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Our long national nightmare isn’t over

Election day is two weeks from today, but we already lost.

Seriously, no matter who wins on November 4th, we lost.  We lost this election a long time ago, somewhere between the time when the media decided they wanted Barack Obama to be the next President and when the DNC stole the nomination from Hillary and gave it to an empty suit.  We lost, Hillary lost, the nation lost.

All that is left for us is a choice between bad and worse, but that’s a distinction that Lazarus Long said is far more critical than the one between good and better.  I have no illusions about John McCain.  He will be a bad choice, and the best we can expect is that he will be a mediocre President during a time of crisis.

But Barack Obama is worse.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, with an empty resume and the worst traits of George W. Bush.  His election will be a setback for liberal politics and a disaster for the Democratic party.  He will cause Democrats to lose seats in Congress (and possibly control of the Senate) in 2010 and will allow the GOP to retake the White House in 2012.  We can expect four years of gridlock, scandals, right-of-center policies, ineffective crisis management and a failed Presidency.

Either candidate will in all likelihood be a one-term President.  If McCain wins then Hillary will be well positioned to defeat him in 2012.  But if Obama wins no Democrat will be permitted to challenge him for the nomination when he runs for reelection, thus pretty much ending Hillary’s chances of ever becoming President.

It’s gonna be a long four years either way.  But then nobody said it would be easy.


125 Responses

  1. The World Lost.

  2. My biggest complaint about BO:

    How dare he think that, with just 145 days (or so) in his only full time job he is qualified to lead this country after 8 years of the WPE (Worst Presendent Ever…until Obama).

    I will NEVER forgive him or MO or Alexerod or Brazile or Dean or Kerry or Kennedy, et al for foisting this fraud upon us.

  3. I forgot my quote from Atrios:

    “The failed Obama presidency begins the day after the election.”


  4. Well said, Myiq! Obama would be awful – and McCain tepid at bes, but then no one expected much out of Truman either

  5. Atrios said that? Surprising because he’s been swimming in a vat of Kool-Aide for months now.

  6. Shainzona:

    I took him a little out of context, but he uttered the truth.

  7. Got it – I went and read his post (forgive me for going over there!) and saw that he was moaning the fact that the Press will turn on his guy (versus having given Bush a 9 months honeymoon).

    I actually doubt that – the people will turn on the fraud long before the MSM gets the message.

  8. In America we were always sure that if a politican was not good he could be voted out of office.
    The elections of 2000 and 2004 changed that idea.
    It will not matter in this election who wins. Some will always feel that the election was fixed.
    To me that is one of the saddest lessons that I have had to learn. My vote may not count.
    The dnc could of had the best for this country and chose the worst over the votes of 18 million people.



  9. I have a little more faith in John McCain than you myiq but, then again, you are the smarter one! 🙂

    You are probably right that the next Pres is going to serve only 4 years regardless – because fixing this is going to take much longer than 4 years and the American people will run out of patience.

    Sadly, you are probably also correct about the 2010 elections should BO win this one.

    See what I mean – I just called you correct on everything!

  10. Shainzona:

    I don’t believe the media has free will. I think they report what they are told to report by the people who pay their salaries.

    Who owns the media?

  11. We can expect four years of gridlock, scandals, right-of-center policies, ineffective crisis management and a failed Presidency.

    And those will be the high points.

  12. I agree – but I guess I think the people who pay the media’s salary will continue to adore The One.

    Afterall, he is “The One”, isn’t he?

  13. Hmm re: Hitchhikers Guide I sounded like Marvin the paranoid android in the above posting. Perhaps MO and Biden will provide plenty of comic relief.

  14. I think we can handle four more years of McCain, by default, definitely not our CHOICE.

    The DNC keeps coming up with SH&&T, that I just cannot handle anymore.

    I go from outrage, to fear, to abhor, to outrage, to fear and BACK.

