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My Ex-Wife Injured In Accident

I was heart-broken to learn she is expected to fully recover.

This is an open thread

269 Responses

  1. lol!!

    am I first? a dubious distinction, but it seems to be an important one…….

  2. I have a couple other Halloween-themed pics I will use for posts this next week

  3. This is hilarious myiq2xu

  4. She’s lovely and no more than I expected.

  5. My Christmas funny-pics are even worse

  6. Good grief, she bears an amazing resemblance to my ex mother-in-law! Do you suppose we are related through some horrible nightmare of circumstances?!

  7. Pat:

    That’s not my babies-momma, that’s #2 or #3

  8. Hmmm. She looks familiar.

  9. Yolanda:

    Possibly. Does your family tree branch?

  10. I see you continually “married up” as you went along.

  11. obviously, she is blind – that had to help.

  12. afrocity, I’m thinking it’s weird that you said no one pays attention to you, and here I’ve actually just figured out why I’m especially worried about you tonight – usually you tell us what you’re eating, and tonight you haven’t talked about food at all.

    yeah, I’ve noticed because I’ve been dieting and you’re always talking about food, but I still like you 🙂

  13. I owned a pair of leg warmers similar to what she is wearing.

  14. It looks like Michelle Obama, but the clothes are too nice.

  15. ZOMG!

    Billy Ray and THE Mullet!

    “Don’t tell my heart, my achy-breaky heart . . .”

  16. obviously, she is blind – that had to help.

    That is a funny line!

  17. Nicely done MyIq. That is hilarious.

  18. MYIQ: Excuse me, I know you wanted me to die, but a tree ain’t gonna kill me.

    However, your snoring ALMOST done me in.

  19. Blind drunk helps even more

  20. The poor thing was probably running for her life when all of a sudden BAM!

  21. sm77:

    Who talked?!

  22. AT least the broom lasted all night.

    (rim-shot! )


  24. wow, sm and myiq………….this is how rumors get started………….

  25. She obviously cannot “drive” judging from the location of the broom.

  26. afrocity: if you like lots of rain (you must not mind it) and semi-hippies who recycle sometimes, you could come to Seattle… Tacoma is the poor relation of Seattle.

  27. sm77 did you vote?

  28. Pat: Looking at that picture, it’s at that right angle too!

    It’s a Harry Potter Nimbus 2000!

  29. I don’t need any abuse from y’all.

    I can go anywhere and be abused.

  30. It looks like it is stuck up her a**. Unless she was backing out.

  31. PJ: I decided not to comment on the broom. That looks like something, um, applied after the fact.

  32. I have always wanted to go to Seattle.Any cute guys there?

  33. At least she got wood.

  34. at first glance I thought it was fuzzy’s bf that he’s breaking up with

  35. Prolix:


  36. Seriously, she is a looker. Could she cook?

  37. You just never know what attracts a couple to one another. In this case it is probably best left unsaid.

  38. do you consider Frazier and Niles cute?

  39. Afrocity: Nope, I’m those idiotic FL voters that wait until election day.

    If not, somehow I think someone will steal my vote. They steal it anyway, I know.

  40. Ex-wife looks like she’s having a biggie AND a smoothie.

    What’s not to like?

  41. There are cute guys but they are obots – I think. Lots of computer programming and aerospace engineering types.

  42. There you go …stereotyping witches …cheesh …

  43. PJ: I’m sure she made some mean soups.

  44. Pat Johnson, on October 25th, 2008 at 12:40 am Said:

    It looks like it is stuck up her a**.

    And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Trust me, I know.

    (WTF, too many Mojitos, sounding like Regency on a Big Dawg binge)

  45. Now why can’t I ever live in a swing state??? I am either in a far right one (Texas)or a far left (Chicago, NYC, Conn. NJ)

  46. MyIq — LOL

  47. I bet with ACORN’s help even Jimi Hendrix is voting in Seattle.

  48. Nite nite all I am .. um flying out for the nte …

  49. When myiq refers to an ex as a “witch” he is not kidding. She is no Samantha but she had a great personality.

  50. Oh, if a swing state would be part of the requirement, Washington probably is off the table. I don’t think we’ve ever been a swing state – mostly blue, but red for Reagan.

  51. Pat:

    Here was her favorite recipe:

    “Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
    Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
    Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
    Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,–
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”

  52. I don’t know if Jimi Hendrix is voting for obama, but I heard he gave a $99.99 donation recently.

  53. afrocity, on October 25th, 2008 at 12:40 am Said:
    I have always wanted to go to Seattle.Any cute guys there?

    I live in the Seattle area…I don’t think there are too many cute guys. Then again, it rains so much that it’s hard for most folks to get out much.

    I was planning on moving south and looking for a new job, but now I’m worried about leaving my job in Seattle.

  54. I cant get some of these states like Virginia. Red for decades and now Blue for Obama, but not Clinton or Gore. Go figure

  55. myiq: And to think you let this one get away.

  56. From the Columbus Dispatch–apparently several people from state and local governments looked into Joe the Plumber’s motor vehicle records after the last debate.

    Does anyone have any questions they’d like to ask of the candidates? No? Why not? It’s a free country. They can’t do anything to you for asking…

  57. Firelight: I guess that is probably true, but I’ve always thought geeky, engineering types were cute.

  58. Good night everyone!

    Going to bed and will dream of big pines and Nimbus 2000s.

  59. myiq2xu,

    out out damn spot.

    Oww, I just had a vision of Michelle as lady Macbeth

  60. Good night sm77.

  61. I am off to bed. Nite guys. And I think your ideas for after the election are great myiq. We will all need something to get us through the malaise that is sure to kick in about then.

  62. Pat:

    That was before Captain Spaulding taught me about duct tape

  63. Night Pat.

  64. myiq: I am on my way to bed laughing out loud kicking the candy wrappers on my way.

  65. I’m sure my lame attempts at humor will convincve Anglachel I am a rapist.


    But she already thought that I was anyway

  66. good night everyone

  67. G’night Afrocity!

  68. I always read here that Anglachel was brilliant but I must have missed the brilliant stuff she did. what I read was waaay too wordy, which works for fiction, in my opinion, but makes non-fiction (which I think is her thing) sound like blah blah blah. I never got into it.

  69. nite (((afro)))

  70. Night Afrocity.

  71. Kiki:

    If I said that “all women are whores or wannabe whores” I would quite rightly be denounced as a sexist and misogynist.

