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Monday: We are not alone

There are signs of intelligent life.  You just have to know where to look.  You won’t find them on TV.  They’re harder to spot in the nation’s newspapers.  But they’re out there.  They are *us* and people like us.  Our challenge is to find each other and connect.

Sometimes, the most effective technology is the simplest one.  It could be that all we have to do is print some flyers that say nothing more than:

“Don’t like Obama?  Not a racist?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

Put your favorite URL in some tear off strips at the bottom and hang the flyer on your local grocery store bulletin board.

Here are some other nifty ideas on how you can connect with others:

  • Check out Murphy’s PUMAPac Action Center for graphics, flyers, postcards, and other ideas on getting the word out to the non-nethead.  Sign up for her Daily Growl for mass action alerts.
  • Help Heidi Li and Marc Rubin get more ads on the air.  Visit Democrats for Principle before Party and make a donation.
  • Visit JustSayNoDeal’s DailyDos page for events and activities that will get people’s attention. (Note: Some of these activities coordinate with McCain’s campaign so do it only if you feel comfortable with that concept.)
  • Meet Harriet Christian in Manhattan on Saturday and Sunday from now until the election.  She is rounding up a posse to go to Scranton, PA to canvass in coordination with Democrat’s for McCain.  If you’re interested, send her an email at hchristian at infnyc dot com.  The buses leave from 31st Street and 8th Ave at 9:00AM.
  • Tell your friends to tune into blogtalkradio programs.  There are a wide variety to suit everyone’s taste and you will get to meet a lot of new friends from all over the country.  Tonight, you can Chew the Fat with Ophelia, from The New Agenda tonight at 10PM EST.  Join Amy Siskind and Dr. Violet Socks talk about how women from both sides of the aisle can find common ground, work towards the 30% solution and move women’s issues forward for a better society for all.

    Chewing the Fat with Ophelia

    Chewing the Fat with Ophelia

The Obama Haka only works if friends and neighbors get discouraged and stay home on election day.  There is an illusion that Obama’s victory is all but assured but that can’t happen if everyone who is angry about the strong armed tactics, intimidation, peer pressure, misogyny and accusations of racism fight back.  There is strength in numbers.  Spread the word.  All you have to do is say, “You are not alone.”

Time is short.

Sound off, Conflucians.  Tell us where you’re from.

266 Responses

  1. South Central PA

  2. purplefinn: Do you live near Shippensburg? I went to school there for a couple of years.

  3. RD: Central New Jersey

  4. Thanks, RD – we need to have some honest “unity” around the real issue – these suggestions can get us there!

  5. RD, yes. I got my graduate degree there and was the director of its Women’s Center for 11 years. Beautiful part of the state. I wish we had the culture of Pittsburgh, though.

    I’m originally from Ohio – near Joe the Plumber’s territory. 🙂

  6. Charlotte, NC — and I personally know 20 people here who are not voting for Obama. My mom, dad, brother & bff in New Orleans, LA (where I’m from originally) aren’t voting for him either (NOLA will go Obama but the state of LA will not).

  7. Northern Virginia

  8. There is a spin battle going on between the 2 campaigns. My verdict: they are both right: both Collin and Joe reveal Obama’s true agenda

  9. purplefinn: You *do* have culture in Shippensburg. It’s just that it’s, er, Amish. Do they still have buggy garages at the K-mart?

  10. Michigander living in NYC area. I already sent in my absentee ballot.

  11. Union County, NJ

  12. We are the ones we have been waiting for! Hahahaha!

  13. DYB:

    “We are the ones that no one was expecting”

    –Darragh Murphy

  14. Bloomington, Indiana – a university town and an Obot stronghold.

  15. RD, the Amish culture is alive and well around Shippensburg. I don’t live there. We have “plain people” where I live. That’s anyone from Amish to Mennonite to German Baptist. I have Mennonite heritage myself.

    I’m grateful to this group particularly because of the farm preservation and wonderful produce.

  16. It’s nice to know I am not alone! Riverdaughter I am in NJ as well. I think it would be considered central or north central as well. I am still a new yorker at heart and cannot figure my way around this state, even after 6 years here. I am in the general vicinity of the Short Hills Mall (well, a few or more miles away actually). Would that be considered central?

  17. Delphyne, on October 20th, 2008 at 7:56 am Said:
    Union County, NJ

    me too!

  18. purplefinn: Roger that. I love the farmer’s markets with giant cauliflowers, fresh tomatoes, jars of dilly beans and ham loaf. Delish!

  19. ainnj: Yeah, that’s centralish. I know what you mean about getting around. I’ve lived here for more than a decade and didn’t go anywhere for much of that time because I was always getting lost and you know what’s it’s like to drive around here. Get a TomTom. It will be the best $200 you ever spent. I don’t go anywhere without mine.

  20. It would be nice if this thread was referred to all day so that people could weigh in on their location. Interesting to know how widespread the readers/commenters/posters are geographically.

  21. Leicester, UK
    I believe Obama being pushed to become POTUS is a matter of global danger.

  22. soopermouse: I wish I could convince my boss of that fact. She’s French and just got her US citizenship. Maybe there is still time. I imagine it goes something like this:
    “You know how stupid you thought Americans were when they voted for Bush, TWICE, and started a land war in asia? Remember when you snickered at us behind our backs? Yeah, well now you’re one of us.”

  23. riverdaughter, on October 20th, 2008 at 8:05 am Said:
    ainnj: Yeah, that’s centralish. I know what you mean about getting around. I’ve lived here for more than a decade and didn’t go anywhere for much of that time because I was always getting lost and you know what’s it’s like to drive around here. Get a TomTom. It will be the best $200 you ever spent. I don’t go anywhere without mine.

    We did get a new car last year with a navigator and yes, that made a world of difference. But our old car doesn’t have one. I get lost going around the block without it!
    And WHAT is the deal with the left turns from the right lane?!?!? NJ driving keeps you on your toes!

  24. Good morning, RD and company!

    Thanks for the action ideas! My goal of the day is to contact (again) all the folks I know that think BO is a fraud, plus the doubters I know and ask them to remind their friends to hang tight and show up on 11/4.

    I have been on a non-stop forwarding campaign. I have a few young women friends in their 20s that dislike him, and they have been collaborating with me.

  25. ps–getting the word out on all of our fav sites.

  26. Chicago, Illinois

  27. We have lots of Amish here in South Central Indiana too. They sell at the farmers’ markets and the local grocery stores. Love their potato salad!

  28. Morning, Confluence.

    Still printing “info packets” for undecideds who see my McCain/Palin gear and get the bewildered “help me” look on their faces.
    I listen their concerns and hand them an appropriate article from the purple (not blue or red!) truth folder.

    If each one of us reach out to just a few voters it could really make a difference.

  29. For MASSACHUSETTS voters

    NECN will host a squirm noImean debate tonight at 8pm
    Jeff Beatty and John Kerry

  30. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/08293/921167-470.stm

    I just don’t get why the Jewish vote is still up for grabs? I know traditionally the majority of votes went to the Democrats but are people really that uninformed about Obama’s ideas and views on the Middle East? Lieberman needs to get around a LOT more in Florida.

  31. catarina, on October 20th, 2008 at 8:13 am Said:

    I listen their concerns and hand them an appropriate article from the purple (not blue or red!) truth folder.


    “purple truth folder” – I like that and not for obvious reason’s. I think our arguments are so much more powerful when we are as honest as we can be. I do believe that the truth shall set us free. Another reason to thank riverdaughter for this site.

    Thanks, RD!

  32. I count 4 extended family members, life long Democrats, that say they will not vote for obama. One Liberal woman in the family will not discuss the sexist trashing of Governor Palin and Hillary Clinton but she still plans on standing against patriarchy and vote for B. Hussein Obama.

  33. White Plains, NY

  34. Boston Boomer, Greater Boston, MA.

    No, we aren’t alone. Mostly I don’t talk to people I meet about politics, but I have had a number of people express doubts to about Obama when it does come up.

  35. Baltimore, Maryland.

  36. Riverdaughter,

    The haka is just like in the primaries. The only thing the press can’t do this time is scream for McCain to quit. But I heard some Obama supporter on Fox this morning saying that McCain is so old that he’s tired and he didn’t make sense in the last debate. My guess is it’s going to get a lot louder. I hope they take it too far so that regular Americans get turned off by it.

    Last night I accidentally turned on a rerun of This Week with George S. Before I shut it off, I realized that the discussion was about how Obama needs to run up his vote totals so that he will have a “mandate.” They were comparing him to Reagan in 1980!

    But will Obama and the DNC be able to cheat like they did in the primaries? I just don’t know.

