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      Last Friday I wrote an article on the idea that if a society has a rule or duty, it must apply to everyone in the applicable situation, no matter who they are, even if it’s someone you love. It was interesting to me that most of the commenters disagreed. Perhaps this is my fault in choosing the famous example of a German general executing his own son for aba […]
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The Clampdown: Coming To Your Neighborhood

According to FOX News’ anchor and attorney, Megyn Kelly, the GOP said that Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner should “fork over the list,” and Jen said no, she didn’t want to prepare the list. Apparently the SOS had better things to do with her time than to make sure voter registrations were not fraudulent. An Ohio Federal Court said she had to, but today the US Supreme Court said she didn’t.

So these registered Ohioans get to cast a real ballot and vote, not just a provisional ballot. The problem is that 200,000 of 666,000 who have registered since January 1, 2008, do not match.

From Ohio’s WBNS 10TV, October 17:

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, faced a deadline of Friday to set up a system to provide local officials with names of newly registered voters whose driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers on voter registration forms don’t match records in other government databases.

Ohio Republicans contended the information for counties would help prevent fraud. Brunner said the GOP is trying to disenfranchise voters.

The US Supreme Court ruled procedurally that they did not have jurisdiction over this matter and now time is running out.

One by one, as we see our curbs of freedom abated even BEFORE a potential Obama presidency, what will come to pass if this pretender assumes the throne? Be afraid, be very afraid. Take action. Speak up and speak out!

. . . and for every hung up person in the whole wide universe, and we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing. —Bob Dylan, 1964

UPDATE: The Cleveland Plain Dealer Politics Blog, in their updates, quotes both Brunner and the McCain campaign.

Brunner was elated with the ruling. “That’s it,” she said, noting that Republicans could not take their argument any further than the highest court in the country.

Brunner said the high court’s ruling shows that the state Republican party had no right to file the suit to begin with last week in an Ohio federal court.

“There was no private right of action here,” she said.

However, sounds like the Repubs aren’t done with this.

John McCain’s campaign, responding to the court decision, suggested Brunner cannot be trusted to make nonpartisan decisions in this election.

“Today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court does not address violations of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner,” McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said. “Rather, the court ruled that Congress had likely not authorized private individuals or political parties to bring suit under the section of HAVA requiring voter registration verification through data-matching. It remains our belief that American citizens should be guaranteed that their legitimate votes are not wiped away by illegally cast ballots. What is no longer in question is the partisan nature of Jennifer Brunner’s efforts to minimize the level of fairness and transparency in this election.”

117 Responses

  1. Lady Boomer,

    As you also live in NYC, I just wanted to warn you to be careful. The Obats have taken Obama’s advice to get in your face much too far.


  2. BTW,

    I am so glaad that I live in a state where my vote won’t matter so hooray for lack of voter fraud!

    /end sarcasm

  3. McCain defends Joe

    This is the difference beteween Obama & McCain. When the media attacks, McCain will defend you. Obama will throw you under the bus.

  4. Um.. quick comment and then back to reading your post… I believe that GOP is trying to “disenfranchise”
    fradulent voters, Ms. Brunner (Ms. Harris, Ms. Take).

  5. Folks, you should really checkout that article I posted. It has pictures too. McCain/Palin woman supporter was PHYSICALLY attacked by a male Obama supporter, who beat her over the head with a stick.


  6. This is where all the sexism and misogyny leads to — violence against women.

  7. Sal — wow, I just did check your story, in between corresponding with a protester who’s going to canvass Dems in PA tomorrow.

    I’m going to post something about their Letterman Rally yesterday in support of McCain. I’m not sure if I can put it up here but will on LBNYC.

    I’ve written about this before, but I’ve been pretty intimidated about wearing gear this year. My main jewelry for a while was my PUMA 18 Million bracelet, which is pretty innocuous. Roles are up-side-down. Dems have become like right-wingers.

  8. Cite as: 555 U. S. ____ (2008)
    Per Curiam
    No. 08A332
    [October 17, 2008]

    On October 9, 2008, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio entered a temporary re-straining order (TRO) directing Jennifer Brunner, theOhio Secretary of State, to update Ohio’s Statewide Voter Registration Database (SWVRD) to comply with Section303 of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), 116 Stat. 1708, 42 U. S. C. §15483(a)(5)(B)(i).* The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit denied the Secretary’s motion to vacate the TRO. The Secretary has filed an application to stay the TRO with JUSTICE STEVENS as Circuit Justice for the Sixth Circuit, and he has referred the matter to the Court. The Secretary argues both that the District Court had no jurisdiction to enter the TRO and that its ruling on the merits was erroneous. We express no opinion on the question whether HAVA is being properly implemented. Respondents,however, are not sufficiently likely to prevail on the question.
    Title 42 U. S. C. §15483(a)(5)(B)(i) (2000 ed., Supp. V) states, inrelevant part:
    “The chief State election official and the official responsible for theState motor vehicle authority of a State shall enter into an agreement to match information in the database of the statewide voter registration system with information in the database of the motor vehicle authority to the extent required to enable each such official to verify the accuracy of the information provided on applications for voter registration.”

