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Tuesday: Ohm’s law- how will you resist?

Two of our most passionate resistors, Patsy and Sugar, have been resisting since Clinton was still in the race.  These two African-American women have taken a lot of $#&@ for their principled stance against Obama.

Patsy and Sugar have a blogtalkradio show called Our View on Thursday evening’s at 9:00PM EST on NQR.  Highly recommended.  In the most recent segment, they talk about how they see Obama as passing as black and adopting habits that identify himself with African American culture to the point of being absurd.  They had a good laugh over Obama’s preferred cigarettes, Newports in a box.  It sounds like he’s trying too hard.  Patsy relates a story about being stuck in a conversation with two middle aged African American ladies who assumed she was an Obama supporter and read her the riot act before she had a chance to respond.  There is trouble in paradise for Obama, it seems.  Resistance is starting to build in the African American bloc as well.

What’s maddening about many of Obama’s African American supporters  is that they can’t seem to get beyond the glamour of him breaking through the color barrier to see that Obama and his buddy, Donna Brazile, have already thrown them under the bus.  African Americans are part of the “old coalition’ of the Democratic party.  Just like the elderly, the poor, women and the GBLT community, the ‘old coalition’ still needs the support of government for either protection of their basic civil rights to making sure Social Security and Medicare is still solvent.  The Whole Foods Nation can climb higher on Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs on their way to self-actualization.  The rest of us still have to work extra hard to meet our basic needs.  Obama is sitting pretty near the top of the pyramid, which is why Patsy and Sugar see his attempts to look more black as laughable.

Patsy and Sugar have made some amazing videos.  Patsy explained it all a couple of weeks ago and said all that any former Clintonista had to say about why she wasn’t supporting Obama.  It doesn’t get much clearer.  And yesterday, Sugar posted this video on her blog Sugarnspice from a brother who tells us why there won’t be rioting in the street:

I think he might be slightly off on this one.  There may well be rioting in those communities that have broken out in the past, like in certain portions of LA.  But for the vast majority of African Americans, they’re busy.  They’ve got jobs an families and can’t be bothered with all the destruction that follows a riot.  But for the Obama campaign to start a whisper campaign spreading that rumor, well, that would be offensive to me as an African American.  Why wouldn’t the African American community behave in the same way that women behaved after the suppression of Clinton’s votes?  Why wouldn’t it be just as effective for them to organize, do online protesting, make plans for reform of the party and other acts of non-violent civil disobedience?  We’ve had African American leaders of real stature, such as Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson, who have been inspirational for many people who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s.  You can get things done without ripping up your neighborhood and looting from your neighbors.

Maybe Obama would know that if he actually spent some time getting to know his most loyal constituents instead of just exploiting them.

And here is a new poll:

126 Responses

  1. I love your title — you’re such a geek, RD!
    And LOL at the poll — and I voted first!


  2. I say Obama is no where near the top of the pyramid. He has no real self-esteem and you can’t self-actualize on power alone with no support system – he’s an actor playing a role that has never made it psychologically past the first step.

    He’s a house of cards that will fall!


  3. love the poll! I don’t think Obama is qualified to run a hot dog stand personally.

  4. Aw RD, now you gone and done it!

    You know what them Conflucian haters are gonna be saying about us when they read this post.

    Dontcha know white people aren’t allowed to discuss race?

    And there’s prolly a GOP talking point in there somewhere too!


    GOOD-morning East Coast!

    It’s still dark here in Big Smoggy so I’m gonna try getting another hour of sleep.

  5. Good morning everyone!

    I turned on Morning Joe for just a little while. Biden’s latest gaffe is getting a lot of traction. Oh boy, we can look forward to Obama being “tested” shortly after he takes office and people won’t like what he does. His poll ratings will drop. Etc. Tell me again, why Biden thinks we should vote for the Dem ticket?

  6. Three hour lines in early voting here in Broward Co. per am news.

  7. he’s an actor playing a role
    Carol, maybe that’s why Raygun is is idol?

  8. My theory on Biden’s plan :
    1) get elected with BO
    2) spill the beans so BO gets impeached
    3) party!

  9. (waving)

    I love it when I wake to a Riverdaughter post! And this is a great one. (and brave)

    (stumbling off for coffee)

  10. bostonboomer, on October 21st, 2008 at 9:01 am Said:

    Good morning everyone!

    I turned on Morning Joe for just a little while. Biden’s latest gaffe is getting a lot of traction. Oh boy, we can look forward to Obama being “tested” shortly after he takes office and people won’t like what he does. His poll ratings will drop. Etc. Tell me again, why Biden thinks we should vote for the Dem ticket?


    Interesting……….. Obama has a knee-jerk reaction to lie when in a “spot.” Biden has a knee-jerk reaction to tell the truth whenever.


  11. I thought I was alone in thinking that every-time Primadonna Brazilla, or anyone else, talked about riots or blood in the streets that they were insulting AA voters.

    The suggestion seems to be that AA voters are such lunatics that “they” and “they” alone riot if “their” candidate doesn’t win an election.

