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Senator Obama, would you like to take a whack at Hillary?

Afflicting the comfortable

Barbara West: Afflicting the comfortable

The Obama campaign is acting like a Diva with a Florida media outlet because one of it’s reporters, Barbara West, asked Biden some questions that made him lose his temper on the air.  {insert smiley emoticon rolling eyes.)

I know why Obama/Biden are getting testy and snotty about this outrageous assault on the civility of their campaign.  It’s because the media has practically fellated them up to this point.  THEY can accuse YOU of being a racist if you question their political philosophy, utter Obama’s middle name or state that Obama has been a personal acquaintance of an unrepentant domestic terrorist.  But don’t YOU dare ask any provocative questions that merit a smiling face and a measured response.  Only the little people should be subjected to that kind of treatment.

Or female junior senators from NY.

Let’s turn the way back machine to Oct. 30, 2007 at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  Watch Hillary, Senator Biden, to see how it’s done

Part 1

Part 2

Change! Change! Change! Change!


{{catching breath, wiping eyes, clearing throat}}

You were there, guys.  Russert handed each one of you the cudgel and you all took a whack at her.  And there she stood for more than an hour of the most brutal treatment by the media that I have ever witnessed in my life.  So, please do not look for any sympathy from us that now you are shocked and appalled that some blond Fox Newsesque newsreader in Florida didn’t get the memo to treat you with kid gloves.

Suck it up and deal with it.

162 Responses

  1. The double standard is driving me nuts. Just remember that horrible first interview Sarah had with Charlie Gibson. The Bush Doctrine? WTF? If he’d asked Dubya himself about the Bush Doctrine he would’ve been totally stumped.

    I saw Barbara West’s interview and thought to myself “Thank God, there’s still a journalist out there willing to do their job.” And I’m glad it was a woman, too. Go Barbara!

  2. I can’t bear to watch that debate video again.

    But Hillary stood tall and proud and handled it like the dignified pro she is.

    Florida will go RED. Ain’t a doubt about that, especially seeing the O’Biden reaction to a local network anchor DOING HER JOB.

    Barbara West deserves a new Emmy for DOING HER JOB and not become an extended arm of the Obama PR Spin campaign.

  3. They all seem to forget that this ra*ce is merely another form of a job interview. How well one handles themselves under the glaring lights is a sure measure of how they will handle situations they will face in a job that will require 24 hours of attention. Bush showed he was not up to the task with his stuttering and posing and inability to grasp the issue. Not that it made a difference in the end but those of us who did differ saw exactly what occurred when he won.

    When the press prefers to kiss ass rather than kick ass it does more than a disservice. How much of the same preferential treatment will be on display should these two “win” and how much lying that has gone unchecked so far will be overlooked?

    The lady should be commended for pressing her case. Biden is an idiot and sat there prevaricating once again yet no one held him accountable. Whatever the press once was it is no longer. A sorry sign of more to come.

  4. Actually, I thought her questions were ridiculous. But that’s what the media does. It was Biden’s job to not get all snippy and impatient. Believe it or not, it doesn’t televise well.

  5. Better yet, just suck on it. You might as well get used to the taste.

    You will be eating a lot of….

    If you manage to win.

  6. Ya know, I wonder if O’Biden would have been so offended if it hadn’t been a woman getting so uppity with 6-term Joe.

    Just sayin’.

  7. I wonder how many death threats Barbara West has received. Seriously.

  8. When Palin did her first interview with Charlie Gibson it showed her vulnerability at that time. Many went nuts in her defense, saying how unfair the treatment was toward her. I disagree. She, like all the others who put themselves out there for this job, will be meeting up with much more hostility from foreign heads of state. The job ain’t easy!

    She has come a long way in preparation but we deserve to know what they think, how they think, what has gotten them to this level, and what they are envisioning going forward. If the questions are considered “tough” that is fine with me. If I wish to tune into a “celebrity interview” there is always Entertainment Tonight.

    Biden, McCain, Obama, Palin should expect nothing more than being “grilled” when sitting for an interview. The country is owed that much. It is not theirs for the taking.

  9. Doesn’t Barbara West look like the lady garychapelhill uses – the one that says, “I’m not going to take anymore of that horseshit so sit on this.”

    Where’s the video????

  10. Biden flat out lied. “Our campaign has not given ONE PENNY to ACORN.” The Obama Campaign has given over $800K to a subsidiary of ACORN (that actually went to ACORN directly, reportedly). Whether it was during the primaries or GE is irrelevant. He makes these emphatic declarations that are completely false on a regular basis. I wish she had been prepared to respond to that with details. Plus, his “explanation” of what he really meant re: an international crisis if O is elected was laughable. He can’t help himself: he is bombastic and condescending. He sounded the same way in the debate with Palin. It doesn’t matter what the interviewer is saying–what is important is how the candidate handles the situation. Obama also gets p*ssy if he is challenged. Hillary–pure grace and strength.

  11. The “surprise” for Biden was meeting up with someone who refused to be part of the coddling, schmoozing, adoration crowd he has come to expect being onboard for Obama.

    What’s next? Being told we must leave a room walking backwards like they do in England when in the presence of the Queen? They keep pushing the entitlement envelope a little more each day.

    Biden lied in that interview. He will continue to do so as no one has the guts to call either one of these tools out.

  12. Reminds me of the first time O was hit in the debates. The next week he did the face scratch. Who would have thought we could come up with someone more immature than W?

    I voted in Texas yesterday – McCain/Palin. Took a long time to decide whether to vote or just sit home but decided to vote down-ticket Dems and not top of ticket. Not that my vote will make a difference in Tx.

    Came home last night to an Obama sign in the yard so will make my P.U.M.A. McCain/Palin sign tomorrow and put it out – you might hear the roar as far as N.J.