    tion whether Congress has authorized the District Court to enforce Section 303 in an action brought by a private litigant to justify the issuance of a TRO. See Gonzaga Univ. v. Doe, 536 U. S. 273, 283 (2002); Alexander v. Sandoval, 532 U. S. 275, 286 (2001). We therefore grant the application for a stay and vacate the TRO.

  9. The TV station link I posted has more meat, whereas mine is more a headline with good music, IMHO.

    In the first hour or two after the news broke, I couldn’t find much in the MSM about this story at all, which I found interesting. I think comments in madamab’s earlier post had reference to the ruling. Updates are welcome and I’ll check again, too.

  10. Well, well, angelasmith, you read my mind!!! Thank you.

  11. Lady Boomer,

    Yeah it’s pretty tense this year with some of the Obats. There’s been a few times where I’ve had to tell my wife to wait till we get home to discuss something about Obama. The train we’re on goes through Brooklyn, which is pretty much all Obama territory and there’s been glances which were too long and intense for me to be comfortable with once they hear the name “Obama”

  12. votermom, ain’t that the truth! Notice that he didn’t attack the males. Disgusting.

  13. AS IF violence agaisnt women isn the equivalent of lynching AS IF AS IF AS IF ..
    when was the last story you read about finding a woman dead maimed and raped in a ditch or alongside a road or in a park ?? Whne ?? This morning perhaps??
    There have been tomes written about the violence against all women,as a societal expression of patriarchal sexism and misogyny but it isnt as “bad” as racism somehow , and doesn’t carry the same weight, or impact .
    Perhaps because we have never had a woman in the highest office. ???

  14. gxm17,

    you know, I didn’t see that viewpoint. what a coward!

  15. sorry for the typos , i just get so upset………..

  16. swanspirit, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    swan, cmon you’ve seen how black women are treated by their community. There is a systematic and widespread culture of disrespect and degradation aimed at black women, who are really the backbone of the African-American community.

  17. http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/obama-supporter-assaults-female-mccain-volunteer-in-new-york/


    Jesus. They really cannot handle anyone not in lockstep, can they? What natural authoritarians.

  18. I took my Nader buttons off my bag. Some nutjob on Septa (Philadelphia) thought it said “People Fighting Black.” OK, yeah. That’s what it said. Sigh.

  19. Glad to help LadyBoomer. I’m still scratching my head.
    No Justice named as the author of the opinion. And this is the shortest supreme opinion I have ever seen.
    And who would have had standing to bring the case that the GOP did? And why wouldn’t the GOP have anticipated such an outcome and have added a party that did have standing?
    I hope some intelligent legal analysis is on the way.
    It’s not like it’s going to be on the news… All I need is that Bill O’Reilly cretin to say what happened here or Geraldo Rivera…lol.

  20. swanspirit, it is upsetting and the complacency and complicity of the fauxgressive Obama camp is both frightening and sickening.

    Violence against women is a cultural disease that too many accept as the norm. Other hateful attitudes, which are not as prevalent, are taken seriously. But as we’ve seen in this campaign misogyny is lark, something to laugh at.

    How did we get here? And how the hell do we get out of this mess?

  21. not that I can type anyway …..and i now have McCain Palin yard signs in front of my house thanks to a serendipitious meeting while walking in my neighborhood . I met Roseann Bridgeman !!!
    Roseann Bridgman
    1st Vice President
    Maryland Federation of Republican Women


    We had a great talk and now are emailing !!
    I told her i was a PUMA ! and sent here here to read this blog 🙂
    I dont anticipate ever becoming a republican , but she is a great lady and I am proud to know her !!!!

    Call it serendipity or synchronicity …something is UP ! I am SO voting for John and Sarah .

    I am so happy to have the sign in my yard , but I still would not risk having a sticker on my car ..too scary … !

  22. From the SCOTUS opinion:

    “We express no opinion on the question whether HAVA is being properly implemented. Respondents,however, are not sufficiently likely to prevail on the question.”

