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Barack Obama: Still Just as Clueless and Condescending as Ever

In Matt Bai’s October 15th article in The New York Times, “Working for the Working Class Vote,” Barack Obama explains how much he regrets the infamous comments he made in early April:

“You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, a lot of them — like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they’ve gone through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, and they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them, or anti-immigrant sentiment, or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Obama made these remarks to a group of San Francisco billionaires, who laughed approvingly at this sociological dissection of the lives of rural, working class Americans.

Now, six months later, Obama tells Matt Bai that these remarks were the worst mistake he has made during the campaign:

“That was my biggest boneheaded move,” Obama told me recently. We were sitting across from each other on his plane, the one with the big red, white and blue “O” on the tail, flying some 35,000 feet above Nebraska. “How it was interpreted in the press was Obama talking to a bunch of wine-sipping San Francisco liberals with an anthropological view toward white working-class voters. And I was actually making the reverse point, clumsily, which is that these voters have a right to be frustrated because they’ve been ignored. And because Democrats haven’t met them halfway on cultural issues, we’ve not been able to communicate to them effectively an economic agenda that would help broaden our coalition.”


“I mean, part of what I was trying to say to that group in San Francisco was, ‘You guys need to stop thinking that issues like religion or guns are somehow wrong,’ ” he continued. “Because, in fact, if you’ve grown up and your dad went out and took you hunting, and that is part of your self-identity and provides you a sense of continuity and stability that is unavailable in your economic life, then that’s going to be pretty important, and rightfully so. And if you’re watching your community lose population and collapse but your church is still strong and the life of the community is centered around that, well then, you know, we’d better be paying attention to that.”

Except that he left out the word “bitter,” how is this any different that what Obama said about in April? He still sounds like a sociologist, and he is still just as clueless about what motivates small town Americans. What do hunting and other outdoor sports and religion have to do with “economic life?” Maybe for some of us working-class Americans, it’s not all about how much money and status we can accumulate. Maybe we really do care about our families and our cultural traditions independent from what we do to earn a living.

Just because Obama joined a church in order to advance his career, he shouldn’t assume that is true of the average American. And why does he assume that people hunt because their jobs are unfulfilling? I’ve never had a gun myself, but I was born in North Dakota, and hunting and fishing were traditional in my north country family. When I was an infant, my parents survived one whole winter on a side of venison donated by a hunter friend.

My grandfather went back to North Dakota to hunt deer and pheasant a couple of times a year even after he moved to Indiana. My grandparents took numerous fishing trips to Canada too. Those trips provided our family with some wonderful meals. My grandfather had a very successful dental practice, and was relatively comfortable even during the Great Depression, so I really don’t think he was “clinging to guns and religion” because of economic hard times.

Obama is one of those people who has a lot of education but lacks the life experiences–or perhaps the open-mindedness–that might allow him to develop a better understanding of people whose lives are different from his. And he has the nerve to say that small town Pennsylvanians have “antipathy toward people who aren’t like them!” This man doesn’t know how to not look down his nose at others. He is so incredibly dismissive of other people’s ideas that he hasn’t learned a damn thing in six months of supposedly trying to reach out to working class Americans.

As Tom Maguire writes in his terrific post on the Matt Bai article:

Why can’t guns and church simply be important to these people because they are? Why does Obama insist on linking their importance to economic distress? Is there any learning process happening here at all?

This explanation about how embarrassed Obama was when the mask slipped is classic:

“No. 2 [in appealing to working class voters] is how we talk about issues,” Obama went on. “To act like hunting, like somebody who wants firearms just doesn’t get it — that kind of condescension has to be purged from our vocabulary. And that’s why that whole ‘bittergate’ episode was so bitter for me. It was like: Oh, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. This is what for the last five or six years I’ve been trying to push away from.”

In Obama’s vision it is not what the candidate believes that is important, it is what the candidate says. What Obama believes seemed clear six months ago and, with this new opportunity, he has made it clear again.

Two weeks and two days to his victory.

Matt Bai points out the problem that Democratic candidates have had in attracting votes from white men:

And yet, what Obama and I were discussing, this cultural disconnect between Democrats and large swaths of white men, remained a lingering and crucial question. It now appeared that the only thing that could still threaten Obama’s march to the presidency was the same resistance from these voters that had, at the last moment, dashed the dreams of both his Democratic predecessors. Gore and Kerry tried, somewhat dutifully, to prove their cultural affinity for regular white guys; when that didn’t work, they tried to change the subject to policy platforms instead, hoping in vain that voters would just sort of forget about all that guns and church stuff. In both cases, that failure translated directly into defeat. According to exit polls in 2004, Kerrylost white men by a crushing 25-point margin.

Given the fact that he is not, in fact, a white male, Obama would seem to face an even-less-forgiving landscape among white-male voters. While voters overall give Obama the advantage over John McCain when asked which candidate is better equipped to navigate these tumultuous economic times, Gallup polls throughout the summer and into the fall consistently showed McCain with a double-digit lead among white men who haven’t been to college.

Nevertheless, Bai writes, Obama has decided to “show up” and fight for the votes of small town working class voters. But despite his obvious admiration for Obama’s efforts, even Bai can see that Obama’s heart isn’t really in it. Bai asked VA Governor Mark Warner

what Obama needed to say to earn the trust of rural Virginians, he suggested Obama spend less time talking about economic despair and more time reminding voters of the hopeful things happening in southern Virginia.

“Celebrate Lebanon,” he said. “Celebrate that we’ve got a place for your community in the 21st century.” “Change” was a good slogan, Warner told me, and people surely wanted it, but you also had to give them a sense that you understood the challenges specific to their communities. “I’d like to hear him talk more about infrastructure, about broadband,” Warner said. “I think he’s still got to make the case that your kids shouldn’t have to leave your hometown to find a world-class job.

So what did Obama do when he appeared at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, VA?