    Quite honestly I wish that “we”, meaning all the voters who value democracy had rioted in the streets when GeeDubya was selected by the Supreme Court in 2000.

    Our apathy and acceptance of the unacceptable allowed all that followed. Including Kerry’s cowardice in Ohio that allowed another election to be stolen.

    When will the people of this country decide that the media hasn’t the right to choose our candidates/presidents/wars and that if our elections aren’t fair then we are no longer a democracy?

  12. Morning everyone! Great job as usual, RD!

    I’ve reconnected with a friend of mine who is also a lefty who’s always voted Democratic. He happens to be an AA.

    He said he started disliking Obama the second he announced his Presidential run. The first thought that came to his mind was, “Why the hell is he doing this with so little experience? At least he could finish out his Senate term!”

    Isn’t it funny that experience and qualifications were the first thing on my friend’s mind?

    He lives in LA, and was going to vote McKinney/ Clemente, but he doesn’t like Clemente at all. I think he’s going “N.O.T.” this election.

    As RD says, we are not alone.

  13. bostonboomer, on October 21st, 2008 at 9:01 am Said:
    Good morning everyone!

    I turned on Morning Joe for just a little while. Biden’s latest gaffe is getting a lot of traction. Oh boy, we can look forward to Obama being “tested” shortly after he takes office and people won’t like what he does. His poll ratings will drop. Etc. Tell me again, why Biden thinks we should vote for the Dem ticket?

    Well hopefully it gets a bit of airtime on CNN. Just watched a ridiculous interview with some idiot CNN comedian interviewing George Soros. He was asking which plan do you think is better for main street, obama’s 90 day moratorium on mortgage payments or mccains “$300,000,000” plan to reduce the mortgages….First of all. NO MENTION that soros is THE major $$$ behind obama so EVERYTHING HE SAYS will be geared toward an obama victory, second the amount of McCain’s plain is $300 BILLION!! Oh, yeah after he ran the clip he said “oops, I meant billion, oh well I was tired”.
    90 day moratorium? Like these people will have the money in 90 days to pay?
    Even Soros stated that with the 90 day plan obama can get into office and think of another plan!


  14. PUMA=∞Ω

  15. I always love the posts here, but this is great. Yesterday I spent the day in blogsphere. I was surprised by the amount of resistance out there–not a lot of love for McPalin, but much more griping about Obama than I normally see. One thing I noticed is the persistance of the meme that Obama has it sewn up. I hope that it makes Obots stay home, but others go to the polls. Don’t know.

  16. It seems to me that BO has been passing as X, whatever X might be, in order to feed his pressing narcissism. He wants to be President because his sad, lonely, hurt spirit, in which there is practically no self-esteem, presses on his feelings and thinking processes that being President will be good for him. But even if he becomes President, that will not and cannot fill the aching emptiness inside him. He is a deeply empty, hurt, hollow man. But he should not be running for the POTUS.

    I can see how people are fooled. I can understand and sympathize with African Americans who want to vote for this cool guy and have a black President. That’s not a bad thing. In all, it’s a good thing. But BO is not the man. He is a desperately hurt and suffering individual who wants this job to heal the pain in him. It cannot. He will, like every other job he’s had, move on from the tedious reality of the presidency. My guess is Secretary General of the United Nations. But wherever he goes, whatever he does, he can only find happiness and discover the true and essential essence of his being – that he, like everyone else on this planet is a good and worthy person – if he stops running away, and starts working for the people. He IS talented. But deep down he does not believe he is worthy, and being President will not heal the deep hurt within him.

  17. LOL, anyone check out drudge’s top headline this morning? (I cannot believe I read the drudgereport…truly I have gone thru the looking glass):



  18. ainnj said: 90 day moratorium? Like these people will have the money in 90 days to pay?

    He just wants to give you time to get all your stuff out and clean up.

    Kenosha, he also insulted AA’s by saying that McCain was racist for comparing tax cuts to welfare, because I guess Obama assumes that everyone on welfare is black.

  19. Okay, for us dumb musician types: What is Ohm’s law and why is Mawm typing in symbols?

  20. mawm, I don’t get your post.

  21. “Ohm’s law applies to electrical circuits; it states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference (i.e. voltage drop or voltage) across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them.” Wikipedia

  22. I have been so disappointed with the Obama campaign’s use of race to distract and divide. But more importantly I have been disappointed in the ‘black’ community’s adoption and embrace of Barack Obama.

    I am a black man; I have no cousins named Barack, I have no one in my vast extended family with the middle name Huesein, and I have no Obamas in my family tree.

    Barack Obama is half Kenyan, half Kansasan (or whatever you would call someone from Kansas); I call it KK to my Obama supporting black family and friends (it really gets them mad).

    Yet, so many black people have grabbed on to Obama as one of them, and for that main reason they will vote for him. If I were to vote for a president mainly because of race then I would like the first black president to actually be black.

    Race is very complicated, even within the black community itself; as I am sure it is within the latino community or within white ‘ethnic’ groups (Irish, Italilian etc). For the Obama campaign and its surrogates to use race to the point of threatening riots is disgraceful.