  37. My sister in law and her husband who live in NH will vote McCain. My sister in law would have voted for Hillary enthusiastically. When McCain picked Palin, that did it for her.

  38. Old Coastie, from the greater Los Angeles area…

    the local news is starting its Obama haka with a vengeance… my family has all now drunk the koolaid, but the Dem teachers at school aren’t buying the hype.

    Thank you all for being here.

  39. Born in the Red Sox Nation but live in the new World Series Bound home of the Tampa Rays.

    RD: Read your last post – that song/video made me proud to be a part of such an illustrious group of non-conformist rebels who beleive in transparency in our electoral process and equality.

    One person = one vote

    We are truly principle before party – and I’m thrilled that I’m not alone.

  40. Southern Massachusetts

  41. riverdaughter, on October 20th, 2008 at 7:59 am Said:


    “We are the ones that no one was expecting”

    –Darragh Murphy

    No one expects the Confluence.

    No one will be able to doubt its power.

  42. BTW: Obama will be in Tampa about a 6 blocks away from where I live – He’ll be at Legends Field where the NY Yankees train speaking to his Obots at 1PM.

    I can say this – about 70% of my familia in NY-MA and FL are not voting for Obama.

  43. Middle of Nowhere, California

  44. SE PA, in a solid GOP area

  45. Urge to Compute – Exactly!!

    Look how fast this blog has risen – I can’t tell you how astouded I feel whenever I log in the morning and see the jump of hits from the previous night.


  46. Tr0ll at 8:04 and 8:05.

  47. MYIQ – what is Big Smoggy, I thought that was LA.

  48. Oh no! myiq, My image of you was as an east coast intellectual baseball fan. And you live in California? Do you surf?

  49. Brooklyn, New York, a world by itself.

  50. Northern Virginia. First time voter for the Republican Presidential ticket, but I’ll be voting downticket Dems Mark Warner and Judy Feder.

  51. Springfield, MA. And totally bummed out over the Red Sox loss last night.

  52. Previously, Philadelphia. Since retirement, I live in the part of S. Jersey that is actually below the Mason-Dixon line. From this vantage point at the ends of the earth, I can see the increasing hypocrisy of urbanized liberals I once admired.

    Free at last.

  53. SE Michigan, already voted absentee.

  54. Please get rid of JP or jonpeltier on the “And people think this is funny” thread. He’s a particularly disgusting tr0ll. He’s trashing Palin and insisting that violent video is funny.

  55. South-eastern VA (Hampton Roads)…

    I see more and more McCain Palin signs in yards, but also alot of Obama bumper stickers, more McCain ones too.

    Again I feel Obama’s possible election sets a dangerous precedent. Not that he is a bad or nafarious man, I don’t know who he is. However, to have a candidate with so many “uns” (unknown, unvetted, untested, untried, unproven) hold the highest and most powerful position in the free-world is very troubling.

  56. Pat – you should’ve seen the PUMA cub this morning when I told her (school night so I put her to bed early) – there is no higher schaudenfrade than the one that comes from a 10 year old girl.

  57. Connecticut–I see some McCain/Palin signs and count them on my way to work. Let’s hope Lieberman has an effect on this state.

    OT: Will Bowers of Puma/Just Say No Deal was suspended from Facebook without being given a reason. To protest this, write: disabled@facebook.com. Right before the election, too. Hmmm.

  58. SM: Congrats to the Tampa Bays! But you know us New Englanders; we live and die with the Sox. So close, yet so far.

  59. myiq2xu from the middle of nowhere California–do you know where the Carrizo Plain National Monument is? What went on there has a lot to do with making it hard for me to vote for a Republican.

  60. SM,

    Congratulations to the Devil Rays. They’ve struggled in the basement for so long. Now they will be World Series champs. American League is so far superior to National–when will the leagues get more balanced?

  61. I am still in a state of disbelief over the $150 million raised by Obama in one month. How is this possible?

  62. Chatblu from Hollywood FL

  63. Did we get linked somewhere distasteful? We are getting an influx of trolls, especially on the violent video RD posted yesterday. Oddly, the trolls mostly post pictures of themselves with their dopey comments.

  64. My sympathy goes out to the Red Sox fans here. At least they put up a good fight in the play-offs, unlike my poor Cubbies.

  65. bb: The tr0lls do not need an excuse; they are fired up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. And any trigger displayed showing violence or hatred towards women just taps deeper into their already sick psyches. Look for them to be out in full force over the next two wees. Witching hour is upon us.

  66. This is going to be a rough two weeks, no doubt…. You’d think, for a bunch of people who think they have the election all sewed up, they’d go to the beach or something…

  67. BB: Yep – it’s the main news this AM – and it was hard to be in my house when you have a Red Sox Nation mom & Tampa Rays Nation Kid. It was fun though!

  68. Pat,
    I am also astounded by the $150 million Obama raised last month. We are in the midst of an economic crisis and people are giving that kind of money to a political campaign? It smells very fishy to me. Like old halibut wrapped in some Middle Eastern newspaper.

  69. Old Coastie, you nailed it. Why the hysteria if they have sewn it up? I still get daily frantic emails for $5.oo from the Obama campaign, as well as offers for a “limited edition” car magnet.

  70. I hope Tampa Bay runs this series to at least 6 games…. I have never been to a baseball game where a politician shows up to anything less than massive boos…

    I will laugh my ass off when Obama holds up the game and gets booed in FL.

    Go Tampa Bay!

  71. I forgot to add: I personally know 6 people in Greenville, SC, 2 in Topsail Island,NC & 6 in VA (2 Blacksburg, 2 Norfolk & 2 Williamsburg) who are all voting NObama. Yes, absolutely no one in my family is voting Obama.

  72. And Joe Biden is writing to people saying we need to donate money so they can counter the right wingers millions…meaning Republicans. I thought Obama was the cash cow. Let him earn it. If he isn’t helping other Dems with it, not my problem, Joe the Senator.

  73. Let them come with their tr0ll haka – that means that they are LOSING.

    Notice how when Obama has unfavorable news – suddenly there’s a tsunami of tr0lls and then a ringing endorsement or a “record-breaking” rally.

    It’s all HAKA. When people are alone in that voting booth – there will be no tr0ll screaming at them through the computer screen or a misguided friend insinuating you’re a r@cist.

    In Clearwater, a man’s carwas vandalized and a US flag was burned on his car all because he had a McCain sticker on his car. This is the kind of atmosphere that Obama enticed when he ordered supporters to “get in their faces?”

    The silent majority will awaken again.

  74. off to the showers, then time to work… don’t let the ‘bots discourage you today…

  75. I don’t know anyone here in Bloomington, IN who is voting for McCain. Very disheartening.

  76. Beata — I don’t believe those #s for one minute — just like everything else in his campaign — it is a sham. And I’m not going to listen to “but he had to file with the FEC so it must be true” because that campaign has consistently “misfiled” information with the FEC. Come to think of it, if BO’s main experience to be President is running for the office for the last 2 years (which is what his defenders argue) the fact is he has done a lousy job with it. That should be exhibit A as to why he is unqualified for the office.

  77. purplefinn, on October 20th, 2008 at 8:20 am Said:
    hehe Purplefinn
    took me a minute to get that-not a morning person!

    Thank goddess for this site and all the “bitter” holdouts!
    Beata and Ainnj, great to *see you* here

  78. Let’s see, if limited edition car magnets are $10, he coulod have raised $150 mil by selling 15,000,000 of them……………………….

  79. Has anyone else heard of Will Bowers getting kicked off of Facebook? I wasn’t friends with him so I don’t know if he had anything objectionable on his profile page. I doubt he had anything except for anti-Obama stuff. It’s amazing the sexist sh*t they will allow on Facebook about Hillary Clinton but suspend Will Bower’s account for heading PUMA.

  80. Let’s see, if limited edition car magnets are $10, he could have raised $150 mil by selling 15,000,000 of them……………………….

  81. Chicago, Illinois

    Whole family early voted.

    Go Illinois! You are not alone!

  82. Voter fraud. Voter disenfranchisement. Money pouring in from who knows where. Dubious associations. $450.00 for lunch. Ra*cist charges. Dissent squashed. Unhibited sexism. Vulgar language and threats. Yes, this is exactly the type of atmosphere I welcome in the White House. Not!!!

  83. I don’t care for Obama at all, nor John McCain. I stumbled upon a blog after visiting another website – http://baldwin2008supporter.blogspot.com/ , checked out the website for the candidate from there, and found out info on him and decided I’ll put my vote to use voting for Chuck Baldwin since I cannot vote for Hillary. But it is up to everyone to vote and make their voice heard that they are not happy. NObama.

