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Pesky Facts vs. Preferred Narratives

For over a week we have been hearing how McPalin rallies resemble lynch mobs screaming for the blood of Teh Precious.  Even His Excellency Paul Krugman said it:

Something very ugly is taking shape on the political scene: as McCain’s chances fade, the crowds at his rallies are, by all accounts, increasingly gripped by insane rage.

There’s one small problem with this media narrative:  IT’S NOT TRUE:

The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.

Our friend gqmartinez put up a post at Corrente pointing out that these allegations are unfounded, and the reaction of the resident Obama supporters there is both revealing and disturbing:

Younger people, such as you, know of the JFK and MLK and RFK assassinations in the abstract, as things out of history, events that happened in another time and place of which you have only anecdotal knowledge and no visceral sense of context. Some of us writing here, including Sarah and myself, are old enough to have actually lived through them. We know, not just have heard about it but actually know, what those time sounded like and how it felt, the hatred and the fear and the violence and the sorrow.

Condescend much?  By the way, Robert Kennedy was killed by a Middle-Eastern immigrant who was angry over Kennedy’s support for Israel, not by a conservative Republican upset about the economy.

The point I’m trying to make is the SS found “no evidence” regarding the Scranton incident, only. That single data point got strewn all over the media echo chamber as refutation for ALL the incidents, and I find that suspect.

Except that “single data point” was the basis for all the original stories.  As Lambert quite rightly points out, the number of stories means nothing if they are all derived from the same source.

While most Correntians agreed with gqmartinez, the reaction of the Obama supporters at Corrente is typical of those who slurp the Kool-aid.  They engage in rationlization rather than rational thought:

. . . but there are multiple videos available of crowds chanting, and there is video available of the crowd booing McCain when he asked them to respect Obama.

I guess to the Sippy-Kup Kidz booing Obama is the same as shouting “Kill him.”  Of course Obama supporters think that “fairy tale” is racist and calling him “arrogant” or “presumptuous” is just another way of saying he is “uppity.”

Although it was off-topic, I was totally blown away by this comment in the thread at Corrente:

The phrase “taken into a room and only one of them comes out” is coarse and crude indeed but it is used all the time in regard to men and no one bats an eye. It certainly doesn’t mean “kill” in any way. In the macho mind the use with Hillary was an expression of equality – I know, but they’re weird in many ways – and could be seen as a sign of progress.

Welcome to Topsy-Turvyland!  As a man who watches sports and violent movies, I’ve never heard that phrase used in a nice way before.  The original and most often used version is “Two men enter, one man leaves” which comes from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” and it refers to a deathmatch between two people. 

Lambert’s response was more succinct: “Denialism.”


The reality:

 . . . here is a real district attorney’s complaint documenting an unprovoked assault by an enraged Democrat against a McCain volunteer in midtown Manhattan: “Defendant grabbed the sign [informant] was holding, broke the wood stick that was attached to it, and then struck informant in informant’s face thereby causing informant to sustain redness, swelling, and bruising to informant’s face and further causing informant to sustain substantial pain.”

74 Responses

  1. Thanx myiq. When the media will not report accurately, and to the contrary knowingly distorts the facts to fit its reporters prejudices, someone has to tell it how it was.

  2. Regarding the attack referenced in your UPDATE, it’s worth mentioning that there were three McCain supporters, apparently two men and one woman and the male Obama supporter chose to attack the woman of the group.

    And you can’t tell me that the despicable misogyny prevalent in Camp Obama doesn’t encourage this sort of disrespect and aggression towards women.

  3. UTC:

    What’s scary is when the truth does come out, some people simply refuse to believe it.

  4. And I’m expected to vote, or even consider voting, for this pathological FRAUD and his band of SEXIST, R-BAITING, SOCIOPATHIC band of THUGS? Not even.

  5. myiq: Great post! Going for a walk and will return to read the links. I just wrote the following para as an ending comment in my post about what FOX has reported, before heading here!

    More race-baiting by Obama!!! Florida, Ohio, Scranton FBI agents conducted investigations to corroborate Obama’s allegation during the final DEBATE that McCain supporters have been yelling: k*ll him, k*ll him! FALSE. I’ll go up top, but this is just disgusting!!! AND proffered by Obama himself. In follow-up research, listening to the tapes, the agents found that crowds said, “tell ‘em.”

