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Late Night: Palling Around With Terrorists

Let’s face it. Obama is soooooooo amazing, so special, so unique, so awesomely fabulous that he can get away with anything. Is there any limit to the strange and creepy people he could hang around with before the media would send a stringer to Chicago to do some actual research? Probably not.

This is an open thread.

164 Responses

  1. I just *hope* the polls are way wrong.

  2. really – I’m first?

    I need saved in a really bad way. I’ve taken to listening to the SavageNation radio show on the way home from work – just to stay away from the MS-BO-M.

  3. BB: I LOOOOOVE red State Update!

    Thy’re like my guilty pleasure.

    Like Avocado sandwiches, can’t resist them even if they’re fattening as hell.

  4. What is SavageNation?

  5. Repost from prior thread – Local news (Durham) just reported that McCain is two points ahead of Obama in NC. It is a Rasmusson poll and they said that McCain just broke 50% for the first time.

  6. I’ve watched this video three times and it still makes me laugh out loud!

  7. new thread am still trying to break up with the BF see he voted for Obama and I made sure he knew that was a deal breaker….

    I take my Just Say No Deal coalition! if all the NObama women would stop givin it to the husbands and BF’s like in Lystrada-Obama would not stand a chance

  8. fuzzy – you may want to rething that break up – he’ll need you to comfort him soon.

  9. Off topic, but still on the Chicago scene, singer Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother were found shot to death, the apparent victims of domestic abuse.


    I just love Jennifer Hudson. My heart goes out to her.

  10. SavageNation is the right-wing radio program of really far right wing nut job Michael Savage. But I have to say, on a few points I’m right there with him.

  11. plus Jennifer Hudson’s nephew is missing – they have an Amber Alert out for him.

  12. Katiebird: hope you see this. I followed the link you left me to Anglachel and read for a while there. Have to say I was not too impressed. I have read that blog a few times before and have always been underwhelmed. Maybe it is just me.

  13. This is OT but I just looked at pictures of Frank Marshall Davis. Obama really looks like him. I think he is his Daddy.

  14. I guess things aren’t great in Chicago’s south side. Maybe Barack should stay there and try to “change” it for the better.

  15. I’ve been listening a little to Michael Savage on the way home from work too. I don’t always disagree with everything he says, but I keep getting a creepy feeling he’s a raging homophobe. what do you think Phred? it’s not anything he comes out and says, just what I infer

  16. cant deside if he is just foolin around or what I threatened to vote yes on 2 if he didnt stop this harrassment!

    I want to make sure that he cannot ever get married to anyone n this state!

  17. Heidi Li – The thing I like least about Anglachel has always been her unwillingness to hear other sides. I always thought that was a Democratic ideal….well, until this year! She is smart, but she is rigid.

  18. bb: they don’t have time to research Obama in Chicago. There is CRITICAL BREAKING NEWS re: Palin’s wardrobe. God, get with the program.

  19. Chicago is a shithole

  20. Fuzzy? do you know the store Fairvilla Megastore in Orlando, a couple of miles from p-house?

  21. kiki – oh no, he comes right out and says it! I’m usually in the car for 45-60 minutes and really want to puke a lot – but my alternative for talk radio here in Chicago is WGN and they’re really pro BO

  22. I’ve been listening a little to Michael Savage on the way home from work too. I don’t always disagree with everything he says, but I keep getting a creepy feeling he’s a raging homophobe.

    kiki: I was listening to Savage on the way home too, because he was on after Hannity. Then one night, he started talking about turning to the bible during chaotic times, and segued into a comment about San Francisco being the haven for sodomites and that AIDS was punishment sent from God for their sinful and disgusting behavior.

    Uh…that’s when he lost me.

  23. For what it’s worth, I think Eric Rudolph is also a terrorist and I hope that Sarah Palin condemns him as one. One of his tagets lost nearly all of her sight. And for what? Shoudln’t a “pro-life” person practice what he preaches?
    JAY-sus, I wish the country would get over its obsession with abortion. I don’t believe that women who came of age in the 50’s really want to go back to septic abortions. Let’s work on making abortions unnecessary and condemn the damn terrorists.

  24. fif, this is a STOP THE PRESSES moment, truly.