He delivered a newly sharpened version of his basic rally speech, pacing the stage as he spoke, his pitch rising as he punctuated each point in a long list of indictments against the Bush years and John McCain. He stressed his own American story — the mother on food stamps, the grandfather who fought in “Patton’s army,” the father-in-law who worked a shift job with multiple sclerosis and never missed a day. The speech wasn’t appreciably different from one he would have given at an arena packed with 20,000 people in Philadelphia or St. Louis.

It was only after the speech, prompted by questions from the audience, that Obama tried to reassure the crowd — without ever referring to the “bitter” comment, of course — that he was not some San Francisco liberal who pitied rural people for their religiosity and their pastimes. One man wanted to know what Obama thought of those who looked down on Sarah Palin because she was evangelical. No doubt thinking of the persistent rumors still flying around the Internet that say he is a closet Muslim, Obama reiterated, for about the seven millionth time this year, that he, too, is a practicing Christian. “This is a nation of believers,” he said, “and I’m one of them.”

A teenage girl asked Obama what he might do specifically for rural America. I found it odd that Obama had to be prompted to address this question, but he warmed to it immediately, ticking off a list of public investments that his administration could bring to the region: broadband lines, school financing, the development of biodiesel fuels. He talked about creating more jobs for local students, “so when they graduate from college those kids can stay here and live in Lebanon instead of having to go and work someplace else.”

Then he went on to reassure the audience that he wasn’t planning to take their guns away. But Bai admits that Obama just doesn’t show the passion of someone like Bill Clinton (or Hillary!) to speak directly to the concerns of these voters.

I once heard a friend of Obama’s compare him with Bill Clinton this way: if Clinton sees you walking down the other side of the street, he immediately crosses over to shake your hand; if Obama sees you coming, he nods and waits for you to cross. That image returned to me as I watched Obama campaign in Lebanon. Clinton wouldn’t have wanted to leave that gym until every last voter had been converted, even if that meant he had to memorize the scheduled sewer installation for every home in Russell County. Mark Warner, a similarly tenacious glad-hander, went to rural Virginia again and again because, deep down, he needed to change people’s perceptions of who he was. Obama doesn’t connect to the world that way, which is probably why his campaign has always preferred big rallies to hand-to-hand venues. Obama gives the impression that he’s going to show up and make his case, and if you don’t fall in love with him, well, he’ll just have to pick up the pieces and go on.

Yes, that’s Barack Obama in a nutshell. He isn’t going to really ask you for your vote. He isn’t going to try to get to the heart of your unique concerns and convince you that he cares about helping you achieve your goals. It isn’t about you. It’s about Barack Obama, and his world view and what he wants to achieve in his career. If you don’t love him, it’s your fault.

Matt Bai asked VA Senator Jim Webb if the problem is Obama’s race.

I was surprised, then, when Webb told me that while he was enthusiastic about Obama and would campaign for him, he did not intend to vouch for him on social issues. “I believe that Barack Obama has the temperament and the intellect and the ideas to be president,” Webb said. “But I don’t talk about his positions, and I don’t defend his positions.” When I commented that Webb wasn’t where Obama was on gun rights (Obama favors what he calls some “common sense” restrictions), Webb cut me off. “No, he’s not where I am on guns,” he said pointedly….

Webb and I discussed the conventional wisdom taking hold — in discussions not only about Virginia but about Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan as well — that white men weren’t breaking Obama’s way mostly because he’s black. Webb disagreed. When it came to white working-class and rural voters, Webb said, what mattered was whether Obama seemed to share the same basic small-town values. “Does he understand me?” Webb said. “Can I trust him?”

But the simple fact is that Obama doesn’t understand and he isn’t interested in trying. Obama thinks his problems with working class Americans stem from the treatment he gets from Fox News (because those uneducated hicks never watch anything else, right?):

“I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls,” Obama told me. “If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me, right? Because the way I’m portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?

“I guess the point I’m making,” he went on, “is that there is an entire industry now, an entire apparatus, designed to perpetuate this cultural schism, and it’s powerful. People want to know that you’re fighting for them, that you get them. And I actually think I do. But you know, if people are just seeing me in sound bites, they’re not going to discover that. That’s why I say that some of that may have to happen after the election, when they get to know you.”

So we are going to get to know him after he moves into the White House? That’s when we are suddenly going to understand that Barack Obama is a regular guy who really cares about the problems of ordinary people? {{sigh}} This man really is clueless. He needs to stop looking down his nose and intellectualizing about Americans “who are different from him” and practice actually listening to them. He needs to stop blaming everyone else for his inability to connect with certain types of people and open his mind to the possibility that maybe he actually doesn’t know everything yet. If Obama really does become President, I hope somehow he will still be able to do that. But I honestly don’t think he’s capable of that kind of humility.

140 Responses

  1. Wait, didn’t he say then that they were justified?
    And, BTW, in spite of the “bitter” part being played out, it was the racism accusation that was the most memorable – “antipathy towards people who aren’t like them” means just that.
    So, as Powell’s past is about to be thrown don the memory hole, i thought I give a little reminiscing – via images, mostly

  2. I used the “R” word…can I be let out of moderation, pretty please?

  3. Isn’t it about that time again when the Democrat has to make a fake hunting trip to reassure everybody that he won’t take away their guns?

  4. Have we all noticed that every time BO says the wrong thing, lies at the wrong time, associates with the wrong people or makes a sleazy, underhanded and possibly illegal land deal – he was never wrong – he made a “boneheaded” move or statemtent or whatever!

    Someone of his age should be able to accept the blame for his actions and not pass it off as some stupid teenage prank.

  5. BB: I love this post!

    Obama dissed Appalachia and the White Working Class vote because they were “typical white people.”

    Meanwhile, his wife orders a 450.00 snack at the Waldorf while he’s trying to make the case that he’ll defend the working class.

    Yes, that’s Barack Obama in a nutshell. He isn’t going to really ask you for your vote. He isn’t going to try to get to the heart of your unique concerns and convince you that he cares about helping you achieve your goals. It isn’t about you. It’s about Barack Obama, and his world view and what he wants to achieve in his career. He just doesn’t get it.

    BINGO. Obama DEMANDS our vote – and if you don’t you’re a racist. I’m so tired of this crap.

    At least John McCain humbly asks for it in the closing remarks I’ve seen him make.

