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You deserve a big present.
(psssst, we’re throwing a party and we’re not inviting Barack)

86 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Hillary!

    Thanks for fighting for us and I know you will continue to do so.

  2. what happened to the video?

  3. Thanks for the memories, Hillary! Hope you enjoy this day.

  4. joanelle: Refresh your browser. The video is working fine.

  5. Happy Birthday, Hillary! we miss you…

  6. Can Mac come to the party?
    He made HRC laugh HAO at that roast…
    ok, maybe not 😉

  7. I Was just writing a POST about this!

    Happy Birthday Hillary! I’m never going to give up and give on having you as my president someday.

  8. Can Mac come to the party? I’m sure Hillary would be glad to have him because at the end of the day though they differ on many things she realizes he wants what is best for the U S of A , same as she.

    Lets start a pool. How many days after he is sworn into office does Barack start campaigning for Pope?

  9. Here’s Elton John from Hillary’s B-day fundraiser last year saying very much what we’ve felt all along:

    Rise, Hillary, Rise!

  10. Thanks Rd – it worked – but I ended up with tears streaming down my face for what could have been.

  11. Joanelle: Never look back.

  12. Looooove her…

    Happy Birthday Hill. I hope you are surrounded by love and laughter today.

  13. MrMike said:

    Can Mac come to the party? I’m sure Hillary would be glad to have him because at the end of the day though they differ on many things she realizes he wants what is best for the U S of A , same as she.

    Yes, I believe because they both have a willingness to hear what others have to say and are not so stuck -neither suffers from rectalcranialinversion as does O.

  14. Trust women! Trust Hillary! That girl is not done yet!

    Happy Birthday, Hillary Rodham Clinton. (We are now exactly the same age!)

  15. Elton John at Hillary’s fundraiser last year, remember this:

  16. Happy Birthday Hillary – just watched the video and am sitting here with tears in my eyes wondering how in the hell I got here……………………going to vote for a republican………….anyone who says that a vote for the pimp is the same as a vote for Hillary is out of their frickin’ mind – I miss her – this chance will never come again, I’m thinking (hope I’m wrong) – I respect John McCain/Sarah Palin because they say they loooove this country and country comes first & I believe it and so I will mark them for president for the next four years – I truly hope that Hillary will run in 2012 but am still wondering what hold the pimp & his thugs have over them? The Dem party has turned into the pod people party and half the shit they spout doesn’t make any sense?

    Happy, happy birthday Hillary – Please ignore the pimp

  17. Before we have another tax debate, may I point out that it’s academic because the Bush tax cuts will expire. No chance they’ll be renewed.

    I personally would like to see some relief on the quasi-Marxist death tax, at least an increase in the exemption, but there is no chance whatsoever that the substance of the Bush cuts will survive. Why argue a moot point?

  18. Can someone please go to the Bill thread and delete “Kitty” at 11:11. She has a vile rant toward RD?

  19. Rectalcranialinversion, an affliction that many in the Democrat party suffer. Possibly related to the effect of having two dominate Stupidity Genes.

  20. fif: It is RD’s choice to leave it up just to offer a look into the mindset of the Obamabots. Stupidity on display from those who are intent on his win.

  21. wow, RD, i can’t keep up with you today …

    Am celebrating on the air for you today on Neighborhood Radio NOON til 3 PM EST .. and will be playing lots of birthday songs !!!

    click here or copy and paste this link into your player where it says play url :


    feel free to join us in chat as well

    and click the chat button its easy as pie or Birthday Cake !

  23. Happy Birthday Hillary!! God I love this woman!

    In tears – like several other people here – what we lost -what was stolen 😦

  24. Everyone – Stop mourning Hillary – please!!

    She’s not politically dead – she will RISE. Just watch & wait and let’s send Obama in Pat’s Mazda on a one-way ticket to Chicago.

  25. I read Hillary’s and Bill’s biographies more or less at the same time, his ended in a charity sale, hers will be one of my best books for ever.
    You could not after read what she is about and see the essence of one of the most remarkable women of aur time, not to feel desolate that she will not be the next presidente, what a pity!
    A very political person not dout abot that, but with people and country first in her heart, bithout any doubt.
    Very Happy birthday Lady Hillary

  26. Just watch & wait and let’s send Obama in Pat’s Mazda on a one-way ticket to Chicago

    Pat Fitzgerald?

  27. LOL Playing a song called SAINT WILLIAM hehehe



    what are we drinkin??

