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And people think this is funny?

Barack Obama, call off your dogs before women get hurt.

(H/T Sheri Tag)

319 Responses

  1. Sadly, this isn’t the worst the Obots have done this election.


    I hope Terry Tate gets a foot in his balls.

  3. how disturbing.

  4. Hi angie! Have I thanked you lately again for all your help?


    RD – Oh Gawd.

    Let’s not hold our breaths waiting for Obama to denounce this, shall we? He thinks it’s fine when his supporters actually beat up women who disagree with their point of view.

    And in Manhattan, too! I weep for my city.

  5. OMG. I am shaking. This is horrendous.

  6. That is horrific. I was not prepared for it at all and found it shocking, not amusing. I don’t hold any hope for these kind of fools – I wish they could be deported off of Planet Earth without being able to return.

  7. Hi madamab — no thanks necessary — it was fun!
    I’ll be back in a few — have some more errands to run.

  8. what do you expect from trash.

  9. As a guy with a politically incorrect sense of humor, THAT’S DISGUSTING

  10. Geezus…

  11. something tells me this guy takes steroids …

  12. and it’s not his brain or his dick that got larger as a result

  13. And this is not r@cist and sexist? That man, Terry Tate, should be arrested for incing violence and r@ce hatred. This is despicable.

    I’ve said it before, and I will l say it again. BO and his supporters are, in my view, just ever so slightly to the left of Adolf Hitler. If the implied violence in this video is acceptable to anyone, in any way, we are in grave danger.

    If BO does not take the lead in a major, major apology he is, in my view, complicit. After all, Hitler himself did not run around the street beating and killing Jews. He “merely” condoned and encouraged it.

    America is in grave danger of descending into the chaos that BO supported in Kenya.

  14. I should know this, but I don’t: Who is Terry Tate?

  15. I flagged the video as abusive on Youtube … you may want to consider this too: I said physical abuse of women is a crime not comedy

  16. It occurred to me, since this morning when we were writing in the “Anger” thread, that maybe this crap that we are reading as misogyny and sexism is actually just f*scism in action, and that actually it just happened that the 2 potential candidates who were threats to the plans of bringing a new order of government in … were females. Maybe if they had been AA’s racism would have been the tool of discreditation and public humiliation.

    Oy. Who the h*ll knows.

  17. When I first started the video I expected another joke about Palin and reading which would have been offensive in and of itself.

    I didn’t expect to get socked in the gut by the unexpected violence-OMG.

  18. no thanks, myiq..

  19. myiq – Quelle surprise.

  20. SOD – He’ll only do that after copying all her homework first. Never know when you might actually need to, you know, like, do something other than run for office.

  21. That shocked me. I can’t believe it. No matter how bad it gets, apparently it can still get worse.

  22. And Obamanation has the chutzpah to accuse McPalin of inciting hatred.

  23. Try going on Youtube to read the comments there:

    “hell yea you shoulda stomped on the bitch too!”

  24. That was sickening. I’m watching the clip, thinking “Boy, that wasn’t Palin’s finest moment in an interview” and then out of nowhere comes the attack. Stunning.

    I’ll flag it on YouTube, too.

  25. Real violence against women, fake violence against women – it’s all hilarity to these immature morons.

    I agree with urgetocompute. They really do remind me of Hilter youth. They think they are protected because they are loyal to Dear Leader. Don’t worry, ObamaNation, if you succeed in your mission to force him into the White House, you will be breathing exhaust fumes before your Kool-Aid-blinded eyes can even blink.

  26. Karolina NYC, on October 19th, 2008 at 3:49 pm Said:

    It occurred to me, since this morning when we were writing in the “Anger” thread, that maybe this crap that we are reading as misogyny and sexism is actually just f*scism in action, and that actually it just happened that the 2 potential candidates who were threats to the plans of bringing a new order of government in … were females. Maybe if they had been AA’s racism would have been the tool of discreditation and public humiliation.

    Oy. Who the h*ll knows.

    You know Karolina, I do not think it’s facist in the dictionary sense of that word” “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”). At least not yet. The misogyny and sexism it seems to me are signs of anger from a formerly impotent group. Sarah Palin is nothing less than a supremacist bitch in the eyes of many BO supporters, IMO. So, a thug like Terry Tate does the only thing an angry thug knows how to do, when he is confronted with Sarah Palin’s obvious popularity: beat the crap out of the stupid uppity bitch.

    I think that it could evolve into facism if Obama saw it as politically useful to encourage this sort of violence for his own ends.

    Very scary that this sort of extreme behavior is coming from “Democrats”. I wonder what Nancy Pelosi has to say about this simulated violence. Does she find it “funny”?

  27. Can someone describe the video for us Blackberry users?

  28. I didn’t see the original interview so while I was watching along waiting for her to finish her answer, I thought to myself: “she’s really insulted by the question. Maybe that’s why she didn’t answer it? Because Katie’s question implied she was some bumpkin from somewhere where they don’t read newspapers?”

    The end hit me in the stomach like a punch. That’s brutal. . . and not at all funny. Not at all.

  29. um… did this thread disappear and reappear? Am I hallucinating?

  30. You know – I am actually getting to detest these people. I have tried to actively never get so negatively moved by any one- including Bush. But, this is just building and building. Obama can not get in the WH. There will be no stopping this then.

  31. If you flag it on YouTube, fewer people will see it. Getting it off Youtube is *exactly* what Obama would want.

  32. Thanks RD and Sheri — we’re asking people to call the obama campaign and give them RD’s message: call of your dogs before women get hurt.

    Absolutely unacceptable. Call the Obama Campaign Headquarters NOW and DEMAND that he take a STAND for once.
    CALL NOW (866) 675-2008

  33. The violence has become too overwhelming for me to bear anymore. From the woman who was attacked by a male Obama supporter for supporting McCain/Palin to the Sarah Palin is a c*nt t-shirts and now this? Violence against women is not a joke whether you like the woman or not. The media can get their panties in a twist over some remarks at a McCain rally but they completely ignore the misogyny going on all around us. I just don’t understand how so many women can support Obama when he allows these kind of attacks to continue.

  34. Gayle, on October 19th, 2008 at 4:06 pm Said:

    I thought, when the interview first came out, that Palin didn’t say any of her news sources because she didn’t want to name any names, not becasue she didn’t read anything.

  35. Why am I in moderation? You didn’t moderate me during the convention…

  36. urgetocompute –

    Very scary that this sort of extreme behavior is coming from “Democrats”. I wonder what Nancy Pelosi has to say about this simulated violence. Does she find it “funny”?

    You know, I have a funny feeling that Pelosi is very upset about the misogyny. I think she saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, and got with the program to keep her power as Speaker.

    I remember this interview, where she talked about the sexism in the primaries and practically begged Hillary to run again. I don’t think she had any idea what her support for Obama would turn into.

  37. I have a very irreverent sense of humor, but this isn’t close to being funny.

    If it’s “kidding,” it’s what Al Franken calls “kidding on the square,” as in “many a truth was said in jest.”

    But what jest is there in this? Just an expression of physical violence against a woman.

    The original Terry Tate stuff was amusing, because it was a loose cannon in an office. His targets weren’t presumed to deserve the violence, but of course here, that’s not the case. We’re supposed to delight in Palin being mauled.

    I think she’s a very poor choice for a VP, but I continue to be disgusted by the objectification of her.

  38. GQ – couric palin interview and near the end Terry Tate rushes in and tackes Palin and knocks her to the ground.

  39. GQ- and the camera keeps panning back to her knocked out on the ground. It is sick.

  40. Under the automatically generated posts I see a TPM post that says Obama is having problems with “aging white women in battleground states”. My question is why aren’t young white women and women of other races holding Obama’s feet to the fire? Why have they forgiven the misogyny to get a Democrat In Name Only into the White House? Many women this year have disappointed me. I thought more of us would know better and stand up for one another. I guess not.

  41. What is this, some new twist on the old style “honor killings”? And what next, lining up a few PUMAs and hurling stones?

    McCain/Palin supporters can’t even appear in public without harassment. Women get hit in the face by men with wooden sticks, the elderly are blocked from voting by threats of violence against them. What has become of our world when people like this are condoned and encouraged by a presidential candidate, his staff, his government supporters and his followers?

    This isn’t even a tasteless joke, it’s like The Nazi Exclusionary Laws
    of 1933.

  42. okay, finally watched this and I am just speechless. Especially as the hubs just stormed out of here after our latest political row. He thinks I’m selling out everything I’ve ever believed in by voting McCain. Then again, he’s voting the party, not the candidate, where I’m doing just the opposite.

  43. Disenfra—Too many women want to fit in.

  44. madamab, thanks. That’s reassuring. I cannot believe that high ranking Democrat women foresaw this implied violence toward women.

    I do not know if Hillary or her close supporters read this site, but if they do, I feel strongly that she needs to first ask Obama privately, and then publicly if necessary, to disavow the behavior shown in this video in the strongest terms. If he does not, I feel she should publicly withdrew all support for him. This is a watershed issue. IMO.

  45. Did you also watch that video of McCain/Palin supporters being booed and abused as they walk through Manhattan? I could do without the title cards they put up – the images themselves speak volumes:

  46. Wow. This is shocking. Is this guy speaking for the Obama campaign?

  47. My modem is currently blitzing out and cannot download much. Does this video constitute a threat? The Obama campaign contacts the Secret Service all of the time when anyone says something stupid much less violent (all threats of violence should be reported). Why isn’t the Secret Service making it public that this crap will be investigated and charges filed if appropriate?

  48. sick bastards

  49. saralee–even if he is not speaking for the campaign — he thinks this is alright. I would bet many Obots would laugh themselves breathless over this. Remember the Palin is a c–t shirts?

  50. “I do not think it’s facist in the dictionary sense of that word” “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”). At least not yet.”