  13. I hope people wont forget this shamefull debate.
    Tim russert at his worst ever!
    Thank you Riverdautghter

  14. Pat: the problem with the Gibson interview is that it was butchered in the editing room. Every single reference she made to diplomacy, economic sanctions, and working with our allies was cut. Also, her more detailed answers re: her experience, and energy policy were cut. They wanted to make her look like a stupid hawk, and that’s the impression a lot of people got. It was deliberate distortion. The other argument is the outrageous double standard in interviews. Have you seen the list of questions Obama received from Gibson vs. Palin’s? Obama: “How does it feel to win?” Pressure and difficultly come with the job–but dish it out to both parties. The McCain camp should have pointed out what a whiner Obama is early on, and every time he complained about negativity and rac*sm, they could have said, “There he goes again–whining. How does he expect to deal with rogue states if he whines over a campaign?”

  15. Did you all notice that Biden said “I don’t know who is writing your questions,” as if she could not possibly have written them!

    He is such a sexist pig.

  16. Please don’t let this turn into that “Iraq War” cheerleading scenario all over again. Make. It. Stop!

  17. They want their “historical black candidate” so bad they have lost all credibility and objectivity. If this were a white candidate carrying the same amount of questionable baggage and with such a lack of experience, that candidate would be retired to Palookaville about now.

    This time they are more than willing, like a herd of oafs, to follow one another down the path of the Obama Express to Nowhere. Somehow I see this coming back up and biting them in the rump.

    Too bad we will all be suffering as a result of this narcissism.

  18. Just voted for McPalin this afternoon. So awesome.

  19. Biden picked that “I don’t know who is writing your questions” comment from O. He’s always complaining when he gets a question he doesn’t like that it’s a Fox News question.

  20. Jmac – You know who always complains about which questions are asked?



    Regency – PUMA POWER!!!!

  21. I don’t care how hard an interviewer is, my objections involve a different standard of inquiry, deliberately blurring the line between fact and opinion, and editing interviews. Charles Gibson did all three, and I’ll never trust him again.

    And this video brings back so many painful memories. Every man on that stage was an a**hole, and opportunist participating in a disservice to American voters. Just listening to Edwards talk about honesty infuriates me, since I was leaning toward him then. I’m not in a forgiving mood these days, and I won’t forgive any of these jerks, dead or alive.

  22. PofE – Notice how Edwards, after his disgrace, was allowed to gracefully exit the stage. Poor Hillary was beaten over the head repeatedly with faux scandals while Edwards was allowed to cover up a real one.

    I’m not in a forgiving mood either.

  23. Madamab:hi-five!

    now for homework. Later! Give Isis my love when she gets here later.

  24. That was HORRIBLE!!
    That was NOT , Tim Russert’s finest hour, may he rest in peace.
    That was the ONLY debate I missed, he just did their work for them against Hillary.
    Ugh….. What a MESS!

  25. (slapping hands with Regency)

    Good luck with the homework, R!

  26. I thought the Marxism question was very stupid, but Biden should have sucked it up. He won’t be the first to get a dumb ideological question, so unless he thinks he a precious little thing who gets different treatment… deal with it. You want to be VP? Suck it up. Everyone else has to. You’ve had an outlandish advantage from press fawning, so the odd lump in a blue moon won’t hurt you.

    I thought the question about Biden’s bizarre rant on BO being tested was a good one. Any question about that bizarre rant is a good one, and he ought to be hammered on it and what the hell he meant. It was positively unhinged. I’m starting to think Biden is a tad unhinged.

  27. I noticed in my More magazine the other day that several women writers thought we should excuse Edwards because no crime was committed or Elizabeth’s conditions or whatever. Excuse him; Exxxcccuuuse me, NO!

  28. sm77: That delighful woman who tells them where to stick it is several years ago, and has old-fashioned helmet hair.

  29. I’m confused: Rove is on FOX right now, and they showed his most recent electoral map. Obama has his biggest lead of the campaign, with 317 electoral votes. Indiana was toss up, and is now in the blue column, along with OH, CO, VA, etc. How is that possible with all the reports of “tightening polls,” including Zogby (3 pts.), & IBD.

    Talking about dissension in McCain camp: “undisciplined, disloyal people, and it’s sad to see.”

    Reports re: Palin “going rogue”: Rove: “It’s overblown, and it’s a sign that people are throwing in the towel and thinking they’re going to lose. The two people who are not doing this are McCain & Palin. It’s staffers trying to cover themselves.”

    God, politics is an ugly business.

    WAPO poll: 51% unfavorable. Gee, I wonder where people got that impression. The media never ceases to disgust me.

  30. fif – That is utterly ludicrous.

    But let’s remember this: Obama recently purchased 30 minutes of advertising ON FOX before Game Six of the World Series.

    Money talks.

  31. FOX:

    NY Times poll: +13
    IBD/AP poll: +1

    Rove: you believe your own polls. NY Times & Newsweek are least reliable. In 2004, IBD came the closest, only 4/10 of a point off, but we don’t know if they’re reliable this year. 177 polls this month alone.

  32. fif: Same sh*t they pulled on Hillary’s campaign in the later stages of the primary. Funny how there’s never, ever been any turmoil or divergent opinions among Obama advisors? Yeah, right!

    I hope the Repubs are buying this truckload of horse poo.

  33. I wonder how much that 30 minutes on FOX cost. And they go on and on about $150K for wardrobe. Before the World Series? It has to be a small fortune.

  34. parent: I know, but the leaks are from WITHIN the McCain camp. It’s the usual jockeying for position, stabbing each other in the back. How could anyone stand to be in that business?

