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Thursday: Resistance- no longer useless

Many of you have lost friends during this election cycle.  They can’t understand why you’re holding out.  Isn’t a Democrat in the White House what you’ve been working for all these years?  And now you’re about to get one and you’re being stubborn, immature and racist.

When I was canvassing in PA, I found that support for Obama was actually pretty soft.  I didn’t meet too many hard core Obama supporters.  Most were in the infatuation stage.  He was the new kid in town.  And there were some conflicted feelings towards Clinton.  What was really weird is that I got people to listen to me only *after* I told them what I did for a living.  Apparently, the fact that I’m a chemist with a degree made me more credible.  Whatever was going on in their heads back in April had a lot to do with perception of who we are or would like to be.  We all know that Clintonistas were old, uneducated working class women- except when we’re not.

I am resisting the party’s ticket for a couple of reasons that have a lot to do with the perception that David Axelrod and the media conjured up about us.  What does it say about the way the Obama campaign, the DNC and the media see us if they treat older, working class, undegreed voters as an embarrassment?  What does it mean when Donna Brazile says that we are the “old coalition”?  What was Jack Cafferty trying to convey last August when he said:

Hillary Clinton apparently hasn’t gotten the message yet that it’s over.

That message was delivered 3 weeks before the convention when Obama’s delegate lead was so slim that the superdelegates would have been perfectly justified in making Clinton the nominee based on her qualifications and the popular vote count.  So, why were voters, especially CLINTON voters, so powerless to affect the outcome in spite of their 18 million votes?

We keep coming back to the fact that the media and the DNC would like to put the older, uneducated, working class, women and eventually, African Americans, on an ice floe and let them fend for themselves.  It appears that the Democratic party no longer intends to represent those groups.  “Those people” represent a vast majority of people in the United States.  The recent brouhaha over Joe the Plumber demonstrates that voters in both parties have woken up to the new reality that they simply do not count anymore and they’re angry.  If this is America, they should still be able to vote in confidence that their wishes are respected and counted and this is no longer necessarily the case.

We are resisting the chopping away at the ice that the priveleged part of the tribe is doing to disconnect us from them.  That is what is fueling the resistence.  And what is happening on Wall Street right now is a bellwhether for what is to come if Obama wins by discounting and suppressing the vote.  It isn’t right to take the taxes of the hardest working Americans and give it to the well connected on Wall Street without those taxpayers having a say in how the money is used.  That is the way the government will operate in the future if the DNC, Obama, Pelosi et al get their way.  For once and all, they won’t have to reach out the Bubbas, as they call us.  They will treat us like non-voting partners in whatever business plan they intend to carry out.

What the Resistance is saying is we all go forward together or we don’t go forward.  The media and the DNC just haven’t gotten that message yet.

But they will.  Very soon.

And no matter what happens, because neither outcome is in our best interests, the PUMAs will be here afterwards.  We stick together and go forward.

155 Responses

  1. Fox news just said that someone leaked an internal Obama poll that shows Obama just up by 2 in PA.

    (PS You’re a chemist? I have a BS in Chem — high five! I knew you were a nerd! LOL.)

  2. Vive La Resistance!

  3. “For once and all, they won’t have to reach out the Bubbas, as they call us. They will treat us like non-voting partners in whatever business plan they intend to carry out.”

    Exactly – we’ll be serfs in their feudal system.

  4. “They will treat us like non-voting partners in whatever business plan they intend to carry out.”

    Riverdaughter, IMHO they are working to be able to treat us like livestock which they are inherently entitled to profit from and need only keep us penned out in the fenced field where we can graze quietly.

    It is not a pretty picture, and it is not human.

  5. BTW, I have a BS in Chemistry too, in addition to BS in Fine Art. I went with the art into design.

  6. Repost from below:

    I think the Dem Party “selection” of the least qualified, least capable candidate is going to be the biggest disaster a political party has ever made. I also think it was done out of hate and hubris – the boyz – the loser “leadership” – just could not cope with the Clintons’ – real leaders for real Americans.

    I think it all goes to JUDGEMENT……the boyz/”leadership” – piss poor, meager, stingy and really short sighted(jeesh – what a understatement).

    It’s that judgement that I can not tolerate nor put/keep in office anyone who participated actively in the foisting of this cipher. We all have to make our own decisions – we as voters will live by it – they as a defunct party will also have to live by their judgement. IT has been bizarre from the very beginning of this campaign – never once have I read or seen any action to justify the total waste of a complete, supreme candidate as Hillary Clinton in favor of the BZero. What I felt in the beginning has been solidly confirmed – the Dem/DNC is unworthly of trust or confidence for any D issue I have. So be it.

  7. The dismissive attitude toward other groups of humans is where the fascism can be clearly recognized. It demonstrates such Ayn Randish-style affectation.

  8. Resistance is never futile. Any resistance weakens the victor. It causes the expenditure of capital that that may keep the winner from implementing plans that may go even worse for you. We need to all resist even if it appears futile.


  9. This post reminded me of my oldest daughter’s favorite Broadway musical. She may be defying the wizard instead of the messiah but the story is the same…

  10. “1” added thought:
    “If the McCain voters of 2000 didn’t FALL-in-LINE”; maybe we wouldn’t have gotten Bush!

  11. I’m throwing my lot in with RD, The Confluence, and Heidi Li and her Potpourri – together!

    We have “Joe six pack,” “Joe the plumber,” and now “patio man”. There are also “soccer and hockey moms.” Interesting how the middle/working classes get identified in terms of gender.

    “Bubba” started out as a male descriptive:

    Resistance is the secret of joy according to Alice Walker (alas an O supporter.) “Possessing the Secret of Joy.”

  12. Great show last night….and here are some more ideas that Heidi asked for…

    It’s Time to Decide, Folks
    By American Lassie


    ….”So folks, get out there and practice the three T’s – typing, telephoning, and talking.”

    American Lassie provides a very easy “talking points” summary that might help if you’re trying to reach out to others to get them infomed!!