  84. Delphyne, on October 20th, 2008 at 7:56 am Said:
    Union County, NJ

    me too!

    Union County, NJ also {{{{wave}}}}}}

  85. Hi, catarina! And ainnj!
    Nice to see some bitter old names here.
    Off to vote early this morning for my first-ever Republican presidental candidate. Oy!

  86. BB-Maybe the leagues would be more balanced if the AL got ride of the DH. That would help a little. Every AL team has a guy who can only hit and he replaces the pitcher in the batting order. All NL pitchers have to bat. Good pitchers are not usually good hitters. Also, always seems like the AL owners have more money to spend? The Phillies are pretty good so I wouldn’t call it just yet. (I hate them. My team is the A-Braves-no offense to Phillies fans here). They are just the Rays now-dropped the Devil. : )

    Oh. Richmond, VA area

  87. Wanna laugh? I slummed over to TL — top post is election questions from 2004 — yep, Jeralyn is ignoring the ACORN voting fraud investigation by the FBI that is going on right now, but is blogging about 2004 voter fraud.
    Second post is how Palin & Ayers has hurt McCain I couldn’t get past that one & had to leave. She’s just regurgitating talking points from the BO campaign now.

  88. I get requests from Obambi at least twice a week by mail. It’s ridiculous. What a waste of money. Glad it’s not mine! I just got a request from Dorothy Rodham for money for Hillary. Makes me so sad. Stop raising money for him, Hill, and raise money for yourself!

  89. In a magazine interview Obama and his wife Michelle revealed that one of their steadfast house rules is not giving Christmas or birthday presents to Malia, 10, and Sasha, seven.

    He also doesn’t celebrate his children Birthdays…He will only buy them a pet if he is elected.

    I knew it!!!!!!!!!

    They’re crypto-Jehovah Witnesses!!!!!!!

  90. metro Atlanta, GA

  91. carolflowery: Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate holidays either. Nor do they salute the flag or stand for the pledge of allegiance. Obama could also be a product of these points of view owing to his attendance at Trinity United under Rev. Wright.

    I have no clear idea if this church practices these same beliefs but they may well be the reason MO and BO do not practice the ordinary celebrations of Christmas and birthdays.

  92. Obama was advertising in CT two nights ago. If this little state is sewn up, why is he spending money here? And for so few electoral votes?

  93. some polling data-

    Zogby jumps from obama +3 to obama +6
    rasmussen tightens from obama +6 to obama +4

    Oh… Northern VA for me

  94. Please read this! We are not alone — this is a contractor named Munoz, originally from Colombia (now a US citizen), had to say to the press after a McCain rally (funny how only the National Review is reporting it):

    When I first made my way over to him, Munoz thought I was there to give him the third degree.

    “Are you going to check my license, too?” he asked me. “Are you going to check my immigration status? I’m ready, I have everything here. Whatever you want, I have it. I have my green card, I have my passport — “
    I was a little surprised. Did Munoz really bring his papers with him to a McCain rally? I asked.

    “Yeah, I have my papers right here,” he said. “I’m an American citizen. Right here, right here.” With that, he produced a U.S. passport, turned it to the page with his picture on it, and thrust it about an inch from my nose. “Right here,” he said. “In your face.”

    Munoz said he owned a small construction business. “I have a license, if you guys want to check,” he said.

    Someone asked why Munoz had come to the rally. “I support McCain, but I’ve come to face you guys because I’m disgusted with you guys,” he said. “Why the hell are you going after Joe the Plumber? Joe the Plumber has an idea. He has a future. He wants to be something else. Why is that wrong? Everything is possible in America. I made it. Joe the Plumber could make it even better than me. . . . I was born in Colombia, but I was made in the U.S.A.”

    The scene turned into a mini-fracas when David Corn, of Mother Jones, defended press coverage. Munoz was having none of it. Why, he asked, would the press whack Joe the Plumber when it didn’t want to report on Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, the former Weather Underground bomber? “How come that’s not in the news all the time?” Munoz said. “How come Joe the Plumber is every second? I’m talking about NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN.”

    A black woman with a strong Caribbean accent jumped in the fray. “Tell me,” she said to Corn, “why is it you can go and find out about Joe the Plumber’s tax lien and when he divorced his wife and you can’t tell me when Barack Obama met with William Ayers? Why? Why could you not tell us that? Joe the Plumber is me!”

    “I am Joe the Plumber!” Munoz chimed in. “You’re attacking me.”

    “Wait a second,” Corn said. “Do you pay your taxes?”

    “Yes, I pay my taxes,” the woman said.

    “Then you’re better than Joe the Plumber,” Corn said.

    That set off a general free-for-all. “I’m going to tell you something,” Munoz yelled at Corn. “I’m better than Obama. Why? Because I’m not associated with terrorists!”

    That, my dear PUMA family, makes me take heart about the results of this election. (Link to full story at real clear politics).

  95. Thanks for all the good ideas. I have relatives in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All are Democrats. Three in New Jersey are solid McCain along with two in Pennsylvania. Even though these are small numbers, they are Democratic votes that will be going to McCain.That is why the Zogby poll is so important. Not because it makes it close for McCain, but it is a “likely voter” poll and Democratic numbers are not weighted to reflect their registration numbers. Those of you that know people in Ohio and Pennsylvania, please contact them anyway you can. Theses two states are critical and if McCain wins them he wins the election!

  96. Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (near NJ border)

    Off to read upthread now …

  97. David Korn is another fallen soldier for the Obama infomercials. I used to really like him but since he sees no harm in electing this shill, I no longer bother to read him. The free press no longer exists.

  98. Midlothian, VA., and I’m pleased to say a lot more McCain/Palin sign cropped up over the weekend.

  99. Puritans (yep, the Pilgrims of the Mayflower folks) did not celebrate Christmas. They also didn’t have church weddings (illegal until 1696 in Connecticut). I don’t care if he celebrates Christmas or gives his kids presents. I do care that he thinks the death penalty is okey dokey, that FISA is a good law, that handguns in DC are just fine–notice how African Americans suffer most from these ideas?

  100. angienc, i’ll take your word. I no longer even feel like giving TL any hits anymore. Sometimes I’ll go over to see how deranged Jeralyn is and feel guilty afterward about giving them a hit. I don’t want to help them in any way with making money from ads or hits. That site is garbage along with Taylor Marsh which I have successfully not visited in months.

  101. Joan,

    There was no DH when I was a kid, and no wild card and lots less teams. Things change. The DH isn’t going away, because fans like to see hits. The AL pitchers have to hit in NL parks anyway. Maybe the NL should make adjustments for a change?

  102. I am in one of the counties surrounding Philadelphia, PA which were very tight in the primary.

    I come here for my sanity. I feel that groups like this are the last holdout for democracy. The Democrat primary was not an election – our votes did not count. That was it for me. Something very wrong is going on. Where is all the money coming from? Why are so many falling in line? Why are things so nasty when it is all about Hope and Unity?!!!!!

    There are a lot of McCain/Palin signs here. It is a very Republican county. Who knows what will happen. I don’t believe the hype.

    I am saddened by the blind party support of Democrats who did not want Obama in the primary.

    btw, I know the lawyer bringing the eligibility lawsuit. He is a former Attorney General of PA and lifelong strong, active Democrat.


  103. DV — I do the same! I don’t like to give TL hits anymore either but every once in a blue moon I can’t control the desire to see deranged Jeralyn has gotten! LOL
    I haven’t slummed over to TM since June though — no desire to see that b.s. especially after all Heidi did for her & her site.

  104. kenosha Marge has a new one up that touches on the new McCarthyism…in which she comments that “Racism” has become the new “McCarthyism.” SO TRUE!!! Thanks for all the links….

    Oh No, Poor Joe (Joe the Plumber Meets the Ghost of Joe McCarthy)


  105. The Obama movement is an “angry” movement. I have never seen so much hate directed at people and in particular women, who oppose “The One.” Obama is not God! He will not “save” this country. Electing an African American does not absolve this country of the past sins of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, etc… and the only message it sends to the rest of the world is that the Presidency of the USA can be bought.

  106. Although there is freedom of Religion in this country. I personally feel some are more odious than others.
    I don’t like Islam because of its treatment of women, and I don’t like the fundie Christian religions that don’t allow one to celebrate Holidays.

    Let me ask you something. Why is it alright for Obama to spend $650,000,000 on an election, giving away concerts, bratwurst and beer to total strangers some of them foreign. Yet he won’t give his daughters birthday or Christmas presents?


