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(It’s Not Easy) Being PUMA

As Sheri Tag, host of “No We Won’t” on PUMA UNITED RADIO said on BettyJean Kling’s inaugural BlogTalkRadio show, “Free US Now“:

It’s not easy being PUMA.

So right you are, Sheri, and congratulations to BettyJean on her new show.

Just like Kermit, we may not be as flashy-sparkly as the others. For us, our opponents appear to have so much going, with their money and their trappings. (Huh, didn’t that used to be the Repubs?) But we are heartfelt, true, and committed to our cause.

Paula Abeles, tireless co-founder of Real Democrats, aptly states the case about the crux of our protest: the right to free speech and the right to vote. In this video from their latest canvassing in Ohio, Abeles proffers our beef about ACORN, Obama’s nosing Hillary and us out of her nomination, and his attempted Iraqi October surprise (oh, no, Mr. Bill!)

A case in point. What’s interesting, and very sad for me, is that after I published my first version of this post on Lady Boomer NYC, about it not being that easy to be a PUMA, one of my dearest friends wrote a response to the comments on my blog. She felt like I was separating myself from her and my friends, even inciting hate. Whereas, I feel it’s the other way around, because the Democratic Party has marginalized, alienated, excluded, and demonized us—and our candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton. In these final ten days, you can betcha, the juice is up. People are getting even more inflamed and coming from a place of fear.

Because of the volatile atmosphere we face, I, like many in our movement, have chosen to go underground and separate my political from my personal identity. I have been extremely careful to not speak my views in “mixed company.” For that reason, in addition to being friends for over thirty years, her words stung me deeply.

Is friendship based on shared beliefs? Sometimes. but hopefully it’s bigger than that. How do individuals have differing beliefs and still stay friends? —especially, once the election is over. It is my hope that even when we have hurt feelings, we can move beyond them and work toward the common good. That’s why I have thrown my lot in with PUMA, The Confluence, For Democratic Reform, and others.

Our charge is to continue to support each other and keep the faith in the face of personal and public attack. How do we support each other, given that we’re not supporting McCain, but are working to change the process? Given our protest, and regardless of the winner and the loser, the democratic process needs to be changed. It is my commitment to see that fight through to the end, to realize the reforms that we need in the Democratic Party and the election process.

No matter who wins the Presidency, it’s obvious that we have our big work cut out for us. Buckle up, kids! So we say, it’s not that easy being PUMA, but we like it. Given the situation, we would not and could not be anything else.

Paraphrasing the late, great Joe Raposo’s “(It’s Not Easy) Being Green” —

It’s Not Easy Being PUMA . . .

And PUMA could be big like an ocean
Or important like a mountain
Or tall like a tree

When PUMA is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why
But, why wonder “why”?
And it’ll do fine
And it’s beautiful
And I think it’s what I want to be

125 Responses

  1. Lady Boomer: So well said as I read it from start to finish with tears in my eyes. So much division brought about by the candidacy of this one man. Families, friends, co-workers, have turned against those who refuse to pick up the drum and beat it for this sham of a candidate. It hurts.

    But you are so correct in issuing that invitation to stay together. We must not blend into the shadows should this guy pull out a “win”. Defeat can come in many packages and disguises and what we have learned throughout that women are strong and more than willing to take the blows and we will do it our way.

    A very moving post.

  2. LadyBoomer,

    I’m sorry to hear the issues with your friends. Relationships should not be affected by political crap at all, and any friend who decides that they think you’re backstabbing them because you chose to not support a PERSON (some OBOTS need to be reminded about that), seriously needs to have thier head re-examined.

    I’m a very conservative Christian who married a very atheist wife. More than half the people I’ve worked with are struggling actors or musicians who don’t share my views. I have very liberal friends who would never vote Republican. People who get so worked up over political drama are not people that I care to be around. If they ever got mad at me because I’m not supporting the PERSON that they’re supporting, I honestly would tell them to bugger off, but that’s just me. I tend to have very low tolerance for people like that, as it’s my experience that they’re simply putting someone else above me, and therefore I see no interest in continuing the friendship.

  3. Thanks, PJ. Tears in my eyes, too. I hope you and all listen to the Kermit accompaniment. So poignant.

  4. Oh, Ladyboomer NYC! Thank you for this gorgeous post.

    I am a proud, proud PUMA, and I refuse to let Barack Obama divide me from my friends and family. And I treasure you Conflucians, each and every one!

  5. Thanks, Lady Boomer – well, said – I’m sorry about your friend’s reaction but agree with you whole heartedly – freidnship should be beyond politics. Know the we are here and stand at the ready.

  6. It’s madding when I ‘m told in not voting for Barry, I show I don’t care about the Dem party! It’s exactly because I care about the party that I cannot support the cancer that has infected it .

  7. I am short 5 or 6 friends and one person who meant a lot more. I am tryong to look at this, not from what I have lost, but what I have gained. I have new friends here and I have learned so much from you guys. These people that chose to let me go, weren’t friends so I will be fine. I have principles and I won’t trade them in to be accepted at the water cooler. I matter, and with the help of my fellow PUMA’s, I hope to show the DNC just how much I matter.