    I don’t know—they seem to be exalting race above the individual, for sure, even in this pathetic video—having a black guy knock her down.

    We’re moving toward a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader—a black guy who can do NO WRONG.

    Severe economic and social regimentation—perfect timing to get that going, eh?

    Forcible suppression of opposition—Hillary seems pretty fricking suppressed to me, as does anyone with any opposition voiced.

  51. saralee, on October 19th, 2008 at 4:15 pm Said:

    Wow. This is shocking. Is this guy speaking for the Obama campaign?

    saralee, he may not be. But BO better say so, in the strongest possible terms, ASAP.

  52. Yes, I am have a hard time refresh the the thread too.

  53. Apparently, this Terry Tate character was used in a series of Reebok commercials. I’m still searching to find out more, but some complaints to Reebok and refusal to buy their products might be a good place to start.

    I certainly will never buy anything with a Reebok logo again.

  54. C*lin P*owll’s name is putting every one in moderation at the moment becaues of an earlier thread, fyi …

  55. GQM:

    I’m sure BIO and Sarah at Corrente will be able to rationalize the video as some sort of compliment to Gov. Palin.

  56. Maybe it would be effective to call and email Reebok.

  57. Karolina NYC, you know, as I read that dictionary definition I had to think it was getting pretty close already.

  58. Maybe the new storm troopers will be wearing Reeboks?

  59. Painful. That video is painful. It’s a mean-spirited, repulsive expression of hate; and it makes my heart ache to know that there are human beings who find it funny.

    I showed it to my husband and he said: Get this video out there and you’ll see Obama’s numbers take a nosedive. It shows the reality of BO’s message. It’s not about hope, it’s about hate.

  60. I wonder if C*lin P*well has seen that clip. So much for a non-divisive campaign and supporters. The Bo’s campaign’s silence speaks volumes, and gives acceptance for this type of behavior. This is disgustng and unacceptable, as are the comments in the DU.

  61. Apparently, “The Arnel Group” is responsible for the series of “Terry Tate” ads.

  62. Isolde: The video is of Sarah Palin being tackled by a professional football player and he called the move like a referee would and he mentioned a “drill baby drill” reference.


    RD: Barack is not calling his dogs off. He wants them to eat us alive and buren us wicked women at the stake for defying “the one.”

    More like, “the one” I’m a put a foot uyp his azz when I vote AGAINST him this Nov. 4th!

  63. gxm17, on October 19th, 2008 at 4:21 pm Said:

    It’s not about hope, it’s about hate.”


    I’m almost hoping that the GOP can get out an ad with that video and the line: “BO, is he about hope, or hate?”

    I say “almost” because showing the video nationally might only encourage some thug idiots.

  64. Do you think there would be more outrage if a McCain supporter pretended to hang a noose around Obama’s neck or was dragging him along a dirt road on the back of his pick-up truck? Certain images really hit people in the gut. For African-Americans it is clearly the horrors and violence of slavery and the KKK.

    For women it is images like this. A woman getting knocked down so violently that she loses consciousness is an all too familiar image with victims of domestic violence and rape. Thousands of women everyday experience the wind getting knocked out of them by a man twice their size. How can anyone with a conscious think that producing a video like this would be okay? It really shows you the level of tolerance our society has for violence against women. Basically, too few people actually give a damn or are affected by videos like this.

  65. Somebody posted the following in Terry Tate’s Wikipedia listing:

    Terry Tate is also the sexist pig you was in the youtube video smashing Palin. He’s an outright PIG!

  66. Is anyone else reminded of the Media/DNC haka that took place toward the end of the primaries? The screaming that the election is unbelieveable. Can it really get worse in the next couple weeks? I have to believe it can. I remember the day Hillary won the South Dakota primary and the Dems didn’t even want her to give a victory speech. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

  67. Someone please keep this video on file because I expect that it will be taken down from YouTube soon. I don’t know how to do it but if anyone can download YouTube videos or save it on their desktop should do it now. We’ll need the evidence when they say the video wasn’t so bad. PUMAs need to put up videos of all the misogyny documented on Election Day to remind anyone even considering a vote for Obama that their vote is going to support sexism and violence against women.
    Does NOW have anything to say about this?

  68. Dis–yes, this keeping of these videos is very important. All of this stuff needs to be saved. There are whole books that need to be written.

  69. It’s true BB, I remember seeing the BBC saying she was conceding as people were VOTING.
    She got an amazing number of votes.
    I’ve never seen anything like this election in my life.

  70. Laurie:

    I hope I never see anything like this again

  71. I am actually shaking. I swear — this can not go on. That woman who was attacked in NY by the Obot. That poor guy who asked that question of Obama. The c–t T-shirts. The slurs thrown at so many of us in the old left blogs. I think it is all coming together at this point. What will the next two weeks look like?

  72. I don’t think Obama’s thug idiots need any more encouragement.

  73. RD, this video has shocked me more than anything else I’ve seen in this campaign. Ir seems to me to completely vindicate all the people here who have “ranted” about sexism and violence toward women. Thank you for alerting us to this, as awful as it is. To think that some people laugh at this – it is an indictment of the callous, crude, nasty spirits some people possess.

    I imagine BO will rationalize his lack of involvement if it ever appears to need a response from him. His emotional distance from anything, even extreme violence, is what allows his followers to engage in these horrible activities. That he does not denounce such behavior in strong terms sends a signal to his supporters that he approves.

  74. MyIQ, you’re giving bio more attention than they deserve.

  75. DV – I’m saving it now.

  76. I couldn’t imagine what this video was going to be….and then, I felt like I’d also been knocked out! This brought me to tears!

    I also think the Secret Service needs to see this! If anyone knows how to contact them, I will be glad to send it to them. I suggest we send it to the MSM as well (although the pr*cks will likely just laugh).

  77. Terry Tate is one sick s.o.b.

    The hate and violence against women in this country is terrifying. Unless and until every damned descent person in this country sees violence against “one” woman as violence against “all” women this attitude and behavior will continue.

    This video is a direct result of the misogynist rants by the Obamacrats. Thank you KOS and other Obama Blogs for what you have unleashed. Thank you Barack Obama for unleashing hatred against women. Thank you MSM for being a part and parcel of this irrational hatred of women.

    I am sick to my stomach.

  78. This is the message that Obots want us to get:

    WOMEN who stand against the Obambi are going to be snuffed out.

    I am SOOOOOOOO voting for Palin after this VIDEO.

    F_U Terry Tate!

    I hope you get a big spiked, high-heeled FOOT in your BALLs.

  79. Son of a gun is probably a wife beater if he makes a video like that. How can we make law enforcement, FBI, Secret Service etc, understand that this crap is making us feel like it is now the “in” thing to incite violence against women and we feel that this constitutes a direct threat to Gov Palin and probably Sen Cllinton also? The threats against Gov Palin are OK to this bunch because they view her in a lower social class or objectify her because of her looks. Violence (including sexual violence) against powerless women is more acceptable, so this is to portray her as weak and powerless. Every day I become more convinced that Obama et al are gutless wienies. Oh yes and buy bear spray.

  80. urgetocompute, you are so right. Obama is showing that he does NOT have what it takes to be a leader. Unless of course the leader is a dictator who uses fear, intimidation and violence against those who oppose him.

  81. PUMAs–we have to hold tight. This line in the sand can not be crossed. I will not be frightened. I swear, for every women I will not stand down. I don’t know what it is–I am so angry at this video. But, for the rest of my life I will not stand down.

  82. This is how Obama’s candidacy destroyed progressive blogs. The pro-Obama blogs allowed the hatred toward Hillary and now Sarah. As a result, those bloggers helped to unleash hatred toward women in general. I pity the poor women who support those jackasses.

  83. !! FOUL !!

    TWEET!!!!!!! Blow the whistle – TIME OUT!! Enough is a fucking ‘nuf OK!!!!? This has to STOP.

    I’m afraid this is what we’re going to see alot more of, if you are repub, if you are a woman, if you don’t support Obama, you bare the RATH of the Obumunists

  84. Oh Yeah – Eject that FAT ASS Terry Tate from the game.

  85. THIS IS SO BAD …
    can you imagine if this had been done to Michelle the outrage would be international so it had better be for Sarah .. this is too sick

  86. My gawd – just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – I’m still shaking.

    Dis – I had the same thought – when speaking with an AA friend both of us thought isn’t a woman a woman no matter what race she is? How can women of whatever race vote for Obama with all the misogyny, sexism and violence promotion?

  87. What is also disturbing are all the positive comments on the you tube site. People think, this clip are “cool” and great. This is very frightening for women. The total lack of regard and respect is astounding. NOW will not comment, because Palin is a Republican and is pro-life.

  88. It’s pretty understandable that a lot of Obot’s find it funny….they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box and they think fart jokes are highbrow humor.

    Mountain Sage

  89. Remember:

    They can only take away your rights and freedoms if you let them.

  90. Mountain–what you said is pretty funny — they are suppose to be the up scale voter of the New Dem party.

  91. when I first saw it, I gasped. it was shocking. I wasn’t expecting the viscious violence.

  92. some one should send it to Lou Dobbs

  93. Why are my posts disappearing?

  94. OK, my comment went into moderation. is hxll an objectionable word?

  95. I’ve been trying to post this… THEY ARE ATTACKING TRIG NOW


  96. “That’s not the Terry Tate I once knew/heard about.”


  97. This video needs to go viral. Combine it with the c–t T-shirts and it shows a terrible trend.

  98. What these crazed, hateful obots probably can’t understand is that this would be horrific enough if it were directed at the Presidential candidate. BUT, these idiots can’t even be bothered to remember who Obama is running against as they wallow in their misogynistic pig pen completely unaware of their own ugly depravity.

