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Between Barack and a hard place – My open letter to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

(Speaking for myself only)

Distinguished and Honorable Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton:

I am one of the 18 million people who voted for you, currently a resident of Florida, which is one of the many swing states you won during the Democratic primaries.  I voted for you because I believe in your “Solutions for America.”  I’ve scrutinized and scoured your plans and felt that you were the most qualified and most committed to solving the problems that our nation face at the result of the catastrophic 8 years of George W. Bush and his adminstration. 

My parents immigrated to the United States fleeing from a Caribbean dictator with that promise of freedom  for themselves and for their children in their hearts, so am I well aware as a first-generation American the value of Democracy and Liberty.  I am also one of those “invisible” people that you’ve fought for all your life, as I am a divorced single mother caring for an elderly parent.  Any change in gas prices, utility bills, milk, eggs, bread impacts my budget.  I’m also a lifelong Democrat and my first vote proudly was given to your husband in 1992, to which I am endebted for boosting the economy which allowed me to earn more income in my chosen career.  I know the great things you’ve accomplished as a Senator from NY because most of my family are your NY constituents.  They can’t be more thrilled to have you represent and fight for them in Washington, D.C.  

I, like you, believe in the tenets of our party of equality and social justice.  I believe in one person/one vote.  I believe in equality across the board of our diverse humanity, I believe in women’s reproductive rights, I believe in separation of church and state and I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I believe that despite its flaws, the United States is a country that has her arms open to anyone and everyone who wants to live in peace, who will work hard to achieve their potential and live in the freedom that was promised to us by our founding fathers (and mothers!) 

Your presidential platform soundly and realistically represents everything that I and the majority of Democrats want: Universal Healthcare, economic reform,  environmentally and economically sound energy independence, secure diplomatic platform while maintaining national security, comprehensive immigration reform, protecting women’s reporductive rights, pro-child and pro-teacher public education platform, etc.   You won my vote and 18 million votes, NOT because you are Bill Clinton’s wife and NOT because you are a woman, but because out of all the Democratic candidates, YOU have the best grasp to what the majority of Americans need and what will solve our nation’s problems.   You have a breadth of experience and gravitas and a PLAN that will help people like me and help heal the economic rift in our nation. 

Recently, you said in an interview to Fox and Friends that you were disappointed that people who voted for you are not supporting Barack Obama.   I’m sorry you feel that way, but would you like to know what I am beyond disappointed?  I’m disappointed that our party stole votes from you to cushion a neophyte panderer with ZERO experience.   The Democratic Party that you want me to support betrayed you, they betrayed the Democratic tenets of one person/one vote, they betrayed 18 million votes that were thrown away at the convention all for the sake of “party unity.”  Is Party Unity worth more than Democracy itself?  I don’t think so.  “Party Unity”is not why our soldiers bravely fight, nor why our civil rights heroes march, and not what made you become an honorable and exceptional civil servant for 35 years.    There are many people in this country who are not wealthy, but the one thing that they have, just as much as any rich man, is the right to vote.  If the right to cast a vote is marred in any way, then the United States can no longer consider itself a “Democracy” and no longer a source of pride and honor for its citizens.   And that is much more important than the price of gas, the lack of jobs and most definitely much more important than “party unity.”

At the Democratic Convention when you gave your brilliant speech that I call the “Keep Going Speech,” you asked your supporters “are you in this for me?”  My answer to you is NO, I’m not in it for you, I’m in it for me, my family and my country.   You want us to stand beside you in supporting Barack Obama, a man who was not elected by the majority of the Democratic Party and who stole votes and delegates from you to “win.”  Despite my respect and admiration for you, Senator Clinton, I cannot follow your lead.  You promised to work your heart out for the Democratic candidate, but I never promised to vote for that candidate especially when said candidate employed the tactics of George W. Bush of voter fraud to “win” his candidacy.