  25. HEY , I just lost a friend who sent me some of the most sickening propaganda re bo and against John and Sarah ( whom he called silly and laughable) and I feel good !!! OK he was not a friend he was a musician who has an overweening idea of his own talent and just contacted me when he wanted his music played , so I guess if he considers that friendship , he would be gullible enough to fall for bos lies

    Ps on the little girl who lied about being assaulted , I don’t feel foolish in the least. I haveworked with far too many abused children who were not believed when they were telling the truth , and for her to go to those lengths, something is wrong there . Also , is it not interesting that the press and the bo camp point to her lie as “huge”, when we all know who the huge liar is and he goes unchallenged . Goddess the irony …

  26. And believe it or not – Michael Savage apparently lives in San Francisco!

  27. her wardrobe containes 3 pieces made with real fur-PETA is angry very angry.

  28. phlamingophred,

    I just listen to stations outside of Illinois. I don’t watch local news anymore.

  29. Afrocity,
    Tell us how you really feel about Chicago! 🙂

  30. Heidi, I’ve always thought that her obsession with “Stevenson Democrats” was a little simple. My parents’s first date was to a Stevenson rally but they were for Hillary all the way. And I never think much of people who feel too superior to other people.

  31. kiki if I answer yes RD may ban me from this blog !

  32. Afrocity – was it Jennifer Hudson’s tragedy that was the catalyst for you to feel so bad tonight or just an accumulation of cr*p fromeverything building up? I always like your presence here even if I don’t post every night. I always read everything!

  33. but yes I know that store KiKi-

  34. afrocity – I haven’t watched local news in years but I feel a certain need to listen to WIND radio since I work in the same building. Plus it was refreshing to hear my point of view for once during this horrible year.

  35. ohhh, phred and fif……ok, I had only heard little Savage comments that made me wonder. I don’t think I can support the guy by listening if he’s a homophobe. I wish my car had a CD player, but it doesn’t, and I’m also a little addicted to talk radio. there are just certain people who I will not listen to, and I gues Savage needs to go in that group.

  36. I prefer the the Orlando Leather Company on the Corner of hwy 50 (colonial) and 441 (OBT) right accross from the big big McCain Palin Sign!

  37. afrocity – how did your voting thing go the other day?

  38. Michael Savage got thrown off MSNBC (even they have their standards I guess) for making some pretty vulgar remarks to a gay caller to his show. He is a very sick and hateful individual. I am sure once in awhile he may say something that strikes a relevant chord but he is one of the worst right wing nuts out there.

  39. RD:

    Guys like Ayers and Rudolph are dangerous not only to their victims but to our whole system of government.

    Democracy depends on the peaceful and willing cooperation of the losing minority to the rule of the majority.

    When the losers resort to violent rebellion the system collapses.

  40. my heart goes out to Afrocity! I cannot believe that people would be so horrible to such an inntellegent and beautiful person!

    Politics is really really destroying millions of friendships accoross this country…

    thanks Obama! If I was not a lover of all of creations living things then I would wish ill on the one who did this to our country…

    and not to make this about me but cost me a good boy friend

  41. Fuzzy, I asked because I was in orlando visiting my daughter and she works there. she wanted to show me where she works and – I guess I’m a bit of a prude – I was a little shocked. however, the place is very clean and nice and the people she works with are wonderfully nice……..so I guess it’s ok.

    y’all, we’re talking about an “adult novelty” store, actually, an adult novelty MEGAstore

  42. Lakota,

    I am just frustrated about the violence in this city. Yet Obama is not called on it. I live in a nice neighborhood and I was afraid to go to Coldstone Creamery tonight. Not one single reporter has asked BO what is the deal with Chicago and the 270 person murder rate. What is the deal with the 10.25% sales tax? The city is 8million in debt and you plan this victory party that is way over the top. We have to have our ID cards scanned before we can attend. This was Michelle Obama’s quote:

    “…(T)he realities are that, you know, as a black man, you know, Barack can get shot going to the gas station, you know.” — Michelle Obama


  43. myiq2xu -do you think the system is colapsing now?

  44. her wardrobe contains 3 pieces made with real fur-PETA is angry very angry.

    Well then, I guess Obot P.Diddy better clean out his closet.