    WHO in GOD’S name wants to continue living like that.

    At least with McCain and Palin, I can feel pride and love for our country, if NOTHING ELSE. !!!! I’ll take it.

    Can we have HILLARY BACK NOW !!!!

  15. I always liked McCain. That is why it wasn’t hard for me to make the switch after Hillary was dragged off the stage. But I was a centrist Dem.

    I realized a few months ago, though, that I never really voted on the issues but rather who I thought had the best character. I can live with the trains running alittle late, but I certainly don’t want Hitler for a president.

  16. “Seriously, no matter who wins on November 4th, we lost.”

    Perhaps, but actually another way to look at it is that we won. No matter what happens in the election I still get to wear my “don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary” shirt.

    The Dems lost, no doubt about it. They either lose quickly when Obama concedes the election or they lose long and painfully over the next four years.

    I’m temporarily residing in the Republican party. I’m actually rather cheery about it. This is karma too, Republicans deserve to have a hundred thousand angry liberal women move in with a list of demands, LOL. Oh they owe us…big time… and it’s time for payback.

  17. I went to a Republican debate watching party for the last debate. I went undercover, not revealing my Democrat background. After the debate, a lot of people stayed to talk and I said that I had to admit I never liked George Bush. A couple of the people said they didn’t like him either. No one defended him. I think it is interesting that you cannot find one person who supports George Bush, and it seems like they never did. I think its about as hard to find a George Bush fan as it is to find a Democrat that supported the war.

  18. Has anyone seen Janis?

  19. Mawm:

    Since you already Godwined, I’ll point out that in 1946 you couldn’t find any Germans who would admit they were real Nazis.

  20. MyIQ — I did. And I expect them to continue for quite some time.

    (sadly letting go of the Whitey Tape)

  21. myiq, Godwined, I had to look that up. Does that mean the thread is over?

    Sorry 😦

  22. I can hear the schilling in 2011-hey we have “The One” do we really need to hold another election?

    I mean He is “The One” and he will eventually bring peace, (once our troops are out of Iraq, Afganistan,Zimbabwe, Iran, Venesuela, Syria, Georgia, North Korea, ect.)

    He will give us prosperity (once every last manufacturing job has been sent to India, Malasia, and China)

    Finally, he will bring freedom (once all of “The Ones” enemies have been discovered and turned in for re-education.)

    Yeah I am looking forward to being sent into exile…I here Paraguay or Argentina are nice this time of year.

  23. I am a computer programmer, and we use a lot of open source software, so I am constantly looking things up on the internet and going to sites for tutorials on how to use the latest xy and z. Today, though, I have felt the omnipresence of Obama’s $150,000,000 sept fundraising. He has internet ads on absolutely every site I would go to. Talk about BIg brother.
    I cried out in the afternoon, “I can’t escape Obama!”, My office mate Valerie said to me, “Don’t worry. It will all be over soon”.

  24. Pumas! PBS has a poll up asking if Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice President. You know what to do.


  25. Mawm:

    Thank Koresh she didn’t say “Drink the Kool-aid and you’ll feel all better”

  26. Koresh be praised!

  27. Mawm, I’m a voter a lot like you.

    Although I’m a pretty extreme liberal, I often joke that I’m so far left I’m right again. Oddly, because my ideology is so outside the mainstream I prefer the more centrist politicians. And like you, I feel that character is essential in a candidate. Voting for McCain is gonna be easy as pie.

  28. hey Mawm-had wonderful time in Orlando managed to piss off Rosie O’donnells’s brother who was down there schilling for Obama…It was ….PRICELESS!

  29. Mentioned the Confluence and Hire Heels…oh and dropped the Word PUMA too….I guess he had to head back to the DUGOUT in NYC because he turned away in a huff.