    Um… why is that oh great supremes? Care to flush out your reasoning… I mean it’s just the presidential election. And while they “express no opinion” they say that the respondents are not “likely to prevail.”
    oh, okay… as long as they aren’t expressing an opinion…

  23. All I know is, I don’t wear anything that advertises my voting preference here on the Upper West Side.

    I am not at all surprised that some brownshirt lunatic attacked a woman who didn’t want to vote Obama. This is how they operate, especially towards women!

    Luckily for us, our votes are still secret. As Gary says, all we have to do to be PUMAs is cast our votes on November 4.

  24. I see some knee-jerk reactions by fauxgressives that this is all some GOP plot to steal the election.

  25. “One by one, as we see our curbs of freedom abated even BEFORE a potential Obama presidency, what will come to pass if this pretender assumes the throne?”

    Looking deep into my crystal ball, I can see it clearly:

    The first thing we’ll get is the “Fairness Doctrine,” which will silence all opposition. Then we’ll get forced wealth redistribution along with stagnant recession as high taxes are placed on investors and businesses–most of which are sole proprietorships or S corporations owned by individuals. We’ll be forced to ration energy as the government forbids burning coal, building nuclear power plants or drilling for oil in our own territory. Countless new social programs costing a trillion dollars will be enacted into law without any way to pay for them. Unions and trial lawyers will put the final nail in the coffin of American manufacturing. The US dollar will collapse in value as inflation soars.

    Teacher’s unions will continue to hold our schools hostage as they eliminate accountability standards. The three Rs will be replaced with lessons in Marxism and “social justice.” Illiterate foreign nationals will continue to stream into the country–providing the Democrats with millions of new government dependents and guaranteed votes. The Republican party will be relegated to a permanent powerless minority ruled by patrician East coast eunuchs.

    Outside the U.S. a resurgent Russia, a cash-flush China and a nuclear Iran will make mischief in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Obama will be viewed as a Carteresque naif by Putin and Hu Jintao, who will walk all over him at every turn.

    Finally, for allowing the Soviet Union to rebuild itself, China to eclipse the USA as the world’s superpower and Iran to render Israel a smoldering cinder, Obama will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

  26. When my “We Can Do It” Sarah as Rosie the Riveter button arrives I plan to put it on my purse. Of course, I’ll have to take it off when I’m in the office, but (hopefully) I should be fairly safe walking around Loudoun County with it.

  27. madamb,

    yeah our votes are secret, but for how long? Even McGovern is against Obama’s support of card check, which would force all Union members’ votes to be non-secret.

  28. myiq2xu, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:21 pm


    What’s their logic for thinking that? I’m having difficulty seeing it.

  29. SAL you said
    swan, cmon you’ve seen how black women are treated by their community. There is a systematic and widespread culture of disrespect and degradation aimed at black women, who are really the backbone of the African-American community

    and it is worse than that for black women .. the percentages of domestic abuse are higher , and child abuse as well … the media perpetrates it…. the entertainment industry perpetrates and celebrates it , the abuse goes on and on …

  30. See, Dave, that is why I call Barack Obama a cartoon liberal. No one would be able to rationally envision something like that happening with HRC at the helm, but with someone like Obama, this scenario is just plausible enough to be scary.

    He gives all of us rational liberals a bad name.

  31. I’m really concerned about the threat of violence. The One is, and has been, sowing the seeds that will instantly grow into chaos once his minions realize they’ve lost. I think it was Regency on another post that spoke about J Corsi’s trip to Kenya to find out about O’s interference into the campaign of his cousin Odinga. Odinga followed The One’s advise including

    “Odinga’s 2007 presidential campaign strategy called for exploiting anti-Kikuyu sentiments, claiming victory and charging voter fraud even if the campaign knew the election had been legitimately lost and being willing to fan the flames of ethnic tribal tensions and use violence as a last resort by calling for mass action which led to the destruction of properties, injuries, loss of life and the displacement of over 500,000 Kenyans. This was to create a situation forcing the Electoral Commission of Kenya to declare Odinga the winner or having him declare himself, by force, “The People’s President” at a rally in Uhuru Park. ”
    This sounds eerily familiar to the rumblings we’re hearing from Obots. This voter fraud is part of the plan, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what I as a single individual can do… other than sound the alarm and vote. I’ve provided the link if anyone is interested in the whole article.


  32. angelasmith — Gee, upon first read, I thought you’d only posted the original 10/9 filing with due date of 10/17. But I now see that it was the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Where are they usually signed? I guess it’s too late now for Repubs to do anything? So now the counties have to scramble and find the irregularities on their own. From reading the petition, it looks like the issue was tied in to their motor vehicle reg, which makes it a state issue, rather than a county issue, right? More questions than answers, have I.