  23. Urgetocompute: How Zen of you. I just don’t trust him or like him, but you are probably right.

  24. urgetocompute, well that clears things up 🙂

  25. urge to compute,

    I can’t agree with you about Obama lacking self-esteem. I’m convinced he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He has an extremely inflated opinion of himself and very little self doubt. Unfortunately, he is incapable of empathy for others. He believes he has permission to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get what he wants. Don’t waste time thinking he’s hurting. You’ll only get hurt yourself that way. This man is dangerous to our country.

  26. Okay now I agree with BB. Can we just agree Obi has some serious issues?

  27. urgetocompute, Thanks for delineating the “hollow man” concept relating to Obama. I have been looking for the substance in what this man has been saying and who he is since February. Still looking.

  28. urgetocompute – Thank you!

    More and more people are coming out for McPalin. My hairdresser used to be scared of McCain, and intended to vote for Obama, but now she is really disenchanted with The One. She said she has to work on Election Day, so she probably won’t vote at all.

    So much for the change we were all desperately craving. Obama and Biden have managed to destroy all the optimism I, and so many other Democrats, had about this election. Now, most of us are just praying for it to be over so Obama and his cabal can go back to Chicago where they belong. And I hope some of them will end up behind bars, including Obama, if he was deeply involved with Rezko and ACORN as he appears to be.

  29. bb – I try to follow the Dalai Lama, in that I try to practice genuine kindness. The hardest kindness to practice is that toward your enemies, those you really dislike. I am not wasting my time, I am refining my spirit, and, believe me, it needs refinement! I think you will find that at the root of narcissism is a deep empty hurt. If I’m wrong I apologize. I think he is a hurt man. But I think he should stop, and let a less damaged person get on with the job.

  30. Apparently the Dem leadership, and I say this with a straight face, is telling us to “forget the deficit” as they are going to introduce more spending programs thus sending the deficit on into infinity! Couple this with Biden’s ridiculous remarks from yesterday and I think we may see the tide turning somewhat.

    My biggest concern is the “early voting” in a lot of states. These voters may be now casting a vote for The One while this is going on and we may very well see an Obama victory riding on this alone.

    He and the Dems are planning on driving this country even more to the left if they win while taxing us for the very air we breathe. I hope it is not too late to stem this tide.

  31. Barney Frank is on tape saying the Dems “will raise taxes”. Wow!

  32. PJ – Don’t forget the draft that Biden will institute as the result of the international crisis that electing Obama will precipitate!!!

    Oooh, could I be any more excited about voting for The One?!


  33. PJ – Where did you see this? Hahahahahaha! I knew it!

  34. garychapelhill, on October 21st, 2008 at 9:27 am Said:

    urgetocompute, well that clears things up 🙂

    Then there’s Mho’s law: Resistance is futile!

  35. And for those of you doubting thomas’ and thomasina’s, he really IS the new messiah, just check out this picture (ah, the audacity of blasphemy):


  36. urge LOL…I thought that was borg law….and while resistance may be futile, it is quite gratifying.

  37. madamab: Fox had a segment on this morning showing Barney talking about taxing the higher income brackets. The problem is: who sets the limit? Is it those making $250 grand yrly or those making $100 grand yrly? No one seems to have a clue what number they are addressing. Is it a combined family income, husband/wife, single income, etc.?

    All very confusing and the only guarantee is that taxes will increase overall. This is the drum they need to beat.

  38. Thanks for this great post. Gee! We sure don’t hear about these Black women and men opposiong Obama in the media, do we? Not even a whisper about them…..

  39. Pat Johnson, on October 21st, 2008 at 9:36 am Said:
    Barney Frank is on tape saying the Dems “will raise taxes”. Wow!

    Of course they will. The people who buy this tax-cut bullcrap from obama are those who don’t pay much, if any, at all.

  40. PUMAs equal infinite resistance.

  41. ainnj: That is the whole point. Handing out money to those who do not pay taxes is reinforcing the “wealth distribution” meme that has been out there. Just another giveaway that most of us resist outright.

    Obama has no idea of what he is talking about. And if he wins, along with a Dem congress, this will become a sure thing.

  42. Great poll.
    Nothing like starting the morning off with a laugh.

  43. The big issue out there right now that is being ignored somewhat is China’s built up military. While ours is slowly being decimated through our own misadventures, the Chinese are increasing their military at a vast rate.

    Wasn’t this what was happening in 1930’s Germany just prior to WW 2. And is this what Biden was referring too? How much do we trust Obama to handle this?

  44. zogby jumps to obama +8 WOW

    on the good news front… rasmussen remains at obama +4 and Battleground has Obama +1…. that is a move from Obama +13 just a week ago and down from +4 just yesterday…..

  45. I voted “No” as I don’t think Obama would qualify as mayor of Wassila, nor would he ready after such an experience.
    I make my plea again – please spred this news while you still have blogs on the net
    and see if “Facebook- Will Bowers” gives anything good on Google

  46. I am not a big fan of McCain’s but Obama facing down Putin, China, Venezuela, Al Qaeda, and any other foe who is looking to gain an advantage over a neophyte, does not make me feel very secure.