  13. I live just north of Chicago and the top story last night and this a.m. on local t.v. and NPR news is who is going to pay for Obama’s election night celebration at Grant Park. The campaign also is charging outrageous fees for the best spots for the media thereby crowding out smaller outlets (colleges, the homeless newspaper, “Streetwise,” etc.)

  14. It seems that neither candidate has been able to “close the deal” in a measurable way this time.

    “The proof is in the pudding,” people used to say. We will see what happens. I was listening to an economist this morning who said the agenda has been set for the incoming president as regards the economy. Capital gains taxes will not matter much this year because most of us have capital losses in the market.

    Obama has marketed himself as an agent of change, and people want change, although Obama’s lack of experience may be the factor that is making for second thoughts.

    Hillary would have been the best and she truly represented change and she was undermined by the fraud that took place in the caucuses. Yet the mess she would have inherited might have been beyond even her ability. A president is limited in how much can be accomplished if Congress cannot pass the legislation for the president to sign.

    I can tolerate McCain more easily than I could Bush or Obama.

  15. PhD in Biochemistry here. Excellent post this morning RD and totally on target. I think this is also why the Obots and the media have been trying so hard recently to say that the PUMAs represent about only 10 people. The resistance has a name. And they didn’t get to name us.

  16. I’m banking on good old Dem elite incompetence. Even as they turn themselves into a type of GOP party for the super rich, they are still Dems when it comes to their F-up factor. The two tickets are more a choice about where you stand on the class war fare being waged on the lower 90% ….than a choice between political parties.

    But many voting for Barry don’t realize it . They have no idea that the gravy train does not have a seat for them, and indeed, has already left the station. Their role is keep waving from the platform . If we have to deal with the horror of Barry as POTUS, I will not refrain from saying I told you so to Obot, kool aid swilling family members .

    McCain normally would not be my choice. But I think he cares about people far more than Barry does.That’s another way Obama is like Bush….people don’t matter to either , bad decisions must follow such a person.

    If Obama wasn’t Bush’s true heir, the top 1% and its guard dogs, the press, who wanted Bush twice and the war, would not be lovingly supporting Obama now .

  17. As a liberal democrat I am used to being the underdog. Now that the uber-left will be running the show, wouldn’t you know it – the liberal democrats no longer speak for me. Back to the underdogs.

  18. wbever, glad to hear it. Maybe they got a little feedback about their other “top story” that I heard repeatedly this early morning – Palin’s 150,000 clothing bill. 🙄

  19. heh, campbell brown is speaking out in defense of palin and the 150,000 fashion bill. the woman who trashed both hillary clinton and palin from the get go of their campaigns…sorry campy, too little too late.

  20. Spot on, RD!

    Good morning all–I just had to resurrect Pat Johnson’s and Fuzzybear’s hilarious comments from last night. We can all just visualize Pat’s generous offer to drive the Obamas back to Chicago after their loss:

    (The perfect way to start a day! Eyes on the prize!)

    From Pat:
    “Oh, they are going back! In the backseat of my Mazda, no stops along the way, no talking, no smoking, no “snacks”. And the only words I will allow to be heard from the backseat is: “I’m sorry”. Other than that it will be STFU, both of you.”

  21. thank you jb (and pj)

  22. From Fuzzy:

    “ROFLMAO-Pat that is a picture in my head that will bring me sweet dreams!

    MO-Pat I am Sorry

    Pat-tell it to Hillary

    BO-Pat I am really sorry can I pleas have a smoke?


    MO-Pat I really liked Hillary but…


    MO-Pat I am Sorry I am real sorry…”

  23. Well irony of all ironies: Fox is reporting that MSNBC has teamed up with the likes of ACORN and asking that any signs of “voter fraud” be reported to them!!! Jeebus, Mary and Joseph, can it get anymore weird than this?

    Voter fraud and MSNBC doing the clean up and investigating? They must think we all suffer from very low IQ’s out here.

  24. I am planning on “fast tracking” those two insufferable phonies back to Chicago if I have to pull them on a sled!

  25. Campbell Brown is defending Sarah’s shopping bill? Cute! I guess Campbell’s own wardrobe costs a lot more. Actually her doing this sort of reminds me of Katie Couric saying something nice about Hillary when it was all over. Thanks gals! You’ve been a real help!

  26. ACORN is going to report voter fraud? Hahahahaha! Excuse me, I need to get up off the floor…

  27. Pat,

    I would ask to come along for the ride, but I couldn’t contain myself for that long. That kind of job is best left for the expert–you!

    My god, you need your own show.

  28. Any mention of the $450.00 lunch enjoyed by MO or is that also out of bounds? Has this woman ever heard of luncheon specials where you can get an entire meal for under $10.00 before charging it off to the campaign and honoring all those “small donors” who probably went without lunch themselves just to make a donation.

    Phony baloney hypocrites!

  29. Hi Riverdaughter:

    I wanted to post this for all your readers, if it is inappropiate, please erase it. Thanks!

    There is a rally of hillary supporters for mcpalin…. if you can let people near Philly (and places close by) know about this rally, and encourage them to attend, FOX news and HBO will be covering it.
    Thank you
    HBO and FOX will be covering this – we need to get as many people there as possible!
    Go to http://www.democratsforMcCain.com for more info.
    DemocratsforMcCain.com has finalized plans for a big event in Philadelphia this Saturday, Oct. 25th. HBO will be covering the Event for a Special they are doing. Several other media outlets will be there.
    The Event is from 11AM until 5PM. The start off point is The Constitution Center: Arch Street between 5th and 6th Streets in Philly.
    The Event is Called: McCain Brotherly Love – A Liberty Event.
    The Liberty Group will be a list of grass-roots organizations that will be marching and canvassing and rallying at the end of the Event. I was hoping you could get the word out to all your people and every possible organization supporting Senator McCain in New Jersey (that you know of). Have people go to my Web site for details: http://www.democratsformccain.com.

  30. joanie: What a hoot that would be having you along. You could be in charge of changing the cd’s containing all of Hillary and Sarah’s Top Ten speeches that those two will be forced to listen to.