  45. Kiki:

    The Captain calls them “home appliances”

  46. I have probably met your daughter I dont care if you are a prude “what you DONT do in your bedroom is none of my busness”


  47. myiq: LOLOLOL

  48. Is it true that Jay-Z dedicated (( Problems to “teh bitch who says you batcha”? And now Obama is appearing with him?

    Jesus, McCain campaign–jump on this!!!!! Sarah can publicly offer to spend some quality ime with J and teach B a little bit about self respect.

  49. Savage is an extremely angry person. You can hear it in everything he says.

  50. I still love you KiKI!

  51. afrocity, that’s the thing with obama. he didn’t do anything for chicago, but he was ready to move on. he didn’t do anything for illinois, but was ready to move on.

    he’s not at all about change, or improvement. he’s in it for the glory.

  52. afrocity – not that I really like defending BO – but the 10.25% sales tax in Cook County is all due to Todd Stroger. For one, the Trib is trying to get him and everyone who voted for that abomination out in the next election – they keep printing the number of days until that next election for them.

    And unfortunately, Daley is to blame for the city having such a huge budget deficit – well, him and his cronies.

    As for the hopey/changey love fest – well, BO’s campaign will pay for it, IF THEY CAN

    I’m just ticked that they ask for my ID when I vote – against state law

  53. fif and KO is not an angry man…

  54. Seriously: Beyonce & Jay-Z performed as his MO Obamapalooza fest recently. The double standard we see knows no bounds.

  55. phlamingophred,

    I was not on the voter rolls AT ALL. My aunt was and she turned in her form with mine. I was not in the computer. The line was 2 hours long. They told me I must have given false information. I called them liars. They told me to go home and on election day vote and I would be on the supplemental roll.
    Knowing my luck I will show up and get turned away

    Chicago: The City That works .The city of big shoulders. The Windy Bag city.

    Al Capone was a community organizer.


  56. I wish the country would get over its obsession with abortion.

    No, it won’t. I have seen ytd scoffing at the notion that doctors should be protected by conscience clauses allowing them to refrain from doing abortions. In other words, doctors should be forced to do them.

    Truly, Obama’s party is the mystical body of satan, who also happens to be the ghost writer of its platform.

    A few weeks ago I got sick and thought, ‘hey, with any luck I could get worse and die before these homicidal fanatics take control of this country’– but no such luck.

  57. I guess I shall be single for a long time….

  58. I’m sure he is fuzzy. I wouldn’t know because I have never and will not watch KO. I do not voluntarily choose to expose myself to poison if I can help it.

    One thing I noticed as I scrolled for a station tonight. I did not know that Campbell Brown’s show is actually sub-titled: No Bias, No Bull.

    LOL! The irony, the irony.

  59. fuzzy:

    The system is sick, not dying.

    We survived the Civil War and it’s aftermath, we’ll survive Obamanation.

    Didja know that most of the violence in the real American West was a continuation of the conflict of the Civil War?

    Abeliene, Dodge City, Hays, Tombstone, the Johnson County Wars, etc. were all fights between GOP Northerners vs. Democrat Southerners

  60. kiki – when you said “MEGAstore” (forgive my warped sense of humor) my first thought was “size matters?”

  61. myiq – home appliances, lol!

    fuzzy, next time you’re going let me know. you can say hi! she knows who you are – I told her you were at p-house when we were there 🙂

  62. I HATE Obama! with a Capital F!

    I am pretty angry right now

  63. john:

    Abortion, like drugs and prostitution, ain’t going away.

    If it’s illegal, it goes underground.

  64. kitchen yes in the MEGAstore size does matter

  65. Fuzzy – I’m sorry about your BF. This has truly been a most depressing political season, I’m sorry it impacted your personal life.

  66. A tape could surface showing Obama and Ayers making bombs together in the living room and the press would admire the decor. There is nothing they won’t hide or excuse. We have learned that from months of watching the MSM let him slide each time.

    The few things they have covered, and certainly not in depth, have been done because they were forced to. This is their guy, make no mistake about it. And if they could cover for days the Bosnia gaffe that Hillary made, or the parentage of baby Trig while letting his Chicago connections and lack of response to his constituents go unmentioned there is no reason to believe otherwise.