    I just don’t think he has the chops or the experience. But since most of the last few weeks have been focused on the economy, he has gained an advantage in the polls. Meanwhile, these other issues are swirling in the vortex and won’t disappear because we say so.

    This makes me very uneasy as a nation facing such severe economic issues along with an understaffed military is very weak in the eyes of the world. And we really need the oil if we are to maintain any hopes of competition. Dire indeed.

  47. this is disturbing

    On Monday, at the request of Congress, the RAND Corporation outlined the pros and cons of establishing a domestic intelligence agency. It also discussed different ways to organize a new entity, either as part of an existing department or as a new agency.

    It sends chills up and down my spine to imagine Obama with his own private spy agency

  48. To fight back, I just wrote a letter to my local paper about Biden’s remarks. We should all be emailing the networks and other media outlets to call attention to what he said:

    “Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.”.

    People have repeatedly used the comparison to JFK to defend Obama’s inexperience. Unfortunately the facts show that the reason Kruschev dared to put nuclear missiles in Cuba was that he thought Kennedy was so inexperienced and weak that he could be pushed around.

    JFK’s inexperience was a major factor in creating the most dangerous crisis that our nation has ever faced. (Both JFK’s and Kruschev’s advisors were pushing hard for nuclear war and some almost acted without authorisation!) Thankfully JFK had wised up by after the Bay of Pigs disaster and ignored this advice . He made a deal with Krushchev, who was also rational enough to back down even though he knew it would ruin his career – which it did. What are the odds that our current enemies would act so rationally?

    Given the radical enemies we now face and the fact that Obama is a lot more inexperienced than JFK (three terms in the House, two in the Senate, although, like Obama he did not work hard at the job), are you willing to take a chance on Biden’s prediction working out well for us?

    Not to mention, the fact that Biden said such a stupid thing makes it clear that he is also not ready for prime time. What a loose cannon! His lack of control over his mouth is scary. He could help bring on an international crisis by making irresponsible statements. He makes Sarah Palin look like a seasoned statesman(person) by comparison. And Obama thought he was a better choice than Hillary! Ah yes, a man of great judgment.

  49. gary: What is even more disturbing is that in addressing some of the issues already in play in my earlier comment, he may be granted the opportunity to go ahead with this as he will more than likely use “homeland security” as a reason to spy and control domestic activities.

    We have already seen this happen under Bush. Couple this with the stomping down of dissent and the door opens a little further. Scary stuff.

  50. GCH,

    Could this be the beginnings of that civilian security force Obama made reference to months ago?

  51. PJ – What has always scared me about Obama dealing with foreign leaders is that he simply cannot deal with any opposition to his will or his manufactured version of reality. Will he brush Pooty-Poot off his shoulder? Will he tell Angela Merkel she is “likeable enough?” He has already split the Democratic Party among r*cial and sexual lines. What will he do to our already damaged relations with the rest of the world?

    Do we really want this pathological liar and malignant narcissist to have his finger on the button?

    I never thought I’d say this, but I think McCain would be less dangerous than Obama as POTUS. At least McCain is not talking about invading Pakistan to get OBL without the permission of the Pakistani government!

  52. LOL… I just read an article about Palin’s stump speech yesterday in CO…. apparently, she has a new nickname for Obama…. “Barack the Wealth Spender”


  53. BernieO, in these difficult times I want Hillary as Commander-in-Chief. Failing that, McCain/Palin. But O’Biden? I give it to Six-Term Senator Joe – he’s honest. There should be a place for him somewhere.

  54. Gary,

    Oh. My. God.

    Remember the domestic civilian security force?

    (Going to start praying now….)
    Please do not let Obama win!!!

    Good morning loved ones, off to work…

  55. Love your reference to Maslow’s Hierarchy. But disagree with where Obama is.

    I’m no psychologist, though I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but I would see Obama as somewhere between the bottom two levels. He is a very insecure man who constantly needs the trappings of “greatness” around him to make him feel more secure. Greek columns and presidential seal, anyone?

    What a joke. Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of the country.

  56. madamab: Absolutely true but the only place I see this as being open to discussion is here on this blog. Very little is being presented in the press outside of taking shots at Palin and who “won” the debate.

    While this type of nonsense is being reported outside forces are gearing up. The world outside the US is watching this from a comfortable distance and gathering force while we debate what the latest code word is now considered ra*cist.

    We are one stupid society.

  57. While America dithers over itself, some good news:

    India, Pakistan open Kashmir trade route


  58. BernieO, in these difficult times I want Hillary as Commander-in-Chief. If not, then Mc/Palin. But O’Biden? I don’t think so. You have to give it to Six-Term Senator Joe – he tells the truth. There should be a place for him somewhere.

  59. urgetocompute, on October 21st, 2008 at 9:56 am Said:
    BernieO, in these difficult times I want Hillary as Commander-in-Chief. Failing that, McCain/Palin. But O’Biden? I give it to Six-Term Senator Joe – he’s honest. There should be a place for him somewhere.

    Oh if he keeps this up I am SURE obama and the dnc will find a place for him all right….I hear the cheney bunker will be available soon.