    As for the two kids: they will be riding as hood ornaments. I mean, if they were not given “lessons” on how to hang on to the hood of a moving car at 75 miles and hour, that is not my fault.

  31. Now, Pat.

    I consider those cute girls to be helpless victims. They get to ride along behind in a separate luxury sedan with DVDs of appropriate movies.

  32. Pat and Fuzzy need their own sitcom-might be the only thing that gets us through 4 years, if, goddess forbid…
    no, never mind-not gonna happen!

    Pat the paper that printed the lobster story has retracted and apologized-I think it was the NYP?
    The Obamagoons must have paid them a visit. Too bad you weren’t there to kick some a**!

  33. Okay, Pat. I’m comin!

    Will there at least be pee jars in back?

  34. “Work begins at Grant Park for Obama rally”


    Doesn’t estimate the cost though.

  35. Just read this:

    “October 22, 2008 (LPAC)–Senator Barack Obama’s reported record-breaking fundraising is eliciting raised eyebrows on two grounds: First, with the large amount of undocumented under-$200 contributions, suspicions are being raised that this comes from large donors breaking big contributions into smaller ones, or that a significant portion comes from illegal overseas contributions.

    Sources have told LPAC that “a lot of people will go to jail” for illegal fundraising for Obama — but only after the November elections are past.”

    Full article: http://www.larouchepac.com/news/2008/10/22/obama-fundraising-under-scrutiny-record-amounts-flood-campai.html

  36. Morning all!

  37. Karolina: I’m amazed they are just now noticing that. Hmm… I mean we are talking about non-tax-deductible donations! Are there really THAT many people willing to throw money into a political campaign?

  38. Hi JJM!

    I have to go to work–sigh.

    But I want you all to know that as a silent statement of solidarity and support, I have been styling my hair like Sarah Palin for the last two weeks, and will until after the election. (seriously)

    I believe in making big, important statements.

  39. Morning jjmtacoma

  40. I have thought about trying to fix my hair that way…

  41. Karolina:

    Not exactly a trustworthy source. They have their own brand of Kool-aid

  42. Hey Afrocity!

    Joaniebone: I’m sorry you have to run off! I miss you and so does GQM.

  43. myiq: at least SOMEBODY is asking – even if it is an unreliable source.

  44. Yikes! This is the Wiki How to of the Day: How to Live in Your Car

    Living in a car isn’t something that anyone would recommend. However, when you get laid off, your emergency fund runs out, your home is foreclosed (or you get an eviction notice) and there’s nobody to help, living in your car might be the only choice, especially if you don’t feel safe at a local shelter. Unfortunately, in many places, sleeping in your car is not only frowned upon, but also illegal. Here’s how to get by until something better comes along.

  45. so the plan is we all show up at the polls with the Palin ‘do?
    I’m in!

  46. So when is Obama going to Hawaii??? He announced this days ago yet he is in Indiana today.

  47. An interesting article on media/liberal bias against Palin, rural voters.

  48. In this election you can no longer rule out the unreliable sources. Sleeping with the former media enemies so to speak has kept my sanity.

  49. I don’t have a BS in chemistry, but I did BS my way through chemistry class 😀


    I read that letter that Brazile fired off to HRC supporters about the train leaving. With that kind of dismissive attitude towards Clinton supporters, we now know why she pushed Bill away during the 2000 elections (Al woulda won with just a bit of a push from Bill). Therefore I blame Donna for the Iraq War. She couldn’t even help Al win his OWN FRIGGING STATE.

    BTW, I still can’t believe that the Kennedy’s would endorse and even help Obama. I’m sure they know his relationship to Ayers is more than advertised. And now that the revelation about Ayers devoting his book to the murderer of their own flesh and blood has come out, I hope that someone in the media does their job and asks one fo the Kennedy’s about this.

  50. ok – so one of our infrequent posters made a comment when I persistently asked where the money was coming from – I guess I wasn’t so off base.

    If we want to retain a semblance of the country we love we MUST RESIST!

  51. jjm:

    People have been bashing us for linking to NQ and RBO.

    Lyndon LaRoosh is the Elvis of tin hatters.

  52. frankly0,

    thanks for the article.

    money quote:
    Echoing Obama, another liberal acquaintance asked me: “Well, rural people don’t seem to know what is in their own self-interest, do they?”

    It never occurred to this NYC musician, living in an adjacent suburb to the Big Apple, that she might not be qualified to know what is in their best interest. With no direct experience of tacking up a crazed horse in below-freezing temperatures, never having sat in a saddle for 12 hours, not knowing what scours are, with no pig bucket under her sink, not having to drive 30 miles down the road to her own mailbox – of course, she knows what is best for them. She recycles, eats organic produce, and there’s a bird feeder in her backyard: all signs that she is right with the world.

  53. I’m thinking tinfoil might be the new black.

  54. Resistance is never, ever futile!

  55. Ahhhh – but this Sal, (using the way-back machine) we need to resurrect a story – perhaps one of you can remember where it came from, about a month or two after the endorsement that pointed out that if the Kennedys were to maintain their hold as the “Democratic Party’s 1st Family” they couldn’t let a Clinton win because then the Clinton name might overshadow the Kennedys.
    I’ll have to dig around to see if I can find that article


    O B A M A

    A Y E R S

    O B A M A

    A Y E R S


    O B A M A

    R E Z K O

    O B A M A

    R E Z K O





  57. edgeoforever, on October 23rd, 2008 at 9:11 am Said:

    Poor Obama! Lauer wants to know : “Is it hard to be the Messiah?”


    LOL, Pravda strikes again. NBC is a joke, but then again, BO is a joke. If the absurdity of it all wasn’t overwhelming, I might feel my intense embarrassment for this country.

  58. myiq, LaRouche said in 2007 that the banking system would collapse in August 2008. He wasn’t that far off.

  59. Joanelle, on October 23rd, 2008 at 9:38 am

    It would not suprise me one bit if the Kennedy’s sold out the memory of Bobby Kennedy for some stupid power play of zero significance since that family’s influence in politics is about zero (how that Kennedy endorsement work out for you in MA during the primaries, Barry?). I guess they must be more pissed off at the centrist style of governance that Bill brought to the table than we thought.