  107. More good news

    Battleground poll has tightened from +13 to +4 in a little over a week

    Hotline down to +5 (i believe it was +10 a few days ago)

    RCP average is from from the 8.2 or something like that to 4.8

    Need to keep the momentum up…. Hopefully the state polling really DOES lag the national polling (thats what the pundits claimes when OBama was rising nationally but not at the state level in mid Sept… let’s see how they spin it now)…. I would love to start seeing VA and FLA move back to Mccain by the end of the week.

  108. FLVoter, I don’t believe a country can have sins. People do sinful things sometimes, and should be held accountable, but I refuse to believe that I have done anything wrong to AAs such that I need to pay a debt. If someone is discriminated against then that wrong should be righted and the guilty party admonished, but let’s take it on a case by case basis and not make the whole country culpable.

  109. wow… I really need to start re-reading my posts BEFORE I submit them….

    need coffee…

  110. FLVoter, on October 20th, 2008 at 10:01 am Said:

    “The Obama movement is an “angry” movement. …………. ……………………………….. Electing an African American does not absolve this country of the past sins of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, etc… and the only message it sends to the rest of the world is that the Presidency of the USA can be bought.”


    Well said!

  111. I wouldn’t say giving his daughters Christmas presents is an election issue, but it does tell you something about his character–rigid and unyielding in personal matters, capable of inflicting hurt for no good reason, passionless, narcissistic.

    And it is not alright for him to be spending that kind of money. He promised to take the public money like McCain, who stuck to his promises! Spending like Obama does is an outrage!

  112. I don’t mind the not giving gifts or celebrating holidays because I am a Quaker and we do not either. We also do not pledge allegiance to the flag. However, we also do not believe in extravagant spending, self indulgence and the idea that some people are superior to others. Obama has no humility and that makes him dangerous as a leader.

    btw, it is really funny that I am in the racist, bible toting, gun loving camp now, according to Obama – as a Quaker with a bi-racial family.

  113. carolflowery-I don’t think you can go from that to no Christmas tree at the White House. I would assume that would still happen even if a Jew was President. It’s a tradition not dependent on the occupants because it’s the people’s house and most people are Christian. Not that I care one way or the other. That Muslim stuff is played and not really the kind of thing we like to discuss here. There are plenty of legitimate concerns about him to talk about.

  114. MAWM,

    The rationale I have heard from many O supporters is that by electing O this country can escape its r@cist past. I think this is incredibly naive. The past is the past and history cannot be rewritten. All those things happened. Obama is not a panacea.

  115. Gary: Chapel Hill, NC

  116. FLVoter, I see what you are saying.

  117. I was wondering, when they do the projections, whether they are considering registered Democrats as likely voting for Obama. Aren’t there a lot who are registered as such but will not vote for him?

  118. Rd:
    to quote my boss, an elected official for my city:

    “Why would I support Obama? the whole world is tired by the USA having ignorant schmucks in power, there’s no need for one more”

    Re: Jewish Vote

    Sarah Silverman urged young jews to pressurize their grandparents into voting for Obama. There was a column on Something Jewish about it, and it made my head hurt.

    Then again “Jewish vote up for grabs” might just be the koolaid media’s code for “Dumb kikes aren’t voting for Obama”. My cousin who lives in NYC was called that by an Obamazoid on the train last week.

    I guess it’s only racist if it’s aimed at AAs. Fuck that and fuck them.

  119. I’m in Bucks County, PA. A number of Obama signs, but lots of McCain signs, too. Including one in my yard. Right next to my car with my Hillary sticker.

    A vote for McCain is a vote for Hillary in 2012. I have read months of some NOBAMA people voting for anyone but McCain. But at the end of the day, it is only the vote for McCain that counts. If McCain doesn’t get MORE votes than Obama in each state he loses. So voting for anyone other than McCain doesn’t really help defeat Obama. You might as well have stayed home.

    I would rather hold my nose for 30 seconds than hold my nose for 8 years.

  120. Oh noes, I’m in moderation for spelling someon’e name. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!

    Fran, I’m a newly registered Dem — I registered so I could vote for Hillary in the primary. Ironically, back when I was independent, I used to vote straight Dem ticket. Now that I’m a registered Dem, I’m not only planning to vote McCain/Palin, I am even looking at the GOP downticket candidates one by one.

  121. Mawm-I got an excited phone call from my son because he scored tickets to an Obambi Dave Matthews concert. I could have died. He is away at college and apparently drinking some kool-aide. He gently teases me about Hillary now. He doesn’t get that it’s not about her. I feel like a failure. Darn those kids for not listening to their parents! Funny thing is, the concert is here so I will get to see him(haven’t since August) and all because of Obambi. He finally did something for me!

  122. Fran, I had the same question. Do they weight the results of the poll without regard to the affliation of the respondents? If that is the case then I believe they are over polling Obama to an even greater extent.

  123. PS. I am also voting against Patrick Murphy. What a sellout.


  124. Fran-I wondered about that, too. What about the Dems for a Day who didn’t switch back?

  125. I guess when Oprah pronounced Obama “the One we have been waiting for” we should have dug further and asked for what?

  126. My Mother-in-Law, who is 96 yo and lives in Ohio, was very excited to vote for Hillary in the Primary. She will not be voting for the O.

  127. Northern CA, Obamaland. I am severely outnumbered, but there are a couple of PUMAs docs that I work with (that I know of). It is politically incorrect in this part of the woods, to be for anyone, other than BO.

  128. votermom,

    For the first time in my life, I am considering voting for Repubs. I am concerned that Obama may win and if he has a Dem Senate and House, this country will be in big trouble. Don’t really know what to do because I do not know if the polls are accurate enough to base my voting on. For me, McCain gets my vote for Pres but I am undecided about the rest of the Dems running.

  129. It’s all Haka crapola. The message is being touted as if he has won this hands down. If enough people buy that message they start questioning themselves and begin to wonder if they are missing that certain something that others have bought into.

    Listen long enough and the subliminal becomes the reality. This is what we are witnessing. He is ahead in the polls. His campaign donors are sending more money than he knows how to spend. The Europeans are pulling for an Obama win. This all adds up to a hardening of speculation aimed at the voter. After awhile it nibbles away and you succumb out of doubt.

    This is how they got us to buy into the Iraq war. If everybody is willing to jump off the bridge, why not you?

  130. I’m in Rhode Island.

    As I’ve reported before, most of the Obama signs I see around are old ones. I’ve seen many new McCain/Palin ones recently. Typically we go blue for President, but we’ve had Rep. governors and do currently. People liked Hillary around here, so who knows!

  131. metro Atlanta here too

  132. Hello everyone
    I am back from my trip to see my family back east.
    On the train I met a woman going to Chicago to work for backtrack barrack. She was an American living in Italy. By the time I got thru talking to her she was in shock. I listed all his anti-american friends and mentors, all his wall street contributors, and the money from fannie may and freddie mack.
    I told her while you are here go see the apartment bldgs that backtrack got federal money for reskco to rehab for poor peole to live in. See just how much backtrack does for his people.
    I did not realise that other people were listening until when I was leaving the diner car people gave me a ” right on ” sign.
    On my trip people asked me about my “PUMA” bracelet and I explained who we are and how many there are of us.
    I really believe there is a quiet wave of people who will not vote for backtrack out there.

    The trip to see my family turned out great.



  133. RD,
    The trolls may be my fault. I post on the MSNBC news board and I put up that violent ad over there in response to repeated postings accusing McCain/Palin supporters of inciting violence. There’s no balance over there and they get a lot of reader traffic.
    I’ve been posting a lot of your blogs there to try to provide the lurkers or casual readers there with an option to the Kool-Aid.
    If you want me to stop, say the word. There are a few really disturbed people there who may well be the trolls who responded and I don’t want to cause you any additional aggravation.

  134. They went after Hillary. They went after Sarah. They went after Cindy McCain. In doing so, they are going after us. Women have been the scapegoats of this election all for the sake of a man who refuses to decry these attacks. This does not spell “leader” to me. It merely identifies a very weak man who will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal.

    Weakness like this does not warrant trust in a man formulating policy going forward. It also belies calling him a “man” as he appears all too comfortable in the role of sexist. Beware.

  135. <i.For the first time in my life, I am considering voting for Repubs. I am concerned that Obama may win and if he has a Dem Senate and House, this country will be in big trouble.