  30. Fuzzy, That sounds like fun. I wish I could have seen it.

  31. yttik: “I’m temporarily residing in the Republican party. I’m actually rather cheery about it. This is karma too, Republicans deserve to have a hundred thousand angry liberal women move in with a list of demands, LOL. Oh they owe us…big time… and it’s time for payback.”

    Too funny! Thanks for making me LOL.

  32. missed you, mr. fuzzy

  33. gosh, myiq-after a long day in the trenches was hoping to come home to a post that said Obama was way behind in the polls, or the whitey tape had been released.
    you’re just a f***ing ray of sunshine 0-:

  34. oops Mawm I think it was Mussolini that got the trains running on time. But then he never did anything else significant did he?

  35. catarina:

    The good part about being a pessimist is when we’re wrong it’s a good thing.

  36. the trains in Italy haven’t run on time since..

  37. thanks everyone I felt the Oppressive Obama presence too-I was in LGBT world and so much of it is in the tank for “The One”!


    It kind of like the Gays in Germany until the “Night Of The Long Knives” then it was off to Manhausen and Dachau with all the gay guys….I’ve seen BENT, and read “The Pink Triangle”.

    The lesbians were also taken care of but I am to polite to talk about it amongst the ladies here at the Confluence.

    Am I paranoid or what?

  38. myiq so you’re not going to kick my a** for quoting that “wise man?”
    **crawling out from under desk**

  39. Actually the trains did not run on time that is a facist myth…they shot anyone who complained the trains were late….

  40. It dinner with the Koolaid Crowd tonight…I really should let someone else take over this is so boring to here todays talking points for Obambi for America.

  41. fuzzy: Don’t worry about China & India – didn’t you see the vid at Sugar n’ Spice of O supporters and one rather ill-informed one said she was voting for The One so he could stop the jobs going to Poland?

    I know that keeps me up at night.

  42. Catarina:

    “wise guy” is more accurate.

    “Pompous ass” is dead on

  43. Hey, wait a minute!

    I said that!

  44. (whining)

    Is there a cell phone plan that is especially good for a family with someone who LOVES to talk on the phone?

  45. Sorry myiq2xu – you are wrong!

    I just proudly with no regret and a lot of enthusiasm voted for Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    During Hillary’s speech in Florida yesterday, she reminded me of the wife who testifies for the husband who has been abusing the kids since birth.

    Honesty, Integrity, Strength of Character is what I am looking for in a leader. Hillary doesn’t have it. She should have outed Obama whatever the cost to her personally during the Primaries, after she quit and everyday since.

    John McCain was willing not only give his life, he was willing to be tortured for what he believed was right. His children have put their lives and careers on hold. Sarah has donated her son to the cause.

    Hillary sold us all down the river.

    You can’t deny it, You can’t sugar coat it, You can’t pretend we are back in Kansas, Dorothy.

    People with choices should choose carefully because others have to live or die by those choices.




  46. fuzzy, give em hell tonight!

  47. The New York Post has retracted the Michelle Obama lobster/caviar story about the alleged $450 bill. My apologies for linking to that story on this site.

  48. Carol:

    Don’t let the ruby slippers fool you. I’m not Dorothy

  49. Carol,

    Diamonds I love your HAKA but I am a realist here IU expected no less from her she is a woman of her words I believe on November 5th her love of “The One” ends no matter what the outcome…sh will submarine him every chance she gets…

    Her FISA vote embarrassed him to know end-

    Hillary is counting on us to do what she cannot! I know I will not let her down…

  50. Carol, I’m annoyed at her too. Although, I appreciate that she has not tried to cut Palin down. I’m sure Obama would love for her too.

  51. Carol’s slippers are lovely diamonds in a tiffany platinium setting!

  52. I just got called by Rasmussen to complete a poll on the election

  53. I thought the press would turn on Obama after he got the nomination. Many of us believed that. But they didn’t. He is the one they have been waiting for. Their corporate masters really want Obama. I don’t think they are going to turn on him after the election. Why would they? He fits right in with the “villagers.”