  60. However wackadoodle he was or is, LaRouche’s web site has been a good source of info this election ,particularly about the market . If you just go to his breaking news page, and no deeper , you can avoid the kool-adie… as he mostly quote main stream sources.

  61. McCain on Fox (rally) — McCain sounding really light-hearted.
    Internal polls must be looking up.

  62. mawm:

    LaRouch also said AIDS victims should be rounded up and put in camps.

    He was waaaaay off

  63. Afrocity, LOL at your lyrics.

  64. afrocity please come to my next party?

  65. afrocity,

    please change that last line about the koolaid drinkers. They can actually only put one hand up as the other hand is still holding the cup 😉

  66. I will catarina. I will take the straight talk express all the way there.

  67. Sal, LOL

  68. Sal, on October 23rd, 2008 at 9:43 am

    I think Bill insults the Kennedy’s sense of class .They forget their millions came from bootlegging …also Bill got to the White House, which they consider as theirs Dem wise. They just could not let even Hillary beat them too. But I think class snobbery has alot to do with the Clinton hate that goes across both parties elite. We are in a class war and have been for years. The Clintons want to help those the other elite want on the ice floe RD speaks of ( and by the way, the usual fab post, thank you RD) so of course they are trashed .

  69. myiq, yeah that was one of the more nutty ones. Along with Walter Mondale is a Soviet agent.

  70. paper doll,

    good point about the class war. The Kennedys have absolutely no way of ever winning the White House again. Can you imagine Joe from Middle America ever voting for the epitome of East Coast elitism? In some aspects, I think it’s pure jealousy because the Clintons have a way of reaching out to that group of people.

  71. They may have their own brand of Koolaid, but to me at this point, LaRouche seems pretty brilliant and not ever swaying from the Democratic party principles. Apparently he was the person who personally introduced and advised Reagan to adopt his missile defense system which helped to end the Cold War, and then was taken down and black-listed in the 80’s by Bush Daddy and Bushie cronies because he was intellectually powerful, and yet politically Democratic. In Wikpedia, it says that his group has a network that is world-wide that is a very good secret service.

  72. Can the PUMA theme song please be “Rebel Rouser” by duane eddy?
    Now is the time to come to the aid of your country.
    We can not give up. Too many people have sacrificed for this country to allow the end of democracy to happen from within.
    One of the proudest acts of my life was to join the PUMA PARTY.

    Pat J
    You are going to make backtrack and meechele pay for the gas aren’t you?



  73. What makes Laroosh dangerous is that he seems reasonable at first.

    But if you start listening to him, next thing you know you’re wearing a tin hat and marching off to Crazy Town.

    Linking to him and speaking favorably of him WILL be used as evidence against us.

    It’s already happened.

  74. This is interesting. One of the Hillary supporters who had gone over to the Obama camp, doing a lot of pro-Obama and anti-McCain and anti-Palin blogging, just posted that she voted — writing in Hillary.
    Good for her!

  75. Sal, on October 23rd, 2008 at 9:59 am

    I agree with the pure jealousy idea playing a big role ….Ted was jealous of Carter because he was in the White House, which the K’s think of as theirs….the jealousy is just taken to the infinite decree for Bill and Hillary ….because they are so successful with the voters .

  76. I read this piece and wondered if you were me. Then I read the comments and I wondered if you were all me…..

    not much to add but WTF? Ayers tried to kill Kennedies? Are they still going to whore for Obama telling the lie that it was Obama’s age when these crimes were commited that matters and NOT the fact that these were his first political benefactors along with Rezko?

    ps…. what do the Kennedies have against the Clintons? They do not want to be displaced as political royalty and after all that hick from Arkansas is just not their kind of folk dear.

  77. oh… here is an idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to infiltrate an Obama rally and do the Obama, Ayers, Rezko chant? After all we are all good democrats who could easily get in.

  78. Hillary brought back the “vast right-wing conspiracy” in her endorsement of Al. Cmon Hill, noone cares about that conspiracy anymore.

    Talk more aobut the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy which encompasses DNC leadership, and every single frigging MSM outlet including all of Europe.

  79. Not to denigrate anyone who has leanings in those directions, but LaRouche and McKinney supporters fail to recognize that beneath the facade these two are borderline insane.

  80. I know when to bail the LaRoughe site . And it’s well before the Gore is a UK agent part. But where else will you see this ?


    ECB Pumping Money Like Mad

    October 22, 2008 (LPAC)–The European Central Bank (ECB) yesterday pumped a cool half-trillion dollars in liquidity into the disintegrating European banking system–the same day that the Fed, on this side of the Atlantic, stoked the furnace of hyperinflation with $540 billion of its own.

    The ECB provided 305 billion euros (about 390 billion dollars, at today’s exchange rate) to banks for 7 days, and 700 banks that had asked for it got some of the largess–the biggest “turnout” ever. In addition, the ECB pumped $102 billion for 28 days, and yet another $22.6 billion for currency swaps. Total for the day came to about $515 billion.

    Among other things, this indicates that the European interbank market is completely dried out, that the spark which the various national governments’ bailout packages were intended to provide to the markets, has not worked. It also shows how, in a situation in which private banks, led in Germany by Deutsche Bank, boycott the governments’ bailouts because they dislike coming under certain transparency and controls, the ECB is working against the governments by providing huge sums of money (which the ECB does not even have) with no conditions.

    Nope, we have to hear about Palin’s clothes .

  81. great post, RD–my feelings exactly.

    Chemistry??? Way to hard for me. History BA here.

    Keep the faith people–taking daughter to lunch. I am so kind in my old stupidity. This is the daughter who I will no longer talk politics with as her view (she was a Hillary person) is that any D. is better than a R. Unfortunately, she reminded me that I taught her this. Wish I had shut the pie hole the past 20 years.

  82. hey, what happend to my post???
    I’ll try to remember it:
    Yes, Paper Doll – people were to some degree in awe of the Kennedy’s whereas folks genuinely like the Clintons. They are the kind of people you’d like to sit and have a cup of coffee – or a beer – with a chew the fat. They have a sense of humor and can even laugh at themselves. They are REAL! 🙂

  83. Pat:

    I’m borderline insane. McKinney is insane.