I understand that you are caught between a Barack and a hard place and you have to say what you are saying to appease the DNC overlords, but I own my vote and I will not reward a party that undermined Democracy.  I will not reward voter suppression and voter fraud.  I will not reward rampant misogyny.  I will not reward “faith-based initiative” pandering.  I will not reward a candidate that states that a woman has to consult a committee to decide on her own reproductive rights.  I will not reward the Democrats with a vote that was mutilated in the primaries, at the RBC and at the Democratic Convention in Denver. 

I hope that after this election, lifelong Democrats who are opposing the candidacy of Barack Obama can reform the party so that this disregard for Democracy and for Democratic tenets does not happen again.  

You’ll hear from me again on November 5th, 2008.

Respectfully yours (and until the Democratic Party keep acting like a rabid band of locusts eating away Democracy), I remain,





SM – Tampa, FL

¡Que Viva los PUMAs!

144 Responses

  1. SM—-well said!!
    I think you speak for many of very eloquently. Thank you.

  2. btw, Obama lost me the minute his campaign inferred Bill Clinton was a ______.

  3. Thank you … very beautifully said

    and gee you were polite 🙂

  4. Great letter!!

    OT – but I am seriously ticked off that my day of lazily watching college football is being tainted by seeing Senator Government on every other commercial.

  5. Wow! Beautifully written SM. I hope Hillary reads your post and listens to what you’ve said so eloquently.

  6. SM – High five! Just like you said and like she said, “Keep going”!

  7. BRAVO SM!! sign my name to that letter!

  8. SM,

    What a beautiful, honest letter. You speak for me also.

  9. Thank you SM – great read – hope you sent it to Hill

  10. Love it! This is the message every citizen of the U.S. needs to take away from this painful experience.

  11. Obama’s lead at RCP down 2 points in the last 4 days and it’s probably even more if you consider the CBS/NYT outlier.

  12. SM….Great letter. I hope Hillary reads it. I am the same way. Will always vote for Hillary but will never vote for BHO.

  13. Amen.

  14. obamabots going nuts over reported figures of 100,000 people at his st louis rally today…. conveniently forgetting that approximately 1/4 of a mile away from where obama was standing lies his home state of illinois….

  15. SM, thank you for expressing so beautifully the thoughts of many of us here.

  16. SM: What can I say? Another bullseye!

  17. Thanks to all of you!

    We all have to keep strong throught this – and as much as Iove Hillary, she set me off with that “disappointed” remark.

  18. POC PUMA says that you have said it well. This election is NOT about Hillary Clinton. It is about where we want to take our country. And, I say NObama, because:

    1. Obama was selected in an UNDEMOCRATIC process.
    2. Obama is too INEXPERIENCED.
    3. Obama is UNTRUSTWORTHY.

    POCPUMA.com … JustSayNoDeal.com

  19. Perfection, sm77.

  20. SM

    Thank you!!

    I agree with eriezindian….Will aways vote for Hillary but will NEVER vote for BHO.

    Wonderful letter. Hope she reads it and realizes we are “still out there” and still with her for 2012.

  21. I’ve often wondered about how many articles of clothing adorned with the Playboy bunny logo a certain candidate might own.

  22. We PUMAs know where we stand and we do not need anyone to tell us how “disappointed” they are that we are not buying the party line and getting onboard the Obama Express to Nowhere.

    We do not honor fraud, lies, manipulation, sexism, cries of ra*cism where none exist, and strong arming of the electorate. We exist because we believe strongly in prinicples and the value of one man/woman, one vote.

    Until the current DNC changes back to what we once held so dearly they can take a flying leap from Obama Mountain. Once and for all, NO OBAMA regardless of who toots his horn!!!

  23. Great letter, please send it to Hillary- she actually seems to read our correspondence at times.

  24. And I agree, sm77, that remark that she made the other night was beyond necessary- it was insulting, I felt.

  25. Thank you for the great post! You captured my feelings exactly!!

    I’m so busy with my kids and all their activities these days, so I mostly lurk here when I can, and rarely post. I have to say that I am so glad that you are all here to help me keep my sanity during these crazy times.

    I never followed an election so closely before, but I can’t believe that they have all been this corrupt.

    I’m going back to lurking, and will be here tomorrow, the next day…..Nov. 4th, and beyond.