  8. Sal, hmm, sounds like you must have an interesting life, holding many dichotomies!

    I actually had a similar initial response and wanted to fight back and defend myself. But, as coaches like me have coaches, I got some help and decided to take a different tack. I was asked, what was more important, making my points back to her, or keeping the friendship? So, I decided to handle it in another way, and wrote back that I hope our friendship can rise above what we believe (as I imagine you’ve done in your relationships) and that if she needs space, to take it. I signed it with love.

  9. What never ceases to amaze me is the human touch that flows through this blog day after day. Humor, information, creativity, add to the thread of connections found here. Whatever else happens, they can never take this away nor can it ever be replaced.

    We are mostly faceless to one another but I see and hear your voices in my head. It has become a lovely place of residence.

  10. A coup d’etat or an election: What is it that Barack Obama knows that the rest of us don’t?
    By Judi McLeod Monday, October 20, 2008


    Is November 4, 2008 more a coup d’etat than it is a general election?
    Is Election ’08 a mere formality?
    With ACORN under investigation for registering bogus voters in at least 15 states; with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi–who leads a Congress even more unpopular than a fast-fading- from-the-scene George W. Bush–claiming “It’s 100% that Barack’s gonna win”, with Minister Louis Farrakhan claiming a “new beginning for the Nation of Islam” and Barack Hussein vowing to “change the world”, it certainly seems more coup d’etat than presidential election.
    If it weren’t for the fact that the future of the United States of America is at stake; that a group of rich and powerful, elitist malcontents such as George Soros and Kyoto godfather Canadian Maurice Strong have an agenda to usher in a new era of Socialism for the USA, Obama for all of his media and Hollywood hype, would be something of a joke.
    Obama came onto the scene comparing himself to the late great Abraham Lincoln, penned a book that some claim isn’t even his and arranged—or had arranged—Grade 8 textbooks with an entire chapter dedicated to him.
    As Gateway Pundit so aptly pointed out, “Lincoln was a humble man. He did not compare himself after six months in office to great men from history.”
    Swooning supporters, some at the ready to fall into a faint, accord the senator a peculiar rock star status. MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews admitted that an Obama presidential debate speech created a “thrill” in his leg.
    The tragicomedy of Obama as “The Messiah” includes an advance to the White House with a largely AWOL mainstream media, who having come up empty on Sarah Palin in Alaska–one outlet even after advertising that they’d pay for provable dirt–are now vetting Joe the Plumber, rather than Obama sidekick Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist bomber, who launched the senator’s career in his living room.
    It would seem that Obama cannot lose for winning.
    Already making a game plan with his “transition team” and unruffled that his wife snacked on lobster tails and Iranian caviar last week, Obama is already USA President without a single vote having been cast.
    Is it the blueprints from Kenya and Russia giving Obama an unshakeable confidence in the outcome of the Nov. 4 election?
    Two in the rogue’s gallery of world leaders both arrived and returned to power, minus the vote of their electorates within the past year.
    After the victory of his successor, Dmitry Mededev in 2008 Russian presidential elections, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was nominated by the latter to be Russia’s prime minister.
    “Your agent for change” Raila Odinga took over the office of prime minister in Kenya after his campaign called for protests—even though he had lost that election by more than 200,000 votes to incumbent Mwai Kibaki.
    Was Barack Obama who actually campaigned for Odinga merely learning the ropes to usher in an era of Socialism for the United States of America?
    In a page straight out of Marxist strategy, Barack Obama’s campaign is, according to FoxNews, “accusing Republicans of enlisting law enforcement officials in a “frenzied and pathetic” attempt to turn the allegations of voter fraud surrounding a low-income advocacy group into a political football.”
    How did Obama break all records in fundraising in a massive economic meltdown?
    Even for someone whose ego is bigger than his ears, the pre-election gloating of Obama and friends is unprecedented.
    Time to determine why he won’t produce a simple birth certificate, or why he’s artful dodging his increasing associations with controversial figures is fast running out.
    Time is hurtling November 4, 2008 America’s way.
    With what is likely malicious laughter, a mammoth Election Night Victory Party is being planned and at this rate, all the people thrown under the bus likely will be there; those who have already passed on, if not in body, then in spirit.
    What is it that Barack Obama knows that the rest of us don’t?

  11. I got into a fight with one of my favorite co-workers today until another said, “Enough. I can’t hear about this anymore.” And right she was, but it’s terrible that we are unable to have civilized debates anymore. This election more than any other I remember has silenced people, divided people, worried people…Your post captured that very well.

  12. Wonderful post Lady Boomer. I love that song. I used to sing it way back in my piano bar days in the 80’s. So sweet. No matter what happens in this election, we know we have made some wonderful new relationships through Riverdaughter on this site, and that is something to be happy about, isn’t it?

  13. Lady Boomer,

    Living in NYC as an ultra conservative Christian can be quite interesting lol

    Not to mention being a graphics artist for the last 12 years. 😛

    I think you handled that with class, and hope the firend responds in the same tone. Hopefully, they realize ust how stupid it is to let a guy that he/she HAS NEVER MET come in between a friendship with a genuine person.

