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Wednesday: Joe the Plumber- To the Barricades!

RD the Chemist here.  This is not the first time in history that the average Joe has been told to give up and accept his fate.  It’s not the first time that the people have resisted either:

It was Tito the Construction Worker who put his finger on the problem:

Someone asked why Munoz had come to the rally. “I support McCain, but I’ve come to face you guys because I’m disgusted with you guys,” he said. “Why the hell are you going after Joe the Plumber? Joe the Plumber has an idea. He has a future. He wants to be something else. Why is that wrong? Everything is possible in America. I made it. Joe the Plumber could make it even better than me. . . . I was born in Colombia, but I was made in the U.S.A.”

The scene turned into a mini-fracas when David Corn, of Mother Jones, defended press coverage. Munoz was having none of it. Why, he asked, would the press whack Joe the Plumber when it didn’t want to report on Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, the former Weather Underground bomber? “How come that’s not in the news all the time?” Munoz said. “How come Joe the Plumber is every second? I’m talking about NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN.”A black woman with a strong Caribbean accent jumped in the fray. “Tell me,” she said to Corn, “why is it you can go and find out about Joe the Plumber’s tax lien and when he divorced his wife and you can’t tell me when Barack Obama met with William Ayers? Why? Why could you not tell us that? Joe the Plumber is me!”

I am Joe the Plumber!” Munoz chimed in. “You’re attacking me.”

Let us review all of the lovely things the media has brought us in the past 15 years, shall we?

  • Whitewater
  • Paula Jones
  • Travelgate
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Rose Law Firm Billing Records
  • Ken Starr
  • Newt Gingrich’s Contract on America
  • Monica Lewinsky
  • Impeachment of Bill Clinton
  • 12 years of Movement Conservatives in Congress
  • George Bush (2000)
  • Code Orange after 9/11
  • George Bush (2004)
  • Iraq War II and over 4000 dead
  • The intentional neglect of Valerie Plame’s outting by a sitting VP
  • *NO* impeachment of George Bush
  • The trashing of Hillary Clinton
  • Coverup of the manipulation of the Democratic primaries and delegates
  • Unchecked misogyny in the service of their chosen candidate

If the Republicans destroyed the country, they had a LOT of help from the media, especially the Broderites of the Village who presume to tell us what we think and believe.  Over and over again, they have been wrong, misleading, pretentious and cruel.  They are the prime instigators who force their predetermined outcome on us.  Instead of merely reporting the news, they are determined to make it.

And Tito the Construction Worker, Joe the Plumber and RD the Chemist are calling them out. This year, instead of having the candidate we respected and trusted, the media has forced us to make a choice between two unacceptable men.  Neither one of them are going to be working for our best interests.  Obama has no interests but his own and McCain is constrained by his own party’s ideology.  Now we must make a choice based on character.  Which candidate is more honorable.  Barack Obama is coming up short in this department with all of his past associations, ruthless campaign tactics and corruption.  Yet the media would attack private inividuals if we dare to question Obama?  Who put them up to this?

It is time we took control of our lives back from the people whose goal is to manipulate our perceptions.  We must trust one another and resist the power of the media narrative.  When we put them back in their place, we’ll be back in charge of our own lives for the first time in 15 years.

To the barricades!

193 Responses

  1. If the Republicans destroyed the country, they had a LOT of help from the media,

    Thank you!!!

    Another great post RD!

  2. Great rallying cry, RD.

    As to “Who put them up to this?” Media Matters has this “follow the money” link:

    The Soros Syndrome
    Sunday, October 5, 2008
    …………….”Indeed, Eli Pariser, who heads MoveOn.org, boasted of his group’s role in the Democratic Party:

    “Now it’s our party: We bought it, we own it, we are going to take it back.”………


  3. Death to the media!

  4. AMAZING POST “RD”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These people are saying what we ALL feel!!!
    Sadly, the MEDIA has “blocked” us / hopefully they won’t do the same to them?

  5. A+++

    This is a great post Riverdaughter! Thank you so much for pulling this issue together.

  6. You Said IT !!

    great post. GREAT post !

  7. Amen, sister! If Obama wins, will the government share information from its domestic spying with the media so they can assassinate the character of private citizens? This has gone too far. We need to take back the media as well as the party.

  8. Formidable, soeur RD!

    I never thought I’d see the “liberal” media, people like David Corn, joining with the corporate media in order to foist the Republican agenda on us. If Obama is elected, we will have four years of faith-based programs, more destruction of the public sector of our society (education, infrastructure, regulation of pollution from industry, etc.), further erosion of reproductive rights, more warrantless wiretapping, continued use of Blackwater, the moving of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan and a possible invasion of Pakistan.

    Vive la resistance!

  9. I love this post RD. It’s time to rise up and fight back against the Obamaganda assault the MSM minions have waged on average Americans. They can write us out of the “news” but they can’t take our votes away. On election day we will finally get to tell our own story.

  10. Okay, I’ve gotta go read the post, but first I had to tell you that I was lmao because this is my myspace default pic:

    off to read!

  11. Sadly, the link to the story is not working.

  12. The people are rising.

    Heave-ho–get ’em outta here. We can do it!

  13. Wow! Great post!

    soupcity the asst. office manager is right behind you.

  14. “gxm17”
    Maybe “we” can tell it NOW! All the efforts of SOoooooooooo
    many here on this site & beyond, have brought us to these “last 2-weeks”!
    Let’s add our voices to “JOE”S”
    *Get a show to COVER US for longer than 1-quick segment.
    I’ve been writing to Greta,Hannity, Huckabee’s new show…
    *On Sat. in concert with the PA Rally get in front of your local
    media & GET NOTICED!!!!!!!!!
    *Finally Hillary’s Birth-Day is this weekend
    Send her an e-mail & “cc” it to the media
    and/or a card to her DC office. Let them know we still ADORE her; BUT WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HIM!!!!!!!

  15. Our media is despicable. We have regressed to the yellow journalism of the late 19th and early 20th century that brought us such great hits as the Spanish American war…another war based on lies. It was also run by the monopolies and monied interests. They MUST be held accountable. Their crimes are borderline treason. They have American blood on their hands.

  16. Hats off to you, RD!!! This ends now!!! You rock!!!

  17. as if we needed further proof of these self important lying gasbags:

    The Politico also reported that Time columnist Joe Klein, who has been critical of the McCain campaign, has been unable to snag a seat on the McCain and Sarah Palin campaign planes for months.

    “I’ve done nine presidential campaigns and this is the first time this has ever happened to me,” Klein told Politico.

    cry me a river joe.

  18. Magnifique, citoyenne RD!

    Okasha the Blue-Collar Artist is right behind you and soupcity. (Well, sometimes it’s blue. Sometimes it’s rose madder. Sometimes it’s burnt umber. Sometimes it’s a mix.)

  19. This election is horribly rigged in every way. And, yes, the media manipulation is insanely evil.

    I had a discussion about Obama with a man from Nigeria who owns a health-care supply shop in NW Indiana. As I pointed out to him signs from events in this election season and from Obama’s political history that show HIM to be the one REALLY chosen for Bush to pass the f*scist baton to, I saw this shop owner go through surprise, recognition, and, finally, concern & discomfort.

    A clerk present as this short discussion was going on, in order to bring the tone back to Obama victory, said:

    “That Joe the Plumber, isn’t even a plumber. He’s just free-lance worker without a license.”

