think the answer for Katy is that it is OK if you don’t like Sarah Palin’s politics, and it is another thing altogether to call her a c—. I went to Cafepress to see if I could replace a Hillary hat that got stolen, and the stuff selling on there when you look for Hillary gear is awful. Can you imagine a T-shirt saying BO is a d—? No. There are anti-Obama shirts but you never see sexualized references. He doesn’t have to respond to calls to submit to a DNA test to prove he fathered his children. Yes, all women have lost in this election, and all of us who wanted women treated equally and with respect.

  100. Go Betty!!

  101. edgeoforever:
    I guess not, this election has fried my brain somewhat.
    I never used to be so suspicious.

  102. I used to worry about being paranoid.

    Now I worry I’m not paranoid enough

  103. myiq2xu , I know.

  104. BTW. I did see an update on the girl who pretended to be assaulted. Apparently she has a history and was formerly a “volunteer” for the Ron Paul campaign. She pulled some similar stuff with that campaign and they had to end their relationship with her. Sounds like she is one of those people who has a huge need to be noticed and is over the edge.

  105. omg

    ref Britannia’s post at the top linking “Sarah Palin deserves our respect” article. I found it excellent, but the comments are vile. Skimming through them, I saw ONE that actually got Ms. McCaffrey’s point (ajm77@9:20 AM):

    “For those of you who seem to lack reading comprehension, the article isn’t asking you to vote for Palin or even like her – just not use her gender as a tool of hatred. Okay, let’s try this. You’re walking down the road and a man has a t-shirt that says “Obama is a n—–“. How far do you think this man would get before someone would attack him? Before 99% of the people he meets either tell him he’s racist or think he’s racist? What THAT be okay? Would it be just words? Would it be deserved? You say that Palin deserves it because she’s a conservative, because she’s stupid, because she’s a pawn, because she has no experience, she’s a joke, etc. So, does Obama deserve to be called racist names because some people think the above apply to him? Or does your TOLERANCE for hatred stop when it comes to black men? There are people on the right who dislike Obama because he’s black. You call them racists. Yet those who dislike Palin and demean her by using the fact that she’s a woman are just.. opinionated? A black man at least gets the benefit of racism being censored and condemned by most Americans, a white woman does not. Ms Macaffrey, thanks for a good article. More than 300 years after the Salem trials you mention, Americans are still hunting for witches.”

    Of the rest, 95%+ were the standard Obot talking points that tried to justify why they hate hate hate her. Disgusting.


  106. myiq: you can never be too paranoid!

  107. uh oh, I’m in moderation. The comment I’m quoting includes the word r@cist. Somebody please release me.

  108. I vote absentee in CA. The ballot is marked and placed in the return envelope. On the outside of the return envelope you must print and sign your name. There is a ballot receipt with a # that you detach; the ballot # on the receipt is matched with the number on the ballot. I can’t remember if there is address information on the return envelope—I think maybe so. But I do know that you are not asked for a driver’s license # or any other ID type information.

  109. This is a double envelope deal, the one you sign and put info on goes in the mailing envelope.

    I worry that people will check a wrong box or something, making the ballot void.

  110. I saw an article about how to be sure your vote is counted. Absentee ballots are NOT the way to go. (and I would say doubly so in Ohio.)

    Also NOT to leave the top empty.

  111. They give you an option of dropping it off at the election board, not local polling place. Maybe I’ll do that, I just wanted to avoid obots at any cost. 🙂

  112. Anyone watching FOX news this morning?

    The breaking story this morning is about Joe Biden and the Obama campaign dissing the TV news station in Florida is booming and canceling the planned inter4view with Biden’s wife after Joe Biden and the Obama campaign did not like the questions.

    What a bunch of losers! They can’t handle tough questions or the truth!

    Oh, and in several counties in Alabama, guess what…there are MORE registered voters than the adult population.

    Looks like ACORN has been busy down in Alabama.

    Alabama officials have requested assistance from Justice Dept. to look into the fraud.

  113. With ballots like that, which have easy to type computer identifying numbers, plus your driver id etc, it would be easy to look up your identity on a database-see which way your voting wind blows, open up your envelope and replace it with another ballot.

    Just my paranoia for the day.

  114. Yeah Laurie I am feeling the paranoia, I just wanna see what they do with it now, after seeing this system.

  115. Ironman: I am watching FOX….This is not new stuff! We know if you dare to question the Obama campaign, you will be cut off! I pray that McCain-Palin pull this off or God help us.

  116. Indeed sofiaNY,

    In the eyes of Senator Socialist, any resistance to dear leader is seen as futile and unpatriotic.

    The ations of the Obama camapign, on this issue, and many others, is scary, Bates Motel scary.

    I join you in praying that America sees the light and sends the two mavericks to the White House and Obama back to Chicago where he belongs!

  117. Great ad! I donated yesterday.

    I heard James Carville, on CNN, say “It’s over; we’ve won.” Nice. Before the voters even go to the polls.

  118. Is Carville still close to the Clintons?

  119. Hey folks, on the avatar: I’m on a Mac using Safari, and no drop-down window showing percentages. 😦 So no big avatars for OS X users.

  120. Carville is obviously from another planet! Planet earth doesn’t vote until Tuesday November 4th, 2008

  121. No. Make that HELL NO. 🙂

  122. Polls are Skewed the numbers of registered voters of the dem party do not reflect the numbers of actual probable voters due to 2 things; 1) Acorn Fraud 2) dem shift to repub voters. And I HOPE THAT I WOULD RUN FROM BUYING A N Y THING FROM THIS LYE-ER. SUSAN

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