  14. Yes, griffithnc! And the vision of you singing at the piano bar lifts my spirits, wholeheartedly. LOL. Thanks for that.

  15. LB-lump in the throat and thank you

    I’m reposting the item below because I posted it late at the end of the previous thread and it may have been missed.

    we have often asked here why the obots act as they do. Here is a link to an article in UK’s Independent which is sobering and may explain that a little bit – especially the part regarding resistance.


    The classroom renactment is true to life. We lived in Berlin for over a decade, a portion of that time being before the wall came down. We were able to get East German TV so we know what was said and how the govt. acted. I went to East Germany as part of an academic travel so I saw this first hand. After the reunification as the STASI files were gradually made available to the public we read them.

  16. *sniff* You captured the essence of being a PUMA so beautifully, right down to the lost friendships.

    And I love that song so much!

  17. Sal said:

    “Hopefully, they realize how stupid it is to let a guy that he/she HAS NEVER MET come in between a friendship with a genuine person.”

    I think that’s the crux of what we’ve all been dealing with, right?

  18. That article by Orson Scott Card is very good, but I think it’s a mistake to blame the entire crisis on the Democrats. There are Democrats who wanted to regulate the industry, and there are Republicans who wanted to deregulate it.

    And what about the meeting with financial giants in 2004 that dakinikat mentioned in one of her posts? They asked for massive deregulation,and they got it. Do we remember who controlled Congress back then? Hint: It was not the Democrats.

    And anyone who honestly believes that George W. Bush wanted to regulate ANYTHING in a way that would help anyone but his rich cronies, is smoking something rather strong. How credulous can one person get?

  19. Shoot! I’m in moderation. Can someone release me?

  20. I tried to release you, mb, but I don’t have the power!

  21. LadyBoomer –
    You and I will be friends online and off, regardless of politics, because our connection has been forged in a time of crisis. Not even the closest of friends will agree on the deepest of issues. The human connection between true friends does not demand such total synchronicity.

    For my own part, it appears from their silence that many of my relatives are apparently not speaking to me but I thought I would share excerpts from a message that arrived yesterday from one cousin who is also a real friend and a truly decent person.

    She wrote:
    Hi there Heidi-
    Hope your efforts with the Denver Group are going well — actually, as an Obama supporter that is a lie — but there is a part of me that will not be quite as sad if he loses knowing that your extremely hard work paid off for you.

    Good luck with your quest! I read your blog from time to time and though I don’t always agree with the conclusions expressed therein, you really do have a gift for writing and I can tell you are very passionate about your message. Your enthusiasm is really quite inspiring.

    I love you and would love to catch up one of these days. I am sure you are extraordinarily busy right now but whenever things calm down for you, give me a call.


  22. LadyBoomer – email me anytime if you need to remember that being a PUMA has made you friends even if it has cost you some.

  23. Just minutes ago I had to smile and bite my tongue as a co-worker insisted that Palin is “scary.” It’s so sad because anyone who takes the time to read her speech from yesterday will see what an amazing woman she is.

  24. Interesting atypical – I was thinking that last night – what does Obama know that we don’t – no matter how bad the information he just slides by – smiling that weird little smirk of his. It’s like it’s already a done deal – but there are so many people who do NOT want him as president – will the machines be rigged? Is it indeed a fait accompli? If so why? how?
    They were talking about how taxes will be going up today, for everyone if he gets into office – except, of course the hedge fund managers – hmmm G. Soros? source of much of O’s money – what are they up to now – but what a wonderful surprise – and party we can have if things actually work the way they are supposed to – the real polls are neck and neck – soooooo?
    Perhaps it’s time to reach out to Woodward and Bernstein

  25. looking for integrity: Wow! I read the article and am not sure which is more scary — the fact that memory is so short or the exercises these kids are put through. The lessons reminded me of the experiment done by a teacher re: prejudice, who used eye color to teach kids about it.

    Either way, the extremes will get us in trouble. I don’t have in-depth knowledge, but am beginning to grasp that the two-party system is what gets us so polarized, and that we’d be better off with a parliamentary democracy like Britain, Canada, Germany, and Israel.

  26. Take heart, everyone! This is part of an e-mail I received this afternoon from Jon Carson, National Field Director for BO’s campaign. I think the Obama campaign is in trouble:

    “I can tell you right now who’s going to win this election — the campaign that steps up its ground game in the final days.

    The race is deadlocked in a number of crucial battleground states, including Ohio, Missouri, and Indiana. And we’re neck-and-neck in Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada.

    We have to make our final, tough decisions about where to fight and how strong we can make our team. And those choices will depend on the financial resources we have tomorrow at midnight.

    If you make a donation of $10 or more before the deadline, you’ll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet.”

  27. Oh, Kermie!

    Wonderful post, Lady Boomer. Believe me, I understand how tasking the election has been on personal relationships. I’ve just gotten to the point where I can’t talk about it. But it still comes up! It came up again today as I was leaving lecture. We started talking about Thucydides and the next thing I know we all have viral plague and it’s all Barack’s fault.