  20. Keep posting on this topic. Until people wake up and realize that the media is really the biggest problem we have, nothing will change. This is really the fight we all need to wage by complaining to media outlets as well as telling everyone we can about the lies the media willingly sells us on. This works well if you inform people about the media’s role in getting the totally unqualified Bush elected, now that most people realize what a disaster he is.

    For example, I recently had a conversation with my inlaws who now deeply regret voting for the disaster that is Bush. I asked them if they had known that Bush had gone bankrupt more than once, engaged in insider trading, lied about his record as governor and that the Texas governorship is a largely ceremonial position which allowed Bush to work only a few hours a day in between exercise sessions, if they would have voted for him. They said there would have been no way but that they were not aware of these things all of which were a matter of public record. I pointed out that no national media outlet, liberal or conservative, covered these facts even though these facts were well recorded by the mainstream media in Texas, which is how I knew about them.

    The media not only overlooked Bush’s huge flaws in selling the public on Bush, they perpetrated lies about Gore pushed by the RNC. Al Gore not only never claimed to have invented the internet, he was actually one of the main people responsible for getting the internet created because he had the vision to see its potential and kept harassing his colleagues in the Senate until they agreed to fund it. (I have even heard Newt Gingrich say this.) The Republicans did not want the public to realize that Gore had this kind of vision so they decided to turn it into a joke which our “mainstream liberal media” willingly sold to the public.

    If the media had done their job in the 2000 election and told us the truth about Bush and Gore there is NO WAY Bush would have ever been elected and we would not be in this perilous situation. They are the main reason for this mess. And they have done the same kind of dishonest job selling us Obama in this election cycle, covering up his myriad flaw and his lack of any discernible principles.

    See Michael Gerson’s article in today’s Washington Post oped page for a description of Obama’s lack of principled stands. Also go to the dailyhowler.com for more about how the media treated Gore.


  21. Karolina NYC – That Joe the Plumber crap is the same bullshit I heard from a friend and colleague (male of course, who has seen no sexism in how Sarah Palin has been treated). I said, “His middle name is Joe and he is a plumber. He does not need a license because the company he works for has one. Who cares? What about the question he asked Barack Obama?”

    My friend said, rather dismissively, “The question was answered.”

    I said, “It’s the WAY the question was answered that people are upset about.”

    We have agreed not to talk about politics, because we always get into fights, but sometimes these things do come up.


  22. “Karolina NYC”
    Have you joined up with the NY group that has been going to
    campaign for McCain in PA??
    They are filling up the bus(s) as we speak for this SATURDAY’S Rally………..Sunday 10/26…..Sat.11/01….& Sun.11/02.

  23. Great Post RD! I don’t whether it is Kim the paralegal or Kim the retail worker, so how about, “just another single mother who has to work two jobs to insure her child gets an education.”

    OT, but did any of you happen to hear the little ditty about some place offering a free pizza to anyone who steals a McCain sign? So now, Obots are now advocating vandalism.

  24. all i heard this morning was about the 150,000 the campaign spent on Palin’s clothing…. barely a mention about how much the 3 men have spent on suits (not cheap, i assure you)… was it even suggested that maybe she can’t afford a wardrobe appropriate for making multiple campaign appearances every day?

  25. In the meantime…

    Celebrating 100,000 Hits with the PUMA Dames at InsightAnalytical! (Featuring Dog Testimonials and Recipes for Disaster/Democracy)


    The dogs give their views again and those recipes will be passed down for generations to come!! LOL!

  26. BPD: Did they mention how much the Obama campaign has spent on MO’s clothes? Oh I forgot his wife is off limits, but the newspapers can trash Cindy mcCain.

  27. Bravo RD! Bravo!

    Marge the Secretary here.

    Damn their warnings
    Damn their lies
    They will see the people rise

    OT but… If you think anglacel was tough on the Confluence have you seen what she had to say about Josh Marshall, Yglesias, Markos, Kevin Drum, Hamsher, Huffington, Atrios, Steve Benen, and Digby? Wow, she flat out calls them scumbags and I’m lovin it!

  28. how dare they talk about what they spend on her clothes when the obama campaign is set to send an OBSCENE 600 million dollars on this campaign. I can’t go to any website on the Internet without seeing his smirking big toothed grin. This is payback for the lobster story I’m sure. and Kim, what’s the story with the pizza. The media in NC only talks about missing Obama signs, although I have personally seen many McCain signs that have disappeared along my route to work. My co worker even admitted that her teenage brother and his friends think they are doing their patriotic duty by going around raleigh and stealing mccain signs.

  29. oh, and I’m Gary, the undercover secret agent (shh! don’t tell anyone!)

  30. RD,

    I think one of the best parts of Tito’s exchange with Corn was when he (the immigrant) had to lecture him on Constitutional rights. David Corn is obviously looking forward to an Obamonarchy.

    “Let me talk,” Munoz said to Corn. “I know the Constitution, and I know my First Amendment — ”

    “I’m not the state,” Corn said. “I can’t take that right away from you.”

    “No, no,” Munoz shot back. “Even the state, the state cannot take that right away.”

    “Right, right,” Corn quickly agreed.

    “Nobody can take that away,” Munoz said.

  31. Oh yeah – MadamaB, the semi-employed singer! At this rate, it won’t matter if taxes are raised or not – I’ll be making too little to pay any!

  32. Gary: This morning, on my way in to work,I was listening to (gulp) Fox news on XM. (I never thought I would say that.) Anyway, they said stay tuned to hear that a restaurant is offering a free pizza to anyone that brings in a stolen McCain sign. I was pulling into my office, so I didn’t get to hear the full report.

  33. Kim, saw the pizza story. Apparently this pizza parlor owner feels that McCain has abandoned MI so she will collect McCain signs for free pizza. Great business move BTW.

    She was wearing an obama08 button during the interview.

  34. 14 Days and McCain/ Palin, the US and the world will be victorious.

    Sarah looks good with the $150k worth of clothes.

    I looked good in my Flight Attendent Uniforms my company paid for for 13.5 years.

    So, they need to STFU!

  35. Boston Boomer, former secretary and elder care worker, now grad student and teacher. And I didn’t/don’t have licenses for any of those jobs! {{ Gasp! }}

  36. Madamab sings, please send me an email. So I can email you back!

  37. Big Donors Drive Obama’s Money Edge:


    Just so we know that he’s buying the presidency with money from special interests … so long public financing and the lil guy’s voice on that too

  38. Carol,

    I read about the $150k tab on clothes. I know that it was a strategic decision to basically get free publicity since it landed her in some fashion mags and maybe appeal to some women voters, but I am worried over at how the media will use it.

  39. Please vote in the PBS poll on whether Sarah Palin is qualified. They are going to be publicizing this poll widely.


  40. Heck, I want them to find one of Obama’s ex drug dealers so we can hear more about that … I still can’t believe I know more about Joe the Plumber than Barrack Obama …

    I bet we even have a copy of Joe’s birth certificate

  41. link isn’t working NH

  42. Palin and her family aren’t all that well off, so if the RNC has to spend 150k making her look good, then whatever. The media is constantly after her.

  43. Retrying link

    Here’s the link:


  44. soupcity, on October 22nd, 2008 at 9:36 am Said:

    Kim, saw the pizza story. Apparently this pizza parlor owner feels that McCain has abandoned MI so she will collect McCain signs for free pizza. Great business move BTW.