  99. And where is NOW when you need them. I imagine they’ll think this is all in good “fun”. I am so steamed right now.

  100. I posted it at GRETA WIRE on the football blog lets see what happens ….

  101. Um , pretty positive the Almighty O’s staff is reading here, so a big shout-out to them for reading and taking a cue on how to respond.

    (waves and smooches)

  102. Good going swan

  103. Joanelle:

    Everytime I think it can’t get any worse I am proven wrong.

    I waited eight years for this election and now I can’t wait for it to be over.

  104. What about Shelly Mandel, head of the L.A. chapter of NOW, who endorsed McPalin at a rally? Anyone hear any more about her?

  105. This is decidedly “not” funny. All it says is violence against women is okay, even funny. They can run vids featuring violence, they can take political signs and whack women upside the head. And hey, call us every filthy name in the book. Been there, done that.,

    Any woman who votes for this team of thugs is a down hard masochist, an enabler to the tenth degree.

    Wake up, America!

  106. In response to the question, “And people think this is funny?”, my humble opinion is that only sh*t heads of the highest magnitude could possible find this video funny. But then again, what do I know?

    My dear PUMAs, I firmly believe that, when meritoriously earned by the transgressor, righteous anger is as good an emotion as any other sentiment. Or, as Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., knew how to express so wonderfully,
    “If keeping the peace means keeping your mouth shut in the midst of injustice and evil, you should not keep the peace.”

    P.S. Hope that “sh*t heads” is not on the list of unmentionables. After all, we wouldn’t want to upset the tender ego of the chosen one or the countless of his irrational minions, wouldn’t we?

    P.S.S. Ah, Col*n P%well, the warmonger, war inciter, and the “I will do all I can to ensure that everyone believes we must have this war—I have my position to mind” can kiss my *ass! And to think that before he sold his soul to the devil I’d always hoped he’d become president…

  107. The thing that infuriates me is that Obama used a unconfirmed incident during the debate (the disproved “kill him” shout) while McCain cited the very real “c*nt” t-shirts. All Obama did was nod in agreement and change the subject. Then we have the female McCain volunteer attacked by the male Obama supporter in NY. (He beat her over the head and in the face with the stick from her sign!) Now this despicable video. WHEN is the media going to finally start reporting the violent hatred coming from Camp Obama?

  108. I’m off to send this link to Hannity. Like him or not, he may be the only chance we have to publicizie this horribly violent video.

    I agree with murph – everyone who can please make a phone call.

    And I also think this could qualify as a threat that the Secret Service should investigate.

    This should be huge! But then so should the Ludicrus song have been.

  109. I sent the video to both Greta and Hannity.

    No point sending it anywhere else. The rest of our media is a part of the problem not a part of the solution.

    I am still shaking. Not with fear, with rage. And some idiots think this is cool? A big burly man attacking a woman is cool? What has been unleashed in this country that any human being would think this is cool?

  110. So Terry Tate is a fictional character? Or a real person used by Reebok in a series of ads?

    Either way, this is like Reebok advocating violence against Sarah Palin, and by extension, her supporters. So PUMAs must definitely take action and lay this at Reebok’s feet.

    Here is a youtube of one of the vintage Terry Tate Office Linebacker ads, called “Sensitivity Training.” The sexism is revolting, but it’s very telling that in this ad Terry Tate says he’s an “equal opportunity hitting machine” who doesn’t discriminate by gender, etc. In the storyline, the male office manager is forced to bring in a “sensitivity trainer” in response to the Terry Tate violence, and the trainer is a sexy young woman in a skirt suit with no shirt underneath and her ample bosom spilling out.


  111. People don’t think this is funny — h3ll, animals don’t think this is funny. Monsters, however, think it’s hysterical.

  112. reebok hasn’t used him in years, he’s just trying to still be relevant

  113. good going kenoshaMarge & scrubs. I hope Hannity & Greta will cover it.

  114. dak–yeah, he is trying to be relevant like Pow-ll this morning.

  115. Are we heading to the dark ages when women were murdered and tortured for being “witches”.

    I have never seen such blatant hatred toward women — and I did my MA thesis on Sex role stereotyping way back in the mid 1970s. Today the stuff is just mean, cruel and hateful. I FELT physical shock when bastard tackled Palin — not the real Palin but through the magic of video it looked real. I wanted to do something nasty to that hateful male — beating up on another human being.

    sm77, on October 19th, 2008 at 3:34 pm Said:


    I hope Terry Tate gets a foot in his balls.

  116. The obats are trotting out any one they can to make it look like overwhelming support …

    maybe they’ll convince many of their voters to sit home if he looks like a shoo-in…

    i’m just praying for a huge rainstorm on my birthday …

    that always dampens dem turnout for some reason but not repub

  117. i just want to know what kind of sicko thinks violence against women is a joke

  118. Oh my God…I feel like I just got assaulted.

  119. Angie:

    By “monsters” I hope you don’t mean homicidal clowns

  120. Perhaps after he’s installed, they will begin to notice shit…not before. I’m think Barry is built to implode, but it’s suppose to happen after the selection . It would make sense for the Power Elite to install Obama and then tear him apart….after having the Dem’s completely discredit themselves for this nothing . The same folks who wanted Bush and the War, now want Barry and the Dems cannot help them enough

  121. I have a nightmare where I wake up and:

    Barack Hussein Obama is my CIC
    Joe Biden VP (are you fucking kidding?)
    John Kerry Secretary of State
    Chuck Hagel Secretary of Defense
    Susan Rice Ambasador to Kenya
    William Ayers Secretary of Education
    Louis Farrahkan Secretary of Muslim Affairs
    Franklin Raines Secretay of the Treasurey
    Jerimiah Wright White House Chaplan
    Jesse Jackson Ambasador to Israel
    Bernadette Dorn Secretary of Domestic Re- Education
    Nancy Pelosi House Speaker
    Harry Reid Senate Leader
    Al Franken Senator from Minnesota

    Scary huh?

  122. dakinikat, on October 19th, 2008 at 4:53 pm Said:

    some one should send it to Lou Dobbs.

    Yes, that’s a very good idea. Dobbs generates respect and is widely viewed. Can you do that? I also think the Fox folks would show it.

  123. The video linked here by RD only has 256 views – is that mostly us? I wonder if there is another one getting more looks.

    And to think that I donated money to DU for about a year – right up until the blatant preference for BO by the mods began. Our justice is that the people posting over there nowadays are mostly terrible writers who can’t seem to even put two sentences together correctly. Sort of like TL these days.

    Sent it to Hannity with a list of my concerns. I can’t stomach CNN or I would consider Lou Dobbs.

  124. Can someone (more computer savvy than me) send this to the New Agenda?

  125. madamab: I don’t agree with you re: Pelosi. She undermined Hillary every step of the way, deiberately injecting herself into the race repeatedly, misrepresenting the roll of the superdelegates, ignoring half the party, and most likely arm twisting behind the scenes to give Barry more superdelegate endorsements. She also was quoted as saying that “she didn’t think sexism played a role in the campaign” on other occasions.

  126. p.s. re: Pelosi–including funneling money to SD’s that ended up endorsing BO.

  127. Yes, thank you to those of you who already sent the video to FOX. Please send it to any conservative outlet you can think of like Drudge. The liberal media has proven that they don’t take sexism seriously.

  128. here is another link with almost 200K views.

  129. Women are already being hurt, in reality. This woman was physically assaulted by a male Obama supporter. It just isn’t being covered by the MSM:


  130. On the hopeful side, I found this:

    The Associated Press reported that a group of college Republicans in Massachusetts started a Web site aimed at drafting Mr. Wurzelbacher to run in 2010 for the seat of U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo). The group says the plumber has a real-world perspective and right attitude to clean up Washington.

    Joe the Plummer – why don’t the repubs run him for VP with The Saracudda as Prez?? Joe has experience as someone who can get the shit out.

  131. mambo:

    I notice that you only used one person’s middle name in your comment.

    Why was that?

  132. myiq — Capt. Spaulding isn’t a monster; he is a misunderstood artist.

  133. mambopurr, on October 19th, 2008 at 5:22 pm Said:

    On the hopeful side, I found this:

    The Associated Press reported that a group of college Republicans in Massachusetts started a Web site aimed at drafting Mr. Wurzelbacher to run in 2010 for the seat of U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo). The group says the plumber has a real-world perspective and right attitude to clean up Washington.

    Joe the Plummer – why don’t the repubs run him for VP with The Saracudda as Prez?? Joe has experience as someone who can get the shit out.

    You know, as funny as that sounds it might succeed. What’s worse, for me, is that I’ve never been a Republican supporter. BO has achieved some sort of unity!!

  134. My comment would get deleted if I said what I really felt about this. So I’ll just say it was sick.

  135. fif ~
    at one time Pelosi said that Obama was “a gift from god’. I am looking for the exact quote, and when I find it, I’ll send the link.

  136. taggles, the comments for the 200k video is disgusting. Comments like Sarah is a stupid (blank) and LOL and she deserved that have tons of thumbs up and positive ratings. It’s like these people don’t even care if someone gets hurt as long as their Messiah gets into the White House. The Obots aren’t even humans with any sort of conscience or morals anymore. It’s sick and I predict an increase in violence against women if Obama doesn’t win. The Obots will take it out on their girlfriends or any random woman they see walking down the street.

  137. The violence towards Palin was echoed here too:

    “Outside on Broad Street, waiting for Palin to leave, one man was heard saying: “Let’s stone her, old school.”

    From: http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/20081012_Palin_hears_plenty_of_boos.html

  138. disenfran:

    go to google news, type in terry tate hit search then hit blogs on the left side. See what you come up with.

  139. leslie, on October 19th, 2008 at 5:24 pm Said:

    at one time Pelosi said that Obama was “a gift from god’.

    It figures – Narcissus was a hero, the offspring of a mortal and a god, and the worship of heroes was a cult in ancient Greece. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Ah, progress: It’s a wonderful thing!