  35. Thanks for reminding me of that disgusting display of thin skinned boys ganging on the girl. I hated Edwards at the time as much as I loathe Obama today. Demagogues and hypocrites both.
    Now one is caught cheating on his ailing wife, the other one gets to abuse yet another woman candidate.

  36. Wow, just wrote basically the same thing at my place. This whole general election movie has just been part two of the primaries.

  37. Re the big 30 minute I-Want-To-Talk-And-Nobody-Can-Make-Me-Stop paid hoopla of crap, I assume Obama has given up on the evangelical vote. Isn’t that the 29? That’s Wednesday, and many evangelicals will be at choir practice, mid-week church, or some such. That’s why no one ever schedules anything on Wednesday night in Eastern Kentucky, they’re all church.

  38. What happened to Hillary is a disgrace. She is three times the men up on stage with her.

  39. fif: The MSM says it’s anonymous sources inside the McCain campaign. I don’t believe anything these people say anymore. If they say blizzard, I’m wearing a bikini outside. And while I don’t doubt that there is surely tension within the McCain campaign, there has to be a ton of tension within Obama’s too. We never hear that.

  40. fif: I read somewhere that the people who are trying to rein Palin in are Bush advisers and that she appears to be resisting their advice. So, let me get this straight: Palin thinks that the 4 Bushies who were assigned to market her have mishandled her and she pretty much told them that she’ll take it from here, and this is a bad thing?
    I think it’s positively delightful! McCain/Palin should tell the Bushies to “fuck off” at least once a day. They should do it in public, with gusto!

  41. I don’t know how much the ad cost, but Fox is expected to get $1 million in ad revenue. I’m assuming that means commercials during the commercial.

  42. Rove also turned a blind eye to voter fraud in Ohio

    Wonder Why?
    It could be GOTV tactics, or it could be wanting BO to win this mess, and looking forward to long term Repub gains.

    “Ohio Early Voting: Not Enough Bang for the Buckeye State” Oct 6

  43. RD: you don’t understand…when a man is assertive, he is a bold leader! When a woman “steps out of place,” she is GOING ROGUE!! Look out for the craaaazy woman. Next thing you know, they’ll call her “hysterical.” They already used the word diva. Yea, Sarah Palin who hunts moose and shops at consignment stores reminds me of Barbra Streisand.

  44. God forbid Palin should actually trust her instincts and speak her own truth. Didn’t she get the memo? It’s all about branding, honey.

  45. I say if an Obama staffer came to MSM with pics of Michelle screwing Axelrod, they’d pass it up until after the election. They are determined to win this for the Gimpy One.

  46. RD:

    Anonymously sourced stories are like oral contracts.

    They are worth the paper they are written on.

  47. Joe Biden insulted Barbara West. What an asshat!
    And now the Obama campaign is crying and taking their ball and going home. What a bunch of mamby-pambies!

    Hillary and Palin have taken on the good ol’ boy networks. They have true grit! And those good ol’ boys just can’t stand strong women that can get things done!

    I love thsi quote from Sarah Palni today:

    “Barack Obama and I both have spent quite some time on the basketball court. But where I come from, you have to win the game before you start cutting down the net.”

    Obama is going to chuck up an airball on election day!

    And yes indeed, Hillary has more integrity and grit in her little finger than Obama has displayed during his entire life on earth, or krypton, wherever the hell he came from. 🙂

  48. CNN headline (on their site–I was looking for LIVE video): Obama attracts 100,000 in Denver. Then, on FOX they showed a clip of people in Japan singing a song to Obama.

    I have officially lost my mind–or the world is insane. It has to be one or the other.

  49. I am thankful that Barbara West missed the Love Train.

  50. Forgive me, but I don’t see why anyone would take Karl Rove seriously. He has his own agenda which dictates what he will say to the public. It has nothing to do with reality.

  51. The worst thing is that Obama has early voting booths set up right next to his big crowd shows.

  52. madamab: but didn’t Rove hand pick Schmidt to run McCain’s campaign? What negative agenda could he have seeing McCain lose? Then again, there are many answers to that question, I suppose. Still, that map scared me. I was feeling hopeful about the tightening numbers. It’s the


  53. Speaking of HAKA, where’s Carol been?

  54. McCain is not listening to the ever louder HAKA

    Remember … “if you hear the dogs, keep going!”


  55. madamab:

    You are correct. Karl Rove sometimes tells the truth, but he will lie without hesitation. Whether he lies or tells the truth depends solely on what he is trying to accomplish.

    Trying to guess whether he is lying or not is foolish because it allows him to psych you out.

  56. IronMan, on October 26th, 2008 at 6:29 pm Said:

    I love thsi quote from Sarah Palni today:

    “Barack Obama and I both have spent quite some time on the basketball court. But where I come from, you have to win the game before you start cutting down the net.”

    Obama is going to chuck up an airball on election day!



  57. Carol was here earlier

  58. Chuck up an airball! Good one!

  59. The Dems play this election like it’s 2000/2004. That’s partly because of angst, partly because they’re playing this as though we can go back and un-elect Bush. It’s pretty effective so far, but has great potential to backfire.

    The MSM play this election as though it’s 2006. They pretend they have insight, these jerks didn’t see 2006 coming. I’ve detested 8 hard years of the smarmy Bush, but he is over. We can’t go back and correct our mistake, and if enough Americans realize this soon enough, it will be McCain’s win. The media haven’t figured this out yet, they just now caught onto our 2006 rage, and they want to keep it there. Me, I’m getting past that rage; I want intelligence, common sense, oversight, and checks and balances for 2009.

  60. IronMan, I’m wondering why Obama is running so hard against Palin rather than McCain. Is it because Obama and Palin are the attractive candidates with star power? Or is it that pound for pound Palin was a better basketball player than Obama?