  33. swanspirit, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Agreed totally, it has gotten so bad that young girls are indoctrinated into it by listening to the garbage on rap stations. It’s amazing the conversaiotn you hear on the subway sometimes. *shudder*

  34. Question:

    Can someone explain opposition to the fairness doctrine to me? It seems to me that without it, there’s no impetus to have competing views in newspapers, on CNN, on NPR, a wide range of outlets that are ridiculously slanted. I don’t feel the need to marginalize opinion I disagree with, but NPR sure does.

    I get that there’s a fear among conservatives that they will lose AM radio, one of the few speech outlets they feel they have. Is that it? Wouldn’t getting diverse opinion in a range of media be better overall? Someone want to school me? I tend to think the fairness doctrine would be a good thing, combined with breakup of media monopolies. I feel strongly that the public airwaves should be public, and not belong to any particular interest.

  35. Alice – I agree. I don’t understand the opposition either. I think that if every program were more balanced, like PBS, which has conservatives and liberals on to give their opinions on most major issues, then people would be better-informed.

  36. alice, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    the most basic question to ask about it is, who decides what’s liberal and conservative? The FCC, who are political appointees of the President. If Obama wins, and the fiarness doctrine goes through, don’t be shocked if Roland Martin is suddenly declared a conservative.

  37. madamab:

    But who picks the sides?

    Alan Colmes doesn’t represent any liberals I know. Neither does Donna Brazile

  38. Aha! I get it.

    Who picks the sides on PBS? It seems to be pretty good. The Lehrer NewsHour is the only teevee news I watch.

  39. alice
    Who is going to be the arbiter of what is “fair?” Sort of like how factcheck is the arbiter of what is “true?”

  40. Yeesh, Dave. Okay, everybody, I’m reminding you to listen to both cuts of musical accompaniment, The Clash for fire, Dylan for mission and memory.

    Sadly, these conflicts and today’s (this cycle’s) political mood reminds me of why I went underground in late sixties Berkeley and became a hippy, instead of fighting with the National Guard and soldiers on the streets. The only thing is that oddly the roles are reversed. Yes, there was always an aggressive bent to the SDS, etc., but they seemed to be fighting against corruption — supposedly like now — However, they seemed to be pretty innocent of it themselves, at least in the beginning.

    How did things get so turned around now? Is it just that power corrupts? Is it just a case of “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now”? OR???

  41. Oh, ick. No, some issues are NOT partisan. Voter fraud is wrong no matter WHO does it! Geeeez!!!

  42. myiq2xu, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:35 pm

    Thanks for the link! I don’t understand why it’s “stealing the election” if we simply ask for people to show that they are indeed eligible to vote and are who they say they are.

  43. Sal:

    And making sure they only vote once.

  44. myiq2xu,

    touche 😀

  45. Lady Boomer, thanks for covering this — it is truly significant.

    To answer a couple of questions, per curiam opinions are not signed opinions since the Court is acting as one voice. Per curiams are used by the Court when the issue is one like this one, where the issue of standing — meaning, having the right to litigate the issue in the first place, is the threshold issue. What the Court is saying, “Private organizations don’t have a legal right under the legislation to bring such suits.” It is really a slap down of the lower court for not considering such a threshold issue since any court of competent jurisdiction can raise standing on its own motion without either party raising it.

    While I wish the lower court’s TRO had been upheld and I believe that on the merits, the Secretary of State is wrong, legal standing is pretty much the cost of admission in any suit. Frankly, I’m surprised that the OH Republican Party didn’t realize this. It is even more fundamentally outrageous since the “cure” for this would have been to add a “candidate” as a plaintiff or possibly even adding a duly registered voter as a plaintiff would have satisfied the threshold argument.

    Hopefully, other states who wish to challenge registrations will take heed of this lesson. Hope this helps.

  46. Fairness doctrine would mean no more hannity, nor more rush, no more laura ingraham…. it would silence the conservative voice… it would do NOTHING to prevent the MSM such as CNN from pushing the liberal POV by selectively ignoring all negative things about liberals (i.e. Obama)

    To put this in perspective… most of the aspects of Obama’s checkered past came to light over a year ago on conservative talk radio.

  47. Prolix – Thanks for weighing in – you made it understandable to my non-legal brain!


  48. Jeralyn thinks it’s important that the Chicago Tribune is endorsing the candidate from Chicago.

    In other news, water is wet


  49. Myiq – Is there anything on TL about this SC decision? Or aren’t they about “the politics of crime” any more?

  50. Madamab, your hyper-talented brain has more to think about than the idiosyncrasies of the legal system. And I might add, I like what comes from your brain much better.