  26. Sm: a really empassioned and brilliant post! It spoke to my heart and thoughts and I think says what so many of us PUMAs still think and feel …

    ¡Que Viva los PUMAs! INDEED!


  27. Thank you, SM, for stating what I and so many of my brother and sister PUMAs feel so passionately. I hope you do indeed send that letter to Senator Clinton, and when you do, please print out all of these comments and send them along, too. My gut tells me that Hillary would in fact be very gratified and grateful indeed.

  28. Palin packs them in too


  29. Bravo, SM! You speak for virtually all of us, I believe. Please add my name to your letter and send it to Hillary. Copies to lots of media outlets wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Thank you. Keep going!
    Proud PUMA from WY
    Another Democrat for McCain-Palin ’08

  30. It seems The Followers of The Messiah have achieved their ultimate victory…

    They now get to witness you turning on Hillary.


  31. OT- but today is the fourth time, i believe, that I’ve heard sir Barks-a-lot make that sweet potato pie comment in one of his “speeches”- obvious r*cist code that riles up the crowd. It is truly appalling.

  32. Beautifully written and eloquently expressed.

  33. From another long time lurker–well said, nicely stated sm 77.

  34. Spoken for me as well! Wonderfully put!

  35. Ditto

  36. AlohaPuma: That’s not what she was doing. She was saying “maybe you, but not me.” People hav been a whole lot harsher about Hillary and to Hillary’s face than SM was.

  37. Alohapuma:

    I’m not turning on Hillary – I disagree with her trying to force her supporters to vote for Barack Obama – and ultimately feel “disappointed” because we value “Democracy” much higher than “Party Unity.”

  38. Murph, on October 18th, 2008 at 2:37 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Thank you, SM, for stating what I and so many of my brother and sister PUMAs feel so passionately. I hope you do indeed send that letter to Senator Clinton, and when you do, please print out all of these comments and send them along, too. My gut tells me that Hillary would in fact be very gratified and grateful indeed.

    PUMA Priestess Supreme! If you have a suggestion where to send it, please let me know at sm_puma@yahoo.com with all of our comments included.

  39. sm77:

    To paraphrase Meatloaf, “I would do anything for Hillary, but I won’t do that.”

  40. MyIq: WTF was Meatloaf un willing to do, anyway? Does he ever define it or is a musical mystery?

  41. sm77,

    Poignant and very eloquent speech. I only hope that someone in her office sees this,


    not to OT, but i saw this on sweetness-light and just had to share it with you. How myuch do you guys spend on groceries a month? My bill is around $300 probably. Well the champions of the Middle Class, the Obamas, just dropped $450 for ONE meal. Check out the receipt from the Waldorf.

  42. MYIQ: Exactly! I won’t do THAT, hell no, no way – no how.

  43. Sal: That reminds me of one of MadamaB’s playlet’s – the one about the Obama’s in the big fancy hotel room! LOL!!

  44. Regency:

    I believe it was share a Dr. Pepper

  45. sm77,

    madamb should put up another one about this ASAP. I have never had a $400 meal in my entire life, and frankly if I did, I would hope my wife slaps me in the head and forces me to do wash dishes instead of spending that kind of money. Wouldn’t that $450 have been better “re-distributed” to some mom and pop diners or pizzerias instead of to the Hiltons, who are already rich as hell?

    I know I know, do as I say…

  46. Myiq2xu: Shower? Because love is everything but good hygiene is a dealbreaker.

  47. Sal: Most candidates have their staff order the dinner for them, then put on a private card and later get reimbursed for it so that the candidate can enjoy a more modest “common-man” image.

    Now I have no problem with people enjoying their success but I believe a candidate should be more publically modest – especially in these hard economic times – IMO.

  48. Regency, on October 18th, 2008 at 2:57 pm Said:

    MyIq: WTF was Meatloaf un willing to do, anyway? Does he ever define it or is a musical mystery?


    LOL. I always wondered what “that” was, too.

    Anyway, alohapuma, I don’t think it’s turning on HRC in the least. Quite the contrary. It’s honoring the process she started — for me, that means principle before party lines. I thought I understood that, but I didn’t really, not until the primaries, and I give respectful credit to Clinton for that.