    The youth is NOT turning the way they think.

    In the spirit of Sesame: Rainbow Connection

  28. Heidi Li, thank you for sharing that, and xxoo for the offer to call anytime. You betcha, and indeed, although most of us have never met, there is a bond of understanding.

    How magnanimous is your cousin! That’s wonderful and what a healthy relationship can look like. As many have said here and around, who remembers when things have been so contentious? I can take heart in that so many citizens have gotten involved in this election, but geez, can’t we be nice? 🙂

  29. Okay all my new friends, going home to put on fuzzy socks, flannel and eat chips. See yo tomorrow!

  30. “If you make a donation of $10 or more before the deadline, you’ll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet.”

    I read this in the same email that dwwenz got and I thought to myself, what is the difference between Obama’s methods and the cigarette company that used Joe the Camel to get kids to buy cigarettes.

  31. dwwenz –

    If you make a donation of $10 or more before the deadline, you’ll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet.”

    Oh, hahahahahahahaha! That’s the best they can do for 10 bucks?

    These idiots are going DOWN.

  32. Lady Boomer
    Sorry about the friend. I have been able to keep politics out of my personal relationships so far. Tricky as I used to be quite outspoken in the past.

  33. Regency, I LOVE the Rainbow Connection and will listen now. Def will use it sometime soon.

    HUH, I’m totally surprised about your youth comment. My experience with my 30-something year-old kids and their friends has been that they’re going the opposite way. Wondering where your classmates get their news and info?

  34. I knew none of you when I wandered into this blog seeking some solace this summer heartbroken when Hill was no longer a candidate. But what I have found here is more than a simple source of information. I have found acceptance, wisdom, strength, vision of what can be and a resolve that I will not let them take my country, my way of life and my future away from me and my family. Thank you to all of you for always being here and remaining undeminished in your beliefs, having the integrity stand with each other.

  35. “If you make a donation of $10 or more before the deadline, you’ll receive a limited edition Obama-Biden car magnet.”

    A limited edition indeed — those two have never stuck to anything.

  36. Nite, Kim, sounds cozy. Enjoy!

  37. In keeping with this post: My sister has stopped writing to me because I won’t fall in line for Obama. She insists that I do what Hillary has told people to do. I have said, “No time, no money, no vote.” She’s ticked off that I won’t support the Democrat. I say what people said about Hillary (substitute “woman” for “Democrat”) “I’d be glad to vote for a Democrat, just not *that* Democrat.”

  38. Prolix, LOL, Obama-Biden never stuck to anything, indeed!

  39. madamab — I know! Ridiculous! I love the part about the deadline. Like, the magnets will self-destruct after the deadline?!

  40. dwwenz – They won’t self-destruct; O’Biden will!

  41. Steve Forbes finally said it. “As long as BO is polling high, the markets will continue to fall because of his tax this tax that and spend here, spend there.”

    The media should be rounded up and disposed of as toxic waste. They have brought this virus upon his.

    It makes me sick.


  42. Joanelle, wonderful. It seems that many of us are drinking from this oasis, and the water is cool and clear. We provide that for each other.

  43. Heidi Li,
    I just want to say that I have sent your post “The Quality of Intent” to a number of people. Thank you for writing it. You have encapsulated my feelings perfectly.

  44. “The Rainbow Connection” another great song.

  45. Regency, ever since I saw the picture of Kermit above I’ve been humming “The Rainbow Connection.”

    Lady Boomer NYC: this is a very touching and inspiring post.

    I bet Miss Piggy is a PUMA.

  46. LB –

    What really got to me is that although the kids were encouraged to resist, to stand up for the kid who resisted, they didn’t. In fact they put pressure on the kid who didn’t resist to conform. That chilled me. That’s the kind of pressure we are seeing from Obots.

    That’s the kind of thing that happened during the Third Reich.

  47. dwwenz, and others who’ve experienced this tumult, I’m sorry about that.

    I admire madamab’s fighting spirit, and still have mine, although my mood is a bit dampened right now. I’ll get over it. I guess if Obama wins, we’ll be okay, but if he loses, we’ll be taking it on the chin from our friends and family. It will be our fault, just as when they had to discount Hillary’s win. If Obie wins, and we continue our fight on 11/5 for system reform, we will be digging deep. Important to stick together.

  48. Just read Madamab’s new play so much creativity will they distroy it in re-education camp? or will they just try to channel it to the greater good of “The One”!

    Oh and I had a chance to see MO (Scoop Mouth) today I declined…she almost made me late back from lunch!