  51. Prolix — Thanks from me too and on behalf of all!

    Question: Why, do you think, did the Repubs not realize the private orgs factor, and is it now too late? Now that they have that info, can they do what you suggested with adding names and going back to the lower court?

  52. Marilu of Real Dems on FOX News Now!

  53. ladyboomer — thank you for this youtube — my absolutely FAVORITE clash song!

    so apt today.

  54. awwww, thanks, Prolix!


  55. Marilu’s update on Cavuto:

    Over 100 people in OH this weekend, Marilu says. In OH it is dead even.

  56. Sugar N Spice say that if you live in a big city, you seriously should stay in the day after; they’re stocking up on water, etc. Patsy [?] said she’s never before seen vitriol on a scale to what we’re getting from the Obats. She thinks Obamedia have used hate to help Obama this year, and that there are some really unhinged supporters of his.

    I cannot imagine what it is like for a black woman who isn’t an Obama supporter this year. I’m off the walls sitting here in E KY, safely surrounded by folks with common sense & a high sniff factor who wanted Hillary, and then got hit with one sack of smoking sh*t after another.

  57. Lady Boomer NYC, on October 17th, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    I’m actually pretty certain the Republicans knew about that, but given that the public offices in OH are held by Democrats, they had to give it a shot anyway. At the very least, they’ve brought attention to it.

  58. “pretender” –my eyes saw “predator”

  59. murphy!!!! You’re welcome! I give h/t to BostonBoomer who this a.m. in a comment wrote the word, clampdown! Jogged my memory. But I have other fave Clash songs, many. We’ll have to work some in. OT, but to you, if you’re still here, and for all readers, I’m always amazed at your (Murphy’s) drawing on all eras of history, in story and art, to illustrate eloquently today’s politics and social conditions.

  60. The fact of the matter is GWB and his friends in the Senate/Congress do not want JM to be POTUS – he’s stood against them too many times.

    This does not surprise me one bit, anything to help BO is GWB’s newest agenda.

  61. Lady Boomer,

    It’s never to late to reform the pleadings and head back to the Courthouse. On the practical side, and yes, sometimes even attorneys think about real life practical issues, I don’t know what this does to the reprogramming of the Sec. of State’s computers in OH. I always thought her argument was a bit specious by saying, “I’ve got better things to do with the election than reprogramming computers to comply with the law.”

    As crazy as this sounds in light of Ms. Harris of big hair fame, there is a presumption in favor of elected officials carrying out their duties in compliance with the law. Sounds crazy I know in a situation like this, but the evidence needed to charge an elected official with wrongdoing in an official act of the office is a little higher than saying Joe the Plumber hooked my faucet to the sewer line.

    If there is more stomach aches to be caused by returning to the Courthouse, it will probably happen with new plaintiffs. If that happens, the lawsuit will change too since the deadlineunder the law has passed as of today.

  62. I really don’t think Bush is trying to help Obama. It’s just that Bush is so clueless that he can’t help himself. This whole financial calamity is half driven by emotion and fear because of the way that Paulson presented his ultimatum to Congress. The government could have quietly changed the “mark-to-market” rule and 50% of the supposedly insolvent banks could have just gone about their business. The government could have used the FDIC and the bankruptcy courts to handle the rest.

    My $.02 anyway.

  63. I’m gonna try this with an anchor tag. Networks preparing for short election night.

    Read here

    Think the media’s already in the tank?

  64. Now I’ve got The Clash going through my head. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    I was driving from Greensboro to Charlotte the other night and I couldn’t help thinking about Gary’s experience with the irate Obama supporter who was yelling and gesturing wildly at him in traffic and then cut him off. Of course, with my Hillary and Kay Hagan bumper stickers, I’m masquerading as a Democrat.

  65. Yippe it worked! 😀

  66. The link within the TL post is exploding horse hockey. It is intended to make readers believe that the Court reached the merits of the issue registration fraud and it just did NOT do so. Intellectual integrity goes the way of mortgage back securities.

  67. Convinced Obots lurk here, and toss anyone we praise. After praising Bonnie Erbe at US News& W Report for her fairness, she is increasingly O-friendly. Her latest is an attack on McCain for the most inept & corrupt campaign EVAH, a talking point I’ve seen echoed elsewhere.

    On the plus side, this evidently means that Hillary no longer is the politician that ran the most inept & corrupt campaign EVAH.

  68. http://julies9164.wordpress.com/2008/06/08/the-fairness-doctrine/

    That’s a blog I wrote about the Fairness Doctrine back in June.

  69. This is just crazy. The man has a supposed 6 pt. lead… and some jacka$$ is already predicting a “blowout.” What a crock!