  49. I’d be surprised if Hillary is disappointed in anyone who exercises their right to vote for whomever they choose.

    I stumbled on this the other day. Unfortunately it was quite easy to find.
    It’s such an odd image, especially with Joe Biden smiling at the top.


    What does it mean that Obama didn’t bother scrubbing his site of Hillary Hate? On first glance it doesn’t appear to be in his interest to keep this post up, but maybe I’m wrong. Is it a way to counter the narrative that Hillary is doing everything in her power to help him by reminding those that project the worst onto her that she is not to be trusted ever, no matter what she says or does?

  50. There are absolutely no vegetables with their dinner. Perhaps that is why Michelle has such a pinched look about her.

    Really – they should have shared the wealth of this dinner. I’m sure The Plumber would have appreciated some of that Iranian caviar and Bollinger champagne.

  51. Quite a letter, SM–quite a letter

    Though I have the feeling that she’s probably well aware of all the issues you raise and also that she shares them (how could anyone with an ounce of sense not?), I hope with all my heart that Hillary reads it entirely. It deserves it.

  52. Delphyne – the Bollinger was actually at a good price at $44.00.

    What is crazy to me that this dinner wasn’t closely monitored by a campaign staffer. That’s what they are there for – to guard the candidate’s image. Now the Repubs have sufficient ammo against Obama for wielding the “Joe the Plumber” middle-class war.

  53. sm: Very moving post. Yesterday I was angry about the Obot hitting the McCain supporter in NY, today this just makes me want to cry.

    I spent 41 years as an educated bleeding heart liberal of the Democratic Party, and woke up the morning after the KY primary to find myself branded a dumb hick rac*st white woman. It’s akin to going to bed a multimillionaire and waking up a pauper on the streets. I won’t go back to the Dems anytime soon, and probably won’t ever go back, and I’ll never, ever vote straight ticket or party affiliation again.

  54. I didn’t realize that Sarah was going to be on SNL TONIGHT! I thought it was on the 25th. Mark you calendars, folks.

  55. Say, I wonder what a haircut costs Michelle?

  56. Brilliant letter. Well done!

  57. Granga & POE: Here, here! I hope she reads it too. The chances of that happening are, in Hillary’s words, “probably close to zero.” But I couldn’t take it anymore after I heard her comment about being disappointed. What about the 18 million who voted for you and whose votes were trashed down the toilet?

  58. Regenchy – is Sarah on TONIGHT????

    Oooh, this should be interesting!

  59. You wonder what Michelle was celebrating…

  60. I want to know how much Michelle tipped.
    If they can get the order, perhaps they can find out.
    Something tells me that what she tipped– in relation to what she ordered– would be very funny.

  61. btw, what have the do with Michelle? is she in the same undisclosed location as Wright?

    or is it because all the press is parked outside Joe’s house instead of actually looking at people involved with the campaigns?

  62. they done … btw

  63. The champagne should probably be listed as a campaign donation. Bollinger’s goes from $50 to $120 a bottle retail. Given a restaurant’s usual mark-up, that was definitely a gift.

  64. Betty White done hated on SP. How she gone go and do that? She called her a “bitch.” I am so over that shit, whoever is doing it.

  65. Maybe they were mini-Bollinger bottles?

  66. Reg: You mean Golden Girl Betty White? She should stick to spaying & neutering pets.

  67. but we’re never ever gonna survive unless we get a little crazy …

  68. thank you, seal

    great song

  69. yup, very great song

  70. sm77, on October 18th, 2008 at 3:30 pm Said:

    Delphyne – the Bollinger was actually at a good price at $44.00.

    I wonder if that was a split bottle?

    I don’t think that Obama wants to appear like a “commoner” and does nothing to promote that sort of image, irrespective of what his staff might be doing. He wants everyone to believe he is one of the upper class and will continue to ridicule and look down on those of us who are not. He simply does not care about anything but himself and the power he thinks he wields by being special and elite.

    I detest that man.