  60. urgetocompute,

    But after everything Biden has said this election season, I don’t think he should be in government anymore. I am very disappointed in him. He is not the Joe Biden I know. Maybe MBNA has a job for him?

  61. Whoops ,apologies for repeating myself – I thought my first post got lost in the ether (or Ohm’s law got it.)

  62. Sorry to say but after 8 years under Bush we have lost our geopolitical clout and find ourselves running on an empty treasury. I have no idea what the US will have left as a bargaining tool should it ever come to that.

    Turning to Obama as the one who can bring us back to our once vaunted and enviable status is just pushing the “hope” envelope a little too far to suit me.

  63. I thought Ohm was a Zen thing

  64. I agree – Joe Biden has turned into Dick Cheney, threatening death and destruction if the Democrat is elected.

    No thanks, Joe. Time to “spend more time with your family.” Let someone else be a Senator from Delaware now – preferably a young, liberal Democratic woman.


  65. Throw the whole kit and kaboodle out! Joe Biden reminds me of an old priest I knew who used to admonish us with: if you do not go to Mass every week you will DIE!!!

  66. madamab, I think you are spot on, and I do not hear the MSM discussing possible threats. BO would find it more than a little difficult to summon up a rapid response. He took 5 minutes to mess up an answer to Joe the Plumber.

  67. Hey Pat, if you got to mass EVERY week, you will still die. Ha, ha! (and yes, I think you’re right about Biden).

  68. Bush has been bad enough but Obama will only drive us further into the breech. The road to perdition is well traveled. No Obama. At least we can vote on experience if nothing else.

  69. I am glad Sugar is still at it!

    Honestly, I am not bothered by AA’s supporting obama. It makes sense to take what the kitchen is serving. I am, however, bothered by the edumacated latte librul crowd. They are voting for speechifying greatness and not much else. They don’t care about policy and they don’t care about ethics. The men and women alike sure are having a fun time being sexist in the open!

  70. Off script and off the cuff, Obama and Biden are a disaster. I forsee many international gaffes with tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber. If elected at the end of their 4 year term, we may have even less respect from foreign countries.

  71. OK, here’s the latest from NM….Note the punches delivered in quick succession over the past weekend…

    On the Ground in NM: Biden/Richardson/Endorsement Punch Hits So. NM; Big Early Voting Turnout; BREAKING: McCain May Be Here on Saturday


    Update–as of 6 am MT, still no firm news about a McCain visit here so. NM on Saturday…

  72. Madamab,

    when it comes to impressing world leaders, well, Merkel was totally unimpressed by the inital idea to hold a speech at the Brandenburg gate. She has a PhD in physics and her husband is a professor (I think in astrochemistry), so there is no way to impress her easily! She would know what Ohm is!!!


    This whole Brandenburg Gate idea just underlines what Bostonboomer called ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’.

    Scary – hence do the right think on Nov, 4!

  73. Think Led Zeppelin,

    Biden, got a whole lotta dumb!

  74. jjmtacoma: Just wait until his economic policies start hitting home. Some of these beauties are in the 250 thousand range of income and if he starts taxing them in favor of spreading the wealth all over the place they will be howling from the rooftops.

    Also, this could effect their company jobs and when layoffs and bankruptcies occur the bloom will fade faster than ordering at Starbucks. And AAs voting en masse is ridiculous as well. Voting for someone based on skin color alone is moronic. At least learn for whom you are voting and not because he is a bro.

    The man has zilch experience.

  75. McCain rally LIVE in PA now!

  76. Early voting has me antsy. Most people are voting because of the here and now. So much can change between now and November 4th but if my ballot is already cast there is no taking it back.

    I do not see the purpose of early voting other than absentee when you know you will not be able to be in your home state that day. Otherwise this allows too many opportunities to game the system in my opinion. No matter how hard they try to insist it is all safe I have my doubts.

  77. Biden always get even more gaffe prone in direct proportion to how much spot light he’s getting . … he can’t help himself. He is a blabber mouth who likes to boast …. No wonder Barry picked him., Biden is no threat what so ever

  78. How much effect could early voting really have? And are we assuming they’re all voting Obama, and if so, why?

    I just can’t worry about these things too much. I think the lines on Election Day are going to be a lot longer.

  79. Major garret saying Obama will not be campaigning in PA any further. They think they have PA all wrapped up? Ha! The internal polling numbers for McCain is showing that McCain is surging in PA!

    People like Murtha calling Western PA racists and rednecks, and people like Obama persoanally attacking small towns in PA is going to turn out the vote in PA for McCain BIG TIME!!

    Let’s go Democrats in PA!!

    The PUMA roar in PA for McCain will be deafening!

    Democrats for McCain!

    Country First!!

  80. Biden is a twit and a gasbag. Obama’s judgment call on this one pick should be used against him.

  81. Pat, when I listen to Obama, he often says you won’t be taxed more if you make < $200,000. I have heard him say it at different rallies. I keep wondering if it is a slip of the tongue, or if they are trying to lower the amount thinking people won’t be listening.