    And low and behold, you’ve got a well-researched post about it! Thanks!

    I can understand how there could be misunderstandings because of our horrible history. However, might it be a case of people assuming the worst? “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

  6. edwardian: of course you are. Haven’t taken your first sip yet, have ya? 🙂

    Thanks myiq, for being an honest journalist and telling the news in a fair and balanced way. I don’t know what you do for a living but maybe you could replace some of the editors at the NY Times.

  7. Great post, Myiq2xu. I have really been angry today about what was done to that poor plumber. This woman being attacked in NY is shocking. Obama is really worse than Bush. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

  8. One of the Correntians quoted above mentions a letter containing white powder (it was sugar) received at an Obama campaign office.

    It happened to McCain too:


  9. This made me sick to the pit of my stomach. We’ve had numerous instances of cars with Hillary stickers being keyed, simofish (?) wrote about the man outside her house because she had Hillary Clinton and McCain yard signs. I was screamed at by too many Obama supporters to count while doing visibility in Texas in March.

    Now this about the woman being beaten with a stick in the MIDDLE of MANHATTAN for supporting John McCain.

    Obama should suspend campaigning and step down from the nomination.

  10. I read gqmartinez’s post yesterday. The comments by a couple of the commenters (I won’t name them) were repulsive–completely irrelevant to the post and incredibly condescending toward gq. At least Lambert stepped in.

  11. Dude, what happened to my party?!

    It was a Nazi tactic to accuse their victims of doing what the Nazis were doing to the victims. The far left has adopted this tactic and infected the Democratic Party. Who let these fanatics take over?

  12. Can someone explain to me why Obama supporters are so rabid and violent toward people who disagree? What is so special about this man that propels his followers to behave like Brownshirts out of the 1930’s?

    If he does lose, prepare yourselves for another night of Krystallnacht since they will be busy roaming the streets and shattering glass in defiance. Makes no sense to me at all. There is nothing about this man that is capable of producing this brand of thuggery. Or am I missing something here?

  13. Battlecat:

    We didn’t let them.

  14. Pat,

    Remember Kristallnacht – if Obama wins they may still go roam and shatter glass. Could be why to this day almost no one has signs up in my neighborhood and town. There are a few sacttered Obama signs – but in this republican enclave the front lawns are loudly empty.

  15. The message I am getting from the Obamabots is: ” vote for this candidate or I will ruin your reputation, stake out your home, vandalize your car, smash you in the face and make your life a living hell because like Donna B warned, we are watching you.”

    Just the right touch to guarantee my wanting to see more of this in the coming years. This election is a travesty on all levels.

  16. I live in a nice neighborhood but I have to admit, I am getting a little antsy. These people will use an excuse to violate. Up here in MA we see so much of this behavior on college campuses when favorite teams win a championship. And his supporters come from that constituency as well.

    And like your neighborhoods, I have seen only one Obama sign in mine so far. Very telling that most do not want to be identified as having an allegiance to McCain.

  17. If they succeed in installing Obama, the Bush years would become “the good old days” (when only people like the Willsons were punished for speaking up, but Joe the Plumber was still safe.

  18. myiq: I have to come out of lurking to say you’re the best. I lust while I lurk.

  19. It is sheer madness that Obama followers are behaving like Hitler Youth. I hope the LAPD, NYPD, etc. are ready for the riots when he loses.

  20. Flattery will get you nowhere.

    (but don’t stop trying)

  21. I would ever hate to consider the Bush Administration as “the good old days”. He will be remembered for opening the portal to further abuse of the public trust and Obama will make use of the increase of presidential powers that far outweigh what the constitution describes.

    Would not surprise me to know that his first act will be to find that presidential pen to create his own brand of “signing orders” as his first foray into executive powers. This man scares me. A lot.

  22. “Some of us writing here, including Sarah and myself, are old enough to have actually lived through them. We know, not just have heard about it but actually know, what those time sounded like and how it felt, the hatred and the fear and the violence and the sorrow.”


    Oh, get over yourselves. I’m uninterested in sanctimonious mythology for the sake of political lies. Some of us just can’t afford it.

    The hypocrisy of Club BO — fantasizing that BO is the inheritor of JFK & Co. in order to give him an importance and greatness he lacks — is mind-boggling. That they would actually *take the time to note that threats against Hillary Clinton are baseless*, unlike their adolescent fantasies, is quite telling.