  140. Thanks, taggles. I just overcame my disgust for CNN and am heading over to post it to Lou Dobbs. This cannot stand.

    How does one alert the Secret Service?

  141. The obots don’t have girlfriends.

  142. Is this for real? Where is the Secret Service? When did it happen? It’s been a revelation how much hate and especially misogyny there is below the surface in this culture. One reason the dems caved and pushed the nomination was the threat of violence at the convention if O weren’t picked. This is scary.

  143. Disturbing
    of obama fanatics.

  144. myiq2xu –

    It is the only middle name that is relevent and it’s the only one I know, Not that I would have used them unless it might be Jeremiah (Hitler) Wright or Jesse (Stalin) Jackson or maybe William (Mao) Ayers.

  145. Okay, Lou Dobbs notified.

    As many of you know, I am a gynecologist. I see the end results of this type of “humor” all the time and I am absolutely FED UP with it and with the Obama campaigns non-responses to these types of things.

  146. “Either way, this is like Reebok advocating violence against Sarah Palin, and by extension, her supporters.”

    …um, and by extension WOMEN… all women.

  147. mambo:

    Why is that middle name relevant?

  148. I can’t believe this from Joe Biden:

    “Undecided people are having a difficult time just culturally making the change, making the move for the first African American president in the history of the United States of America,” the Democratic vice-presidential nominee said at a San Francisco fundraiser Saturday evening. “So we need to respond. We need to respond at the moment, immediately, not wait, not hang around, not assume any of this won’t stick.”

    “You see these vicious attacks on Barack’s character,” Biden told supporters. “I mean, this is dangerous stuff these guys are doing. This stuff is on the edge. It’s on the edge. You know, there’s some folks out there in the community nationwide that aren’t as stable as others. It’s a very small minority. But having these rallies where people are showing up saying, you know, the things they’re saying – I don’t even want to repeat them — it’s not a healthy thing.”

    Biden cited automated GOP calls describing Obama as having “worked closely” with “domestic terrorist Bill Ayers”, Virginia Republican Party chairman Jeff Frederick telling volunteers to tie Obama to Osama bin Laden, and speakers at Republican rallies referring to Barack Hussein Obama.

    The six-term senator promised that Democrats would not get “banged around” like they were in 2004 when Republicans “did a hell of a good job” portraying Democratic nominee John Kerry as a “coward”.

    “I am so sick and tired of being, of us being banged around that they are going to have to beat me with a stick before we are going to break down,” he said.

    I wonder if Joe had a few drinks before he said that? He also said he expects the ticket to drop in the polls this week. Perhaps their internal polling is indicating that?

  149. thanks, urgetocompute. I found this from August 18th:
    ”He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”


    I thought it was said earlier in the year, as well

  150. I’m in moderation now. Let me try this again. 🙂

    Any man that promotes violence against any woman is not a man at all.


    Is everyone sitting down?

    Check. It. Out.

    BREAKING NEWS, Joe Biden declares that “undecided people” are R*CISTS.

    Speaking at a Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA last night.

    “”Undecided people are having a difficult time just culturally making the change, making the move for the first African American president in the history of the United States of America,” the Democratic vice-presidential nominee said at a San Francisco fundraiser Saturday evening.”


    This reminds me of when Barack “Two-Faced” Obama stabbed small town America in the back with his comments to his elite pals in San Fran earlier this year.

  151. I just flipped over to NOW’s site. They have had a Sexist Wall of Shame up since fairly early in the primaries.

    The only Sarah Palin item is a US magazine cover with Sarah holding a baby with the title (huge, of course): “Babies, Lies and Scandals.”

    Sorry, but that’s hardly the worst sexist thing aimed at Palin (and I think I remember seeing that cover from weeks ago). I think NOW is posting this weak example to do what the AP and Newswk and other half-assed media are doing — trying to show they are somehow objective, as if they care about any women besides the Let Them Eat Cake feminists, while covering over the very real and truly horrifying incidents like the one in RD’s post.

    I’m going to try to submit this one, for all the good it will do.

  152. Yeah, Joe, we know — it has nothing to do with the fact that he is the most unqualified candidate to ever run & he was stupid enough to pick a loser like you for VP — it is because he is 1/2 black. We’ve heard this song before (Appalachia anyone?). Change the record.

  153. Yeah, right, let’s quibble about the use of obama’s middle name after months of his silence regarding violence, physical and verbal, against women.

  154. mambopurr, on October 19th, 2008 at 5:34 pm Said:

    myiq2xu –

    It is the only middle name that is relevent and it’s the only one I know, Not that I would have used them unless it might be Jeremiah (Hitler) Wright or Jesse (Stalin) Jackson or maybe William (Mao) Ayers.

    Jesse Jackson is nothing like Stalin and as much as I don’t like Wright, I don’t think he is anything like Hitler

  155. soon as your born, they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all, til your pain is so big you feel nothing at all, a working class hero is something to be …

    they hurt you at home, they hit you at school, they hate you if you’re clever and despise the rule

    ah, i miss hillary

  156. Laurie:

    Unfortunately, that’s not true. Even worse, some or all of the female Obots find this amusing.


  158. I was at a party last week with a bunch of friends, of course ALL of them Libs and pro Obama. The anger they ALL had towards Palin was really inexplicable, even after she’s been effectively DESTROYED by the media.

    It was very surprising to me. I asked myself what she EVER did to these people. Is it such a crime to accept an invitation to be VP on a national ticket?

    This is beyond bizarre.

  159. I miss Hillary, too, dakinikat, but maybe she DID do the right thing by suspending her campaign. Look at what Sarah is having to put up with.

    And Joe Biden: STFU!

    (Sorry, I’m a little bit pissy about this violence thing.)

  160. She’s conservative, and to them, that is her crime.

  161. since when has any one cared of the VP is qualified? Half the time during the last century or so, that wasn’t even wasn’t a relevant question …harry truman got put on the ticket as something of a nonthreatening joke… sheesh

  162. bostonboomer,

    Joe Biden is accusing undecided voters of being r*cists.


    The accusations of racism from the Obama campaign are happening more and more as the election gets closer and closer.

    Murtha, John Lewis, and now Joe Biden all within one week accusing Americans of being R*CISTS!

    P A T H E T I C!!

  163. gail — no, they did the same to Hillary — it is because she doesn’t have a penis. Obama has less experience then Palin, but I don’t see anyone getting hysterical about what would happen if he became President.

  164. Obama’s internal polls are showing that he is losing support among undecided voters and Independents.

    Zogby is showing the same thing in their polling and reported on it today.

  165. Told Lou Dobbs.

    Still working on the Secret Service thing – maybe getting it to the McCain camp will work.

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll send it over to Hillary. She may care.

  166. If I was ever accused of r@cism before this year, I can’t recall it.

    But I’ve been called a r@cist this year more times than I can count.

  167. “Either way, this is like Reebok advocating violence against Sarah Palin, and by extension, her supporters.”
    …um, and by extension WOMEN… all women.

    Yes, dances with puma, I was thinking that, too, though I wrote “supporters” because of what happened in Manhattan with that woman getting beaten with a McCain-Palin sign. I simply meant they (the female supporters) will be the more overt targets.

    Can someone confirm whether Tate is a real person or just a character created for the Reebok ads? I tried to look it up but could not make sense of it, and I have zero knowledge of spectator sports “stars.”

    Also, I posted this video link at TGW and the New Agenda, but haven’t been to Noquarter yet. Someone posted a picture of Michelle Obama next to a picture of a chimp so you know what the MSM is going to be in a lather over….it won’t be this.

  168. Actually being called a rac–t doesn’t phase me now. Sad isn’t it. The power of thw word is gone.

  169. phase = faze

  170. About the VP thing again- I don’t remember anyone lamenting about Edwards in 2004. He was a trial lawyer and one term senator, iirc

  171. MABlue~
    last night I was witha friend who “hates Sarah Palin”. And this is a woman who never *hates* anyone. I asked her why and she said “because of all the environmental damage she has conconed”. I asked her to give me examples and she could not. But what she said was that she’s been hearing of Sarah Palin for the past 2 years in the petitions that she has signed on the environmental websites she
    (my friend) supports.
    Now, I have signed petitions, too. But I don’t ever remember seeing Sarah Palin’s name. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t mentioned. I just did not see it.

    I told her to go to factcheck.org and read the findings. I don’t think she will go there. I don’t think the Obots want to check out anything that might cast doubt on the One.

    FYI: I have been reading something that insightanalytical linked to this morning. It is pretty long. and it addresses the “hypnotic” qualities of BO’s speeches. It may be something to look at when thinking about the kool-aid drinkers. and it is also pretty eerie.

  172. But, Edwards had the right appendage.


  174. Okay, Hillary campaign notified.

  175. oops, I forgot the link:

    Click to access Obama%27s_Use_of_Hidden_Hypnosis_techniques_in_His_Speeches.pdf

    It is long … 60+ pages. But very interesting.

  176. Oh, and the press was pretty meh to say the least about Biden in1987-88. Even called him out and seemed to be relieved he took himself out of the campaign.

    Because to SEE the press then would be to expose the frauds they are now.

    Better save any video/info on that before it disappears. (wink)

  177. gail- He had a penis.

  178. The penis thing- lol, I know, but there are so many more *women reporters* now.

    Yeah, I know…penis. So sad.

  179. “leslie, on October 19th, 2008 at 5:57 pm Said:
    last night I was witha friend who “hates Sarah Palin”. And this is a woman who never *hates* anyone. I asked her why and she said “because of all the environmental damage she has conconed ”.

    I meant to write CONDONED.
    Sorry. I can’t type worth cr*p.

    Plus, I must be a r*cist, because I’m not voting obama.

  180. ail:

    Jeralyn at TalkObama said Biden would be a deal breaker and then decided he wasn’t when Teh Precious nominated him.