  71. Why are people allowed to degrade a woman publicly like that, and there’s no social stigma attached to it?

    Okay, that’s a rhetorical question — I know why, they’re hypocrites that don’t give a damn about human dignity, they just pretend to when political expediency requires it.

    Why on earth can’t so many of these people support BO, and oppose Republican candidates, without launching into some public diatribe? They have the newspapers, they have the magazines, they have the cable news channels and every fawning media outlet — they have a near monopoly on public platforms any candidate could dream of, yet they can’t use them without spewing garbage. Jeez, they have every advantage — why are they so angry?

  72. Re: Meatloaf (not lobster or caviar) “I would do anything for love”

    “I’ll never forget the way you feel right now
    oh no–no way
    and I would do anything for love,
    but I won’t do that.
    No I won’t do that.”

  73. SM: That very one.

    God, why can’t women just stick together. All the other minority groups do it and look they got a Party nominee. We got f-ed because we didn’t stick together.

  74. i miss Shirley Chisholm, she would have sorted all this out and spoke the truth … there was ONE great woman that shoulda been the first black and the first woman president …

    just before her time I guess

  75. My “citizenship” came down from ancestors who decided to fight to form this “more perfect union” and you share their spirit and determination to keep our democracy strong.

    No one ever said it would be easy to defeat those who intended to usurp power for their own personal gain and no one ever though that collusion between two political parties not even mentioned in our Constitution would threaten our democracy this way. Two “fixed” elections and Senator John McCain has been depicted as the the villain in both of them (Bush 2000, Obama 2008).

    Thank you for your eloquent condensation of the facts we have had to deal with since Obama first declared that he was “the one”.

  76. Betty White called Palin a B?

    Well, Betty’s life work is to look out for the well-being of cats and dogs.

    Since she was obviously trying to s#@t on Palin, it must be inferred that she used a name for a female dog as an insult. Meaning that she implied being a female dog was a bad thing.

    So Betty, do you love dogs?

    Just another person leaving their soul at the door to follow the Obamanation.

    I just love that Obama is going after the senior citizen vote with the same classy techniques he uses for everybody else.

    As someone said upthread, I DETEST OBAMA!

  77. Karol: He may be called the “ONE” – but he’s not the “one” for me, or for this nation.

    REG: Shamefully true.

    DakiniKat: I LOVE Shirley Chislom! I have to do a post on her someday.

  78. By the way, Big Dawg’s in Canda. He’s just so eager to campaign, can’t ya tell?

  79. Why can’t we have an election were one or both sides is hated by the other?

    We’re all Americans, and we all want the same basic things.

    The conflict is over how, not what.

  80. Blogging under the influence again – that should ber “isn’t hated”

  81. Regency: He s celebrating Zoroastrian New Year !

  82. Sheeit!

    “Should be”

  83. MYIQ: Are you drinking Obama’s Bollinger Champagne?

  84. can’t wait for tonight…. Live from New York, It’s the first female Vice President of the United States!!!!!!!

  85. I’m drinking some of Cindy Mac’s nectar of the gods

  86. SM: I know!–With hats!

  87. My grandpa said the perfect “10” is a “7” that owns a liquor store.

    Cindy Mac owns a freakin’ beer distributorship. Is she hot or what?

  88. For the record: I’m considering kicking the ass of the next person to slur Cindy McCain. That’s one of my sweethearts and I take insults to her personally.

  89. MYIQ: LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Happy Zoroastrian New Year, Y’all!!! Hats and horns for everyone/

  91. John is Cindy’s “trophy husband”

  92. I thought of this song when I read your letter.

    Your letter reflects what I have heard from other PUMAs. The decision to leave the Democratic Party this election was not made lightly, and Obama supporters trying to get in the face of Clinton voters, should try to remember this when trying to draw us into the Obama fold. Even better, please stay away from our faces.


    (the player is in the upper right hand corner)

  93. Personal Ass-Kicking To Do List:

    1. NY Times
    2. Lanny Davis
    3. Betty White (even if she’s old!)
    4. Sandra Bernhardt (not funny is not funny. You’re a comedienne–learn!)
    5. TBC…

  94. Happy Zoroastrian New Year!!!

    May the Zoroaster bless you!