  72. MyIq, did you post over there? If you did, I didn’t see it.

  73. Prolix:

    I didn’t even try

  74. I voted at the grocery yesterday…
    4 bags of McCain’s frozen potatoes…
    ZERO Barackolli. NEVEH!!

  75. yeah. I think Anglachel could have fashioned a post around the idea that men ought to be calling out other men on rape – that’s not a dumb idea.

    but the accusatory nature really didn’t create an environment where non-guilty men would want to help.

    “you’re either with us or you’re a rapist”
    “you’re either with us or you’re a racist”
    “you’re eiher with us or you’re a terrorist”

    this isn’t a healthy pattern

  76. There’s my #3 – Gretchen Wilson and “Redneck Woman”

    “Well I ain’t never
    Been the barbie doll type
    No I can’t swig that sweet champagne
    I’d rather drink beer all night
    In a tavern or in a honky tonk
    Or on a 4 wheel drive tailgate
    I’ve got posters on my wall of Skynard, Kid and Strait
    Some people look down on me
    But I don’t give a rip
    I’ll stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip

    Cause I’m a redneck woman
    And I ain’t no high class broad
    I’m just a product of my raisin’
    And I say “hey y’all” and “Yee Haw”
    And I keep my Christmas lights on, on my front porch all year long
    And I know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song
    So here’s to all my sisters out there keepin’ it country
    Let me get a big “Hell Yeah” from the redneck girls like me
    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah

    Victoria’s Secret
    Well their stuff’s real nice
    Oh but I can buy the same damn thing on a Wal*Mart shelf half price
    And still look sexy
    Just as sexy
    As those models on TV
    No I don’t need no designer tag to make my man want me
    You might think I’m trashy
    A little too hard core
    But get in my neck of the woods
    I’m just the girl next door

    Hey I’m redneck woman
    And I ain’t no high class broad
    I’m just a product of my raisin’
    And I say “hey y’all” and “Yee Haw”
    And I keep my Christmas lights on, on my front porch all year long
    And I know all the words to every Tanya Tucker song
    So here’s to all my sisters out there keeping it country
    Let me get a big “Hell Yeah” from the redneck girls like me
    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah

    I’m redneck woman
    And I ain’t no high class broad
    I’m just a product of my raisin’
    And I say “hey y’all” and “Yee Haw”
    And I keep my Christmas lights on, on my front porch all year long
    And I know all the words to every Ol’ Bocephus song
    So here’s to all my sisters out there keeping it country
    Let me get a big “Hell Yeah” from the redneck girls like me
    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah

    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah

    I Said Hell Yeah “

  77. I went over there and read it — really disappointing. To sum it up, while I loathe arson, I don’t condemn all matches.

  78. Maybe she [Anglachel] should seek out some of the men who have had a loved one who was raped, a sister, a friend, a wife… What it is like for them to witness the aftermath.

    And the Hannah Arendt quote is rich -quoting from the Origins of Totalitarianism might soon be apropos..

  79. #10, “Stay” by Sugarland

    Jennifer Nettles breaks my heart in that video

  80. Prolix and jsvp:

    Half the human race is not evil

  81. #9 – Carrie Underwood and “Before He Cheats”

    That’s a redneck girl done wrong

  82. “If I said that “all women are whores or wannabe whores” I would quite rightly be denounced as a sexist and misogynist.”

    And you’d be put on a shortlist to be Barack’s Secretary of State.

  83. “The next time that he cheats, it won’t be on me”

  84. Seriously:

    Yeah, or somewhere high up in his administration.

    I’m happy where I’m at.

  85. If a politician/pundit/consultant really wants to understand bitter/clingy/PUMA types they should watch CMT or listen to C&W music.

  86. When I first came across the Confluence, I found Anglachel’s link and then visited it regularly. She is clearly a very smart lady—an academic—but I stopped reading her after it seemed like I was reading a really theoretical political science book and I fell asleep, er, I mean I have a very short attention span. That was also about the time that she bashed Palin.

    I read her recent post because myiq linked to it above. She seems like she is currently in a phase of general antipathy toward men, I’m guessing because of the current political climate. I have to say, though, that the basis for her arguments is a reasonable hypothesis:

    If every 6th woman you meet is statistically likely to have been sexually assaulted, then doesn’t that also indicate that, say, every 7th or 8th man you meet is statistically likely to have committed a sexual assault?

    And if it’s a reasonable hypothesis, then the question she asks is a valid one and, to me, is intriguing:

    I know many women who have been attacked. They tell me stories of what happened, when, who did this.

    Do you men really not not know who among you is a rapist?

    That’s really all I have to say about her post.

  87. myiq: that sounds like a lot to ask of anyone.

  88. myiq
    Are you going to post a piece in response?

    Maybe Obama himself is a rapist, or Biden, or Axelrod, or…or… or all of them… The question is whether or not she is going to vote for all those rapists.

  89. If I understand her position, she is planning to vote nothing on top.

    I think her posts recently have been reflecting the mood around this campaign. She doesn’t want to “be” a PUMA and she thinks anything republican is EVIL.

    I still read, but I haven’t seen her writing the same since she went after Confluence.

  90. Britannia:

    That calculation assumes every man and woman has sex (consensual or otherwise) with only one other person.

    If every woman has sex with an average of 6 guys and 1 in 6 woman is the victim of rape then 1 in 36 men is a rapist, not 1 in 6

  91. I have to say, I came into the world as a bitter, clingy type — it was on my birth certificate although not spelled correctly since I’m from Appalachia.

  92. angie you are missed at the wee hours, especially on a Friday!

    Nite, nite and don’t get into too much trouble. 😉

  93. jvsp: I’m not sure what inspired anglachel to write about rape, but she was furious.

    I do think saying that every 7th or 8th man is a rapist is not fair. I would think a man who would rape a woman, probably raped more than one.

  94. Nope that’s a photo of my sister in law — it even looks like her house. She was thinking about the “wonderful” Obama and lost control of her broom.

  95. The other presumption that Anglachel makes is that any man who isn’t a rapist is complicit in the rapes committed by other men

  96. Ooh, family gatherings must be really fun.

  97. JJM:

    I would have no problem with life w/o parole for any rapist.

    I just want to be sure he’s guilty

    The same thing applies to child molesters.