    I know! I worry about that too!
    At least where I am, the GOP always win, so maybe … I can’t even vote 3rd party since only Libertarians are running 3rd party here. Ack!
    Anyway, my GOP congressman is an incumbent, so I’m thinking he’ safe, and no Senators are running (which is lucky for Bob Casey Jr because I would love to vote against him for supporting Obama over Hillary)

  136. My son lives in the city (Phila.) and I assume that he and his friends lean Obama. However, he does listen to me and has friends who are wondering – and asked for more info. I did not want to raise the issue much, but told him how upset I was by the demonstration against Sarah Palin, with the infamojus T-shirts, that took place in Phila. recently. He said he had seen those shirts.

  137. Pat, read the article I just linked to. They cover what you are talking about and also cite scientific experiments that have been conducted around this phenomenon.

    We are being treated like lab rats.

  138. helen: Welcome back! And thanks for taking the time to offer a different insight into this moron to a devoted Obamabot. Glad to hear your trip was successful!

  139. helen, its the silent majority all over again.

  140. helen is back!

    hey, helen-was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering
    when we’d hear from you.
    glad your trip went so well and you even managed to get some PUMA activity in.

  141. Helen — that is what I’m talking about — imo there is a silent majority out there who are not voting for BO. They are quiet about it not because they are r@csit but because they don’t want the Obots getting in their faces. I don’t believe there are as many Obots as the msm would have us believe — they are just really, really loud.

  142. Jean,

    Don’t worry about the trolls. I’ve seen the video post a lot of other places to with link to us. We’ll handle the trolls.

  143. carolflowery-I, too, am apprehensive about them in the White House because I just don’t like them and don’t trust them. No one knows what it would be like and what they would do so you can’t really worry about it. The best thing would be to work to put the McCains in the White House because we know they would be proud to be there and would carry on it’s best traditions. I have no qualms at all about their patriotism or associations. However, I don’t think anyone’s religion is any of my business so just prefer not to go there. It’s a touchy subject to most so I think that’s why we avoid it here. No need for you to apologize.

  144. Joe The 6 Term Senator Strikes again! Guarantees international crisis within 1st 6 months of Obama Administration!!! LMAO @ JOE


  145. Helen,

    Thanks for your upbeat comment. It cheered me up a lot. Around here, people will whisper that they don’t want to vote for BO, then look over their shoulder. People are really afraid of the race baiting.

  146. Mawm: Very interesting article. I would encourage all here to read it.

    And it seems as if Obama is considering asking a certain general “whose name will not be mentioned” to come onboard his administration. Add another liar to the list!

    Obama Administration: Names without credibility.

  147. BPD — yes, so we should definitely elect the guy who isn’t ready to handle an international crisis! LMAO

  148. Hamilton, GA

    The proud peach state where Obama withdrew his staff.

  149. I expect my state of MA to remain blue. However, with the exception of one person, I know of no one within my circle who is planning on voting Obama. The one person is AA.

  150. Obama says P*well will have a role in his administration:-) Go figure!

  151. BPD, that would be hillarious if it weren’t tragic.

    Biden is essentially trying to extend the “don’t believe your lying eyes” forward into an Obama presidency.

  152. Hi Helen – missed you!

    MadamaB, New York, NY

    I have one thing to say about the media haka:

    “Dewey Defeats Truman”


  153. BPD

    ohmg just told my husband yesterday if that jackass gets elected he’ll get pissy with some foreign leader or someone will insult his disgusting wife and the result will be a nuclear war.
    we know that self control is not one of his better qualities.

  154. I think it’s important to also tell people what their OTHER options are, if they do not want to vote for BO. Many people just automatically vote party line, and don’t know what else to do or that “not being alone” means that many other Dems are choosing other alternatives.

  155. Obama says P*well will have a role in his administration:-) Go figure!

    When I heard the endorsement, my first thought was: I wonder what Obama promised him.

  156. BPD,

    OMG, those quotes from Biden are unbelievable. He says people won’t like Obama’s decisions. They will be way down in the polls after the first few months in office. I guess they must really be planning to get rid of social security and medicare. Is this really the way Biden wants to sound two weeks before the election? Wow!

  157. Lou Dobbs is right. We need to chuck out the current congress and literally staff it with the ordinary Joe/Jane Public. Doctors, nurses, teachers, managers, plumbers, electricians, service employees, etc. At present we are being served by a wholesale staff of lawyers and career politicians who have done absolutely nothing about putting the country first.

    Add term limits and we may make progress after all.

  158. Biden is trying to lower the bar for an Obama Presidency…. telling people his poll numbers will be low after a year in…. blah blah blah

  159. OT snarkiness:
    I heard that over the weekend, C*lin P*well made his most important endorsement since he endorsed Bush’s invasion of Iraq based on imaginary WMDs.

  160. Just outside Philly. In one of those “affluent” suburbs. (But I’m not affluent. Really.)

  161. Unfortunately, Joe Biden may be right for once. We will more than likely hate an Obama administration so why not get comfortable with the idea going forward. The only ones in for severe disappointment will be those who drank the Kool Aid. We, on the other hand, had this all figured out months ago.

    It may feel good at least to be able to say “told you so”.

  162. Here’s hoping the media overexposure blows up in Obama’s face.
    At some point people will have to start tuning it out-it’s just too much.

  163. vm
    I’m going to use that, thanks!

  164. This must be what Iraq was like before the invasion. Hussein’s stupid face staring out at you from everywhere! Or Cuba under Castro. Speech after interminable speech and no escape! Or China under Mao. His ugly mug splashed all over the country on every surface imaginable. OMG!

  165. When I returned to work in Dodger land I did not gloat by wearing my Phillies Hat.
    I am so proud of me.
    As November comes closer more and more people are paying attention.
    Several people that I talked to said ” You have really done your homework”
    I tell them about this blog and No Quarter and how they can find out for themselves and check the facts.



  166. I found this gem at my conservative guilty pleasure, The Patriot Room:

    On Oct. 17, 2004, Kerry was beating Bush by 10 points in 13 swing states. Obama is not ahead by nearly as much in ANY swing states, and in fact, is losing to McCain in some of them.

  167. Biden is such a dope. Does he ever listen to what he is actually saying? He says Obama “has it.” He certainly didn’t think so before he was dubbed for the VP slot. He has it all right–he’s full of it.

  168. Whatever Obama “has” I truly hope there is an antidote. Some of those Bots are in for a major “flu season” come January.

  169. madamab: one caveat to that polling history that I heard recently was that no candidates who were running ahead for the last 2 weeks of an election cycle in a non-incumbent year have ever lost. I guess it has to do with “not changing mid-stream” kind of thing. I don’t know if that’s a factor this year too or not. I don’t think anyone knows what’s really going on out there or how it will show up on November 4th. Except, of course, Obama and Pelosi, who said it is 100% assured.

  170. Biden just shows what a slimy, hypocritical, insincere politician looks and sounds like. That grinning death’s head look turns me off. Imagine 4 years of him? I’d rather listen to Sarah, dropped g’s and all then this smarmy asshat.

  171. Has anyone else received this? (See below.) I am in Central Ohio, heavy Obama turf. I get e-mail from local Dem clubs because I used to be quite active. Once Hillary was hung out to dry, I disappeared. I still get stuff like this and I don’t ask to be removed because I want to see what’s out there.

    Subject: Obama Campaign to roll out list of Am Women who Support Campaign
    Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 07:45:16 -0400

    next week the Obama campaign would like to roll out lists of hundreds of thousands of American women — homemakers, teachers/educators, nurses, businesswomen (non-profit and profit), community organizers, medical professionals, et al – who are willing to publicly endorse Senators Obama and Biden as the next Democratic President and Vice President of the United States. This list, which will be made available to the media on request, will illustrate the breadth and depth of support for these candidates among American women across the country.

    Please send an e-mail now to Katheryn Rosen with your name, profession, city, and state at

    krosen@paforchange.com mailto:krosen@paforchange.com ;

    THEN , reach out to at least* ten (10)* other women in your network, by forwarding this message, ASAP.
    “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”
    Barack Obama

  172. Fif – Isn’t it interesting how Biden, the gaffe-meister extraordinaire, is considered a “brilliant” pick for Obama, but Sarah Palin is considered a terrible pick for McCain?

    I’m still stunned when I see liberal commenters exclaim over McCain’s bad judgment. The Palin pick was f*cking brilliant. She is not tainted with Bush, she is young, fresh, conservative and female. Are these people deaf, dumb and blind?

  173. dwwenz: I am about to lose my breakfast!!!

  174. I’m still LOLing at Joe…. I can see him at his next stump speech….

    “Ladies and Gentlemen… Crisis is a 5 letter word… C-R-I-S-I-S”

  175. PJ — Sorry!

    It’s sickening, isn’t it?

  176. madamab: Excellent point! Biden is a fool. His “gaffes” are laughable and “just Joe being Joe”. How cute. Now let’s have more of running Sarah into the ground. She deserves it!