  70. Looked at the CNN link to the attack on the McCain supporter, and saw their headline that the SC backs Brunner. Not exactly what SC said….

  71. Let’s see, so far the Obots have done the following:

    Bullied elderly voters at the caucuses and primaries in Texas and Wyoming,
    Stolen votes from the disabled in Georgia,
    Firebombed the property of McCain supporters in Portland, Oregon,
    Kicked a dog wearing a McCain doggie jacket,
    Broken a McCain volunteer’s sign and beat her with the stick in NYC. . .

    Seems like the cult members are out of control everywhere.

  72. I just got this Eagleton Institute poll – about how women are leaning:

    Click to access PressRelease_10-17-08_womensvote.pdf

  73. I added an update from the Cleveland Plain Dealer up top re: Brunner’s elation and reaction from McCain’s campaign.

    LA Times, Chicago Tribune, WaPo all endorsed Obama today. Surprise, surprise. In comparing their lack of experience, WaPo’s Ruth Marcus points out that Obama has run a great campaign, everything he’s said, and the issues, and Palin hasn’t. Talk amongst y’selves.

  74. Alice, IMHO, the Fairness Doctrine takes away free speech. There are thousands of radio stations, television stations, blogs, etc., that all rely on free speech. It is your choice to listen to what you want.

    While I don’t listen to, or even understand, rap music – can you imagine a rapper being forced to sing folk music, as well as their rap music?

    Rush Limbaugh, et al., have a huge audience, and they make a lot of money from their spew, why should they be forced to put on someone who opposes their view?

    The listeners of both would simply tune out because they don’t want to hear it.

  75. Dave: I can definitely agree with clueless.

  76. um, isn’t Obama running against McCain? I mean, you know apples to apples and all?

  77. nv, it’s not for entertainment programming, just news programming. Rush would not fall under the “news” category.

  78. “Now I’ve got The Clash going through my head.”

    Ah! Me too! Lol.

  79. julies9164
    “And the interviews would have to be neutral and balanced.” -from your blog post

    Who is going to decide what constitutes being “neutral” and “balanced?”

    That aside, I would be curious as to what your take would be on the following article (if you can endure the partisan aspect 🙂


  80. Fredster, I didn’t yet read the whole thing, but it looks like networks will call states as they win, as opposed to waiting till the whole country has voted. I thought that’s what they came to last time, no?

  81. In respo the current ACORN investigations etc. the . Democratic Party has come out with its own: an article in Rolling Stone by Robert Kennedy Jr. accuses the Republicans of stealing votes and etc. from a “study”. One can buy the antidote to this from the “non-partisan” steal your vote back.org called “steal your vote back”.

    PUMA’s know that the DNC has outshined the RNC at this “sport”.

  82. jvsp – IIRC, it was actually pretty simple back when people actually posessed a measure of journalistic integrity. But if a blatantly biased news program aired, an offended party could file a complaint with the FCC and that complaint would be investigated. But it didn’t really happen much because no stations wanted to be fined so there was a good degree of self-monitoring.

  83. As a native Ohio resident I am outraged by this turnabout. To think that my vote might be meaningless because some person not qualified to vote is allowed to cast a ballot makes me so angry that I cannot begin to put it into words. I’m having a difficult time resolving my emotions. Believe me, I’m pissed!

    Worse still, in my previous lifetime as a partisan Democrat, I voted for this poor excuse for a human being. And believe me, I am choosing my words carefully, attempting to be respectful. For the moment.

    This is the absolute best reason I can think of not to blindly follow any party. It gives me comfort to remember that I will vote a straight Republican ballot this time. Not because I am blind. My eyes are wide open.

  84. looking: Why are the Dems so modest? Even the Repubs never committed voter fraud during BOTH a primary & general election, and certainly not the same year.

  85. Can anyone name an occasion when Republicans provably committed vote fraud? I’m not saying they haven’t. I just don’t think that is what happened in Florida in 2000. Lots of accusations but no case. Same with Diebold. Believe me, if they did I would be the first one calling for prosecution.

  86. Just coming back to the site and read your update,LB.
    Thanks for that. Brunner continues to sound completely uninterested in fair elections. The Supremes seem to have dodged their duty. They could have written an opinion that was bigger than what can be crammed on a postcard. The decision that they could have written could have given an interpretation on who has standing to bring a suit under HAVA.
    Good for the Repubs for voicing their disdain. Stay on it Repubs, if nothing else it can at least motivate your base to get out there and vote!
    And at the very gadamn least, it keeps the spotlight on Brunner in case anything else cute happens in Ohio.

  87. parentofed

    exactly- our party has the dubious honor of stealing votes from its own.