  98. Well, the calculation assumes that most rapists only rape one person instead of multiple people, which would make the number of rapists potentially smaller than the number of victims….but I don’t get the 1 in 36 thing. Huh?

  99. Northwest:

    As some others pointed out, someone shoved the broom in her back door.

    Where was your brother?

  100. (I’m not being snarky, I’m just confused)

  101. myiq: I have to admit that the approach to men wasn’t exactly one that would inspire them.

    I have a hard time picturing men watching football and having one guy condemn another for commenting about a female featured in a beer commercial

  102. jjmtacoma
    Suppose she is correct on her stat, and, she is correct about men who aren’t rapists, but in their not speaking out (how ever she defines that) is complicit; one would hope that she re-evaluate how she interacts with men in general… Or perhaps I am off. Whatever the motivation for writing it, the post is a bit much.

  103. Seriously:

    If 1 in 6 women has been raped, and every woman has an average of 6 sex partners (consensual or not) and each man has an average of 6 too, how many rapists are there?

  104. jjm:

    Human sexuality is what it is.

    But guys being pigs while looking at a woman in a beer commercial is a long way from rape.

    I’m not defending piggishness (oink oink) but it’s not rape.

  105. I don’t think there’s any way to tell. Isn’t that like asking if you know 200 men and one has raped you, how many rapists are there? That doesn’t men that one in every 200 men is a rapist.

  106. jvsp: I was thinking the same. I hear all sorts of sexist crap from men I know, and they KNOW I’m a feminist. I think they actually tone it down for me.

    Suggesting that all men who say something sexist (I can’t spell and I’m not looking up the other word) are rapists is over the top.

    We just haven’t come to the place where it is socially unacceptable to say sexist things. That doesn’t make them rapists, just misguided.

  107. yes, myiq, that was my poorly made point.

  108. Seriously:

    Anglachel is asserting that so many men are rapists that the ones who aren’t must be aware that the others are.

    She says 1 out of every 7 or 8 men are rapists.

  109. jjm:

    I’m not arguing with you guys, my gripe is with Anglachel.

    I’m honing my argument with y’all, not arguing with you.

  110. I don’t know what has happened to Anglachel personally but from previous posts it sounds like she has either been raped or abused by an ex-boyfriend. Her current husband must be very liberal and more open-minded than most men in order to accept many of her beliefs and choices. I’m not criticizing her opinions but a with many feminists in academia, most people need to be very open-minded to accept even some of their arguments. I agree with a lot of them but understand that some of the solutions they offer are oftentimes unrealistic.

  111. I didn’t feel argued with – I just agreed.

  112. I think her point is that rape is a horrendous act committed by dispicable preditors. I agree. I also agree that raising awareness is laudable. I don’t agree that lumping me with these dispicable people will make me hate the act in any greater degree.

  113. I can tell you that the vast majority of men hate rape and rapists.

    In prison, rapists and child molesters have to be segregated from other prisoners for their safety.

    Even murdering scum hate rapists and pedophiles

  114. I get her argument, it’s the math that’s confusing me. (And no, it’s not because I suck at math–believe it or not, I get A’s. 🙂

  115. That calculation assumes every man and woman has sex (consensual or otherwise) with only one other person.

    If every woman has sex with an average of 6 guys and 1 in 6 woman is the victim of rape then 1 in 36 men is a rapist, not 1 in 6

    Yes, of course. She said 1 in 8, according to her assumptions, you said 1 in 36, according to your assumptions. The answer might be somewhere in between. My idle googling says that the median number of male partners for women was four. I think the resulting ratio is still a high enough number for Achlangel’s question to be an intriguing one, to me at least. If the “ho-hum”, unreported sexual assaults that Achlangel talks about does not indicate discrimination in its victims, why would it indicate discrimination in the perpetrators?

    I’m gonna stop now.

  116. I think it’s misogynist.

  117. Thanks Rich!

  118. But that’s what I don’t get. I’m assuming she gets her numbers from the total male population and the number of rapes. Even if you exclude stranger rape and family rape and look only to date/relationship rape, does the median number of partners enter in? Wouldn’t that only be a valid calculation if every woman who’s date raped has had sex previously with the guy who rapes her? Maybe if you compare the number of rapes in light of the average number of different people the average woman dates?

    Or am I just off the wall?

  119. Seriously, It looks to me like she is using a 1:1 relationship and assuming the female population is 54%.

  120. She also seemed pissed, so I don’t think she was feeling particularly mathy at the time of writing.

  121. The statistics of the prevalence of rape include situations where the “victims” don’t even consider themselves to have been raped.

    At one end of the scale is the stranger who climbs in the window and says “Don’t scream or I’ll kill you” while holding a knife to her throat.

    What’s the other end?

    In California rape includes a situation where the woman consents to sex but changes her mind after intercourse begins and the man does not stop immediately, but there is no force or fear.

    Some people claim that if a guy starts kissing a woman (with her consent) and then tries to proceed further and she objects but he doesn’t immediately stop or tries again, she is the victim of sexual assault/attempted rape.

  122. Seriously:

    That’s the first thing we need to establish in this discussion:

    What are the numbers we are talking about?

    What definitions are we using for rape, attempted rape, sexual assault, etc.?

  123. I’ve never ‘felt’ raped by persistence. I suppose there has to be a law to define the right of a woman to say “no”.

  124. But that’s what I don’t get. I’m assuming she gets her numbers from the total male population and the number of rapes.

    Seriously, it’s just a “back-of-the-envelope” calculation.

  125. Oh, I didn’t mean that to sound like I didn’t think there was a law. I just was thinking it was a law that shouldn’t be needed.

  126. I should go to bed.

    Give the Captain a kiss for me, would ya?

  127. From Anglachel:

    “If every 6th woman you meet is statistically likely to have been sexually assaulted, then doesn’t that also indicate that, say, every 7th or 8th man you meet is statistically likely to have committed a sexual assault?”

    How do you define “sexual assault?”

    If a guy tries to kiss a girl and she objects, was that a sexual assault? How do you define “consent?”

    If a woman consensually drinks alcohol and/or uses drugs and while under the influence of alcohol/drugs she consents to sex was that rape?

  128. I’m gonna pack it in too.

  129. I always arrive late. 😦

    myiq: Is there perchance a family pic or album?

  130. Eh, everybody went to bed early.

  131. I’m here

  132. Seriously!

  133. Brit!

  134. Where are Reg and Litle isis? I hope they’re not trapped.

  135. I was wondering about that. Have not seen them all night. Maybe they’re out on dates. But wait, it’s a bit late. They ought to be home by now. Or not.