  177. Bonita, on October 20th, 2008 at 10:49 am Said:
    Obama says P*well will have a role in his administration:-) Go figure!

    Not surprising. A twofer for P*well, resurrect his damaged career and try to rebuild credibility. See, all things can be bought. After his speech to the UN, I lost all respect for P*well. This does not rebuild anything for P*well, just adds to my disappointment in him.

    The MSM’s, Obama’s, Biden’s and Dem’s attacks and lack of respect for Joe the Plumber will cost them dearly. Joe the Plumber is “everyman.” Mocking “everyman” is the ultimate game changer. What a way to show “elitism.” No one has done more for elitism than Obama.

  178. Pat Johnson, on October 20th, 2008 at 10:56 am Said:
    This must be what Iraq was like before the invasion. Hussein’s stupid face staring out at you from everywhere! Or Cuba under Castro. Speech after interminable speech and no escape! Or China under Mao. His ugly mug splashed all over the country on every surface imaginable. OMG!

    Pat, what an astute and chilling observation!

    I wonder why his campaign advisors aren’t concerned about Obama fatigue setting in.

  179. madamab – yes, they are deaf, dumb, and blind…. no really they are insulted that McCain didn’t pick someone they like and who is the actual real deal that politicians pretend to be whenever they’re out shopping for votes every 4 years.

  180. fif – But Obama is only ahead if they use registered voters and ahistorical turnout models. If they use likely voters, the race is a statistical dead heat.

    So Obama is not, in fact, ahead.

  181. Biden must be working for McCain.
    Mac’s website has an article about his stupid comments:

    I don’t want to be around for Obama’s “mettle test”.
    Goddess help us
    Silent majority good, October surprise better.

  182. Thanks, BB. You all say it so well that I’ve been poaching a lot lately.

    I’m from OH. My county may go for Obama because it has several colleges and universities but I will not.

  183. Obama fatigue set in for me with “you are likable enough Hillary”. The b..tard!!! Then “the One we have been waiting for”sealed it. I still have no idea what the hell that is supposed to mean.

  184. LOL at Biden.

  185. McCain on Fox.

  186. helen: what a great story about your trip. It still amazes me that people know nothing about Obama. It explains the enthusiastic support from good people–they just don’t know. It’s also frustrating though–how can they be reached??? And time is running short, as RD said.

    Last night, Marc Rubin emphasized that if he had just $250K, he could defeat Obama’s message in swing states with ads he is creating. If only a small percentage of the 18 million chipped in a couple of dollars, they would be able to get the message out. I contributed and I encourage everyone who can offer anything to donate now. The Democrats for Principles Before Party button is at the top left of the page.

  187. fif hitting the button right now, inspired by you and Joe
    “gird your loins” biden.

  188. I don’t if this has already been reported, but I was watching FOX this morning and they had on Frant Luntz. Luntz said he got a group of 20+ independents (leaning R and D) and showed them a tape prepared by (I didn’t catch it), but the tape discussed Obama’s associates in Chicago and is very negative. Most folks were pissed because info on Obama is not reported. I think the site and producers of the tape are not anyone we would frequent, but I wonder if anyone else caught the segment and the site that has the tape.

  189. Maybe the silent majority is the answer and we will have a November surprise. That is even better. PUMA

  190. McCain:

    Taxing other people…people just like Joe.


  191. thanks catarina! We have to fight back any way we can! I can’t go to those swing states, but the ads can get there for us.

  192. Biden’s remarks are classic fearmongering. I expect him to break into Rudy Giuliani “noun, verb and 9/11” Tourette’s soon.

    Up is down, black is white, we have always been at war with EastAsia.


  193. I wish we could count on polls with likely voters, but frankly Obama has collected enough money (from unknown sources) that he can pay for (in addition to the folks who think he is the messiah and working for free) people to fetch unlikely voters to vote. this includes children in school, homeless people, mentally handicapped, dead people, and all the people who will vote in State A, and then cross over to State B to vote or vote in County A and then cross over to County B to vote.

  194. madamab: my only concern, not to play devil’s advocate, is that this is not a “traditional year.” As Bill Clinton said, they have registered more Dems than ever, and they have the best ground operation in history. Hopefully those numbers will be off set by the silent majority.

  195. Pat J: Not so fast on those “I told you so’s”
    Pat Johnson, on October 20th, 2008 at 10:54 am Said:

    Unfortunately, Joe Biden may be right for once. We will more than likely hate an Obama administration so why not get comfortable with the idea going forward. The only ones in for severe disappointment will be those who drank the Kool Aid. We, on the other hand, had this all figured out months ago.

    It may feel good at least to be able to say “told you so”.

    If BO gets elected (and that’s a big IF) there will be the loyal bots who will never believe anything bad about him — kind of like W’s 20%.

  196. Forgot the sound off: Hillsdale, NY (Hudson Valley/MA border)

    Rushing off to work–great day “my friends.” (I wish he would not say that every 2 minutes…)

  197. “Barack Obama is going to be an immensely unpopular president — please realize this in advance and suck it up and support him anywa

    ROTFLMAO!! I didn’t see that line. At least Joe’s got one thing right! He’s already an incredibly unpopular candidate.

  198. Fif – Isn’t it interesting how Biden, the gaffe-meister extraordinaire, is considered a “brilliant” pick for Obama, but Sarah Palin is considered a terrible pick for McCain?

    madamab: but you are forgetting the most vital element: the all-important penis.

  199. SOD, I thought Biden was saying that electing Obama for president would be painting a huge target on America, and if Obama fails to protect America it will be the citizens fault for not clapping harder.

  200. SOD,

    That appears to be the argument. Pathetic, no? I wonder if Barack will be having another private chat with Joe soon? Let’s hope this gets reported on Cable news.

  201. Sorry guys, I don’t believe Obama’s voters will be that motivated to go to the polls. I just don’t see it happening. And the registration numbers, as we all know, are cooked beyond belief.

    I feel it in my bones that the Republicans are now energized to vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin and the horrendous behavior of the media and the Obamans. No one beats them in turning out voters.

    Ah well. We shall see, but I’ve learned from 2000 and 2004. I don’t believe anything until the votes are counted.

  202. Southern California here.

    I was listening to NPR station, and of course, they say that Washington Post has endorsed Obama, and also cited that McCain made a reckless pick for VP…

    And I’m thinking, the Dems made a reckless selection of a nominee, and no one can see this? WaPo does say that they have reservations about BO’s thin resume, and why isn’t that reckless? at least Palin has run a government. sexism creates one huge blind spot for most people.

  203. OK – this may mean nothing because Obama did not make an SNL visit (correct me if I’m wrong) so we don’t know what ratings he would have gotten, (but if one considers the debate ratings…) but isn’t it telling, and may it not be a sort of poll, albeit not scientific, that Palin pulled in the highest ratings SNL has had in 14 years?

    The McCain signs are beginning to appear in our neighborhood. People think he has a chance.

  204. Fran, on October 20th, 2008 at 10:14 am Said:

    I was wondering, when they do the projections, whether they are considering registered Democrats as likely voting for Obama. Aren’t there a lot who are registered as such but will not vote for him?
    That’s a really good point. The polls now are mainly likely voters, and your point is well taken. I could be very wrong, but I suspect the pollsters are not taking enough account – because they don’t know how – of the PUMAS and their supporters. If that’s a correct assumption then it’s worse for BO, not better, and he is falling daily. The screaming of the bots will reach fever pitch soon. Isn’t there a Harry Potter scene like this, when a class at Hogwarts pulls the Mandragila out by the roots?

  205. I find Biden’s prediction unsettling. He is quite certain about a crisis occuring…

  206. madamab
    the Obama supporters will be herded (like sheep?)
    and taken to the polls.
    Transportation has been arranged and volunteers have been instructed.

  207. Craig Crawford talks about the LATimes poll that has 18% undecided or willing to change voters. They appear to be the same kind of voters who went for Hillary at the last minute. Yes!!!!


  208. Pat, I think the last straw for me was when Obama called his grandmother a r@cist. This is the woman who raised him and he repays her by insulting her on national tv. That’s why his blatant misogyny is disgusting but not surprising. Clearly the guy has a problem with women and feels no shame in flaunting it. It’s been apparent for quite some time now. What is surprising, and disheartening, is how many folks have embraced this aspect of his disunity campaign.

  209. Southern Oregon. I just voted for McCain/Palin on my mail-in ballot. The only Democrat I voted for was a woman. My other votes went to Republican, Working Families and Pacific Green candidates. I am free.