    She was wearing an obama08 button during the interview.


    If they’re stolen, she could be charged with receiving stolen property. Karma?

    There have been so many McCain signs stolen around here that it’s a “story.” We’re very Republican. A young couple was stopped by police and 22 McCain signs were found in their car as well as some drugs. It’s rare that people get caught.

    In different elections I have had a school board candidate sign stolen, Kerry sign and a Hillary sign – the only signs I’ve ever put up, and of course years apart. When they stole my Hillary sign, I got mad enough to report it to the police. They took it seriously, although there was little hope of finding the perpetrators.

  45. I’m shocked,

    cbsnews.com and abcnews.com have it on their front page.

    Yet no mention of Barry spending $600M so far on the campaign, and probably close to $800M by the end of October.

  46. taggles – You have mail.

  47. How much campaign money has Barack Obama spent on his wardrobe? Oh, right. Questioning The One is verboten.

  48. I find the clothing story to be offensive. If she dressed in Walmart clothes they would be saying she was pandering to the Walmart crowd, what a fake. She could afford to wear anything you know.

  49. You know, if I were the media, I’d be more worried about the $832,000 Obama spent on ACORN to steal the primaries, than the $150,000 the RNC spent on clothes.

    Just sayin’.

  50. I am going to be echoing some of the sentiments I have heard from Pat J. I know I am supposed to keep the faith and that we are the ones they weren’t expecting, that I shouldn’t trust polls and all that lovely talk , but I am feeling a little overwhelmed by what I am seeing and hearing.

    Is it even possible to stop BO? Has there ever been a campaign with this much money coming in or this much money spent? Has there ever been an election where the media was so in the tank, that they actually refuse to do their job and investigate the candidate? Has there ever been a candidate with so much negative history (Wright, Ayers and on and on)? Has there ever been a candidate that was this inexperienced?

    I believe the answers to all of the above are NO. Yet BO is barreling forward at breakneck speed. I am starting to think there is nothing that can stop him, not even an October surprise. Nothing that could come out would sway those Barackford Wives. They are in a trance and we are in for a very bad four years if they don’t wake up.

  51. BTW,

    in case you guys haven’t seen this yet. Palin just slammed Barry for not picking Hillary as VP.

    The Money Line:

    “When it came time for choosing, somehow Barack Obama just couldn’t bring himself to pick the woman who got 18 million votes in his primary, and that seems to be too familiar a story isn’t it?” Palin said at a rally in Henderson, NV yesterday. “How it is for so many American women that the qualifications are there, but for some reason the promotion never comes?


  52. kim,

    don’t buy into it, that’s just what they want you to think because they hope you’l be discrouaged enough to stay home. Unfortunately that tactic only works on people like them.

  53. If they’re stolen, she could be charged with receiving stolen property. Karma?


    purplefinn…. that’s what I think, and someone on fox mentioned that. We’ll see.

    Also, here in NE Ohio there is a glaring lack of presidential signs, I think that speaks volumes about the way people here are leaning, too afraid to show open support for McCain.

  54. “How it is for so many American women that the qualifications are there, but for some reason the promotion never comes?

    Sarah is now second in my eyes, only to Hillary.

  55. How much did it cost to put the O on the tail of the plane, someone tell me again?

  56. I am trying Sal, I am trying hard to keep the faith. I will say this, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will stop me from casting my vote against Obama.

  57. taggles: how much to design that once used possum seal of his?

  58. That Palin quote is truly awesome. Let someone tell me this woman isn’t a feminist. Go on, I dare ya!!!

  59. The way the press and Obama supporters have been picking Sarah apart for her appearance just imagine what had been the result if she hadn’t gotten some new clothes. Sarah is stumping every day and sometimes more than once per day. She has to have a wardrobe because the Media would pick her apart. Truely, I bet Hillary spent a lot more on her pantsuits and appearance. So What !

  60. Madamab — I admire that you are able to shelve discussion of politics in order to preserve your friendship. I am helplessly outspoken on this subject, and especially since my friends and I have been in sync on politics for the last 25 years and suddenly absolutely despise each others positions.

    Tpt/ny — I am in the Midwest taking care of an ailing family member and subletting my apartment to NYU grad students until the holidays. This area has definitely put me TOO much in touch with “the real America” in a place that is quite pro-Obama, and I would be far more comfortable had I been able to join up w/ the NY group throughout this season.

  61. How much did the Magical make me appear presidential Tour cost?? Someone please remind me.

  62. Kim,

    I think the real strategy is to get people so disheartened that they don’t even want to talk about who they’re voting for and why. I absolutely hate the way the media has gamed this election for the One.

    They tore up the Clintons and called Bill r@cist. I will tell you that us Republicans had a good laugh at that one; who in their right mind would think Bill was r@cist?

    They tore up McCain and said words like “disrespectful” and “soacialist” were r@cist code words, and that talking about Obama’s terrorist pal was also r@cist.

    Hannity was right, 2008 is the year that journalism died.

  63. msnbc has spend about 3 hours this morning destroying palin… at least CNN is focusing on relevant issues… such as the market tanking today….


  64. Obama is going to lose.


  65. There are a lot of wonderful quotes from Palin in that story. Hmmm…maybe this will influence my vote. I’m still undecided about whom to vote FOR.

  66. bostonboomer, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Vote for a third party if you have to, just don’t write in Hillary or she’ll get blamed if Obama does lose.

  67. Mawm, based on what?

    (Please! Any shred of hope!)

  68. fox new reporting on the leaked obama poll showing obama up only 2 in penn

  69. I agree with Mawm. The people that rejected Obama in the primaries will reject him in the GE. What he’s done since they last voted will only make them less likely to vote for him.

    It’s not even going to be close.

    BB – I’m not voting FOR anyone. I’m voting AGAINST Obama. I’m not happy about it, but I’m taking the nuclear option of voting McPalin. No way, no how, No Obama!

  70. bostonboomer I can help you.
    There are lots of bars in Boston and they open quite early.
    We can do this 😉

  71. Karolina NYC
    Sorry about your family member.

  72. I’m voting AGAINST Obama too, madamab, but I’m not going to leave the top of the ticket blank. I’m still deciding where to put my X.

  73. The obama campaign spending spree is benefitting the networks – advertising – they won’t call him out. Also, from what I’ve seen (my husband likes MSNBC, it is kind of like comedy central I guess… ) the MSM seems to think obama is a super great guy because he has so much money. Instant membership in the he-man woman haters club.

  74. not that I’m much of a drinker, boomer, but this is a “special occasion”

  75. I’m not sure what you mean, catarina. But I don’t go to bars. I gave all that up way back in the early ’80s.

  76. Mawm: I still cannot believe that the polsters are showing an Obama win in NC. I just don’t see it, do you and Gary think that the polls are correct there? I am originally from Morganton and I just don’t see it.

    I would, however, have to agree that there are a lot of voters keeping mum on their choice this year. I normally have a sign in the yard and a bumper sticker on my car. Not this year, I moved to a very diverse neighborhood, that is being rejuvenated. I got much more for my money and have a beautiful condo. However, I have seen quite a few Obamessiah t-shirts and I know being outspoken would be detrimental to my health.