  136. The night owls! …angienc hasn’t been on either… This election is taking a toll on people. Exhausting.

  137. LOL Things get a little crazy in Chappaqua.

  138. Angie might need a little coaxing to come back. I hope she does.

  139. Yeah, I hope angie will come back. Please come back angie…things aren’t sparkly wihout you. You know we can’t smile without you, something something something….

  140. See what you’ve done, Angie? Because of you, Seriously is channeling Barry Manilow.

  141. What can we do to coax her?

  142. Brit
    “Angie might need a little coaxing to come back. I hope she does.”

    She is a delightful chatterbox (meant the best way!)

  143. Yes she is. Too bad that she’s probably not reading our comments.

  144. I feel sad when you’r sad, feel sad wehn you’re glad…I won’t stop! I’ll sing to Stephen Colbert if I have to!

  145. LOL@Seriosly!

  146. What can we do to coax her?

    I don’t know, Seriously. We’re not even sure if she’s still reading the blog. In a previous thread, Katiebird suggested that madamab send Angie an email. I don’t think madamab was in that thread though. So, we can probably ask madamab, when she shows up, to contact Angie.

  147. Angie, you’ve got to save us from Seriously’s singing! Now that song is playing in my head, darn it.

  148. You think? How can she resist? There’s no other place on the internet to go, really.

  149. “There’s no other place on the internet to go, really.”

    Everywhere I go there is an Obama advert… Luckily there are some more academic sites that aren’t concerned, but there aren’t any people!!! This blog keeps my spirits up! Splendid characters here!

  150. You think? How can she resist? There’s no other place on the internet to go, really.

    Maybe her house is very clean right now.

  151. Also you’re super imformative. What is someone clonks me over teh head due to channeling Barry manilow–who will give me free legal advice?????

    At the copa…

  152. Heeeeellpp!

  153. I write teh snogs that make the whole world sing

  154. afrocity (I think that is her nic) was down today too.. *sigh* Obama’s obotulism is infecting everything!

  155. *sighs* My knowledge of Manilow is about exhausted.

    Yeah, I saw that jvsp. I felt bad that she felt she was being ignored. I have a hard time keeping up if there are a lot fo people in here, plus running around IRL and having 20 windows open. We love you afrocity!

  156. BTW, this is so not the place to discuss this topic, but the discussion on anglachelg’s thread is great. I think everyone would benefot from reading and digesting it imho.

  157. Thank goodness.

    Afrocity did get a lot of responses after she said that only Angie pays attention to her.

    What’s IRL?

  158. LOL I write the snogs? Now that’s funny. Fun with typos!

  159. In real life

  160. “…the discussion on anglachelg’s thread…”

    her blog thread or here?

    I have a difficult time keeping up, but twenty windows LOL!!!

  161. Her blog thread.

    I have super slow dial up, and I should know better, but I get so impatient I just keep opening ore pages, making the problem exponentially worse. LOL

  162. Link to radio interview with Phillip Berg who filed the lawsuit in PA against the DNC and Obama:


    Please send it to the undecided you know!

  163. “I have super slow dial up..”

    I have that problem, but it isn’t my internet connection. When you have to take painkillers from time to time the connection is sssssloooooowww

    “..blog thread…”
    Ooooh, the comments….. wow.

  164. Ooh, I’m sorry you have to take painkillers.

  165. Ohhh! Where’s Angelina?? We miss you! I miss you, my fellow yat. We all be here together…me, you, dakinikat, kat5.

    Come back, come back, wherever you are!! 😥

    If you don’t come back I won’t send you a roast-beef po-boy when we get back to da parish!!

  166. thanks! it’s no biggie. Better to be on them these days… LOL! I would share, but I haven’t found a way to get them in the comment box and post em…

  167. Speaking of meds…I had to call the doc today for my mom. we’ve had cold, rainy, dreary weather which plays hell with her back. I called her doc andI wanted to get a few Lortabs for her and quelle suprise, he phoned in 60 with 2 refills!

    Lortab=vicodin. I had never heard that name of the med tiill got here to Alabama…it was always vicodin. I mean..if that’s good enough for House…

  168. LOL

  169. That Anglachel is out of her mind. Here’s what she said:

    “Alegre and Red Queen have recent posts up about the basic fact that rape is a problem with men. It is something you men evidently enjoy doing and don’t really want to see stop happening…”

    She libels men that she has never met and whose intentions she cannot know.

    I feel like I was raped just reading her post.

  170. Oh, hope you mom’s feeling better

  171. Fredster

    House is my favorite show!!! Hugh Lorey (sp?) is superb! Now don’t go overboard… need to get a cane!

  172. I love him but I wish they’d let him speak with his British accent

  173. Have you see 11th hour? It’s kind of similar to House

  174. Seriously, have you seen him in the film Where the Aspidistra Grows (an adaption of an Orwell story IIRC)? It’s worth giving a look.

    In it the woman who lets out a room to Hugh states that she takes a bath once a year whether she needs it or not! hee hee

  175. Oh no I haven’t. Thanks jvsp, i’ll check it out.

    My fave is Jeeves and Wooster.

  176. Fredster

    It’s all the same shit when done with generics, but the names are different (i guess) in different parts of the country.

    When we first arrived in Alabama I mentioned Vicodin and the nurses were going “huh”. I went to the website for my mom’s scripts and searched and then called back and said “Lortab”. That they understood. It’s funny with the regionalisms, but bottom line it was the same meds that helped her!

    Now if I ration her meds, then I have some for me!! and I can play Dr. House!

  177. Seriously …haven’t seen 11th Hour. ..it any good?

    Jeeves and Wooster! P. G. Wodehouse! …haven’t watched any episodes for some time… *sigh* more to watch now. Your fault!

    LOL! @ Fredster

  178. It’s not bad, It’s Rufus Sewell and he solves mysteries with science. I’ve only seen one episode though.

    I love PG Wodehouse. They’re reissuing all his books in snazzy new editions.

  179. I just got home from work and sorry that Africity felt left-out. I hope Angie comes back.
    Has anyone tried cheesecake filled chocolate covered strawberries to coax her back?
    All of you keep me informed and connected with likeminded people.
    You make me think, and you make me laugh and feel better on bad days and I thank all of you for that.



  180. …will have to check it out.