    I’m beginning to think that Tony Rezko could reveal explicit criminality by BO and the press would ignore it. My only hope for my country and my former party is that Obama loses. Otherwise our “long national nightmare” will continue.

  54. dakinikat,

    What were the questions?

  55. Carol and Mawm,

    I, too, am deeply disappointed in Hillary.

  56. well the first ones were if i liked dubya and thought he was doing a good, job also if i like jindahl and thought he was doing a good job,

    then am i voting and do i usually vote

    then there was who am I voting for senator and prez

    then which issue I’m voting on …

    and who of the prez would be better for the economy, national security, domestic issues, fiscal issues, culture issues

    the demographic questions .. m/f, income, kids under 18 or not, marital status, and do i attend church at all?

  57. there were also questions on if i was d or r
    and if i considereed myself, liberal, very liberal, moderate or conservative …

    pretty much all those questions I hear on CNN and stuff all the time, sounded exactly like the daily tracking poll

    they also asked me how firm I was on my voting choices and if i had positive, somewhat positive, somewhat negative or negative views of the candidates

  58. I feel your pain regarding Hillary, Carol. I waiver between that same emotion and the hope that she actually knows what she is doing.

    The Big Dawg, on the other hand, knows EXACTLY what he is doing and he is one big ole PUMA.

  59. Carol- I can’t really disagree with you, but… Hillary knows the inside and outside of this better than we will ever. She either feels that down deep Obama will be a better choice for the country. Maybe she thinks the Dems will not give him a free ride ( Stop laughing right now!!! Said in my sternest mother voice.) Maybe, she realizes that her only way to have power in this system is to work w/in the DNC. We have come to the realization that we are more powerful as ‘independents’. Lets just do our best and figure that she knows what she is doing.

  60. Call me crazy but I think McCain will do a surprisingly good job. I believe he wants to accomplish reform particularly on the issue of soft money/lobbyists. He will avail himself of Hillary’s knowledge and skilIs. He has made a commitment to women’s equality. No he is not ideal but I, a lifelong Democrat, have grown to respect him. What a strange year!

  61. hi,
    I’ve been lurking a long time..and I just want to say that I am also really disappointed with Hillary….she is looking more and more like a machine politician every day by throwing her “integrity” under the bus….what a sad day for America.

    By the way..thank you all, the JSND coalition and everyone for doing such a hard and heartfelt job in trying to rally the troops against BO. goodluck

  62. You gotta see this:


  63. I just got this in my mailbox — I think it’s full of shit —

    Oct. 21, 2008

    A greater number of voters say they are comfortable with Sen. Barack Obama’s values, background and ability to serve as president, as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin undercuts Sen. John McCain’s edge on experience. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll gives the Democrat a 10-point edge over Sen. McCain, 52% to 42%.

    The 10-point lead is the largest in the WSJ/NBC poll since both men claimed their parties’ nominations, and represents a steady climb for Sen. Obama since early September, when the political conventions concluded with the candidates in a statistical tie.

    FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122462257051655701.html?mod=djemalertNEWS

  64. oh, they also asked me if i agreed with the statement that sharing the wealth is good for every one

  65. I hear giving up on this SITE??

    What’s up with that.

    Two Weeks to go, and alot of work to do.

    Nothing’s over, till we say it’s over.

    PUMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. myiq,

    I think comparing Republicans who voted for Bush (such as me) to Germans who voted for Hitler is a bit over the top.

    The differences conservatives have with Bush are not the same as the ones you have. Conservatives are upset about the expansion of entitlements and huge increases in government spending by Bush and the other “Republicans” we elected. Conservatives are also upset about the way that Bush and Rumsfeld conducted the war–trying to fight it on the cheap with far too few troops–rather than being opposed to the war itself. Conservatives view Bush as a political failure who has failed to stand up for conservative principles and thus has badly damaged the Republican brand.