  6. Last time I checked, Stanley Durham didn’t fight in WWII and Obama was claiming it was Stanley’s brother who liberated Auschwitz (with the Red Army)

    And while it is technically possible that Stanley Ann Durham received Food Stamps, the window of time in which that could have occurred was very small.

    The FS program wasn’t created until shortly before Ann Durham married Leo Soetoro in 1966.

  7. His way of over-explaining only validates the suspicions against him. He is oily.

  8. Ack! In moderation! I spelled the R word by mistake

  9. Obama never got food stamps because he was raised by his GRANDPARENTS who sent him to an elite school in Hawaii.

  10. “Isn’t it about that time again when the Democrat has to make a fake hunting trip to reassure everybody that he won’t take away their guns?”

    Instead they went with getting a guy from the NRA with a deep southern accent to tell us. Don’t you know his accent means he is one of us so we can believe him/ snark.

  11. sm77:

    Stanley Ann Durham may possibly have received FS between 1965-66.

    Even if she did, that was while she was a full-time student at Uof H

  12. Obama does have one thing in common with Ronnie Raygun – he lies shamelessly about himself.

    Democrats used to be outraged at the way RR would just make stuff up, or confuse old movie roles with his real history.

  13. That picture is cut in half when I use Internet Explorer, but I can’t figure out why. It’s fine with Firefox…

  14. MYIQ: So if they found her food stamp records, why can’t they find her passport records?????

    (rhetorical question of course)

  15. I just got back from City Hall. they closed the door in my face because I stayed till 12noon waiting to speak with a manager. They were open on weekends for early voting and then just told me that my passport did not prove I was an Illinois resident. Mind you this is my 2nd time registering after my card or my form was lost by them. Early voting here ends on the 21st. I have stuff to do tomorrow and Tuesday. I may not make it. I am really bummed. Maybe I should just give up.Illinois is going blue anyway but I really wanted to cast my vote.

  16. Why can’t they find Obama’s records from the state senate? Or Columbia? Or Harvard? Or Occidental College?

  17. SOD:

    What is that on your head?

  18. FS records would, of course, be confidential.

  19. Afrocity,

    Your passport isn’t good enough? Can you take some utility bills or something? Be sure you pretend you’re voting for BO!

  20. This IS a great post. Senator Obama’s hubris condemns him to forever be “boneheaded” when it comes to “ordinary” people. I tried to write about this here: http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/2008/10/senator-obama-a-study-in-hubris.html

  21. They told me to bring a bill, the funny thing is when I registered last time they say I did not need anything but to turn in the form, so I did. Then the card never came but the rest of my family.

  22. Heidi:

    Accusing Obama of hubris is the same as calling him uppity!


  23. Sorry, I posted this downstairs so am transferring it up here- not because I think I’m so important but just wanted to get my rant out……………. 😦

    SusiePuma, on October 19th, 2008 at 1:34 pm Said:
    RD – great post again – you just amaze me with your writings – how about a book?? Actually, there are many people on your site that have written absolutely wonderful articles. Murphy on PUMAPac is pretty darn good too…………………………….

    I find it amazing that it is almost the end of October and I am still angry, angry, angry – and I have been angry since last December and even more so as the year has progressed.

    All of those @ssholes who said to fall in line, get over it, you have nowhere else to go, you’ll be back – well guess what – I’m not falling in line, I’m not over it, I won’t be back and I did find somewhere else to go. I don’t agree with a lot of what McCain/Palin support but ya know what – I don’t frickin’ care –

    I thought my former party supported women and its been a real eye opener to find out that it’s only certain women who are supported and screw the rest (literally). The treatment Sarah Palin has received has been even more vile than that heaped upon Hillary and I hate it, hate it, hate it.

    I will absolutely not be voting for Slick Rick the Poverty Pimp and I am requesting that Fox News investigate where the hell all the money is coming from for the pimp. We already know alot of it is coming from overseas (which is illegal, but guess no one cares) but I’d like to know for sure.

    Okay – just a rant

  24. myi12xu,

    On November 5th you will have to get with the program! If ‘The One’ said it, it is therefore the whole loincloth truth. Yes, it is a science that us little people (especially the women) can’t understand yet, we are not so blessed, that is why he was born of Selma in 1965 but arrived earlier in 1961. Our little minds can’t process this new science and so please start reviewing the “We Love Obama” song which primes you up to receive this information.

  25. Heidi Li your post on HUBRIS is a must read !

    I posted this on the last thread but it really belongs here ….

    bo is so filled with hubris at this point .. that instead of worrying abuot what damage his stance with Joe the plumber might do , he is confident or arrogant enough to openly attack him in this fashion…

    “How many plumbers you know making a quarter-million dollars a year? I have a different set of priorities.”

    The hubris in that statment alone speaks volumes

    #1 Plumbers are of the servant ” better be there class” we only call them when we need them but they better be there
    #2 Plumbers services are not inherently worth much
    #3 Plumbers aspirations / expectations should be limited , they should not expect to make too much
    #4 Plumbers should let bo decide what to do with his their money dreams etc than someone of a lesser class

    Any expectation that this guy is even capable of looking out for anyone but himself is futile.
    I learned to stop believeing habitual liars the hard way .. I had hoped the people of this country wuold have also learned by now

  26. myiq2xu, can you tell me where to find a larger pic of your avitar?

  27. BB, I loved this bit:

    Just because Obama joined a church in order to advance his career, he shouldn’t assume that is true of the average American. Any why does he assume that people hunt because their jobs are unfulfilling? I’ve never had a gun myself, but I was born in North Dakota, and hunting and fishing were traditional in my North Country family. When I was an infant, my parents survived one whole winter on a side of venison donated by a hunter friend.

    I personally do not hunt and have always hated the idea of killing an animal. But most of the men and some of the women in my family were avid hunters. And they didn’t hunt simply for the “fun” of it. Hunting supplied the meat on many a table.

    As far as I’m concerned all this angst about hunting is pure hypocrisy unless you’re a vegetarian. (I am by the way) Unless you want a live chicken sitting on your plate or want to take a bite out of a cows butt, it has to be killed before ya can eat it.