    “They’re reissuing all his books in snazzy new editions.”

    So many books, so little money… If you have the time, check out Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. main thrust: the devil comes to Moscow…

    I have to crash now. Have a good day, Seriosly! 🙂

  181. Has anyone tried cheesecake filled chocolate covered strawberries to coax her back?

    Oh yum. See, that might just do the trick, only these darn internet identities make strangers of all of us.

  182. Britannia
    core the strawberry. fill with Philadelphia brand
    cheesecake filling mix. It comes in both cheesecake and chocolate cheesecake flavors. Dip the strawberry in chocolate.
    The cheesecake mix is in a tub in the refrigerated counter at the store. All ready made no baking or anything.
    When i make them people seem to like them a lot.



  183. Helen, that sounds sooooo decadent. I love it. Mmmmwah!

  184. Night, jvsp.

    If we knew what kind of food she likes, we could have a virtual buffet.

  185. I plan to make a lot of them for election night as a celebration of a McCain-Palin win.
    The only bad part about them was eating all the rejects while I was making them.



  186. I plan to make a lot of them for election night as a celebration of a McCain-Palin win.


    The only bad part about them was eating all the rejects while I was making them.

    Strawberries are good for you. 😉

  187. My wish for this week is that Mccain calls out Obama over this “bitch who said you betcha” thing, since god knows the MSM will never do its damn job. He should have to publicly apologize and cancel any events with jay-Z.

  188. What was that, Seriously? I missed that piece of news.

    I wish you knew Angie’s email.

  189. It’s over on Reclusive Leftist, in one of the comments.

    I know! Maybe she’s just out and she’ll come back after the weekend.

  190. Good nite all
    It has been a long day.



  191. Nite Helen.

  192. I hate insomnia.

    Can’t sleep, feel like a zombie, intertoobs is a ghost town

  193. No one to talk to, cuz the Captain is out looking for organ donors

  194. As usual, he drank the last of the beer before he left

  195. Owning a p*nis does not make me a rapist any more than owning a gun makes me a murderer or armed robber. The whole collective guilt thing is just nonsense,. I am an individual and I am not responsible for the actions of others.
    It is way too fashionable to certain circles to bash men. JN

  196. Britannia: IRL is “In Real Life”. You know, where BO isn’t, but thinks he wants us to be.

  197. Good morning. I’ve come to depend on logging on in the am to have the prior evening’s election developments digested for me.

    It might be a bit too early to face the spector of Capt. Spaulding searching for organ donors. But then, it is halloween-time…

    Maybe I should search the news, come back and report.

  198. Does anyone know if Jennifer Hudson’s tragedy is anywhere near BO’s domain?

  199. Wow, I think we found a journalist. Problem is that she still let Biden skirt the issues ultimately.


  200. Good Morning.

    Did anyone see this article in The American Thinker about PUMA?


  201. Joaniebone,

    Yes It is on the Southside. I keep saying it
    270 murders in the last six months.

  202. I’m beginning to think Wright is Right!

    [audio src="http://www.bpmdeejays.com/upload/hs_sal_in_Harlem_100108.mp3" /]

    We may all get what some deserve.

  203. Thanks Carol, I needed that. Is wftv an Orlando FL station? Maybe there’s real hope in FLorida?

  204. afrocity, thanks for this link. This, too, brightened my mood.

    I loved this bit:

    “Who are these pro-McCain Democratic voters? They overwhelmingly tend to be former Hillary supporters. Perhaps the most well-known of these voters are the “PUMAs” – which stands for Party Unity My Ass. These are Hillary supporters who are adamantly opposed to Obama. Let’s not forget that during the Democratic primaries – real elections, not polls – Hillary crushed Obama among white working-class and middle-class voters in such key states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. If a meaningful number of these voters end up voting for McCain, as I predict they will, then Obama’s smooth road to the White House is going to run smack into a brick wall.”

  205. I think we can all agree that the best writers around are Riverdaughter and Heidi Li Feldman of the Denver Group. Marc of Tom in Paine also ranks up there as one of my favs.

    Anglachel is an academic. Let’s not forget that. Or at least she used to be one until she chose to left. She has a PhD in political science. Many of former professors are similar to her in their way of thinking. Especially those who specialize in women’s studies. I honestly agree with a lot of what they have to say but their message often comes across as offensive to men who are obviously “innocent” and have never once thought about raping, abusing, or degrading women in any way.

    Anglachel’s topics are often not appropriate for *blog posts*. Yes, I’m sure she could succinctly make some of these arguments in a dissertation or law review note, but to summarize that all men are guilty of rape is probably stepping across the line for most readers.

    In my opinion, most of the men I went to graduate school with were misogynists. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I was the cool girl who hung out with a lot of the guys because I never wanted to actually date them after hearing the stuff that came out of their mouth about the women they dated or simply f*cked. I think these are the men Anglachel is referring to and I’m sure she knew a lot in grad school and during her short time in academia.

    I just think that she needs to focus on another way to get her point across in a blog than to stereotype all men. I understand where she is coming from but I can also see why many good men (who supported Hillary Clinton) would find her point offensive.

  206. Also, the men I refer to in graduate school…um, surprise!, most of them support Obama now so Anglachel is preaching to the wrong group of men in my opinion.

  207. urgetocompute,

    I loved this Blog Comment:

    I recently (mid-October) attended the annual session of the American Dental Association in which its keynote speaker, Mr. Tom Brokaw, had a few interesting things to say. The first half of his speech consisted of some great stories from the past, some humbling experiences for him, etc., and then he talked about politics. He said the following, “Remember people, between now and election day, these three words: UFO. The UnFOrseen WILL happen. It always does. It may be something new we learn about a candidate,

    it may be a surprise election, we don’t know. But we do know to expect the unexpected. Pay no attention to the polls. They mean nothing today.

    Our country needs to get back to work ethics, value and common sense.” By saying what he didn’t specifically say, he was speaking volumes. I heard him loud and clear and walked out truly uplifted and inspired. You’re right on, Mr. Warshawsky.

  208. afrocity:I am hoping. Studying the poll numbers closely is pretty depressing. I needed to hear about this. Thank you!

  209. Thanks afrocity. I just don’t know the southside–how big etc…

  210. New statistic 426 murders in Chicago since January 2008

  211. afrocity, even if the media doesn’t call out that shocking number, it’s flying around the web with a life of it’s own. I just got a forward from a friend on the east coast that cited all that you have:

    “Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago?