  88. It seems ironic that the Ds would proffer a “study” about voter fraud by the Rs. Seems as if they have studied it, learned the lesson and put it to work — to paraphrase, it seems as if, “there’s no fraud left behind.”

  89. New thread up

  90. Pagan, Puma PAC, I can’t find the email they sent, had a link to call and email Brunner’s office. Maybe you already have it. I’m sure it’s in their action center. Call, write to Jennifer! Go for it, dude!

  91. Breaking on FOX: More race-baiting by Obama!!! Florida, Ohio, Scranton FBI agents conducted investigations to corroborate Obama’s allegation during the final DEBATE that McCain supporters have been yelling: k*ll him, k*ll him! FALSE. I’ll go up top, but this is just disgusting!!! AND proffered by Obama himself. In follow-up research, listening to the tapes, the agents found that crowds said, “tell ’em.”

  92. julies9164
    …posted my reply on your blog entry…

  93. Brunner’s office:


  94. Madamab,

    I don’t agree with you that PBS (or NPR for that matter) is fair in representing both sides. When the fairness doctrine was effect I don’t think it worked that well. Of course, I think they lean right. I can remember the days when people like Noam Chomsky could get on TV talk shows. Now you never see any real liberals on TV. I think our real problem is that there not even a pretense of journalistic ethics anymore. The government really can’t regulate journalists, so what are we going to do?

    The big problem with the fairness doctrine is that it would eliminate the possibility of having liberal radio shows or conservative radio shows. I think the Dems want to find an easy way to get rid of Rush Limbaugh and other talk show hosts like that. Too bad Air America didn’t maintain some kind of fairness during the primaries. They’ve destroyed themselves by driving away at least half of their audience.

  95. LB: Let’s see how many of these gutless wonders who were calling for McCain and Palin’s heads with the “kill him” shout out amend their statements. Um, like never?

    This entire election has been based on sexism and ra*cism and if that is the only way to win I would rather lose. His supporters frighten me and his handlers have something in mind that has not quite fully materialized.

    I will stick by my choice of better the devil you know because an Obama win may just let loose those demons we all try to block out.

  96. Didn’t Soros bail out AA when it went bankrupt?

  97. gary, madamab: Just catching up on your earlier posts. Terriffic! As usual.

  98. I feel the same way about right wing talk radio as I do about the abortion issue. You still have the choice to decline or accept.

  99. And for the record, Air America which was supposed to be our bastion of truth is just another cesspool clogging the airwaves. Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, even Rachel Maddow, have brought the discourse into perfect alignment with the other gasbags from the other side.

  100. Paganpower

    Agree – and that’s just it, I am so angry because the DNC is supposed to be the party of fairness and honesty et al. We learned a few months ago that that’s not true anymore.

    The DNC has regressed back to it’s early days when it used the grandfather clause to prevent voters from voting- the tactics are different now but the results will be the same.

  101. When it comes to secret voting, I believe that the trend towards all absentee ballot voting is a mistake. Who is to say that they don’t marks those ballots in some way before they send them out to you so that they can know who voted how. My husband used to tell me that I sounded like a conspiracy nut when I said that, but after this year, he thinks I am not so crazy.

  102. On my site, I discuss the violent attack committed by an Obot on a McCain supporter. I am THIS close to registering Republican.

    I have been a lifelong liberal, as was my father before me. But I am repulsed by a political movement that encourages such behavior. And yes, I do blame Obama and Dean directly. Throughout this year, the Obots have indulged relentlessly in the language of violence. They repeatedly called Hillary Clinton a cunt and a bitch. Time and again, they have threatened violence against anyone who commits the sin of not voting in the Obot-approved fashion. It was inevitable that their violent language would one day transform into violent deeds.

    Not once have Obama or Dean condemned this disgusting behavior. McCain was civilized enough to speak against his own followers who stepped over the line; Obama has never done so, even though the Obots have behaved far more atrociously.

    Silence equals acquiescence; acquiescence equals encouragement. Obviously, Obama and Dean intended to transform the Democrats into a band of barbarians. They saw what the Republican propagandists had accomplished in earlier years, and they became both envious and mimetic.

  103. As for violence after the election, my son works for a pest control company and his route services a mostly African America area. His company told him that they were not scheduling him any calls for at least 4 weeks after the election because they fear for his safety if Obama loses.

  104. We have a new thread on the topic of alleged vs. real violence

  105. Ok, so the private party and RNC didn’t have the authority to file this case. So who does? And once we identify WHO has the aforementioned authority, lets make sure they do file the case.