  28. myiq2xu, Okay thanks but I am sorry I asked now because that will give me nightmares for the next two weeks 😉

  29. Only two weeks?

  30. But maybe the $450 lunch was catered by Alice Waters…

  31. afrocity – you didn’t register when you got your drivers license?

    Here is what the IL elections page says is required:
    What forms of identification may be needed when I register to vote?
    Two forms of identification with at least one showing your current residence address is needed when you register in-person. If you register by mail sufficient proof of identity is required by submission of your driver’s license number or State identification card number. If you don’t have either of those, verification by the last 4 digits of the your social security number, a copy of a current and valid photo identification, or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that shows your name and address will be required.

    However, if you’re in Cook County, you may want to just consider the source because someone has probably already voted in your name anyway!

  32. Obama’s head is all bone at this point.

    Michelle orders a $450 meal? Remember Hillary’s doughnut scandal? Her campaign was buying lots of doughnuts to feed campaign volunteers – it made front pages!

    Meanwhile Obama claims to have raised $150 million dollars in September. Here’s a transcript of an exchange between Howard Kurtz and Mark Halperin (of Time) about it this morning on “Reliable Sources.”

    KURTZ: Mark Halperin, we learned this morning that Barack Obama in the month of September raised $150 million, the early estimates had been about $100 million. They always kind of leak a lower figure so they can exceed it.

    If a Republican had not taken public financing and had raised all that money, and the Democrat was struggling financially, wouldn’t we see a lot of stories about one candidate essentially trying to buy the election?

    HALPERIN: We would. We’d also see a lot of stories about his going back on his word saying that he would accept the public money and would reach out to Senator McCain to try to work out a deal. So I think this is a case of a clear, unambiguous double standard, and any reporter who doesn’t ask themselves, why is that, why would it be different if it’s a Republican, I think is doing themselves and our profession and our democracy a disservice.

  33. Heidi Li,

    I love your post! Thanks for the link. I really do feel that Obama has contempt for ordinary Americans. His comments about “Joe the plumber” were beyond disgusting.

  34. on the obligatory hunting trip – make sure he’s dressed for the part, then send him out with Cheney

    on the food stamp issue – I don’t think anyone has ever proved that his mother got those, I think it’s just been stated and everyone just believed him.

  35. phlamingogophred,

    I only have a passport. They lost my registration form that I turned in and my card never showed up.

  36. DYB,

    That’s interesting. I kind of assumed that Mark Halperin was in the bag for Obama.

  37. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking and catching up on the posts. Both are really excellent.

    I love how Obama thinks he can talk his way out of anything by throwing up a “word fog.” Isn’t it interesting how we bitter, low-information old ladies can see through it all?

  38. Obama just came on and I turned the channel. I see myself doing that a lot in the next 4 years.

  39. Great piece. I think BO is incapable of listening and learning to appreciate other perspectives as part of what I believe is his personality disorder. It’s always going to be the other guy’s fault and the other guy’s responsibility to give BO what he wants, or appreciate BO etc.

    On another note, I’ve thought for a while that Senator Webb identifies himself as just the very kind of bitter clinger that BO insulted. Webb wrote a book about his Appalachian scots-irish immigrant ancestors. I bet it galls to have to be diplomatic.

  40. afrocity – have you called your county’s registration office to ask them what you should do because of their incompetence? Unfortunately, it really does sound like it’s too late since you’re busy the next couple of days.

  41. Meanwhile, AP and virtually all media continue their relentless shilling to get Obama elected this year, no matter what. Front page story on my newspaper has CNHI’s Ronnie Ellis traveling the state showing how many Dems are now coming to The One. Interviewed at least 5 loyal Dems as proof.

    Big inside story by AP’s Jocelyn Noveck on how Sarah really isn’t connecting with some moms. Talks to a grassroots group called MomsRising who say Sarah doesn’t represent them since she makes too much money, and has a husband to help.

    I’ve never felt so much rage at the media. There are always columnists with agendas and newspaper that lean one way. What’s different this year is that virtually all media tilt Obama, that they will say anything to help him, and that virtually no one is the slightest bit fair to McCain/Palin. It’s just astonishing. Why do they want this man, and why do they so badly want him? I don’t want them to report the truth about Obama in a few years, I want them to get off their lazy a**es and give us some news NOW.

  42. Riverdaughter, I am on right after Matt’s show.
    Tonight’s show is called “Not Towing the Line for the Dems.”

  43. 2 things:

    Obama always manages to find a sycophant like Matt Taibbi to “interview” him just at the right political time to help with the voting block Obama now suddenly understands he needs. But you can bet your bottom dollar that if the election weren’t so close, Obama would not have cared, and Matt Taibbi would not have asked exactly the right question (thank Axelrod) so Obama could have a re-do. Apparently, Taibbi and Obama think Americans are stupid.

    Besides, if this were genuine, Obama would have made important calls to his media and blogger supporters asking them NOT to trash Joe the Plumber. And he himself wouldn’t do it.

    I seem to recall Obama’s campaign and supporters faxing 4-page memo’s to the Olbermann/Taibbi media calling Bill and Hillary Clinton racists, when all the while Obama was playing like he had nothing to do with it, and was terribly, terribly sorry it had happened.


    He’s two-faced, and when he’s in trouble, certain media types try to RESCUE him from himself.

    Americans aren’t that stupid. And they LIKE Joe the Plumber.

    Too little, too late.

  44. Phred:

    I’m surprised Obama doesn’t tell stories about working in the sugar cane fields when he was six.

  45. PofE – Unfortunately, I believe they want Obama in office so they can destroy him and blame all of Bush’s failures on him. Then, they can have all Republican Presidents and Congress for the next 30 years.

  46. bostonboomer, we must have had a cup of the same coffee this morning.


    Any working class American who votes for Pampers is a fool.

  47. Mary,

    It’s Matt Bai who wrote this article, not Matt Taibbi. Bai has not been quite so sychophantic as some in the press this year. I think this story is actually pretty damaging to Obama–if the right people read it or hear about it.