  77. Don’t they try to estimate the demographic of “registered” voters based on the registration numbers? I’m SURE NC had lots of help from ACORN with GOTV – who knows who will actually vote.

  78. No one put the media up to this. The MSM represents the winners in our society and Obama is the sort of Democratic they can embrace-basically a Republican. As for the Left-wing media, they took Obama’s single anti-war speech and his skin color and from that manufactured the progressive hero of their dreams, and no matter how much evidence emerges to the contrary they can’t face the reality. (That is unlikely to change if he wins: no matter how bad Obama is as President, they will always claim both Hillary and McCain would have been worse.)

    And as a postscript, can we leave George Soros out of all this? He really doesn’t run the world behind the scenes, and focusing on him has (however unintentionally) the creepy feel of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories of the past.

  79. I wanted the Dems to care about winning, esp. after choosing a lackluster candidate like Kerry. But I didn’t want them to care about winning so much that would become Rovian. I am so happy now that I freed myself from political parties!

  80. I’m planning to vote for Nadar. So far I don’t think I can vote for McCain. If he would come out swinging — like he really means to win then I might consider it. But, I am not going to compromise my vote (well I guess a vote for Nadar is a bit of a compromise but considering I agree with Every SINGLE Thing in his platform — not much of one) for a guy who isn’t using all the ammunition he’s got in what could be a close race.

    I’d feel like an idiot if he lost without using the Wright issue. And if the Whitey tapes exist — and McCain knows it — AND he loses without using them??? Bleh.

  81. Madamab, I hope so, but even the voting machines are so insecure in so many states. I guess that makes a difference only if the election is close, so I hope the Palin-McCain ticket has to win in a landslide. (But, please, not a mandate for McCain!)

  82. Mawm,

    I agree absolutely. The media keeps telling us it’s all over. The media panders to Obama constantly and tears McCain/Palin to shreds and still the best they can say in the polls is that it’s close? With all that going for him plus a majority of people loathing Bush and he still can close the deal?

    It’s the Democrat’s year and he should be double digits ahead across the board. That plus the quiet anger of people who don’t dare put up their lawn signs for fear of reprisals tells me that Obama is not leading except in the minds of the Obamamedia.

    And personally I’ve had it up to hear with Obamabot friends and family calling me names for not supporting Obama. If it means that much to them that they attack a family member or a friend of many years to support ANY damn political candidate, then I don’t need them in my life. Ever!

  83. {{{{{{Katibird}}}}}}

    I hardly ever see you anymore.

  84. I agree with bb: don’t leave that top of the ticket blank. I had intended to, but there is just too much fraud potential. Vote McCain, Green, Libertarian, whatever. Write-in votes are subject to complicated rules. Don’t risk your ballot.

  85. tdraicer, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:23 am

    I wasn’t aware anyone had accused Soros of owning the media. I think we all agree that the media is doing this out of Obama love. The kind of devotion they’ve shown to him cannot be done with a gun at their head.

    Plus I thought he was Greek, not Jewish.

  86. bb
    I’m all talk-one beer and I’d be leveled-but if I could pre-medicate myself on election day (and through the night) I certainly would.
    I made up my mind to vote for Mac long ago but every time he makes some dumb comment about liberal feminists or choice I cringe and wonder if I can actually go through with it.
    Usually a small dose of what the O camp is up to gets me through it and I get my resolve back but damn, it’s hard.

  87. Hi Kim, I’m almost always here (in my guise as the hard-hearted-moderator) but since getting the flu I’ve been too tired and discouraged to comment much.

    This election has been totally exhausting for me. I guess it’s because I don’t see a “win” for me with any of the candidates.

  88. And happily, my own is very much on this most important topic: the so called new media has this in common with the old one: the hatred of the people (and the Clintons, of course)

  89. KB,

    hope you’re getting better 🙂 Would prefer you vote McCain, but as long as you’re voting for Barky 😛

  90. err that should be NOT voting for Barky

  91. bleh, indeed, Katie.
    where are the big guns? where are the cannons?
    I don’t believe Mac to be the “nice guy” the campaign has tried to portray. We know he can be downright nasty. So wtf is he doing?

  92. Karolina NYC,

    Polls are BS,

    I can’t find many Dems that support him,

    the right is energized by Palin,

    Everyone knows the media is shilling for him,

    He hasn’t made anyone trust him more,

    He couldn’t close the deal on Clinton what makes anyone think things have changed. If anything, he is looking nastier.

    People hate being called racist.

    Joe the Plumber

    John McCain is campaigning in Penn. If he were down, he would be in Red states.

    My gut tells me so. The American people are not going to hand over the reins to this empty suit no matter what Hollywood tells them to do.

  93. tdraicer — I don’t think that most people even think of Soros as jewish, especially since he worked against them w/ the N*zis. Definitely not a jewish conspiracy.

  94. catarina, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:31 am

    You have to understand the disgusting smear campaign ran against him in 2000 by Bush. McCain is an honorable person, who has genuine conflicts about runnign a negative campaign. His statements on Ayers during the debate and on stump speeches are typically lackluster.

  95. No, KB, there is no “winning” for us this year. We’ve got to accept that fact. If McCain wins, it’s just step one in a much harder battle.

    My husband and I were thinking of maybe trying to have children this year. After the market crashed, however, we realized how tough the next four years are going to be.

    We will get through it together, but it’s not going to be easy. Even if Hillary were President, it would not be easy. We are going to have to PUMA up and help each other!

  96. Mawm, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:31 am

    The American People might not, but my fear is that Mickey and Minnie Mouse will 😦

  97. tdraicer, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:23 am Said:

    And as a postscript, can we leave George Soros out of all this? He really doesn’t run the world behind the scenes, and focusing on him has (however unintentionally) the creepy feel of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories of the past.


    I linked to the Soros article. It was primarily about others. I’m kind of clueless as to who is Jewish and who is not. I’ll watch for conspiracy theorists in the future.

    From other sources I have found that indeed Soros does back Obama and that he is influential. I do think we need to follow the money, and I would be happy to learn of other big backers.

  98. Hi Sal (thanks for the good wishes)

    At this point I can’t see myself voting for McCain. He’s running these Anti-Liberal: Tax, Tax, TAX commercials that I think are a total waste of money. Plus (as a liberal) they are insulting to me. A vote for him would say that I don’t approve of taxes (at all) and that’s just not true. Also it would say that I’m against Liberal Values (and THAT’S certainly not true)

    If he was running those jazzy-creative ads from last summer then I’d consider it. If he was running like he really wanted to win then I’d consider it.

    But, at this point I just don’t think I’m going to do it.

  99. Well, Julie the working-two-jobs-to-get-my-kid-though-private-school retain worker/customer service rep got an email from an Obie friend stating that the Palins’ combined net worth is $2 million, and that this makes her out of touch with the middle-class compared to Obama who only makes $250,000. Yeah.

    As for Palin’s wardrobe? Is it a problem because McCain’s using public funding and Obama insane and offensive excesses are financed by private funds? ‘Cause if that’s the case, no candidates in the future will choose public financing if they have to have every penny they spend questioned.

  100. TheRealKim,

    Seeing polls that show NC close are what makes all the polls really suspicious. There is no way Obama will win NC. It just isn’t going to happen. The only support Obama will have is in the cities and even that is soft.
    They think if they lie enough, the lie will become the truth, but fortunately for us, the vote is secret and they can’t intimidate and bully people with peer pressure and humiliation. In fact, because of their strong arm tactics and the overwhelming media bias, I think McCain is going to win in a landslide.