  67. I wish I didn’t believe that Carol is right about Hillary. Hillary’s her own person, but I do not understand how she, and Bill, can work the way they do for BO. Have we simply worked ourselves into a lather about him? I do not think so. BO is anathema to me. I could not comprehend why Hillary let the DNC do to her what they did. Politics IS about winning, and she had the prize within her grasp, then gave it away. She may have lost anyway, but I did expect a gutsy fight. Yes, she’s not perfect. But I do not expect salvation from politicians, just that they govern well and wisely. I’m sort of with myiq on McCain, except that I think he is a fairly decent person (McCain too!).

    If McCain wins then Palin’s star will shine bright. I do not think Hillary could beat her in 2012. If BO wins, there’s no way Hillary will be running in 2012, unless he wanders off, as he does, to another job, or is forced out of office.

    Hillary’s made a choice in supporting BO. I just do not like it. I do not hate her for it, but I would rather she didn’t work for his election. She’s not perfect, but she’s way better than anything else out there.

  68. Honora, on October 21st, 2008 at 6:43 pm Said:

    Carol- I can’t really disagree with you, but… Hillary knows the inside and outside of this better than we will ever…………………. Lets just do our best and figure that she knows what she is doing.

    During the primary I remember Hillary stating more than once that she would campaign tirelessly for Obama, if he was the nominee. I never heard Obama say that about her, of course. She’s sticking to her promise and the Democratic Party. Perhaps she still has hope for the Party.

  69. Hillary is doing what we all knew she would…she has kept her word….

    there is another candidate who kept their word to” I shall not go home until every prisoner who has passed through these gates before me has home home first.”

    It is called sacrifice-if it doesnt hurt if it doesn’t cost you anything then it doesnt mean anything.

    Hillary is risking it all, including we her most loyal supporters, to keep her word. If she didnt keep her word then I would lose more respect for her than I ever could for her schilling for Obama.

    Because if she keeps her word to people she dispizes and does not trust…surely she will keep her word for those of us who carried her banner when she could no longer do it.

    If her word is to mean anything it must mean it when it is tuff to keep! I f this were easy for her do you think I would still respect her?

    Sorry I feel we needed a pep talk!

  70. myiq, surely you aren’t surprised by that? Same old, same old – just like they did with Hillary.

    Michelina – I’m not giving up. I’m giving this one to the Universe to fix. Over the next 2 weeks, the real deciders, the American Voters, are going to get enough information to make the right decision here. Once again, we will be proud of our country – not the leaders, but the everyday person who goes into that voting booth and fills out that secret ballot according to their conscience. I truly believe our collective conscience is going to defeat Barack.

  71. Hillary should have endorsed Obama and then gone on a long, long vacation. What she is doing is not in the country’s interest. And, truly, not in her interest. I don’t get it.

  72. dakinikat,

    Thanks for the info. It sounds like all the polls I’ve responded to. What did you say to that last question, if you don’t mind sharing?

  73. I plan to keep my word too…I will not under any circumstance vote Obama!

  74. I don’t like that Hillary is bullshitting for him, but that’s not anything new, that’s what politicians do. But she still hasn’t called me a racist, even this late. for all of the stuff that people are saying about how she is so disappointed with her supporters, she still hasn’t been nasty, or played dirty, used racism and sexism to try to demonize us, and I don’t believe she ever would. I’m ok with her being diappointed in me because I’m disappointed in her too. That doesn’t mean that at some time in the future that link can be mended. she doesn’t burn bridges like the obots do.

  75. fuzzybeargville, on October 21st, 2008 at 7:00 pm Said

    What an inspiring comment, fuzzy! Thanks.

  76. I think I will tell them(my Obat friends) I mailed my ballot in so my vote is cast and they should stop trying to convince me! To late your words are wasted…

  77. I said no I don’t agree with it

  78. I’m not disappointed in Hillary, and I’m not giving up on her. She always said she would work for her party’s nominee, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. I would expect nothing less from her because, unlike Obama, she is honest and has integrity.