  48. phlamingophred,

    I will try to reschedule a meeting tomorrow. They said I can wait for the card again or early vote.I am afraid to early vote for fear they will see it is for mcCain but now I don’t know what choice i have. I hear Nevada is having early voting through the 31st of October, WTF???? Why not just call it voting month. This is ludicrous.

  49. afrocity, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:00 pm Said:
    Obama just came on and I turned the channel. I see myself doing that a lot in the next 4 years.

    With a 2 point lead in the polls after having done everything but erect a monument to himself …
    ( ok he tried at the convention ) , you may not have to do that …;) picture toppling the bo statue , it is a happy vision and less calories than a happy meal

  50. Y’know–I really am starting to believe the hypnosis theory. I mean, we’ve all been saying as much:
    – drank the kool aid
    – down is up; up is down
    – member of the Borg
    – like they’re in a trance
    – and so on

  51. myiq – wasn’t he living in Indonesia when he was six? that may explain why we haven’t heard that story yet, but he could have been doing it when he was three.

  52. madamab – can you email me? I have an idea for a play and didn’t want to spoil it for everyone.

  53. Thanks, bostonboomer.

    It doesn’t change the fact that Obama is two-faced, and wouldn’t have cared in the least if he didn’t think he needed that voting block right about now.

    Don’t tell me words don’t matter, Obama.

    The ORIGINAL ones, that is, that you thought were safe to say, amongst your liberal San Francisco millionaires.

    You’re not sorry you said it. You’re sorry you got caught.

    I’m an Appalachian, like Senator Webb. We’re not easily okey-doked or bamboozled.

  54. myiq2xu, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:04 pm Said:

    I’m surprised Obama doesn’t tell stories about working in the sugar cane fields when he was six.

    He doesnt dare….because then someone would bring up that McCain wants to reduce taxes on imported sugar from Brazil ,because it is cheaper ; it costs less than corn to produce ethanol . and the process is faster as well , and energy experts have concluded that McCains plan for ethanol from sugar is superior to bos for producing it from corn.

  55. Madamab: Sometimes I think that. Sometimes I think they just like a new face with new families, and easy storylines for a few years. Sometimes I think ObamaCo is owned by some very big people who want a return on their investment. Sometimes I think much of the media is ordinary America and that Obama makes it easy for them to blame everything on Bush while ignoring their role in electing him, and taking an unquestioned, cheap stand for civil rights at the same time.

  56. swanspirit,

    I think the 30 minutes spots on the 29th will be his undoing. pompous ass doing a faux presidential address or whatever he is planning.

  57. If Obama’s going to start apologizing for every boneheaded thing he’s said or done, this is going to take a hell of a lot longer than a 30 minute paid absolution.

  58. There is no way I could listen to Obama for 30 minutes

  59. In case you missed this week’s issue of the Army Times

    here are the results of the Army Times’ poll of Military

    personnel re the election (in percent):

    McCain Obama

    Overall 68 23

    Army 68 23

    Navy 69 24

    Air Force 67 24

    Marines 75 18

    Retirees 72 20

    White Non-Hispanic 76 17

    Hispanic 63 27

    Black/African-American 12 79

    Enlisted 67 24

    Officers 70 22

    Somehow I missed seeing this in the New York Times.

  60. Yesterday I had to go to a wedding infested by Obots. One of them went to law school with Barry. She said he is really very radical and a true socialist. FWIW.

  61. I don’t think the heartland voters will consider Obama sincere. It’s as though his campaign adopted the strategy proposed by ” Urban Archipelago” and it backfired just like the B&B blog (pro-Obama) said it would in 2005. Suddenly they realize they are not enough to get Obama elected and need those heartland voters they despised.

  62. Dee, in spanish the word eggs-huevos, is also a slang term for testicles, so that kind of complicates things.

  63. afrocity, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:14 pm Said:

    I think the 30 minutes spots on the 29th will be his undoing. pompous ass doing a faux presidential address or whatever he is planning.

    HAHAHA yeaah his pre state of the union adress LOL sorry I keep thinking pre school state of the union …but absolutely everything he says just screams to me

    I read it in a book and I have
    no fucking idea what I am
    really talking about

    that is what i hear when he opens his mouth LOLOLOL
    um so I dont plan to listen i already change the channel too …just like you ….. I cant stand him .. I really cant but that is exactly what I have been doing with shrubb for this long

  64. WOO HOO Carol…we need some haka mojo now!!! welcome bakc! how was the trip?

    Gary HAKA 👿

  65. Saralee,

    I am sorry you had to endure that. I am on social lock down and I am getting a lot done.We will survive whether the chosen one wins or not. In some ways, a win for Barry, I hope will boomerang back in his face as the insurmountable pressure he will face as having to fulfill everyone’s HOPES. Expect laughter from Michelle’s predicted endless stupid comments and the black liberation faction that will come crawling out after their being sequestered from media until Obama gets in.

  66. afrocity:

    All the stories I have seen about the military show the media asking about 10 soldiers who they are voting for and 7 of them say “Obama”

  67. oops wrong thread!

  68. hey, weren’t people here discussing a thread or two back that mccain’s gallup poll numbers went up today only 2 and 4 points behind? Am I imagining this? I also thought I looked at Gallup today and saw those numbers, now they are gone and its back to the 5 and 7 or some such.

  69. “I think the 30 minutes spots on the 29th will be his undoing. pompous ass doing a faux presidential address or whatever he is planning.’

    I agree, Swannie.

    They will only be driving the point home that he has raised an obscene and immoral amount of money to be used a a monument to himself at a time when people are suffering.

    McCain should pick that time (with whatever avenues he has left) to say that over and over.

    Even if he doesn’t, that kind of over-play will make the average person ill–even if they don’t acknowledge the obscenity of it all.

  70. myiq2xu, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:24 pm Said:

    All the stories I have seen about the military show the media asking about 10 soldiers who they are voting for and 7 of them say “Obama”

    are you just watching msnbc shows? These stories are either bogus or they are using the same 7 people. The men and women serving in the military are overwhelmingly for mccain.