  49. Another isolated liberal female here. I live in san francisco and it’s almost unbearable for me. My friends were sending me awful Palin smear emails and I told them to stop…take me off the list it’s toxic. They keep wanting to argue with me and it feels so disrespectful and downright mean at times. Why does Obama inspire such hateful behavior? I was at a breast cancer fundraiser and a friend who had earlier communicated anger about the sexism and misogyny towards Hillary was now all about Obama winning – i asked her if the “sarah palin is a cunt” tshirts bothered. Her response, “McCain called his wife a cunt”. I walked away in disbelief. There are those horrible posters all over the city of Sarah Palin with fangs and blood. I now carry a can of spray paint and paint them out whenever i spot one. A neighbor in my family friendly neighborhood has a bumper sticker that says sarah palin scares me more than Osama bin laden. MY GOD! the left is truely got insane. i just came from lunch – the table on my right was talking about how obama was a spiritual leader and would give the country vision. If he didn’t win, they were going to washington to protest. The table on my left was talking about what a “dumbass bimbo” sarah palin was. Jesus this is so painful.
    I can’t talk to many of my friends anymore. they want to bash a spew crap about the racist republicans but excuse the hateful behavior of the left. I look at them and feel like i don’t know them anymore. It’s all very depressing and painful.

  50. Carol – Steve Forbes is blaming the market crash on Obama’s poll numbers?

    Well, that’s one way of looking at it I guess!

    Time to go – hubby’s home. Hugs to all you gorgeous PUMAs!

  51. Lady Boomer, it came up completely without me that the guy I happened to be talking to (as well as another girl) had gotten damned sick of being called names.

    His words:

    “They would say to me. ‘You don’t support Obama? Then, you must be a racist.’ If I said no, ‘Then you support terrorists.'”

    He basically just gave up the ghost after a while. We were all so damned exasperated. He’s leaning McCain though.

  52. Lady Boomer, it came up completely without me that the guy I happened to be talking to (as well as another girl) had gotten damned sick of being called names.

    His words:

    “They would say to me. ‘You don’t support Obama? Then, you must be a r*cist.’ If I said no, ‘Then you support terrorists.’”

    He basically just gave up the ghost after a while. We were all so damned exasperated. He’s leaning McCain though.

  53. Lady Boomer,

    Thank you for your sympathy. I console myself with the knowledge that my Dad is a PUMA. He is sly about it, too! We talk in code so as not to upset the others in the family, all of whom love Hillary, but fell in line after the primary.

  54. Oh, hey its fuzzy here sorry the wife of “The Big O” just did not interest me!

  55. Jules! From Gary and MAWM’s PumaMobile, me as Miss Piggy.

  56. I have to say that I prefer the Kenny Loggin’s version of Rainbow Connection though.

  57. Lady Boomer! Cute Miss Piggy Puma!

  58. Obaracisma is the new term that should be used when talking about “the one’s” own disdain for everyone based on the colour of their skin!

  59. Lady Boomer: I think Miss Piggy isn’t quite appropriate for that face. Maybe Ms. Pumatine.

  60. LadyBoomer …. you are so very “touchable” , and if some of your friends have abandoned you ,
    it is truly their loss and our gain ..sending a great big virtual HUG ..and if you ever want to call and talk to me too please by all means lets …….

  61. Oh wow, my all-time most favorite author, Orson Scott Card, sounds like a PUMA!!!! Woohooooo!!

    With people like him saying stuff like that, it becomes a little bit easier being a PUMA, Lady Boomer.

    Thank you Dave for the link.

  62. looking for integrity, here’s that experiment. I just went and fished around, so did not see if they touched on the coercion, but it seems that in the end, prejudice is about power and perception:

  63. LB

    I agree

  64. Joanelle, on October 22nd, 2008 at 5:31 pm Said:

    Thank you to all of you for always being here and remaining undeminished in your beliefs, having the integrity stand with each other.

    Actually we’re all just hanging out for the Klown from Kalifonia’s latest (where is he, by the way?)

  65. Have a good evening wonderful PUMA’s. I’m sponsoring a film tonight in our college cinema series it’s “Mildred Pierce”,with a wonderfully informative Power Point presentation on Joan Crawford as an introduction. Keep your fingers crossed that all the technology works like it is supposed to. Ta Ta.

  66. “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me, la da da dee da da da.”

  67. Break a leg, griffithnc!

  68. Awww, thank you swanspirit. I’m touched.

  69. Good luck, Griff!

  70. Thanks All!!! 😉

  71. Take heart, fellow PUMAs. All is certainly not lost, as explained in a great Hillbuzz post about this year’s crappy, sloppy, misleading polls:


  72. It’s been interesting this election cycle. I’ve been a lifelong activist Democrat with a mostly-Republican extended family and plenty of Republican friends both at work and outside. I’ve never had a problem discussing politics with any of them or sustaining our good relationships despite our different outlooks.

    Now I’m finding that any word spoken in favor of McCain or in criticism of Obama is unacceptable to my DEMOCRATIC cohorts and viewed with hostility and suspicion. It’s creepy and unpleasant, so I’ve learned to limit my comments, even keep my mouth shut in certain circles. But I’m still adamant about not voting for BO come November 4.

    Which makes me wonder, how many others are there who are reluctant to tell pollsters or their neighbors that they don’t support Obama or actually plan to vote for McCain? If by some chance McCain actually does win this thing, I think that’s more likely to be the answer than that “racists” refused to pull the Obama lever in the secrecy of the voting booth.

  73. You’re better off telling people exactly how you feel. It’s not worth it to keep your opinions bottled up because of “mixed company”. The problem is that it takes a decent amount of strength and courage to speak your mind despite that fact that you WILL be jumped on. I’ve had it happen to me as many of you no doubt have.