    She has been – and remains — on the receiving end of the kind of relentless viciousness and backstabbing that has made some men cry like babies on national television and then fade into obscurity.

    But Hillary holds her head up and goes to work every day to try to make life better for other people. She’s not whining. She’s working.

    As bad as I feel about everything that’s happened in this election season, she’s got to feel a thousand times worse. Thankfully, she’s making the best of the hand she’s been dealt thus far. She lives to fight another day. And pay-back is gonna be a bitch.

  79. I’m not giving up at all. I still think McCain is going to win. I just looked at the state by state polls on Real Clear Politics. Most of them are within a few points. Yes, Obama is leading in many swing states, but often within the margin of error. That doesn’t indicate a landslide to me. As we saw in the primaries, Obama seems to overpoll by about 6 points. The trend could very well move back in McCain’s direction. For now the polls are very close.

  80. I got the same Rassmussen poll questions on Sunday. I responded in the negative to the question about whether I thought “sharing the wealth” was a good idea.

    I may be paranoid, but the way the questions were phrased felt poll like I was being pushed toward answering in a way that would favor Obama. dakinikat, did you get that impression as well?

  81. I agree, Gary. I’m disappointed, but not disllusioned. I never thought Hillary was perfect and if she runs again, I’ll support her.

  82. bb: I’m an economist, that sort’ve thing causes brain drains from countries and stifles incentives, I don’t disagree with a progressive tax system, but that assumes one works and pays … no problem with that, but I really disagree with active income redistribution …

  83. I am not going for “lost” because that implies that there was actually a contest. So I’ll stick with “We wuz robbed”. Besides that, right on.

  84. Dave, I don’t think myiq was calling Republicans Nazis. We were talking about the phenomenon of people hiding their support or former support of something that is currently unpopular. The Dems have done it with the war. It is impossible to find a Dem who will admit to supporting the war, but obviously there are a lot of them. Support for the war was something like 80% of the nation at the beginning.

  85. Hillary has done politically expedient things. I don’t mind that per se; it’s part of staying alive in the arena. But she has gone too far in pushing Obama, esp. when she said (obviously to make PUMAs rush to the polls for BO) that she would not run again in 2012. Why announce that?

    Fuzzy, I don’t think worrying about camps is far out. We have had elections stolen, we have had the worst financial nightmare (b/c unlike what happened pre-Depression, this one was planned robbery), the federal government has been crippled, and we have a Democratic candidate who seems even more totalitarian than Cheney. We no longer have trains, so it will be out from under the bus into the bus…if we aren’t vigilant.

  86. amen sonya…from your lips to god’s ears

  87. ginainkc, no I really didn’t get that feeling … but I was thinking that was an odd thing to tack on the end of the poll, it was the only quote from any one

  88. bb: also, the late deciders may not break for Obama at all, it was a consistent pattern in the primaries and got to be more of huge trend at the end … i don’t think the late deciders will break much at all for him, frankly

  89. I don’t want to get into trouble here, I bleed PUMA blood and I have a Women for McCain button!!!, but there are reasons why Hillary may think that Obama would be better for America. I totally disagree, but the president gets to control lots of stuff. Its not just legislation, its administrative offices, its regulations, its the courts , its the justice department. Maybe, she really figures that she is done with her quest for the WH and feels that a Dem is better than a Rep.

    I think that Michelina is right, Hillary psychoanalysis can be saved for after the election. We have less than two weeks and we need to PUMArize the vote.

  90. Evening guys, I am a bit discouraged had to spend a day with three Obamabots. Sometimes it is hard to bit my tongue and at times I did not but they think I am voting for the one.

    I feel so negative about everything after being with them.
    I feel like i need a shower.I need to wash the Kool Aid off.

  91. Dave:

    You’re right, it was over the top.