    What Obama wants, Obama gets

  181. I lost my “G” thang on that last comment

  182. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me !! I am at a lost for words.

  183. MYIQ: Jeralyn is a fame-blogger.

    Whatever gets her closer to Ari-AH-nna status is what she really wants.

  184. The Palin reaction is more than conservative v liberal. This is more a matter of class.

    For decades, the powers which have run this country on both sides of the aisle have been the same class of people. The so-called elite, grads of the Ivy league, and attendees at the same cocktail parties. While this isn’t always true of the politicians themselves, it’s certainly true for the punditocracy and their various hangers-on like NOW and NARAL and the Club for Growth.

    Gov Palin’s very presence in the race is a challenge to power structures of both the left and the right. She is an ordinary American running for an office to which we must not really aspire.

    It seems obvious that Palin wasn’t vetted by the DC/NY clique so she must be destroyed. The same power structure tried to knock Bill Clinton down and failed. I only hope they fail again.

  185. leslie:

    I know what you’re talking about. I’m at the receiving end of some of the vilest emails about Palin.

    I’m starting to look among my friends like an apologist for Sarah Palin, which I’m not.

  186. Well, at least CafePress deleted the Sarah Palin is a C**nt stuff. That’s a start, I guess.

  187. I am simply stunned and appalled. I, too thought it would be another disrespectful Palin joke. I couldn’t believe it was something elevating the abuse of women to a new “high”. My g-d, what are we (specifically Obots) coming to? this is too much.

  188. 4 Years Ago This Week – Kerry Up By 10 in 13 Swing States


    Poll suggests Kerry has lead in swing states

    Last Updated: Sunday, October 17, 2004 | 9:15 PM ET

    John Kerry appealed to African-American voters on Sunday, as he pushed ahead with his campaign to unseat George W. Bush.

    Kerry promised the voters, many of whom feel the Republicans are trying to keep them off the voter lists, “We’re not going to let this be just a repeat of 2000. We’re not going to see a million African-Americans deprived of their votes in America,” he said.

    With just 16 days to go until the vote, the race couldn’t be tighter.

    Polls suggest a dead heat. Even Republican organizers concede the Democratic senator has benefited from his performance in the three presidential debates.

    And a Washington Post poll shows Kerry with a significant lead in important states that could decide the outcome of the election. The poll found Kerry held a 53 per cent to 43 per cent lead among likely voters in 13 such states.

    While Kerry was campaigning in two of those states on Sunday – Ohio and Florida – Bush took the day off, choosing instead to concentrate on a major speech on terrorism he is scheduled to deliver in New Jersey on Monday.

    Analysts say it is the handful of crucial swing states, like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida that will be most important on Nov. 2. Those states will be heavily targeted by both campaigns in the closing weeks of the race.

    Keep the Faith! Polls are tightening. Obama peaked too soon.

  189. This guy has more than one you tube of him attacking Sarah Palin. I am flagging all of them. Suggest everyone else flag them.

  190. Also, contact Women’s Media Center (I just did). Their contact info is here:


  191. Another reason to detest the Bots!

    I saw nothing funny in that clip! dare I ask…”Where is the Media Outrage?”

  192. MABlue — I have a sticker with Palin’s face on the famous Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It” picture on the back of my car. I’m not a Sarah Palin apologist, I’m a woman — and if she can be reduced by Obama as nothing more then a c*nt then so can all woman. I don’t need to apologize for not standing for that.

  193. sm77

    If Jeralyn thought backing Obama would help her blogger status, she thought wrong.

    She lost almost as much traffic as she lost credibility.

    She still has traffic, but zero cred.

  194. Black Woman,

    Barack Obama himself tied comments from attendees of McCain Palin rallies directly to John McCain and Sarah Palin, and so did the media.

    It is not funny in the least and was quite shocking to say the least.

  195. A liitle ray of hope. I know, I know, the polls are rigged and unreliable. But I’ve been following the RCP average for a year’s worth fo data, and something very interesting has happened since 09/17/2008, and something very interesting has happened in the last few days. You can see it clearly in the chart at

  196. taggles!!!

    Hugs to you & will hope that you talk about this tonight at NO WE WON’T!

  197. MYIQ: 1/2 of her traffic are PUMAs who laugh at her like they do Taylor Marsh.

  198. Per ALexia – TL site is down by 36% for 3 mo. period. Riverdaughter is up for the same period by 86%.

  199. DYB ~
    thank you for the link. I have forwarded a link to the video along with a message.

    angienc ~Where did you find the sticker? I’d love to have one.

  200. The polls have always been closer than what the Obamabots believed. Whenever I look at a poll I factor in about 2-5% because of people living in fear of being attacked to actually tell the truth or the fact that the polls over poll AAs and people with professional and graduate degrees. If the polls show McCain 3 or 4 points behind Obama, it means the race is at a dead heat.

  201. Re the RCP average, one has also to keep in mind that the polls being averaged all started considering only likely voters (LV) only in the past couple of days or so. Before that, the polls were a mixture of likely voters and registered voters (RV).

  202. leslie — I ordered in on cafe press — search for “Palin” & “We can do it”

  203. DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 19th, 2008 at 4:24 pm Said:
    “Do you think there would be more outrage if a McCain supporter pretended to hang a noose…”

    There WAS much MORE outrage when a reporter pretended to hear, “Kill him!” in a crowd of McCain/Palin supporters.

    We Republicans are quite used to this kind of crap. It’s been going on for years.

  204. Oh yeah, Dana Milbank – I’m sure he wouldn’t see any problem with it at all.

  205. Disgusting. It would never be tolerated, except as violence towards a woman.

    This video, and the youtube comments, are a direct consequence of these bottom-feeders never being held accountable for their fanaticism. It’s a direct consequence of the HRC hate that was never shut down during the primaries, and was fueled by the BO camp. It’s a direct consequence of r@cism (correctly) being given zero tolerance in the media and public discourse and excoriated, while misogyny is made invisible or even worse, made cool.

    “It’s not about hope, it’s about hate.”

    That’s all they’ve had for a long time now. That’s who they’ve become.

  206. I haven’t commented in a while or even had time to read as many of the posts as I would like, but there is always something inspiring when I do. This video is so disturbing but makes me that much more determined to help to make the changes we need.

    JulieS9164, until my son married, I was in an all male household and also had an emotional discussion about politics with my husband today.

  207. Does anyone know the Heimlich manuver?

    The Raiders are choking (again)

  208. […] October 19, 2008 · No Comments A mild “joke” for the B0bots […]

  209. The sleep of reason produces monsters.

  210. angienc ~ thanks, I’m off to purchase my first sticker since I ordered “nope” from cafe press.

  211. FDG:

    I thought it was toxic waste and radioactive meteorites

  212. I had to go for a walk to collect myself.
    Somehow, the most chilling part of it is “Hi Catie”. Because it reveals the
    singularity of purpose.

  213. That video shook me to no end. I’ve sent it out to all I know and flagged it also.

    The fact that some thought it amusing is frightening.

  214. Thank you Dr. Heimlich!

  215. myiq,

    Did the Raiders score?

  216. I flagged it too.

    That is unacceptable on so many levels.

    Stupid Should Hurt!!!!

    Republicans are out here and ready to vote RIGHT on Nov 4th!
    We don’t have time to answer polls, we’re too busy with our ambitions, and, now, paying other people’s taxes!
    Every voter should watch this video, below. It’s a comical reminder of what our priorities should be!

  217. Someone should flag on this entire election.

  218. Phala – it’s so hard because we’ve been through so much together and nothing, but NOTHING in our 20 years together has come between us the way this election has. I think he knows he crossed the line, though, because he’s downstairs making dinner.

    I just got an interesting note through Facebook. I’ve been a part of Will Bower’s PUMA/Just Say No Deal group since he started it. Today another member sent out a memo that Will’s Facebook account had been suspended without explanation. Welcome to Obamastan.

  219. That video is sick and hideous.

  220. RD,

    If you see this, does the Obama campaign have to report how much of that $150M was in donations to the DNC? I wonder what their burn rate for September was.

    Just wondering.

  221. This one left me shaking – with anger and disgust. We can bet our sweet butts that nary a word about this charming example of violence against women will appear in the MSM. Ohhhh noooo, that might hurt Barry’s chances. Screw ’em, screw ’em, screw ’em.

  222. Remember during the primaries how the Obama campaign used to announce a big endorsement whenever BO put his foot in his mouth or something else embarrassing to them happened? Is it possible there is something coming like that in the next few days? I wonder if Axelrod has heard something about the Rezko situation? I just have a funny feeling something is up.

  223. yeah, it’s 13-10 but the Jets are going to kick for the tie with 8 seconds left

  224. Tie game

  225. Timeout! Sorry myiq

  226. I just talked to an obot wanna-be girlfriend of mine. Yeah, she wants Hillary back now.

  227. Jets win the coin toss

  228. More about voter fraud on Fox.

  229. I can’t register on youtube. I’m not clever enough to think of a name. I’ve gone through 20 names and none are available!
    So i hope someone who has an account there will go there for me and flag this heinous and objectionable video.


  230. Sorry, myiq2xu…..

  231. I need to get out of here for awhile. I also need to shower after this nasty video.

  232. Just watching that video knocked the breath out of me. I didn’t hear the words at the end and have no intention of going back. Just disgusting!

  233. I picked a bad day to give up heroin

  234. […] Not funny to me. (The […]

  235. sarah palin appearance on snl earns them their best ratings in 14 years.

  236. What’s sad is that I no longer find this sort of behavior surprising from the “Obama nation”. SMH.

  237. One of you computer genius types should also send a copy of the video to Pelosi and ask her if she’s satisfied and tell her that whatever violence comes out of this is on her head.