  101. Sal, “how do we beat the bitch, good question” comes to mind.
    JM can be mean and ill-tempered. I just have to wonder- why the kid gloves now?

    I get it, KB. Does this guy want to win, or what?
    Take care of yourself-the election is making a lot of people run down and sick!

  102. katiebird, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Can’t blame you for your dilema. In fact I feel sorry for all PUMAs for the unenviable position you’ve all been placed in. I never thought I’d see so many people gte chucked from their party for simply not “getting on the train”.

  103. Julie, right here with you. Two jobs and no end in sight.

    I have to say, I do not for a moment believe the Palin’s net worth is 2 mil, just don’t. I mean for Christ sakes, they built their own home.

  104. Sal, it won’t even be close enough for them to cheat. I am not special. Neither is my mother or cousin. We have all been loyal Democrats our entire life. None of us is going to vote for Obama. If we have come to this decision, so have have thousands of other Dems. Even ones who have never read a PUMA blog.
    Obama, for all is posturing, is not going to get any Republicans to vote for him. If there is even a small percentage of Dems you go McCain, Obama would need all the independents, but even in the biased polls we are seeing today, McCain wins independents, so where is Obama’s support? Answer: It doesn’t exist. ITs exactly what Paul Begala said. It’s AAs and Latte Liberals. Definitely not a winning coalition.

    The media is all sound and fury signifiying nothing.

  105. Just reading that makes me feel better Mawm. Thanks! BTW, my mother, the little suth’en belle that she is, who rarely ever uses bad language, it just ain’t proper, actually asked me if people had lost their
    f!#king minds voting for this empty madhatter.

  106. catarina, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:39 am

    I read on NQ that he’s not using the big guns because he doesn’t want to tear up the country should Obama win in November.

    Personally, I think that Wright issue should have torpeodoed his campaign before Super Tuesday if the media had been digging through Obama’s garbage instad of trying to sort through Hillary’s laundry. I mean seriously, a little 15 second exageration about sniper fire, and that kills her, but a 20 year RELATIONSHIP with someone like that and it only gets 3 days of play?!?

    Bah, I’m still annoyed everytime I think of this. Mind you, I’m not even a HRC supporter.

  107. OT

    How STUPID is John Kerry?

    The DEPENDS remark:

    His HEINZ wife is just about the same age as John
    McCain.(at least FIVE years older than John = 70)…..

    I hope he got his ‘just desserts’ when he got home!!!

  108. julie, your friend is wrong. Obama doesn’t miss an opportunity to shove how rich he is in everyone’s faces. he constantly says that “people like him” should pay higher taxes because they can afford it. I seriously doubt he could afford his mansion and 10,000 dollar piano lessons for his kids on 250,000 a year. besides, I read that michelle alone makes over 300,000, and his books have brought in millions. he likes people to know that he is rich.

  109. Mawm I hope that you are right that all of this will prevail, and that there won’t be enough “corrupt voting techniques” used to sway the election in the Obama direction.

  110. Mawm,

    thanks for the encouraging post. you’ve just reminded me that every poll I’ve seen samples less than 33% Republicans, and I’m positive that number is nowhere near that low.

  111. I used to like Mark Morford’s writing over at SFGate.com – but after reading his columns this year during the primaries and now, the GE, I can’t stand him. I still can’t get off his email listing and usually just delete his incoming, but today’s column was on “The Undecideds” and I girded my loins and went to the site.

    Here is the sentence that spoke volumes to me of the arrogance and elitism of the “progressives.”

    “And let’s just say it outright: Even if you can’t tell much difference between Obama’s and McCain’s tax policies or approaches to Pakistan or whatnot, the difference in intuitive energies, in sheer vibrational attitude, between the calm, deeply intelligent Harvard-trained senator and the curmudgeonly war hawk with a nasty temper are so profound as to keep entire nations awake at night. It’s a bit like choosing between a glass of wine and a beer bong full of turpentine and carpet tacks. Sure you can ingest them both, but come on. ”

    I lived in the Bay Area for 30 years, so I am used to terms like intuitive energies and vibrational attitude – but the calm, deeply intelligent Harvard trained senator??? Mark has definitely replaced the wine with koolaid.

  112. Well, I live in Italy. I remember being very happy a few years back to get internet radio.
    I followed Kerry thru WNYC.org and adored it.

    But then something happened-it was NPR news. The newsreader came on, said Berlusconi was visiting Bush-so far so good, I knew that.

    Then she added that NO Italian troops had been killed in combat so far. What???????

    On that very day in Italy there were State funerals, and a National day of Mourning for 40 soldiers who had been killed at Nassiriya in Iraq .

    Ok, it had been a truck loaded with explosives which had driven into their barracks-technically they had not been killed in combat. But it sounded so much as if they were reading a government handout. It would have been so easy to check by phoning anyone over here.

    I was so disappointed in NPR. I haven’t listened to it this election at all. And BBC is even worse.

    I wonder how Obama will treat the Press if he gets elected-the same way he does now, I s’pose thru memos…..

  113. biden changes his campaign slogan at recent stump speech… lol

  114. Sal
    i read that too-but the f-ing country is ALREADY torn apart, isn’t it?
    I’m still holding out hope that there will be a good surprise. Wonder if they are holding back so it hits too close to 11/4 for the media to brush it off and change the subject.
    How do you leave “god damn amerikkka” off the table”

  115. Comparing “net worth” to “income” is silly. Net worth includes things like your TV, cars, toys and retirement accounts. Don’t they own a fishing business? Net worth in the case of the Palins would include the “value” of the boat and other stuff related to the business.

    Oh, and in Alaska, everything costs more so I would think the “value” might be higher.

  116. Tpt/ny, thank you.

  117. Mawm, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:45 am Said:


    I keep telling myself that, and I believe it…but we don’t want to overlook the fact that I’m sure SOME new voters (low-information as they may be, since they just “suddenly” are interested in politics because of skin tone) will go to the polls…so it all comes down to just how many new black folk voters, and youth show up…

    I think it might be a close one, but I still think historically McCain has the edge.

  118. I can’t see myself voting for McCain, but I CAN see myself voting for the woman and the 30% solution. I’m seriously considering it. As I’ve said before, I will make up my mind when I get into the voting booth. I may not even tell anyone how I vote. It’s that special and important to me this year.

    Catarina– Massachusetts used to close the bars and liquor stores on election day. I guess that’s changed. Maybe people need to get fortified in order to vote for the crummy candidates we have gotten in recent years.

  119. jjmtacoma, I was looking up home prices in Alaska, because I assumed you could get a house up there for very little. I was completely wrong. Home prices in Alaska seem to be about double what they are in NC.

  120. Breeze
    here’s how stupid Kerry is-excerpt from Kerry/Beatty debate:

    too bad the whole debate isn’t on vid. Beatty brought a few vets to the studio who had called Kerry’s office for help and their calls were never returned. priceless.