    BO is safer, in his expensive suit that would pay for a lot of people’s insurance premiums, that plenty of Americans who are left to the mercy of a criminal heath “care” system.

    I can’t possibly imagine why anyone would call them a cult.

  23. I live very near East St Louis in Illinois. I am very scared to put a yard sign out in support of McCain Palin. The reason is that over the last two years our very quiet small town has been picked as the party spot for the youth of East St Louis.

    These young people congregate in large numbers within minutes, and the crowds number in the 100s. I watched one night as the park across from our house filled with 100s of young people within 15 minutes. They were all talking on cellphones and telling people there was a party.

    Then suddenly they all scattered and ran because someone had started a fight and pulled a gun. Every cop car in our City arrived shortly after to round them up and send them home.

    My husband went out and talked to the police officers and found out that these kids do this in O’Fallon all the time. They are always armed, and property is damaged. It requires all the police on duty to break it up, and they argue for an hour with the police officers before they finally leave.

    Granted, I don’t know how many are Obama supporters, but they are all AA. If they have so little control over themselves, what would they do with a yard sign in my yard?

  24. Pat remember what he said about not worrying about the FISA bill? HE would be watching so WE would not have to worry

    I am paraphrasing there , but essentially the sane reply was ; when individuals become the government , we have Stalin . Evidently he does not see the parallel between himself and Stalin et al , and that is even more ominous.

  25. myiq2xu, on October 17th, 2008 at 6:15 pm Said:
    One of the Correntians quoted above mentions a letter containing white powder (it was sugar) received at an Obama campaign office.

    It happened to McCain too:



    See, that’s a big difference: with the pandering and bias of the corporate media, Club BO can make anything they don’t want to hear invisible. They can erase details that don’t conform to their narrative. Poof. They just… didn’t… happen.

    Moreover, I don’t think it’s simply that misogyny is acceptable where r@cism isn’t. I think it’s that calling yourself a “liberal” gives you a license to be as damn hateful as you want, in the exact ways you want. You can cover up anything you want with your faux outrage. I remember a poster — Lori, I think? — saying this very well the other night.

  26. I fear that an Obama win promises that only one voice, one party, one individual will be the law of the land. No dissent, no criticism, no questioning allowed. His backers and handlers will see to this as this man stands for nothing. But he owes many on his rise and quest for the position he seeks.

    We still do not know him.

  27. Pat remember what he said about not worrying about the FISA bill? HE would be watching so WE would not have to worry


    Oh yeah, I remember. I remember some complete moonie on DU saying these exact words: “I trust Barack.” Isn’t that great? Why bother to have a constitution at all? Can’t we all just trust Barack?

    I don’t know how anyone could possibly call it a cult of personality.

  28. ‘I guess to the Sippy-Kup Kidz booing Obama is the same as shouting “Kill him.”

    But when they booed Hillary at every turn, that was just cute and funny and how come you women have no sense of humor?

  29. I had an argument with someone who insists “kill him” was not heard by anybody because it was probably just whispered. Eventually we wound up at, “maybe it wasn’t actually said, but everybody was thinking it”. Thinking it! Hello! Ever read Orwell? Are we to be judged and convicted for Thoughtcrimes now?

    This kind of stuff gets pretty scary.

  30. I wouldn’t trust Barack to feed the dog let alone run the nation. Or the world for that matter since I think he believes this also lies within the realm of possibility.

  31. Sooo, anyone hear any retractions in the MSM about the faux “Kill him” report from the Palin rally?




    Didn’t think so.

    I’m beginning to believe it’s simply not possible to loathe and despise the MSM enough. Bastards.

  32. Boo Radley: It does leave an uneasy taste in my mouth. Anyone who can shake hands and smile back at another who has sanctioned the deaths of so many innocents and in the most brutal of ways is someone I do not wish to be president of the US. Moral indignation, not always a bad thing, is missing from the Obama gene.

  33. Kat5: I said the same thing. But isn’t this a good night for KO to have one of his “special comments” segments regarding that terrible, awful, sinful, hateful, ra*cist Joe the Plumber? If not now, when?

  34. Boo Radley:

    I deleted your comment because it is long and off topic.

    I’m not sure that’s a topic we want discussed here anyway.

  35. Also waiting …… to hear bo and joe the senator stand up for joe the voter/plumber

    but I am breathing at a regular rate …moving air thru lungs in a generally regular fashion…..