  238. Gary, I think it’s interesting to see both McCain and Palin’s TV appearances (including their convention speeches) score better than their dimocratic counterparts, time and again. I think it’s a clear reflection/referendum on the overwhelming MEDIA BIAS lavished upon BO, nonstop.

  239. Raiders win with a team-record longest FG (57 yds) in OT

  240. I have calmed down a bit. What I saw on this video shocked me; it had a visceral effect. It’s as if I myself was being physically assaulted. I was angry, and moments after, my eyes were hot with tears. Those who made this video, and those who find humor in it, clearly do not consider that women are being physically assaulted out there for real. Further, unfortunately, this video only reinforces stereotypes. How dumb is that?

    What is the message? Obama supporters are thugs? An Obama administration will be a thuggery? Obviously, it was not meant to get votes, but to rouse an already rabid crowd of Obama supporters.

    Christ, this is not funny.

  241. I flagged that video too. It really is dangerous.

  242. What has really infuriated me is this climate stifling loads of free-flowing, unabashed political discussions during this election. To witness many of my non-black friends, colleagues and acquaintences feel as if they have no right to speak and/or express themselves goes far beyond the pale. I find it absolutely revolting.

    Again, only hardens my resolve. And tomorrow begins the first day of “Early” voting here in the Lone Star State.

    99 problems and an Obot ain’t one

  243. It has everything to do with fascism. If you read Dr. Britt’s article about fascism, one of the points is the identifcation of scapegoats or enemies as a unifier. Women have been chosen to be the scapegoats so it is open season on women. I find it fascinating media is ignoring this elephant in the room–perhaps their hands are dirty?

  244. Maybe Barbara Walters could do a follow up?


    hugs RD & Co — time to be a non-dem & time to leave the USA!
    if this is a preview?
    time to go.

    ps: this was an interesting take off the WSJ on the future with Liberal Dems running things…interesting points — they make. Since I was always a Dem before, maybe being a Repub isn’t a bad idea this year, in terms of McC. I’d rather have his reforms?
    Than a Washington that acts like that video?

    time to go, far from the tasteless mess America has become.


  245. new thread ! No We Won’t radio at 8:00.

  246. I just got a really weird not from a friend of will bower:

    facebook suspended his account for no apparent reason and none given … i’m wondering if the supression of PUMA sites and bloggers has started again?

  247. Until I saw the above video, I agreed that this was the most offensive Palin hit yet.

    Dear lord, what next?


  248. “…suppression of PUMA sites and bloggers has started again?”

    For those you who have blogs, you can back up your blogs so that if your blog is frozen/suspended/hacked, you can restore it and across platforms, too. techrigy (dot) com freemium account.

    …just putting the info out there, and no, I do NOT work for the company.

  249. I rolled my Dodge into the local gas station/food joint tonite to pick up on some eats after some manly wrenching, tires, oil and all that. Except my daughter can do that stuff too.
    Anyway as I’m backing out of my parking spot a guy starts to walk across from the pump island so I stop, union safety training don’t you know, he waves me back so I continue. He comes up to my window to tell me he agrees with my Clinton bumper sticker. So for every football star wanna be like this asswipe there are decent people out there who know what a cluster fuck this election has become.

  250. From bostonboomers comment regarding Joe Biden calling undecided voters r@cists:

    “I am so sick and tired of being, of us being banged around that they are going to have to beat me with a stick before we are going to break down,” he said.

    Maybe someone needs to let Joe Biden know about the female McCain supporter who REALLY WAS BEATEN WITH A STICK (from her sign) by a male Obama supporter. For some reason the MSM reported the disproved rumor that someone shouted “kill him” about Obama at a McCain rally BUT they are not retracting their misinformation nor are they reporting this criminal assault so I guess we can forgive Joe and the rest of America if they don’t know the truth. But someone should clue him in.


  251. that video is sick

  252. It’s been a while since I posted here since I have to keep up with the kids while checking RD on my crackberry.

    Anyway this video disgust me on so many level. By the way I went and read the DU site comments justifying this. As I have said before I am a black man – I don’t treat or wish this kind of reaction on anyone (male/female or white/black) because they disagree with me – including the Obots I can’t stand.

    We are not animals either like like Sandra the idiotic comedian depicted us where at a snap of a finger we go rape a white woman but the Tate idiot looks like he is under her spell.

    Now the people at DU are claiming because “Shara is stupid” or because “Tate has done a series of this commercials” a while ago it justifies it. Really – look who sounds stupid with this line of reasoning?

    This is truly a cult – where there is no sane mind. This will invigorate the silent majority – you just wait and see.

  253. AAO, on October 19th, 2008 at 9:02 pm Said:

    This will invigorate the silent majority – you just wait and see.

    Dear AAO, I sincerely hope so.

  254. Oh, puleeez.

  255. AAO, the first words out of my husband’s mouth, after expressing total disgust, were: Get this video out there and we will see Obama’s numbers nosedive. This is ugly stuff and the MSM needs to start reporting it.

  256. There are elements within this video that separate it from the other videos. It is not just comedy, someone getting tackled out of the blue. There is a depiction of real consequence and pain absent from the other comedy vids wherein the tackled are having what amounts to a scared but grand old time. There is also a clear message and a clear depiction of punishing the bad woman and rewarding the good woman (Couric). What is simply disgusting is the men who will dismiss this as comedy yet at the same time admit it is the pain which they like in this video, and the idea of a woman getting what’s coming to her.

    No one will denounce this as racism, because women are not human.

  257. The “Democratic Underground” needs to stay underground. Down with Obama.

  258. If you all can believe it, this “video” is a new SERIES of videos, just like the original Reebok series.

    Another Terry Tate – Palin body slam video:

    Is the media going to ignore this? Or maybe FEATURE it?

    What gives??

  259. I’m wondering what a certain respected general thinks of this “series.” Not a one time ad, either.

    Sorry, but I just had to say it.

  260. RD: are we still putting the words C0llin P0well in the pool filter?

  261. Well, do we know who is behind this series of physical assault reminders to “vote?”

    A series helps to point out it’s a witchhunt.

  262. how could tate think those were appropriate? where are the limits? I just don’t get this … violence against women is a huge problem and a crime. how could anyone think this is comedy?

    doesn’t he think women might be offended by this?

    This is like those knuckleheads in LA driving around with the friggin noose on their truck … wtf do they think that suggests? don’t they think that encourages and reminds folks of ugly horrible acts of violence against folks?

    sick, sick sick

  263. is there such a thing as a hate crime against a woman?

  264. Well, I still think Reebok needs to be dragged into this. Their “Sensitivity Training” video was vile beyond (posted upthread). Not only did Tate get to brag that he was an “equal opportunity hitting machine” but they made brutal fun of being sensitive to women and violence by making the trainer a “ho” — and then back to bashing!

  265. dakinikat, I don’t believe there is. And it’s something that has always bothered me. I would hazard a guess that crimes of hate committed against women are the most prevalent in our society. (Rape is not a crime of love.)

  266. That (sensitivity training) video sounds like the cathartic release of some immature little Misogynist with his penis in a bunch over how “if women want to be equal we should be able to beat them up like we beat up eachother too. don’t these little cunts know that’s what it means to be a man!!”

  267. but really that video is not about comedy. It’s about real punishment and real pain. There is no suspension of disbelief, there is no suspension of reality. Real pain is depicted in the Palin video. Real punishment is depicted. It’s a Misogynist wet dream.

  268. and no one is fooling themselves that that is the exact reason they are enjoying the video. No one says they enjoy the other comedic tackle videos for the real pain, cathartic release, and real punishment they want to see. Those are their words.

  269. What Obama campaign has inspired is a video (how is it not a snuff video?) depicting a woman getting knocked out for laughs. It has inspired a comedienne (Bernhardt) fantasizing about the gang rape of that same woman. A world-famous singer (Madonna) calling on thousands of her fans at a concert to kick “that c*nt’s ass.” A supporter of that woman getting assaulted in broad daylight in the very crowded borough of Manhattan.

    This comes after another woman was called a “f•cking whore” by a liberal radio show host (Rhodes.) After her lifetime of accomplishments (very real, documented accomplishments) this woman’s entire life is boiled down on television by a popular pundit as a reward for a philandering husband (Matthews.) Another television host (Olbermann) questions her sanity (vis a vis hormonal changes – PMS? Menopause?), and then suggests the only way to deal with her is for a strong man to take her into a room and only he comes out. These lists are not exhaustive by any means.

    I’m definitely seeing a “transformation,” but I don’t think it’s the same transformation that former Secretary of State who lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction is seeing. And what none of us are seeing is the media taking any notice. Women’s rights groups are not taking any notice!

    I am very disappointed that Hillary Clinton, after saying in an interview that misogyny is an issue she’ll be taking on – has been silent as the grave. Perhaps she’s waiting for the campaign to be over, but these things can not wait. It might be too late tomorrow, someone has already been hurt – it could be worse in the days to come.

    I keep saying it: this rabbit hole has no bottom.

  270. There is a women’s rights group speaking out – The New Agenda.

    We are just finishing off Ezra who made that disgusting video “Drill Baby Drill” – a fantasy about the rape of Gov. Palin, Barbara Bush, Tipper Gore amongst others. We found Ezra and had our members call his college and his employer. Apparently now he doesn’t think his video was quite so funny. He has apologized and is begging us to pull down our posting on him.

    A number of you have sent us this video on Terry Tate. If anyone has a strategy they would like us to try, email us in our inbox – ReportSexism@yahoo.com….or visit our website http://www.thenewagenda.net

  271. Zee, I have written to Reebok. They may not be the sponsor (not sure), but perhaps they still own the rights to this “concept” and would not be eager to see it used in this way.
    Not that they would be concerned about violence aimed at women, just that they might see no percentage in alienating a portion of their customer base.

  272. dcattorney, exactly!!