    In the end, I don’t really listen to any of his policy positions because I don’t believe he would keep his word. Everything he is saying is what he thinks will get him elected. Once elected he knows he can jettison any policy position he had, because he has seen his supporters willing to cave on every issue they used to most fervently support, eg. FISA, Choice, Gun control, Death penalty, War in the middle east, Health care… on and on and on.

  82. I may be wrong but my gut tells me that early voting benefits Obama.

  83. Pat Johnson,

    Except for Florida. Survey USA advised that in Florida, early voting was benefiting McCain. I posted part of their analysis yesterday regarding the Florida vote. They show Florida going McCain and have said that their polls have been stable regarding Florida.

  84. Mawm: Two things I know for sure: I came into this world poor and I will depart the same. Other than that, my poor pockets will be paying more for everything going forward. Just paying for heat this winter will cripple a lot of people and businesses. Healthcare costs will rise in proportion and food will be rising as well.

    It will be a major effort just to keep up.

  85. The secret part of JFK’s deal with Khruschov was that Kennedy agreed to remove our missle defense system from Turkey.

    This part of the deal was not revealed for many years which enabled Kennedy to gain a reputation for forcing the Russians to back down.

    The Russians got what they wanted our missles out of Turkey, in exchange for removal of their missles from Cuba.

    Would I trust Obama to engage in a negotiation such as this, ABSOLUTLEY NOT.

  86. The strategy to win PA is a good one for McCain.

    Why is Obama shutting down his campaigning in PA? Hmmm…

    Lindsey Grahm thanking “Joe the soundbyte Biden” for warning America that Obama is not ready to be POTUS!

    Crowd is pumped up!

  87. mawm: I completely agree. I don’t know what he will do when he is in office. I don’t see anyone on the left having any power over him (ala, feet to the fire) when votes are in the balance, once that threat is gone, what will anyone have to influence him? Well, probably the same thing we don’t have now, $$$$$.

    Well, except for the supposed tax plan – but I highly doubt his biggest supporters are going to be taxed more. I mean, how would they contribute millions to his re-election?

  88. Well, this has been an interesting morning. Thanks to RD for post. Gotta go now and teach differential equations (but not – praise be – Ohm’s law).

  89. Mawm –

    In the end, I don’t really listen to any of his policy positions because I don’t believe he would keep his word. Everything he is saying is what he thinks will get him elected. Once elected he knows he can jettison any policy position he had, because he has seen his supporters willing to cave on every issue they used to most fervently support, eg. FISA, Choice, Gun control, Death penalty, War in the middle east, Health care… on and on and on.

    That’s where I’ve been for a while. I just can’t trust that he will do anything he says he’s going to. How can people say they’re voting with Obama on issues, when he’s changed his position on everything several times?!

    My favorite one was “the surge.” Obama rightly opposed it by saying that if it was not accompanied by diplomatic efforts, it wouldn’t work. So, Bush did it without the diplomatic efforts. Of course, the surge didn’t work. Then, the military added an outreach to Sunni chieftains in Anbar Province, and lo and behold, it started working. Yet Obama didn’t know how to make that point for some reason. Instead, he pretended he’d always been “for it” by scrubbing and changing all the references to the surge on his website!

    Gawd, Obama is a f*cking idiot!

  90. Pat, I think early voting where you can register and vote at the same time benefits obama.

  91. LOVE IT!! McCain putting the hammer down on Obama now!!

    Tell it like it is Johnny Mac!!

  92. The really, really bad guys will want to test Obama to see how far they can push him and if he can be bullied or intimidated. Why will they do this? Because he has no record. There is nothing of any consequence to judge his reaction on anything but personal hubris and skizzy political notions. It is the same when you start a new job, sports team, or any organization. People test your limits to see if you will stand up to them. This is why you put someone with a track record or experience at the head of any large group, then is already apparent who can be messed with and who can’t.

  93. Isolde: I believe that “hope” and “change” will show the world we mean business! And if that doesn’t do it we can always bring back Rev. Wright to shout them down.

  94. McCain has the crowd riled up!

  95. Pat, he will call the Russians r@cist.

  96. Mawm: LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

  97. IronMan, on October 21st, 2008 at 10:14 am Said:

    McCain rally LIVE in PA now!

    Yup, Lin gave a shout out to Democrats for McCain in the audience. 🙂 Those ladies have been traveling and organizing.

    Yea, don’t tax the small business.

    I think Barney Frank should tax his friends who took off with their million dollar parachutes at 90+ %, since they did the mess not the working people. One guy took 140 million, that would leave him plenty of money. Why should we have to pay for their incompetence! Barney Franck should be removed, he should have been when it was discovered that his para amore was working for the people who he was suppose to be monitoring/regulating.

  98. LMAO that reminds me of the SNL debate skit from a few weeks ago… the FAUX OBama says he will meet with rogue leaders without preconditions…. and if that doesn’t work, he’ll play the race card.

  99. Mawm- You’re kidding, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  100. Isn’t Harriet a part of the Dems for McCain group?