    Hitler was responsible for way more deaths with the war he started.

  92. It aint true I havent voted yet but it wll get them to shut their yap!

  93. Just came from the Sarah Palin Rally, long day, well worth it. One of our volunteers is a PUMA, she has worked so hard, she was in the middle of the group behind Sarah, and had the biggest sign: I voted for her: [pic of Hillary], now I’m Voting for Them [pic of JM & SP]. There were also 5 women who were guests seated directly behind Sarah Palin, I don’t know their names: former President of Oregon’s NOW, the woman from Los Angeles NOW, a member of the DNC Committee, a member of the DNC Platform Committee, past editor of Ms. Magazine. They were sitting with Piper. Two of them spoke (Oregon & Platform).

    After Sarah spoke she went to the woman with the sign, signed it, AND all of the PUMA women also signed it. It was really cool.

  94. OMG I just saw the moveon.org ad against mccain on tv. it is repulsive. absolutely disgusting.

  95. dakinikat,

    I would like to see us go back to a truly progressive income tax system. But Obama doesn’t seem to have the courage to do that. His plan seems to be to send checks to people who haven’t paid any taxes. We already have the earned income credit, and I think that is a good thing to help people who are really on the bottom.

    When McGovern ran in 1972, he proposed something like what BO is proposing. It didn’t go over well with Americans.

  96. Thanks for that Swing voter- I think that the pity party is officially over.

  97. there are a bunch of kids and they are totally obnoxious saying things like “voting republican even once can have terrible effects on the future” as if voting republican is driving drunk, or doing drugs. really nasty and over the line.

  98. I think you assessment is accurate. I would add one more insight: Barack Obama will silence the right through the “Fairness Docrtrine” and take away FREE SPEECH both on the radio (for sure), Internet and possibly Fox News. Obama will SILENCE his critics. We won’t recognize America in 12 months.

    Obama made a statment recently that he would be ahead 3 pts in the polls if it were not for FOX. Imagine how much McCain would be up if it were not for CNN and MSNBC.

    I think his behavior towards the right is going to send Independents and right leaning democrats to the GOP in 2012.

  99. afrocity, take heart. I still find you inspirational! Choose your battles.

  100. Mawm, well you know everyone over the age of 55 went to Woodstock.

  101. The extreme left has called Republicans “Nazis” and “fascists” since Nixon. Obviously it doesn’t help the dialogue.

    I am sure myiq did not mean it that way, any more than I believe that Obama is a Nazi because he, like Adolph Hitler, is a gifted speaker with the ability to mesmerize the weak-minded.

  102. Cool story nv swing voter. That had to have been thrilling.

  103. New post up

  104. Carolynn, he’s not going to win.

  105. Honora
    If, goddess forbid, O gets elected, Hillary is in for a very rude awakening. SHE will need the psychoanalysis!
    But you’re right, who has time for that right now? Must save America.

  106. Dave:

    I didn’t say anything about Republicans.

    I was talking about that slimy piece of shit named George W. Bush

  107. Yeah, he made that whiny statement about Fox at that roast. But how many people know about it?

    I have heard that Dems do not want the Fairness doctrine to apply to tv or newspapers. Only radio. Wonder why? lol

  108. “nv swing voter”
    I think 1 of the PUMA women might have been, Dr. Lynette Long. I could be wrong; but I think I heard she was speaking
    I’m here in LI/NY & I can’t believe how some women are “not sure” if Sarah has the experience to be president; but some how Obama’s OK………….UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t know HOW; but she must get past that Couric interview.PERSONALLY I THINK SHE’S TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  109. nv swing voter — I know the woman who was on the platform committee — she’s been to my home several times – she did so much for Hillary – she called me last night and told me everything she was doing !!

  110. sonya, on October 21st, 2008 at 7:06 pm Said:

    I’m not disappointed in Hillary, and I’m not giving up on her. She always said she would work for her party’s nominee, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. I would expect nothing less from her because, unlike Obama, she is honest and has integrity.