    If we are to be saved it will only be through the electorate who will finally reject this unwholesome candidate. But an uneducated and uninformed voter may very well buy into the garbage that surrounds him.

  67. great KiKi do you live in Orlando or the area?

  68. Todd Stroger is an Obamabot and a Chicago crony.

    Chicago: Even The Dead Can Vote. And We Encourage It

  69. Fuzzy:

    Anyone who isn’t angry is either not paying attention or is slurping Kool-aid.

  70. well..johninca . the way this election is going …… evidently even if you die. you can still vote …
    so being dead doesn’t exempt us …. so we might as well live 🙂 cause if we die we might end up voting for someone we never intended to have our vote

  71. {{{{{fuzzy}}}}}

    You sound like you really need some hugs right now. Don’t let this get in between you and your BF if he’s a really good guy outside of this misguided choice.

  72. Now he is sayiong he left the top spot blank

  73. Afrocity , if you need a vacation from Chicago you can come visit me in in Ocean City Md 🙂 it snows here in winter but it melts the next day 🙂

  74. no, I live in Birmingham Alabama. remember, at least it’s not Mississippi? 🙂

  75. If you like C&W music CMT is showing the top 100 videos.

    They are at #39.

    I’ll betcha Faith Hill’s “Breathe” is #1

    I’m just waiting for Tim McGraw to slip up so I can make my move.

  76. Michael: Obama is not worth losing someone over. You may disagree with one another on a political choice but that in the end is a minor consideration in a relationship if everything else clicks.

  77. You’re right, Pat. Obama could pal around with Abortion clinic bombers and the Daily Cheeto would find a way to justify it and even praise his good judgement.

  78. swan I need to get out of here. I need to have sex or something. I cannot find anyone who is willing. I am starting to have fantasies of myself and McCain.

  79. Pat — And they would love the decor!!

  80. Fuzzy -could you do your famous and LOVED FuzzyPrayers?

    I love them so much and for the mystical minded here- it does us a world of good.


  81. fif, McCain needs to jump on this though. The media won’t do his job, but he should put out a spot about it. If he can get the word out, people would be appalled.

  82. Oh BB, it would just show he is post-partisan

  83. I am still hopeful that McCain will pull this off.

    He will take it from the Obama and the Media.

    The way I see it, there will be a backlash for all their love to the one.

  84. {{{{{afrocity}}}}}

    I’m so happy I live in Dupage County! Not that we don’t have our own issues, but it’s a much happier place than Cook County.

    It sounds trite, but as Joel Osteen says – “it didn’t come to stay, it came to pass” – and it will. Chicago goes through these periods where there are so many murders and corruption, then cycles around to not so much.

  85. (waving at Kitchen) I saw you at the other thread but, it was just as it shut down.

  86. Fuzzy, I was married for 20 years to a republican. you can make that kind of relationship work, if it’s worth working on.

    by the way, we’re still married (27 years). he’s just not a republican any more! Bush cured him of all that.

    please evaluate the relationship separate from this one political season. it’s either worth saving or it isn’t, but this presidential race isn’t worth sacrificing a good relationship.

  87. Can we really get through 11 more days of this and still be sane?

  88. kiki:

    I spent a few months not far from Birmingham.

    I was at a place right outside Anniston called Ft Misery or McClellan or something

  89. afrocity: THAT might be going a bit far.

  90. myiq2xu,

    The system is sick huh? May I strangle it in its cradle?

    I feel like I am in the movie Bad Seed

  91. jjmtacoma,

    He is so good at reaching across the aisle. It’s very important to listen to what the other side is saying, even if they terrorists who bomb clinics full of people.

  92. Pat:

    You’re still sane?

  93. myiq: *&*&^&&^%%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@!$^&*(**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. I may be sane, but I think I’m in an altered state of some kind.

  95. I know I’m in an altered state – but really, Washington isn’t THAT bad.

  96. I loved the movie “The Bad Seed”. Little Rhoda has now become Little Barack.

  97. Pat, The Bad Seed scared me to death!! The very words still send shivers down my spine.

  98. I thought insanity was a prerequisite to post here – and now I find out I have to be sane? Well dang!

  99. Pat,

    We are in the Obama Zone.