  101. Mawm, he will think the Japanese are r@cist.

  102. I voted yesterday (45 minutes in line). Left the presidential race blank and voted for all down-ballot Democrats. Also voted for a few Independents where there was not a Democratic challenger. Normally I’d be block-walking and writing checks (yes, I still have disposable income, even in this economy — sending the money to the Food Bank and animal shelters instead of candidates), but this election has me so upset I voted on the first day just to get it over with and now want people to just leave me to hell alone. If Obama wins, the gloating from the already obnoxious, misogynistic blogger boyz will be intolerable. As “winners” they’ll be pushing Obama to squeeze the women out of his administration — not that he’d have more than a few tokens anyway. I really don’t want to see a return to the pre-women’s rights era, where women were told not to worry their pretty little heads about politics because the big, strong men would take care of them. If Markos is appointed WH Communications Director as a reward for the savaging of Clinton, I won’t be able to watch the news anymore. One can only vomit so many times before severe dehydration sets in.

  103. jjm said:

    the edumacated latte librul crowd

    I just see them standing around sipping a cocktail thinking it makes them totally cool and oh so liberal to be voting to the black guy. In the meantime, they drive an hour out of their way to stay away from any urban neighborhood.

  104. Oh Kim, there is that!

    Of course, out here it is pretty easy to avoid the “urban neighborhoods” because they aren’t that big. Seattle proper was gentrified a long time ago. I don’t know who could afford $600K for a starter house to use as a rental.

  105. “….two middle aged African American ladies who assumed she was an Obama supporter and read her the riot act before she had a chance to respond.”

    That was funny, because back in the primaries the same thing happened to me. It was a black woman who read me the riot act about Obama and I’ve never even been a supporter of his. I don’t like Obama, but that’s nothing compared to how angry she is. She still has some choice words for him. The Dems came door belling at her house the other day and I thought, oh dear, those poor folks, LOL, they’re really going to get an ear full. They did.

  106. jjm: If the house didn’t rent, never fear, the bailout package is here.

  107. I will bet the Obama campaign would like to send Biden to a far away place after yesterday’s gaffe. Fox is hammering away at this one while the Obama spinners are trying to quell the damage with the dumbest talking points imaginable!

    Joe, the gift that just keeps on giving. To McCain.

  108. Folks,

    I have to say that I have absolutely no problem with some AA’s supporting Obama simply because of his color. I think they have every right to look at him, with his family, and his college degrees and see something to be proud of.

    My main issue is when people start pretending that that’s not the main reason (hi Colin Powell).

  109. is color moderated too?

  110. Supposedly Obama had McCain on the ropes due to the economy yet Joe reminds everybody of international issues for which McCain has been credited with as being stronger.

    What a dolt!

  111. Folks,

    I have to say that I have absolutely no problem with some @frican-@mericans’ supporting Obama simply because of his color. I think they have every right to look at him, with his family, and his college degrees and see something to be proud of.

    My main issue is when people start pretending that that’s not the main reason (hi Colin Powell).

  112. wth, my comment is awaiting moderation. I’m trying to figure out which word is auto censored lol

    it isn’t color
    and it isn’t African-American.

    I am confused lol


    (with handy-dandy poll!)

  114. Sal…

    again Barry is half Kenyan half Kansan…(half African-half white)

    the fact that so many black people see him as black is troubling to me…

    I have no Obamas in my family tree.

  115. Mazlow’s pyramid could go astray, and then you’d have the Reagan pyramid, the one that makes us comfortable with our prejudices. The creative class took “self-esteem” and “confidence” to cocky and arrogant, and took “lack of prejudice” and “acceptance of facts” to mean neener-neener don’t have to listen to anyone says I’m wrong.

    Everyone old enough to remember the last century should be asking themselves why Obama of the Our Time Has Come new era is so last century. I remember riots, and I remember why. To not recognize that in the time passed since then, many AAs have done better, do have something to lose is retro and insulting. It’s insulting to talk about going back to an era of welfare and affirmative action. It had its time. How odd that Obama jettisoned the people from the last century but clung bitterly to its policies. Obama supporters think he’s got a bunch of new ideas because they’re too young to realize that.

  116. I agree with both Sal and madamab. I don’t have a problem with an AA supporting AA candidates. Sure there are cases where it’s shortsighted, but hey, it’s not like white guys haven’t voted for white guys for over 200 years.

    Still, it is ironic that Obama was raised by his white mother’s family and didn’t really come from the black community. Not that there’s anything wrong than that but if I find it rather amusing. As I’ve said before, unlike Ferraro I think Obama wouldn’t be where he is if he didn’t have a white mother. Call me a cynic — or a r@cist — but that’s my take on it.

  117. Hmm, for some reason I can’t post the link I got from my brother this AM – it was about the CNN story on signs being stolen from both party supporters and the about the “hate filled” attacks on O.

  118. Somebody mentioned a SUSA poll upstairs.

    I read some of the internal numbers; it showed that 22% of African Americans were voting McCain/Palin. Surprised?

    I guess those upper-middle class Black professionals don’t want their wealth spread around , either.

    Let’s take a poll: How many people think Oprah has EVER been in the really poor Black urban neighborhoods of Chicago?