    Laroosh can’t even see sane from where he is.

  84. Joanelle,

    Frankly I think they hate Hillary for being a Republican when she was in college.

  85. kc: We all cast our votes that same way for years. A Dem always “trumped” a Repub. Until now. This year awakened many of us to the corruption that is now representative in the DNC. I would no more cast my vote based on the D after a name anymore than I would because it is a woman or a minority without having solid knowledge of what they offer.

    Blindly following “the party line” is no longer a given. We must become fully aware of who these people are and for what they stand for. My heart may be democratic but my mind is much more open to principle.

  86. myiq2xu, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:06 am Said:

    What makes Laroosh dangerous is that he seems reasonable at first.

    But if you start listening to him, next thing you know you’re wearing a tin hat and marching off to Crazy Town.

    Linking to him and speaking favorably of him WILL be used as evidence against us.

    It’s already happened.
    I agree- ladouche is a nutwagon-but if there’s no “evidence against us” rest assured they will make something up.
    Haven’t you noticed that lying rules the day?

  87. paper doll:

    Maybe I was too subtle – PLEASE DON’T LINK TO LYNDON LAROUCHE!


  88. Really I think Clinton hate comes down to they want to help those the other elite want to have under their heel and the Clinton actual think these serfs ( us) should have a say in matters!! Horrors!

  89. anyway, I’m about ready for “Crazytown”.

  90. Another example of supporters “getting in people’s faces”


  91. Ugh..there’s a sudden flare up of anti-Hillary comments on NQ..revolving around a report done showing caucus performance against primary voting performance.

  92. myiq: For someone who “pals” around with that “thing”, suggesting that you are only “borderline” is pushing the envelope.

    By the way, great column yesterday at Klownhaus. Love your perspective.

  93. you’re right, myiq.
    there is a serious credibility issue.
    but they already think we’re a bunch of fucking lunatics!

  94. kc@10:12a
    I have the same problem with my second daughter.
    I taught her to be a democrat.
    She and her husband are voting because of Joe Biden.
    My son in law”s family live in Delaware and Joe mentioned my son in law’s cousin in a speech.
    She used to think I was smart about polictics.



  95. myiq2xu, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:13 am Said:

    Larouche is not just insane, he is the mayor of crazy town.

  96. Why would Obama risk the humiliation and embarrasment of scheduling a “Victory Party” several weeks before the election? Is this just another tactic like in the Primary to get voters to stay home by acting like it was a done deal (hint: it did work, but she got more votes anyway, but so what she lost )

    If he loses, what’s the spin? Is he going to leave the national stage with “Americans are rac#ists” as an exit line?

  97. myiq2xu, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:17 am Said:
    paper doll:

    Maybe I was too subtle…..

    lol! you subtle?? lol! Okay, I was just following the usual web practice of providing a link. . But those who hate PUMA’s will find something else to make us ” lunatics ” in any case. Just to be PUMA is crazy in some quarters

  98. Anyone notice how bad Obama is looking lately? I was talking to my non-political junkie cousin on the ride into work this morning and she said “I don’t think Obama can hack the job for a lot of reasons, but my god he looks like he has aged 15 years! If he can’t handle the stress from the campaign, how is he going to handle the presidency? And McCain – he looks better then he did when this thing started.”
    She’s right — Obama is falling apart at the seams even with all that money & the press carrying him.

  99. PJ:

    Blindly following “the party line” is no longer a given. We must become fully aware of who these people are and for what they stand for. My heart may be democratic but my mind is much more open to principle

    Here, Here, Pat!

    I think that was a little less subtle Myiq – good job at getting the point across

  100. Call me biased, but this blog and its contributors are an oasis of sanity in an otherwise blighted atmosphere of hate. We may not all agree all of the time, but we are united in our respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of denying Obama the throne.

    This is a direct result of resisting the Kool Aid and being completely cognizant of identifying the bullshit no matter how attractive the package. For that at least we all hold degrees in BS.

  101. angienc,

    you must be talking about the dramatic increase in gray hair. Makes me wonder if he didn’t color that on purpose to look older since he basically looks like Mickey Mouse IMO

  102. NH, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:21 am Said: …..

    ….If he loses, what’s the spin? Is he going to leave the national stage with “Americans are rac#ists” as an exit line?….

    if only! If he loses, I fully expect Barry to contest it with the full support of the press . You betcha

  103. IQ, I never take any information without questioning it (including your claim that the LaRouche take on AIDS victims was to round them up into camps), but I consistently find valuable info in their news sections. I put the link here because it related to what we are focused on, namely Obama’s corruption and unjust way of grabbing power. I also believe that just because someone is seen as an outsider, it does not mean they are worthless, and shameful. It might mean that they are a threat to the people in power at the moment. Right????

  104. if he loses, I suggest people stay home for a few days and hopefully have access to some sort of firearm. I remember the real Dems were threatened with riots if Obama lost the primaries. I wouldn’t expect any less if he lost the GE.

  105. Good morning angienc!

  106. angienc, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:23 am

    What Barry’s handlers forgot in their rush to make him King, is Barry has never worked hard in his life…he’s just not built for it. Even if you are a puppet, you gotta LOOK like you are working. If Barry is installed, he will break the all time vacation record for sure. He already has as a candidate .

  107. Sal, I will bitterly cling to my new gun!

  108. paper doll, you think he would give Bush a run for his money, because I think he holds the current record for going on vacation. He always seems to go on vacation at really bad times too.

  109. NH: short answer is yes.

  110. My brother (who owns firearms) suggested we stay with him, up in the “northwoods of NJ” for a few days if O loses.
    Yes, Pat this is an oasis – it’s really interesting that we have a great mix of seniors (like myself) and very young students who are most patient with us when we need more information and they have access to seemingly “everything” to help build our knowledge. A great racial mix, men and women, varied educational backgrounds and temperments – And there is always Myiq who never fails to make me laugh out loud at least a few times a day.