  100. omg myiq, anniston is where some army base, and nuclear waste or something is.

    I don’t know what I’m talking about (obviously) but everyone’s afraid of anniston, like 3 mile island or something…..yeah, cause of the army base.

    was the captain born/conceived there?

  101. Afrocity ,
    I have been to Chicago … admittedly …it was only once and for a couple of weeks but , I get why you need to get out !!! Even if for a while … email me we can talk !
    swannieATcygnusradio.com 🙂

  102. bb: I loved the video! The Twilight Zone indeed!

  103. {{{{{{{{intervention for AfroCity, stat}}}}}}}}}

    C’mon, girl, voting for McCain is quite enough. The fantasies, well… HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE THEM?

  104. Not that long ago there were lots of lefties worried that Bush was gonna create a permanent fascist state.

    But the voters ain’t stupid, their just a little slow sometimes.

    Sooner or later, Obamanation will crash and burn.

    I’m hoping for sooner but I’ll be here to watch the fire either way.

  105. swannie? I used to own a trailer right outside of ocean pines, in a place called white horse park. I miss ocean city a lot……….

  106. Afrocity – I saw that Todd Stroger name in a March article by Evelyn Pringle. Pretty good history on the relationship w/BO and Chicago political connections (Rezko, et al)

  107. It never occurred to me when I declared Obama unelectable that McCain didn’t actually want to be elected. I forgot the qualifier that someone would actually have to run a campaign against him for him to not win.

    It’s so bizarre that with all of Obama’s weaknesses, McCain isn’t running ads highlighting any of them.

  108. The Captain was born in a manger

  109. BB, I forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed that video! It’s very funny!

  110. katiebird: I think it may be public financing doesn’t give him enough to really play against the $$$ obama is bringing in (somehow).

  111. Yah, Katie, one does have to occasionally wonder if perhaps… Okay, McCain ya want the job – or not?

  112. Just watched Greta. I am coming to like her a lot. She sticks up for Palin, saying it’s fair to criticize her policies not make personal attacks. I am glad there is still a voice for women out there. I don’t always agree with Greta but she’s not an obnoxious liar and she doesn’t seem like she’s in the tank for anyone, although she isn’t for Obama, clearly.

  113. Ok, my eyes are drooping so it’s time for me to mosey on toward the bedroom. Can anyone tell me where my cat is at?

  114. Katie:

    I can’t figure out if McCain is trying to win or just taking one for the team like Bob Dole.

    BTW – I have a lot of respect for both McCain and Dole, even though they are conservatives and I’m not.

    They earned respect..

  115. a manger in anniston alabama?

  116. ok, the cat just wandered up – thanks to whoever shooed her my way. Goodnight everyone!

  117. I keep telling everyone that we need a Dead Zone moment. You know where Martin Sheen is a sleazy politician and picks up the baby to shield himself?

    I am waiting for the Gaffe of the century. Then again I thought that Biden’s remarks the other day would have did the trick. I think Obama could torture small woodland creatures on the stump and the BOTS would still vote for him.

    Now I hear young people saying “I am a socialist”

  118. I have one of those songs going through my head that I can’t shake. From Ghostbusters: “Who you gonna call? Obama!”
    Can’t think of any situation where his “expertise” will be called into play. The economy? Nope. Foreign affairs? Nope. UHC? Nope. A major disaster? Nope. Getting us out of Iraq? Nope. Tee ball? Nope

    Is this guy ready for a call at 3am? Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

  119. I don’t know what it is about Greta, but she’s just so cute! she’s one reason I am thankful or this mostly thankless political season

  120. I have to say that I am glad obama isn’t really a socialist… I might have broken down and voted for him. I’m a UHC fan.

  121. As much as I enjoy our conversations, I look forward to talking about other stuff besides Obama.

    We had a stimulating conversation yesterday that never mentioned Teh Precious.

  122. KIKI … LOL I know Ocean Pines and White Horse Park well !! , come visit meeee LOL

    Love and hUGS

  123. myiq: Which one was that?

  124. Well I do think McCain is trying to win. And I think he is trying his best, but not lose his integrity. He is a good guy.

    He has hit many snags, but now he has a message, lets see what happens.

    The best we can do is help McCain out, vote, call for him.