    Body count: In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago; 221 killed in Iraq.

    Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin,
    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.,
    Gov. Rod Blogojevich,
    House leader Mike Madigan,
    Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike),
    Mayor Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)

    Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.

    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country .

    Cook County (Chicago) sales tax 10.25% highest in country.
    (Look ’em up if you want).

    Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.

    This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois. And he’s gonna ‘fix’ Washington politics for us!!!???? SURE!!!!!

  212. New statistic 426 murders

    Good god!! People will not fail to draw a connection

  213. bye, afrocity.
    (I hate leaving my blog)

    off to work today–just another 6 day workweek. but i feel damn lucky to have this job.

  214. Listening to the BBC this early morning, they’re framing this as a racism defeats Obama in the U.S. if Obama loses. It would truly be a shame if that were true. We will never know. No one is framing sexism spoiled Hillary’s chances or might spoil McCain/Palin’s chances.

    It’s the reality we’re stuck with.

    If Obama wins, instead of being able to celebrate the first person of African heritage becoming president, I will be feeling, “I’m glad that’s over.”

  215. Urgent! Get this out there!

    “office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers” involved in illegal access to” Joe’s files.

    “Report: Government Computers Used to Get Information on ‘Joe the Plumber’
    Public records reveal driver’s license and SUV information on ‘Joe the Plumber’ was obtained from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database.


    Saturday, October 25, 2008

    9 x
    in order to recommend a story, you must login or register.

    Ohio officials are investigation whether government computer systems were illegally accessed to acquire personal information about “Joe the Plumber,” The Columbus Dispatch reports.

    Public records requested by The Dispatch reveal information on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher’s driver’s license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database.

    Information on Wurzelbacher was obtained on Oct. 17 through an account used by the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency in Cleveland, The Dispatch reported records as showing.

    Access to such information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.

    The Dispatch reported that information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

    It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why, The Dispatch reported.

    The investigation could become “criminal in nature,” attorney general’s office spokeswoman Jennifer Brindisi told The Dispatch.”

  216. Joanie,

    She lives in Englewood. Obama is in Hyde Park. It is all the south side but Hyde Park, is home to the elite University of Chicago and further East. It is the only “nice” pocket on the South Side. Ayers lives there, and Rezko is Obama’s next door neighbor. They are more white collar criminals.

  217. afrocity, Our dad (Joanie’s and mine) grew up in Chicago’s south side. NOT Hyde Park. Of course it was many, many years ago (Depression Era) but he never went back after the war. Never wanted to.

  218. Joe the Plumber needs to start suing people!!

  219. It is scary that I go to the American Thinker for my news. Times have changed.

  220. I voted for him. However, I would not have if I had known he was hooked up with DK. This is the problem with the downticket Democrats.

    email I received:

    “Dear Carol,

    Early voting in Texas is not the only way to cast your ballot for Rick Noriega today — right now, Daily Kos is holding a “Hell To Pay” Contest for Democratic candidates who face attacks and smears from their opponents. We came close to winning the contest last week, and this is our chance to come out on top. If we win this contest, Daily Kos will hold a fundraiser for Rick and could raise tens of thousands of dollars for our campaign.

    Click here to vote for our campaign in the “Hell To Pay” Contest now!

    Cornyn’s campaign has tried to smear Rick’s record for months. Just today, they launched a new attack ad against Rick online, and it’s up to us to make sure Rick Noriega has the resources to fight back.

    Rick has spent his entire adult life defending his state and country in the military and in the state legislature. Now, to send Rick to the U.S. Senate, we need support from people like you to help us stay on the air and spread the word about our campaign. It’s easy to vote for Rick in the “Hell To Pay” Contest, and it will only take a minute of your time.

    Click here to vote for our campaign in the “Hell To Pay” Contest now!


    Mark Bell
    Campaign Manager
    Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate

    P.S. Voting is only open for a few more hours. Click here to vote before the polls close!”

  221. As they arrest Ashley for her false police report, have these two been arrested for “assaulting the VP candidate Sarah Palin”.

  222. Where’s my post with the photo?

  223. I don’t know, Carol. I didn’t see it in any of our traps.

  224. I heard yesterday that Sarah Palin has agreed to release all of her medical records. I can’t believe she is bowing to the leftwingnuts pressure while Obama misses a court deadline and has yet to produce the documents asked for.

    Mountain Sage

  225. Mountain Sage, on October 25th, 2008 at 9:48 am
    perhaps it’s to turn up the heat in that regard. She can now ask, ” hey, Barry where is your med records?? “

  226. Carol- I saw her picture on Drudge, hands hand-cuffed behind her back, being paraded by the cops in front of the ‘media’. If you read the article the police official said that people who file false reports are usually ‘cited and sent a summons’. She of course is being held. The police say that this is because she appears to have mental health issues. Great, I’m sure that this treatment for her mental health issues will be highly effective. I’m sure that Jerelyn, the defender of American criminal rights will be all over this. I kinda doubt it and I refuse to give her a hit.

  227. Well I just lost another friend

  228. WOW where did you get a pic of my exhusband


    Unfortunately he called his crooked lawyer and got out!!

  229. I am so sorry afrocity … sending hugs 🙂

    10 AM til 1 PM EST
    click here to listen or copy paste this link into your player where it says play URL


    Eva Cassidy set starts at 10 AM EST

    or go to http://www.cygnusradio.com and click the big listen button !
    and chat is always open too 🙂

  231. Sorry if this has been posted previously. If anyone is interested:

    Sarah’s Million Woman tele-townhall meeting today from 11:00-1:00 EST, townhall.com/blog

  232. sorry afrocity, I have been losing them too. I can’t believe a friendship is held less dear than a candidate! I would never tell a friend, ( or anyone! ) vote my way or we are threw….yet often my freedom to vote as I wish is not equally respected.

  233. Afrocity – I’m sorry about your friend. I’m hoping we’ll all be able to reconnect with these lost friends after the election.

  234. Afrocity- Clara Barton just posted at NQ that Darius Walker a reporter for CNN is looking for AA Hillary supporters who are now supporting McCain. His email is Darius.Walker@turner.com. I thought you might be interested. I think that you should consider your personal safety first, however. I just thought that I would pass it on.