  210. high five, lyn!

  211. Thanks, catarina!

  212. You know, I think NPR was the big first red flag for me, driving me from BO very early in the primary process. I used to listen WFUV out of NJ at work, and the top of the hour NPR headlines got worse… and worse… and worse in slanting things towards BO and slamming his opponents. It whapped me with some fundamental offense against fair play. Sure, I didn’t expect fairness or integrity in American media, but come on. Pretend or something.

    I found myself flying towards the volume button when the headlines came on — the blantant unfairness of the reporting was wrecking the darn music for me. It’s been a long time since I had the patience to deal with WFUV, which is a shame, because they really did have a great playlist.

  213. madamab — I went to the Patriot Room (never had heard of it before — thanks for sharing!) Did you see that “drinking with bob” video? LMAO. Take 3 minutes & watch it — hysterical! I actually think there are more guys like Bob out there then the msm would like to admit.

  214. catarina – Not if they’re dead.


    And they’d better not be counting my vote for Obama. Registered Dem still, but now a PUMAcrat!

  215. Thanks, Angie! I just go there to see what the other side is thinking. There is more rational analysis there than partisan slams, although the blog owner does that too. Plus, Bill Dupray is a very good writer.

    Gotta go, everyone. Keep the faith! PUMA POWER!!!

  216. Anyone see bills kristol’s column in the NYT about elitism:


  217. madamab

    so what are you saying, the dead one’s don’t qualify? 😉

    Have some fun-send an Obot a “Joe the Plumber” sign:


  218. votermom, on October 20th, 2008 at 11:25 am Said:

    SOD, I thought Biden was saying that electing Obama for president would be painting a huge target on America, and if Obama fails to protect America it will be the citizens fault for not clapping harder.


    Votermom, I think you just said a mouthful right there. “It will be the citizens fault for not clapping harder.” Oh yeah. We’re going to get the blame constantly, for everything that goes “wrong.”

    It’s our fault. We didn’t clap hard enough.

  219. elderj
    never thought I’d see the day I was on the same side as Kristol. Strange days, indeed!

  220. So, is that evidence Biden is stupid? Because it sure looks like that to me.

  221. Corpus Christi, TX.

    Today is the first day of early voting in Texas.

  222. I’m in a boring meeting right now having to listen to the worst of our in-house obamabots drone on and on.

  223. His brilliant idea about how to change our energy policy is to add a $3.00/per gallon tax on gasoline

  224. Indiana , Pa here. Agree with votermom, way up thread, that I can’t wait to vote against Bobby Casey. I do not see many BHO signs or McCain signs. College town and I think many regular citizens are hesitant to state their choice for fear of reprisal. I will vote McCain/Palin. Wishing for a red PA.

  225. elderj – yes, well it is the educated ‘elites’ who have gotten us here, isn’t it.

    Also, someone made the point that Washington is full of lawyers and we need other kinds of people there. Agreed!

  226. Mawm you can entertain yourself by imagining them all in bright yellow chicken suits…

  227. I am back from a 10 day vacation in upstate New York, a very blue country. I drove around 1600 miles in the state and saw McCain/Palin signs 2 to 1 to Obama.

    The larger cities, Albany and Buffalo, were about 1:1.

    I am still wondering how in the hell Obama leads so substantially in the polls. I have met few who like him.

  228. trash dump on “and people think this is funny”..

  229. Riverdaughter, thanks for the link!

    Everybody here: please join us tonight for Chewing the Fat with Ophelia. We’re on at 10pm EST, and we’d love for all of you to call in. We need to talk about what we’re going to do with this Terry Tate freak.

  230. Ex-neighbor of Obama, now in suburban Los Angeles, separated from an Obamabot who exhibits all the classism, sexism and bigotry of soft expectations that we’ve come to expect from the breed.

    My morning commute takes me through Obamaland. I’ve seen dozens of Obama stickers, two McCain ones but I believe I’m the only driver on my route with a PUMA sticker.

  231. Montana and already voted for McCain….

  232. […] October 20, 2008 · No Comments Riverdaughter: […]

  233. Greenville, South Carolina – five votes for McCain/Palin here and 13 in the Morganton, NC area from my family.

    Oh and one military ballot from my son in Iraq, saying NO WAY, NO HOW, NOBAMA. My son’s stament was more in line with why should he be fighting for our freedom or whatever the hell he is doing over there, and then vote for someone who will take it away by voting the way he did on FISA.

  234. sorry – statement

  235. Kim, I didn’t know you had family in Morganton. I grew up in Lenoir, just down the road. Hope your son is doing well.

  236. When the word c*nt can be proudly worn on tee shirts at public rallies and the word b*tch is treated as the norm to portray women in public life, then yes, we have vulgarized this election far more than anything seen in the past.

    Thanks to the embrace of ghetto hip hop and the objectification of women, this election has sunk to the bottom level of discourse. And as long as women from all cultures permit this to occur without displaying righteous indignation at this characterization it will continue. This is the tenor of the Obamabots and the giddy women who find this amusing.

    An uninformed public, such as we have witnessed from afar, is the biggest danger to any democracy. Voting for someone based on the color of their skin or their gender without having a clue as to who they are or what they represent is the easiest path to authoritarianism. Wake up America! This is not American Idol but the leader of the free world.

    Women must learn to break free of these stereotypes as they gain nothing in the end.

  237. Yep. I grew up in Morganton. Lenoir/Morganton/Hickory – Hope that’s okay, I do have some really great furniture. I thought I had said that. I know I said I graduated from App. State.

  238. Gary, my son is great and is not voting for Obama and neither are my daughters. So count two more Nobama votes in the Pensacola area and one in Charleston, SC.

  239. Out in the Minnesota countryside, every few miles, you see a lone McPalin sign where a soybean field borders the highway.

    Here in the city, though, it’s saturation marketing: BO logos on bumper stickers, lapels, shoulder bags, even painted large on the sides of a van. There are so many BO lawn signs that whenever I see one for McPalin I have an irrational urge to ring the doorbell and say thank you.

    Forget about opening a newspaper, turning on the TV, listening to the radio. On a 3-minute trip to the grocery store I spotted 12 BO “impressions” without even trying. Make that 24 for the round trip.

    Rake the leaves, ignore the neighbor’s lawn sign, and notice that lawn and leaf bags, thus far, are mercifully free of campaign logos.

    Thank heavens for this site.

  240. Out in the Minnesota countryside, every few miles, you see a lone McPalin sign where a soybean field borders the highway.

    Here in the city, though, it’s saturation marketing: BO logos on bumper stickers, lapels, shoulder bags, even painted large on the sides of a van. There are so many BO lawn signs that whenever I see one for McPalin I have an irrational urge to ring the doorbell and say thank you.

    Forget about opening a newspaper, turning on the TV, listening to the radio. On a 3-minute trip to the grocery store I spotted 12 BO “impressions” without even trying. Make that 24 for the round trip.

    Rake the leaves, ignore the neighbor’s lawn sign, and notice that lawn and leaf bags, thus far, are mercifully free of campaign logos.

    Thank heavens for this site.

  241. Oops–please remove the accidental double post.

  242. Does anyone else feel very nervous about Biden’s statements?

    I find things like:

    “Gird your loins,” Biden told the crowd. “We’re gonna win with your help, God willing, we’re gonna win, but this is not gonna be an easy ride. This president, the next president, is gonna be left with the most significant task. It’s like cleaning the Augean stables, man. This is more than just, this is more than – think about it, literally, think about it – this is more than just a capital crisis, this is more than just markets. This is a systemic problem we have with this economy.”

    ‘ We’re gonna have to make some incredibly tough decisions in the first two years. So I’m asking you now, I’m asking you now, be prepared to stick with us. Remember the faith you had at this point because you’re going to have to reinforce us.”

    This reminds me very much of Soros. Remember him- the hedge fund genius nicknamed ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’. At the time (1990s)the pages of the financial magazines were full of him. One headline read simply, ‘Master of the Universe.’

    Politicians in the United States began to worry that Soros might have too much power to influence the financial markets – more power than governments in fact.

    Soros was summoned before a Congressional Inquiry to explain what he and his fund were up to. But according to Ian Harper, Soros didn’t have mysterious powers to move the markets. The pound was going to go over the edge sooner or later, and all Soros had done was give it the final nudge.

    Soros has written several books, including Opening the Soviet System (1990; rev. ed. 1991), The Alchemy of Finance (1994), The Crisis of Global Capitalism (1998), Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism (2000), and The Bubble of American Supremacy: Correcting the Misuse of American Power (2003).