  71. gallup is now using three, yes three different models so that they can’t possilby be wrong. in the registered voter model, obama has a 9 point lead. in the “expanded likely” model, which oversamples youth and AA’s due to perceived expectations of enthusiasm among those groups, Obama has a 7 pt lead. In the third “traditional likely” model which takes into account how different groups have voted in past elections, Obama has a 3 pt lead, which although within the margin of error, could be significant in that it has remained stable. I think the last one is the most reliable, but I’m probably biased, and I’m an optimist 🙂

  72. ainnj:

    I don’t get MSNBO

  73. the only thing worse than a commercial on TV is the 30 minute INFOMERCIAL. someone should hang a sham WOW in the background and put a seal-a-meal on the table next to BO.

  74. Here’s a good point I found to share with others about Obama’s trax policy when it comes to Joe the Plumber. The Obamabots keep saying Obama’s tax plan would save Joe the Plumber more money. Not true!

    Before Joe the Plumber lost his job thanks to the Obama-loving press, Joe said he was currently earning $40,000.

    Let’s see how well off he’d be under Obama’s tax plan:

    For those earning $38,000-$66,000 per year –
    B.O. cuts taxes minus -$1042

    That’s $20.03 more in Joe’s pocket each week)

    Now let’s see what McCain gives workers in Joe’s earning bracket:

    McCain doubles Joe’s child deduction to $7,000 — that’s an additional $3500 which translates to:

    McCain gives Joe an extra $67.30 in his pocket per week.

    Let’s recap:

    Under Obama’s plan – Joe gets an extra $20.03 in his pocket each week.

    Under McCain’s plan – Joe gets an extra $67.30 in his pocket each week.

    Now who’s really looking out for Joe?

  75. afrocity, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:17 pm Said:
    In case you missed this week’s issue of the Army Times
    here are the results of the Army Times’ poll of Military
    personnel re the election (in percent):

    afrocity – results like those are why I’m having such a hard time believing that NC could go any other way but red. With all the military bases down here, I just can’t imagine a blue victory here.

    angienc – I didn’t know you were in Charlotte. So am I.

  76. Hmmm…Obama raises over $150 million in September with most donations being under $100?


    Hey Senator Socialist, when will you release the source of all these millions? Never you say? Hmmm…what are you hiding, Barry?

    McCain reports ALL donations. Obama, eh, not so much.

    Here’s a theory that is a very real possibility:

    A few VERY wealthy backers of Obama are pooling millions of dollars together…thousands of pre-paid credit cards are purchased…and zing zip zap…millions are donated online to Obama’s campaign. Totally untraceable amounts under $250 and never reported by the campaign.

    Me thinks this is happening within the Obama campaign.

    Dirty. Money.

  77. Mark Warner is one smart politician. One thing I have thought throughout this campaign, but didn’t talk about in case the campaign reads the blogs, is that Americans want to hear optimism. We know the country is in shambles, now pump us up and get us excited about the future. Democrats are always whining and continue the gloom and doom drumbeat.

    Bill Clinton won with the theme of “There is nothing that is wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what is right with America…”

    Ronald Reagan swept America off its feet with his sunny optimism, but Gore, Kerry, and now Obama want to keep telling us how bad things are and they are going to get worse because we’re going to have to pay higher taxes to get out of this mess. Optimism trumps pessimism every time.

  78. Ironman:

    Why bother examining Obama’s tax plan? It’s just something he came up with for the election.

  79. Hey IronMan,
    What about that link from yesterday about Ayres and Obama –did you forward to media?

  80. The idea that the military is pro Obama , is as bogus as the one that the whole of Europe is swooning for him.

    Did anyone else think on reading this, that possibly he had been preparing himself to run for the Presidency for several years?

    “And that’s why that whole ‘bittergate’ episode was so bitter for me. It was like: Oh, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid. This is what for the last five or six years I’ve been trying to push away from.”

  81. garychapelhill,

    Have you seen the latest polling from Zogby. Big red flag for Obama. Obama is losing ground with Independents.

    mcCain-palin are surging at the right time and Obama’s lead is diminsihing with each day. Over 2 weeks until election day. If the latest trend in the polling continues, McCain will move ahead of Obama in the polls by next weekend and it will be very interesting to see the reaction of Obama and his MSM cheerleaders.

    Obama is burning thru millions of dollars with his carpet bonb approach in his TV ads. People are sick of seeing Obama’s saturation ad approach. Been speaking with peopel from PA and many are pissed off that Obama’s 30 minute ad buy is going to delay the start time for the World Series. Little things like that can have a much larger impact than some people think.

  82. joaniebone,

    That is the first thing I do when I find something like that. 😉

  83. joaniebone,

    NQ has a full thread on it today.

  84. That’s what I love about my Tivo. I stopped watching any campaign commercials two weeks ago, and we get plenty of them here in VA. I don’t watch the Obama ads, and I don’t watch the McCain ads. I think people have already made up their minds and are sick of this campaign. I sure am.

  85. Ironman,

    OH GOODY! Go Go Go.

  86. To use some Air Force analogies…

    Obama’s TV ad campaign = carpet bombing.

    McCain’s ads are a surgical strike.

    Which will be better at hitting the target?

  87. afrocity that army times article is interesting from one other viewpoint ,that is both hispanic and nonhispanic minorities other than blacks are going for mccain overwhelmingly.now could the hispanic vote be in flux ,is this why barkys spending money in california.

  88. I don’t watch TV much (have to set it up to watch and don’t have cable), but
    saturating the airwaves with ads often backfires. There was a billionaire who
    ran against a local politician in my area and ran ads every five minutes (or so it seemed). People
    couldn’t even turn on their TV sets. Obama outspent Hillary 3- and 4-to-1 in some states and reports were that people were fed up with seeing his ads.

    If he is winning by such a landslide, why waste money? Oh, his campaign
    needs to feed the five corporations that own the TV stations.

  89. I keep seeing Obamapropaganda at least once an hour on the History Channel here in Central California.

    If it’s even close in Big Smoggy then Obama is in deep doo-doo

  90. iron man,if you did not grow up working class american then you probably wouldnt think people would would get upset about a infomercial postponing the start of the game.