    I don’t mean to blame them…altho their “sensitivity training” ad was despicable…but I think they bear some culpability plus might like to act to protect their concept or disavow its use, unless they want to claim allegiance with Palin assault footage.

    I really think PUMAs need to make a stink with Reebok.

    Amy! I’ve posted two or three times on the New Agenda re: this…and also please note, EZRA is not staying down. He’s a self-styled “playa” and has posted over at tn guerilla women re a new recording label which will be reposting the Drill Baby Drill video (referenced in this Tate series) …and “thanking” us for the negative attention.

  273. Zee, on October 19th, 2008 at 10:31 pm Said:

    If you all can believe it, this “video” is a new SERIES of videos, just like the original Reebok series.

    Another Terry Tate – Palin body slam video:

    Is the media going to ignore this? Or maybe FEATURE it?

    What gives??

    Clearly it was all the misogyny that went on in the primary and now full on in the general election. We need to send a message to the DNC and let them know they are sending the WRONG message to Democratic women and ALL WOMEN and they will continue to lose support. SILENCE IS A TACIT APPROVAL, IF YOU DON’T SPEAK UP, YOUR SILENCE IS GIVING HATE/MISOGYNY POWER AND ENCOURAGING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

    I am not a Republican but what is being done to Palin affects all us women and it needs to stop! NOW!

  274. Maybe we need to organize a march on stopping violence against women. Maybe we need to do it as soon as possible and we need to have our children throw out all the misogynistic CDs in the trash. Its all about money and if we stop putting cash into misogyny then maybe they will get the message.

  275. This is an OUTRAGE! This is SCARY! This video INCITES thuggery, viciousness, CRUELTY TOWARDS HUMAN BEINGS, esp. FEMALES! I’m emailing the link to this video to EVERY NEWS ORGANIZATION and person I know.

    This kind of HATRED and VIOLENCE NEEDS TO STOP!!!! Please everyone – do the same thing! If we don’t complain about the mean things we hear/see then we’re just as guilty as the person making these disgusting videos. The country NEEDS TO SEE WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE SUPPORT OBAMA AND THE TYPE OF THUGGERY AND VIOLENCE THAT SEEMS TO BE THEIR CORE.

  276. I’m shocked…. this is a series? Will let you know Reebok’s response tomorrow.

    Reebok World Headquarters
    Reebok International
    1895 JW Foster Blvd.
    Canton, MA 02021
    Phone: 781-401-5000
    8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)

    Please direct all corporate inquiries to:

  277. WV, even tho my son detests Obama for his lying, backstabbing, flipflopping lack of core values, his #1 issue, as is with a lot of these kids, = “censorship” — so they value freedom of expression over anything, no matter how violent or misogynistic. They would not be able to hear us over the “Tipper Gore” overtones. I do still think we need to address them and address this, but just be prepared how motherproofed they at least need to appear, even tho I believe our words will resonate at some point.

    Also…NOW held a march in DC that numbered 1.1 million, only a couple of years ago. It’s not part of history and no one ever speaks of it. So, marches are out as a way to command attention and respect. They can be blacked out and ignored.

    Code Pink and PUMA are the only way to go these days. Little media-attention-grabbing dramas. Glitzy guerilla warfare.

    Which is why Reebok needs to be targeted. More in next comment…

  278. dcattorney….oh my!

    Reebok is in CANTON? A neighboring town to me…whoa.

    I may need to get down there with a hand painted sign, if it’s not too remote. Canton is in the “hills” so to speak outside Boston, so they may not be on a very public thoroughfare.

    Thanks for the contact info, tho!!!

  279. Some history on Reebok….they originally catered to women as a way to distnguish themselves…then things took a darker turn:


    Reebok’s fall and rise are a classic tale of the wonders of the entrepreneurial world. Fireman was selling sports equipment for his father’s business when in 1979, during a Chicago trade show, he became impressed by a hand-sewn leather sneaker called Reebok, named after a type of African gazelle and marketed by the heralded British athletic-shoe company J.W. Foster & Sons (a family-owned company that made the running shoes worn in the 1924 Olympics by the athletes celebrated in Chariots of Fire). Fireman bought the U.S. distribution rights to Reebok, and by 1984 had dropped out of college and was putting all his time into marketing his company’s soft, brightly colored leather sneakers. His timing was perfect. Reeboks became standard equipment for the suddenly booming women’s aerobics movement. And they became such a hip fashion icon that in 1986 Mick Jagger had to write Fireman directly to request a pair because they were sold out in London. And everywhere else.

    But the late 1980s saw a backlash among management gurus against the idea of entrepreneurs running their own companies. Instead, professional managers came into vogue, so that at places like Apple, Lotus and even Ben & Jerry’s, the founding fathers stepped, or were eased, aside. At Reebok, which had begun an aggressive push into foreign markets, the board feared that Fireman might finally be in over his head.

    Reebok’s woes began under the new cast of professional managers; there were five presidents in a decade. In an effort to broaden its customer base, Reebok in 1992 ventured out from its core recreational-fitness customers to make sneakers in more competitive sports categories like baseball, basketball and soccer, where such rivals as Nike, Adidas and New Balance were already slugging it out. “Women started feeling like we had lost track of them,” says David Perdue, who was brought in by Fireman this year to run Reebok’s main lines of business, sneakers and apparel.

    Back in December 1999, Fireman–who with his wife Phyllis owns about a 20% stake in Reebok–won the board’s approval for a turnaround plan. At the heart of his strategy was a return to the company’s roots–sharp, provocative design. In addition, he began pushing innovation from his engineers….

    Of course, Fireman knows that gizmos won’t bring down Nike– unless Reebok has a lot of well-marketed attitude to go with them. He calls this “the Cool Factor”–the mysterious marketing mojo that powers the $11 billion athletic-footwear market. That’s where Iverson comes in, with his tattoos, corn-rowed hair and ‘hood bravado. Allen is indispensably cool, which is why, a few months ago, when Reebok was the object of shrill protests over the obviously homophobic, misogynist lyrics in the basketball star’s debut rap song, Fireman stood by his man. “I didn’t agree with the song,” says Fireman, who conceived the Reebok Human Rights Awards. “But he had a right to sing it.”


    So, Reebok purposely WENT with misogyny and homophobia to sell shoes.

    I say: all right, then. FAIR GAME.

  280. Maybe rightwing…not sure…but someone else has adopted the same idea of Reebok’s complicity…and, he brings up a Hillary-bashing I somehow missed. Apparently, the Economist, called for Hillary’s demise, in the form of saying that would benefit Dems:


    Does Reebok Condone Violence Against Women?
    By Ed Driscoll · October 19, 2008 02:19 PM ·

    “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker” made his debut in a Super Bowl ad that aired in late January of 2003, pitching Reebok sneakers. And considering the average career length of a real NFL linebacker, I guess Terry should be glad he still has a job. He’s a free agent these days, no longer, to the best of my knowledge, associated with Reebok, but considering his national launch, it seems safe to say that Terry and Reeboks will forever be intertwined.

    So I wonder what the sneaker manufacturer thinks of their former pitchman’s latest video. Here’s Terry, with a little digital editing help, brutally shoving a woman onto an unforgiving concrete floor and yelling oddly Freudian epithets at her…

    Is this funny? As they say in the NFL–you make the call! On the plus side, at least Terry’s shown only trying to permanently injure Palin, not kill her, as The Economist and Keith Olbermann metaphorically called for, when Hillary was running.

    So in that sense, it’s a definite step forward in an election year in which the surprisingly well entrenched sexism of the liberal overculture was none too thrilled at the idea of female politicians from either party running for national office.

  281. Zee, that is interesting. But do we know for sure they are behind the videos? Perhaps they will respond to me tomorrow. I will send a follow-up fax from my office in the morning.

    Another avenue might be CBS news (I know, its a long shot)… they might have some control over how their footage is used – I seem to recall a news organization that had something pulled lately because it was their interview that had been altered by one of the campaigns (?).

  282. Zee,

    Count me in for any protest, as I don’t want the violence women suffer daily to increase. I have always stood to defend Freedom of Expression but I am seeing a sick pattern here, that serves to promote hate/violence towards women.

    Why can’t they have a civil discussion on the issues and put forth their ideas. Why has this campaign offered up women as sacrificial lambs, without realizing the damage that they will seed/encourage in the future. Are women’s lives valued less to the New Democrats?

  283. “they value freedom of expression over anything, no matter how violent or misogynistic….”

    uhhhh, just to distinguish my son from the likes of Ezra, he’s not in the slightest into violence against women or faux hiphop…he’s just against censorship. I didn’t want it to sound as if he were *creating* such content, or even a consumer of it….!


  284. dcattorney, I do not suggest they are behind this series, even tho they utilized a hiphop artist with sexist and homophobic lyrics when it suited them, not to mention created this series, which had at least one ad with a severely misogynistic slant.

    The question is whether, like Ezra, they welcome the negative attention, or wish to distance themselves from it. They should be supported or protested on those grounds…and I’m eager to hear what they think, and will call them myself as well tomorrow.

  285. Yes, WV. Our lives are always valued less. It didn’t change. In North America, we’ve been living in an illusion of progress for 50 years. Some of us attained autonomy from men and began to almost wholly function within the patriarchy. We are about to get shoved around good.

  286. Zee, agreed. I will post on my blog tomorrow if I get a response from Reebok.

  287. WV, we need a new paradigm. New definitions of freedom, new ways to protest.

    And some may necessarily be transitional.

    It’s really heartbreaking that Obama was not ever about natonal discussion, and even more awful that his followers don’t see this.

    So we need to take proactive and creative measures to break through. And this is a vastly different task from theirs as a cult which dictates they must “get in (our) face and argue”— their end result is a woman beaten in NYC by an Obamabot who snapped.

    And this series of Tate videos.