    He has said that the worship of market forces by the world’s policy-makers has become a dangerous dogma, one which actually undermines democracy, or what Soros calls, the ‘open society’.
    And proposed he proposed the establishment of a global body which, with enforcement power rivaling that of the World Trade Organization. “We must,” he said, “mobilize civil society in favor of international law and international institutio,ns.”

    I also didn’t like this in Biden’s speech:

    Biden emphasized that the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border is of particular concern, with Osama bin Laden “alive and well” and Pakistan “bristling with nuclear weapons.”

    “We do not have the military capacity, nor have we ever, quite frankly, in the last 20 years, to dictate outcomes,” he cautioned. “It’s so much more important than that. It’s so much more complicated than that. And Barack gets it.”/

    What are those complicated things that only BO gets??????

  243. Proud PUMA from WY and MT here. I’ve seen through the BO hype from the beginning, largely because Hillary’s eminent experience, qualifications, thorough vetting and electability as a candidate showed BO’s inadequacies by comparison in such glaring contrast. I don’t need to repeat the litany of reasons for a lifelong Dem to not support BO. After all is said and done, for me, it boils down to trust. After the way BO’s conducted his campaign, the only thing I ‘trust’ him to do is show us more of the same radical authoritarian bullying, corruption, fraud, free speech/thought suppression, hate, intimidation, media manipulation, privacy invasion, disgusting sexism/misogyny/male supremacy, thievery, thuggery and outright violence we’ve already seen — the same tactics his SDS/WUO/ACORN/Rev. Wright/Fr. Pfleger cronies have made famous and continue to teach and use. I’ve been a registered Democrat for 38 years and I’ve never seen a Democratic candidate run a campaign this way. One can only deduce that both BO and Axelrod must be part and parcel of the Chicago den of radicals. Whom do I trust to serve ‘we, the people,’ to work their hardest to help us dig out of this mess, to try to clean up Capitol Hill, Wall St. and groups like ACORN — essentially to ‘preserve, protect and defend’ the U.S. Constitution and our democratic society, and help save this country from its lurch toward anarchy? For me, for this election, there can be only one answer. If we lose our country, nothing else really matters. Thanks, RD, for all you’ve done and continue to do to provide safe harbor for us all and to let us know we’re not alone. McCain-Palin ’08.

  244. now we’re going to have faith based foreign policy too? good grief

  245. Cate, Proud PUMA from San Diego, CA

  246. Hi. I’m a lurker here and wanted to say thanks to RD for a great site!
    I’m from Long Island, NY. There are hardly any signs here at all. In fact we just put up a McCain/Palin lawn sign this weekend and my husband picked it up out of the street the first night. Maybe that is why there are no signs around here. But I haven’t seen any Obama signs either.

  247. Hi NYLinda, and welcome.

  248. Missouri and still not voting for Obama.No Way No How No Obama.

  249. looking for integrity, on October 20th, 2008 at 11:29 am Said: …..I find Biden’s prediction unsettling. He is quite certain about a crisis occurring…

    They will follow the Bush 2 script. He was tanking in the polls in the early months as well.

    Barry is Bush’s heir. How many Chris Mattewrs leg tingles will it take before people buy a clue?

    I’m Philly and a proud PUMA!

  250. oh and I thought Barry was sunk way back when he was recorded praising Reagan!!….show you what I know , or knew. See , I thought the Dem party had Dems…silly me

  251. Central TX here – about 20 miles S of Austin (consecrated Obot land), 35 miles N of San Antonio (the S.A. News Express actually endorsed McCain, hallelujah). We live in a university town, in a university faculty/staff ‘hood dotted with (cheap grace) O signs. However, the McCain/Palin sign quotient in the surrounding countryside is noticeably larger, both in volume and size. (My next door neighbor, aware of my O aversion, has relegated her little blue O/B square to the garage, something I dearly appreciate.)

    When we moved to TX a couple years ago, we looked forward to living in one of the few islands of liberalism in the state. If we had only known who and what was coming down the pike…

  252. Lexington, KY, surrounded by Obots. It gets hard, but it feels good knowing that this year I won’t be blindly following the herd like most of those idiots.

    RD, Gary, Mawm, myiq, et. al., thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work! It keeps me sane!!! Smooch!

  253. Linda OKC:
    I am back from a 10 day vacation in upstate New York, a very blue country. I drove around 1600 miles in the state and saw McCain/Palin signs 2 to 1 to Obama.

    The larger cities, Albany and Buffalo, were about 1:1.

    I hope you enjoyed beautiful Upstate and Western NY, Linda.

    I live in a northern suburb of Buffalo. It is actually not true blue territory once you leave the city limits. In my area, I have seen two Obama signs, a lot of McCain signs, and as I travel the more rural farm country heading towards Rochester it is 100% McCain signs. In the city of Buffalo I have only seen two Obama signs (although I’m sure there are more). I have not seen a McCain sign within the city limits.

  254. Greetings from Northern Virginia deep in the vain, irrational id of Whole Foods Obamanation. My husband and I will be voting McCain/Palin to narrow that NoVa blue margin.

    I’m voting straight R ticket, because if something is worth doing, it is worth doing to the hilt. Oh alright, and besides there are no dems in danger downticket on my ballot, so it isn’t exactly a dilemma.

    But it may not be enough for me. I’m toying with joining the NRA. It’s part of a new look I am taking at the constitution from a perspective of asking ‘what powers am I leaving unclaimed?’ I keep hearing this haka about our American despair and how we need to be saved, cleansed, whatever whilst our self-appointed elites congratulate themselves and belittle us. That’s not what I believe about America, Americans or citizenship. I think I need to exercise my rights as a citizen.

    Additionally, I am shunning all that displeases. This means you, NOprah.

  255. I am from Orlando, FL. I am NOT voting for “That One”.

  256. SoCal PUMA about 100 miles north of Old Coastie I bet, and somwhat west & south of Miq2xy!——very near to the miserable monster who didn’t let Sarah on her big show because she has an agenda for who she wants to win. perries mentioned the monster above….

    I’m glad Violet was here on that video RD. Re: McC and the feminists — yes, I agree with Violet — but today, I just read a story in which he said “left wing feminists hurting Sarah in the media” — okay. I can abide by that — they have been on the attack. Which is very dumb.

    Last night I googled “feminists” under news articles — I went all the way back to the 80’s looking at the clips– funny thing to see the movement like that–in little googly blips — for history’s sake…

    I live in Whole Foods gourmet capital of the world since birth.
    You know what looks good? Canada! I swear! Northcoast or Westcoast….Seriously. It might be nice to have 4 seasons and a different political system —

    and a barn, and a horse.

  257. I’m from PumaPAC
    by way of the DNC/RBC/Electoral Fraud/Vile Sexism
    by way of
    San Diego CA
    by way of
    Berkeley CA
    by way of
    where I grew up.

  258. Eastern Kansas. The Kansas City TV stations are overwhelmed with spots for THE ONE. Missouri is going to be close. KS is solid RED. RD and everyone, thank you for this blog that helps keep me sane.

  259. Ocean City Maryland 🙂

  260. to Ann from Buffalo

    You live in some beautiful country. I caught it at the height of the fall colors and everywhere we went, it was stunningly beautiful!

    my friends kept telling me though…yeah…but we pay for it come winter lol

  261. Life long Texas Democrat.
    Big Hill supporter-still believe she should have been the nominee and the President. one of 18 million who will not forget what happened.
    The thought that 2012 is only 4 Christmases away keeps me hopeful.

  262. Clarification: When I said this morning that I’m a first time Republican voter, I meant this will be the first time in my life that I will vote for the Republican Presidential ticket not that I’m a first time voter.

    I have voted straight Dem since I became eligible to vote in December 1976, one month shy of being able to vote for Carter so I volunteered for his campaign instead. I worked the polls for Kerry in 2004 even though I was less than enthused with his nomination. But after this year, I’m officially done with the Democratic Party. From now on I’m a 30% solution voter.

    We Can Do It! McPalin 2008!

  263. Hello fellow Conflucians! This is my first comment here, but I’ve been reading for over a month. I’m a Republican voter, disillusioned by the last 8 years and I’m so glad to have found I agree with all of you on so many things! Though I’m not particularly enthusiastic about McCain, he’s a THOUSAND times better than Obama.
    Sounding off from Oahu, Hawaii: We can still do it! McCain/Palin 2008!

  264. I live 10 minutes from downtown Scranton. I saw some democrats for McCain on the street corner on saturday and I gave them a thumbs up mostly because the person leading the chants was a young african american man. I have to give the guy props for courage.

  265. “shhunning Noprah”….lol, yes I have been shunning and scorning her for months.

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