    ( sorry miq no bosom heaving; just regular breathing teehee 😉 )

  36. Let’s hypothesize a rally with 10,000 people attending. If 100 of the people attending were rabid white supremecists, that would only be 1% of the attendees.

    What we have as “evidence” to prove the crowds at GOP rallies are gripped by “insane rage” is one or two people out of crowds 3-4 times larger, so even if the reports are accurate we’re talikng about <.01%

  37. He’s going to steal the G.E. with voter fraud the way the caucuses were gamed in the primary. The way the convention was co opted with back room votes and scripted closings.

    This echo chamber has gone beyond the pale now. Obama does kick under the table, then he smiles while the one who tries to protect themselves is given a switching by the media.

    I’ve becoming addicted to anti nausea pills. It’s the only way to survive the sickening swirl of deception.

    This is indeed beginning to look more and more and more like a dangerous take over, turn in the road than an election.

  38. swanspirit:

    I used to know a girl who had to heave her bosoms.

    Her name was Big Bertha

  39. Interseting post from Fr. Jonathan Morris:

    “Why This Election Will Be Close: Hushed Confessions”

  40. Interesting post from Fr. Jonathan Morris:

    “Why This Election Will Be Close: Hushed Confessions”


  41. I am watching the fall out over Joe the Plumber. The Obots are disgusting.

  42. Alice , they still had to GIVE HIM delegates they stole from Hillary .. the Republicans wont be giving anything ..

    but that sickening smile is indeed nauseating , I live for the day when it is wiped off his smug face by the frown of defeat.

    ps myiq I am originally from Baltimore .. Bertha has Mussels

  43. I’m watching Dobbs — I knew he would be p.o.’d about the attacks on Joe the Plumber & I wasn’t wrong.

    Great post myiq. I think I’ll email it to Dobbs — he doesn’t seem scared to take one BO.

  44. Six Alabama counties have more registered voters than are even of voting age:


  45. I am turning to CNN for you angienc. I am afraid but Lou Dobbs is pretty on the level.

  46. Peter, on October 17th, 2008 at 5:56 pm Said:

    “obama is unelectable.”


    You’re right. But he’s not going to be elected. He’s going to be shoved down our throats by a corrupt party that believes in winning at any cost and a news media that will cover every crooked act they commit.

    I firmly believe my vote no longer matters…that even a McCain landslide will be stolen. I’ll cast my vote anyway. I consider it the price of being able to speak my mind.

    Then I’ll spend some time telling my grandchildren what it was like living in a democracy…once upon a time.

  47. good idea, a little “Lou” may be just the thing..

  48. Afrocity , ( love the new name btw ) the fall out is not just disgusting , to me it is scary . All the guy did was participate in the process .
    now we know why without a shadow of a doubt bo did no town hallmeetings with McCain . he can barely maintain with “regular folks” on his own.

    Urgetocompute, …. , nice article
    Perhaps it wont be called the Bradley effect anymore, but the obama outcome or the obama backwash; or the obama eventuality I could go on ….but the results would be the same he would lose by frightening people into not voting for him

  49. TBS is showing the Seinfeld episode about cockfighting that stars “Little Jerry Seinfeld”

    It’s not what you might think from that description.

  50. 7 grader called racist at school for wearing a pro-Palin T-shirt

  51. Dang! Used the “R” word and I am in moderation!
    here’s the link again, just in case

  52. myiq2xu sorry to be blunt, but are you a woman or a man? Just curious.

  53. MYIQ: Thank you for this post – GQMartinez wrote a great piece and it was more of a fact-check versus an opinion piece.

    So O-bots got huffy because they were outed in their lie???? MORONS!

  54. myiq is all man, afrocity.

  55. Afrocity:

    I am a flaming heterosexual male

  56. ooh! Lou is doing a second section on Lou the Plumber!

    sm — of course the Obots got crazy when their lie was exposed — that is exactly what happens when you attack a delusional person’s delusion.

  57. This is my favorite local politician’s ad.

    I have a dvr, so I usually FF through the commercials, and this one at high speed always makes me laugh out loud! 🙂

  58. OMG — Lou just asked what was dishonest about those McCain robo-calls that the Obats are screaming about — because there is nothing dishonest in them! HA!