  125. I’d like to say that I admire McCain and Hillary for running clean and respectable campaigns. But, I think that it’s NOT un-respectable OR dirty to tell people about Obma’s secrets. And counting on others (Hannity) to expose them is cowardly.

  126. McCain is up against the MSM as was Hillary. If Obama was running against Christ the media would still be in the tank for him.

  127. OK myiq:

    I have a small dog that was interested in something in the bushes tonight. It was really dark, so I grabbed a flashlight. She was afraid of the flashlight. I don’t think she is really a dog.

  128. afrocity, biden literally threatened us. think about it – he said something awful would happen, they’d really screw it up, and we weren’t supposed to notice or mention how they screwed it up, thank you very much.

    and somehow that wasn’t a mistake, or a deal-breaker.

    this is the twilight zone. we’re living in it. that’s almost cool, if you can look at it that way.

  129. Pat:

    I raised the topic of religious bigotry, and apparently struck a few raw nerves

  130. jjm:

    Does her tail have hair on it or is it kinday scaly?

    Does she have beady eyes that hardly ever blink?

  131. Well when hillary tried to expose Obama, she got hammered, and her poll numbers tanked. Same happened to McCain, plus the media helps Obama out.

    McCain finally has a message that he can take to the last couple of days.

    As for the polls, they are obviously wrong. I don’t even pay attention to them anymore.

    What people should be asking themselves is how is that after outspending McCain almost 5 to 1 and having the media on your side, Obama can’t close the deal. Instead his camp is counting on ACORN.

    The polls that are real, are pretty close, and is McCain now making gains in the swing states.

    We should call, and help McCain instead of criticizing everything he does or doesn’t do.

    I think should focus more

  132. I like Bob Somerby and the Daily Howler. But he is spending way too much time dissecting John McCain and the coverage he is getting from the MSM and there are few, if any, references to the reverential treatment afforded to Obama or the gaffes and stupidity of Biden on the campaign trail.

    Surely he can do better than constantly dredging up the bias shown to Gore and Kerry which is history now and take the time to look at the fawning displayed by “the Villagers” in regards to Obama. Come on, Bob. Have you too lost your objectivity?

  133. swannie, I’m in alabama now……..I had to sell the place in white horse park. I used to go to ocean city and ocean pines all the time, at least once a month. I really miss it.

    I’d love to come visit – it’s just not a ‘jump in the car and go’ trip anymore 😦

  134. I also hope, that enough people have awoken from the media spell, and go and vote for McCain.

  135. Oh! shania Twain singing “Any Man of Mine!”

    If Faith don’t hurry up . . .

  136. Ana,

    There is a McCain call party here in Chicago tomorrow. I thought about going, but I am cautious with the three death threats I have received.

  137. myiq: Put up another thread.

  138. Meanwhile, over on TL, Jeralyn is throwing Ashley Todd (the McCain volunteer w/mental problems) to the dogs. The woman’s all heart. Not to mention a plaintiff attorney. What a frigging hypocrite she has turned out to be.

  139. sorry tired gotta get sleep! night all

  140. nite Michael

  141. nite {{{Fuzzy}}}

  142. myiq: no – then she might be kind of scary.

  143. They say sex relieves tension so I’m going to be needing a lot of tension relief if Obama is elected.

    Mountain Sage

  144. Mountain Sage, good luck, but there is a reason he’s called BZero.

  145. Night Fuzzy!

  146. afrocity, that is horrible. That is the part that really pisses me off about BO, the fact that he knows his supporters are violent, yet he wont do anything to stop them.

    I live in NY, apparently in a McCain/Palin are so I don’t have to worry about any BO violence.

    But I wonder, how many people are hiding who they are really voting for out of fear. I hear in a lot of places, that they are voting for McCain, but keeping it quiet, because they don’t want to get attacked by Obama is his goons.

  147. I have some ideas of stuff we could do post-election, regardless of which not-Hillary candidate wins.

    Here’s one: We set up a separate website where we can host debates between different bloggers on agreed upon issues.

    Each side knows the topic but not the question, each side gets a question and a rebuttal to the other side’s answer.