  95. John is Cindy’s “trophy husband”

    Man…you’re smoooooking!


  96. sm77
    great letter, thanks for sharing that.

  97. New Post by RD.

  98. Proud nerd: It’s about Demoicracy plain and simple. if we shit on that – what do we have????

    What is the levelling ground for all Americans? The right to vote.

    I can’t stay silent any longer.

  99. *Snerk* Bill’s on a cross-country economic speaking tour of Canda. What the hell, Bill? You did this on purpose.

  100. Actually, the “trophy husband” thing is no joke.

    Without John, Cindy is a multimillionaire. Without Cindy, John has his Senate salary.

  101. sm77

    I’m really heartsick and disappointed about HRC.
    How much longer until she speaks out?

    also, scanning other comments, I don’t think “murph” and “murphy” are the same person…
    murph is a PUMA too, from Bitterpoliticz
    (Hi murph!)

  102. OT- but today is the fourth time, i believe, that I’ve heard sir Barks-a-lot make that sweet potato pie comment in one of his “speeches”- obvious r*cist code that riles up the crowd. It is truly appalling.

    Yea, meanwhile, it’s leaked that he’s really eating lobster and caviar with champagne at the Waldorf. Really down home Barky.

  103. “…But I couldn’t take it anymore after I heard her comment about being disappointed…”

    Sadly SM, I hear you. Just the other day, and for the first time, I had to change channels when our beautiful Hill started talking about her support for “that one”.

    I’m truly eager to get this election over so that she can go back to being herself–no more strings, except to country and the people.

  104. I need my diaper changed – waaaaaah!!

    (edited by SM)

  105. Proud Nerd: What a great song!!! Thank you for sharing! Tori Amos is phenomenal.

  106. Without John, Cindy is a multimillionaire. Without Cindy, John has his Senate salary.

    myiq, doesn’t he get a retirement check from the Navy?

  107. Great letter sm. I am also conflicted. Yesterday, a woman I know who is a long-time activist in the Dem Party, and a strong HRC supporter, sent me a link of an interview HRC did with Katie Couric right after the debate this week. I started to watch it, and I had to stop. She was promoting Obama like she used to promote herself, and I just couldn’t hear it. The whole experience is depressing. First, we watch him commit fraud and intimidation, smear them as rac*sts, endorse misogyny, and enjoy appalling media and Party bias. Now, she is campaigning for him with no hesitation. I understand her commitment to her agenda, but how can she turn a blind eye to the corruption? As you said, the fundamentals of our democracy take precedence over any Party or individual. I still adore her, but I cannot listen to her pitch for him, and voting for him is completely non-negotiable. I am looking forward to voting AGAINST him–and all the hypocrisy and fraud that he represents–in the most convincing way that I can. I don’t need anyone’s approval. It’s disappointing for ME that I have to watch Hannity and listen to Limbaugh to hear someone tell the damn truth about this guy. I’d rather hear it from my chosen representative Hillary.

  108. I think kitty has PUMA-envy, hence the name.

  109. Nice Letter SM: Keep up the good work,

    I stand with you and the PUMA’S forever.

  110. Amen fif!!!!

    Thanks Michelina – WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!


  111. Nice letter. But I don’t think Hillary is pretending in her support of Obama. It’s genuine and she is not being forced. I don’t know how she can do it but then again I oftern wondered how she was able to withstand what she did with such grace and power to run her race to the end. Perhaps we just don’t get greatness o this degree.

    As hse said, she’ll be fine. It is us who has to “move on” and take care of our own psyche. And oting for Obama would personally destry whatever integrity i have left – which aint much. I sent Hillary nearly two thousand dollars but I don’t regret it.

    I am totally disappointed though in the depth and degree that she supports him. Seems to me way over the top. I don’t see anyone campaigning for McCain like this. Not his former rivals nor Bush. I think that really hurts his campaign and undercuts his credibilty.

  112. sm77: Thanks. I like her music. This election has invaded so much of my life. Songs suddenly have a new meaning.