  61. myiq –

    Trying to guess whether he is lying or not is foolish because it allows him to psych you out.

    That’s why I assume he’s lying all the time. There’s no way to guess what he’s really doing.

  62. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he can “guarantee” a win on Nov. 4 in a squeaker victory that won’t be clear until late that night.

    McCain spoke amid signs of a tightening race, and reports of renewed determination among his staff, which is badly outgunned in both money and manpower.

    “I guarantee you that two weeks from now, you will see this has been a very close race, and I believe that I’m going to win it,” McCain told interim “Meet” moderator Tom Brokaw.

    McCain was down just 5 points in the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released Sunday, with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) leading by 49 percent to 44 percent among likely voters in the daily tracking poll, which has a margin of error of 2.9 points.

    Reuters reported that Obama’s lead has dropped over the last three days after hitting a high of 12 points on Thursday. Pollster John Zogby said: “Things are trending back for McCain. His numbers are rising and Obama’s are dropping on a daily basis. There seems to be a direct correlation between this and McCain talking about the economy.”

    The Washington Post reported Sunday: “[I]nside the McCain campaign the mood remains one of gritty resolve. Top aides know they are behind, but they hold out hope and, like their candidate, stubbornly refuse to give up.”

    Look at the difference in those two reports alone: So which is it?

    Obama is surging or the numbers are tightening, including in battleground states?

    McCain’s camp is determined and gritty or imploding and pointing fingers?

    I keep thinking about that bumper sticker: KILL YOUR TELEVISION. I don’t even watch the MSM, except a bit of FOX anymore, but these stories still leak into the internet and conversations. Just in case, I have that bag packed for Fiji. I wonder what kind of employment opportunities they have there–grass skirt dancing? Bongo drummers?

  63. purplefinn, I think they want to destroy Palin, because I think they know she is the reason why McCain might win.

    The thing they don’t realize is that the more they gang up on her, the more it reminds women of what happened to Hillary, the more likely those women are going to jump ship to McCain.

  64. madamab:

    If you assume Turdblossom is lying he’ll tell the truth to fake you out.

    Not listening to him at all is the only solution.

  65. They’ve been going on and on about “what a drag Palin is on the ticket now.” So let me get this straight: the RNC buys her clothes because she doesn’t have a decent wardrobe, the MSM spends days skewering her for it, and her unfavorable ratings rise (along with the other endless attacks), and SHE is at fault for being a drag on the ticket? The FOX commentators don’t even point out the irony and hypocrisy of this scenario. It really is Hillary, Part Two.

  66. myiq – I don’t listen to him! I’m just surprised that some people do. He is the most overrated “genius” ever.

  67. I’d love to be a fly on Rove’s wall because we are being played by the master.

    Has angienc come by at all?

    The biased treatment of Hillary as exemplified by the videos was sexist but could have also been a reaction to her strngth and experience. She was the best candidate and everyone from both sides knew it.

    The dems for mccain on my daughters campus are, to 95%, voting for mccain because they want hillary in 2012. electing obama means no Hillary. On Tuesday we will be voting early, 4 votes for mccain. It may not mean much in illinois but it will to us.

    And yes, Edwards has been allowed to exit gracefully, in fact one hears little from the other short-list VP candidates. But the only one not on the list, and her husband have to work harder than Obama to get him elected.

  68. fif – So Palin is a drag on the ticket, but Biden “Death and Disaster If You Vote For Me” is a plus?


    They are pathetic.

  69. fif,

    Which is why I think McCain/Palin might win.

    It was when Hillary got beat real bad, and people started to notice the sexism, that women really came to her side. I think the same might happen now if they keep attacking Palin. And I think Palin in the end, is the reason why McCain will win.

  70. Ana: I don’t know. I heard some people at the next table badmouthing Palin in a coffee shop today. The MSM has turned this into a trendy topic of conversation, and people think they are being really topical and smart by bashing her. Another friend sent me a parody of the Gibson interview with a voice over of the Palin character in a panic because she didn’t know the answers. Isn’t it sooo funny–how stoopid Palin is??

    Where can I buy one of those stimulus deprivation tanks? On November 5th, I’m going in and locking the door until my nervous system returns to “normal.”

  71. Riverdaughter:

    Why are you bringing that infamous “debate” up? Are you trying to destroy my serotonin imbalance? Each time I think of that debate, I want to smash things.

    Remember that after that scandalous performance, the NBC gang celebrated for weeks because they had finally destroyed Hillary Clinton, since none of her opponent could do it. That entire gang spent weeks begin Obama to “take the gloves off”, until they realized that he didn’t have any on in the first place, but that he himself was a glove. (No wonder Jesse Jackson gave up on cutting Obama’s nuts off, he couldn’t find any).

    The legendary Bob Somerby had a couple of spectacular post about that public guillotine.
    You can check this, but especially this, and this. The last 2 were appropriately titled “Welch’s at War”
    Here he described what happened:

    Questions 1-5 were largely aimed at Clinton; there followed a series of questions (6-17) in which Russert and Williams basically begged the candidates to declare immediate war on Iran. But then, it was back to the trashing of Clinton. After Russert’s embarrassing series of questions (candidates were asked to “pledge” that they wouldn’t let Iran get nukes), Russert hurried back to Clinton.

    Here was Bob Somerby’s main question about that horror show:

    Has there ever been a debate like this? A debate where the moderators so plainly intended to spend the evening trashing the character of one of the candidates?

    It’s hard for me to excerpt anything from those post because they were so brilliant. This was never intended to be a debate. The NBC guys saw this as their final opportunity to guillotine Hillary Clinton and they succeeded. That debate changed the whole race.