    I found that as long as you are confident and do shirk in the face of criticism, and try to keep it respectful, people will get more angry and frustrated with you, but you will learn to respect yourself.

    The only thing I ABSOLUTELY hate, is when people try to dismiss your arguments as non consequential, when in fact it is their argument/evidence that is non consequential.

  74. scrubs you mean Orson Scott Card-Enders Game series? great! news I love his work and Niven too!

  75. Sal – you’re an ultra conservative Christian, married to an atheist, living in NY as a graphic artist and are Chinese? (ok, I might have made that last one up, but I thought I read something that made me think that). I’ve got to meet you!. Visit me on my blog sometime

  76. where is MR Cards comment?

  77. Lady Boomer – thank you for the shout-out and I am so disapointed that this presidential race has caused such pain. So many of us have been bruised by having to make choices that others do not understand. Where is our tolerance and understanding for one another? We are asked to be tolerant but we are not tolerated! How odd!

    Today I got a – PumpPac PROWL that warmed my heart and elicited this reply from me.

    I Join Murphy in asking you to please pass this on to every women you know and ask her to have another look and decide how much longer we will wait for a THE perfect women to show up? You know the woman that will appeal to everyone in the country — apparently that is what we are looking for right? Hillary wouldn’t do for half the country and now Sarah will not for the other half.

    Stop the insanity and let’s give this woman-the same opportunity we have always given the men we have elected. When’s the last time you agreed totally with any one of them?

    Please read Gov. Palin’s Speech given in Nevada – or stop by and read it here and tell me if you will join Murphy and I and send it to 10 friends and ask them to send it to 10 of their friends and so on and so on and…


    Again- thanks friends for the shout out and a venue.
    BettyJean Free US Now

  78. Lady Boomer you are so right. I have lived in my neighbor for 37 years and I can not even put up a yard sign. If I do put one up it will be knocked down and my car damaged. At work I have just reached the point I just have to tell people that I have not made up my mind. My son and daughter are both Obama supporters and they barely call us anymore. We are up in our years and I just had to tell them to stop lecturing us as we are old enough to think for ourselves.I will be so glad when this is over, but I still believe that Obama will be defeated. He scares me and I do believe that he will be a danger to America. If he is so lucky to win there will be a generated crisis and only God knows where that would take us

  79. Xax, I’ve found that what works best for me is to never, ever pretend I support Obama, but to remain silent until the subject of the presidential race is more or less forced on me by others. Then I will politely say my piece, offering facts, links, whatever is at hand. This may not make me popular, but it allows me to retain my honor, and hopefully the respect of clearthinking others who may not agree with me, but who comprehend the vital importance of not fostering suppression of speech (people like Heidi Li’s cousin).

  80. There are avantages to looking like an escaped mental patient.

    I can show off my “Hillary” tattoos and nobody says shit to me.

  81. This is a great post LadyBoomer NYC.

    For me, the saddest loss of a friendship happened during the primaries. Back in February and March, I started feeling that Obama’s wins were happening through corrupt means, but I had no facts to argue that point. One of my dearest friends started telling me that Hillary was insulting and discrediting Obama in her campaign speeches, which I didn’t hear at all. That was my first encounter with Koolaid drinkers’ departure from truth. She continued to attack Hillary’s reputation to me, until I finally said that I was pro-Hillary and that it was of utmost importance to me that Hillary won the election and became the next US president. My angry friend told me that it was of utmost importance to her that Obama win the election, etc.

    There have been others and, yes, I wonder if after the election these kinds of rifts can be healed. Right now it feels improbable.

  82. Fuzzy:

    Sal is a semi-regular commenter who is conservative and christian

  83. I was called a republican today because I did not want to see Obama’s babies momma…

    I trust I missed nothing!

  84. that okay our tent is big enough for everyone dedicated to defeating “the one”!

    welcome sal!

  85. Michael: You passed up an opportunity to see the next Jackie O?

  86. LadyBoomer — thanks for this post. It isn’t easy being PUMA but nothing worth a lick is easy. It wasn’t easy for our founders to vote to break from Great Britain either. Many people laughed at and scorned them, but they stood strong because they believed their cause was just. Eventually, they earned the respect of those who previously derided them. I know I am standing by my principles of equality, democracy and fairness. Knowing my cause is just I am impervious to the ridicule and scorn of others.

  87. I would love to see those tattoo’s:)

  88. When Obama loses by January we will not find many people willing to admit that they supported him!

  89. *tattoos

  90. It’s getting to the point where we may need a Radio Free America.

    Please, spread the word about this latest bit of knavery…


  91. myiq2xu, on October 22nd, 2008 at 6:16 pm Said:

    There are avantages to looking like an escaped mental patient.

    I can show off my “Hillary” tattoos and nobody says shit to me.

    What does Hillary think (I’m not asking about Bill).

  92. Pat J yes I did pass the chance and it was noticed-the folks at work asked if I voted yet I said no I did not the said good one less for the republicans…Ha HA HA!