  113. Excellent letter. I can’t follow Hillary to Obama-land. She had a
    difficult father and learned how to live successfully with him,
    which gave her the ability to work with all of those men in the
    Senate who spouted the right-wing progranada against her backstabbed her, such as Kennedy and Kerry. Obama was blown up into a contender
    because he is not Clinton, male, bi-racial, articulate, worked well with
    the Chicago machine, and put influence peddlers before consituents
    to climb the ladder passing out taxpayers’ monies.

    Hillary is also a truly religious person. This too shall pass.

    I just hope that selling Obama is helping to pay off her $10
    million debt that his corrupt campaign left her with. When I heard her
    say “President Obama,” I felt sick. I hope that is never the case for
    the sake of the country. Keep the Chicago political cesspool in

  114. Just one of the reasons I *heart* SM so. (abrazos) 🙂

  115. Fantástico, chica. This post made my day even as it made me weep.
    I believe Hillary meant it when she said she wont run again – we’ll have to make sure Obama loses this time and we’ll still have a big fight on our hands to make her run again.

    What could be.

  116. And the Waldorf Astoria thing – was that the day they were at the Al Smith white tie dinner?

  117. Great letter! It just makes me so sad to see her out there stumping for BO. She, and Bill.

    Obama painted them racist, and so much more.

    I am sad to see Bill, Hill, Terry, Lanny, Howard, Ed…all those who fought for Hillary, and spoke the truth about Obama, now fighting for him. And now, they are blaming McCain for bringing up the very issues against Obama that they called legit.

  118. I was touched, saddened, and overwhelmed by your post today. I listened to Hillary tell us to “keep going” at the convention and I thought she was speaking to me and to every one of her supporters. Now I am bewildered by her stance on Obama. Maybe she was threatened, maybe she was tired; I can’t possibly know, but I do not know that I can come back and fight for her again unless she tells us WHY. So many of my relationships have suffered because I stuck by her and now she wants my vote for him? NO, NO, NO.

    I almost sent a link to your post to her senate office, but decided that was not fair to you. I will still do it, if you give me permission. I do not want to embarrass her or berate her, but I think she should know how much she has let us all down.

  119. WHOOPS, I meant can’t not can in my previous post..

  120. 1lesspumaforHRC: Send it!!! Send away – give us the linky goodness of course, but use it to your heart’s content. As a header, post the link before the text.

    That way if the Secret service come, they’ll come after me & not you.

    Ciao Sara! Thank you & Read your stuff always at NQ and on your blog!

    Edwardian, thanks & abrazos back to you!

    Chevalier: we must stand strong. Hillary is a hero to me, but we’re entitled to disagree with her.

  121. Hillary is also a truly religious person. This too shall pass.

    Good point CB. I think that’s true–how she approaches things.

    sara: And now, they are blaming McCain for bringing up the very issues against Obama that they called legit.

    I know! Frustrating. Don’t forget Howard Wolfson, and Gerry, of all people, who was smeared as rac*st too.

    Chevalier: yes, it was the same afternoon as the Smith dinner.

  122. This letter covers some pretty solid reasons why I’ll probably never vote for Hillary again. If she wants my vote, she’ll have to walk on the shards of that glass ceiling that Sarah Palin hopefully will break through.

  123. Wonder if Hill thinks it nearly impossible to ever garner enough DNC support for another, successful bid.

    We have GOT to rid ourselves of this “d[i]mocratic” party and its band of demons.

  124. sm77: I used Hillary’s email at the senate site because I do not believe she will see the hallpac.com email.

    I printed my response first and then the link.


    You have to give all your personal details at this site, but I don’t think she will send the SS after me. Thanks for worrying, tho.

  125. Please send the letter to her for real. Ask any one who wants to sign it. Indeed she will recognize a lot of the people who contributed to her campain and the relief of her debt. I don’t believe she knows of all the vile stuff her commarades(not) said about her during the primaries, she needs to know what we have been subjected to so she would understand.

  126. A beautiful cri de coeur, SM. I hope she reads it. You speak for us all.

    We have done what Hillary told us to do. We have kept going. In that, we have kept the faith.