  111. amen Mawm. Pass the ammo.

  112. If they are threatening riots in the streets if Backtrack loses, should they consider that those of us who voted in opposition could do the same if he wins? Fair is fair. Why are the wishes of one group superseding the wishes of another? Poor them. What about poor us?

  113. Resistance is NEVER futile.

    And I agree with tpt/ny – The Republican voters have a lot to answer for. A LOT.

    If we pull their asses out of the fire this time, and save America from O’Stalin, I certainly will be asking them to hold their OWN candidates to higher standards in the future. As the odious Glenn Beck said, They are NOT WORTHY, and we are not doing it for them.

    We are doing it for our country.


  114. mawm,

    Unfortunately I live in NYC, so I’ll be clinging to my $15 airsoft pellet gun instead 😦

  115. Pat,

    They know we would never do that. It’s always the kids who throw the tantrums when things ddon’t go their way, not the adults.

  116. Mawm, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:33 am

    That’s how I knew the market bail out was kabuki!! Bush didn’t go on vacay! lol! If a crisis is real, Bush high tails it to Cheyenne Mountain

  117. PJ – 52% of Americans are women. We are the majority. Despite this, we are being treated like dung on the shoes of the Democratic Party.

    Karolina NYC – Please, please STOP defending LaRouche. It really makes The Confluence look bad. It is not fair to us or RD. Consider it a no-no, like some other topics we won’t discuss. OK?

  118. We must remember that it is not the Party but the people who represent them that are at fault. Each Party has established their principles for governing but the people in each party who always get carried away.

    Both sides are filled with idiots and we deserve far better. As my BFF Lou Dobbs has said on prior occasions, throw the bums out and start over with a true representative cross section: doctors, nurses, teachers, plumbers, service workers, etc. Then put in term limits and rid ourselves of the career poltiicians and the lawyers who dominate policy.

    New blood, new infusion of ideas, and a bold swing at integrity which seems to have lost its way. It’s a start.

  119. …and let us know forget Margaret Meade’s:

    “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  120. Have you all read Violet Socks’ article today?


  121. The Obots have been threatening riots since , I believe , Jan. But if we say were are concerned about that, ” oh! you are rac*t! ” I’m concerned because I live a few blocks from a large AA high school and my concern is due to the fact they are hundreds teenagers in one place , far more than they are AA.

    I’m also concerned about paid provocateurs . Barry’s job is to create social discord. His handlers WANT the shock and awe that even Biden is talking about .

  122. Madamab:

    52% of Americans are women. We are the majority. Despite this, we are being treated like dung on the shoes of the Democratic Party.

    And that Madam is why I was thrilled to hear Sarah really come out as a feminist in her speech – she needs to capture the imagination of women throughout the country – because once they step into that voting booth they can vote for whomever they wish.
    We all need to keep beating that drum until all women, black -white- yellow- brown-red – all hear it and internalize it because they are first women.

  123. I’m sorry – Madamab – what is violet’s blog address?

  124. madamab: I read it. So true. She manages to wrap up the term very nicely.

  125. There was a video on Tuesday: Ohm’s law- how will you resist? of an AA fellow telling us how AA’s are too busy working to think about rioting – if you missed it go back and watch it it was on this blog on 10/21

  126. madamab, on October 23rd, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Thanks for that line…..wonderful

  127. “Obama loss means Race riots?!?!? WTF?!?!?!”

  128. My team lost. I am going to break a few windows. I did not like the verdict. I am going to torch a few cars. My candidate lost. I am going to destroy the city. If this is not infantile behavior then I don’t know infantile behavior. And believe me, after 4 kids I know a tantrum when I see it.

  129. thanks Purplefinn – that’s the one!

  130. Pat, sometimes they torch cars when their team wins, so who can figure?

    I find it very racist that they would assume AAs would riot if BO lost.

  131. Keep this in mind, re: riots

    In sports, fans often times riot after a very large, momentous, and significant VICTORY… (I remember a college football game where West Virginia won, against VaTech I think, and immediately took to the streets and burnt everything they could find… specifically couches).

    We may be looking at riots no matter what the outcome is.

  132. Joanelle, you’re welcome. It’s in my “favorites”!

  133. I hadn’t planned on it, madamab, but I do not remember ever discussing anything with you.

  134. New thread, btw.

  135. I was away from the screen, but I see others made the point that shit happens when sport teams win too! My concern is about the kids and the paid provocateurs …. not the AA. I think it’s amazingly rac*st to assume they will, as a block, riot and Obots have pushed that idea non stop for Denver and now for the GE .

  136. So called feminists supporting Obama have just turned back the clock because they have just reinforced the stereotype that a male with far lesser qualifications can oust a more experienced and better qualified female in getting that promotion. God help us if he gets elected and gets that ultimate promotion. The liberal feminists supporting Obama have lost the right and privilege to represent women. In their stupid self defense, if they pretend that we have reached a stage where we can be gender neutral, they are the hurting the cause even more and should never be given the privilege of representing us again. It is time for us all to leave them behind.

  137. pm317, on October 23rd, 2008 at 11:07 am Said

    here, here…. well said!

  138. Karolina NYC – No offense was meant, but you were defending LaRouche in your comment above at 10:26 am.

    New thread above!

  139. Certainly there is a very large cadre of “feminists” who support Obama, supposedly because of his “women-friendly” policies, and deride Sarah Palin as incompetent and ignorant.

    What they don’t get is that the greatest number of “women-friendly” policies are only necessary because of primitive societal attitudes toward women. They are, at base, attempted legal correctives for these attitudes. Laws designed to insure equal pay for equal work, for example, would be unnecessary in a world in which women were already treated as equals to men. And the laws are very imperfect correctives: typically, successful suits under such laws are only successful in cases in which the discrimination is so blatant that it can’t be “explained” in some other way by the powers that be. The vast majority of acts of discrimination never reach a level of obviousness and documentation that they can be successfully pursued under the law. Equally as importantly, few women wish to go through the considerable trouble of filing such suits. What’s without question true is that the real goal should be to change society’s attitudes toward women.