    That evening, Jay Cost over at RCP wrote that at some point his stomach hurt so badly that he took a couple of Tums and went to bed.

  72. Truth is there is a real anti-Obama air out there. And the MSM is too blind to see it.

  73. fif- you’re sane. We’ll vouch for you. :o)

  74. About the only smear the MSM haven’t tried on Palin is that she secretly has a veneral disease and will die soon, so there’s no sense voting for her.

    Of course, there’s still several days to go, so we still have time for another truck load of crap.

  75. madamab: the rationalization re: Biden is that “he’s been around a long time, and that’s just how he is,” but with Palin it’s big news, because she’s new. Never mind–there’s no making sense of any of this. We come here to reassure each other that it IS truly insane, and it is. What makes me/us crazy is that it is so obvious, and they are all pretending it’s perfectly acceptable. That’s why Palin made such a smashing debut. It was such a relief to hear someone tell the truth without apology for a change. Yes–he IS an arrogant fraud! Thank you, thank you.

  76. Thanks Julie…if you only knew 🙂

  77. Ana, yep. I get mad when they start hatin’ on Palin. (Ok, not as mad as when they did it to Hillary, but almost.)

    I find myself defending Palin from attacks by my feminist friends. Oy!

  78. purplefinn,

    From the very beginning, the Obama campaign has been attacking Sarah Palin. They did the same thing to Hillary. it is disgudting behavior unbecoming of a candidaite for POTUS. I think Palin has rejuvenated McCain supporters more than any other VP selection could for McCain. The crowds are turning outin record numbers to hear Palin and the Obama camapign sees her as a real threat. That’s another reason why you see the biased media attacking sarah Palin.

    BTW, Obama must really have a huge colon. All the mainstream media hacks are way up Dear Leader’s buttox. 🙂

    (sorry for that visual image, but you get the idea)

  79. There’s always the she brought store-bought cookies to the PTA meeting and implied they were homemade, so she can’t be trusted smear.

    Of course, I just finished the latest Agatha Raisin mystery, so that would explain that thought running through my brain.

  80. fif, it depends where you live. If you live in Cali or NY, its hard to get away from the Palin hating.

    But if you live in PA, or Ohio and you are a woman seeing this crap, the same crap pulled on your candidate a couple of months ago, that might change your vote.

    I do think there is a real anti-Obama feeling out there, and I think most people know that the media is one sided.

    I will also say this, I don’t understand how a person can have a 3 point lead, and be winning by over 300 electoral votes. That state by state polling has to be off.

  81. Typos happen when one tries to do 5 things at once 🙂

  82. parent: no, they already used the “cookie attack” on Cindy McCain, remember. You can’t make this stuff up. Reality is much stranger than fiction these days.

  83. IronMan, Yes she is the threat. Um, I do prefer to keep the “air ball” image in mind, but I take your point.

  84. fif – I think the rationalization is, “He has a penis.”

    The end.

    Sorry, I know Joe is gaffe-tastic, but that was a huge and horrible mistake he made. Even Dan Rather said that the corporate media was covering it up, and that if Palin had said what he did, it would be on a 24-hour news cycle until the election.

    The media is desperately spinning to try to minimize Palin’s impact. But the fact is, Palin is a superstar. She has IT. If she were not with McCain, McCain would be toast. Everyone knows it, but since Sarah has scary lady parts, no one will admit it.

  85. I’m hoping all the negative attacks and media bias against McCain-Palin will have a huge backlash come election day and cause Americans to stand up in record numbers for Country First to send John & Sarah to the White House and send BM (Barry & Michelle) back to Chicago.

  86. Everyone knows it, but since Sarah has scary lady parts, no one will admit it.

    LOL! Even worse, she has beautiful scary lady parts. That REALLY freaks them out.

  87. I tried to watch it, but I just couldn’t stomach listening to Obama pontificate. I remember how horrible it was. I just don’t want to see it again. I’m proud that Hillary handled it with so much dignity and aplomb.

  88. madamab – i couldn’t agree with you more.

    Here is an interview on FOX about the media bias and Biden gaffe – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqCFDcBRQa4

  89. parentofed, you did see the “Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin” Youtube didn’t you?

  90. The interviewer
    Ask the questions;
    Grin, sweat, anger, grin.

    Watching the interview
    The lies come tumbling
    From the hair plugs.

    It is late.
    Tiredness sweeps over me.
    I laugh as Biden grins.

    The crunch
    Of fresh bullshit
    Sounds so good!

  91. Sorry myiq – I just could not resist!

  92. Today’s the 41st anniversary of when Johnny Mac was shot down as well as being Hillary’s 61st birthday. Cosmic connection.

  93. Where are all our Tarheels this weekend?

    Did NC fall off into the ocean?

  94. You know what I’m waiting for (fearing)? I have this feeling that once Palin releases her medical records, it’s going to be discovered that she had some sort of complication during one of her pregnancies… or something very personal like that… and they are going to blab about for several days….

  95. BPD – ??? Are you saying she might have had an abortion?

  96. myiq… tarheels had a big win yesterday, as did duke… everyone is probably hung over

  97. madamab – NO! I am saying it might be something very personal, yet completely unimportant to politics (early delivery due to complications… whatever…) but the media will hammer it home as if it matters

  98. Well I hope once she releases the media records, they don’t start attacking her, otherwise all hell is going to break lose, and my question will then be, where are Obama’s records, oh I forgot the chosen one doesn’t need to provide anything. The election is just a formality.

  99. BPD – Really? I can’t imagine they’d do that. Most people are really grossed out by personal lady-ish details.

  100. heck… I can even see Chris Matthews saying something like “Sarah Palin’s medical records revealed what we had all feared… she does, in fact, have a v@gina….. she is therefor disqualified”

  101. wouldn’t it be horrible if it shows she has medical complications, they hammer her, and then it comes out, that she had a miscarriage, but she wanted to keep that private. How stupid would the MSM look.