    To be effective, we need to take more than one path, the direct, which will be ridiculed and rebuffed…and the bottom line path, which may give pause to Reebok. If Reebok denounces this use of their creation, we may learn who is behind it, and also force a denunciation from the anointed One…

    which, sadly, is the only path to the converted at this time.

  288. Britannia: Oh, puleeez. – was that on my comment ?

    Anyway apparently this is a series – it is really sad. No time for reflection, see and read comments and maybe back down or apologize but keep steamrolling …

    By the way I did check out the other blog (www.thenewagenda.net) and read the Blog on Ezra … it is amazing how people react when the table is turned against them.

  289. History, schmistory, tiny. There is absolutely no excuse for that violent video. Especially when they were using it to promote the get out the vote.

  290. tinyfrog, I checked out your website and as I expected you are an Obama supporter. I wonder if you’d find any excuses if there was a video of a 250 pound white man taking down Michelle Obama or one of her girls. There should be no understanding period. I won’t tolerate this type of sh*t if the woman was Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, or Michelle Obama. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with violence against women being an acceptable “joke” for so many people in this country.

  291. curly, I feel you might be misunderstanding the purpose of this site. Maybe not, maybe you’ve got a legitimate point. Maybe you’re just being snarky?

  292. curly, you liked Bush but you don’t like McCain?

  293. Are there any Tate videos of Obama being brutally slammed to the floor? I’m guessing the answer is no. This video is a negative campaign “ad” using violence against the only woman currently in the race. It’s not funny. It’s mean-spirited and the folks who need to lighten up are the kool-aid drinkers from Camp Obama. They need to get rid of the hate they’re carrying around. It’s just not healthy.

  294. JP @ 7:48 said:
    I don’t attribute anything more than humor to this. Lighten up, people.

    Screw you. Incredibly, of all the horrible things I have throughout this election, this one has sent me over the edge. If you vote for BO you align yourself with these people and condone their actions. There is nothing funny here.

  295. If a video appeared of Obama being body-slammed and knocked out…calls of “racism” would be deafening. Olbermann would deliver a special commentary. The NY Times would be investigating tax records of all people responsible. But it’s ok to do this to a Republican woman! Really, it’s not the fact that she’s a woman. It’s because she’s THAT woman. I remember hearing this about Hillary Clinton, Palin’s ideological opposite. So, has a woman been born that Obama supporters don’t have a problem with?

  296. NO!! I will NOT “lighten up” I’m sick of being asked to do that. If I hadn’t listened to the watering down of the women’s movement WE wouldn’t be finding ANY of this acceptable.

    There is such a thing as righteous anger. Except for women. Women are not allowed to have righteous anger because then someone would have to legitimize the horror this culture perpetrates on us. NONE of this could be happening if we were allowed an equal voice. You’d NEVER tell a person of color to “lighten up” at such offenses.

    I will not lighten up. If I hadn’t bought into this b.s. of a kinder gentler approach to the women’s movement, I could never have been sold down the river in this election. My vote and my voice would have mattered. I would not have been told to “go back to my knitting” when I was cheated in the primary of my vote by cheating.

    So if you don’t like this “NEW” attitude then get the fuck out of the way, the days of kissing butt to get one little concession or any respect at all are OVER!

    Women have most of the buying power people. Target these companies one by one and go national and local with it.

    Hickey, YOU guys are “seriously scary” because Obama IS GWB of the soroscrats. We ARE looking at “just” the issues and I see that Obama cheated in every caucus state and used MISOGYNY to his advantage on purpose. The man is a fraud.

  297. LOL. Nickey, you are very funny. Anyone who looks at the issues can see full well that Obama’s stand on the issues changes with whichever way the wind blows. Besides, actions speak louder than words. And the non-stop sexism and misogyny coming from Camp Obama is frightening.

    BTW, it’s Obama who is spreading lies. Stop drinking the kool-aid and you just might see the candidate for what he is: an egomaniacal, devious hatemonger.

  298. ,…………..and this little vignette is from people who support Democrats?

    time to switch to Independent

  299. Yes, this type of stuff is not funny at all, but actually dangeous and very over the top! … I don’t agree with the McCain/Palin ticket at all, but I respect them both greatly and this has no place in America! … what a shame!

  300. David – please go and be a hero at DU. You will get bum rushed by the Tate minded Omighty supporters.

  301. I just called the OBAMA headquarters at (866) 675-2008 to complain about the video and asked that Obama condemn it. The lady who answered listened to what I had to say, for the most part, but when I told her that I thought the Obama campaign used misogyny as a strategy and that I would now be voting Republican up and down ticket she said “sorry” and hung up on me.

    The person to call at Reebock (sp?) is John at 1800-843-4444 (X366 for message). Since people are associating this Tate video with the company brand, I think this company should know about it. I hope they take the opportunity to publicly condemn the video and their former spokesman Tate.

  302. Did I mention that this video hit me in the solar plexis like a tone of bricks. I felt assaulted after watching it and was left shaking with down to my toes. Disgusting!

    Also, some tech genius needs to document a GREATEST HITS dvd all of these misogynist internet videos which the Obama campaign has inspired. As a scholar and university instructor, I would certainly use this material in my classes to talk about the extant sexism and misogyny in this country.

  303. Sorry about the above typos, but I only see a portion of my post in the message box.

  304. Hmmm, I think we need to reach out to both the Reebok Pres but expecially the VP Marketing

  305. “Seriously” I have seen the originals but, this is too much. They script writer even has her saying “that hurts” on the ground and after ALL the misogyny this election this is just another rubber stamp of violence against women. Making it “humor” makes it all the worse because then it can be more easily excused.

    Yes, it DOES “condone violence” it makes it acceptable by making it so easily dismissed as humor. “Seriously” go look at the stats of violence against women and then tell me culture doesn’t shape those numbers being so high.

    The fact that most of the world thinks it IS a joke is very telling. People used to think “lynching jokes” were funny too. That didn’t make it excusable. Grow up.

  306. […] As asked at The Confluence, “And people think this is funny?” […]

  307. I’m speechless …. but I’m not surprised. I suspect that Mr Tate prefers music with mysogynistic lyrics too. He obviously believes this “political statement” of his is justified because, in his mind, he can diminsh Palin as a human being, see she doesn’t fit in his political party’s idea of a “big tent”.

  308. No Amber, Obama supporters AND Obama have used misogyny through this whole campaign. He knew and encouraged it for months by not saying anything. He didn’t SAY anything because it was helping him.

    Go see the “MadAsHell/Bitch” video on You Tube and tell me he didn’t SEE the misogyny against Hillary. He didn’t have to support her to say it was WRONG. He never did and neither did the D.N.C. Therefore they are not who they say they are.

    Some people will do ANYTHING to “win” including cheat in every caucus state and the Indiana primary AND use hatred against women to rile up the blogger boyz mentality out there because it gets them VOTES and casts their opposition in a “bad” light. If you have to use misogyny to make gains then so be it right? Obama seems to think so.

    He’s had ample time to speak up and speak out. He’s not blind. He is not saying anything because it helps his campaign.

  309. P.S. Amber the “kill him” thing was unfounded. The secret service looked into it and no one said it. It was USED to stir up the meme of Obama as victim when he is nothing of the kind.

  310. Alice Paul, not only that but Obama referenced the false “kill him” rumor during the debate even though it was disproved. The man is a bald-faced liar.

    He also had the audacity to nod in agreement when McCain mentioned the “c*nt” t-shirts and then quickly changed the subject. Obama’s candidacy would be a joke if it weren’t so very scary.

  311. […] demonization of political opponents also allows Obamanation to rationalize violent imagery and dehumanization.  Even some alleged feminists who support Barack Obama have either […]

  312. […] Posts And people think this is funny?Monday: We are not aloneWho we are is who we wereNO WE WON’T on PUR tonight at 8PM ESTLate Night: […]

  313. Wow that’s horrible. I’m not a big Palin fan but that is digusting. I can’t believe it, I was unprepared.

  314. 1. This is totally without taste or decency.

    2. If the person being assaulted and battered was a Democrat, the media would be screaming about it.

    3. The fact that Obama nor Biden have condemned this should tell you volumes.

  315. Hi – please visit my blog for two easy steps to take to protest the disgusting Terry Tate videos. http://dcattorney.wordpress.com

  316. Sarah Palin is a personal friend of mine, and I’m pissed. Really pissed. NOBODY treats a lady like that, even in a skit.

    I just send that video link around to a few oilfield workers, the upshot being that Terry Tate better not ever visit Alaska and expect to still possess all working parts when he leaves. He went way over the edge, with that one. His puny tough-guy-intimidation game is over. Done. Finished. Friend of Obama, my ass.

    Did I say, I’m really pissed?

  317. Update from Reebok when I wrote to them about this vid:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Diane Zappas
    Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 11:02 AM
    Subject: Reebok Response
    To: _________

    Dear _________,

    Thank you for your note. We appreciate your interest and, yes, we’re well aware of this new video. However, let me reassure you that Reebok International has no connection today to Lester Speight or his fictional alter-ego, ‘Terry Tate’, and we disavow this personal new video and its content in full.

    The confusion, regrettably, arises from our former association with the ‘Terry Tate’ character. In 2001, Reebok licensed the ‘Terry Tate’ character for a series of commercials, on a short-term basis – and our connection then ended. Reebok, therefore, does not control use of the character or the commercials. Any use of the ‘Terry Tate’ character today or in the future, therefore, does not reflect the views of Reebok, and we regret any confusion this might cause.

    In fact, Reebok has a long and proud history of supporting women’s health and fitness. In 2006, Reebok announced its partnership with the Avon Walk Around the World for Breast Cancer. A series of walks to raise funds for breast cancer research, the walk has seen more than 50 cities worldwide raise awareness and money for this important cause. We’re proud of this sponsorship, and believe this more accurately reflects Reebok’s brand values – and views – in regards to women.

    Thank you again for your inquiry.


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