    But it is precisely to encourage and enable negative societal attitudes toward women to attack Sarah Palin as she has been, and to tolerate or even embrace the misogyny on the Obama side.

  140. “And no matter what happens, because neither outcome is in our best interests, the PUMAs will be here afterwards. We stick together and go forward.”

    You bet cha!

    ¡Viva la Confluencia! ¡Vivan las/los PUMAs!

  141. Maybe I was too subtle – PLEASE DON’T LINK TO LYNDON LAROUCHE!


    Heh. What myiq said. Carolina, nice try at discrediting myiq’s “claim” about Larouche, but if you really vetted things yourself…..you. would. NEVER. link. to. Larouche. We don’t need a single thing that antiSemitic PREDATOR has to say. He runs a cult. He preys on college kids. Anyone who has done the least little tiny amount of research on him would know this and denounce anyone’s attempt to bring him in as any kind of source.

    Zero tolerance for LaRouche.

  142. frankly, thanks for that Boston Globe article….it was awesome. And will be quite handy to quote to my friends who think I must’ve lost my mind to call them out when they send me Palin-bashing crap.

  143. “But they will. Very soon.”

    Yes, indeed they will. Your succinct comment has kept me chuckling as I write this.

    Great to chat a little with you last night.

  144. Re: Kennedies> I agree with whoever noted that it was about influence. The Kennedies hold on the Democratic party has been quite influential: these rich, privileged people with their summer houses and yachts were leading a party of “the people” – the blue-colar people. The Kennedies never connected with their base – it was about awe and promises of a better future. But did they deliver? That’s debatable. What isn’t debatable – and we’ve been seeing this come to the foreground in this election – is that these “Kennedy Democrats” looked down on the very people they claimed to represent and whose votes they need. “The White Trash.” Bill Maher likes to ask (quoting someone else): why do Americans keep voting against their own interests? What Maher doesn’t understand is that perhaps they’ve been voting for Republicans because Republicans (do a better job pretending) don’t look down on them the way Democrats do. This election we’ve seen this class warfare erupt, and the firing came from the Democratic side.

    So there’s the Kennedy clan – fighting for the common man while privately laughing at their bumpkiness. And then comes a guy named Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary. These are the guys the Kennedies have always laughed at in private! And Bill Clinton *connected* to “the people” and won. The reign of the Kennedies in the Democratic party was (we thought) over. Ted’s anger at being displaced by a Bubba has been simmering for a long time. And along comes Barack Obama – so like a Kennedy in his, I hate to say it but it’s true, snottiness. And Ted Kennedy saw the perfect opportunity to regain his seat at the head of the dinner table. So he endorsed Obama. Remember he didn’t simply come out and say how wonderful Obama is. Ted Kennedy came out and bashed the Clintons in his endorsement. Chris Matthews was positively blouncing off the walls with giddiness and everyone proclaimed how that Ol’ Lion has made himself relevant again. Ted Kennedy was a rock star again!!! And while Kennedy’s endorsement (Bobby’s children backed Hillary) didn’t help Obama in Massachussets, I think it had a significant impact on the campaign. Kennedy shattered the dam of anti-Clinton feeling. What grudges so many in the party held privately were suddenly allowed to be voiced because Ted Kennedy did it. And all hell broke loose and the knives came out. Personally I think Hillary already lost the primary when Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama (and how he did it.) The Clintons had to be taken out to make way for a new king, who would owe so much to Ted Kennedy.

  145. Hey guys.

    I grew up with stories of resistance in my families. Resistance in WWII and from the Vietnamese in Indochine.

    Resistance is hard and painful but eventually it prevails. Because Resistance is about sacrifice. And when you are willing to sacrifice you are stronger than your opponent. Period.

    We are all making sacrifices those days. We are sacrifying friendship, relationships with our close ones and most importantly we are sacrifying our party affiliation. Yes were are democrats but we are not Dems anymore. We are PUMAS. Ridiculed, negated, belittled but still there.

    Resistance is a long term enterprise. So let get used to it. We will prevail, that what History is teaching us.

  146. Someone just told me the media are now saying PUMAs are dead. Is it because we haven’t been throwing hissy fits every day like Obamabots? Is it because we’ve been quietly doing what we said we’d do – work for Obama’s defeat in November?

    Maybe it’s time to ratchet up the noise again and tell those pundits we haven’t gone anywhere. The news of our deaths has been greatly exaggerated.

  147. The media’s never asked me if I was alive! I’ve never been polled! I think it’s like those mysterious Nielsen ratings boxes – does anyone have one or know somebody who does? I mean, who are these people that determine what shows are considered successful and which aren’t? It’s like the board that rates movies: there’s only, like, 10 of them and they can make or break all films released in the country. (See the doc “This Film Is Not Yet Rated.” It’s great.) Anyway, the whole thing with PUMA is that the media and so many Obama supporters tried to pigeon-hole it. The fact is it’s not like a party you register to belong to. Any former Democrat or Independent-leaning-Democratic person who supported HRC in the primaries and refuses to back Obama is a PUMA. Whether you would apply that label to youself or not. In principle and philosophy – that’s what you are. And there’s lots of us. If there weren’t, this election wouldn’t even be a contest. And yet – it is!

  148. I meant to say “…any Democrat, former Democrat, and Independent-leaning-Democratic…”

  149. This guy writes for The Hill:
    Police prepare for unrest
    by Alexander Bolton

    Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks
    for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the
    historic presidential contest.

    Public safety officials said in interviews with The Hill that the election,
    which will end with either the nations first black president or its first
    female vice president, demanded a stronger police presence.

    Some worry that if Barack Obama loses and there is suspicion of foul play in
    the election, violence could ensue in cities with large black populations.
    Others based the need for
    enhanced patrols on past riots in urban areas
    (following professional sports events) and also on Internet rumors.

    Democratic strategists and advocates for black voters say they understand
    officers wanting to keep the peace, but caution that excessive police
    presence could intimidate voters.