    Although I think her records are going to show nothing.

    I still wonder where are the chosen one’s records.

  102. madamab – I have lost all confidence in the humanity of much of the MSM….


  104. fif: Oh, that’s right, I had forgotten. Those are great cookies, too. What a silly smash-up that was. Don’t most people in this country use recipes that no one remembers the exact origin?

    It reminds me of that Jeeves & Wooster episode over the CockaLeekie soup that turned out to be from an old cookbook. I think it was Chuffy that was going to make a fortune on his old nanny’s soup.

  105. BPD, on October 26th, 2008 at 7:15 pm Said:

    heck… I can even see Chris Matthews saying something like “Sarah Palin’s medical records revealed what we had all feared… she does, in fact, have a v@gina….. she is therefor disqualified”


    Right, right! See, they were right – she is a c*nt! Medical records will prove it! I think you may be right BPD, but I’m guessing, maybe hoping that it will not have much effect on anyone.

  106. Time for dinner. Later all!

  107. oh I forgot the chosen one doesn’t need to provide anything. The election is just a formality.

    It really is, isn’t it? That’s how they behave; as if they just have to go through the emotions, because it’s a foregone conclusion. He’s already writing his inaugural address, and they leak that? How presumptuous can you get? Gawd, the idea of 4-8 years of endless speeches is intolerable! (Not that I listen to any of them.)

  108. Here is the real tragedy of this election for me…. I have come to HATE, I mean HAAAAATTTTEEEEE…. Keith Olberman…. And now, I can’t even watch the Sunday Night Football pregame show since he is a host on it…. I flipped the channel, heard his voice, and almost lost my dinner

  109. purplefinn: ugh.

    I belong to the We Can Think For Ourselves, So We’re Against Obama faction myself.

  110. BPD: there is so much “collateral damage” from this election. I watched a movie last night with Susan Sarandon in it, and I couldn’t stand to look at her. The list has gotten very very long.

  111. parentofed, It was satire. Totally believable though.

  112. A friend of mine who hasn’t been able to reach me said she had been to a Palin rally (she’s a puma) and said that Palin is electrifying in a down to earth (not messianic way) and is genuinely nice.

  113. Dinner for me 2. Ciao (pun…)

  114. *hadn’t been able to reach me

  115. purplefinn: I didn’t link because I hate seeing people smear her. I’ll go look now.

  116. I want people here to stay positive, I posted I think yesterday, an article that showed that 70% of the electorate think the press is in the tank for Obama. Subscriptions and viewership in the media have gone down. People know what is going on. The question is, are they going to do something about it.

    Lets hope they make the right decission.

  117. I can’t take Keith Olbermann either; I keep picturing him in a hair net and a house dress for some reason.

  118. looking for integrity, What? Sarah Palin’s NOT messianic? That’s it, then. How dare this uppity little moose hunter run for the Presidency then. Just who does this ill-bred little snippet think she is, being just a heart beat away from John McCain? America used to have class! At least that nice young man Obama is very messianic, and he is not a c*nt.

  119. I didn’t think all of her questions were ridiculous. Certainly the ACORN question was a serious question about a serious issue. And the ridiculous ones were no more ridiculous than some of the questions thrown at Palin. Biden needs to man up. Sarah did. Hmmmm… maybe that should be changed to woman up.

  120. Tarheel checking in!

    fif – I’ve been there. Often. 🙂

    Ana, yep. I get mad when they start hatin’ on Palin. (Ok, not as mad as when they did it to Hillary, but almost.)

    I find myself defending Palin from attacks by my feminist friends. Oy!

    My “feminist” friends look at me aghast. “But… but… she’s anti-woman!” they exclaim.

    It’s been a real eye-opener, I tell you. I didn’t realize the mindset of so many “feminists” . Only liberal women count. And I confess, I had somewhat fallen into that trap, but now, for once and for all, I truly get it.

  121. thank you, RD, for my Sunday afternoon laugh! ohhhh poor widdle baby biden, pooooor widdle obamanation. They DO seem to think we are soooo stupid. But that big old tidal wave of karma is gonna roll right back at them, maybe not today or tomorrow but as inevitably as time itself. Just stand clear and hold onto your hat.

  122. purplefinn: Haha, that’s pretty funny, those ladies do a nice job. You’re right, it’s so close to the truth, it nearly misses the clearly satire mark.

  123. Well, you know, myiq, NC is close. Let’s hope our PUMA brothers and sisters haven’t been kidnapped by ACORN.

  124. UTC-


    My friend did not use the term messianic in a positive way. She went to one Obama rally and it was too much for her.

  125. gxm17, on October 26th, 2008 at 7:28 pm Said:

    Well, you know, myiq, NC is close. Let’s hope our PUMA brothers and sisters haven’t been kidnapped by ACORN.

    Well, I’m still here, but then again, I’ve already voted… hm…

  126. californian4clintion, LOL! That’s a great (mental) picture. Sadly, it’s an improvement for KO. (And to think I used to like that guy.)

  127. JulieS9164: “Well, I’m still here, but then again, I’ve already voted… hm…”


  128. By West’s definition – Hillary Clinton would be a Marxist. Bill Clinton a Marxist… Not to mention both Bush’s, Reagan, Nixon, and even John McCain. It was a stupid question.

  129. gxm: man up, woman up? Reminds me of that old saw “Indian Giver” which may be the most ironic appellation in our language.

    It must be very difficult to be a NA this year, and watch this affirmative action election, when the most under-represented and abused segment of our society is the native one.