  235. I guess I’m alone in finding the picture and, most especially, the tag line very offensive.
    What if the witches hat had the name “Hillary” stitched on it?
    Would it still be hilarious?
    I know, I’m a humorless hag and I shouldn’t let the door hit me blah, blah, blah.
    This was not the kind of thing I would have expected to see at riverdaughter’s blog.

  236. Two things, maybe covered already:
    First, the photo: it doesn’t seem to occur to women that “witchery” is about all women. Is it cute to show this witchwoman smashed into a tree? It’s the same kind of “cute”, one step removed, that makes it posible to smack down Sarah Palin.
    Rape: isn’t just about sexual conquest of women; it’s also about men and boys, power and weakness. I certainly don’t mean to deny the horror and frequency of rape against females, but could it be (that awful phrase) a “teaching moment”: you can’t force yourself on ANYONE. EVER. Drunk, sober, high or down.
    Just wondering…

  237. Honoria,

    I would but would be fired

  238. I also would rather see you safe than sorry. So much for democracy.

  239. Thank YOU TESS and SUE I find the pic offensive as well and I should have spoken sooner , maybe i have been hurt too much, maybe as a woman any picture of a woman being hurt has too much power to influence me; but .. I tried to go along with the joke but it isn’t working……….

  240. afrocity, on October 25th, 2008 at 10:09 am Said:

    I would but would be fired

    I cannot wait to retire so I can exercise my right of free speech in this free country of ours !!

  241. afrocity,

    This campaign has destroyed lifelong relationships.

    My heart goes out to you.

  242. SweetSue, I am disappointed also.

  243. In my part of New England it is common for witch figures, such as that shown in the picture for the post, to be attached to telegraph poles, usually high up. The first year we came here from WA, my wife excitedly told me about the witches nailed to the poles. She loves them, and has been looking for them ever since. We’ve seen a couple this Halloween.

    I am reminded of a time when, much younger, I complained about the use of pirates in kids school texts. Pirates – in the South china Sea, for example – are a very real modern day phenomenon. They rape, torture and kill people. I was regarded as a hypersensitive soul for worrying about what were essentially “Disney characters”. My ostensible concern was that Vietnamese students might well have relatives murdered by modern day pirates. However, when I dug deeper it was probably because I had experienced a traumatic event on a boat when I was a child. I think that was what was driving my fear, and I rationalized it. Still … pirates ARE real, they are murderers. And witches WERE burned at the stake just for being different (and women).

  244. Oh, but I did forget to mention – Salem MA was the center of the witch trials, so witches and their ways might be embedded deep in the consciousness of MA folks (who will, overwhelmingly vote for BO).

  245. swannie and purplefinn, thank you.

  246. RD has a new thread upstairs.

  247. “This campaign has destroyed lifelong relationships.”

    You can say that again, creeper.

    My one true heroine, my mom, and I have come to an…um…impasse. She shocked the chit out of me yesterday by declaring that she “can’t stand Sarah Palin” because (a) she is dumb; (b) she can’t do the job because of all those kids she has; and (c) she is disgusted that her teen daughter is pregnant.

    This, from a woman, who fled in the middle of the night from an abusive husband with 3 children aged 12 and under while unemployed and without a place to go (we ended up holed up in one room in the non-too-classy Stetson Motel on Hwy 33 for months), and who, rightly so, expected to gain employment despite these highly distracting circumstances. This, from a woman, whose own teen daughter found herself pregnant at 16. This, from a woman who had no post-secondary education but is one of the brightest, most sensible people inhabiting the earth.

    She also told me that she is “worried about McCain” because of his not knowing that Palin’s child was afflicted with Down’s rather than Autism. I read her the transcript of his actual statement, which she elected to disbelieve.

    We ended up hanging up upset with each other.

    Something super effed-up is going on in the universe and it freaks me out.

  248. witch Etymology
    Theorists have come up with many viable origins for the word “witch”. The most popular of these are the Proto Indo-European Theories. They are weik, weik and weid.[1] Most English dictionaries will use one of these three sources to describe the origins of ‘witch’.

    According to The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots, weik actually has five distinct etymological branches but only the two are attributed to the supernatural. In contrast, the Concise Dictionary of English Etymology, proponent of the ‘weid’ premise, states that ‘witch’ primarily comes from the word ‘witan’ through a series of phonetic changes. One well thought out argument for this theorem can be found at the following web site: Draeconin.

    Weik 1: in regards to sorcery and religious matters [2]
    wih-l OE: wigle (sorcery); wiglera, wiglere (sorcerer, seer or prophet ); also > wil – MdE: wile; OF: and MF: guile
    wik- means holy
    OHG: wïhen ; MdG: weihen (to consecrate): MHG: wïch (holy)
    ON: vigja (also to consecrate),
    L: victima (sacrifice)


    [wikke pertains to magic and sorcery only.]
    MG: wikken (to predict) OHG: wicken (to work magic) wikkerie(witchery)
    LS: wiken, wicken. wigelen and wichelen (conjuring; soothsaying) ; wikker, wichler (fortune telling) ; wikkerske (witch) ; wichelie (sorcery)
    OE: wicca(m.), wicce (f.)(witch); wiccian (to work sorcery, bewitch) wicce-craeft (witchcraft) ME: witche and MdE: witch

    Weik 2: bend or fold

    OE: wican (to bend) from which MdE weak, wicker and witch elm
    OS: wican – wikan,
    OHG: wichan, wicken (to bend)
    ON: vikja (bend) vika (to fold)

    Weid: to see or to know. Semantically, seeing and knowing are connected in Indo-European languages.

    weid or wid
    L: video videre (to see); saga (female witch) > MdE Sage Sagacious
    G: wissen (to know); witken (to exercise ones knowledge)
    E: wit (knowledge); witan (to know) witega (seer magician, prophet, sorcerer)
    ON:, vitugr, vitka, vekka (vekke) (wise one)

    There are other etymology theories but they are not widely accepted. There is ‘wat’ meaning prophecy, inspiration and ecstasy.[3] Then there is ‘weg’ (OE: weccan) from which we get ‘watch’ and ‘wake’ and perhaps even German’s ‘wikkjaz’ —literally meaning ‘one who wakes the dead’.[4]

    I do not favor any one theory. In my opinion, a word is an ideogram and while its’ etymology is interesting, I prefer the semasiology; a fancy way of saying the study of the development and changes of the meanings.

    For me, it is more than “just semantics”. It is learning to say what you mean and mean what you say.