  59. “I firmly believe my vote no longer matters…that even a McCain landslide will be stolen. ”

    Obama will resort to coercing electors (faithless electors) by whatever means he must: intimidation and worse…

    So far as I know Pennsylvania and NY are two states that do NOT have laws that prevent faithless votes and there are many others.

    ..never see this discussed.. maybe it isn’t possible? oh well

  60. It is becoming a feedback loop. they are starting to believe their own bs.

  61. Okay myiq2xu, I could not tell from your picture.

    Oh Lou way to go.I like him. I left CNN because of Donna Brazille, but when I watched it. I only liked Lou Dobbs.

  62. Lou is the only one on CNN who hasn’t drunken the kool aid. Plus, he is very upset with BO for misrepresenting his (Lou’s) position on immigration — I’ll never forget when he said that Obama was “a world class panderer.” Still makes me laugh.

  63. Alice Paul, on October 17th, 2008 at 7:01 pm Said:
    “Obama does kick under the table, then he smiles while the one who tries to protect themselves is given a switching by the media.”

    Alice, how well you put it. That is exactly it.

  64. when did Lou say this about Obama?

  65. Alright, my request for anyone to recount a documented case of Republicans committing vote fraud went unanswered. And I’m not talking about conspiracy theories like Florida 2000, Diebold etc. I am talking about smoking gun proof, like a Mickey Mouse voter registration form, etc. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened. But I am unaware of a single documented case. Please enlighten me.

    The Obama/ACORN thugs are clearly trying to rig the election through massive vote fraud. And they are trying to make Obama look like the victim of r@cism at every turn. (BTW, why does that word put you in moderation, but c*nt is okay? Maybe I’m just of another generation–the one that remembers 1968 well.) Now the Obama camp is spin-spin-spinning about McCain’s supporters and trying to equate support for McCain with r@cism. Oh yeah, we’re a bunch of KKK members out to defeat Obama, right? Last time I looked the only KKK member with any influence was Robert Byrd. And let’s not forget the trashing of Joe the Plumber.

    I really, really hope that all this backfires on BO. McCain has been far, far too nice. The MSM is gloating over the certain Obama victory and even trying to figure out what to do if Obama wins before the polls close in the west. Egads!

  66. New thread!

    Afrocity — Lou said it during the primary when Obama was using his name re: immigration and misrepresenting Lou’s position on it.
    Join me in the new thread!

  67. OOOh I am so liking this panel on Lou Dobbs.

  68. OMG — BO is outspending McCain in FL by 16 to 1 and he is only 2 points ahead!

  69. It’s almost time for Keith-O. I quit watching that raving lunatic during the primary, and refuse to watch MSNBO for 10 seconds, but no doubt Keith & the gang there will give us a humble apology for the unfounded story of ‘kill ’em’ and perhaps consider their role in all this craziness. yeah.

  70. Parentofed — LMAO!

  71. I’m ok with being deleted – not a topic to be discussed
    here – true. Sorry.

  72. Pat — the behavior of thugobots and the fact that they are the same demographic as the perennial sports rioters in Mass. (a state which is not in doubt for Obama) is why I think there will be riots no matter which side wins.

    The DNC, their mouthpieces (Carville, I’m looking at you), and the MSM are playing up the ‘blood in the streets’ haka to instill fear of AA riots, a la the Rodney King riots or the Watts riots.

    But that is not where the real threat of riots come from. The sports rioters in Mass. (and other cities I’ve lived, including yes, Chicago) are mostly younger white men who have congregated to drink in mostly hip or moderately upscale areas. And they feel free to unleash violence in reaction to a celebratory event. These are not the riots of suppressed anger at oppression or injustice. These are the riots of spoiled brats who find pleasure in destruction.

    Just as the riot for each championship title of their home sports team, I predict they will riot for their Messiah’s win, if there is one. And they will certainly riot if their spoiled, narcissistic sense of entitlement is denied by a McCain win.

    In fact, if Obama loses, I would be very, very surprised if there were AA riots, although if there are riots certainly the media will zero in on the one or two AA faces in the crowd to make it seem more threatening. It is the Democrats and the media who are pushing r*c*st memes and r*c*st fear-mongering this election, and any ensuing violence will be on their heads.

  73. […] 23, 2008 · No Comments The second McCain volunteer attack (after the Manhattan woman beaten) the robber took $60 from the woman, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the […]

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