  28. Hillary

    You are our hopeful sunshine
    You light the darkening way
    We’ll always stand beside you
    No matter what they say

    Your character inspires us
    Your gravitas is pure
    We wish you stood before us
    As nominee, so sure

    Please keep our thoughts before you
    We love your constant grace
    May this day be amazing
    In all the “life” you face

    You are love and grace

  29. Happy Birthday, Hillary!

    Thanks for this post. Certainly a cause to celebrate a great woman!

  30. Crappity, moderation. Is ‘shaving cream’ in the filter now? 🙂

  31. MrMike: Pat Johnson, Conflucian and Lou Dobb’s fiance extraordinaire. Her Mazda is READY.

  32. Happy Birthday to all the Hillary’s out there!

    Btw, Is this site gone now?


    After seeing a reference to it yesterday I went to it but
    it wouldn’t load and it still won’t load. Was the blog deleted?

  33. Gordon: THANK YOU for that wonderful poem!

  34. Trying again:

    Just so folks know? The pull down menu in the lower right corner making avatars larger is not present for Mac users. FYI.

    Also: I’m thinking about dressing up as a Bot for Halloween and handing out packets of Koolaid. Anyone got any ideas on how to make my mouth reliably foam for four hours? Shaving cream dries out.

    10 to 1 we see zero mention of the HRC birthday in the MSM.

    Am I alone in thinking this? There is gonna be some bad, bad juju when the press finally turns on B0.

  35. No Quarter is changing servers and there are technical problems reaching it today…

  36. SarahF: I’m having trouble with it too, I don’t know if it has to do with that I switched to FireFox recently, but Pat Johnson said she got in fine.

  37. Happy Birthday Hillary. I wish it was You I was voting for but I will vote for McCain on November 4th.

  38. NO problem with No Quarter here

  39. Maybe it’s my browser? I tried it in Safari and Firefox.

  40. Swan: What browser do you use?

  41. Happy Birthday Hillary! We love you! Now go kick some ass and take some names.

  42. ahhhh, what might have been. DAMN

  43. I hope Hillary is having a great, relaxing birthday … she needs to take a spa week and just chill out from all this election madness

  44. Thanks, RD, for this video. It gives me a little extra motivation as I enter the voting booth today, in honor of Hillary’s birthday. I will cast my vote against That One who kneecapped her and robbed our country of its best Presidential candidate of my lifetime.

  45. I am using IE but it just went away now

    waaahhh says page cannot be displayed but it was fine before

  46. I have Firefox and I have been able to access No Quarter right along. Just tried again and I had no problem.

  47. Whoops! Just went back into No Quarter and now I am experiencing the same notice. Must be the server over there. But I managed only minutes ago to get in.

  48. Hillary, for a birthday present to the world, how about holding a news conference with Bill and telling the world the truth about Obama! You have no conscience or future as far as I am concerned if you allow this narcissistic meglamaniac to take over with your endorsement!

    Make it a good day and do what is morally correct!


  49. Happy Birthday HIllary. Your intelligence, beauty, wisdom and brilliance guarantee you a position in President Obama’s administration!

    Pay no mind to the bitter GOP republicans on here spreading love to John McCain and Palin. They stand against everything you believe in with all your heart and soul, they stand against everything you ever fought for every single day of your life. I know it’s why you’re helping Barack Obama with all your heart. But these Republicans? They never got you. They never supported you. They hate you as much as you despise them.

    Happy happy birthday Hillary.

  50. Hillary, it’s your Birthday, so pay NO attention to that feral cat running loose. Obot-ulism has incinerated its nervous system.

  51. Happy Birthday Senator Clinton!

    Wishing you great health, wisdom and many more history-making, awe-inspiring days ahead. You’re still the one

  52. At 2:01, I LOVE that cheer!

    Happy Birthday Hillary–still the best candidate!!

  53. Happy Birthday, Hillary!

    RD – Thank yoou for this video. I’m writing through my tears. My heart is aching.

    Rise Hillary Rise! 2012!

  54. @ Gordon:
    Thank you for the beautiful poem. I heart you for that!

    @ swanspirit;

    Beautiful music – I love it! ty

  55. Happy Birthday, Hillary!!!

    2012 – Count on it!

  56. I started crying within the first 30 seconds of watching this video. We’ve lost no matter who wins the election.

  57. Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio. Sen. Hillary Clinton, give ‘em hell!

  58. Happy Birthday Hillary Rodham Clinton and many, many more!! We’ve got your back girl! Thank you for working so hard for the causes of women’s rights and children your whole life long. Blessings!!!!!!