    1. In Nigel Jackson’s book Call of the Horned Piper they are listed as weik, wid and wat.
    2. A History of Witchcraft,—Russell B Jeffery; pg. 177
    3.Presently, I cannot find much information on this particular theory,
    4. Online Eytmology

    The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots
    Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged Edition, Volume III

    source : http://www.agnosticwitch.catcara.com/witch-etymology.htm

    (apologies to Will Shakespeare)

    First Witch: Round about the Confluence go;
    First Witch: Round about the Confluence go;
    In the poison’d missive throw.
    Axelrod, that under cold stone
    Days and nights has thirty-one
    Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
    Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.
    All: Double, double toil and trouble;
    Comments flow, and Confluence bubble.
    Second Witch: Fillet of a Chicago snake,
    In the cauldron boil and bake;
    Eye of Biden, nasty frog,
    Wool of Dean the slimy dog,
    Reid’s fork’d tongue and Brazil’s thing,
    Blizer’s talk and Cafferty’s sting,
    For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
    All: Double, double toil and trouble;
    Comments flow, and Confluence bubble.
    Third Witch: Lies of Campbell, fluff of Wolf,
    Witches’ mummy, maw and gulf
    Of the filthy lies so snark,
    Born of Obama, digg’d i’ the dark,
    Liver of his blaspheming crew,
    Gall of TV anchors, and truths so few
    that the lying spew does eclipse,
    Scowl of Michelle and McCaskill’s lips,
    Finger of strangled Democrat
    Forced to wear Obama’s hat,
    Make the gruel thick and slab:
    Add thereto a a mighty influence,
    For the ingredients of our Confluence.
    All: Double, double toil and trouble;
    Comments flow, and Confluence bubble.

  250. SweetSue, on October 25th, 2008 at 10:06 am

    Have to agree . I thought it was an example of someone’s slam on Palin…not a “joke’… opps .

  251. urge, excellent!

  252. utc, you are really on a roll! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your bardian wobblies over the last few threads. 🙂

  253. Texas is really looking good. I had a T shirt made up for me and my grand daughter and yesterday at the credit union some of the employees came over and asked me about them. I have ordered them a couple and will have some extras. I have a jewelry & collectible site up on E-bay. Its eat_dog_39. The name is my date of birth and my fox terrier.

  254. Hey, this is really post is really offensively sexist, it should be removed. I’m a Puma because I’m a feminist and we are all angry at how Hillary and Sarah have been treated. This is the same type of thing- with that title and text of myiq2xu’s.

    Please take this post down Riverdaughter, a misognyist post like this has no place here. myiq2xu this is as offensive as the sexist garbage on Kos.

  255. Ever wonder why evil is represented as female?
    Just curious.
    How many women were drowned or burnt at the stake as opposed to men?
    Why is Eve blamed for getting us thrown out of Eden?

  256. I guess Anglachel’s last two posts have been too much for myiq2xu to handle.

    Thus we get a little holiday misogyny to set things back in proper order.

    Didn’t expect to see that trash here. What a shame.

  257. I’ve heard that one in ten democrates are likely to become alcoholics and that of the republican pursuasion it is 1:10,.,. oddly the same.,.,. So Please fly safe and watch out for that imaginary line. love susan Don’t believe the political polls that are skewed. They are still using the data that some of us are registered as dems. ha ha luv ya

  258. myiq: Please ignore some of the crap above. The photo was funny in a Halloween spirit.

  259. cc is right. It’s trash.

    I found it disgusting but even worse how women are so totally trained to aid in their own misogyny, even cheering at the violence and the nasty caption.

    This is the kind of thing that fuels attacks like those against Hillary and now Sarah – and any of us.

    Smashing up women is almost as fun as showing they are so stupid and drunk they smash themselves up.

  260. Um, why is this post not sexist???


    Kinda disappointed that this was front page here at The Confluence 😦

  261. AND the smashedwitchwoman reminds me of why we took one of our kids out of one of the best schools in the city: the teaching around St Nicholas Day, complete with [hoto and text of a REAL GERMAN St. N., who carried a green twig branch in his hand. There was an accompanying text which explained, from a REAL GERMAN, that green branches “hurt more when the Saint whipped naughty children”. The Saint also could pick up naughty children and take them away. When we protested, “You’re teaching this to Kindergarteners? That it’s okay for a stranger to kidnap and/or whip children?”, they said, “Oh, but it’s TRUE. This is the real German lore.”
    “Real” or not, “traditional” or not, some things are just plain wrong, even if they’re popular.

  262. Definitely looks that way cc. And Anglachel made very valid points, Department of Justice and other US government stats on rape and sexual abuse here:


    Don’t get angry at Anglachel for pointing out reality, we live in a culture that treats violence and sexual assault against women as perfectly acceptable, even “erotic”- look at the vile stuff that has been said about Hillary, Sarah and us female PUMAs.

    If you’re a guy get mad at the guys saying these horridly misogynist things- including rape threats. You want to know what’s bothering Anglachel- it’s this stuff (and she’s as sick about the misogynist attacks on Sarah Palin as she was about the ones on Hillary, she’s said so) It’s been so amped up that most women feel a sense of danger. What was hidden is now out in the open.

    myiq your post even triggered a reaction in me. The Confluence needs to be a place safe from misogyny for a number of of us right now. It wasn’t the picture itself, it was your title and text, that triggered my shocked reaction to seeing something misogynist here.

  263. I think this post is hysterically funny. That picture is a hoot. I’m not so politically correct that I can’t laugh at something funny. Its Halloween for Gods sakes! Its not sexist, its not demeaning, its a Hallowee witch that had too much to drink and flew into a tree. Look at the sign at the bottom! We can’t go hunting for something offensive in every single thing we see or hear, that kind of paranoia will drive you crazy. Relax, laugh at the picture, and enjoy your Halloween!

  264. As an ex-abused woman, I have to speak up in defense of my friend. I totally get where myiq is coming from, and anyone that knows him knows his humor. For every one of his “my ex-wife” digs–even talking about a witch, I have “my ex-husband” comments that compare my ex to something satanic or worse.

    emotions are raw right now, and we all need to lighten up.

  265. lol I have one just like that

    <(‘.'<) (>’.’)>


  266. Absolutely hilarious.

  267. Not generally known, but the cliché image of the broom is reversed. The bristles are supposed to be forward, like a horse’s head. True witches and witch-lovers know this perfectly well.

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