  106. I cannot get past my shock at the Supreme Court ruling today.

    This is beyond outrageous. The same court that denied us the legitimately elected President, Al Gore, in 2000 has just handed us the imposter, Barack Obama, in 2008.

    There are no words…

  107. […] More on this here Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Rico Lawsuit Seeks Acorn Dissolution – HUMAN EVENTSACORN defends efforts amid voter-fraud allegationsAcorn Replies to Questions About Role With Voters – NYTimes.comBattleground in the Buckeye State – HUMAN EVENTS […]

  108. Joseph Cannon — I agree, McCain and the Repubs have been first to step up and defend Palin after she was slammed, and Mc defended Hillary as well, yet so many women still fawn over Obama. They believe his words and don’t see his deeds. Even his words are, well, not so lofty as his bots apparently aspire them to be.

  109. celeste: I’ve mentioned before that a 24 year-old family friend—a white male and avid Obie supporter— said to me in FEBRUARY when I was supporting Hillary, “You’d better be careful about whose you’re side when the sh*t comes down after the election.”

  110. Lady Boomer – thanks for the Post!

    Even in Red State Florida, I’m afraid to put up a sign or anything that denotes my political affiliation.

    We definitely need to look out for one another.

  111. JC
    I share your outrage – but I wouldn’t register Republican. Both parties need fixing. A protest vote against Obama would do it for me this election.

  112. I hope the Supreme Court technical decision is not the final answer in stopping fraud in the general election. I support Joseph Cannon’s comments. The hate language used in the primary elections has begun to culminate in physical violence, as we knew it would.

    I have a Hillary Clinton sign that I intended to put up in my yard back in February until I realized from certain evidence that it could bring harm to the inhabitants of my home. I have never gone through such an experience ever before in my long voting history. And I do remember the brutality and the fear and the tragedies of the 1960s. All my brothers were drafted, or took the voluntary draft, to serve during the Viet Nam era. They had little choice.

    If I am beaten on a walk in my neighborhood, I don’t care if I am hurt — not for myself. But I take care of a mentally ill brother with a tumor nearing his brain. I have children who would care. I have a husband who would care. He also has served in the US military during the era of the draft. I have a son in law who has served in Iraq.

    So all of this agitation spawned, or allowed, or both — by the Obama campaign might not spiritually destroy me even if I were to be hurt or killed, but it would hurt others. The despicable, irrational hatred expressed against the female gender in this campaign needs to stop. If Senator Obama cannot do something to stop fostering it, it would be truly cruel for him to be elected. If Senator Obama is truly worried about rac*ism in regard to himself, why is he not concerned with harm to the gender that is responsible for bringing him into the world? How selfish can one person be?

  113. Whenever this election is over and done with, however it turns out, I would like to see every state in the country take this ACORN crap seriously enough to completely DUMP their voter registrations and require everyone to re-register… in person (or with assistance when needed for the disabled), WITH proof of residence, photo ID from an official source, and proof of citizenship– and yes, I mean a certified copy of your birth certificate, even if your ancestors landed with Ponce de Leon, or certified copies of your naturalization papers.

    I would like to see the states do this voluntarily, since it would require some heavy-handed effort such as a Constitutional Amendment to move election control for national seats (President, Congress, Senate) to the Federal level. And I’m certain I would NOT like to see elections control in the hands of a President Obama.

    But the fact that the individual states have such a wide range of rules covering elections is a part of the confusion today. Perhaps that would be a good topic of conversation at the next Governors’ Conference.

  114. LadyBoomer, another great post, thanks!

    Hubby and I just had this conversation 10 minutes ago.

    What can we expect from BO and his goons if he gets elected?

    Freaking scary.

    Great video choices, too.

  115. I don’t know what we can expect with this psychopath in the White House. I do know I live on a university campus which shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. I do know I had a Hillary sign up for months and I do know my phone lines were deliberately cut twice according to the phone repair person who came to fix them on two consecutive days.

    This happened about two weeks ago and in a neighborhood that has nearly a zero crime rate it was quite odd to say the least.

    After everything I’ve seen this entire shambles of an election process, I think we all better get ready. Win or lose the obats will fly lose and let go on whoever is in their way. They’ve proven it time and again. Then Obama will call for calm and be seen as the great appeaser. The fraud whose campaign minions sent death threats to Stephanie Tubbs Jones and many, many more for months now.

    I think there is years of work to repair all of this much less move forward. I’m more dedicated than ever to getting some kind of semblance of something “democratic” back in this country if for no other reason than it’s the last thing in the world the Obama campaign wants or represents. That goes DOUBLE for the women’s movement which was lost in a mire of daddy Soro’s money.

    *and yes great choice of videos! I’m going to see Bob this month!*

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