  59. Happy Birthday, Senator Clinton! May this upcoming year be filled with peace, radiant health and a rousing sense of humor! After this past year, you deserve it and more!

  60. Happy Birthday Hillary.

  61. hey, does anyone remember that Obama was supposed to publish another book right after the convention called Change You Can Believe In or The Awesomeness of Obama or something? Yeah, whatever happened to that?

  62. Happy Birthday Pretty Lady! Hope it’s joyful, blessed and full of all you love. You deserve it.

  63. Happy Birthday Hillary. May the sun shine on you today and a fair breeze blow softly at your beck and call. May you feel all the love that comes from all those who have come to admire you for your intellect, your passion, your compassion, your brilliant mind, your wit, your humor, your grace. May you hear and feel today no sadness, no anger, no unkind word. Have an absolutely perfect day with your family, feeling their love. May you feel our love and find in it more energy and strength than you can ever use up in this life time.

  64. Happy Birthday, Hillary! You showed me what a great candidate is this year. Hoping to see lots more of you as you lead the way in the Senate. We’re with you.

  65. RD; That book—Ayers is working on the daily revisions.

  66. I see AlicePaul up there!! Hey Alice! We’ve got her back alright

    – we are The Department of Homegirl Security
    PUMA Boomer Women for Hillary Rule!!

  67. Happy Birthday, HIllary, and many happy returns.

  68. Happy Birthday Hillary!

  69. Jangles: That’s a beautiful birthday wish.

    Here’s my favorite Irish Blessing for Hillary today:

    May those that love us love us.
    And those that don’t love us,
    May god turn their hearts.
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles
    So we’ll know them
    By their limping.


  70. whoa – I meant God – Sister Miriam would holler for my not using a cap there!!

  71. happy birthday to all my fellow scorpios! Happy birthday Hillary!

  72. Happy Birthday Hillary!

  73. still4hill: so that’s why those Obots have that funny walk!

    RD: I watched your Hillary video tribute. You ARE the WOman. Thank so much, that is a treasure. I hope HRC sees and hears it. It says just fathoms about what all of us think and feel and somehow just can’t get into the right words.

  74. Jangles: AHA!

  75. Happy, happy birthday Hillary. We are looking forward to your 2012 run, and not looking back. Bushie stole the election twice before, and look what has happened to him and the country. If the Dems follow suit, I predict it will happen again. Rise, Hillary, rise.

  76. “I don’t need a new messiah, and I don’t need a new country”
    “I need Hillary!”

    Happy Birthday again Hillary.

    And a shout out to Still4Hill, my compadre in standing strong!!!

  77. What did Princess Diana say? That she wanted to be the Queen of Hearts?
    Well, Hillary Clinton is and always will be the President of my heart.
    Happy Birthday, Senator, and thanks for the inspiration you provide every day.
    When I’m faced with a difficult task, I now tell myself to “Hillary up.”

    Gordon, what a lovely poem.

  78. Ahhhhh SweetSue – She is the Queen and the President of my heart too.

    And “Hillary up” – I do the SAME THING!! She taught us to be strong. What a role model for women and girls!

    YO! Alice!! (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))

    Happy Birthday Hillary (again) – I’ll keep on saying it!

  79. Ouch.

    Happy Birthday, Hillary. May you last 40 more.

  80. No Quarter:

    I accessed it last night just fine but just now had problems–which disappeared after clearing personal data.

    So clear your cache and cookies, then refresh the page.

  81. Happy Birthday Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Thanks for the video RD – I had never seen that moment where in discussing healthcare, Clinton got so choked up. Beautiful moment, and we know how much she cares about us. I am so sad over what could have been.

    No one will hold a candle to her…

  82. Happy Birthday Hillary! I hope you have a great day. I can’t say that I am not upset about the whole Presidential Primary as evidenced from the results from the UNdemocratic party. I’m sorry that you have to go out and support the most unqualified candidate in the history of the US. Very sorry, indeed. I have decided to vote straight republican ticket this year. I don’t know if I will EVER come back. Sad but true. This is not going to be a pretty GE. One way or another there are going to be lots of disappointed people.

  83. Happy Birthday, Hillary, the President of my heart. We will never forget.

  84. Happy Birthday, Hillary! May you have a lovely day, along with your family, and celebrate many more. You are still our favorite candidate for POTUS, and we will look to you for leadership, come what may.

  85. From yet another Scorpio woman; big, bright birthday wishes for you, Senator Clinton! May you have many more…

  86. My Heart is Yours, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y DEAR H-I-L-L-A-R-Y HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!XOX LOVE Susan When you ask God why, What does he / she… say??

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