  130. Is myiq writing a new post?

  131. okay, I just need to see if my new avatar is showing up.

  132. Ginny: Oh, well, if the candidates can act pissy over stupid questions and don’t have to answer them, I’d say Sarah can remain silent the rest of her life.

    I don’t know that it is stupid, but so what if it is? He’s running for VP, it’s his job to give us as much information about him and Obama as we want. The real question is: Why didn’t Biden just take this clear opportunity to set the record straight on these tetchy issues?

  133. I remember the 2006 election.

    The media piously opined that running against the Iraq war and George Bush would be bad for Democrats. They said that the American people wanted less partisanship and more Broderism. The Democratic leadership agreed with the media.

    The lefty blogosphere, not yet seduced by the dark side, disagreed with both of them and supported Democratic challengers in House and Senate races across the country. These challengers didn’t pay attention to the pundits and Dem leaders and did everything they weren’t supposed to do.

    Then a funny thing happened. The voters didn’t listen to the media either and elected Democrats in local, state and national races all across the country.

  134. @ madamab waaay U/T about the “writing your questions” remark:
    That hit me too – happens West is a former (blonde) professor – as is Jill.

    But more to the point Obiden are channeling each other.

    This was Joe’s “sweetie” moment. And the whole exchange between Obama and Joe the Plumber (you know where Obama tried to do a Hillary and wade unscripted into the naib?) – well his whole dialogue with the plimber could have been scripted by Biden.

    This all reminds me of Vargas Llosa’s “Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter” with the characters bleeding into each other.

    I feel like the grandfather in Moonstruck crying: I’m confused.

  135. parentofed, I’ve thought of that often this election. My daughter-in-law is Alaskan Native. She, my son and my beautiful newborn grandson live with us. I have no idea who she is voting for but I assume it’s Obama. I’ll be attending a party at her mother’s house next weekend and it will be interesting to see if Sarah Palin or the election comes up.

    Native American women are the only segment of our female population who are more often raped by a man outside their race. A sad fact and more evidence that NA are, as you pointed out, the most under-represented and abused people in this country.

  136. UTC:

    Haven’t I been flamed enough for one weekend?

  137. Personally, I think Palin saved McCain. He would have been dead without her.

    What I think is interesting is that the polls are getting tighter, and there seems to be much more enthusiasm on the ground for McCain in the last week. Interesting, considering Obama has a hard time closing the deal, and McCain is a closer.

    People just need to forget the polls and just go out and vote.

  138. myiq: I’m not flaming you: I’m admiring you!

  139. new posts up

  140. After the last few days I feel like the guest of honor at an auto de fé

  141. gxm: Large segments of the NA population went to Hillary, and I think they’re still some pretty substanial resistance to Obama. Have you checked the Native Americans Against Obama link, they may have some pertinent information?

    I find it so very sad that Hillary was the only candidate to have a detailed NA policy, and I beleve that she would have benefitted them so much.

  142. Ana, McCain nailed it when in an interview last week he said that he’d been through a lot of campaigns and he knew when the momentum was beginning to move in his favor.

    He’s right. The tide has started to turn. Average Amercans connect with Palin and they are fed up with the unrelenting bias from the corporate media.

    I joined Team Sarah and they appear to be adding 10,000 a day. Many, like myself, call themselves feminists. And many call themselves Evangelical. It’s an odd mix and it’s Sarah Palin that brought them together. I wish it had been Hillary, but I’m so glad that McCain was savvy and gutsy enough to give us Sarah.

  143. I have heard Rove on Fox several times and I have to confess that I am impressed with the guy’s brain. He has an amazing command of detail about different political regions, scenarios and how they are put together. I may not like how he has used some of his smarts but I respect that he thinks circles around most political punsters. I would enjoy seeing an open panel some time with Carville, Mary Matelin, WJC and Rove talking about this race. Anyway I don’t hear Rove saying its all over for McCain. What I hear Rove saying is that the path is really tight. I do not think IN is going Obama.

    With respect to the Barbara West interview. I did not think her questions were dumb. I thought they went right to some of the issues that have surfaced as questions about Obama, especially in FL. I thought the Marxism question was a good zinger—“you got to be kidding—who is writing your questions” —he could have turned that question into a real winner for O. The truth is the associations in O’s past show a lot of links to people with very Marxist ideas. So confront what everyone is dancing around and ask it head on—he could have handled that question like a pro; he handled like a spoiled brat.

    As for the birthday girl and her interview performances, she is has so much knowledge at her finger tips. She must have an IQ off the charts. She is just brilliant and she knows how to use her smarts.

    Isn’t it amazing how there were 9 Dem candidates on that stage and now only one of them is out there campaigning for The One with any great visibility. The rest of them are sitting at home sucking it up I guess. Where is the famous Mr. Gore?

  144. Jangles, Rove IS one of the most intelligent people I’ve seen in politics, even more savvy than the Clintons or the Obama machine. Axelrove comes in a close second in terms of being an underhanded weasel but he doesn’t have Rove’s brain. I think Rove has made some excellent commentary this election year and I have come to even take his predictions more seriously than the mainstream media. He is fairly straightforward in his analysis. He was correct in a recent WSJ column that it will be an uphill battle for McCain but Obama has not closed the deal. A McCain victory would be a big comeback that would have the Democrats and Obama crying r@cism for the next 3 months but it isn’t impossible.

  145. I must begrudgingly admit that I’ve found Rove to be one of the most insightful and frank commentators during this election. Damn! But I hate to write that but it’s the cold hard truth.