  91. phred – Sorry – took off for a little while.

    What’s your email address?

  92. Saralee,

    If Obama is really a radical socialist, then maybe I’ll like his policies. That description certainly doesn’t match his health care proposal or his economic or foreign policy advisors though.

  93. ironman, I agree that people have got to be getting tired of obama ubiquity in all media. I can’t go to any website without seeing his face and the big O. it’s overkill. I’m not so sure about th world series though. they actually are going to attract huge ratings because every one will be tuned in waiting for the game to begin. We can only hope that people are so tired of him by then they will be even more turned off.

  94. I am forever changed by this election cycle. I will never feel at home at a 36th District Democrats meeting again. I had to resign as PCO. (or was I booted out?)

    It’s a wobbly, giddy, liberated but bittersweet feeling.

  95. he has so much money, he’s probably advertising heavily in every state. I think regency said here last nigth that in some states the media buyout is complete. The can’t get anymore airtime, and they’ve got to spend that money somewhere. it’s hard to eat 150 million dollars worth of lobster and champagne.

  96. myiq2xu, i am seeing the same thing on history channel here in az ,i mute whenever they come on ,so it could be a national buy.my question is what are your local channels doing?

  97. BB – American socialism is very watered-down and benign. It gave us the New Deal. Anyone who is that type of socialist is okay with me.

    It’s the Stalinist, authoritarian model of socialism that scares the heck out of me.

  98. myiq2xu, on October 19th, 2008 at 2:49 pm Said:

    Why bother examining Obama’s tax plan? It’s just something he came up with for the election.

    omg that is so exactly what I think and I needed a good laugh thank you 🙂

  99. I have seen the obama ads in WA. They have us as deep blue on all the CNN HAKA maps.

    I wonder why the pissing of money in all directions during the election gives anyone comfort in a future obama economic plan.

  100. I’ll be pretty upset if the Red Sox end up in the World Series. I don’t want to warm up for the game by watching The Precious and then have to stay up extra late because of his stupid infomercial.

  101. madamab,in barkys case more like chairman mao and the cultural revolution if he is anything like ayers and klonsky.

  102. I know several Philadelphia Phillies fans in PA and they are pissed off about the idea of Obama delaying the start of the World Series game with his 30 minute infomercial.

  103. he has a lot of cash but remember so does the rnc,the real question is if he is buying a lot of airtime in supposedly safe blue states then is it possible that his internal polling is showing something differant than the haka in the msm.

  104. iron man are those philly supporters voters and if so where were they leaning before finding out about the infomercial.

  105. ****URGENT****
    Everyone MAKE SURE TO CHECK WHERE YOUR DONATIONS ARE GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I heard a VERY DISTRESSING STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    **On the radio someone reported that there was a COMPLAINT about a $2,300 donation to the Obama camp,
    WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was just there on their Charge Card Statement!
    I’ve always wondered why Hillary’s debit wasn’t paid off;may

  106. A real socialist doesn’t turn on a plumber-not the puking way Obama did in that ad.

    On the other hand a fashionable elitest radical socialist, who hangs around with Ayers would.

    Does anyone think maybe he wants primetime b4 the world series to hypnotise everyone????? 😉

  107. Don: I completely believe the idea that some of the deep blue states aren’t really deep blue.

    I *hope* WA is in play, our governor’s race is very tight.

  108. I was heartened this morning to see that the San Antonio newspaper endorsed….John McCain! Very unexpected, especially as the S.A. Express is the primary news source for a majority-Hispanic city. However, as expected, the Austin paper (biiiig surprise) endorsed The One, using the by now customary, flimsy excuses. Must’ve been an endorsement template dispatched by O-HQ for the occasion.

  109. “If Obama is really a radical socialist, then maybe I’ll like his policies. That description certainly doesn’t match his health care proposal or his economic or foreign policy advisors though.”

    Boston, LOL! That’s what I thought too. But his law school friend said he needed to run a more conservative/centrist campaign because he is AA.

  110. Maryland is supposed to be a deep blue state , and i have been seeing so many more McCain signs thant bo …many more

  111. yesterday I heard a radio ad that Webb did….he was assuring us that he is a hunter who received his first gun at age 8. he in turn gave his son his first gun at age 8. He went on to tell us how Obama will keep our 2nd amendment rights and protect us from the gun grabbers. I don’t listen to the radio except when I’m in the car so I haven’t heard the ad but twice but I bet it is playing on the radio stations hourly.

    So, I guess now Webb and Obama are in agreement.

    Mountain Sage

  112. Laurie – I can’t imagine any other candidate pre-empting the World Series to try to bamboozle Americans to vote for him. The breathtaking narcissism of this man is utterly terrifying.

    Orwell must be doing 1,000 revolutions per minute.

  113. sorry I’m late… was out cutting up the fallen trees from ike (in Ohio)

    johninca, on October 19th, 2008 at 1:00 pm Said:
    Isn’t it about that time again when the Democrat has to make a fake hunting trip to reassure everybody that he won’t take away their guns?

    Oh dear…can you just see OBIE in a flannel shirt with an Elmer Fudd cap on spouting a rifle and a duck whistle??

    In the true nature of bipartisanship, perhaps Barry should go hunting with Cheney…

  114. Hmmm:

    It was against ethics laws for Illinois legislators to receive speaking fees when Obama was a State Senator. Interestingly, Obama listed income from ‘speaking fees’ on his tax returns during those same years.



  115. myiq: I’m sure THOSE speaking fees were different because they were somehow not the same as getting speaking fees if you were a legislator because he didn’t really vote on any legislations and the speaking fees in question were for some work he did in his neighborhood and related to his college professorship that was a speaker type of thing but not full tenured.

    I can almost hear him saying it himself with a few ums.


  117. Orwell must be doing 1,000 revolutions per minute.

    yes madamab.