  121. Maybe these poll samples do that b/c more people are registered as Democrats. But what we know is that despite that registration, many Dems vote for Republican presidents. This will be a squeaker for either candidate, not the landslides of 1964, 1972, 1984. There will be no mandate. The media keeps calling Obama the juggernaut, but even if their poll numbers were correct, he isn’t winning by much. Nixon was MORE popular. Maybe Nixon was the Messiah…and we didn’t know…uhoh

  122. catarina, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:51 am Said:

    How do you leave “god damn amerikkka” off the table”
    jesus (Obama)


    That’s how his supporters justify God Damn Amerikkka

    I’m with you, I think the country is really divided already. I tink it was Politico that had the story that McCain was afraid of being painted a r@cist if he used a black pastor against Obama. Apparently, if you’re a qualified white male with proven ledadership abilities, you are not allowed to say anything about color. Score one point for the media.

  123. destardi, AA voters already show up to the polls in larger percentages than any other group, and all the new people registered by ACORN and the like will be somewhat flaky and won’t all show up.

  124. Even is Obama wins (please no…. pleeeease no) the fight isn’t over, and we cannot allow him to win with any margin that would signal a mandate nor can we allow the media to get off the hook for their hijacking of the American public

  125. BB: I wasn’t going to vote for our incumbant governor this year because she played with race baiting and endorse obama, but the GOP candidate is clearly full of shit, promising crap like “teacher pay for performance” (as if it could be done in any reasonable way) and advertising about lost sex offenders…

    So I am contemplating giving her my vote after all. I’m not happy about it but there isn’t a 3rd choice and choosing between two lousy, lying choices… I’m thinking maybe the 30% solution is my fall back here.

  126. Just heard about this on Fox and had to find a link — a candle with a picture of Obama as Jesus:

  127. Sal, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:58 am Said:

    What is really sad…is even as I wrote my previous post a few comments up, I felt a twinge of “oh, am I being racist?” with invocation of ‘skin tone’ even though it’s pretty well acknowledged alot of black folk are voting for uhbama because of ‘racial pride.’

    I hate the indoctrination I’ve undergone in public school…because I wasn’t even aware of it!!!

    I’ve dated outside of my race…people are people. But I refuse to hear “it’s a black thing” or “it’s a white thing”. It’s BS!! If you want true equality, men, women, straight, gay, black, white, you have to buck up and deal with life

  128. Yeah, I didn’t even get into the sheer stupidity of claiming Obama has a deeper connection to the middle class. The things pointed out here are things that should be obvious to my friend with a Master’s Degree, but she just doesn’t want to see it.

    BTW, Kim – you don’t happen to work for a very large retail chain, do you?

  129. jjmtacoma,

    I’ve bought into the 30% solution. I am going to be looking for women to vote for from now on. I’m disgusted with both parties.

  130. bb-I didn’t know that MA closed bars on election day!

    Maybe the laws have changed so Acorn can bring absentee ballots to the bars and people won’t have to leave their stools.
    Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this to be over.

    After spending yesterday in Cambridge my nerves are just shot.
    After being exposed to O on every car and corner I actually started wondering if so many people are supporting Obama maybe there is just something wrong with my brain..
    What a great big mind f**k.

  131. jjmtacoma, on October 22nd, 2008 at 11:01 am

    fyi, Obama says the same thing about teacher pay for performance, I think. BTW I’m not sure at all if that’s feasible, wouldn’t it simply encourage teachers to lower their testing standards?? And if it’s done based on a state wide test, don’t they already have those?

    What state are you from BTW?

  132. I need someone to search our archives for the post we did early in the primary season about Michelle Obama’s transformation into Jackie Kennedy by a high paid stylist.
    Palin’s line could be, “sure I got a What Not to Wear makeover but at least they made me look like me and not some imitation Kennedy. Btw, Senator Obama, how much did your fancy Mad Men suits cost?”

  133. Sal, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:58 am Said:
    rut-roh..i’m in moderation cuz of the “r * c * st” term.

    What is really sad…is even as I wrote my previous post a few comments up, I felt a twinge of “oh, am I being r*c*st?” with invocation of ’skin tone’ even though it’s pretty well acknowledged alot of black folk are voting for uhbama because of ‘racial pride.’

    I hate the indoctrination I’ve undergone in public school…because I wasn’t even aware of it!!!

    I’ve dated outside of my race…people are people. But I refuse to hear “it’s a black thing” or “it’s a white thing”. It’s BS!! If you want true equality, men, women, straight, gay, black, white, you have to buck up and deal with life

  134. I hear ya destardi. That crap is drilled into your heads at a very young age. I’m a minority and I feel like I need to check myself everytime I say something about race!

  135. Mawm – John Kerry got 94% of the AA vote. I just don’t think it’s going to be that big a factor this year.

    What is really going to make a difference is the female vote and the over 65 vote. Just the constituencies that Obama has thrown under the bus.

    If we get enough women and older people to show up to the polls and vote McCain, Obama will lose in a landslide.

  136. Catarina:

    Here’s hoping that Beatty buries

    those SKULL AND BONES!!!

  137. Riverdaughter, are you thinking of this post?

    Michelle also had a make-over a little later in the campaign that she revealed on The View (I think) I’ll poke around to see if we talked about that here as well.

  138. Just caught this vid. Not interested in talking about Rove nor am I a fan of his (ugh), but this kind of physical violence is seriously getting too far. What’s going to happen if Obama wins and they deem us to be the enemy next (if they haven’t already).


  139. to god’s ears, breeze.
    beatty’s integrity is impressive and my bullshitometer works prety well.

  140. Sal – don’t worry, we won’t be having any random protesters coming up to haul us away, of that I’m sure. Obama will just use his Civilian Security Force to do it.

    I wish to God people would wake the f#@k up!

  141. JulieS9164, on October 22nd, 2008 at 11:14 am

    You’re depressing me. I need Mawm back with his optimistic posts. 😀

  142. On the polls. the survey usa poll in NC has the race tied. lets compare how they’re breaking down the demos to 2004 exit polls:

    SUSA has 18-34 y/o making up 30% of electorate and they go Obama +11

    Exit poll 04 has 18-29 at 14% and they went Kerry +13

    SUSA has 35-49 at 31% and they go McCain +1

    Exit poll 04 had 30-44 at 33% and they went Bush +24

    SUSA has 50+ at 40% with about a +10 mccain

    Exit 04 had 45+ 52% going +15 bush

    SUSA also samples 44% dems, 39% repubs, and 17% indies

    in 04 it was repub 40% dem 39% and 21 indies

    AND the exit polls were off in kerry’s favor by 8 points in nc.

    long story short. no way obama wins nc.

  143. retired railroader who works part time at a commuter railroad who stopped watching msm last year.
    Years ago I used to work for the Phila Inquirer before all the mergers and closing of newspapers.
    Alot of the problem is there is no longer independent newspapers, most are owned by the same people
    In todays media few stiffle the voices of many.

    We need an internet newspaper that checks the facts and broadcasts them to many.

    I truly believe there is a quiet wave of THOSE PEOPLE who will not vote for backtrack under any circumstances.



  144. oh, forgot to add. bush won NC by +8

  145. Right on Madamab. By the way, Isis the kitten is speaking out about ACORN’s Fraud:


  146. Kerry won the AA vote in NC almost 9-1 and he still lost by 8 pts.

  147. Like that data, Gary! Thanks for providing it.

  148. Please people do not get discouraged.
    God Forbid backtrack should win but if it happens
    remember the way this country was started a few overcoming great obstacles, also remember the French Resistance.
    We will not lay down and play dead or go quietly into the night while he destroys democracy.