    Could not have said it any better myself. She is doing what she ALWAYS said she would do. When she stops being a woman of her word, I’ll trust her even less. Until such a day that she calls me a low-info, bitter, racist, redneck, I”m good.

  111. I don’t think that GWB is a “slimy piece of shit,” but you are entitled to your opinion. And weren’t you comparing Republicans who had nothing nice to say about Bush with Germans in 1946 who had voted for Hitler? If not, then what exactly did you mean by that comment?

  112. sonya, on October 21st, 2008 at 7:06 pm Said:

    I’m not disappointed in Hillary, and I’m not giving up on her. She always said she would work for her party’s nominee, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. I would expect nothing less from her because, unlike Obama, she is honest and has integrity.

    Could not have said it any better myself. She is doing what she ALWAYS said she would do. When she stops being a woman of her word, I’ll trust her even less. Until such a day that she calls me a low-info, bitter, r*cist, redneck, I”m good. As for Bill, I don’t think we can even say he’s done anything for BO. Last time I saw him he was in Canada on a cross-country economic tour and didn’t appear that excited about the prospects of coming back.

  113. Dave:

    Let me add to my last comment. I was born in Germany. My step-mother is German, and I served for two years in Germany when I was in the Army.

    I like Germany and I think the Germans are really good people.

    But they elected Adolf Hitler, and many of them enthusiastically supported him and the Nazi party.

    Later, after he destroyed Germany along with most of Europe, none of them wanted to admit they ever supported him.

  114. New thread guys!

  115. I’m going to say this again because I don’t think it can be said enough.

    Hillary didn’t say she would NOT run again. That is a talking point taken out of context. She named two things that would DEFINITELY not happen: Majority Leader and Supreme Court. She was very clear about that. When asked if she would run again, she said, “probably near zero.” Not zero or absolutely not or “God, no!” After being very clear, she was far from clear about running again. If she supposedly wants BO to win, she has no reason for planning to run again. She wouldn’t have said she was gearing up for 2012 regardless of when she was asked–and she was asked, she didn’t just offer up some declarative statement out of the air.

    Please, stop walking around saying that Hillary has declared she’ll never run again. It’s the misquote from hell.

  116. ‘WE ALREADY LOST’. GIVE ME A BREAK. We are two week away from the election. I really think its absurd to talk like that. If Obama wins its because people have already given up. John McCain may not be the person we all wanted but he is a decent main, a patriot and loves America. Obama on the other hand has none of those qualities. Thanks but I’ll go elsewhere for my daily read. I don’t like whiners and losers so if you want to throw up your hands then go ahead. I’m fighting for my country and that means electing John McCain. Too bad Hillary didn’t have the balls to fight it out at the convention.

  117. @katiebird, 6:29 PM

    “Is there a cell phone plan that is especially good for a family with someone who LOVES to talk on the phone?”

    Yes. I call it the “Lose It for 30 Days” plan.

  118. Ann On!! I haven’t seen you for ages! How are you?

    We’ve tried that plan. And now we’ve got her on one of those Pay as you Go phones that shows how much time she’s got left. But I have a dream that something better is out there…

  119. hmm , what happened to my last post? Pooof it disappered

  120. Dave, I could not have said it better.

  121. Not only do they burn bridges, the beat them with sticks.

  122. It appears that the McCain campaign has pulled back on all of it’s plans.

  123. Joanelle,
    I would guess that a lot of messages are removed for various reasons and people banned or moderated for what they post. I don’t know. Maybe the blog owner or such can tell you.

  124. myiq2xu: I wrote the following before I read this – clearly you and I were on somewhat of the same wavelength. http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/10/hard-headed-realism.html

    I do believe though that we the people will seize the the nadir of the next four years and use it to develop a new and better politics for our country.

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