    Obama will either be the last Democrat President(one term) for a generation if he wins…

    If he loses McCain will be the last republican President (one term) for a generation….

    I see the Obats as selfish and not carring about the Democratic Party they only care about “The One”.

  93. UTC:

    Hillarcy loves them, but don’t tell Bill

  94. Dave, on October 22nd, 2008 at 5:01 pm Said:

    “I found a couple of excellent articles about the financial crisis and the MSM/Obama spin machine . . .”

    Thanks, Dave, for those two articles! (Y’all please go back up to grab those links. Somehow I couldn’t cut/past them.) It’s my first exposure to those authors, and they’re wonderfully clear about questioning the media and the Dems. Interesting that 2nd author is a Dem.

  95. thanks dave I am in High spirits may early vote tomorrow!

  96. It’s Not Easy Being Teh One. . .

    And I could be big like Martin Luther King
    Or important like JFK
    Or tall like Honest Abe

    When I am all there is to be
    It could make you wonder why
    But, why wonder “why”?
    I’m TeH One
    And it’ll do fine
    And it’s beautiful
    And I think it’s what I want to be
    Except President – vote for me!

  97. Oh, I forgot : not f@%ing likely!

  98. getting a salad and will be back then we can get down and dirty with Obama talk…..

  99. I’ll be back to catch up shortly. Fascinating Congressional panel on health effects of cell phones, from 9/25/08 chaired by Kucinich airing now on CSPAN2. Brains, heads and headaches are my special interest.

  100. Hmmm. Wonder what we’ll be talking about on here a month from now.

    I’ve really gotta make sure I can get online November 4 P.M. I’m gonna be at a victory party for a local candidate…

  101. Lady Boomer NYC, on October 22nd, 2008 at 6:35 pm Said:

    Brains, heads and headaches are my special interest.

    Mine too!! My head keeps aching, I’m interested in head, and I wonder if I’ve got any brains left.

  102. My 1st time voting 18y/o daughter is casting her ballot for “O”!
    My Hillary primary voting husband who was completely turned off to politics after the impeachment of Bill Clinton / also voting
    for “O”! Ugh……………..!
    They think something’s wrong with me that I’m NOT VOTING
    for “HIM” & is considering voting for “Mac/Palin”!
    I’ve tried everything I can think of ; but it’s no use……………………….
    according to them I MUST be a “closet” ra*@st, if I don’t give the Black man my vote.
    There are no words.

  103. New post up

  104. tpt/ny, on October 22nd, 2008 at 6:38 pm Said:

    according to them I MUST be a “closet” ra*@st, if I don’t give the Black man my vote. There are no words.

    Yeah, there are – come out of the closet, tell them you don’t judge a politician by the color of their skin, but by the company they keep, the lies they tell, and their treatment of women.

  105. I’m LMAO at the latest from the nutroot left going crazy about the cost of Palin’s wardobe, etc. Palin must be their “red flag” because nothing explains their contiuning crazy and unhinged recation to her.

    For example, Jeralyn at TalkLeft has lost her mind over Palin and it has clearly affected their franchise. Their posts use to fill up regularly but now they rarely break 100 comments.

    The whole thing continues to be very bizzare.

  106. OT – I still have Hillary stickers on my car and got keyed again last weekend. I live in the belly (Durham) of the Obama beast (NC).

    I can’t wait until this election is over so I can get my car re-painted.

  107. I must say it is hard to remember when voting for a President caused such deep hurt between family and friends, in addition to fear in sharing how we intend to vote.

    I think tolerance and acceptance still existed to some extent at the time that Clinton was first elected. However, the Bush era brought in the tacky “just get over it” phrase (from friends yet). This election year has been the worst I can remember in recent times, although the Wallace campaign was pretty horrible and historically there have been many other campaigns where the mudslinging and the issues caused outrage.

    Do those who support Obama feel particularly that we are blind to their needs? (There doesn’t seem to be empathy for ours.) Why do they somehow feel superior in telling us they are right and we are wrong, yet present no real reasons we should vote for him? Or (I’ll leave this to the psychologists), maybe the horrid “get over it” phrase really shows passive-aggressive manifestation and reveals that our friends really weren’t our friends anyway.

    I wish I knew the answers.

  108. Alwaysthinking – From my personal experience – the last time I can remember this sort of split among friends, family and tribe was over the Vietnam war. Those wounds are still not completely healed.

  109. ALERT ALERT!!!!

    The media and the polls have indicated that the Hillary Clinton supporters have come home to the party.

    Good to know since I relished in voting for McCain/Palin yesterday.


  110. “urge”
    Thanks for the support………..I’ve tried & tried & tried……………..!
    I’ve become very good friends with the founder of “POCPUMA”,
    (people of color against Obama) through all this, still not enough.
    To both of them there is NOTHING worse in this world than the republicans……..period!
    I keep telling them YES THERE IS & it’s this CURRENT Democratic party…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!
    We’ve all agreed not to speak of politics.

  111. dee, I live in chapel hill and have been run off the road, and today somebody slowed down and took a picture of the back of my car.