  149. well if Mawm isn’t here with his optimism, gary will do I guess 😛

  150. madamab, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:35 am Said:

    My husband and I were thinking of maybe trying to have children this year. After the market crashed, however, we realized how tough the next four years are going to be.

    madamab, please!! let me encourage you – breed!! I don’t know about your husband, but people with your looks, talent, intelligence and ability, need to pump out a few ankle-biters. What a horrible thought that a market crash could impel you to delay. You might be a little poorer in terms of cash, but think how much richer you – and we – will be seeing the beaming face(s) of your little kinder.

  151. On the Puma Pac site they have a blog called Overnight Art. Everyone should read post #73. It explains perfectly what happened during the Great Depression and it applies today.

    The rich didn’t suffer during the depression, they just did NOT invest to make more money.

  152. madamab, on October 22nd, 2008 at 10:35 am Said:

    My husband and I were thinking of maybe trying to have children this year. After the market crashed, however, we realized how tough the next four years are going to be.

    If you think too much about having or not having children and when, it will never happen, IMHO and experience. It does not lend itself to an intellectual excursion.

  153. Thanks, Gary! I needed that.

    (sorry Sal!)

  154. madamab — I have to agree with urge to compute here — there is never a “perfect” time to have children & there will always be a “reason” to wait. Don’t. My mom always says that we women today wait too long to have kids and then start thinking too much about it & getting worried about it. She thinks that it was better in her day (married at 19, had me when she was 20, my brother when she was 21) — she & my father were young & with no “money” when they married and had us but they were “too young & stupid to think we should wait and it is a good thing we didn’t or we might never have had you” (her words). In sum, like the Nike commercial says: Just Do It.

  155. Just to chime in that it’s not too late, remember that late deciders, in some polls upwards of 10+% in some polls, will not break BZero’s way if the primary was any indication. In addition, BZero had a high water mark in every primary poll that he never exceeded and so there’s hope at any time his poll numbers are below 50%. Combine that will his under drawing votes as opposed to his poll numbers and he has a right to be nervous. Finally, in all these polls watch closely the “likely numbers” calculation. Pollsters “push, shove, cajole” respondents into making a selection. When pushed, there is a higher “social desirability” factor in the answers meaning that a higher percentage of respondents will “go along to get along” and thereby less predictability for soft responders. I guess this puts me squarely with Mawm and Gary in my outlook.

  156. madamb,

    my wife and I were in the same boat. we were actually seriously considering to wait till after the election to try for children or not.

  157. Oh I forgot—art director and graphic designer, currently away on family duty.

  158. well, geez-these are some crazy times for people, and it goes beyond finances. Who wants to be pregnant and stressed out?

  159. Apparently, the NY Post has printed a retraction on its reportage of the lobster and Iranian caviar splurge that Michelle Obama had reportedly indulged.

  160. My second roommate just showed up. Nice.

    Gotta go peeps.

  161. Self-employed product launch consultant (the Launch Doctor) “between projects” here…and yes, I do identify with Joe the Plumber! I’m an entrepreneur, too, and Barky will make life impossible for those of us who are trying to survive in this economy.

    I proudly cast my vote for McCain-Palin and sent in my CA absentee ballot yesterday. I’m so mad at the Dems, I voted all Repub down-ticket. I also voted for all the women in local races, followed by non-incumbents. Throw the bums out, and women rule!
    I’m feeling feisty.

    As for the media…we still have the power of the purse. Stop those newspaper subscriptions if you have them, boycott advertisers, write letters to the editor non-stop, and generally let them know: We Don’t Care What You Think!!!

  162. It is time we took control of our lives back from the people whose goal is to manipulate our perceptions. We must trust one another and resist the power of the media narrative. When we put them back in their place, we’ll be back in charge of our own lives for the first time in 15 years.


    I just had a meeting with a small landscaping company. My parents are aging, and they need help maintaining their house/yard. I met with them to discuss an annual maintenance plan. The four of us stood in the chilly New England morning and talk wandered to the economy and then politics. Four Joe the Plumbers, if you will. It was great. We/they could all see through the manipulation and distortion of both parties and the media. The greed, lies, and manipulation. It’s just common sense folks, and the average person is FED UP! Who are these vain, elitist, self-serving “kings” who have annointed themselves our rules in a democracy. To the Barricades, indeed! I think it’s time for organized resistance. If we can come up with a clever, simple appeal to boycott the media, I think most Americans would love it. Did you see the confrontation between the Colombian worker and David Corn of Mother Jones? “Why have you gone after Joe the Plumber and we hear about him all day long, and you don’t investigate Bill Ayers? Why?”

    If we don’t organize a resistance on a grassroots level, they will not stop.

  163. madamab-sal
    don’t wait too long-you’ll regret it.

    Anyway now is a good time to have a baby. A baby takes up an enormous amount of time, and if you’re unemployed you’ll have that time now-who knows later. The more time you spend with a baby and an under five, the better they turn out and the closer they’ll be to you for the rest of their lives.

  164. Madamab
    Many years ago when I was having my first child (who is now a grandmother while I am only 21) a woman approched me on the street and started telling me what a bad time it was to have a child.
    I asked her when was a good time?
    Look at history. just from the 1800s
    the civil war
    migration west
    work houses
    crime in the twenties
    the depression
    the housing shortage
    the Korean war
    the Viet Nam war
    There is never a perfect time to have a child.
    You and your husband do what you feel is right but if you are waiting for a perfect time, it ain’t going to happen.
    Good Luck in what ever you decide.



  165. Don’t worry about the national polls and stop talking about Obama winning. He is going to lose! Check the battle ground state polls and here is what you will find, Rasmussen has McCain up by 9 in West Virginia, up by 2 in Ohio, up by 1 in Florida and down by 3 in North Carolina. Zogby has McCain up by 6.5 in Nevada, tied in Colorada and tied in new Mexico. Obama staff person put out a memo to 700 people stating they were concerned that Obama was only up by 2 points in Pennsylvania.If McCain wins Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania it will be a big win.

  166. The man constrained by his party’s ideology selected a woman to be his VP – she can be the first in over 200+ so we can see what she is capable of or maintain the status quo of men only in the White House.

  167. “If the Republicans destroyed the country, they had a LOT of help from the media”.

    True indeed!!!!! The U.S. media is now a propaganda machine! Dare I say The Iraqi war would have been without the media’s help? Its really disgusting.

  168. I’m not so pessimistic about McCain being ‘constrained by his party’s ideology’. Palin is McCain’s homage to Hillary. McCain befriended Hillary in the senate win no one else would. He is a MAVERICK.

    He is also only going to serve one term. If at the end of a long road for the presidency and at the end of his natural life, you’d have to say that John McCain has nothing to lose at this point. He therefore can do the very things he says in his speeches.

    What a novel concept. Keeping one’s promises.

  169. Did you all see that Ben Bernake has endorsed Obama????

    Who’s next: George Bush?

  170. Sorry, I wandered off to feed the kiddo.

    I am from Washington State.

  171. Hee – thanks for the encouragement, everyone! We shall see. Like it or not, financial concerns are a reality we all must face.

    New post up on the economy!

  172. So we’re supposed to vote for the person that [temporarily] has the lowest income, but the biggest donors?
    If we’re going to elect a poor person, I’m here to throw my hat into the ring.