  148. Bidens remarks were horrendous , and then when John McCain used JOe Bidens very words in an ad to say it DOESNT HAVE TO HAPPEN they accused him of using fear tactics …
    my head was spinning ………..

  149. I learned on the news that Obama is going to run 1/2 hour infomercials right before the election, I think next Wednesday, on CBS, NBC, etc. (Thank you, Greta, for warning me!) Nader just posted a FB link on Obama branding that could not be more true–it’s the complete commercialization of so-called democracy. We need to start assigning Max Weber in school again. Why do I feel like Obama’s slogan is Heute America, morgan Sie Welt? Someone above said it-Chicago, move on, IL, move on, America…? Well the world seems to love him. Maybe they could have him and we could have McCain?

  150. myiq: That sounds like a great idea. I am sure there will be many who would take part. See, you are creative in your own way.

  151. Y’all want a new thread?

  152. I’m fading but I am sure there are some on here who are not as tired.

  153. There’s got to be more chocolate around there somewhere Pat.

  154. sure, a new thread would be nice

  155. Prolix: That’s what I am afraid of.

  156. New thread up

  157. I wish Hillary had gone after exposing Obama more thoroughly in the Primary. The trouble now is that he takes on the role of a generic Democrat for many who don’t know everything that happened in the primary and therefore, don’t mind him as the only alternative to McCain. Even if they hear bad things about him from McCain or GoP they won’t believe them. Media should have been the honest broker here but we all know what is going on with that.

  158. A debate fouum? Why bother? You can fill in heir universal answer by watching Sesame Street, “this has been brought to you by the letter D.” That’s pretty much all it boils down to, except “get or fake votes by whatever means necessary.”

  159. Is this possible?

    “And Obama is actually leading among white women, 45 to 42. (They went for Bush 55 to 44 in 2004).”


  160. Just came back from a party…okay, so the latest post by Anglachel had some truth in it but probably offends most of the men who visit her site because they aren’t really rapists nor do they encourage or agree to it. Those type of men probably did NOT support Clinton in the primaries. I agree that there needs to be more men who will be willing to take a stand for women’s rights and not stand by and allow a friend to talk about women in a derogatory manner. However, I can see why some people would be offended by her post simply because of the way in which her words and attitude come across in a manner I can’t describe except to use rigid and defensive as another poster had said in a previous post. I’m sure her world view is much more different from mine because she’s older and has previously mentioned that she’s been a victim of rape and domestic abuse, something I have been lucky (so far) not to have experienced. There are some moments of brilliance in posts but at other times I’m just bewildered. I don’t think I have to agree with everything any poster on any blog has to say but I agree that I don’t really care for her posts that don’t deal with Clinton, problems with the Democratic Party, or political strategy.

  161. Oh! shania Twain singing “Any Man of Mine!”

    If Faith don’t hurry up . . .

    And Shania is available again myiq…her marriage with Mutt didn’t work out.

  162. Kat5, on October 25th, 2008 at 12:11 am Said:
    Meanwhile, over on TL, Jeralyn is throwing Ashley Todd (the McCain volunteer w/mental problems) to the dogs. The woman’s all heart. Not to mention a plaintiff attorney. What a frigging hypocrite she has turned out to be.

    Jeralyn’s hypocrisy amazes me. She is always giving criminals the benefit of the doubt. She defends Ayers and O.J. Simpson but attacks Palin for troopergate and now this young female McCain supporter who did a very wrong thing but is obviously not on the same level as Ayers, Simpson, or people on death row for murder. But then again Jeralyn has said before that she was never really interested in women’s rights and feminism. I shouldn’t be surprised that she rarely shows sympathy for women nor will she feel ashamed of degrading and attacking a Republican woman who is probably at the bottom of the totem pole for her in terms of human value.

  163. We are going to lose friends from this, because they have no place in their thinking for us to exist. Will they come back? I think so. I think they wil be unbearable for a month or so after the election, either way, then they will slide back in as if nothing happened. Because for them, kool-aid drinkers, the world will just go on.

    I shudder to think about a world in which all the twisted Obama dreams came true. Some black, underprivileged family would come to my door and tell me that I had to leave, it was theirs now. Pres. Obama said they could have it. Think about this. We aren’t talking about help for those who really need it. We are talking about getting some of other people’s wealth for those who just want it.

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