    I read that Oprah said she built a school in South Africa instead of Southside Chicago, because the Black kids in Chicago “don’t want to learn.”

    Does that make Oprah a racist?

  119. For those of us whose families were tortured, interrogated and had some members disappear via the “kindness” of the KGB, or STASI this is fearsome news, Gary.

    Some of our parents who managed to escape (very few) still have nightmares.

  120. “Hate filled ” attacks on O by CNN. Eh.

    I was persued by my first O-bamatron last night at a local discount health market (cheaper than Whole Foods). Shoutout to *Patrick the cashier .*

    I guess now they are trying to engage us in “intellectual” mode. Since when does a middle aged cashier think it right to start a political convo with a patron, out of nowhere? They guy simply wouldn’t take “privacy” with a smile and laugh as an accecptable answer. Kept pushing. Guess O has taught them well. I simply wouldn’t engage.

    Yeah, I’m one of the silent types. No buttons, stickers, etc.

  121. Mary,

    That’s right. I remember Oprah saying that AA children(as well as others) in America in general are not “grateful” for much of anything. That’s why she went abroad.

    Yet, here she is wanting desperately to produce Messiah’s infomerical, on her set.

  122. I am absolutely LIVID that the hate-filled attacks on women, first Hillary and now Palin, are not being reported. Instead they’re reporting imaginary shouts of “kill him” and not retracting their statements once the rumor is disproved.

    And linking Obama to his friend and/or acquaintance Ayers is NOT r@cist. To call it r@cist is DELUSIONAL.

    The smears and charges of r@cism being used against McCain/Palin supporters are, frankly, some of the ugliest hate-filled attacks happening right now. The MSM needs to remove its collective head from its collective a$$ and stop taking part in this hate-mongering campaign.

  123. Riverdaughter, there will be NO rioting in the streets of Los Angeles over Obama. His loss will not be an injustice like the beating of Rodney King or the killing of the little girl in the convenience store, etc.

    I don’t know what might happen in the halls of CAA or William Morris, but there won’t be any black or brown people rioting over Obama.

    Please don’t even suggest such a thing.

  124. We’re all Republicans Now

    Most of us remember the infamous instance when the Bush/Rove philosophy and distain for the “reality-based” community was revealed. The source of the term is a quotation in an October 17, 2004, New York Times Magazine article by writer Ron Suskind, quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush:
    The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    If there is one overarching conclusion that can be drawn about this election cycle it is that the Democratic Party has decided to adopt a similar philosophy. If this is the case, as they have proven time and again(and really not that subtly to the unbiased observer) that their has been a unified effort to use propaganda, media manipulation, and any and all means of voter influence and suppression to promote their pre-determined candidate, nothing they say can any longer be taken at face value. Even though they profess to support policies that are in my own liberal interests, if they will say anything to justify winning an election, why should I believe things will change after the election? After all, every agenda, congressional bill, or platform is just another political campaign when you are trying to convince public opinion of their validity. When they have so perfected these tactics, why wait 2-4 years to use them?

    Well, some of us just don’t take too kindly to people fucking with our reality. We expect it from the NeoCons but the NeoProgs have proven that the “creative class” can martial the best that our new information technologies have to offer in the service of Party Propaganda. There is now no substantial moral difference between the parties, except for the voter bases they will try to pander to in order to remain in power. They’ve lost the moral high ground on voter disenfranchisement and voter suppression. And the coercion and intimidation of Super Delegates, non-SDs and others in the party to insure “Unity” would surely make Tom Delay proud.

    I think it’s a really dangerous and manipulative move to promote the notion that the only thing that will prevent an Obama victory this fall is racism. Framing his candidacy in this way has already set race relations back years in this county, whether he wins or not. (This is true no matter how much the media is in love with this narrative of the Historic Presidency.) I’ve heard this racial effect implied subtly and not so subtly to intimidate Hillary supporters from Jan on, and now to intimidate the general public including any Republicans, I suppose, who may be planning on voting Republican this year.

    I imagine if the Progressive PC Police (gee I sound just like Rush) had decided that what America really needed right now was a woman in the White House we would be hearing quite a different story–although this is obviously a very far fetched scenario considering the latent sexism which has been exposed, especially in the left-most region of Democratic Party. Remember when people would say how much they liked the idea of the first woman president; just not that woman? No matter what they say, the impact of sexism has been much discussed but never seriously addressed. Can you imagine seeing a question on a presidential poll asking “will your insecurity with your masculinity have any influence on who you are likely to vote for in the presidential election?”, or “is the phenomena of female competitiveness likely to bring out your worst misogynistic tendencies toward a candidate of your own sex?” We obviously need less “Bradley Effect” poll questions and more “Tweety Effect”(Google it) poll questions.

  125. “I think it’s a really dangerous and manipulative move to promote the notion that the only thing that will prevent an Obama victory this fall is racism. Framing his candidacy in this way has already set race relations back years in this county, whether he wins or not.”

    So very true. Interesting post – thanks for putting thought into it. You should post here during the day sometimes (and I apologize if you already do – I haven’t seen you around).

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