    And I could use a makeover; I’m always complaining to the Kid about how the BBC What Not to Wear often had older women, but the American WNTW can’t find a damn woman in America over 40. Of course, as Kathy Bates said, we’re invisible.

  173. Oh my god!!!! I am so sick of Obama that I could spit! I am watching him on fox news right now showing off his “Foriegn Affairs Team”; why doesn’t he just take the Oath of Office too! What an arrogant ass! This cat is more arrogant than GWBush! I never though I could see that, but here O is introducing us to his team and explaining what Biden “really” meant.
    I am thinking narcissistic tendencies with no base in reality. I would put him in private therapy sessions and in a group setting to work through his dishonesty problem, his ego and his unrealistic self love.
    As far as what Biden said; unless our ears are bad we heard it ourselves bambi and we know what he means. We don’t need your (excuses!) explainations. But Bambi just feels better if he can speak to us as if we are all children and we need guidance.
    From whom? The sophomore?
    And the fools voting for him; the new socialists that don’t want to do anything but wear black and be a vigilante, send them to a real hell hole on the globe and make them stay there until they cry Uncle Sam! They abuse their rights as Americans and do not know how lucky they are to be able to riot, or say take in a movie, or have dinner on the Avenue safe in America. Please! Or, the intellectuals that cannot give it up; they actually stupid and are being used! Admission of that fact would cost them their intellectual id cards? The downtroddin that gave up, or do not care and what, want a handout?
    Yeah, like I saw them in class when I was broke and in need and going through at self pay because I wanted to do it myself? Where is the incentive for people like me MR. O?
    Give me a break! I saw through everything this time and nothing will ever look the same.

  174. wow, madamab-looks like the pressure is on-you’d better get busy 😉
    I’m always in awe of your good humor!

  175. Sarah Palin did not have many clothes because she has FIVE kids and they are dressed and shod before she and Todd like in normal families that also give Christmas and birthday gifts to their children. Her 15 year old ALASKA clothes do not wear very well in Florida, Texas, or California since there is about a 50 degree F difference in climate from her natural habitat. Are these Obama people that stupid?

  176. Awww! I loved this post. Rd the Chemist — from me the ex-therapist. To the barricades all righty. I woke up thinking you know, what comes next?

    That list you made? It was strange to see it. 15 years ago I was about to start grad school, worked for a paper and all the parents were alive. Now, none of these things are true anymore and my beautiful boat is gone.

    And I had to watch Hillary lose to the most corrupt thing that has ever materialized. Ever. A thing that is a fund raising machine that plans on destroying this place we all live. It’s too horrifying to contemplate. Plus, I really felt for Gary on what Palin just said. Here is CA it is the same. They want to overthrow the marriage thing. I’m really sorry about that, for people. I thought I knew my state better than I do. At least I thought we were the most liberal place in the world.

    To me it seems the elected officials are no better than the corrupt Enron types. No better.

    This is just a totally scary, evil situation we are seeing manifest — like the whole thing is out of control. At first it was a sigh of relief that we were going to have Hillary. After the last eight years. This is truly between a rock and a hard place for all the Joes and Joettes in this country — being forced to accept a regime — now — who is responsible for it, truly. Who?

    At least McC has a plan for job creation — because I think we are going to see mayhem in the streets if it gets worse for people.

    All I can think about is that little bear in North Carolina. It’s disgusting. Disgusting. This whole election is fraught with things none of us have ever seen before…from the insults, to the narcissism, to the misogyny — and I think I know who is responsible, no? Yes, there is only one person responsible for this mess and we all know who that is. That bear is an omen.


    hugs RD & Co. RD, your voice is like Molly Brown on the Titanic, my friend. Molly Brown! Thank you RD for keeping our spirits afloat! You do.

  177. I have not found one AA in my circle of business colleagues and friends who are in favor of Obama – mainly because they believe he is so lacking that they are afraid he will ruin chances of future AA leaders.
    Ooops – semi-retired business development consultant –
    Madamab – the time is right when there seems to be something missing – I called our two sons our “little chunks of love” and now we have two little “grand-chunks of love” 🙂

  178. Oops again. RD – your posts just keep getting better and better – indeed to the barricades!



  180. Bill O’Reilly said awhile ago that JM needed to announce some of his Cabinet apointees to give the public more confidence. I think that time is now.

  181. Joanelle: what is semi-retired?

    I like the term. I left paid-work in IT a year ago after 20 years of: “well, you know, we can’t promote you this year because xyz” or I was too nice to my staff/team/customers, or I just didn’t have the credibility of Bob in meetings and that’s why MY ideas presented by HIM were better … Not that I have any bitterness over the whole thing!

    I may go get some more school for fun and then contract later when my daughter is in school. ** Note to Madam, 18 + 37 = 55

  182. hatshepsut: I thought that months ago (oh, Hillary!), but I don’t think it would get any play in the MSM. They are covering up too much or downplaying any evil.

  183. How much has Michele O spent on clothing & accessories? If this is an issue for SP, then it’s now an issue for MO. Personally, I could care less what they wear, but not the news is all over it.

  184. Thought I’d throw this out there:

    New AP national poll today showing the race essentially tied: Obama 44, McCain 43.

    Rasmussen showing McCain ahead, again, in Ohio, Florida and tied in Pennsylvania.

    Zogby (if you trust him) showing McCain winning Nevada, Missouri, and Ohio; basically tied in Colorado and New Hampshire.

    And then I read an article on The Hill reporting that police forces in major cities (nuff said) are doubling “on duty” election day. Guess they ‘re listening to James Carville and Donna Brazille.

  185. Joanelle,

    The last SUSA national poll , in the internals, showed 22% of African Americans voting for McCain/Palin.

    2 days later, Colin Powell endorsed Obama , to staunch the bleeding.

    I’m guessing upper-middle class professional Blacks don’t want to “spread the wealth,” either.

  186. I’m not upper middle class, but I am professional and Black. I don’t what little I’ve got to be spread around, but more importantly, I’m not in favor of hiring someone with little experience for this job, and what experience and references he has are terrible.

  187. you said it elderj!

  188. Thank you, elderj, for speaking up, in a rational and professional way.

    I agree with you: it’s not his race; it’s his lack of experience and resume, and terrible references.

    The last time I bothered to read the “great” Digby, she urged her readers to vote for the “Symbol,” even if he wasn’t qualified or progressive. It broke my heart to read it.

    Thank you again for your honest response.

  189. > I don’t think that most people even think of Soros as jewish, especially since he worked against them w/ the N*zis. Definitely not a jewish conspiracy.

    Soros is Jewish, he did not work with the Nazis, and he has been the victim of conspiracy theories (until this year mostly from the Right) ever since he started using his money to promote democracy in Eastern Europe. Like a lot of people he has badly misread Obama, but he is not some evil puppet-master.

  190. I have a bigger problem with the media than with Obama, although I am voting against both.

  191. If the Republicans destroyed the country, they had a LOT of help from the media, especially the Broderites of the Village who presume to tell us what we think and believe.

    I stopped listening to Rachel Maddow shortly after she said to Tucker Carlson, “You know, liberals think Hillary Cinton is a Republican.”

    [/snide] Thank you , Rachel, by the way, for telling me what to think, otherwise I would actually look at the facts and determine her to be a liberal (unlike Obama)….

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