  146. Do you ever think that one of the reasons our MSM are so screwed up and myopic is that all the big guns are centered in that NYC/Washington DC corridor? I know that before I retired I was in the LA/San Diego corridor and I did not realize how unreal that high pressure world is until I left it. I live up in the mountains and the desert now and occasionally return to that coastal corridor on special assignments. Now I am really struck with how artificial it is and how valuable and humanizing it is to live close to mountains, alpine lakes, wildlife, desert winds—just the amazing difference in what I can see at night in the sky, the brilliance and billions of stars and planets that I can see that are invisible in any urban night sky. The connection and centeredness that comes over me from hiking up a mountain trail, climbing over boulders and studying the amazing diversity of wildflowers and mother nature’s uncanny landscaping. To me that is what sets Sarah apart. She has that deep connection with the vast reality of wilderness and raw nature. Its in her core. Katie Couric , Gibson, Obama, Biden—they could look at Denali for the next decade and never see or hear the MOUNTAIN.

  147. I ‘ve missed Angie these last two days – do you think the game really did her in?

  148. Been thinking about PA tonight. Over 1 million people voted for Hillary Clinton in the PA Primary. I think many of them will vote for McCain-Palin.

    Turning back the clock to the night Hillary Clinton trounced Obama in PA…Hillary Clinton, on winning the PA Primary…

    “We were up against a formidable opponent who outspent us 3-to-1. He broke every spending record in this state trying to knock us out of the race. Well, the people of Pennsylvania had other ideas today,” Clinton said.

    “Some people counted me out and said to drop out, but the American people don’t quit, and they deserve a president who doesn’t quit, either,” she said.

    Pennsylvanians and all of America deserve better than Obama. We truly do. Hillary said it best that night.

    I believe there are enough Hillary supporters in PA to push McCain-Palin over the top in PA.

    Anyone here from PA? How are things looking to you at the local level there in PA?

    Of the Hillary Clinton supporters I know in PA, most of them tell me they will be voting for McCain-Palin.

    Gov. Ed Rendell has repeatedly asked Obama to come back to PA and campaign more, but Obama thinks he has PA in his backpocket already and is doing other things.

    I think Obama is overconfident about PA.

    It will be great to see Pennsylvanians giving the collective finger to Obama on election day with their votes for McCain-Palin. I pray enough Hillary supporters in PA can make the difference. I think they will. A McCain-Palin victory in PA would be a back breaking loss for Baracktrack.

  149. I hate to say this, but they (BO/JB) took lessons from GWB. I’m not a Bush hater, not a fan, but I don’t despise him, but I remember how obstructionist he was to the press. This is no different. The press takes it with a smile and never questions them.

  150. “And there she stood for more than an hour of the most brutal treatment by the media that I have ever witnessed in my life.”

    Me, too. BTW – Thanks so much for your blog. You have been and are amazing.

  151. Rove’s numbers are based on averages of polls over the past two weeks, not his opinions. You can keep up to date at his site:


  152. parentofed:

    I’m sure you are familiar with the political term “framing” – as in framing the question or framing the debate. West’s questions were framed in the language and the assumption of the far right. Part of the job of Biden, or any democrat, is to “reframe” the question. He did do as you suggest and lay out a rebuttal, but he started by reframing the question as clearly ridiculous, as it is.

    Democrats desperately need to work on reframing rather than accepting right wing bias.

    A notable failure in my book – in every debate McCain scored points by talking about the “high tax rate” in the US as compared to other countries. Obama missed a valuable opportunity to reframe the debate – the truth is, of course, that the tax rate that exists on paper is bogus – 2/3 of American corporations pay ZERO taxes after they’ve taken advantage of the many corporate loopholes in our tax code.

  153. Y’all haven’t changed one iota.

  154. I remember Rove said the GOP would retain the congress in 06. He’s not infallible

  155. That video is amazing for so many different reasons.

    1. It was clear that the goal was to tarnish Clinton. It should have been called the Anti-Hillary Clinton debate.

    2. What’s even more amazing is how Hillary stood her ground VERY well. Extremely intelligent, able to explain her answers in a clear way that any American voter can undertand, – She’s a baaaaddd woman, lol

  156. I thought West’s question was hostile, but why not just answer it? A lot of people are saying BO is about socialism and the only answer so far has been “that’s racist”.

    Well, Biden is white, so he can’t play the racism card. He had to come up with something else. So he came up with”You can’t ask me that question” and “we’re not going to give you any more interviews”.

    Why not just say “oh, that’s silly, nobody’s socialist.” Or is it? Are they? I thought it was incredibly naive. But what about this old video of professor Obama talking about “redistribution of wealth” and “social justice”? I belong to one of those churches that likes to throw around some ideas about social justice from time to time, and I know exactly what it means.

  157. Why does my avatar look like it’s going to puke?

  158. What happened to the post I just made right before this one? Is it in moderation?

  159. Hmmm, no answer, perhaps I’ve triggered some unknown filter.

  160. Okay, let me frame my statement again.

    First of all, I thought West’s question was hostile, but why not just answer it and say “no we’re not socialist”? But BO’s response was “That’s a r@cist question.”

    But Biden is white and can’t play that card, so instead he says, “You can’t ask that question” and “we’re not going to give you anymore interviews.”

    I thought it was a rather naive idea, myself. Why not just say “that’s silly, there aren’t any soci@lists”? It is, isn’t it? There aren’t , are there? And then I saw this old video of professor Obama talking about redistribution of wealth and “social justice”. I belong to one of those churches that kicks around ideas about “social justice” every once in a while, so I know exactly what it means. Out of context? Well, they didn’t exactly address the issue, did they, so now we’re all left to wonder.

  161. There is a Socialist right in our very own Congress: Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Much loved by his constituents and a smart man. I also think Dennis Kucinich is a socialist or at least has strongly socialist leanings.

    And I say that as one who thinks this is a GOOD thing.

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