  112. Dee and garychapelhill, I’m sorry you are experiencing such intimidation. I’m sure it only makes you more determined, but is so wrong and hurtful.

  113. Dee- perhaps that is a lot of it. I remember that era well, having had brothers drafted then and also living in a town with many “hippies.”

    I also can’t really understand the division among women this year. I can see that some younger people may have first supported Obama because of the rock star atmosphere his campaign created and because he claimed to be against the war.

    I can see the fear regarding Roe v. Wade, but that does not seem to fully answer the reasons for the division.

    Young people also certainly have some fear of a draft. (I have a son who supports Obama, but it has not caused a rift because we have chosen not to discuss it too deeply. (I almost feel, however, that his support may be weakening a bit.) I have a son in law who is military and has served in Iraq. He plans to vote for McCain-Palin, having made his decision when Palin joined the team.

  114. gary – The funny thing is – I used to live in Chapel Hill but moved to Durham in the late 80s because I wanted to live in a more diverse, less homogeneous environment. Now I am labeled a racist – go figure.

    Stay safe.

    BTW – I was in C.H. today and noticed on the bypass that there are no Obama yard signs. Lots and lots of other signs but no Obama or McCain.

  115. Hi all, I’m back. Sorry to jump off.

    OT: Very interesting House panel on cell phones and brain/ear neuromas and gliomas. Wear your headphones, keep your phones away from your body if on, don’t wear phone in your pocket unless turned off. (No matter how I tried to write that, it came out blue!) The Natl Cancer Institute epidemiologist disagrees, no substantial evidence, but the docs warn to take precautions. Kids are especially vulnerable. Takes 10 years to show up but incidence is higher when you begin at younger age.

    Okay, now I’m going back up to read thread since 6p or so.

  116. You’re welcome, BettyJean.

    Motherlode, Jessie Britton, Karolina, tp/ny, sigh and good gracious! Well, I think it’s good: we can at least tell our sucky stories.

  117. Boy, I am so glad that I have PUMA and The Confluence & others in the JSND group – my best friend is in the tank for O and we have agreed to not discuss politics – my sister says “it’s my opinion” when I ask her why she feels Sarah Palin is not qualified to be vice president when I compare her record with the pimp’s – we don’t discuss politics anymore – my brother is upset that I’m voting for McCain/Palin (he’s a Vietnam Vet & is upset that McCain voted against some veteran bills which I have to admit that I have not researched) – I wear my PUMA rubber bracelet that says 18 Million Strong but very few people ask about it – they look but don’t ask-

    Also, heard some talking head on Fox news tonite say that the Hillary Clinton supporters have come home – WTF you say? Not this one……………………………

    Anyway thanks for being here – what a sad commentary on life……………………………………………

  118. LadyBoomer NYC: Love that delightful picture of Miss Piggy as a PUMA! I must have kept that image from Gary and Mawm’s PUMAmobile subliminally and it was let out by seeing Kermit. So funny!

    (Sorry for the late reply. Had to fix dinner, run to store, put kids to bed, etc.)

  119. I wish you all the best. Yes, the process needs changed. On all sides.

  120. One of my good friends who saw Obama supporters threaten people in her caucus and sneak people in the back after the caucus doors were closed has drunk the kool-aide. She decided that Congress will hold Senator Obama accountable if he becomes President and has just voted for him.

    She was furious after the caucus and I can only think she has been brainwashed by the media.

    I will not give up, but I fear for my country.


  121. LadyBoomerNYC – Thank you for this post, your story (empathize deeply), words of encouragement, and your song! I sympathize and empathize with the experience of the negative response of your friend. Pray you can heal and reconcile somehow, someday. Perhaps more truth needs to come out about Obama for some to get it. There are more stories about some of my encounters I can recount, and I understand how you separate

    Example: Book study tonight at my church (missed it ’cause getting back to town), followed by outreach to a community group with the “Table Topic” game played. Question for discussion: What person would you like to be for a month? Most of those who volunteered answers gave wealthy men as examples. Someone asked, “What about women?” A lady sitting across at another table said, “I know who I wouldn’t want to be – Sarah Palin! Poor girl…” I thought, probably another Obamabot, and, how incredibly patronizing. Decided not to argue, given the setting, but may say something as an aside after the election.

    FYI – I already had a private audience with our woman pastor a couple of weeks ago to raise concerns about Palin bashing, lack of tolerance for other political views at our church. Also asked her if I should be church shopping.

  122. Liberty Belle – what did your pastor have to say or advise about the political climate at your church?

  123. SusiePuma,

    I heard that comment on FOX too tonight – the one about hillary Supporters having come home- – Where do they get this crap?

    I am going to bed- I am tired of all the lies – it even looks like FOX is starting to believe all this crap too! Well I am not buying any of it!

    And as for feeling ashamed of being a patriot – DON”T- it takes nothings to be a damned lemming- but it takes gut to stand up and go against the tide and be a real patriot!

    Stand proud Patriots- We are earning the name Suffragets as our mother’s mothers before us.
    We have work to do – and many miles to go before we rest! 160 years and counting! I am determined not to die without making an impact – how about YOU?

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