  118. Obama – clearly not a baseball fan…

  119. Just hitting the socialist issue again-which is one I’ve thought at times could be true. …

    This is from the oldie but goldie article from the London Daily Mail:

    Michelle also is under attack for joining the board of a food company where she allegedly took part in a 2005 decision to close a pickle and relish plant in La Junta, Colorado, putting 150 mostly Hispanic labourers out of work.

    The small town was devastated.

    “It totally amazed me when they closed it,” said La Junta Mayor

    Don Rizzuto, who had believed that Michelle and her husband were “the champions of the little guy”./


  120. aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh! I can’t even enjoy the Panthers victory without freakin’ Obama in my face!!!

    GO AWAY!!!!!

  121. bostonboomer,

    Great post.

    PUMA is a wonderful site — insightful and classy. I read you guys!! every day. Thank you, thank you.

  122. Thank you Andrew. I hope we’ll hear more from you.

  123. Saralee,

    He’ll have to govern the same way he ran. He won’t have any mandate for anything really liberal. Truthfully, I don’t think Obama has any basic values at all. IT’s just about power and fame for him.

  124. In 17 days we may not have to hear this puke’s voice again. If there is truly a GOD, he or she will save us. :evil;

  125. While Obama’s spending spree and cash haul is impressive, I’m not sure it means much. He outspent Hillary in some important primary states, and she still kicked his *ss.

    Going after a working stiff (no insult intended) is a brain dead move. All of the Joes and Josephines who are trying to make ends meet don’t like the way this guy treats them. The $450 snack at the Waldorf is another nail in the coffin.

    Regarding the polls…they’ve been hashed over so many times, I won’t bother going over my logic as to why they’re so often wrong. Save to say that in the current environment, the D candidate should be CRUSHING the R candidate. The fact that this guy is only up in the low single digits (and it’s narrowing) should scare him. I say this as a Republican. There is no way we should still be in this race, and yet we are.

    I went to college in Bethlehem, PA during the 1977-81 years, and returned for a graduate degree in ’82-’83. Real blue collar Reagan/Clinton democrats. The thought of the World Series getting delayed, and preventing them from watching their beloved Phillies, will drive them to fits. These are the bitter, clingy people that Obama referenced out in San Francisco.

    Don’t lose heart. I have faith in the American people to do what is right.

    Thanks for letting me post, and for having the patience to read it.

  126. A few thoughts. 🙂

    Obama’s latest excuse: ““How it was interpreted in the press was Obama talking to a bunch of wine-sipping San Francisco liberals with an anthropological view toward white working-class voters. ”

    Anthropological view???? Uh– I did my degree work in anthropology. Cultural, prehistoric civs. But I still had to know what other anthropologists do. Social anthropologist know what they know because they went out into the field and ASKED people what they were thinking.

    What The One did was GUESS what millions of people were thinking and feeling, possibly based upon a Psyche 101 course in school.

    This is what *I* call, “Praciticing psychology without a license.” Projecting ideas upon people you haven’t actually interviewed is an extremely shoddy practice.

    Also, the One’s infomercial before the World Series game… I guess he isn’t old enough to remember the Great Heidi Incident…


  127. rpl,

    Obama outspent Hillary three or four to one throughout the primaries. I would like to know where all the money is coming from though. I wonder how much is coming from overseas in less than $200.00 amounts. It is really unnerving. I keep thinking about that guy in Sri Lanka who think people in other countries should be able to vote in U.S. elections–it was just a comment I saw on a news story, but it was creepy.

  128. Drudge reporting that NBC/Universal ( parent company of the atrocious MSNBC) is cutting budgets next year by $500 million.

    Looks like they’ve ruined their own reputation.

    Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate group. LOL

  129. bostonboomer, I mentioned that comment from Sri Lanka to my husband. It’s crazy. AND it’s wrong for a candidate’s campaign to accept money from overseas. That’s not democracy.

  130. gxm17,

    It’s actually illegal. I don’t know if they are doing it, but there apparently have been larger foreign donations that came to the notice of the FEC, and last I heard they hadn’t been returned.

  131. Noquarter – 3 years BO shared office space with Ayers and Maoist.

  132. I thought the house purchase with Rezko was the biggest boneheaded move he’s made. We need an obama top 10 boneheaded moves list.

  133. Obama just can’t help himself. He’s a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He’s “empathy-disabled.” He doesn’t have a clue because he can’t conceive of anyone but himself; he can’t be anything but a snob because it’s his defense mechanism for subconscious fears that he doesn’t measure up. NPD’s are incapable of being anything but cutthroat, arrogant liars.

  134. Unscientific observation — just returned from a weekend in the Maine North Woods and there are McCain/Palin signs everywhere!! Down here around Boston I’m seeing fewer Obama signs than you’d expect.

  135. just so folks know, because of this morning, any combination of C0lin P0well’s name that isn’t mispelled is going in to the pool filter

  136. bmc: probably why the only person obama really reminds me of is dubya … they are like two peas in a pod

  137. Mary: Hopefully that means by by KO and tweety and we can hang our own mission accomplished sign up

  138. I read you guys all the time, but rarely post. (I usually cannot keep up with the thread.) I come here for my sanity, though.

    Reading the comment above, about Jim Webb (who I was very sorry to hear came out for Obama)…….and guns…

    My father is 87 years old and I just now learned that his father taught him to use a gun. (My mother was from a Quaker family, so I don’t know about guns.) He was talking about combat training in WWII where he obtained sharpshooter status (which I did know before) and mentioned that quite a few of the recruits were actually dangerous with a gun because they did not know how to handle it – for example, not keeping it pointed away from other people (like Cheney did).

    btw, Obama reminds me of Bush, also, when he was running for office – arrogant and immature. And, yes, I do not analyze Obama’s plans because I know he is just pulling them out of his @$$, I mean back pocket. He never had any plans during the primary. Now all of a sudden he thinks he needs some – and he has a big long list! Wow. Something for everyone.

  139. Get over it folks: he’s gonna win and all you will have left are sour grapes.

    John picked the wrong running mate and had too many screw ups of his own to have a chance.

    Yep, Barack is a silver-spooner just as sure as John is a beltway insider.

    I personally don’t give a damn for either one.

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