    Sen. Obama (Ill.), the Democratic nominee for president, has seen his lead
    over rival Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) grow in recent weeks, prompting
    speculation that there could be a violent backlash if he loses unexpectedly.

    Cities that have suffered unrest before, such as Detroit, Chicago, Oakland
    and Philadelphia, will have extra police deployed.

    In Oakland, the police will deploy extra units trained in riot control, as
    well as extra traffic police, and even put SWAT teams on standby.

    Are we anticipating it will be a riot situation? No. But will we be prepared
    if it goes awry? Yes, said Jeff Thomason,
    spokesman for the Oakland Police

    I think it is a big deal you got an African-American running and [a] woman
    running, he added, in reference to Obama and GOP vice presidential nominee
    Sarah Palin. Whoever wins it, it will be a national event. We will have more
    officers on the street in anticipation that things may go south.

    The Oakland police last faced big riots in 2003 when the Raiders lost to the
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. Officials are bracing themselves in
    case residents of Oakland take Obamas loss badly.

    Political observers such as Hilary Shelton and James Carville fear that
    record voter turnout could overload polling places on Election Day and could
    raise tension levels.

    Shelton, the director of the NAACPs Washington bureau, said inadequate
    voting facilities is a bigger problem in poor communities with large numbers
    of minorities.

    What are local election
    officials doing to prepare for what people think
    will be record turnout at the polls? said Shelton, who added that during the
    2004 election in Ohio voters in predominantly black communities had to wait
    in line six to eight hours to vote.

    On Election Day, if this continues, you may have some tempers flare; we
    should be prepared to deal with that but do it without intimidation, said
    Shelton, who added that police have to be able to maintain order at polling
    stations without scaring voters, especially immigrants from police states.

    {mospagebreak}Carville, who served as a senior political adviser to former
    President Bill Clinton, said that many Democrats would be very angry if
    Obama loses. He noted that many Democrats were upset by Sen. John Kerrys
    (D-Mass.) loss to President Bush in the 2004 election, when some Democrats
    made allegations of vote manipulation in Ohio, the state that ultimately
    decided the

    Experts estimated that thousands of voters did not vote in Ohio because of
    poor preparation and long lines.

    Carville said Democratic anger in 2004 would be very small to what would
    happen in 2008 if the same problems arose.

    Carville said earlier this month that it would be very, very, very dramatic
    out there if Obama lost, a statement some commentators interpreted as
    predicting riots. In an interview Tuesday, however, Carville said he did not
    explicitly predict rioting.

    A lot of Democrats would have a great deal of angst and anger, said
    Carville, who predicted that on Election Day the voting system all around
    the country is going to be very stressed because there’s going to be
    enormous turnout.

    Other commentators have made such bold predictions.

    If [Obama] is elected, like with sports championships, people may go out and
    riot, said Bob Parks, an online columnist and black
    Republican candidate for
    state representative in Massachusetts. If Barack Obama loses there will be
    another large group of people who will assume the election was stolen from
    him.. This will be an opportunity for people who want to commit mischief.

    Speculation about Election-Day violence has spread on the Internet,
    especially on right-wing websites.

    This has caught the attention of police departments in cities such as
    Cincinnati, which saw race riots in 2001 after police shot a young black

    Weve seen it on the Internet and weve heard that there could be civil unrest
    depending on the outcome of [the election,] said Lt. Mark Briede of the
    Cincinnati Police Department. We are prepared to respond in the case of some
    sort of unrest or some sort of incident.

    Briede, like other police officials interviewed, declined to elaborate on
    plans for Election Day. Many police departments have policies
    public discussion of security plans.

    James Tate, second deputy chief of Detroits police department, said extra
    manpower would be assigned to duty on Election Night. He said problems could
    flare whichever candidate wins.

    Either party will make history and we want to prepare for celebrations that
    will be on a larger scale than for our sports teams, Tate said.

    He noted that police had to control rioters who overturned cars after the
    Tigers won the 1984 World Series.

    Were prepared for the best-case scenario, were prepared for the worst-case
    scenario, he said. The worst-case scenario could be a situation that
    requires law enforcement.

    But Tate declined to describe what the worst-case scenario might look like,
    speaking gingerly like other police officials who are wary of implying that
    black voters are more likely than other voting groups to cause trouble.

    Shelton, of the NAACP,
    said he understands the need for police to maintain
    order. But he is also concerned that some political partisans may point
    their finger at black voters as potential troublemakers because the
    Democratic nominee is black.

    Shelton said any racial or ethnic group would get angry if they felt
    disenfranchised because of voting irregularities.

    Police officials in Chicago, where Obama will hold a Nov. 4 rally, and
    Philadelphia are also preparing for Election Day.

    The Chicago Police Department has been meeting regularly to coordinate our
    safety and security plans and will deploy our resources accordingly, said
    Monique Bond, of the Chicago Police Department.

    Frank Vanore, of the Philadelphia Police Department, said officials were
    planning to mobilize to control exuberant or perhaps angry demonstrations
    after the World Series, which pits the Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays.

    He said the boosted
    police activity would spill right over to the election.

  150. got this from a friend in OH who was a strong Hillary supporter and couldn’t stand Obama.


    Don’t know if she’s drinkin’ the kool-aid or not but she says she can’t get enthused about Sarah.

    Anyway I read the article and replied “It’s a damned shame some jackass can’t tell the difference between a donkey and a mule.

  151. “And now that the revelation about Ayers devoting his book to the murderer of their own flesh and blood has come out…”

    More detail or link, please.


  152. toujours la resistance………….!

    I think they might be surprised at how many “working” people are the backbone of this country? Like PhD’s who teach or, guys that run little stores or? Women who do bookkeeping, or?

    you know what is wrong with them RD.
    they are lawyers — and so that makes them feel they are above it all — not everyone is a decent lawyer ala “To Kill A Mockingbird” right now —

    they lied to this electorate, and they lied to America, as well—
    damn, why didn’t McC grab HILLARY. Why?
    Still, for me Palin far preferable to the dynamic duo del BS on the Dem side, post- our Hillary…….

    we may have lost people, but, you said it the other day–the people with heart hang around here because of that exact thing…!


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