  127. Great post RD — but I do have to correct you about ACORN — while on paper this organization should be something Dems. support, having grown up in NOLA (where ACORN is based) I can attest to the fact that ACORN does not so much help the poor, minorities etc. but cynical use them to consolidate power & money to the higher ups in the organization. ACORN is corrupt and has been for years.

  128. Clean up at 8:29 — bad kitty. Why so self-loathing kitty? hanging out with people whom you don’t like?

  129. I am so glad you wrote this, sm77!

    I couldn’t agree more.

    ¡Si! ¡Que viva los pumas y la justicia y la democracia!

  130. ownaa – Hillary knows, she addressed it in one of her primary wins that she wants respect for her supporters.

  131. madazhel- ¡Gracias y pa’lante!

  132. Creeper – you betcha! That’s why I said “you’ll hear from me again on November 5th.”

    We are the ones no one was expecting!

  133. 1lesspumaforHRC,:THANK YOU!

  134. Great letter, I feel the same way.
    I hope you’ll send it.

    Si, que viva los PUMAs!

  135. thanks sm, that was nicely put. i have never felt more energized by an election now that i will be voting FOR someone, and not against someone. and i will not be voting for obama. Ms. clinton is a big girl and knows where we are coming from. first and foremost, she is a politician and she is well aware of the game and plays it very well. my disappointment in clinton not being president is that she was the most outstanding candidate in the pack. there may be a part of her that is quietly respectful and proud of a whole lot of women that are really standing up for what is right, during this whole nomination process and misogyny and fawing of the press not who it is that “they” are choosing for us. we are the true patriots that want to be heard and are demanding respect for ourselves and our votes. it surely is not and won’t be coming from this group of dean, nobama, pelosi, reid and brazile though.

    i’m glad that they got caught with voter registration fraud. it is ironic that obama won his first election by sticking it to his much beloved woman democratic opponent based on disqualifying signatures collected for nominating his opponents. the same behaviour possibly being repeated.

  136. Great letter! I think you speak for so many of us.

  137. sm, your letter expressed my own thoughts and feelings more eloquently than I could have. Thank you. Hillary is free to support Obama, or not, as she sees fit. I am exercising my freedom to do the same – and I choose not to do so.

  138. Oh, SNAP!

  139. actually NO HILLARY DOESN’T HAVE TO APPEASE THE DNC OVERLORDS. take a look at history. fdr, lincoln died in office protecting this country. washington put his life on the line leading the troops in rebellion. he refused to be a king and after serving went home. SHE CAN DO NO LESS! these great leaders put themselves on the line so can she.

    if she wants to be a great leader, it calls for doing unselfish great things rather than party before country. NO MORE EXCUSES!

  140. hillary is part of the democrat party. yes i now use the term democrat party to indeed show that it is no longer the democratic party. she led us while it served her purposes. these times call for someone to stand up and stand out.l SHE ISN’T, sad to say!

  141. thank you sm, you spoke for me too. but, like many of you, i feel very disappointed to see hillary throw her unconditional support for the precious. she trew the towel and became another democrat soldier for obama. very sad.

  142. As a Hillary supporter I’m asking Hillary to support John McCain. I’ll be very disappointed if she doesn’t. What I’m getting at is what gives her the right to tell us how she wants us to vote and for her to be disappointed at that. I own my vote Hillary and if that diappoints you, so be it

  143. Barack Obama is NOT going to become President of the United States of America.

    Hillary Clinton is out there campaigning for Democratic values.

    Everything isn’t the way it seems.

    When Obama goes down, Hillary will be right there to pick up the pieces.

    10/19/2008- Remember what I just wrote as we will watch everything that takes place in the next couple of months. And then everyone will say: “Ooooh, so THAT’S why she did that!”

    : )

  144. Great post…hope HIllary reads it!

    It expresses how millions feel all over the world. The fear that Barry Obama’s anorexic resume will one day be on the top of the presidential file is…..scary indeed! The camouflaged misogyny of BHO and the blatant sexism of his pathetic, vicious Chicago thug- supporters (both male and female) will provide the two factors that his bid will fail miserably…..

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